Rules Ranjann (2023) Movie Script

There are 3 types of students in any college.
First, who wants to be a topper.
Second, who was to hit a six in a cricket match.
Third, those who applaud the first two types.
I belong to the third type.
My name is Manoranjan.
You must have seen me
but wouldn't recognize me.
Because neither am I a studious first-bench
student nor am I a rebellious last-bench student.
I am the third type.
The type which studies only on the
previous night of the exam.
An average student.
-Sleep man.
My parents. Mom works as a tailor.
Dad sells sugarcane juice.
My parents worked hard their whole
lives to make me an engineer.
I got a job through campus placement as well.
I thought I would be placed in either
Bangalore or Hyderabad but
Excuse me.
Will we get selected?
If you want to get selected in the interview
They will ask you a question,
Are you willing to relocate?
What does that mean?
It means are you willing to work
in any part of the country?
If you say no, they will reject you.
I will definitely say yes.
Good morning, sir.
-Good morning, Ma'am.
The placement is available in only North India.
Do you know Hindi?
Sir, Except Chittoor Telugu I doesn't know any language.
Moreover, I can sleep peacefully only
if I eat chicken curry with ragi balls.
I can't digest chapatis and parathas, sir.
Get lost.
Welcome, sir.
Bye, madam.
Mr. Manoranjan
-Yes, sir.
All the best, brother.
Hi, sir.
Are you willing to relocate?
Yes, sir.
-Do you know Hindi?
Yes, ma'am.
I converse in Hindi with the Gurkha in our colony too.
Also, I'm watching a lot of Pan-Indian movies.
There's a film called Vaadhiyanji-Vaadhiyan.
The hero in that movie is blind but
Okay. Okay. You have been selected for the Mumbai office.
I used to watch the IPL matches also in Telugu itself.
Now that I am placed in Mumbai,
I'm too scared as I don't know Hindi.
But my Dad encouraged me
and inspired me to take the job.
He got me a flat near the office too.
Immediately he got me a bank account
and a debit card as well.
But he gave his number to the bank so that
he would get a message when I swiped the card.
I asked him the reason for which he said, this is the
rate of interest for all the investments he has made on me.
-What is it?
Login. How, sir?
Why do I get all these buffons every time?
Tell me your password.
Password is secret, sir.
Om sairam.
Open the file.
Yes, sir.
Not that one. Open the program file.
Do you know anything?
How did you get this job?
Did you take any training or not?
Do you understand anything or
are you just fiddling with the system?
He's going to die of just shouting at me.
Are you a Madrasi?
No. I'm from Andhra.
Both are same.
These North Indians think the entire
South India is one state.
I feel like a bait inside a whale's mouth.
I know the lemon tree and mango tree.
What is this Pan-tree?
Not Pan-tree.
It's Pantry. Cafeteria.
Yeah, I had food.
There's a lady sitting over
there wearing a nice saree.
She likes me a lot.
Give this tiffin box to her.
-No, me
She'd clean it and give it back.
Just give it to me silently.
Do not tell anyone about this.
Take this.
We honor every person irrespective
of their language and work.
But here I am being ragged by everyone
just because I don't know Hindi.
Peon uncle.
Peon uncle?
Tell him that I miss him a lot.
Let's have some fun with him.
Hey, how's your work going on?
Calm? Yes, sir. I'm a really calm-going person.
Why are you laughing?
Give him one more chance.
Do you know, you look like a fool.
Ullu? Yes, sir. Onions are very beneficial
to our health. Its a myth in our state
You are not a fool.
You are a bloody fool.
Thank you so much, sir.
-Yeah. Sit. Sit.
Yes, Baby
Are we going clubbing tonight?
No, yaar. I have a file pending.
Oh, no.
One minute.
Baby, we can go clubbing tonight.
Listen, Boss wants you to finish
this HTML program by tonight.
He needs the blueprint for a client
meeting tomorrow at 8 a.m.
Sir, that's not my work.
You are my senior.
I don't know this.
What are you saying?
Go and speak to the boss
if you have any complaints.
But in Hindi.
Instead of speaking in Hindi,
I better finish off his work.
I am doomed!
Today is Mumbai vs Hyderabad IPL match.
I missed it but the Peon uncle is watching it.
I wonder who would win.
Who won?
Hyderabad won.
So Mumbai is out of the qualifiers, is it?
Uncle, coffee.
What's the time?
My duty time is over.
Now, Uncle is going to meet the aunty.
If you want the coffee, get it yourself.
Mumbai is lost and
Next time, Hyderabad will be out.
Poor man.
He must have placed bets on Mumbai.
That's why he is so disappointed.
How much more time will it take?
2-3 hours.
Okay. Call me after finishing the work.
Yes, Ranjan. What's the time now?
5 AM.
Is the file ready?
Give the file to the security.
We have a board meeting at 8 a.m.
Morning8 a.m. Sanjay give file.
Usually, I drink milk, pray Baba
and sleep by 10 am daily
But today working all night has caused me
to have a fever.
Who is calling me?
Where is the file?
I gave it to the security.
-He says he doesn't have it.
I gave the file to him.
Where is the file?
I gave it to the security guard.
Which security? What are you talking about?
Everyone is waiting inside.
-Give me a moment, sir. I'll check.
Security, Where is the file?
Which file?
Security changed.
Where is the security room?
Sanjay, where is the file?
Two minutes, sir.
What is this Ranjan?
Everybody is waiting in the board meeting.
File ready, sir.
I worked the whole night to complete this, sir.
Please tell the boss that I did this.
Okay. Do one thing.
Stand behind me. I'll handle it.
Go, sir.
-Guys, why are you late?
I worked the whole night to complete the file
and then I gave it to him to keep it safely.
-Yes, me.
But he got drunk and misplaced the file.
Ranjan is drunk?
-Yes, I'm drunk, sir.
Come on in.
Not you.
First of all, stop coming to office in an inebriated state.
Also, you stink.
You like a monkey (bandar).
Sir, I'm not from Bandar.
I'm from Tirupati. Tirupati Balaji. Tirupati.
You go. I'll take care of it. Go. Go.
Why is he taking him in?
I've done the project, sir.
Go. Go.
He has done excellent work.
For the delay, he is responsible.
I've been used like an extra player in the cricket game.
Very wrong behaviour.
I saw only jealousy, selfishness,
and hatred in every person I met in Mumbai.
But I got a friend who knows no such thing,
it became my colleague and my partner.
I got a machine which listens to my every command.
Alexa, do you know Hindi?
Yes. I can speak Hindi.
Hello, Fool.
Don't you go for lunch?
I don't want food. I have work to do.
Come on, guys. It's lunch break.
I did all the work, I stayed up the whole night,
and endured a fever.
But he lied to Boss that
I came office intoxicated.
He took away all my credit.
I am not going to let them go scot-free.
Alexa, wake up.
Did you not talk to him today as well?
You know what we have plan something today
Next time, we'll have pizza for sure.
Yes, I want to have a pizza as well.
Tomorrow, we are going to Lonavala.
I'll come too. Why am I being left alone?
But you have office, right?
We have a Ullu bhai like Sallu bhai in our office,
he'll take care of everyone's work.
Alexa, what is this Ullu bhai?
Translate to Telugu.
I thought they were ragging me but
I didn't know they thought of me as an imbecile.
Listen I'm going to become the Manager.
Tomorrow there's a program launch
for the new banking company.
I have added a virus to that program.
As soon as the program run,
all the accounts will get deleted.
Immediately that Manager will get sacked.
Then I am the next manager.
People are being unemployed here.
But these people don't know the
value of their current job and demeaning it.
I must teach them all a good lesson.
Alexa, show me corporate look.
Hello, everybody.
Welcome to our new banking client.
Ladies and gentlemen, tremendous pleasure
for me to announce the new software for banking.
And with the zeal and spirit, we take the deal now.
What the hell!
This is over. I'm leaving.
What you guys are doing there?
You screwed the entire thing.
You are unfit for this man.
I'll file a complaint against you.
I'll sue you, bloody.
Excuse me.
What is he doing here?
If I walk out, you will be run out.
Ranjan is talking in Hindi.
If you listen to me, you are not out.
We are not playing a cricket match.
So far you had 'Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum' (a pleasant period with ups and downs) with your manager post.
Henceforth, it might become
'Kal ho naa ho'(might not see tomorrow's day).
What are you saying?
You thought your Assistant Manager
was a 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' (a Saviour).
But he is a 'Chichore' (cheat).
What happened?
Our SQL program collapsed because
of this 'Choron is Chor' (a dacoit).
How do you know?
To cheat Ranjan is not just difficult, it is impossible.
Listen to this, sir.
Alexa, play.
Tomorrow there's a program launch
for the new banking company.
I have added a virus to that program.
Immediately that Manager will get sacked.
Then I am the next manager.
How dare you backstab me?
Where are you going?
-Security, hand him over to the police.
If not for me your job would have
been 'Udta Punjab' (gone), sir.
Thank you, Ranjan.
The damage has been done.
The management will send me to jail
for the collateral damage.
I'm finished.
Don't worry, sir.
Even though you insulted me,
I won't let anyone get cheated by anyone.
What is this?
-Our SQL program.
If we restore and run it.
The program will run smoothly.
Brilliant, my boy. Brilliant!
I'm so sorry.
I have insulted you in the past.
But today, you've become my saviour.
You are great.
I am promoting you as the Team Leader.
Thank you, sir.
But to avoid such mishaps,
we all should follow certain rules.
Rules? What rules?
I'll come to the office 2 hours early
and leave the office 2 hours late.
Meanwhile, if see anyone coming late or
wasting time, I'll immediately mail to HR.
You must escalate that issue.
But why?
For example, take Sanjay, sir.
Every day spends multiple 5 minutes for coffee,
10 minutes for smoke breaks,
and 30 minutes with his girlfriend.
Like that, he is wasting 2 hours every day.
That means he is wasting 40 hours per month
and 480 hours per year.
Ranjan, we are friends.
Have you forgotten me?
Shut up.
You are not my friend.
You are a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Okay, Ranjan.
You can come early to the office.
You can leave the office whenever you want.
You can even sleep in the office if you want.
On one request, sir.
Nobody is exempted from
following the rules...
including you.
After Alexa came into my life,
I turned from being Average Ranjan to Rules Ranjan.
Rules Ranjan stands for perfection,
discipline, and being a role model.
"What happened, dude? What is this drama?"
" What a wretched fate I have!"
"He feels himself to be perfect."
"He cleans up whoever opposes him,
he grinds them to dust."
" What do you think about him?"
"He always has an upper hand and say,
just nod your head and say yes."
"He goes by the name of Ruler Ranjan,
From South India comes a whistle,"
"whoever challenges him is
going to taste the dust..."
He is Rules Ranjan.
He comes in with a blast.
" You are next. Go go run.
No no no, he's not done."
"What is this, dude?
How long will this drilling go on?"
"Oh my God, what's his problem?"
"Whatever he says becomes a rule.
Wherever he steps in becomes a school."
"His path is distinct, dude!"
(Telugu prose)
Nakka What is Nakka?
You are a Nakka (a fox).
That is Nokka.
I can't speak Telugu. Please.
Even I can't work here, sir. I'll go, sir.
No, no, Ranjan. Wait.
(Telugu prose continues)
"He is a role model for everyone."
"He operates at full throttle all the time."
"He's a tiger on the prowl."
"What do you think about him?"
He always has an upper hand and say,
just nod your head and say yes.
"What is this, dude?
How long will this drilling go on?"
"Rules Ranjan shows what fear is
to all his office colleagues."
"No matter what, your way is our way.
That's why, we'd follow you."
"There's no one like you. He is one in a million.
He's the only one, bro."
"Show what you are to everyone!
Bro, which is why there is no other go."
"The moment he talks, there's full power.
All you'll feel, taste of sour."
"He's not for cowards who cower.
Feels like a tower, man of the hour."
"He is on the grind, this about to get so louder.
Get ready for the lighting showers."
Showdown of the superpower.
I have never broken my rules in the last 4 years.
But I didn't know that this one week
would change my entire life.
Om Sai Ram.
Thank you.
Good morning, Ranjan.
Ranjan, I'm 5 minutes late.
I'm sorry. It's because of
Best employee of the year goes to Mr. Manoranjan.
Thank you, sir.
Since the last 4 years,
he's been winning all the awards.
If we don't do anything about this,
the Manager might even give him
Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan as well.
What is this, sir?
Everyone left long ago.
If you work for a couple more hours,
you wouldn't need me here.
Security guard should watch CCTV footage,
not Sy Leone videos.
If I ever catch you again,
you'd surely not be needed here.
Sorry, sir.
I'll be careful next time onwards.
Very good.
He is definitely a bachelor.
Om Sairam.
What happened to the To-let board?
Has anyone come to the flat?
Let me indulge in some romance before leaving.
You are so romantic.
A little more.
Leave me.
Manoranjan, software engineer.
I have been staying here for the past 4 years.
I'm Kaamesh.
I work in films.
Did you see 'Open the door brother-in-law'?
Did you see Gandi Baat?
There are many bold scenes in it.
Bold? I didn't see it.
Did you act in it?
No. No. I am the co-director for all those films.
Did you watch 'I'm in boxers, you're in shorts'?
I don't watch boxers and shorts.
I only watch Telugu films.
You are a Telugu person?
Yes, bro.
What a coincidence to find a Telugu person in Mumbai,
that too, in the opposite flat! Lucky Lottery!
Your wife?
I'm ready.
-For what?
Yes, she is. She is my fiance.
We are engaged as well.
When did you both get engaged?
Last night.
Last night?
No. No. She doesn't speak Hindi very well.
She meant to say tomorrow night.
Why are you wasting your time here?
You seem to be in a hurry. Please carry on.
Okay. You are new here.
Please let me know if you need milk or sugar.
I need milk tonight.
A jug full.
I have a workshop for a scene.
I'm getting late for work.
Wait, let him go.
Why are you giving him all the details?
Do not share personal things with strangers.
What are you doing here?
The bus left without boarding my children.
Madam Madam
I'll be back.
Hello, sir.
Who are the new residents to my opposite flat?
Husband and wife, sir.
A very good family.
Did I ask you?
No, sir.
Be in your limits.
Who is that item?
Manoranjan, sir.
He is known as Rules Ranjan.
Be careful with him, sir.
He is a dangerous person, sir.
Is it?
He asked about you.
What did he ask?
What did you say?
I told him that you are husband and wife.
Are you Mad?
I told him that she is my fiance.
Why did you say so?
Now he'll create a scene over this.
Don't worry.
I have crossed many such
people to come to this stage.
Yes, sir.
You are a playboy.
He started again.
Tukaram, take this Rs. 50 and have a nice tea.
If I can get 100 more, I'll have a beer.
100? You want Beer?
I'm from the direction department.
We don't pay money.
If you want I'll give you a character.
The role of a night watchman.
Same costume.
I have written a super dialogue as well,
Do you know?
'Jagte Raho (Stay awake)
That's it?
-That's it.
Keep practicing.
Let's go..
Om Sairam.
Finally, I completed my century.
Dad, this is for you.
What are you talking about?
Your number is 100.
Thank you.
How was my performance?
You have managed to impress the co-director.
You are very capable of impressing the audience as well.
You are very passionate in your performance.
What about my friend character?
Just a friend character?
You are the second lead in
'Pati Patni aur Woh'.
Come to the shooting.
When's the shoot?
We have full night shoot.
It's 6.45 already?
He will be coming. You have to leave.
Get ready soon, he'll be here anytime.
The guy next door.
If I'm Nityananda, he is Satyananda.
Get ready outside. Go.
Come fast.
Cover this. If the principal sees this,
we'll be in a soup.
He is that guy.
Hello, bro. So early?
I had an important meeting.
Who is she?
She is her sister's sister.
Who is her sister?
Who is my sister?
Keep your mouth shut for a while
The one you saw yesterday with full dress, she's her sister.
And the one you are seeing
today with half dress is her sister.
What is she doing in your flat?
What a question!
It rained incessantly last night.
She was completely drenched in rain.
I saw her completely drenched in water
and got tempted
I mean, I felt pity for her.
So I invited her to my apartment and asked her
to stay the night and leave the next morning.
I'm sending her out the way how she came
You may leave, crazy girl.
Tell your parents that I asked them.
Go. Ask your parents to visit me.
Ok, bro.
Happy meeting Bro
He is worse than my father.
I forgot my handbag.
To hell with her forgetful
Are you happy?
-Very much.
I should be sharing the screen
along with the heroine, okay?
Sure, baby.
My friend is doing a movie, 'Jor se cheeklo'.
You have a good character in that too.
Okay. Done.
But please reduce the makeup,
the heroine might feel bad.
Okay. Okay.
Keep it for the night.
I need room number 1420 owner's number.
-What's the matter, sir?
Nobody in this society respects me.
It's okay, every dog has its day.
It was a hot day of shooting.
I'm very tired.
That's why I arranged a sexy girl.
Also, I have ordered a bottle of rum
and tandoori chicken.
Send it to my flat.
You are asked to get out.
Boiled eggs?
No. The body gets heated up.
Rules Ranjan filed a complaint
against you in the society?
Against me?
That you are getting girls to your apartment,
and having a party with them in your apartment.
The owner came and locked your apartment.
He has stored all your belongings in the office room.
What are you saying?
He is not Rules Ranjan?
He is Ruthless Ranjan.
Where is he?
There? I'm coming for you.
What is he doing?
He has brought me to the road
and enjoying the match, is he?
Oh, no. He should have played a cover drive.
Yes, a cover drive would have been a better shot.
If he hit the ball like this, it's a four.
But since he played like this, he got out.
What are you doing here?
You had kept the door open and I came in.
Why? Were you expecting Pooja Hegde?
Be in your limits.
What is your problem, man?
It's a talent to get the girls...
There are so many people in this apartment,
go and ask at least one of them to get a girl.
If the batsman and bowler don't have any problem,
you are after all a camera outside the boundary,
what problem do you have?
Moreover, what is with your rules?
Are you a school principal?
It's none of your business.
Get out of my flat.
You have grown like a big coconut tree.
Where would I find another house
at this time, that too, in Mumbai?
If you don't find one, sleep on the footpaths.
Why should I care?
If you create any more nuisance,
I shall file a complaint against you
at the nearby police station.
The owner is a coward,
he might get scared of the police.
I am not.
I will come to the station along with you.
I'll turn your story right against you.
I'm from the direction department,
we have extraordinary narration skills.
I will narrate an emotional story
on par with Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
You will be doomed then.
If you don't want to face all of that,
pay me a compensation of 3 crores.
And I'll go and buy a flat for me.
3 crores? For what?
If I don't have a room, I can't sleep.
And because of that if I don't follow up,
we would miss the artist's dates.
Shooting will be halted for 3 days and
the producer will face a loss of 3 crores.
I'll hire the lawyer Kamna Jetmalani and he would force you
to pay out a compensation of 30 crores in the court.
Instead of that, I'd suggest that
you let me stay here until I find another flat.
Tolerate me.
I didn't like your presence in the opposite flat itself,
then why would I keep you in my flat?
No chance.
Brother I have night shoots for the entire week.
I'll go for the shoot at night
and sleep in the morning.
You won't even see me around.
I can't tolerate you for one whole week.
Just one week please
Only one week, right?
Only one week
Then I have some conditions.
The floor should be clean.
You'd find your reflection in it.
The utensils should be in the sink.
I'd arrange it on the shelves.
You should get the water-can yourself.
You'll find the bottles in the refrigerator.
You shouldn't use that washroom.
I'll use only the wash basin.
You should sleep on that sofa.
I'm okay with sleeping on the floor too.
Ok then.
I shouldn't see you around after one week.
You'll not even hear me.
-Promise on Dal Webber.
Who is he?
Sy Leone's husband. My inspiration.
What kind of a man is he?
He snores like a horse.
Mia Khfa My Burj Khalifa
Mia don't go
The sofa is clean.
The washroom hasn't been used.
The floor is neat as well.
Om Sairam.
Start the match quickly or else the umpire will come.
Who is this umpire?
-He is a mama's boy.
He is still a virgin, you know?
I was staying in the opposite flat
by paying a rent of 30 thousand
but he cancelled that and
arranged a free stay for me.. Foolish man.
But he is a good roommate.
I leave the room dirty while leaving.
He comes and cleans it.
You come
If he finds out?
If he finds out, he will commit suicide.
Foolish man.
He is not Rules Ranjan.
He is Fools Ranjan.
Enough, stop talking about him.
I don't want to spoil my mood. Let's start
Alexa! Stop.
Come, Kaamesh.
I'm coming, wait.
-Come fast, Kamesh.
Two minutes, let me shut the door.
-Come fast, Kamesh.
I'm coming.
Why are you scaring this child?
Who is a child?
Does she look like a child?
Hey Kaamesh, come here.
What did you tell me about my floor?
I said you'll find your reflection on it.
What do you see on it?
- Your reflection.
I cleared the ground after the first innings
but I didn't expect to play the second innings.
This flat is a temple of rules.
But you made it unholy with your lust stories.
This is a house, not a red light area.
Moreover, you called me a foolish man, right?
Foolish man?
How do you know?
I know.
I have proof.
You are just imagining things.
It's called hallucination.
Alexa, play.
Is she a Russian girl?
Alexa is an AI machine.
Oh, a machine?
He will commit suicide. Foolish man.
Stop it. Alexa, stop.
You have these kind of fantasies?
Do you just have audio or
do you have video recording as well?
It's not a devotional program that I would
record and telecast it on TV.
How did your family raise you?
Don't talk about my family, bro.
My grandfather is Kaamaraju,
my father is Kaameshwar
and I am Kaamesh.
We are a Kaam-going (lusty) family.
We don't like being calm.
That doesn't mean you act like animals.
Get out of my house.
Hey, hey, guys.
Wait. I'll handle him.
What's your name?
Rules Ranjan.
Are you from Hyderabad?
No. Tirupati.
Do you live alone here?
Are you stressed?
Over stressed.
Because of him.
-What, baby?
Go and have a tea break.
I'll remove his stress.
Half an hour is not enough, is it?
Go out and wait for an hour,
and have something to eat meanwhile.
I'll convince Ranjan.
What? Even 1 hour is not sufficient?
KaameshGo down. Finish all your lunch,
breakfast, and dinner, and come tomorrow.
Stop it.
He is not an Olympian to run the whole day.
He's just an amateur treadmill runner.
Finish him in half an hour and text me.
Who are you calling an amateur?
Take off your hands.
Both of you get out.
Do not call me again to get embarrassed
like this if you don't have a room.
What man?
Call me only if you have a room available.
I thought she'll never come with me.
But she is ready to come if I have a room available.
Did you listen to her?
What are you still doing here? Get out.
What is your problem?
Did she ask you for money or commitment?
If you are getting a Royal Enfield as a giveaway,
you should not return it just because
you don't know how to drive.
I am not like you who sleeps with a different
woman every day.
Shut up.
Do not comment on my character without any knowledge.
Do you know why I'm doing all this?
There's a reason behind it.
Love failure.
You too have a love failure?
I loved a model sincerely during
the initial days of my career.
I regarded her career as my career.
I worked hard to make her a heroine.
I loved her unconditionally.
But do you know what she did?
What did she do?
She rejected this co-director
and settled with a director.
Good thing.
Whenever I remember that incident,
to ease my pain and quench my anger,
I get along with other women.
This is not a pleasure activity.
This is the price I pay for love.
Anyhow, how would you know
anything about love failure?
You don't even know what love is.
Stop it.
I too know about love.
I too loved a girl sincerely for four years.
I too have a love failure.
You too have a love failure?
Tell me in detail.
It was 2015.
Sri Venkateswara Engineering College.
During my engineering days
While I was leading an ordinary life
-Ordinary life
an extraordinary girl entered into it.
Her name is Sana.
"I've lost myself, I've found myself in you."
"I'm not even in my dreams,
I find myself in her cravings."
"My heart is full of you, you seem to be an illusion."
"I've lost my sleep, you definitely are an illusion."
"I don't know what happened to me."
"This trickery never happened to me before."
"I've lost myself"
"I've lost myself, I've found myself in you."
"I'm not even in my dreams,
I find myself in her cravings."
"My heart is full of you, you seem to be an illusion."
"I've lost my sleep, you definitely are an illusion."
"I don't know what happened to me."
"This trickery never happened to me before."
"You arrive like blossoming flowers with
the breeze filled with your fragrance."
"When you speak to me,
my heart gets showered with bliss."
"When you blush, I lose my sense."
"This trickery never happened to me before."
"Hey, girl I speak only of you."
"Hey, girl I have built a temple
for you in my heart."
"I've lost myself"
"in reality and in dreams."
Hey man it's been an hour since the function is over please go.
4 years went by like a dream.
Then I came to Mumbai for my job.
And thus I had a love failure.
Bloody flash back!
Waste of my papers!
In your story, there are just exam failures,
where is love failure?
Did you propose your love?
-What the
You did not?
You are the only student I know who failed
the exam because he didn't attend the exams.
If you didn't propose your love, that is not a failure.
It's called absent.
Kaamesh, I loved that girl sincerely.
That's why I couldn't express my love to her.
Keep loving that girl all your life and die as a virgin.
Are you really a virgin?
I mean, didn't you do anything?
Losing it might be a small thing for you.
For me, it's a holy deed.
I would lose it only after my marriage.
This This is your problem.
You are afraid of doing it and
angry when others do it.
Your life doesn't have any love or romance in it.
What can I tell you?
You are unworthy of my wrath too.
If you contact Corona, what would you do?
Will you die as a virgin?
tell me the names of some legendary
people who died as a virgin.
Queen Elizabeth, Isaac Newton,
Joan of Arc, Nikola Tesla.
Add this legend to that legendary list.
He is torturing everyone.
You deserve only Alexa.
I didn't understand.
I'm saying, you and Ranjan are made for each other.
Ranjan, happy and single.
Finally, Alexa too confirmed that
you are going to be single for this life.
No girl will ever love you.
That stage is already crossed.
Some girl might marry you for your salary
but she too will have an ex-boyfriend,
and you will go through hell.
You and that lifeless Alexa are the same.
Take that Alexa and jump into
some manhole and die saying,
"Oh, I am Rules Ranjan this is not supposed
to happen as per rules, you know".
I've been observing this since many days.
You don't thank me when I give you money
but you thank everyone else with much gratitude.
If I thank you,
it will be like looking at a mirror and thanking myself.
We both are same to same.
Same to same?
My parents tried to convince me a lot to get married.
But I came to Mumbai to pursue music.
Eventually, they died.
I don't have a house, a partner, not even a friend.
I got only solitude.
I've been observing you since four years.
We both are same to same.
You too don't have a wife,
or a girlfriend,
not even a friend.
Yes, there's a difference.
I'm on the footpath and you are in that apartment.
That's it. Come on, go on your way.
I understood that I am just like that beggar
if I don't have love in my life.
I got addicted to others' applause and
earned a solitary life as Rules Ranjan.
It is impossible to love someone in this age.
She should be in Tirupati.
What is she doing here?
I might be hallucinating.
Brother, does it hurt?
Do I need to bleed to convince you?
Take off your leg.
That means I'm not hallucinating.
It is Sana.
Why is he staring at me?
Important announcement.
Don't talk to strangers.
Take care of your personal belongings.
He is coming towards me.
How do you know my name?
You studied at Sri Venkateswara
Engineering College, right?
You know my college too?
I too studied in the same college.
Same college?
Are you my senior?
-Super senior?
I'm not that old, madam.
Were you an attender?
Are you joking?
I was not an attender or a sweeper
or a cleaner, madam.
I was your classmate.
I never saw you.
You were always focused on your studies
in the class, that's why you didn't see me.
But all the 50 boys in the class
were focused on you,
I'm one amongst them.
I tried to talk to you but it didn't happen.
What are doing here?
I have an interview.
I need to go to Malad.
You don't have a metro to Malad.
You should catch a local train.
You seem to know Mumbai very well.
I know it better than Google Maps.
Oh, are you a tour guide?
You were not this funny during the college days.
What's your name?
Ranjan. Manoranjan.
If you don't mind, I have an interview.
Can you accompany me for the next two hours?
I wished to talk to her for 2 minutes
but she is asking me to spend 2 hours with her.
This is my lucky day.
Hello. Is it okay with you?
But give me a minute.
Don't go anywhere, stay here.
You would get lost.
I'm already in the office.
I'm going to the cabin.
Sir, actually I want to inform you that I will be late today.
You are not here?
Ranjan, please tell me again.
Sir, I'll come 2 hours late to the office.
What happened, sir?
The ground beneath the office shook.
A girl fell down.
The reason why I'm coming late to office is
The Sun rises at different times on different days,
Some days the moon never shows up at all.
But we don't ask them for any reason.
You too are like them.
Take your own time.
Thank you, sir.
We need to walk that way.
Let's go.
Sana, one minute, come this way.
Look at him.
He plays wonderful music
but he has no family, no wife, no friends, poor guy.
Here, give this to him.
His life will be prosperous.
No, no. I'll give.
God gives second chances to everyone.
Don't miss this opportunity.
Your journey will now reach its destination.
I don't understand what you are saying.
But there is some positivity in it.
Here, take this.
Be blessed.
Even after 4 years,
how do you remember me and my name?
Not just your name, I remember
everything that you did in college.
Is it?
There was a charity fundraising day in the college.
You were dressed in white that day.
-Thank you.
You had red bangles and big earrings on you.
On that day, you were the most beautiful
girl in the whole college.
And you raised the maximum amount of charity.
The principal awarded you a pressure
cooker for winning the first prize.
Do you remember?
Yeah, I remember.
And what else?
Then there was cleaning day in the college.
Me and my friends cleaned extra toilets just for you.
You received a night lamp as a gift that day.
Do you remember that?
Yes, I do.
What else?
I was flattered by what you did to Rosie.
I mean I was impressed.
Which Rosie?
Rosie, the street dog.
It had given birth to cute puppies and
it was taken away by the Blue Cross people.
The puppies were suffering in the rain and
you called the authorities to unite Rosie and her puppies.
Don't you remember?
Wait, I'll show you.
I can't forget your noble heart
that's why I saved this as a memory.
Whenever I think about you, I watch this video.
-He observed me so well.
No, he liked me.
And he still does.
Nowadays, even strangers are following
one other on social media.
Why didn't you try to contact me?
I did try to contact you.
Many times.
But you never accepted my request.
In fact, you blocked me on Insta.
Still, I kept sending you requests
through multiple accounts.
And you kept on blocking me.
I had many unknown requests.
In fact, I had 2000 requests,
so I deleted my account for good.
Out of those 2000, 200 belong to me.
Very sorry.
It's okay.
This is the address you asked for.
Please go.
All the best.
Thank you.
what happened? you look tensed.
I'm worried that I'd get selected or not.
This Job?
Sana, a beautiful girl has already
half-cleared the interview.
And there is no one more beautiful
than you in the entire office or in Mumbai.
Don't worry.
Look at that girl.
Even she got the job.
You don't have to worry at all.
Don't I look good?
Can you speak Telugu?
Yes. I have watched many Telugu movies.
Pushpa, won't bog down.
Such petty things keep happening in big cities.
Are you laughing?
Shall I give you a serious tip?
These North Indians have a fetish for English.
Moreover, they love it when
we mix Telugu and English.
No matter what the question is, just blabber
something in English and you'll get selected.
May the Lord bless you. Go.
Thank you.
Sana has gone in.
She would definitely get selected.
She would shift to Mumbai.
And she would need a flat to stay.
I have made Kaamesh vacate the
flat at the right moment.
Wow! What a timing!
Sana, this is your flat.
The amenities are very good here.
Metro, Shopping malls, Market,
Police Station everything is nearby.
Full security!
Moreover, the owner is scared of me
so he won't ask you for any advance.
Also, the vastu is very good here.
Shall I tell you something which you'd really like?
I stay in the opposite flat.
I'll take care of every need.
I like it.
Sana, look, I got you furniture from Versova,
interiors from Linking Road, and groceries from DMart.
Welcome to the house.
You take the sweet, Sana.
If Sana is here, her mother will surely visit her.
Enough. I can't eat this chapathi anymore.
Aunty, I have prepared an Andhra meal for you.
Eat this lentil curry, it's good.
Have it, aunty. Do not hesitate.
At the same time, I'll get my mom here too.
Your son cooks very well.
Look at them.
They look like they are made for each other.
The girl is very naughty, just like your daughter.
And this fellow is a mama's boy just like my son.
Hello Hello
What are you doing?
Give me my child back.
Have you gone crazy?
Leave my child.
-Ranjan, what's happening?
Get him down. Give him.
-Our kids are so cute.
Leave my child. Leave him.
-Oh shit.
Leave my child. Leave him.
-Take him, aunty.
I'm going to complain against you to the police.
I'll get you arrested.
That kid was cute, wasn't he?
Leave that.
What happened to the job?
You are selected?
She got the job.
Why are you so excited if I got the job?
I always thought that you'd have a good job.
Now that you have it and that too in Mumbai
It feels like a dream.
Is it? Then where's the party?
Come. I know a nice Chat shop called Ramji Chats.
Let's eat there.
Yeah. Chat.
I thought you'd take me to a pub.
Why? Haven't you ever been to any pub?
What? On weekends I spend
my whole night in the pub.
Do you know what my colleagues call me during
the weekends? Manoranjan becomes Pub-Ranjan.
Come. Let's go.
But on one condition. I'll pay the bill.
I got the job, why would you pay the bill?
When Dhoni won the cup didn't the
entire nation celebrate?
This is the same as that.
Some doubts are not meant to be asked.
Okay, let's go to the pub.
One minute. Stay here.
So, it improves who can access it and...
Wait, wait, wait.
Tell me, Ranjan.
I need two more hours, sir.
What happened, sir?
How many more shocks are pending, Ranjan?
What happened?
I have to go to the pub, sir.
Ranjan and pub?
Beer was found in Ireland.
You'd be the only person who would come here
and drink juice instead of alcohol.
Sir, I have some rules and regulations.
It'll stay the same wherever I go.
You guys carry on.
Today, the same Ranjan is breaking his rules, is it?
What happened, Ranjan?
Sir, I don't have much time.
I'll tell you everything later.
Bye, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, menu
What the
Ma'am, would you like to order shots?
No. No. I'll have that later.
Get me a beer and French fries.
Sure Ma'am.
How about you, sir?
Okay, sir. Thank you.
2 minutes.
Still user's cloud
Wait, wait, wait
Ranjan is calling.
Yes, Ranjan.
Sir, I'm in the Lord Pub.
I need a favour, sir.
You have skipped the office and
are enjoying your time at a pub.
What more favour do you want, Ranjan?
Nothing, sir.
As soon as I swipe my card,
my father would get a message.
As soon as he gets the message, he'll call me.
And if I disconnect his call, he will
-Immediately, he will call me.
Understood, Ranjan.
Yes, sir.
But why did Rules Ranjan transform into Pub Ranjan?
I'll tell you that in an hour, sir.
Bye, sir.
Come on.
Let's do bottoms up.
Have it.
Won't you mix water in it?
These are shots.
It is meant to be taken like this.
Rs. 15000?
My dad is going to have a heart attack.
Useless gang!
They have assembled here in the morning itself
What is this message about Rs. 1500?
That's not Rs.1500.
Your son has spent Rs.15000 at a pub.
It's just like a posh bar.
In the middle of the day,
my son has had alcohol worth Rs.15000?
He is worse than me.
Why is he not picking up my call?
Wait, I'll call his manager.
-Yes, call him.
Hello, sir. Tell me.
Sir, I received a message saying
my son has spent Rs. 15000.
Yes, he got a promotion and a raise in salary as well.
What is the raise, sir?
Rs. 30000, sir.
That's why he is throwing a party for everyone.
He invited me too but I didn't want to drink along
with my juniors, that's why I didn't join them.
The next time you are in Mumbai,
you throw me a party.
Sir, due to the pandemic I have
suffered enormous financial losses.
You come to my village,
I'll throw a party for you here itself.
I'll serve you locally-made wine and
then we'll have a meal at Reddamma mess.
That will be an unforgettable feast.
And I wouldn't be spending more than Rs.300 either.
Sir, even other staff members
want to come along with me.
Ask them to come, sir. I will make arrangements
for a belted-cot in the open for their sleep.
They can take off their pants and wear lungis.
It will be nice and cozy.
With pleasure, sir.
My son has got a raise of Rs.30000.
Let's continue the play, I'm in full swing.
He has spent Rs.15000 to throw a party for his friends,
can't you spend Rs.1500 for your
friends too to celebrate your son's success.
Let's go.
I'll get you all whatever you want.
Sana, now that you have got the job,
You will get an appointment letter in 4 days...
I think you should look for a flat in Mumbai
so that you shift here as soon as possible.
Sana, why are you crying?
Ranjan, Actually...
I failed the interview.
Why are you crying?
Because you didn't get the job.
I want to tell you something.
What is it?
I failed the college interview,
I failed the Hyderabad interview as well.
And now I failed here too.
I thought you were a bright student,
that's why you were sitting on the front bench.
Now if I go back, my father will get me married.
I can't come back.
Please, Ranjan. Don't go to your office.
One minute.
I have train at 7 am tomorrow.
There's just 18 hours left.
This is my last chance.
I should not forget Mumbai and neither this day.
So, I have 18 hours to impress you.
Not just Mumbai, you wouldn't forget me as well.
"Watch Mumbai, enjoy friendship."
"Watch Mumbai, enjoy friendship."
"Drink and enjoy the day."
"Let's live our life to the fullest."
"Let's go bonkers today.
Let's become a child again."
"Play the song in the street, let the heart dance."
"I'm as pretty as Andheri.
I'm a beauty from Bandra."
"The wow of Juhu and the oomph of Worli.
Marine Drive would go crazy."
"A full vodka bottle and Vadapav is a thrill."
"Kala Soda has my heart. That's enough."
"When you are with me, Life's chill.
I lose track of time."
"You have the wings now, go fly"
"Come, let's have fun."
"Come, let's go crazy."
"Come, let's have fun."
"Come, let's go crazy."
"Watch Mumbai, enjoy friendship."
"Drink and enjoy the day."
"Let's live our life to the fullest."
"Let's go bonkers today.
Let's become a child again."
"Play the song in the street, let the heart dance."
"Let's capture our imagination and have fun."
" Let's light friendship with love"
"I'm experiencing a happiness that
I've never experienced."
" It's a new life for me."
"It's as if I've been single all my life just to
make this moment memorable for you."
"This trip is mindblowing.
This trip makes me high."
"Let's take a trip all around the world,
this journey is a ticketless journey."
"A full vodka bottle and Vadapav is a thrill."
"Kala Soda has my heart. That's enough."
"When you are with me, Life's chill.
I lose track of time."
"You have the wings now, go fly"
"Come, let's have fun."
"Come, let's go crazy."
"Come, let's have fun."
"Come, let's go crazy."
You are driving while you are drunk.
Also, without wearing helmets.
No, sir.. its just a...
-Hey, 30 minutes.
Hi, Ranjan.
-What are you doing here?
I was on my way to a house party
while drinking my cola but he stopped me.
Why, sir?
She has mixed alcohol in it.
Also, they are driving without wearing helmets.
No. No?
-Let me try.
I'll also try.
It's just cola, sir.
So the machine is lying, is it?
Don't trust a machine.
Trust a fellow human.
Try, sir.
Isn't it Cola?
-No. It's alcohol.
It's Cola.
-Don't lie.
It's Cola.
Try, sir.
This is the last time.
Last time, sir.
-Yes, this is the last time.
It's definitely alcohol.
Let me test.
That's not cola, sir.
Sir, this is faulty.
You tricked me into consuming alcohol on duty.
Come, let's go to the police station.
Enough with this, come.
Sir, you must have been tired of all
the public service since morning.
Come, sir. Let's go to a pub and enjoy ourselves.
People offer bribes to police officers
but you are offering me a party, is it?
Let's go, sir.
"Watch Mumbai, enjoy friendship."
"Drink and enjoy the day."
"Let's live our life to the fullest."
"Let's go bonkers today.
Let's become a child again."
"Play the song in the street, let the heart dance."
"I'm as pretty as Andheri.
I'm a beauty from Bandra."
"The wow of Juhu and the oomph of Worli.
Marine Drive would go crazy."
You are so lucky.
He likes you.
Don't miss him.
Come Sana...
Girls are not allowed. No.
Take this.
Come Sana...
Sir, girls and Mumbai's rain are very unpredictable.
Make hay while the sun shines, sir.
Sana, this is our flat.
There's no electricity it seems.
I don't feel good.
Sana, we are drenched in rain.
Let's get changed.
I need a T-shirt.
You loved her for four years,
now that she is so close to you,
how can you fall asleep? How?
This eternal beauty is just half a metre away.
The opportunity is just right.
Go near her, look into her eyes,
and save this moment in your heart for eternity.
You introduced a new me to myself.
You made me smile despite all my
mood swings and tantrums.
This is my first time in Mumbai.
I fell in love with Mumbai and
the people here, and you too.
We met unexpectedly
but now I'm with me.
You showed me your love.
Now let me
Sana, come we are late.
Come fast.
Hey, Ranjan
What are you wearing?
Oh no!
Come, let's go.
We need to get to CST.
Make it quick.
Let me open that for you, sir.
Hello, madam.
Excuse me.
Move, move.
Move, move.
Move, move.
-Sorry. Sorry.
Thank you so much, Ranjan.
Thank you too.
Come again, I'll arrange some other
interview for you.
Tell your family that you missed by a whisker.
This time you will definitely get selected
and we shall have a real party.
We saw so many places yesterday.
It was a crazy night.
So much fun.
Call me when you reach.
Don't forget. Okay?
Hey, phone number.
Oh, shit. Your number. Tell me.
Sana, after 53?
Ranjan, 63
-53? Sana
You entered my world as a tempest,
a dormant soul until your arrival.
With you came the resurrection of hope within
my heart, only for you to depart soon after.
When shall you return to rekindle
my existence once more?
Hope this party never ends.
I have played so many matches on this ground,
now I have to leave this ground
after sacrificing my wicket.
Dad, this is not fair.
I gave you so much money
but now when I'm struggling
you wouldn't even flinch to help me.
All the money that you gave was
not enough to buy a plain Vada pav.
But with the money that Ranjan sir gave me,
I got a full bottle of vodka.
Did Ranjan give you money?
He opened his account.
Which account?
What a girl she was! Beautiful!
Deepika Padukone.
What are you talking about?
Did he bring a girl home?
If I do it, I'm a pervert but he is a saint
for doing the same thing, is it?
The rules only apply to us but not to him, is it?
Where is he?
I'm coming.
SIr.. SIr..
Come out. Come out.
How dare you?
You brought Deepika Padukone home, didn't you?
You pretend to be a saint but
you are no different than me.
I'll make a reel and post this secret on Instagram
and then only step out from this apartment.
You are a hypocrite.
I'm speaking to you. Look at me.
I thought you just make others cry.
You too cry, do you?
Ranjan hasn't come to the office yet.
What's happening here?
-Ranjan hasn't come yet?
Wait. Let us find the reason first,
then you can fall unconscious if you want.
I might have crossed the line here
but I'm just a small comedian.
Don't make a deal out of it.
It's ok... I don't scold you.
I'm not crying for what you said.
The call got connected.
What happened?
I got it. So you regret being a virgin
for so long, don't you?
Happy tears!
Where is that girl you brought home?
What's wrong?
She is not like what you think.
Somebody like you said that he went to Bangkok
not for the massages but only for meditation.
I won't trust you.
You remember I told you about a girl
whom I loved sincerely for four years.
She's the same girl.
-4 years
What? She disappeared like a rocket
long ago and now she is back?
I saw her yesterday at the metro station.
I want this day to be memorable.
But no girl will come to someone's room
on the very first meeting.
But since she came that means,
the deed is done, isn't it?
Stop talking nonsense.
Nothing happened between us.
Then what happened?
Nothing. Stop using your filthy brain.
Nothing happened?
Cheap. Very cheap.
It's like ordering food from Swiggy
just to refrigerate it.
You didn't take advantage of the greatest opportunity?
No batsman defends a free-hit ball.
Then, what did you do the whole night?
There aren't any mosquitoes
either to grab your attention.
I was just lost looking into her eyes.
It's a genuine love.
Not like you.
In fact, while she was going away,
I didn't even ask for her number
because she might think me as a creep.
Rules Ranjan, I have some rules.
If I say what Ranjan you are, the audience will get hurt.
That's why I'm not using that word, got it?
I'm hurt. If possible, console me.
Don't be rude to me.
As if he is a baby
Listen, dear.
Since you were a classmate she asked
you to accompany you to her interview.
She believed that you would understand her
that's why she shared her pain with you at the pub.
She understood you, that's why she
did the whole adventure all over Mumbai.
In that journey, she developed trust on you.
That's why she came to your room and she slept with you.
Had you proceeded with romance,
she would have stayed back for
2 more days citing body pains.
She was expecting your lips to engage with her lips
and you immersed your eyes in her eyes.
What a great saint!
This is the problem with all of you average students.
Hit the first gear and go ahead
but no, you'd rather hit the reverse gear and fall back.
Why are you so hesitant?
But you won't understand all this.
If I say something, you will cry in the balcony.
Now I understand everything.
It's too late now.
I can recollect all the time I spent with her.
This is the photo we took at Juhu Beach.
We went to the pub too, Kaamesh.
I was very happy yesterday.
What are these photos?
When did we click this?
You said, you did nothing.
But there's so much happening here.
Now I get it.
I did a lot yesterday.
That's called post-alcohol extroverts.
It means you might be a shy person in real life,
you might not even have the
courage to ask a girl her number.
But once you had a blackout,
a different person, an extrovert Ranjan came out.
In the same way, even the girl is very reserved in real life.
She waits for the guy to propose
his feelings although she likes him.
But once she had black out,
she expressed her love openly.
That means, Sana really loves me?
Of course, she does.
She likes you, that's why she did all this.
She is loving you.
Listen to me, take these photos to her family,
and convince them that you both are in love.
Once they agree, get married to her and get her here.
Until then, you can note down
all your rules on a paper so that
I can keep it with me.
I thought you were my worst enemy
but you are my best friend.
You have identified our love and rekindled it.
I'll apply for leave in the office and
go to Tirupati to find her.
What? The call is already connected.
Hello, Ranjan.
We heard everything and we support you.
You have been granted a leave for 10 days
and your flight tickets have also been booked.
Meet that girl and make her yours.
You can have your honeymoon in Mumbai.
I'll book you a honeymoon suite at Holiday Inn.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
Your tickets has been booked at 5 pm.
I feel like hugging you. Come.
Hug is fine, where are the room keys?
I've kept it there.
You can have them. - Okay.
Anytime I had any problem in college,
my friends, although being backbenchers,
have always supported me.
They are tent house Vasu.
There's only Sree Leela in the
entire page 3 of the newspaper.
Hi, dude.
Mill Prasad
and Meka Rambabu.
Hi, buddy.
-Hi, Tent.
I'm going to meet them.
Did you order tea and fritters?
-I did.
He is earning well because of us
but we are not developing at all.
Leave that.
But why did Ranjan remember us after such a long time?
I think he must have lost his hair due to his software job.
Now his family would have
arranged a good match for him.
I think he is coming here to ask us what he should do during
the ritual of placing the holy mixture on the head.
He has changed completely.
You had 10 of these.
When will you bat?
I can't manage all these games
They are not letting me bat, guys.
Hey, who is that?
Who dares to refuse our friend?
Hey, umpire
-Yes, thats him.
Do you think you are Billy Bowden?
Bro, he got run out.
Are you already out?
I reached the crease on time,
yet he declared me out.
Umpire, we are the third umpires.
We declare him not out.
Okay, bro.
Shift the crease a bit.
Ranjan Ranjan.. Play like this.
That is called playing Volleyball.
-Then play like this
Hey, what happened to you?
Are you all married?
Then they should get pregnant, not you.
Stop laughing.
Tell us, why did you call all of us?
I need a help from you guys.
What is that?
There was a girl named Sana in our college.
Do you remember?
- Remember?
I dont have my wifes photo in my wallet,
I have my love interest, Sanas photo in it.
Hey, Sana.
My love for her is deeper
than the ocean and wider than the sky.
The moment she appears before me,
the breeze smells like a flower garden.
She is my Sana. She is my Sana.
Didnt you get the prize in the
college for reciting this poetry?
I still have that paper framed in my bedroom.
I have been living with my wife
while imagining Sana for the past 3 years.
What? You have been married since 3 years?
That is nothing.
Do you whom I named my daughter after?
Not my Mother. Not my mother-in-law.
Not even my Grandma.
I named her Sana.
That is my love.
But why are you asking for Sana?
Sana and I are in love.
Its true.
We are way out of her league.
Sana is Mt. Everest and
we are just Everest chicken masala.
If she is India Gate, we are just Colgate.
If she is Ooty, we are plain-tea.
Please believe me, guys.
Sana and I even kissed each other.
Did you dream that?
You are lucky to have such dreams.
She came in my dreams too, today at 4:45 a.m.
She just came in your dreams but for me,
she came to Mumbai.
Why cant you believe me?
Wait, let me show you.
Look here.
Oh my God!
My Sana!
What happened to you, Pindi?
Dust went into my eyes.
And you
The same dust bounced off and fell in my eyes.
That dust wont bounce so far.
So, I sprinkled some in my eyes.
Very emotional candidates.
I need a small help from you guys.
You should have asked this while
you were kissing her.
Stop joking. Im being very serious here.
I missed Sana there.
I dont have her number too.
I need to meet her.
Please tell me how can i meet her.
She visits Sai Baba temple on Thursday and
Ammoru Temple on Friday in her car with number 7777.
Thank you, guys.
I forgot.
Once I meet that girl,
Ill somehow convince her for marriage
and the first invitation card for my
marriage would be for you guys.
You are my bestmates for my marriage.
Why did you Sanas details to him?
Because he asked me.
If tomorrow someone asks for details about
your wife, will you give him the details too?
He has come here like a Srikanth (Hero)
in the Pellisandadi movie
but his marriage would never take place.
Why? What happened?
In college, he took one answer from you,
one from him, and one from me,
and like this, he cleared all his exams,
went to Mumbai, and secured a job.
Now Sana is the only girl who
belongs to us at least mentally.
Tomorrow if he marries her, when you dream
of her he will come along. Is that okay with you?
Is it necessary?
Is it okay if I dream about his wife?
Thats wrong, dude.
Just to give an example,
you used my wife, didnt you?
Nobody should dream about anybodys wife.
So finally, what he means is,
that he should see Sana only in his dreams just like us.
Lets go.
Lets go to the Rice mill.
You cheat
How dare you cheat me with false balance sheets.
Why is he beating him?
-How dare you lie to me
Hello, sir.
What are doing here, Prasad?
You always come to my home,
this time around you came to the mill.
What's the matter?
Your sister is there in your house.
Nothing. He is saying that you are
very chill back at home, why are you angry here?
Whats the matter?
Birthday party.
Whose birthday?
Tell me correctly.
-His birthday, sir.
Mine, sir. Mine
Hey wait...
Sir, we didnt come here to ask for money.
We came here to invite you to the party.
I cant attend parties and all.
You guys carry on.
Sir, Sir, Sir
Please, sir. Just for us.
-I cant attend parties and all.
I knew you would say this.
Thats why we planned it in the Uravasi bar.
Yes sir.
Your favourite bar.
Please, sir. Please, come.
He emptied the bottle.
I like you guys.
Obviously, because the drinks are free.
He says the feeling is mutual.
Sir, your sister Sana
What about our sister, Sana?
Not our sister.
Your sister, Sana.
She went to Mumbai recently.
Yes, our sister Sana had been to Mumbai.
She is not our sister, sir.
She is your sister.
Stop this nonsense and come to the point.
We have a friend in Mumbai named Ranjan.
He is rogue, sir.
What does rug mean?
Not rug, sir. Its rogue.
-What does rogue mean?
Means a very bad guy, sir.
He is like the villain in Arundhati movie, sir.
He harasses every woman on whom his sight befalls.
Yes sir.
He has trapped everyone from software girls to
sales girls, from housewives to housekeeping staff.
He wouldnt spare those girls
who sell balloons at the traffic signals.
He then records their private videos and
uses them to blackmail the girls and torture them.
He has some photos with Sana as well.
Sir, dont break them.
The bill has already surpassed our budget.
Do you know,
he is going to meet Sana tomorrow?
What happened to you, sir?
Didnt you understand what we said
or did you dislike the brand you are drinking?
You are truly Sanas brothers.
Stop it, sir. She is not our sister.
And you are my Bro-in-law.
You are the brothers that God has
sent to safeguard Sanas modesty.
You are my brothers.
Ill see his end.
Target is waiting outside the temple
wearing a red shirt. Over.
Virat Kohli has hit 3 sixes in this over!
We should let the target get away. Over.
Yes. Over.
Stop your overaction. Over.
Brothers, you are watching a lot of films I guess.
My guys have already left for the target, brothers.
Okay, brother-in-law.
Even Megastar did not address Powerstar
as 'brother' such many times in one conversation.
It must be Sana.
Its not Sana. These are bad guys.
Who are you guys?
Do you want to go to Ratnagiri?
Do you want to go to Chandragiri?
I want to go to my home.
Get in the vehicle.
Get in the vehicle, well inform you later.
Which is the better vehicle to get in?
These guys look a bit slim.
Where are you guys going?
We are going to Saptagiri.
Im going there too.
Please drop me on the way.
I didnt get a good sight of the deity today,
I shouldve understood that the day is not good for me.
We asked him to intimidate him but he has
sent so many men to handle the situation.
They seem to have the intention to kill him.
Follow that vehicle.
Where are the vehicles?
I couldnt see through the dust.
Even the film KGF didnt have so much dust.
Bloody Idiots.
They thrashed me for no fault of mine.
Look, there is Ranjan.
Hey, Ranjan.
-Ranjan Stop!
Hey, Ranjan stop.
Catch him. Catch him.
Ranjan, what happened?
Some goons came in vehicle and attacked me.
They tried to snatch away my wallet and mobile.
Did they snatch them?
I didnt give them.
Thats why they thrashed me.
I have the wallet but my phone fell into the well.
Thank God!
He says he will see their end.
Where are they? Where?
They left.
They had received a call from Sanas brother.
Some morons have given them
the wrong information.
And instead of picking someone else,
they ambushed me.
But they said sorry to me in the end.
Hey Wait!
Do you think you are a Kamal Haasan in
'Sagara Sangamam'to do all these stunts?
My phone is waterproof.
Let me go and get it.
If you go in, you wont come out.
Sanas memories are in the phone.
But if you go in, youll become a memory for us.
You dont understand.
There are snakes in this well.
Snakes in water?
-They are water snakes.
First, get down. Let me jump in instead.
Let me jump in instead.
If you would jump, well drown and die.
Because all the water will splash out and drown us.
I cant even swim.
The only place that can help you now is a bar.
Lets go.
Let me get my phone.
-Come, let's go.
Let me go.
Beers, right?
4 beers.
Then what about you guys?
Hey, 7 beers.
Why do guys love me so much?
Thats how best friends are.
Look, just because of the wrong information
Sanas brother sent 3 vehicles full of men to attack.
If he finds out that you are here for his sister,
he will call for Sathireddy and
30 vehicles will emerge out of nowhere.
Then just like your phone,
you too will be thrown in a well.
Dont throw away your life like this.
Think practically.
Dont talk like that, bro.
Look, my marriage is so long.
Your death line has been crossed all the lines
Listen to us, forget Sana, and go back to Mumbai.
Find a better girl in Mumbai and get settled.
I cant forget Sana.
Adjustment is not new to a woman
and compromise is not unknown to a man.
Why do you talk like that, bro?
I would say the same thing.
We didnt get Sana and you too didnt get Sana.
Thats it.
But we compromised, didn't we?
If you like Honey Rose, you can give her a rose a day
but you should dream of having her by your side every day.
Welcome to the Compromise Club!
What is that?
Yuvraj Singh can hit 10 sixes
but why did he settle down to
only six sixes in an over?
Because he compromised.
Not just him, all these men have compromised.
Bro, you are a regular customer, right?
Yes, brother.
I wanted to settle in Foreign
but had to settle with a poultry farm.
Him, him, everyone has compromised.
You can say whatever you want
but I can't miss Sana and compromise in my life.
Bye, guys.
Hey, stop. Someone stop him.
-Hey, stop.
''You don't want that''
" just stop now."
''You don't want that''
" just stop now."
"Your childhood friends give this advice to you."
"If you won't listen to them, it will be your loss."
"Our local bar"
"Our local bar imagine it to be a five-star hotel."
"Imagine this mansion house to be the money house."
''You don't want that''
"Don't aim for the moon which is out of your reach."
''You don't want that''
"Settle for someone and imagine her all your life."
"Even the Audi won't make you fly."
"Only auto rides are fit for these tricky routes."
"Even a seven-seater can take
you on a trip to heaven."
"Just be content with what you get."
Otherwise, all the joy will be sucked out of life.
"Don't worry about the missing shoes,
be happy about the feet you have."
"Don't forget living with content is a King's life."
"If every girl wants a boy with a six-pack,
"what about the boys with a family-pack?"
"We imagine a chicken to be a Peacock.
"We look for an angel in our neighbour."
"I am high!"
"I am high and you can see it in my eyes."
"The glass has broken and
only my heart knows the pain."
"My bottle of love"
"I threw my bottle of love on this road."
"I'm opening a new leaf in my visa."
"Why do you need it?
You really don't need this."
"I shall listen to you.
I'm joining the compromise club."
What happened?
He came just now and again packing his bag.
Why don't you ask him what happened?
Let him go.
Otherwise, they might deduct his salary.
I can't deal with both of you.
Go to hell.
I would rather play poker than talk to you.
Hello, Kaamesh.
I've been calling you since yesterday.
Your phone is switched off.
I guess his brother found out about us.
That's why he sent his men to attack me.
Those goons threw my phone in a well.
Wait a minute.
-Hey, what are you doing? come here...
Rajesh, this is a web series named 'Jaldi Karo'.
Work faster.
What are you doing?
Why are you so slow? Do it fast.
Ok sir, Done sir.
He will do it, sir.
He thinks himself to be a Rajamouli.
He can't act, sir.
Did you tell anyone that you love that girl?
I told that to three of my best friends.
They are not your best friends,
they are your worst friends.
They leaked your matter to his brother
and they made the goons to intimidate you.
Is it?
Is that why they are eagerly looking for my return?
-Coming, sir.
He is not understanding anything.
Where did you get him from?
why are you unbuttoning yourself?
Who would watch you?
Take her clothes off not yours.
Why are you taking off your clothes?
Open and do something
Take care, sir.
They betrayed you in the name of friendship.
Be careful.
You are my true friend.
Your character is bold but your heart is gold.
That I already told.
But anyway, meet that girl soon.
There are only four lanes in her village.
And each lane has a dog. On top of that,
her brother is more dangerous than those dogs.
How shall I meet her?
Do one thing.
Find out if she has any friends
in the neighbouring village.
Then approach her through that friend.
-Good idea.
I know one of her friends, Swapna.
She stays in the neighbouring village, I know her.
I'll approach her.
Now even if you meet that girl,
she would remember only the friendship
that she had with you.
She wouldn't remember the romance
that happened after she passed out.
So you have only one option.
Take her out to a pub or a bar.
Get her drunk and as soon as alcohol goes in,
her feelings will pour out.
In that inebriated mode, she would kiss you.
Immediately take a video of that
and send it to me.
I'll keep a backup of that video.
But remember one thing.
You are her crush only when she is drunk,
otherwise, you are just another friend for her.
Finally, one piece of advice.
Taking her to a bar is your tactfulness.
Getting her drunk is your goal.
Getting her to kiss you is your destination.
So far, only my office colleagues know about Rules Ranjan.
Now onwards they too shall get to taste this medicine.
I should start with them.
Uncle, I want your Aadhaar card and Pan card.
Is anybody giving out loans?
Not loans, they are giving out awards.
Do you know about Koneru Ranganath?
Who doesn't know about him!
He has recognized your hard work and wants to
award you with the most hard-working people award.
What did we do?
-What did you do!
You have sacrificed your life, your family,
all the relations just to play poker the whole day.
Who works harder than you in this village?!
Your finger muscles have grown
thick out of all the playing, see.
You are correct.
Nobody acknowledged our hard work so far,
you are the first one to do so.
I promise on these cards, I promise on that goat,
you will always be in our hearts.
Thank you, Uncle.
I want more people like you who are
so lazy that they work hard playing poker.
You'll find many in the village.
Yes, I want this emotion.
Maintain this emotion.
I'll go and get you huge awards.
Okay. I want Big Award.
I should get Swapna's father to distribute
these awards to those lazy people.
Then I can get close to Swapna and meet Sana later.
This is Swapna's home.
Who is this new character?
Shut the door.
Sir, SirSirSir, what happened? Sir
Start the car. Start the car
-SirSir, what happened?
Start the Vehicle...
What is this knife and what
about the blood, what's happening here?
This is not blood, this is Ketchup.
I was eating noodles and 10 members
came out of nowhere to kill me.
You are being attacked for eating the noodles?
You don't know the situation. Start the car.
Sir, I came here for a small but important work.
Let me finish that.
Later I'll drop you wherever you want to go.
Please sir.
I'm not going on a trip.
I'm being chased.
Start the car. Fast.
Start the car.
I paid Rs.10000 as a deposit for the
car just to come and pick you up.
Fast. Fast. They are near.
Come on, go. Go.
Sir, where do you want to go?
Sir, tell me where I should drop you.
This is not Ketchup, it's real blood.
He has an injury on his head.
Ajay? That means he is Swapna's brother.
Thank God, my Rs. 10000 is safe.
You sleep here calmly, I'll get you to your home.
I hope this plan works out and I can meet Sana.
Doctor! What happened, doctor?
Has slipped into a coma?
Does he need any operation?
Should we shift him to the ICU?
You seem eager to send him to the mortuary.
He was just unconscious.
I gave him an injection.
He will be in his senses within an hour.
An hour? No way.
He should get up in two days.
Do you want the answer or the cash?
I prefer cash.
The moment he wakes up, he should feel
like he has escaped some grave danger.
Give him one full bottle of blood.
First, we must find out his blood group.
Then we should check for the availability of the
suitable blood group that can be donated to him.
I have an idea, doctor.
How about giving his own blood back to him?
Is it impossible?
If I get one more, it might become possible.
You are not a doctor. You are a collector.
Thank you.
Get it changed.
It too might get demonetized soon.
Who are you guys? Where am I?
You were in a coma for the last two days.
Had he not given his blood,
it would have been impossible to save you.
Doctor, what happened to him?
Is he alright?
He trusted me and got into my car, doctor.
Nowadays, even blood relatives
are not giving blood when needed.
But you are not related to me yet
you gave your blood for me, brother.
He is supposed to be on bed rest.
Take care of him.
Ajay What happened, Ajay?
You are hurt.
You should not get up like that.
-I'm hungry.
Come, sleep. Sleep
I'll get the food.
Come Eat.
I threatened you with a knife
but you are feeding me with your hand.
Last week,
three of my best friends died in an accident.
I'm seeing their glimpse in you.
Is it?
Come. Feed me. Give.
Do you want to eat the Okra?
Why are there so many cars in front
of our house? Is Pawan Kalyan visiting us?
They are Ajay's relatives.
I had asked them to come here.
Son, please keep coming to our house for lunch.
Why, Aunty?
So that we can feel like we too have cars.
What do you say?
She means, in the absence of our son
you'd be our other son.
Come, get up.
Slowly. Slowly.
Take rest at home.
Son-in-law, what happened?
Chenna Reddy men attacked me.
I was in a coma for two days.
Had Ranjan not given his blood to save me,
I wouldn't have been alive today.
Yes, sir. My son gave 6 packets of blood.
Don't talk as if he was distributing milk packets.
Keep quiet.
Thank you so much, for saving my son-in-law.
No big deal, Uncle.
I would do anything for my friend.
But what happened, Uncle?
Does he have a violent story in the flashback?
Yes, son.
He is someone who would give away all his belongings,
if the person in need is his friend.
Recently, his friend lost the Panchayati elections
that's why he burned the mill of Channa Reddy's.
This issue has reached his father.
Nobody knows what they will do if they find him.
Nothing will happen, Uncle.
That's my blood inside his body.
If something was about to happen to him
the blood inside him would feel the pain.
Ajay, come, I'll talk to your father. Come.
Come, Ranjan.
-Walk slowly.
Dear, he is here. Don't scold him.
Hey, idiot.
Because of you for the first time,
a police officer entered this house.
But, fortunately, they didn't find anything.
Because of your idiotic friendship,
I am facing embarrassment in this village.
Today the same friendship saved your son's life, sir.
Who are you?
He is the one who saved our son.
Thanks, sir.
-God bless you.
By the way, it is your fault.
The dogs will bark and the sons will make mistakes.
Whose responsibility is it to forgive them?
The fathers, sir.
If your son has made any mistake you should talk to him
privately rather than embarrassing him in front of the public.
That is not right, sir!
That's the way, Ranjan.
Ajay, you too have made some mistakes.
One should never hide the pain from a doctor
and mistakes from one's father.
You were always concerned about your friendships.
Did you ever think about your family?
Look at him he might not be crying but
his heart is overwhelmed right now, Ajay.
Go. Ask for forgiveness from your dad.
Why are you standing still, Ajay?
Come on, go, ask for forgiveness.
Forgive me, Daddy.
For the first time,
I see some positive change in my son.
Thanks, son.
Good! Both father and son are on the same page.
Okay, sir. I'll take a leave.
Ajay, please don't ask me to have lunch and all.
I have some important work commitments.
Friend, you cannot go without having lunch with me.
Let him go. He has some important work it seems.
Why do you want to force him?
Superb timing!
Okay, you all sit together and have lunch as a family
and I'll have kushka somewhere outside alone
Dear son, you took care of my child as your own family.
It's my duty to feed you at least one meal.
That's true. But
I don't want you to take all the trouble alone.
No, son.
My daughter will help her.
She cooks well.
Have the meal and go.
Where's the hand wash?
Towards the right. There.
Don't feel shy while eating, okay?
Sure, aunty.
This is made by my daughter.
This is made by my sister.
And this one
-Your daughter cooked it? Okay.
You are making me eat all the tasty foods
but you are not showing me the cook who made all these.
Whenever I go to a hotel, if I like the food over there,
I don't leave the restaurant without praising the chef.
That's why I wanted to see your daughter and praise her.
Then try this Gulab jamun.
So you are praising me because it tastes good,
if not would you have scolded me?
You have not changed an ounce, Swapna.
You are still the same.
How do you know my sister, Ranjan?
2015 SV Engineering College
You were the front bench student and
I was the middle bench student.
Do you remember?
You didn't remember?
Let me tell you this story,
you would certainly remember this.
Our sir Ramanujan would address a particular
boy as the sheep in the crowd, do you remember?
Yes. I do.
-That's me!
Now I remember.
What are you doing now?
He is having his lunch, dear.
I'm working in an MNC company in
Bombay in a very good position.
My friends posted a reunion post on Instagram,
so I came to visit them.
I know about Worker Union, Driver Union
but what is this Re-union??
Uncle, it's just a term used by students
where all the friends who have parted ways,
come together to meet each other again.
Swapna, why don't you join us?
Dear, the union stands for strength.
You are right, Uncle
You can go, sister.
It is with our Ranjan, so no problem.
Give me your insta ID, I'll send you the permission.
Get all your friends too, Swapna.
I'll try.
No trying. You must come for sure.
The resort is so beautiful that you'll love it.
You can create all your reels too
Then I'll surely.
That's it, now you will come definitely.
Hi, Ranjan.
Thank you, Ranjan.
Because of you, we have this opportunity
to reunite with our old buddies.
Okay. Go and enjoy to the fullest.
The nerd batch is coming.
Hi, Ranjan. How are you?
Do you recognize us?
How can I forget you?
You all are first-bench students who would always be praised
by the teachers and had a huge following in girls.
What are you doing now?
I'm CEO and he is the CFO.
And they are your employees?
Okay. Take them to a corner then.
Come. Let's go.
Koti Reddy, Long live.
Koti Reddy, long live.
Sir, you have misjudged this
to be a political party meeting.
No, sir, this is a college reunion party.
Ranjan I'm Koti Reddy.
Oh, you used to sleep in the first period
and wake up in the last period, right?
Now I'm sleeping in the assembly.
I'm an MLA.
What? You are an MLA?
My father passed away while sleeping
in the assembly, hence I got his seat
So, now I'm sleeping there.
Now don't pass this to your sons and grandsons.
Stop it with you.
You are getting a call.
Who is this?
Who is it?
I'm Professor Ramanujam speaking.
They have cut the water supply to my house,
please look into it.
Okay. You carry on with the teaching,
I'll take care of that. Disconnect the call.
Who was it?
Our Professor, Mr. Ramanujam.
He insulted me in front of the whole class
just because I was sleeping,
but now I've cut the water supply to his house.
Now he is begging me for basic necessities too.
This is the reality.
What a hopeless person you are!
Don't underestimate the power of sleeping students.
Hey, Let's go.
Don't drink too much.
Okay. Guys, you enjoy the party.
I'll take a small nap.
Do you think the girl will come?
Definitely, Kaamesh.
I'll look into it later.
Are your scoundrel friends coming too?
No. Just to avoid them,
I've made the theme as single reunion.
That means married people are not welcome,
only single people should come.
Total 100 members.
So you have gathered a hundred people
just to meet Sana.
What will you do if she doesn't come?
Kaamesh, I'll call you later.
Why is she coming alone?
Hi, Ranjan.
Did you come alone?
Did you come alone?
Yes. Why do you ask?
How can you come alone?
Why? Am I not supposed to come?
Girls take their friends along with them
even to buy a small hairpin
but to such a big event,
how can you not bring anyone with you?
Hey, Ranjan.
What a coincidence!
What are you doing here?
I didn't think that you'd be here.
I came searching for the person I lost.
When did you come?
Three days ago.
Why didn't you come and meet me then?
I was coming to your home as soon as I landed
but on the way, three buffaloes
blocked my way causing an accident.
And I didn't have your number to call you.
First, take my number.
Okay. I'm not going to miss it this time.
Let me dial...
Sana, have you met him already?
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
I met him in Mumbai.
We went to a pub, had a few drinks,
and roamed the entire Mumbai.
You had drinks?
That too in Mumbai?
That's it! I'm done.
You used to ask me to accompany
you for the smallest of things
but now you went to the pub and
had drinks without even informing me.
We had made a pact that our
first drink would be with each other.
But you ditched me and had the drinks alone.
I am so irritated right now.
To clear this irritation, I must immediately have a drink.
This is a nice opportunity to get her drunk.
Super, let's go and have some drinks.
But she should not come.
What will I do without her?
Is it? Okay. You both have drinks, I'll leave.
No. No. No. That's not correct.
If two friends have a problem,
they should sit and drink.
But drinking itself shouldn't cause
problems between friends.
Let's do one thing, if she drinks 3 pegs,
you drink 6 pegs.
Let's have a challenge of who can drink more.
That's the spirit. Let's go.
She said it's her first time but
she already gulped down 10 pegs.
Please continue.
This is not the Olympic games
that they are being so competitive.
She is drinking alright but will she kiss me?
Once she is sloshed, the girl will look
at you like a tiger looks at its prey.
I feel suffocated.
Can you take me out?
I have booked a guest room.
You can go there and take rest.
Okay. Let's go.
Stay here and continue your marathon.
I'm also coming.
Two girls?
Two girls at a time?
The red saree girl looks ravishing.
I'm slipping into a good mood.
Let's start the dream song.
Get lost.
"You mesmerize me, and I submit my lips to you,
take a passionate bite."
"My dear, I submit my hips to you,
you may pet it if you want."
"The warm of this novel youth is
playfully playing pranks."
"My sweaty body spreads a fragrant scent."
"Look at me, I'm like the blemish-less moon."
"Remove all the curtains of shyness, my dear."
"You mesmerize me, and I submit my lips to you,
take a passionate bite."
"My dear, I submit my hips to you,
you may pet it if you want."
"If you are the hovering bee,
I'll become the pot of honey for you."
"If you are the calm field, I'll be the breeze over it."
"If you are the winter, I'll be the humidity."
"If you are the shower of snow,
I'll be the water droplets."
"Look at me, I'm like the blemish-less moon."
"Remove all the curtains of shyness, my dear."
"My emotions are flowing like a river."
"Being a wave of love,
I'll come across you like a sea."
"Caress my soft heart with your sharp moustache."
"Let the dams loose, let me see the
pleasure and become one with you."
"My emotions are flowing like a river."
"Being a wave of love,
I'll come across you like a sea."
"Caress my soft heart with your sharp moustache."
"Let the dams loose, let me see the
pleasure and become one with you."
"You mesmerize me, and I submit my lips to you,
take a passionate bite."
"My dear, I submit my hips to you,
you may pet it if you want."
"The warm of this novel youth is
playfully playing pranks."
"My sweaty body spreads a fragrant scent."
"Look at me, I'm like the blemish-less moon."
"Remove all the curtains of shyness, my dear."
Don't leave me.
Sana, we are not sober,
this is not right, let's go downstairs.
To where?
Please. I'm scared. Hug me.
Sana, this is not right.
Let's go downstairs.
Take care...
Did you kiss her?
Did you? Where's the video?
I didn't kiss her, bro.
-You didn't kiss her?
You had such a great opportunity.
Why didn't you kiss her?
When she came closer to me to kiss me,
I got a doubt
How can you have a doubt at that moment?
When Sana is inebriated,
she behaves as if she has known me for a decade,
and she has been in love with me all this while.
But she is sober, she behaves as
if she knows me just as an acquaintance.
If I kiss her at that moment,
that would be like taking advantage of her condition.
It won't be love, right?
My thought process changed
due to an incident that happened at the party.
Baby, just a minute.
Listen, baby
-Baby don't leave me.
I'll just go to the bathroom.
I'll be back, okay?
Hey, what happened?
Satish don't leave me.
Ramesh is kissing your girlfriend.
I know it.
Is he complaining about me?
Did you both plan this?
There's no love these days.
Everything is about having fun.
She spends 3 months with me
and the next 3 months with him.
This is very common for us.
Girlfriend's will be very loyal to us.
Learn to respect her.
Indecent behaviour is not right.
We don't commit mistakes and run away.
We don't fool others with your sweet talks.
We are middle-bench students.
We might be average but we are honest.
Yes, dude.
What you did was 100% right.
I'm very much proud of you.
Not just any other girl, we should not touch
even our wives without her permission.
That's why I'm planning to go to
Sana's house and confess my love to her.
If she rejects me,
I'll come back to Mumbai with the satisfaction
that at least I confessed my feelings to her.
What is he doing here?
Madam, get into the car.
I'll be back in 5 minutes.
Don't touch my cards.
Hello, sir.
You said you'll be back in 5 minutes.
Do you know where we are going?
That's okay. They don't have any other job,
they'll be sitting beneath that tree the whole day.
Why did you get into the vehicle, Mom?
He looked like a villain.
I got scared seeing him, that's why I got in.
Sir It's very awkward to say this
but they both are my parents.
-Namaste, sir.
I have a small doubt.
I can guess that we are going on an important work.
But I don't know where.
Where are we going?
My best friend lives in your village and it's his birthday.
My family is already there.
We are going to attend his cake-cutting event.
Had I known this, I would have
brought two boxes with me.
Mom, keep quiet.
It's Sana's house.
It feels very awkward to celebrate birthdays at this age.
Mom always used to have a grand
celebration for your birthday.
Cut the cake for Mom.
Son, if her mother died then who is she?
We should be in our limits, eat our cake, and leave.
We should not ask such questions
when attending such high-class parties.
You are right, Dad.
(Singing happy birthday)
Happy birthday, Dad.
Happy birthday to you.
-Stop it.
Because of our birthdays, we realise two things.
One, that we are growing old.
Second, that our kids are growing up.
That's why I've been asking my best friend
Ranganath to get his son married to my daughter.
And finally, he agreed to it.
Today, my daughter is getting engaged to Ajay.
Along with you, even I'm getting old.
And just like you, I too have a daughter.
After so many years,
I have finally agreed to the marriage
because now my son has become responsible.
And the man behind that change is
the man from your village.
He is a gem of a person,
he is a diamond hidden in the coal mine,
a man with a golden heart, Mr. Manoranjan.
That's why I've decided to engage
my daughter with him.
-Madam, what do you say?
If you agree to this,
I'll give him 200 acres of land as dowry.
Not enough? 300 acres?
Okay, 400 acres.
You have my vote, sir.
We give away our vote for a mere Rs.4000.
Here you are offering 400 acres of land,
how can we not give our son?
We agree!
Very good, brother.
Come here and join us.
That means, the car in which we came is ours.
Excuse us, please.
Come, son.
I am very happy.
-Ranjan, my brother-in-law.
Subbu, my brother-in-law.
Come here, son. Don't be shy.
Dear, she's our daughter-in-law.
Exchange the rings.
Come, dear. Go ahead, son.
Put it on.
You too, dear. Don't be shy. Good.
I'll be back.
Let's get both of them married at the same time.
Hi, Uncle.
Hi, Aunty.
I never thought we both would get engaged
on the same day.
We shall get married on the same day too.
Meet me personally.
I'll come back in a while.
Why did she call me here?
What if someone sees us?
What happened?
Why did you call me?
Get up.
Get up.
What happened, Sana?
I don't want to get married to him.
Are you in love with someone else?
I got so deeply connected to him in just one day.
Usually, that kind of connection doesn't
happen even after 15 years of togetherness.
Who is he?
It's you.
I was so lost with you that
I never thought I would have to leave you.
That's why it never occurred to me
that I need to take your number.
You took a selfie with the puppies that I saved
and you find happiness in that photo
and cherish that moment.
At that moment I understood that you truly love me.
I found the drawing from the classroom at your house.
Then I understood that you have
been in love with all this while.
You must be thinking that I kissed you
that night while not being in my senses.
But I was completely in my senses.
In fact, I took a pic of that moment so
that it becomes an unforgettable memory.
After I came back, I realised that
I could not stay apart from you.
When I saw you again, I wanted to get close to you.
Even when I was intoxicated,
you didn't take advantage of me
and instead ensured my safe arrival at home.
Not just me, any girl would like
a boy like you to get married to.
I love you, Ranjan.
I don't want to miss you.
What happened?
I've been in love with you for so many years
but you wasted all my prime years
and acknowledged my love now.
Thank God, you didn't say this after we got old.
Now what happened? It's just an engagement.
Just an engagement
but not with each other, right?
You are engaged to Ajay and
I am engaged to Swapna.
And if I try to oppose this,
both of them look so dangerous,
they might just abduct me.
Are you afraid of the situation?
I'm shivering with fear.
Can't you see?
When you are drunk,
you can do even the impossible.
What can I do?
I will become unconscious, that's it.
You made a police officer who was doing
his duty sincerely dance in a pub.
You took me to the top of a 90-floor building
and showed me the city at midnight.
So if you think of a plan while drinking,
you can do anything.
So, I want you.
Will you die without me?
No, I'll kill you.
Where has our son gone?
Wait, he must be coming.
I have a severe stomach ache.
Let's go, please.
Let's wait for your son to come.
I don't think I can hold this, sir.
Take me to the nearby fields.
Okay. Driver, let's go.
Start the vehicle.
Drink well and come up with a plan.
Don't worry, we are going.
Come on. Faster.
We missed it by a whisker.
Had he seen that visual,
he would have killed me on the spot.
I don't care if you are killed but along with you,
I would have lost 400 acres of land too.
Thank you, God. Thank you.
You saved me.
Ranjan, be patient until you get married.
After that, we will guide you about the external affair
on when to have it, where to have it and how to do it.
Stop it. Stop your melodrama.
How should I explain it to you
What is it?
I have made a note of all the things
that happened in my life.
Alexa will tell my story to you.
Alexa, play my Telugu diary.
In 2019, I am going to college...
What does this box do?
A lady from Mumbai will speak to us.
We must quietly listen to her.
Sister, get us all a cup of tea each.
Hello, madam.
You can carry on with your narration.
(Narrating the story)
She narrated so beautifully about love and life.
I got really emotional.
I forced you to lead a life according
to my whims and fancies.
Now onwards you live your life as you want.
Alcohol is the only solution to your problem.
Every father should learn from me.
Mother feeds milk to the child to nourish him but
Father should pour him alcohol when he is in trouble.
Tell me, son. What will you have?
A beer is fine.
No. This problem demands a Mansion Horse Brandy.
I don't know how to consume that.
It's very easy, son.
Open the bottle like this...
Pour a small peg...
Jai Balayya!
and gulp it.
Add a dash of pickle to it and your
brain will function at double the speed.
Your love is a success.
Definitely, she is yours
If I am still married to your mother it is
only because of the hope of having this every night.
This is my saviour.
Son, don't listen to anyone other
than this alcohol.
All humans are cheaters.
Let's go, guys. We are getting late.
The shops will be closed.
Jai Balayya.
Do you want to buy the flowers, madam?
I don't need them today. Come tomorrow.
Can you please clear my past payments, madam?
Do I look like a cheater?
I will give it to you later.
I don't want your flowers, please go away from here.
It's been many days now.
Please clear it, madam.
Pavitra, is your husband home?
No, brother. He is out.
Come in, have a tea.
No need, sister.
You seem to be busy already.
I wanted to tell you one thing,
but I don't understand how to reveal that to you
What is that, brother?
Did you ever check Prasad's wallet?
Check it once.
Why, brother?
To keep that girl away from this house.
Cleanse his heart along with your house, sister.
Which girl was he talking about?
What was he doing here?
He came looking for you.
I called him in to have a cup of tea
but he refused and left.
You come in. I have prepared tasty snacks for you.
Did you add ghee to it?
Dear, I need to pay for the flowers.
Can you give me your purse?
All my money is spent on flowers and decorations.
Ask her if she has PhonePe.
Give it to me. Leave.
Don't open that.
Who is that girl? Who is she?
Where are you running off to?
Thrash him, madam. Beat him nicely.
[Indistinct voices]
He is cleaning the tank.
He will be back in 5 minutes.
Have this tea until then.
Did you ever read the poetry that he has framed?
Yes. He won an award for that too, didn't he?
That's not a literary masterpiece to win an award.
That's not just poetry. It's his heartfelt emotions.
I didn't get it, brother.
Instead of repeating the chants,
go and repeat that poetry. You'd understand everything.
God will help you.
Govinda! Govinda!
My love for her is deeper
than the ocean and wider than the sky.
The moment she appears before me,
the breeze smells like a flower garden.
She is my Sana. She is my Sana.
Yes, Roja.
Did she scream at me?
What is Ranjan doing here?
He must have insinuated her against me.
Roja...did you call me?
How dare you keep this poetry in my home?
That's just poetry, not a girl.
Have you ever written poetry about your wife?
Wives inspires you to have depression
but not to write poetry.
Is it?
I never thought that someone could
strangle a person with a towel.
So you were imagining her while being with me, is it?
You should offer coconut to god.. not on my head.
Either run away or commit suicide.
We will teach him lesson.
Listen, all variants of COVID-19
are coming at me at once.
If they ask about me, tell them I'm not here.
Where should I hide?
It would have been nice to have an SUV here
Hey, where is he?
He just went out.
Look at...
Brother, they left.
You can come out.
I would have died out of suffocation there.
All the ghosts of the world reside in my house.
If they hear that they will get hurt?
Who? Them? They are heartless creatures.
Where are you going?
You yourself look like a nightmare and
you are dreaming about another girl, is it?
How did you find out me?
How can you hide yourself with such a fat body?
If you did not have enough milk when you were a child,
I gave you buffalo milk and made you grow up
Madam, please let him go.
Let my brother go, please.
Get away from here.
You got me caught and now you are acting as innocent.
How dare you hit me?
I will beat you.
Why are you beating me along with them?
-Beat him...
I was almost killed at home.
She seemed to have been possessed by someone.
She thrashed me severely.
My wife beat me with a broom,
and the broom is no more.
There are no bruises though.
It was an old broom.
The injuries are internal.
All the ladies of my home played soccer with me.
That little devil scored a goal too.
There he is. Our enemy.
It's my marriage, why are your faces glowing bright?
But you helped me anyway.
Sana's father owns only 200 acres
but Swapna's father owns 500 acres of land.
Sana is cute, no doubt. But Swapna is hot.
Every boy prefers hot over cute, doesn't he?
Take this.
I'm going to get married in four days and
you are the chief guests of my marriage.
Swapna My dear, Swapna.
He made us toil and took the fruit for himself.
He should not be happy.
We got beaten up and he is becoming rich.
This marriage should not take place.
Come... let's go.
The last time you got me here it was his birthday.
What is the occasion this time around?
Today's friendship day.
There's always an excuse to drink.
Because we all are good friends
Carry on.
You have it, sir.
We want to tell you something.
What is it?
It's about your sister, Sana.
What about our sister, Sana?
She is not our sister, she's your sister.
She got engaged recently.
Yes, our sister, Sana, got engaged.
So what?
What is the matter?
Everyone in this village knows about the
dynamics of both your families.
According to common sense,
if your sister Sana is getting married to Ajay then
Ajay's sister Swapna should get married to you, isn't it?
The whole village expected you both to get married.
Who is this rascal Ranjan who came in between?
If he marries her, the whole village will think
that you have a masculinity problem.
Who is that?
Who will say that I have a masculinity problem?
Let them be, sir.
Even we would have the same doubt.
You are not realising, sir.
You both have known each other all your life.
I'm damn sure that the girl really loves you.
Which girl?
Instagram aunty. The girl we've been
talking about.
Swapna, sir.
Sir, you don't know it
but you are deeply in love with that girl.
Is that so?
We can see it in your eyes, sir.
What? Love?
No, 3 beers.
He means, if you are thinking about
that girl even after having 3 beers,
that means you are definitely in love with her.
I love her.
But she's about to get married in a couple of days.
That's not a big deal, sir.
The groom can be changed at any time.
Didn't you watch Venkatesh's movies?
I did.
But I have to watch them again.
List of best 50 Venkatesh's emotional scenes.
4K resolution Videos.
You are
You are truly my brothers!
We are not your brothers.
Why does he keep calling us brothers?
Girl, that saree. Get that saree
My husband loves this colour.
I love this one.
What do you think about this saree for Sana?
You don't need such a costly one.
Select a cheaper one.
Get lost.
I like this one, ma.
But that one is good too.
Just fifty thousand? No, no. Wait.
Excuse me, show me a green colour saree
which costs more than one lakh.
Green saree with open hair, she would look like an angel.
How do you know?
Don't you watch movies?
Why do you care? Shut up.
You shut up.
Mom, I want this one.
Aunty, Swapna
Son, you said green saree
but she came in a red colour saree.
I meant red.
I said she would look like an apple in a red saree.
Thank you.
We have more collections on that side.
Let's check them out too.
Wipe it off.
Go away. You too go.
Who put roses there? I asked for marigolds.
Change those flowers.
What an amazing decoration! I really love it.
It's nice, isn't it?
Start playing.
How respectful of them!
When did you arrive?
-Just now.
Come.. come in.
What is this? They ignored us and received them.
Son, should we go by ourselves?
Come, let's go.
Please have lunch, Uncle.
You must be tired of travelling.
Please go. Please
Come in...
How are the arrangements?
-I know, it's amazing.
We went shopping yesterday.
Everyone chose a fifty thousand saree for you
but I forced them to buy you a saree
that costs a hundred thousand.
Did you like it?
Why are you doing all this?
The pain that a patient feels when
he is given the bill before his discharge.
That is the same pain that I'm feeling
right now as you are about to get married.
There's no hurry, Swapna Just wink
an eye before he ties the knot,
I'll stop the marriage then and there.
Hey, hide the laptop.
Sana? You?
What are you doing here?
What if someone sees you?
If someone sees you here,
we'll be in grave danger, Sana.
I asked you to stop the marriage
but you are chilling here with your family.
I think you intend to marry my friend
and settle in this village.
No, Sana.
If that happens, I shouldn't feel
that you are not a part of my life.
So have this milk and think
that today is our first night.
Before marriage?
Even if I miss you, I'll have your memories with me.
we should not do this before marriage.
You know that I don't like this.
You would say the same thing
after marriage as well.
The girl is craving for your closeness and
you are talking about rules and morals.
What nonsense, Ranjan?
Do you know what an English poet
wrote about this situation?
Hey stop. Please, stop.
We are into the climax part.
Sana, I have set everything into motion.
Tomorrow when your father asks you,
do you like this marriage, just say yes.
I'll take care of the rest. Okay?
Then let's leave this milk aside.
Why? I'll have the milk.
I like milk. Give it to me.
No, Kamesh
- I'll have it. Don't worry.
No, no, no..don't drink.
One should get excited after
having milk but I feel dizzy.
What's wrong?
Did you poison the milk because I'm not marrying you?
Just sleeping tablets.
I thought, once you are unconscious
I'd kidnap you and take you to Mumbai.
I booked the train tickets as well.
If that happens,
your father would torture my parents to death.
It's my responsibility to marry you.
You go from here.
Promise on my unconscious friend.
You can go.
We were taught not to accept
food from strangers.
Now look, what your greed
for food did to you
Everybody is here.
Okay.. Okay.. Ok.
Dear all, this is the wedding of the VVIP of our office.
Our Rules Ranjan wedding.
Welcome. Welcome.
Come.. come..
You came along with your colony members.
These are not colony members,
this is my family, sir.
These are my kids, my sister-in-law,
my mom, my dad, my brother
And she is my wife.
If you want to give it as a wedding gift, scan it
Incredible times, sir! Wedding online, gift online,
payment online, only kids come offline.
only kids come offline.
Who is that lady standing in front of the groom?
Won't she move away?
The marriage is not happening anyway.
Who cares if she moves or not.
Who is he? He is dressed like a groom.
Shall we pull his leg?
-Start your games.
Nice expressions.
Who are you?
(In Hindi)
What did you say?
Bath? We already bathed.
Two times.
I'm not talking about your bathroom bath.
I'm asking, what did you just say, in Hindi.
Oh, you know Telugu?
Whose side are you from?
I'm Ranjan's roommate in Mumbai.
Recently I got promoted to being his best friend.
I came to attend his marriage.
He came all the way from Mumbai.
Poor guy, wasted money on his flight tickets.
I can hear your mind-voice.
Who are you?
We are Ranjan's childhood friends.
Oh so you are those scoundrels who
tried to break Ranjan's marriage.
Not very nice to meet you guys.
He has a lot of information about us.
We must sit alongside and discuss this issue.
Move aside.
-You won't fit here.
It's okay, I'll adjust.
It feels as if the entire guest list sits beside me.
You have a surprise.
What is it?
The groom seems happy to you, right?
But in a few moments,
he will be seen crying his heart out.
What did you do now?
This marriage won't take place.
Yes, it will not.
-Not at all.
Don't stop this marriage, he is a naive boy.
Yes, he is naive and you are cunning.
But it's not in our hands anymore. It's done.
I'm requesting this as a senior, please don't do this.
You are old school,
we are the new generation.
By the way, nobody cares about seniors
and juniors, only being a winner matters.
Just wait and watch,
the bride will now get up and say that she doesn't want to
marry Ranjan instead she wants to marry Subbaraju.
Go and have lunch before the marriage gets halted.
I heard that the sweet is tasty.
You are definitely new generation, but please
pay heed to my request, please don't do this.
This is not fair.
If we commit to the action,
we won't listen to ourselves too.
Not just ourselves
-Let me help you
No. Don't touch.
We won't listen to you as well.
I am not interested in this marriage.
Are you shocked?
Now watch my friend's performance.
What happened, son?
Are we not treating your family well?
No, uncle. There's no problem from your side.
You are the best family in this
whole Rayalaseema region.
Then what's the problem?
You are so happy about this marriage, uncle.
Look at him, he is happy too.
Look at the guests, they are all happy too.
Look at my friends, their faces are
glowing with happiness.
Not your face.
While everyone is happy, one important
person is not happy about this marriage.
How can I get married while he is unhappy?
Who is he?
I'll kill him right away.
Don't kill him, sir.
Kill the grief in his heart.
He is your son, sir.
My son?
What are you talking about?
You wouldn't understand it in my words, sir.
Listen to that in his words itself.
Alexa, play.
When I saw the movie, 'Preminchukundam Raa'
then I understood that this is love.
When I saw the movie, 'Kalisundham raa'
I felt I wanted to be with you.
After watching the movie 'Nuvvu naaku nacchavu',
I felt I am incomplete without you.
Why are you telling all this to me?
The scene is good but the performances
are not up to the mark.
Idiot, our plan has leaked.
Think about that.
There is no urgency, Swapna.
Just wink your eyes before he ties the knot,
I'll stop the marriage.
Am I such an emotional person?
These are the real emotions coming out of his heart, sir.
It's a sin to distance two lovers, sir.
To give you an example, the sheep would be
happy with the shepherd but not with the butcher.
What a delivery!
What is he talking about?
I can't digest it.
I've written those dialogues.
Even though he loves her so much, your son is serving
cool drinks to guests like Venkatesh in the movie 'Raja'.
He is clearing the dining places
behind the guests like a servant, sir.
He is working like a donkey for this marriage, sir.
I understood.
Enough, son.
When he loves her so much,
how can I marry her, sir?
I beg you, sir.
Get her married to Subbaraju.
That is justice, sir.
How does he know about our plan?
What did you say? Old school?
Do you know what I am to the school you went to?
That's an old punch.
I am the founder.
Who wanted to pull his leg?
That fools sitting over there.
Even if I didn't pull his leg,
the scene would still play out like this.
That's why a Saint named Bramhaji said one thing.
Win but don't finger.
I didn't understand that.
-He is alive.
Mr. Bramhaji!
I wondered why my friend chose you for his
daughter instead of a boy from any rich family.
you are sacrificing your marriage for the
sake of my son's happiness.
You won my heart.
-Thanks sir.
I misunderstood you.
I believed the words of some rascals
and got you beaten up.
But you are sacrificing your
marriage for my love.
Don't cry, Raju.
You look ugly.
I want your love to succeed.
Come on, let's hug.
My friend!
How did you plan this?
This is nothing, inside there
Crocodile festival?
Again an old one
Ganesh festival.
Why are you staring like that?
That's a festival too.
Stop the marriage.
Ajay, you are under arrest.
He delivered the dialogue like a junior artist.
Who is he?
Yes, I arranged him too.
We received a footage in which you incinerated
a rice mill and ran away from the spot in your car.
Good! It was Ranjan who gave them the footage.
You have to come to the station for enquiry.
Listen to me, sir. I did it in an emotionally
charged state of mind.
Sir, wait.
It was me who was in the car.
I caused the fire accident too.
Arrest me, sir. Leave him, sir.
To stop a marriage on stage is similar to stopping
a calf from going to its mother.
It's a sin, sir.
Take me along, sir.
Who wrote these dialogues?
Cow, calf, milk shit. What is this?
I can't take it.
I can't take it too.
I'll go, brother. I shall go away.
Didn't I say that the stage will be on fire today?
Stop it, sir.
There is a limit for everything.
Come sir.
you came into my arid life like a cold breeze.
You saved my life,
today you are standing to save my family's pride.
You are ready to go to jail for me.
Sir, I burned that mill down.
Take me with you. Come.
Stop it.
Am I taking you along with me or are you
taking me along with you? What's happening here?
Wait a minute, sir.
Do you know what will happen
if you get arrested today?
This marriage will be halted.
What about her life after this embarrassment?
Who will take care of her like you?
Who will marry her?
Who will promise her a lifetime of happiness?
Who will become her soulmate?
Who, Ajay? Who?
You, Ranjan.
Yes, you. You.
Yes, it is you.
Yes, you.
What are you doing?
I got convinced watching his performance, bro.
Hit scene, bro.
Excuse me, sir.
He sacrificed his marriage for your son's happiness.
He was ready to go to jail for the
sake of your daughter's marriage.
Where will you get a better groom
for your daughter, uncle?
Tell him, Dad.
Sir don't trust him, sir.
Don't come to a conclusion listening to Ajay's words.
You have already made a decision, sir.
No, sir. It's not our choice.
We must ask the girl about it.
Don't come to a conclusion, sir.
-You wait...
He has made his decision, Ajay.
He will accept you, Ranjan.
He will accept you.
You have seen what happened here.
Do you agree to marry this boy?
What should I tell, Dad?
Until now I thought Ajay was my husband,
I even dreamt of our honeymoon
in Thailand, Iceland and Switzerland.
All of a sudden whats your name?
My name? My name is Manoranjan.
you are asking me to marry Ranjan.
But anyway,
if he is agreeing to marry me just for our familys pride,
I too shall agree for your sake, Dad.
If you are okay with it.
I am okay with that too.
Wow! Wow! Wow!
You gave birth to a Radhika, sir!
You are very lucky.
Ranjan, my name is Sana.
Sana? So sweet.
Bless me, uncle.
My would-be wife.
Did you see that? They forgot their names too.
Acting is fine, but cant bear their overacting.
You are witnessing just their overacting.
I have to bear you guys too. What a pity!
The pair looks good, isnt it?
Hello, your job is done here. Lets go.
Sir, if youd just give me 2 minutes,
Ill witness both the marriages before leaving, sir.
Sir, its getting late.
Come and take your seat.
Put it in.
I am not interested in this marriage.
What is this new twist?
What happened?
Subbaraju never differentiated
between me and Sana.
He bought me all those things that he got for Sana.
I look up to him like a brother,
like an uncle, like my
I understood.
Everyone asked Sana her opinion.
But nobody asked my opinion.
I too want a good guy like Ranjan.
Dear, we have only one Ranjan.
And I only sent him that side.
All of a sudden, how can we search
for someone who is like Ranjan?
No need. We have one right here.
Ranjans roommate, Kaamesh.
Brohter Who is this Kaamesh?
Its me.
Also, Sana will go to Mumbai after marrying Ranjan.
I will marry Kaamesh and move to Mumbai too.
Sana and I will stay together just like you both.
If it is Ranjans roommate
then you have my approval.
Our daughter will stay together in one home
and their friendship will be eternal just like us.
What else could we have asked for?
They are exchanging brides like
they are in an exchange mela.
I wish we had such offers.
Look behind
No need.
Kaamesh, please come on stage.
Just coming...
Brother, so all of this was your plan?
Like Sukumar writings,
this is Kaamesh writings
It doesnt have a good sound to it.
Its okay, Ill release it in OTT.
You did well.
Bless me.
Bless me.
Just a minute...
Right side..
You have not left your games yet?
When did you plan all of this?
She fell for me in the Insta chat.
She loves Mumbai.
So, I promised her that
I would show her the entire Mumbai.
Thats it, she fell for me.
Her father owns 1000 acres of land.
I would request a 100 acres of land from him.
Henceforth, Ill stop working in B-grade cinemas
and make a big-budget movie like Project K
and become famous Nag Ashwin.
You should win an award.
Sir, the auspicious moment is approaching.
Lets start the rituals.
Can I?
You look more beautiful in person.
We are made for each other
like Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor
Hey, you made it possible!
That is Rules Ranjan!
Start the rituals
Very cute.
Swami, one minute.
This marriage is happening only
because of my childhood friends.
I would like to accept the nuptial thread from them.
Ask them to come.
Come on stage who are his friends.
Why is he calling us? Lets go.
Hey! Go and get your sister married.
Or else, Ill asphyxiate you with the same thread.
Do you need a separate invitation?
-We are going.
Come on, guys.
Its danger on both the ends.
Sir, how long is the term for killing wives?
Look at this!
Oh no!
Why did you call us?
Give the thread. Fast.
Can we get three more, please?
Who are these uncles?
Not uncles...
They are like your brothers.
Uncle was better, sir.
-Give the thread. Fast.
You made fun of our dreams, didnt you?
Smile. Smile.
Watch now...
-Take this.
My cutie.
My daughter-in-law is so beautiful.
Just like an actress.
You all will definitely meet an average
guy like me in your life, do not miss him.
He will be very sincere in his job and his life.
He will achieve his dream eventually.
"If you are the hovering bee,
I'll become the pot of honey for you."
"If you are the calm field, I'll be the breeze over it."
"If you are the winter, I'll be the humidity."
"If you are the shower of snow,
I'll be the water droplets."
"Look at me, I'm like the blemish-less moon."
"Remove all the curtains of shyness, my dear."
"My emotions are flowing like a river."
"Being a wave of love,
I'll come across you like a sea."
"Caress my soft heart with your sharp moustache."
"Let the dams loose, let me see the
pleasure and become one with you."
"My emotions are flowing like a river."
"Being a wave of love,
I'll come across you like a sea."
"Caress my soft heart with your sharp moustache."
"Let the dams loose, let me see the
pleasure and become one with you."
"You mesmerize me, and I submit my lips to you,
take a passionate bite."
"My dear, I submit my hips to you,
you may pet it if you want."
"The warm of this novel youth is
playfully playing pranks."
"My sweaty body spreads a fragrant scent."
"Look at me, I'm like the blemish-less moon."
"Remove all the curtains of shyness, my dear."