Rudy Habibie (2016) Movie Script

The year 1920 marked the beginning
of provincialism in Indonesia
R.A Tuti Marini Puspowardojo from Java
and Alwi Abdul Jalil Habibie
from Bugis were married.
This was considered
a violation of family traditions.
As a result, they were
separated from their tribes.
8 years after The Youth Pledge in 1928,
their fourth child was born.
A boy who would later promote pluralism
and unity in the Indonesian archipelago.
Rudy! Airplane!
Come on! Quick!
-Watch out!
Help, Rudy!
Ma'am! It's the Japanese planes!
-We are being bombed. We need to evacuate.
-Oh, my God.
Come on! Come on!
Toto, ask that man!
Rudy! Fanny!
Come on, Rud!
Rudy, wait!
Rudy, come quick!
Rudy! Fanny!
-Rudy! Fanny!
Oh, God. Where have you been?
The planes bombed the harbor, Mom.
Mom, did you bring my books and meccano?
No, I just brought some clothes.
Go on!
Rudy! Are you crazy?
I can't leave my books and meccano.
Come on!
There! My books!
-My meccano!
What's this? What are you doing?
Just take it! Take it!
Just take it! Take it!
Hello, good afternoon.
Are you Pastor Gilbert?
-Yes, I am.
-I'm Rudy.
Rudy Habibie.
I am a student from Indonesia.
Your German is very good.
You can speak Indonesian?
Romo Soegijapranata was my friend
when I was in a seminary in Semarang.
-You know him?
-Yes. I do.
He reconciled the five-day war
in Semarang.
That's right.
Here's the thing, Rudy.
I was assigned to assist you.
And I'm glad to be of assistance.
I miss speaking Indonesian.
-You can speak Indonesian with me.
-And I miss the food from Jogja.
-I can't help you with that.
-Oh, yes. Thanks.
-Well, let's find a place for you to stay.
So why do students need to be supervised?
Not all of them do.
Most Indonesian students
who study here are already old.
So they dont need to be supervised
by priests.
I see. But I've been taking care of myself
since I was 14.
You are very lucky, Rudy.
Youre blessed with intelligence.
Its very difficult to be a student
in this country.
The Germans appreciate
talented people like you.
I see.
Whoever they are, wherever they come from,
whatever talents they have,
they are all supported and given a chance.
This is delicious, Rudy.
Can I...
One, please.
It's like this, Rudy.
In Germany, everyone is appreciated.
For example this street vendor, Rudy.
He is talented.
He's appreciated in Germany.
That guitar player is appreciated.
Try it. Is it good?
Yes. He's talented.
Well, it's pork, so of course it's tasty.
This is pork?
Well, yes.
Are you a Muslim, Rudy?
-Yes, I am. I don't eat pork.
-Oh my, Rudy.
We learn from our mistakes.
Can I ask for a refund?
Good afternoon, Mrs. Gunther.
I'm Pastor Gilbert.
Can you accommodate this young man?
From which country?
From Indonesia.
I have never heard of that country.
The name is long and strange.
-Let's try another house.
Its okay, Rud. We'll try this one.
This way, I think.
Whose house is this?
It's interesting. It belongs
to a Dutch-German couple.
Yes, okay.
Pastor Gilbert.
Mrs. Gunther just called me.
We cannot accommodate overseas students.
I understand, ma'am.
But I urge you, please...
This young man needs a place to stay.
Sorry, but my husband is busy.
Fixing his new heater.
-It utilizes hot water, right?
You can speak Dutch?
Wait a minute.
-I told you...
-Rudy, let's look for another place.
You dont need to replace the heater.
-Now we're having this problem!
-No, no Rudy!
Be quiet! It wasn't supposed
to be like this. I already...
Can I help you?
Who are you?
I'm sorry, Mr. Neuefeiend.
He's a graduate student at RWTH.
But he...
Can I have
a glass of water and a tray?
Just do what he says.
Give him what he needs.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Can you vouch for this young man?
He won't break my heater?
I hope not.
Oh, my God, what are you doing?
What are you doing with that rock?
It cost me two months salary!
Rud, what are you doing?
Okay. The heater was too tilted.
So the hot water inside was not
flowing smoothly.
And the pressure was not optimal.
This way, the noise will disappear.
I see. What's that tray for?
To expand the heat.
The distance between the wall
and the machine is too wide.
So the heat was being wasted.
This way, it is much more practical
and saves energy.
Ill continue that tomorrow.
The heater is already functioning.
Now we can remove our coats.
The rock and the oven tray
are just temporary.
Tomorrow, would be better for you
to call the service center.
Are all the students
in your country like you?
Well, well take your leave.
Wait, wait.
Where are you going?
We have a vacant room upstairs.
This room is not appropriate.
No heater.
And there is only a toilet attached.
You have to go to the public bathroom
outside to take a shower.
What do you think?
I'll take it, Pastor.
You don't have to take it
if youre not comfortable.
Don't worry.
I only sleep for four hours a day.
The sooner I have a room,
the sooner I can study.
Thank you.
Pay attention to your pronunciation
when studying The Al-Qur'an.
If misread, the meaning changes.
-Is that so?
This must be easy for you, Captain.
Being an Arab,
you probably understand The Al-Qur'an.
Not necessarily.
The Al-Qur'an uses metaphorical language.
Islam has a deep respect for knowledge.
Therefore, you should keep studying.
-Peace be with you.
-You, too.
-What is it?
I need to talk to you, Captain.
The Allies have conquered Parepare.
Soon they will reach Landerai.
We must leave, Captain.
My God.
Daeng, sound the alarm.
Kids, lets hurry up and go home.
-Come on, everybody.
-Come on. Be careful.
Come on, careful.
Come on, come on.
Be careful, be careful.
Your mother and brother
are already at the harbor.
Where are we going now, Dad?
We are going to meet
your mother and brother at the harbor.
are you sure your family
will welcome us?
Sir? Sir?
Sir? Mr. Habibie?
Alwi is here!
Dear, our son has come home.
Alwi is here.
My son.
Koene, are you sure Rudy
should be circumcised here?
Tuti, if we truly want to make
amends with my parents,
this is the way.
What do you think?
Try to relax, son, it wont hurt.
Don't be afraid. It wont hurt.
-Why did he say that? Is it going to hurt?
Don't be afraid.
The most valuable treasure
in this world is family...
and friends.
Yes! Checkmate!
-Dad, youre happy here, arent you?
This is my home, Rudy.
It's where I'm from.
The roots that
I've left behind for so long.
Rudy, take a deep breath.
I wonder when we can come back here.
It takes three days and three nights
to get from Parepare to Gorontalo.
-What about Java?
-That's even further.
Must be nice to be a bird.
We could fly anywhere.
Then, build a plane, Rudy.
I don't like planes. They're evil.
Don't make combat planes.
Make a plane that could take people
like Grandma,
Grandpa, Mom or Dad
to meet all their relatives.
So that their roots will all be
close to one another?
-Let's eat, while it's still warm.
My meccano keeps breaking when I fly it.
Creating planes requires calculations.
They cant be randomly created.
Sounds tough. What can I read
to learn how to make them?
Later. You'll learn, son.
Enough, Rud. Come have breakfast, now.
You could start by
reading the books in the library.
Wait, Mom.
You wouldnt want this meccano
to break again, would you?
Koene, you, too. Let's eat.
The wind moving from below
makes your hand move up and down.
Thats the basic logic
behind why planes can fly.
You mean everything that flies
does so because of that?
-Except for balloons.
-Balloons? What about them?
Here. Look for something that looks
like this, its called a balloon.
-This is what I need.
-But what can a balloon do?
My Dad said, if the air inside the balloon
is lighter than the air outside,
-then it can fly.
-So what if it can fly?
We can build it
just like the one in this book.
This balloon can take people
from one country to another.
-You're lying!
-Yes, you are...
Hey, Maleo! You don't believe the kid
who is always first in class?
I found a balloon!
Balloon! Balloon! Balloon!
Rudy! We found a balloon!
Balloon! Balloon! Balloon!
Dad, why is this balloon shaped like this?
It cant fly.
My God! Where did you get this?
Rudy, this is dirty!
Where did you get this?
Dear! Come, quickly!
-Oh, my God!
-Who gave that to you? Rudy?
What have you done with it?
-I blew it.
-Oh, my God!
-Come here!
-Ouch, Mom!
Come! Get over there.
My God! Come here!
Why would you play with such things?
Hurry up, wash your mouth!
Why would you play that way?
Come on.
-It's hot, Mom!
-Deal with it!
Come on! Gargle properly.
Stop! I don't want to!
Do you even know what that is? Its dirty!
What did I do wrong, Mom?
I was just playing with a balloon!
Fanny! Did you blow that balloon, too?
No, Mom.
Who else played with the balloon?
Okay, let's pray together.
-Yes, Dad.
Dad, your sarong.
Rudy, let's pray together.
Dad, I think I need lighter materials
than this meccano.
Birds can fly because
their feathers are light, right?
Let's pray first.
After that, we'll work on it together.
Promise, Dad?
I promise.
-Have you washed up?
Tidy up.
-Toto! Let's pray.
Dad! Dad!
You promised to help me build a plane!
What are you doing?
I'm praying.
-Im Frank.
-Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie.
Call me Rudy.
Im from Indonesia.
Your President just arrived in Bonn.
It's on the national news.
That's Gertz, Patrick and Ivon.
Hello. Rudy.
Why did you touch your head to the floor?
Thats what we refer to
as "sujud" or prostration.
All Muslims around the world do that.
All Muslims touch
their heads to the floor
when theyre praying.
Allows the blood in their body
to flow to the brain.
-Erbakan, from Turkey.
-Hello. Ivon.
-Erbakan. Turkey.
-Rudy. Indonesia.
-Nice to meet you, Rudy.
-Nice to meet you, too.
-Keng Kie?
Didn't you just start studying in Bandung
four months ago?
I deliberately skipped some levels
to catch up with you!
Youre crazy!
-Where are you staying?
-One and a half hours away from here.
Im staying with a Dutch-German couple.
Liem! Hello!
Yes, hello!
What a coincidence.
I have an invitation to go to Bonn.
Tomorrow Mr. Soekarno will be there.
Come, okay? You have to.
I'm going to tell the others about it.
-Who is he?
-You'll find out.
-So, you'll come to Bonn tomorrow?
-No, I wont be joining you.
I saw him at the Faculty of Engineering
in Bandung.
It's okay.
Don't you miss warm rice?
They have warm rice?
Now that's a good idea.
Long live Mr. Soekarno!
Overseas scholarship students.
You havent come all the way to Europe
for a vacation.
You have to become doctors,
engineers and physicists.
And then, come home.
Your country will support you.
You're funny!
Don't get involved with them, Rud.
They're former student soldiers.
Are they here on duty or to study?
They received scholarships as
a reward from the government.
Since they spent their youth
fighting for freedom.
This is their reward.
You guys are here
just for the rice, right?
And for the cakes, too.
Rudy, meet Ayu,
daughter of The Sultan of Solo.
-I'm Sugeng.
Also a descendant of solo royalty.
I'm Poltak Hasibuan.
from Lubuk Pakam.
Not a descendant of The Sultan,
nor Solo Royalty.
But a descendant of clowns.
-Come let me take a look.
-Why a clown?
-Look at your clothes.
Everything is mismatched.
Yellow tie, red shirt, purple pants.
Really? I thought this is
your favorite color, dark blue.
Sorry, the students here
love to mess around.
It's okay.
Are you guys planning to take
the RWTH entrance exams?
When? Mine are next week.
-Next week?
-Are you serious, next week?
-Rudy, to take those exams,
you have to study German first.
I know.
If not for Ayu...
I would take that exam two years from now.
Dont disgrace Medan, Poltak.
-Mr. Ambassador.
-How are you?
-How's your brother?
Thank God, he's been accepted in Kostrad.
-Are you all in the same year?
Rudy here is supposed to be
in his first semester.
He skipped three years
to catch up with me.
Skipped? Are you a student or a squirrel?
Jumping around.
This country needs young people like Rudy
brilliant and courageous.
But they tend to walk alone.
-I don't want you all to be like that.
-Yes, sir.
You need to form a PPI.
Already. We're planning to do that, right?
Wait. What is PPI?
PPI is Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia.
The Association of Indonesian
overseas students.
College is not only about studying
in a classroom, Rudy.
I think Rudy needs to hang out
with brother Poltak.
To broaden his horizons.
As long it's positive, I don't mind.
Definitely positive. Right?
Mr. Rudy.
We have not received a transfer for you.
Perhaps your mother forgot to send it.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Hello, Mom.
Hows everything in Bandung?
We're all doing fine here.
But yes, as you know,
the economy is unstable right now.
Prices are going up.
But you dont need to worry, Rud.
All we need to do is cut back a little.
Did you receive the money I sent?
Rudy, are you okay?
Hello, Mom.
I'm fine.
Please dont worry.
Most importantly, you need to
focus on your education.
If you need anything, just let me know.
God willing, I will always be able
to fulfill all your needs.
Hello. Mom.
Mom, hello?
God, what am I going to do?
Excuse me.
Is there a mosque around here?
Youre Indonesian?
You can speak Indonesian?
Yes. I lived there for a long time.
Oh, really?
Do you know where the nearest mosque is?
There isnt a mosque here.
Only churches.
Why dont you pray at home?
I live far away from here.
I need a place nearby for now.
I need to find peace. I...
That's okay.
No problem.
Oh, God.
I'm sure...
this building was built by people
who believe in you.
But Im sure...
those people realized...
that there is only one God.
Forgive me.
I just want to say a prayer
for my parents here.
Because there is no other place.
I don't want to disturb anyone.
Forgive me.
Forgive me, God.
What is it?
I'm just enjoying the view.
What view?
Let's go to Cafe Leckere.
Our friends are already waiting there.
-No, thats okay, I'm going home.
They have great sandwiches.
Student prices. Come on.
Yesterday was my birthday.
I have treated everyone except you.
Money from KBRI has come in already.
How can the birthday guy
be the one who treats?
That's how I want it. Come on.
Wait! I consider this a loan.
-Whatever. Come on.
Keng Kie, let's take a photo.
Rudy, Rudy.
-Keng Kie.
-Let's take a picture.
-There's a cinema here?
-Yeah, upstairs.
-This is good.
I have to watch it.
-Sure, Sure.
-I would like to watch it.
Yes, okay. Let's take a picture first.
-You guys ready?
One, two, three.
One more time.
Ready? Ill count again.
-One, two, three.
Is he new here?
Who is he?
You have to try the sandwich.
Your Passport is green?
How did you arrive in Aachen?
My Mom is financing me.
Why, is there an issue?
Ah, rich boy, supported by his mom.
He's a rich boy.
Rudy is a genius.
He skipped several levels
at the Engineering Faculty
of the University of Indonesia in Bandung.
Genius, you say?
If he's a genius,
his passport should look like this.
It should be blue.
This proves that we are selected.
National scholarship.
The color is different, isnt it?
What do you mean?
What Panca means...
is that you are, sorry...
Why are you laughing?
-You're not being polite to your seniors.
Look. Listen first.
I just found out that intelligence is
determined by the color of your passport.
I skipped several levels
because I'm smart.
And that, is a fact.
Your passport is blue...
as a reward from the Indonesian government
for your former services in the army.
-Right, Keng Kie?
-Damn you!
This is not the army!
That's not the way to solve a problem.
Remember, we have to maintain
the good reputation of the student army.
I agree, Peter.
Gus, they are our juniors.
We need to be polite to them.
Tell you what, Rudy.
Rudy, you can serve us our meal.
This is Germany, not Indonesia.
There is no student hazing here.
This is not hazing, Peter.
We just want to get to know our juniors.
Dont worry, sit down. There's no problem.
-I'll have a black coffee...
-Wait, let me write it down.
You said you're a genius, why take notes?
Okay. Go ahead.
I'll have a black coffee and a sandwich.
With cheese in the middle
and ham at the top and bottom.
Greens on the topmost layer.
What do you guys want to order?
I'll have a hot coffee
with a quarter cup of milk.
-With two sugars.
-Two sugars.
Soft-boiled egg.
Tuna sandwich, not greasy.
Your orders?
I'll have grilled sausages, not boiled.
Lots of sauce.
The barbeque sauce on the side
and orange juice.
Make sure it's fresh orange juice.
-What else?
-Sandwich and milk.
Sandwich and milk.
What about you, Peter?
No need. I can order myself.
You remember all of it?
Sure. Is that all?
Rudy if you miss anything,
you'll have to pay for all of it.
Youre taking it too far.
Relax. I'm sure he won't forget.
He's a genius, right? I'm sure he is...
What if I get it all right?
We will pay for all your meals
for three days.
Wait. Make it three sugars for me.
-I'll have a hot tea as well.
Did I miss anything?
Exactly as ordered.
Heres the proof!
You'll gain weight
over the next three days, Rudy.
Pal. Rudy Habibie.
Rudy Habibie.
Three days, pal.
He remembered everything.
Are you confident of all your answers?
I'm positive.
He must have a cheat sheet.
Excuse me.
Thank God, I'm in!
Me, too!
Thank God.
I have to call my grandparents.
We need to celebrate!
-Keng Kie!
Your name is above mine.
Your name is not here.
Please take a look at that one.
Is it there?
Wait. I want to look for my name.
Excuse me.
What now? I...
What happened? Whats wrong?
I failed, Keng Kie.
Failed? Why?
I want to go home, I failed.
-Failed what?
-I didnt pass the exam.
I feel useless, like a complete failure.
-There's nothing else I can do.
-You must be mistaken.
-Give me a chance.
-I want to go home.
Listen to me. Look at me.
Give me a chance. Wait.
You must be mistaken. Come on.
-Help me.
What am I going do to do now?
Don't be like this, Rudy.
I think that is Rudy's name.
-Get up here.
-On you?
Poltak, Poltak.
Wait a minute.
Now what?
-What is it?
-Get down.
-What for?
-Just do it!
-Get on!
-Is it okay?
-Climb up!
-Okay, then.
-One, two, three.
There! It really is Rudy's name!
Rudy! Rudy, come here!
Come here. Come on.
-Just come with me.
-What is it?
-Get down.
-What is it?
-Rudy, climb on.
-Just look!
-Oh, God!
You have to see it.
Come on. One, two, three.
There, Rud. Look!
That one on top!
Rud, look!
-That one on top.
Second place!
-Good morning.
-Good morning, sir.
What is the key to engineering?
Accuracy, Professor.
Go on.
We are working to perfect
the inventions made in the past.
We are working to solve problems.
So your project for this semester is
to build a model.
An airplane that can actually fly.
Solve the biggest problems.
Wait a minute. Stay here.
Have you seen Rudy?
-He's over there.
-Oh, yes. Okay.
Theres a congress
for the establishment of PPI Aachen.
Weve received an invite.
Want to come?
PPI. Do you want to come?
We need to join PPI like Mr. Zairin,
our ambassador, suggested.
Yu, you know.
I've found the facts
that cause planes to crash.
I gathered these articles from
newspapers from all over Europe.
In some causes,
I cant find the solutions.
The first one is this.
Air Traffic Control. There's a bird.
Next, sabotage. Human error
on the part of the pilot.
And also hijacking.
Miss Ayu, the class is about to start.
-All right.
Wait a moment.
So, are you coming or not?
If I come to PPI,
can I solve all these problems?
This is for you.
Even aerospace experts need to eat.
Thank you.
I have to go.
Hey! Two more minutes.
My head is still full of soap.
His face is so cute.
I think he's from the Philippines.
You are so cute.
Are you from the Philippines?
How can he be Filipino? He speaks German.
Yes, I forgot.
I am from Indonesia, ma'am.
People from Philippines,
Thailand and Indonesia...
they all look pretty much alike.
-Indonesia? Soekarno, right?
I am a student.
Who plans to run a practice in Koln.
How come you can speak German?
Your country is very far away.
My father was a cannibal.
He once preyed...
on a German.
That's why...
our whole family could speak German.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Hi, Indonesia.
Are you reading German literature?
Do you even understand it?
Yes. It is hard.
The most difficult in the world.
Hi, Fritz. Come here.
Listen to what this kid is saying.
He said the most difficult
language in the world is German.
Fortunately, our kids were born here.
Hi, Indonesia.
How come your German is so good?
Do you have German blood?
My father was a cannibal.
My house is on top of a tree.
My Dad once ate a German.
Since then...
I could speak German.
Perhaps all Indonesians are cannibals.
Hi, Indonesia.
Do you guys have cannibal parents
like him?
For years we fought the Dutch
guerrillas in the jungle.
Did you know that?
Have you ever seen your friend or
family member blown up by a grenade?
I almost died defending our country.
You are worse than a cannibal, Rudy!
Youre making our country
a laughing stock for the Germans!
As long as you are holding
an Indonesian passport,
you'll have to deal with us.
Is that clear?
I will never become a worker
in my country, Mr. Helmer.
I don't care what you want to become!
Look at the work of that young man.
Compare it with your own.
He needs to work hard.
For in Indonesia, he'll be a worker.
Former soldiers like us,
we will be supervising him.
Thank you, Mr. Helmer.
Hi, cannibal boy!
Where are your friends?
Those soldiers?
It's so sad, men who live in
a developing country
behaving in such a backward manner.
-Youre still here?
Let me help you.
The holes in this area have
to be perfectly aligned.
With the other holes as well.
We need to test it outside.
Hi, Mark.
Look at what that cannibal
is doing outside.
Let's go look.
You see this rope, sir?
This rope will function
as a flight controller.
Hi, Mark. Come here.
That cannibal boy is going to fly a plane.
Rudy, good job!
So this is the biggest problem.
Wings. The connection between
the wing and the fuselage.
And the rear wheels as well.
These elements always
experience turbulence.
During take off and landing.
As a result,
the plane may stall.
Then explode and crash to the ground.
Nice work, Rudy.
Miss Ayu, Rudy is very smart.
We would have an emergency
if my mom comes.
I suggest we hold the first PPI
Aachen congress at Bad Godesberg.
I agree!
No, no would be much better
to have it here.
-It would cost much less.
You all must be discussing the PPI?
You said you're not interested
in the organisation, Rudy?
Now I'm interested.
If I dont become the president,
who will lead you guys?
My grades are higher than all of yours.
Youre very arrogant, young man.
Even my grandfather, who has been
a soldier since the time of the Pharaoh
is not as arrogant as you!
We were talking about the location
for the first PPI Aachen Congress.
What do you think?
I think it doesn't matter
where we hold it.
What matters is the vision
of the organisation.
An organization without vision,
is like an airplane
flying without a destination.
Just like this paper.
Blank. Without purpose.
This is what we need to fill.
Number two.
If I become the leader of PPI,
I will make PPI Aachen
a benchmark for all PPI chapters
in Europe.
What do you think?
Get in line!
All right.
After we've counted the votes
and determined majority, we now announce
that the chairman of PPI in Aachen...
is Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie.
Wait. Wait.
Rudy Habibie will be assisted
by Peter Manumasa
as the secretary of the organisation.
And Liem Keng Kie will be the treasurer.
Thank you.
No lectures, we're tired!
Read it first.
You can open it.
On these pages Ive detailed
the future of Indonesia.
Wait, let me see.
Rudy, developing an aerospace industry
is not as easy as baking cakes.
Yes, thats true.
I know that. But I'm positive...
Rudy, why has this become about
developing an aerospace industry?
PPI is the Indonesian
students association.
Not the aircraft association of Indonesia.
I know. But remember,
Indonesia is an archipelago.
Yes, I understand.
But why is it just about aerospace?
We are supposed to be having fun here.
What do you mean, having fun?
Have you even read it?
Rudy, just forget about it.
It might be better for you
to keep your idea to yourself
or everyone will quit the PPI.
Let's just have casual, social events.
-What do you say?
For example, "Indonesian Evening."
Visit the Alps or something.
Most importantly,
we have to form a camaraderie first.
Guys, let's just find
a place to meet first.
I agree.
We'll create a comfortable space
where we can hang out.
And pray, too.
So Rudy doesn't have to pray
under the stairs.
All right. I agree.
I think PPI will be able to persuade
RWTH to build a musholla.
-Hey, man!
-What? Do you mind?
-Stop it.
I just dont understand
the way you all think.
What's wrong with the way we think?
There are many Muslim students here
and they have dont a place to pray.
Erbakan, for example.
All right, Rudy.
We pray that your job
will take you to heaven.
I dont think it's going to be easy
to convince them.
You have to be patient with them, Rudy.
They're here for the college experience.
So, if you give them too much
to deal with, they will back off.
But every problem has a solution.
Ideally, yes.
What is it, Rudy?
I have to go.
This is the first time I've met
someone like Rudy.
Just wait. Hell keep on surprising you.
Come on.
You need to share your intelligence
with your friends.
-Would you like to study in my apartment?
-Come on, come on.
Rudy is looking very handsome tonight.
What do you girls think about this event?
Panca is more handsome. Look.
They're different, Mira.
Rudy makes me curious.
Looks like the Princess of Solo is
falling in love with the genius.
Very funny.
Hi, Princess Solo.
Here's your favorite desert, sekotang.
It's called sekoteng!
-Same thing!
-Why are you being so nice to Ayu?
That's just who I am, Mir.
I'm a very cool guy.
Ayu, we look good together tonight.
The color of your dress is so nice.
Light purple.
Poltak, this is light blue.
I mean, bluish purple.
Rudy, I heard you can speak
French and Dutch.
-Teach me, Rudy.
-Come on.
Yes, teach me.
Well it's like this. A long time ago
my father used to eat human brains.
What do you mean?
So he fed his kids human brains, too.
We got brains from
Holland and from France.
That's the reason why we can
speak foreign languages.
One of the hunters they ate was my uncle.
He was Polish.
But unfortunately, my uncle was mute.
That's why Rudy's father
couldn't speak Polish.
This is my sister.
Excuse me.
Rudy, where are you going?
Thank you for saving me
from those boring girls.
I'm Rudy. Rudy Habibie.
Illona Ianovska,
Medical technical assistant from Poland.
My family took me to Berlin.
So how did you end up here?
My parents are friends
with Mr. and Mrs. Neuefiend.
We had dinner at their house
a few days ago.
We were waiting for you downstairs.
But you just stayed in your room.
How is it that you can speak Indonesian?
It's a long story.
My house was destroyed by a bomb
when the Nazis stormed Warsaw.
I still have this scar.
There was a nurse from Ambon.
She was very kind.
An Ambonese in Poland?
My family and I stayed for months
in a bunker with her.
We couldn't tell the difference
between night and day.
My uncle almost went crazy.
That nurse from Ambon
was a good storyteller.
She told me about her journey
from Ambon to Poland.
That's when you learned Indonesian?
No. I didn't just learn the language, Rud.
I learned how to face fear
in order to live longer.
From there, I learned that
language is a window to see a wider world.
And apparently,
Indonesia will have
a special meaning for me.
Why is that?
They have nice songs and dances.
It's so fun, Rudy.
-I want to buy some rice.
-You can't, ma'am.
This is all you can get Maam.
That's the price...
The line is long.
We can't have meat today.
-Yes, Mom.
All prices have gone up.
Mom, Tuti said that Rudy has graduated
from Engineering. Is that right?
Well, that means Indonesia will
soon have it's own airplane.
Not airplane.
Indonesia already has airplanes.
Rudy will build an aerospace industry.
-Aerospace industry?
-Yes, an entire Industry.
-Is that Rani?
-Looks like it.
Where have you been?
Mom's been looking for you.
Rani! Oh, my God.
Where have you been?
What would I say if your father called?
It's okay, ma'am. My dad is a cop.
Meet my friend.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
I'm Hasri Ainun Besari.
You are Mr. Besari's daughter?
Good evening.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Any messages for me?
Yes. It's on the television.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Rudy, I just met Mr. Besari's daughter.
Her name is Hasri Ainun.
She's pretty.
Kind and seemed understanding.
That's Ainun. You said you don't like her.
Prove it!
Come on, prove it!
Go on!
All equations will be used?
You are dark and ugly.
Something wrong, Rudy?
Its okay.
Wait a minute.
May I see Ilona?
Let me guess.
I think...
I know now. Ilona!
-Rudy is here.
Hello. Ilona.
I need your help.
Yes, okay.
Come in, young man.
Go ahead.
Here you go.
Thank you.
With this letter,
I would like to seek some advice
regarding my education.
What specialty does Indonesia
need right now?
Particularly in the field of aerospace.
The Indonesian students and I,
who are members of
The Indonesian Student Association,
will customize our fields of study
so that it will be useful
to build Indonesia.
What do you guys think?
Can I have some?
Are you sure your government will
respond to your letter?
Are you sure that your friends
are on the same page as you?
Why do you ask that?
I'm concerned, about your studies, Rudy.
Coming up with this vision shouldnt
be your responsibility alone.
And now youre working on finding
a meeting place,
creating a prayer area,
Indonesian Evening.
But that's my way to make
the others stay in PPI.
I just want to be a fresh water spring.
For my country,
just like my Dad said.
I understand, Rud.
Newton created his theory in England.
But it impacted the whole world.
-Including Indonesia, right?
You have to make them understand
your vision.
I understand.
I have to make them understand.
And hold on.
I need your help, Ilona.
Ayu! Excuse me.
Can you come for dinner with me?
I would like to invite you for dinner.
This is the address.
See you there.
Hi, Ayu!
We're both matching again tonight.
Both wearing red.
How come youre here?
Everyone is here. Come on in.
Guys, look who's here!
Ayu, please sit down.
-Come here.
-Come on.
According to Newton's law,
the pressure from hot oil will make
the chicken very crisp, right to the bone.
Newton got his inspiration from apples.
I hope one day you will
get your inspiration from food.
Ayu, what's wrong?
I have never smelled coffee this good!
Thats Rudys special blend.
A combination of German
and Indonesian coffee beans.
Did you really brew this?
Yes, I did.
You should give this coffee a name.
Rudy's Kaffee.
Rudy's Kaffee.
Rudy's... Like this?
Yes, right.
Here are the sandwiches, just in case
Rudy's chicken fails.
Ilona, do you have
a younger sister who is good
in Bahasa and can make coffee, too?
Rudy made that coffee.
You're so good in school
and now you make amazing coffee, too!
Share your recipe with us.
It's a secret.
Then share with us your other secret.
How you managed to get Ilona?
Even if I tell you, theres no guarantee
you'll be able to practice it, right?
Damn you, Rud.
The chicken is ready.
Ayu, you're not eating?
Okay, listen.
Why did I ask all of you to come here?
I have an idea.
This is a plan for
the future of Indonesia.
It's not only about
the aerospace industry.
It's also about fishery, shipping,
and so on.
Rudy, may I borrow it?
Just a minute.
And this is designed by the PPI
students from all over Europe.
Rudy, Rudy!
We were happily chatting and
enjoying the moment.
Why don't you make
some more fried chicken?
-Wait, Rudy.
That's a big plan.
Only a dream.
-Are you sure about this idea?
-Im not sure I can agree with you, Rudy.
Last week I received a letter
from my mom.
My uncle's shop in Jakarta was looted.
They robbed and kept screaming, "Chinese!"
Indonesia is like that now.
Yes. Keng Kie is right.
Now Indonesia is like this cake.
Divided, gnawed by greedy people.
The elites are more concerned
with their groups and political parties.
If the students across Europe
succeed in designing
the future of Indonesia,
to whom would we
hand over this design, Rud?
-Listen, Ayu. To whom...
-To those corrupt officials?
We can decide that later.
Whats important now is for us
to plan all this well.
That's most important.
We are all the children of the future.
-What's the guarantee?
-I am the guarantee.
-You can't judge someone like that!
-There's a reason why I said that.
Because not everyone likes you!
Yes, I can understand that. Okay.
Let me say this once again.
I am the guarantee.
And I will not complete my graduate
studies if this program is not accepted.
Right now, conditions are difficult, Fan.
We must find another way so that you
and your siblings can stay in school.
Everything is not the way it used to be.
Because of Rudy, right?
Am I not your son, too?
Brother! Don't be like that.
I want to join the navy, Mom.
You're cheating!
Come on, guys! We need to go
to the congress.
Come on, guys. Time to go.
-We're late.
Where's Rudy?
Rudy, your plane is not the only thing
that requires attention.
-But your tie, too.
Youve been very busy lately.
You cancelled our date to the opera.
I didn't mean to cancel our date.
Only, this is also important.
Just as important as our relationship.
Are you that serious about me?
I believe in you, Rudy. You will not fail.
-See you later.
It hurts, Yu?
I've been in your shoes before.
Shut up!
Or go away!
I choose to be quiet,
If I can be quiet next to you.
I always emphasize to all
members of PPI Hamburg.
That students must...
Being a student is a privilege.
Being a student is also
a responsibility.
As we all know.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we're now at the final session.
Those of you not in favor
of the proposal from PPI Aachen?
All right.
Twenty-five people.
Plus one.
What? Ayu?
Those of you in favor of the proposal
from PPI Aachen, raise your hands.
Twenty-eight people.
That means the European PPI Congress
approves the Development Seminar
program from PPI Aachen.
Fellow students...
I'm representing
the Indonesian government.
I'm here to change the PPI mandate,
which originally supported the
Development Seminar,
now supports the National Front.
Wait, wait.
Sir, who are you? And where are you from?
I don't know you.
This is Mr. Irul.
And as he said,
he represents the government.
The mandate has been determined.
It cannot be changed just like that.
I agree.
Where is this change coming from?
The majority is in favor of Rudy's idea.
We, all of you...
Must support Mr. Soekarno
to resolve the problems of West Irian.
And your position in Europe
is very important to provide
support for Mr. Soekarno.
To defend the dignity of Indonesia
in front of the United Nations.
I refuse.
West Irians issues have nothing to do
with Indonesian students in Europe.
Anyone who rejects the National Front
is considered a traitor
and must be punished!
-Do you understand, Rudy?
-You dont need to pull out your gun.
-On the contrary.
Please hear me out. Look at this.
This tissue here is Indonesia's journey.
Let me ask all of you.
-What's the average age of an Indonesian?
-What's that got to do with this?
What is the average age
of the population in Indonesia?
Sixty to 80 years, Rudy.
Let's say all of us here
support Mr. Soekarno.
If the average age of the population
in Indonesia is 80 years,
then Mr. Soekarno
has less than 20 years.
After that, then what?
Who will take his place?
Fact, problem and solution.
The fact is that Indonesia is independent.
The problem is,
what comes after independence?
The solution is the Development Seminar.
Rudy Habibie.
Rudy Habibie.
Let's make this simple.
-You want your seminar to take place?
-Yes, obviously.
I will oversee it from the very beginning.
Especially with regard
to the aerospace industry.
Well then, we will give you that mandate.
You can't do that.
But the government will not support you
at all, financially. Not even a penny.
No problem!
Let me tell you something.
The Development Seminar will continue,
even without the financial
support of the government.
Rudy, look. See that spring?
You need to become a spring, Rudy.
If you're good, everything around
you will become good, too.
But if you're dirty, everything
around you will eventually die.
There are so many people in this world.
So many religions.
Dont hurt them.
That's the point.
-Where's Rudy?
-What do you mean?
-I doubt that...
Our bank account has increased.
I was just about to say,
we already got sponsors.
Guys, we got sponsors!
Keng Kie. Hello.
-Hi, Ilona.
-What is going on?
-We need to talk with the others.
I just watched a good movie.
What is this?
Agus and Mario went to the meeting place.
They brought something from Irul.
What does that mean, conditioned?
They want us to put the
Indonesian government name
in brochures, pamphlets, leaflets,
all our promotional materials
as the main sponsor.
I strongly reject this.
Rudy, the risks are too significant.
Let's not make them angry.
I am not afraid.
I don't think it's a big deal to put
the name of our government in that event.
Poltak, listen!
This Development Seminar
was not created for them.
Our inspiration
is the suffering of our people!
Talking about the suffering of our people,
my family is one of them.
If I don't graduate,
my parents will suffer at home.
And just so you know,
the Bandung Institute of Technology is
forming its aeronautical
engineering faculty.
And they offered Keng Kie
to become a lecturer there.
If his scholarship is revoked,
he will be finished.
And they have the power to suppress us.
Then we will fight back!
Thats easy for you to say that
because your passport is green.
You are not a scholarship student.
But our passports are blue.
I will still send a rejection letter.
Mr. Soekarno himself promised
to support the Development Seminar.
The development of Indonesia.
I will collect on that promise.
What is going on here?
Don't you guys have another place
to hang out?
Who do you think you are
challenging Mr. Soekarno?
You idiot!
I'm only defending the honor of
Mr. Soekarno from the corrupt officials.
Shut up!
What do you know about
the honor of the state?
I'm defending the integrity of
my country right now.
What's the point being of independent
without integrity?
I'm proud of you, Rud.
I've done my job by scolding you, Rud.
Beyond that, that's my personal business.
Continue your seminar.
Don't be afraid.
I will support you.
But remember...
You will reap what you sow.
Thank you, sir.
Do you know the penalty of acting
against the government?
Your passport will be
revoked at the least.
At worst, you will be exiled
from your country.
Got it?
-If we compromise even once...
All your passports will be revoked.
Read it!
Back off!
-You can't do this!
-How dare you!
Do not embarrass our country!
You are the ones embarrassing our country.
Step back, Peter.
Just because you're in the army, doesn't
mean you can do whatever you want!
Shut up!
-I said back off!
I won't say it again.
Bring them all here!
-Get in!
Open the door!
Open it!
-Open the door!
-Open it!
Shut up!
What are you doing?
Come on, shoot me.
Shoot me now!
Let's go.
Rudy. It's okay.
My heart is beating so fast.
Where are the flyers?
-Help me.
-I need this.
What are you doing? Rudy!
-I have to hand out the flyers.
-What are you doing?
-Think for a second!
This does not concern your country.
This is about my country.
I have to hand out the flyers.
I have to go there. I must help Rudy.
-You can't, miss!
-I must help Rudy.
We're still on scholarships.
Our hands are tied.
I don't want you to lose your passport
or your scholarship.
-I feel sorry for him, Sugeng.
-Please, Miss.
Please, miss. Come on.
Thank you.
Oh, my God!
Please help me!
Help me!
You look like you've seen a ghost.
You have bone tuberculosis, Rud.
The doctor diagnosed it
two days ago.
Two days ago?
You've been out for three days.
You need to rest.
I can't.
But there is good news for you.
Your doctorate proposal was accepted.
I don't want to rest. I need to...
-Slow down, Rud.
Please, Rud.
I have to send the invitations
to Prague and Berlin.
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy.
Everything has been taken over
by PPI Hamburg.
PPI Hamburg?
PPI Hamburg?
They're well prepared, Rudy.
There is no other way.
But the majority in PPI Hamburg
are Panca's men, right?
Yes. But this is the only way, Rudy.
Peter will personally supervise
the concept.
-You know that...
-Listen to me.
-That Panca...
-Listen to me.
You know that...
Listen! Listen!
Peter will supervise the concept.
-Syafaril will give the opening speech.
Listen to me.
Syafaril is fine.
He attended every meeting.
He's the most neutral. Remember that.
And Peter is there, Rudy.
Rudy, listen to me.
The important thing is...
This is the only way, Rud.
Keng Kie.
Let it go, we dont have a choice.
On the contrary, we do have a choice.
What? What is our option?
We either have to compromise,
or cancel the Development Seminar.
I want to be alone.
Please, Rud.
Remember the spring, Rudy.
If you're good, everything around
you will become good, too.
But if you are dirty,
everything around you will eventually die.
How come youre here?
Why didnt you tell me
that you're sick, Rud?
I didnt want you to worry about me.
In fact, you are now
making me more worried.
My studies...
My studies are a mess.
And the seminar is...
Its okay, Rudy!
Things are not working out.
Rudy! Rudy!
There's always another chance.
The important thing now is to get better.
Good morning, miss.
How may I help you?
I would like to visit Rudy Habibie.
Im sorry, you can't, miss.
He's resting.
You would like to give him these flowers?
Let me pass them to him.
Thank you.
Coffee, miss.
Where do you want me to put this?
Please get me the list of all
the PPI chapters across Europe.
-Are you better now?
-Peter. How are you?
-You have recovered?
-Sorry, I didn't get the chance to visit.
-It's okay.
-Hi, Keng Kie.
How are you? Good, I hope.
You're better now, Rud.
I want you to meet someone.
-This is my mother and my brother-in-law.
-Poltak Hasibuan.
That's Poltak.
Welcome to Aachen, Tante.
It's nice to hear Javanese here.
Feels like home.
You are home. Please, sit down.
We have some souvenirs from Indonesia.
Now you're talking.
Poltak, here you go.
Lets share with the others.
This batik is gorgeous, ma'am.
It's gray like meatballs.
It's brown, not gray.
And your language is rude.
It is inappropriate for an older person.
-Sorry, ma'am.
-It's okay.
The color is perfect for you.
Mira, come on.
There are souvenirs from Indonesia,
come take a look.
This is nice.
What do you think? Nice, huh?
Development Seminar Phase II.
How is the shirt? Is it nice?
It's very nice, ma'am.
I never thought batik could be
as beautiful as this.
-Yes, ma'am?
Do you know the girl in this picture?
-Why, ma'am?
-Oh, nothing.
I would just like to meet her.
Before I return to Indonesia next week.
Yes. Can I help you?
Our family is a religious Muslim family.
And right now, our country is
going through difficult times.
Rudy has to come back to Indonesia.
If you are truly serious about my son,
are you willing to move to
Indonesia and convert to Islam?
I need to say this now.
So that there won't be
a problem in the future.
You don't need to answer right now.
Excuse me.
I don't need much time to answer that.
I love Rudy.
But I don't know if Rudy truly loves me.
I'm prepared to convert
and move to Indonesia for Rudy.
But, does Rudy truly deserve my sacrifice?
Come on, I'll be late.
Is Ilona inside?
She's out of town.
I see.
The submarine we have now
is unable to dive to 300 meters.
I need you to find the issues.
Newton got his inspiration from apples.
I hope one day you will get
your inspiration from food.
A cylindrical submarine,
comes under greater pressure.
A cylindrical submarine cracks easily
at a depth of below 300 meters.
Watch this.
Compare it with a sphere.
Very good, Rudy!
Thank you.
Sorry, Ayu.
We have good news from Romo Mangun.
What is it?
According to him, if all proposed
division heads accept their duties
and all agree, you'll be the leader of
the aerospace division
along with Keng Kie.
Oh, really?
We will build the aerospace industry, Rud.
Mira! Why has this not been done?
I want everyone in Eastern Europe to
receive the invitation today!
-Is that clear?
-Still not finished?
I know, right? You're lazy!
Look, Im not sure that
I can come to Prague.
But why?
Rudy, what do you mean? This is your idea.
-And you've been chosen by everyone.
-Listen to me, Keng Kie.
I don't want to keep seeing
you all give in to Panca.
Give in?
Rudy, this is part of the strategy.
Part of the compromise, not the strategy.
Not again. Rudy, the last time you
discussed compromise,
remember what happened?
-Let's not talk about that again.
-I have to go now.
Rudy, if you disagree
with our ways, then thats fine.
But we'll still wait for you in Prague.
I believe you're not going to give up.
What is this?
Professor Ebner, what's this?
I'm truly sorry I have to say this.
You are considered a threat to the nation.
What? Me?
This is my work.
Your country,
Indonesia is not joining NATO.
We do not want this work
to fall into the hands of communists.
What's that got to do with me?
We are bound by duty
to protect our nation's assets.
But all of these ideas are mine.
Not Indonesia's!
But your ideas were funded by Germany.
This is not fair, Professor!
If you want your work returned to you,
sign this document.
We will give you a new passport.
As a citizen of Germany.
What do you say?
You are the most
intelligent person we have ever met.
Be fair to yourself.
Panca! Our master is here!
Keng Kie!
What is it? What?
I cannot go to Prague.
Don't give up just yet.
Give up?
-What is it?
-You don't know?
The Department of Defense
has taken away my research.
And do you know why?
Because Indonesia is not part of NATO.
Taken away? That's not fair.
They can't do that.
That's the fact.
The solution: I'm not the right
person to lead the aerospace division.
But you already have
an engineering degree.
Keng Kie, listen.
I have failed! Failed, Keng Kie.
Failed, Keng Kie.
I have failed.
I want to come home.
If you return under these conditions,
you will embarrass yourself, Rud.
I have failed you and Dad.
I want to come home.
I want to come home, Mom.
Remember what Dad said to you, Rud
I know it's not easy
to be a spring that is clear and pure...
If you stir murky waters,
it will in fact, get more muddy.
What you must do,
is to let the dirt settle.
Be patient.
I know you are strong.
I remember...
when you took over for Dad
to lead our prayers.
Daddy! Daddy!
I know you have a strong heart.
So, please remember,
do not forget who you are.
I will always remember
what you and Dad told me.
I will make you proud.
I will make an airplane for you.
For Indonesia.
What a wonderful evening.
Ilona, how's your Indonesian friend?
Forget it.
Ilona. Wait.
Wait, Ilona. Whats going on?
What do you want, Rudy?
What else do you want?
I think you should tell him the truth.
Don't hide it.
Sofia! Sofi!
Ilona, please.
We can talk about it.
Ilona, let's talk.
You have your own life, Rudy.
We can't be together.
We can't be together.
Don't say that, Ilona.
Is this what your heart truly feels?
Tell me.
If she really wanted to leave me,
why didn't she tell me herself?
She didnt only fall in love with you.
She fell in love with
everything about Indonesia.
In every way.
If you truly love Ilona,
you know where she is.
Wait, Ilona.
No! Rudy!
Everything in life has a fact,
an issue and a solution.
The fact is, I love you.
The issue is, you've been avoiding me.
The solution is...
No, Rudy.
I'm the one who always believed
in your dreams and ambitions!
That's the fact and the issue!
Well, then...
Let me find the solution in Indonesia.
What will I become in Indonesia, Rudy?
What will I become?
You said it yourself
when you were in that bunker.
That your world
is much bigger than Europe.
Wrong, Rud.
It's your world
that is bigger than Indonesia.
Then we have the same goals.
We both want to be people without limits.
The problem is where we start all this.
I cannot face your family, Rudy!
Wait a minute.
I cannot bear to see you be treated
so poorly by your people!
Wait a minute.
Indonesian people? My family?
What are you talking about?
I honestly don't know what you are
talking about! Please, explain it to me!
Rud, Rudy.
If you want us to be together,
then start from here.
I want to be a spring in Indonesia.
But start that from here.
Make that water flow stronger
and further so it reaches Indonesia.
So it reaches your family, Rudy.
If you want, we could build our own world.
Meet me at the station on Monday.
My train leaves to Bonn at 2:00
in the afternoon.
I got a job at the hospital, Rudy.
I will wait for you, Rud.
I'll wait for you.
Why are you praying here?
We met before at the meeting place.
I'm Romo Mangunwijaya.
I'm from Yogyakarta.
I went to RWTH as well.
Architecture major, class of '60.
Brother Romo...
If you want to use brother,
call me Brother Yusuf.
My name is Yusuf Bilyarta Mangunwijaya.
Romo has the same meaning as Pastor.
Romo, Pastor?
Sorry, are you going to reprimand me?
I borrowed this place
to seek peace of mind.
If all religious people were like you,
we would no longer need
a place of worship.
God is bigger than a place of worship.
Even religion.
If God is bigger than religion,
is it possible for a man to be bigger
than his country?
Not just country.
God created men of various
types and origins.
The purpose is for us to understand
each other.
And to benefit each other.
To love one another.
In your religion, it's called "Fitrah."
If the tendency of human nature,
is for us to benefit one another,
then, where should I start, Romo?
I just want to be a spring,
a source of fresh water.
Only you can answer that.
Which one is more important?
What you need or
what people need from you?
Remember, springs always push through
the earth where the surface is cracked.
Thank you.
You are the future.
The new fighters for the growth
and improvement of our economy.
You have to study hard.
You have to become doctors.
Become engineers, physicists.
And then, come back to your country.
Sir. Sir!
Is it true, what you said in your speech?
Thats Rudy Habibie from Parepare.
A student at RWTH.
Rudy, as long as
I'm the President of Indonesia,
I will build Indonesia to become
a tiger within Asia and Africa.
Come home.
Don't stay too long in Europe.
I'll collect on your promise.
Dad, if you are from Gorontalo,
and Mom is from Java.,
where do I come from?
This is your Mom, from Java.
This is me, from Gorontalo.
And where is Rudy?
This is you, Rudy.
You are Indonesia.
Excuse me.
A man asked me to give this letter to you.
Thank you.
That's my vow.
I wrote it while I was in hospital.
I thought you werent coming.
I'm sorry, Ilona.
No need to apologize, Rudy.
I understand the whole picture.
The fact is, you love Indonesia.
The issue is, you love Indonesia.
-The solution is...
-I love Indonesia.
I believe in Indonesia.
And from you...
I learned a lot.
I saw how you loved me...
No, Rudy.
In the end,
my love wasnt enough for you, Rudy.
My love will never be greater
than your love for Indonesia.
Take good care of yourself.
And you, too, Ilona.
Take care.
What do you say
we take a picture together?
-Good idea. Come on.
-Take a picture? Of course.
Sugeng, please take our picture.
Mind if I join in?
Sugeng, come join us.
We can ask someone else
to take the picture.
Allow me.
Allow me to take the picture.
-Come here.
-It's okay.
Thank you.
You guys ready?
This journey is far from over.
I will never give up.
I love Indonesia.
I believe in Indonesia.
And I will return to keep on fighting
for my country.