Rumba Love (2021) Movie Script

Cancel the noise.
Music's everywhere.
We breathe and we swallow with the place.
Pay attention to it.
Do let it connect.
There's a pleasing
combination of elements.
They all have different callers
and different sounds.
Listen to them.
There is a deep structure.
Music aligned.
The harmony that complements the melody.
Don't pay attention to the noise.
That is only noise.
Concentrate your attention.
Recalibrate your mind.
Music is inside.
It resides inside of you.
Just feel it.
Just sense it.
Embrace it.
It's coming from you.
It's coming from your heart.
Music is right there.
That's what I learned from you.
Hello, everyone.
Welcome to Minton's Playhouse,
the most iconic jazz parlor
in Harlem, New York City,
the United States, and the world.
Minton's was established in 1938.
We are celebrating 81 years
of musical legacy.
Today we have a very special guest,
He is a great Cuban-American singer,
so please, help me welcome
Mr. Nico Quevedo.
Thank you for that.
You know, this moment...
...right here, right now... all we have.
It's all we are.
This night.
So let's have fun tonight.
Let's give it up for the band.
Now this song,
this one's special for me,
because I couldn't sing
this song in a while.
And as we said, tonight is the night.
As the old ones used to say in Cuba,
if you want your rumba to be profound,
you have to learn how to sing
out of your own pain.
You want your rumba to be heard,
let the drums cry your sorrow.
Allow your heart to sing your blues.
I made this song
when I learned how to
transform my pain into music.
You have to help me on this.
I really need you.
Yeah, why not?
I'll take it to go, though.
-Thank you.
Good old days, huh?
Good old days are gone, Chino.
I'll pay for it next week.
Thank you.
You're cheating on the world.
What are you talking about?
I don't get it.
I don't fucking get it!
You said you were gonna help me on this.
You told me that.
You're full of shit.
Full of... Fuck.
I have to endure all this by myself,
and you can't even keep your word?
What's wrong with you?
What's the matter?
I stayed here because of you.
We had something.
It was something special.
It was real.
What do I have now?
Nothing. I have nothing.
You don't wanna talk to me.
You don't wanna listen to me.
You don't wanna pay attention
to me. You don't wanna help me.
What do you want?
What the fuck do you want?!
You want rum?
Let me get you a little bit of rum.
You wanna go to the beach?
I can take you
to a baseball game if you want.
We can have drinks.
We can go out.
We can have fun.
Is that what you want?
What do you want?
What the fuck do you want?!
What do you want?!
You're not clear with me.
There's just no communication at all.
You don't wanna be my friend no more?
Why are you doing this to me?
I can't sing.
I can't... write.
I can't... I cannot play
because I don't feel it.
I don't have it no more.
I don't have...
Don't take that away from me, bro.
Don't take it away from me
because that's all I have.
That's all I have.
Don't take it away.
Don't take it away from me.
Don't take it away from me.
Don't take it away.
Thank you.
Hey, really cool music, Nicolas.
Nicolas, is it?
Yeah. Yeah.
Man, I heard you're not even
from around here.
I was born in Jersey, but I'm Cuban.
And what brought you back out here?
Well, you know, oh, music.
Well, listen.
You got that music thing down.
Is it all, like, your music?
Wrote it with my best friend.
Anyway, listen.
Really, really cool music.
-I'm Bob Arenas, by the way.
-Ah, Nicolas.
So which one was he in the band,
your friend in the band?
He's dead.
Passed away three months ago.
Sorry about that, man.
I-I didn't know.
What was his name?
Celso Quiones.
-It was nice meeting you.
Hey, you know...
I'm a music manager
and producer in New York.
Check it out.
Listen, I would like to discuss
with you the possibility
of bringing you back out there, man.
I really like what you have, seriously,
and I think New York is a better market...
Look, I'm... I'm not interested.
You must be the only Cuban musician
that has no interest
in getting out of here.
-Gotta go. Thank you.
-Hey, Nico.
Listen, think about it.
The number in the back
is where I'm staying.
Check out the back.
If you change your mind, hit me up.
I can help you. Trust me.
I thought I would never see you again.
I promised I was gonna come back.
That was four years ago.
I never said when.
And I had a good teacher.
I can't believe he's gone.
We had good times together.
We wanted to change the world with music.
We wanted to take all this...
our roots, our background, the poetry,
and to put it out there.
I wanted to understand
who I was, and now...
I don't even know who I am.
And then... cancer.
Cancer took everything from him.
I took care of him all the way
to the end, you know.
One day...
One day we were celebrating
his last birthday,
and I sang a song I wrote for him.
When I finished, he looked
at me in the eye and he said...
"You have to promise me.
You have to promise me that
no matter what,
you'll never stop doing this."
And I said, "I promise."
And then, his last day...
...his last day,
the pain was killing him.
I didn't know...
I didn't know what to do
to relieve his pain, you know?
And I sang that song for him.
He was calm. He was...
He was... breathing.
He smiled... again.
That was the last song I could write.
That was the last time
I could sing from my heart.
I needed this.
I needed to be back home.
My life there is not what
it used to be here.
Sometimes I...
I feel out of place.
We're always gonna feel out of place.
We're always gonna need something
because we're immigrants.
When are you heading back to New York?
If you ever go back, you should call me.
-I will.
-Yeah, I promise I will.
That's what you said when I left.
You and Celso were gonna
make it to the States.
You wanted to bring
all your music to New York.
What happened to that dream?
Hey, Bob, it's me. Nicolas.
Yeah. You blew me away
with your talent, Nicolas.
No, man, you're very special.
You have something really special, man.
-Nah, don't thank me.
We're doing business, my friend.
Now, see, I usually charge my clients 50%
for management and production
and that type of thing,
but I understand
your particular situation,
so I'm willing to lower my fee
to 30% of your profits.
-Thirty percent?
-Off the gross, of course.
But... hey, look,
the good thing is,
as soon as you get to New York,
you'll have a job.
-Huh? Isn't that somethin'?
Isn't it crazy how two
Americans can close on a deal
out here in this place, out in Cuba?
-Yeah. It's a new time.
-Hell, yeah.
Listen, I gotta talk to you
about something else.
What's that?
I don't have a place to stay in New York.
Say no more. You look for me.
Mi casa es su casa, baby.
You got that right.
You got it right.
-You know what I'm saying?
-Right. Yes.
-Yeah, you got it right.
Excuse me, sir.
There's someone waiting for you.
I have to go, man.
I have to get out.
It's my last night,
and I got a very special date,
but I'll see you in New York.
-Yes, sir.
-All right.
You're very special, Nicolas.
Don't forget it.
Looks like we're going to New York.
Hey, can you open the door?
Hey, are you fucking deaf?
Answer the door.
I'm in the bathroom.
This is the third time
you've been in bathroom today.
I swear you spend more time on
the toilet than anywhere else.
-What do you fucking need?
-Oh! Is, uh, Bob here?
No. I haven't seen
that piece of shit in months.
-What do you need him for?
-Well... I'm... My name is Nico.
And Bob and I met
a few months ago in Cuba.
He offered me a contract
to come and work with him.
-I'm sorry. Did you say Cuba?
Yeah, Cuba. I was...
I was living in Cuba,
and he saw me perform in the
streets when he approached me.
-In Cuba?
-Yes, in Cuba.
Yeah. When was this?
Well, as I said, a few months ago.
Fuck. I told you your father
was a piece of shit!
He was supposed to be
at a spiritual retreat,
trying to find himself,
and you're telling me he was
messing around with you, blowing lines
and banging whores in Cuba,
you fucking piece of garbage!
What? Mom, who's that?
Oh! There's some fucking
animal here that says
he's been with your father
in Cuba a few months ago
when your fucking father
was supposed to be in Ohio,
-saving his fucking soul.
-What are you talking about?
He's been fucking whoring around
behind my back?
You know, he told me after
Colombia he wouldn't do it,
but here we are.
You fucking piece of cocksucker!
-Don't talk to me, you pervert.
You were what, making
a mockery of me with him?
-No. I...
-Down in Cuba, having a party.
Now you're coming to my house.
What, you wanna do it here?
-No, I'm just a musician.
I'ma musician.
He was supposed to be my manager,
and look where that got me.
He can't even manage his own life.
How's he supposed to manage your life?
My family won't even look at me
after being with him.
So let me do you a favor.
If you don't want me to fuck you up,
get the fuck outta here right now!
Get the fuck out!
Fucking monkey!
I'm gonna throw your dirty ass
down the stairs!
How dare you come to my house?!
If I ever see your face again,
I'm gonna call the fucking cops!
If you're lucky.
Here's your water. No ice.
Thank you.
Temerario Restaurant.
Hi, I'm looking for Telmaris.
-Is she there?
-Who is this?
This is Nico.
I'm her friend from Cuba.
I am sorry, but we're not allowed
to take personal calls while we work.
I know. I know. I know.
It's just that this is really important.
Let me see what I can do.
Hold on.
What's happening?
Uh, it's that guy that only
Telmaris can understand.
He wants to place an order.
That one?
Yeah, that's amazing.
-It comes with the ice. Uh...
-It's a guy from Cuba. Nico.
He wants to talk to you.
He says it's kind of urgent.
-I'll be back in a minute.
This is today's special.
-Is everything good?
I promised I'd call you
as soon as I get to New York.
This is Celso.
What do you mean, this is Celso?
I... kept his ashes.
I use four seashells
to communicate with him.
So if I throw 'em, and the four of them,
they land facing down, that means no.
If they face up, that means yes.
If I have three of them
facing down, one down...
-You out of your mind?
-No, no, no. This is serious.
I can talk to him.
And everything makes sense now
because he's not really happy lately.
We went back. You came to Cuba.
You mentioned his dream.
I realized that
this is exactly what he wanted.
He always wanted to be here in New York.
He wanted to be closer to you.
I'm not going to...
This is the completion
of his dream, Telmaris.
-Stop, Nico. This is insane.
-This is not insane.
-He's dead.
-I'm just trying to explain...
-Is everything okay?
-Need some more coffee?
-No. Just the check.
-Ah. Okay.
-He's dead.
-No, he's not.
-He's gone.
-He's not.
He was your best friend,
and what you guys
lived together was incredible,
but you have to realize
that he's no longer with you.
What I had with him was beautiful.
It's in the past.
It was over many...
-He wanted you back in his life.
-What are you talking about?
You and I had sex only a few months ago,
and now you're telling me all this?
What you're doing to yourself is sick.
What you're doing to him
is disrespectful.
Telmaris. Listen. Telmaris!
Here's the check.
Hi, Norman. I'm back.
How'd it go?
It wasn't what I expected.
Guys are fucking retarded.
The only head they have is their dick.
Speaking of dickheads...
Thought you were gonna be gone an hour.
It's barely 30 minutes.
What kind of emergency is that?
Never mind. It's all good now.
-I can't stand him.
-I know.
You can quit anytime.
I can't.
I have to send money to my mom.
She's taking care of my kid.
But you're by yourself.
It's better that way.
The minute you don't have
someone depending on you,
there is no freedom in this place.
That's all bullshit.
When I came to this country,
I wanted to build my dreams.
I wanted to become an actress,
and look at me.
Six years later,
I keep on doing this shit.
We come here to become slaves,
to work our asses off
so someone else has
that freedom we pursue.
But if I think of my
four-year-old back home smiling,
maybe it's worth this crap.
What's going on, ladies?
What is this, social club?
Get to work.
Cancel the noise.
We breathe and we swallow with the place.
Pay attention to it.
Do let it connect.
Don't pay attention to the noise.
That is only noise.
Concentrate your attention.
Recalibrate your mind.
Music is inside.
It resides inside of you.
Just feel it.
Just sense it.
Embrace it.
It's coming from you.
Coming from your heart ticking.
Well, this is it.
The Big Apple.
The place you always
wanted to come and see.
It's a nice view, isn't it?
What do you think?
Big Apple.
Is it really that big of a city?
Not really.
Man, think about it.
It's just an island.
Just like Cuba.
-Isn't that paradoxical?
You and me, we come from similar places.
Isolated, surrounded by water,
and very different backgrounds.
Different conditions.
One of us is dying,
and the other one is full of commitments.
You talking about Cuba and New York,
or are you... you're talking
about you and me?
It's the same.
All right.
I would have loved
to have seen Manhattan.
We can still go.
When? I have two weeks.
-Listen, don't...
-don't believe everything...
-I know, I'm not.
I know.
I know what's going to happen.
I'm not blind.
I would have loved
to have seen my father,
look him in the eyes...
...tell him
that he was my inspiration
for being in the music.
My mama always said he was a unique man.
You think he will have that jazz place?
I prefer to believe
what my mom used to say...
but at least for the next two weeks.
Come on.
Look, I wanna tell you,
that thing with Telmaris,
I didn't plan it.
It just happened, you know?
Shut the fuck up!
What is the matter with you?
Can't you see there are people
sleeping around here?
You wanna practice
your fucking monologue,
go someplace else, Shakespeare.
Sorry. I was just
having a conversation.
-With who? With your penis?
-No. I was talking...
Never mind.
What the fuck are you doing
sitting in my spot, in my park?!
Your spot? Your park?
I didn't know this is private property.
-Get the fuck out of my park!
-Listen, buddy...
-I'm not your buddy.
-Well, listen...
I'm also homeless, okay?
Oh, yeah?
-Well, go find your own park.
-This is a public park.
You're not gonna kick me out.
-Fuck you! Get out of my park!
-What's the matter with you?
-You have your spot right there.
-Fuck you! Get out of my park!
Okay, that's fine.
I'm moving on.
-Get the fuck outta my spot!
Okay. I'm moving to that one.
Is that gonna make you happy?
Freaking asshole.
-What did you say?
If I see you back on my spot
or I hear your snoring at night,
I'll beat the shit outta you!
-Fuck me.
-I heard that!
Damn it!
Sick and tired of fucking bums,
invading my goddamn park.
Every single night, the same thing.
Every fucking park,
invaded by bums and useless scum!
Not one night...
Hey! Hey!
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Where you going?
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Stop! Stop!
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Stop! Stop!
-I swear!
I swear if you come any closer,
-I'll stab the shit out of you.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
-I wanna get my stuff.
-I warned you yesterday,
and you didn't listen.
I told you not to snore!
-Yesterday I said don't snore,
or there will be consequences,
but you little piece of shit...
Wait, wait.
I'm sorry that my snoring
is louder than the city, okay?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to intrude.
Look, just let me get my stuff.
I'm gonna walk away, and you will never
-hear my snoring ever again.
-You stole my place,
I have the right to steal from you.
That's how it works!
A tooth for a tooth!
I didn't steal from you.
Wait, wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
Look, you said it.
You said it.
A tooth for a tooth. I took your
place for a couple of hours.
You took my stuff for a couple of hours.
-We're even now.
-It doesn't work that way.
You know,
I am Prince Roman from Asturias!
No motherfucker can dare
come and take my place!
Okay! Okay!
Okay, Prince Roman
from whatever the place...
I'm... I'm sorry.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Look, here's the deal.
You can take everything I have.
It belongs to you now.
Just give me Celso.
-The handkerchief!
A fucking handkerchief!
The handkerchief I have in my backpack.
Ha ha! The fucking backpack!
I don't have it anymore.
-What do you mean?
-Sold it!
What do you mean, sold it?
Sold it to who?
Some fucking bum needed it
to move to the East Side.
It's a good thing he's gone.
I hate these fucking homeless
invading my park!
Well, what's his name?
Where can I find him?
He's a bum!
I know he's a fucking bum!
I know that! I need more.
He wears a Yankees cap
all the time. That's it.
Get the fuck outta here!
And don't let me see
you back in my park again.
And if I hear you snoring at
night, there'll be consequences.
Freaking weirdo!
Can I have a chat with you?
Excuse me. Can I have
a conversation with you?
Sir? Sir?
Hey? Hello!
Can I have a-a...
Can I have a conversation
with you for a second?
I-I don't want to bother you, sir.
Sir, can I have a chat with you?
Look, it's really gonna be quick.
I just need to know,
did you buy a backpack from
a homeless guy this morning?
Why would I buy a backpack
from a homeless person?
I don't know. The only reason
why I'm asking this
is because the homeless guy
told me that he sold it
-to another homeless guy...
-I look like a homeless person?
No. No, no. I didn't mean
to say that. I just...
All I'm saying is that...
He told me that he sold it
to this trashy person...
This trashy person?
Look, buddy, I ain't got
what you want, all right?
-I didn't buy a backpack.
-I'm sorry.
-Forget about it.
-I didn't mean to insult...
Hey, pops. What's shaking?
You know, um...
Look, um...
I'm looking for a friend of mine.
He's my bro.
He has a backpack
that he's trying to sell.
I have some gas.
I have some cash on me.
I wanna give it to him.
You probably know him
because he's always wearing
this Yankees cap.
Nice ass, pal.
Well, just give us the cash,
and we'll get it to him.
It doesn't work like that, you know.
I gotta find him.
I thought you said he was your bro?
Yeah. Yeah, he is my bro.
He's my brother, you know.
He's my pal.
He's actually waiting for me.
I know the guy.
You do?
I blow him whenever he has
a few bucks and a clean penis.
What's in it for me if I take you to him?
Five bucks.
-Piece of shit.
Five bucks won't even buy us a beer,
and I stopped drinking cheap a while ago.
Ten, but that's gonna be it.
You gotta get serious.
Nah! Go 20,
and we may have a deal.
Top it off with ten,
I'll throw in a blow job.
-No, thank you.
-You're the monster.
-Charles, he's a number 12.
He's here to fuck you in the ass.
Sir, I'm sorry. I don't know
what's going on here,
but do we have a deal?
I'll give you money, give you 20
but you have to take me to him.
Hell, no. Can't you see
I'm playing chess?
Just give me the 20, and I'll
tell you where he hangs out.
He hangs out over there,
and we all call him Prince Armand.
Hey! That's mine.
Stop right there, okay!
That's mine.
Stop right there!
Just give me that!
-Just give me my bag.
Come on!
Gimme that! Gimme that!
That's all I need.
Just gimme that...
-It's what you want?
-Yes. Gimme Celso.
You don't get it.
That's my friend!
That's my friend.
Give it to me.
What, are you fucking crazy?
It's a fucking rag, man.
No, it is not a rag! That's my
friend. You don't understand.
-Just give it to me, okay?
-Fuck you.
-Fuck your rag, too.
-No, no, no!
Don't come here no more,
you or your rag, okay?
There'll be big trouble.
Big fucking trouble.
It seems you've got something special.
Let's hope we hit the mark tonight
like we did in the rehearsal.
Well, Jim. We always do.
Well, I'm not concerned about you.
That music is something special.
Yeah, yeah.
Sorry, we're not open yet.
Hey, Joe. Get me another
shot of rum, please.
-You got it, boss.
-Thank you.
Somebody told me once
that when you play it right,
the music really turns into magic...
-We're closed.
-Nah, it's okay.'re not aware of the
instrument that you're playing
or the notes that you're singing...
...because you're just
another instrument.
A channel...
to bring it down to earth.
That is what music is all about.
Nothing else.
-I wish everybody knew...
-Endowment is not for everybody.
That is true.
They always play Latin jazz here?
Mondays and Saturdays.
-Mondays and Saturdays.
It's a good thing I come back
to see them Saturday, then.
Where you from?
I had a great time in Havana,
a long time ago.
You did?
Yeah. Yep.
I went down there for a music program.
Spent a couple of months,
and had the, uh, full Cuban experience.
You know, food, music, people.
Man, I love that place.
But reality hit, and here I am.
When did you get here?
Like, 24 hours ago.
Twenty-four hours ago?
You're still fresh.
-Joe, give my friend...
Give my friend Nico a shot.
-Rum is always good.
Come on.
Come on. It's on the house.
It's okay.
Thank you.
So, Nico...
what brings you back?
This place.
Somebody told me about
this place a few years ago.
I always wanted to come
and see it by myself.
how life gives you what you need
at the right time you need it.
I remember when I was a kid...
my father used to play sax
right here in this place.
I'd run out from the house
in the middle of the night
and stand right there,
by the bar entrance and watch him play.
I can assume clearly
because the place was packed,
but, oh, I could hear him
play that sax, man.
That was magic to my ears.
Those nights...
after watching him play for two hours...
I ran back home after his last solo,
and... I got home and...
...later on I didn't hear the
door slam behind him like usual.
Never came back home.
That was the last time I saw him.
You never heard from him?
No. Never again.
But the Blue Bird was always on my mind.
I wanted to be a musician,
but I didn't have the skills,
didn't have the endowment.
But, man, did I have
the skills to make money.
That's what I did.
I made a lot of money,
and bought this place.
How did you get that flyer?
My friend, Celso.
He gave it to me.
-That's a strange name.
-How'd he get it?
-His mom.
So I printed these flyers back in '82.
After I acquired the place,
I took some of these down to the island.
You know, do a little
advertising, stuff like that.
Matter of fact, I was
planning to hire some locals,
great musicians, come back here,
but it was the '80s, so...
It's a cool thing
that your friend kept this.
-He like jazz?
-He loves jazz.
That makes sense.
As a matter of fact, he's so...
He was... a great composer.
Really? What kinda music?
Rumba Cubana.
Yeah, Rumba Cubana.
I love Rumba Cubana.
Yes, I know.
You do?
I do... know a lot of things
about you.
I didn't think I was that famous.
See my friend, Celso...
he always wanted
to come here to New York,
He was fascinated, he was
mesmerized, he was obsessed
with the idea of the Blue Bird.
He passed away a few months ago.
Sorry to hear that.
You know what's interesting?
This place, the Blue Bird,
was the only connection
that he had with his father.
He went away without
even knowing about him.
It was this flyer right here...
the only thing he ever got from his dad.
You gave this flyer to Mercedes,
the beautiful woman
you met and fell in love with,
when you went to Cuba.
This flyer...
was the only thing
that Celso got to see from you.
You had a son in Cuba.
But you never came back.
Never came back.
And all those years, Mercedes only hoped
that one day you would
come back to see your son.
Almost a year and a half ago...
Celso got cancer, and she died.
I always knew what his biggest dream was,
that's why I'm here.
This... Celso's ashes.
This is your son.
It's time for you to leave.
Get the fuck outta here!
Is everything okay, Jim?
It's fine. It's fine. Fine.
My friend Nico is...
is leaving.
Take that with you.
Hey, shithead.
Don't even think
about sitting on that bench
for one more second.
Now I gave you your fucking do-rag.
Now I don't wanna see you in my park,
or these guys are gonna break your face.
-Look, brother, I'm not...
-Do I look like you?
I ain't your brother.
We ain't family.
So I don't wanna see you in my park.
You understand?
I run these parks.
I own these benches,
and if you ain't paying me rent,
I don't wanna see your face here.
-You understand me?
-I do. Yeah.
I'm leaving right now, okay?
I'm leaving.
I'm leaving. Just leave me
right now. I'm leaving.
Leaving. Easy.
We're cool. Right?
-Are we?
-We're not cool.
We're cool.
I mean, I'm leaving right now.
It's your park. The bench.
That's fine.
Did you tell her what I
told you to tell her last week?
Yes, but she's incapable
of straightening out things
on her calendar.
We have been planning
this trip to Portugal forever.
Last time we talked about it
we both agreed on staying
at Lisboa just for three days.
And then the plan was driving.
Now she's afraid to drive
because she's afraid
of her insurance working in Europe.
Who cares?
What's up with this guy?
Well, do something!
Tell someone.
Sorry, but you gotta leave.
Yeah, man. Sorry about that.
Hold on.
-How's your coffee?
-Okay. Milk?
You got a call.
I'm sorry to bother you,
but I'm hungry and I'm homeless.
Meet me at the same place in 15 minutes.
I gotta go.
Where is Lewis?
-He's in the kitchen.
-Tell him that I have to go.
-It's an emergency.
I have to do this.
He won't let you come back this
time. You know that, don't you?
I know, but I really have to do this.
Hey, what'd you think?
Are you trying to connect
spiritually with rum?
You don't have anyone else to connect to,
rum becomes the best company.
Can I sit and talk to you,
so you have someone else to
connect with besides the bottle?
I wanted to...
I wanted to thank you
for what you did for me.
-What did I do?
-You know, my tuition.
-Tuition? What tuition?
You covered my semester's
tuition at the university.
They called me from the office,
Jim. They said you covered it.
-Somebody made a mistake.
Why do you do that?
I mean, I am so thankful
for what you did for me.
But why did you help me?
Why do you help everybody?
You know, everybody tells
stories about you
helping them out with something,
paying for something
without them asking or...
just giving, giving without
being even asked for it.
Why did you help me?
Why do you help everybody?
I should help.
I need to help.
It's an obligation.
-But why?
-Because I can.
And because I got nothing else to do.
And probably because
you have no one else to help.
I'm sorry.
Can I ask you something?
Who was the guy from yesterday?
You've been acting weird ever since.
Stop. Just a kid
looking for a job.
And you didn't help him?
It's complicated.
He brought back memories that, uh...
Bad memories?
Matter of fact, they were...
They were good memories.
Probably the best memories I've ever had,
and that's why I reacted the way I did.
Yeah. I had lost something,
and I didn't notice it, and...
I'm trying to bury the past,
and he just brought it back.
That's... buried now.
And you don't want to see those memories
-you enjoyed so much, again?
It's too late.
No, Jim.
It's never too late. Trust me.
As long as we're here,
it's never too late to reconnect
with your happiest memories.
It's okay to make yourself happy, too,
to give to yourself
the way you give to others.
Why didn't you call me before?
I didn't want to bother.
You don't bother me.
Thanks for the food.
Can I take your plate?
Yes. Yes.
I want to talk to you
about, you know, us.
Nico, don't.
Just forget everything.
You can't do anything
to bring him back, right?
You can do something for yourself
and make him feel proud of you.
After that night with you
in Cuba, I felt guilty.
But then I thought about him,
and I remember how he was.
And I know that if he would
have been watching us
from some faraway place,
he would have felt happy
that I was with you.
-Let me take you home.
-No. No.
Nico. Look at me.
You're homeless.
You gotta take a shower.
You gotta eat.
You gotta sleep in a warm place.
You have to move on.
-You have to change, Nico.
-I gotta finish first.
Then I'll change.
-Twenty five.
-Twenty five? That's bad.
-How about white?
-Uh, 30.
Thirty? Cases of beer?
Fifteen, but I think
we started out with 20.
-Then Mikey was telling me...
-Shh. Hold on a second.
Keep counting.
Give me a total, okay?
You got it.
-Thanks, shithead.
-Hey! Hey!
-You don't listen, do you?
-Just gimme that!
What's with you
and this stupid rag anyway?
Hey, that's him!
Crazy motherfucker, who two days ago
assaulted me after he invaded my park!
-What'd you do to my lady?
-I didn't do anything to her.
-Hold it.
-No, no, no.
Hey! Shut up.
-You don't belong here.
-He's a monster, a number 12.
You have to pay the price
if you don't respect our community.
We have rules to follow here.
-Can't just invade our space.
-I'm not invading your space.
We gave you a few chances already.
You just ignored us, blew us off.
-I wonder what this crazy...
Hey! Hey.
-Stop that now!
-Who the fuck are you?
-Hey, Jim.
-Charles, don't do that.
Hey, Jim. He...
We're just teaching
this guy a lesson. He...
He doesn't follow the rules.
What the hell you talking about, Prince?
Um, our rules. He's an intruder.
-He is enemy.
-No, he's not.
He's my son.
Your son?
I didn't know you had a son.
But he doesn't look anything like you.
-Do you resemble your mama?
-Hey! Hey!
Take it easy, Jim.
We were trying...
No, I'm not gonna take it easy, Prince.
I feed you guys
and make everything possible
so you have a place to stay.
I give you money, I give you clothes,
and this is the way you treat my family?
So no, I'm not gonna take it easy.
Give it to me.
I... I'm sorry, Jim.
We... We... We're sorry.
Just don't let it happen again.
It won't. It won't happen again.
Let's go. Everybody, let's go.
Thank you.
You need a shower. You stink.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry. It's okay.
Come on. Come with me.
Come on. Let's go.
-I see my clothes fit you.
Sit down. Dinner's ready.
When was the last time
you had a decent hot meal?
I don't remember.
Look, I wanna thank you for everything.
That song...
the one you were singing in the park...
where'd you learn that?
He told me it was
his mom's favorite song.
He said that she used to sing
that song for him every night
to make him go to sleep.
When did you guys meet?
About six years ago when I moved to Cuba.
I wanted to learn all about
my roots and my background,
plus my father.
My father wanted me
to learn Rumba Cubana,
but I knew I'm not gonna get that here.
Where's your father now?
He's also in heaven.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead. Eat now.
You guys have the same personality.
I mean, you and my dad.
When I saw you the other day... was just like
looking at him.
Eat. It's getting cold.
-Do you have a place to stay?
-Not really.
I mean, I know somebody.
Hmm. But it's complicated.
-A girl.
With them, it's always complicated.
Do you love her?
It's very complicated.
I understand.
If you love her... go and get her.
Don't be a pussy.
You can't change the past...
...but you can change
the present and the future.
Don't make the same mistake I made.
You got out and get her.
In the meantime you can
stay here. You can crash here.
You sure?
-Of course.
-What about him?
He's gonna be okay now.
Besides, he's probably tired
of you getting him lost in the city.
You know, I always imagined this moment.
I always knew...
that one day...
I would have a shot of rum with my son...
...and talk about life.
I never thought it would be like this.
I've been waiting
for this moment for a long time.
I've even imagined
every single piece of you in my head.
Your face...
...your eyes...
...your hair...
...even your habits,
your words.
I knew you would come back because I...
I never had the courage to go meet you.
I knew all about you.
Your mother used to call me
at first and tell me.
She called me to tell about your illness.
Your mother is a wonderful
woman, and you know that.
Your mother...
...was the love of my life,
and I...
never had the strength or...
...or balls to go back
to her and to you.
I'd send the money every year.
And in my stupid mind, I thought
I was doing the right thing.
I was doing...
...the same thing
my father did to me
when he left and never came back home.
I'd love to see you alive, but...
...I never did.
And I am a fucking selfish,
full of shit coward.
And I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I... You...
you did...
teach me a great lesson.
You taught me, and you taught Nico there,
you should never give up.
Because you came all the way over here... teach me that lesson.
And here we are.
It's never too late... love someone.
I will always love you, son.
Our children come into this
world with a mission,
and that mission is to teach us.
It's time to let go.
You made his dreams come true.
Now it's time to let go.