Run for Cover (1955) Movie Script

Run for cover
Run for cover, I-ay
Head for the hills
Hit the trail
When trouble's on the run
Run for cover
Don't find yourself
Locked in jail
For something
You ain't done
Run for cover
Run for cover
Run for cover
If your love has been blessed
With an angel face
But the devil
Has roped her soul
Better ride for the plains
And the open space
And forget every kiss
You stole
Run for cover
Run for cover
I-ay, I-ay
Men who are slow on the draw
When bullets start to fly
Run for cover
Men who have broken the law
But still don't wanna die
Run for cover
Run for cover
Run for cover, I-ay
Though a man thinks he's born
With a hero's heart
He's afraid
When he's on his own
Just a fool takes a chance
In a hero's part
When he's facing
The odds alone
You must run for your life
Like the wind
To live another day
Run for cover
Run for cover
Run for cover
Run for cover
(Horse nickers)
Take it easy, mister.
You want to announce yourself
When you come up
behind somebody.
Didn't know there was anybody
in here.
You see my tracks?
Wasn't looking for any.
Just came to water my horse.
Go ahead.
I know most of the people
around here,
And they're friendly.
So am I.
But I don't like surprises.
You might have shot me
for doing nothing at all.
Wouldn't have done you
much good to be sorry
If you'd plugged me.
How old are you?
Well, let's put it this way.
You stand a whole lot
better chance
Of being able to vote someday
Now that you've learned
not to sneak up on people.
I can take care of myself.
I don't need no lessons
from you or anybody else.
All right.
All right what?
You're not sore
because I pointed a gun at you.
You're sore
because you got scared.
Anybody who don't get scared
Looking down the wrong end of
a gun barrel ain't very bright.
But if you wanna feel
like Billy the Kid
And get tough about it,
go ahead.
That is, unless you happen
to be Billy the Kid.
In which case,
I withdraw my offer.
No, I ain't Billy the Kid.
I didn't think you were.
We wouldn't be
standing here talking.
My name's Dow.
Matthew Dow.
Davey Bishop.
Glad to know you, Davey.
I guess I was acting
like a kid at that.
Don't know when you got
a better right.
20, huh?
Yes, sir.
Where you headed?
just over the pass.
We can ride together.
You going there?
Going that way.
Not much doing there.
You know somebody
in Madison?
Can't figure
why'd anybody
Wanna go to
a dead place like that
Unless they had to.
You have to?
I live there.
What do you do
for a living?
Most anything
that comes up.
Odd jobs, mostly.
Look like you'd make
a good ranch hand.
$20 a month and keep?
No, thanks.
Been around much?
That's for me. I'm gonna
light outta here pretty soon.
See what's going on
in the rest of the world.
Lookin' for excitement, huh?
Sure, why not?
No reason. Felt the same way
myself when I was your age.
(Train whistle blows)
Just about makes it
every time.
Got held up last month.
Right along here
when she was barely moving.
Lost all the payroll money.
Thought you said nothing ever
happened around here.
That sure lit the fuse.
Had posses out
all over the place.
Never did find 'em.
You ask me, the sheriff
wasn't too anxious to.
Talk was, it might have been
the Gentry gang.
There's two fellas up ahead,
right at that same spot.
We can handle
two of 'em.
If they're holdup men,
they won't be alone.
There'll be plenty of others
hiding around the brush
Where they can
throw down on us.
I only see two.
That hawk's been
following me all day.
In case you thought
I didn't draw on you
'Cause I couldn't
handle a gun...
That's the signal. That's what
they did the last time.
Sometimes it don't matter
so much how fast you are.
It's where you put
the first bullet that counts.
Put that gun down,
or they'll kill us.
I got a wife and family.
I don't wanna get killed
for somebody else's money,
No matter how much it is.
Holy smokes.
How do you like that?
They thought we were bandits.
(Train whistle blows)
How far is it to town?
'Bout ten miles.
We'd better get there quick.
Awful lotta money
to have dumped into your lap.
Man wouldn't have to work
the rest of his life.
Let's get going.
You carry it.
I'll follow you.
What's the matter?
Don't you trust me?
Like you said,
that's an awful lot of money.
Since you brought it up,
how do I know
You won't plug me in the back
and make off with it yourself?
One of us
has to take that chance.
What are you trying...
Where's the sheriff?
Over in his office, I guess.
We got held up.
Hey, Scottie!
The whole gang
woulda jumped us.
There wasn't anything else
we could do.
Round up some horses.
What happened?
Somebody held up
the train again.
Anybody hurt?
No, we didn't
give 'em a chance this time.
Soon as we seen they had us,
we... well, we threw out the money
And told Sam
to pour on the coal.
How many of them
was there?
We couldn't tell
for sure.
When the first two
fired on us,
I knocked Larry back
out of the way.
Did you get
a good look at 'em?
One of 'em
was riding a pinto.
I didn't stare
too hard.
Last time,
they give me this
Just for being a little slow
getting my hands up.
Let's grab a rifle, boys!
We gonna ride around
in circles again,
Like we did last time?
No, we ain't. They had
a bigger start before.
This time's
gonna be different.
Better be.
There they are, boys.
Where's the rest
of 'em?
Maybe they split up.
Why would they
be riding toward town?
I don't know
what tricks they're up to,
But one of 'em's
riding on a pinto.
Looks like that one
in front's
Got a money bag
tied to his saddle.
Yes, sir.
That's them, all right.
Pass the word. Don't fire
until I give the signal.
I don't wanna scare 'em off
before they get into range.
Ain't you gonna give 'em
a chance to give up?
They're gonna get
the same chance
The train crew got
last time.
Hey, son! Son!
This one's
still alive.
Grab him, boys!
Here's his gun.
Drag him up.
I told you we'd get 'em
this time.
Wait, you got us wrong.
Here's the money!
We were bringing it
to town.
The messenger threw it
off the train.
He threw it off, all right.
After you took a shot at him.
Why would we be bringing
the money into town
If we were holdup men?
You probably got a hideout
around here, that's why.
Get him up to that tree!
Come on!
What kind of a sheriff
are you?
Hanging a man
without a trial?
We got you and the money.
That's good enough for me.
Come on!
Wait a minute!
The other one
is Davey Bishop.
Davey Bishop?
Is he dead?
No, he's still breathing,
but that's about all.
He's in pretty bad shape.
Well, uh... well...
Take him over
to Swenson's place.
We'll send a doc out
from town.
I'll ride ahead
and get him.
All right, come on!
Get him into town!
All right, boys.
Now get ahold of
them baggage men.
They're waitin' inside.
Now we'll find out
whose story holds water.
I'm just as anxious
as you are.
That's him.
That's one of 'em.
What did you tell
these people?
Let me hear
what you said to them.
Well, I told them
what happened.
All right,
let's hear it again.
Just exactly
what did happen?
Go on.
Like I said, we were
right near the top of the grade,
Where we got held up before,
and we heard these shots.
Two shots.
Did they come at you?
We figured
that was a signal.
What made you
figure that?
Last time...
Never mind about last time.
Did we make
any move at you?
I wasn't taking no chances.
Tell the truth!
Did we or didn't we?
Maybe we did
act a little hasty.
You sure did.
Then you made up
a great big story about it.
And then these butchers
did the rest.
Now, just a minute,
Where'd they take the kid?
Swenson's farm.
Couple miles south of town.
You ain't told us what you was
doin' here to begin with.
I was comin' in
to look your town over
To see if it was the kinda place
I'd wanna live in.
Well, you sure answered
that question.
Here's your gun.
It'd be a good idea
if you wore yours that way.
Mister, we...
We owe you
an apology.
I'll tell the boy.
He'll be real touched.
Well, how was I to know
from what these two fellas...
We didn't ask you
to shoot nobody down
Without giving 'em
a chance.
You'd think I done it
all by myself.
You was there, too.
All of you.
You were wearin'
the badge.
(Rooster crows)
I'm looking
for Davey Bishop.
They said
they were gonna bring him here.
This is the Swenson place,
isn't it?
It is.
I... I was with him
when the law jumped him.
The sheriff just admitted
he made a mistake.
The boy's here,
isn't he?
The doctor's
just with him.
One moment, please.
Your name Swenson?
Helga Swenson.
You will come in?
Thank you.
How is he?
You hurt, too?
Oh, it's nothing.
A crease.
A crease.
Just the skin.
What about Davey?
He's in here.
That's all I can do
for him.
How is he?
Three bullet holes
and a leg all busted up.
Is he gonna make it?
I can't work miracles.
If he's still alive tomorrow,
I'll take a look at him.
What about his family?
They been told?
His parents died
years back.
He's been a ward of the town
since, you might say,
Living with one family
or the other.
Too bad.
He was a nice kid.
Kinda wild,
but he'd got over it.
You talk
like he was dead already.
Mister, I can't
work miracles.
I know.
You said that.
This is my father, mister...
Oh, Dow.
Matthew Dow.
I'm pleased
to know you.
Say, do you mind if
I hang around here awhile,
Kinda look after him?
You're welcome to.
There's work to do.
Farms do not run themselves.
In a minute, father.
In the old country,
Children do not say
"In a minute"
When the father speaks.
That's why I like America.
Sit down.
I'll fix your head.
That's all right.
Yes, I know.
It's just a crease?
Never mind with any of that.
Just a little water will do.
You sit here.
How did this happen,
That they shoot at you
and the other?
'Cause you got
a sheriff in this town
Who ought to be
behind a butcher's counter.
I don't understand if
you've done nothing wrong.
He didn't wait to find out.
They just blasted away.
You lucky they didn't hurt you
more badly, too.
I'd made the boy
ride up in front.
And, eh, you feel
sort of responsible?
That's part of it.
Thank you.
Perhaps there's more?
Yes, there's more.
My boy had lived to be
just about his age.
This doesn't look good.
Kid's gonna die,
he should be able to wake up
And see a friendly face.
Have somebody around
when he wakes up scared.
If you need anything,
I'm in here.
Here's your breakfast.
He's burning up.
Where's that doctor?
He said he'd be here today.
It's only 7:00.
Listen, you eat your breakfast
before it gets cold.
I'll do this.
You've been very nice.
And thanks
for this, too.
You eat now.
The doc says Davey's
coming along fine.
He'll make it.
We're getting up a kitty
to pay the doc.
The boys was wonderin' if there
was anything else they could do.
Have they got
any books in town?
I guess
I could round some up.
But I never figured Davey
for much of a reader.
Well, maybe he never had
so much time before.
I'll see what I can do.
He ate everything.
Anybody who doesn't
like your cooking
Doesn't want to get well.
He's all right.
He went right back to sleep.
Well, then I'll... I'll
finish this.
You said the other night
that you had a son.
Died ten years ago.
Do you have a wife, too?
She divorced me.
She must have been bad.
Just hated the sight of me.
That's hard to understand.
She did very well with it.
Does it hurt you
to talk about it?
Not anymore.
You mind
if I ask you something?
This is as far
as our ticket would take us.
Well, you were
going to ask that.
Weren't you?
What two Swedes are doing
in a place like this?
That's right.
We didn't know
we were coming here.
My father has an uncle
who lives in California,
And he used to write us
about his place.
So we decided
that's where we wanted to go,
But we didn't know
the country was so big.
So when we got this far
on the train,
We had no more money.
So here we are.
My father says that
when we make enough money,
We shall go to California
and buy land next to my uncle.
Only it's two years now, and
we still haven't made any money.
How's that?
Well, without help, we cannot
farm enough to make money.
And without money,
we cannot hire anyone to help.
Isn't there something
I can do around here
To kinda work off what
I owe you for all this?
You owe us nothing.
Sure I do.
I haven't got any money...
You are a guest.
Father would think
you had very bad manners
If he heard you
talk like that.
It is late.
Yes, father.
He doesn't think
very much of me.
It isn't you. It's our custom
he's thinking of.
What's the custom?
In Sweden, a girl is not
supposed to be alone with a man
Unless he's...
Well, unless they're...
It's a very silly
custom, anyhow.
Good night.
Good night.
Soon the boy will be
well enough to be moved.
He's still
very weak, father.
He's young.
He will get stronger.
Good morning.
He's sleeping like a baby.
I wanna ask a favor,
Mr. Swenson.
You've been very kind
to Davey and me,
And now that he
won't be needing somebody
To watch over him
every minute,
I was wondering if there isn't
something I can do around here
To kinda pass the time away.
A man gets logy
sitting around all day.
You're right.
It's not good for a man
to stay in the house.
A fella needs exercise.
Without it, the man
has no appetite.
Besides, Helga and you,
I would not let you do it
any other way.
I sure fooled him.
How 'bout it, doc?
When you gonna let me up?
Pretty soon now.
I feel great.
What more do you want?
Enjoy it while you can, son.
Couple of days behind a plow,
And you'll wish you were back
in a nice, soft bed.
When I get outta here,
It won't be to end up
behind a plow.
Best way in the world
to build up your strength.
Great for the legs.
May I see you a minute?
Well, how you doing
with the new batch?
Take a look.
What do they think I am?
"A Romance of Flowers... How
to Grow Them in Your Garden."
"A Young Girl's Dilemma...
Should She Marry for Money,
Or Listen to the Dictates
of Her Heart?"
I forgot to tell you,
these were sent over
With the compliments
of the ladies' sewing circle.
You'll probably get
"Five Little Peppers and
How They Grew in the Morning."
What's the matter?
I just told her that,
That leg isn't going to be
any good to him.
You mean it's going to take
a little while.
It'll never be right.
How bad is it?
Might be able to get around some
after he gets stronger...
Get around some?
He's a kid,
not an old man.
What kind of a doctor are you?
Can't even fix a broken leg.
Not the way
that one was broken.
Why didn't you
say so before?
Why'd you lead him to believe
he was gonna get well?
I wasn't sure
till I took the splints off.
What makes you so sure now?
You were wrong once before.
Not this time.
It's a miracle
he lived at all.
Miracles don't come in pairs.
What does he know about it?
He's been ready
to call in the buzzards
Ever since he got here.
Think nobody ever had
a broken leg before.
(Glass breaking)
My leg!
I can't walk!
Oh, you poor boy.
Get up.
I can't.
Get up!
Matt, leave him alone.
Get out.
Matt, you can't force him.
Why didn't you let me die?
I'd rather be dead.
You're not dead.
So get up.
Grab hold of that.
Pull yourself up.
Leave me alone.
I'll leave you alone,
when you're on your feet.
Get up!
You heard me, get up!
There's nothing wrong
with your arms. Pull!
That's the last time
I wanna see you crawl.
What am I supposed to do,
Carry a chair around with me
the rest of my life?
Lots of fellas live and die
without ever having to find out
How much of a man they are.
You could be as good a man
as anybody in town.
If you are, you'll know it
and take pride in it.
And they'll know it, too.
You all through?
Then you get out.
Get away from me.
You and your big talk.
Get outta here
on your two good legs!
Get out!
You better go help him.
I heard what he said
to you.
He didn't mean it.
You were right,
and he was right.
I shouldn't
have bullied him.
You were only
trying to help.
I was a big help.
Matt! Quick!
How was that?
Fine, son.
Just fine.
Let's see you try
by yourself today.
Come on, cowboy.
How does it feel?
Don't ache as much.
Ever hear of a cowhand
walking when he could ride?
If you've got a horse
and a saddle, you'll get around.
Glad to see you
up and around, Davey.
We all know how you both feel
about what happened.
That's why we're here.
Yes, we realize this town
owes you a debt, Dave,
And as mayor, the folks want me
to do what we can to pay it off.
Now, we're not rich people,
Dave, you know that.
If we were, we'd make
a settlement on you.
We've talked it over
and decided
The next best thing to do
is to give you
The security of a good job
with good pay
As long as you want it.
I'm not asking
for any job.
I'm not asking
for any more handouts.
You shot me up good,
but you didn't kill me.
So from now on, I think
I'll take care of myself.
We were just trying
to make it up to ya, Davey.
Give me back one good leg,
and we'll call it square.
That's the only settlement
I want from any of you.
Maybe you can talk to him.
We know how the kid feels.
He's not a kid.
He's a man.
We've got something
to say to you, too,
If you'd hear us out.
Yes, we figure this town
could do with a new sheriff.
It'll pay $1,000 a year
and all fines.
That's a little high for
a slight scalp wound, isn't it?
This isn't charity.
We need a sheriff.
Why me? You don't know
anything about me.
You were the only one
that kept his head that day.
And we know what you've been
doing for Davey, too.
We've had enough gunslingers
wearing badges.
We figured it's about time
we had a man
With some character
in the job.
I'll take it
on one condition.
That I run the job
and name my own deputies.
I approve.
And you can put lynching down
as part of your past history
And turn all of your nervous
posse-men out to pasture.
Congratulations, sheriff.
Here's your badge.
And a little advance
on your salary.
We've got a room for you
in town, too.
I'll be in tonight.
So you're the new sheriff.
What's that for?
A decent burial.
Where I come from,
all the peace officers
Carry around
their own burial money.
Custom of the country.
Suppose you need
that chamber?
I'm not that fast.
If I haven't hit
what I'm aiming at
By the time I squeeze off
the first five,
I'll be needing a pine box
instead of another bullet.
What did you take the job for
if you're not fast enough?
'Cause you'll be
my deputy.
Remember the time
you drew on that hawk
Down by the railroad tracks?
You hit it.
Oh, well, I can generally hit
what I'm shooting at.
But I'm not likely
to get in the first shot.
You beat me by,
oh, I would say,
A full three seconds.
Yeah, but you said...
Look, the way I figure it
is this.
It doesn't matter how slow I am.
You'll be with me.
Do you really think...
Oh, you don't think
I'd be fool enough
To take this job alone,
do you?
In fact, I am pretty fast.
I used to practice a lot.
Well, start practicing
some more,
'Cause we're in business.
Take care of the horse,
I heard
you and the men outside.
Too bad
this had to come up,
Just when I was getting the hang
of being a dirt farmer.
Perhaps you didn't like it.
I didn't think I would.
At first I was doing it
just to pay my keep.
Then I got kind of
interested in it.
Working the land and getting
something useful out of it.
Most peace I've had
in a long time.
If you feel that way
about it, why...
Too good an offer
to pass up.
Besides, I couldn't go on
living here.
Not with Davey
up and around.
What's going
to become of him?
He's going to be my deputy.
So that's why
you're doing it.
$1,000 a year and fines?
That's reason enough.
And Davey?
He's fast with a gun.
I can use him.
You're a very bad liar.
You're kinda tough
to lie to.
Let's keep it
in the family, huh?
Don't live his life
for him, Matt.
Not even if he were
your own son.
I'm not trying to.
All I wanna do
is give him a chance.
Make him feel like he's doing
a man's job.
You think putting a gun
in his hand
Will cure
what is in his heart?
What do you mean?
The way he talked to them
when they came out here.
I was watching him.
It wasn't just
the anger of the words.
There was a look
in his eyes.
It frightened me.
I've never seen a man
look like that before.
I have.
Did he get over it?
Took him a long time.
There was nobody around
to help him.
Maybe it's better that way,
to do it on your own.
Davey's too young.
I can't cut him loose.
He'd never make it.
He's gotta get over it,
or it's gonna get worse.
It's gonna go
one way or the other.
That's where old Dr. Dow
comes in.
Give him something to do
Before he gets
feeling sorry for himself.
Make him feel
he's still a man.
That's what he needs.
You're awfully sure,
aren't you?
I'll tell father
you're leaving.
Oh, I, uh...
I wanted to say good-bye
to you first.
Now, is there anything
in the Swedish rules
That says
I can't see you in town?
We go in only on Sundays
to go to church.
That's what this town needs,
a church-going sheriff.
Speaking of customs,
we have one here in America.
When a man and woman
like each other,
And they're not gonna see
each other for a while...
Except in church, or with
a lot of people around, they...
We have that custom
in Sweden, too.
I should have taken
one of those store jobs
For all the action
there is around here.
Good afternoon, Matt, Dave.
Mr. Mayor.
Two drunks and one fight
in all this time.
The quieter it is,
the better I like it.
I don't see
where you need me
To help you handle
stuff like that.
Sometimes a deputy
doesn't earn his pay
For months on end.
Comes trouble...
You get caught up
quick and fast.
About the length of time
it takes somebody
To empty a gun at you.
How 'bout change for these,
Yes, sir.
How do you want it?
Fives and tens
will do.
Sure enough, mister.
Pretty good, huh?
That reminds me.
Something I been meaning
to tell you.
Remember when they threw
that money off the train at us?
Most money I've seen
before or since.
Me, too.
Matter of fact,
for a minute there,
When you were picking it up,
I came awful close
to wanting it all for myself.
Darn near drew on you.
Why didn't you?
Just about then you tossed
the money up at me.
That kinda broke it up.
Pretty lucky throw,
wasn't it?
Why you grinnin'
like that?
Did you know
all the time?
Yes, sir.
Mighty good job.
The quieter it is,
the better I like it.
Come here, son.
For you.
Think you can handle it?
I'll have to get
some more cash.
What's wrong
with that?
There isn't enough.
Just give me what you have.
I'm in a hurry.
Take care of him.
Somebody get the doctor.
All right.
Get up.
Get up.
We didn't steal nothin'.
We just come in
to change some bills.
A fella
pulled a gun on us.
Man's got a right
to defend himself.
We'll find out about that
when we get back in town.
Well, you draw pretty good.
Too bad nobody's
gonna see it.
Something else
in there, friend.
$500 that says
you lost my trail.
Another hour, I'd have
made it anyway.
Nobody'll know
the difference.
Nobody but me.
That's a lotta money
to turn down, friend.
Turn around.
Get mounted.
Will Andrews and me
be safe in your town?
You'll go to trial.
(Piano music,
people talking)
What are they celebratin'?
I don't know.
This your idea
of a trial?
What's gonna happen
to me?
You'll get a trial,
just like I said.
I tried, Matt.
Honest I did.
I'm sure you did.
Let me see your gun.
I had it out.
I told them I'd shoot
the first man
That came through the door.
They were drunk.
They didn't pay
any attention to me.
Just kept coming
and I was backing up,
When all of a sudden...
My leg gave out on me.
There was nothing
I could do.
You still had this.
I couldn't just
shoot into a crowd.
Crowds don't lynch people.
That was a mob.
You oughtta know the difference.
Yeah, but this man
was an outlaw.
Wasn't your job
to judge him.
We have courts and juries
for that.
What did you want me to do,
be a hero? Shoot somebody?
Maybe get shot myself?
That was the job, son.
I don't want it, then.
I don't want
any part of it.
What about me?
What happens
when that crazy bunch of drunks
Finds out I'm here?
You won't be here.
By the time they get tired
of telling each other
How brave they are,
You'll be halfway
to the county seat.
I'll turn you over
to the marshal there.
Keep an eye on him.
I'll get some grub together.
How come they let a kid like you
be deputy?
Takes a man
to hold off a mob.
Shut up!
Don't take it out on me,
just 'cause you lost your nerve.
I wasn't
afraid of 'em.
He thinks you were.
He thinks a lot of things.
My partner out there.
He get it quick?
I seen a fellow dangle once
for 20 minutes.
Flopped around
like a fish out of water.
I didn't watch.
I don't blame you.
Ain't a pretty sight.
No matter how they do it.
We better get going.
Sorry I let you down
Another chance?
Sure you want it?
He's your prisoner.
Get him there.
Thanks, Matt.
Don't thank me.
Get him there.
(Music and carousing)
Guess we showed 'em how to treat
outlaws around here.
I believe in law and order.
But there's times you gotta
make exceptions.
They're all alike.
They're big and tough
Until you slip a knot
around their neck.
You're all under arrest.
Look, sheriff,
I know you take
your job serious,
But you're not gonna
put me in no jail.
That's to cut him down with.
Pick it up.
Put your guns on the table.
We didn't hire you
to pull stuff like this.
Tell it to the mayor.
I... I wasn't in on it.
Close up.
Yes, sir.
I hereby sentence you
to be fined
The sum of $5.00 each
for malicious mischief
And another five
for disturbing the peace.
(Bangs gavel)
Court's adjourned.
No hard feelings, Matt.
Sorry I gave you trouble
last night.
Next time I talk up to you,
just bust me over the head.
I'll keep that in mind.
Yeah, here you are, sheriff.
Pretty fair day's work.
That the established price
for lynching?
There ain't
no established price.
No one's ever got arrested
for a thing like that before.
You think I let him off
pretty easy, don't ya?
Well, I wouldn't exactly say
you made an example of him.
Law and order's an awful lot
like hard liquor.
Too big a dose the first time
Is liable to put a man
off of it for life.
He gotta get
used to it, gradual.
Maybe that isn't what it says
in Blackstone,
But he didn't
live out west.
Maybe you got a point.
This still belongs to you.
You can do an awful lot
with $70.
You do it.
Where's the sheriff?
Judge is giving him
a lecture.
He's sure getting an earful!
Get over to Doc Ridgeway's.
They just brought Davey in.
What happened to him?
I don't know.
Somebody found him on the trail,
a couple of miles out.
Hurt bad?
Leg again.
(Door closes)
Gives me a perfect record.
You handed two men over to me,
And I couldn't hold
either of them.
How'd it happen?
We were crossing a stream.
Gotten off to fill my canteen,
and he asked for a drink.
When I gave it to him,
He brought he handcuffs
down on my head.
I saw it coming, but
I couldn't get out of the way.
You shouldn't have
let me do it.
Just trying to show you
I wasn't yellow.
I never thought you were.
That whole job is a phony.
I'm no deputy and never was.
Good for wrapping packages
behind a counter,
And that's all.
We'll talk about that later.
Nothing to talk about.
I'm through trying
to fool myself.
Can't let you go on
doing it, either.
If that job's still open,
I'm gonna take it.
I've given him some pills.
If you two will quit gabbing,
he oughta get some rest.
He's right.
Get some rest.
Wearing a star ain't all
it's cracked up to be, anyway.
Oh, yes.
Papa is just fine.
Here he comes.
Dave isn't with him?
It'll take the doc time
to do the stitching.
Matt, how is he?
He'll be all right.
Just a little knock on the head.
The other one got away?
I told you we shoulda
hung 'em both.
Old Doctor Dow,
sees all, knows all.
I certainly
fixed things up fine.
It wasn't your fault.
Nobody else's.
I thought it was like
the first time
You get thrown from a bronc.
You gotta get right up
on his back again
Or the chances are,
you never will.
Didn't work out that way.
You were right all along.
You can't live
somebody's life for them.
Maybe you feel free
now to...
Well, to start living
your own life now.
Maybe it's about time I did.
As a matter of fact,
I've been thinking
This'd be a pretty good town
to live in for a long time.
I thought you were staying
only because of Davey.
I was at first.
And then I got to figuring that
with $1,000 a year and fines
A man could do all right
for himself.
Well, I-I'd better
be going now.
I have some shopping to do.
I know I shouldn't even
be thinking this.
And this is certainly
not the time or the place
To talk about it.
There should be moonlight,
And I should be able
to say it a lot better...
I'd like very much
to marry you.
I'm not very good at...
Well, if that's what you were
going to ask me.
That's what I was
gonna ask you.
You better speak
to my father.
He's very old-fashioned
about those things.
Bring him on.
Be patient with him.
He's not used to the ways
of this country.
We'll get along.
What is the matter with you?
There's only one move
to make.
Oh, excuse me.
Nay, that is not it.
Oh, excuse me.
(Knock on door)
Come in, Matthew.
Mr. Swenson.
Hello, Matt.
It is good you are here.
Sit down.
Papa, Matthew didn't
come here to play chess.
Matthew can talk
for himself.
Well, I...
This is fine.
Mr. Swenson...
It is my move.
(Speaking Swedish)
It is more rude
to correct one's elders.
It is your move.
Well, I should go in the kitchen
and make some coffee.
(Pots clattering)
Ja da.
Well, you're just
too good for me.
You're a smart man.
You know better than to win
before I give my consent.
Helga told you?
Ever since you leave,
she go round like lost heifer.
Then you come here,
all dressed up.
What is there to tell?
Well, how do you
feel about it?
You will be good to her.
She will be happy with you.
Besides, you two
had decided anyway.
When is it to be?
I've had my eye on a place
I'd like to buy into.
Nice house, plenty of land.
Only trouble is, they're
kinda short-handed.
I figured I might
save enough to swing it
In the next
couple of months.
That so?
Where is this place?
Right here.
That can be arranged.
It is late.
Say good night to your man.
Night, pa.
Good night.
I will be a very good wife,
I promise.
Whatever unhappiness
you've had before,
I will make it up to you.
You don't have to make up
for anything.
Just be you, that's all
I'll ever ask.
(Church bells ringing)
Happy Easter, you two.
Hmm, mighty pretty Easter, too.
The Martins brought me in.
My father had to mend
the harness.
He'll be along soon.
He said not to wait.
Davey, I haven't seen you
in a long time.
Workin' man.
Walsh is keeping him busy
at the store.
That's good.
(Organ playing)
Christ our lord
Is risen today
Sons of men
And angels sing
Lives again
Our glorious king
Where, O death,
Is now thy sting?
Dying once
He all doth save
(Fewer people singing):
Where thy victory, O grave?
(Music continues)
(Music stops)
Now, everybody sit down
nice like,
And nobody'll get hurt.
How dare you profane
a house of worship?
Bringing in guns.
Begging your pardon, parson.
We'll be out of here
in a few minutes.
What do you want with us?
Who runs the bank?
I do.
Some of my friends
are over there now.
They figure there's about
$80,000 in that vault.
That right?
You got a nice little
family there, banker.
I asked you a question.
Eight... Eighty-five thousand
in gold and in notes.
Notes negotiable?
That's good.
Now where's your sheriff?
I got some suggestions
for him.
Matt Dow.
Hello, Gentry.
I didn't know you was
in these parts.
Woulda cut you in,
for old time's sake.
I wouldn't have taken it.
You mean you're really
the sheriff?
And in church.
Heh heh heh.
This yours?
(Crazy laughter)
Now, listen, it's gonna take
some powder
To blow that vault.
We're gonna need
about five minutes
After you hear the explosion.
I don't want nobody making
any sudden moves.
Know what I mean?
No heroes.
Tell 'em what's
good for 'em, sheriff.
Just do what he says.
Everybody keep quiet.
Here they come!
Don't try anything funny, Matt.
Hey! Hey, there!
Oh. Papa! Papa!
He's dead.
Round up a posse.
I'd say you had a few questions
to answer first.
How come you to know
this Gentry?
I spent six years
in the same cell with him.
(Crowd gasps)
Listen to who's been giving us
Lectures on law and order...
A jailbird.
Probably in cahoots with him.
That's right.
That's right.
I was a jailbird.
Six years in a stinking cell.
Because I happen to look
like another man.
Six years out of my life.
Because men made up
their minds too fast.
Men like you... so righteous,
so willing to condemn.
The law gave me a full pardon.
If that's not
good enough for you,
You can have this back.
How do we know
he's telling the truth?
What kind of people are you...
That don't know the truth
when you hear it?
I learned all about Gentry.
How he thinks, how he acts.
And now we can make it pay.
Now, anybody wants
to ride with me,
Get a fresh horse
and plenty of ammunition.
And you better stay in town
till I get back.
(Speaking Swedish)
(Speaking Swedish)
She'll stay with us.
Be careful, Matt,
Let's understand each other.
You can head this posse
As long as we think
you're leading it right.
Start taking us
in circles, Matt,
And you won't
come back alive.
Let's ride.
This time you can use
a deputy.
Find any trail?
Nothing up that way.
Must've stayed in the water
to throw us off.
They have to come out
sooner or later.
Why don't we split up,
follow the stream both ways
Till one of us
picks up the track.
Lose too much time.
How close
are the nearest towns?
Kirby's about 20 miles
north of here.
And there's another place
called Summerville
Around the same distance south.
How about telegraph...
They both got it?
Kirby has, but I ain't heard
of none in Summerville.
Ah. We'll head south.
Comanche territory?
Here they are.
Pretty good at thinking
like an outlaw, aren't you?
I'm a jailbird, remember?
Trail or no trail,
they wouldn't cross that.
It's four days without water
in Comanche territory.
They'd have to be
crazy to do it.
Maybe they are,
but I'm not.
Count me out.
Didn't figure on
this kind of a deal.
What about the rest of you?
Come on, make up your minds.
Once you get out there,
there'll be no choice.
I'll take my chances
with Gentry, not this.
I didn't sign up
to take on no Comanches.
I'm sorry, Matt.
I've got a wife and kids.
It don't sound right to me.
I ain't riding
into no trap out there.
Not with just
a handful of men.
What about you, Matt?
I'm still sheriff.
You done your job.
We don't expect you
to go it alone.
Let's ride, son.
Gentry would know better
than to leave a trail like that.
What happens when
we catch up with him?
A fair question,
but don't worry.
I didn't come out here
to commit suicide.
You better save that.
My mouth's so dry
I can't even swallow.
Here, put this penny
in your mouth.
It'll keep your tongue wet.
(Wind whistling)
(Horse neighing)
How long are we
gonna keep going?
Till we get there.
It's no use, Matt, there won't
be any tracks left to follow.
Then we're going
straight south.
We can pick up their trail
when this blows itself out.
Come on!
Why did you do that?
Tell me why.
You wouldn't quit.
There was no other way
of stopping you.
Stop me from what?
From catching Gentry...
Finding out I was in on it.
You... with them?
Yeah, I was with 'em.
Ever since you gave me
that prisoner to take in.
He offered me a deal
and I took it.
Even took that rap on the head
to make it look good.
Working with them.
All this time.
They needed somebody in town
to set it up for them.
I gave them the idea of Easter.
When everybody'd be
in church.
All except Pa Swenson.
I couldn't help that.
Why shouldn't I throw in
with them?
What was I supposed to do,
hobble up and down
Behind a hardware counter
the rest of my life?
For $8.00 a week?
I figured they owed me
a lot more than that.
How are you figuring on me?
Kept hoping you'd give up.
You didn't leave me
any choice.
It was either you
or a rope around my neck.
I figure I still got
a pretty good chance.
You know, if you were smart,
you'd do away with me right now.
But you're not that kind.
So you're stuck with me.
Only, when we
catch up with 'em,
I won't be on your side.
It'll be one gun against ten.
But they'll all be
in front of me.
Go pick up your gear.
There goes your last card.
One more day,
and they'd have made it.
Go down and take a look.
They didn't take the money.
Bring it up.
No use straining your eyes.
If they're still around,
we'll know soon enough.
Let's make some time, then.
We keep on pushing these horses,
we'll wind up walking.
We will anyhow, if we don't
give 'em a rest soon.
We better hole up
around here.
Stake them out.
(Animal howling)
Coyotes making a meal
off your friends.
So you were a jailbird.
That why your wife
left ya?
Heard you talking to Helga
on the porch one night.
You thought I was asleep.
I know about your son, too.
That's why the fuss over me.
Not 'cause you liked me.
Just looking for somebody
to take his place.
Figured this out
all by yourself, didn't you?
I've had a lot of practice
for a long time.
Why don't you stop
feeling sorry for yourself?
You think you're
the only one in the world
Ever got a raw deal.
I know, you spent
six years in jail.
And do you know something else?
There's a lot of people
in this world
Who've had a tougher time
than either you or me.
It comes with the ticket.
Nobody guarantees you
a free ride.
The only difference is,
most people don't run for cover.
They keep right on going,
Picking up the pieces
the best way they can.
But you never hear of them.
And the ones who
can't take it, like you...
The ones who're looking
for the free ride,
Who cause all the trouble
You wouldn't talk so tough
If this had happened
to your own kid.
Oh, get some sleep.
You didn't have much luck
with either one of us.
Did you?
We better get going.
I was thinking
during the night.
I'm the only one
that knows about you.
It only takes one.
Very few men get
a second chance.
You mean that?
(War cries)
Let's get outta here.
Stay here.
We can get to the horses.
They'd ride us down
in an hour.
(War cries)
Stay down.
Maybe they'll go on by.
If they don't spot us
before dark,
Maybe we can
get across the river.
It's gonna be a long day.
Everything set down there?
Everything except the money.
Give it to me.
If we get separated,
Be sure and get downstream
as far as you can.
I can't make it.
Help me back.
You never saw what happened
to him, huh?
I was busy enough
taking care of myself.
Musta swallowed
20 gallons of water.
You think the money'll
still be there?
Why not?
You sure you can
find it again?
All we have to do
is backtrack up the river.
Suppose the Indians
are still around?
I could be mighty curious
for $85,000.
You know, this figured out
better than I thought it would.
All set?
I'll get the horses ready.
Put out the fire.
(Cocks gun)
Go on.
Go for it.
How did you...
Just too ornery to die
Before you got
what was coming to you.
Go ahead, then.
Get it over with.
That's what I'm here for.
Go on, shoot!
What are you waiting for?
To see me beg?
Is that it?
Save your breath.
You're gonna need it
When they put that rope
around your neck.
You haven't got the guts
to do it yourself.
That'd be easy, kid.
But it might do somebody good
to watch you hang.
It might keep some other kid
From turning out
the way you did.
That's all you're good for.
You preach real good.
With a gun in your hand.
I'm not trying to preach.
Preacher's gotta think
there's something good
About everybody.
But there's no more good in you
than in a rattlesnake.
Don't try to blame it
on your leg.
If it hadn't been that,
it woulda been something else.
You'd have gone bad
sooner or later,
No matter what happened.
First time the pressure
got big enough.
You just didn't have it
in you.
Helga tried to tell me,
but I wouldn't listen.
I was too smart.
I was so smart, I thought there
was still a chance for you.
Still believing,
right up to the very last.
Even broke the law myself
to give it to you.
Maybe somebody else
coulda found a way
To get to you
before it was too late.
You had the whole town
pulling for you.
But you didn't care
who you hurt...
Swenson, Helga, anybody.
You're just no good.
Let's go.
I thought you were
drawing on me.
Hold up, there.
With Davey's compliments.
And Davey?
Davey did fine.