Ruby's Bucket of Blood (2001) Movie Script

I'm in love,
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
There's a flame
There's a flame
Burning in the heart of me
There's a pain
There's a pain
Baby, deep inside of me
And I know
Of what makes it so
Because I'm in love
I'm in love
- I'm in love
- I'm in love
- I'm in love
- I'm in love
- I'm in love
- I'm in love
- There's a fire
- There's a fire
Started up inside of me
- There's a change
- There's a change
That's coming on all over me
And I know
Of what makes it so
Because I'm in love
I'm in love
- I'm in love
- I'm in love
- I'm in love
- I'm in love
I'm in love
But does she love me?
Because she's not,
then she would be here
Nice place, man.
My father lives here.
I live out there.
I'm in love
I'm in love, baby
Better get my suitcase ready.
How long are you gonna
be gone this time, Earl?
Never know.
How long, Earl?
So I take it
you can't smell that?
You stink, Dupre.
Yeah, I'm a working man.
Is that how you gonna look?
No, man. I was gonna wear this.
You ain't got nothing
slick to wear?
Be who you is.
Because if you be who you ain't,
you ain't who you is.
You picked them pole beans
- like I told you to?
- When I get back.
- I'll pick them when I get back.
- Emerald.
- Daddy.
- Yeah. Have a seat.
What you all excited about?
Nothing. Everything.
Yeah. Where you off to then?
Wait up a minute.
She all right your mama.
She not like you and me.
We need a bigger playing field.
Found that out in the army.
Things around here
never did look the same
after that.
- Confirm?
- Yes, sir.
Never forget.
You're my daughter.
What do you mean?
I don't want you
on your knees cleaning floors.
I want you man some good for
nothing from around here
going nowhere drag you down.
You meant for better things.
Get that.
I'm gonna be going away
for a while, so.
Working offshore?
Yeah, for a while, you hear?
I'm trying to tell you something
I want you to remember.
Love undoes a woman
fast and spit.
You look out for that.
You think I should never
fall in love?
That's not what I think.
Don't screw up.
Give me a minute.
Looking good, Johnny Beaugh.
Merci beaucoup.
The car, not you.
You're the iceman.
Why is that?
Because you're so cool.
Hey, Cher. Comment a va?
What you want coming
around here calling me Cher.
You got a suspicious mind, you.
Serves me well.
I've been thinking.
- Dangerous activity for you.
- Come on now.
- No kidding for a minute.
- I'm not kidding.
Let me get paid.
I ain't buying your butter,
Johnny Beaugh.
And I ain't paying you
before you play.
We got a problem.
You got a problem.
No, you got a problem too.
Nigger saw got called up
to New Orleans today
for a recording session.
He's not gonna be back tonight
or next week to save.
That's a big break for him.
That's too soon.
We got a deal.
You can't go on
without a lead singer.
Already got a replacement.
Really? Who?
Billy Dupre.
- Is you a fool?
- He sounds colored.
This ain't radio.
I ain't never had a white man
in here before.
Oh, come on, Ruby.
Don't nobody mind
mixing it up in bands no more.
- You is a fool.
- You know what, anyway,
you got a full house
coming tonight. Uh-hmm.
You know that Fridays are big.
That's him out there?
He out there?
Yeah, he out there.
But he wants his money
up front or no go.
Up front or no go? Jeez.
Hold on. Let me light
that for you, Ruby.
What's your problem?
You think I won't pay?
I always pay. Ask anybody.
I need the money now.
It won't do me no good
- in the middle of the night.
- Yeah, Cher, listen,
now he's gonna play all
four sets with the band tonight.
Okay. You got my word on it.
You can't give
your word for him.
It don't work like that.
Now, now, Ruby, come on please.
Look, pay the man up front.
I do it for him
then they all hit on me
every week for the same thing.
- All right then.
- No, Billy, wait.
Come on. Ruby, look,
I made the rounds.
- I can't find nobody else.
- Look,
just give me my cut.
I won't tell anybody
I got it early.
Hey. I won't say a word.
You got my word on that.
You know I'm good for it.
What is your trouble?
That's none of your business.
It's my business
if you don't show.
I'll show up.
Since when crackers
don't lie to niggas.
I'm not going for that Ms. Ruby.
Don't you call me miss.
I'm a married woman.
Give me your driver's license.
Ruby, don't take that.
How's the man supposed to drive?
Very carefully.
Hand it over if you want a deal.
Well, you look more human
if you smile.
Now you don't show.
I'll come find you.
Hey, Earl.
Yeah, well,
as long as you understand.
It's just a one-shot deal.
One shot deal.
Dress nice before you
come back here.
What's the matter with you, man?
- He will.
- Thanks.
Shit. What was I gonna do?
Can he sing?
Johnny says.
Too damn hot.
You didn't think so
when Emmy sat on your lap.
You smell like an ash tray.
Mama, I got to talk
to you about something.
I wanna go live with
Aunt Marlene in Chicago.
- You wanna what?
- I've been thinking about it
for a long time.
I could go to school there.
- Lucy could look after me.
- Lucy?
Go to school, mama.
My teachers down here
don't even speak good English
at English class.
Get ready for college that way.
What brought this on?
- Nothing.
- Nothing?
Girl, you ain't going nowhere.
And you got the sense
God give a chicken.
I make straight A's.
Yeah, book smart,
not people smart.
You ain't got
no common sense, Emerald.
You like to make me feel small.
Emerald Marie Delacroix.
- What'd you just say?
- Nothing.
Don't you accuse me
of making you feel small.
Yes, ma'am.
And don't you yes, ma'am me
either with that tone.
I don't know what you want me
to say, mama.
I make you feel small.
And why is that?
Go on, tell the truth.
Because it makes you feel big.
Well then,
you ain't going nowhere.
Just stay right here with me.
Are you Mr. Robicheaux?
How you all doing?
Just making sure
everything's okay.
Everything's fine.
Why don't you come on in?
Not tonight. I saw Noogie
in New Orleans.
Singing for Allen To us saint.
- Who you got?
- A fella by the name of Dupre.
White boy?
How y'all doing?
Let's get the party started.
Mes ami, hey.
Ms. Ruby!
Have a good time.
Give me sugar
So sweet
Give me sugar
So sweet
Bonner, I want you to come by
and do some work for me
next week. All right.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I have some good news
and I have some good news.
Noogie went up to New Orleans
to record a record
and become famous.
And to take his place
for the next few nights,
we have the one and only...
Billy Dupre.
Well, little red rooster
Took a little red hymn
Give me a cigarette.
He said you know,
I ain't finna see you
In God knows when
Well the little red hen
Told the little red rooster
You don't come around
Daddy like you used to
We got to rock
the night baby
We got to rock
the night baby
We got to rock
the night baby
We got to rock the night
Well the old black cat
Told the little gray mouse
I got a mind to chase
you 'round this house
Little gray mouse
told the old black cat
She said look at here daddy
Don't chase me like that
We got to rock
the night baby
We got to rock
the night baby
We got to rock
the night baby
We got to rock the night
Well the little green frog
told the big black snake
Come on daddy
let's swim in the lake
The big black snake told
the little green frog
I'm gonna lay here
on this log
I've got to rock
the night baby
I've got to rock
the night baby
I've got to rock
the night baby
I wanna rock
with you tonight
Let's rock awhile then
So hang around baby
And I'll rock
with you tonight
Man, that was great.
It sure was.
Hey there, good looking.
You know the old songs too,
huh, Dupre?
You're a pretty woman,
Mrs. Delacroix.
Nobody in they right mind
called me pretty.
I must be out of my mind then.
Yeah, there's always
a possibility.
- I just wanted to say thanks.
- For what?
You forced me into it.
Hey, you got
my driver's license?
- Yup.
- Can I have it?
End of the evening.
What? I ain't gonna
skip out on you.
Good. So you'll be here
the end of the evening.
Hey, Dup!
Come on, man,
we're waiting on you.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
- Ruby.
- Hey there.
What do you want?
What time are you leaving
in the morning, Earl?
My ride comes at 7:00.
Earl, you're the only man
go offshore
for two weeks
that go on two months.
- Don't start.
- Why is that then?
I stay for the overtime,
you know that.
They don't keep nobody
out there that long,
they just don't do it.
Earl, why do you take me
for such a fool?
Two, three, four.
May I?
What's up? How you doing?
They call it stormy Monday
Here you go.
But Tuesday's just as bad
Thank you.
Yeah, they call it
stormy Monday
Yeah, hold on.
but Tuesday's just as bad
Wednesday's worse
And Thursday
Thursday's also sad
But the eagle flies
on Friday
Saturday, I go out to play
Yeah, the eagle flies Friday
Saturday, Saturday
I go out to play
What you doing here, Ms. Betty?
Just came to hear him sing.
Yeah, but this ain't no
place for you.
Jack, get her out of here,
there's more to notion with him,
I don't need no trouble
in here now.
I'm not hurting anybody.
All right.
Sing. Keep playing.
Hey, Jack.
Maybe we could
take it easy, Ruby.
Get her out of here.
Oh, Jack.
Damn. Come on, Ms. Betty,
- I'm gonna take you home.
- No.
Take it easy.
Take it easy, Ms. Betty.
That is my husband.
Yes, it is.
- That is my husband.
- The show's not over.
No, it's not over,
I'm not going home.
I don't want...
Don't, please leave me alone.
Let go of me. Let go of me.
I'm not holding her.
Let's just go.
I'll take care of her,
all right?
All right,
what are you doing here?
Okay. All right, all right, hey,
drinks on the house, huh?
Pick it up, pick it up.
Damn it.
Why don't you just leave me?
You know why.
Do you have someone in mind
for tonight?
- Did I mess up your plans?
- Yeah, right.
You're a pathetic little man
looking for a piece of ass
in a nigger honky-tonk.
- Let Jack take her.
- I'm taking her.
You gotta play the rest
of your set.
I'll be back.
Don't bother.
Will you lay off, Ruby?
I'm running a business here,
you don't get time off
for family fights.
See you tomorrow.
I thought I'd listen in the back
and you'll never know I'm there.
You know,
and I'll see deep into his eyes,
like I used to,
but he never lets me anymore,
and I know that if I could
see deep inside of you,
I would know what
you were thinking
and you would see
deep inside of me.
I was gonna jump
into you through your eyes.
And you are gonna love me again.
You want breakfast?
What you got in there?
I got to look at you last night,
how you act when I'm gone,
now you got the nerve
to do it in front of my face.
I swear to God, Earl.
I never... I never... I never done
anything against you,
not one word, not a deed.
No, please, Earl,
you son of a bitch.
It's just an excuse.
You were leaving anyway,
weren't you?
You got another family
is that where you always go?
Is it another woman?
Just tell me.
Respect me enough
to tell me the truth for once.
You'll never know.
What about Emerald?
If she was a boy,
I'd take her with me.
It won't be long
before she spread her legs
for some
end up like the rest of y'all,
weak and stupid,
I do nothing for her no more.
You wanna see weak and stupid?
Look in the mirror.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Get in now.
Honey, will you get me
a glass of water?
The matter with your legs?
You like my legs?
Take your medicine first, huh?
You like it
when I'm tranquilized.
will you stay with me tonight?
You know I got to go to work.
They'll have me.
And why don't you sing for me
and we'll dance.
I'll take you for a walk
tomorrow, all right?
I'll take you for dinner
at the drive-in, a va?
- It'll be nice.
- Yeah. We'll see.
We'll see how drunk
you get tonight
and how tired you are tomorrow
with ball games on the radio.
Look, honey.
You take your medicine
or I'm not coming back.
That's how it is.
Yes, master.
Whatever you say, master.
So now, you have to come home.
My pockets are empty
I feel so low
If somebody loves me,
ain't said so
I heard you might need a singer.
No, not really.
We're doing just fine.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
I got my license.
I've got the blues
There's trouble everywhere
I act like I don't care
But, oh, baby
It ain't true
'Cause I remember
the many things
- So many things
- Keep that under there.
But mostly, I remember you
Tell me he's trying
but it ain't...
He's trying to make it rain.
Welcome. What can I get you?
- I'm all good.
- Ruby, come here, girl.
- What?
- Two beer.
...all by myself
I got nothing
Left to lose
Don't look now, baby
I've got the blues
All right.
I've got the blues
Now, come on, Bo,
give us the real singer.
Hush, my boy.
You're doing good, John.
I got one for you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Ms. Ruby Delacroix
is gonna come up here
- and give us a special treat.
- No. No.
- Yeah.
- Whoo!
No. No. No.
Well, singing will make you
feel better, baby.
You down, Ruby?
Sing out the blues.
- Give me a lighter.
- Come on, Ruby.
Come on up here
and show us what you got.
Johnny, leave me be.
I ain't got time for this.
To the bayou.
I'm a woman...
with a whole lot on my mind.
But that don't mean
I'm the serious cat.
I'll take my fun
And my satisfaction
I'll take some room and love
If you want my love
If you want my love
You got to give me something
I ain't never had before
Well we had a Johnny
Now put in Josephine
When the man is right
for Ruby
Better be on this queen
So, the man came to my door
I turned them all away
They couldn't give me
what I needed
I laid it all this way
If you want my love,
good, good love
If you want my love
Sweet, sweet loving
You got to give me something
I ain't never had before
No, no, no
Well, you can look me up
Oh, you can look me down
You can look me all you want
But you can't turn this down
Say I want what I want
But I ain't seen it in here
Some things
you're gonna find
And bringing right here
Oh, if you want my love
Sweet, sweet loving
If you want my love
Good, good, good loving
You got to give me something
I ain't never had before
I'm gonna sing it again
If you want my love
Sweet, sweet loving
If you want my love
Good, good loving
Blooming, sweet,
sweet loving
Sweet, sweet loving
My sugarcoated love
And good, good loving
You got to give me something
I ain't seen
in a million years
In my whole, whole life
In South Louisiana and time
Not there
Not ever
Not one time
A man
Not one time before
I don't know what got into me,
but let's take a break
and get something cool to drink.
And Mr. Dupre
will be back to sing for us.
Let's sell some beer.
Ooh, I thought you was a tomboy.
Look what I've been missing.
I want a drink.
No, you can have some root beer.
No. A Coca-Cola with rum.
You go ask your momma
for some rum.
Qu'est que tu fais, hmm?
You're gonna get me some trouble
around here.
You're afraid of my momma.
When it comes to you, I am
and you should be,
you ought to be too.
I got to get out of here.
Qu'est que tu va aller?
Chicago, I got the Humvee.
Watch out now, Humvee,
- you're too young for that.
- Everybody's scared,
too scared to move, I'm not.
- I wanna drink.
- You know what?
Your momma would kick my butt
and then refuse to pay me.
And everybody's business.
- Can I have a sip of yours?
- No.
I'll show her who's boss of me.
- I'm the boss of you.
- See?
You go to your room.
No, you better not give her
- nothing to drink.
- Not now, Rub.
Girl, did you hear
what I told you?
Go to your room.
Why you got that trash on?
It's your clothes.
I recognize my own trash
when I see it.
What you wearing it for?
You look ridiculous.
Johnny didn't think so.
Oh. You got shit for brains.
You think I look ugly?
You got shit for brains.
Emerald, go to your room
and take that off.
I don't wanna slap you again.
- Hey, goodnight, Ruby.
- We got to get or hire
- some help to carry this guitar.
- Yeah.
All right now.
Hey, ya'll drive safely now.
Hey, everybody's going to
Johnny's to wind down,
- wanna come?
- Can't.
It's nothing, you know.
Let's have a drink.
Thanks, but I can't do it.
Can't or you won't?
It's all right.
You want some?
Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas, Silas?
Don't play games
with me, Johnny.
Go to New Orleans.
- Tonight?
- No. No. No.
Let's move there.
I don't wanna play no Dixieland.
Yes, if that's it,
you can play
with Allen To us saint.
That's domino. Noogie's going in
down there now.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You got a straight job here,
you can do the same thing there,
what's the difference?
You can get a new band,
you can get more exposure
down there in two weeks
you get down here
your whole entire life.
I don't like that
New Orleans sound,
I like what we play down here.
We got Jim Records,
Joe Berry's doing good.
- I mean...
- We can live in the corner.
We can live together.
You know, we got a life
in New Orleans, being ourselves,
being alive,
being natural, brother,
or you got a life here
without me that's lies,
and lies, and lies?
What are you gonna do
if you stay?
Well, I know.
You're gonna marry sweet
Katia Washington
and pretend
that you're straight.
Will you think about that
when you're lying in bed
with her dreaming about me?
Once in a while,
you're gonna sneak out,
catch a little bit
of what you really like,
feeling guilty,
and crazy, and ashamed.
Free yourself, Johnny.
Come with me.
You know, this thing, uh,
went out.
- You know, what?
- Hey.
Thanks, man.
I'm heading out. All right?
Yeah. You want some?
Yeah. Why not?
No shit, bud,
you sound good in there.
You never know when you're
gonna catch it right.
I guess not.
Give me a call, baby,
if you change your mind.
Goddamn it, Silas, arrter.
This is who I am.
Hey, Rub.
- Morning, Ruby.
- Good morning.
Good morning Ms. Emerald.
What's the matter with you
this morning?
Too sophisticated to talk to us.
Excuse me.
Let me get that girls to help.
Emerald, Regina,
I need you girls to help.
- I'm going with Regina.
- Miss Sassy.
Since when do you tell
and not ask?
Come with me.
Who do you think you are
talking to me like that?
I'm not like you. Daddy said.
Oh, yeah? Well, what did he say?
He said I shouldn't
turn into you.
I should get out of here.
Girl, you don't know nothing
about real life.
Then tell me.
What you want to know?
Well, why take college?
Why men hate women?
So, the worst possible thing
you can be is a collared woman?
Slave-thinking. See?
Daddy's right, I'm not like you.
I'm not scared.
You don't know.
The world look at me
and they see a nursemaid,
a whore and a mule,
rolled up into one, and wonder
why I ain't serving there.
They waiting for me to stumble.
I pay more so called taxes
than anybody,
more than these peckerwoods,
more than these colored men
what run bars
in the same parish,
and if I don't pay, do you know
what kind of accident
is gonna happen?
I earned that bar from my momma,
it's mine.
But everybody still wait
for your daddy
to come from offshore
to talk business,
and it's my business.
As far as this world concerned,
a woman like me
is in good need of a whooping.
Now, when you learn to stay low,
you will be all right.
I won't stay low.
I can't be like that, ma.
I'm different than you.
So you said.
Take me back
I was a fool
To think that I
Could live without you
Please take me back
One last time
Baby do
I'll pay your rent
I'll walk your dog
I'll do anything
you ask me, baby
Even break the law
So take me back
One last time
Please take me back
You was right
I was wrong
I was weak
You were strong
I have cried
a thousand times
Don't let me hurt anymore
So take me back
I was a fool
To think that I
Could live without you
Please take me back
One last time
Baby do
Good afternoon, Miss Daigie.
Hey. Not short
again this month, are we, Ruby?
No, ma'am. Not short this month.
Well, well.
What a pretty business that is.
Thank you.
I heard you pre-cut out,
aren't you?
- He came back, though.
- That's good.
When's Noogie coming home?
Next week.
Well, tell Earl to call me.
He's offshore.
Is there anything I could...
Well, how long is he out for,
fourteen or seven?
I don't know.
Earl does seem to stay out
longer than most.
Well, don't worry.
I'll keep an extra special line.
Thank you.
Here's your change, honey.
Thank you.
See you.
Hello, Texaco, may I help you?
Yes, hello.
I wanna send a letter
to my husband,
so I need to find out
what rig he's on.
What's his name?
Earl Delacroix.
Hang on, honey.
Sorry. He no longer works
at Texaco.
That is not possible.
They said that
he didn't show up last week.
Are you sure?
I'm looking right here
at the paperwork, missus.
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
Hey, son.
Hey, pop.
Listen, Silas tells me
you're going to be moving.
Qu'est-ce que tu dis, Silas?
No, no, pop,
Silas just pulling your leg,
I ain't going nowhere.
Well, that's what I thought.
You know, because, uh,
you've got a sweet deal
back there, and you know it.
And that's what I'm telling him.
I can't see you giving us up
for some roach filled
slave part of New Orleans
where you don't know no nobody.
That could be
a foolish thing to do.
And you ain't no fool.
I ain't no fool.
But we're not too sure
about Silas now, are we?
But you're trying to cut me off
from everybody
that I know and love
so I only have you to turn to?
I'm not going nowhere
with you, man.
- You screwed up.
- Screwed up?
Who screwed up?
Me, who wants to live
who I am without shame?
Or you? You, who's desperately
trying to hide
his dirty little secret.
Hmm, but let me see.
That would have to be you.
You don't know me.
Never will.
How can you say that, huh?
I know you better than anybody.
I'm a man...
with a family.
I got seven brothers
and sisters.
I got 15 nieces and nephews.
I'm from a place.
I know every inch
of those woods behind my house,
and how they change
from season to season.
I know everybody
in the music scene.
And my house is their house,
and they know it.
And they need that.
And I like giving it.
I'm a man from a place
with family and friends, first,
and I'm a homosexual, second.
But that's because they just
don't know you, baby.
How do you think
your daddy would react
if he knew that you like boys?
I don't need to hurt him
like that.
Oh, no.
You'll just hurt yourself.
Don't come here no more.
- I wanted...
- I mean it.
What do you say, Johnny?
Don't come here no more, Silas.
Why are you sitting in the dark?
- Cut that off.
- Why?
Because I said.
What's for supper?
You didn't cook?
You always cook.
What's the matter?
You are a grownup,
you cook something.
- Daddy?
- Hey, there, little one.
I thought you were offshore?
No, no.
No more rough necking for me.
I've been to New Orleans, huh?
Watch your present.
Go ahead, open it.
Earl, come on!
Yeah, yeah. Come on, baby.
What's this for?
Because you a young lady.
I've never had stockings before,
Yeah, I know. It's time.
Because you are a beautiful
young lady.
Oh, is that good?
My sweet.
I'mma miss you.
Where are you going?
Can you keep a secret?
Cross my heart, hope to die.
Uh-hmm. I'm going to California.
- What you think of that?
- Can I go?
Come on, Earl. Let's go!
Yeah. Oh.
Well, uh, no, baby, no.
Uh, not now, later on.
After I'm all setup.
You can come out for a visit,
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
Remember, never be afraid.
You're just as good as anybody.
Better than most.
Right, you know that already.
Baby, you know I love you,
You do?
Aye. What you think?
So when you coming home,
So when you coming in?
Could you leave me in peace?
Where are you playing?
Same place they'll have me.
Ooh. What's the matter neighbor,
can't you do
any better than that?
You should be more uptown,
a man of your talent,
or are you drinking
your talent away?
Did that crazy wife of yours
drive you to drink
your talent away?
Did that woman ruin your life?
Or did you ruin hers?
Hey, Billy -Hey, how you doing?
What's up, man?
How about yourself.
You're looking good,
as usual, Mrs. Delacroix.
Where's Earl?
I don't know.
And I don't think
he's coming back.
And why is that?
What did I do?
He didn't appreciate me
dancing with you.
Come on. You're joking.
No, don't worry,
I wasn't really hit.
And he's in a mood to go.
Let me tell you what.
He's a foolish man to leave you.
Known him
since I was seven years old.
Well, he always walked in a
light of pride.
He wouldn't hunch over
for nobody.
That's what I loved about him.
Standing full, tall.
He's a beautiful man.
And it's the one that he ain't
been killed for that.
You know,
he was decorated in the war.
I didn't know that.
You know,
he sure hit the mark
when he found you.
I have to...
I have to check on him.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm doing this book report
for the summer program
at the library.
Uh-hmm. What book?
Reconstruction in the Old South.
Hmm, they're still going on,
ain't it?
A very good girl.
You're gonna be first
ever go to college.
You smell like men's cologne.
Hmm. Must be Johnny's.
Okay, uh, are you sure
you're all right?
- Yeah?
- Yeah. All right.
- Don't stay up too late.
- I won't.
All right. Now here's
favorite past time.
Wine, wine, wine.
Wine, wine
Let's buy some wine
Just have a good time
Come little nigga boy
I'll get a dime
Let's get together and
grab a job of wine
Let's buy some wine
Wine, wine
Let's have a good time
Pour it in
In a mason jar
Lick it up right on
The bottle
Have some wine
Let's have some wine
Wine, wine
Yeah, let's have a good time
Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh
Ooh, let's go.
Yeah, let's go.
What did you drink?

Mix it up with gin
Come on now, Ruby, I swear
Jack and Lucy
I've never been
Almost a yellow one
This is what she said
Man, I can't drink no more.
Say, baby, so we can go in
and have us some fun.
Yo, it's too bad.
No, he's coming back tomorrow.
I know.
Come on.
Bring that on, baby.
Give me red
Give me white
And give me brown
Drink it up all over town
Drink some wine
Oh, let's drink some wine
- Chicken.
- I am not.
I thought you were joking.
You did not.
You can't let me go by myself.
Then don't.
Go home, nut.
Mix it up baby
Please. Please stop.
Please stop.
Come on.
You want a ride?
I'm in love, I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love, I'm in love
There's a flame
Burning in the heart of me
There's a pain
Filling deep inside of me
And I know
What makes it so
Because I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love
There's a fire
I'm going to go check
on Emerald. Cover me.
Started up inside of me
There's a change
That's coming all around
over me
And I know
What makes it so
Because I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love
I'm in love
- Jack.
- What, baby?
- Emerald is gone.
- Gone where?
I don't know.
Uh, run away?
Well, did she take her clothes?
She was talking about Chicago.
She wanted to go to...
Oh, my gosh. She's probably
going toward the bus
in Lafayette.
I need to borrow your car.
No, no. I'll take you myself.
- Oh, Ruby, maybe...
- Oh, you guys.
Don't tell me.
She's probably just walking
toward Lafayette.
Jack, would you go
get her and bring her back?
- We'll get her.
- We're going.
We're going.
Yeah, what's up, man?
How are you doing?
All right.
- How you doing, baby?
- Hi.
Let's go.
Excuse me, sir?
Excuse me. Rum and Coke!
Over here!
Ponchy. Ponchy!
- Rum and Coke!
- Yeah. I'll be right there.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
So how come
I never seen you around.
Just passing through.
So what's your name?
You certainly are.
What's yours?
Mr. Right to you.
- Good show, Ruby.
- That's a good show, Ruby.
- All right. Goodnight, Ruby.
- Bye.
See you.
- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.
- Have a good night, ma'am.
- Night.
You want some company?
I'd have enough trouble
to be talking to a white man
in the middle of the night.
Well, what trouble you got?
What's going on?
Well, what do you want from me?
Go home to your wife.
It's crowded over there.
Come on, darling. Come on.
You're wild, little thing.
I like that.
- Come on, let's go.
- No. Get off of me.
- Come on, let's go.
- Get off of me.
- Let go of me.
- What?
May I cut in?
What you all staring at?
It's okay, it's okay.
It's Emerald.
- Is she...
- She had enough.
Emerald, Emerald.
Are you okay?
You know, the funny thing is,
I raised her to have
all this spirit, this spunk,
and every time she shows that,
I just get so scared.
And I know this world
is gonna try to bring her down
to her knees.
I thought they'd be back by now.
You're such a little momma,
you know that?
You got children?
We had one...
but we lost her.
Betty was in a car wreck and...
she flew sideways and...
hit the baby and...
died instantly.
Thing is, I was passed out
in a barn,
they were coming to pick me up.
So, it's all your fault.
four seconds...
been a different world.
See, I can't seem to shake
those three seconds.
You know, sometimes all it takes
is a few seconds
to turn your life
in the right direction.
Where have you been?
Girl, where have you been?
Over at Petrie's.
And how did you get there?
And you better
tell me the truth.
Girl, have you lost your mind?
Do you know where you are?
This is the segregated south
and you are a negro.
It's the middle of the night.
I will not have my daughter
beat and rape as a joke
by some drunk white man.
- Ma, I'm all right.
- By the grace of God, Emerald,
I could just beat you.
I could just shake you
until you get some sense.
- I'm sorry.
- Go to your room before I decide
to beat you right now.
Please don't talk to me
like that.
I'll talk to you
any way I want to.
I'm sorry I disappointed you.
But I'm not a dog,
so don't talk to me like one.
Jack, Bootsie, I owe you.
You don't owe me
nothing, sheriff.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Well, hey, Dupre.
You had some night.
Just keeping her company
while she wait.
- I'm heading out.
- Good.
- Bonsoir.
- Bonsoir, mon ami.
I'm sorry, Emerald.
I'm sorry, too.
But I'm not sorry.
It's hard to know
what's right to do sometimes.
What are you doing?
I don't know.
I see your light on and...
I mean, you still got
my driver's license.
- Can I come in?
- Emerald's asleep.
I can't do this.
Because people
get killed for it, that's why.
You're a handsome man.
Well, thank you.
Women tell you that often?
Don't lie.
I'm sorry.
You won't be sorry
for telling the truth.
From all the goings-on
around here, I see.
I ain't like that.
Couldn't stop thinking
about you.
All I wanna do
is touch you again.
I never been with another man.
Save myself for marriage
and then kept my promise
ever since.
Now, can you feature that?
Road house queen
of St. Mary parish.
Got no idea
how beautiful you are, do you?
No, you don't.
How long you'd been hiding?
How long you'd been waiting?
I see you, Ruby.
I don't understand
why I feel like
I know you. I don't know you.
You do know me.
I know you make me feel
like I'm crazy.
Like I don't wanna...
Shine, Ruby.
Do I?
Shh. Come on.
I smell like cigarettes
and beer.
Me, too. So, what?
I'm not...
I mean, if you don't want.
Shh. Shh. Shh.
You're gonna wake Emerald.
You're the one
making all the noise.
- Well, if you stay away from me.
- You know I can't.
No. No. No. No. No.
If you tickle me one more time
I'mma lose my mind.
You got a weakness
and I found it. Come here.
No. No. No.
- Don't you tickle me.
- Okay. Okay.
Promise. No more tickling
behind the knees.
You're the devil
and I don't believe you.
Open the door.
Open the door.
Bar's closed.
Sounds to me like you're
doing some business in there.
This is my place.
I want you gone,
I'mma call the sheriff.
I don't think you have to do
that with a white man in there.
- I'll go ahead back.
- Go.
You got to get her out of here.
I've got to tell you something.
I'll go get my things.
I need to talk to you.
Dupre, open the door.
Billy, please open the door.
He's coming.
He'll be here in a minute.
I want you to listen to me.
You never listen to me.
When you stay out,
when you come home,
everything about you hurts me.
I waited for you tonight,
because I was gonna tell you
that I forgive you.
And I was gonna ask you
to forgive me.
And then you didn't come.
And I knew that nobody's ever
gonna forgive anybody.
What's your name?
Oh, you.
Did you enjoy my husband?
It didn't mean anything.
It does to me.
Do you have a husband?
Does he do this?
I don't know
why it cuts me so deep.
Betty, I...
I'm sorry this happened.
- I'm sorry...
- You are sorry you got caught.
And that's it.
Don't lie.
Don't lie.
You know, you're right.
I'm not sorry it happened.
I can't live like this anymore.
Our son may be gone,
but you and I,
we're both still alive.
We can let go, hmm?
We can let go.
It's gonna be all right.
Nothing will ever be
all right again.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Stay with me. Stay with me.
Stay with me. Don't move.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Can we call somebody?
You shot him.
Can we get help?
He's dead.
Oh, man.
Where's Ruby?
I don't know.
I came as fast as I could.
What the hell
happened here, Ruby?
Qu'est que a?
You didn't shoot him, did you?
She did it. But it don't matter.
They'll get me
on my knees because of it.
I can't let Emerald see that.
No. Ms. Betty would tell them
what happened.
- She won't lie.
- I never lie.
You see,
she'll tell them the truth.
And nobody will think
you did anything.
It doesn't matter. They'll know
I slept with a married white man
and he got killed because of me.
The door is open, Johnny,
I'll never get it shut.
Earl's gone, Johnny.
It's just me
against all of them.
I got to get Emerald out of here
before it all starts.
Leave it.
I'll tell them I was with Dupre,
she came, they got in a fight
and she shot him.
I saw everything.
You were in the back.
Not even here.
You think she's gonna lie
for me.
I never lie.
No more lies.
I'll never get away
if I don't do it right now.
Johnny, I wanna give you
the deed to my building
in exchange for your car.
But you were born here.
This is yours.
I won't let them take my dignity
because I forgot my place
for a few minutes.
Because I acted human for once.
Where's the phone?
do this favor for me.
Take the deed
to the Bucket of Blood.
No, this is too much. Just...
- Just take the car.
- No, no, please.
I know it will be in good hands.
Do it for me.
Ma, did you shoot him?
- No.
- Then why are we running?
We're not running.
Ma! Leave me.
Don't push me down. I didn't do
anything to be ashamed of.
- Neither did I.
- Then don't act like it.
I'm doing this for you.
No. You're scared...
- like always.
- You're damn right I'm scared.
And smart to be scared.
Is it smart to run
like a criminal
- when you're not a criminal?
- I might risk it
if it was just me, but I can't
take the chance with you.
Your daddy, he's gone.
And he ain't coming back.
I know.
You knew?
Then what happens
if I get jailed for this?
What happens to you?
Livin' beneath the bars?
But what if you don't?
Don't get jailed for this?
Then we just live
with a scandal.
Small towns don't ever forget.
Mommy, I'm okay.
If I don't leave today,
I'll leave soon.
So don't do this for me.
Don't hide behind me.
What do you need to do?
He was so kind to me.
God! I thought for a second
he might be able to save me.
Maybe he did.
I should have left
a long time ago.
Let's get out of here.
Are you scared?
First time in a long time.
Not scared at all.
One, two, three...
Taste the Ruby loving that
I'll give you all my love,
I'll give you all my lovin'
You gotta give me something
I ain't never had before
Yeah, yeah
Well, Frankie had Johnny
Napoleon, Josephine
But the man
that's right for Ruby
Better be a bit
So a man came to my door
I turned them all away
If you couldn't give me
what I needed
I'll just blame it
all this way
If you want my lovin'
Sweet, sweet lovin'
If you want my lovin'
Good, good, good lovin'
You gotta give me somethin'
I ain't never had before
I'm gonna say it again
Hah, if you want my lovin'
Sweet, sweet lovin'
If you want my lovin'
Good, good lovin'
Oh, this sweet, sweet lovin'
Sweet, sweet lovin'
My sugar-coated lovin'
Hmm, good, good lovin'
You gotta give me somethin'
I ain't singin'
in a million years
Not then
Not ever
Not one time
- I'm in
- Not one time
- Oh, yeah
- Yeah