Rumble (2016) Movie Script

[man panting]
[dramatic instrumental music playing]
[David] My name is David Goran.
And, yeah,
this is just as bad as it looks.
You may ask
how a former champion and fight legend
ended up running from cops
somewhere in Mexico.
I'd have to say that it's a long story.
And like most of my stories...
it all began with a fight.
Mr. Goran, good evening.
On behalf of my staff and I,
I just wanna say that we caught the fight.
Thank you.
Any mail?
Um, let me check.
Not today.
But it must feel good to win.
Just another day at the office.
Ramiro, could you please help Mr. Goran
with his luggage, please?
No, it's okay. I'm good.
I insist. Ramiro, please help Mr. Goran
with his luggage.
Have a pleasant evening.
[Ramiro] Right over here, sir.
Mr. Goran, sir,
I'm a big, huge fan of yours.
I've watched every single fight.
I even saw that Reno one,
the one you busted your knee in.
Man, you definitely got robbed.
Yeah, I used to do this fighting thing,
but now I just hang out
at the local underground fight club.
Have you ever been there?
I'm not from around here.
Oh, you're just visiting.
Something like that.
Well, they have fights every weekend.
Like, tonight they have one.
Do you think you wanna go?
Thanks, but maybe some other time.
Well, if you change your mind,
just let me know.
You think I could have your autograph?
I don't do autographs, kid.
[Eva] Hi, baby.
You're back early.
- I missed you.
- I miss you, too, my love.
So much.
I love you.
I love you, too, baby girl.
[David] You know...
I love everything about you.
Even your flaws.
Baby, I don't... I don't know.
I just don't think I have
many more fights left in me.
My love, we just have to pay him off.
[sighs] We're on borrowed time here, Eva.
We're running like animals.
It's not my fault.
You killed a man, Eva.
It was self-defense.
You don't know what happened.
But that pimp ex-boyfriend of yours,
he's never gonna let us go.
He's gonna extort us forever.
You know...
I'm so sorry I brought you into this.
It was all a long time ago.
It was a lifetime ago.
You know...
Sometimes, I think I don't even know you.
You know, I know that we all have secrets,
all right?
But there's so much about you
that I don't even know.
What's this?
Please, David.
- Are you taking clients again?
- No.
There's twice as much money here
as there should be.
What were the line odds?
David, figure it out yourself.
- Four-fifty.
- Yes.
I took three dives to get the odds to 450.
Now they're investigating me
for fight-fixing.
And there's twice as much money here
as there should be.
How did you get it, Eva?
You must be wrong about the numbers.
- Bullshit.
- Oh, please.
Are you taking clients?
Every time I see you stepping into a ring,
I think it's going to be
the last time I see you.
I can't let that happen.
Not for me.
No. Don't go.
- Baby...
- You can't go.
- I'm not gonna let you.
- Stop it!
I won't allow it. I love you!
- Let me go. Stop! Let me go. Stop it.
- [David grunts]
You're not going.
- Stop it.
- I love you.
- Let me...
- [David grunts]
[groans softly]
[breathing heavily]
I am not going to let you kill yourself...
for me.
I love you.
Okay. What time?
I get off in ten minutes. Wait here.
[groovy instrumental music playing]
[men grunting]
[Ramiro in Spanish] Thank you.
[man in Spanish]
The drinks are on the house.
I'll get them for you in a bit.
- [Ramiro in Spanish] Thank you very much.
- [man in Spanish] Excuse me.
[Ramiro] We should hang out
more often, man.
Drinks are on the house
just 'cause they're so grateful
that you're here.
And they say if you want to go up
on the ring, they'd be honored.
I don't think so.
It's not gonna happen, Ramiro.
It's all about the money now,
and that's all it's about.
- Pour me a drink.
- Yeah.
Im thirsty.
[Ramiro] Dives?
You're... You're taking dives now?
Just helping the numbers a little,
you know?
[stutters] I would not mess
with those people, David.
They're not gonna find out.
How long have you been together?
Met her after the Reno fight.
She was in the crowd. Couldn't miss her.
[scoffs] She was beautiful.
We've been together ever since.
I love her, man.
She's the reason I fight.
You are one of the oldest fighters
in the ring,
and you got your knee thing.
[David sighs deeply]
And you gotta know when to quit, right?
If it wasn't for this shit with Eva,
I would've been long gone.
[grunting and groaning]
You know, I've made more bookies
more money than I've ever seen.
And look at me now.
Hiding from some low-budget pimp
south of the border.
[people applauding and cheering]
[people whistling and whooping]
Hey, Goran.
Why don't you get in here with me?
[Ramiro chuckles]
Fuck you, too.
Shot. Tequila, man.
[breathes deeply]
[groans softly]
[dramatic instrumental music playing]
[car alarm beeping]
[knocking on door]
Ev, it's me.
- Hi.
- Can I help you?
My key card's not working.
- Room?
- One-thirteen.
- One-thirteen, let me check.
- [typing]
No, I'm afraid that room is empty, sir.
She checked out?
Who, sir?
My girlfriend. The woman
that's been staying there with me.
[sighs] Okay.
It says here
that room's been empty for a week.
That's not possible.
We've been staying here
for the last month.
Maybe there's been a mistake, sir.
What is your name?
- Goran. David Goran.
- [typing]
David Goran?
- What's wrong?
- I just need to make a call.
What seems to be the problem?
Oh, this is the man from, uh...
How may I help you?
My key card doesn't work.
I need to get a new one.
- Absolutely. What's the room number?
- One-thirteen.
One-thirteen? That's impossible, sir.
That room's been vacant for the past week.
[receptionist] That's what I told him,
but he's...
Hey, it's me, man.
I'm sorry?
We talk every day.
Last night you congratulated me
on my fight.
We've never met.
He says he's, uh...
[whispers] David Goran.
[clears throat] I see. One second.
What's the problem? What's going on here?
Is there any way you could come down
to the front desk, please? Thanks.
Where's my girlfriend?
Sir, we can settle this
in just a matter of minutes.
Where the hell is my girlfriend?
I don't know, sir. Please don't hurt me.
[intense instrumental music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[speaking Spanish]
[captivating instrumental music playing]
[in Spanish] Don't move.
Shit, David. You scared me, man.
You're all over the news, man.
What'd you do?
Everybody's looking for you.
They say you killed a guy.
What? Who?
Some fighter. Sit down, man.
What the hell happened last night, man?
We did shots, man.
Uh, sure we did.
I can't remember anything
after that tequila.
Did I even fight that big guy?
I don't remember, man.
We were pretty wasted.
[phone ringing]
Yeah, hello?
[dramatic instrumental music playing]
[robotic voice] Is this the David Goran?
Who's this?
This is the person who has your woman.
How quickly things fall apart.
Wouldn't you say?
Where is she?
She's safe for now.
Go to the Bullpen Fight Club,
where you were last night.
Find the back door and knock once.
Be ready to fight.
Fight who? Why?
Because that's what we do.
You fight, I run the books.
If you want to see her again,
don't be late.
What was that about?
I gotta go.
Everything okay?
David, everything okay?
[door closes]
Guess not.
[robotic voice] Hello, David.
And welcome to the Bullpen Fight Club.
What now?
Think I'm gonna fight this guy for you?
Why the hell should I?
[Eva] David.
Baby, are you there?
Where are you, baby?
Talk to me.
[robotic voice] Which you will soon.
You fight or she dies.
[robotic voice] Fight.
Where is she?
I wanna talk to Eva.
[robotic voice] In due time, David.
In due time.
I wish I knew who was doing this.
Who's fucking with my life.
Look, David, the club is owned
by this guy named Delgado.
Nobody has ever seen him before.
They don't even know what he looks like.
Trafficking, piracy, casinos.
Off-track betting?
Yeah, probably.
[David sighs]
We were placing our own bets
to an off-track betting office in cash.
Shit, man.
That's how they made you.
How they found out you were fixing fights.
Yeah. Probably.
Do you know who this is, man?
No, you don't know who he is.
Even gangsters are afraid of him, man.
Every time you hear about
somebody hanging off a bridge
with their head cut off?
Chances are Delgado did it.
Some serious shit.
All right, I get it.
Question is, what do I do now?
Can't go to the cops,
they're on the payroll.
Just don't lose, man.
[David sighs]
I need to ask you a favor.
Can you get me back into my hotel room?
Yeah. I can do that.
[dramatic instrumental music playing]
Just wait here. Okay?
Hold on, I have a question regarding...
- Miss Nancy Vasquez' account.
- [woman] Mm-hmm.
- Could you pull it up for me, please?
- [woman] Okay.
- I just have a few questions.
- [woman] Mm-hmm.
Jesus Christ.
I could lose my job for this.
[man] Excuse me?
- How may I help you?
- Agent Fonseca.
Ministerial Police, PFP.
[Ramiro] Are you sure
this is the right room?
Yeah, I'm sure.
[Ramiro] Well, if you can't find anything,
we're gonna have to bail.
Just give me a moment.
[David] Hey.
- What did...
- [shushing]
You have to understand,
if anyone knew about this...
I really appreciate your cooperation.
Well, Agent, this is the room.
I need information.
You gotta know somebody
who can tell us where Eva is.
I just did something
that could have made me lose my job.
Are you talking about something
that can get me killed?
Sorry, man, but I'm out.
Come on, man.
These people have my girlfriend.
You're all I've got.
You gotta know somebody.
I know somebody.
He says he works for Delgado.
But, David, if they make me...
I'm a dead man.
It's not gonna happen,
it's not gonna come to that.
Come on, Ramiro, you're my last chance.
You gotta take me to him.
Yeah. Okay.
Thanks, dude.
Let's go.
[suspenseful instrumental music playing]
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
[tires screeching]
Well, I'm hoping that you got
all the information that you needed.
With that being said, thank you very much,
and if I can be of any other assistance,
just let me know.
Thank you.
- Just one more thing.
- Yes?
- The fight across the street...
- Mm-hmm.
- It was the same day?
- Yes.
There are witnesses
that say they were dressed like, um...
security officer uniforms?
That kind of stuff. Were they yours?
The fighters.
I was behind the desk helping people.
You mean you wouldn't know
if one of your employees
left the building?
The only thing I could tell you is that
some of our staff did go missing that day.
I don't know what happened next,
but unfortunately we let them go.
You fired them?
Yes, promptly after the whole situation.
Well, then, I'll need, um,
some personal information
like home addresses, phone numbers,
that kind of stuff.
I'm afraid I can't help you there.
Unfortunately, they're not in our books.
They're cash employees.
They're paid under the table.
It's funny.
I couldn't find any employee information
about you, either.
[clears throat] That's unfortunate.
There must be a mistake.
Have a great day.
You, too.
I don't know, man. I'm just a cook.
I work in the kitchen.
He's lying, man.
He's the driver, he should know something.
You know something, Manny!
Where is she?
[Ramiro] David Goran
just asked you a question.
Tell him where is the girl, Manny.
Fuck you! I don't know!
Im just a cook. Come on, Ramiro.
You know a lot better than...
- [David] That's enough.
- [Manny gasping]
That's enough.
Ramiro, that's enough.
- He's no good to us if he can't talk.
- [coughs]
Manny, listen to me.
I'm only gonna ask you one more time.
Where is she, Manny?
- I don't know, man.
- Where's my girlfriend?
I don't know.
Well, who would know?
I'm just a cook.
I work in the kitchen.
I just wanted a fucking chance. Man.
Why'd you run?
It's Mexico. Come on, everybody runs here.
It's getting late. I gotta go.
Can I use your car?
Yeah, sure.
Keep an eye on him. I'll be back.
Don't scratch the car.
[in Spanish] What's up, Manny?
[dramatic instrumental music playing]
[robotic voice] Fight.
[David groans]
[bone cracking]
[robotic voice] Impressive, David.
For a man your age.
Are you happy, now?
Is this what you want?
[David groaning]
I'm tired of this shit, Delgado.
You're being dramatic, David.
Get some rest.
We've got more money to make.
[door closes]
What the hell did you do, dude?
I killed him.
[Ramiro sighs]
I didn't mean to, he just...
He kinda tried to attack me
and I had to shoot him.
- I'm really sorry, dude.
- [David sighs]
Look, man, it was an accident.
I really didn't mean to.
The fuck are we gonna do now, dude?
We just gotta get the body outta here.
Come on, David, help me.
Grab the legs, David, come on.
- [Ramiro] Manny stinks.
- Yeah.
- Gentlemen.
- How you doing?
What are the Feds doing
at a local crime scene?
You know, it's funny.
Because this is exactly like Guadalajara
six months ago.
Another dead fighter.
And I am investigating the case.
It's not a serial killer.
It's a fucking gang-related shooting,
that's it.
Go wait in the car, man.
- Just calm down, okay?
- Just go, please.
Drop it.
I don't know what you're doing here.
Don't you have some ghost named Delgado
to go look for?
We don't like the Feds around here.
So just stay out of my territory.
You know...
If I were you, I'd watch my back.
You're a long way from home.
What I don't understand...
is if they were here so long,
how come you don't even have
a billing address?
Who are you referring to?
Goran. David Goran.
If you'll excuse me,
I have somewhere to be.
I'm looking for Goran, David Goran.
You know, the fighter?
Knocked out Fernandez in the first round?
Did you see that? You get cable here?
He's not here, man.
He checked out.
Are you sure?
Where is he?
David, come on, let's go, man.
It's getting late.
[sighs deeply]
Yeah, come on.
You really wanna do this, pal?
I mean, what's in it for you?
[robotic voice] Fame. Fortune.
It's not every day that you get a chance
to beat the great David Goran.
Your body's gonna end up dead in a ditch,
just like all the others.
Quiet, David.
You fix fights, you steal from me.
I own you.
Now, fight.
[Fonseca] Freeze!
Don't move!
Let me see your hands. Both of you!
You're David Goran, right?
Yeah, I am.
Come up here.
You don't move.
What was that?
Some sort of a sick Fight Club?
What are you doing here?
I got no choice.
They have my girlfriend.
They said if I don't fight,
they're gonna kill her.
I have to.
Get in.
I gotta tell you something.
I'm a big fan of yours.
I saw your Reno fight,
when you messed up your knee.
You got robbed.
You Americans think that
you can come down here to my country
and get mixed up in all this garbage.
We have laws here.
Gotta find Eva. You gotta help me.
[suspenseful instrumental music playing]
[tires screeching]
- Shit.
- What the hell?
Go! Let's go.
[intense instrumental music playing]
Get in the car!
[police siren wailing]
Jesus Christ, David!
You scared the shit out of me, man.
- Thought you were dead.
- [panting]
Dude, I'm screwed.
Can you get these off?
Yeah, I should be able to.
The pimp's guys. They found me.
And some cop showed up at the fight.
So, what happens now?
Do you know anyone else
who might know where Eva is?
I might, but it's gonna take some time.
Those bastards tried to kill me.
You okay? Need some water or something?
No, I'm good.
You, uh...
You got a clean shirt I could borrow?
Yeah, sure, in my room.
- This one?
- Yeah.
[suspenseful instrumental music playing]
Hey, David.
I think I know somebody.
[both grunting]
[phone ringing]
[robotic voice] Final fight.
This is bullshit.
I wanna talk to Eva.
If you haven't realized by now,
it's me that makes the rules, David.
I killed your boy Ramiro.
He was expendable. He served his purpose.
But the money's good, yeah?
If you win...
you get the girl, you go free.
Find comfort in the fact
that you have no choice.
Where? When?
Same place.
Leave now.
Oh, shit.
[in Spanish] Hey, buddy.
Where's the money?
I'm talking to you.
You know what? You want your money?
Go look for fuckin' Ramiro, man.
He's the man with the money. I'm not.
[in Spanish] Listen, dumbass,
don't think you can fool me.
I want the money.
[in Spanish] I do not know anything
about the girl or the money.
Don't talk to me like that.
I'm not a dog like you.
[in Spanish] Dog?
[in Spanish] Like me?
Where's the money, Goran?
You take a check?
You're late.
You want that piece of ass
you're banging in prison?
She murdered a client.
You know what they do to whores
in the pen?
She can handle herself.
Better than you amateurs.
Where's the money?
It's gone now.
Where's the money?
It's in the toaster.
Did you check the toaster?
Did you?
There's nothing in there, man,
and I'm hungry.
Didn't think so.
I'm really gettin' sick
of this son of a bitch!
- [man] Whoa!
- [David groaning]
Hey, hermano, wait a minute.
I'm a little bit of a fan, and I'd like
an autograph before you, like, kill him,
or at least a selfie.
- Are you pendejo or something?
- Come on, I can sell it on eBay.
I was a big fan.
I can make money. I'll split it with you.
Step back, pendejo!
- Jesus.
- It's just me and you.
Shit. There's three guys there with guns.
Calm down.
- What are we gonna do, man?
- Calm down.
I'm gonna show you what I'm gonna do.
[in Spanish] I'm here for my money,
asshole. Open the door.
[in Spanish] Mario, break the door.
I'm coming with you.
[gunshots continue]
Help, brother.
- Brother.
- Goran!
Let's go.
The most interesting thing is
how did he get the body
out of this building
without anyone seeing anything?
Because she never left.
She never left.
[dramatic instrumental music playing]
Are you okay?
I have to take you in.
Can you give me a little time?
My friend, this has to end.
- He has her.
- I know.
- [stutters]
- Yeah, here.
No, please, don't. Please.
If you step inside there...
If they see you...
You gotta let me do this,
or they're gonna kill her.
If that's the case,
then, I'll need you to come out again.
I will. I'll find you.
Yeah. Look, I promise.
I'll find you.
I promise.
Thank you.
Can you put 50 on the long shot for me?
I always bet on you.
You are good money, Goran.
Thank you.
[robotic voice] Ready?
Come on!
[David groaning]
[bone cracking]
[robotic voice] It was nice doing business
with you, David.
You have five minutes
to get out of the building.
[Eva] Baby?
- Are you here?
- Eva?
[alarm blaring]
Good afternoon, Agent.
How are you?
- Doing fine. How about yourself?
- Eh...
Pretty good.
May we know what you're doing here?
I'm just enjoying the fresh air.
[Agent scoffs]
Me and my partner, you know,
we worry about you.
And we would like you to come with us.
You know this place
is too dangerous for you.
You shouldn't be out here by yourself.
Get him, dammit! Go! Fucking get him!
[dramatic instrumental music playing]
[alarm blaring]
[Eva] I'm in here.
There's a bomb. It's going to explode!
Please untie me.
- You okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
[thrilling instrumental music playing]
[soft creaking]
[in Spanish] Commander Rogelio.
Come on. We've got to go!
Come on!
- Go!
- Come on!
- [Fonseca] What? What's the rush?
- [David] It's gonna blow.
Hurry. Let's go.
[Eva] Jesus Christ.
- [David] Eva, are you okay?
- [Eva] Yes.
Do you know this Delgado character?
I've been in his trail for six years.
He's like a ghost.
The international drug trade slowed,
so he moved to high-stake fights.
Everything he can put away
from these fights
will be enough
to never hear from him again.
So, how did you get to that place?
There was a couple of young guys.
I think they were fighters.
And there was this fat guy,
I've seen him before.
- In the hotel.
- Heavy guy?
The front desk guy?
Yes, I think so.
- [David] Do you know him?
- [Fonseca] Of course I do.
You know where to find him?
- Where's the front desk guy?
- Who, sir?
He's big, white shirt, he was here.
Go in.
Sit down!
Listen to me, man. I'm not Delgado.
Shut up!
[tires screeching]
[Fonseca] Shut up.
Why are we here?
How long you gonna need?
[Fonseca] As long as it takes.
- Okay, we're gonna get out of here.
- Fine.
Hey, don't take too long.
They're gonna be looking for you.
Don't worry. I'll take it from here.
Come on. Let's go.
- What are you gonna...
- Shut up.
Shut up.
I'm not Delgado.
Stay down. Wait here.
[gunshots continue]
Let's go.
[gun clicks]
[Eva screaming]
Drop it, Delgado! Drop it!
Agent Fonseca.
Nice to see you.
Drop it. I got you cold.
Six years...
I've been looking for you
for six long years.
Have you, now?
Now I got you.
Nothing is as it seems.
Drop the gun.
That's not going to happen.
Drop the gun.
That is not going to...
- I said drop the gun or I'll shoot her!
- Drop it!
How's that knee?
Sorry about Reno. You know how this goes.
- [Eva gasps]
- [Fonseca groans]
- Don't move.
- [David] Eva.
My God.
Come on, baby, let's get out of here.
[Eva] He was shooting me.
He was trying to kill me.
It's okay. He's dead.
It's okay. It's over.
My God.
- Hang on a second.
- Okay.
- You okay, buddy?
- Yeah, it was a clean shot.
I think we need to get you to a hospital.
Agent Fonseca, if you only knew...
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay. It's okay, baby.
It's okay, it's not your fault.
It's okay, it's not your fault.
He wanted to kill him.
Let's go.
Let's go.
He's been shot.
Hey. How are you, guys?
- Eva, how are you?
- Good.
Baby, it's a long trip, so I better go
to the bathroom before we go.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Dont be long.
- I'll be back.
Excuse me.
How you doing?
Ah, pretty good.
Do you know where you two will land?
I have no idea,
and I kind of like it that way.
Um, just one more thing.
Can I have your autograph?
Please. [chuckles]
Of course you can.
You know,
I should be asking you for yours.
Yeah, sure.
When you go back to Mexico City,
you're gonna be a hero
after catching Delgado.
Oh, I wish. There was a problem.
There was never a legitimate fingerprint
taken from Delgado.
The only known identifier is a birthmark,
and the concierge didn't have it.
He must have had it
surgically removed or...
To throw us off.
Birthmark? What kind of birthmark?
A heart-shaped birthmark.
[dramatic instrumental music playing]
A what?
A half heart-shaped birthmark,
under the right arm.
- Why?
- A what?
A half heart-shaped birthmark.
Nobody has really seen him.
They don't know what he looks like.
David, where are you going? What's wrong?
[David] I know
everyone has secrets, right?
But there's so much about you
that I don't even know.
Nothing is as it seems.
[Fonseca] Everything he can put away
from these fights,
will be enough to never hear
from him again.
[David] You know,
I love everything about you.
Even your flaws.
["Drowning Out the Noise" playing]
Where the wind blows
I cannot follow
Where the river flows
I cannot run
Will you give me something
I can believe in
Money in the ocean
Poison in the sky
I am not
I am not
I am not
I am drowning
Out the noise
I am not
I am not
I am not
I am drowning
Out the noise
Willing and so blind
These are the moments
Hopeless electric
Buzzing in my head
Into the dreaming
Life could come to nothing
More than a marker
That we once were here