Rumspringa (2022) Movie Script

Yes, yes!
No need to worry, Maem.
Your son shall return a better Amish man.
Write us, my boy. Okay?
Write to us.
- Good day.
- Good day to you.
When Rumspringa's finished
and you come home,
get baptized,
and marry...
then you'll grow a beard.
It's time now.
Dearest Daadi, dearestMaem.
Had I only heeded your advice
and voyaged across the ocean by boat.
Travel by airplane
is the most horrible invention
you could possibly imagine.
Praise the Lord that I've finally arrived.
My Rumspringa in the old country
can commence at long last.
When you read this,
I shall be on my way to see our uncle.
Rest assured that I'll take good care
of our family Bible.
This I promise you.
Your loving son, Jacob.
They don't give a shit
if they get a Basquiat
or a paint-by-numbers.
Just look for something
with a cow on it, okay?
Or, like, a slaughterhouse.
Oh, he's a gentleman.
Careful, my bag.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Thank you, sir.
Well, we'll meet up soon, though, okay?
Yep, see you. Bye.
Thanks for your help.
I speak German.
Well, then, have fun in Berlin.
My sack!
- Have a good flight.
- I'm not flying. I'm...
I'm just here picking someone up.
Stop, stop!
My sack!
- Carriage, can you follow that machine?
- What's that?
Follow that car, please. If you would.
This is wild!
Haven't done this before.
So, who are we following?
- My sack.
- Huh?
- My luggage.
- Oh, your bag.
Your wallet isn't in your bag, is it?
Got money, right?
I am Amish.
My people believe that
money itself has no value.
Good day.
Hey, um, do you have more glitter?
Mother of God!
He's gorgeous.
Just perfect.
Vintage. Retro. Old-school!
Let's take a picture.
No, no, no, no! No photos.
You mustn't take pictures of me.
I'm Amish.
- Uh, okay.
- What's with him?
The Lord has forbidden our picture-taking.
It's vanity.
- What did he say?
- I don't know.
Didn't understand.
- Ahh!
- Not my god.
Mine either!
Ah, hey! Glitter, glitter, glitter!
All right,
let me see what I got.
- Yo, man.
- What's good?
Right. These.
That everything?
These too.
Good day. All is well?
How are you?
Good, thank you.
- 13.60.
- I'm also Amish.
Huh? Wassup?
I'm onRumspringa. You too, right?
Uh, no. On a beer run.
- See ya, bye.
- Cheers.
I've lost my sack
with my money and old family Bible.
I simply must find it.
Help me, if you would.
My uncle was meant to find me
at the airship field.
At the airship field, huh?
Airport? He might still be there.
Hey, what the hell are you even saying?
Guys, plans have changed.
Catch you later.
Okay, what's your deal?
You stalking me, or what?
- Yes.
- Yes?
Well, I'd like you to stop it, dude.
Now get outta here.
Man, what the hell is wrong with you?
Please, sir, if you would.
- I must find my Mennonite friends.
- Whoa.
- I must find my friends...
- Hey!
IN 5
This is a bike path, you prick!
Ah, fuck.
Keep on walking forward.
Don't stare at him.
All right.
Hey, guys!Today, I'll show you
how to use household items
to treat and bandage a cut.
It's best if you cool it
and cover it with a Band-Aid or bandage.
If it keeps bleeding,
please go see a doctor.
Don't forget to like and subscribe.
- Here. You gotta keep it cold.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's my pizza, but if it helps...
- Ow!
Dude, I think he needs a Band-Aid too.
Hi, Bo.
Hey, Freja.
Alf? The door was open.
Could I ever create something
That could stir you up...
I love getting your messages.
Um, I didn't send that.
No, I mean in general.
Your... your messages
are always really nice.
Did someone text you
a honeypot or something?
What? No. No one.
And so you just...
you were just stopping by, or...
I got this Amish guy here.
- Some yuppie biker mom banged him up.
- Amish?
Those guys live sustainably.
How great!
- Awesome. Super cool.
- Wow.
Of course the honeypot was from me.
I gotta go.
Where to?
Um, stress at work stuff.
And looks like you've got stuff going on.
Help him.
Oh, him? No, man. He's about to head out.
- Sometimes you're such a Nazi.
- Nazi?
You never take responsibility,
not even for a refugee.
Wait, but... He... He's not...
He's not like a refugee.
- He just came here...
- You're so weighed down, Alf.
By ego.
You're the one trying to bail on me
just 'cause your work's
getting a bit stressful,
and I'm the one with the ego, huh?
I'm Freja.
I am an enormous fan of your eco-culture.
Jacob Hostetler of the Hostetler family
from Amish country.
That's so cool.
If the whole world
lived the way the Amish do,
then it wouldn't be falling apart
in the next 50 years.
what is a good person
like yourself doing here in Berlin?
I'm here on Rumspringa.
It's the one time when we may do
the things that are forbidden to us.
So cool.
To be sure the Amish life
is what we prefer.
Like a sabbatical.
All the things I'd do.
Something with my hands. I'd garden,
pull up weeds,
- No, no, other things.
- Something with orphan children.
No, we... we can discover
how the other world is.
We're permitted to...
to experiment, to drink, and...
- to party.
- Nice.
You really found the right teacher.
I think thatAlf could learn something
from you and you from him.
That is great.
Alf, we Amish love to help a fellow man.
Gotta go.
I'm working on something bigger than me.
I want to do good.
But look who I'm talking to.
Bye, Bo.
Sorry, I'd really like to help you out,
but today's just a little
- Ow! Ah.
- Right.
Uh, hold on. I've got a bit...
Do you take PayPal?
- Uh, Bo, do you...
- Crypto.
Just Crypto.
It's okay.
Many thanks for all your help, Alf.
Many thanks, Mr. Bo, for the cloth.
What do you need for a real hello?
What do these stars mean
That we follow?
How far can we go
Without feeling broke?
Shouldn't we feel the feel, though?
Two words, two souls
Lonely souls, we are both lonely
But we are in this together...
Longing, waiting
Longing, waiting
Longing, waiting
Longing, waiting
Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting
Dude, I'm not Amish.
Misplaced and overwhelmed
And attitudes
All devised to get through to you
This town has a crack in it
But no chance for the right
To get back in
Right in the center, but stifled out
No one around, she sleeps alone
And if it's meant to be
To feel so small
To lose your ground before you grow
Come on!
Bo, did you use up all my papers?
Me? No.
Many thanks. May the Lord be with you.
Excuse me.
- Huh?
- Your trash.
Oh. Uh-huh.
Hand it over.
And your phone.
- Uh, I haven't got one.
- You lying to us or what?
- I... I...
- Hold onto him. Hold him!
I haven't got a phone!
- Please! Help!
- What's his fucking deal?
Help me!
Hey, what's wrong with you?
What, can't you see he's disabled?
You guys are shameless.
Get out of here.
- Yeah, thanks, Adolf.
- Alf.
I didn't hurt anyone.
Yeah, no shit.
Where's your beard?
Mm, just wanted to change it up.
Okay, you're here two weeks max, yeah?
Less is better.
And you pay rent too.
Pay rent too?
That means giving us money
so you can sleep here.
- Well, I, for one, am against it.
- Bo!
Who's on the lease here?
There are a few house rules, okay?
Rent's paid by the week,
and you're gone during the day 'cause...
'cause we both need our space to think.
Other than that, no pets,
don't play shitty music,
and never answer the landline, okay?
And when you see I have a girl over,
don't talk to her
about your Amish bullshit.
Alf, no need to worry.
I can abide by these rules.
I have my own rules.
I rise and go to bed with the sun,
I give thanks to God whenever I eat,
and I strive to do good every day.
No drugs, no alcohol... cars, no dancing,
no violence, no music,
no instruments, apart from harmonica,
but only in the field...
Listen up, here we say,
"Sometimes you eat the bear,
and sometimes the bear eats you."
Okay, whatever.
We have a deal?
All right. Deal, deal!
Many thanks, many thanks.
- Many thanks.
- Oh yeah.
Many thanks to you.
Are you skilled in woodwork?
Yeah, so?
Ah. How many logs
have you chopped per minute?
Fuck off!Die, you alien!
Ha ha! Take that, bitch!
Is this my breakfast?
Has your wife gone to the market?
Wife? Oh, wife? You mean Freja?
She's not my wife.
Ah, she's your sister.
We have sex, Jacob.
I mean... mostly sex.
Well, if she ever texts me again.
I don't care if she texts or not.
I don't always text her.
It's a free country.
This libation is exceptional!
Quite good.
Quite good.
Okay, so...
- Any idea who took your sack?
- No.
That gentlewoman was really
She did hand me a card
with a pattern on it.
I can't determine what it means.
I think this is top secret.
Yeah, dude, that's a QR code.
Yeah, okay, I'll help you out.
Many thanks.
Cool, right?
Does it have six cylinders?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah? Ooh!
I love cars! Can I sit down in it?
That was quite loud.
My daadi bequeathed me a buggy
on my 18th birthday.
My buggy's a family heirloom.
ACT? What is this?
- A college test.
- Ah.
You did learn how to
read and write, at least?
- Arithmetic.
- Arithmetic.
That's enough for me.
And then so then your... yourdaadi
just gave you a buggy?
Like as a gift?
Just 'cause?
It was meant to take my girl home
after Bible study.
- Although I still haven't found a girl.
- Mm.
My daadi and I are both
very saddened by that.
My "daadi" is only saddened
that my career's a total failure. Yep.
A career?
Is that what you're commanded to do
with your life?
I don't know.
What do you have to do?
Be a good person.
- Isn't this, uh, Satan's Roast?
- Mm-hmm.
Ah! Have you anysaumage?
Saumage. It's like this.
First you take the belly of a sow,
you put potatoes inside, and...
We met a girl... a woman.
Well, we almost met her,
and she left this card behind.
- That's our loyalty card.
- Mm-hmm.
- Only our premium members get that.
- Oh, premium.
- Mm.
- Hmm.
- Address?
- This here is a safe space.
Here, we respect man and beast.
Mm, too bad.
God, dude, she just needs
to scan the card at the register,
and then you'd have her name,
address, all the deets about your woman.
- Hey!
- Hey, hey, hey, ease up there!
I could work for you, you know.
Can you cook?
But cooking is for womenfolk.
- Um, premium member you said, right?
- Yeah.
What do you have to do to get up that high
in the food chain around here?
Four deliveries a month.
I've heard that no one in Berlin
can deliver food as fast as this guy here.
Does he have a car?
You're too good, Mr. Bo.
But when roller hockey starts again,
I want them back, yeah?
For sure.
You built all of that?
My final project.
You like it?
It's really nice.
- What is it?
- Uh, it's a library.
Okay, be honest here.
What aspect would you say
is the most annoying
when you walk into a library?
That there are so many books
to choose from
that you can't tell
which ones are worth reading, right?
Yeah, but my library is app-driven.
Smart architecture.
You get reviews in real time
right as you walk by the books.
Okay, think about it.
You're walking inside, right?
You're inside,
and the shelves are completely full.
I would already know
which book I wanted to read.
Oh yeah? Which one?
The Old Testament.
Okay, well, duh.
Try to think of another one.
The New Testament.
Come on. The Bible, man? Nothing else?
- Just the Lord's word is worth reading.
- Attacking!
Ah, there!
- You're all set.
- Many thanks.
Well, then, I think your people
might not be the target group for this.
Dear Daadi, dear Maem,
I must remain in Berlin for a bit longer.
Something bad has befallen me.
It pains me to say
that I've lost our family Bible.
But do not worry,
the Lord has sent me help.
An English. His name is Alf.
He seems a bit lonely to me,
and I'm not certain how he spends his days
in his shared lodgings...
...but he is good at heart.
Until I'm able to find the gentlewoman
who took our family Bible...
Who is it? Hello?
Your food is here.
Believe it or not,
I'm permitted to live amongst them
as long as I strive to live the life
of a good Amish son every day.
Your son, Jacob.
Good evening.
The Amish, Jesus!
Heart attack over here.
- Alf.
- Yeah?
I can no longer sleep on the sofa.
I'm in need of a bed, really.
- This is a good tree for a bed.
- Yeah?
The Amish build everything by hand.
- Okay, we doing this or what?
- Mm-hmm.
How many logs
can you chop a minute again?
Uh, I think 24.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
- Me?
- Yeah.
For sure.
Confounded English!
That swing could've crippled you!
Then show me how it's done.
- I'll show you how it's done.
- Can't wait to see.
You must move over, yeah?
- Good?
- Mm-hmm. Yes.
Yeah, up top.
And now...
- What? Why "oh"?
- Run!
God is love, He's my salvation
God is love...
Ooh, it's Hostetler!
God is love
God is love
He loves even me
Are you ready, my son?
For life as an Amish
in the Amish country?
For all time with a wife?
And free from the temptations
of the world?
Yes, Daadi.
You've hidden your car magazine.
Whoa, oh!
Ah, Ina Kantas?
Thank you.
Stop! Who is that gentlewoman?
Stop, stop!
- Hey, hey!
- That woman! Is that Ina Kantas?
She took my family Bible.
I was about to throw this crap away. Ciao.
In our old family Bible,
we're all together.
There, in the fatherland...
That's where your roots are.
Nothing is wrong with you.
Perhaps they'll know where you come from.
Go visit there
and fill the empty page here!
What the fuck?
- Every single name in your entire family?
- Mm-hmm.
Dude, back to 1754?
And this here is the last Hostetler.
This one page is still empty.
When I find out who it is
we descend from in the fatherland,
I'll know why I'm Amish then,
and I can be baptized.
That's so insane!
How is the best way
to travel to my Mennonites?
I think there's an ICE train.
I-I could drive you.
I mean, 'cause taking trains
is probably forbidden for you, right?
We're allowed to use everything,
as long as we're not the driver.
But you've already been a great help.
Many thanks.
I'll make my way there alone.
I've never slept in
so late in all my life.
Uh, it's eight o'clock, man.
It's not late.
- Try to stay still.
- What are you doing?
Before you take off
to see your Mennonites,
I've put together a little
farewell present for you here, all right?
Okay, now go and have a look.
It's the beard of a married man.
My friend, Jorge,
is throwing a little goodbye party,
and I'm the co-host.
Yeah, so...
would you maybe want to come with?
Want to come?
Oh, uh...
Hey, dude, come on. You can have
at least one night of Rumspringa, man.
Oh, I better not.
Okay, you know what?
I... I'll go alone.
Do what you want with your beard.
Walk around the block,
or, uh, do whatever a married man
would do. I don't care.
I'll come, then.
Just for one night.
Bo, hey, man!
- Amish kid's gonna party!
- Yeah, whoo!
Party time!
Hey, don't do that.
That's not cool.
- Okay.
- Um...
Do this, though. This.
then... snap, snap, snap.
- Hey!
- Whoo!
What's up, big girl? You good?
All right!
Awesome party!
Oh, if we lose track of each other,
we'll just meet here by the tub, okay?
So where did you get your shirt?
It's totally awesome.
My maem stitched it for me.
Hey, Alf! There you are!
Ah, Alfie! From Melmac?
And who are you, man?
This is Urs. He's an investor.
- Mm.
- You're what?
For my start-up.
Do good things, Alf.
Jacob knows just what I mean, right?
A reusable, sustainable Q-tip.
An everyday object reinvented.
Highly Instagrammable. Woman-owned.
Yeah, the first round of funding,
five million euros!
Um, why didn't you mention it to me?
Just look at my feed.
I sent you a few text messages, and...
I wanted to ask you, like...
Well, I don't want to get conventional
or anything, you know, but...
could you imagine
the two of us dating, exclusively?
Here, this is for you.
Do Amish people use Q-tips?
- Um...
- The beard looks good.
What is this?
It's for dipping.
- Many thanks.
- Bon apptit.
Melon tastes a bit different here.
It's wonderful.
What is?
What you built for your college.
Smart architecture.
Yeah, but if I botch the exam,
then that's it.
My father's gonna ask me
what he did wrong.
Why does your father send you money?
I saw the bank statements
on the table.
That's right. Amish can read.
I went to school
for eight years.
My daadi says
you've learned enough by then.
Is that true, Alf?
Is it better?
Why doesn't anyone ask me
what I want to be? Why?
No real books, just the Bible.
You know what?
- I think it's time.
- For what?
Time for Jacob's
very first... beer.
Praise be to God!
This is unbelievably good!
- And you know what we're going to do now?
- Hmm?
We get up, go out there,
and dance with them.
- No.
- Mm-hmm.
- No.
- Yeah.
- No.
- We're doing that. Hell yeah, we are.
- Alf, please, no.
- Come.
You're coming now. Come.
Alf, Alf, I'm not allowed!
Leave it.
Hey, come on. You, dance.
- Look, we're all dancing.
- I'm not allowed to.
You're onRumspringa today!
Now's the time.
Come on, let yourself go. Just dance!
Shake, shake, yeah!
Yeah! Yeah!
- Easy, whoa!
- Alf!
God is love
God is love
He even loves me
He even loves me
Do you renounce the world
to serve Jesus,
the son who died on the cross for you?
You are now baptized
in the faith you know.
In the name of the Father,
and the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
He who believes and is baptized
shall be blessed.
I thought I'd say bye to you.
It's me, Ina. From the airport.
I had your bag.
Come on, girl.
It's not getting better.
Yeah, okay, um...
Well, we're gonna leave.
You around tomorrow?
I'd like to invite you to dinner
to, you know, say sorry.
Tomorrow night?
You already have my address.
Ina. Taxi.
Hey, wheredid the Amish guy go?
Sorry, I shouldn't have
left you alone like that.
Dude, what happened
to your hair last night?
Good thing the Amish
aren't into vanity, huh?
Oh, Mr. Bo...
Oh, my stomach.
- I'm like...
- Oh my God!
Oh my God! There!
- What is it?
- There's a hamster!
- Otter. That's just an otter.
- A hamster!
- Look, dog, my man. That's a beaver.
- I can't look!
We'll just google it, okay, bro? Bro!
Oh God, oh God!
Jacob, take it away!
Oh, oh!
You're bathing.
You like her, huh?
I want to give many thanks
for keeping and looking after my sack.
Yeah, don't worry about it.
You got it, man.
Yeah. Tomorrow I'm leaving.
We can always stay in touch, you know,
if you want to.
I'll FaceTime you.
Yo, dawg,
I swear you look much better now.
All right, go on. You got this.
Hello, Ina.
Many thanks for inviting me.
I didn't think you were coming.
Yes, but you... but you invited me.
And if you invite me, I'll come.
You're dripping.
- Want to come in?
- Mm-hmm.
New haircut?
I just wanted to change it up.
- I see. I'll get you some dry clothes.
- Mm-hmm.
Many thanks.
Do you like vegan?
All of the sins I've committed here.
Yeah, well, to be honest, there's actually
very few sinful things on here.
- Mm.
- Roller skating?
We are not allowed.
Although others are. It's complicated.
I'm Amish. On Rumspringa.
When you try out forbidden things. I know.
I did some googling.
But you still have the guilty feeling.
Do you like this?
- Mm, I don't know.
- Fine if not.
It's just personal taste.
Maybe I should go live with you.
I can give a feminism TED Talk there.
We'd manage things somehow, right?
In any case,
this would be my gift to everyone.
And the housesitting in Sicily? Imagine.
- Mm-hmm.
- I said I'd go with you.
Then I'm not imagining it anymore.
'Cause we are going together.
When I was a kid,
I used to go to art galleries after school
just because it was free.
My first love.
And you?
Is it a sin for the Amish to fall in love?
Well, we only fall in love once
in our lives.
We remain bonded forever.
I'm doing a cleanse right now.
Hmm. What do you have to clean?
I'm... well, I've been abstaining
from sex for a little while,
which means I'm living
the same kind of sexless life as you.
But I do know what I'm missing.
- Do you want to spend the night here?
- Huh?
As far as relationships go,
I really just can't find time
to go on dates,
and I really have no patience
for all that.
And I have no patience for kids.
I mean, when I have kids,
what does that mean for me
and for my relationship?
It's all so complicated.
Here, everything is complicated.
In fact, it's so simple
since the man is the man,
and the woman's the woman.
Mm-hmm. Is that right?
As long as it's true
As long as you
Good night.
Good night.
Are you married yet?
Mm. I haven't found my woman yet.
Once I did think
I'd finally found my wife.
I rode with her after Bible study.
We rode together in my buggy.
Her name is Ruth.
We've known each other since we were
but five years old.
Tell me about her.
She's hard-working,
and she's strong.
Okay, that really is important.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm.
Um, yeah, but...
is there something romantic?
She has red hair.
Something romantic!
What do you think
when you look into her eyes?
And when I... when I close my eyes,
in my mind, I can see her face.
When I look into her eyes,
I forget to breathe.
How nice for her.
But then she met
my brother, David. Oh well.
Mm, what?
It's just...
I feel unwell.
I must go home.
Can't fall asleep either.
Freja, she lit a scented candle.
It stinks. Like vomit.
Next level.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, my son.
Is that not a wagon wheel?
Yes, it is a wagon wheel
Is that not a long-winded spiel?
Yes, it is a long-winded spiel
Long-winded spiel, wagon wheel
Short and long, snake along
Closet doors, shaving horse
Oh you lovely, oh you lovely
Oh you lovely shaving horse
Why isn't it starting?
I cannot do this.
Huh? What?
Oh you lovely, oh you lovely
Oh you lovely shaving horse
It would only fortify my love of God
if I could drive this machine.
If I could play a piano, or hold my pants
together with a magical zipper.
What's holding them together now?
Alf, are you in love with Freja?
I'm scared that one day I'm gonna meet
a fortune-teller,and she'll tell me...
"You've already met the love of your life,
and, well, it was Freja."
Yeah, but you've expressed your love,
haven't you?
God, that'd be so incredibly cringe.
You must be truthful to each other,
not just play around.
You must be committed.
Here, it's not like that.
Here, it's a little more a dance.
A game, sort of.
Just child's play.
You two must come to know each other
as you both really are.
What do you fancy about your Freja?
Well, apart from the obvious stuff,
you know?
Like how she's always thinking of others,
and the environment.
Yeah, like with the start-up.
The sustainable Q-tips.
That's an awesome thing!
You ought not let anyone tell you
their path is better
just because
you haven't found yours yet, Alf.
Could say the same about you.
What about you?
Man, you've fallen in love.
- What? No!
- Of course.
- No! No!
- Yes, I can smell it. I smell it.
I'm not talking about someone...
some girl from Pennsylvania
who you met in the sandbox
and who's actually your half-sister.
It's no good, Alf. I need an Amish maiden.
A good wife.
Hey, man.
Hold up.
You have a beer in your hand,
you drove a '67 Mercedes Pagode just now,
and you're talking about a good wife?
Man, wake up. You're still on Rumspringa!
You should enjoy your life now,
try some things out, man!
Party it up!
Turn up!
Why don't you stay a little longer?
I'm just starting to have fun with you.
And I, um...
I wanted to apologize to you.
I think I kind of used you
a little at first
to try to get withFreja.
So, sorry.
All is forgiven.
- Five-four!
- Hey.
Oh, sorry!
- I'm like a giant bitch about winning.
- It's okay.
It'd be nice if you didn't kill me,
all right?
At least not another woman. Girl power!
I got it!
Jacob, why am I here?
This is how the Amish
get to know our maiden friends.
I see.
Do you want to play with me?
Hey, Jay.
Jay, ball.
Nice shot!
- We won! Whoo!
- Yeah!
- That's good?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, yummy.
What is it?
I've never seen a woman
play volleyball so poorly.
But I-I don't care, though.
Is that a compliment?
For gym, I had doctor's notes.
I kind of had six years of period pain.
Where is that?
Sorry, I forgot
that you're Amish and that we're
from two completely different universes.
What do you mean by that?
I feel like I have to protect you
from my corruption.
I don't want to seduce you or anything.
The man must look after his woman.
No, that's not true.
You really mustn't talk
about "seduction" and "period pain."
I'm Amish.
See ya, Amish.
- What now?
- So, uh...
Listen to this.
God is love, He's my salvation
God is love
He loves even me
And so I sing it again
God is love
God is love
He loves even me
It hasn't even ended yet.
Take it off.
We... We cannot use zippers.
Just pull on the thing.
On that nipple thing there.
You're beautiful.
Oh... Oh, your... Ooh!
It's your Q-tips, are all over the place.
Everywhere, huh?
They pricked me.
- You can throw them out.
- What? How come?
Why should I throw them out?
Urs jumped ship,
and I had to dismiss the team.
- What?
- Mm-hmm.
- You're kidding.
- Mm.
- Mm-mm.
- Hang on.
Wait, but the... What about
the five-million-euro investment, hmm?
It's all gone. That's it.
Urs was more interested
in investing in me and him.
What a fuckhead.
Yeah, but,
how come you didn't say anything?
I didn't want you to feel sorry for me.
So it's just
trash now?
I'm onto the next thing.
And I'm gonna be housesitting
with you in Sicily soon, hmm?
You know, the...
the Amish guy had said
to be true to myself and
to others, and...
I want to be true to you, Freja.
You... You...
Well, you're like a new girl every day.
With new likes, with new convictions.
The thing that was
so badass yesterday is done.
And your sustainable Q-tips here,
now they're just trash.
Just makes me think of us.
I mean, imagine if...
things are difficult between us,
would you just throw me away?
You're right, maybe...
Yeah, maybe I'm just ego.
But, I...
I don't think I'm the only one.
But this is about you right now.
Yeah, or it's... it's about you.
But never us.
Bye, Alf.
We won't see each other anymore?
Bye, Freja.
Everything okay?
What's going on?
Um, there are other men coming too?
Did Alf show you someporn?
Mr. Bo.
Forget everything you saw
in that porn, okay?
Almost everything.
- Alf?
- Yeah?
- Are you awake yet?
- Yes, I've been awake.
I've sinned horribly.
How was it?
Truly great.
You're such a killerdawg!
I shan't do that.
Okay, quietly.
So did he screw her?
Yeah, man.
- Aw, man. Even the Amish.
- Even the Amish guy, dude!
But you gotta be careful.
You're not used
to all these emotions at once.
Something happened?
Oh yeah.
I ended things with Freja earlier.
Or I-I don't know. She ended it with me.
Or we-we both did.
No idea, but now it's definitely over.
And how do you feel?
Um, that was your stepmom
on the phone,
and I answered it by mistake.
Mr. Bo!
What about the apartment rules?
You see? Listen to the Amish.
What did you say to her?
- That you're not here.
- Nice. And what did she say?
That your father just died.
Funny. What did she say?
That your father just died.
I didn't like him very much anyway.
Why... Why should I be crying?
Would be... be absurd.
It's all right, Alf.
You'll come to the funeral?
Sure, doggie.
No, it's just... it's just "dawg."
You got a name? You have time...
All the kind
You can try
You can say something nicely
Down the line
What you choose? Do you be strong?
Which side are you on?
Dear Daadi, dear Maem.
I've recovered out lost family Bible...
...but my arrival at the Mennonites
will take longer
because something awful happened here.
My newfound friend Alf
has a grieving heart,
and it is my duty to help him out
in any way I can.
He feels unsure about himself,
and he confided in me
that he's never been able to determine
what the right
or the wrong path is in life,
where his place is in the world,
where he ought to go,
or what he ought to do.
But do not worry,
I take care.
In the ground
And that's why,
my dear friends of art,
I am thrilled and proud
of the show this evening.
This exhibition's been curated
like no other.
It gives the beautiful phrase
"Only art can save us"
an entirely new dimension.
Did I seem really cheesy?
You're trying to seek out what is real,
in order to findwhat's beneath it all.
That's not cheesy.
Come with me.
It's wonderful.
Hey! Don't touch that!
This is mine. What's it doing here?
Because it's art.
Says who?
If Ina says that it is art,
then it is art.
- Do you understand?
- No.
And there it is.
Jacob Hostetler.
Here's the artist. Meet the collector.
Rufus von Preppy.
We collect art from everyday life.
Jacob is Amish.
Oh wow. Now we're talking.
How long have you been Amish?
- Since I was born.
- Wow!
I like that.
So authentic.
I want your work.
But that can't be.
It's sold. For 25,000.
I walk this path alone
My open wounds, I take them with me
- I want a word...
- Jacob!
...and then a new place...
You wanna go
to Green Week or something?
And the walls collapse
With my ego buried beneath...
I just thought
you wanted to be more organic,
and I've never been to it.
But that is all I will take with me...
Good morning, artist.
Good morning, Ina.
I should've asked you about
your poster board before I showed it.
Are you coming back?
I feel like a lost boy
But not from Neverland
Everyone recognizes me
Even if no one knows me
The last bridge of stone
Why did I tear it down?
Who am I supposed to be?
Hard all alone
Drone shot from above
It expands in slow-mo
I won and lost...
...they walk across a vast countryside,
the friendly wink of a stranger,
and an angel shall take him by the hand.
"September 7th, 500 euros."
"Hello, son. October's rent.
Kisses, your dad."
"October 23rd, 100 euros."
"Although it's fall, buy an Italian ice."
"December the 5th, 1,200 euros."
"Christmas is coming."
"Hope you come home."
- "Kisses, Father Christmas."
- Can you remove the amounts?
I'm sorry.
I wanted to come, but I overslept.
Your entire life
you've woken up at sunrise,
but oversleep the day of my dad's funeral?
You know what?
You are a really shitty friend.
- Alf.
- No, don't "Alf."
- Bo was there, you understand?
- I was there.
I'm so utterly sorry.
Ina sold my picture
for a large amount of money,
and so we partied and got drunk,
and I have a... I have a...
a headache.
- Headache?
- Yes.
Man, what the hell
is wrong with you, Amish guy?
You... You said that
Rumspringa is party time.
Yeah, one big-ass party, man!
And the best time for a party
is the day of my father's funeral!
Exactly. Exactly what I meant.
Alf, I have a great sum of money
I want to give you.
Jacob, are you a fucking idiot?
Why would I take your money from you, man?
Because your daadi isn't alive anymore,
so who's going to take care of you?
Definitely not you.
At least I'm doing things!
You spend your time with me purely
so you don't have to go to your exam
so you don't have to get
your life started.
Get the fuck out.
Whoa, look at that ride there.
I'll be back.
I'm Jacob Hostetler from Amish country.
Ah. Peter Hochstedtler
from the fatherland.
Hostetler, Hochstedtler.
Think we might be related, hmm?
You really took your time though.
Shall we?
Fuck you, dude.
What a fuckin' asshole.
I was so ashamed of myself
about the funeral.
I just drove right off.
And this is the original leather.
How did he keep it in such good condition?
It is the most precious thing he has.
And what's the most precious thing
that you have?
I don't know.
Ah, well, when I was your age,
I certainly didn't know
any of that stuff either.
Lots of... Lots of people are as old
as me, and they don't know either.
It can happen to anyone.
When I wasn't sure
if I was going to stay with God or
if I would remain forever on,
mm... Rum... Rumspringa,
I consulted many, many people
trying to find out which path is for me.
Do you know who had the answer to that?
No one.
I had to figure it out all by myself.
And then,
and then came my Hannah.
Hannah was the answer to everything.
She, she... She was the...
She is the most precious thing I have.
She and our eight spoiled children.
How and where I wanted
to live didn't matter,
as long as it was with her.
You're the only person
who can determine what's right for you.
Whether that way is Amish,
English, or Mennonite.
Not as a Mennonite.
And how come?
Well, what's so wrong about the way
we choose to live around here?
Can you let your beards grow out?
Yes, in Germany we're allowed to do that.
I don't really understand it, but we...
but we...
There's a lot about the Amish Ordnung
that I don't understand.
Yeah, me neither.
I mean, take the zippers, for example.
They make life so much simpler, mm?
Yeah, I've seen that.
Have you already found
what you're looking for?
I want to find my roots.
Jakob Hochstedtler,
your forefather from the fatherland.
H-Hey, so did your daadi tell you to
go find the empty page in the fatherland?
The old parental trick.
your daadi of course meant well by you.
You're in the process of searching.
He wanted you to have
your own set of experiences.
You know...'re not gonna find
all of life's answers in here.
What you want to do with your life
is something only you can determine,
even as an Amish person.
Is there wood you can lend me?
- Yeah, that would be dope. Hey!
- Yeah.
Good day.
We just rented your mattress
to someone else.
- Where's Alf?
- He went to the airport.
But the exam!
He didn't go to it.
Because of your fuck-up with the funeral.
Even I was there.
Come on!
Ticket, please.
And your ID, as well.
Oh wow!
So romantic! Is he about
to propose to a woman now?
Take the horse, please.
No, I think he's here for me.
Oh, I'm sorry. Or a man, of course.
Alf, Alf, wait there!
Alf, wait!
- Well, what's all this, then?
- I built a new model for you.
For your exam.
Smart architecture,
designed by English, made byAmish.
I'm not doing the exam.
I'm housesitting in Sicily now, alone.
Well, what is it?
You wanted me to show commitment.
Here you go.
Alf, you have to finish
your college degree.
I was only in school for eight years,
and look how incapable I am.
Hmm. I think you get along fine.
I was in a library.
I wanted to read all the books,
but I didn't know which to read first.
I needed your app.
Ticket, please.
Dear passengers,
the Alitalia flight...
Let's go. Palermo has begun to board.
Please make your way to the gate.
Dear passengers...
You're my target group?
For sure.
Did you total my Benzo?
You homesick or something?
Why the horse?
I ran out of gasoline on the way.
- Yeah! Yeah!
- Whoo!
In wide receiving
The moment you see it
Something that's always been there
Dear Daadi, dear Maem.
Perhaps don't tell this to the bishop,
but here is my decision.
I'm staying in Berlin and continuing
my Rumspringa a while longer.
I'm telling you, I'm positivelytrippin'.
I believe that's supposed
to mean that I'm all right and I feel good
because I've discovered
that the best invention in life
is actually life itself.
There's quite a lot
of Rumspringa to be done in Berlin.
Tell that to the bishop, or perhaps not,
but I feel I'm doing well.
I'm finally figuring out who I am
and what I'm capable of doing.
It would be a shame to have access
to all this and let it pass me by.
I'm not sure
when I'll come home to Pennsylvania
because the people I've met here
could use the help and guidance
of an Amish person...
...and that makes me feel good.
I miss you, and I know
I'll see you again one day.
Love, Jacob,
your faraway son.
Am I seeing you
The moment you see it
Something that's always been there
And you can see it
Between buildings of the centuries
Where the people scream in cars
I'll be there when you call, brother
I'm ready when you call
Even twisted on the radio nob
And my night hours are your days
I will be wide awake, lover
I'll be as adventurous as I can
Still I bear the full weight
Even if I don't know
How to always feel
I'll be there when you call, darling
We got something we might need
We got something we might need
We got something we might need
I got something you might need
I got something you might need
You see something I should see
You see something I should see