Rumah Kentang (2012) Movie Script

What were you doing just now?
I was doing a ritual
to see the supernatural world.
The ritual has to be done
at midnight, like right now.
So we can see them right away.
And there are two other ways
to see supernatural beings.
First, looking back
from between our legs,...
...we will definitely see them.
And the second way,
play Jelangkung.
Do you guys know that
this house I rented is...
...the mysterious potato house?
You often smell potato,
and they say there are spirits...
...among us here.
I don't believe
in silly stories like that.
This is not a silly story,
this is a legend.
Hillbillies legend!
-I'm serious.
Sabrina, enough!
Stop trying to scare us.
Windha, this is real.
Sab, if you want to scare us,
why don't you just...
...summon those spirits?
Here, use Jelangkung.
After all,
we're here to play Jelangkung.
And you have done that ritual.
So, no need
for those bogus stories.
Here, prove it
Jelangkung oh Jelangkung,
we're having a small party.
Come without us bringing you in,
leave without us bringing you back.
Jelangkung oh Jelangkung,
we're having a small party.
Come without us bringing you in,
leave without us bringing you back.
Jelangkung oh Jelangkung,
we're having a small party.
Come without us bringing you in,
leave without us bringing you back.
Jelangkung oh Jelangkung,
we're having a small party.
Come without us bringing you in,
leave without us bringing you back.
What was that?
Hes coming.
Got you! Such cowards!
You said you weren't
scared of my story.
You're annoying!
-Oh come on, Buddy.
I was only shaking the curtain.
Yes, but it wasn't funny!
It was. It was funny
to see all your scared faces.
Not funny at all!
You made me pee my pants!
He wet his pants!
-I'll get you both for this!
Lets go home!
-Let's go back.
All right then,
I'm going to go home now.
No, why?
Its midnight,
my mom and dad are expecting me.
Come on, don't pout.
Yes, all right.
-But you're not afraid... sleep alone tonight, are you?
With your mom and dad out of town.
Yes, of course not.
I am not a coward.
Thats my girl.
All right, I'm going home.
Good night.
-Good night.
-Hi, honey, what are you up to?
Hey you, I just finished showering.
How come you're still not asleep?
You better watch out,
you're sleeping alone.
Your parents are not home.
Watch out, behind you!
Jodi, cut it out!
But seriously,
I've just read on the internet,... seems that the legend
of potato house is true.
Jodi sweetheart, since when
are you the scared type?
It's written here
that if the doorbell rings,...
...don't ever open the door.
If theres no one there,
it means you have invited...
...that spirit to your house
and it will bring danger... the people in the house.
Plus, you have just
played Jelangkung.
Jodi, we were just playing
and messing around.
And one more thing, its also
written here that if you smell...
...potato and you hear
the sound of a frying pan...
...frying some potatoes,
it means you must run immediately.
if you hear a boy crying.
My doorbell rang,
but no one is here.
3 years later.
Yes, aunty?
The doctor said that
Rika is still in shock...
...because of your mothers death.
They were in the same car.
The accident happened because...
...they tried to avoid another car.
I don't have
any other choice, Arman.
But you only have
one semester left, Farah.
Its a waste if you quit now.
But I don't have
money to continue college...
...and my younger sister
is alone here.
Shes not well,
I can't leave her here alone.
Farah, you're still
studying in Melbourne,...'re not
supposed to stay in Jakarta.
I can't go back there.
So now you are going to live
in the house that your mom rented?
Yes, but the lease is almost over.
I can't afford to extend the lease.
The rent is not cheap.
I want to move out from...
...this place,
and live somewhere else.
Then where are you going stay?
Your mother passed away but
she didn't leave you with nothing.
She left something for you.
A house?
Its your mothers house,
its in Dharmawangsa.
She bought that house
about ten years ago.
Even though it was not a new house,
she was interested because...
...its in a good neighbourhood
and she bought it for investment.
Now that house is yours.
The house was put up
for sale several times,...
...but nobody actually bought it.
It was rented out three years ago,
but it was only temporary...
...because there was an incident.
But why did mom rented a house
instead of living in her house?
Your mom believed the rumour...
...that the house is haunted.
Rumour has it that
the house is the potato house.
Potato house?
The street vendors who passed
the house often smell potato...
...coming from there,
and the house is clearly empty.
Rika, will you help me pack?
Rika, we don't have any other
options. We have to move out.
The story about
the potato house is just a rumour.
You don't have to be scared, okay?
Yes, and I have requested for
the electricity to be turned on,...
...and why is it still off?
Please don't be too long,
because if we don't have...
I won't have water in my house.
As soon as possible, please.
Thank you.
Rika, the door is still locked.
-I will look for the key first.
Now, lets go see
your room upstairs.
Come on.
The view is overlooking
the backyard, do yo like it?
Rika, we're only here temporarily.
This house is too big
for the two of us.
The maintenance is also costly.
I have tried to get a job
in some companies, but its hard...
...for them to accept someone
who hasn't finished college.
I still need
more time to find a job.
So we will sell this house.
We will buy a smaller house
once this house is sold.
That way we'll have some savings
and you can also re-enrol... your school.
Our things are here.
I will clean the house first and
then we'll start putting it up...
...for sale.
Why won't you let me open the door?
Rika, I've prepared a meal
for you. Please eat it, okay?
Rika, will you help me clean
that side over there?
What do you want for dinner?
Don't eat too much
French Fries, okay?
You already had
French Fries last night.
You got to eat something healthy.
You were the one
who ate it, weren't you?
I didn't it eat,
he finished it all.
Yes, its a certificate of
ownership, everything is complete.
Please put it up for sale today.
We'll have open house every day.
Farah, can I sleep here?
Rika, whats wrong?
Can you smell it?
What is this smell?
The generator is out,
I will turn it on.
We are not alone.
I will turn it on. Wait here.
Rika, come out.
Don't be scared, it was nothing.
The kitchen door
downstairs was opened.
It turns out theres
another kitchen in the back,...
...but the kitchen door was locked
yesterday, and I couldn't find...
...the key.
How come I could open it just now?
Was the door just stuck?
But the windows were opened.
Maybe its because of the wind.
There was this weird smell,
the smell of potatoes,...
...and the kitchen is really dirty,
I'll clean it tomorrow.
Rika, what are you thinking about?
He came out,
but then he disappears.
Lost in your thoughts?
Do you know any good psychiatrist
but not too costly around here?
I don't know about that, miss.
Whats the matter?
My younger sister is still
in shock after the death...
...of our mom
and she doesn't want to talk,...
...and when she does talk
she says weird things.
She said its not just me
and her in this house,...
...but theres someone else.
Your sister has sixth sense.
People who can see what
other people might not see.
Like a supernatural world.
My sister doesn't
have that ability.
Are you sure, miss?
People say this house is...
...the potato house.
Anyway, I'm done here.
I'll check the inside.
The electricity is running,
the lights are on, water pump is...
...functional, but leave it on,
so the water will be clean after...
...some time.
-Thank you, sir.
Miss, having a sixth sense...
...can be a blessing or a curse.
If someone can't control this
ability, it will complicate...
...his or her life.
About spirits,
there are good and bad spirits.
Bad spirits will do harm to human,
so we must handle them carefully.
Good day, miss.
I am going out, okay?
I want to activate
the phone line in this house.
Also I am going to the supermarket.
The electricity is running,
now we can keep food in the fridge.
I'll buy you dinner for tonight.
Please don't stay out
too late, I am scared.
Nothing will happen in this house.
I've locked all the doors
and windows, so you don't need... worry.
I will be home pretty late
because of the traffic.
Just wait for me, okay?
Rika, can you get the plates?
Theres an injury in this part
that caused internal bleeding.
This is the reason
for her losing consciousness,...
...and fell into a coma.
When will she regain
consciousness, doctor?
We can't predict that because shes
still in a critical condition.
What are her chances
of surviving this?
We will do our best for Rika.
There are many bruises on
her body, many scratch marks,...
...someone obviously attacked her.
I have written a report
and I have notified the police.
Theres no sign
of force entry in this house.
Are you sure you have locked
all the doors and windows?
And theres nothing missing.
Yes, but it looks like
someone trashed the living room,...
...the guest room, and this room.
Three years ago something strange
happened in this same house.
What do you mean, officer?
Have you heard story about this
house being the potato house?
Yes, but I don't really believe it.
Yes, this story is
quite irrational,...
...but three years ago a woman
named Sabrina died mysteriously... this house.
Her boyfriend said
she did a ritual that night.
She placed five candles
in the middle of a table,...
...then she combed her hair
five times and she looked...
...straight to the mirror.
People say this ritual can work for
those who don't have sixth sense...
...but once you did this ritual
you can't undo it forever.
Although, there is
no proof to all of this.
Okay, we will further
investigate this, if there is...
...anything feel free to
contact us, we will assist you...
...anyway we can.
Thank you, Officer.
Little boy, little boy.
Help! Help!
Please leave me alone! Leave!
I beg you, please leave! Leave!
You were right, Rika.
We are not alone in that house.
The story about
the potato house is true.
This is the house, honey.
Dharmawangsa 9 number 120.
Honey, this house is huge.
Nice, pretty,
lets go inside, honey.
I am curious.
-No doorbell, honey?
Excuse me.
Good afternoon, hello.
I have called here yesterday.
We've made an appointment, right?
I want to see the house,
can we do that now?
I'm sorry, ma'am,
this house is not for sale yet.
I have to resolve some problems
regarding this house first.
I will call you back.
-Oh, you can't do that, miss.
We're absolutely sure that
we want to move to this house...
...since we talked on the phone.
Right, honey? Come on.
We'll increase
the price if we have to.
-Lets just look inside.
Oh, this is beautiful, honey.
Its huge.
Heres the table.
The sofa is also nice.
The colour combination
is also good.
The sofa is so comfy.
Come sit with us, miss.
Its her house, honey.
-This is so beautiful.
Why don't you go
sunbathe with the fish, honey?
Honey, you're so funny.
What is this room?
-Its the back kitchen, sir.
Its locked.
-So we are not allowed to see it?
How about we see the bedrooms?
Its okay, right?
The bedrooms?
Sorry, sir, ma'am,
but right now, the main bedroom... not available for you to see.
When I resolved the problems,
I will call you and you can see...
...the room.
Whats with all these problems?
We just want to see, if we
think this house is right for us...
...then we will move here.
Come on miss,
just forget the problems.
Come. Don't be shy.
I have other rooms.
I will show you other rooms.
Wow, this is beautiful.
It is so spacious.
The windows are so big
and because its so big,...
...if you start from that side
it will be dusk by the time...
...we reach there.
So many rooms also,
we can rent it out.
Is this it?
A little hot. You haven't
turn on the AC, have you?
Yes, but this is suitable. Nice.
Suitable for our daughter.
You like it, don't you?
But anyway, people say
this house is the potato house.
Honey, Hurry!
Sir! Sir!
Can I request for
a deduction on the fee?
May I talk to the head
of hospital administration?
All the hospital bills
have been paid.
I will pay for future bills.
Don't worry about it, okay?
I will pay you back
in instalments, Arman.
When I have the money.
-You don't have to, Farah.
I must, Arman.
You've spent all of
your money for my sister Rika.
I must pay you back.
We've been together for
three years and we're in...
...a serious relationship.
When your sister got sick,
it became my responsibility too.
Please don't refuse.
I have tried calling you
several times, I became worried,...
...and so I immediately
booked a flight home.
I'm sorry.
I put my phone on silent,...
...and it was a private number.
I didn't know it was you.
I'm sorry,
I got the phone settings wrong.
I don't know who else
to turn to, Arman.
Its all piling up,
my moms death,... problems,
Rikas condition,...
...and the problems
with this house.
I really don't know what to do.
Whats wrong with this house?
I am trying to sell this house.
That way I can buy a smaller house,
and I would have some savings...
...for myself and Rika,
but its difficult to sell...
...this house.
This house is the potato house.
I didn't realize it at first,
but Rika always says...
...strange things about this house.
It turns out Rika has
a sixth sense and she can see...
...all the strange things
in this house.
I don't have a sixth sense,
so I tried a ritual,...
...and I can see that thing, Arman.
I wanted to know why
Rika is in her condition right now.
Farah, you haven't slept all night.
You're burning up.
Your face is pale.
You are having a fever.
You're exhausted.
You are in shock
because of all your problems.
This is all too sudden, too hard.
I am not tired Arman,
and I'm not in shock.
I am not under stress.
My cousin was in shock once
because his parents died suddenly.
Since then he often
sees things that aren't real.
Like having a hallucination.
-I am not hallucinating, Arman.
I am not crazy.
-No one said you're crazy.
If he can hurt Rika, it means
he can hurt me too, Arman.
Don't be too far from me.
You will always
stay with me, won't you?
At first I don't feel right
staying at your house,...
...because theres
only the two of us here,...
...but with your condition,
I will stay here until you get...
-Thank you.
Hot, hot, hot!
Hot! Hot!
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Go back to sleep, okay?
Whats wrong?
He pulled me!
Theres no one here!
He was there,
he pulled my legs. It hurts.
The frying pan.
Rika, Rika, Rika! Nurse!
Hello? So Rika has lost
consciousness again?
Its okay. No problem.
Its better for you to stay... the hospital.
Yes, okay.
What happened?
You have to move out
from this house immediately!
I don't have any other place
to go other than this house, Arman.
We'll go to Surabaya.
You can live with my parents.
I can't leave Rika.
We'll transfer Rika
to a hospital in Surabaya.
We can't transfer her
in her current condition.
Also, I have to sell this house.
I can buy a new house
if this house is sold,...
...and I will have money for
Rikas medication, also I'll...
...have some savings
for me and Rika.
Yes, but no one
wants to buy this house.
This house has been
up for sale for years now,...
...but not
many people are interested.
We must ask
this spirit to leave this house.
Then people will be interested,
someone will buy it.
We have to contact a shaman.
Hello, good afternoon, Mr. Hadi?
Yes sir, I need your help
to get rid of a spirit.
Yes, sir, right away.
Mr. Hadi! Mr. Hadi?
-Come on in, sir.
Farah, this is Mr. Hadi.
Let me work, wait outside.
-Okay, sir.
How did it go?
This house is haunted.
Its a spirit of a boy.
He died unnaturally in this house.
He doesn't want
to leave, he refused.
I can't force him to leave.
You have to leave this house,
or you'll end up hurt.
What you've seen
is just the beginning.
You have to leave immediately.
I am sorry, I must leave.
He doesn't like me being here.
Good day.
We must find another shaman.
Its no use. We must communicate
directly with that boys spirit.
We'll ask him, why did
he hurt me, you and Rika?
Why does he want us to leave
this house instead of him leaving?
Jelangkung oh Jelangkung,
we're having a small party.
Come without us bringing you in,
leave without us bringing you back.
Jelangkung oh Jelangkung,
we're having a small party.
Come without us bringing you in,
leave without us bringing you back.
Jelangkung oh Jelangkung,
we're having a small party.
Come without us bringing you in,
leave without us bringing you back.
Farah, are you okay?
That boy,
he used to live in this house.
The maid was irritated with him.
She pushed him into a frying pan
which was boiling potatoes... that time.
The maid was scared she would get
caught, shes afraid to go to jail.
So she stirred the boy inside...
...the pan until
it became a potato soup.
Then she served the potato soup
to the whole family.
Even now they don't know
what happened to their boy.
They don't even know
that they have eaten him up.
Thats why his spirit
haunts this house,...
...because he died violently
He doesn't want
to leave this house...
...because to him
this is his house.
He doesn't like whoever is
trying to stay in this house.
He doesn't like that,
thats why he haunts us... make us leave this house.
Whoever comes
and stays in this house,...
...he will not like it,...
...because to him, people who
come to this house are evil... his maid.
If we don't leave this house,
he will kill us.
The potato smell is gone.
You said he died
inside the frying pan.
Yes, the frying pan in the kitchen.
Every time we smell potato
that frying pan starts to cook... itself, and the boy appears.
He died inside the frying pan,
it must be that frying pain.
Yes, thats right.
Rika did mention that frying pan.
Yes, and no one has treated him
decently, thats why his spirit...
...haunts this house.
People who died unnaturally
and treated indecently,...
...their spirits
will never be at peace.
We have to bury that frying pan.
Come on.
We have to check that frying pan.
That frying pan
will never return, Farah.
The frying pan.
We have to throw it away
as far as we can.
The boy thinks this is his house,
because the frying pan he died... is still in this house.
Wherever we throw away
the pan, wherever we move it,...
...if its still in this house,
it will return to the kitchen.
The boys spirit will continue
to haunt the house, but if...
...we throw it away far from
this house, his spirit will stop...
...haunting anyone.
I will take shower first.
Later I will cook dinner for you.
What is it Farah?
Lets go downstairs.
Farah, don't worry about it,
everything is going to be okay.
That frying pan never
returned back, that boys spirit... in peace.
No more strange things
happening in this house.
How about if we go out for dinner?
That way you won't feel stress
for having to stay at home...
...all the time, okay?
Thats my girl.
When was the last time
we ate outside like this?
Last month.
We ate at
a restaurant by the ocean.
That time you asked the violinist
to play our favourite song,...
...but it was the wrong song.
Then you ordered my favourite meal,
but it didn't taste good,...
...and when you're about to pay,
it turned out you didn't bring...
...your wallet.
You tried to be romantic,
but everything went wrong.
Hopefully it won't happen again.
Its embarrassing.
Yes, you know
I am not a romantic person.
I was just trying to be romantic.
Right now I am also trying
to be a little bit romantic.
Hopefully I won't fail again.
Farah, we have been together
for a long time and we both know...
...we're serious
with our relationship.
I can see my future with you.
After Rika regain consciousness,
and you have sold your house,...
...and after Rika graduates,
maybe you can bring Rika... Melbourne and live with me.
You can continue college
and I would have a job.
Will you marry me?
I have carried this around
in my pocket for a month.
I have always been looking
for the right moment to say this... you.
I don't know if
this is the right moment,...
...but I feel that
I have to say it now.
Farah, will you be my wife?
Yes, I will.
Typical you, you are always
unable to act romantic.
I love you.
I love you too.
Yes, thank you.
Who was it?
Hello? Okay, I'll be right there.
And who was that?
I'll tell you about it later,
we have to go to the hospital now.
Rika has just
regained consciousness.
Okay, let's go.
We will move from that house soon.
A potential buyer has called me.
He is serious
about buying our house.
You don't have
to be scared anymore.
You can return to school.
Arman, he proposed to me.
After you got better,
and we sold the house,... can return to school.
And after you graduate
you can come to Melbourne... live with me.
You want that, don't you?
Don't be afraid,
that boys spirit is in peace.
He will never haunt us
and anyone else ever again.
Arman and I have thrown
that frying pan to the sea.
You don't have
to be afraid or worried.
From now on,
we can live our life peacefully.
Thank you, sir.
We will empty this house
within a few days.
Very well.
In that case, please excuse us.
Rika, we'll start packing tomorrow.
After that we'll start
looking for a new house.
That frying pan is back.
We are out of that house.
We are safe. We are safe.
Lets leave this place.
We are safe, Rika.
We are far away from the house.
We have made a mistake.
A mistake?
He doesn't like it when
the frying pan is far away...
...from the house.
To him it means that we kicked
him out from his own house.
Hes really angry.
It can't be.
We've thrown away that frying pan.
He can't harm us anymore.
He can only come out from
that pan and only in that house.
We are outside of that house.
We are not in that house anymore.
We're going back to the house.
No. Don't come out,
hes waiting for us outside.
I love you.
I love you too.