Run & Gun (2022) Movie Script

[birds screech and caw]
[flies buzzing]
[bird calls continue]
- [glass shatters]
- [whimpers]
[speaks Spanish]
[mariachi ringtone plays]
[continues in Spanish]
- [whimpers]
- [distant choking]
[choking continues]
Fake fucking Rolex, by the way!
Hey! Hey! Amigo!
Wait. Hey!
Amigo, untie me!
Untie me, please.
I've pissed off
the Shoemaker enough already.
Yeah, no shit?
I know who you are.
You work for her, right?
I also work for her, man.
She hates me too, yeah.
I lost her dog.
What did you do?
Yeah, a little bit
more than that.
Uh... So...
where are we going? America?
- We?
- Yeah.
I got family in Texas,
Florida, Des Moines...
I was thinking about California.
California! Yeah.
I love California.
Look, mate...
- Lupe. My name is Lupe, yeah.
- Lupe.
I'm sure you'd say anything to come
with me right now, but I just...
Yeah, you're right about that.
I sure will.
What's your name?
I haven't thought of
the new one yet.
- Huh?
- I'm just done.
I'm gonna get away
from all this violence.
[mariachi ringtone plays]
Starting... now?
Yeah, now's good.
Good. Good choice,
I... I like that.
You and I, buddy, we're gonna be
great friends. You know that, right?
Man, I see it, just...
Sunday morning, you know,
mimosas for brunch,
you and I driving down PCH
in a convertible red Mustang.
- [grunts] We're gonna kill it!
- [gun cocks]
My client,
this noble man before you,
was burglarized
nearly three months ago.
And your office has only paid a
fraction of the damages incurred.
There's no way
I'm gonna take a loss.
Tires. My client makes
an honest living selling tires,
and your offices won't promptly
step up and replace his damages.
I ain't gonna take a loss.
We're drawing up a massive suit
against Sackman/Burns.
If I were you, I'd be terrified.
That's depressing.
Didn't steal enough.
- Ray...
- Okay.
You know the saying,
"If you owe the bank $100,
it's your problem.
But you owe the bank
$100 million,
it's the bank's problem"?
Well, if you're gonna steal,
steal big.
If you're gonna gamble,
gamble big.
Petty shit
never gets you anywhere.
Okay, uh, well, thanks for that.
I'll be drafting a letter today.
We'll pay the claim...
if you can answer me
just this one question.
Now, we agree that this window
is the sole entry and exit point
of the burglars?
[lawyer laughs]
Have I been talking
to myself this whole time?
No, no, no. It's just that...
even a Mini Cooper's tire is
a whole lot wider than that.
Mr. Lopez, I believe you.
Somebody broke into your garage,
stole your property,
but you might wanna go
over your claim again.
Seems there's some items
on the list that have been
previously sold, misplaced,
or overlooked and...
there ain't no way
we're taking the loss.
[partner chuckles]
Well, all right.
[making airplane sounds]
That actually got me.
All right, muscles.
You get some sleep.
- All right?
- All right.
- See you in a sec.
- See you.
[theme music plays]
[TV narrator] Time is running
out for our Crane Guys.
[man on TV] There's no way.
There's no way we can lift this thing!
- I don't know if they're gonna be able to lift this.
- They always lift it.
Yeah, but, babe,
this time they've only got 15 minutes.
Or what happens?
- You're so smart.
- I know. Told you.
- Do I get a cookie?
- Yeah. Of course you get a cookie.
- So good.
- Yeah, these are the best part about meeting me.
- You have the best snacks.
- Yep.
- What?
- You wanna sneak out to my place?
I can't. I have to watch Julian.
Well, that's the beauty
of my place.
Okay, let's go.
Wow, really... Just such class.
I never dreamed I'd be dating a
guy who lived in a mobile home.
Mobile homes
are prefabricated houses
and this baby is a motor home.
Or actually a
recreational vehicle,
since it was built after 1976.
- It was? Huh!
- Mmm.
No, no, no, no.
On account of that stuff
being gross.
I mean, how can you
eat that stuff?
Because it's delicious
and familiar.
Miss it if I stopped.
Right, well, I understand that.
I'm gonna get Julian
hooked on it, though.
You know Julian loves you.
And you're a hard guy
to get to really know.
You know me.
It's been a year.
Sixteen months.
A great 16 months.
It's just, Julian's starting
to see us as...
a family.
And so I'm wondering...
are we?
I mean,
do you even want a family?
Yeah, of course, one day.
Well, if you wanted
to move in, that'd be great.
If you wanted to move on,
I would be fine.
A little wrecked,
but I'd make it.
But I just can't break
his little heart.
I do want a family.
Two kids.
You know, boy and a girl.
Well, that little guy
would get you halfway there.
Man, the tire guy?
That was crazy.
I am definitely mentioning
that in my college classes.
How do you always
get in their head like that?
It's... It's crazy. It's almost
like you think like a criminal.
Dude, your talents
are wasted here.
I mean, you would kill it
in a poker tournament.
I gave up gambling.
Oh. Well, chess!
I'm more of a checkers man.
There are checkers men?
- All right, well, reminds me.
- Pretty sure.
I do have to get you
to sign my course hours.
- Your course hours.
- Yeah.
- All right!
- All right.
Course hours.
[phone rings]
- Hello?
- Hey, it's me. Lupe.
What's up, buddy?
You still getting out next week?
[Lupe] I'm not gonna make it that
long, man, okay?
I just found out I got
spotted in here months ago.
Um... They waited to tell me,
and for them, it paid off.
Paid off? How?
They've seen you visit, Ray.
Well, did they follow me home?
Well, not them,
because they're in here with me,
but the people on the outside,
yeah, probably.
Look, I don't think
the Shoemaker's been told yet.
Why wouldn't she have been told?
There's a price
on both of our heads, Lupe.
And I don't need your
bullshit optimism right now.
Look, look. The spotter's
boss is someone local. Hmm?
I just think they want something
in exchange for not ratting us out.
If this gets back down to her,
if she finds out,
then anybody around us could be...
Dead. Yes, I know.
It's gonna be okay.
Just give me some time
and I'll figure out
what they want.
Look, I'm sorry, man.
Probably wishing you left me
in the desert, huh?
Okay. Well, gotta go. Bye.
[breathing heavily]
[phone rings]
[ringing continues]
[motorbike approaching]
Hey, how are you?
You must be Ray, yeah.
Name's Perry, I work for Grayson.
Heard of him?
He, um...
he wants you at this address.
So, uh...
if I were you...
I'd get there.
[engine starts]
[message notification]
[machinery clattering]
[indistinct speech]
I want my fucking money!
- [cracking]
- [man groans]
Get that?
I want my fucking money!
See all this?
My idea.
I told my brother,
if you ever wanna look like
you're losing a lot of money,
buy a newspaper.
You like that, huh?
Yeah, me too.
I got it at an art fair
where they were hawking
turquoise and pottery.
Artist was selling it
for a couple of hundred dollars.
I said, "Kid,
I'll give you $10,000 for it."
And he looks at me.
And I said, "The only caveat is
I get first dibs on everything
you create from here on out."
Now, I know
what you're thinking.
You're thinking a guy like me,
bringing art into the world.
But you gotta remember.
The Medicis were criminals,
And without them,
you never would've had a Renaissance.
Wow, well,
that's a really cool story...
Stop it with
the fake American, okay?
I know who you are.
I know your name.
Of course,
your reputation precedes you.
The Shoemaker was very
secretive, good at hiding things.
It's a good thing she wasn't
very savvy at finding things,
because you'd be dead,
am I right?
If this is a case
of mistaken identity,
I can check with her.
I got her number up here.
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
Fine. What's your price?
Thank you.
My price is you work for me.
I'm done with that shit.
- Really?
- Really.
No kidding!
[exclaims] Me too!
After today, I'm pivoting.
Gonna tie up some loose ends.
The thing is...
I've intercepted a package
going to the Shoemaker.
It was too important for me to pass up.
It means everything.
It's the world, and it's gonna
be here in a couple of hours.
Now, if the Shoemaker
comes after me,
I want you close.
I can't trust those
knuckle-draggers over there.
You know what I mean?
They're not clever like you.
All right.
First job, my other place.
I have a neighbor.
He won't cut his tree.
Now I've given him a chance,
but I'm through talking.
Thank you.
You have tools?
I have a new drill,
but I don't like lending it out.
You make a little hole,
jam in the poison.
Wait, you're blackmailing me
to kill a tree?
What, you think I want you
to poison my neighbor?
[all laughing]
Right? Hard no.
Yeah. Okay,
I thought you'd say that.
Brando, give me your phone,
will you?
Okay, I wanna show you something that
took place just a little while ago.
[Lupe shouting]
Please, please...
beating sounds continue]
[filters popping on]
Aw, Jesus.
I must have pressed
the wrong button.
But I think
you get the point, right?
Weirdest thing to me?
How guys have phones in there.
But it won't be close
to what the Shoemaker does
to him or you
or your loved ones.
The woman, Faith, her kid.
What's this?
Is this when we get to see the
old Ray I heard so much about?
No, but he's fucking knocking.
All right, all right.
Break it up, you two.
We're on the same team now.
I don't see what the problem is here.
You're gonna be safe with me.
I take care of my own.
I'll take care of you.
You must really hate this tree.
You're gonna be fun
to have around.
Good! Good, good, good!
All right. First things first.
Take care of the tree.
Herbicide, it's called.
Do your fucking pickup!
[motorbike driving]
[phone rings]
[dance music
plays through phone]
[Brando] Ray, the tree can wait.
Fucking idiot Perry dumped his
bike on the way to the pickup.
Fucking... Fucking dumped his bike.
Forget the tree, just...
[dance music plays
on car stereo]
440 grand in here.
I don't have to tell you what my brother
will have me do if you run off on us.
How's Lupe?
Your buddy's in the infirmary.
He'll pull through.
- Get him a message.
- You really testing me right now?
You run errands for us,
not the other way.
Tell him I'm glad
I didn't leave him.
That is as cryptic as hell,
but sure.
Fuck it! I'll pass it on!
Guy's name is Ninni.
It's a public place.
It's called East Jesus.
Museum, there's some old junk.
Don't worry.
You'll fit right in.
[women chatting, laughing]
Would you rather we start over?
[woman 2] Okay.
All right.
Not yet.
Isn't ketchup water the worst?
[continues squeezing ketchup]
You know what I think about
when I eat chicken?
I think
how this used to be a T. rex.
Millions of years ago,
this guy's ancestor
was the most fearsome thing
to ever walk on land.
Then catastrophe hits.
And they had to shrink down,
evolve to this miserable
little creature,
so weak that its very name
means "coward."
[Ray] Ah.
Yeah, I see what you did there.
That was... That was very clever, yeah.
Now we're gonna make this exchange,
or I'm just gonna fucking take it from you.
You do have some balls.
You wanna find out?
[woman] Excuse me, boys!
Do you guys mind moving out of the
way, maybe somewhere over there?
Please? Thanks.
All right, how's my hair?
Do we...
Do you wanna grab yours
and I'll grab mine?
Grayson won't even tell
his own brother what that is.
But Grayson loves a deal,
so it must be something big,
bigger than the 440
he's paying for it.
You got a guess?
You know, I've evolved
to be less curious.
I ain't done.
Yeah, you are.
[clicks tongue]
[pats bag]
[phone rings]
- Hey, babe!
- Hey.
Tried you at work.
Yeah, I'm... I'm not there.
I know. I can hear you driving.
So, where are you driving off to
in the middle of a Tuesday, Ray?
You know, nowhere much. Just...
nowhere much.
Something came up,
but I'm working on it.
Are you running, Ray?
[pop, hissing]
I gotta call you back, okay?
Think I just got a flat tire.
[air hissing]
[carnival horn
honking in background]
[reggae playing from vehicle]
Throw it in the Jeep!
It goes under the road!
Go back up!
[tires screeching]
[gun clicks]
Oh, man!
Okay, okay...
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
A little bit further.
Come on, mate. Come on, mate.
[engine stops]
- [classical music plays]
- What an idiot.
[Perry breathing heavily]
[ringtone plays]
Woman I've been chasing.
Well, you know what they say.
Man chases a woman
until she catches him.
Hey, baby.
It's bad.
- How bad?
- He got away.
He what?
With the money or the pickup?
- Both.
- Both?
Yeah, both days are good.
What the fuck?
Unlike Perry, this guy really
knows how to handle himself.
You were supposed to be able
to handle yourself.
You and your brother need
to make Ray disappear.
My brother's dead.
Well, that makes things
a little harder.
I have never seen my brother
as excited about anything
as he is about this.
Must be a fortune.
I think I've figured out
which way this asshole went.
You better.
Otherwise, we're both fucked.
- Both of us?
- Yeah, Ninni. Handle this.
Or he's gonna slit
both of our throats.
Come on! Enough already!
Yeah, baby, I gotta go.
- [Grayson] All right, come on. Let's go.
- Where are we going?
Ray's house.
Just in case he gets
any ideas about running away.
[hornets buzzing]
[grunting, panting]
Oh, Yes! Fuck yes!
No fucking handles.
- [man] Do you have a gun?
- No!
No, I'm just trying to buy this car.
It's beautiful. What is it, '78?
- [lisps] It's not mine to sell.
- Okay.
Do you have a car?
Well, you're not picky.
I'll also pay you
to use a phone.
No, I don't have a phone.
But I got a radio.
It's for the police.
Here, you wanna call 'em?
What happened?
I was cleaning my shotgun and...
Wait. I thought you said
you didn't have a gun.
Oh, no. I don't have a gun here.
I don't have a gun here.
I'd like to invite you in,
you seem like a certain type.
Little rough. No nonsense?
I'm not rough.
Some nonsense, but...
Come on.
Oh, hey, stay away from that area.
It's falling apart.
It's okay, mate.
- I don't wanna know.
- What?
I'm just saying I don't
care what you do out here.
I'm sure lots of people around
these parts cook, you know, stuff.
I don't judge.
You mean meth?
Oh! No, that's not my thing.
- No, I say no to drugs.
- Me too.
I'm a beer guy.
- Beer, yeah.
- Hey, come on. I'll show you my man cave.
Here's my man cave! [laughing]
So you live here?
Yeah. Just for now, yeah.
Why? Where do you live?
An old RV.
- What? Really?
- Yeah.
You know what really bugs me?
It's when people call 'em "motor homes"
instead of "recreational vehicles."
- Yes. Yes!
- But what's even worse
is when older people
call them all...
- Winnebagos!
- Winnebagos! Yeah.
Hey, my buds call me Billings.
I'm Ray.
Oh, yeah, part of the job
description is killing pests.
Shoot 'em,
blow up any gopher holes.
This right here
is called varmint killer.
[high pitched groan]
- You... You good there, mate?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's just I'm out here in the middle
of nowhere using words like "varmint"
like I'm Yosemite Sam.
You know, I thought I was headed
towards a better life myself, but...
Well, delivery driver's
due this afternoon.
[echoing] Maybe they can
take you to the next town.
- That or a phone.
- Hey. Hey.
[echoing] I'm telling you, bro,
that shit's gotta come out.
My grandmammy told me
that the toughest asshole
can be taken down
by the tiniest piece of metal.
It's hospital or me.
You choose.
All right.
Yeah, come on!
Do-si-do. Here's my partner.
Hey, watch my collectibles.
[Grayson] This is Ray's life?
That's depressing.
I hate it when good things
happen to bad people.
World's gone nuts.
So, if he has skipped town on
us, what do you wanna do?
Well, the ancient Romans
used to take a guy,
put him in a sack with a dog,
a snake, and a monkey.
And just dump 'em in the river.
But we don't have
any of those things.
[ringtone plays]
Not Ray.
Hey, baby!
There were some tracks.
They're gone now.
Sending you a map
of my location.
Can't be far.
Okay, baby. I gotta go, though.
You sure you don't want
any anesthesia?
- I really recommend it.
- No, I can't.
I have to stay conscious,
get back.
You have... You have an RV.
Where do you have to
get back to?
I got a tree to poison.
It's a long story.
[Grayson] I knew I should have done
this myself. I can't trust anybody else.
All right.
We'll come back
for the broad later.
Okay, Perry, drive. Salton Sea.
I'll handle it. You stay here.
I'm sorry, what?
What did you say, little brother?
You'll handle it?
What, you running things now?
I said I'll handle it.
- It's too valuable.
- Well, how much is it?
Fuck the money.
It's the package.
Well, what's in the package?
You'll see.
Along with
the rest of the world.
[engine starts]
Yeah, that's good. That's good.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Seems like you would know.
Those other wounds.
Where'd they come from?
I'd rather forget.
I hear you.
A few years ago, I fell off a ladder
putting up the Christmas lights
and I... I broke the nerves
in this hand.
I can...
I can barely feel this hand.
Except for some nights...
you won't believe this,
it itches.
Okay, okay.
- Go slow, go slow.
- Yeah, yeah.
- So, what do I owe you for the patch?
- No, nothing. Nothing.
I don't like to owe.
Let me buy the 'Vette.
- I'll give you 20 grand for it.
- I told you. It's not mine to sell.
You're killing me, Billings.
Come on.
Well, the patch may have been
free, but for the bottle.
Take it.
Rest a bit.
You rest.
East Jesus is not so far.
We should get back to the car.
I wanted to see this.
You know this lake
was made by accident?
Dam broke, filled it with water.
When I was a kid,
this was a huge tourist destination.
Now, look at it. It's poison.
It stinks. It's rotten.
It's depressing.
Nothing to be done.
It's the way of things.
Call it what you want,
entropy, whatever.
Our world is decaying
right before our eyes,
aging, dying.
It's going so fast,
we don't even notice it.
I noticed
it's getting worse out there.
at each other's throats.
That's different, okay?
That's not our fault.
- That's 'cause of something that happened ten years ago.
- Like what?
All right, I'm gonna tell you something
that I haven't told anybody, okay?
This is really important to me.
You ever hear of
the Mandela Effect?
- You're gonna tell me anyway, so...
- Shut up, asshole. Just listen.
It's named after the fact that
millions upon millions of people swear
that Nelson Mandela passed away
in prison in the 1980s.
So there's a discrepancy
between historical record
and what people remember.
And there are countless examples of it,
especially in popular culture, okay?
Um, um, um...
Darth Vader never said,
"Luke, I am your father," okay?
Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the
Lambs never said, "Hello, Clarice."
The Monopoly Man, okay?
The Monopoly Man never wore a monocle.
- An eyepiece. Yeah, he did...
- Yeah, yeah. No, he didn't.
The theory is, ten years ago, we split
into a parallel universe, a darker one.
Franky, what the fuck
are you talking about?
No, no, no!
I'm not alone on this, okay?
The effect explains
why society is acting so crazy,
why it's become
so divisive, okay?
Multiverses or time travelers
or powers beyond our control
are making us act this way.
It's not our fault!
We're being manipulated!
People think that it's hackers
or that it's propaganda...
- Son of a bitch.
- And it's not.
- I know!
- I could've sworn
- he was wearing an eyepiece!
- Okay, here's one!
And I swear to God this is true!
You remember
the comedian Sinbad, right?
Okay, Sinbad made a movie
about a genie.
Now I saw this movie!
Do you understand me?
Now people are saying it was never
made, but I'm telling you I saw it!
I can see it in my mind's eye!
I can see it
at the video store on the shelf!
- I believe you, boss.
- Will you shut up?
Shut up!
I'm talking to my fucking brother!
Get out of here!
Get out of here!
Jesus! Goddamn it!
Listen, you've no doubt noticed
that I got a lot going on, right?
And I want you to know that I
appreciate everything you're doing,
the way that you're handling
everything you're handling.
You've been a real partner.
You've been a brother.
In a couple of days,
this will all be over, and we'll talk.
Come on. Let's go.
Hey, I think you
locked the door.
I asked you to rest.
Is that why you locked me in?
[speaking without lisp] I can't be letting
you leave just quite yet now, can I?
Wait a minute.
Your accent just changed.
Your whole thing just changed.
Well, you show up shot,
$20,000 on you.
Gotta be more to this story.
Okay, well, how's this?
Story's over, and you just made
yourself 20 grand. Sound good?
Where there's 20 grand,
I'll wager there is more.
Lots more.
You played me.
You waited till I dropped my
guard, and you played me.
I been waiting too long, son.
Waiting my whole fucking life.
You know, they lie to you.
They tell you,
if you just hang in there,
the world's
gonna give you your break,
your turn.
But it doesn't.
You gotta take everything you can
get, so here I am.
Well, before you take from me,
just know that people
have killed for that money.
I've killed for that money.
Wait here.
Open the fucking door, Billings!
Fuck! Okay...
[cocks gun]
Okay. Drink up, bitch.
Okay, okay.
Another fucking lock.
Ray, you should know
that I'm armed.
All right. I'm coming in, Ray.
[Ray screaming]
I keep some traps out here, Ray,
but you know that now
'cause you don't need your legs
to show me
where the money's at, Ray.
You thought
we were playing checkers,
I was playing chess.
I'm really fucking good
at checkers!
Bags. Where?
- We gotta go.
- Sure, I'm gonna send you.
But first, where are the bags?
Look, you know I've gotta bring
Grayson the pickup, but...
I'll give you the rest of the
cash, and let's call it even.
We ain't yet even
for my brother.
Both bags. Where?
There. Look!
It's there?
Well, let me just turn around.
Yes! Turn the fuck around! Oh!
Cutting me out of negotiations?
You wanna make a deal?
Try to cut me out?
I'm shooting to wound, Ray.
Trying to.
One way in,
one way out of there!
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
[Faith] Hello?
This is Dr. Topaz.
Dr. To...
I'm sorry, do I...
Is Ray there?
I'm afraid to tell you
that Ray was in an accident.
It involved
a recreational vehicle.
I-Is he all right?
Sir, I'm his... I'm his girlfriend.
I'm Faith Dryer.
Well, Ms. Dryer,
he wouldn't be in a hospital
- if he were all right.
- Fuck, fuck, fuck. No.
No, Faith, no!
He's limping along.
Okay, well,
we're at the end of a dirt road.
How stat can you be here?
Um... two hours.
I just... I have to get a sitter.
Okay. See you soon, Ms. Dryer.
Be quick, but don't hurry.
Two hours,
she's gonna drive right to me.
Unless you wanna tell me where
the money and this pickup bag is.
I can give you
the rest of the cash.
Another 420 grand!
Now we're cooking with gas!
And what of this talk
of your pickup?
- I can't give you the pickup!
- You can't?
If I don't go back
with the pickup,
then my li...
my family's life...
it won't be worth a thing.
Well, your life
isn't worth much right now.
I'm sorry. That sounded cynical.
So we making a deal or what?
- Tell me where it is.
- I'll go get it.
Because the cash
and this other bag
are in the same spot, huh?
And I gotta guess,
whatever it is,
it's worth about the same
as the money, right?
It was a trade, correct?
Just give me ten minutes
to go get it.
I can trust you
and maybe get half the wealth.
Or I could torture you
and get it all.
Hmm, I think I'll go with B,
torture, all.
It's a matter of time, Ray!
Got you, motherfucker.
- Ugh!
- I see it now,
the Yosemite Sam resemblance,
- You fucking poisoned me?
- Maybe.
Gambling it works
on people, but...
You're dead!
I'm not sure
you got the time, bud!
I'll fucking kill you, man!
[gagging, spitting]
You're dead!
I'll fucking kill you
and your girl!
Okay. Where's the gun?
[Billings retching]
[handle rattling]
[Billings] Goddamn it, Ray!
[chain jangles]
Oh, my God. Are you okay...
[screams] Fuck!
[Ray yells in distance]
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
I'm gonna get you
out of here, okay?
Sure, you will.
You're here to take me.
Take you?
No, I want out of here too.
[Billings] Ray!
He's looking for me.
The name's Ray. What's yours?
What are we, friends?
Common enemy?
Yeah, he did that to you?
Some of it. Look.
I got a woman
and her kid waiting for me.
The thought of not seeing them
again hurts more than any of this.
So you'd better believe I'm getting
out of this hell hole and back to them.
Okay? Okay.
Tara, I've... I've been here
five days, I think. Um...
He grabbed me off the road.
What, were you
running away from home?
I never really had a home
to run away from.
Well, you know,
you shouldn't hitchhike.
I didn't.
Good, because... you shouldn't.
- Maybe you're about done?
- Yeah. [clears throat]
[sign thuds]
[vehicle approaches outside]
[horn honks]
[honking continues]
Ah, shit!
I think that's for me.
He said that he's expecting
a truck to come,
but I don't know
where it's going.
Doesn't matter. 'Cause you ain't
never getting on it, all right?
Come on, come on...
- Any problems?
- Not a one!
- You're early.
- Yeah, by, like, two minutes.
That's right. That's okay.
You just wait right here.
I'll go get her.
No, I'd like to see what I'm
picking up before I pick it up.
No problem. You're the expert.
Come on. Come on in.
Please don't leave me.
I'm not gonna leave you,
because we're both getting out of here.
[distant chatter]
But, first...
first, I gotta leave you.
No! [grunts]
Shh. Trust me.
Ah. There she is. [chuckles]
Are you okay?
I'm not gonna hurt you.
- Okay?
- How much is she worth?
Well, I'm not gonna
inspect her teeth.
It's okay.
Bring her upstairs.
Come on. Come on.
When you load her, lock her up.
And hurry up.
I got a long drive.
Yes, ma'am.
Wait, wait. You hear something?
[rumbling, clattering]
[hornets buzzing]
Get the fuck back!
Get the fuck back! You okay?
Don't scream.
Why did you cover my mouth?
I thought that would work.
I'm sorry.
- Look.
- They'll find us by the car.
And they'll find us
in the desert.
We need to double back
for the car.
And then I'm gonna take you
anywhere you wanna go.
Name it.
I've been squatting
over in Slab City.
I should be okay there.
Well, we'll worry
about that later.
Can you run?
- Can you run?
- No.
But I am gonna hobble like hell.
Not just yet.
I should have told you
about him.
Very unprofessional of me.
But don't worry.
Neither of them can get too far.
I can fix this.
Yeah. You've done
a bang-up job so far.
Hey, they're definitely in here.
Lot of reasons to be careful.
Look at my face.
This was supposed to
be fucking simple.
I wanna get the
fuck out of here.
Wait. There's blood.
[metal clanking]
Just follow my lead.
Come here.
Okay, three...
No! Two, one.
[gasps and screams]
What is this doing here?
He must have moved it.
I keep some traps
around for protection.
Oh, my God. Help me.
Can you help me right now?
- [phone rings]
- Shh, shh, shh. Hello?
- Doctor here.
- Dr. Topaz?
- [woman] Help me!
- [Billings] Speaking.
Hi. It's Faith Dryer.
I'm calling about...
Ray, yes, yes.
Well, it's a pleasure
to hear from you again,
Ms. Dryer.
[woman screaming through phone]
Sorry, what was that
in the background?
- [woman] Oh, my God!
- Hold one moment, please?
[woman] Oh, my God.
Help me, fucking idiot.
[Billings] I'm back. [chuckles]
- Can you hear me now?
- Yes, thank you.
How's Ray?
[Billings sighs]
I have to admit,
he's doing much better
than I expected.
The guy won't quit.
Do you have your ETA?
Uh, we are about...
- 30 minutes away.
- We?
Yeah, my son.
I couldn't get a sitter.
No problem whatsoever.
I'll tell you what.
I will send a security guard
to meet you.
He's a burly man with a beard.
Okay, thank you.
- You good?
- Okay, yeah, yeah. Go!
Oh! Fuck this. Stand back.
[tires screech]
- [beep]
- [car lock chirps]
No, no, no, no!
Remote shut-off. Shit! Shit!
He told me this wasn't his car!
[fires shot]
- [fires shot]
- Go! Just run! Just run!
[fires shot]
Go, go! Go, Tara.
Go, go, go, go, go! Run! Run!
Run, Tara, run!
[Ray] No!
Still got it.
I don't feel like fighting you.
Best believe
I feel like killing you!
For the love of God, Montresor!
You gotta start
thinking about your woman.
Think about Faith.
- [thudding]
- Oh...
And that kid that's with her.
Yeah, son.
They'll both be here
in, say, 20 minutes?
Faith's smart!
She's not gonna just
walk into your place!
You mean like you did?
Yeah, I mean,
you're probably right.
That's why I'm gonna meet her
at the access road.
I'm sorry, meet "them"
at the access road.
If I tell you
where the bags are...
- When you tell me where the bags are.
- Will you let 'em go?
Will you trust my answer?
I can be less cynical.
I probably don't even
have time to kill 'em.
All this death here,
people are gonna come looking.
I need a head start.
This money gets me far and away.
[voice breaking]
Rusted car husk at the speedway.
I put it under the hood.
420 now. You already got 20.
All right, then.
- [beeps]
- [car lock chirps]
[engine starts]
[car drives off]
[box clatters]
Action time.
[engine starts]
[vehicle approaching]
[reversing alarm beeps]
[engine shuts off]
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
- Door's coming off!
- Oh, shit!
Check and mate.
- [grunts]
- [groans]
Any last words?
Good enough.
Well, there's gotta
be a story here.
I'm the victim here!
I'm just disappointed is all.
I heard so many clever
things about you, Ray.
But I guess I get the
backstabbing murder side
of the old habits, don't I?
I already told you.
He killed them.
He was trying to steal
the money, the pickup.
Unless you and the twins
always planned
on double-crossing us.
Split it with this asshole here
until greed
got the better of you?
I'm just an innocent bystander.
This stranger, he just came in,
and he was trying to threaten
me, and I was just...
All right. I'm sorry, sir.
I'm just gonna cut the shit
and level with you.
The sharp dresser
is mostly right.
Me and Ray go way back.
He called me,
and he said he needed a place
to stash, and I quote,
"440,000 buckaroonies."
But then he killed that man,
and since then,
I've just been trying to survive.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I started to tune out at "buckaroonies."
You know, before you get too
chummy with this fucking guy,
you should know that he is a dirty,
murdering, fucking child trafficker!
If you survive this, we'll talk.
Oh, so you're
a piece of shit too.
The world changed.
It's under the hood.
Go look.
Well, I expected more
out of you.
You worked for the Shoemaker.
Thought you'd learn
how to hide money and things.
Maybe some of it
would've rubbed off on you.
Yeah, well,
I'm sorry to disappoint.
Frankie, the package!
Give it, here. Here, here.
- Where's the cash?
- [Ray] You have it.
- I don't have it.
- Yes, you do.
- I don't have it!
- Yes, you do!
- You have it!
- Shut up, both of you!
First things first!
- That's it?
- This is it!
Fucking move.
[Grayson] Yes, yes...
Yes! [laughing]
Yeah. This is it!
This proves it!
The Mandela Effect is real!
It's real?
The world has changed,
and it's not our fault.
You're all witnesses to it.
I give this gift...
to all mankind.
Get the VCR.
[VCR whirring]
[triumphant movie
soundtrack plays]
[man roars]
[Spanish dubbed dialogue]
Yeah, I've seen this.
This is... This is Kazaam.
You actually bought
four copies of Kazaam.
- Shazaam.
- No, Kazaam.
Kazaam. They're
both genie movies.
But this one is
the Shaquille O'Neal vehicle.
- It's Shazaam.
- That's a good Photoshop, though.
[Spanish dub continues]
Why does she want this?
What the hell?
$440,000 for this?
Yo soy Kazaam!
[boy on screen yells]
Oh, she got you.
What a waste of
440,000 buckaroonies.
But Shaq's really
grounded in this scene.
He's so much better than LeBron.
- Plus, he's got all these commercials...
- Shut up.
It's just depressing is all.
I thought this would prove it.
Why is the world so crazy?
I mean, it's poisoned.
It's... toxic.
And there's nothing to be done.
Fucking sucks.
I guess it's on us.
I mean, it'd be easier if we can blame
the universe changing or time travelers.
But maybe everything right now
is our own damn fault.
Just shut the fuck up.
Get behind the wheel
or I'll put you behind the car.
Get out of here.
Hey! What was that for?
All right.
Tapes are gone.
They're worthless.
Might as well get my money back.
- Where is it?
- I'll tell you what happened.
Your brother double-crossed you.
He and the twins were gonna
steal everything and kill Perry,
- but I got sent instead.
- Bullshit.
Frankie, the guy's
a professional liar.
All they had to do was make
it look like I'd run off.
There was a time that would have
been easier. All I did was run.
Even if it was true,
which it isn't,
he'd still know
where the money is, right?
Where's the money?
It's in that car, last I saw it.
Oh, shit!
All right.
I'm calling the Shoemaker.
Maybe your death
will be a peace offering,
you and your friend in prison.
The only person I told
is Billings.
Hey! Don't you
put that on me, bro!
I'd be long gone
if I had the money!
- [whistles]
- Oh, Shit.
You stand, you die.
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
Somebody wants to talk to you.
What's the matter, Ray?
You don't wanna talk?
All right. On my signal,
take him around again.
Only twice as long
and twice as fast.
[vehicle approaching]
She must have overheard me
and Ray! Beat us to it!
She's got the cash!
Chase her down!
[coughing, laughing]
Is that true?
She's got the cash?
Your brother...
asked when you were
gonna see the old me.
You said you were knocking.
Well, I'm waiting.
I let him in.
- What?
- [whistles]
Perry! Perry!
Perry, stop!
- Perry, wait!
- Fucker.
Oh, f...
[bones crack]
[filters popping on]
Oh, geez. No.
No, no, no, no, no...
I'm gonna borrow these firearms.
Can never have enough.
[horn honks]
[vehicle approaching]
[Tara] I'm fine!
Find a damn gun!
Great. More running.
One shot.
Can you make
your one shot count?
- You're a mess, Ray!
- [gunshot]
- In a few steps...
- [gunshot]
I will be in range
and one of these pistols
will kill you!
Believe that.
Okay, I always like
a good Western.
High Noon, Shane.
Cowboy Bebop?
I never saw you
as the anime type.
You never asked.
I gotta call range!
Check and mate...
[gunshot echoes]
[Billings roars]
You... You...
- [Billings roars]
- Billings!
Billings, stop! Stop!
You're not Yosemite Sam.
Just grazed me!
You're Wile E. Coyote.
Check and mate.
Oh, what a fucking day.
[vehicle approaching]
Shit! [screams]
[phone rings]
[Ray] Faith! Are you okay?
Ray! Are you okay?
I am now.
But it's best if you and Julian just
turn around, okay? Get out of here.
I'm... But I'm right here.
And I want to be with you
more than anything.
But trust me. I will explain everything
when I see you in a few hours.
Even the things
that I wanted to forget.
Echoes from my past.
I'm so sorry.
Sorry that even a whisper of them
came close to you and Julian.
But I'll never
let that happen again.
It's all behind me.
Hey, remember when you said,
with Julian, I was halfway there?
I think I just picked up
the other half.
A kid I found.
She needs what I need.
She needs it
just as much as I do.
What is it that you need?
I just need...
to get...
When the dust settles
The whole world sees
What you done
Baby, when the dust settles
The whole world sees
Who you are
So low for so long
You stayed oh so strong
Fighting All your battles
Up the hill both ways
But when you You run and gun
You leave behind
Your situation
Threatening your
Claims of new ways
Hey, man
When the dust settles
The whole world sees
What you done
Baby, when the dust settles
The whole world sees
Who you are
Hey, man
When the dust settles
The whole world sees
What you done
Baby, when the dust settles
The whole world sees...
Just like you thought.
Shoemaker always was
good at hiding things.
[Ray] We should get rid of this.
It's nothing but trouble.
- That's not me anymore.
- [snickers]
Fearless in your ways
Your dirty face has seen
Some better days
Lying in the bed of thorns
That you made
But when... when you go
You check Yourself in me
I'm trying to look
The other way
Hoping that this time
You may change
Oh, yeah, hey, man
When the dust settles
The whole world sees
What you done
Baby, when the dust settles
The whole world sees
Who you are
Hey, man
When the dust settles
The whole world sees
What you done
Baby, when the dust settles
The whole world sees
Who you are...