Rudhramadevi (2015) Movie Script

'My name...'
' Marco Polo'
'Italy is my motherland'
'Approximately for 25 years...'
'...I have travelled through
Persia, China, Burma, India'
'...and Singhalese countries'
'Venice, Italy
13th century A.D'
'After seeing the wonders of Asia...'
'...and buying valuable memorabilia'
'...I reached Italy'
'But Republic of Genova was
in the throes of a terrible war'
'The King and the people were
trembling in fear of losing'
This amazing article...paper!
Discovery of the Chinese
We no longer need to write
on leaves and textiles anymore
In our present predicament...
...we don't need these fancy gifts
Marco Polo
We need an escape plan
Because I don't have a male heir...
...I was compelled to comply
and bow my head to our enemies
You have travelled around the world
You were granted an audience by
Genghis Khan's grandson Kublai Khan
With your worldly knowledge...
...hoping you would help us
with an escape strategy
...we invited you here
Then you must learn more about
the mighty Kakatiya emperor...
...who became the supreme ruler
of the Telugu kingdom
Who is that mighty emperor?
'The Kakatiya reign that spread
fame in all 8 directions...'
' not a kingdom
to be trifled with'
'From Kalinga in the East'
'Karnata in the West'
'Madhyadesa in the North'
'...Kakatiya kingdom extended
till Kanchi in the south'
'With Orugallu as their capital...'
'...the Kakatiyas ruled
providing prosperity and plenty'
Praise be to Goddess Kakatamma
consort of Lord Shiva, destroyer of evil
King Ganapati Deva's wife,
our queen will deliver a royal heir
This news will be announced shortly
If our queen gives birth
to a daughter...
...king of Devagiri's army will
lay siege and enslave us again
'The hell we suffered when they held
King Ganapati Deva captive is enough'
If the same situation arises
we might as well die
We only want a prince to be born!
God Rudralinga
Bless our queen
with a little prince
Guardian deity Ellamma!
Let our queen be
blessed with a baby boy
Guardian deity Ellamma!
Bless us with a little prince
My dear brother
Hari Hara Deva
Look how high the expectations
of the people are
They want our old cousin
to have a son
If it's a daughter...
(scornful laughter) will be a case of
empty expectations!
What you said is absolutely true
King Ganapati Deva is not
destined to have a male heir
Only a girl baby will be born
With the help
of buried treasure... complete building
the 7 walls of the fort an incarnate of Goddess Shakti
...that girl child will save
our entire kingdom
To satiate the desires of men
and to serve their every need...
...Lord Brahma created
this beautiful angel called 'girl'
Not to rule a kingdom
Keep aside the king's horoscope
Check if my master's horoscope
predicts he will ascend the throne
The Kakatiya throne
belongs to us
Find the auspicious date
for our coronation
Murari Deva
Ask the feudal chieftains
who favor us to be prepared
As soon as his daughter is born
if the king renounces his throne... least his life will be spared
Otherwise he will set foot
on his journey to Heaven
Your words echo
my thoughts, brother
My lord, unaware of the fact
you are the local thieves here...
...they are afraid of king Singhana
of Devagiri who is our neighbor
If he lays siege on our land...
...we will be wiped out
Dust to ashes!
'Devagiri kingdom'
To close the chapter of
the Kakatiya dynasty...
...get our troops
ready for action
Sharpen your weapons which will
slash even eye lashes to pieces!
Heighten the spirits of cavalry
and elephantry with spirits!
Make them mighty and strong
If a daughter is born
to king Ganapati Deva...
...he and his people
will be broken hearted
Right then let the death-bell toll
That ring is the invitation
for us to advance and attack
I will gift the Kakatiya Kingdom... my 2nd grandson, Mahadeva
Soldiers, get ready to fight
'Kakatiya kingdom'
Good news, my lord
Queen Somambadevi has given
birth to a beautiful girl baby
You indeed gave me good news
But this is not
the wish of the people
They wanted a male heir
When this news reaches
our enemies' ears...
...they will probably
be happier than us
Shiva Devaiah, even before
you gave me this good news...
...I got the news
through my spies
Our enemies of Devagiri are sharpening
their swords to attack our people it seems
Our allies and feudal chieftains
are eyeing our throne with interest
We can stop them temporarily
But what will become of
our kingdom without a male heir?
Should my people
be enslaved again?
What will be the future
of my clan and my kingdom?
Only if there is no male heir
should you be scared
What are you saying?
Your Majesty!
The gender of the baby is known
only to my wife who was the midwife...
...our queen, you and me
This child born as an incarnate
of Lord Shiva as Rudra...
...let us name her Rudramadevi
To our people we will introduce him
as the prince Rudradeva
You want me to lie and
deceive my own people?
To avoid danger, we should
forget the word 'impossible'
Not only to our enemies
and our own people
Even the new born baby
should never know she is a girl
Heir to the Durjaya dynasty
The future prince
of the Kakatiya kingdom
Sri Sri Sri Rudradeva
The little prince
Long live prince Rudradeva
Long live our future heir to the throne
Long live our little prince
Can you hear that?
The sound of people cheering
Heir to the throne and
our enemy is born
The scriptures cannot go wrong
Birth and death are God's will
God writes, huh?
Your death is
written in our hands
'Unable to kill the new born baby
they killed the astrologer'
He wasn't even lucky enough
to wear this pearl necklace
Ganapati Deva has a son?
A new enemy is born
for our Devagiri dynasty
And to top it all, he is named
after Lord Shiva as Rudradeva
My father Jaitugi,
king of the Yadavas...
...brutally killed Rudradeva,
Ganapati Deva's uncle
They have named
this child after him!
This feud has been spouting
hatred for 2 generations
Is he extending this enmity
to the third generation?
Ganapati Deva has
not forgotten anything
Shall we wage a war, Your Majesty?
Happiness is half the strength
To Ganapati Deva, his male heir
gives strength equal to the mountain
Let us be calm for a while
The chance to dethrone Ganapati Deva
has slipped from our hands
If you are scared
of the new male heir...
...what can we do, Your Majesty?
Army chief
Do you think I will be scared
of the Kakatiya male heir?
Not at all
Right before my eyes my grandson
is growing up like a hungry tiger's cub
First tell our prince, knives are
not used to cut nails
Knives cut necks
as well as nails!
Grandfather, whenever the time
is right, Orugallu fort is mine
Kakatiya crown is also mine
'Secret hide-out in a dense forest'
Bravo! Rudradeva
Your swordsmanship is
noteworthy at this young age
Like Karna's armor and ear-ring...
...this armor and sword
will be your strength
To me Shiva Devaiah's order
is like Lord Shiva's command!
Rudradeva, to combat your enemies...
...and protect your kingdom
your training ends today
Life will now teach you how to
uphold justice and Dharma
Your coronation awaits you
Let us now proceed to Orugallu
Welcome, prince of Kakatiya kingdom
The dove Shiva Devaiah
has taught to fly...
...has flown into the fortress after 14 years
Tomorrow or day after this bird
will be sacrificed by our sword or spear
(Holy chant)
Salutations to my father
Long live prince Rudradeva
Rudradeva, these princes are here
to greet and welcome you...
...from our neighboring kingdoms
Veerabhadra Chalukya
Prince of Nidavartyapuram
Hail Veerabhadra Chalukya
Long live
Veerabhadra Chalukya
On the banks of
our river Godavari...
...we have heard many
stories of your valor
Will you consent to
clash swords with me?
Prince of Vardamanapuram
Son of Gona Buddha Reddy
Prince Gona Ganna Reddy
Welcome Gona Ganna Reddy
Hail Gona Ganna Reddy
Prince, it seems
you are a brave warrior
Are you prepared
for a duel with me?
He is 2 years younger than you
But in warfare tactics...
...he is the bravest of the brave
Gona Ganna Reddy
The way you swirl your sword...
...looks like you will be my only rival
in this kingdom, Ganna Reddy
Gona Ganna Reddy
Prince, you are wanted back
in Vardamanapuram at once
Your father's younger brother
Lakkumaiyah Reddy has sent word
Leave immediately
I take leave, prince
We will meet again in
'The festival of the Brave heart'
I take leave, sir
His father, Gona Buddha Reddy
has passed away unexpectedly
Vardamanapuram is in a state of shock
This news is so distressing
Even a warrior has
to face distress
Do not get dejected, young prince
If we roam around
the streets of Orugallu... will feel relaxed
and rejuvenated
- Come with me
- What?
Outside the fort?
I am not allowed to step out
That too for you?
It won't be interesting
if you are bound by rules always
But if Shiva Devaiah gets to know?
We'll be back
before he finds out
Come quickly
My dearest friend...!
This waterfall jumps in joy
just like us and weaves its way
I also grew up amidst
these trees and creepers
But do you know how happy I feel
roaming around with you like this
Is this what you came
running to see, prince?
Did this beautiful sculpture
lure you here?
Poets and sculptors have
varied vivid imagination
With unlimited imagination
and aesthetic sense...
...they create women
in wonderful poses
Then what...?
Did you see the beauty
of her upper torso?
Only Rati, the Goddess of Love
is blessed this way
Only the apsara Menaka
has such a petite waist like this
Urvasi's full lips
Graceful curve of Rambha's neck
All these sculpted together
is this beautiful work of art
There is no other girl
as beautiful on this earth
Instead of a female, can a male
possess such graceful curves?
'Will you skinnydip
in the river with us?'
Outside, in the open?
When girls bathe together...
...why can't we boys
do the same?
Climb up
Come, my dear prince
There is no difference
between you and me, right?
Why are you dressed like this then?
Why did you raise me like this?
Come, dear
Oh! My dear child
'Not just your upbringing'
'Even raising you like this is essential
for the history of our kingdom'
To stop the annexing greed
of neighboring countries... retain the resources and
cultural heritage of our land
...instilling fear in enemies
...we should be a strong
and very powerful kingdom
And after the Chalukyas of Vengi...
...our Kakatiya kingdom
is the most powerful
Enemies on all 4 sides are
Yadavas of Devagiri, Seuna
Tribes from Turpu
We are surrounded by scheming
and self centered allies
These power-crazy
crafty foxes thrive here
In our kingdom known
for its righteous rule...
...common people will suffer
much more than our soldiers
If our enemies had got wind of
our heir-apparent's gender right then...
...our Kakatiya kingdom would have
merged with the dust long ago
Noose for kings
And handcuffs around people's wrists
...our culture and lineage
would have perished
'To infuse fear into
our enemies' minds...'
'...confidence in the hearts
of our own people'
'...we were forced to lie about
your birth and upbringing'
As a child it was easy
for us to convince our subjects
Now that she has
attained puberty... it right to make them
believe she is a boy?
Till date we were able to
achieve what we had planned
Now whatever maybe
the repercussion...
...we have to face it
We shall announce
in the assembly
Make the necessary arrangements
You took a bold decision
for the welfare of our kingdom
I shall remain as Rudradeva
till that goal is fulfilled
'10 years later'
King's kith and kin
Hari Hara Deva and Murari Deva's
brother-in-law Nagadeva... coming to tame
the mad elephant
Face me
Like tugging the sari off a woman...
...he thought it easy
to tame an elephant
Is there no brave man in Orugallu
to tame this mad elephant?
How can that be, Prasad Aditya?
Of course there is
Our valiant prince Rudradeva
Even if you don't remember...
...we haven't forgotten
Fearless and courageous
As brave as a lion and
one who knows all the tricks
All that is mere folklore
We haven't seen the valor
of our prince face to face
Despite being your kith and kin
Even the people of our kingdom...
...have not set eyes on
prince Rudradeva it seems
Will our prince appear
at least today being a special day?
Will we be blessed
by his august presence?
We want Rudradeva
The young prince
We want to see our prince
Rudradeva, our future king
Your Majesty
It is the king's duty to fulfill
the wishes of his people
Prasad Aditya
Ask Rudradeva to come
'Already this elephant is wild'
'If I feed this brew, I dread
to think of the prince's plight'
Our future king
prince Rudradeva
Bravest warrior on earth
Welcome prince Rudradeva
Long live prince Rudradeva!
(loud cheers)
Chief minister
My eyes perceive
Rudradeva as a lion
Long live young prince Rudradeva
(continuous cheering)
Our future king
Prince Rudradeva
Long live!
The bravest of the brave
Long live
Long live!
Who told you the Hindu God of love
Manmadha has no form, Ganapamba?
Look over there
Perfection in form and skill
is your brother Rudradeva
To prevent young girls
like me from abducting him...
...did he stay behind
in his fort all along?
Muktamba is on a poetic spree
I am his sister
And I hardly see him, except
during festivals or special events
(overlap of voices)
Where on earth are the guards?
When girls fall all over him...
...isn't it their duty
to restrain them?
Are you angry about them
falling all over him?
Or sad you are unable to?!
Did you notice this, chief minister?
Look at the attention he is
receiving from all the girls here?
We must fix the perfect
alliance for him at once
Otherwise like the 'gopikas'
drawn to Lord Krisna... many girls will
flock towards our prince?
Wonder how many zenanas
we may have to build
Prince of Kakatiya kingdom Rudradeva
Long live!
The curiosity of
Rudradeva's whereabouts
And his enigmatic appearance
to be considered on one hand
After my grandfather
King Singhana died... brother Krishna Bhupathi ascended
the throne on the other hand
We were forced to
play a waiting game
We cannot wait any longer
First we should ride rough shod
over our enemy using our intelligence
Rising from the highlands of Devagiri...
...the rivers Krishna, Godavari,
Manjira flowing into Orugallu land
...are our new weapons
Stop the rivers that serve as life source
flowing into the Kakatiya kingdom
Build dams
Sacrifice those who restrain
your efforts to the Goddess of that dam
Without water, instead
of falling at our feet...
...will the Kakatiyas die hiccupping?
Wait and watch
With just the wave of my hand... I, Mahadeva, will reduce
the Kakatiyas to tears
Without even a drop of water
we are facing severe drought
We are suffering without water
to drink or even 1 square meal a day
It's better to die in war
than in this gnawing hunger
We are ready to die
Why are you retreating, prince?
We will fight!
But not to die
To make our next generation live
Afflicting our lands with
drought, hunger and thirst...
...Mahadev of Devagiri has
stopped the flow of the rivers
He can stop the rivers
But can he stop
the rain by fencing it?
Will raindrops not fall?
Won't leaves sprout?
Will our land not be lush green?
Rain water is enough for us
We will store rain water in reservoirs
To save rain water
as per Kakatiya lineage... the name of King Ganapati Deva
'Ganapa Samudram'
In the name of the king's sisters
'Paiyamba Sagaram'
and 'Raja Samudram'
'Rudra Samudram'
in the name of our prince
The task of building
reservoirs has begun
We are dying of thirst here
And you claim digging a well
will provide us water
That is the reason
we are organizing...
...canals to be dug
and channelized
Water will be provided
for agriculture
Until this water scarcity is solved
we abolish all taxes
Until we are able to
stand on our own feet...
...we have no time
to think of war
After that, the battlefield
is never too far
Only if you live that long!
Don't dig lakes
Dig your own grave first
Not just water
Our king Mahadeva will
destroy every blade of grass
Long live
King Mahadeva!
Mahadeva's men have
sneaked into our land
You dare stop our water?
We will gather the blood of
your Devagiri conspirators...
...we will wash our hands
in our Kakatiya waters
Even if a hundred Mahadevas arise... prince Rudradeva will do
to destroy injustice
Long live Rudradeva
Prince of Kakatiya!
(cheering continues)
Well done, Rudradeva
For a valiant man like you...
...laying siege once is not enough
Let many obstacles
befall you because of me
Only then will the taste buds of
our enmity enjoy the flavor
Soldiers of Devagiri entered
our city yesterday
How do we know Mahadeva
won't attack our fort tomorrow?
Orugallu that stands
without protection...
...even God cannot save!
True, even God cannot save
our land that lacks protection
King Ganapati Deva,
my father's wonderful dream...
...was to fortify and strengthen
the Kakatiya defenses
He wanted to build
7 walls around our fort
Let us start to complete
the 7 walls to our fort now
'The son who excels his father'
You are a fine example
of this, Rudradeva
Armor for the warrior
Fortified walls for the kingdom
Your deed will be etched in history
This will not find
a place in history
The king himself was unable to
finish building the walls of our fort
Wonder why our prince is in haste
or what spurns his anger?
Is all this even possible, prince?
When ambition is strength and
hard work is in each breath...
...'impossible' does not even exist
Walls made of stone, gravel,
sand, iron, thorn...
Shell lime and sand plaster
And finally bamboo
Finish building these 7 walls
with immediate effect
Your wish is our command
Hit hard
Strike it strong
Pull with force
Speed up
Heave ho!
Dig deep
Heave ho!
To raise funds to
build the 7 walls...
...there are 2 special features
in this festive event
Whoever scales up
this bronze pillar...
...that represents the magnificence
of our Kakatiya dynasty
...will be awarded the title,
'Brave heart, bravest of the brave'
The second feature
Gona Varada Reddy,
son of Lakkumaiah Reddy...
...and Anamika Devi, daughter of
Yelikikona Reddy of Adavoni
...will be united in matrimony
graced by his Majesty
Not just 2 hearts
2 kingdoms will merge
to become one
We offer our wedding gifts
as a royal fund
Bravo! Lakkumaiah Reddy!
Instead of contributing
from your treasury... burden the people
God's will that will end well
Let the contest for
the Brave heart begin
I wish the same too
First is the contest
Only then the wedding
After the wedding,
we get the real gold
Fake gold for the treasury
Son Varada, even if you eat mud
this title is only for you
Let the contest begin
I am your husband
No matter what!
Come, dear
Is there no brave man in the entire
Kakatiya kingdom to scale this pillar?
Bravest of the brave
in Kakatiya land
Long live Brave heart!
Praise be to the bravest of
the brave in Kakatiya land
Warrior, your feat is unparalleled
Who may you be?
State your name
and your origin
And claim your award
Not answering is equal to
disrespecting the king
We give you another chance
because you are the winner
Who are you?
kOtai Sandiveera
(cheering continues)
'The way you swirl your sword...'
'...looks like you will be my only rival
in this kingdom, Ganna Reddy'
'Gona Ganna Reddy!'
Like his father and my brother
Gona Buddha Reddy...
...I thought Gona Ganna Reddy
would be an ally of the Kakatiyas
But he is getting ready
to oppose us
He changes into a robber and grabs
the riches and lives of minor chieftains
Yes, indeed
kOtai Sandiveera
A lot of people
seem to know about me
Many who have seen me
face to face are no longer alive
Long live Brave heart!
Be quiet
Scaling this pillar,
scratching your back
Stamping mud
Do you call these a challenge?
Amulet on my hip thread!
Can't one who is equipped to
milk a tiger do the same to a cow?
Tell us straight to our face
Why did you come here?
I will tell you
My father's brother betrayed
my father and killed him
I let him live
The king who was
supposed to protect...
...failed in his duties
I ignored that as well
They branded me as a robber
because I fought for the poor
I let that go as well
If injustice happens to me,
I will not shed a tear
But if I see it happen
in front of me...
...I will not let it go!
A girl is being coerced into marrying
the prince in front of the king?
It will not happen!
Gona Ganna Reddy!
What is it, Varada?
My wicked cousin
Like a jasmine stuck to
the mouth of a lizard...
...why do you want this wedding?
Why do you keep
falling from this pillar?
Amulet on my hip thread!
If you are half baked
in everything like this... cannot even father a goat-kid!
You half baked warrior!
A half baked warrior
is still a warrior!
My son-in-law went half way up
That is enough for me
He will please even his wife only halfway
Is that enough too?
Prince, Gona Ganna Reddy is now
interested in my daughter Anamika
He has come here
to abduct her now
Not only Anamika
but also the throne of Kakatiya
Shut up, Hari Hara Deva
Eligibility for a king
is not just having an heir
But to be a brave warrior!
Has no one ever told you
the throne is for the courageous
- Ganna Reddy!
- Gona Ganna Reddy!!
Yes, of course
Robber Sandiveera
Opposing the king
is an unpardonable crime
Why would you not say so?
How would you know the difference
between right and wrong?
For you to step out of the fortress,
an elephant must get mad and trumpet!
Every chieftain here
is a mad elephant
They trample the people
Even if you turn a blind eye
to these mad elephants...
...I refuse to do so
- What arrogance!
- Forgive me
My body is full of arrogance
Are you playing with words?
I am a hunter who
knows how to play
The hunt is ours
Prasad Aditya
Surround him
'We'll protect our brother'
My lovely little lion cubs
You threaten these people
with your tiny catapults!
We won't show any concession
for you as children, move back
Admirable indeed!
Your love and concern
My dear cubs, I will manage
Run along
'We are retreating only because
our brother says so!'
'We will even give up
our lives for our brother'
Gona Ganna Reddy
You were right, I am not
interested in this royal alliance
But Varada Reddy
is a half baked warrior
He won't let you take me away
If you are brave,
then defeat him
Then I will come with you
of my own accord
Your wish is my command, prince
Today is my wedding day
and the day of his death
Both by my hand only
I have been waiting
to kill him for so long
Anamika, get ready
Brave men, encircle Ganna Reddy!
We couldn't handle Gona Ganna Reddy
when he was standing face to face
How can we nab him now?
You must save
my son somehow
The only brave and fearless man
who can oppose Gona Ganna Reddy... my dear friend
Veerabhadra Chalukya
Where is your leader,
the looter Sandiveera?
I have dedicated my life
to kOtai Sandiveera
I will not tell
Kill me
You killed the chieftains
Gona Ganna Reddy,
you are not a human
You are a savage beast
But you will not escape
from my clutches
I must kill
Gona Ganna Reddy
In order to kill him
first you must be alive
Gona Ganna Reddy!
I am going back
to save Varada Reddy
Do not assume
the hunt is over
It has only just begun
Without discerning the gender...
...we can be carefree and
get intoxicated with ambrosia
This Kaumudi festival is ours
We can unlock the secret desires
from the chambers of our heart
Gona Ganna Reddy is
extremely handsome
Warrior who is
the bravest of the brave
He came to save me
But most unnecessarily...
...he carried away Varada Reddy
For our enemies, Rudradeva
is like a wild elephant
Only for teenage girls
he is the God of love
To marry the prince... the dream of all the princesses
of the neighboring lands
Of course
Wonder how many will compete
Wonder how many cat-fights
will be waged!
Victory or heavenly abode?!
We should wage a war for him
'This Kaumudi festival is
not to indulge in idle chat'
'To let all our secret wishes
embedded in our hearts to fly free'
'If we miss this opportunity...'
'...this happiness cannot be
experienced for another year'
She is more beautiful
than the milky moon
Who is this heavenly damsel?
"Full moon flower
Play with us forever"
"Bathed in silver light
let's share stories all night"
"From the palace, a koel solitary
along with her brood voluntary"
"Her youth springing, from her prison
she winged to fly to a new horizon"
"Is she reading this youthful hymn
in the still of the night in the garden?"
"Full moon flower
Play with us forever"
"Bathed in silvery light
let's share stories all night"
Who is this enchanting enchantress?
She gives a new meaning to beauty
"Clouds tease a dulcet display
of fresh raindrops at play"
"Waves orchestrate a rhapsody
Waving and weaving melody"
"Is this the veena strumming
in silence a sweet soft humming?"
"Where is the scent of the soul
which abducted my heart whole?"
"Is it the chilly air tingling
from the dewy waterfall singing?"
"Is it the climbing creeper
bearing the jasmine flower?"
"Is it the flute that plays
lilting music always?"
"Is it the waves of joy filling
the heart with a blissful feeling?"
"I am not 'me' now really"
"A poetry crossing the boundary"
"Full moon flower
Play with us forever"
"Bathed in silver light
let's share stories all night"
"Full moon flower
Play with us forever"
"Bathed in milky white moon light
let's share stories all night"
'There is no other girl
as beautiful on this earth'
'My dear friend...!'
Such a beautiful girl
cannot exist on earth
It is true
This statue has life
and is bathing in the river
The petite waist of Rati,
the consort of God of love
The alluring curves of
Rambha the celestial nymph
Lips as red as they can get
Urvasi's features
Menaka's graceful form
Tilotamma's divine face
Who are you?
Which 'swayamvara' should
I win to make you my wife?
Which kingdom should I capture?
Oh! It is customary to
first introduce myself
I am Veerabhadra
of the Chalukya dynasty
I hail from Nidavartyapuram
For further details...
...shall I ask your prince Rudradeva
to speak on my behalf?
Are you in such a hurry?
I will ask the same Kakatiya prince... snip the tail of temerity
of youngsters like you
Jaganmohini the enchantress
Wherever you may hide... cannot escape
from my clutches
We thought king Ganapati Deva needed
7 births to build 7 walls of the forts
But in just 7 months...
...2nd wall has been built
and the 3rd is also ready
Your Majesty!
Wherever they are digging
to build the walls of the fort...
...they are unearthing treasures
'With the help of
underground treasures...'
'...the half-finished walls
of our fort will be completed'
'As an avatar of Goddess Shakti...'
'...this kingdom will be
saved only by that baby girl'
When precious gems were unearthed
while building the 7 walls of the fort...
...whether really a girl
was born to the king
...a seed of doubt sprouted in
the minds of the Deva brothers
Who was the enchantress Nagadeva saw?
Why is Rudradeva still unmarried?
Along with questions danger also arose
Our prince to be married?
Is Rudradeva like Bhishma
a sworn bachelor?
Or is he not eligible
like Shikandi?
This is not my question
Our people are indulging
in idle gossip
To stop these rumors...
...this is the best opportunity
My elder brother's opinion
You have proved yourselves
to be partners
My mind is enthralled with
your care and concern for royalty
Prince Rudradeva's wedding
has been finalized long ago
Our prince will marry Muktamba
the daughter of Jayabasena
The wedding was fixed
in my presence long ago
As well-meaning
relatives of the king... should grace the occasion
and conduct the wedding
Like a barren woman
blessing a pregnant lady...
...should they oversee the wedding?
Secret tunnel to
the ladies chambers
The Kaumudi festival where
the enchantress appeared...
...and this royal family are
linked in some special way
- Uncle, I found it
- Found what?
An underground passage
to the zenana in the palace
Is that so, Nagadeva?
Where is that tunnel?
Uncle, how eager you are
I won't tell you
Until I finish the job, you'll put me
on a pedestal calling me Chanakya
Then you'll insult me
by calling me all sorts of names
Okay, you don't have
to tell us the way
But listen to me
Go through that tunnel
If you see the enchantress,
enjoy her as much as you please
Kill Rudradeva before
he gets to the wedding stage
We are the ones
organizing the wedding
The entire marriage hall
is surrounded by our men
Rudradeva is in your hands
in the zenana
The wedding hall is in my hands
The entire royal family will be
wiped out including Ganapati Deva
Hereafter I am the emperor
of the Kakatiya kingdom
Hari Hara Deva
Princess, you're in such a rush?
If I come early,
you say I rush
If I come late... say women take
all day and night to get ready
Women are not the reason
for the delay in getting dressed
Men are to be blamed
Your friend himself
hasn't arrived as yet
If one must sit majestically
next to a beauty like me...
...even a renowned prince must
take extra care in getting dressed
My guess was right
My enchantress is here
First I must send
the prince to hell
And then taste
a slice of heaven
Prince, here I come
So you are a woman?
You got away
fooling everyone
You have enacted this play for 25 years
because women have no right to rule?
If I kill you now
this secret will die with you
But if the secret is
brought out in the open...
...the entire Kakatiya kingdom will be ruined
Prince Rudradeva
is not in the palace
Veerabhadra, some danger
has befallen the prince
Close all exits and entrances
Warriors, send word
to Prasad Aditya
If the auspicious time is nearing
tie the sacred thread to this sword
This wedding must definitely
happen as planned
Look! My brother is coming
What happened, friend?
Nothing, I came
by another way
He has a long lifeline
He escaped from
Nagadeva's clutches
(Holy chant)
Don't lose heart, brother
The newly married couple
will go to the royal premises
In the name of
Gona Ganna Reddy...
...the obstacle we have created
will be Rudradeva's death knell
Long live
Prince Rudradeva!
For your wedding,
the bandit Gona Ganna Reddy...
...has sent this toy elephant as a gift
The target is ours
Blame is on Gona Ganna Reddy
The royal family will be totally
destroyed thanks to him
Long live
Brave heart!
Long live
kOtai Sandiveera
You thought I'd be far away
and not come here?
I am like my mother tongue
I'll be here and everywhere
I would be the last person
on earth to hide and fight
You lesser mortals
equal to my amulet!
It is not in my blood
to be a coward
My war is only with Rudradeva
And only face to face
An auspicious event
is happening here
With only the scent of sandalwood
Not blood splashed all over
That's why I am sparing you
If you use my name
in a wrong manner...
...I'll string your intestines
and garland the fortress walls
Veerabhadra Chalukya,
if the crime must be exposed...
...don't let Gona Ganna Reddy
cross the fortress walls
All the incarnates of God Shiva
and Goddess Shakti as witness
Let me tell you now
Rudradeva, put this on record
The sword I have sharpened will fly
in mid-air and target only you
'It became evident to everyone
that danger lurked for prince Rudradeva...'
'...and the Kakatiya throne
in the form of Gona Ganna Reddy'
'The sword that I have honed
will directly target...'
'...only you!'
'In order to catch
that murderer-'
Gona Ganna Reddy!
'Veerabhadra Chalukya
left no stone unturned'
Come out if you have the courage
'To make the enemies believe
the might of the Kakatiya elephantry...'
'...the entire land's sugarcane yield
was heaped inside the fort'
'To give the impression
of a strong army...'
'...enormous piles of leaves serving
as plates were strewn outside the fort'
'This was a clever ruse to dupe
the Devagiri spies by Shiva Devaiah'
'Falling for this ploy,
the king of Devagiri...'
'...instead of direct combat'
'...looked for ways of
deceptive combat'
Hari Hara Murari Deva brothers
I revoke your powers till I know
your part in the Ganna Reddy conspiracy
'Hari Hara Murari brothers
used a female as decoy'
Madanika, Rudradeva
is strong in every aspect
But only one weakness-
Hidden in the zenana
My lover Nagadeva died
in his quest to find out the truth
Even if you wanted to
investigate personally...
...after the attempted murder were barred from
entering the palace
As the dear friend of Muktamba
I'll secure a firm hold in the palace
And find out the secret
My dear prince...?
You've come clad in your armor
even to the bedroom?
Instead of tussling with kisses...
...does the prince indulge
in fighting with knives?
Forgive me for appearing like this
on such an auspicious night
I have taken a righteous vow
for the welfare of the people
Till it is fulfilled,
I cannot touch a girl
As my wife if you agree
I will continue with my vow
If you don't approve-
How can you even ask me?
I am born for you
Will I ever say no?
Until your vow is fulfilled...
...I accept this abstinence gladly
'Even if Rudradeva got
a reprieve on the personal front...'
'...he had to face
a danger of a different kind'
'He brandished his sword bravely
and entered the battlefield'
'Victorious, he occupied
Vengi and Rajamahendravaram'
'King Veeraganda Gopala and Kalinga king
Narasimha-I were overpowered'
'Telugu kingdom was saved from being
annexed by the neighboring lands'
'This victory was inscribed in the temples
of Draksharama and Bheemeshwaram'
I swear on Godavari river
If my people suffer
I will not spare your lives
'Our spy sacrificed
his life for this cause'
'But Madanika will find out
the Kakatiya secret before she dies'
Bravo Madanika!
Well done
You've proved you are
a true Devagiri girl
I will capture
the Kakatiya army
And I will chop Rudradeva's head
The day to parade
his severed head... not too far away
You are caught now
Gona Ganna Reddy
I will arrest you
and put you behind bars
Men put their swords back
in their sheaths when they see me
But a man hasn't been born
as yet to imprison me
I'm not Abhimanyu to get
caught in the 'Padmavyuha'
I am like Lord Krisna
The father of 'Chakravyuha'
Will you die?
Or will you join me?
Long live Brave heart
kOtai Sandiveera
'kOtai Sandiveera
accumulated numerous allies'
'Kotagiri kings in the west
Muthukur kings in the south'
'The Naganoors in the north
to the Kalingas in the east'
'He reigned supreme
with his death chapter'
'While everyone was progressing
towards their respective goals...'
'...Madanika started unearthing
the secrets of the palace one by one'
'She sent news to Devagiri
now and then also'
'The 7 walls were fortified
to prevent enemies'
This is the correct figure
of the Kakatiya army?
Till now canvassing
wrong figures...
...Shiva Devaiah deliberately
deceived all of us
This news is enough
for me to raze...
...the 7 walls of the fort to the ground
Your fort is mine
And also the Kakatiya crown!
I fulfilled my promise
The girl who asked for it...?
It's almost the end of January
You neighed just like this
when she came here last've come alone
Where are your guards?
Everyone says you've fallen
in love and become a lunatic
I came alone to find out
how true the rumor is
You are happily married to
Muktamba, my dear friend
But I am all alone in solitude
You've come
at the right time
My beloved will come now
You must get her family to consent
and conduct our wedding
If I should do that,
you must win a challenge
Even though you are
head over heels in love...
...prove you haven't forgotten
to cross swords
The loser must heed
the winner's words
I'll win my love's hand
by defeating you
Rudradeva, look at Muktamba once
If she continues this vow,
the physician says it may kill her
(Holy chant)
Wearing this armor
is a weary load
I have to remove it
Will you help me?
Even the plants here
will have eyes
If you remove it, won't your
life's secret be known to all?
That means... know my secret?
On the day of the engagement
Won't a girl recognize
another girl's first touch?
You knew before the wedding?
And still-
Why did you bow your head
and marry me?
For you to walk with
your head held high
I let you tie this
protection thread
I don't think of this
as a big sacrifice
You are the epitome of sacrifice
You don't bear the weight
of your armor alone
But the burden of this kingdom
I did not save only you
But millions of people too
You have understood
my plight so well
I bow my head
to your good heart
From this moment,
I accept you as my daughter
I'll also get you married
so that your life is not ruined
An ideal match from
the Chalukya clan...
...will be your perfect spouse
My wedding is not priority
When do you intend
marrying Veerabhadra?
This birth is for my people
My next birth is for you
Poignant philosophical lines
Touch your heart and tell me
you don't love me
Why do you betray yourself
by not having the guts to answer?
More than your life and
your personal desires...
...more than our friendship and our love
when the people matter more to you
...I can't bury my love within me
and still stay with you
I am not destined to
be married in this life
I will remain
as Rudradeva always
For the people of Kakatiya,
you sacrifice your comforts
To meet face to face
such a noble woman
And to serve her
I am indeed blessed
Don't worry about me
Focus on your duty
The man who ensures the people
of Kakatiya hear and sleep soundly
The man whose name makes
men like you wake up quaking in fear
That man
Rudradeva... not a male
But a female
25 years
We've been taken for
a royal ride for 25 years!
Ganapati Deva!
Just watch how we expose
this tremendous secret
For divulging such
earth shattering news... do I, Madanika, get rewarded?
Will you leave me with just
this gold jewelry I am wearing?
We knew you were the spy
of Mahadeva rather belatedly
You must lean only to one side
even if you're a spy and courtesan
If you play a double game
this will be your fate!
This revelation is our most potent
weapon like the one created by Brahma
Shiva Devaiah!
They have probably come
to pay their respects in person
They are kith and kin after all
King Ganapati Deva is about to proclaim
a revelation of vital importance
Do you intend building
another new temple?
Color the fort walls?
Be silent and listen to the king
- Sure
- So be it
My dear subjects
and chieftains
Crowned as prince by me
And while seated in my assembly...
...he spread the glory of
Kakatiya reign in all 8 directions
I hereby announce the coronation
of prince Rudradeva as king
Long live, future king of
Kakatiya kingdom, Rudradeva!
Long live!
Long live!
What did I just hear you say?
Crowning ceremony for Rudradeva?
The prince will become the king?
Is that all or is there more?
Conform to the norms of
respecting the assembly
We will announce
what we intended to say
You be respectful first
Then there is plenty of respect
we have to show in return
The person you thought
was prince Rudradeva... not a male
But a female birth a girl
We announced a girl baby
to be a boy...
...for the welfare of the people
For our country's protection
For the Kakatiya reign
to prosper in the future
Rudramadevi was raised
as prince Rudradeva
And he regarded you
as his own children
Rudramadevi who made
Kakatiya period a golden one...
...on the full moon day in November
...we will express our gratitude
by crowning her as queen
With this, the court is dismissed
What was dismissed is not the court
But their royal bloodline
'Shiva Devaiah realized
the secret was exposed'
'So he himself divulged the secret'
'And played a shrewd
political game'
The wishes accumulated
for 25 long years... foiled in just
1 second, Shiva Devaiah
Don't think this is over
Cleaning the house spic and span
does not conform a festival
A proclamation does not
constitute a coronation
We will show you
our skill and expertise
"In the zenana, a statue lo and behold"
"Eyes flashing desire multi-fold"
"A stage of youthfulness
Perfect and peerless"
"A peacock dancing gracefully
in a jungle joyously"
"Bevy of roe deer aglow
fragrance bestow"
"Lands far and near
will laud your beauty, dear"
"At dusk under the jasmine bower,
a time to garland, capture the rapture"
"This beautiful damsel, zestful
enjoying life in its bounty plentiful"
"Maiden like a swing beckoning
Unbidden, pulse quickening"
"A joy forever
in the ladies chamber"
"A peacock dancing gracefully
in a jungle joyously"
"Like a parasol of silver"
"From the cloud's veiled cover"
"The moon shines bright as ever"
"Like the breeze walks with the river"
"In the drizzle of dewy powder"
"At leisure
we will saunter"
"Crossing armies and boundaries
without any adversaries"
"Gently blows the cool breeze"
"Lightning riding the blue skies
ruling breadth and lengthwise"
"What is the defending armor
for a girl's dream to flower?"
"In this heart and mind swing
a zillion swings breathtaking"
"When day and night
dance in delight"
"In the zenana, a statue captivating"
"A peacock dancing
in a mood tempting"
(Holy chant)
We don't want
a lady to be our ruler
Very well said indeed
For a woman to be seated...
...this is only the right place
Hey Ambadeva!
How dare you humiliate my own
daughter in front of my eyes?
I will-
Why trouble yourself, my king?
One command from you
I will chop his head
and bring it to your feet
Prasad Aditya
Cut our heads too along
with Ambadeva's head then!
It's better to die than
be ruled by a woman
Because a woman didn't know
the place she should be in...
...don't we know how many
wars were initiated?
Like the war between
Lord Rama and Ravana...
...and the Kurukshetra war
...who was the reason?
A female, right?
Have we not seen kingdoms
fall because of women?
This land must not face
such a predicament again
We oppose
We don't want a woman in power!
We don't want
We object stron-
People of our Kakatiya kingdom
Stay calm
Without the strength of
His consort Shakti...
...fearing He would
lose His mighty power
...even Lord Shiva shared
half His body to Goddess Shakti
To a woman who is considered
one half of Lord Shiva...
...what is wrong in
giving our throne?
In what way is
a woman inferior?
Not Sita, but Ravana was
the cause for the war against Lanka
It was the Kauravas and not Draupadi
who initiated the Kurukshetra war
Every man who disrespects a woman
Whoever he may be...
...he digs his own grave
to destruction!
Don't seal our lips with
anecdotes from the past
Even if we brush
old stories aside...
...can history be changed, Uppalasoma?
Have you forgotten Satakarni
of the Satavahana dynasty...
...who prefixed his mother's name
Gautami and stabilized his rule?
Even after looking at
Rudramadevi's golden rule...
...don't you have faith?
She abolished taxes
With foresight she built
lakes for agriculture
She distributed agricultural
amenities to one and all
She built maternity hospitals
specially for women
All creature comforts
Prosperity and peace in plenty
She ensured you had
access to all of this
This is tomorrow's history
Chronicles for the future
Like Vikramarka period
And Shalivahana era
People will acclaim and pay tribute
to Rudramadevi's reign!
Hari Hara Deva, Murari Deva
and Ambudeva
After 1000 years if history records
your name and mine in its annals...
...remember the sole credit
goes only to this lady
My dear subjects
We are striving to start
a new chapter in History
Until yesterday... cheered for
prince Rudradeva
For what?
Today why are you
opposing Rudramadevi?
Only because she is a girl
As soon as they knew
a woman is ruling our land...
...they robbed our houses
and set our fields ablaze
We women are scared
to even step out
Religious shelters are being
targeted all over the kingdom
Many religious leaders
are being killed
Of course
(multiple voices in assent)
It is the conspiracy of a few minds
If that is so, why didn't it happen
when Rudradeva was our prince?
Because men symbolize fear
And women are inferior
For 25 years you hid the truth
because of this same fear?
Despite our unstinted support
to your reign all these years...
...we have lost faith
in the Kakatiya rule
We will ourselves rule over
our territories independently
Our Kamba land is
independent from today
Muriki land will not pay taxes
to Kakatiya kingdom from now on
Our Baga land is
also independent
If we cheer a woman ruler...
...what happens to the prestige
of our Renadu region?
Let us split!
Let us split!
(multiple voices in dissent)
Beloved subjects of my kingdom
Feudatory chiefs
I did not come to the throne
as Rudradeva to rule our kingdom
I shouldered this responsibility
for the welfare of the people
'You took a bold decision
for the welfare of our kingdom'
'I shall remain as Rudradeva
till that goal is fulfilled'
You are overlooking
my reforms as Rudradeva
You are merely looking at
my female form of Rudramadevi
Will not a woman who
transforms her house... able to reform her kingdom?
I will not ask you
such a question
I leave it to each one of you to decide
If me being a woman is
the root cause of your problem
If it will give you immense
happiness if I cease to exist...
...I do not want this throne
If you think being Rudradeva
all these years was a crime...
...I will accept whatever
punishment you mete out to me
Let the elders introspect
and announce their decision
Whatever scriptures
we look into carefully...
...befitting punishment for
Rudramadevi's crime death sentence
However because she is a lady...
...we make an exception and
exile her from the kingdom
She should renounce
any link to royalty
And live as a commoner
She must never use any weapons
The punishment should be
brought into effect immediately
25 years ago, the danger we feared
forced us to take this bold decision
That danger has now boomeranged
as an earthquake, Your Royal Majesty
A mere female?
Has a girl been the one
subjugating us all these years?
This Kakatiya secret that has
been revealed to the world... I aware of it only now?
Did Madanika sacrifice her life for us?
Is this how skilled
you are in spying?
Offering of blood for
the mighty sword is done
This war against
the Kakatiya kingdom...
...should make the Kurukshetra war
pale into insignificance
It should exceed the piles of dead bodies
from Ashoka's Kalinga war
My dear brave warriors!
Beat our war drums
Everyone's mother
is Goddess Ellaiamma
This brave Goddess
Poor soul!
She sacrificed her head
to her own son Parasurama
You are the same
You have forsaken everything
for the welfare of your people
Queen of Orugallu
You've now laid your head
on the lap of this Goddess
Scars are a natural
consequence of war
These wounds are not
from your enemies
But from your own kith and kin
Come, let's go to
I'll place a throne in my heart
and make you my queen
If that's what
my father had wanted...
...he would have
raised me as a girl
My parents brought me up this way
for the welfare of my people
I need to fulfill
my father's desire
The lives of my people
should blossom anew
Even if the enemies cross swords
you want to shower flowers on them?
Don't you want
a life of your own?
Don't you love yourself?
You are here
in my life to love me
That's enough
But Rudramadevi
and Orugallu kingdom...
...cannot be separated by anyone
Your speech gives me goose bumps
Like a woman behind
every victorious warrior...
...I will be behind your bravery
Tell me what I should do
With my army, shall I wage war
against Hari Hara and Murari?
My father is still on the throne
Don't forget that
There is a greater danger
than these internal thieves
Stop Mahadeva the king of Devagiri
who is attacking us with his army
Go up straight west and
stop him in his tracks
Fight so that he does
not cross our boundary
You will hear news
of his death soon
Your Majesty! More than
the enemies of Devagiri...
...we have to escape from
the schemes of your kith and kin
Your game is over, old man!
We have found out the tunnel
inside the palace itself
That will be the victorious way
for the army of Mahadeva
Have you joined hands
with the enemy?
We even chop heads
for the sake of the throne
What does it matter
if you join hands...
...or fall at others' feet?
Shiva Devaiah!
Our first enemy
is your intellect
I will-
His heart gave out before
my sword could be troubled
Throw his corpse to feed
the crocodiles in the moat
To the winner
is this Kakatiya kingdom
'On one hand the greedy chieftains
fought between themselves'
'The problem of Sandiveera
still loomed large on the other hand'
'The Kakatiya dynasty
was almost in shambles'
'Blood of the innocent
flowed like a river'
'The land was in chaos
without a proper ruler'
'People who shunned Rudramadevi...'
'...were oblivious of the fact she would
protect them like their mother'
'Shiva Devaiah who held his breath
under water opened his eyes'
(voices in despair and uproar)
"The kingdom is in dire straits"
"Caught in anarchy, look what awaits"
"Every direction every place
stream of blood in a maze"
"Our protecting deity
shower us your mercy"
"Why...o' why?"
"Why this vow of silence, Rudramadevi?"
"To win over generations of enmity
come to save us from this calamity"
"In our own deity's kingdom
atrocities demand a ransom?"
"In Rudra's realm
rivers of blood stream"
"You are no other
than Rudra's mother"
"To wreak vengeance with fervor
For the enemy to surrender"
"To flourish
or to perish?"
"Save us from this catastrophe"
We don't want chieftains
who crave for power
We want Rudramadevi who supports
her people to be our queen
Rudrama, you are our savior
Take this weapon!
Victory to queen Rudramadevi!
Rani Rudramadevi
may you be victorious
Your Majesty,
Shiva Devaiah is alive
Rudramadevi like Goddess Kali
is all set to wage a war against us
People are supporting her
I'll meet you later
if you are alive
Narrow escape!
If she wields a weapon...
...Rudramadevi can kill
thousands with just one stroke
How do we stop her?
Only soul who can stop
Rudramadevi is Mahadeva
Open the underground passage
Pave the way for
the world's greatest war
'Praise be to Goddess Shakti'
'Long live
Eradicator of evil'
'Praise be to Mahishasura Mardhini'
'Long live
The ever-powerful Shakti'
I underestimated
the 7 walls of the fort
Stones rain upon us when
the 1st stone-wall was broken
When the bamboo wall was crossed
waves of fire blaze round us
What a spectacular wonder this is!
What does the 5th wall
have in store I wonder?
Don't fret, brother
This is an iron wall
We are here
Just wait and watch how
Rudramadevi's game ends
Well done, brother
You rightly said our enmity
is equal to that of the snakes
Though just a girl, she has
taken the form of a mongoose
The way she twirls her sword
it may even reach our throats
Who will finish
Rudrama's game?
Look who is here to quell
Rudramadevi's bravery!
Gona Ganna Reddy is here
Kakatiya war has
reached its climax
We have all become friends
Now whom can we
join hands with?
We are not here to join hands
with anyone, Uppalasoma!
With great pleasure we are here
to watch everyone die
Rudramadevi is in the clutches
of Gona Ganna Reddy
Gona Ganna Reddy
in the clutches of Mahadeva
As soon as Hari Hara and
Murari Deva kill Mahadeva...
...we shall aim our sword
at whoever is remaining
In war, it doesn't matter
who is the bravest warrior
The one who wields
the final blow is the victor
He is a warrior of acclaim
He has positioned his army... the eagle formation
to thwart his foes
Like an eagle can
tear a snake apart...
...Gona Ganna Reddy
will kill Rudramadevi
Long live Gona Ganna Reddy!
Long live queen Rudramadevi!
As long as there is
breath within me...
...I will not let even the shadow of Yama,
the Lord of death touch Rudramadevi
Like Virabhadhra is the guardian
to the Goddess Kali of Orugallu...
...Gona Ganna Reddy has become
Rudramadevi's protector
If Ganna Reddy and
Rudramadevi see us-
We should raise
the white flag of truce
Why are your knees trembling?
To murder or dethrone Rudramadevi...
...Gona Ganna Reddy is not a puppet!
I am the Kakatiya people's asset
I ruthlessly killed every feudal lord
who tried to loot this land
I stopped Anamika's wedding
so you don't join hands to gain power
I robbed your treasury... prevent you from forming
an independent army of your own
I returned all that wealth as
treasure troves to build the 7 walls
For Rudramadevi's army
to be strong and mighty...
...I motivated every
youngster to become
...not a robber like me,
but a brave warrior
I was the 1st person to know
Rudramadevi's life-secret
I was also the one to slit Nagadeva's
throat when he found out the secret
I foiled your sinister plans of
destroying Rudramadevi's family
And I saved this kingdom
Branding me as a robber
is not your dishonesty mask
Responsibility offered by
queen Rudramadevi as a royalty mark
You deceived us
with your masquerade
- Betrayal
- Treason
The enemy cautions us
how to plan a war
He also decides
which weapon to use
To your crimes and schemes
this itself is the right verdict
The diamond shield that guards
the dignity of the Kakatiya kingdom... Gona Ganna Reddy
Hey! Gona Ganna Reddy
You escaped my
clutches too many times
My father slaughtered
your father like a dog
I will kill you today
and make your Anamika mine!
And Rudramadevi too-
Shut up!
I said I had marked another
auspicious time for you to die
That is now
This moment
Their story is
in your hands
The auspicious time of death
is not marked for us but for you
Let us fight
Mahadeva is the most
monstrous demon
You could have
killed him yourself
Devagiri Mahadeva is the foremost
enemy of the Kakatiya kingdom
If I killed him
it is not a big deal
The Kakatiya people who dreamt
a male royal heir will protect them...
...their expectations should
be met by a woman
In no way is a woman
any less brave
This is the time for
people to realize it
So Rudrama must kill him
This must become history
My father must not
see your corpse
But your defeat
Beat the drums of victory
(Holy chant)
'Of your own accord you ended
your life as Rudradeva'
'Now I will end your life
as Rudramadevi'
Kill Mahadeva
Don't spare his life
Kill Mahadeva
A war is between
the armies of 2 lands
2 kings should combat
But not between
the subjects of 2 kingdoms
Chief minister!
Without thinking twice,
cut him into pieces
Stop, Veerabhadra
Even if the enmity is
Ganapati Deva's...
...only Rudramadevi
must put an end to it
Who is your enmity directed at?
On our own motherland?
If we keep fighting internally
what will be the fate of our kingdom?
Thanks to our disunity...
...foreigners from Alexander
to Ghazni have tried to rule us
They plundered our wealth
In the end we became slaves to
a slave king Qutubudin Aibak
We were divided and ruled
Did we not learn
from our mistakes?
If those who drank the same
mother's milk can bond as brothers...
...drinking water from the same river
can't we live as brothers and sisters!
Our duty as ruler is to ensure
our subjects are happy
Forgive me, Your Majesty
All these years claiming
to forgive my father... disrespected us
in the most arrogant way
Today in front of everyone...
...I forgive you
Long live, queen Rudramadevi
Mahadeva, where
did you jump from?
You stand here today
like a beggar asking for alms
How strange is your fate
Amulet on my hip thread!
Instead of dissecting you to pieces...
...forgiving you is
a bigger punishment
Rudrama, I'll be with the people
I will protect them
You sacrificed the throne to be
a friend of the people in all ways
Long live Ganna Reddy!
Gona Ganna Reddy!
My dear Anamika
This is not the right time-
Keep quiet
Amulet on my hip thread!
'Queen Rudramadevi's journey
of triumph did not end with this'
'Continuing the progeny and her bravery
was heir apparent Prathaparudhra'
'History will always trumpet her glory'
"Born in our brave soil India
was a woman akin a cheetah"
"With Goddess Kalis scimitar
seated on a lion she snarled to conquer"
"As Sambavi and Bhairavi
she destroyed evil in forms of fury"
"Like the Goddess Adi Parashakti
avatar of Divine Mother Shakthi"
"Like Vishnu as Parasurama with an axe
Ferocious as a lion when she attacks"
"An everlasting beacon of light
Brave heart day and night"
"Rudramadevi as Bhadrakali
inscribed her name in HIS-story!"
"In directions 8, a torch to guide
your fame is acclaimed far and wide"
"Examples of the kings bravery
Embellish sky-high his story"
"You are our life's lamp, we revere
You are our dawn everywhere"
"In a land which extols the scriptures
no place ever for woes or remorse"
"Like lashes to the eyes, our protector
Beloved king, our shield and shelter"
"Treating all girls like his mother
Most dignified king ever"
"In directions 8, a torch to guide
your fame is acclaimed far and wide"
"Examples of the kings bravery
Embellish sky-high his story"