Ruined (2023) Movie Script

- You coward.
- You don't have to do this.
- No!
- Ooh-ooh-ooh
- What's up, beautiful?
- Hi, baby.
- You know you're designing
our house one day, right?
- I am?
- Oh yeah.
You and me, we meant to be.
- You sound so corny.
- You know I got bars.
Come on, now.
Hey Liv, I want to make a video
for our future kids to see.
- Hi, kids.
- Hey, kids.
This is your gorgeous
mama on our wedding day.
There is no other woman
that I could imagine
walking down the aisle to
me than this beautiful woman
right here.
- I try to resist
But you've got that
something I can't miss
- Landon.
- What, what, what, what?
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, wow.
Oh, you big time now.
You big time.
- Oh baby
I don't wanna be
right if this is wrong
Take me to, take
me to, mi amor
- When it comes to
reproductive health,
Black women in this country
are always at a disadvantage.
So I'm hoping with my
new culturally tailored
pay what you can facility,
we can at least take
a step toward having health
equity for Black women
in America.
- Why does this
mean so much to you?
- Well, as you know, women
make the world go round.
And I could have never
achieved any of this
without my number one woman.
Liv is the only woman
I've ever loved,
and my life was nothing
until I met her.
And I'm excited to say
that in six months,
she will be giving birth
to our first child.
So I know firsthand
just how important
it is for women like her to
have the best care available.
- I don't understand.
I don't know how this
could've happened.
- Hey, beautiful.
- Hey.
- What's all this?
- It's nothing.
Just putting stuff away.
- I'm so sorry, babe.
How you doing?
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry. I've
got to take this.
- I just don't think...
- Dr. Richards.
How many minutes apart is she?
I understand. I'm on my way.
Colleen Ryan's in labor.
She's having her twins.
- Yeah, I know.
- I'll be back, OK?
- I know we live right across
the street from each other,
but I feel like I haven't
seen you in forever.
Wait a minute.
Are you glowing?
- If I am, it's only because
I've been working out outside.
- Oh. OK.
That'll do it.
But still, dare I ask,
how's the baby making going?
- It's not.
- I'm sorry, beautiful.
- I am too, I guess.
I don't know.
I'm so sick of
apologizing for something
I have no control over.
You have no idea how
much I want my life back.
And it takes all the
fun out of baby making.
- No, don't say that.
- But it's true.
I just want to make
love to my husband.
And if we make a
baby, we make a baby.
But if we don't, we don't.
- Well, you know,
stress doesn't help.
- That's exactly
what I told Landon.
But now that the
practice is doing well,
I can start doing all the things
that used to make
me happy like get
back into my interior design.
- Which you're so good at.
- Thank you, Charlotte.
I am so ready to
relaunch my business.
And that's what I
want to focus on.
I just need to get
Landon on the same page.
He doesn't seem to understand
how much of an emotional
tug-of-war it's been on me.
And when he becomes emotionally
unavailable, it hurts.
- I really hate to see
you like this, Liv.
But you have to remember
to put yourself first.
Shoot, I got to run.
My shift at the lab
starts in 30 minutes,
and you know traffic is a beast.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
Call me.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, I'm sorry.
- Oh, you're fine.
You're fine.
I get lost in
thought all the time.
God, this place.
I'm so glad I found it.
It's really beautiful.
- Yeah, yeah.
Me too.
It's, um, why I come here
every Wednesday, so...
much to my husband's dismay.
I don't normally
eavesdrop, and I
don't want to make
you uncomfortable,
but I did overhear some of your
conversation with your friend
and I'm in the process of
opening an office nearby.
And maybe I can help.
I'd be interested in
seeing you before we launch
if you're interested.
- I'll think about
it. Yeah. Thank you.
- Yeah. OK. No pressure.
But I should tell you, rescuing
marriages is my specialty.
Have a good day.
- You too.
- Thank you.
- I didn't even
know you were here.
Charlotte says hi.
How did it go with Colleen Ryan?
I'm sorry, I...
You're never on social media,
so I didn't think that
you would see that.
- So your only problem is that I
saw the post, not with the
fact that you made the post.
How could you just throw
in the towel like this?
We've talked and we've
talked about this,
and we said that we were
going to keep trying, right?
- We have been trying.
For years.
And what do we have
to show for it?
I'm exhausted.
- OK.
- I completely lost myself.
I don't even know
who I am anymore
except for some woman who
is failing you and herself.
- No, babe.
I understand.
Babe, we only fail
if we give up.
- Don't. Just...
- Couples usually find me
at their absolute lowest.
But under my guidance, they
reach their absolute highest.
Just like any
other relationship,
all it takes to succeed
in my program is
true commitment.
- Olivia, hi.
- You know, if you
add a splash of mauve
accessorized with mixed metals,
it'll really elevate
the aesthetic.
- Mauve, huh?
I'll keep that in mind.
- Professional habit.
Thank you so much for seeing
me on such short notice,
Dr. Torres.
- Great things happen
when the stars align.
Benefits of not
quite being open.
Right this way.
Let's get started, shall we?
- Richards.
- Richards.
After ten years
of marriage, I do,
I feel like we're strangers.
And it hurts, because
we were so connected.
And not only is my
career non-existent,
but there's no baby either.
Landon's career
is booming though.
- Liv, you do understand
that you can have a career
and be a mother at the
same time, don't you?
I mean, women do that every day.
- I know.
My mom had a pretty
intense career.
I mean, even when
she was present,
she was never really present.
My brother and I never
felt like a priority.
I mean, we knew the
nannies better than we
even knew her own mother.
So I promised myself
when I have kids,
they will always come first.
- Yeah.
- And so, yeah, I'm
not sure that I'm
capable of juggling career and
motherhood at the same time.
- Interesting.
I believe you can, Liv.
And I can help you.
Let me guide you
and your marriage
to the place where
it needs to be.
Now, understand,
Liv, that this is...
It's essential to the
success of these sessions
that your husband join
us on this journey.
- For sure.
- I mean, if only half
of a couple is present,
it's not really couples
counseling, is it?
- Absolutely.
- Well, that's our time.
But, Liv, thank you
for being vulnerable.
I know it's not very easy
to do, but it's imperative.
That's the only way this works.
No secrets allowed.
- Understood.
And I will do my best to try
and convince Landon to attend
our next therapy session.
- Yes.
- This is really important
to me, Dr. Torres.
I just want my life and
the love of my life back.
- I understand.
Of course you do.
And I'm sure he
wants you back too.
I mean, you're the only
woman he's ever loved.
I'm sure his life was
nothing until he met you.
- What?
- That's what I gathered
from what you shared with me.
- Oh.
Yeah, right.
I'll see you next week.
- Yeah.
- Have a great day.
- Bye-bye.
- And my life was
nothing until I met her.
Liv is the only
woman I've ever loved
and my life was nothing
until I met her.
Liv is the only woman
I've ever loved.
Only woman I've ever loved.
- How was your day?
- It was fine.
I almost lost a young
mother, but it was fine.
- Doesn't seem fine.
- Unfortunately, it
comes with the territory.
- OK.
Booked a spa day for us
for our bi-weekly date.
Looks like you could use it.
- I could definitely
use it, but I can't.
We've gotten so busy
lately we're actually
going to be open on Saturdays.
- Every Saturday?
- Yeah, for the
foreseeable future.
Didn't even think to
run that by me first?
- Well, you've always
been so supportive
of my work schedule, I...
I didn't think this time
would be any different.
- I don't understand how
you're making this a bad thing.
If we're expanding, that
means we're thriving.
And that is the
whole goal, right?
You of all people,
you should know
how important this work is.
- Landon, stop.
We need to stop running
from our problems.
At some point, we need to
start finding solutions.
- I understand.
- I started therapy today.
- Wait, what?
- Yes.
Her name is Dr. Torres.
She's a highly accomplished
couples therapist.
And I really think
she could help
us learn better communication
and just get us back on track.
- Babe, marriage counseling?
I don't know.
Marriage counseling
is for couples
that have serious problems.
That's not us, babe.
You know, our issues are normal.
I really think that we're fine.
I'm going to grab a shower, OK?
- We're not fine.
How's civilian life
treating you, bro?
You missing the base yet?
- Not really.
I'm actually liking it more
than I thought I would.
And now that I turned my
hobby into a business,
I like it even more.
- That's really nice.
- I appreciate you, sis.
- It feels good chasing
your dreams, right?
- Absolutely.
Which is why I'm so happy
you're following yours again.
I'm proud of you.
You do know you're one of
the best interior designers
I've ever seen, right?
- I know.
- I'm just saying you up there.
- Oh, I'm up there.
Yeah, you up there.
For sure.
- Why can't Lan see that?
He just wants me pregnant,
belly out to here,
breastfeeding triplets
till they're five years old.
- Yeah, that's gross.
But, but, but in my
brother-in-law's defense,
what man wouldn't want an
intelligent, beautiful woman
to bear and raise his children?
- Whatever you want,
the answer's no.
- No, I'm just saying.
- OK, well, I'm not telling
him about me updating
my portfolio right now.
Thank you for helping me
out of your busy schedule.
- It's my pleasure,
sis, you know that.
And I believe in you.
I know you'll be able to
juggle motherhood and a career.
You know?
Look, Liv, you are a beast.
Always have been,
always will be.
You just got to...
You just got to stop
underestimating yourself.
That's it.
Now, I'm not telling
you to have kids
if you don't want to, but I've
always known you wanted kids.
I mean, shit, you
damn near mothered me
when we were growing up.
You're not like mom.
Trust me.
Do not let that
stop you, all right?
- That means a lot
coming from you, Jayce.
- Hey, getting better.
- I got some emotional stuff
I need to handle, you know?
I'm seeing a therapist.
- Mm.
- Mm. Kind of
fell into my lap.
I like it, and I
really like her.
This is my therapist.
- That's your therapist?
- Yes.
Get your mind out of the gutter.
She is highly educated,
- And fine as hell.
- Give me... give me this.
- She is. She is.
You know me. I do not lie.
I tell the truth.
OK, and I got one more
question, just one.
Is she single?
- I don't know.
You are not dating my therapist.
Hands off, OK?
She's off limits.
- So he's avoiding you
by working Saturdays now.
He refuses to come to therapy,
and he doesn't want to touch
you if not to make a baby.
Liv, Landon is an OB-GYN.
He delivers babies all day long.
Since you haven't
given him a child,
I'm sure he feels
like a complete sham
without a family.
- I am his family though.
- Clearly he wants
more than just you.
I presented you with
the worst-case scenario
to brace yourself for
what could happen.
It's called collision therapy
technique where I collide
a horrific scenario
with your reality,
and it creates a shock factor,
which allows you to mentally
and emotionally prepare for
any potential traumatic event.
- OK.
- Now what you'll have to
do is create a situation
that makes Landon believe
that he's changed his own mind
about joining you here.
- Yeah. How am I
supposed to do that?
- That's actually
the easiest thing.
Start a fight.
Nothing's better
for a relationship
than a huge confrontation
that airs everything out,
even if it gets a little rough.
Then maybe your husband
will think that joining you
here would actually be
the best thing he could do
to save your marriage.
Well, that is our time, Liv.
Oh, before you go, I have a
colleague who's opening up
a Holistic Wellness
Center around the corner
and I happen to know that they
need an interior designer.
Would you like me to
make the introduction?
I could without
violating patient
confidentiality, of course.
- Wow.
Yeah, really?
That would be incredible.
Yes. Thank you so much.
- OK.
Well, easy.
I love connecting people
with their destiny.
It's what I do.
- Thank you.
Yeah, please just
give him my number.
- OK.
Sure will.
All right, well, I'll
see you next time, Liv.
Hang in there.
And remember what I said.
Just let me explain, OK?
- No.
It's already been done.
- Just listen to me, OK?
- Please.
There's something
I need to show you.
- Landon.
Oh my God.
What in the world is
going on with you?
- I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, babe.
It's nothing.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
- God, that is your
answer to everything.
You are not fine.
You've been tossing
and turning, and...
who's Taura?
- Taura.
Taura is that patient
that I had the other day.
You know, the one I almost lost.
It was very traumatic.
It must be in my subconscious.
- Mm-hmm.
Thought you said it
came with the territory.
- It does.
Doesn't make it a
pleasant experience.
- I need you to
be honest with me.
- Right.
Liv, it's 6:30 in the morning.
You know I just got home from
work two hours ago, right?
So I'd like to get a
couple more hours of sleep
before my next C-section,
if you don't mind.
- Remember what I said.
Start a fight,
even if it gets a little rough.
- I am so sick of this shit.
Every day it is like
pulling teeth trying to get
a fucking real conversation.
- Why do you always have to blow
everything out of proportion?
- Why do you have
to gaslight me?
You just choose to be selfish
and uncompromising and focused
on anything you deem fucking
important other than me.
Never caring about what
I want, how I feel.
- No, I don't know
how you feel, Liv.
Please, tell us how you feel.
We're all waiting.
Do you want to have kids?
- Why are you still
on this, Landon?
- Because I want to have kids.
- I told you I don't want them.
You don't listen to me.
- OK, so you don't want them?
So you have been promising
me things for years
and doing nothing, right?
- You promised me something too.
- What promises?
This is bullshit,
and you know it.
Can we help you?
- I'm sorry, sir, but we
got a call from someone
reporting a possible
domestic violence
incident at this address.
- Right.
Well, I dropped a statue.
- Accidentally?
You OK, ma'am?
- Of course she's OK.
We got in an argument.
- I'm speaking to the lady, sir.
- Yes.
Yes, officer, I'm fine.
- She's fine, like I said.
- Are there any
children in the home?
- No.
- You mind if we take
a look just to be sure?
- Yeah, of course we mind.
What is this?
- Hey, it's OK.
Let them take a look
around so that they can go.
Cool it.
We don't need this right now.
- This dude too.
It's unbelievable.
- Hey.
We're fine, really.
Like I said.
- Stay safe.
- Yeah.
- Unbelievable.
- That enough to
convince you we need
to go to therapy together?
- So your urine test revealed
that you are not pregnant.
Do you want to lay back and
put your feet in the stirrups?
- OK.
Let me know if you
need me closer to you.
- That's fine.
Thank you.
- Are you married,
Dr. Richards?
- Yes.
- Oh.
Some women have all the luck.
I bet your kids are gorgeous.
- No kids yet.
- Oh, you're newlyweds.
- No, we've been
married for ten years.
- What?
You've been married a
whole decade and no babies?
If I were your wife, I would
do whatever it took to give you
kids as beautiful as you are.
Uh, Doc, I didn't expect that.
Stay right there.
Oh, yes.
Does your wife know
how gentle you are?
I mean, if this is the
way you administer a pap,
I can only imagine how your...
- OK, your test results will
be ready in three to five days.
It was nice to meet
you, Miss Torres.
- Torres, yes.
I'll just get dressed.
- We seem to be
progressing, I think.
But then the police showed up.
- The police?
- Yeah, I know.
It's crazy, right?
I mean, the discussion
was heated, yes,
but there was no violence.
Evidently somebody reported us.
- I'm just trying to make
sure I have it all straight.
- OK.
But it's what made Landon
agree to attend our session
today, even though he is late.
- Yeah, well, just keep
in mind we are moving
in a positive direction.
I suppose.
Dr. Torres, this is
going to sound crazy,
but when I walked the cops out,
I thought I saw you jogging by.
- Really?
What day was this again?
- Friday.
- Oh my God, do you
live in Jackson Creek?
- Yes.
- I run there every Friday.
I'm obsessed with those views.
I'm addicted.
I didn't realize
you lived there.
- Yeah.
- Come to think of
it, I do remember
seeing some police activity.
It was morning, right?
I remember finding that odd
for such a serene neighborhood.
- Sorry.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
My morning got all thrown off.
My schedule is out of whack.
I'm sorry about that.
- Landon.
Glad you could join us.
Heard so much about you.
I'm Dr. Alexis Torres.
I want you to know that I
am here for the both of you.
By the way, don't mean
to toot my own horn,
but I do have a 99% success rate
when it comes to
saving marriages.
So Liv tells me that
there is nothing
more important to you
than starting a family.
I'd like to explore that.
Please, in your own words,
why do you want children?
- Legacy.
- I'm sorry, what did you say?
- Legacy.
I want somebody to
carry my last name.
- I see.
Do you think that
this desire of yours
could be maybe a little
unfair to your wife?
I mean, the pressure to conceive
a child can be debilitating.
- So this is why
you brought me here.
To get some help
convincing me to let up?
- No.
Why don't you just
listen to her?
- OK.
- Landon, we're not
trying to gang up on you
or convince you of anything.
I was just trying to
see if you could see
things from Liv's perspective.
- Could you just turn
it off for 20 minutes?
- Landon, I'm sorry,
I forgot to say
I do ask clients to
silence their phones
during our sessions.
- Right.
Well, I deliver babies.
So no, I can't silence my phone.
- Yes, you can.
- You know what?
- Landon...
- We're going to
need to reschedule.
This is not working for
me. I know I told you
that I could do this
right now, but I can't.
I got to get back
to the hospital.
- You should go.
It's OK.
- Hey.
What the hell was that?
- That was me realizing
the only reason
you brought me here was to show
me you have some kind of ally.
- That's what you think?
- Obviously it doesn't
matter what I think.
I told you therapy
is not for me.
And, Liv, that woman in
there is a real problem.
You got to trust me.
- Because she didn't
co-sign your point of view,
she's a real problem?
- OK.
If she's really helping you
that much, you keep seeing her.
Just don't expect me
to have any part of it.
- Looks good.
Yeah, I like that.
I am so grateful to
Dr. Torres for the referral.
It's hard to find people to
vouch for you these days.
- True.
How are the therapy
sessions going?
Are they helping?
- It's challenging.
She's easy to talk to though.
It wasn't so good when
Landon finally showed up.
- Why? What happened?
- For starters, he came late.
And when he was
there, it was awkward.
I'm just hoping he comes around.
- Well, therapy is tough,
Liv, especially for Black men.
I got to admit, the thought
of revealing all my deepest,
darkest secrets kind
of creeps me out too.
- Speaking of.
Hi, Dr. Torres, how are you?
- I'm great, Liv.
I'm calling because
I have another
potential client for you.
- Wow, really?
- Mm-mm.
Just one thing though.
This multi-millionaire
millennial really
wants to see your
social media presence,
which I notice doesn't
mention your business at all.
Your posts show
everything about you
personally but nothing
about your business.
- Yeah, I know, I had a
bunch of stuff up there,
and then I took it down,
and I need to do better.
- It's OK.
Don't worry.
How about this?
Bring your laptop
to our next session.
And once our hour is up,
we can work on it together.
Landon is coming, right?
- I'm working on it.
- OK.
Well, when we're done,
we can dismiss him
and update your social media.
- OK, that sounds great.
Thank you.
- What?
- You don't find that odd?
- What, that she's helping me?
- She's your therapist,
not your agent.
I just think her focus on
you is a little unusual.
- Jeez, now you
sound like Landon.
- We've always been in sync,
but these last few months, man,
they've been the hardest
of our relationship.
Somehow we went from
being on the same page
about this baby to
her wanting me to go
to this couples therapy shit.
- That therapist is
fine, though, bro.
- Come on, Jayce.
You gotta focus, man.
- You're right.
I'm focused.
I hear you.
- Your sister and I, we've
always been able to talk,
and we do not need
somebody in the middle.
I just want us to be
able to get back to that.
- Oh, that's what Liv wants too.
Hence the therapist.
- Nah.
I ain't going back to
her or anybody else,
but definitely not her.
She's... she's weird, man.
- Or is it because she's fine?
- You know, one day you're
going to grow up, right?
- Not today.
- I see.
- So sorry to hear
that Landon is refusing
to give therapy a chance.
I don't think my process
works very well if both of you
aren't present for our sessions.
I really think that Landon is
giving up on your marriage.
- Is this one of your
collision tactics?
- I'm afraid not.
I think we should move to end
our therapist-client
- OK.
- But since you're
no longer a patient,
maybe we could still be friends.
I mean, I'm still
relatively new.
I haven't ventured out much.
So if you want to.
- I'd like that, Dr. Torres.
- Alexis.
We are friends now.
- OK.
- Let's still do
what we came to do.
How about that?
- So should I just...
- Yeah, just log in.
Go to your email and open the
editing app that I texted you
about and drag and drop
your pictures in there,
and we can make
them look amazing.
- Shoot.
My battery is about to die.
- Oh no.
- No, I have my
charger in the car.
I'm going to go
get it really fast.
- No, why don't
you keep working?
I'll go get it.
- OK.
- Yeah.
- My bag... keys are in my bag.
- OK.
Be right back.
- Thank you.
And my phone's in my bag.
Dr. Torres, are you there?
What the fuck?
Liv, are you in there?
- Yeah. Yeah, the
door's locked.
- Let me call a locksmith.
We'll get you out
of there in no time.
Well, look at that.
- Yeah.
Look at that.
- I've got to get that fixed.
- What happened?
I thought... I thought you were
just going to get my charger.
- Yeah, I'm so sorry.
I got an emergency call
from my son's school.
- Your son?
- Yeah, I have a son.
He's 16.
Anyway, nothing
serious, thank God.
He's just... He's
a little banged up,
and he's probably going to
have to take maybe a week
or be benched.
I don't... I don't know.
- OK.
I'm glad everything is OK.
- Liv, I'm so sorry.
- So this is what it's come to?
Why would you do this?
Was it because I didn't
go to therapy with you?
- I have no idea
what just happened.
Are you suggesting that I...
Landon, why would I do this?
- I have no idea, Liv.
Why would you go and try to sell
our baby's clothes online?
Let me guess. Let me guess.
You thought I wasn't
going to see it, right?
- That's not fair.
No matter what we've
been going through,
I have always been open
and honest with you.
I've been trying to talk to you.
- Trying to talk
to me about what?
- Like how I
restarted my business.
- So you resurrected an entire
business behind my back?
Were you planning
on telling me that?
- I have been supporting
your dreams, Lan, for years.
It's time I get
to do this for me.
- Oh, I see.
So without discussing
it with me,
you just decided to
choose work over family.
- I have been trying to discuss
a bunch of things with you
for weeks, months.
But you do all the discussing.
Or should I say
the announcements.
You don't even talk to me.
When you decided to work on
Saturday, did you talk to me?
No, you didn't.
You just made the announcement,
and that was that.
- That's different.
That's my work.
I need to be there
for my patients.
- What about me?
I have been poked,
prodded, tested,
and screened to try and find
out why I am not pregnant
and still we have no answers.
Do you have any idea the
toll that that takes on me?
And when I try and have
this conversation with you,
you do not listen.
You want what you
want when you want it,
and that is not OK.
- Well, I'm not the
one keeping secrets.
- Oh yes, you are.
- How?
- Who the fuck is Taura?
- Mm.
- Landon, where are you?
The wedding is going to
start in ten minutes.
What do you mean
you're not coming?
Landon, the guests
are already here.
Hey, come on, that's natural.
But you don't have to...
Landon, come on.
Don't do this.
- Hey.
Oh yes.
It's my favorite.
Oh yes. Oh yes.
Oh Landon.
Oh yes.
Yes, I like it wild.
Oh, Landon.
Yes, I remember.
Yes, baby.
- Hey Mark.
How's it going?
I'm on my way.
Everything looking OK?
- I'm sorry, Olivia, but
we're going to have to go
in a different direction.
- What? I don't understand.
- I'm not supposed to do
this, but I like you, Olivia,
and I think you have a
promising future in design,
but we got a call from
one of your past clients,
and they heard you were in
the running for our contract,
and they wanted to
warn us about you.
- What did they say?
- They said that you left your
last design job unfinished.
They said you were chronically
late, hard to work with,
and that you went over
budget by 20 grand.
After discussing with
the board and browsing
your social media pages,
we decided not to move
forward with your proposal.
I'm sorry.
- Are you sure they were talking
about me, Olivia Richards?
- Yes, they were pretty
clear about what happened.
They didn't want
to give their name,
but the caller ID said
Emerson Vista Hospital.
I just wanted you to
know so that you can
get this all straightened out.
- OK.
Thank you for the opportunity.
- You're welcome.
But Olivia?
- Yes.
- A word of advice.
You got to be careful about
what you post on social media.
Those posts live forever.
- What the fuck?
I didn't post these.
You just couldn't help
yourself, could you?
- What are you talking about?
I'm calling to ask if I
should bring home dinner.
- You would do
anything to sabotage
my career so I have
nothing else to do
but focus on being pregnant.
- OK, if you think
I would deliberately
hurt you or your career,
you've officially lost it, Liv.
This is really
getting out of hand.
- Yeah, you're damn right it is.
Hey girl.
- Hey.
- Thanks for coming over.
- Yeah, of course.
Sorry the lab has been
slammed, but trust me,
I'm happy to be here.
What's going on?
- A bunch of messed up things.
- Whoa, what the hell?
Did Landon do this?
- Not a chance.
- Well, so what,
someone broke in?
- At first I wasn't sure.
Nothing is stolen.
Nothing else was out of place.
And then I remembered the
day the crib was smashed,
Dr. Torres had my purse,
and my keys were inside.
- Why did she have your purse?
- It's a long story, but she was
gone for a really long
time and coincidentally
I was locked in her office.
- Shit, Liv.
- I got to show you this.
Come here.
So I find this in the nursery.
Not mine.
But I thought it
looked familiar.
Check this out.
- But under my guidance, they
reach their absolute highest.
Just like any other
relationship, all...
- OK, see? I told you.
She was not acting normal.
- You know, the
morning the cops came,
I see Dr. Torres
jogging past our house.
When I ask her about it
in our therapy session,
she says, "Oh, that
was just a coincidence.
I didn't even know
you guys lived there."
- Wait, so you think she's
the one who called the cops?
- I do.
I find a copy of Landon's high
school yearbook in her office.
- What?
Wait, you think she
has a thing for Landon?
- It's got to be something.
What's stranger is,
there's this one
photo of Landon and his high
school sweetheart, I guess.
Some girl named Taura, which
is the same name he yelled
the other night in his sleep.
When I asked him about
it, he said, "Oh babe,
it was a patient
I almost lost."
He's hiding something from me.
So is she.
- All right, so what
do you want to do?
- I am going to talk
to Landon first.
- All right.
- Then get to the
bottom of this shit.
- Mm-hmm.
- Ohh.
- Lan.
- Yeah?
- I'm sorry for ever
thinking that you
would sabotage my career.
- Well, I know things
have been off between us.
But you should know that
I would never do that.
- I think it was Dr. Torres.
Do you know her from anywhere?
High school, old neighborhood,
med school, anywhere?
- I've never seen that
woman before in my life.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
- I stumbled across an old
high school yearbook of yours
in her office.
- Wait, what?
There's one thing,
but it's just one, OK?
- Oh my God.
- So she came into my
office as a patient,
and I had to administer
an annual exam.
But it was not sexual.
- What?
- It was not sexual at all.
But she was being kind of weird.
Like, she's asking me all
kinds of personal questions
and, like, moaning all weird,
like, but I just did my job,
and I got out of there.
- Why didn't you tell me this?
- Because I walk into
the therapy session.
She's sitting right there.
So I freaked out.
- I would have stopped
going if I knew this.
- I know.
And I should have told you.
But I didn't know
how to tell you
to stop going without
starting another argument.
- She's the one who
smashed the crib.
I found this in our
nursery, and then I found
a video with her wearing them.
This last few weeks,
I mean, it's been
the worst of our marriage.
- I know.
I honestly thought that
she was going to help us,
not turn our lives upside down.
- But why?
Why would she do this?
- I have no idea.
Should I confront her?
- I don't know about that.
People these days are off.
- She's a respected therapist.
Why would she risk her
reputation to stalk us?
- I don't know.
- Should I get Jayce to help us?
Maybe he could use his
charm to find out things
that we need to know, and
if something goes south,
then he'll be able
to handle himself.
- That is actually
a really good idea.
- Oh my God.
Was that a compliment?
- It was. Yeah.
- Whoa.
I just, I haven't
heard one of those
in I don't know how long.
- Come on, now.
You know I think you're the
smartest woman in the world.
I can go up there?
- Yes, you have permission.
- Oh, I like that.
- Keep them coming.
- I really missed you, babe.
- I missed you too.
- Gave me reasons
to believe
Always trusting me
Take time
You know I'm
taking back mine
No lies
No, no
- Lunch on me next time.
- I'm sorry I can't
go to Pilates.
I have this big meeting.
- I know.
Oh my God.
- I am so sorry.
- Oh my God, Jayce.
- Hey sis.
- You know this guy?
- I do.
He's my brother.
He was giving me a charger.
You know how my
computer likes to die.
- Clumsy.
I knew you had a brother,
but I didn't know
he's kind of cute.
Don't be late.
I'm going to get us cleaned up.
- What about your Pilates class?
- I might still be
able to make it.
I just need to get cleaned up.
- OK.
Call me later, Jayce.
- I got you.
- You sure it's OK?
- It's fine.
You know this is Diane
Von Furstenberg, right?
- I did not know that.
- Yes.
- But you look
good in it, though.
- Thank you.
- Great.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Think I got a, uh...
Oh, uh...
So who's the baby?
You or Liv?
- I am.
- Jayce, right?
- Yeah. Yeah.
You know what I think?
- What's that?
- I think you owe me
for the little spill.
- Is that right?
- Yeah.
Dinner tonight?
- Dinner?
- Dinner.
It's the least you can
do for ruining my dress.
- I can do that.
- Right. Well,
I'll see you then.
- Sorry I couldn't get
to the phone right now.
If you leave your name and
number, I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
- Jayce, where are you?
I've been calling you.
I've been texting
you. Call me back.
Where... just call me back, OK?
- I really enjoyed dinner today.
And I might have
enjoyed you too.
- Is that right?
- You want to come back
to my place for dessert?
- Sounds like a great idea.
- The gentleman.
- There you go.
- Are you hopping in?
- Coming with you, if that's OK.
OK? All right?
- Be my guest.
- You got a nice spot.
- I...
have a lot of nice spots.
- Is that right?
- That's right.
- Come here.
- You don't tell me
what to do, Jayce.
I did that 'cause I wanted to.
Do you understand?
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm ready.
I'm following you.
- Oh shit.
What the fuck?
This bitch got my army picture.
I do look good though.
No, this bitch crazy.
No, she crazy.
Liv gonna trip.
This is fucking nuts.
- Sorry I couldn't get
to the phone right now.
If you leave your name and
number, I'll get back to you
as soon as possible.
- Come on, Jayce.
- Hey babe, I'm on
my way home now.
You good?
- No.
Jayce never called last night.
Did he call you?
- No.
- He was with her last night.
- With who?
- Dr. Torres.
- Well, what did he find out?
- I don't know.
I haven't heard from him.
- Shit.
That's not good.
- I know.
I'm going to go to the police.
- Wait.
Don't you think
that's a bit extreme?
- No.
I have a really bad
feeling about this.
Just hurry home, OK?
OK. I love you.
- I love you too.
- Hi.
I'd like to file a
missing persons report.
- Who's missing?
- His name's Jayce Jones.
I haven't talked to
him since yesterday.
- He looks like someone who
can take care of himself.
What's your worry?
- I think the woman he went
on a date with last night
is dangerous.
- He went on a date?
He's probably still on it.
- No, no, you're
not understanding.
- OK, what's the woman's name
that he went on a date with?
- Dr. Alexis Torres.
- She's on TV.
Hey, your brother's a lucky guy.
So look, your brother, he's
a member of the U.S. Army,
and he went on a
date with a doctor,
and you want to file a
missing persons report?
- Yeah, I do.
I know you think this sounds
crazy, but something is wrong.
- I'm sure that he's OK.
He's just fine.
- Just listen.
Something is wrong.
- Just if you don't hear
from him in a couple of days,
just come back around.
- Hi, I'm Olivia Richards,
a potential client
of Dr. Alexis Torres.
I was just calling to see what
your experience was with her.
Oh, OK.
Yeah, that's excellent.
She was a pleasure to work with.
Thank you. OK.
So yeah, highly recommend her.
It's, uh, I had met
her very briefly,
and so I was just
trying to get a couple
references and... come on...
From past clients or
anything like that.
So I really
appreciate your time.
Yeah, thank you so much.
OK, you too now.
- Nothing, huh?
- Not a damn thing.
Jayce is missing,
and I know she had
something to do with it.
Wait a minute.
Try this last.
Got you.
- Westridge Academy.
How may I direct your call?
- Hi, registrar's
office, please.
- Please hold.
- Office of the Registrar.
How may I help you?
- Hi, I am calling
from the Law Office
of Richards and Associates.
I wanted to confirm
the graduation
date of a new employee by
the name of Alexis Torres.
Would you be able to
help me with that?
- One moment, please.
I'm sorry, but we
don't have anyone
by that name in our system.
Could she be using
a married name,
or do you have a
graduation year?
- Around maybe 2006.
- Sorry, we just
don't have anybody
by that name in our system.
I checked the first name
alone, and the only Alexis
we have is currently a
ninth-grader, and our records
go back to 1965.
- OK. Thank you so much.
Have a good one.
She's hiding something.
I know it.
I need to figure out what
this bitch is really up to.
- I have an idea.
Bingo, bitch.
I know where you live.
- It's upstairs.
- Juggling motherhood
and thriving career,
it's got to be really tough.
- It has its challenges,
especially now
that he's a teenager.
We're good, though.
He's at a nearby
boarding school,
so I just meet him where he is.
Pizza and movies
every other Friday.
- Oh, that's awesome.
- He loves it.
- I want to be just like you.
Oh my God, hold on.
Let me get that.
I'm so sorry.
Oh my gosh, so embarrassing.
We're good.
Thank you.
Did it get on you? Are you OK?
- I'm OK, actually.
- Ooh, that was embarrassing.
- Looks like you and your
brother have a lot in common.
Speaking of my brother,
have you seen him?
- No.
Why, not since the
day at the office.
Has he been asking about me?
- Oh, no.
It's just, he's been
MIA, and I thought
I saw a nice little spark
between the two of you.
- Well, who wouldn't like me?
- This is so true.
- But no.
I mean, he's charming, but I
am so far out of my pretty boy
phase, you know.
- Totally get it.
This has been really great, and
I think I'm going to call it.
- All right.
Well, I think I'm going to
stay back for another drink.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, no worries.
I'll handle the
bill, by the way.
- Oh my God, thank
you. Have a good night.
- Yeah, you need that.
Bye, sweetie.
- Bye-bye.
- Thank God you're here.
I didn't get a
text back from you,
but I just decided
to come anyway.
- Wait, no, I did text you back.
- Oh no.
Damn it.
Did I lose my phone?
- Do you think she has it?
- Shit.
- Hi.
- Yes?
- Liv left her phone
at the restaurant.
Is she here?
Landon, listen, I know we
got off on the wrong foot,
but can I come in and
talk to you for a moment?
Just a moment, please.
I wanted to apologize
for our session,
since I clearly upset you.
- Five minutes.
- I don't mean to make
you uncomfortable.
I really don't.
It's just that you are such an
amazing and accomplished man,
and I understand you much
better than Liv ever could.
Don't get me wrong, Landon.
Liv is lovely.
But a man like you needs
so much more than that.
You need a woman that
understands what it
feels like to be successful.
Who understand your needs.
She could never love
you like I love you.
- Whoa, what the
fuck are you doing?
- I'm taking back what's mine.
I know you feel it.
I can't be the only one.
- Wait, wait.
- Look what you
made me do, Landon.
All I've ever wanted
to do was please you,
and all you've ever
done was throw me away.
I thought that if I came back,
you'd remember what we had.
Our love, our passion.
No one had chemistry
like we did, Landon.
- Taura.
You look so different.
- Better.
Landon, I look better.
Come on.
Thanks to total reconstructive
surgery after you
threw me off the fucking roof.
- Whoa.
No, no, Taura, you
fell off the roof.
I did not throw you.
- Oh, wow.
The lies you've told yourself.
I tried to move on with my life.
I got my education.
I became successful.
People respect me, Landon.
- OK.
- But you, you
had to go and fuck
with me, flaunting
that bitch all
over the goddamn television.
"My life was nothing
before I met her."
Liv's the only woman
you've ever loved, Landon?
Mother of your children.
Where are the kids?
Where are they?
It's pretty quiet.
Oh yeah.
I forgot.
By the way, our son survived.
He's 16.
He looks so much like you.
That's right.
You've been a father all along.
If only you had picked me,
you could have
raised the son you've
always dreamt of having.
But here's still
time for us, Landon.
I can forgive you if
you're truly sorry.
You can choose me.
Be a father to our son.
But if you choose her,
there will be consequences.
- I love Liv.
I will always love Liv,
because Liv is my family.
- It's obvious to me you're
not thinking clearly right now.
I understand.
This all just happened.
I get it.
I'll give you some
time to think.
- Come on, Landon.
- Nothing's coming
up in my system.
It's like the bitch
doesn't even exist.
- This is crazy.
- Bingo.
- Taura Bridges.
- Liv.
- Oh shit.
That's her.
- You need to go home now.
- OK.
Thank you.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Be careful.
- OK.
Wake up.
Is she here?
- I don't know.
- Are you OK?
- Oh, you're smart.
Oh, Charlotte.
You're not smarter
than me, Charlotte.
You're not smarter than me.
- What the fuck is going on?
Who is this bitch really?
Charlotte traced her
DNA to Taura Bridges,
the high school girlfriend
you didn't tell me about.
- I know, babe.
I'm so, so sorry.
I just, I thought I could
just leave it all behind me.
- Well, it's in front of us now.
I haven't heard from Jayce.
I'm sure she had
something to do with it.
So spill it now.
- Taura Bridges is my ex-fianc.
We got engaged our senior
year of high school.
And a couple of months
later, I don't know,
she just became a
different person.
She was angry, and
she was violent.
I mean, some of these outbursts,
they were borderline psychotic.
Nobody knew what was
going on, and it just
kept getting worse and worse.
So I mean, I felt like
I needed to get out.
I called the wedding off.
A couple of months after that,
she broke into my
college dorm room.
- Landon!
There's something
I need to show you.
- Taura, I did not know
that you were having a baby.
- You left me pregnant and
alone and embarrassed in front
of everybody.
- Please, please,
just let me explain.
- Just tell me you love me and
you can live to see your kid.
If not, you're not going to
make it through the night.
- Please.
Listen, look, I'm
begging you, OK?
You don't have to do this.
- It's already been done.
I can't undo what I'm
about to do to you,
and you can't undo
what you did to me.
- I'm sorry.
Babe, just listen to me, OK?
Look, you don't want the baby,
our baby,
you don't want them to
think that their mother
is a killer, right?
I'm so sorry.
Please, just put it down.
- Oh, shit.
So I moved hundreds
of miles away.
I transferred to
Howard, and I just
wanted to move on with my life
and just act like none of it
ever happened.
But the dreams, you know,
they were always
there to remind me.
And then last night she tells
me my son is still alive.
- Oh my God.
So you have been keeping this
TV drama from me for years.
- I know. I'm sorry.
- It's her.
"Come get your brother."
- No.
No, we need to call the police.
- I already tried that.
- I know what this
woman is capable of.
- When it comes to my family,
do you know what I'm capable of?
Let's go.
What the fuck?
Jayce, are you here?
- Good girl, Liv.
You brought Landon.
Landon, have you thought
about what we discussed?
- What did you do to my brother?
- Oh, you mean before or
after I fucked his brains out?
- Taura, your issue
is not with Liv.
And it's not with Jayce.
It's with me. Right?
- Damn right.
- I know that I hurt
you, and I'm sorry.
But I know that we can
figure something out.
And hopefully in time, you
can reintroduce me to our son.
- Now you want to meet your son?
- If I would have
known, I would have
always been there for him.
You know that.
- Taura, just do
the right thing.
- Shut up.
All your pathetic
ass has ever done
was keep him from having
a child of his own.
Our son is fine without you.
- OK.
Taura, you need help, OK?
- I don't need help!
- Landon.
We have to make a tourniquet.
Come here.
Put this on tight.
Come on.
It's OK.
We have to get out of here.
- Behind you. Run,
run, run, run.
- See?
I told you.
I would never have
left you, Landon.
- If you touch
her, I'll kill you.
- I told you there would be
consequences for choosing her.
- Jayce.
Oh my God.
Wake up.
- Olivia.
- So is that all you got
- I'm ready to have
some fun, Olivia.
- I'm grinding
every single day
- You're really strong
for a puny bitch.
Oh, did you see your brother?
I'm ready to play, Olivia.
I've been waiting for this.
Open the fucking door.
- Gonna catch an airplane
Like on dream
catcher, Randy Moss
- Olivia!
- I only got one question
So is that all you got
- You killed my brother!
- Ahh!
- Is that all you got?
So is that all you got?
Yeah, look at you now
So is that all you got?
Take a look at you now
- Officers on the scene.
Suspect is in custody.
- Mr. and Mrs. Richards.
- Yeah.
- First let me
offer my condolences
on the loss of your brother.
I wanted to let you
know that Dr. Torres,
Taura Bridges, survived.
She's in surgery right now
and will likely pull through.
On another note, the
16-year-old son that she
mentioned, he didn't exist.
She was pregnant at the time of
her fall all those years ago,
but the baby died.
As more details emerge,
I'll be in touch.
Both: Thank you.
- OK.
- Oh damn, you look good.
I see you. Mm-mm-mm.
Your first multi-million
dollar project.
I know how hard you work,
baby. I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.
- Now, you know we got
to celebrate, right?
- Oh yeah?
What did you have in mind?
- I was thinking maybe a repeat
last trip to Aruba last fall.
Remember that?
- A few pia coladas.
- Mm-mm-mm.
- Baby, I'm sorry.
I got to go.
Can't be late on my first day.
I love you.
- I love you.
Drive safe.
- Thank you.
- There's my boy.
Look at you.
You're getting big, huh?
Come here, big boy.
Oh my goodness.
Oh my goodness.
How are you doing?
You hungry, Jayce?
You hungry?
Yeah, me too.
You want to get your cheetah?
Come on, let's go.
- Landon, honey, I don't care
what happened between us.
You're still the
love of my life.
I know you had to deny
me in front of her,
but I know your
heart is with me,
and soon we'll be together.
My lawyer found a loophole
he feels will set me free.
We just have to be patient.
- I see.
I see.
Whoa. Ba-ba-ba.
- Yard time, ladies.
Let's go.
- Oh, oh, oh
oh, babe, baby
So crazy
So crazy
Visions in my head
be like, crazy
Always crazy, crazy, crazy
Oh, oh, oh, oh, babe, baby
So crazy
So crazy
Oh, oh, oh, oh, babe