Rumble (2021) Movie Script

[narrator] From the bowels
of the earth
and the depths of the
oceans, they came.
Titans. Kraken. Kaiju.
Their earth-shattering battles
thrilled mankind.
Human and creature teamed up to
create the greatest sport of all time:
Monster Wrestling!
From the ancient arenas
of yesteryear
to the cutting-edge stadiums
of today,
these rare beasts wrestle
for the glory
of their hometowns and cities,
fighting for the World
Monster Wrestling championship.
And it was the town
of Stoker-on-Avon
that gave us the greatest
wrestling team of all time...
Rayburn and Coach Jimbo Coyle.
Yeah! That"s how
you do it, champ.
Nine-time winners of the Big
Belt, they dominated the sport...
until tragedy stuck.
En route to
a championship match,
Rayburn and Jimbo
were lost at sea...
and Stoker was left
without hope.
[sirens wailing]
But now, Stoker dares
to dream again.
Jimbo"s protg, Siggy Marlon,
has found a new monster:
Tonight, Stoker unveils their newly
renovated Jimbo Coyle Stadium,
where their phenom hopes to
claim the biggest prize in sports:
The Big Belt!
[announcer] Welcome to match
night at Jimbo Coyle Stadium,
center of the monster
wrestling universe.
[people chattering]
Hey, Fred! Hiya, Winnie!
Your new tentacle sign
looks amazing.
Thanks, Winnie!
It"s in honor of Tentacular!
Pretty clever, huh? I love it.
- Stoker!
- Stoker.
- Stoker!
- Stoker!
- Stoker!
- Stoker... Aah!
Wha... [both] Stoker!
[all] Stoker!
Wait! See you up there, Fred.
Yep! Oh, I hope we win.
[people chanting]
Tentacular! Tentacular!
Tentacular! Tentacular!
[exclaiming, cheering]
[announcer speaking, indistinct]
[people chanting, cheering]
[sighs] Wish you were here
today, Dad.
Live in five, Mr. Remy. All right, ready?
[exclaiming, gibbering]
[announcer] Slime Zone ticket
holders enter through gate C.
- Hey, Winnie.
- Hey, Susie. Up top.
Bring it.
Oh! Oh, yeah!
This is gonna be awesome.
- Whoop! Oh, sorry.
- Hey, Winnie!
Pineapple-slaw dog with
extra ketchup coming at ya!
Yes! Thank you, Hoppy.[shouts]
[all exclaiming]
[clerk] Fifteen dollars.
That"s 22.54. Two for 25.
There"s enough for everyone. Calm
down. Everybody, please be patient.
Hey, Mom! Coming in hot.
Oh. Thanks, Win. Been a
while since we"ve been this busy.
- See you in the stands, Mom.
- That"s 25 even.
Coach Siggy,
as Jimbo"s assistant,
you were such a huge part
of Stoker"s wrestling history.
Now you have a chance to
make your own with Tentacular.
But first, you gotta beat
the champ tonight.
King Gorge was a great champ.
But he"s never fought
anyone like Tentacular.
Oh, man! Siggy wants
this in the worst way.
No, way, bro.
Two rounds, and it"s over.
It"s gonna be Tentacular
in the third.
Dude, that"s Winnie Coyle!
[chuckles] You know it. Jimbo"s daughter?
- No way, bro.
- You got this.
Hey, Carl. Hey, Winnie.
Wearing your lucky socks?
Going on three weeks now.
Smells like... victory![exclaiming]
[crowd cheering]
[announcer] World
Monster Wrestling presents
The Smackdown in Stoker!
Live from Stoker-on-Avon,
I"m Marc Remy,
welcoming you at home
to the biggest night of
monster wrestling in years,
right here in the house
that Rayburn and Jimbo built.
And I"m Lights Out McGinty,
and I could not be
more excited.[groans]
But with that excitement
comes some sadness, Marc.
I can"t believe
it"s been nine years
since we tragically lost
Rayburn and Jimbo.
Nobody was greater.
We all miss them.
[crowd chanting]
Rayburn! Jimbo!
[Marc] Just listen to this
crowd. Boy, this is special!
Jimbo! Rayburn! Oh!
But now we are moments away
from seeing
if Tentacular can bring
the glory days back to Stoker.
Welcome, monster wrestling fans
from every corner of the globe.
For tonight, we wrestle
for the Big Belt!
- Yeah!
- Stoker!
And now, from Stoker-on-Avon,
the hometown hero,
the challenger,
Yeah! [Laughs]
Light "em up!"
[upbeat music playing]
- [McGinty] The new pride of Stoker...
- Oh, yeah!
Is in the house!
He"s ready.
Look at him go.
Do it for Stoker, T!
[Marc laughs]
Just listen to that passion.
Yeah! Tentacular!
I"ve got your whole life story
tattooed on my body!
Whoa, whoa. I hope you saved room
for the win I"m gonna have tonight.
[McGinty] He just tore through the
Western Division to set up this match.
- Cheese!
- [Marc] Yes, sir. He sure did.
Who wants a selfie? I do! Oh, yeah!
[chuckles] Hey-o!
I"m so pretty!
Look at those muscles!
The guy"s traps are
busting out of his neck, Marc.
Yeah, T! Pop those pecs!
Come on, come get
some of this. Here I am.
Here comes the king.
[fanfare playing]
Sixty-two feet of pure pain.
The slimy limey!
The no-bull British bulldog!
King Gorge!
[upbeat music playing]
Bow to your king.
Bad dog! Bad dog! You"re going down, Gorge!
[McGinty] Listen to the
crowd. They are heated!
[Marc] This home crowd
does not like the king.
- No one"s bowing in this stadium.
- Boo! Boo!
[ring announcer] Ladies
and gentlemen and monsters!
- Let"s get ready to rumble!
- [both growling]
I am so ready for this.
You ready?
Who needs a stress ball?
You look stressed, Maddie.
Here"s a stress ball.
I got you.
Take a stress ball.[bell rings]
[Marc] And this championship
match is officially under...
This is awesome!
Spectacular! Electrifying!
Whatever word
you wanna come up with!
Breathe, Fred. Breathe.
There it is:
The Inverted Cloverleaf.
Siggy got that
right out of Dad"s playbook.
He might have this, Fred.
Come on. I"m not watching. I"m
watching, but I"m not watching.
[wrestler groans]Oh, wake up, ref!
That"s a gill gouge, again!
[Winnie scoffs] What is he
doing? He"s gotta stick to the plan!
Gorge is doing the Irish Whip into
the Flying Right-Hook Lariat every time!
Come on, T.
Don"t let him get the...
Watch that Elbow Smash!
[Marc] Tentacular came in
to this match the hot favorite.
But the wily old champ,
he"s got some other ideas.
Did you see that? Yeah. I saw it.
He licked his nose again.
You saw that, right? Yeah.
Just before he looked up...
There! He did it again.
Did what?
I"m not watching!
It"s so... I know, right?
Where you going?
Sorry! Watch your head.
- Hey!
- My bad! Watch your back! Sorry.
Whoops! Heads up!
Whoa! Whoa!
[Marc] Ooh! Gorge has got him in the
Chickenwing Over-the-shoulder Dropface.
[McGinty] Oh! And Tentacular is
in real trouble early in this match.
I"m gonna go out
on a limb here and say
that we"re in for another
coronation of King Gorge.
- [bell rings]
- [Marc] There goes that round.
What are you doing?
This is your chance.
Listen to me. Look at me. Focus,
T. Remember the game plan.
Get him up on his hind legs, and then
you wrap him up with your tentacles...
Wait a second! Wait.
He"s got...
Winnie! He"s got a tell!
How many times do I have to tell you?
Ringside"s no place for no little girl.
He licks his nose every time.
What are you talking about?
He licks before he strikes!
Is Winnie right, Sig?
You"re a good boy, aren't you?
Yes, you are.
Good boy.
Who"s a good boy, then?
Pull up your socks
and take this guy out.
[bell rings]Good call, Winnie.
Ah! Yeah!
- Yes!
- Whoa!
Yay! Go, Tentacular, go!
Yeah, T! Finish him!
[McGinty exclaims][Marc] with the Shark Fin Super Stunner!
- He"s out!
- [bell ringing]
We did it, Sig.
Stoker"s back on top.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, sure is, kid.
Oh, yeah, Stoker! I"m going
to an unnamed theme park!
T, get over here, big guy.
You did it.
You are the champion.
You got the job done. Can you
tell us what this means to you?
Marc, let me tell you. This
means so much to Tentacular.
But first,
I just have to thank Stoker.
I love you, Tentacular!
Oh, this town,
you have given Tentacular
everything Tentacular needed
to realize Tentacular"s dream!
I love you, Stoker!
[all] Aw!
So, thank you, Stoker.
You will always have
a special place in my heart
as the place
that Tentacular left
to go somewhere much,
much better.
- What?
- Huh?
Are you serious?
You"re really leaving Stoker?
Of course, Marc.
I"m about to make history.
My own history.
Can "t do that in Stoker. There" s
too much history here already.
That"s why I'm taking
my talents to Slitherpoole.
What"s happening, Daddy?
Why? Why?
Jimothy! Come here.
This is my ticket to bigger
and brighter things, Marc.
Oh, ho, ho! Just let me
finish this killer tweet.
Marc, you look good.
Can we take a quick pic?
And send. Perfect. Okay.
That is right, Marc.
Now the big guy can actually
win somewhere that matters,
on a stage as big
and beautiful...
You know you are... as he is.
I"m talking about Slitherpoole.
And, Marc, can I just give
a big shout-out to Pop-Pop
for buying me the franchise?
We did it! Anything is possible!
Thank you, Pop-Pop.
So thank you again, Stoker.
Much love. T out.
[upbeat music playing]
[feedback squeals]
Come on, Sig. Time for the
T train to leave the station.
I"m sorry, Winnie.
I gotta go where he goes.
[audience booing, jeering]
[Marc] The sports world
is absolutely abuzz
with Tentacular"s shocking
departure from Stoker last night.
Why did I buy this stupid sign?
- You gotta be kidding.
- What do we do?
Can you believe it?
I can"t.
Mom, are we gonna be okay?
I don"t know, hon, but
we"ve been through worse.
"Do you want neon?" "Sure,"
I said. "Money"s no object."
Have you seen my hair salon?
Your hair salon? What about
that tattoo I just got on my...
[all clamoring]
All right everybody, now,
settle down. Just settle down.
[clears throat]
Look, I know you"re all worried.
After all, each of us owns
a piece of Stoker Stadium.
But what you don"t realize is
that things are actually much,
much worse than you know.
Hang on. What?
Uh, our councilwoman over
here can explain everything to you.
Probably her fault anyway.
Wow. Thank you so much,
Mr. Mayor.
Pretty sure
it"s your fault, though.
Okay, let me make it simple.
Very simple.
The stadium costs
lots of money. Okay?
No monster means no money.
No money means no stadium.
Which is bad for Stoker.
Oh, my gosh! Remember when
Pittsmore lost LeBrontosaurus?
[all] Not Pittsmore!
That"s right.
All they have left
is that illegal
monster wrestling club
in that abandoned
bobblehead factory.
[thunder crashes][voices scream]
Ooh. Scary lightning.
[imitates wind gust]
Okay, hold on, everybody.
I"m here to tell you
that there is a solution.
The owner of
the Slitherpoole franchise
has offered us a lot of money
to buy the stadium.
Yes! We"re saved.
Yes, yes, that is great.
He"s gonna blow up the stadium
and turn it into a parking lot.
- What?
- What?
- A parking lot?
- Yes!
With shuttle service
to Slitherpoole.
You can"t do that to the Jimbo
Coyle Stadium! That"s... No!
Sorry. The whole town will go
bankrupt unless we sell to Jimothy.
But without monster wrestling,
we"re not Stoker.
- We"ll have nothing.
- We"ll have a parking lot.
You can"t just tear down everything
my dad and Rayburn built here.
They never quit.
You know what
my dad always said?
"When you get knocked down,
you get back up."
Getting back up isn"t gonna
pay my bills, Winnie.
I invested everything in him.
What am I supposed to do?
Winnie, look, I"m sorry.
The loans on the stadium
are due in 90 days.
And if you think we can replace a
champion like Tentacular before then,
that... that "s just... it" s crazy!
Get real. We"re doomed.
[crowd cheering]
[ring announcer]
And in the blue corner,
the hometown hero:
Hey, Win, what do you think?
It"s gonna be tough, but Rayburn
has one thing Gargantuan doesn"t.
Oh. What"s that?
You, Dad.
Better watch out, Siggy.
Looks like Jimbo"s got himself
a new assistant coach.
You"re a riot, Rayburn. Now
can we please focus on the match?
Okay, Rayburn.
You know what to do.
Everything we need to win
is in here,
in here, and in here.
Now, go make Stoker proud.
And here we go!
Take him down!
And there it is!
The Reverse STO
and another championship for
Rayburn, the greatest of all time!
He did it!
He got the Big Belt, Dad!
Bye, Mom! I"m going to Pittsmore
to find Stoker a new monster.
What? No.
This isn"t your responsibility.
You don "t have to do this. It" s what Dad
would have done.
I"m Jimbo Coyle's daughter.
How can I do anything less?
[person] Now approaching
the station, the Pittsmore Local.
[person 2]
Last stop, Pittsmore. What? Wha...
[upbeat music playing]
[people whooping, cheering]
[bodies thudding]
[cat snarls][gasps]
[crowd cheering]
[crowd chanting] Axehammer!
Axehammer! Axehammer!
Hey, watch it!
Five minutes till bets close!
Place your bets!
[monster roars]Sorry.
Come on, give me a challenge.
Axehammer wants a challenge!
Ah! Just take it easy.
[Axehammer] Oh, you want some more of
that? You want some more of the Axehammer?
No, bro! No, no, no,
no, no, no... [groans]
That is so much pain, bro.
You like that?
Axehammer is the man!
[crowd chanting]
Defenestrate! Defenestrate!
[chanting continues][exclaiming]
[wrestler screams, body thuds]
Just think about it.
Sign up with Stoker.
I can get you matches
in a real stadium.
You"ll be wrestling
in the big leagues,
and, as a bonus, you"ll
get me as your coach!
It"s a win-win-Winnie!
You"re the coach, huh?
Oh, too much.
And me as your coach.
It"s a win-win-Winnie!
It"s a win-win-Winnie?
- Win-win-Winnie?
- [braying]
Another root beer on the rocks.
[glass shatters]Ugh!
Tough night, huh?
Eh, don"t worry. Your luck's
gotta change, right?
I mean, look at me.
I just put every last
cent I have on that guy.
Uh, the guy with the tusks?
Looks like a pretty sure thing.
No. The slobby-looking guy
with the horns.
[Winnie] Oh!
That there is
Steve the Stupendous.
- He"s...
- He"s never won a single match.
He"s a thousand-to-one odds!
He wins, I get a hundred grand!
Okay, you asked for it.
Get ready for the Moon Boom!
- [gasps]
- Get ready for the Moon Boom!
Oh, careful, Son.
Rayburn Jr.?
This is perfect!
[chuckles] Huh?
- Wha...
- [gasps]
I said, here it comes!
Bring it on,
you sack of warm puke.
Oh, I"m bringing the
warm puke. Don"t worry.
There"s gonna be a lot of puke
coming outta me,
which is obviously super gross.
You know, um,
I can"t jump that far.
Why did you have to
climb up there?
I thought it would look cool.
This looks cool, right?
This sucks!
You suck! Just come closer.
Rayburn Jr.!
What are you doing here?
Hmm? [Exclaiming]
Dang it.
Come on, man.
What are you doing?
You"re supposed to land
on me. Then I reverse you...
- Ray-Ray! Yoo-hoo! Up here!
- Who is Ray?
No one.
I"ve never heard of Ray.
Did you see that?
Yeah, Steve!
Quit messing around, Steve.
You"re supposed to lose.
What"s wrong with you?[chuckles] Nothing.
Stick to the script, fellas. Don"t
wanna get the boss upset, do we?
No, we do not. Okay, Klonk,
let"s end this with a bang.
I"m gonna go for
the Kesagiri Chop,
but you catch it and finish me
off with a Reverse Clothesline.
[chuckles] Classic.
This little piggy"s coming home!
Hey! Over here! Rayburn,
I can"t believe it's you!
- This has gotta be fate.
- Hey, get off the ropes, kid.
just go down already. Got it.
Sorry, buddy.
Just clothesline me.
Ray-Ray, come on.
It"s me, Winnie Coyle!
Would you get outta here?
Rayburn, when you"re done doing
whatever this is, we should talk.
I said, get outta here!
- [crowd exclaims]
- Oh, no.
- Uh, one.
- [monster snarls]
- [gasps]
- Two.
Klonk! You gotta get up.
Three... Get up, get up!
And Steve the Stupendous
seems to be trying...
Unsuccessfully... to lose now.
Six. Seven. He"s up, he's up!
- Eight. Nine.
- Really?
Nine and a half. Come on, Klonk!
Nine and three-quarters.
Get up, Klonk. Nine and nine-tenths!
Ugh. Ten. Takedown.[bell rings]
Fight"s over.[gasps]
I won! I won, I won!
[buzzer sounding]
I"m out of here.
[door creaking][gasps]
Oh. Whoa.
Hey, Denise.
Where do you think
you"re going, Steve?
Uh, nowhere.
[sinister chuckle]
Steve. Steve.[people gasping]
Steve, Steve,
Stevie, Stevie, Steve.
Looks like we have a little
bit of a problem, Stevie.
I paid you to lose tonight,
like I do every night.
It was an accident, I swear.
You know me. I love to lose.
I"m the best loser in the biz.
Yes, you were.
[laughing] I won!
I won a hundred grand!
I can go to college now!
Do you know what happens
to those who betray Lady Mayhen?
Very... Yeah?
Bad... Uh-huh.
Painful things.
Lady Mayhen wants her money.
Listen, I"ll make it up to you.
I "ll wrestle for free. I" ll clean
the toilets. Whatever you want.
You know what I really want?
The money, honey!
All of it, times ten.
I"m not great with math,
but I don "t know how I" m
ever gonna be able to pay you.
- I think I can help.
- I don "t know you. I don" t know her!
Sure, you do. It"s me. Winnie Coyle?
Come on. You remember me, Rayb...
My name is Steve. Hello!
I hate to interrupt this charming
little reunion you"re having,
but, Steve, there"s still
the matter of my money.
I don"t want to see you again
until you have all of it.
Every last dollar bill.
Oh, Klonk! Where are you?
Clock is ticking, Steve.
Ticktock, ticktock.
[grunts, groans]
Hey! Wait up!
Man, I never thought
I"d see you again.
Oh, won"t you just
leave me alone?
Just hear me out.
I can help you get that money.
Tentacular turned heel
and bailed,
and you probably saw that, along
with everyone else in the stinking world,
which was awesome.
But that means
Stoker needs a monster.
Yeah, no.
Listen to me.
I can help you.
Just come with me to Stoker.
I"m not going back... to that
place that I"ve never been.
Ha! Wow. You are not
good at lying, Rayburn.
Hey, kid.
You got the wrong monster.
I don"t think so, Rayburn.
Rayburn was my dad. And I"m
not gonna cash in on his name. Ever.
[laughs] I knew it!
I knew it was you!
[groans]I mean, it"s been forever,
and I was yea small,
and you were yea tall,
and now you"re, like, yea!
Hey, you think
monster puberty was easy?
Sorry. This is a real thing
I"m offering you.
Look, I have my dad"s playbook.
I could coach you up,
get you a big match in Stoker,
and, boom,
both our problems are solved.
[chuckling] You think
you"re gonna coach me?
Oh, Stevie!
What are you still doing here?
Go get me my money, man!
Help me.
Oh, Klonk,
you"re on mani-pedi duty.
[Klonk] Oh, no. No!
So, Coach...
[clears throat] Stoker? Yes!
Isn "t this just great? It" ll just be
like old times again, you know?
Pretty sure that doesn"t mean the
same thing to me as it does to you.
Hey. Are you gonna make me
walk to Stoker?
Yep. I am.
All the way? All the way.
Come on.
Just give me a ride, Rayburn.
Never call me that name again.
Okay. I"ll never call you that
again... if you give me a ride.
Comfy up there?
You must be exhausted
from ruining my life.
Need a pillow?
Maybe a chocolate?
Sorry we don"t provide
turndown service.
Wow. This place
hasn"t changed a bit.
[Winnie] I know.
It"s magical, isn't it?
It"s still got that... [sniffs]
Mmm, that smell
of sweat and feet.
Ah. Really big feet.
You"re a real weird kid.
Real weird.
[Winnie] Yeah, I know.
You know, Steve, you"re not the
first person to say that to me, actually.
You"re really not.
It looks just like you, Dad.
You wanna live up
to the Rayburn name? Yeah.
It"s gonna take a lot more than
some fancy dance moves, Junior.
Time to get serious.
[Winnie] Steve?
- Steve!
- [shouts]
Are you okay? Oh, sure. Never better.
Look, I know
you don"t wanna be here.
And I"m really sorry that I messed
things up for you in Pittsmore.
But if we don"t do this,
they"re gonna knock down the
stadium and turn it into a parking lot,
and that"s all
I have left of Dad.
And your dad is
part of that too. A parking lot?
No monster, no money.
Maybe it"s for the best. What?
How can you say that?
That"s our dads' legacy!
I hate to break it to you, but saving
that stadium won"t bring him back.
I know that. I just thought you
might actually care about helping...
Let"s get something straight. I
love wrestling. I loved my dad.
But I"m not gonna be him.
Especially for you.
I"m gonna be me.
And who are you, Steve?
I "m the guy who" s here
for the money. You got me?
Oh, I got you.
Money all the way.
You should probably get some
rest. We start training tomorrow.
Yeah, right. Good one.
6:00 a.m. Sharp.
You "re... You" re serious?
[crickets chirping]
- [alarm blaring]
- [gasps] What?
- Good morning.
- Hi, Mom.
How are you feeling?
You ready?
Do you think I can do this?
I think you won"t know
until you try.
Just remember:
Train the monster you have,
not the one you wish you had.
Did Dad say that?
Uh, no.
Mom did, just now.
[sighs] Okay.
Hey. You forgetting
Oh. Mwah!
See you tonight.
I meant these.
Dad"s keys?
You tell Rayburn...
I mean, Steve...
That Mrs. C says hi.
Now, go coach him.
Morning, Fred! Whoa!
Namaste, Winnie!
What... Hey, come back!
[door closes]
You ready?
Hey. Rise and shine.
Hey, Steve, wake up! What?
I had this terrible dream that I
promised I would get up and train.
Oh, it"s real!
So, are you ready?
Let"s do this.
Go ahead. You start. Set
up all the cones or whatever.
Oh, ho! No, you don"t.
Up and at "em, sunshine.
It is go time. Game day.
Ain"t no time like the present.
Man, why can"t I think of
more sports clichs?
Uh... Well, until I do,
let"s train.
You are a rude little girl.
Scooch your booty!
This is important.
With a capital I.
Yeah, well, I never really
felt training was important.
I can tell.
No one thinks we can do this,
but we"re gonna show them.
I"m going back to sleep.
You are not, mister!
You just go get me that match,
and I"ll take care of the rest.
Okay. I"ll get you a match.
[announcer] Welcome, everyone,
to an evening of monster wrestling!
Weighing in at 18 tons,
you know him, you love him,
you"re scared of him:
Wham Bam Ramarilla Jackson!
Here comes the Rammer Hammer!
- Rama, Rama, Rama!
- Rilla, Rilla, Rilla!
Boom! Boom!
It"s Ramarilla time!
Oh, wow. This guy"s
a real showman.
Okay. Everything we need
is in here, in here, and in...
Oh, this is original.
Are you for real?
What do you think you "re doing
right now? I"m doing my coach speech.
Do I look like the kind of guy who"s
gonna go for the "rah-rah" stuff?
Then let"s talk strategy.
You wanna feint
a Reverse STO.Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
And then when we get him
behind you... You know what?
I think I"m just gonna go
with what I know.
- For reals?
- Yeah, for realsies.
No. I"m your coach,
and we need a strategy.
Trust me. I got this.
Watch and learn.
You know the rules. I want a
good, clean wrestling match.
So if you"re gonna do something
illegal, don"t let me see it.
Go to your corners
and come out wrestling!
Not too hard, right?
Sorry. I just love
to laugh. That "s me. I ain" t laughing.
But I will be when I
pin your face in the dirt
and break your jaw
with my horns!
Boy, does that sound painful.
Can"t wait.
[bell rings][roars]
[announcer] And here come
the wrestlers, circling each other.
Hey, why don"t you circle down
to Georgie"s Mattress Outlet?
Oh, gosh, you really
got me on that!
I think I"m knocked out.
I am going down. Timber.
- [all gasp]
- [announcer] Wow.
Usually these things last long enough
for me to get through a few more ads.
- One!
- What are you doing?
Two! Three! Get up, drama queen.
- I know you can hear me, you big faker.
- Four! Five!
Get up,
so I can knock you out! Six!
Don"t you think
that"s kind of a waste? Seven! Eight!
I"m already down here. Nine!
Stop right there,
or you"re next!
Wow. You"re really
up there, huh?
No. No, no, no, no!
[cries out]
Go back to your corner![announcer]
And that"s round one.
That"s the bell.
Remember, folks, if Ramarilla
gets a knockout in the second...
What was that? You are
embarrassing us out there!
This isn"t Pittsmore.
This is a real match.
You can"t just throw it.
Yeah, I get that now, okay?
So I just need to figure out how
not to die, and then cha-ching.
- That"s the sound of me making money.
- There"s no money if you lose.
Wait, what?
You said this was a paid match.
It is. Winner takes all.
You didn"t read the paperwork
I had you sign?
Nobody reads the paperwork!
So, if you want that money,
we"re gonna have to try a
very radical new strategy here.
Ready for it? Try to win.
Okay, big shot. How?
Uh, so, he"s strong.
Yeah, I got that. He"s really
freakishly strong.
But you know what that means.
No stamina.
So here"s what
you"re gonna do. Run away.Uh-huh.
If he does catch you, let him
hit you. Then start running again.
That"s your big plan?
Yep, and then when he"s all
punched out, we make our move.
So run away
and then let him hit me.
And if you get knocked down,
you"re gonna get back up.
Staying down is much easier.
Get back up! Okay!
[bell rings][roaring]
- [hooting]
- Oh, no.
Okay, so now what?
Just keep going in a circle
and hope he runs out of steam?
Yes! That"s it. Come on!
Come on, come on, come on!
Keep going! You"re doing it!
Oh! I hope this works.
I thought you said
he had no stamina!
It"s a theory!
- [all shouting]
- Ha, ha! See you later, sucker!
- [snorts]
- Oh, that smarts.
Keep it up!
He"s slowing down!
Is he? "Cause it feels like
he"s speeding up.
- Look out!
- Whoa!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Does he just not get hurt?
Is that his deal?
- [groans]
- Oh!
Yes! Yeah!
Get up! He"s coming!
[both grunting]
Now, pin him!
I am less exhausted than you.
[both grunt]
He"s out!
[announcer] And the winner
is... Steve the Stupendous?
Yes! Yes! All right!
Way to go, Ray... I mean, Steve!
Oh, yeah!
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
You did it! You won!
This is winning? Yeah. How does it feel?
It feels... not bad.
I feel not bad!
[Marc] And now for my favorite
segment: "Worst Match of the Week."
Easy choice this week, Marc.
Take a look.
Oh, man. It"s really
an insult to the sport.
And I don"t just mean
this sport. I mean any sport!
To competitiveness, for crying
out loud! This is just awful!
Okay, calm down there, Marc.
And now we"re gonna go
from the bottom of the league
to the very tippy, tippy top.
[Marc] Slitherpoole!
Ooh! What a brutal takedown!
And to everybody who wondered
how Tentacular would handle the
big-city pressure, the answer"s simple.
He"s never wrestled better.
Who is the GOAT? G-O-A-T?
Me! The greatest
of all time![glass shatters]
Why did he leave us?
I miss him.
He"s so big, fast, strong.
Ha! Whatever the opposite is of
that monster Winnie dragged here.
She just never did know
when to quit.
[thudding footsteps][gasps]
[both sobbing]
[tattooed person] Why?
"Worst match of the week."
I know. My first win,
and it was on TV.
[chortles] How awesome.No.
No, it"s not awesome, Steve.
No one"s ever gonna fight
us in Stoker. We"re a joke.
And just for the tiniest moment
there, I was feeling okay about myself.
Yeah, well, that"s over now.
Look, you still need a pile of cash,
and I need to stop Jimothy
from turning this into a parking lot.
We need to get serious.
I hate getting serious.
It"s time to do it by the book.
My dad"s playbook.
This is the key that"ll turn you
from a zero into a hero.
Oh, "zero," is it?
That"s motivating.
Chapter One: Basic Fitness.
Oh, I"m tired already.
Yeah, let"s do this.
[upbeat music playing]
- [grunts]
- One.
You ain"t stoppin' me
You ain"t stoppin' me
You ain"t stoppin' me...
- [grunts]
- Okay. Give you that one.
One... quarter.
One. One. One-half.
One. One. One.
One. One.
- [music off]
- I don"t understand.
We"ve got the right music
playing and everything.
You should be
getting better.[groans]
Probably should"ve gone
lighter on breakfast.
Yes, you should have.
We"re gonna get working
on your diet later,
but right now,
let"s go to the tape.
Look, look, look!
Right there.
The Reverse STO.
It can"t be defended.
Uh, are you really gonna
show me film of my dad?
Of course.
He was the greatest.
Yeah. Clearly
it"s a thing for me.
Have you never heard of
"daddy issues"?
Oh. Right. Sorry.
Okay. Uh, how about some
visualization exercises?
I"m crushing you.
Oh, wow, look.
I don"t even have to visualize.
I could totally just do it.
Get serious, Steve!
Oh, come on. You need to
lighten up. I"m just having some fun.
Monster wrestling
isn"t about fun!
Oh, okay, "Jimbo."
[blowing]Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
You don"t try!
I try not to be a stick in the mud.
Maybe you ought to try that too.
You"re uncoachable!
And you"re not good at coaching!
I"m sorry, but this is why I
left Stoker in the first place.
Everyone wants me to be my dad.
And I"m not.
[thudding footsteps receding]
Okay. Maybe you"re right.
Maybe I"m going about this
all wrong.
Let"s just start over.
[sighs]What gets you out of bed
in the morning?
What gets your heart racing, your
blood pumping? What do you love to do?
Uh... nothing.
Come on.
There must be something.
No, I"m sorry. I really, literally
mean I like to do nothing.
I"m gonna need more than that.
Oh. Uh, sleeping?
- [sighs] Really?
- Yeah. Oh, yeah, really. I"m real good at it.
- Or sitting is another one. I like sitting.
- Not helping.
Did I mention sitting?
I feel like I did. Oh, eating!
Is there anything else?
Oh, there"s also salsa, but, uh,
yeah, that"s it. That"s probably it.
Like, with chips?
I said it very clear.
I said salsa.
Like salsa, salsa?
I don"t like dancing.
Is that so?
[salsa music playing]
Okay, yes!
There"s nothing on this planet
I love more than dancing.
I mean, you know, I prefer
traditional Cuban salsa,
but this up-tempo stuff"s
pretty cool too.
Ha! You"re a surprisingly
good dancer.
I ran with a pretty fast crowd in Cuba
when my dad wrestled down there.
Wrestling is 80% footwork.
Yeah, I learned the tango in
Argentina, the flamenco in Spain.
Well, anyway, that was a
different life. How about this?
Hold on. Not bad for 22 tons.
[salsa music continues]
Whoa! [Groans]
Left foot. Left foot.
Right foot. Right foot.
Left. And big finish!
Oh, yeah!
[crowd cheering]
You"re doing great!
All right, where is he?
I can"t even see him.
This guy is crazy fast.
You"ve gotta slow him down.
Execute Plan Tango!
Yes, yes! Keep it up!
It"s working!
Yes! Now!
- [groans]
- [gasps]
[bell rings]Steve won!
Yeah! Oh!
This is embarrassing nonsense
we"re witnessing right now.
[upbeat music playing]
[Steve] What are you doing?
I"m learning to dance
so I can coach you better.
No, no, no, no.
You are not dancing.
See? Look.
See what I"m doing?
[chuckles] I"m trying.
Man, you gotta get out more.
Hey, Steve, wake up! Are you
pretending to be asleep right now?
- [panting]
- Two!
Come on, push it, Steve. Pain
is weakness leaving the body.
I"m awake! Whoa!
- Yes!
- Steve! Whoo-hoo! Up top.
Now you"re dancing.
Okay, so, there"s no spots left in
the Saturday Super Smashdown.
But some lizard dude in the Eastern
League is shedding his skin right now.
Ew! Gross!
Ugh! I know.
So, they"ll take us
as a replacement!
The only catch is,
this guy you"re gonna wrestle,
he is really big.
Like, I mean, huge!
Think of the biggest thing
you"ve ever seen. Enormous!
Oh, come on.
- It"s in my mouth!
- Ugh!
The only way we"re gonna beat
him is by getting him on his back.
- So how do we do that?
- [Winnie] Wait for it.
- [cries out]
- We"re gonna need some help.
Long time no see, Steve.
What? [Gasps, groans]
Okay, get ready.
Nobody puts Ray-Ray in a corner.
[Winnie] Now, lift!
Come on. Lift me!
Do it again! Again!
That"s it. You got it.
And now, do the lift!
[groans][bell rings]
You did it! You won!
Oh, come on, Mac.
This ain"t monster wrestling.
It"s an affront to the sport,
and you know it.
We all should be shocked
and appalled.
But somehow they"ve won
three in a row.
And the way he combines
traditional Cuban salsa
with a hint of modern swing
and then finishes
with a lovely technical lift,
that is a high degree
of difficulty right there.
Your knowledge of dance moves
is mystifying to me.
Still waters run deep, Marc.
Still waters run deep.
Right, Mac. Joining us now
from their latest match
is Winnie Coyle
and Steve the Stupendous.
- [cheering]
- Well, guys,
on your latest win.
But, please, somebody admit it.
This is hardly wrestling.
Y"all know that, right?
Uh, Coach Winnie, we"re live.
Live? We"re... We're live.
Right. Right. We"re live.
[chuckles] You know...
You know what?
It is a little hot in here.
I could use a fan.
Speaking of,
I am a fan to you, Marc.
Big fan. Uh, you know,
but just what you said before...
If it is hardly wrestling, then
how come we just keep winning?
Ho, ho!
She got you there, Marc.Whatever.
You won a couple against some
very, very questionable opponents.
I "ll give you that much. But what" s
next for Steve the Stupendous?
You know, I was hoping
you would ask that.
We are ready for our next match.
And you know where we want it?
Back in Stoker!
Stoker! Stoker!
You tell "em, Winnie!"
That"s right! We'll wrestle
any monster anytime!
So, monsters, coaches,
you think you want a crack
at the undefeated, unbeatable
Steve the Stupendous,
you give me a call.
You think you"re ready
for a big match in Stoker?
Hey, you watching this?
Look at me. I"m shaking.
Oh, my gosh.
I"m still shaking so much.
Look at my hands! Was I too much
back there? I was too much, right?
Yeah, well,
when it comes to wrestling,
"too much" isn"t really a thing.
- Oh, right.
- Okay. What do we do now, Coach?
Now? We wait.
[ringtone: Monster roaring][gasps]
Hello. This is Coach
Winnie Coyle. Uh... Oh.
It"s King Gorge's coach.
It worked!
Really? He wants to wrestle
Steve the Stupendous?
In Stoker?
He"ll gladly accept.
We got a match in Stoker!
All right. Okay, King, I"ve
got you a match you can"t lose.
Oh, come on, King!
It"ll get your confidence
back up. Make you feel good.
New sign is looking good, Fred.
Thanks, Winnie.
I made it myself.
Took me seven sheets
to spell "stupendous" correctly!
[Winnie] S-T-E-V-E!
- [Steve] Steve!
- [both] Stoker! Steve!
What"s going on?
I"m sorry, Winnie.
I know all of this really old,
completely useless stuff
means a lot to you,
but we gotta clear it out.
They need to rig this place
to blow...
- What?
- Up and explode.
No, no, no. They can"t do that!
We don"t need to sell to Jimothy.
That"s mine. We just got a match
right here in Stoker.
Listen, Jimothy sweetened the
deal if we moved up the signing date.
So, it"s a lot of money. Uh, what? [Sighs]
Please, there must be
something you can do.
I"m sorry.
You"re too late.
The mayor is signing the deal at
Slitherpoole Stadium this afternoon.
Drink Tentaculade,
the official drink
of the greatest time of...
Uh, line?
Tentaculade, the official
drink of the great... Um, no.
The official great...
Drink greatness! This time...
Oh! This tastes disgusting.
I can"t believe this is my
drink. Who approved this?
That was you, T.Oh, me? Oh.
Okay, let"s take five, everyone.
[bell ringing][cameraman] All right,
everyone. Let"s reset.
Mr. Jimothy? Uh, the mayor
of Stoker is here for you.
I"d really just like
to thank you, Mr. Jimothy.
You"ve really saved our bacon.
Gosh, I"m hungry.
Oh, me too.
Intermittent fast day.
I"ve been doing it for a week now,
and my blood sugar is going banana...
I"m having a cookie. Can someone
grab me a cookie real quick?
Stop! We don"t need to do this.
Mr. Mayor, don"t sign.
I already did. I love this part.
I"m nervous. I was practicing
my signature yesterday.
I realize that I just
scribble, but watch.
Just hold on! What?
Mr. Jimothy, Stoker has
a new champion wrestler
that everyone in Stoker
is gonna come see.
So we don"t need your money.
Is that true, Winnie? Yes.
Steve over here just got a big-time
match in Stoker against King Gorge.
That"s right.
King Gorge? Oh, man.
He hasn"t come out of his
kennel since I destroyed him.
He"s broken.
Everybody in the game
knows that.
This is so embarrassing for you.
You haven"t seen this?
[Tentacular] Old Gorge is
never gonna wrestle again.
And even if he did,
it ain"t gonna be
in Stoker Stadium.
Sign the papers, Jimothy.
I don"t understand.
Oh, you still don"t get it,
do you?
It was never about the money.
Stoker Stadium is coming
down because I want it to.
But why?
Because no matter how many
championships I win,
some chump"s always gonna be telling
me that I"m not as good as Rayburn.
So I figure I can live
in his shadow,
or I can tear down everything
that casts that shadow.
Wow. And I thought I had issues.
That"s just crazy.
Who asked you?
You make me sick.
Dancin " ain't wrestlin".
You"re pathetic.
- Hey, hey, put him down!
- Okay.
[grunts, groans]
Oh! This is gonna go
so viral!
Please don"t do this.
That stadium is
everything to that town.
To me.
Please don"t take that away.
Winnie, this isn"t about you.
It"s all about me.
Sign the papers, Jimothy.
You"re okay with this?
With him destroying
everything you and Dad built?
Winnie, let me tell you
something. I loved your dad.
And he did great things
with Rayburn.
But now it"s my chance to
do great things with Tentacular.
That"s just wrestling.
What you"re doing
with this dancing,
I"m just glad Jimbo
ain"t around to see it.
You have enough money
to pay Lady Mayhen now.
You don"t need me.
Just leave me alone.
Even if I wanted to...
I"m pretty sure I live here now.
[sighs] I thought I was
saving my dad"s legacy.
And instead, I ruined it.
I"ve made the Coyle name a joke.
Well, the good news is,
you can always change
your name and run away.
That worked for you, Steve.
But if I"m not Winnie Coyle,
I"m nothing.
Come on, Winnie.
What a sad end
to the legacy of Stoker.
I told you, Mac! I told you!
The whole thing was a joke
and a disgrace to the sport!
To the Coyle name!
I"ll tell you that too!
And I for one am glad it"s over.
Well, it was fun
while it lasted.
And I still think
Steve has a bright
dancing future ahead of him.
Oh, please! Who cares
about dancing, anyway?
Everyone cares about dancing!
Live a little, Marc!
[thunder crashes]
Look who"s back.
[sighs] It"s all there.
I should know, "cause I
counted every dollar bill",
and they are... they"re tiny.
Ah. Your old locker"s
waiting, Steve.
[Lady Mayhen] Welcome back,
twinkle toes. We missed you.
It seems like you are
the hot new favorite
after all of your adventures.
We got a lot of money on you
to win tonight.
And I"m gonna keep all of it
when you lose.
Yeah, I know the drill.
You always were my best loser.
[door opens, closes]
[people chattering][vehicles revving]
Hey. You did
everything you could.
Then why do I feel like
I let everyone down?
Oh, honey, you didn"t.
What you did out there,
coaching Ray-Ray,
you were incredible.
You should be so proud
of yourself.
It "s okay, Mom. I don" t
care about that anymore.
Froyo. Froyo makes
everything better.
What flavor do you want?
Chocolate. You got it.
[door closes]
Oh, my gosh.
What are you doing here?
Ow! Right in the eye!
I"m sorry! No.
That"s all right.
I should"ve called first.
But, you know, I don"t have
a phone. Or pockets or...
[chuckles] Look,
I need my coach back.
[scoffs] Don"t you get it?
We"re a total joke.
We don"t belong in the ring.
Hey, you know that feeling
that you"re feeling right now?
That"s how I felt my whole life.
I spent so much time
running away
from what I thought I should be
or what people expected me to be
that I never found out
what I could be.
And now... now I have.
And I know that
I"m never gonna be the GOA or win the Big Belt,
and that is just fine.
But I am not going back
to being a loser.
And that"s on you.
You ruined losing for me.
And you know what?
It feels good.
I feel good for, like,
the first time.
So, thank you.
Rayburn, I...
Thank you.Mmm.
Okay, okay.
Enough with the sappy stuff.
I am here to help you
save that stadium.
[Jimothy] With this
super-sweet satellite parking lot,
you"ll be able to park
on quality asphalt.
Stuff you guys haven"t seen
in a while.
And we"ve put some beautiful
yellow lines right on there.
And then you can take
the shuttle...
Uh, is that a fin on top?
[laughs] I"ll never tell...
And see Tentacular wrestle
once again
in classy and distant
- [jeering]
- [Fred] Hot dogs are on you!
Hey, buddy. I"m getting hurt. If we can
blow this up and get out, that"d be great.
With pleasure!
Five, four, three,
two, one. Go!
- Ha!
- [quizzical grunts]
- Well, that was disappointing.
- [hip-hop music playing]
What"s the matter, boys?
You show up, but no blow up.
- Oh, not these clowns again.
- That"s right.
What, are you scared of clowns?
I mean, obviously some of them
seem kinda creepy, but, you know, us?
Yeah! And we"re here to
challenge you, you big jabroni!
Jabroni? You heard her.
I"m calling you out,
I"m gonna wrestle you
right here in Stoker.
No. Yeah, right!
Why would I wrestle a
nobody loser like you, Steve?
Oh. My name is not Steve.
I"m the son of the greatest
monster wrestler of all time.
[all gasp]
My name is Rayburn Jr.
That "s... It can" t be.
Oh, yeah! Feel the
burn... the Rayburn!
Yes! Rayburn!
There is absolutely no way.
Are you kidding me?
- Oh, I see it.
- [panting]
Are you okay?
Yeah. Felt pretty good
to get it off my chest.
- You"re Rayburn's kid?
- You bet he is.
If you really wanna blow up
Rayburn"s legacy,
then fight his son.
He"s standing right
in front of you.[crowd chanting "Rayburn"]
I would destroy you!
Oh. Like you destroyed
King Gorge?
Why don"t you "tell" us
all about that one.
What? Oh, no.
What was it? The third round? I
bet we could beat that, Rayburn.
We said one, not three.
We were gonna go for one round.
I got excited.
Just go with it.
[clears throat] Um,
right, three. That"s right.
What? You think you could go
three rounds with Tentacular?
I think we should make a bet.
A bet? We"ll go
three rounds with you.
And if I survive,
Stoker keeps the stadium.
I mean, unless
you"re ch-ch-ch-chicken.
[imitating chicken
clucking][crowd laughing]
Fine! It"s on! By the
time Tentacular"s done,
there"s not gonna be a
thing left of you, this town,
or your overrated dads.
Tentacular"s gonna bury it all.
Let"s see you try.
Let"s see you try
right here in Stoker.
[crowd cheering,
chanting "Stoker"]
Incredible scenes in Stoker.
Rayburn Jr.
That"s right, son of
the legendary Rayburn...
What did he just say?
[speaking French]
[speaking Japanese]
- Holy...
- Guacamole and chips for lunch today.
[bird caws]
And everyone is totally
super excited
for what they are calling
the match of the century.
And though Rayburn Jr... Whoa!
Steve is Rayburn Jr.!
Big boots to fill, Marc.
Well, if he"d worn boots.
But I "m thinking about it now, and I don" t
remember him wearing boots. So scratch that.
But for now it"s goodbye
Steve the Stupendous,
and hello, Rayburn Jr.!
[groans, sobbing]
[Winnie] Okay, the town
has come together and built
this spectacular anti-Tentacular
agility and evasion training device,
otherwise known as
the Gauntlet of Doom!
That"s not a fun name.
[Winnie] Nothing we"ve done comes close
to going three rounds with Tentacular.
But we might just have a shot
if you can survive the gauntlet
and reach my dad"s statue.
All right, twinkle toes.
Put on your red shoes.
Let"s dance.
["Tubthumping" playing]
Let"s do it again.
[Rayburn exclaiming]
[Winnie] The most
important thing you gotta do
is neutralize Tentacular"s
biggest threat.
His right hook. No, it"s in his name.
[Rayburn] Oh, his tentacles.
I was gonna say his tentacles.
We"re gonna use every trick
you learned in the underground,
every step you learned on your global
dance journey that you do not talk about.
Oh, come on!
Every fake-out and foxtrot.
"Singin" in the Rain.
The Worm.
Pop and lock.
They say offense
is the best defense?
No! Defense
is the best defense!
It doesn"t have to look pretty. It
just has to get us through the third.
Come on. That was pretty.
To survival!
Ah-ah! You"re not done yet.
Am I ready now?
You"re ready, Rayburn.
Oh, yeah! I"m stoked
to be back in Stoker.
[laughs] We all are!
Tonight is going to
go down in history
as the greatest match ever
or the shortest,
most painful embarrassment
to ever happen in
professional monster wrestling.
I"m praying it's a great match,
"cause I got something to tell you.
I am not interested
in going home tonight.
It sounds like
there"s a story there,
but I"m gonna have to
cut you off, Marc,
because I am just hearing
we"re moments away
from the competitors
entering the ring.
[exhales sharply]You ready, champ?
It"s show time.
[joints crack]
Well, that ruined
my cool entrance.
[ring announcer]
Ladies and gentlemen,
World Monster Wrestling
presents a special event.
One stadium.
One last chance.
Two monsters.
The Smackdown
to Save the Stadium!
Let him win! In this corner,
weighing in at 22 tons,
standing 43 feet tall,
from Stoker,
Rayburn Jr.!
[salsa music playing]
[crowd cheering]
Oh, yeah.
- Rayburn Jr.!
- [Fred] You got this, Winnie!
Hey, everybody.
I know her!
She eats in my diner!
[Mac] Look at
the confidence, Marc.
[Marc] Somebody"s gotta
say this about Rayburn Jr.
We know he "s audacious, he" s courageous,
but three rounds with Tentacular?
What is he thinking? He might
be losing his monster mind.
- I just don"t know.
- [Mac] There is so much riding on him tonight.
Let"s not forget to mention
that in his corner
is the young rookie coach
Winnie Coyle.
That"s right: Daughter of the
legendary coach Jimbo Coyle.
Winnie, no matter
what happens tonight,
your father would be
so proud of you.
Thanks, Mom.
[ring announcer] And now,
in his return to Stoker,
the undefeated reigning
holder of the Big Belt:
[crowd jeering]What"s going on, Stoker?
Oh, you miss this?
Forget about it!
"Cause you ain't ever seeing
one of these again."
[Winnie] Ray, you okay?
Are you with me?
I am literally terrified.
I don"t think I can do this.
I can"t be him.
[Winnie] No, you can"t.
But we don"t have to
be our dads.
We just have to be ourselves.
You showed me that.
They wrote their stories, and
we"re writing ours right now.
And, yeah, maybe theirs was all
dramatic and super serious,
and maybe ours is more like
a slapstick comedy.
Oh, I love those.
Me too.
Especially ones about friends.
So, are you ready to go out
there and look ridiculous tonight?
Yes. How ridiculous?
Very, very ridiculous!
- And do we care?
- We don"t care.
Uh, I can"t hear you.
We do not care!
Now, buck up,
put your game face on,
because it"s time to wrestle.
And dance. Both!
Whoa. Time out.
Was that a coach speech?
Man, I feel so inspired!
You do? Yeah.
You should"ve done that
before every match.
All right, wrestlers,
to the center of the ring.
Okay, let"s go make it
through the third.
And if you live,
let"s get froyo afterwards.
Oh, I love froyo.
Wait, if I live?
Okay, champ,
let"s get this over quick.
I got a hot date at the Kaiju
Lodge with Edna. [Chortles]
I want a good, clean match,
and obey my rules at all times.
Okay, touch appendages
and come out wrestling.
Ow! Ow!
Let"s dan...
- [gasps]
- [all gasp]
Guess I"m going home.
Looks that way, Marc.
Yeah! What? I"m texting.
Oh, did we win?
Should I celebrate?
No, wait. I"m up.
That was a good shot.
Kind of lucky, but I"m all right.
What are you waiting for?
Go get him.
[Marc] Oh, come on.
Really? Really?
Rayburn isn"t even
trying to wrestle.
He thinks he"s gonna dance
his way through this.
It would appear that way, Marc.
And I gotta say it"s working.
Watch his hands, not
his shimmering salsa feet!
- Yes! That"s it!
- [Marc] Really? We came out here for this?
[Mac] Look at that!
Tentacular can"t get near him!
Look out!
[Mac] Missed again.
[Marc] Here we go!
Oh, there it is!
Watch the tentacles! What?
[Mac] Oh, and he gets away.
- Oh! Right into the post!
- Yes!
[Marc] I can"t believe
what I"m seeing.
Rayburn hasn"t landed a single
blow, and he"s still in the match.
Take that, traitor!
[Fred] Tonight"s special:
Fried calamari!
[Marc] Tentacular is seething
mad, and I don"t blame him one bit.
I mean, can we have
our money back?
Yeah, I really hate to sit here and say
that you"re right about anything, Marc,
but I"m not even sure we can call
this a monster wrestling match right now.
We"re doing this.
We"re actually doing this.
Hey, stay focused. We"re
not ordering froyo yet.
Okay, champ, he thinks he"s
got us with his sweet moves,
but he don"t know
we got a few moves of our own.
Why don"t we ask him to dance?
Don"t mind if I do.
[crowd cheers]
Come on, Rayburn!
Dance around him, not with him!
[Mac] Looks like Siggy"s
done his homework.
Is that a Paso Doble
step routine?
[Marc] They"re both
dancing now. Good grief.
I can"t take this.
I can"t take this.
[Marc] Look at Tentacular go!
- [shouts]
- [Marc] What a sweet move.
- I"m not watching.
- [Marc] There it is!
Don"t let him corner you!
Get out there![Marc] This match is over.
[Mac] Not yet.
I don "t know what we" re watching
at this point, but you know what?
I like it. I like it a lot.
Maybe more than
monster wrestling.[Marc] Oh, come on!
[Mac] Oh, man.
Tentacular is all over him
like a bad rash right now.
Ah, this is too easy.
You like that, Stoker? Bam!
Oh, this is a massacre.
The ref"s gonna have to
step in and stop this.
[Winnie] Rayburn, heads up!
- [Marc] Oh!
- Oh, no!
[Marc] It"s a wrap, y'all.
This match is over.
[Tentacular] You"re an
embarrassment to your dad"s name!
You come out this next
round, I"m gonna end you,
then bury what"s left under
the ruins of the stadium.
All right, that"s the bell!
Break it up, break it up!
Tentacular didn"t want
that round to end.
I can"t see this lasting
much longer, Mac.
[Mac] All he has to do
is hold on for this
one last round,
and he saves the stadium.
[Marc] Not happening, Mac.
Tentacular"s about to destroy
Rayburn Jr. You can book that.
Winnie, listen to me.
This ain"t good.
There"s no stopping T when
he smells blood in the water.
I "m begging you, don" t
put Ray-Ray back out there.
You wanna be a real coach?
Think of your monster first.
[Rayburn panting]
[Mac] It"s over.
Winnie Coyle
is throwing in the towel.
Wait. What are you doing?
It"s just a building, Ray.
Winnie. Ray-Ray.
I want you to remember:
This stadium
isn"t your dads' legacy.
You are.
Who"s chicken now, huh?
You"re nothing, you hear me!
You"ll always be nothing!
[crowd chanting "Rayburn Jr."]
We love you, Rayburn Jr.!
I wanna keep going.
No. Ray, it"s not worth it.
Yes, it is.
But we"re gonna have to try
a radical new strategy.
You ready for it?
- Try to win.
- To win.
We gotta take the fight to him.
He can"t hit me
if I"m hitting him, right?
Right. It"s just one round.
We can do this, but you"ve
gotta do something for me.
Anything. You gotta coach me up.
Are you coming back out?
Hey, Siggy.
We"re not quite done.
Oh, yeah.
[crowd cheering]Hmm?
Wait a second. It looks like
Rayburn"s gonna fight on.
I am not sure
that"s a good idea.
Are you serious right now?
I cannot believe this.
Tell me when it"s over,
Marc. I can"t watch.
Do it for Stoker!
Then combine the Renegade
with the Roundhouse Tail Whip,
and if he anticipates
and gets a hold of you,
hit him as hard as you can
right in the tentacles.
Just to be clear, you are
saying "tentacles," right?
Yeah. Tentacles. Okay.[relieved sigh]
Everything you need to win
is in here,
in here and in here.
[chuckles]You got this.
You should"ve stayed down,
You don"t know what
you"ve got yourself into!
- [shouting]
- [shouting]
Yes! What is this?
Rayburn knocked the
champ down! I can"t believe it!
[chuckles] It"s on.
[Marc] It"s almost like we
finally got a wrestling match.
Come on, Rayburn!
[Marc] Now they"re actually going
toe-to-toe, like it"s supposed to be.
Come on, huh?
What are we waiting for?
He shouldn"t even be in the same
ring with you. Throw this bum out.
No, no, no!
Don"t let him in so close!
[Marc] That"s what
I"m talking about.
Time to shut
this dance club down.
[Mac] Oh!
That can"t feel good!
Yeah! No, it didn"t.
Rayburn! Don"t play his
game. Feel the rhythm.
[Mac] Well, this is way more of
a match than we were expecting.
[Winnie] Come on, Rayburn.
Let me see those sweet feet.
[Marc] Coach Winnie"s invented
a whole new style of wrestling,
and Tentacular
can"t deal with it.
He looks completely lost.
I"m seeing ghosts out there,
Sig! He"s making a joke out of us.
He switches it up every time. T, look out!
[Mac] Rayburn, out of nowhere.
He"s on his heels.
Keep it up!
[Marc] Oh, this is special. I"ve
never seen a match like this before.
[Mac] Slams him down. Oh, but
Rayburn comes back with the clothesline.
I"m not saying I was wrong,
because I"m never wrong,
but I may not have been
entirely correct about these kids.
[Mac] I mean,
this is truly incredible.
I never thought
I would see the day
that Marc admitted he
was wrong about something.
First time for everything.
The round"s almost over!
Just hold on!
Holding on is the only thing
I"m doing!
[Mac] Oh, no.
Tentacular has got him.
Oh, the piledriver!
[Marc] What? He "s back
up?[Mac] He"s spinning like a B-boy!
But Tentacular was ready for it.
This is not looking good
for Rayburn.
[Winnie] Suckers! What?
- The suckers!
- Oh!
- [laughs] Sucker!
- [Marc] What is this?
[Mac chuckling] Rayburn
landed a huge blow there.
Okay, Ray, make this count!
I got this, Winnie.
[Marc] I can"t believe it! Tentacular
actually looks like he"s in trouble!
Come on!
- [groaning]
- [exclaims]
[Marc] Did you see that?
Did you see that?
Oh! They"re both down!
No! Rayburn!
- [referee] One.
- [Siggy] Come on, champ.
Get up.Two.
Come on, Rayburn, get up!
Three. Get up.
[referee] Four.
He"s done, T.
Come on, Rayburn.
Get up![mother] Come on, Rayburn!
- Get up! Oh!
- Come on! Do it for Stoker!
Come on! Everybody!
- Yes!
- Oh, yeah! Feel the burn!
Oh, my goodness, Rayburn
is up! I can"t believe it!
What is even happening
right now?
[Marc] Oh! Rayburn psyched
him out! Are you kidding me?
- Looks like we"re all tied up.
- [gasps]
[Marc] Rayburn"s got him with a Tentacle
Whip. The champ"s up against the ropes.
Come on! Now!
Get ready for the Moon Boom!
[Marc] Rayburn slammed him!
And the champ is down!
One. Two. Three.
Champ, get up!
Four. Five.
I can"t watch! Eight.
Nine! Nine!
[Siggy] Get up, T! Ten! You"re out!
[bell ringing] -[Marc] Oh, my
goodness! This is incredible!
Rayburn Jr. has done it!
I"m speechless!
- Yes!
- That "s my girl! Yep, I" m her mom.
And that"s her monster!
Fred. What? We won?
- [crowd chanting "Rayburn Jr."]
- Whoo! Ha, ha!
Oh, we did it!
I"m gonna get reelected!
Fried calamari for everybody!
Wait, what?
No, he didn"t beat me!
[wailing] No!
Whoa! Our little Stevie
won, Klonk!
I"m so proud.
Winnie. I know, Mom.
Winnie, we did it!
We saved the stadium!
You sure did, champ.
Champ? Champ?
- Champ!
- [ring announcer] And now,
the new holder of the Big Belt,
Rayburn Jr.!
Hey, Winnie. Uh, hey, Siggy.
I was wrong. You got a heck
of a monster there, Winnie.
And he"s got a heck of a coach.
Thanks, Siggy.
Hey, big guy, get on over here.
You just pulled off the greatest upset
in the history of monster wrestling.
How do you feel? I feel like...
dancing! Dancing!
- [upbeat music playing]
- Really?
Oh, yeah!
[rhythmic grunting]
[upbeat music continues]
I"m okay,
for those who were worried.
[rhythmic grunting]
Shake it! Yeah!
Check the lady out!
[rhythmic whooping]
[rhythmic grunting]
Here we go! Yeah!
[bones snap]Ow!
[Rayburn belches]
[sighs deeply]
[Winnie groans] That was
way too much froyo.
Oh! I got
a serious brain freeze.
Training tomorrow, 6:00 a.m.
And body freeze.
Serious body freeze. That"s
an actual thing. It"s medical.
Don"t know
if I"ll be able to make it.
[hip-hop music playing]
[salsa music playing]
[upbeat dance music playing]