Rumble Through the Dark (2023) Movie Script

- [thunder rumbling]
- [rain pouring]
[scattered raindrops]
[light music playing]
[car door squeaking]
[muffled mumbling]
[car revving away]
[Jack] I wish I knew
where I came from.
[lightning strikes]
- [grunting]
- [people clamoring]
- [screams]
- [thunder rumbling]
[high-pitched feedback sound]
[tense music playing]
- [Rhett muffled, echoing] Huh?
- [popcorn thumps]
Hey, Jack.
Come on now.
- Huh?
- [popcorn thumps]
- Boucher!
- [gasps]
Well, there he is.
- Welcome back, Jack.
- [groans]
[paper bag thuds]
[Rhett] Looks like
your little naps
are getting longer.
How about a smoke?
[machines whirring]
Could've had twice this
if you hadn't cracked
my boy's collarbone.
I went down like you said.
Yes, you did.
You earned it.
Come on.
[alarm rings]
[Rhett] See you tomorrow night!
[indistinct shouting]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Hey, there he is.
Oh, fuck. That's Jack Boucher.
- [sniffs]
- [spits]
[sighs, grunts]
[low grunting]
[engine starts]
[solemn music playing]
[woman] Here you go.
He's a good kid.
I just don't really know
what you can expect.
- [water dripping]
- [exhales]
[bottle clinking]
[light buzzing]
[insects buzzing]
[indistinct shouting]
[tense music buildup]
[sighs deeply]
[electricity buzzing]
One time, Jack.
One time, asshole.
Get hot.
Let's get hot.
Come now. Red. Red.
Oh, come on. Red.
Come on now. Red.
- [indistinct shouting]
- Stay hot, make mistakes.
- [waitress] You want
another one?
- Yeah. Damn straight.
Hold on. Hold on. Hold on.
- Where am I at now?
- Six thousand four hundred.
Sixty-four hundred.
Slide it out there.
- [woman] How much?
- All of it.
- Put it on red.
- [tokens clatter]
[roulette whirring]
- Red!
- [cheering]
We won.
- [mumbling]
- [dealer] Another bet, sir?
- Sir, are you playing?
- Don't mess with my shit.
[woman] I'll be
right here, baby.
[breathing heavily]
- [door closes]
- [exhales]
[man] Hey.
You got a light?
[Jack] She just won't stop.
[both grunting]
- [pants, grunts]
- [baton clanks]
- [groans, grunts]
- [grunts]
[woman screams] Oh, my God!
[grunting continues]
[breathing heavily]
- [Jack] Listen here,
you son of a bitch.
- [groans]
I got her damn money.
[signage shatters]
[grunting continues]
- [grunts]
- [thuds]
Uh, congratulations, sir.
Count the chips.
Uh, could I, um...
Could I interest you
- in a, uh, voucher for a--
- Just count the damn chips.
Second. Reverse.
[chuckles] Wait. Hold on.
Oh, you missed the turn...
[funnel chugs in distance]
You going by Luling's?
No, man. Her kids
back from school,
so that ain't gonna happen.
- I hear you.
- What you mean "her kids"?
- [insects buzzing]
- [man] Don't you
mean your kids?
[conversation continues
- [man 1] Yeah, hopefully.
- [men laugh]
[truck door closes]
That pump out there still work?
Damn, boy. You ask me
that every time.
- How much you want?
- Uh...
- [paper bills rustle]
- About this much.
Good, 'cause I ain't
got no change.
[chuckles] Long as he's been
coming here, you never have.
- [laughs]
- He don't remember that.
[man 3] Charge him double.
What for?
I lost all that money on him
down there in Itta Bena
- that one night.
- [man 1] Oh, here we go.
You gonna tell that damn
Itta Bena story again?
- [man 1] I know, right?
- I deserve to tell my story
the way I lost my damn
money on Boucher.
Way down in the damn sticks
where shouldn't no damn body be.
I like the guy carried off
by the mosquitos.
You lost because I won
or because I lost?
Hell, I don't know.
Shouldn't be betting anyhow.
[man 1 chuckles]
You hear that?
You shouldn't be betting
anyhow. [laughs]
[man 3] Heh, this old boy here
giving you advice,
- you know you a damn fool.
- [phone beeps]
- [line ringing]
- [man 3 laughs]
No. You the fool...
- [continues indistinctly]
- [line ringing]
Come on. Pick up.
[phone ringing]
[music playing
over record player]
- Hmm?
- [Skelly] Hey. This Ern?
- Tch. Who's this?
- She up?
- Depends.
- On what?
[chair creaking]
- [Ern] Who this is?
- It's Skelly.
- [Big Momma Sweet humming]
- She ain't up.
She might be up
when she find out
what I'm looking at. Hmm.
Jack Boucher.
[Ern] Really? Jack Boucher?
Hey, I ain't got time for this.
You want him or not?
You sure it's him?
How many times
Big Momma make me fight
on the same card
as the Butcher, huh?
'Course, it's him.
- Bring Jack here.
- [chuckles]
Not without a damn promise.
- What promise?
- That I don't owe shit.
Ern, you listening?
- She says no.
- You didn't ask her.
I ain't got to, Skelly.
You better think
good and hard again
'cause he gonna leave
any minute now.
I'll get him there,
I don't owe nothing to nobody.
You get him here
and you don't owe
nothing to nobody.
- [receiver thuds]
- [line buzzes]
[Skelly] Hey.
Hey, man, do you-- do you mind
hauling me up the road?
I just need a ride
to Clarksdale,
if you're going that way.
My old lady stays
at this trailer park
just right before town.
Come on, man. I'm in deep shit.
I... I gotta get home.
That's your problem.
I got some money.
What's your name?
- Your what now?
- Your name, what is it?
With a K.
Like the damn cigarettes?
My momma loved them,
so... [chuckles]
How much money you got?
Maybe 15.
All right. Give it
to me and get in.
["You're Growing Old Baby"
by Model T Slim
playing on radio]
It'd be fine with me
if we just kept on riding.
[chuckles lightly]
My old lady don't wanna
see me no way.
You know how they are.
Not really.
[grunts, coughs]
If you wanna start walking
across this black night
- with a broke nose...
- [Skelly chokes]
...then you do that shit again.
Damn, man. [sniffs]
Don't gotta do all that.
You sit still
and fucking ride.
First lights I see
and your ass is out.
- You got it?
- I got it. Shit.
[pants, coughs]
- [knife clinks]
- [tires screech]
You son of a bitch.
Don't slow down.
You keep pushing.
Me and you,
we going out to the river.
Big Momma gonna be
real excited seeing you again.
Ain't so tough with your nuts
all shriveled up, huh?
Don't nobody do
that shit to me. Goddammit.
Don't nobody do
that shit to me!
Guess what else,
you son of a bitch?
You done sparked my interest
in this here glove box
with all that ridiculousness.
Let's see what you
got going on here.
Holy shit.
[Skelly chuckles]
This is mine now. Goddammit.
Old ass Jack Boucher.
- [tires screech]
- [Skelly] Goddamn!
[both grunting]
- [Jack grunts]
- [Skelly screams]
- Shit! [groaning]
- [grunts]
You motherfucker! You--
[screams] Shit! Fuck! God.
[rughaired boy]
Hey, lesbian boy.
Hey, lesbian boy. [echoing]
Hey, lesbian boy.
[young Jack]
Quit calling me that.
[rughaired boy]
That's what your new momma is.
Leave me alone.
You better put your hands
in your pockets.
You shove your hands
in your pockets right now
- or you'll get it worse
than you think.
- [groans]
[emotional music playing]
[man over radio]
Boss man, come back. Over.
[Baron] What's on your mind?
[man] Where in the hell
is this fucking town?
We'll be there soon
so shut the fuck up.
Everybody slow up.
Okay. We're gonna
pull over for a minute.
[engine stops]
[man] Hey, what's the holdup?
[engine stops]
[Baron] Anybody? Hey.
[horn honking]
[Baron] Anybody here?
If you're hurt, call out.
[tense music playing]
[Annette] Baron, what is it?
[Baron] Don't know yet.
Ain't nothing.
- Hello?
- [car door opens]
- [Baron] Anybody out there?
- [car door closes]
[man groaning]
[groaning continues]
Hey, brother.
Oh, my God.
- [Annette] Ugh.
- [Baron] Brother.
He must've crawled
out of the truck.
- [labored breathing]
- [Baron] He ain't
gonna make it.
Is this what you want?
It'll be quick.
Just look at me brother.
[grunts, coughs]
[muffled breathing]
We better call somebody.
You know I can't do that.
Well, we-we could just
go down the road
- and-and call it in.
- You know what, Annette?
Let's just go.
Somebody will be along
soon enough. Come on.
It's heavy.
Hey, baby girl.
What you got there, honey?
Just take it.
[horn honking]
["Won't Someone Help
This Poor Lost Soul"
by Eva Larse playing on jukebox]
[billiard ball thuds]
- [jukebox music playing]
- [muttering]
[low groaning]
[barkeep] About time
you wake your ass up.
Huh? What the hell happened?
You stumbled in here
lookin' crazy as a motherfucker
came by them cornfield,
crawled and rolled all cut up,
moaning about your mama
or some shit.
Set up here at the bar,
took some shots,
and passed the fuck out.
- Was somebody with me?
- [lighter lid clicks]
- I ain't seen nobody.
- [lighter flicks]
Did I say where my truck was?
Back down the road somewhere.
Why didn't you call somebody?
We ain't got no phone.
Ain't got no phone?
Ain't never had a need for one.
We don't get many drunk,
beat-up White boys
- looking to make
late-night phone calls.
- [sighs]
Closing time, man.
I'mma need that 20 dollars
for them shots.
Here's the 20 I owe you.
Can you take me to my truck?
I got you.
- [birds chirping]
- [insects buzzing]
[car approaching]
[music playing loudly
on car speakers]
Man, you are fucked up.
You ain't got no business
with no keys in your pocket.
- [slams car door]
- [scoffs]
[car revs]
Damn it!
[light music playing]
Big Momma.
[thunder rumbling]
- [grunting]
- [thunder rumbling]
[thunder rumbling]
[Annette] So what
should we do with it?
- Divide it up?
- [Baron laughs]
Ain't no such thing
as a democracy
when it comes to money.
Half this crew are ex-cons,
the other half, cons-in-waiting.
They get one little sniff
of a handout,
they'll think there's more.
And I'll wake up
with my throat cut.
- Burn it then.
- What?
I mean, we got to do
something with it.
We could give it to somebody.
You know, it's not
jackpot lottery money
but it's the type of money that
could change somebody's life.
You can have it.
No. No. I...
- I don't want it.
- How come?
I just...
feel all uneasy about it.
- Just feels like a bad sign.
- [chuckles]
You and your damn signs.
It brought me
to this rattling heap
you call a carnival.
And now something
brought this money to us.
That how it work?
Only took you a year.
Oh, you've been here
longer than that.
Ha... has it been that long?
And you still think
you'll find your father?
And is he what you hope's
at the end of all this.
I shouldn't have said nothin'.
[light music playing]
[man on loudspeaker]
Step right up
to the Princess of Love,
Annette, The Painted Lady.
Pick a symbol
from her colorful sign,
20 bucks buys you a symbol,
find it on her dancing body
and you win 100 dollars.
Now who's feeling lucky?
[light flickering]

[music fades]
- [insects buzzing]
- [emotional music playing]
[Maryann] You wanna try?
All right.
Put your hands like this.
Like that.
There... Like that.
This way. Like that. Okay.
You like it? [chuckles]

[bird screeching]
[indistinct chatter over P.A.]
- [door knob turns]
- [door creaks]
[Jack] Mary.
Who are you?
My name is Jack.
Mama, I'm sorry.
[sniffs, grunts]
What's the matter,
Ricky Joe?
- [sniffs]
- Tilt-a-Whirl acting up
on you again?
No, I ain't here about
no damn Tilt-a-Whirl.
- [bottle thuds]
- [Ricky Joe grunts]
[grunts, sighs]
I think y'all picked up
something at that wreck. Mm?
I seen her with it last night.
I was peeking.
I like to peek...
especially on her.
Ricky Joe,
it's too bad you ain't smarter.
Well, I'm getting there.
You know, I often wonder
how many walls
your mugshot is pinned on.
How many folders
it's tucked into?
Yeah. I wonder how many graves
are full of old men
who didn't know no better.
- [chuckles] Hm?
- [thudding]
All right. Okay.
You got me. You wanna see
what we found?
- I'm gonna show you.
- Mm-hmm.
You ain't gonna like it,
just don't get upset.
Oh, look I got a fucking gun.
What is the old saying
about bringing a wrench
to a gun fight?
That's what we call
a social faux pas, Ricky Joe.
Go on, Ricky Joe,
get out of my fucking office.
- [Ricky Joe] Right. I hear you.
- [Baron] That's it.
- Walk out. Walk out.
- A-all right.
All red-faced and sweaty.
All right. Baron.
You ain't the worst
I've seen, Ricky Joe.
You don't know shit.
- [gun thuds]
- [sighs]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [kid screaming]
[people laughing]
[alarm rings]
[electricity shuts]
[truck revving]
[thunder rumbling]
[people whooping, clamoring]
[indistinct chatter]
Need something, Big Momma?
It doesn't look like
it's gonna stop raining.
It ain't. I can tell it
in my knee bone.
[Ern chuckles]
I wish I had a dollar
for everything
your knee bone claimed to know.
- [dog barking in distance]
- [song playing
on record player]
What you think happened
to Skelly?
Ain't no telling.
You think he lying?
I think Skelly would tell you
he was having dinner
with Jesus Christ
if he thought he could
buy himself a little more time.
Me and you both know
Skelly can't handle Jack.
He's the one we got
to look out for.
- Word's out.
- Word been out.
Apparently he ain't
so easy to hold onto.
You know, your knee bone says
it's gonna keep on raining,
that ain't stopping nothing.
Shacks look full up.
God has yet to create
any kind of weather
that would detour
his flock from sin.
[Ern laughs]
Hallelujah, Big Momma.
Here comes one more.

- Holy shit, Big Momma.
- What's that?
[Ern] Who was it that Jesus
raised up from the grave?
Yeah. Lazarus.
[gate clanks, creaks]
[tense music playing]
- [grunts]
- [thuds]
Here's your boyfriend.
That don't look like my money.
I don't have
your damn money no more.
I had it
before this piece of shit
got in the way.
Look at that. Huh?
- I know who he came from.
- [Ern] Hey, motherfucker.
Remember where you are.
Turn him loose.
- Jack never had
no manners anyway.
- [grunts]
Y'all both back off.
Right now.
What you figure
this little show does for you?
I'm showing you because
you ain't doing that shit to me.
I can't figure whether
you're getting braver or dumber.
I had your money,
Big Momma. Every nickel.
So, where is it?
I lost it
because of this
little shit-eater.
Look at my damn eyes.
You know I'm telling the truth.
You look like a pile
of shit bricks.
And you don't look
capable no more.
- Capable of what?
- Not a single damn thing.
[beer fizzes]
Most I ever let anyone
get into me
when I knew they didn't have
a pot to piss in
was about ten grand.
- Know where he at?
- [gulps]
I could probably figure it out.
The only reason
I let you get in so deep
was because you made me
some money
back when you was worth a shit.
I ain't never seen nobody
fix a fight as good as you.
Even when everybody know
it was a setup,
it always come off different
from what they was expecting.
That was a good trick.
But I don't figure
you got any more tricks left,
else you wouldn't
have let that worm
on my floor get to you.
I made you money
before I started fixing.
I remember that.
Yeah. I remember them days too.
You used to be hell.
Ain't no doubt.
But hell has caught up.
[thunder rumbling]
See, Jack, I even know
why you tryin' to score big.
I know about that woman
you letting die
in that place over there.
I know you pissed away
her land...
- [scoffs]
- Her house.
Mr. Bank Man comes out here
now and again to get rubbed on.
He told me all about it.
Says he warned her not to sign
nothing over to you.
- Mm-hmm.
- Says he saw it all coming.
Says she told him
to mind his own business
or some shit.
- Good for him.
- Yeah. Good for him.
Make him feel smart, I reckon.
But you in a big hole.
A big hole that got bigger
when you started dancing
around Big Momma Sweet.
[thunder rumbling]
What kind of price
you got on me?
The kind that'll
get you chased down
no matter where you go.
Oh. [groaning]
- [groaning continues]
- Mm, mm, mm.
What you doing, boy?
- Come on. Open up. Open up.
- [groaning]
I keep waitin' for something
different from you...
[Jack grunts]
...but you more fucked up
every time I see you.
And you ain't got
no damn money...
- [Jack groans]
- ...'cause if you did,
you'd be giving it to me.
- I believe you maybe had it.
- [Jack grunts]
I heard you was running hot
down in Natchez.
But had ain't
the same thing as have.
- Don't really need no fire...
- [clicking]
...long since figured that out.
I can get you paid, Big Momma.
- Untrue.
- I can.
I got some more stuff
I can sell.
Valuable stuff.
- Listen to you.
- I swear to God.
God ain't cooperating
with you no more.
Just give me a day or two.
I won't run off.
No, you won't.
- But you can't get me my money.
- [thuds]
Me and you both know
the only way for you
to get me paid
is the old-fashioned way.
- I can't do that.
- How come?
Hell, you seen me.
My damn head will explode.
You've been fighting, I heard.
Those weren't real fights
and you know it.
Not like you want.
And I was full of dope.
You can get
full of dope again.
- [grunts]
- I think you know
this is the right choice,
but you decide.
Fight or don't fight.
You might get hurt if you do.
You will get hurt
if you don't.
I ain't fighting.
Big Momma, Big Momma,
you know me. [grunts]
Hold it right there.
- [grunts]
- [groans]
- [Big Momma] Hold his head.
- [panting]
Stop. Will you?
I'll do it, Big Momma.
Whatever you want.
- [thunder rumbling]
- [branding iron sizzles, pops]
Whatever you want. [panting]
Whatever you want.
I wish you knew how bad
I wanna put you out your misery.
I wish you were the Jack
I used to know.
- [panting]
- But for one night,
- you will be.
- [grunting]
I don't give a shit
if your head explode
or if you catch fire.
You ain't no good to me dead.
You ain't much good alive.
But you're gonna
give me a fight.
This little burn ain't nothing.
That little headache you got,
ain't nothing.
Screw me again
and you will know what hurt is.
And I will feed
this sweet land of ours
with your sorry skin and bones.
Now take this with you
so you won't forget.
- [branding iron sizzles]
- [screams]
[Maryann] Jack.
It's okay, Jack.
You can open up now.
Listen to me.
Tomorrow, Jack,
whatever you have to do
to get him to leave you
alone, you do it.
I can't.
You're gonna have to
because that little jackass
isn't going away.
And he's gonna be
wherever you go
because the world never runs out
of assholes like him.
People who know
they have the odds.
It doesn't matter
what he says about me.
[scoffs] It doesn't matter
what he uses to pick a fight.
Nobody has the right
to call you names
or to hurt you.
What is it?
I'm afraid if I do
anything bad...
...they're gonna take me
away from you.
Or you'll tell them
you can't do it no more.
That's what they always say.
And I don't want it
to happen this time.
I don't wanna leave you
so I can't do nothing bad
or they'll take me away.
I swear no such thing
will happen.
I swear it.
I will always be
on your side.
[Big Momma] What's today, Ern?
- [Ern] Thursday, Big Momma.
- Mm-hmm.
Sounds to me like Friday night
would be a good night
for Jack's big comeback.
We got shacks
full of fools tonight,
we gonna spread the word.
I figure this is
the kind of news
that'll burn in quick.
- [thunder rumbling]
- What you think, Jack?
[Jack coughs, groans]
[Big Momma] Get up, Jack.
Come on.
Get that trash
that you brought in here
out of my house.
Go put it out there
in the dirt somewhere.
Deep, Jack. Bury it deep.
Where them damn dogs
can't dig it up.
[dog growling]
[dog barks]
[breathes deeply]
Get it off me.
Take this shit off me.
Get it off me.
Get it off me, get it off,
get it off me.
[breathing heavily]
[thunder rumbling]
Come on, you motherfucker.
Come on.
Come on.
You're a weak piece
of motherfucking shit,
you know that?
She owns your ass now.
She owns your ass now.
Come on. You want me?
Come on, take me,
motherfucker. Come on!
I'll fucking beat
the fucking shit out of you,
you motherfucker!
They own you, motherfucker.
Look at it. Look at it.
Look at it! Look at it!
They own you, you piece of shit.
They own your fucking ass.
They own your fucking ass.
[thunder rumbling]
- [grunts]
- [lamp shatters]
[thunder rumbles]
Come on, motherfucker, come on!
Fuck you, you piece of shit!
I'll fuck you up.
I'm gonna kill you,
you fucking piece of shit.
How'd that feel? [grunts]
- How did that feel?
- [young Jack screams]
How's that feel?
[breathing heavily]
How's that feel?
How's that feel?
- [trailer door clanks]
- [Ricky Joe] Shit!
- [insects buzzing]
- [birds chirping]
[car revs]
[indistinct shouting
in distance]
[inhales deeply]
- [thudding in distance]
- [sighing]
- [thudding continues]
- [groaning]
[indistinct shouting]
How come your hands
don't never get dirty?
My hands do get dirty,
just not the same way
as yours do, Ricky Joe.
That ain't true, baby girl.
[Annette] Ricky Joe acts like
he knows something.
How come you say that?
The way he was just
looking at me right now
and talking to me...
Shit was weird.
Ricky Joe knows
how to fix
any engine there is.
Generally speaking,
he dumb as shit.
That's the part that worries me.
Dumb don't think it through.
Dumb just does.
You look spooked.
Probably just the storm
had me up all night
thinking about
all kinds of shit.
Like what?
I need to go for a ride.
Where to?
It don't really matter.
I just...
need to let the windows
down, you know?
- Tell you what.
- [keys jingle]
Take my ride.
Go on, I won't need it
for a while.
[door opens, closes]
[loud music playing on speakers]
- [car door closes]
- [engine starts]
- [singer humming]
- [slow blues song playing]
I see you, girl.
Mm, mm, mm.
- [tense music plays]
- [Annette screams]
- [muffled screaming]
- Come on. Come on. [grunts]
You got a little secret,
don't you, baby girl, huh?
- You got a little secret?
- [Annette grunts]
I'm gonna fucking
outstretch you,
you're gonna get it bad, girl.
- [pants]
- [groans]
- [Ricky Joe] Fucking bitch!
- [Annette] What the fuck's
wrong with you?
You stupid piece of shit!
- All right. Easy now.
- [gasps]
- [groaning]
- Here, you wanna beat on me?
You wanna beat on me?
You wanna beat on me like that?
- Where is it?
- [panting]
I want that money.
Where is it?
I don't got shit.
The fuck you hiding
under there?
Uh-huh. I knew it.
[both grunting]
- [panting]
- Oh, you wanna play too? Huh?
All right. All right.
Come on. Come on, motherfucker.
Huh, look at that.
That's cute.
- [grunting]
- [groaning]
- [grunts]
- [grunts, groans]
Piece of shit! [spits]
Fuck. Fucking guy.
Are you all right?
"Are you all right" looks like
more of a question for you.
Hold on, hold on.
Do I...
do I know you?
I don't know you.
But thanks for...
you know.
[car door opens]
[car door closes]
- Son of a gun.
- Hm.
I'll be damned. The Butcher
standing right here
in front of me
after all these years.
- Yeah.
- I can't believe
I didn't figure you out
when you came in the store.
- I've just been
standing there...
- I-I don't--
...thinking about it
like an idiot.
I'm sorry, I...
I don't seem to recall.
My head...
I-I'm Gunner Clark's sister.
- Ginny.
- Gunner Clark?
You and him used to fight
the same nights up in Memphis.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, God. We were all
a lot younger then.
- Yeah.
- Prettier too. [chuckles]
Hey, you, you're pretty.
- You still fighting?
- Yeah.
Do I look like
I could win a fight?
Well, what you looked like
never seemed to matter much.
Only God above
has you figured out.
And I bet you even
keep Him guessing.
Son of a gun.
Well, you be good, Jack.
- All right. You too.
- Woo, it's hot.
[Annette] So that man out there,
he's a fighter?
Like boxing or...
Boxing and shit.
He's a fighter
of the first kind.
Nothing but air
between fist and face.
Holy shit.
[emotional music playing]
- [insects buzzing]
- [birds chirping]

[low grunt]

[huffs air]
[Maryann] Jack?
It's you and me, Jack.
- [insects buzzing]
- [birds chirping]
[Annette] Hey.
Look, I-I just wanted to...
thank you for, you know,
helping me out and--
What'd you do, follow me?
Yeah, but I got reasons.
Don't everybody.
Hey, I got questions.
You a cop?
Do I look like one?
Not one I ever seen.
The lady at the store
said you were a fighter,
is that right?
Once upon a time.
- [slams hood]
- Hold on a second.
If you ain't a cop, I gotta go.
My daylight is running out.
Will you just look at me
and listen to me
- for half a damn second?
- [engine starts]
[engine stops, turns over]
- [engine sputtering]
- [groans]
Dammit. Fucking truck.
Son of a bitch.
Looks like you need a ride.
Yeah. Looks like I need a ride.
- Do me a favor.
- What's all that?
Take that.
Bring it inside.
[Jack groans]
[door creaks]
Hey, Maryann.
- [gasps]
- [softly] Hey. Hi, Maryann.
What happened to you, Jack?
Were the kids being rough
with you again?
No, Maryann.
No, I'm fine.
I'm okay.
Can you put it
on the bed there?
[Jack sighs deeply]
[exhales, sniffs]
You need to hear
something, Maryann.
And you might not understand.
You might not even know
who's saying it.
And that's okay.
It's gone.
Your family's land.
All of it.
The house is next...
in only a few more days.
I know I told you
I'd get you home, but...
I don't think I'm gonna
be able to do that now.
All I can do now is tell you...
I'm sorry.
But even saying it,
it sounds like bullshit.
[Jack] You made me your son.
You gave it all to me.
And I can't give
any of it back.
You deserve to be home.
In the home
that you gave to me.
I wanna tell you
I'm coming back.
I wanna sit with you,
tell you all the things
I never could before.
But I gotta go fight, Maryann.
I'm gonna take the jewelry.
That's all that's left
and I'm gonna beg like a dog.
But I don't think it'll matter.
It's gonna be a bad one.
They're all bad.
But nothing like this
is gonna be.
[Jack sniffles]
I don't know if I'll make it.
I don't know
if I'm gonna see you again.
[indistinct chatter over P.A.]
[footsteps approaching]
You ever know a woman
named Sally Magill?
Know her from what?
From 25 years ago?
Look in there if you want
but it doesn't go back that far.
I did look.
You see her name?
There's nothing in here
that I can understand.
if this is what you're after,
I can't do it right now.
[indistinct chatter over P.A.]
I can't help it.
I saw you at that gas station
and that woman said
that you were a fighter
and that your name
means "butcher."
Those are the only two things
Sally ever told me
about my father.
He was a fighter
and that his name
meant something.
Yeah, everybody's name
means something.
Is all that true?
That stuff you told her?
Why do you have
to fight tonight?
Long story.
Well, it seemed
pretty damn short in there.
Then what the hell
are you asking for
if you heard it already?
I had the money
and then it was gone.
I can't tell you
what you wanna hear.
I wouldn't remember you anyway.
[door opens]
[door closes]
- What happened to it?
- What?
- The money,
what happened to it?
- [lighter flicks]
It don't matter.
God knows I've imagined
what you might be like
or look like.
[sighs] God knows you are way
beyond any of that.
You haven't imagined me
because you don't know who I am.
Here's what you need
to learn, Jack.
There is this great big world
out there spinning.
And sometimes,
it spins with you.
Sometimes, it spins
against you.
But sometimes,
it spins you right into
what you need.
I heard what that woman said
about you being a fighter.
So, I followed you to your house
because you're the only man,
the only one I ever come across
who I thought had a prayer
of being my father.
- [scoffs]
- It's a long shot. I know.
Most things are.
I was a fighter.
I ain't anymore.
Your story about the world
spinning around
can't change any of that.
Whether you believe it or not,
I was sent here to help you.
I don't know, okay?
I don't know
if I'm your daughter,
but I sure as hell know
that I'm your angel.
I bet you never thought
an angel's doing
such dirty work.
I ain't no angel from heaven.
But it don't really matter
where I'm from.
It just matters...
that I'm here.
Where did you get that?
This is another one
of those long stories.
You are my angel.
[crickets chirping]
[insects trilling]
- [thunder rumbling]
- [tense music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
[thunder rumbling]
Better light one up
for me too.
Oh, yeah.
[thunder rumbling]
[wind whooshing]
Are you sure
this is right?
Yeah, it's the place.
[indistinct shouting]
[rock music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[man shouting]
It's the Butcher! Jack Boucher!
- [indistinct chatter]
- Keep on going.
[indistinct chatter]
[car horn honking]
[vehicle approaching]
- [man] Let's go!
- [overlapping chatter]
[man] Let's go, right here.
That's Jack Boucher.
- I'll be right back.
- [car horn honking]
I'm going with you.
You don't wanna go in there.
I sure as hell don't
wanna be out here.
Just keep the doors locked.
And might as well keep
the engine running too.
[indistinct chatter]
[Jack] Hey, dog.
Right on time.
Who's the pretty boy?
- What's that supposed to be?
- [Jack] It's what I owe you.
Twelve large.
- [Ax] You little bitch.
- Fuck you.
- Hey, fuck you.
- Hey, how many times
I gotta tell you to shut up?
This don't concern you.
I came here to fight.
That was my deal.
I know you ain't
back-talking Big Momma.
You gonna get
to fight something.
[door slams shut]
Couldn't find nobody bigger?
The bigger they are, Jack.
Ain't that how it go?
That's how it goes.
But it don't matter.
You got your money.
Did it have a resurrection?
Yeah, something like that.
Come on, count it.
- I don't need to.
- Good. I'm gone.
Gone where?
Away from here.
That ain't how it works,
Big Momma. Even is even.
We ain't gonna mess with you.
You paid up.
But you should at least
have a good look outside
before you hightail it.
Must be 500-strong.
I don't care.
You could make
some real money.
I'm done.
That ain't the Jack I know.
The Jack I know,
eyes light up
at such a spectacle.
The Jack I know
make a bunch of fools
out of a whole bunch of people.
The Jack I know
rumbles through the dark
like a man chasing something
he ain't never gonna catch,
but he chases all the same.
Knowing that there is something
out there somewhere,
barely out of reach,
you can feel it on the skin
of your fingertips.
It's so, so close.
The Jack I know,
always thinking,
"this could be the one."
I've been rehabilitated.
Ain't no such thing.
Or I'd be out of business.
You out of one hole, Jack,
but not the other.
I know what you still need.
I hear that big house
- goes up for auction...
- Hey.
...first of next week,
and that woman's still lying
in that other place.
- I know where she's at.
- Mm, mm, mm.
I also know you won't pay me
30 grand to fight
that big son of a bitch.
You right. I won't.
But you're a seven to one
underdog, sweetheart.
[door opens, slams close]
So is that it?
Hold on.
Would you mind telling me
what the hell you're doing?
[car horn honking]
Figuring the odds.
- Of what?
- The fight.
But you gave her
the money, right?
She got it.
Well, good. Then let's get
the hell out of here.
- Wait.
- [men shouting, clamoring]
Oh, shit. Jack, is that
who you're supposed
to be fighting tonight?
Why the fuck you all standing
around not doing shit?
He will kill you, Jack.
I can keep the house.
You could get a lot worse.
Jack, please, let's just
go back to Maryann's.
You don't gotta do this.
There is no in-between.
Jack, if you get out
this damn car,
I swear that I will
hurt you myself.
[light chuckle]
You're an angel.
It's gonna be all right.
Jack. Jack!
[breathes heavily]
Seven to one?
Seven to one.
You gonna let me pick this up?
I don't know.
What you think, Ern?
I think that's the craziest
fucking White boy I ever seen.
I reckon that means
you can pick it up.
But when that clock strikes
midnight, Cinderella,
there won't be no more magic.
If you lose, you still owe me.
And if I don't get my money,
you'll be laying
with Skelly in that hole
you already dug once.
I wanna make a bet.
I'm gonna miss you, Jack.
[Big Momma sighs]
[door creaks, closes]
What I say?
What the hell is going on?
I can't leave her there.
I don't expect you
or nobody else to understand.
Jesus Christ. You can't fight.
It's done.
What do you mean "it's done"?
- That guy will kill you.
- I said it's done.
- No.
- [exhales]
No, come on, Jack.
I just found you.
You don't have to do this.
Yeah, I do.
No, I'm supposed to be
shoving you out of your grave,
not dragging you back
down into it.
- [huffing air]
- Jack.
Look, I need you to go.
You don't get to tell me that.
This ain't no place for you.
Look around, this ain't
no place for nobody.
You're batshit,
but I'm not leaving you.
It's time!
- [cheering]
- [man whistling]
They say you could fight.
I hope like hell it's true.
[yells] Yeah!
[thunder rumbling]
[announcer screams]
We got ourselves
a fight tonight!
Are you ready?
Make some noise
for your hostess,
Big Momma Sweet!
- Whoo.
- [audience yelling]
All right now.
Whoo, look at all these fools.
- [clamoring continues]
- Yeah!
[man] You got this, Jack.
Rip his face off!
- [electricity zaps]
- [punches thump]
[huffs air]
- [man] Come here.
- Hey, don't touch her.
- Damn you.
- [announcer] All you fuckers,
listen up.
Brawling for your
pleasure tonight
on this fine piece
of Delta dirt,
busting from out
the fire-crusted...
- [grunts]
- ...hellscape of...
- [continues indistinctly]
- Annette?
- We got in this corner, Ax.
- Yeah! Yeah!
[announcer] He looks like
a big old stack of pissed-off
pork chop fucker,
drag you down to hell
and spit you back up.
Squaring off against
this gargantuan slab
of overcooked meat...
coming hot out of the chute,
he's everybody's favorite,
Jack "The Butcher" Boucher!
[cheering and applauding]
[announcer] Now you know
Big Momma's rules.
No weapons, no tricks,
just skin to skin.
[Annette grunting]
[announcer] We gonna get things
started up in a hot minute,
- but in the meantime...
- [Annette] Jack!
...y'all place your bets.
Seven to one.
Lay your money down.
- Seven to one, Jack.
- [Big Momma] Seven-one.
What if he wins?
[audience cheering and chanting]
Live or die! Live or die!
Live or die! Live or die!
Live or die! Live or die!
Live or die! Live or die!
Live or die! Live or die!
[chanting continues]
Live or die!
Don't listen to them.
Look at me.
Look at me.
- I'm really fucking scared.
- [Jack] Hey.
Look at me. Only me.
- It's gonna be all right.
- Let's go.
- [loud whistling]
- [screaming]
I don't wanna lose you.
Don't be scared.
Look at my eyes.
[announcer] I see a storm
on the horizon.
I want the blood dripping
before the water drops.
[Jack] Only this world.
Only this world.
- [sobbing]
- Only this world.
- Look out!
- [grunting]
- [groaning]
- [grunting]
[announcer] Ooh!
That's what I'm talking about.
- Give him some of that!
- [grunting]
[grunting continues]
- [grunting continues]
- Yeah!
- [announcer] Oh!
- [man] Yeah!
- Come on! Lets's go!
- [grunting continues]
- [grunts]
- [man] Oh!
You fucking kick his ass!
[clamoring continues]
[both grunting]
Break his jaw, Jack. Come on.
[Jack groans]
- Let's get it.
- [metal gate clanks]
[announcer] Let them hands go.
Let them hands go.
Come on. Come on,
you motherfucker! Come on!
- [screams]
- [grunting]
[both grunting]
[grunting continues]
Come on, Jack.
[both grunting]
- [Jack groans]
- [gasps]
[grunting continues]
Jack. Jack.
- [grunting continues]
- [Jack groans]
[heavy breathing]
- [grunting, yelling]
- [heavy breathing]
- [clamoring continues]
- [man] Come on! [indistinct]
- Let's go!
- Yeah!
Come on, Ax.
[heavy breathing]
Come on, motherfucker.
- [Jack groans]
- [gasps]
Get up! Get up, Jack!
I know he ain't getting
out of that one, Big Momma.
[heavy breathing, grunting]
[screams] Yeah!
- [man] Beat his ass!
- [announcer] Big Momma,
you seeing this?
[thunder rumbling]
- [groans]
- [Ax grunts]
- Ow.
- [panting]
How long now?
Come on. You're not giving up.
- [groans]
- [Annette] You got more.
Stop the damn fight.
Big Momma, stop the damn fight.
Live or die! Live or die!
Live or die!
Live or die! Live or die!
- [blood splatters]
- [screaming]
- [thuds]
- [grunting]
- [muffled clamoring]
- [muffled] Jack!
[heavy breathing]
[thunder rumbling]
[muffled shouting]
[woman] Mercy. Mercy!
- Mercy, goddamn it!
- [man] Mercy!
- [man 1] Mercy.
Come on! Come on!
- [man 2] Yeah!
- [woman] Mercy! Come on!
- [man] Come on, Ax, get him!
- [man 1] Come on! Come on!
- [man 2] Come on!
[woman] Mercy!
[heavy breathing]
- [Maryann] Jack.
- [low grunt]
I can't, Mama.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
Mama, it's too late.
- [screams, grunts]
- [thunder rumbling]
[Jack] He gonna kill me.
Catch your breath.
He is coming.
[thunder rumbling]
It's too late.
It's never too late.
[emotional music playing]
Bring me home.
- [Maryann chuckles]
- [Ax screams]
[both screaming]
[soft music playing]
[young Jack] I wish I knew
where I came from.
Never mind.
I didn't mean it.
[Maryann] Yes, you did.
That's something
you'll never truly know.
We are always looking
for who we are.
You, me,
all of us.
And that doesn't have
anything to do with your blood.
You'll never stop wanting
to know who you are.
And as soon as you think
you have it figured out,
life has a way of tapping you
on the shoulder
and shifting what you
thought you knew.
You'll wanna know
who you are...
today, tomorrow,
and the next day,
for the rest of your life.
[light chuckle]
And that's good, Jack.
Some days, you'll think about it
more than other days.
It'd be sad to me if you
didn't think about it at all.
Now what do you see out there?
I don't know what I see.
That's why we keep looking.
[insects buzzing]
[solemn music playing]
[music ends]