Rum (2017) Movie Script

WEBVT Kumar, why did chief ask us to
clean it up during the night?
Did you expect to clean all this
dirt in the broad daylight?
As if this place is crowded during day. Who
would come into these parts of the woods?
Do one thing, I'll call him
up just convey it to him.
Come on now!
- Shut up.
- Well, then you shut up!
Kumar! Kumar!
- What was that noise upstairs?
- I thought it came from downstairs.
(The final judgment)
In Vellore district, retired police officer Mr. Rangarajan,
who was considered missing since few days ago...
was found dead at
the Elagiri forest.
Series of murders and this murder of a retired officer
has raised serious concerns in and around Vellore.
Move! Do not crowd here. Move!
Bullets shots were found
in Rangarajan's body.
His son's throat has been slit.
There is no news on
his daughter Tulasi.
Investigation will proceed based
on the evidences found so far.
During war season many lives
are lost in the battle field.
In order to ensure that the spirits of these dead
soldiers don't create any further troubles...
lemons and gypsum are buried in specific
spots all around the battlefield.
Join these spots
and they form a...
pyramid structure.
Apparently, the pyramid and the gypsum used to build
it has the capacity to preserve energy in them.
Any questions?
You. Tell me.
So you say that the spirits can
be controlled by certain methods.
Have you ever tried that?
I have.
When we try changing the fate it
results in new set of reactions.
It's a huge chain reaction.
And it's outcome can
be very dangerous.
Hence these gypsum distract
the spirits from their focus.
Are those gypsum stones
indeed so powerful?
Of course.
The stones in our
good luck ring,
the varieties of stones
in a king's crown,
in fact...
all the idols of the gods that we
worship are made out of stones.
these gypsum stones have the capacity
to store in positive energy.
Do such gypsum still exist?
It does.
But not here in India.
In countries like Egypt, Vietnam,
Cambodia and Thailand...
gypsum stones are used
to build temples.
Even lemon has the power
to control spirits.
Lemon, mentioned stones etc...
are used to control the spirits.
Mr. Raj...
get Kural's attention.
Thomas has informed me
about the next project.
Get done with this and
we'll be settled for good.
This project is huge.
Hence it's very risky.
How much worth is it?
250 million.
Come again.
250 million.
Long back in the 7th century, a Tamil king had
built the biggest temple in south east asia.
In a recent archeological
excavation that took place there...
they recovered the king's treasure, containing
lots of precious jewels and stones.
A richie rich from here has bought them in an auction
and he plans to hand it over to the government.
The government has decided to put up the
stones at Salar Jung museum in Hyderabad.
But since the king is from Tamil
Nadu, few people from here....
are protesting to put up them
in a museum in Tamil Nadu.
So coming 15th...
they are moving it out in a flight but
that's just to divert those people.
Instead it's taken to Hyderabad
in a secured container.
The container will take the Gumudipundi
- Tada route to reach Hyderabad.
So before the container crosses the Tada
stretch we must have robbed the stones.
Permissions have been issued to build
industries for the sake of earning commission.
And those industries have
polluted my country real bad!
What in the hucking fell, non sense
topic are you talking about?
Turning non sense to common
sense is what I do!
So are you going to
revolt against them?
We are going to rob them!
What are you blabbering?
Past Gumudipundi it's
full of industrial area.
The dust and smoke emitted from those industries
blurs the vision and makes it tough to drive.
Over that, winter is here.
the smog will make it difficult to
even view the vehicle going ahead.
Foggy smoke.
Smoke plus fog is equal to
It's quite misty out there.
Isn't it?
Mr. Raj...
be ready. The vehicle
is about to reach.
be alert. We are almost there.
I'm ready Shiva.
Mr. Raj.
- Sir the signal is interrupted.
- Looks like it is blocked.
There is no signal.
Check post officer,
is everything ok?
The signal is lost.
We too aren't receiving
any signal here.
Over that, the mist is
giving us a tough time.
Any problem there?
Driver do you copy?
There will be security
guards inside the container.
We gotta handle them.
how about smothering them with
a chloroform scented kerchief?
- Is this your kerchief?
- Yes.
Forget the chloroform. Just use the
kerchief alone and that ought to do it.
Get over with old methods!
Let me tell you the
latest method.
Bro, what are you up to?
Stop playing with colors.
Now how's that?
This is my formula.
All you need is a drop of it.
And you'll be out!
We must find the GPS tracker in the
container and remove it first.
that's your job.
Once the security car
crosses the check post...
they'll comeback in
search of container.
We'll have to take
care of them too.
There is a type of alkali.
The second it's comes in
contact with water it'll blast.
How did you become such
an expert in chemistry?
My chemistry teacher was really hot
and I was desperate to impress her.
The CCTV footage within
the container is lost.
Even the GPS isn't detecting.
Any problem?
No idea sir. We shall
go and check.
Moreover it's quite misty and
hence the vision is too blurred.
Ok. Go check immediately.
Stay connected.
I'll inform as soon as
we establish contact.
The tyre is on fire!
Get down! Now!
Driver, do you copy?
Security car driver,
do you copy?
The GPS is back on track.
Container is approaching
towards you.
Sir, there was minor yet
a sudden tyre explosion.
Something is fishy.
We need back up!
I'll inform the control room.
The container is fast
approaching towards us.
Sir, looks like a bomb!
Hold on.
Grab all that sticks to your hand;
everything here is for you to rob.
You came in to this world empty handed;
so own all that you can before you leave.
All that you own now in what
the world has lost to you.
So, grab all that sticks to your hand;
everything here is for you to rob.
The games have just begun; hell will be raised..!
hell will be raised... before it's done!
Hunger of a different kind; it keeps
playing..! it keeps playing with your mind!
The games have just begun; hell will be raised..!
hell will be raised... before it's done!
Hunger of a different kind; it keeps
playing..! it keeps playing with your mind!
Call me king of the city; sing with
me and let's introduce some anarchy.
Building castles in the air
and swimming with despair.
A mind full of catastrophic ideas!
I ain't your momma!
So have some mercy!
The king of the rap is here;
so behold! Others stay clear!
No pain no gain;
Now that sounds like a man!
Get high on money,
not high with money!
Get high on money because that's
what this is all about, honey!
Silk rhymes flow sharp
just like the shark tooth!
So kneel because I'm for real!
If you are for real I'm with you;
else you'll be a goner if it's not true!
So get into the groove!
Hello Shiva.
I know who you are.
I know what you all do.
I know everything
about you guys.
Wrong table.
I went a bit over board
with the liquor.
See you.
Who is he?
A police? Media guy?
Could be a meme creator?
Oh! Oh! That's me
in that footage!
We could have been caught.
We can tried for many charges.
We could be in prison.
It's better we agree
to his "60-40" deal.
Giving him a share
isn't a big deal.
He will use us...
and when time comes...
he'll show his true color!
That is what concerns me.
What do we do now?
You have any better option?
That is how the
underworld works.
Here, you gotta do
business with traitors.
But we must save ourselves
from any kind of betrayal.
All I hear is, get sloshed
and don't get wasted!
For the past few days,
many areas in Chennai...
has witnessed robberies, where millions
of worth money and jewels are stolen.
The polices doubts that this could be
the work of thieves from the north.
I'm off to meet Thomas.
This stuff here. This is
what matters the most!
Here, your share.
Once you are done with the
robbery, the plan is ready.
I want all of you to come
to Sriperambudur. Ok?
Don't forget. Sriperambudur.
Don't forget. I
want all you there.
Riya, stop the car.
I told you don't gulp
down that much beer!
This is beginning of one
of those halts to pee!
What happened Shiva?
- What's the matter?
- Give me your mobile.
- Your mobile too.
- Why are you switching it off?
We are not meeting Thomas.
What do you mean? Why?
Stop yelling!
Who among us was dealing all
this while with Thomas?
You were.
Then why does he want
all of us to be there?
Stop acting like a fool. He'll
finish us if we don't go.
- Go there and still he'll finish us off.
- He has the footage of our robbery!
Thomas won't harm us until he
gets his hands on the stones.
But that doesn't mean
he won't pursue us.
By now, he would have started
sniffing to trace us down.
Stop it with your Batman
vs Superman fan war.
We are in the middle of
the road not on Facebook!
Now calm down and compromise.
What's your plan?
I don't know.
I can see that from your looks.
We need a hide out
for couple of days.
A hide out? Where
do look for that?
How about booking a hotel room?
What's with her craze
for hotel rooms?
Hotel room won't work out.
That is why she is
proposing that idea.
It should be an isolated place
where no one can find us.
Isolated and where
no one can find us?
Then I guess we must head
deep into the woods!
Wait, what did you just say?
I said the woods, she said the city.
Are you proposing underground?
Shiva, there is a forest area named 'Moonlight
park' by my native. What do you say?
Tell me your native first.
Elagiri. I know a
house owned by a NRI.
It has been empty for two years now.
It's an apt choice.
I hope there won't
be any problem.
It's very safe.
What do you say?
Don't forget. I want all
of you to be there.
Let's go.
This is getting interesting!
What next?
check in to that gas
station on the left.
Let's buy all that we need.
There are no shops further.
Riya, fill up the gas tank.
- What about our tanks?
- I've already bought them.
Looks like he understood!
Flash news:
Popular businessman, Vijay was all set to handover the
historical stones and diamonds to the government.
However on it's way to Hyderabad, the stones
have been robbed by a mysterious gang.
The police are on the
hunt to nab the culprits.
How about this?
Shall I?
She looks like a hotty
from this angle.
It's time to get
down and woo her.
She's got beautiful long hair.
My god.
Excuse me.
- Can I help you?
- Why not?
I am looking for the "The dark knight
" DVD. Can you help me with that?
Careful, the Joker might just put a smile
across that toothless face of yours.
Sorry I have something
else to take care of.
Here, add these too in the bill.
Why do you look upset Mr. Raj?
It's not how I look always but
it's what I do that upsets me!
Well that was a great escape.
Come on stop quoting the
Batman and tell us.
It's not what I quote but it's what I do
that keeps you guessing. Sounds good?
Stop it!
I've heard of 'Tooth fairy' but
that was more of 'Toothless scary.'
Can't you hear him calling you?
- Yes Shiva?
- How do we go from here?
Take a right.
Drive carefully, the
road ahead is pathetic.
I don't feel any different.
What is he observing?
Stop it with your spooky looks!
Get lost!
Mr. Raj...
how does the house look?
So this is the forest area
named 'Moonlight park?'
- Nope, this the 'Moonlight Forest' in the park.
- Was that a joke?
Let me see if I can crack that
joke in few years from now.
Listen, don't stand
here for long.
This is a forest, snake might
sneak through your trousers.
Don't play that snake joke on me!
You can't scare me with snakes.
Hit it hard.
What is it buddy?
Don't forget the car keys.
What happened?
I smell it!
I can smell it here.
What is that you smell?
This place smells of liquor.
I'm sure there is liquor here.
How do you say?
Look at that. The sticker that
comes along the liquor bottles.
The government seal sticker!
You are a 'liquor shot' genius.
Looks like the lights
don't work here.
Let's try finding
another switch.
Shiva there is no power
connection here.
There is a generator here.
It's in the basement.
You could have broke the
surprise a bit early?
What is it?
Do you see that?
You mean the chair?
Don't you see anything else?
Yes, I don't see anything else.
Look again. Are you sure?
Yes. I see only the chair.
What do you see?
I too see the same. I'm
just getting it confirmed.
- You son of...
- Woah! Woah, hold it right there.
- Don't make me curse you.
- Ok dear.
I see only the chair.
We need diesel.
There is some diesel
in the car trunk.
- I'll get it.
- Make it fast.
Oops! The torch light?
Scared the hell out
of you, did I?
Your face looks like the one
on the horror movie poster.
When the doll started playing, my
heart almost came into my mouth.
Stop it!
How can the doll
play on it's own?
Why are you here?
I'm going out to fetch
diesel from the car trunk.
Fine. Go. Don't be scared.
Ok dear?
Don't forget the liquor,
that is too in the trunk.
- Ok.
- Wait.
Looks like you got scared real bad.
Give me the keys. I'll go get it.
It's ok. I'll get it.
You chickened out the moment you saw a doll and you
say you'll go all by yourself? Now give it to me.
Walks like boy and gets scared
like a sissy; the name is Nepali.
Youth these days
are such a wuss.
No one can beat me, Mr. Raj!
The name is Raj, the
one and only Raj!
I'm not afraid,
to take a step...
Everybody, I'm not afraid...
I'm slightly afraid,
I'm slightly afraid.
Why did you send that doofus?
You done it yourself.
Did I just hear you
call me 'doofus?'
- Don't take me so light.
- Remove the cork now!
What's with the
abusive language?
- I said remove the cork.
- Oh is it? I heard something else.
Why isn't it working?
We can't stay in the dark!
Wait. We'll find a
way to make it work.
- Try once again.
- Try!
We could have halted
somewhere else.
How about Thomas' house?
Shiva! Shiva!
Come with me.
Check this out.
Why? Why? Why would you do that?
I was helping you get out.
He pulls me down and you pull me up.
Are you guys ripping me apart?
- Well, I didn't know that.
- Take a hike!
Now you come on!
What a doofus!
I said move!
Never did that yogasana before.
This house is so confusing!
Checking out the
chick in the poster?
I guess the guy who owned this
house must be an art lover.
you mean she is Hart?
I said 'Art' lover not
porn star 'Hart' lover!
Stop it! Stop acting naughty!
No, you were right. She does resemble the
porn star Hart. I was looking for the name.
Did you find it?
Nope, even the artist's
name isn't seen.
So tell me, what's
bothering you?
Well nothing.
What happened Riya?
How long are we going to
live with fear of getting caught?
What's the problem?
Once this is settled, we'll
go back to our normal life.
We won't have to live
in fear anymore.
Trust me.
Hey angel, stop blowing
me away with your love!
Hey beauty, stop killing
me with those looks of yours.
Oh! The mesmerizing romance!
Hey birdie stop pushing
me further down in love.
When I hold you close to me;
I realize that this is life.
With you around me, the tears of
sorrow will never see the light.
Until you are here
death has gotta wait.
You are my everything;
you are my soul mate.
Your grace can give moon a
run for it's brightness.
Your touch is magical.
Even when you are silent, your voice
plays like a melody in my mind.
I'm lost in your love.
Your smile brings new
colors in my life.
I wish I had more than a single
heart to shower more love you.
All my bubble like merry
memories are filled up with you.
Let's get lost in love land and
create a world of our own.
A world of our own.
Shower more love you.
You are mine.
Oh it was you! Mr. Raj?
I did say " I'll be back."
In 'Judgment day' I did
say 'I'll be back."
Tell him the terminator is back!
Ok say something now!
Now stop it guys!
What do you want?
- We forgot the munchies and the smoke packet.
- Take it and get lost!
- Hastla Vista baby.
- Shut up!
Shiva we've got
whatever we need.
- Do you need anything snacks?
- Snacks?
Standing right next to him is his
main course. Just leave them alone.
Ok now leave.
What is Kural up to?
Why does he look so frightened?
Now stop asking
questions and get him.
Hey dinkus!
Hey Mr. Bean!
What are you doing here?
Listen, refrain yourself
from going there.
Got it?
Now come on.
Keep moving. Can't you hear me?
Welcome to my house...
let me take the mic
and abuse now!
What's with the all the lyrics?
This ain't the bible to
recite the verses as it is.
We got the full rights to modify the lyrics
and sing songs according to our mood.
According to our mood?
Talking about which, what
if Thomas come here?
How will it affect your mood?
You think Thomas intimidates me?
Call him! Where is he?
Tell me! Where is he?
No matter where he is.
I don't give a damn
if Thomas comes here.
Do you think he is hiding
here in the cupboard?
What is it?
Is Thomas indeed here?
Thomas who?
It's the one and only our
favorite and famous...
Come to me my darling.
Now this is the
real crowd puller.
I was worried that we were
going to fall short of liquor.
Now this is a bonus!
do you know who holds the record
for winning the slurping contest?
There you go.
It's so cold in here.I should have
not worn this baywatch attire.
The basic and most important needs
of a human is liquor and sweater.
Let me go get the sweater. I can't
take this cold, I gotta pee.
The great Avvaiyar was
right when she said...
"No matter where you roam, in the end
you'll find peace only in the restroom."
What was that noise?
What was that noise?
Wake up Nepali.
What happened?
What happened Kural?
Tell us what happened?
Tell us.
Oh! Oh! Hope he does tell on me, that I let him drink.
- What?
He says something pushed him.
Thank god, I'm happy
that he can't speak.
You okay?
Come let's go.
Let's take him . Come on.
Careful. Thank god.
Didn't I tell you to
refrain from coming here?
- You shouldn't have drunk and stepped out.
- He drank?
Mr. Raj, how many times have I
warned you from giving him booze?
I never got him drunk. He drinks like a fish
and this dumb head doesn't know about it!
What did you say?
I said he might have hurt his head.
Check him.
Can't you leave us in
peace for few mins?
Will that be all your honor?
Don't you guys wanna sleep?
Sleep? When there is
liquor who needs sleep?
- I got an idea.
- What?
How about bonfire?
- No nee..
- Now that's an awesome idea. Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
You go get the liquor and
I shall set the bonfire.
To hell with you excitement!
Why is he delaying?
Let me go check.
Are you ok?
Waiting for food and booze
is the worst pain ever!
Thank god.
No one saw that. That
would've been embarrassing.
Hey Nepali.
What are you up to?
Didn't I ask you
to get the booze?
Your looks tell me
something is fishy.
I told you to get the booze.
Isn't it?
It is right here. What were
you doing in that room?
Stop removing your pants.
I went there to get
the cigarettes.
You know well about me that I
smoke a cig with a peg every time.
Of late you have been
smoking too much.
What to do?
The company that
sells cigarette...
is the same company that sells
anti smoking chewing gum.
If we quit smoking....
then the poor business man
will run of business.
Think about it.
Bite me!
Come on now, smile.
I said smile!
why does he look like
he is possessed?
do ghost really exist?
It's not about if ghost
do exist for real...
it all about what they
can do defines them!
I'm Batman!
Come on Mr. Raj...
tell us, do ghost really exist?
Those frustrated with
life and bids good bye.
Will never want to return as ghost to
this dangerous land below the sky!
When caught between death and devil, we
are never gonna back down; we are rebel.
The mortals act as if they are petrified
but will take the ghost for a ride.
We call it ghost-phobilia;
Are you game for real?
Don't you chicken out in fear?
It's all unreal.
Truth is that we are the
jokers; we are the stooges,
we are the prankster; so stop
beating around the bush!
Fear is an evil devil.
Conquer it and youll
be a daredevil.
The whisper that you hear in the
dark, it ain't the demon...
it's Mr. Bruce Wayne,
our very own Batman!
The one who fears the ghost never
lives life to the fullest!
So stop being a chicken and don't
live every second in fear!
Everything in your life will be smooth...
until you yourself
invite the spook!
If you can't escape your uncertainties;
stop blaming it on the ghosts!
We call it ghost-phobilia;
Are you game for real?
Don't you chicken out in fear?
It's all unreal.
Truth is that we are the
jokers; we are the stooges,
we are the prankster; so stop
beating around the bush!
Those frustrated with
life and bids good bye.
Will never want to return as ghost to
this dangerous land below the sky!
When caught between death and devil, we
are never gonna back down; we are rebel.
The mortals act as if they are petrified
but will take the ghost for a ride.
We call it ghost-phobilia;
Are you game for real?
Don't you chicken out in fear?
It's all unreal.
Truth is that we are the
jokers; we are the stooges,
we are the prankster; so stop
beating around the bush!
I'm sloshed!
So it's time for me to sleep...
so you too go to sleep.
Good night.
Good morning Kate Winslet!
No movie ever ran
successfully like 'Titanic.'
In fact these days you find movies on
torrents on the very day of it's release!
I did put out the fire...
did it light up again?
Why are you talking to yourself?
No, when I was coming in...
Fire! Fire! Watch out!
Now what was that?
I was just puling your leg.
Why did you push me?
I just saw it catching fire.
I was trying to save you.
Stop it with your pranks!
Look you spilled
all the liquor.
Damn it!
Forget it. Come let's crash.
- I saw fire!
- Something's wrong with you.
stop wandering around in here.
Go to bed now.
Got it?
I guess he understood.
Mr. Raj what about you?
Where did I forget my watch?
what's the time?
When did we arrive here?
We reached here around 2
- 3 in the early morning.
Did we arrive that late?
We finished of two
bottles of booze...
and it would have been almost
5 hours since we are here.
Just look out. It's still dark.
Now stop torturing
and go to sleep!
Check your...
Check your mobile and
tell me what's the time.
Oh yeah! Shiva had took all our
cell phones and switched it off.
But he uses his cell phone.
Now that's unfair.
What about us?
Can't we even carry our mobiles
with us and put in flight mode?
Do you think he trusts us?
You don't even pay
heed when I say it.
Forget it.
Yes, he is being a
bit mean and rude.
Who does he think he is?
Iron man with
different iron suits?
I better sleep now.
This guy is a question bank!
Woah! What's with that look?
Can you guys please
stop torturing me?
That fellow tortures me with questions
and this fellow with looks!
If I knock the door, he'll start
howling at me like a mating wolf!
I better go and get my
mobile from the car.
Why is it lying here?
None of the cell phones
are switching on.
How dare you play
Judas with me Nepali?
I hope you forgot that you
are messing with Thomas!
Do you wanna join your
friend Sharath in hell?
No, I was trying to find a
moment to call you but...
Well then you must have! What
in the hell were you up to?
I'll kill you all and no
one will ever trace it.
Shiva might not know
me well but you do!
it's a mess here.
All of a sudden Shiva became
alert and changed the plans.
What do you mean?
When you wanted to meet all of us at Sriperambudur,
he joined all the dots and he made a guess.
Did he make the guess or...
did you help him guess?
Don't think you can get away
by joining hands with him.
Try to understand.
What was that?
Come again Nepali.
please try to understand me.
It was a last minute plan by Shiva
to escape with the diamonds.
I was clueless and hence I
diverted them to our place.
Which place?
To the 'Moonlight park.'
Why in the hell
did you go there?
This doesn't seem to work.
Let me go out for a drive.
Who's that?
Shiva! Shiva!
someone's shaking the bed
from beneath the cot.
I'm scared.
Shiva, someone's
shaking the bed above.
I'm scared!
I'm scared Shiva!
- Come let's go.
- Shiva...
Look Nepali.
What happened?
Shiva something's wrong here.
Tell us, what happened?
Let's leave this place at once.
Hold him Shiva.
What happened to you?
Please no.
No. Please no. Don't hurt me.
It's day outside this compound.
It's dark only in here.
What do you mean?
When I stepped out of the gate,
the sun was shining everywhere.
- We are in deep trouble!
- Shiva?
- Where are you?
- Why can't you answer?
Answer me Shiva.
What was that noise?
- Who's that?
- Shiva where are you?
- Who's that?
- Where are you guys?
- Who's that?
- I guess we are doomed!
- We are doomed for good!
- Shiva? Is that you?
Shiva here.
Mr. Raj, throw me that
night vision goggles.
Night vision what?
Now where is that?
- The one around your neck.
- Oh yeah right.
Yes. Here.
Riya it's me. Don't be scared.
Shiva I doubt if
it's really you!
I am unable to light up the match stick.
- This place is scaring the hell out of me.
- Use the lighter.
I'm unable to light that up too.
- Some one switch on the lights!
- Use the flash light in your phone.
It's not working.
Lights please, for heaven sake!
Shiva! Come here my dear.
What did you say?
- It's day outside?
- Yes.
Just step outside the gate
and see it for yourself.
I told you. There is something
fishy about this place.
Now look what has happened?
Please Shiva.
Let's not stay here anymore.
Let's leave at once.
Yes, let's leave
this place at once.
Where is Kural?
What are you wondering?
Where is Kural?
Kural is in that room.
Yes, he is in there.
He asked me if ghost
really existed...
and the ghost shoved his
leg down his throat.
And I went a bit over board with my
answer about ghosts and mocked it.
I wonder what's going to get
shoved on which part of mine.
- Lord of the dark please save me.
- What happened Shiva?
Kural isn't there in that room.
Where is Kural? He is
not there in that room.
If he is not in there then
I don't know where he is.
- Can you hear that noise?
- It coming from inside.
Yes, it's coming from there.
You go ahead. Move.
Wait for me! Wait!
The door's not opening. Lord
of the dark please help me.
What's going on here?
With whom is he
playing ping pong?
Lord of the dark please help me
open the door. No it's not working.
Look at the plight of that ball.
Imagine the plight of our...
I wonder what's going
to happen to us.
Phone! It's your phone!
It's Thomas.
- Pick it up.
- Thomas?
Attend it!
How dare you crooks
double cross me?
- well, that....
- Where are the stones?
Why in the hell did you
switch off your phones?
Where is Sures....err, I mean Nepali?
I have no idea what's
going on here.
Nepali is dead!
it's me Nepali!
They are lying!
They have locked me up.
Please come save me!
Make it fast!
Was it indeed Nepali
who spoke to me?
So was Shiva lying?
If Nepali is dead...
how would he talk to me?
Why did Shiva lie to
me that Nepali died?
So that means Nepali is alive.
If they had locked up Nepali...
how could he speak to
me from Shiva's phone?
Are they trying to use him
as bait and lock me too?
Moonlight Park.
Moonlight Park.
Moonlight Park.
Moonlight Park.
You are in great danger.
Sir, there is a fellow
wandering around the house.
When inquired, he says that there
is some problem around the house.
- Hand the phone to him.
- Ok sir.
Does this house belong to you?
Yeah. What is it?
- What did you do in here?
- What do you mean?
You are in great danger.
Would you stop blabbering?
Hand over the phone back
to guy who gave it you.
He sounds too mean.
How does he appear?
He must be around 45- 50 years old.
- He is wearing a jean...
- Cool, very good.
What else? Does he have 2 arms.
2 legs and a di...
I meant does he look like someone
from the police or media?
No, he doesn't look so.
- He claims to be an exorcist.
- An exorcist?
Fine. Ask him to leave and...
then you guys clean the house.
Hold on...
Not now.
- You guys do the cleaning during night.
- Ok sir.
I am Thomas.
It was my house you
were investigating.
Remember we spoke over
the phone the other day?
You said I was blabbering?
And yet here you are.
I didn't understand the
seriousness back then.
I had been there for a research...
when I got in to the compound of your house the
energy meter in my device started moving high.
I went in and investigated.
I sensed that there were very
furious spirits in there.
The spirits had been in control of
that place for long and as a result...
that place has turned dark, so dark that even
the day light cannot penetrate in there.
As a temporary prevention measure to prevent
those spirits from stepping outside...
I was carrying out
some procedures.
That's when your men stopped by.
And then they informed you.
You must be thinking why would
I help you for no reason.
My intention is not to help you.
My intention is to help such struggling
spirits to find light and peace.
In order to solve this issue...
what should I do?
Tell me what happened there?
What did you do over there?
Tell me without missing even
the smallest of detail.
Only if you tell me the destination...
I'll be able to guide you to it.
So tell me.
Your hesitating
behavior shows that...
you have done
something very wrong.
Only if you can tell
me everything...
I can try doing something.
I am a police
officer at Vellore.
Buddy, I feel very bad.
I have no idea whom
to share with.
Suresh, I joined hands with Thomas
after you recommended him to me.
I committed all the crimes out there
and for what? All for damn money!
But that bastard...
had an affair with my wife.
Forget that pervert but see
what my wife did to me?
I'm gonna kill her and...
then I'll commit suicide.
Thomas carries out all his smuggling and
black money transactions under my name.
All those documents
and details...
will be sent you in a
video file in whatsapp.
Don't worry, you both are safe.
That son of a gun should never
wear the police uniform again.
Today it's me.
Tomorrow it could be you guys.
So you guys better leave him.
please ensure that this video reaches
where it is supposed to reach.
Did you finish him off already?
Dispose this lady's corpse.
- Ok.
- Let his corpse be here.
Make sure you don't leave
any evidence behind.
Do not dispose the
corpse in this locality.
- Dispose it off in the forest nearby.
- Ok.
Also, delete those
videos in your mobile.
Hold her.
Sir, retired ACP Rangarajan
is here to meet you.
Why is he here now?
Send him in.
- Hello Thomas.
- Hello sir.
How are you sir?
You tell me Thomas,
how have you been?
I'm fine sir.
This is my daughter Tulasi.
She is doing her final
year B.Sc Criminology.
I am here to discuss
about her internship.
You could have just made a call.
Nope. I thought it would be better if I
could meet you in person and request.
You can join anytime. You
can even join tomorrow.
Thank you sir.
Thank you Thomas. I don't want
to take much of your time.
No mention sir. I'll
take care of her.
Shall we leave?
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
This life is sweet like
a never ending kiss...
What else could you ask for?
A bright and graceful moon...
shines upon me.
A shoulder to rest
and feel secure.
Thanks to destiny for placing
me safely in your hands.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
A surgery might help talk again.
God be the reason.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
Can't you safe guard a file?
- Sir it accidentally got deleted.
- Stop giving me such lame excuses!
What happened sir?
Why are you upset?
Well, there is this
important case file.
It accidentally got deleted.
Shall I give it a try
to retrieve it back?
May I?
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
God be the answer.
Now that was awesome. Is it possible
to retrieve any deleted file?
Any deleted files can be recovered from the
data storage device using this method.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
God be the answer.
A life filled with affection
makes it worth living.
Even tough times for the
loved ones brings sorrow.
Like the ever smiling dolls
and worry free children...
we live happily. We are
the epitome of love.
At the hour of need even
father cares like a mother.
Thanks to god for
granting all the wishes.
A shoulder to rest
and feel secure.
Thanks to destiny for placing
me safely in your hands.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
God be the answer.
God be the reason.
Greetings sir.
I am coming from 3rd
street, Kumaran colony.
The is a very bad stinking odor
coming from my neighbor's place.
I don't anyone in there.
So I peeked in and found that the
person living there was dead.
Where did you say?
3rd street, Kumaran colony.
- Fine. Check for any evidence.
- Ok sir.
It's me. Suresh.
Please move away.
Tell me.
Hope everything is
executed safely.
Yes. Perfectly executed.
That's fine. Why are you
calling from a new number?
Well nothing, I misplaced
my cell phone.
I didn't find it anywhere.
I'll go check
Sharath's house once.
Isn't this Suresh's cellphone?
Why is it here?
You fool!
And you are telling it now and
you talk like it's no big deal?
You are nothing but useless!
To hell with you! Now
hang up the call.
- Kumar.
- Yes sir.
- Did you find any cell phone?
- Cell phone?
No sir, I didn't
find any cell phone.
Did you get any evidence?
There are nail marks on
the deceased person.
Apart from that I didn't
find anything else.
Did you happen to
find anything else...
like his or his
wife's cell phone?
No sir. I didn't find
anything of that sorts.
Oh. Ok.
It's empty.
Velu was the town
inspector back then.
I got introduced to Thomas then.
I carried out petty crimes
based on his orders.
Thomas and auditor Jagadish were
involved in black money dealing.
They both had a clash
while sharing the loot.
Thomas ended up thrashing
that auditor to death.
he staged a play and turned the
murder in to an accident case.
He took up that case himself
and closed the file.
I never expected this from him.
Now that we have all the evidences, leave
it to me. I'll handle those culprits.
No, when I went in there...
she was all smiles and
watching television
the moment she saw me
she ran away inside.
I have a strong doubt
that she has the phone.
You doubt?
If she has the phone...
and if she had checked it...
it would be empty. You
deleted everything, right?
How can the deleted files be....
How can it be retrieved? How?
Recovery! Recovery software!
You numb nuts! Can't you
safe guard a petty phone?
If she had recovered
the files...
then she would have got to
know the complete details.
Than how would she smile at you?
Obviously she won't.
If she has found
out everything...
whom would she approach next?
Whom will she approach for help?
Hello Sathyamurthy sir?
It's me Rangarajan.
She would have got
her dad's help.
If she had approached her dad...
what would he do?
What would he do?
Hey Janani...
We are starting. We'll
reach there on time.
Who is this?
And this?
Now who is this?
Then, this one and this one?
What happened?
The tyre has gone flat.
I'll fix it.
What happened dad?
It's a flat tyre.
I told you not to
take this route.
This is the easiest
of all the routes.
Fine. Make it fast.
Looks like he wants to pee.
Come I'll take you.
Hold this.
- Where is Tulasi?
- Sir, it's fixed.
I don't know. I saw
her going that way.
Who's that? Hey Tulasi!
Hey you!
What you did was too cruel.
The affected spirits are
furious and fierce.
Now, what do I do?
You or any one even remotely related
to you goes in to that house,
in fact...
if some one calls out your name
it'll drive those spirits crazy!
The glass pyramid and lemons that I had
buried are only a temporary solution.
So don't we have any
permanent solution?
In order to permanently see off those
spirits back to light and peace...
we would require a different
kind of mercury limestones.
If it can be buried at certain
point around the house...
the spirits will rest
in peace forever.
But such mercury lime stones....
are rare these days.
It can be probably
found in some museums.
So the pyramids and lemon
that you had buried,
how long will they hold good?
At the maximum 2 to 3 years.
By then if the spirits
don't rest in peace...
no one can save you.
So if I get those mercury stones
can we get rid of those spirits?
You can never get rid
of the spirits...
but they can be convinced
and put to rest in peace.
Do such gypsum still exist?
It does.
But not here in India.
In countries like Egypt, Vietnam,
Cambodia and Thailand...
gypsum stones are used
to build temples.
Bullets shots were found
in Rangarajan's body.
His son's throat has been slit.
Retired ACP Rangarajan's
murder case gets intense...
as the police are now on the lookout for his
missing daughter and his relative Suresh.
Based on speculations
it looks like...
the affair between Tulasi and Suresh could
be the reason behind Rangarajan's death.
So if you finish me off, do you
think it'll solve your problems?
You fool!
You are the root cause
of all my problems.
Now is that your fault...
or your bad luck?
Don't you know about me?
I can finish you right here, right now
and there won't be a trace of it.
Don't worry.
I won't do that...
I need a favour from you.
You must do it.
You will do it.
I want you to join a gang.
Finish the assignments along with them and ensure
that all the loot is delivered to me safely.
Mr. Raj...
Mr. Raj!
Thomas believe me.
I am innocent!
- It was all Shiva's plan...
- Hey!
Mr. Raj...
- Where is Kural?
- Kural?
How would I know?
He has started talking
out of the blue...
and has even started to mimic other's
voice. I've no idea where he is.
Look what you've done!
Oh! This one?
Once during childhood, when I
watching the horror movie "Omen"...
and it scared me so much that I
peed right there in the theater.
After that, I had a good run so far but today
again I lost it after what I witnessed here.
Please do not tell anyone else
about this leaking incident.
Especially, please do not let any
of the ladies know about this.
You see that will spoil my image.
Why does she look upset?
Did she too...?
I can hear some
noise from outside.
Oh my god!
- We must escape from here!
- Yes! Yes!
- What about Kural?
- Forget Kural!
Now that he can talk, he'll
find his own way out.
We must escape and come back
with back up to save Kural.
So what are you waiting for?
Let's escape!
The door's not opening.
Oh! Oh! We are locked inside.
We are in deep shit!
We are gonna die!
What now Shiva?
Yeah right! Ask for
more ideas from Shiva!
All this is happening
because of Shiva.
Look at you. Tell me, do you ever
use your brain. I mean, like ever?
It was your idea to come here!
Now look!
Mr. Raj, mind your tongue.
No I won't. You numb nuts!
How dare you raise
your hands on me?
I adopted you, raised you and
this is what I get in return.
If you have guts then I challenge
you to wrestle with me!
How about escaping from the
balcony in the bedroom?
Let's do that. Come on.
I knew it! I knew you won't have the guts!
You better watch out.
The most important thing in a man's life...
is honor and nothing else!
At times, honor is
not that important.
Life is what counts the most.
Hey wait for me. Take me
along with you. Wait!
I guess this ghost must
have been a security guard.
The security here seems
to be very tight!
Now look at that.
Looks like the ghost like us
and doesn't want us to leave.
You again?
Didn't I warn you not
to come back here?
Now what do you want?
Sir, I have found those
mercury lime stones.
You found them?
Hand them over to me and leave.
those stones are
inside that house.
How did it end up there?
Well that...few
of my friends....
This is Karma at work Thomas, which
is why the stones are locked there.
What do you want me to do?
You must tell me.
We must retrieve those stones.
It's not a walk in the park.
You can't get them back.
We must. At least to rescue
my friends in there.
Go rescue them.
- With this?
- Confused?
Are you confused how this lemon
can help you rescue them?
I've piled up positive
energy in it.
No spirits can harm
you when you have it.
The negative energy there will slowly start
to absorb the positive energy in this.
Before it's power wears out
you must get out from there.
What do you mean?
How will I know it?
As soon as you get in with it, the
lemon will start getting dehydrated.
It'll rot completely.
The minute it starts to rot
you must get out from there.
Once it is completely rotten
and if you are still inside...
then no one can save you.
Ok sir.
Shiva, what do we do now?
Nothing else...
but wait here for death.
Thanks to him.
At least we had met Thomas...
he would given us at least diamond
pieces if not the stones.
but instead this fellow dragged
us on to our own death.
Amidst all this tension look at these love birds,
they can't just keep their hands off each other!
Remember the cellphone
Kural destroyed?
Let's try reassembling
it and see if it works?
There is no clue about what
happened to Nepali's corpse.
Are you sure we'll be able
to get that cell phone?
- Mr. Raj, please...
- Ok.
I'll try finding it.
Dear Shiva...
don't mind me telling
this to you.
If we get that cell phone
and if it works...
let's call up Thomas and...
ask him send us a
cab, so that...
we can escape from here....
There he goes again with that
expression-less expression.
Someone please tell me
if he is angry or sad!
any help?
Do you have idea about it?
Of course. I know it
works on Under-void OS.
It's Android!
I guess they must
have changed it.
Post Steve Job era everything has
changed in the Android world.
Why are you staring at me?
Stop it. You are scaring me!
So you were looking for this?
Indeed it's him.
Why is his photo here?
Check this out.
There is a forest area named 'Moonlight
park' by my native. What do you say?
How dare you crooks
double cross me?
Where is Sures....err,
I mean Nepali?
This house, Thomas and Nepali...
there is definitely some
link between these three.
If my guess is correct...
then Thomas must be
on his way here.
Please don't harm me!
- Tulasi.
- Leave me!
Please don't harm me!
Please don't harm me!
Thomas please.
- Let me go.
- Tulasi!
- Daddy!
- Tulasi!
Let me go. Please don't harm me!
- Please.
- Tulasi!
Leave me!
Let me go!
Thomas no!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Seenu! No!
Let me go!
Oh my god!
- Seenu! My god!
- Please let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Please no! Don't do this.
Let us go or else I
won't spare anyone.
Let me go!
Don't do this!
Thomas no! Daddy!
Please don't harm me! Please!
Aren't you guys done yet?
Why wait for me always?
I ain't that
dedicated at work...
but look at you, so dedicated
even after retirement.
Listen to me Thomas.
One last thing.
Don't do this!
My heart felt thanks for having
such a beautiful daughter.
My dear partner, a big
thanks to you too.
dispose off all their bodies.
What about Tulasi?
Leave her there.
Come on help me.
It must be Thomas.
Shiva, we are doomed!
Thomas is not here empty handed.
He has a gun!
What happened? I hear nothing.
Do you think the ghost might
have finished off Thomas?
There you go! This fellow ain't leaving
here without the Ghost's blessing.
I wonder what he'll to do us?
Where are you?
If Thomas find us out...
Who's there?
Who's that?
Is it you?
You better come out.
is it you?
How dare you raise
your hands on me?
Oh my god!
Mr. Raj, I guess Thomas
has murdered Shiva!
I'll take it from here.
Mr. Raj?
I'll be back!
I'll be back.
- Mr. Raj don't go.
- I'll be back.
Turn on the lights.
please don't do this to me.
That stones are all I need.
Hand them over to me...
my life relies on them. Please!
Your life doesn't rely
on those stones...
it's in this gun point.
Just let me go. Please!
Didn't see that coming, right?
You didn't see it coming right?
Don't call yourself Thomas...
You are Dumb a$$!
You are held at gun point
as well as knife point.
How are you gonna escape this?
Now, I didn't see that coming.
Won't you guys ever
let me play hero?
Shiva, help me please.
Did you just say that my
life is at your gun point?
Don't you under
estimate me you kiddo!
Hand me over those
stones or else...
I'll slit him nice and slow!
Officer I agree
that he is a kid.
But I'm a senior citizen so
please have some consideration.
- What did you guys do to him?
- That was not us.
A guy like Morgan Freeman from
'Bruce Almighty' showed up and...
finished him off! He made
Nepali salute with his own leg!
I am going to
finish you all off!
Lord Blackwood please
open the door!
Err... I mean lord of dark
please open the door.
Please open it! Please!
Don't you escape!
I'll gun you down!
Please open it! Please!
Thank you lord of the dark!
Come on.
Open the door!
Stop irritating me fellas!
Hand me over the stones! Shiva!
You can't escape
anywhere from here.
So just open the door!
Can't you hear me going on and on.
Can't you at least reply?
Mr. Thomas!
stop kidding.
We are running out
of time Suresh!
I'm already confused.
So stop kidding!
These guys I tell you.
Is it you?
How dare you raise
your hands on me?
Your time is up!
Please don't harm me!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Mr. Raj...
- Come on. Quick!
- Start the car.
- Where is Kural?
- He is coming. You start the car.
Kural! Make it fast.
Come on. Quick!
Please let me go!
Let me go. No!
Dear god and goddess
of the dark, bless me!
Mr. Raj , want some chicken?
Well, no thank you. You may
have the chicken and the chick.
Sir, what's with your attire?
Looks very funny!
I needed that!
Had I been in fashion I would have
given Lady Gaga a run for her money.
But thanks to this horror season and the
ghosts , I have opted for spirituality.
So take a hike.
Go do some good deeds.
Come on, seal the deal.
Youths these days are
mere chatter boxes!
They have no
responsibility at all.
How could they be so
careless with this box?
where is Kural?
I don't know. Let
me go find him.
ACP Sathymurthy speaking.
It's me.
Where were you all these days?
The whole department
is looking for you.
They want to meet you.
Meet me?
Who are they?
Stop blabbering!
For all those jump-scares you gave
me, I'm gonna get back at you!
Looks like the ghost isn't
done blessing us all!