Ruling of the Heart (2018) Movie Script

All rise for
the honorable Judge Morgan.
Counselor, let me
get this straight.
You're suing Miss
Green for $1 million
over a dead cat.
Is that correct?
Yes, Your Honor.
My client, Mrs. Jenkins,
has lost a valuable
member of her family.
Mrs. Jenkins' neighbor, Miss
Green, has threatened Fido...
Hold on.
That's the name of
the cat in question?
Yes, Your Honor.
The defendant, Miss Green,
has on numerous occasions
threatened to kill Fido,
if she were to catch the
animal on her property.
Did your client see
Miss Green kill this cat?
No, Your Honor.
Did Miss Green confess
to killing this cat?
No, Your Honor.
Then what evidence
do you have?
Your Honor.
The plaintiff has a list
of so-called witnesses,
none of whom can provide
any empirical evidence
implicating my client
in the death of Fido.
Is that true?
Yes, Your Honor.
So, all you have
is a list of people
who dislike Miss Green
as much as your client.
But the fact remains,
not a single person
on said list can offer
any solid evidence.
Or did I miss something?
Um, no, Your Honor.
And even if you did,
your client feels Fido's
life is worth $1 million?
She feels so, yes.
Take a look at Miss Green.
Does she look like the
kind of woman who has $1,
let alone $1 million?
We anticipated
negotiating the amount.
You can negotiate all you
like, but the fact remains,
your client has no evidence.
But my Fido is dead.
Such is the nature
of life, madam.
Animals die, be they the
four or the two legged kind.
There's simply no
evidence that Miss Green
inflicted any harm on your
Frankly counselor,
I'm ashamed of you
for accepting such
a ridiculous case
and wasting the
court's time with it.
Court finds in favor
of the defendant.
Next case.
The fact remains, you
were walking barefoot
through a grocery store.
The water you slipped on
was either already there
or from your sweaty bare feet.
No way to tell.
The sign says, no shoes, no
shirt, no service, for a reason.
Court finds in
favor of defendant.
Next time, try riding your
motorcycle on the street
instead of through people's
living room windows.
Court rules in favor
of the plaintiff.
I don't care how much you drank,
or if it really was your car.
You still can't take
a naked nap in public.
60 days for B and E and
public intoxication.
Court finds for the defendant.
Case dismissed.
The court sentences the
defendant to five years.
Oh no.
Court finds for the defendant.
Guilty, 90 days.
You have one saved message.
Saved message.
Sorry to bother you, honey.
But I'm calling to remind you
to pick up my birthday cake.
Now, don't feel bad
that I'm reminding you.
It's just that I know
how hard you work
and how focused you get.
Can't wait for tonight.
See you soon.
Love you.
Yes, come in.
Are you all right?
Yes, of course.
Why do you ask?
Lunch finished
half an hour ago.
Everyone's waiting.
How many left on the docket?
Oh, there's a huge
storm rolling in.
It's gonna be really bad.
I hear half the
town's shutting down.
Was there anything else?
I'll let everyone know
that you're on the way.
Case dismissed.
How many do we have left?
Only two, judge.
Mr. Stevens, this case
has been ruled on criminally
and civilly already.
What are you hoping
to accomplish today
by bringing it back here?
Your Honor, my
client, Lionel Blair,
is hoping that a fresh
pair of eyes on his case
will be able to discern
the criminal behavior
of the defendant, Mr. Thompson.
The state of my eyes
are irrelevant, counselor.
Mr. Thompson has been acquitted
of any wrong doing in
his criminal trial,
and I'm not seeing
any new evidence
to justify revisiting
the civil suit.
I'm afraid you've
wasted your time.
Wasted our time?
Mr. Stevens,
control your client,
or I'll find him in contempt.
Oh, I apologize, Your Honor.
Case dismissed.
Are you kidding me?
Just like that, you're
gonna let him go again
without even hearing me?
I warned you.
You warned me?
What could you possibly
do to me that is worse
than what he has already done?
Well, let's find out.
How 'bout we start
with a $1,000 fine?
Would you like to add
some jail time to that?
Mr. Miller, please proceed.
Your Honor, we have the case
of Walker County versus Wynne.
Mr. Miller, what does
the government recommend
as sentencing?
The victim has asked
that the case be dropped.
So the government would like
to move for a dismissal.
I see.
We have no
objections, Your Honor.
Of course not.
Mr. Miller, might
I inquire as to
what caused Mr. Roth's
sudden change of heart?
Charity, Your Honor.
Mr. Roth doesn't wish to hold
a grudge against Ms. Wynne.
That's a first.
According to Ms. Wynne's file,
she broke into her
ex-boss's building
and attempted to steal
files from his computer.
Yes, Your Honor.
My client was under deep
emotional stress during that time.
Ms. Wynne thoroughly regrets
her actions that day.
She has never had any
previous issues with the law
and has a spotless record.
Had a spotless
record, Mrs. Watts.
Your client broke the law.
What's more, Ms. Wynne
fully admitted doing so.
Yes, Your Honor.
She believes in honestly.
And she has admitted her mistake
and is just asking for leniency.
In fact, she's...
Just because Mr. Roth
is feeling charitable
doesn't mean Ms. Wynne can get
away with breaking the law.
Your client did it.
She was found guilty.
And if she believes in
honesty as you claim,
she should also
believe in justice.
You're fairly young, Ms. Wynne,
so I assume you still possess
the capacity to learn.
So here's some knowledge
for you to absorb:
It's Newton's third law.
For every action, there is an
equal and opposite reaction.
When you break the
law, you go to jail.
Motion for dismissal denied.
Court sentences Rachel
Wynne to six months in jail.
I will trust you will report
for processing one
week from today.
Or do I need to set bail?
No, Your Honor.
That won't be necessary.
Six months?
It's okay.
I will file the appeal
first thing Monday, okay?
Come in.
Monday's docket.
Thank you.
Snow's piled up pretty bad.
I hear visibility is
near zero on the roads.
Your point?
I don't live far from here.
You're welcome to wait
out the storm at my place,
if you like.
I don't think that
would be a good idea.
How long have you
worked for me, Amelia?
Nearly 22 years.
I remember a time you
used to speak your mind.
You were different then.
Things were different then.
It's her birthday
today, isn't it?
If you like, I can...
I know you love her.
you know how I feel.
I can wait, Edward.
I've been waiting.
But I won't wait forever.
Judge, so glad you made it.
I was beginning to worry
with all this snow.
Think everyone abandoned
ship a couple hours ago.
Thanks for stayin' open.
You don't have to thank me.
No torrential storm is gonna
scare me into closin' up early.
And besides, that young
man needed shelter.
I expect more will come.
It's been a long time,
but I've seen this
kind of weather before.
And it's only gonna get worse.
Is it ready?
Happy birthday, honey.
Thank you.
Oh, I think the hat's
for the birthday girl.
No, it's for you.
It looks much better on you.
What'd you wish for?
I can't tell you my wish.
Because I want
it to come true.
Chocolate and cream, just
the way Sarah likes it.
I even put an extra layer
of dark chocolate in it.
Oh, I'm sure she'll love it.
Thank you, Nick.
It's perfect.
You sure you don't wanna
stay for awhile, though?
It's pretty bad out there,
and I haven't seen
a plow in hours.
Sarah's birthday.
Oh, of course.
I wasn't thinkin'.
Give her my best.
I miss seein' her
face around here.
Oh, no.
Is there somethin'
wrong with the cake?
The cake's fine.
My car's stuck in the snow,
and I forgot my key
card to the courthouse.
Is it all right if I stay
long enough to call a cab?
Of course.
You can stay as
long as you like.
Good luck getting a cab.
Been waiting for my
Uber for over an hour.
Town's all buttoned up.
No one wants to go out.
Or they're like me and you:
How about a nice mug
of my famous hot cocoa
and marshmallows?
I don't care for marshmallows.
Just some tea would be fine.
Hmm, chamomile?
That'd be fine.
Who doesn't like marshmallows?
Still in a bad mood, I guess.
Excuse me?
You have no idea
who I am, do you?
Should I?
Should you?
It's your job to know
everything about me.
You're making no sense.
I can't believe this.
I met with you a little
over an hour ago,
and you've already forgotten
everything about me.
You were in my court room.
As a defendant, I suppose.
Let me guess.
You're angry because you feel
your sentence was too harsh?
Yes, I'm angry.
But I wasn't a defendant.
I was the plaintiff.
Do you have any idea how
many cases I see in a day?
Do you think it's even possible
for me to remember them all?
Do you remember any?
I do.
The ones that matter anyway.
Apparently your case lacked
any memorable qualities.
it looks like we're gonna be
spending some time together.
So why don't I
refresh your memory?
Don't bother.
I can't discuss your case
without all parties present.
And even if everyone were here,
I still have no interest
in discussing it.
It's in the past, mister?
Lionel Blair.
Crying over the outcome
isn't gonna change anything.
Once my gavel strikes home,
it's over for you and me.
I suggest you move on.
Hey, you guys open?
The door was
unlocked, wasn't it?
Come in, sir, please.
It's really comin'
down hard out there, huh?
Yeah, have a seat.
Welcome to the club.
Stuck here, too?
'Fraid so.
How long?
I've been here
for about an hour.
And he just showed up.
Well, you'll have
one more comin' soon.
One more?
Yeah, well, my ride
got stuck in the snow
and wasn't able to come.
And I remember walkin' around
and seein' the lights
on in here earlier.
And on my way here,
I saw a woman sitting at
the bus stop all alone.
I tried to get her to
come with, but you know.
A stranger, asking a woman
he'd just met at the bus stop
to go with him to
some unknown place,
in the middle of a
snow storm at night?
Yeah, I can see where
that might not go so well.
Well, I told her I'd come
back if you guys were closed.
So I just assume that
she'll realize her bus
is never going to come.
She'll make her way up here.
Well, shouldn't we tell her?
I mean, I hate to think of her
out there in the cold like that.
I don't think she'll come
with me if I went back.
But if someone from
here went and told her
that I found the place and
sent somebody to get her,
then maybe she'll come.
I'll go.
I don't think you
should go, Nick.
It's bad out there.
So are you volunteering to go?
I was gonna suggest you.
Give you a chance to cool off.
You guys, uh, know each other?
We met briefly earlier today.
I'll go.
Oh, here she is.
You guys are open, right?
Yes, and please, come in.
Thank you.
I'm half frozen.
Oh, it's so warm in here.
Can I get you
somethin' hot to drink?
Coffee, tea, hot chocolate?
Oh, a hot chocolate
sounds so good.
Okay, marshmallows,
whipped cream, cinnamon?
Thank you so much.
Be right back.
Hi, mom.
No, I didn't make it
home, but I'm safe.
A little cafe in town.
Yeah, there's others here.
Yeah, I'm still here.
I'm fine.
I'm gonna sit here until
the buses start up again,
or until this place closes,
whichever comes first.
Okay, I will.
Love you, too.
Glad you could make it.
Oh, hey.
I was literally just
setting up a rescue party
to come get you.
Once you mentioned this
place might be open,
it seemed to get a
little colder outside.
Couldn't take it anymore, so.
I'm Mike.
And I believe we
already met, Mr. Judge?
Here you go.
Hello, everybody.
My name is Nick Moore, I'm
the owner of the place.
And, uh, been a while,
but we've had nights
like this before.
I like to stay open in case
somebody needs a safe place
to wait out the storm.
Just wanted you all to know
that you're welcome to
stay as long as you like.
Thanks, that's so kind.
Oh, thanks.
Anyway, if you need
anything, just call.
Excuse me.
Sorry to bother you.
Hi, again.
Um, I was just wondering
if I could...
But you don't even know...
You wanna talk
about your case.
And I've stated to your cohort,
I cannot discuss your case
without both attorneys present.
And I have no interest
in doing so anyway.
Wait, so you remember her,
but you have no idea who I am.
You were in court today, too?
Wait, wait, please don't
tell me I'm stuck in a cafe
with a couple of criminals.
I'm the victim.
Guess I'm the only criminal.
Oh, great.
Should I be worried, Your Honor?
You've been givin' me
this same excuse for months.
I know, I'm sorry.
But I am so close.
I've been running
the simulations
using the new variables
as the data comes in.
It's just, it's
missing something.
Or I'm missing
something, I don't know.
I just need more time.
Time is something
you don't have, Rachel.
You were given a two-year
grant for research.
And I agreed to let you spend
that grant at my company,
because I thought your
research might benefit us.
But here we are,
nearly two years later.
Nothing's changed.
I know, but I'm almost there.
I can feel it.
The solution's on
tip of my mind.
I know something will click.
I just need to keep going.
Look, if you'd just
bring me up to speed,
maybe I could help.
I am so close.
Just give me another few weeks,
and if I can't make it work,
then we can go over the data.
All right.
Clock's tickin'.
Don't worry, everyone.
This has happened before.
It'll be back on in
a couple seconds.
Is the power out
just here or everywhere?
I'll go check down the street.
Looks like power's
out all around here.
Hey Nick.
You didn't make it home.
I was hopin' you'd
beat the storm.
Yeah, well, I made
it a few blocks away,
but my car got stuck.
I was waiting for a plow, but
nothing's moving out there.
Uh, oh, everybody,
this is Olivia.
She helps me run the restaurant.
So what'd you see out there?
Walked quite a ways, but
power's out there, too.
It's not a downed line.
And it's not in my breaker
box, which is good.
So if it's a town issue, it
should get fixed quicker.
It's getting so cold in here.
Yeah, I was hoping that the
power'd be back on by now.
Oh, no, you'll freeze.
I have my suit coat.
Thanks, judge.
In the meantime,
what do we do for heat?
Well, I'm open to suggestions.
Hey, there's a
kitchen back there.
If there's a gas stove,
we crank that baby up
and gather around
it like a campfire.
It's not a bad idea.
Well, when I
got my new stoves,
I found out I could get a
discount on my insurance
if I upgraded my gas
lines at the same time.
So now when the power goes out,
the gas automatically shuts
off to prevent a fire.
So much for that.
Nick, do you
have anything thick
to cover up these windows?
That'll help block the
cold from comin' through.
Uh, yeah, I guess.
Uh, cardboard do?
Yes, I think so.
I've got a recycling
pile back here
where I throw the boxes out.
Maybe, maybe there's some.
I'll go check.
I'll help.
Thank you.
Gonna need a couple more boxes.
Do you have any tape?
Yeah, right here.
So, you work here?
Uh, after high school, I
moved to LA to try out acting
but found that it was harder
and more expensive
than I thought.
So I moved back here.
And I've been working
for Nick since.
Do you still act?
Not a lot of acting jobs
in a small town like this.
But that's okay.
One day.
Don't give up on
your dreams, right?
Who knows?
Maybe my dreams will change.
What about you?
What about me?
What do you do?
I'm in between jobs right now.
This one's finished.
Let's move on to
the next window.
When will it start
getting warmer?
This won't make it warmer,
but it'll help keep it from
getting colder so fast.
You know, I camp a lot.
It's always easier to stay warm
when you're trappin'
in the heat.
Keepin' it in one spot.
What if we use
those other boxes?
You ever build
a fort as a kid?
- One, two.
- One, two, three.
I found on the way to
that I still.
You smell like death.
Of course you'd notice.
That's very nice.
Oh, yeah.
Good thinkin', everybody.
I think it's working.
I feel warmer anyway.
I don't know.
I should have worn
a warmer coat today.
Judge, is it okay if I
let Olivia wear your jacket?
That's so sweet.
Thank you, Nick.
You're welcome.
And mister?
His name is Edward Morgan.
I Googled you.
To what end?
Just tryin' to figure
out what your deal is.
My deal?
I think he means
why you seem so angry.
And what did you learn?
Why am I so angry, as both
of you seem to believe?
Honestly, I don't know.
You, uh,
moved here from New York about
10 years ago with your wife.
Pretty much stay to yourselves.
That's about it.
Got all that off the internet?
That's not much
in this day and age.
It's like you purposely try
to keep off the social radar.
Are you in some sort of
witness protection program
or something?
As a judge?
You have quite an imagination.
Well, I guess I'm pretty lucky
to have any part of my brain
working after what happened.
What do you mean?
Ask the judge.
He knows all about it.
Or he's supposed to anyway.
It was all in my file.
Then again,
he didn't even remember me an
hour after dismissing my case.
Maybe your brain's just
as messed up as mine.
I told you,
this is neither the
place nor the time
to discuss what happened to you.
I felt that.
And this?
That's a good thing, right?
It's promising.
What does that mean?
Lift your arms for me, please.
That's good.
You're making vast improvements.
But not my legs.
No, but don't be discouraged.
How bad is it?
You're going to have to learn
how to walk all over again.
But how quickly that happens
is going to depend on you.
So I can recover fully?
It will be very difficult
and could be painful.
Have you ever felt
that prickling feeling
after your foot
has fallen asleep?
Multiply that many times
over for a few hours.
It may sound strange,
but that pain is actually
a really good thing.
A good pain?
The more it hurts,
the more the receptors
are firing, sending,
and receiving signals,
which reprograms the brain.
You're saying the more
pain that I go through,
the stronger I get.
So, she's sitting there
staring at this murky glass,
and she goes, uh, there's
no way I'm drinking this.
the last straw was
when her meal came.
I put a ton of salt in it when
she went to the ladies' room.
So, she comes back, takes one
bite, throws down her fork.
She stood up right
there, and she goes,
worst date ever!
And she storms out.
And I got out of the date.
Totally worth it.
Poor girl.
Poor girl?
Poor me.
What about you guys?
Any significant others?
Funny stories?
I have a crush on my neighbor.
So, not significant yet.
No woman wants to
date Humpty Dumpty.
Mr. Judge?
Zero for three.
Save us.
Yeah, wish I could.
Um, I was engaged a few
years ago, but we, uh,
well, he called it
off the last minute.
So I just moved on and
focused on my work and stuff.
What work?
Um, bioengineering in
the agricultural industry.
Juicy stuff.
I wish this was a real campfire.
Anyone bring the marshmallows?
I got plenty in the kitchen.
Mr. Judge doesn't
like marshmallows.
How can anyone
not like marshmallows?
I don't know.
What did marshmallows do to
make you hate them, as well?
If you're tryin' to bait
me into a confrontation,
you're wastin' your time.
I have time.
It's you who won't do your job
and listen to people's problems.
I'm not your psychologist.
Gentlemen, please.
I don't know what
this is all about.
There's obviously some
unresolved issue with you two.
But for everyone's sake,
It's not just me.
From the sounds of it, he
railroaded Rachel, too.
Go on, Rachel, maybe
he'll talk to you.
I told you both,
I can't legally
discuss your case
without your
representation present.
If you want to set up a meeting,
have your attorney call my
clerk and put it on my calendar.
Short of that, I'm done
talking to you both.
Sorry, guys.
The smug jerk just gets to me.
Yeah, well, I
wish I had the nerve
to stand up for
myself like you do.
What did you need to
see me about so urgently?
I did it.
You solved the problem?
The issues were with
the seeds' susceptibility
to viral proteins,
and then revising the planting
conditions and methodology.
Wait, there were two issues?
Yes, sorry, I fibbed a little.
Okay, but yeah, you,
you solved all the issues?
Every test and
simulation I've ran
has passed with flying colors.
Ah, but not the real deal.
But it'll work,
I know it will.
I wish I were as
confident as you.
But this happens
to me all the time.
Yep, research is one thing,
but the execution is another.
you're out of funding.
I talked to accounting.
Your grant ran out last week.
I could have sworn
there was enough left
for one or two more months.
Maybe there was an
error with the records?
I can talk to accounting.
The financial records of
this company are private.
But I can assure you,
when you started your
research two years ago,
we treated your grant
just as if it were
our own funds, okay.
But labor, materials, shipping,
insurance, the list goes on.
The costs add up.
Look, I know that it works.
I'll just have to find a way
to raise the capital to...
There is one way.
I would be willing
to risk my own money
if I knew for certain it worked.
Look, let me take your
research to my people, okay.
They've been with me a long
time, and I trust them.
If they say it checks out,
then I'll fund the
next step myself.
Think it over and let me know.
But if not,
I'm afraid there's nothing
more we can do for you here.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
It's freezing out here.
Come on back in
where it's warmer.
That wouldn't be a good idea.
Uh, in that case,
can you help me with
something in the kitchen?
Well, what do you think?
Nice space.
Bigger than what I
would have imagined.
Yeah, I wish you could
see it in all its glory.
Flashlight doesn't
exactly do it justice.
I've been comin'
here for 10 years.
It feels strange
bein' back here.
Kitchen is the heart
of any restaurant,
bakery, or cafe.
It's where the magic is made.
When I was a kid, I used to
dream about this very kitchen.
It took a long time,
but here it is.
It's exactly what I had in
my mind all those years ago.
Let's roll some silverware.
This is technical, so.
And roll.
Think you can handle that?
Yeah, I'll manage.
It seems like a lot of space.
Space is opportunity.
I don't follow.
I can be cooking breakfast,
lunch, or dinner over there
while I'm baking breads, pies,
cakes over here, all
at the same time.
You must run yourself ragged.
Yeah, I guess I do.
But you know what?
I love it.
It's what keeps me young.
No, judge,
my work is my life.
I suppose that wouldn't be a
good for some people, would it?
But it is for you?
Oh, absolutely is.
Saved my life.
And all that credit
goes to my wife, Pearl.
You named the cafe after her.
I did.
She was from Paris.
I met her while I
was in the military.
Boy, who'd have thought that.
French beauty falls for
this scrawny american kid.
We were married
about five years,
and she comes up to me
one day and says, Nick,
you are not happy.
I was shocked.
I, of course I'm happy.
I, I mean, I've got the most
beautiful wife in the world.
Who wouldn't be happy?
And she says no;
She could tell
that there was this
hole inside me.
And I stopped and I thought,
how did she know?
I thought I'd been hiding this
pretty well over the years.
So I told her all about it:
My dream of owning a cafe.
The food I wanted to cook.
The kitchen that was
stuck in my mind.
So we got the money
together, found this place.
Had a nice hometown
feel, you know.
Out of the city.
And we fixed it
up over the years.
All this,
my wife helped make
all this happen.
She always said she
wanted the best for me.
She sounds like
an amazing woman.
Yeah, she was.
She really was.
She died about 15 years ago.
I'm sorry to hear that.
But it's all right, yeah.
I've got a good life.
There was a time when
that didn't seem it
would ever be possible.
You know, judge,
in all my years,
I've only had one regret.
What's that?
Not asking for help.
After Pearl died,
I spent five years
holding everything in,
too proud to let
anybody into my life.
Pushed everybody away.
I even started to blame God.
If Pearl could have
heard some of the things
I said back then,
she'd of whacked
me with a spoon.
We all need help sometimes.
But usually it's during the time
that we're refusing to ask
that we need it the most.
I finally figured out that
I couldn't do it alone.
I, I couldn't do anything alone.
I mean, Pearl was the
reason I'd come this far.
But then, with her gone,
I had to lean on God.
And I did.
I was alone
and let how much I miss her
consume me.
But then he taught
me how to live again,
even though I miss her.
Very much.
- Oh, yeah.
- What?
I'm outta here.
Let's go.
I'm super starvin'.
- I could eat all day.
- Let's get somethin' to eat.
Oh, oh, I feel it
getting warmer already.
And it will get warmer
if we're all cooking.
Anyone hungry?
Oh, yes.
I'd kill for a cheeseburger.
Well, thankfully, I
don't think homicide
will be necessary, but come on.
Thanks for letting use this.
Well, welcome
to the heart of my home.
Well, my second home.
Uh, my delivery truck,
due to the snow,
didn't arrive this morning.
And so my selection isn't
as wide as it usually is.
Uh, but please, make
yourselves at home.
Look around, see what you can
find to make for yourselves.
It's on the house.
But first rule: be
careful with sharp things.
If you hurt yourself, my
medical knowledge extends to,
like, small cuts and
burns and Band-Aids.
Second rule: please don't
use any of the big equipment
like the bread mixer, or anything
else that looks dangerous.
Because a Band-Aid will not
reattach your arm to your body.
So that's it.
Be safe.
Eat, enjoy.
- Thank you.
- Thanks, Nick.
- Thank you, Nick.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're home.
Honey, I'm so sorry.
I forgot.
Did you need somethin'?
Everybody's cooking.
You should come find
somethin' to eat,
somethin' that'll
make you smile.
Thanks, but I'm
not very hungry.
I can make you somethin'.
It's no problem at all.
Did it help?
Did what help?
What you said before about
letting people in and
it helped me.
But you have to let him in.
What did you do?
I went to church again.
Started to see the
good around me.
I looked for ways to help out.
I stopped
focusing on just my own life.
And I started to
believe in God again.
Why do you ask?
I don't do
any of that.
Well, maybe
start with prayer first.
The rest will come.
Come on, let's go
cook something.
As the old saying goes:
passion feeds the soul,
knowledge feeds the mind,
but something to eat,
like your favorite treat,
is better than both combined.
I've never heard that before.
Is that an old French saying?
Fortune cookie.
Come on, judge.
Perfect, put that on.
And I'll put some of this on.
Just a little bit of that.
What did you do,
squish your sandwich?
- What about me?
- Put some more on it.
- Now watch what I'm doing.
- And then I do another piece.
- Okay.
- That's fast as you go?
It's, it's, that is.
But you know what, at
least it's precise.
Maybe he's human after all.
You do know we're makin' soup?
Little pessimistic, isn't it?
Pessimistic or not,
I'm willing to bet he'll
be back to work on Monday,
making people miserable again.
A jet plane?
Yeah, wherever it goes.
And then it's like,
it's totally flirting.
What an I eating here?
It's delicious.
It's a French pastry.
It's a favorite for
celebrating Bastille Day.
It's my wife's
mother's own recipe.
They're amazing.
All these years and I've never
strayed past your sandwiches.
Well, maybe it's
time you expand your horizons.
For example,
over there.
Should we go join 'em?
I don't think they'd
consider me welcome company.
Never know unless you try.
They hate me, Nick.
Two of them anyway.
I'm sure that others have
followed suit by now.
Hate is a strong word.
I say hate only
because I can't think
of anything stronger.
I take that back.
They loathe me.
Okay, so
loathe is a stronger word.
But I think you're wrong.
Good people don't hold grudges.
And I think they're good people.
Good people hold grudges
just as well as the bad ones.
Trust me.
I deal with both every day.
I wonder if it's
still snowing.
Hey, what time is it?
Oh, it's about 11.
I wonder how long we're
gonna be stuck here.
I'm just glad
tomorrow's Saturday.
Well, I'm afraid boredom's
gonna rear its ugly head again.
Anyone got a board
game by chance?
All the phone's are dead.
Um, have you guys ever
played two truths and a lie?
It's been awhile.
Hmm-mm, never heard of it.
Oh, that's a great
way to pinpoint
how many boyfriends your
girlfriend had before dating you.
You tell us three
things about yourself.
Two are true and one is a lie.
And we have to figure
out which one's the lie.
Do you think we should
ask him if he wants to play?
I don't think Judge Dredd
will wanna play a game with us.
Well, Nick will
probably play with us,
but who's gonna ask him.
He already hates me and Lionel.
Me? No.
I'd like stay on his good side.
I may get a speeding
ticket one day,
and I'll need all
the help I can get.
I'll do it.
Why am I so nervous?
He comes in here all the time.
The man does send people
to jail for a living.
He's another person,
like the rest of us.
He just has an extra thick
layer of ice around his heart.
Sorry to bother you,
but I was wondering if
you could help me out.
With what?
Well, we're getting
pretty bored over there,
and so we thought we'd
play two truths and a lie.
You're speaking gibberish.
This young lady is inviting
you to play a game, judge.
You want me to play a game?
It's easy.
All you have to do is tell
two truths and one lie.
And we just try and figure
out which one's the lie.
I'm sorry.
I'm busy.
You're busy?
Are you just gonna go back
to staring at that pink box?
It's highly entertaining.
Did you just tell a joke?
I mean, it was small,
but I heard it.
You have a creative
yet delusional mind.
I'm surprised you never
made it as an actress.
There it is.
You did it again.
Did what?
You cracked a joke.
You're not as scary
as I thought you were.
I can see the real you
behind that hard shell.
The real me?
Trust me, you don't
wanna see the real me.
You'll play, won't you?
Well, of course.
In fact, we both will.
I mean, it's not
as entertaining
as having a staring
contest with a cake box,
but it's something to do.
All right, that's two minutes.
Everyone ready?
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
Mike, you wanna start?
How 'bout you start?
Show us how it works.
All right.
Here are my three things.
One, I threw up on the
first boy who kissed me.
Two, a famous actress
came to one of my shows
and said I was a future star.
And three, I'm deathly
afraid of tomatoes.
Okay, that's too easy.
Who's afraid of tomatoes?
I don't know, it's
not too far out there.
I hate cilantro.
I don't fear it for my life,
but it's pretty high
on my dislike list.
So how does this work?
Who guesses?
We take a vote.
So, by the show of hands,
who thinks the lie is the
horrible kiss disaster?
And the famous actress?
That leaves us with
the wretched tomatoes.
Gotcha, it's number two.
I've never met anyone famous.
Seriously, you're
afraid of tomatoes?
I don't know what it is.
They're just red,
small, and slimy.
They just freak me
out for some reason.
You need help, my friend.
You ready?
Now I have to
reevaluate all my answers.
Start on the other side.
You're up, Rachel.
Okay, um, number one,
I am 29, and I have never lived
on my own until moving here.
Two, I once ate five pounds
of gummy bears on a dare.
And three, I have never
gotten a speeding ticket.
Good, those are hard ones.
Who thinks the lie is
never living on her own?
- Hmm-mm.
- Huh-uh.
- Okay.
- No.
Gummy bears?
Mmkay, and the
speeding ticket.
Okay, Rachel, time
for the big reveal.
Which one is it?
It's number two.
I love gummy bears, but I
don't love 'em that much.
Okay, Lionel, you're up.
One, I was in an accident
with a drunk driver, and,
uh, he fooled the court
system and got away with it.
I was
in a coma for several weeks,
only to wake up to
realize I couldn't walk
or move my arms.
And three, I spent nearly a year
filled with agonizing pain,
all so that I could
learn to walk again.
I'm sorry.
I, uh, messed up.
I actually gave
you three truths.
Let me give you the lie.
Our friend the judge
here had the chance
to get the drunk
driver off the streets
before he could
hurt anyone else,
and he actually
took the opportunity
and gave the man the
justice he deserves.
Calm down.
This is supposed to be
in the spirit of fun.
I guess I can go next.
I caught a 900-pound swordfish.
I run marathons as a hobby.
Or three, I...
You guys are open, I'll be.
I can't believe it.
This is great, woo.
Good evening.
Good evenin' to you, sir.
You know, I've been
wanderin' around this town
for the past hour,
and this is the only place
that has lights on.
Please tell me you serve
some form of alcohol here.
My hotel bar, if you can call
it that, closed hours ago.
And you know, I'm thirsty.
Oh, hey, ladies.
You thirsty?
First round's on me.
Let's saddle up, come on.
Well, speak of the devil.
We were just talkin' about
you, weren't we, judge?
lookie here.
Small own, ain't it?
You should leave.
Do you know this guy?
He's the one that ran me
off the road a year ago.
Come on now.
Don't go spreadin' lies
in public like that.
You know that accident
weren't my fault.
You were drunk.
I was incapacitated by the
reckless amounts of alcohol
the cough syrup company
put into their product.
That's obviously not true.
Well, the company sure
seemed to believed it.
How else do you think I got
that fat settlement?
What, you think they're
just gonna hand out cash
to some guy who's lyin'?
You see, they couldn't wait
to pay me off, keep me quiet.
Oh, you know something,
we're actually closed.
So you'll have to go
someplace else, all right.
You look pretty open to me.
Oh, come on.
Where am I supposed to go?
There's nowhere else
in this ghost town.
Well, besides, I don't
serve alcohol here.
So there's really no
need for you to stay,
is there?
Okay, right.
So, um, let me, let me,
let me get this straight.
You wanna kick me out
because of this whiny
loser right here.
You see, judge, this is
the guy that you let go.
You believed him over me?
If it wasn't for the snow,
he would probably be
in his car right now,
just as drunk as
he was the night
that he ran me off the road.
You know what, I'm just
gettin' a little too sick
of your fat lip right now.
You had a chance to
help me put a stop to him,
but you were more interested
in getting my case
out of your court as
quickly as possible.
And here he is.
No repercussions
for his actions.
And no justice for me.
And he gets to continue on
as the same piece of human
trash as he was before/
Yeah, you know what, why
don't you turn around right now
and say that to face?
Come here.
Say that to my face!
Hey, hey, slow down there.
You know what, old man,
why don't you mind
your own business?
Okay, this is
between me and him.
Excuse me, what's left of him.
I suggest you
leave, Mr. Thompson.
So you remember his name,
but you don't remember
the name of the guy
that he runs off the road?
I didn't remember
you at first.
But once I did, I didn't wanna
deal with a confrontation.
A confrontation.
That's funny.
I don't, I don't know if you've
noticed, judge, look around:
you're not in your
courtroom anymore.
So I suggest you
stay outta this.
Because I don't see any
bailiff to keep you safe.
Come 'ere.
He, he doesn't need a bailiff.
You should go, okay.
Yeah, yeah.
He's funny, right?
Yeah, all right.
Okay, I get it.
So I'm leavin'.
See ya around, Lionel.
Have a good night, now.
Shouldn't you
join your friend?
You're saying I should go.
No, no, it's over.
No, no, no, it's okay, Nick.
Let him speak.
You've been nothing
but a black cloud
since you showed up here.
Sitting over there by yourself.
Refusing to have a conversation
about Rachel's case or mine.
Nick had to practically
drag you over to join us.
So you classify me with
your friend, Mr Thompson?
May as well.
Two miserable
people full of hate,
too deafened by ego
to listen to anyone.
I'm a black cloud?
I've done nothing but kept
to myself since I got here,
while constantly
being prodded by you.
Every time the group
tried to do something
to distract from
our circumstances,
you sabotaged the activity
to bring up your own issues.
So, fine.
Let's hear your argument.
You are a
representative of the law.
It was up to people like
you to get him off the roads
before he hurt someone.
You failed.
So it's all my fault?
I moved here to be a chemistry
teacher at the high school.
A month before I started my job,
Mr. Thompson ran
me off the road.
The coma, the pain,
learning to walk again,
I could live with
that, move past it.
But everything I
know about chemistry
is stuck behind some mental wall
that I can't get through.
So I fill in as a
glorified babysitter,
substituting classes and
kids making up tests.
Even with all of
that, I was lucky.
He is going to do it again.
You had a chance
to help stop him,
but you just threw
my case out the door
as fast as you could.
The next person he
hurts is on you.
All you wanted to do was
make a point for yourself.
You humiliated me
when I'm already down.
And you didn't even listen
to me defend myself.
All so, what?
You could get to your
party before the storm hit?
When people stand
in front of you,
their lives are in your hands.
Do you even know how that feels?
Knowing that you have no control
over whatever happens to you?
That someone else is
going to decide your fate
and there isn't a single
thing you can do about it?
It's a pretty terrible feeling.
One I've dealt with so
many times in my life.
How many more people
have you let down?
Can you honestly look at
yourself in the mirror
and not feel ashamed?
You'd like some honestly?
Very well.
Lionel, did I make a ruling on
Mr. Thompson's criminal case?
So, was there anything
that I could have done today
to have gotten Mr. Thompson off
the streets, as you've said,
and put him in jail?
Civilly, it's
called res judicata.
Mr. Thompson can't be tried
for the same matter twice.
You were hoping, somehow,
that I'd rule in your favor
so you could get you money.
So, isn't that what this
is really all about?
You didn't get rich today,
so you're blaming me.
And how about you, Rachel?
Did you or did you
not commit a crime?
- Yes, but...
- No, no, no but.
You broke into a building
and attempted to steal files
from your employer's computer.
Did I make you
commit those crimes?
Of course not.
Then why are you
acting as if I'm to blame
for your bad decisions?
The fact of the matter
is you broke the law,
and you must suffer the
consequences for it.
Your friend Lionel
is standing here,
complaining about a criminal
getting away without punishment,
yet you stand next
to him, a criminal,
trying to get away
without punishment.
Yet Lionel has no
objection to that.
The fact of the matter is
you're not angry with me
but yourselves.
I'm just a scapegoat
for your contempt.
You're wrong.
Today was about
me getting money,
but not like you think.
The accident happened a month
before I started my job.
So my insurance
hadn't kicked in.
And since Mr. Thompson
was acquitted of
any wrong doing,
his insurance didn't
cover my injuries at all.
And I didn't have as
fancy an attorney as him,
so even though I got
a little something
from the cough syrup company,
it didn't even come close
to helping with months
I spent in the hospital.
Today was my chance to get help.
I know that he hid alcohol
somewhere in his car.
A fake book.
His tire patch kit.
I mean, why does a guy
like that carry binoculars
in his car?
Oh, yeah.
My, uh, uncle always carried
some binoculars around.
After he died, we found out
that it was a really
a liquor flask.
He just filled it up
through the fake eye pieces.
Then my lawyer says
that we should file
something or other next
to get everything
tested in the car.
But I can't afford a lawyer now
because of a contempt of court
fee that I have to pay, too.
And I guess I'm
just gonna be paying
for Mr. Thompson's crime
for the rest of my life,
thanks to you.
Even if you ruled
in my favor today,
he would not have gone to jail.
But it would have
been on the record
so the next time he is
standing in front of a judge,
maybe, just maybe,
he'll be put behind
bars where he belongs.
You're right about me.
I broke the law.
And I have accepted
the consequences.
All I wanted today was a chance
to tell my side of the story.
Yes, I made a mistake.
But under the circumstances,
I wasn't thinking rationally.
I admit it.
That's why I pled guilty.
I just wanted someone to
put themselves in my shoes
and ask one question:
What would I have
done in her situation?
Okay, I engineered a new seed
planting system for crops.
But the company I
was working with
took my research
and kicked me out,
saying that the grant
I had was all used up
and that my research
was useless.
They stole my work.
Years of it, gone.
My reputation and my
career, destroyed.
And I couldn't do
a thing to stop it.
No one believed me.
And now I've ruined
any opportunity
to work in my field again.
I'm nearly 30 years old, broke,
and now have a criminal record,
which is going to make it even
more difficult to start over.
They were even going
to drop the charges.
But you wanted to make a point.
Okay, I am so tired
of being walked on,
of being treated like dirt,
feeling invisible.
A judge should try
to see the truth,
but you didn't even look.
Maybe you can justify
your legal actions.
But that doesn't make 'em right.
Judge, judge.
You don't have to do this.
Please, don't,
don't go out there.
It's cold.
You can stay.
It's time for me to go.
You may think
you know the judge.
Well, you don't.
He's actually a very kind man.
Maybe you don't know
him as well as you think.
I shouldn't say this.
it's not my secret to tell.
I made the cake for the judge.
Yeah, to take to
his party tonight.
We know.
A party, yeah.
But it's a party without
a guest of honor.
I've baked cakes for the judge's
wife for the last 10 years.
Her name was Sarah.
And she was a lovely woman.
Cancer took her six years ago.
Judge didn't tell anybody.
He doesn't even know I know.
I only found out by
accident three years ago.
But he still comes in every year
to pick up his
wife's birthday cake.
And then he takes it
home to an empty house.
And I think that's
how he's been feeling
for the last six years:
Forgive him.
Even if he can't
forgive himself.
He's a nice man.
He's a good man.
He's just forgotten it.
And he hasn't let anyone in
his life to, to remind him.
It's cold.
Of course it's cold.
I'm sorry.
Will you please come
back to the cafe?
You're kidding.
It's warmer inside.
Heater works just
fine here, thanks.
Nick told us about
your wife, Sarah.
Please don't be mad at him.
He was only trying to help.
So that's it, you feel sorry
for the poor, windowed judge.
No, not like that.
Yes, I feel sorry for you.
But that's not why I'm here,
and that's not why we
want you to come back.
Then why?
Because you were
right, about everything.
But you were also wrong,
and we were right.
But also wrong.
Your logic's confusing.
Perhaps your new career
should be in the legal field.
I'm sorry.
My brain's still thawing.
My point is I screwed up.
I made a bad decision and
it only made things worse.
And I complain
that I have no one
to talk to about
my problems, but
I have my mom.
I could have called her
and told her what I
was going through.
She would have helped me
see that all wasn't lost.
That it wasn't the end
of the world for me.
I never would have needed
to come to you for justice.
Let me tell you about justice.
Sarah wanted to be
a mother so badly.
We tried for years.
We tried adoption.
After so much time waiting,
we found a young woman willing
to let us adopt her baby.
My wife had a new
energy about her.
Then, at the last second,
the girl changed her mind.
And I had to tell
my wife the daughter
that she'd hoped and
prayed for was gone.
Ripped her heart out.
And all I could do was watch.
Then it was cancer, followed
by years of chemotherapy.
But she stayed positive.
The cancer went into remission.
We moved here for a start fresh.
Put the past behind us.
We planned for a
bright new future.
We even started the
adoption process again.
Then, one day, I
get home from work.
And I see the
birthday decorations,
then I realize I'd been so busy
that I'd forgotten her birthday,
and I'd forgot to
pick up her cake.
I felt terrible.
Birthdays always meant
so much to Sarah.
And I'd gotten so
distracted by work.
I found her in the bedroom.
She'd been crying.
I thought it was because
I forgot her birthday.
But she'd just found out
the cancer came back.
Four more years of chemotherapy,
with me having to
keeping the secret
from the one or two
people we knew here.
Because she didn't wanna
see the look in their eye
when they saw her emaciated,
hair gone, throwing
up every hour.
And I sit in that
courtroom, day after day,
dealing with so-called justice.
But where's Sarah's justice?
What did she do to deserve
to go through that?
The answer is there
is no justice, Rachel.
Not for you, not for Lionel.
Certainly not for my wife.
So that's it.
She died, so you
just gave up on life?
You can't understand.
You haven't been there.
I agree, my problems
don't compare to yours.
You don't want me to feel
sorry for you, so I won't.
Instead I'll be honest.
You're selfish.
I'm selfish?
You're only focusing
on your own pain.
Your wife died.
Cancer is awful.
It's sad, yes, but pardon
me for saying this,
you are not the first
person to lose a loved one
and you are far from the last.
Sarah's life ended,
not yours.
Yet, from what I can tell
and from what Nick has told us,
you've been walking around
for the past six years
like you can't wait to join her.
In the meantime,
you've had so many people's
lives in your hands,
and you've ignored them.
Do you not realize
that your decisions
have a ripple effect on
the people you judge?
You're right.
Life is unjust.
But don't you see?
Doesn't being a judge
mean you get to decide
when to show mercy?
When to show wisdom?
To punish those who deserve it,
to help those who need it?
Justice does exist, judge.
It's through you.
And it may not
solve every problem
or heartache, like yours.
But it can help solve a
lot of others' problems.
What'd you wish for?
Why do you always ask me?
You know I'll never tell.
Fine, at least
tell me one thing.
Have any of them come true?
Every single one.
If you're still there, God,
help me.
I needed to come
back and apologize.
Nick told you about
my wife, Sarah.
What I never told Nick was
how much his kindness
meant to us over the years.
And one regret I
have, among so many:
I never told you
about Sarah's passing.
I know she would have
wanted you at her funeral.
And I'm sorry.
We always loved his cakes.
And you've ever tasted one,
you'll understand what
I'm talkin' about.
Birthdays always meant
so much to my wife.
And every year, I'd
pester her about
what wish she made after
blowin' out the candles.
And she'd never tell me.
Because she was afraid
it wouldn't come true.
Over the past six years, I'd
pick up Sarah's birthday cake,
I'd it take it home,
and I'd think about her.
And I'd wonder what her,
what her wish might have been
if she were alive today.
I think I finally know:
for someone to knock
some sense into me.
Tonight, I think her
wish finally came true.
I'm not sure exactly
when it happened,
but sometime after she
died, I, I lost myself.
And I've failed at my work.
And I'll never know
the effect my decisions
will have on others
people's lives.
That's something I'm going
to have to live with.
But for now, all I can
do is say that I'm sorry.
That I'd vow to do a better
job and to be a better person.
Usually, Sarah's
cakes go to waste.
I've never had the
heart to cut it.
But this year, I'd be
honored if you'd all join me
in wishing my Sarah
a happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Sarah.
Happy birthday, Sarah.
Those are huge slices.
- I love cake.
- Well, he likes it strong.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Thank you.
- One for the judge.
- For the judge.
- Yeah.
- Beautiful.
- That's a slice.
- Everyone will get a slice.
A sandwich and some cake.
There's your piece, for you.
That tastes so good.
- Amazing job.
- I know.
Hey, this is good stuff.
Thanks for not.
The first thing about.
It's so good.
Somebody needed a ride?
Come on, I'm, I'm sorry, man.
They just plowed the roads.
I just got through.
No, it's just,
it's perfect timing.
Does anybody need a ride?
Well, if we're
not going anywhere,
why don't we go back
and make some pasta?
Sorry, man, I guess
everyone's staying.
Can I stay?
I'm really hungry, too.
Uh, yeah, I have
a fee I need to pay.
Your name?
Blair, first name Lionel.
For contempt of court?
That's the one.
It looks like it's
already been paid.
It's already been paid.
All right, seeing as
you're both in agreement,
we'll postpone 'til Friday then.
Thank you, Your Honor.
What's next?
Walker County versus Wynne.
What's going on?
Just revisiting an issue.
That's unusual.
You can't fool me.
I haven't seen you this
happy in a long time.
Shh, people will hear you.
I have a reputation to uphold.
And now you're joking around?
Something is up.
Does he normally
call us back this soon?
I, I have no idea
what's going on.
Well, that's comforting.
Just, I'm trying to stay calm.
Lionel, hey, what
are you doing here?
I had to see the judge.
What about you?
He called us and
the Assistant DA in.
All right, let's get started.
Thank you for returning
today on short notice.
Over the weekend, I
found myself thinking
about the government's
on Walker County versus Wynne.
I have set a motion to reconsider
sentencing the defendant.
Does that mean
what I think it does?
- Mm-hmm.
- ADA Miller.
Given Ms. Wynne's clean
record and remorse demonstrated,
I find myself
wanting to go along
with the county on this matter.
If I enter Ms. Wynne's guilty
plea as a plea in abeyance,
will that be
satisfactory to you?
What does that mean?
dismissed in six months.
As looking as you
stay out of trouble,
you don't have to go to jail.
Yes, Your Honor.
Any objections?
No objections.
Thank you, You Honor.
All right, so be it.
The record will reflect
the plea in abeyance.
That is all for today.
That was
Are you gonna fill me
in on what happened?
What do you mean?
Something's changed.
You make that sound
like a bad thing.
Not at all.
Hey, uh,
you free for dinner?
Shall we?
Yeah, I got some different
options with my lawyer.
Would you mind giving
me just a few minutes?
Thank you.
You didn't have to do that.
It was the right thing to do.
I just wish that I
had seen it sooner.
What's next for you?
No more breaking and entering.
You know, I always
thought it was odd
that Mr. Roth pushed
to get the case closed.
But my lawyer said that if
the case had moved forward,
then he would have had to
show everything I
was trying to take.
He was just trying to
make it all go away.
I see your point.
I mean, before, I
was on the defensive,
worrying about the
criminal charges.
But now that those
are out of the way,
my lawyer said I should file
against the company
that stole me research.
She said we can make Mr. Roth
show the proof I tried to get.
I didn't really understand
all the legal jargon,
but I have good shot at
getting everything back,
including my reputation.
I hope so.
I know you had some ice
chipped off your
heart the other day,
but I didn't expect
you to pay the fine.
Well, anything
to prove you wrong.
I'm sorry for
how I treated you.
That was a two-way street.
There's more to you
than meets the eye.
You gonna pursue your case
against Mr. Thompson again?
I was thinking about it, yeah.
I can't be involved
in your case anymore.
But you mentioned the binoculars
and some other things in his
car that seemed suspicious.
If you get everything tested
and present it to a new judge,
I have recommendation.
Judge Reid.
He's a good man.
He'll listen.
Thank you.
You know, you did too.
Listen, I mean.
A little late, but hey.
Take care.
And good luck.
Have you ever tried gougeres?
If I can't pronounce
it, probably not.
The cafe near here has it.
I think you'll like it.
Let's go then.