Run (2020) Movie Script

Starting compressions.
Let me get it attached.
One, two, three. Breathe.
Stand by and...
One, two, three. Breathe.
Yeah, we're good.
One, two, three. Breathe.
One, two, three. Breathe.
Come on, baby. Come on.
Still nothing.
Come on.
Will she be okay?
Who's going to tell him
to brush his teeth
before breakfast now?
Or go to Costco
to buy the right Nivea?
I'm sorry.
I know there's thousands
of parents
every year
who go through this.
I can do this.
I'm strong.
I hope.
Thank you for sharing, Cheryl.
This can be so challenging.
Especially for parents like us
who spend more time
with their children than most.
But if I remember correctly,
there's actually
one other parent here
going through the same thing.
How do you feel?
How do I feel about...
Chloe's going to college
in a few months.
How do you feel?
Come on, Diane.
You can be honest with us.
Uh, first of all,
we haven't heard back yet from colleges,
so nothing's confirmed.
But as far as how I feel?
I've been taking care
of Chloe for 17 years
and in all that time,
I haven't traveled,
gone out, or dated.
And she's going somewhere
where she gets to do
all of that and more.
So, yeah,
I feel goddamn great.
But what about...
I mean, Chloe is...
Faced more emotional
and physical challenges
from the moment she was born
than most adults ever will?
Chloe is the most
capable person I know.
If there's someone
to not worry about,
it's her.
See whereas
before it was important.
It's how you know
I did my Lit homework.
- Yes, very good.
- Mmm-hmm.
Just a little over.
- Lift up.
- Mom!
Thank you.
...five, six...
Seven, eight,
and exhale.
Now, switch.
So, morning,
we will do an hour and 30 in Physics
and maybe only 45 in Lit,
since I just gave you
a few long chapters.
And then,
second half of the day,
you can move on to Bio.
- Cool?
- Cool.
Hey, Chloe. Mail's here.
Jesus, Chloe.
Inhaler, please.
I'm fine.
I told you.
If there's
even one college letter,
I will close my eyes
and deliver it
straight to you.
Get back to work, Chloe.
I beat my record
on the arm bike today.
- You did?
- I did.
- Hmm.
- Dangerously low.
Sixty-one is barely low.
Damn it.
At University of Washington,
be boundless.
Located near
downtown Seattle
on the shores of
the Union and Portage Bay...
When's the last time
we saw a movie?
I don't know.
What's wrong with it?
I don't know.
Wiring, maybe?
If I had an iPhone,
I could probably tell you,
but, you know...
Yeah, yeah,
you'll figure it out.
- Night, Mom.
- Good night, baby.
Can you smile
for the camera?
Look up here.
Well, do you like your cake?
You do, don't you?
- Can Mommy have some?
- Hmm?
Can you say, "Hi, Mommy"?
Let Mommy have a bite.
Hi, Chloe.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hi, Doctor Qasabian.
Could... I'm sorry,
could you give me one second?
I have terrible reception
in the house.
Just let me step outside.
By the way,
Doctor Qasabian called earlier.
Apparently, the company
that makes Zocor went under.
- Oh.
- It's crazy, right?
Anyway, she wrote a new
prescription to replace it
and I picked it up today.
What's wrong?
I thought this was yours?
Why would you think that?
I was looking
for the chocolates this afternoon.
In the Kroger bag.
Had your name on it.
I adjust your dinner
so you can have some.
More than that is bad.
- You know that.
- I know. I'm sorry.
Principal Nguyen called.
Asked if I could
sub Calculus tomorrow.
I'm gonna leave your work
on the table, okay?
Your name was on
the prescription.
My name was on the receipt.
- But it was looped...
- Looped around the side.
Yeah, that's where
they put the receipt.
Good night.
Come on.
Is that you?
- Oh!
- Jesus!
Sweetheart, I told you,
if it's from a college,
you will open it.
You done with Bio?
Oh, just finishing up.
How was subbing?
I'm gonna get my stuff.
You figured it out.
Oh. Yeah.
Just like you said.
Yeah, just like I said.
Night, Mom. Love you.
Love you too, sweet tooth.
That's way too long!
How do you suppose...
No, no, no. I am looking
at the agreement right now
and nowhere does it say that
you can keep a customer
in the dark for that long.
Well, even if I...
No, no, no.
Please do not put me on hold.
I had to wait for 20 minutes
just to talk to you.
Is this how you treat
everyone who calls?
It's customer service.
Yes, I am still here.
So, there's nothing
you can do, then?
And you'll let me know...
Yeah, fine. Goodbye.
How long
will it be down for?
Oh, I don't know.
Tomorrow, next week.
The window they gave
was till the end of the month.
How did you know
that was about the Internet?
I used the computer last night.
While you were asleep.
What were you looking up?
Why my printer
keeps dying.
I was trying to fix
the module board,
but it might just need
a better nozzle.
- Does it?
- I don't know.
There wasn't Internet.
Pasco Pharmacy.
Hi, uh, I was wondering
if you could look up
a medication for me.
It's called Trigoxin.
It's spelled...
Diane, is that you?
Just recognized the number you're...
Thank you for calling 411.
Your phone's
directory assistance.
To begin,
say a city and state
like Derry, Maine...
Seattle, Washington.
Did you say, "Seattle, Washington"?
I'm sorry.
I didn't get that.
Now say the name of
the business you want.
If you don't know the name
of the business,
tell me the type of business
you're looking for.
Like "Pizza" or...
When you hear
the one you want,
repeat the number
of the listing.
Number one.
Evercreek Pharmacy...
Number one.
Evercreek Pharmacy.
2180 Southwest Barton Street,
Seattle, Washington.
If that's correct,
say "connect me."
Connect me.
Okay, I'll connect you.
Remember, once the line rings,
a 99-cent service charge
will be added to your next bill.
Ringing now.
Hello, who's this?
Hello, um, hi.
You don't know me,
and this is gonna sound very strange.
Is this a sales call?
No, I'm not selling anything.
You're one of those donation people, then?
How many times do I have to tell you
to take my number off the list?
No. No donations.
I'm not a charity.
My name is Chloe Sherman.
- I'm 17 years old and I live in...
- Hold on. Baby?
Baby, I see you
peekin' through the window.
Listen, I told you.
Paola is just a friend.
No, no, no.
Where you goin'?
So, you just
dialed a random number?
I don't have Internet
or a cell phone
and I need your help with
a very urgent Google search.
Ask your parents.
Tell you what, amorcito,
next time Paola
even tries to hug me,
I'mma punch her in the face.
I'm an orphan.
No, no, no,
where are you going? Wait!
Listen, I'm putting out
a goddamn fire here.
I really don't have time
to help some stranger.
Please, it'll only
take a minute.
You don't know
who I'm dealing with, okay?
This girl straight up refuses
to listen to logic!
I was just kidding, please.
She'll come around.
Oh, 'cause you know her
so well?
Because you sound
like a really...
and reasonable guy.
That's 'cause I'm a really
and reasonable guy.
And clearly, Paola couldn't
keep her hands off you.
She'll be back.
What the hell
you need so badly?
I need you to open up Google
and look up
the word "Trigoxin."
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on, hold on.
This is the weirdest thing
I've ever done.
Clicking Google...
All right, what was it again?
Uh... Got it.
"Trigoxin is a brand name drug
"that treats
severe heart conditions"
atrial fibrillation,"
"flutter, or heart failure."
Jesus, this is intense.
Can you click on "Images"?
Is this what you take?
Yes, please just tell me
what you see.
Uh, pills, just lots of pills.
Do they all look the same?
Yeah, they're identical.
What color are they?
That's all you wanted to know?
Trigoxin, little red pill.
What the hell are you?
When's the last time
we saw a movie?
What do you wanna see?
Come on,
I don't want to miss trailers!
I don't know.
I just don't wanna miss
the trailers.
I just wish this guy
would move.
Like, go faster, you know?
being in a sleepy town
makes things challenging.
I'm not waiting on you.
We still have to get candy...
Oh, great.
Look how good I am.
I need to pee.
Just tell me what I miss.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I need to get past.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
there's three pills
and you want
to take them with food.
Excuse me.
I'm very sorry
to bother you
but I was hoping
you'd be so kind
and let me cut in line?
What? No.
I've been waiting here...
Yeah, of course.
- Go ahead.
- Thank you.
Sorry, everyone,
cutting through.
I'm paralyzed.
Feel bad for me.
Hey, Mrs. Bates.
Oh, my goodness.
Chloe, are you okay?
Yeah, totally fine.
Actually, I'm dealing
with a tiny emergency
right now
and I could use your help.
Of course, honey.
What do you need?
What's the name of this pill?
My mom came here last week.
She got these pills.
I need to know the name
of the medication.
- That's all you need to know?
- Yes.
Next time,
you wait your turn, okay?
Yes, Mrs. Bates.
It shouldn't be too hard though,
as long as it's under
your name.
They're under my mom's.
I'm sorry, Chloe.
But if they're under
Diane's name,
- I really can't help you.
- Why?
Because it's confidential, meaning...
I know what confidential
means, Mrs. Bates!
I'm confused though,
Tell me again,
why can't you ask your mom
about these pills?
It's a game.
A game?
What kind of game?
A scavenger hunt.
Yes, yes! 100% yes.
Mom and I love
scavenger hunts.
So many memories
of scavenging and hunting and...
Anyway, the next clue
is about the medication Mom takes
and I don't think
she expected me to come here
which is why
I really need you to help me win.
I love games.
But confidential
is confidential.
I'm sorry, honey.
I really wanna help you,
but I can't
if they're all under...
I think
it's a trick question.
- Why?
- Because your mom
doesn't get these
prescribed for herself.
Yes, she does.
I saw them.
She had them in her bag
and her name...
She gets them
for your dog.
We share a pharmacy
with the vet next door.
The answer
you're looking for
is Ridocaine.
Green pill, gray cap.
- It's dog medicine.
- Uh-huh.
Says it's a "muscle relaxant"
"prescribed to reduce canine
leg pain or leg discomfort"
"caused by sunburns,
bites, or cuts."
And what would happen
if you gave a human being
What kind of a question
is that?
You guys are serious
about games.
What would happen?
I... I suppose,
your legs could go numb.
What happened?
What happened to you?
Are you okay?
What did you do?
What did you say?
She just started
breathing like that.
No. No.
Chloe. Look at me.
You're gonna be okay.
- Ice bucket.
- On it.
Please! Will you please
give us some space?
Back off!
It's gonna be okay.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
You're okay.
It's okay.
I've got you.
I've got you, sweet girl.
Hey, Kathy, it's me.
Do you have a sec?
I wanted to apologize
for that whole scene today.
You know,
her doctor switched her
to that new medication
a few days ago
and it's just totally
messed with her head.
I appreciate that, Kathy.
I'm trying.
Well, anyway, I know
she asked you a few questions
about another medication
and I was just hoping
you could remind her
there's no way
I would ever give her
a drug that was meant
for animals.
I was wondering
if you could give her a call
and assure her that
even if she was taking
that medication...
I just need you to tell her
that it's perfectly safe.
Are you there, Mom?
I just wanna talk.
Can we do that?
I'm sure there's a good
explanation for everything.
Can we just talk
and you can tell me?
Help... Help...
What happened?
- Okay.
- She saw me. She saw me.
She saw me.
Wait here.
Tom, is she bleeding?
Is she okay?
- Is she okay?
- Diane, I'm sorry.
Chloe just told me
something that...
I don't give a shit
what she told you, Tom!
Is she hurt?
- Is she hurt?
- She said that you hurt her.
She said I hurt her?
She told you
I hurt my own daughter?
The doctor changed her
medication four days ago
and it has messed
with her head.
I just came
from the hospital.
She doesn't know
what she's saying.
Look, Ms. Sherman,
I'm sure you're right,
but she just looks
really bad.
Really bad?
What happened to her?
Look, I think it's best
right now if we just...
Wait a second.
I'm supposed to believe
that my daughter...
My young daughter
was found by you,
an adult man,
bleeding or bruised
from God knows what
and now,
you won't let me talk to her?
Let's see
what they think, hmm?
I don't think
there's reception.
How long have you
known me, Tom?
How many diseases
and disorders
do you think
I've had to deal with?
How about people like you?
Normal, healthy people,
who think they're helping
when they're actually
just making it worse?
You wanna help?
Then believe a mother
when she tells you
her child is sick!
Will you please, please,
I am begging you...
Let me take her home.
I just... I can't.
It's okay.
Would it be all right
if I followed you both to the hospital?
Yes, absolutely.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Hospital or police?
I'll drive really slow.
Thank you.
Yeah, of course.
Oh, and if any of those boxes
fall down or...
Will she be okay?
What are you doing?
- You're not my real mom?
- Yes. Yes, I am.
I am.
I'm your mom.
- Then who are they?
- No one.
They don't matter to us.
You took me from them.
I saved you from them!
no one in the universe
loves their kid more than I do.
Everything I do,
everything is for you, Chloe.
Was I ever actually sick?
Tell me one time
I wasn't a good mom to you.
Tell me one time, huh?
Could I walk?
My heart beat normal?
I... I wasn't covered
in rashes?
You were sick.
You know how many times
I had to take you to the hospital?
- You poisoned me.
- Shh!
I protected you.
We start over.
We forget all of this.
Just like it used to be.
He's fine.
He's just sleeping.
Everything I did...
Was for you, Chloe.
Honey, will you take my hand?
You didn't do this for me.
That's not true.
You did this for you.
That is not true.
What are you doing?
Mom, what are you doing?
Mom, please.
Why do you have that, Mom?
Mom? Mom,
what are you doing?
Mom? Mom!
What are you doing?
Please don't do
something bad.
Please, Mom!
Please, Mom!
Mom! Please...
No! No!
Mom, no!
Mom, please, no!
Mom, please!
I don't wanna die!
Hey! Hey!
Do not say that!
I would never...
Please, Mom!
Sweetheart, open the door.
You may not
understand this now,
but I am doing
what I know is right for you.
So, please,
don't be scared, and don't cry.
I am not going to hurt you.
This is gonna make you
forget all of this.
And when you wake up,
I'll be right by your side.
And you'll be my baby.
Please open the door.
You need me.
No! No!
No! No! No!
No! No, no...
No, no! My God, no!
I'm sorry. You said
she was stabilized.
She is.
But attempted suicide as an adolescent
immediately categorizes her
as a high-risk patient.
A mental health physician
needs to evaluate Chloe
and assess the likelihood
of another incident.
When will that happen?
When she can talk again.
Which, um, reminds me
to ask you.
It says here that, uh,
Chloe's primary doctor
has changed, uh,
more than a dozen times
in the last six years...
Hey, what's up?
You wanna write something?
I actually can't
let you use this.
It's a safety thing.
This could work.
Try it slowly.
Code Blue. 507 West.
Patient in critical condition.
I'll be right back.
Code Blue. 507 West.
Patient in critical condition.
It's been stuck in my head
all night, what you said.
I know that I've scared you.
And I know that I've hurt you.
But I promise
I will spend every minute
of our lives
making sure you never
feel that way again.
And you were right.
I do need you.
And you know, deep down...
You need me too.
You've always needed me.
I'm your mom.
Did someone
just move the patient
from 511 West
during the Code Blue?
Uh, I don't think so.
Then why is her bed...
Security to South Wing.
All security
to South Wing immediately.
Need you.
You will.
Put the gun down!
We are going home!
- How you doin', Chloe?
- Same as last month. You?
- Same as last decade.
- Need help?
I'm good.
My walk's gotten better.
Trainer says it may improve,
or it may not.
But I'm happy either way.
Oh, Annie's learning
how to walk too.
Still looks like Godzilla
when she's doing it, but, you know,
it's coming along.
She got to hang out with all her
grandparents over Christmas.
I think she likes mine more.
Ara's good.
Still kinda hates his job,
but we're figuring that out.
Oh, I got to put legs
on a 7-year-old last week.
That was awesome.
It was this adorable
little boy named Kay.
And it was
his first pair of legs,
which is my favorite thing
to do, you know?
I know I've told you
that giving someone
their first prosthetics...
It's good to see you, Mom.
But I think it's time
for me to go.
I love you, Mom.
Now open wide.