Ruin Me (2017) Movie Script

Wake up.
Oh, no.
Alex, it's okay.
It's okay. You're okay.
What were you dreaming about?
I don't remember.
Should we pull over?
No, no, I'm sorry, I'm fine.
You know I actually think
this weekend's gonna be
really good for us.
If we survive.
So, this is the ultimate
horror movie experience.
It's perfect.
A lot of good horror movies
start at an old gas station.
-One second!
I thought I was
the only girl.
-So did I.
-Uh, you were.
Uh, my buddy got me
tickets for my birthday,
but he got sick
last minute and bailed.
She's doing me
a huge favor.
Lucky us.
You know it's a party
when the most popular spot
is the bathroom.
You look way too smart
to be doing this.
And too pretty.
I'm here with my boyfriend.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I-I figured.
It's, you know,
worth a shot, right?
I'll be right back!
Lose something?
Looking for clues.
And you would be wise
to do the same.
Didn't you read
the directive?
Yeah, Nathan.
Didn't you read the directive?
I skimmed it.
It's part-haunted house,
part-scavenger hunt.
But we don't have
to worry about it.
We're just here to have fun.
Good luck with that.
We're gonna win this time.
How many of these
have you guys done?
This is our fourth.
Reviews on Fangoria
said it's the best.
It better be
for what it cost.
This was expensive?
I don't know. Graham paid.
But don't worry about it.
The guy's loaded.
Slasher Sleepout?
You can't take any of
that shit with you.
They said no bags.
Shit. What are we gonna do?
I guess we'll just rough it.
I'm Larry, by the way.
Like black?
Molester van, 6:00.
Molester. 60 seconds.
Uh, uh, uh, somebody
didn't read the directive.
Huh! Lookie what I found.
I hope you don't need this.
It's just in case.
Well, I suggest you go
plug it up, Carrie.
M-My name's not Carrie.All right then.
The bloodier the better, right?
Welcome to Slasher Sleepout.
For the next 36 hours,
you'll be ruint.
We'll be what?
Rule number one.
For your own safety,
you must obey all instructions
as if God himself
was telling you.
You all need to
sign this waiver,
granting us permission
to scare the piss out of you.
Your experience may include,
but will not be limited to,
sensory deprivation,
rough handling.
We can touch you,
but you can't touch us.
Deep water...
and other extreme situations.
Now everybody put your
cellphones in this bag.
They'll be returned
to those of you
who finish the weekend alive.
We'll get those bags
back to you too.
Though I, uh, can't promise
that any dirty panties
won't be sniffed.
If you can't take
any more abuse,
there is a safe phrase.
Just shout it out,
and we'll come get ya.
But we get ya, that's it.
No more fun,
no refunds, you're done.
Got it?What's the safe phrase?
Aww...You scared
already, Cupcake?
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii.
The directive didn't say
anything about the storyline.
Are you gonna
tell us what it is?
What do you
get if we win?
Your life.
He's sick, so I'm
taking his place.
Okay. Well,
I got to brand you.
Roll up your sleeve.
Don't forget rule number one.
Rule number one,
do what you're told!
Now roll up your sleeve!
Larry. Pitch.
-What is it?
-My pills!
Oh, shit.
You're all set.
You're all set!
Found them!
Oh! Who's there?
Are you excited
to be ruined, Alex?
Not particularly.
My pussy is so
fucking wet right now.
You can't smell it,
can you?
Hey, w-what are you doing?
What is he doing?Probably looking for clues.
We've been doing a lot of
zombie escape rooms lately.
Anything could be
part of the game.
Are there gonna be zombies?
Well, probably.
This looks like something.
This must be
the starting point.
Does this number have
any meaning to anyone?
A date?
March 21? Maybe?I don't think so.
Uh, I don't think that
garbage is part of the game.
Oh, really?
There's six of these.
This one's mine.
Where's my bag?Get it yourself, man.
Aww, aww, eww!
I don't have a flashlight.
Anyone else
have one of these?
We each have a special item.
These weren't in my bag.
I just brought them.
What did you get?
A condom?
It'll come in handy somehow.
-Is that thing real?
-It's really heavy.
Like they would
give us a real gun.
Only two bullets.
We're definitely
gonna need this later.
Wait, what if that goes off
or something?It won't.
Hey, can we like
not keep that loaded?
That's stupid.
We might need to
fire it off quickly.
I'm sure they're just blanks.
Still, if it's
part of the game,
we don't want to
risk wasting them.
Give me the bullets.
Is that a compass?
Set it to 3-2-1.
Let's go.
-Hey, wait!
Look at this headline.
"Mental patients escape."
Patients have disappeared.
One was known to char
the flesh of the victims,
torturing them while
they were still alive.
Institutionalized after
being found criminally insane.
That could be our storyline.
Maybe it's our job
to recapture them.
I found something
else in my bag.
Let's not tell the others.
It might help us win the game.
Do you think there's
gonna be like an outhouse,
or a porta-potty,
or something?
I doubt it.
I think we're actually
in the middle of nowhere.
Can you hold it for a bit?I have been holding it.
Uh, hey! Can we take a time out?
Just a bathroom break?
No! Not until we reach
the next check point.
That guy's a dick.
It's probably his only chance
to be an expert at anything.
Just go ahead,
I'll wait for you.
No, I don't want to be
separated from the group.
It's okay.
All right,
just let me know, okay?
Finally, another puzzle.
Those podcast reviewers
forgot to mention
there'd be a nature hike.
That's a fun clue.
I'm gonna go find
a spot over there.
Don't let anyone
come over, okay?
I bet there's another
compass heading inside.
It's a combination lock.
We need a three digit number.
-Fuck that.
Looks like Pitch is
taking the warp zone!
I always felt guilty about
taking the warp zone,
like I was cheating, or I missed
something by skipping a level.
You know?
It won't open.
Hey, guys?
Me age gue son.
Me age gay son!
I'm getting older, gay son.
You need to settle down
and get married.
I don't approve
of your lifestyle.
Tim, can you put the board
between the trees?
My ex betrayed me!
I mean, we all know what
that's like, am I right?
That's not it.
The combination's 9-1-0.
Put tree in every blank.
Extreme, triage, intrigue...
Treason is a synonym
of betrayal,
so that's the answer, right?
-Nice prop.
Bloody stump says go left.
Hey, don't worry about Pitch.
He's not used to being
out during the day.
Sunshine makes him grouchy.
Are you being nice to me?
You might just help us
win this thing.
-Can this be right?
-It has to be.
There hasn't been
another control point.
What if we missed it?
You can double back
if you want,
but I'm not giving up
my chance to win.
I think we're all in it
together, man.
How do you know?
What are we looking for?
I think we'll know it
when we get there?
Some place we can
spend the night.
-Do you guys hear something?
Shh, shh!
Guys, the glowsticks!
Hey, guys, check me out,
check me out.
I see dead people.
This way!
Come on, come on!
I don't think they're
following us anymore!
Then can we
stop running? Please?
Over here!
I see a light!
Not fucking bad.
It was almost scary.
Uh, I call that one.
I am not sharing
with Mute Witness.
Aw, yes.
Hey, look at this!
Ah, we're good.
My fellow horror enthusiasts,
a toast to Slasher Sleepout!
Slasher Sleepout!
May I?
It's a micro-receiver.
So we can get HBO Go
on that thing?
They controlled it.
That's why it turned off
at just the right moment.
-Or just the wrong moment.
-Can you fix it?
I could if I had
a soldering iron.
Why would
you want to anyway?
So we have
a working flashlight.It's not part of the game.
Pitch, favorite
horror movie.
Eww, no, that's the one
where Sage Stallone cuts
the girl's nipple off
and makes her eat it.
Tim, get that image
out of my head please.
Favorite horror movie.
"Dead Ringers."Cronenburg, classy.
It's okay.
We're allowed to play.
Um, Alex.
Favorite horror movie.
Oh, I don't really
watch horror films.
And yet you're here,
at the Ultimate Horror
Movie Experience.
She's a really good
Favorite not
horror movie then.
"Dirty Dancing."
Now that's horrifying.
The shit that we watch,
it's twisted, yeah,
but everyone knows
it's completely fake.
Movies like that,
those are insidious.
Love that movie!
People watch these
romantic movies
and they think that's
how life's supposed to be.
It's such bullshit.
You really think
we're all that naive?
Yeah, I do.
I think I'm ready
to go to bed.
Maybe we shouldn't sleep.
You know?
There could be more show.
Wait up for the Boogeyman?We should do something fun.
Like what?
I don't know...
play Truth or Dare?
Or we could skip
the boring part,
and I can just
get naked now.
I don't think it's
that kind of crowd.
Maybe you should follow him.
You can come visit me
in the doghouse later.
I'm out.
This is a really fun crew.
Good night, Larry.
Good night.
That's some pretty loud
make-up sex
our friends are having.
Are they our friends?
How come we never
have make-up sex?
'Cause we never really fight,
I guess?
13 months together, not
a single knock-down drag-out.
We must be doing
something right.
Or we're just really good
at suppressing our feelings.
Why would you say that?
I was just joking.
What's the grain of truth?
There is none.
It was a joke.
If something was wrong
you would tell me, right?
Of course.
You know I love you, and
I just want you to be happy.
Yes, I love you too,
but sometimes I just --
Anytime someone says "but,"
you can ignore what
they said right before it.
Okay. I love you.
And sometimes it's hard for me
to express my feelings.
Do that again.
Do what?
Just do it.
Pbht --
No, what?
I'm not doing anything.
I'm not doing anything.
You know this has always
kind of been a fantasy of mine.
What has?
I don't know.
Sleeping bags, campfire in
the middle of the woods,
like in a horror movie.
And then a guy
in an old hockey mask
comes and impales us both?
Well, not that part,
I mean, you do have
that condom.
Nothing, huh?
Sorry. It's been
a stressful day.
It's just weird with
the other tents right here.
I could do something
for you though.
You want to wet it
a little bit?
What about my sweaty
balls policy?
But I haven't even
been to the gym.
A five-hour car ride,
blindfolded van ride,
and a late night chase?
I think the balls
are sweaty.
My best offer.
I'll take it!
What was that?
Did you see that?No. It's a raccoon,
What the fuck was that?
Ahh!What are you doing
in there?
How many of you
are out here?
You shouldn't be here.
-Are you coming?
-Are you crazy?
Nathan: No, come on.
It's part of the show!
He's one of the guys
from the article.
You escaped.
-Escaped from what?
-Not you!
Whoa, whoa, you're doing
a bang-up job, detective.
Ready to tap out?
Uh, will this granola bar
help with our mission?
Larry, get the handcuffs.
feeling kinky, huh?
Just get them!
All right!
Somebody help me
get his arms.
I thought we weren't
supposed to touch them.
Oh! You're pretty!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Okay, okay, that's enough.
-Fuck you!
Uh, it's just a prop.What should I do?
I'll get the left,
you get the right.
Oww, fuck!
Leave now!
They're coming for you!
Are you okay?No, it fucking hurts!
Is this supposed
to be part of it?
No, right?
We all signed waivers.
Let me see.
Okay, it's not deep.
Screw this.
Aloha! Welcome to --No, no, no! Alex, no.
It's just -- it's not
a big deal, okay?
I overreacted.
He'll be okay.
-I'm a nurse.
-It's just weird.
Do you think
it was an accident?
Why do you keep
looking at me?
Aren't you supposed
to be an expert?
I got the handcuffs.
What'd I miss?
I'm crashing.
I think I'm gonna
stay up a bit.
I'm fine, it's just,
I'm not ready for bed.
She's safe with me, Cap'n.
You've done these
before, right?
A few.
You ever seen anyone
get hurt?
Skinned knees, bug bites.
Not like that.
Are you scared?
Think of it like
an amusement park ride.
How many times are they gonna
pull the same schtick?
Oh, no, the ride's broken,
we're all gonna die.
It's the oldest trick
in the book.
What happens when
the ride really breaks?
Look. The odds of dying
on a roller coaster
are 1 in 750 million.
That's a fact.
I looked it up once.
Uh, the odds of being
struck by lightning
while riding a roller coaster
are 1 in 750 billion.
Odds of mental patients
actually escaping next door
to a horror movie-themed
You're not that lucky.
You mean
I'm not that unlucky.
Okay. That guy could be
a haunted house actor
or he could be
a deranged killer
who just happened to
wander into our campsite
at exactly the time we were
due for a good scare.
Besides, it's a little
obvious, don't you think?
I mean,
the real twist would be
if one of us was
an escaped mental patient.
Hell, it could be you.
Or you.
Or maybe we're all
escaped mental patients...
and none of this is real.
Alex? Stay with me!
Don't you fucking leave me!
Alex? Alex!
Alex, wake up.
It was nothing.
How's your arm?
It seems okay.
Nothing I can't handle.
You slept well.
I guess I did.
That adrenaline rush
wore me out.
How'd you sleep?
You know, we've done enough.
I can just say the safe phrase,
then we can go home.
It's just one more day.
The cooler's locked.
But I'm hungry now.You're always hungry.
Geez, these guys love
their fake blood.
-Mm...corn syrup.
-There's numbers on them.
Five digit lock?
Where's Tim?
Maybe he can help us
solve this.
I'll get him.
Hey, Tim.
Tim, wake up.
Okay, coming in.
His stuff's gone.
That little bitch.
I bet he figured
something out and took off.
Maybe he said
the safe phrase.
Or he was a plant.
Yeah, here to make sure
that we found our way
out into
the middle of nowhere.
-He had the compass.
-What was Tim's number?
Uh, three, why?
There's no
number three here.
It's a slasher trope.
They're picking us off
one by one.
Wait, don't touch it.
These are pointing.
Oh, shit, you're right.
Meet back here
in 15 minutes,
even if you don't
find anything.
Looks like you're with me.
So, what are
we looking for?
I don't know, another
piece of the puzzle.
They're probably
watching us right now
and hoping we'll make out.
I'm not really a cherry
Chapstick kind of girl.
So, your boyfriend's cute,
if you're into
overgrown Eagle Scouts.
What's he like in bed?
So, you guys are,
like, open?
I mean that's not
why I was asking.
I was just making girl talk.
And the term is polyamorous.Isn't it just called dating?
Dating's for teenagers.
Poly is for mature adults
who can handle more
than one committed,
honest relationship.
So you don't believe
in soul mates?
Sure I do.
Every girl needs
a couple soul mates.
You have a lot
of friends, right?
You have your party friends,
your old married couple friends,
and you get something
different from all of them.
I'm the same with boyfriends.
So what do you
get from Pitch?
I'm sorry,
I didn't mean --
Dominated, degraded.
Does that make
you uncomfortable?
What do you get
from Nathan?
You guys met at like
a corporate retreat, didn't you?
Nathan's a cognitive
behavioral therapist.
We met when
I was in rehab.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You were in rehab?
For what, like,
vitamin addiction?
I overdosed on heroin.
Does that make
you uncomfortable?
No. No, that's hard-core.
Who knew the Boy Scout
had a thing for bad girls?
He doesn't,
he just understands it.
But I'm fine now.
I'm glad.
You guys seem
really good together.
Found mine!
Found what?
Tim's dead!
He's dead!
I got to see these FX.
He was right up there, and
there was blood dripping down.
I don't see any blood.
Did you find your finger?
She's cracked already.
She should do us all a favor
and say the safe phrase.
Hey. Did you take
your pill today?
Not yet.
You know it doesn't
work that way.
I'm just trying
to watch out for you.
Here, just take it.
It's an antidepressant,
not an antipsychotic.
It's okay.
It's scary out here.
Are you sure they're
lined up right?
Come on,
that has to be it!
It's fucking broken.
That's not the only word.
Two for two.
These fucking dilettantes
are cheating.
How exactly?
More puzzles
before we eat.
They're coming!
Why didn't you listen?
There he is.
Hey, what the fuck?
That's my special item.
You're breaking the rules.
What rules?
You dropped the ball
last night.
When did you even take those?
While I was sleeping?
Should we really
be following them?What if it's
part of the game?
You know that thing you do?
The thing I'm supposed
to tell you about?
Yeah. You're doing it.
I'm playing to win.
Yeah, well everyone else
is playing for fun.
Yeah, well,
that's their problem.
Give the handcuffs back,
Why are you on Larry's side?
You fucked him.
Uh, what?
I can't believe this.
You are such a whore.
So what if I did?
Uh, that didn't happen.
A guy remembers
his first time.
You just couldn't
resist an easy target?
Can we just focus
on the game here?
-Oh, okay.
-What the --
Pitch, Jesus,
you took the gun too?
Just fucking admit it.
Just admit what you did.
We all know those
aren't real bullets.
Do we?
Hey, what's wrong with her?
What did you see?
The man from last night.
What the fuck
is his problem?
We need to get
the gun away from him.
The hammer, too.
I got him! I got him!
Where are the others?
You are the others!
That looks real.
That can't be real, right?
Oh, shit.
Or you die too!
What just happened?
Check the blood
on the ground.
It has to be corn syrup.
Oh, my God, it's warm.
Oh, God,
it smells like blood.
This is real blood!
No, those are just
special effects, right?
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii.
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!
Nothing's happening!
What the fuck does that mean?
I don't know!
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!
Aloha, welcome to Hawaii!
Aloha, wel--
I got to call you back.
I said I got to fucking
call you back!
I'm in the middle
of some shit right now.
Yeah, okay,
fuck you, too, bye.
So I just saved our lives.
Come on.
They didn't take it?
It's my backup.
I forgot I had it.
I only use it
for emergencies.
You're a drug dealer.
No, why, do you
need something or...?
Call 9-1-1!Right, right. Okay.
9-1-1 Operator,
what is your emergency?
Uh, uh, yeah, hello.
So, we're doing this horror
movie weekend thing,
and we think maybe it's not
really a game anymore,
maybe it's like actually,
like, a horror movie --
Oh, okay, there's someone
trying to kill us!
Sir, where are you
calling from?
The middle of the woods.
I mean, you're 9-1-1.
You can't figure that out?
Are there any landmarks
or trail signs?
No! We're in the middle
of the fucking woods!
There's no need for
that language, sir.
Okay. I'm sorry.
I swore. I'm sorry.
They hung up.Call them back!
Oh, thank you.
Man: Do you want to die now,
or die later?
Um, die later.
Then put the phone
on the ground
and smash it with your foot.
Who is this? I'm going to count to three.
How did you get this number? One.
No, no, no, no, no!
It's our only way out!
What are they gonna do?
There's no one around.
Just hang up
and then call 9-1-1!
Two.Just hang up!
We're sorry! Okay?
Give me the phone, Larry!Uh, uh...
Give me the phone!
Okay, you win! I'm doing it!
I'm doing it now!
I know everything.
Hey. Hey, wake up.
What the fuck is this?
I don't know anymore.
How did you get here?
Last thing I remember
I was at Ola's.
That bitch must've put
something in my drink,
'cause that's the last
thing I remember. You?
I was on a camping trip.
It's called Slasher Sleepout.
It's, like, this
horror movie thing.
My buddy did it last year.
They don't kidnap people.
Well, whatever
the fuck it is
there's two people
dead at least.
We have to get out of here.
Alex, I don't think
we can get out of here.
Someone knows.
Knows what?
About us.
That's why you're here.
Someone you owe money to?
I don't know, Alex.
We pissed off a lot of people
back in the day.
Is that a sobriety necklace?
It's a gift from Nathan.
What about six weeks ago?
What about us?
There was never an us.
We just happened to be
lying next to each other
after getting fucked up.
For a year and a half?
I saved your life, Alex.
Stay with me!
Then you go to rehab
and all of a sudden,
you're too good for me.
You could have come with me.
It's not really
a choice, is it?
Of course it is.
Like you choose
to be with Nathan?
Except when you get tired
of being the good girl.
Then my phone rings.
Nathan's good for me.
He's clean.
He's got a good job.
He gives me a chance
to be normal.
Yeah, like that's some
fucking great thing.
Ah, fuck it.
We're attached.
I'm gonna swim out there
and see what we're dealing with.
Just keep watch, okay?
What am I watching for?
Scary shit.
Jared: So?
We're fucked.
Maybe not. Look.
What is it?
I think it's the key.
I guess one of us goes for it.
The other has to go under.
I'll go this time.
Can you swim?
Good enough.
I can hold my breath
for 42 seconds.
How do you know that?
Me and my brother used to dare
each other all the time.
That's how long it took
before I passed out.
It's gonna be close.
Just keep count
in your head.
If you get nervous,
run back to the water.
All right?
I'll be fine.
Shit. Shit, fuck,
it's stuck, it's stuck!
What is this?
I'm sorry!
Oh, my God.
Your leg!
What the fuck?!
Don't move.
It's not as bad as I thought.
It was just the side.
Why did you pull me down?
I could have died!
I had to.
There was someone pulling me.
The man, he was
attached to the cable!
He was in the water.
I don't know --
The key --
the key got stuck.
What man?
I don't know.
It's a trick lock.
It's okay.
Ow, shit.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't have a choice.
I really didn't see
anyone else.
Did you take your pill today?
You saw me.
No, I didn't.
Yeah. You made me take it.
Alex, you're confused.
No. No, I'm not.
Maybe you're confused.
I'm just trying to
look out for you.
Take it, all right?
And then we have to go.
We should follow the water.
That's exactly what
they're expecting us to do.
We'd be too exposed.
You're shivering.
You need to change
out of that shirt.
Into what?
I have to
tell you something.
We might not make it out
of here, and it's my fault.
Graham's not sick.
He's not sick.
I told him not to come.
I feel like
you're slipping away.
I was scared to leave you
alone this weekend.
I was afraid
that you might --
I should have trusted you.
And now you're out here
because of me.
If anything
happens to you, I --
You're everything to me.
Hey. Everything.
I would do anything
for you.
You know that, right?
I know.
Can you forgive me?
Be honest with me.
I love you.
Let's get ready.
They left everything.
Even the gun.
Why would they do that?
Bullets are still here.
Is there any chance
they're real?
Well, there's only
one way to find out.
If those are real bullets,
then you're gonna waste
half our ammo.
I'd rather know for sure
that I've got one good shot
than roll the dice
on two dummies.
Wait, no.
It still looks real.
It could scare someone.
We should just pick a heading
and then follow it.
To where?
Well, if we keep
the water at our backs
we'll eventually
find something.
As long as we have
a compass,
we know we won't be
walking in circles.
It works.
What does that mean?
What are you doing?
It's just a costume.
It's not a costume.
We should take it.
Come on. Come on.
Something's got me!
Stop it!
There's another one coming.
You got to get out of here!
Alex, you have to run!
I'm not leaving you.
Alex, please!
No! Nathan!
Run, Alex! Run!
Where is she?
No, please. No.
They said you
couldn't fight back.
I'm just gonna take
this off, okay?
Why are you flipped out
right now?
You killed Nathan.
You think this is really
happening, don't you?
How many more of you
are there?
Are you gonna hit me
if I say I don't know?
How many?!We didn't kill anybody!
I saw them die.
You saw their bodies?
You didn't see their bodies.
Who are you?
It's Slasher Sleepout, man.
Why are you fucking
hitting people with a bat?
You're supposed
to be having fun!
Wait, wait!
I'll take you to base camp.
You can see for yourself.
Base camp?
Yeah, you can see it
from here. Look.
Now it's my game!
You're so cute.
We're so happy
to have you, Alex.
You're going to
be delicious.
Help! Help me!
Ma'am, are you okay?Let me in the car.
We got a 9-1-1 call.
Something about a patient
lost in the woods.
Was that you?
We called you because there's
people trying to kill us.
Ma'am, are you hurt?
You've got blood
all over you.
Are you bleeding?It's not mine.
No, no, no, no,
what are you doing?
Do not move!
Help me.
Approach the hood
of the vehicle,
lean over,
and spread your pussy.
I'm only gonna say
this one more time.
Approach the hood, lean over,
and spread your legs.
I want to help you.
But you're wearing
a hospital gown
that's covered in blood
that you say isn't yours.
Is your name Alexandra?
Everything's gonna be okay.
I just need to search you,
and then I'll get you
where it's safe.
Ahh! Ahh!
Help me!
Help me!
Let me in!
Let me in!
Whatcha drinkin'?
Stop it! Get away!
No! No!
That's enough!
Alex. Alex.
It's over.
You're okay.
Everything is okay now.
I'm fine.
Everyone is fine.
But I saw you.
You died.
Pig's blood.
Where did they take you?
They chloroformed me,
slit my throat.
When I woke up I was
in a zombie escape room.
And I said the safe phrase,
so I got to be a zombie.
And I won!
So they didn't
cut you either?
Oh, no, they did.
Man, you really
took a pounding!
And this chick made
one hell of a final girl.
I mean right?
One of us, one of us!
Gooble, gobble, one of us!What happened to you?
I was a plant.
Nothing happened to me.
So, did we pull it off?
Did we ruin you?
Did you actually think you were
an escaped mental patient,
I don't know what I think.
We call it the Shutter Island.
Not bad, huh?
Okay. I can see you guys
need a minute.
Oh, my God, I am so
fucking tired of zombies!
Oh, no! I'm being
eaten by a zombie!
Oh, no! My throat!
You were a good sport,
Well, I could tell you
how we did it all,
but that would ruin
the magic.
And you might post
all our secrets!
We are...
Slasher Sleepout!
One, two, three, four!
Sorry I hit you.
That's okay.
I had to sign a waiver, too.
You know, you're kind of badass
when you're scared.
Do you know, is this everybody
that was part of it?
Yeah, I think so.
But I wasn't part of everybody's
game, so I'm not really sure.
You ready?
You okay?
Just tired.
When did you know
it wasn't real?
The whole thing was real.
You know what I mean.
When I died.
I guess they drugged me.
When I woke up at the bar,
everyone else was there, too.
When did you know?
I don't know.
I had no idea it was
gonna be so intense.
You know that, right?
It's fine.
Mind if we stop
for a second?
Oh, my God.
Wake up. Wake up!
Baby, what are you doing?
The game.
It's starting again.
There's a man in the trunk.
What man?
The man from the beach.
He needs help.
So what's
the grain of truth?
What's the grain of truth
in all your lies?
13 months together,
supporting you
through your recovery,
and tonight you watched me
sacrifice my life for you.
And after all that,
you're still lying to me.
See, I know everything.
You brought him here?
Graham owns Slasher Sleepout,
so they let us do pretty
much whatever we wanted.
It wasn't too hard
to grab Jared from the bar.
See, he was high
as a fucking kite.
I thought this would
bring us closer, Alex.
I thought that you would see
that no one will love you
the way that I do.
You're scaring me, Nathan.
We haven't even gotten
to the scary part yet.
Did you take
your pill, honey?
Let me go. Let me go!
Did you take your pill?
Hey, I'm just looking
out for you, right?
An antidepressant.
They're white this month.
Last month, they were green.
What are they?
So you're still using.
I know, I'm sorry.
I just need help.
I know you need help.
That's what this
weekend was all about.
It doesn't feel like
you're trying to help me.
No, I want to save you.
But I need to know that you're
serious about getting better.
See, I need you to choose
once and for all,
him or me.
Thank you.
I know that's
what's best for you.
Help! Help me!
Shh, shh.
Prove it.
Prove to me that
you're done with him.
It didn't have to
end this way, Alex.
See, I was just going
to take him back,
dump him out
in front of the bar.
But you failed
the test at the beach.
So this is the only way.
Please, you gotta
be done with him.
And then we can start
our lives together.
This is for
your own good, Alex.
Stay with me, Jared.
Please stay with me.
Stay with me. Please.
Did you cry
like that for me
when you pulled me
down that hill?
You know, cause that hurt
pretty fucking bad!
I never thought you
would actually do it.
You messed-up junkie bitch!
Addiction makes people
do ugly things.
That's why you have to cut
these people out of your life.
You know, I honestly
can't wait to fuck you
without hearing you whine
about it the whole time.
Jared, buddy!
You might want to watch this.
Oh. Oops!
Safety first.
Who knows what you've been into,
my friend.