Run Hide Fight (2020) Movie Script

In between breath...
take the shot.
Ah, hell.
I was hopin' we wouldn't have
to deal with this scenario
so early in our lessons
but there's unfinished business
you need to tend to.
Now, it's tempting
to let nature run its course.
Lungs will fill with blood.
The animal will die
a natural death
but with that process
comes extreme pain.
Just isn't right
to let an animal suffer for...
Dammit. Zoe?
- Let me help you out.
- Yeah.
Slow down, honey.
It's not a race.
Isn't it?
Aren't we getting close
to senior prom?
Do you have anyone
in your sights?
I mean it. Stop.
Stop what?
Just talking to a... a fly.
Well, you done really good
out there, kid.
I mean, the size of that deer
we're gonna be
eatin' venison all summer.
- All in a day's work.
- Yeah.
And all before 0800.
Hey, Lewis can wait a minute,
For what?
I think we need
to see somebody again.
- And by "we," you mean me?
- No, I mean us.
Listen, every day still feels
like it just happened.
And honey, you're so angry.
And you're so... not.
Hey. That look in your eyes?
Guys in my unit had that look.
Not everything is about the war.
You're cuttin' yourself off
from everything you care about.
And you're so guarded
all the time...
Maybe there's a brochure
you can hand me so I can go?
You're 17 years old,
and you gave up your cell phone?
Well, think of all the money
you've saved.
Take off my jacket.
You go out into the world
without that jacket.
Should be easy for you,
if you're really not at war.
Not breaking, just entering.
I did knock.
Yeah, it's cool.
I'm ready.
- Lewis.
- Morning, Mr Hull.
You know,
back there with your dad
I totally saved you
You intentionally saved me?
Oh, yeah. I mean, it was
a calculated risk, but...
Hmm. Really? Explain.
Well, number one,
you were saying
how things are getting
more and more heated
between you and your pops lately
and, uh, and B,
you know, you were...
You started with numbers,
but continue.
And two, you usually come out
right when I honk.
But when you didn't, I assumed
that maybe he had you cornered
and so, I engaged.
You engaged.
I mean, that's how
he would say it, right?
You... Yeah.
What the hell?
Roy Moake and Chaz Harding.
Oh, and AJ Turner's in the back.
Like an asshole casserole.
They're like Roman soldiers
who don't realise
that their empire's crumbling
in just a few days.
Yeah, or they do realise it
and they're totally
freaking out.
OK. That just, like,
looks like one of their faces.
You freaks fuck yet, or what?
we know you're hurting, Roy!
OK? We know Mummy
- she didn't hug you enough.
- Oh!
And Daddy never said
he was proud.
- OK!
- You don't need to hide
behind stereotypical
cave-male aggression.
Reach out to that
scared little boy inside!
- Don't push him away.
- Wait.
They're actually
pushing us off the road now.
Thanks, guys. Stay woke!
Why am I always this guy, huh?
The guy who pulls into
the dirt? I...
Because you're smart and safe.
- Yeah, well...
- And not a total asshole.
I hate that about me. So...
Is that Chris Jelick over there?
Is he doing something
completely fucking weird?
- Yeah.
- Then, yes.
Oh, hey. It's... it's flooded.
Just let it rest a minute.
Yeah, no, that's Chris Jelick.
Cos that is definitely
Tristan Voy's rape-mobile.
Look, we'll see all kinds
of dumb stuff today.
What do you mean?
Hello? Senior Prank Day.
So, the swim captain will have
Thai food delivered to class
and Becky Vaughn will set up
her homemade slip-and-slide
- near the auditorium...
- Someone with a tiny car
will try to park it
inside the lobby.
Oh God, and the even stupider
torrent of prom-posals.
Yeah. Yeah. I know, like...
- You can try it now.
- What? Like...
The engine.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, what is this,
middle school?
Such bullshit.
...a giant person
when I'm in pictures
even though
I'm actually really small.
- But no one needs to know that.
- Bye now.
Wait. W-Wait,
where are you going?
Your locker's this way.
Yeah, I know
where my locker's at.
Didn't you hear the bell?
I just... your locker's
by the yearbook office
and I need your eye
for some new layouts.
OK. Well, can it wait
till after lunch?
Yeah, of course.
You're being really weird.
I'm just, like, stressed out.
Should have never agreed
- to edit the damn thing.
- OK.
Look, just remember, Lewis,
this is high school.
Nothing that happens here
matters in the real world.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
Good. I'll see you later.
- Bye.
- Bye!
Yo, tell me if this sucks?
- Is that you?
- Yeah.
- Who's harmonising with you?
- Also me.
I got a new tune track app.
I want this played
at my funeral.
- Gonna record an EP this summer.
- No way.
Yeah, give the dream a shot
before reality kicks me
in the cooch.
You know,
I'll come cheer you on.
How else can I justify
my 50% as your manager?
- 50%?
- 50%.
Is there a lawyer in here?
Are you a lawyer?
Ladies and gentlemen...
I am not
in the best of moods.
I have not had
my morning coffee
because the teacher's lounge
was filled from floor
to ceiling with balloons.
Ha, ha, ha.
Get it outta your system.
Alright. Now,
the rest of the time
we spend here together,
let's actually try
and learn something.
So, shall we open up
our books to pa...
Pray thee, scholar!
To alloweth mine cousin...
Whatever it is,
make it quick, please.
Thank you.
Fair maiden...
wilst thou accompany me
to the promenade?
- Yes!
- Huzzah!
Ha, ha. Very cute.
We all have dates.
Now, let's simmer down
and get back to business.
That was pure oxygen.
Makes a loud noise, right?
But no flame or heat.
This balloon, however
is filled with 100% hydrogen.
And an explosion that time.
Because all three combustion
requirements were present.
Flame from the match,
oxygen from the atmosphere
and fuel from the...
Zoe, could I have a word
with you, please?
Later, Mrs C.
Listen, I know you've been
going through a lot
but maybe getting involved
again could feel good.
You want me to explode
next time? Or...
I just don't like seeing
a bright young woman
who used to love my class
fade into the background.
I'm about to graduate
and leave all this behind.
I've been accepted
to Purdue for the fall...
Yes, I remember.
I wrote a glowing
Perhaps that was premature.
Perhaps it was.
But like everyone keeps
telling me, Mrs Crawford
you can't change the past.
Your attention, please.
Band practice will not be held
in the auditorium today
but will instead
move to Room 112.
Thank you.
"We believe we can change things
in accordance with our desires.
We believe it because otherwise
we'd see no favourable outcome.
We don't think of the outcome
which generally comes to pass
that we do not succeed
in changing things
in accordance with our desires.
But gradually,
our desires change.
The situation we hope to change
becomes unimportant to us.
We've failed to surmount
the obstacle
but life took us around it
and led us beyond it.
And if we turn
to gaze into the past
we can barely see it
so imperceptible has it become."
How cool is that?
And when Marcel Proust finally
finished this novel in 1922
he died the very same day.
What time...?
Alright, cool.
If you can
bring me a note, OK?
It's a countywide policy.
- Bring me a doctor's note...
- What time does B lunch start?
- Um, directly after A lunch.
- Very cool.
- 12:35.
- Very cool. Cool.
Thanks. Thank you.
Yes, m...
yes, ma'am, I'm listening.
How's the pizza?
Ugh. Have you ever eaten
a dryer sheet?
Uh, OK.
OK, so I'm thinking
you've been to your locker
and you're taking it wrong.
How should I take it?
Like a goof, like
a light-hearted friend thing.
We'll go and we'll make fun
of people, together.
That's your dream prom night?
You wanna spend money
on a limo and tux
and the wrist flower thingy
just to do what we do every day?
Well, you'd pay
for your own thingy
- Y'know, forget it. You're right.
- I just... I can't, um...
I... yes.
I... it'd be too soon, uh...
- And, you know, I don't wanna...
- What?
Well, you know,
with your mum and everything
- we should just...
- This isn't about my mum.
God, why do you have
to do this right now?
OK? You were
the only good thing.
- Hey!
- Lewis, this is so...
Don't lump me in
with everyone else, alright?
Don't shut down on me too.
I was just...
You think I'm shut down?
Yes. But, like,
it's not your fault.
- You just... Shit.
- Jesus!
- Sorry, um...
- Dammit.
I, look, this is all, like,
coming out sideways.
- Can you just...
- I'm just going
- to the bathroom.
- When you come back
can we hit refresh and pretend
I don't suck? Or...
Hey, you lose
somethin' in here?
Hey, you got studs on,
That did not
look like it went well.
Hey, no. Don't sit there, OK?
She's coming right back.
- So? I'm friends with you both.
- Just leave.
Hey, I'm Switzerland.
Don't take it out on me.
Look, we're right
in the middle of it.
Alright? Just go. Go!
My mum's gonna want
all those fake flowers back.
And the ribbon too.
Little rough
on him, weren't you?
- It's a boundary issue.
- Hmm. I agree.
You have way too many.
I like Lewis.
Don't wanna lead him on,
end up hurting him.
He's just trying to make
a memory with you, sweetie.
I'm so close
to getting out of here.
A few more months.
One thing about going places
you take yourself there too.
Will you go to prom with me?
- Yes!
- Yeah?
No way, no way!
Fuck you.
No, please, please!
Everybody move!
Trigger warning.
Fuck you, bastard!
Oh, slow down, man.
How's that feel, Coach?
Ow. Son of a...
- You know what to do, right?
- 10-4. Yeah.
What the... what?
Wait, wait, wait. OK, OK.
- There's a shooting...
- I gotcha. I gotcha.
I gotcha. Oh, my God.
Amy? Amy!
Oh! No...
It's OK. It's gonna be OK.
Help! Oh, my God.
Hey, no, no. Oh, my God.
No, no, no,
you're gonna be OK.
Look at me.
You're gonna be OK.
Go fuck yourself.
Brett Gillins,
if you're in the building
call the main office.
Brett Gillins,
please call the office.
Alright, listen up.
And uh, well,
you just might survive.
OK. We are in charge now.
So please, just do as we say
quickly and without question
or else... Well, you know.
Hey, Roy.
How you doin'?
You know, normally you...
you call me a faggot
when I see you in the halls,
it's kind of our... our thing.
Who's the fag now, man?
I was just messing
with him, OK?
- He disrespected you.
- Look at me.
We need to keep our eyes
on the prize. OK?
We don't have time
for small kills, please. OK?
Thank you.
The fuck?
- Hey!
- Fuck.
Get down on the ground!
Any more friends back there?
Now if I were you,
and thank God I'm not
I would wanna pull out my phone.
Guess what?
I'll allow it. It's OK.
Please, pull 'em out. Anybody.
Donna, right? Donna?
- Dawn.
- Dawn.
Please don't hurt me.
Do you have a phone?
- Hmm?
- Yeah.
It's OK. Relax, Dawn.
Dawn, relax.
It's all OK.
- It's yours. Keep it.
- No, I don't want your phone
Dawn, alright? I want you
to have your phone.
That's the point. Please.
Thank you.
Now, who in this world
would you most like to know
that today could be
the day that you die?
Hey, Chief! We got another one.
Across town.
Let's splinter that truck off.
Send it on over.
Mum, it's me.
- Aren't you at school?
- I am at school.
We talked about this, Dawn.
You know a phone's
only for emergencies.
No, listen, Mum.
There's guys
with guns everywhere.
I know.
He wanted me to call you.
- I'm calling the police.
- I gotta go, Mum.
I love you.
I love you too.
I love you.
OK, Dawn, did your mum say
that she was gonna
call the police?
Look at me. Look at me.
It's OK if she did.
Did she?
She's a good mum.
Fantastic! That's one less step
for all of you to worry about.
now pull out your phone.
Call your parents,
text your friends
call our congresswoman.
I don't care, alright?
Just get them out, please.
Hi, this is Elaine.
Have a blessed day.
If this is the last time
you hear my voice
I want you to know
that I didn't die sad.
I don't have any regrets.
And, um...
I thank you for the life
that you gave me, Ma.
I love you
to the moon and back.
Kill whatever that is, please.
I'm lookin' for ya!
I'm seeing this hole now.
Knowin' you must be close.
I'm lookin' for the thing
that made that sound!
Brenda, honey?
Needing you to come out now.
I'm here.
You should be ashamed!
Brenda, honey,
what's happenin' now?
Were those gunshots?
Yeah, I killed that thing
of yours.
Where's my wife!
Alright, kiddos.
That's it. That's time.
Put your pencils down.
End the call, send the text,
do what you gotta do
but I need your absolute
silence now, please.
...think I'm gonna hang up.
I can't, I can't do it.
Dad, please.
Move, please. Come on.
Bradley? Son?
Hi, this is Tristan.
I'm sending my thoughts
and prayers to you
during this difficult time.
Vernon Central High,
how may I help?
I'm calling
to help you, actually.
I can use some today.
Aren't you cute?
OK. You have a live shooting
situation in the cafeteria.
This isn't a joke. OK?
There are students with weapons
in the lunchroom right now.
And you know this how?
Golly... Maybe because
I am one of them?
Because you are
one of the students
in our cafeteria with a firearm?
Let's get more specific.
I'm Tristan Voy.
- You say your name's Tristan Voy?
- Keep talking.
Now we are finally
on the same page.
- You're with me.
- Uh...
What are you hoping
to gain from this, Tristan?
Hope's got nothing
to do with it.
Thank you.
He hung up. I'm calling 911.
When experts
look back on this day
they'll agree that she should've
announced lockdown
over the intercom immediately.
the rule states that she must
first confirm the information.
How do I know this?
Because they publicly
vote on this shit
at the school board meeting.
That's how.
OK, so while we wait
for this ill-advised step
I need you all to pull out
whichever app you use
to do live streaming video:
Instagram, Facebook, Periscope.
It does not matter to me,
Just get them up and running
and pointed at me. Now!
Hey, Theo!
- Zoe?
- Cora, all of you! Stop. Stop.
- Hey!
- Stop!
Tristan Voy and Chris Jelick
have guns in the cafeteria.
- Yo, that's not even...
- OK? They are killing people.
That's not even funny.
No shit.
Don't go back inside
unless you wanna die, OK?
This better be real.
You're not coming?
No, most of them
still don't know.
I'm with you.
- OK.
- Yeah?
Yeah. Come on.
My name is Tristan Voy,
and you are watching
a live takedown
of Vernon Central High School.
First, I would like
to give a quick shout-out
to the tech giants hosting
these video streams.
Turn them off,
or in any way interrupt them
and we will be forced
to kill everybody immediately.
I promise.
So, join me as we dismantle
a bastion of our society
in favour of entropy and truth.
Well, well, well.
If it isn't our friendly old
neighbourhood security guard.
As if it's not sad enough
they're only paying 'em
$12 an hour
to protect our school
they expect you to do it
without a fucking gun?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
- Yes?
- I'm unarmed.
Sure, except for your
normally cutting remarks
but please, no.
- What can I do for you?
- Your grievance is with me
- not your classmates.
- No shit.
Do tell, please.
You were sent
to my office twice last week.
- That's right.
- And I threatened you.
I threatened you with expulsion.
That's also right.
Instead of trying harder
to understand you.
You know, behind your desk,
you have this... this poster
and it says,
"Making a difference
one student at a time."
He didn't make time for me.
I let you down, man.
But you've got
my undivided attention now...
On your desk,
there's a picture of you
and your wife
and your two kids.
What is that?
That's at our camp
in Broken Bow.
I've never seen
a family so happy.
Made me wish that
I could have that someday.
You absolutely can.
I can have your cabin?
- Sure.
- OK, great.
- So you heard that, right?
- End this now.
- And we'll make it happen.
- No, everybody heard that.
Perhaps I can
fuck your wife on the beach
while your kids watch too, huh?
You see, last week
I wanted to come
to your office twice, man.
During our morning session,
I grabbed your keys.
I went downtown.
I had a copy made.
And during our afternoon session
while you were looking
out the window
talking about how guys like me
never amount to anything
you remember that?
I replaced 'em.
- Tristan.
- Rob.
Whatever your reasons are
for doing this, man
we can work it out between us.
Maybe we can. I...
- No, please! Please!
- Get up.
Please! Please! Please...
Don't bother.
Phase two's about to begin.
What did the Texans have?
Grit and determination
but very little
in the way of munitions.
What we want
to point out is 100 and...
- You have to get out now!
- Come on!
- Come on!
- Ms Green! Ms Green!
- You have to open the window!
- Alright.
- No, no, no, no! Wait, please!
- Thank you, ladies.
- Wait! Come on!
- Very clever.
Where was I?
In the corner of your screen
there should be a number.
Perhaps next to an eyehole icon.
Who here has more
than 50 live viewers right now?
Raise your hands, please.
OK, great. That's great.
Who has more than
100 live viewers?
How many do you have?
Just went over a thousand.
Goddamn. Get up here.
What makes you so popular?
I'm not.
He does the yearbook.
Ah. The geeky newsboy.
Well, actually, I'm the admin
of the Vernon High page...
Look, nobody asked
for your life story, alright?
I don't care where from,
as long as they're watching.
You're my main camera now.
So please stay close.
And everybody else,
please put your phone
in the bin as it comes around,
I have a new task for you.
I need to see your work, people.
You can't just Google...
Oh, my God!
Ms Hull, inappropriate!
- What in the name of...
- We're under attack!
Some students have guns
in the cafeteria.
This isn't a senior prank.
Everybody has to get out now!
Josh, lock the door!
OK, come on.
We don't have much time.
OK. Everyone, over here now.
Single file line.
- Where do I go?
- Ladies first.
Into the woods!
Wait until the cops come,
you're good.
Help each other out
if you can.
- Single file.
- Mr Yates?
I've got you. One leg at a time.
- Go on, you guys.
- Oh, my Lord.
- They recorded this?
- No, it's live.
- Happening now.
- How'd you find this?
It's on the school's
social page.
It's not that hard
to build a wall.
- Tristan!
- Coming.
Are we famous yet?
- Not yet.
- Hmm.
Permission to kill these?
They're useless.
Please, you've hurt her enough!
Have you heard of Operation T4?
Hitler ordered mercy killings
on the disabled
because he didn't want
their deformities
to infect the master race.
Good thing is, we're not Nazis.
Hey, this is gonna
take too long.
Should I warn another class?
Fuck, I don't know.
I just...
You alright?
Got this? OK.
What the hell?
Relax, alright? It's early.
But not unexpected.
Anna, can you please
figure this out for me?
- Copy that.
- Keep it moving!
I'm on it.
Leave it all and line up.
Thank you.
Isabelle, leave your purse.
It'll still be here
when you get back.
What the hell
are you doing, missy?
Oh, I think that I have
a pass here somewhere.
For the electrical room?
Nobody but me is allowed in...
What the hell does that mean?
- Did they get to it somehow?
- I don't...
What's going on?
Alright, false alarm, everyone.
Back in your classrooms.
You're not getting away
that easy.
Come on, you wanna die? Go!
- Come on!
- OK. OK.
Hey, what are you doing?
If I could get to the office,
I can make an announcement!
I should be the one to do that!
Sheriff, if someone's
shooting at the school
we don't wait outside...
You're right,
if it's an active shooter
we go in immediately.
This fucker
is holding kids at gunpoint.
Wait, Tom,
if you're telling me
these kids are calling
their parents
from inside the school
and saying that
they're being held by...
I know you're not afraid
to go in!
I wanna go in, but...
But just... look, but...
Let me finish!
If this is more
of a hostage situation
than an active shooter,
then we contain, negotiate
and wait for an elite team
if all else fails.
Final projects are due
in a few days.
Really impressed
with the work I've been seeing.
Oh, goodness.
Hopefully you guys
have saved your work.
Get outside! Get outside!
There's a school shooting, run!
Go! Fuck...
Oh, oh, shit. Let's go!
Fuck you, Becky.
I'm a mile away, the kids...
Listen to me, Tommy.
If it sounds like
I'm pulling rank on you
it's because I am.
Now Vernon is your town,
but it's my county, OK?
You're not the one
with family in there.
Wait. Wait.
Yes, I hear you, Tommy.
I know your nephew's in there
but if you half-ass
an entry team
you're gonna get
everybody killed.
Now, I'm two minutes away.
If you just hold on for just
a goddamn minute, we could...
Tom? Tommy?
Son of a bitch!
He hung up?
He's hellbent on
going in immediately.
Here, get us the hell
out of here, will you?
Let's go, go, go.
- Here they are, finally.
- Yeah. Yes, we see them.
OK, they're gonna keep
their lights and sirens off
- until we know if it's real.
- It's real.
OK. We have confirmation.
There are active shooters
in the building.
They killed Rob.
Yes, yes, I'm here.
I just... I need to make
a lockdown announcement
as quickly as possible.
Yes, I'll keep the line open.
Take this.
Attention, faculty and students,
we're in lockdown.
I repeat, we are in lockdown.
Please consult your school
safety manuals for instructions
as we are in lockdown
until further notice.
Thank you.
Officer, is there anything else
we should be doing right now?
Hey, you need to slow down!
I'm not the problem, OK?
- They're in the cafeteria.
- We know that!
Get back to your homeroom
and stay put until...
Oh, shit! Oh, fuck...
Uh, is everyone alright?
- Yeah.
- Alright. OK. Hold on. Hold on.
OK, lockdown means we stay put,
lock the door.
Emma, can you lock the door,
Close the window blinds.
Get against the wall
that isn't in view.
Go to that wall and keep quiet.
That's it. Come on in.
Keep coming. File in.
We're OK. It's alright.
If the office
announces lockdown
then they're on it.
Police have been notified.
This is Tarsy,
I need all available units
- to Vernon Central High.
- Sir, sir!
- Good Christ!
- Oh...
- Tom, you with me?
- There are officers down.
- We need medics.
- Police are here.
Some lady cop's calling
for an ambulance.
Yes. Let phase three begin.
And we just got teased
on the Channel 2 news.
Well, are they airing
our stream yet?
No, the anchor said they plan
to go live from out front.
Hello. This is live from inside.
Nobody wants to see
your bullshit reporter.
They want to see me.
I'm finished in the basement.
Awaiting further orders.
Great work.
Do some recon on the office
on your way back.
I wanna see how we did.
Let the Sheriff know
we got the remnants
of a homemade bomb here.
Yeah, somebody wanted
to keep us busy
and clog the roads.
Understood. I'll let him know.
Help me set a perimeter.
Nobody else in or out
without my say so!
Hey, hey! Hey!
The hell is going
on in there?
Sheriff! Sheriff!
You have to see this!
Alright. Everybody, let's go!
Away from the school!
Hey, hey...
Hey, we need to get outta...
Not as painful as it looks.
In fact...
when it happens fast
there's often no pain at all.
Suddenly you're
an expert on death?
You only did it once.
I'm a quick study.
You got that from me.
going through people's pockets
that you got from your dad.
- I need a phone.
- Mm-hmm.
Always known exactly
what you wanted.
Even as a baby.
You want to talk pain?
- Breastfeeding you was a...
- Mum!
No, it was a nightmare,
but I admire it.
Do I close his eyes?
Well, he's not here anymore,
He's free
of all attachments now.
Is that how you feel?
I still got one person
who's holding on.
Someone who's not quite ready
to release me just yet.
Definitely a success.
Maybe even better than expected.
Pictures are worth
a thousand words
my darling, video even more.
This is for
stealing all my weed.
Begin sweeping
the rooms, top down.
10-4. And stand by for optics.
66, 67...
Do you believe in God?
Now, why would God
let something like this
happen to you?
Oh, Anna.
Is it just me
or is it hot in here?
This is for
stealing all my weed...
Free will.
God allows the wicked
to do their wickedness.
Oh, yeah? Why's that?
So they can be judged.
Channel 5 just interrupted
their programming.
They're warning viewers
about graphic content.
Because... they're about
to air the live stream.
Well, hot dog.
- You got the con.
- OK.
We need more bodies.
So, we'll be right back.
You two are coming with me.
Let's move.
Hey, if anyone's in there
you need to get out
of there, OK?
They're gonna come
looking for you.
Just break a window.
Get out if you can.
If anyone's in there, you...
shouldn't hide in the rooms.
They're gonna come
looking for you.
Are you a staff member?
No. Hey, look.
Look, they're in
the cafeteria now
but I think
they wanted a lockdown.
It makes it easier
to round everyone up that way.
Break a window.
Get out if you can.
We're not supposed to leave
until the office announces
that it's over.
No, there is no office any...
Don't worry, amigos.
For those of you
just joining us
this is a school shooting.
Ms Nunez, how are you?
I'm gonna need to take
everybody down to the cafeteria.
"La cafeteria."
Is that right?
Please, don't hurt anyone.
It's one thing
I've always really liked
about you, Ms Nunez
you really genuinely care
about your students.
Another thing I like is,
you know
you have this way of turning
to write on the board.
It really holds
a young man's attention.
- Tristan, please don't...
- Hey, por favor! Ms Nunez.
This is a Spanish-speaking
You are beautiful.
And you know what?
For you...
I think I can promise
that I won't hurt anybody
if you can do something for me.
Take off your shirt.
Let go!
Fuck you.
Ms Nunez?
It's OK, Kitty.
What, you think I'm a child?
You know, you really are
the nicest teacher...
Uh, Tristan, I have
a few questions for you.
Um, I turned on
the live comments feature
and it's blowing up.
People are really interested...
Did I tell you to do that?
- No. I'm sorry.
- No.
I'll turn it off. Um...
What kind of questions
are they asking?
Don't wanna get
your hands dirty, huh?
Ms Voy!
Hey, that you calling in
on the landline?
Yeah. Is there
a car in the drive?
Just mine.
- There's a TV on, but...
- SWAT team's still 30 away.
They're all the way up in York
responding to a bullshit
bomb threat somebody called in.
These jackals are
three steps ahead of us.
Look around and see
if there's a back door.
Roger that.
Ms Voy!
He's shooting up a school
live on the internet
but giving me his number
will violate his privacy?
Second-floor plans.
Hey, we even
got a warrant for this?
No, no time.
That's why I'm calling
what you're now doing
"a wellness check."
Roger that.
Ms Voy!
Fourteen months or so,
to really make it sing.
Between, you know, researching
the blueprints of the building
gathering the tech,
weaponry, et cetera.
But how did you get
the idea to do this?
I didn't "get the idea"
so much as the idea got me.
You know, it reached out
and grabbed me by the neck.
And it hasn't let go,
quite frankly.
Ms Vo...
He and his deputy
were first on the scene...
Also waiting for a
SWAT team now en route...
This is Officer Banks, uh...
I got eyes on Ms Voy.
She ain't gonna
be helping you talk to her son.
Breaking in here, folks
with some very disturbing news
out of Vernon Central
High School.
There are multiple
confirmed reports
of an active shooting situation.
We know that hostages
are being held.
Come here, listen up!
Anybody inside my perimeter
from now on must gear up, OK?
We've already lost
two good officers.
So, tactical vests and helmets
right now. Let's go.
No, he left me in charge.
Not... not you.
No, this is my body. No.
From what I can tell
it looks like they're getting
ready to enter the school.
They are armouring up,
we're not quite sure
but from what it looks like
they are preparing
to enter the school.
Trucks are being opened.
They're loading their weapons,
and vests are being donned.
A full-scale siege
approach is risky
but it could make sense...
Any reason for...
- for committing such a violent...
- Wait, shut up.
OK. You're OK. You're OK.
Your vest caught it. You're OK.
Let's go. Now. Come on...
Chris? Christopher, answer me.
Who the fuck else would it be?
Look, they tried to escape.
I didn't kill without
OK. Relax. Relax.
I'm hearin' the chorus again.
They found me here somehow.
You know they're not real,
right, buddy?
Hold on, I'm coming down.
Because apparently,
I have to do everything myself!
Give me your extra piece.
when you're holding a hammer
everything looks like a nail.
Everybody to the cafeteria, now.
Two by two, please.
And we are behind
so I'm gonna take this group
down, you go collect more.
We're the number one
trending topic online.
About damn time.
Well, get to it! What're
you guys doing? Let's move!
To the cafeteria! Now!
Keep the camera pointed
at them, please.
Keep it moving.
One foot after the other.
- Keep it moving!
- Ow!
Find some floor.
Make yourself at home.
- I'm sorry.
- I know. I know.
- They always try to take over.
- I know.
But they're gone now, right?
Because you're here.
I'm here. I'm here.
No, not right now. OK?
- There's still a lot to get done.
- You don't love me anymore.
You've moved onto my sister.
I love you and Anna
both equally!
OK? Fucking medicate, man.
Pull yourself together.
There's still a lot to get done.
Anna, where are you?
Hey, would you
please report back?
Tell me where you are.
I did that, you bitch!
Anna, what the fuck? Speak.
Knock 'em dead, sweetie.
It's, uh,
it's funny cos it's a...
it's a theatre.
Your hair.
Do you like it?
So, you obviously meant me
when you said
someone was holding you back.
But you're wrong.
You died. There's nothing
I can do to change that.
you said yourself
I only died once. Right?
But how many times have I died
in your mind since then?
How often
do you think of that day?
But you don't really
see me anymore, sweetie.
You just see the monster
that got me.
I can't help it.
Well, you can.
Look at me now.
That deep place inside of you
your will to live
is getting stronger.
And it's letting me
live again too.
The way I really want.
You hear voices too.
What's your excuse?
You agree to be part of this
and it doesn't even
mean anything to you?
That's even more disgusting.
Tristan called it a reckoning.
A reckoning?
For what? You're a kid?
I'm 18.
You're pathetic,
is what you are.
What did you know about me?
Before all this.
You're incredibly forgettable.
Come on.
Come on!
what are you fishing for, Kip?
Sixth grade.
Chloe Pole
and AJ Turner sneak up
and pull my pants down
in front of assembly
- but they also get my underwear.
- That's what this is about?
- Don't.
- Oh, sorry.
Have I belittled your motivation
for cold-blooded murder?
You want me to say
what you already know.
Kip, I personally hope
you rot in here!
But a cop
will probably find you.
Everyone laughed at me naked!
And it started years of people
giggling near me, behind me.
Thinly-veiled jokes.
Even from teachers
about my coming up short
on homework!
You ever think that the people
you heard giggling
were happy?
And maybe teachers with no idea
which words were triggering you
just didn't want
to see you flunk?
Not only...
does this punishment
not fit any crime...
but Kip...
most of these people
are completely innocent.
This girl, Amy Kim...
died in my arms
on a bathroom floor today.
And all I know about her
is that she liked horses.
Won these little ribbons
for jumping them.
How did she deserve
to go like that?
I'm a numbers guy.
Sure, I like
to look at my name
atop a scoreboard,
just like anyone
but never, ever let it be said
that playing video games
leads to real-life violence
cos it doesn't.
Sudoku, though...
Come on, that is scary shit.
Anyway, when you plan
your very own mass shooting
don't just go for Rambo
wannabes like they all do.
They don't have
a set number in mind.
- They just wanna be bigger...
- Todd.
...and they wanna be badder,
so they just go in...
- Lauren, Lauren Cope.
- Yeah.
I used to cut
your wife's hair before.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, right.
- Um...
- Thanks.
I dunno what the hell
we're looking at here.
It's a livestream
from inside the school.
It's happening right now.
I mean,
how can you hit a target
if you're not aiming?
Me, I've got a number.
A number
that I especially like.
I figured out how to get it.
Please, Zoe.
No. No, I'm sorry!
I'm not one of them, OK?
- OK.
- You guys, you need
- to get out of here right now.
- We're trying to.
Claire says
they're in the cafeteria.
OK. OK, good.
Good. Come on.
...indecisive, helpless.
Holy shit, girl!
Yeah, yeah, I'll find him.
Give me one second.
Sheriff! Sheriff!
Hey, you remember that friend
I was telling you about?
The one that saved
all of our asses?
She's calling from inside.
Toss it, let's go.
- Hello.
- Hello to you too.
Look, Sheriff, an entire class
could come out right now
but the shooters are watching
our every move on the news.
OK, hang in there.
Let me see what I can do.
As students inside prepare
for their greatest test yet
one more failure could...
Hey, hey, don't put the school
in the shot for a few minutes.
- We have every right to be here.
- No, I know you do.
But that nutcase is watching
your broadcast.
Alright? So I know
I can't make you, so I'm asking
talk to the parents,
interview the kids, anything
but keep the school
out of the shot. OK?
I'm happy
to not show the school.
Good, I appreciate that...
If you give me something better
to point our camera at.
We got it.
How about a shot of me,
personally calling that asshole?
Great, on speakerphone.
Run, run.
I will take
a large Hawaiian pizza
easy on the cheese, please,
as I am dairy sensitive.
Is that what this is all about,
Tristan, a lunch order?
What I'm saying, Sheriff,
is that there is nothing
you can do for me
except watch me beat the game.
Well, games are easy to win
if you're the only one playing.
Nothing about this was easy.
All clear. All clear.
OK, police are just
around this corner.
Go as fast as you can. Go! Nice.
You're coming, aren't you?
Everyone's still in lockdown.
I'm gonna try to warn as many
as I can, OK? So...
Not alone, you're not.
- Mrs Crawford.
- Go, everyone. Run!
So you can see where they are.
Come on. Go!
You're obviously very smart...
Come on.
I don't need some
local lard-ass cop
to tell me that.
Fair enough,
I could stand to lose a few.
Come on, man. You're gonna
work that angle?
The sensible negotiator who
shares a bit of his own life.
I don't care how close
you are to retirement
or about your beloved wife
who you lost
and now you understand
anger too.
My wife is just fine.
I'm afraid I can't say
the same about your mother.
Paid her a visit, did you?
Well, I hope
she's still watching.
I think if she watches
all the way through
she'll finally be proud.
Barbara, it's Jane Crawford!
Jane! Jane, we're in here.
Oh, God.
The rooms aren't safe,
we have to get everyone out.
Come on! Let's go! Hurry.
This way.
You see, Sheriff...
I'm an agent of change
midwife of truth.
I am an embodiment.
That sounds exhausting.
Yeah, that's cos it hurts
your tiny brain.
Then why don't
you explain it to me
as though I were a small child?
You mean the way I have to
explain everything to everyone?
Really put me on the spot,
But I'll give it a try.
I could have the people
in this room
do the most vile things
to each other
in order to stay alive.
And they would, right?
That doesn't interest me.
See, humanity is a joke
and you, my friend,
are the punchline.
You are the sheep
and I'm the shepherd
and I'm going to lead you
off the fucking cliff
because you've been
begging for it.
Tristan, nobody in that room
asked for this.
Oh, come on,
that is fucking bullshit.
OK? Everybody watching
is culpable!
You all post and you tweet
and you share.
Everybody jumps at the chance
to be both judge and jury.
But in that system, Sheriff
you've created a job opening.
An executioner.
You created me.
So, you feel that
you've made your point.
Is that what you wanted?
Yeah, sure.
Yeah, great job, Sheriff.
You worked it all out.
if there's no hard feelings
I'd love to invite you up
to my new cabin in Broken Bow.
We can crack open
some cold ones
shoot the shit, play some pool.
Guess all I needed today
was to talk to some old fuck.
Go figure, right?
Tristan, I'm asking you
please, let those kids go.
How can we get everyone
out of that room safely
including yourself?
Uh... it's not looking good.
Someone is letting
the things out.
I see what you did there,
My turn.
- Right this way.
- Mum?
Thank God.
Hey, did you see
Zoe Hull in there?
Yeah, she's got
dirty blonde hair
- she's tall, skinny girl.
- She saved us.
Um, she was even outside
at one point
but went back inside to help.
Ma'am, just a few more
questions for your son
- if you wouldn't mind.
- Yeah.
Right this way.
Anyway, I've got a number.
Hey, uh...
...not fast,
and it's not furious.
None of that shit,
little closer to
Tortoise and The Hare.
That story's got one
of the OG twist endings
so, please, watch and see.
Ms Lange, it's
not safe to shelter in place.
The shooters are going round
to the different rooms
rounding up the kids and
bringing them to the cafeteria
and that's dangerous
so we're gonna have to go.
Everyone, we have to get up,
and we have to get outta here.
OK, look, nobody from
my team is responding.
Is it safe to say that this
might be our guardian angel?
Will you please talk to me?
Maybe like the rest
of the world you're, uh
watching our show?
I've already asked nicely once.
I'm here.
Well, hello.
You're a chick.
What's your name, sweetheart?
Zoe Hull.
That's vaguely familiar.
So, if you're talking to me
from Anna's phone...
She's dead.
And Kip?
Wishing he were dead.
You've really made
a mess of things, Zoe.
You've really pissed
in my cornflakes.
Do you want more people to die,
is that why you did this?
No, that's the last thing
I want.
Alright. Well...
Here's what happens now.
You're gonna drop whatever
you're doing and come to me.
You're gonna beg
for my forgiveness
and that of my friend, Chris
as that was his little sister
you just cut down.
And to help motivate you
I'm gonna kill one person
in this room every five minutes
- if you don't show your face.
- Zoe, he'll kill you.
And the timer starts now.
No, stop! Stop.
I'm on my way.
- OK?
- No! You can't just...
Get them out of here
and yourself too! Go!
See, I don't make threats.
OK? I provide opportunities
for growth...
Move! Out of the way!
Get back!
Move, move! Out of the way.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go. Move it.
Move it. Out of the way!
Out of the way!
Move! Come on!
Let's go. Move it. Move it.
Let's go! Let's go!
Move. Move. Come on!
Move it!
Keep it moving. Keep it moving.
Move! Move!
Please kill me.
I shot Amy Kim
while she was running away.
She always used to smile at me.
OK, come here.
You'll have to pay
for her murder
and all the others,
believe it.
What are you doing?
Tick-tock. Hey, Zoe.
I'm bad with numbers.
But has it been two minutes
or four and a half?
OK, right now, right now,
you are just a sad fat kid
everyone in the world will hate.
And when they look for a motive
they'll find out
you were bullied.
Someone will remember
that day in the assembly
and strangers will laugh
at you all over again.
Do you want that
to be your legacy?
OK, good. Come on.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
- Where do you want us to stage?
- Copy. They just landed.
Right over here.
Kill another, I guess.
Wait! Wait.
Fuck. You?
Green jacket girl?
When's the last time
you took that damn thing off?
Don't be shy, come in. Join us.
You can kill me
just as easily right here.
I know, but that would
be terrible for ratings
so come in.
I literally insist.
Zoe, America.
America, this is Zoe.
Our guardian angel.
Zoe, while you've been
prancing around
doing God knows what
we've managed
to make national television.
Fuck, I mean,
at the rate we're going
we've probably
made international too.
For those playing the home game
we've just unlocked
the bonus round
where anything can happen.
fame doesn't do it for you, Zoe?
Then what does?
myself included, not dying.
And what does it for you?
being definitive
and creating the ultimate
version of something.
I don't even
have to be the first.
I just have to be the best.
You killed my sister.
She was trying to kill me.
I mean,
none of this ever had to...
None of this ever had to happen.
Come on...
Goddamn, stand still,
you bastards.
Zoe, did somebody tip you off
as to what we had planned?
- No.
- So, it was just a...
right time, right place
kind of situation?
Something like that.
It has to die now, Tristan.
I will tell you when
it's the right time, Chris.
Chris! I will tell you
when it's the right time.
He's obviously and
understandably upset
about his...
Who the hell are you?
It's over.
You didn't have the stomach
for it after all.
Drop the guns.
- I'm not kidding.
- If we don't, Kip
you'll have
to do a lot more killing.
You wanna do more killing, Kip?
Are you prepared to do that?
Put it down.
You put it down, asshole!
Fuck you!
Come on! Come on, don't stop!
Come on...
Come on.
Keep going. Keep going.
I'll bring 'em back.
No, go kill them
and bring back
the fucking phone!
Come on.
Lewis, come on!
Keep going. Keep going.
Everybody, stay the fuck down!
This is not over.
Lewis, come on!
Shit! Shit. Come on.
- Leave me.
- Leave you?
What kind of shit is that?
Come on!
Look, you were hit.
Hence the "leave me" idea. Yeah.
How bad is it?
Well, according to you,
nothing matters.
This is what happens
in high school.
OK, come on.
Come on. Come on.
You've got this.
Right here. Right here.
You're OK. You're OK.
No, no, no. No, no, no.
I don't want them to see us.
I don't want them to see us.
- It's cold in here.
- No.
You're not allowed to do that,
Ah, fuck.
Right here.
Shit. Shit.
OK. Let me see.
Look, I need
to tell you something.
Not now.
OK? Just tell me at prom.
You're not the only
good thing in my life.
No, you're the best thing.
Yeah, that's so great
and I, um, I feel the same way
but I really do need
to tell you something.
I-I think the van's
rigged to explode.
- The van in the cafeteria?
- Yeah.
- Shit!
- You stay...
I can't. Shh!
This part, I remember perfectly.
You and me...
we're stuck in a loop.
You know, it's not always you
but every time
I'm in this room
I kill something.
Killing my sister was new!
How'd you break
that pattern, huh?
It was the symbols, wasn't it?
I've almost got them
in the right order.
I've been collecting
them longer than you
so fuck you if you think
you're gonna
get out before me!
Wait! Wait.
It was the symbols.
That... that's how
I changed the pattern.
Oh, yeah?
I can...
I can show you the way out.
That's exactly
what they told me you'd say.
Gunfire! Gunfire!
There! Treeline!
Hands up! Hands up!
Show us your hands!
On the ground! On the ground.
On the ground!
- OK, OK.
- On the ground!
Report back, man.
Come on, man, answer me.
Chris, man, answer me.
What do you think?
Worth a thousand words?
Now you're the one
not talking, hmm?
What's wrong, Tristan?
I thought we'd built up
a nice rapport.
Am I not being polite enough?
If you won't respond
can I assume
you're watching my stream?
You have no fucking idea
who you're dealing with.
You know, you're right.
You actually are starting
to slip my mind.
I mean, isn't it ironic...
that after all your
goddamn hard work...
people aren't gonna
remember you?
They're gonna remember me.
- Get up. On your feet.
- Please! Please!
Move! Get up! On your feet!
Everybody else,
stay the fuck down
noses to the ground.
If you look at me,
I will fucking kill you.
Take this and move. Go! Go!
Oh, oh!
I was praying that was you.
I thought I told you
to get outside.
I will now. This is the last
group from the rooms.
Are you coming
with us this time?
I'll be right there.
I'll be right there.
Alright. Come on, let's go.
Alright. Just like
your mama taught you.
Really does not have
to be difficult!
Keep moving. Keep walking.
Alright. Do not turn around.
One little move
and I'll have to kill you.
Get out now! OK? He's gone.
Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ.
There's a bomb in there!
Go, go, please!
Come on! Yeah!
Hurry, good! Good.
Keep going. Keep going.
Um, over here.
Help me. Good!
Faster. Move!
Move! Good. Good.
Keep going!
Keep going. Keep going.
Go. Go.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Go, go, go.
Oh, my God.
Stop! Stop!
- It's OK.
- On your knees!
Keep your hands high.
Get 'em up, above your head.
Bravo team,
we're on the first floor.
Suspect is neutralised.
Hey, blow through, blow through.
Lemme know when you got a clear.
I said on the fucking ground!
Get on the fucking ground.
Come on.
Well, that's gratitude for you.
Don't they know who you are?
You look beautiful.
I know.
It feels good.
Thank you.
I have to go now.
I love you.
Wanted to free up your hands
so I could shake one.
SWAT guys had no idea
who you were.
So, I'm sorry about that.
You know, a lot of folks have
a lot of questions for you.
But we can talk
about that later.
That was a hell of a thing
you did in there.
- I hope you're very proud of...
- And Tristan?
Burned to a crisp.
I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
Well, almost anyone.
Stand by, One.
Can I ask you
to do something for me?
Name it.
You alright?
I was at war.
Thank Christ for that.
Mum would know...
just what to say right now,
wouldn't she?
Yes, she would.
I guess that's why
I still talk to her sometimes.
That's creepy.
Hey, uh...
Thanks for saving my life.
Honey, we're even.
You gave mine a purpose.
Eighteen years ago.
Hey! Hey, is he gonna be OK?
Yeah, should be.
We need to
take a look at that leg.
Oh, I'll be right over.
Come on, keep it moving.
What did they do
with your rifle?
Nothing yet. Last I saw it
there was some little yellow
evidence markers around it.
Should be right where I left it.
I didn't expect...
to deal with this scenario.
But there's unfinished business
to tend to.
You see, it's tempting
to let nature run its course.
The lungs will fill with blood.
And the animal
will die naturally.
But with that process
comes extreme pain.
And it just isn't right
to let it suffer.
Or is it?