Rule of Thirds (2024) Movie Script

(wind blowing)
(soft vocalizing music)
("I'm Good" by Jono & Bosquet)
Little finger for
the birds who
are off up top
Thought they had a
drop on me they
They just love to
talk really way
more than they should
They see me gettin'
heavy they wanna
be my friend
I tell them I
appreciate the
offer but I'm good
No I really
meant I'm good
They would try and
finish me and end
me if they could
Lately it's been
I just wish a
motherfucker would
Yeah but they
can't man I'm good
Lyrically gifted
socially distanced
From you other
rap niggas my
body is different
Last year these
hoes were
reluctant to listen
Now I look like
baby daddy
They make it
they mission
I'm something like
Andrew Rea ha
Chef in the kitchen
Serve up anything
that they need
Like what are
you missin'
My team been had
division now the
kids payin' tuition
And puttin' keys
in ignition
For all these girls
to be strippin'
How philanthropic
Got a young Snow
Allegra that I
brought to the tropics
And I had options my
mama called me I'm
so out of pocket
But I can't stop it
Addicted to this
life I won't drop it
Man they know
how I'm rockin'
I'm poppin' for real
Thought they had a
drop on me they
They just
love to talk
Really way more
than they should
They see me gettin'
heavy they wanna
be my friend
I tell them I
appreciate the
offer but I'm good
Nah nah
No I really
think I'm good
They would try and
finish me and end
me if they could
Lately it's been
I just wish a
motherfucker would
But they can't
man I'm good.
(soft music)
(phone ringing)
- [Motivational Speaker] The
fact that there are a lot
of other people who are not
as smart and not as
talented as you...
Yeah, I'm on my way already.
Traffic's brutal.
All right, all right.
Yeah, that's fine, whatever.
All right, see you in a bit.
(motivational speaker
chattering through headphones)
Yo, we gotta get going.
(upbeat electric music)
- [Anderson] Monte.
- Hey.
- Great to see you again.
- You too.
- So, uh...
Sorry, do you mind if I record
some audio on the shoot?
Oh, look at that.
Print is not dead, huh?
High tech.
Yeah, no of course
not, you're good.
OK, great, thanks.
Hi, hey, how you doing?
I'm Monte.
- Hi, I'm Rebecca.
I'm like, a really
big fan of yours.
Thank you so much.
- Something wrong?
No, no, what's up
with the nails?
- Uh, oh, I've never
had a problem with them
at a shoot before.
No, it's not a problem.
It's just, I've just
never been a big fan
of French manicures,
specifically, but,
is it possible to
take those off?
- Um,
they're actually glued
on, like, really tightly.
I can't just take them off.
- Right, no, they'll
help you out.
They got you.
You look great.
(electric tool whirling)
(electric tool sawing)
- [Anderson] So you're
a makeup artist as well?
- Is that a rhetorical question?
- No, I'm just surprised that
you are touching up her makeup.
- The lighting is affected
by the contour of the makeup.
- [Anderson] So it's
about the lighting, huh?
- Pretty much.
The most insecure
people in the world,
movie stars,
politicians, supermodels,
major fashion houses,
that's what they hire
me for, my lighting.
It's pretty much
what my skill is.
It's not clicking a button.
It's knowing how
to reflect light
to just catch the perfect
features of the human aesthetic.
It could even make
you look good.
- Good to know.
- I always make little
adjustments to the makeup
depending on the tonal objective
for a particular shoot.
My understanding of lighting
has given me a way
to create beauty
in two dimensions that, chin up,
unfortunately, could
never exist in three.
- Seems a little grandiose.
- Maybe.
Did you know that the most
successful cosmetic surgeon
in the entire world has gone
on record multiple times
that he never makes any
more than seven changes
to an individual's face,
none of which are larger
than two millimeters?
This kind of precision
that we're talking about
is understood by almost
nobody pre-operation.
(Monte smacking lips)
But such minor,
well-placed changes
are universally recognized
to be beautiful.
(Jeremy laughing)
- OK, Tony Robbins.
- Hey, playing God without
picking up a scalpel, right?
You're good to go.
(soft electronic music)
(wolf howling)
Capture me with
you with you
Capture me with
you with you
- [Jeremy] So you really
buy all that shit he said?
- I'm sorry?
- [Jeremy] You think he's, like,
a genius at photography
or whatever?
Or can anyone do that?
- I don't think
anyone can do it,
but he certainly seems to
know what he's doing, yeah.
I mean, we wouldn't be
doing this story otherwise.
- You know, I'm pretty
good at taking pictures.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
(upbeat electronic music)
- When did you decide,
this is it for me,
I'm gonna be a photographer?
- I never really, like, decided.
It just kind of
happened naturally.
- What drew you in?
- I stumbled across
a camera for, like,
a few bucks at a yard sale,
and I picked it up, and
I never put it down.
- Did you take classes
when you were a kid?
- I think that being
self-taught is the way to go
for most things.
- And what sort of
things did you shoot?
- Starting out wannabe
rappers, mostly.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Wow, that's quite a departure
from what people usually
associate you with.
- Yep.
But, I mean, there weren't
exactly supermodels
roaming around the
neighborhood that I grew up in
that I could ask, hey, can
I take some shots of you?
I grew up in a pretty bad area
that was directly next
to a really bad area.
And, yeah, I got the
shit beating out of me
in middle school so many times
that I would literally
get off the train
two stops early to
walk 30 minutes around
just to avoid going through
this one particular
housing project.
Oddly enough, the camera just
became my form of protection.
- Well, you would think that
in a neighborhood like that,
you were more likely to
be robbed of your camera.
- Yeah, you'd think, but it
actually gave me an identity.
- So, in a way,
you owe your entire career
to being bullied as a kid.
- Pretty much, yeah.
The camera became my weapon
and deception was my tool.
- So you graduate from being
the resident hood photographer
and then your career takes off.
But then it takes a very
well-documented nosedive.
- Yeah.
It did.
But I'd strongly
suggest moving on.
("Ave Maria" by Schubert)
(women moaning)
(door opening)
- So, yeah, I just
need a second round
of signatures on non-disclosure
and consent form.
Oh, don't worry
about that thing.
("Ave Maria"
playing via headset)
There's a car waiting
for you outside
if you want to take it
wherever you want to go.
- How charming.
- Look, if you guys
want to stay and hang,
I was just about to
go hit the jacuzzi.
- I already got the O.
Thanks, though.
- O?
("Ave Maria"
playing via headset)
- [Motivational Speaker] What's
the average number of times
a person tries something
with a new goal
before they give up?
Well, the average is less than-
- Yo, I gotta stop
and grab a bite.
I haven't eaten all day,
I'm starting to feel sick.
But I got us more than
caught up on time, though.
- What'd you say?
- I just said I got us more
than caught up on time,
but I'm gonna stop at
this diner coming up.
I'm feeling sick.
- All right, cool, can
you do me a favor, though?
Can you please just
leave the radio running?
Because this enlightenment is
really getting me in the zone.
- Dude, if it's a problem,
I can turn it off.
- No.
Regurgitated common sense
is my favorite, you know.
- [Motivational Speaker]
Some day, I'll lose weight.
- Well, just like your
buddies over at Gucci say,
common sense is not that common.
- They're referring
to people like you.
- People like me, as
in sexy motherfuckers?
- Yeah, exactly.
Sexy motherfuckers that
like to steal my sunglasses.
- You have, like, 500
pairs of sunglasses,
and you gifted these to me.
(upbeat music)
Yo, you want anything?
- [Monte] No, I'm
good, but be quick.
- You know, I am kind of hungry.
I'll have another old mud.
- OK.
- Cheeseburger.
All well done, please.
- OK.
Same for you.
- [Patron] That's what she said.
- Great.
All right, I'll get that to you.
- OK.
- Hey.
What can I do for
you today, sir?
- Sir?
- Did I just
mis-assign your gender?
- Well, you are correct in
the sense that I am a sir.
It's just a little formal.
- OK, well, what can
I do for you today?
- Uh, do you guys have, like,
I don't know, maybe
like a cheeseburger
and french fries or something?
- Not a problem, I
can do that for you.
Anything else for
you today, sir?
(phone buzzing)
(phone buzzing)
- Actually, my name is Jeremy.
I'd love to get your number,
and I got some free time.
I can come back
when you get off.
I can show you maybe
the finer things
Victorville has to offer.
- Um-
- Yeah, well, you'd probably
need your phone to get...
- Dakota.
- Dakota's number.
- [Jeremy] Hey.
- I'm sorry, what's your name?
- Monte.
- It suits you.
So, are you a musician?
- [Monte] Nope, are you?
- No.
- Why'd you ask that?
- I don't know,
you look like one,
and then you did this
whole, so I figured.
- I'm a photographer.
- That's not really hard
to claim nowadays, is it?
No offense.
- One sec.
- He's about to do a
gig, and I have free time
after his gig.
I could just, maybe...
I don't know.
We can chill after you
get off, of course.
- Um-
- I've got time to kill.
(Monte clearing throat)
A little dramatic,
but fair enough.
You are a photographer.
You know that girl in the photos
could easily be you, right?
No way.
- [Monte] Yes way.
If you say so.
- [Monte] I do.
Have you ever done any modeling?
- Never.
- [Monte] How about
you take a quick break
and let me take
some photos of you
so you can see what I see?
- I'm working here by
myself, so no breaks.
- Jeremy will stand in for you.
15 minutes, max.
Here's your phone, by the way.
- What do you think, sir?
I mean, Jeremy.
Do you think I should let your
friend here take some photos?
Would you let Adele
give you singing lessons?
I don't know if he's that good.
Look right above the lens.
(shutter clicking)
There you go.
(shutter clicking)
Chin down.
(shutter clicking)
See, you're a natural.
Yep, there it is.
(shutter clicking)
You are a very,
very beautiful girl.
(shutter clicking)
But I know you
know that already.
- That's literally your job,
to make girls feel beautiful.
- Which makes it all
the more impactful
when I'm blown
away by a new face.
Tell me a story.
- I don't have a story.
- Tell me about your first kiss.
- Uh.
(shutter clicking)
- Got it.
(camera winding)
You don't have to
speak to tell a story.
Did you have fun?
- Yeah,
I felt a little stupid,
but it was cool.
- Well, you did great.
(bluesy music playing)
- What made you want
to shoot me today?
- Wow, fishing for compliments.
- No, I'm,
I'm happy you did, I'm just,
I'm genuinely curious.
- Your eyes.
They have this, it's like a,
like a cold labyrinth of pain.
But I see little tinges
of optimism and youth
just breaking
through the cracks.
Real art isn't abstract, OK?
It's a marriage of the
enigmatic that is just,
it doesn't really matter
what it looks like.
It's just memorable for the
way that it makes you feel.
In the visual arts, for
example, there's technicians.
And then there's artists.
And in my world,
there are very vanilla,
boring, perfect models.
And then there's muses.
And you're a muse.
(Dakota chuckling nervously)
- Um,
I should get back in there.
- Yeah, for sure.
I wasn't joking, by the way,
when I said that you could
be that girl in the magazine.
But modeling is literally
the stupidest thing
that you could do
with your life,
so if there's anything else,
like literally anything else,
you should do it.
But if you decide to make
a mistake, here's my card.
(soft vocalizing music)
(shutter clicks echoing)
- I hated myself
for a very long time
for what I was doing.
But mostly it was
because I enjoyed it.
And finally, I was willing
to face my addiction.
- Thank you for your courage
and honesty, Timothy.
- Thank you.
- What are you
rolling your eyes at?
- Nothing.
- You know, you come in
here week after week,
stay silent, pass judgment
on the rest of us.
You got something
you want to share?
- No, I'm good, thanks.
- Seems like you got something
you wanna get off your chest.
- I'm fine, you're
welcome to share.
- We'd love to hear from you.
(Jeremy scoffing)
- My name is Jeremy,
and I'm an addict.
- Hi, Jeremy.
- Hi, Jeremy.
- Hi, Jeremy.
- I'm an alcoholic, and I'm
addicted to painkillers.
I've been sober now for the
better part of four years,
with a few slips along the way.
I joined the Marines
right after high school
and hadn't seen my
friends in a while.
We had a little
high school reunion,
and my best friend's
younger brother
was supposed to be our DD.
Shockingly, he
wasn't fine to drive
and wrapped us around
a telephone pole.
My best friend...
He didn't make it.
I got pretty banged up,
and they medically
discharged me.
I sat around real
angry for a few years,
basically just
snorted up my meds,
collected disability checks,
was living off a pack of cigs
and a fifth of vodka every day.
The younger brother, he kind
of got disowned by his parents
after the accident.
He disappeared.
He became some big-shot
photographer pretty
much overnight.
I guess he heard I
wasn't doing so well,
so he came back home,
took me out to
California for rehab.
Now I work for him.
(intense theme music elevating)
(music stopping)
- That's crazy, that
you work for the guy
that technically
killed your brother.
That's intense.
- It was my best friend.
He accidentally
killed his brother.
- Got it.
See, I thought you said
that he was your brother.
- I'm sorry.
- It's cool.
- That's my bad.
- Not a problem.
- So you said you work
for a photographer?
You know that I'm
a stylist, right?
- Sure, yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, so,
who do you work for?
I might have worked
with him before.
- Monte.
- Monte Ashcroft?
- [Jeremy] Yep.
- You're kidding me.
- [Jeremy] Nope.
- You work for Monte Ashcroft?
- Correct.
- Wow.
You should hire me
for your next shoot.
We could work together.
It'd be super fun, I'm
really fun to have on set.
I'm a good energy.
(dog barking)
- Do you think I'm
pretty enough to model?
(Kristen laughing)
- You gotta know,
men will say anything
when they're trying to fuck you.
- I was just asking.
- No, sweetie, I'm sorry,
you're a supermodel.
What was I thinking?
- [Dakota] Forget I asked.
- You get your braces off, get
a little attention from boys,
and now you're talking
about being a model.
It's just very random, Dakota.
- OK, well, this
guy came by the bar,
and he's like this
big photographer,
and he thinks that
I could do it.
- What part of, men
will say anything
when they're trying to fuck
you, did you not understand?
- You know, when did you
become such a miserable bitch
all the time?
- Oh, getting pregnant
as a teenager,
stuck raising a kid by myself,
definitely has
something to do with it.
- Would you want to stick
around and raise a kid with you?
You should have done us both
a favor and not kept me.
- Can't go back in time.
- I mean, who would want
to when you're aging
like such fine wine?
- You better watch your fucking
mouth in my home, Dakota!
- Or what?
- You will not be asking if
you're pretty enough to model.
That's for sure!
- The foundation that
you started in honor
of your brother.
Care to talk about
that a little?
- What's there to talk about?
- Maybe you want
to use this forum
as a way to bring
attention to it.
- Yeah.
when I was 18 years old,
I was involved in a
fatal car accident,
which I was the driver of,
and my brother was
ejected from the car.
He wasn't wearing
a seatbelt, and
he died on impact.
A few years ago,
in honor of my brother, I set
up a scholarship foundation
with Mothers Against
Drunk Driving to honor him
and provide aid to other
teenagers that have
suffered the loss
of an immediate family member
at the hands of a drunk driver.
- That must have been an
incredibly difficult thing
to have dealt with.
- It still is.
(soft electronic music)
(car approaching)
- Hey!
Come here!
Your car broke down, sweetie?
- No, I wish I had one.
- You waiting on a friend?
- I could definitely
use one right now.
- Please tell me
you ain't tricking.
(Dakota chuckling)
- Tricking?
Who says that anymore?
No, I'm definitely not tricking.
- Why are you sitting out
here with your bags packed?
- I'm just trying
to get back home.
- Where's that?
- LA.
- How did you wind up
all the way out here?
- I was seeing this
guy, and it turns out
he's a complete asshole.
- Well, it is their nature.
- Yeah.
He convinced me to take
a trip with him to Vegas,
and I knew it was a bad idea,
but I went along
with it anyways,
and a couple hours into it,
I asked him to turn around
'cause I couldn't
go through with it,
and he went crazy on me.
- Piece of shit.
- Yeah.
And he was like, oh, so you
don't want to go with me?
All right, get out,
you ungrateful bitch.
So he pulled over to
the side of the road,
kicked me out, and I
hiked about two miles.
- How old are you?
- 21.
- I'm Pat.
- Nice to meet you,
Pat, I'm Dakota.
- If I give you a
ride back to LA,
you're gonna have to
promise to do something
for me in return.
- Yeah, what's that?
- I'm gonna need
you to promise me
you'll be more
careful in the future.
You can't go caving
in to crazy demands
from stupid young boys.
It's dangerous!
No, you're right, deal.
- Thank you.
- Get in.
- Seriously?
- Yeah, seriously.
Thank you so much, Pat.
- [Pat] Seatbelt.
Lifestyle damaging
Flash from the
camera been
reshaping my thoughts
And the way that
I handled them
Take a second
Matter of fact
take a few
Shouldn't be hard
seeing is taking
is what you do best
And yes this I stress
My obsession with
giving you blessings
isn't a test
I play no games
I'm expecting
the same
But maybe that means
the screws loose
up in my brain
I'm saying
in the air
I can feel it
in my bones
Didn't have the
love repaired
Girl you really
set the tone.
When I see your
face I feel the way
When I see your face
I feel the way.
See your face
When I see your face
I know it's gonna
be the place
I know it's a lot
of heat to take
You're not
sleeping great
Eating great
When I see your face
You stop and smile
it's pandemonium
Crowd goes wild
girl you really
got a hold of them
Really got a
hold of me
taking over me
Why I feel invisible
I guess that what
I didn't know was
your star shine
Is evident and
it's admissible
A man in my
position knows
the bar stays open
They leave soon as
the kitchen closed
We don't have to
leave the feed was
missing in our souls
Facts those are
little known
in the air
I can feel it
in my bones
Didn't have
time to prepare
Girl you really
set the tone
When I see your
face I feel the way
When I see your
face I feel the way
(soft R&B music)
(musical ringtone playing)
(musical ringtone playing)
- Hello?
Who's this?
Oh, hey.
(energetic electronic music)
- Hey!
- Can I help you?
- Uh, yeah, I'm supposed
to be meeting a friend here
He's gonna have me
meet with someone
I guess that works here.
- Mm, yeah, there's
not an open call today.
- Hmm, OK.
- OK, did your friend tell you
who you're supposed
to be meeting with?
- No, he just sent me
the address and told me
to meet him here.
OK, well, can I just sit
over there and wait for him?
- I guess.
- Thank you.
(upbeat electronic music)
- Does your friend work
here by any chance?
- I don't think so.
- Hmm, OK.
Well, if he's not here
in like 10 minutes,
I'm gonna have to
ask you to leave.
- Oh!
- Hey.
- I got here a
few minutes early.
- Got here a few minutes late.
Happy you decided to come to LA.
- [Dakota] Yeah.
- Oh, I didn't
realize that you sent-
- Dakota.
- Hmm, Dakota
- Yeah, can you tell
Stefan that I'm here
and that I'll be in
the conference room?
- Yes, I will let
his assistant know.
Is there anything
I can get for you?
Either, either one of you?
- No, just Stefan in
the conference room.
- Yeah, I am on it.
- I'll have a sparkling water.
(energetic electronic music)
So, is this like a tryout?
- No, they're called castings.
But they're just gonna sign you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- I always love surprise visits
from the most talented
photographer I know.
- Do you?
Never just dropped in?
- [Stefan] No, you don't,
but I'm glad that you do.
- Yeah.
- What's up?
- This is Dakota.
- Hi Dakota, my name is
Stefan, I'm the chairman
and CEO of IMA.
- It's really nice to meet you.
- So, you want us
to take on Dakota
as a developmental
client, is that correct?
- No, main board please.
- Well, do you have a portfolio
I can look at, Dakota?
It's OK if you don't,
everybody's gotta
start somewhere.
- I don't.
- She does.
- Let's see what we have here.
These are
incredible shots.
- Thank you.
- Did you take these?
- Those?
No, I think, was it
David Bellemere who
took those for you?
(Stephan chuckling)
(Dakota chuckling)
- OK.
Where did you two meet?
- Dakota could probably tell
the story better than I can.
- Well, he came
into my job one day
and I thought he was a musician
because, you know,
he looks like one.
And he told me he
was a photographer,
I didn't believe him.
So, he went out to his car
and brought back a magazine
that showed all of his work.
Um, and then he asked to
take a few photos of me
which are those, and I actually
have not seen those yet.
- Take a gander,
they're not bad.
- He also told me that I
should do anything else
besides becoming a model.
(Stefan laughing)
And if I wanted
to make a mistake,
then I should contact
him, and so I'm here.
Also, he said that there are
models and there are muses
and that I am a muse.
- I can see that.
And if Monte says you're
a muse, you are a muse.
Where are you staying?
- I'm staying with
a few friends,
but I'm not sure how
long I can stay there.
- We have several
apartments that are great
for temporary housing.
- That's amazing.
- And you'll be able to
make a lot of new friends,
you have similar
routines and lifestyles.
Eating disorders.
(Monte and Dakota chuckling)
- Put her in a studio.
- Studio?
That would be very costly.
- She'll book work.
- OK.
So, do you understand how this
will all work out, Dakota?
- Um, I don't have
that money right now,
but I can definitely save up.
- No, we front you the
money and deduct the rent
from future job bookings.
- Really?
- [Stefan] Mm-hm.
- That's perfect.
- Well, we're excited
to have you on board.
Justine will bring in the
paperwork, have you sign it,
take some digitals.
- Thank you so much
for this opportunity.
It means everything.
So, I can move into
the apartment too?
- She'll go over all that with
you and give you your keys.
- [Dakota] Thank you.
- Justine, I need
to speak to you now.
- Oh, my gosh!
This is my apartment?
- Yeah.
- Holy shit, look at this view!
- [Monte] Yep.
- This is crazy!
- Yeah, pretty crazy.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- OK, what if I
don't book any jobs?
I can't afford this.
- That will never happen
- Well, how do you know?
- 'Cause actually,
one of my big clients
that I work with all the time,
their model dropped out
for tomorrow, so congrats.
You booked your first job.
- Oh my God, are you?
This is a joke, this is
a joke, this is a joke.
Are there hidden cameras?
There are cameras, huh?
They are cameras.
- Really?
- [Dakota] Hello, yes.
- Huh, you think
that I'm that cruel?
- Well, I don't know you.
- I'm not.
It's for real.
- Wow.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Seriously, you are,
you're the best, I...
- Nah.
- Oh my gosh, look
at this closet!
Oh, my God.
this is insane, have
you seen this closet?
- [Monte] Yeah,
you're a star, girl.
- [Dakota] It's a walk-in.
- [Monte] Whoo, yep!
- [Dakota] I can't even
fill this all the way up.
- [Monte] Get used to it.
- Ah, this is crazy.
- Well,
yeah, I'll send you
the info for tomorrow
and I'll send a car to
pick you up in the morning
and kill it.
- [Dakota] OK.
- All right.
- Good night.
- Yeah, good night.
- Also,
I just wanted to say thank
you so much for this.
I'm really happy that we met
and that you saw
potential in me.
- No problem.
But yeah, get some sleep.
I'll text you the
details for the morning
See you tomorrow.
- Bye, good night.
This is great!
(soft serene music)
(birds cawing)
- [Jeremy] Hey.
- [Dakota] Ooh.
It's great to see you.
- You too.
I saw the photos from
the first day we met.
You looked amazing in them.
- I was shocked, I mean,
you were right about Monte.
- Yeah, he is great
at what he does.
Just be careful.
- In what sense?
- No, just in general.
Come on.
- Nope, I'm sitting up front.
- [Jeremy] All right.
(car starting)
Do you have plans
after the shoot?
- [Dakota] No.
- [Jeremy] Do you want to
grab a bite or something?
- [Dakota] Yeah, I'm
down, let's do it.
- [Jeremy] Dope.
(lighthearted R&B music)
I know you've
been waiting for
someone like me
Like me like me
I know you've
been hurting
It's all that I see.
I see I see
I hope you keep
the lights so fair
Oh yeah oh yeah
I hope you know I'm
here and I'm staying
Oh yeah oh yeah
I'm all you got
I'm all you need
I'm all you see
So baby
Stay with me
Ooh oh oh yeah
Oh oh oh
Oh oh yeah
Oh oh oh oh
(shutter clicking)
- That's a wrap.
- [Dakota] That's it?
- That's it.
- OK, so how did I do?
- How do you
think you did?
- I think I killed
it, I think I killed.
Did I kill it?
- You fucking killed it!
- Oh, thank you.
(background chattering)
- I'm trying to tear it up, man.
100 percent.
- Monte Astro!
What's up?
- Long time, bro.
- Great to see you, bro.
- [Monte] Great to see you.
- You know Quentin?
- Hell yeah.
Monte, I'm a big fan
of your shit, man.
You got some baddies
on your page.
- Big fan as well,
nice to mean you, yeah.
This is Dakota, by the way.
- Hi, I am freaking
out right now.
You are seriously my
favorite comedian ever.
Ever, yes, yes.
- Me?
- [Dakota] Yes.
- Wow, I am flattered.
- I think you're amazing too.
- Aw, thanks.
- Let's focus on me,
I'm your favorite.
- No, you are.
- Come on, man,
share the spotlight.
- I hate to be that girl,
but could we please
just have one photo?
Just one.
- [Quinton] Please be that
girl, I would love it.
- Sure.
- OK, thank you.
- They're gonna love it.
Oh, we got Monte on
the lens, definitely.
- Only for you guys.
Cool, thank you so much.
- Monte, come on,
man, give us a couple.
You know you're a professional.
Come on, man, give us
a couple of angles.
- Perfect, thank you
guys, I appreciate it.
- Oh, those are great.
- Oh my gosh, these are,
yeah, these are amazing.
- Yeah, yeah, definitely.
- [Dakota] Thank you.
- Post those, you know,
make sure to tag me
so I know how to find you.
- Yeah, of course, yeah.
- So nice to meet you.
- Bye.
- Take care.
- Good to see you, bro.
See you soon.
- Ok
(Dakota giggling)
- Oh my gosh.
- Oh man, that Quinton,
he's a good one.
- He's my favorite comedian.
This is crazy.
- OK.
- [Stylist] All right,
let's get you set up here.
(serene music)
All right.
(Dakota giggling)
- So, what do you think?
- I think you look
absolutely gorgeous.
- [Dakota] Thank you.
- Good seeing you, Monte.
Just click the
alarm on the way out
and door locks automatically.
- [Monte] For sure,
thank you so much.
- Bye.
- [Monte] Here, check this out.
(Dakota gasping)
- Oh my gosh, what is this?
- I had a stylist pull
some pieces for you
because I figured, you know,
you could use some new clothes.
- No, you've already done
so much for me, I can't.
- No, no, I'm not buying it.
I work with all these brands,
so it's free, it's for you.
- Oh, I thought, nevermind,
nevermind, I'm sorry.
- No, it's cool, because,
you know, I'm so ugly,
but that's OK,
because so are you.
- I'm ugly?
- No, it's one of their songs.
I'm so ugly
- [Dakota] I have-
- Nevermind.
I've never heard of that brand.
- Brand, it's a band.
- Oh, I've never heard of them.
- Right.
How old are you?
- 21.
- All right, yeah, well,
try on whatever you want,
and I'll let you
know what I think.
- OK.
- Cool.
(energetic electronic music)
- All right, put it in the pile.
(energetic electronic music)
Yes, that's a yes.
(soft music)
- So,
how do I look?
- You look amazing.
- You wouldn't lie
to me, would you?
- No.
Would you lie to me?
- No, never.
- OK, then.
All right.
(soft electronic music)
Throwing my
bottle to go
I'm holding on
to this feeling
You left my out
in the cold
Look in the guide
for the reason
But you just wanna
live your best life
And I'm just out here
trying to get by
Don't know what happen
you just switched sides
I thinking maybe this
just ain't right
So meet me on
the west side
And keeping track
at all times
Through the city
we'll be roaming
She'll be rooming
till the morning
They said you're
with somebody else
Somebody else
These is something
I know that
we should try
Did you think
he'd be better
I'm the only
one like me
Moments that we could
Hold until we die
I could be the one
that you hold at night
But I'm just the one
that you left behind
(speed bag rattling)
- Hey!
What are you doing here?
- Oh, I just hopped the fence
to get a little workout in.
- So you, you live here?
- Yeah.
- OK, well, do you
guys have any coffee?
- Nope.
But I'll go grab you some.
- No, no, no, no, don't,
don't worry about it.
It's no big deal.
Hey, do you still want
to grab lunch sometimes?
- OK, yeah.
- [Dakota] OK.
- Shoot went pretty
late last night, huh?
- Yeah, we, we went to the
showroom and got some outfits
after the shoot.
- I didn't realize your
dress was designer.
- Wow, very funny.
You know, you're lucky
I don't know boxing.
- I don't know, from
what I heard last night,
you seem pretty scrappy.
- Wow, OK.
- Dakota!
Don't say I didn't warn you.
- Got it.
(soft tense music)
(upbeat caper music)
(soft music)
(soft caper music)
(soft music)
- What do you want to do today?
- Hmm.
We should go to the zoo.
- The zoo?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, yeah.
- OK.
- It'll be fun.
- Let's do it.
- They're so pretty.
- Yeah, they are.
You know, you kind of
remind me of a giraffe.
- What a compliment.
- It is, actually.
Long neck, unique face,
a little thick down low.
- Oh, nice save.
- Yeah.
It's better than being
the spirit animal
of every other model in LA.
- What are other models?
- Koalas.
- What?
I love koalas, they're so cute.
- They're gross, too, though.
They get entitled, they
sleep 18 hours a day,
they only eat eucalyptus.
80% of the population
has chlamydia.
- Well, good thing I'm not
a model because I'm a muse.
- Yes, you are.
But you know these guys also
drink each other's piss, right?
- That's disgusting,
you're lying.
You made that up.
- I mean, not so much
drink, it's more like a...
(sucking teeth)
- I don't believe you.
- It's so they can see if
the female is ovulating.
It's crazy shit.
- Well, do you want to
know what animal you are?
- Yes.
- Dolphin.
- Mm-mm.
- Mm-hmm.
- Nope.
- Yep, because people
see half of you
and they think you're a shark.
But what I see is someone
who's smart, sweet,
cute, and you make me happy.
- Mwah!
Why are you so smart?
Why are you so cool?
Why are you so sexy, huh?
("Show You My World" by Upstate)
Head for the sun
Follow your footsteps
Edge of the world
Right to your
doorstep home
Anywhere you wanna go
Beyond the stars
Out where
the sun sets
We'll find the light
We'll keep it
our secret oh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Anywhere you wanna go
Down any road
Anywhere you wanna go
Show you my world
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Show you my world
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Show you my world
Outrun the dark
Keep our eyes open
Mountains we cross
Sail every ocean oh
Ooh ooh ooh
ooh ooh ooh
Anywhere you wanna go
Show you my world
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Show you my world
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Show you my world
Show you the
world darlin'
Let's leave
it all behind
We'll keep the
sun shining
And let it tell
the time oh
Anywhere you wanna go
Show you my world
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Show you my world
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Show you my world
- So you said earlier that
you could create such beauty
in two dimensions that
doesn't really exist in three.
- Yeah.
- Don't you see
the danger in that?
- In what sense?
- Well, creating an
unattainable ideal for teenagers
is something that can
cause depression, anxiety,
body dysmorphia, even suicide.
- I think that's a
little bit of a reach.
But yeah, it might,
unfortunately, for some.
And then others might look
at my photos and think, huh,
I want to look like that,
maybe I should drop the
video game controller,
put down the chips,
go out for a jog.
- Sure, but I think the
majority of people who look
at your photographs are gonna
be left feeling less than.
- Maybe.
But we're not all equal.
That's a lie.
It's a lie that we're fed
from a very young age.
And it's complete bullshit.
The whole dismantling
of the podium,
handing out participation
trophies, creating safe spaces.
It's bullshit.
Some of us are
smarter than others,
taller, faster,
stronger, funnier.
And yes, some people are
more beautiful than others.
So, if my photos leave
some people with a feeling
of less than, as you put it,
that is something
I'm very OK with.
(soft serene music)
(water splashing)
(exhaling and inhaling deeply)
(faucet running)
(soft music)
(soft music)
- [Deliverer] Dakota?
- Hi, thank you.
- [Deliverer] You're welcome.
(soft music)
- Hey.
- Morning, gorgeous.
- Morning.
- What's up?
- Nothing.
- Something's up.
- I just hope that this lasts.
- What makes you say that?
- I just hope that it does.
- Yeah, but what makes
you say that now?
- I don't know.
- You obviously do now,
just say whatever it is.
- I feel like you're
gonna get mad at me.
- Why would I be upset with you?
- I don't know.
- Hey.
Why would I be upset with you?
- I haven't been
completely honest with you.
- About what?
- I lied to you.
And I'm sorry.
- Lied about what?
- I'm actually only 17.
- No, no, no, no, no.
You're fucking with me, right?
- It's the truth.
- Baby, please tell me
you're fucking with me.
Please, please tell me
you're fucking with me.
How fucking selfish
could you be?
- I didn't mean for
any of this to happen.
You know, everything was
just happening so fast.
I didn't, I'm sorry.
- What's the first thing that
comes up when you Google me?
What is it?
I want to hear you say it.
What is the first thing that
comes up when you Google me?
- The problem that you had.
- Right.
So after years and years
of working my ass off
and putting out some of
the best work in the world,
that is what I'm reduced
to, is a fucking headline!
Fuck, is that what
you want from me?
- I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
No, you're not, you used
me to help yourself.
Do you even give a fuck
how this affects me?
- Of course I do.
- Well, you're a liar.
- I'm not a liar, I'm sorry.
- A liar and a little whore.
17 years old, already
fucking your way to the top.
You gonna fucking hit me?
Do you, is that
what you wanna do?
You wanna fucking hit me,
you wanna fucking hit me?
Is that what you wanna do,
you wanna fucking hit me?
Yeah, you lie, then you hit me?
- Please don't
hurt me, I'm sorry.
- You think I would waste my
time hurting a fucking child?
Huh, do you?
Get the fuck out of my house!
Here, pack your shit
and get the fuck out!
(intense droning music)
(door closing)
(Dakota whimpering)
Hey, did you want to
take this with you?
You know you're the
exact fucking reason
why I don't trust
anybody, right?
I open every possible door
for you and the entire time,
I'm unknowingly
falling for a girl
that I could be arrested for.
- I know, I know, OK?
I didn't have anything.
OK, do you know what that
is like to have nothing?
I didn't have
anybody to love me.
I didn't have any money.
I didn't have my father.
My mother puts me
down every day.
I was raped by my
mother's boyfriend.
So I'm sorry, but when
someone comes into your life
and they make you feel
special, you can't let that go.
I mean, I couldn't.
And I should have
told you my age, OK?
I should have.
But the truth is, I have not
been a child since I was 12.
So fuck you.
- Wait, wait, wait.
(soft music)
(muffled announcement
(serene music)
- You didn't have to
treat her like that, man.
- Excuse me?
- Real tough yelling
at a 17-year-old
calling her a liar and a whore.
- You know, sometimes I wonder,
could I get a refund on
this rehab treatment?
- Go fuck yourself!
- You really think
I haven't noticed?
- We all got our issues, right?
- I'd call mine an
occupational hazard.
- Same.
You know, I never
had any drug problems
until the night you
almost killed me.
I don't know.
Maybe I was just more affected
by Mike's death than you were.
- Real fucking tough, man,
justifying your junkie behavior
on the loss of my
fucking brother.
- You don't even talk about him.
(Jeremy sniffing)
- And whose flask was I
What did you do that night?
- [Jeremy] Whatever, man.
- Whatever, man.
You know I could
have sold your ass
down the fucking
river for that one,
giving alcohol to a minor,
letting him drive your car.
- Minor my ass.
You were 18 years old, bitch!
- Exactly, under 21.
You ever wonder who I told?
- Who?
- Nobody.
- Good.
- You ever wonder why
I didn't tell anybody?
- Enlighten me.
- Because I was 18 years
old and I made a mistake
and it cost me everything.
- Are you really trying to
make me feel bad for you?
- No.
I'm saying don't
feel bad for her.
She knew what she was doing.
Look, I get it.
You have a crush on her.
But you gotta let it go.
- If you're worried, don't be.
You're an arrogant
fucking prick.
But it's not your fault
you stepped in shit again.
- [Monte] Thanks.
- I'm going to meet a friend.
No stress, Monte.
- A friend.
- Jesus, you want me to start
filling out a time card?
You get a girlfriend,
disappear, shit goes awry,
and now you're up my ass?
- What's on the menu for
you and your friend, Jeremy?
Some Percocet?
Maybe some Vicodin?
Huh, wash it down with
a little bit of booze?
- Fuck you!
- Yeah.
Hey, let me know if you need
an Uber, all right, pal?
(ringback tone sounding)
(liquid steaming)
(soft acoustic music playing)
Out the window
He's a traveling guy
Not even low down
- Hey.
Hi, sorry.
The traffic was so bad.
I'm glad you called.
- Well, Timothy
couldn't make it,
so I had to set up for you.
- Oh.
Timothy's doing great.
How are you?
- You know.
- Yeah.
That's what I thought.
- It's cool, though.
I'll snap out of it.
- I'm not judging you.
- I appreciate that.
- Is there anything
that's bothering you?
- I've just been having a tough
time, in general, you know?
It's like,
I'm really in love
with this girl.
But she,
she doesn't see me like that.
- Mmm.
- It's not even that
big of a deal, though.
I just want to sit here and hang
with a normal person
for a minute, you know?
- Yeah.
Definitely a shortage
of that in the city.
- This fucking city.
- A phone call.
- I gotta take this.
- OK.
- Hello?
- [Dakota] Oh my gosh,
I'm so glad you answered.
I feel really weird
calling you, but I had to.
- Yeah, figured
it was important.
- Yeah, I'm freaking out because
Monte won't answer
any of my calls
and he's blocked
me on everything.
- He's obviously pretty pissed.
I think you should
just let it be.
- I can't.
I actually really, really
need to talk to him.
I think the situation's
about to get really bad.
- What is it?
- I have to be the
one to tell him.
- I don't want him to know
that I spoke with you.
- OK, well, how can you
get him to talk to me?
- I can't.
- You don't get it,
this is something
he for sure will want to
know and he needs to hear
from me first.
- OK.
- [Dakota] OK, what?
- You could just show up to
his gala opening next week.
He'll be there.
- You're the best.
Seriously, thank you so much.
- I'll see you there.
Please don't make a scene.
- [Dakota] I won't, I promise.
I'll see you there.
- Yeah.
- How about this notion that
a lot of your work is very
sexual and provocative.
We've seen this surge
in underage girls
taking photographs
of themselves.
- Dude, why do you
keep trying to make me
talk about underage
girls in nude photos?
I'm getting pretty
fucking sick of it.
- Well, I'm only speaking
in a general sense.
I'm not being specific
to your legal troubles.
- OK.
Well, if you like to speak
about it in a general sense,
let's turn the recorder
off and talk off the record
for a second.
- Absolutely.
- You just said that my photos
contribute to body dysmorphia,
anxiety, depression,
and even suicide amongst teens.
Anybody that's suffering from
any of those aforementioned
do you think it's very likely
that they're gonna
grab their phone,
go into their parents' bathroom,
take their clothes off, and
take a nude photo of themselves?
They're doing it
because there's a much,
much bigger issue in play,
and that's bad parenting,
plain and simple.
As for the other issue
that affected me personally
when I was arrested
for photographing
a 16-year-old girl nude,
that's an industry thing.
That's a problem that
our industry faces,
that there's girls that
are 15, 16, 17 years old
that look like they're 25.
So the girl that I
photographed nude,
if she was standing right
there in front of us,
and you didn't know, and
there's a gun to your head,
and if you're wrong, you die,
if I asked you,
is she under or is
she over 18 years old?
You and 99.9% of the population
would say she's over 18.
And that's all I'm
gonna talk about
regarding underage
girls and nude photos.
- All right.
Well, thank you for that.
- [Monte] Great.
- Back on the record?
- Sure.
By the way, don't you see
that you're perpetuating
the same problems
that your moral compass thinks
that I'm contributing
to, if not creating?
- What leads you to say that?
- This.
You work for the
same publication
that publishes my photos,
your paychecks come
because of the articles
that you write for
that publication,
and you're sitting here
passing judgment on me
when you're only
making me bigger.
You're giving me an audience
that I might not
necessarily have
because somebody's
gonna read this article
and they're gonna
go wow, that's dope.
I wanna be a photographer now.
Wow, these girls are so
pretty, this is really cool.
And then guess what?
There's another me.
Then there's more
sad people, right?
More less than,
according to you.
- So,
by writing about you,
it's an endorsement
regardless of
what's been written.
- Yeah.
- [Dakota] My name
is on the list.
- No, your name's
not on the list,
so you can't go in, step aside.
- Again, my name's on the list,
I'm not stepping to the side.
- I just checked the
list, it's not on there.
- Well, let me see the list.
- I'm sorry.
- Hand me the list!
- It's not on there.
- My name is on the list.
- Please step aside.
- Let me see the list.
- Please move out the way.
- Listen-
- Dakota, I got it.
- Get your-
- I got it, I got it.
- Asshole, thank you.
- Is that you, girl?
(upbeat electronic music)
- Thank you, thank you so much.
- No, thank you.
- Hey, what's up?
It is great, great to see you.
- Hi.
- Look, I'm starting to think
that you're actually trying
to ruin my life.
- I wouldn't be here if
you just acted like a man
and didn't block me
like a 17-year-old girl.
- Hilarious.
So what can I do for you?
- Well, for starters, you
can stop being an asshole.
- Sure, yeah.
Well, if you didn't lie to me,
I would have never
been an asshole to you.
- Ironically, when I tried
telling you the truth,
you flipped out on me, so.
- Tried telling me the truth?
- Yeah.
I mean, that was the only reason
I told you my age was because,
because I'm pregnant.
- You're full of shit.
- [Dakota] Nope.
- OK.
Well, if you're telling the
truth, this is very, very bad.
- It doesn't have to be.
- It is.
What, you're
looking to get paid?
(Dakota chuckling)
Not a problem.
I got you.
I promise.
- No.
You know, you really
are such a coward.
- OK, great.
Yeah, thank you so much
for coming to the party.
Your support means
everything to me.
I really appreciate it.
I'm glad you could come.
OK, and if anybody asks
if you know me, you don't.
You're just a fan, you know?
You came with a friend, right?
We'll talk later.
Got it?
- Got it, bud.
All right, bye.
(tense theme music)
- Speaking of the devil,
is Dakota off at
school or something?
I haven't seen her
around in a few months.
- School, ha!
Man, she's a real scholar.
- I just thought maybe
she was off to college
or got herself a
boyfriend or something.
- That selfish
little bitch ran away
and left me working day and
night to keep this place going.
- What?
Where'd she run off to?
- Probably LA.
She says some crap like, do
I think she could be a model?
Give me a break.
- She is a gorgeous girl,
there's no question about that.
I think she gets
it from her mother.
- Mm-mm.
No accountability.
After everything I did for
her, she just takes off.
- Well, I am sorry to hear that.
I thought she was a nice girl.
- Yeah.
Shit happens.
I'm not too worried.
She called me the other
day and I didn't answer.
- Why not?
- Probably asking me for money.
She'll be back sooner than later
when her half-baked
modeling career
doesn't turn out like
she thought it would.
- She's coming back,
of course she is.
She loves you.
Not as much as I do, though.
- My baby.
But, I can't cave
into her bullshit.
- Of course not.
- This is so stupid.
I took two the
morning I got sick
when I tried telling you,
but you flipped out on me.
- Look, if you're
actually pregnant,
there's no telling it's mine.
You're obviously prone to lying.
- I've only been with
you and you know that.
- And if you're not,
this is still a very,
very bad situation for me.
- If you want to
deny this child,
then we can always
have the hospital
request a paternity test.
But then, they'll probably
have to call the cops
on you, right?
- You're not having this baby.
That I'm sure of.
- Really?
- Look, we had a really
strong connection.
And despite all this bullshit,
I still really care about you.
Do you care about me?
- Of course I do.
- OK.
So then you know that
for photographing
an underage girl naked,
I am now a registered
sex offender.
- I mean, I knew
you got in trouble.
I didn't know about
the sex offender part.
- So if I were to father
a child with a minor
and anybody found out about
it, my life is literally over.
- Nobody will find out.
- 10 years minimum,
federal prison.
Fuck my career, I'm not
even concerned about that.
I'm telling you, if you
go through with this,
my life is over.
- We will figure it out.
I've already looked into it,
and with my mother's consent,
we can get married.
And then you'd be fine, you
wouldn't get in trouble.
- You're sure about that?
- Yes.
- I mean, this is
literally insane.
This is insane, but,
there's really no
other option than,
I can't believe that you'd think
that I would put my
fate in the hands
of your admittedly
abusive, unstable mother
and just roll the dice.
Not a fucking chance!
- See?
Told you I wasn't lying to you.
- Here's a hundred grand, OK?
This is more money than
you've ever seen in your life,
and it's gonna cost you nothing.
All you have to do
is get an abortion.
This will cover the abortion,
and it will also cover
your living expenses
for at least a year.
- I'm not getting an abortion!
I'm not taking a life!
- Yeah?
What about me?
What about my life?
- It's not the same,
and you know it.
- Yes, it is.
Look, you're getting a
fucking abortion, all right?
You knew exactly
what happened to me.
You lied about it.
Seriously, what's the plan?
Are you gonna go on reality TV,
be the next It Girl, huh?
Be part of Oprah's Book Club,
go on there and
cry your eyes out,
tell your little
fucking sad story?
Is that the plan?
No, I wanna know, is
that what you want?
Because when you get
a little bit older,
you're gonna think about
this very, very differently.
You're gonna realize, wow,
Monte actually was
a pretty good guy.
You know, I've been
pretty good to you, right?
And I'm asking you
to do me this favor.
To save me, and you won't do it.
And then you're
also gonna realize
that you should have done it.
And that this was the
biggest fucking mistake
you ever made in your life.
Because when you're dragging
a kid around by yourself,
and they ask you, they say,
hey, Mommy,
who's my dad?
Where's my dad?
You're not gonna have
an answer for them.
You're gonna have to lie to
them, just like you lied to me.
Because you're not
gonna tell them,
Daddy's rotting in prison.
But eventually, they're gonna
know that you're a liar.
They're gonna put
two and two together,
and they're gonna realize
that Mommy was an eager,
opportunistic little whore.
And they're always
gonna hate you for it.
- [Motivational Speaker]
So put in all the studies,
and it gives you
a sense of purpose
and focus for the hours ahead.
Next, and this is
very important,
listen to educational
and audio cassettes
during traveling time.
In your car, as you drive,
or with a portable Walkman
if you use public
transportation, or
as you're flying,
the average car
owner drives 12,000
to 25,000 miles.
- I get it.
But I don't wanna do that.
I can't do that.
- All right.
Look, since you don't wanna
remove her from the equation,
and obviously you don't
wanna go to prison,
I think this is the
only choice you have.
- Well, that's fucked.
- Yeah.
Look, if I was you,
I'd strongly consider
getting rid of the broad.
I mean, she's a runaway.
She's been missing
for six months.
There's no APB out on her.
To be honest with you,
I don't think anybody
gives a fuck about her.
- I do, I give a
fuck about her, OK?
It's not an option, she's
not getting killed, period.
- I guess we have our answer.
- I guess.
- OK.
I'll be in touch.
Oh, and hey,
it's gonna be 10 grand more.
I'll hit you up with
instructions later.
- [Monte] Thanks.
- [Motivational Speaker]
Hours per year in the car.
This translates into 12
and a half to 20 days
to use to vote yourself
off of somebody else.
- [Monte] Would you lie to me?
- [Fixer] I'd strongly consider
getting rid of the broad.
She's a runaway.
- [Monte] You used
me to help yourself!
- [Dakota] You don't know what
it's like to have nothing!
- [Jeremy] Real tough
yelling at a 17-year old.
- [Fixer] Nobody gives
a fuck about her.
- [Jeremy] Calling her
a liar and a whore.
- [Male Speaker] You're
always stepping in shit.
(dialog rapidly overlapping)
- [Anderson] But then, it takes
a very well documented nosedive.
- [Fixer] I guess
we have our answer.
- Hey.
- What do you want?
- Can we talk?
I owe you an apology.
Can I come in?
(soft music)
- So?
- Well.
I'm sorry.
I'm very sorry for
saying the things
that I said to you.
For treating you
the way that I did.
I'm embarrassed.
I'm just,
I'm really scared.
- Scared?
You should have never
said those things to me.
OK, I trusted you.
I opened up to you.
- I know, I know.
I'm an idiot, OK?
- Yeah.
- You know, this
is the only thing
that I've been able to think
about for like the last week.
And aside from being
extremely embarrassed,
I miss you.
It's like when you told
me you were 17 years old.
Yeah, I was incredibly pissed.
But I was very,
very sad because I
knew that that meant
that everything that we had
is just getting ripped away.
But that doesn't
have to be the case.
- I'm listening.
- I am so sorry, OK?
I really am.
And I know that this is
like probably the last thing
that you want at this point.
I'm sure you're
disgusted with me.
But I want to raise
this kid with you.
I want us to be a family.
I talked to someone.
I looked into it, and
they said that they could
get you a passport, a
Social Security card,
a driver's license, everything
that shows that you're 21.
It's a different identity,
but it would be 21, OK?
That way we could be together,
there would be no issues.
You can never talk to
your mother again, but,
I know that's a lot to ask,
but it's a huge
risk for me too, OK?
But it's one that I'm
very willing to take.
Because I love you.
- What?
- I love you.
- Say that again.
- I love you.
(door opening)
- Is it cool if I join you?
- I was just about
to get out, actually.
Just give me a minute in
the bathroom's all yours.
- You remember that day when
you stroked my hair in the tub?
And then we went to the zoo?
- Yeah.
Sorry, I'm just not
really in a hair-stroking
kind of mood, you know?
- It's OK.
(ominous music)
- You want me to handcuff you
for being such a bad girl?
- Yes, daddy.
- Don't call me
that, turn around.
(cuffs stretching)
- What are you gonna do to me?
(loud smacking)
- I want to hear you
say, I'm sorry, Monte.
- I'm sorry.
- Say it, say, I'm sorry, Monte.
(loud smacking)
I'm so sorry, I'm fucking sorry.
(loud smacking)
I'm fucking sorry, Monte.
- [Monte] Treat yourself
to a new bag, I see.
- I was sad.
I got it from my modeling shoot.
- It's not something
a responsible mother
would do, is it?
- No.
- It's so pretty.
Why are you so sorry?
- You know why, baby.
- Is it because you lied to me?
Is it?
- No.
- Say it, say, I'm
a fucking liar.
Say it.
- No.
- Say it, say, I'm
a fucking liar!
- I'm a fucking liar.
- Say it, say, I'm
a fucking liar!
- I'm a fucking liar,
I'm a fucking liar.
- That's right, stand still.
(Dakota sobbing)
("Ave Maria" by Schubert)
(loud smacking)
(Dakota crying)
- [Monte] Say, I'm
a fucking liar!
(Dakota sobbing)
(somber music)
(Dakota breathing deeply)
(knife slicing lettuce)
- Hey.
- Hey, baby.
Look, I'm sorry if I took it
a little bit too far upstairs.
Just a little bit upset
still, you know, but,
I love you.
- It's OK, I understand.
I love you too.
(soft acoustic music)
- Remember, you're
eating for two now.
- Still gonna love
me when I'm fat?
- Only while you're pregnant.
- So charming.
- You want sweet
tea or lemonade?
- Sweet tea.
This looks really good.
- Tastes better.
(ominous music)
- I'll never lie to you
again, I promise you that.
You mean so much to me and
I never wanted to hurt you.
- I know, babe.
- Cheers.
- [Monte] Cheers.
(eerie music)
(door opening)
- Monte.
- Ready to go.
(eerie music)
(footsteps stomping)
(ominous music)
- [Doctor] All right,
can you stabilize
her legs, please?
Hold them.
- [Fixer] I got it, Doc.
(soft whispering)
- [Monte] Are you
stabbing it with those?
- [Doctor] Dilating her cervix
so I can perform the procedure,
if that's OK with you.
- [Monte] Yeah.
- You may want to
leave the room.
(Monte sniffing)
- I'm fine.
(vacuum whirling)
(eerie music)
- OK.
- 100% confirmed, Doc?
- Yes.
- [Fixer] Hey, Monte.
- Yeah.
- When you get up
tomorrow morning,
everything's the same, OK?
- OK.
- [Fixer] Nothing's different.
This never happened.
- [Doctor] She's gonna be sore.
And a lot of cramping.
Also some spotting
on her underwear,
which is completely normal
after a miscarriage.
- Understood.
(soft somber music)
- You're right.
You're so right.
Motherfucking coward!
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
- [Dr. Olivera] Dakota?
- [Dakota] Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Dr. Olivera.
- [Dakota] Nice to meet you.
- Hi.
What brings you here today?
- Um, I've been having
really, really bad cramps,
and I had some
spotting this morning.
- How far along are you?
- [Dakota] I'm 11 weeks.
- OK, well, why
don't we take a look,
see what's going on?
You lay back.
Kick this out.
Unfortunately, it's
gonna be a little cold.
Here we go.
Here we go.
- [Dakota] What is it?
Is something wrong?
Can you please say
something, what is it?
- OK, look, sweetie.
- [Dakota] What
is it, why'd you-
- Look, I'm sorry.
Sweetie, you had a miscarriage?
- No.
No, you have,
you have to check again,
what are you doing?
Check again!
- Unfortunately, I'm positive.
- [Dakota] Please check.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Come on, you sit up, sit up.
(Dakota sobbing)
Come on, sit up here, sit up.
Come on.
Shh, shh, shh.
- I don't know what
you mean, what,
what happened, what
did I do wrong?
Why is this happening to me?
- Listen, this is very,
very common, Dakota.
But I can't stress enough
not to blame yourself.
At this stage, it's usually
due to abnormal chromosomes
during the development
of the fetus,
and it's impossible
to know exactly,
but I can tell
you this for sure.
It wasn't your fault.
It wasn't your fault.
Just wasn't your
time to be a mommy.
But you're a healthy girl,
and you're gonna have a
beautiful family one day.
- [Dakota] I'm gonna be sick.
I need to, I need to go right
now, I need to go right now.
- You're, like, completely sure,
we shouldn't get
a second opinion?
- Maybe we ask
somebody else, maybe?
I didn't-
- I can tell you with
complete certainty
that you miscarried,
and I'm sorry.
I'm gonna leave
you two alone, OK?
I'm sorry.
- Thank you.
(Dakota sobbing)
Oh, my baby.
What did I do wrong?
- Nothing, nothing,
you didn't do anything.
Come here.
(Dakota sobbing)
- Babe, don't you think
we should just cancel
the trip for now?
- No, I,
I was really looking
forward to this vacation.
- Yeah, but,
I mean, the cabin's
not going anywhere.
I'm not going anywhere.
(ominous music)
You need rest.
- No, I need to get away.
I need to clear my mind.
- OK, we'll go.
- Dakota, can I talk
to you for a second?
- What's up?
- I just need to talk to
you in the other room,
if that's cool.
- Jer, I really, I
don't feel too well, so,
whatever you have to say,
you can just tell me.
- Yeah, man.
- [Dakota] Is everything OK?
- [Monte] What's up?
- It's really not that
big of a deal, I just,
I didn't want to
touch your stuff.
Which bags did you want
me to put in the car?
- I left two by the door.
- [Jeremy] OK.
- Thanks, bro.
(soft music)
- [Motivational Speaker]
For his 800 entrepreneurs
who all had separate franchises
within his organization
on how to become
self-made billionaires.
I said, sure.
- Hey, can you pull over,
I got to take a piss.
- Right here?
- Yes.
- [Motivational Speaker] Sure,
I'll speak on that subject.
I was just like those
people when I was young.
I wanted to be a billionaire
by the time I was 30.
- Dakota.
- Yeah?
- You need to see this.
- [Doctor] All right.
Can you stabilize
her legs, please?
Hold them.
- [Fixer] I got it, Doc.
(Dakota sobbing)
- What is this?
- I'm really sorry.
- [Doctor] I'm
dilating her cervix.
- I just thought you should know
what actually happened to you.
- Unlock the door, Jeremy.
Please unlock the door.
Fucking unlock the door, Jeremy!
Unlock the fucking door!
How the fuck could
you do this to me?
How, how could you?
- Hey, hey, hey.
- You are a monster!
- What are you talking about?
- How could you do this to me?
Did you love me?
Did you ever love me?
- I do love you, I do love you.
- Don't touch me,
don't touch me!
- Babe, what are
you talking about?
- I know what you did.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- He showed me what you
and your disgusting friends
did to me.
You took my baby.
You fucking took
my baby from me.
How can you live with yourself?
And the craziest thing is
you almost got away
with this shit!
- What do you mean
he showed you?
- [Dakota] Jeremy!
- What the fuck are you
talking about he showed you?
- Jeremy, get out of the
fucking car and show,
fucking show him
what you showed me!
You show him.
(tense theme music)
- Yeah, Jeremy, show me.
Show me.
- I'm sorry, man.
I had to show her what you did.
- [Dakota] Why, why are
you sorry for what he did?
- You can't do
something like that
and not thinking
it's gonna come back
and bite you in the ass.
- Do something like what?
Hire a fucking junkie?
Let you freeload
off me for years?
Treat you like family, huh?
Expect that you won't plant a
fucking camera in my bedroom?
What, I really want
to fucking know!
I want to know.
Is this your idea of how
you just you sweep in
you pull her off her
feet, you get the girl?
Here, have her, have her!
Is this why you threw
sobriety down the drain, huh?
Over a 17 year old girl?
(tense theme music)
(door closing)
You are one dumb motherfucker!
You just, you just couldn't
let me get away with it, huh?
You just had to tell her.
- You're gonna
shoot me now, huh?
Do what you got to do.
You killed me 13 years
ago you piece of shit!
You're fucking finished.
- You think that I
wanted to do that?
Kill my own fucking baby?
You think I wanted to?
No, I didn't want to kill her.
But now, because of
you I have to shoot you
then I have to shoot her and
it is your fucking fault!
- Do it.
Fucking do it!
(tense theme music)
Wouldn't put it past the guy
who kills his own brother
and his own fucking baby!
(gun firing)
(tinnitus blaring)
- Walk, walk!
Turn the fuck and walk!
Go on!
Walk, walk.
(tinnitus blaring)
Don't you fucking turn around.
Keep walking!
(dramatic theme music)
- Bye.
(gun firing)
(vehicle approaching)
(singer vocalizing
to rock music)
Na na na na
(door squeaking open)
("Luna" by Kuzo)
- Hey, Mom.
Let's bend the rules
Then break
some hearts
Ghost town
blaze bound
Follow the sound
Of my voice
Cherry go round
cherry go round
I'll take a drag
of your love
Pass pass baby
puff puff
Cherry go round
cherry go round
Blitz buzzed hook ups
Summer flings
the good stuff
Down down down down
With the cherry
go round
And oh you're
too kind
Oh lighting me
up every night
Laying on the velvet
decedent and selfish
And he says blame
it on the luna
I'm feelin'
pretty screwed up
I'm just a
burner she says
But I got big
dreams in my head
Shotgun kiss
it's a smoke out
Now you know what
it's all about
Cherry go round
Cherry go round
I'll take a drag
of your love
Pass pass baby
puff puff
Oh cherry
cherry go round
Hook ups
Summer flings
the good stuff
Down down down down
With the cherry go
round cherry go round
Cherry go round
cherry go round
Cherry go round
cherry go round
Cherry go round
cherry go round
Cherry go round
cherry go round