Run Nixon (2023) Movie Script

(upbeat orchestral music)
(alarm blaring)
(Slice breathing heavily)
Where you from
Where you from
I know you feel what I'm feelin'
I can feel it in the air
And all around
If you live the life, better live it
You know what I'm talking about
(intense music)
(muffled singing)
- [Officer] Clear! Clear!
(intense music)
(Officer shouting)
Where you from?
Where you from?
Where you from?
Where you from?
(Officer shouting)
Where you from?
Where you from?
Where you from?
Where you from?
Where you from?
Where you from?
Where you from?
(singer singing)
- [Officer] Out of the pool!
(alarm blaring)
(Slice breathing heavily)
(phone ringing)
- [Frost] Yo, it's Frost.
Busy running a strip club right now.
Leave it at the beat.
- Hey, Frost, wake up man.
I need your help, dog.
I had another one of them
fucked up dreams, man.
Hey, listen, I'm gonna call the quits
for real this time, man.
Just hit me back when
you get this asap, all right?
(creepy music)
(Slice grunting)
(upbeat hip hop music)
(soft singing)
(truck rumbling)
(soft music)
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
Yeah, gimme like,
gimme like five minutes.
I'll be ready?
- Hey, Mom, have you seen my lucky socks?
I can't find them anywhere.
- Yeah, Papi, look in the
laundry room underneath the basket.
(horn honking)
(horn honking)
Papi, I'm about to make you a sandwich.
- Mom, I'm not hungry.
- [Stacy] Look at these dishes in here.
You're gonna clean them when you get back.
- That's your job.
Since this is your house,
you make the food here,
you pay the bills here,
so aren't you supposed to
be washing the dishes here?
- Come on, let's go.
Get your sandwich.
- I don't want a sandwich, Mom.
- You have to eat.
You have to eat, you
have to, you have to eat.
You can't plan an empty stomach.
You look a little flushed, are you okay?
- [Nixon] I'm tired.
I just don't want my sandwich, mama.
- Okay, well maybe
you shouldn't play today.
Yeah, okay, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
(horn honking)
Can we make quick stop down the street
to drop Nixon off at his game?
- Are you gonna win
the game for me tonight?
- [Nixon] Yep.
settle, settle, settle
Been on my level, level, level, level
Unapologetic, yeah
Dish it out, not sorry
Try to scoot you to the game
But your nigga's so tardy
Yeah, I feel like pot, got my shirt on
(tires squealing)
What I'm sayin' ain't a
lie, you know it's the truth
You can get through
anything, I'm the living proof
Trust me, I know
- All right, how many
points we gonna score?
- 30.
- Steals?
- 10
- [Stacy] Passes?
- None.
- [Stacy] What?
- I'm a ball hog 'cause I'm good.
- Okay.
Just win the game, okay Papi?
All right, go get it.
- [Nixon] Hey (indistinct),
come on, let's go.
When you're lost in the world
- Uh, sorry to burst your little bubble
but we gotta go.
- [Stacy] All right,
let's go get this money.
(Stacy laughing)
(hip hop music)
- [Speaker On Phone] Larry, you have too
many excuses.
Too many excuses.
Time, after time, after time.
I've been waiting,
I have fucking 12 cars in your portfolio
and they have not been delivered.
Not been delivered, Larry.
A business, simple as that.
- All right... (indistinct)
- Where's my fucking cars?
- Alright, listen, listen.
Don't worry about it.
I got, I got this.
- What do you not understand?
My fucking time here,
what do you not understand?
- I promise.
All right, buddy, we're
gonna get you a car I promise.
We're professionals.
- All right, you have a good day?
- You understand me?
- Yeah, kill yourself.
Hey, what the fuck buddy?
You don't know how to knock?
- Look, I wasn't able to
get Mr. Fernandez's car.
As soon as I got to the house
he was backing out the driveway.
But don't trip,
tonight I'll take the truck
and when he gets back I'll take the car.
- If you don't go get
me this car, you're fired.
Fuck fired, you know Beyonce when she says
go to the left, to the left?
I'm gonna send you to the
left, to the right, up and down.
I'm gonna smack-
Go get me this fucking car or you're fired.
(buzzer buzzing)
- This is what we gonna do.
Stevie, I need you to
pass the ball to Nixon.
Nixon, I need you to drive down court,
pull up, and shoot a nice three point.
Make sure it goes in.
Tommy, you go down court and
be down there to get a rebound.
Okay, alright guys,
we got to do this, right?
(children yelling)
We got to do this, right?
- [Children] Yes!
- Okay, Red Tails on 3.
- [All] 1, 2, 3, Red Tails!
- [Coach] Let's go get 'em!
Come on, let's go!
(crown cheering)
(door opening)
- Let's go Nixon!
(crowd cheering)
(inspirational music)
(soft singing)
Let's go Nixon!
Too proud to be what you need
Cold feet, loose hands
Big dreams, no plan
And all my friends are losing sleep
- Yo!
Am I just chasing
after broken dreams?
For me
- Somebody call help!
- Call 911!
Far better days
In the afterlife
- Nixon!
And what
weighs us down sets us free
If you will it to be
My friends, there
will be far better days
In the afterlife
(sirens blaring)
(soft hip hop music)
Gucci, Bands, Prada, Bands
Gucci, Bands, Prada, Bands
- Ooh!
God damn!
Slice, you ain't tell
me all this ass would-
My bad baby, my bad.
- Shawty,
you got one job,
and that's the next show,
nobody comes inside this door.
Can you handle that?
- Come on baby, why am I with you?
To protect you, right?
I'm gonna be right here watching this door,
makin' sure no thick asses come in-
- [Slice] Shawn!
- I'm focused, man. Come on.
- Look, I'm not playing, man.
Don't be out here getting
distracted by all this ass.
- I said I'm focused, man.
- [Slice] Pay attention.
- You go do the business,
I'm gonna watch that ass.
(knocking on door)
- Yo.
What's up bro?
Hey, I got your message.
What's so urgent, man?
- Shit, dog.
You know I keep having
that fucking dream, huh?
- [Frost] What dreams, fool?
- The feds is closing in on me.
I know they coming, man.
Hey listen, I need you to do me a favor
and hold onto this bag for me.
(exasperated sound)
- Fuck that (indistinct)
- Stacy, I need a drink.
- What's wrong?
- Girl, this club is wack as hell
and my man is tripping again.
And plus I'm trying to
get into this rap and shit,
and you know I can freestyle.
- Okay bitch, lemme
hear you spit something.
- All right.
My ass shaped like an nap,
but will fuck with you bitches.
You're bitches is cappers,
I'm with the trappers,
I slap your bitch ass on camera.
I know some niggers (indistinct).
- Hey! Okay bitch, that was hard.
- Yeah but you know
this is my last time here
'cause I ain't making no money.
- Damn, so you quitting?
- Yeah, I need you to give
Frost my keys for me, okay?
- Damn, you sure?
You know it picks back
up after the holiday.
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Well you be safe out there, bitch.
- You too.
- You can hear me?
- [Frost] I hear you!
- If something happens
to my bag, I'ma kill you.
- Bro, you know what,
(indistinct), all right?
- Yeah, yeah I bet
- [Frost] Damn, but it's like,
oh hey wait.
I ain't asked you, what's in the bag?
- Don't worry about it.
Hey Frost, protect my shit.
- Slice, what you doing here?
- Man, I just having
a little talk with Frost.
How you been baby?
- I'm fine.
- I feel like I never see you anymore.
What, you still loyal to
that bitch ass nigger Mooky?
- Yes, Slice.
- Yeah, you know if I was your man
you'd not work in no strip club, right?
- Damn, I see you got distracted too.
- Nigga, I gave you one job.
(indistinct) Get the fuck outta here.
- Damn, Slice.
(phone ringing)
(soft hip hop music)
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- Hello, why the hell you not
answering the phone, man?
- I was working Dre, what's up?
- Man, Nixon had to be
rushed to Hope Hospital.
He fell and
he had a heart attack, Stacy.
- What are you, what are you saying, Dre?
Is he alive? What's going on?
What's going on?
- Man, get down here right now, man.
- I'm on my way, I'm on my way.
(intense music)
(soft music)
(elevator dinging)
Excuse me, I'm looking for my son.
- And what's your son's name?
- Nixon Campbell.
- Oh, here he is.
He is in room 209.
- Where's that?
- [Nurse] The door's right down there
- Excuse me, I'm looking for my son.
- Are you Mrs. Campbell?
- [Stacy] Is he alive? Is he okay?
- Ma'am, are you Mrs. Campbell?
- [Stacy] Yes, yes.
- Listen, hi, I'm Nurse Brown.
I'll be taking care of your son.
From reading his doctor's
notes he is in critical condition
and will need heart surgery.
- [Stacy] Oh my God.
- His heart was enlarged.
- Oh my God, please don't tell me that.
- That means we are gonna
have to operate immediately.
We'll just need some information from you.
- Fuck! Oh my god.
- So I have Susan here
from registration to help you.
- I, I can take you this way
and we can talk about it inside.
(Stacy crying)
We can, we can go discuss it.
- Dre.
- Mr. And Mrs. Campbell,
I'm Dr. Hope, the
cardiothoracic transplant surgeon
who will be treating your son.
- I don't, I don't understand,
what happened to my son?
- His heart is being maintained by an LVAD,
that's a mechanical pump that helps
a weakened heart pump blood.
Nixon's condition is critical
and he's going to need
a new heart immediately.
- A new heart?
I just don't understand,
how did, how did all this happen?
- We're checking the donor list
to see if there's a match for him.
If we don't act quickly,
his heart failure could lead
to end organ damage,
hypoxic respiratory failure,
and possible brain damage.
- I don't, I don't, I don't,
I don't know what you mean by act quickly.
How quickly?
- He's on life support until
we get him his new heart,
which we'll need to do
within the next 48 to 72 hours.
I'm so sorry.
I know this is a scary time.
- [Stacy] Oh my God.
- Unfortunately your insurance
will not cover this procedure.
- Oh, don't tell me that.
- There are other financial
options that we can explore
to cover this procedure.
We can discuss out-of-pocket
cost and other options as well.
- What other options do we have?
- There are some emergency
funds that you can apply for,
but they are a bit of a process.
- How long does that take?
- It can take weeks, months,
sometimes even years to get authorized.
Do you guys happen to have any family
or friends that can help you?
- No.
We both came up in
the system, it's just us.
We can't lose our son.
- I know this is a very tough time
and you have some very
difficult decisions to make,
so I'll leave you two to figure it out.
Nurse Brown will be out in the hall
and I'm only a phone call away.
- How the fuck we supposed to come up with
a hundred bands in 72 hours?
- Dre, you know you
gonna have to go back out
to the streets and get that money.
- What?
You think it's that easy to
just jump back in the game
and make a hundred bands?
- Well, how does it work, Dre?
- Don't work like that, Stacey.
We need to call the insurance company
and see what they can do.
- The insurance isn't gonna pay for Dre,
you heard what the nurse said.
Dre, if we don't come up with
this money, Nixon's gonna die.
- Man, stop saying that shit, Stacey.
- I can get the money.
- What are you talking about?
- Frost keeps the money in his safe,
I can get it without him even knowing.
- Hell no, Stacey.
You trying to have us all in the hospital?
- That man has one security guard
that falls asleep eating chicken, Dre.
- [Dre] What?
- Trust me I can do it.
- What's your plan, Stacey?
- I've got Frosts key.
I'll sneak in the club in
the morning, I'll go get it.
- No Stacey, you trying
to get yourself killed.
- Well do you have a better plan?
- Not that.
- Mr. I don't fucking
have a plan, I'ma just
gonna watch my son die.
- Stop fucking talking like that,
and stop talking to me like that.
Watch your fucking mouth.
I'm gonna figure this shit out, man.
(soft music)
- I'm sorry baby.
We're gonna make sure to get you back.
(phone ringing)
(soft music)
(intense music)
(car door closing)
- Nigga, get your bitch ass off the phone.
- Man, shut the fuck up.
It's been a long time, man.
- Hey cuz, you gotta get off the phone.
- Oh shit, (indistinct) fucking phone.
- Come on, what are you doing?
- Man, where you from, man?
(phone buzzing)
- Who the fuck is this?
- Frost.
- Man Slice, what the hell happened to you?
- Listen, I can't say too much about it
but my dream came to reality.
I need you to go get that
so you can check me out.
- Man, what the hell are you talking about?
- Nigga, bail me out.
Go get the bag from the cloud
and check me out this mother fucker.
I can't fuck this shit inside.
- God damn.
What the fuck?
- Step outta here man.
- What you gonna do to me?
What you gonna do to me?
- What's wrong with you, nigga?
- Quiet down.
- I fucking told this fool.
. Get your ass in there.
(Slice laughing)
(soft music)
(intense music)
(intense music)
(Stacy falling)
(intense music)
(intense music)
- Fuck! God!
Slice is gonna kill me!
(intense music)
(door closing)
(Stacy laughing)
- Where you been at?
- Downstairs in the
cafeteria getting coffee.
What's wrong, you had a bad dream?
- Something like that.
I wish all this was a bad dream.
- Well I couldn't sleep.
I was on the phone with
our insurance company.
I got good news, they said
they'll cover his transplant.
- Huh?
- I guess we qualify for a special program.
- Are you serious?
- God said we weren't gonna lose our son,
so that's what's happening.
- No way.
- The nurses should be up in any second.
You're okay, Papi.
Mommy loves you.
(upbeat hip hop music)
Yeah, hey
I'm gonna drink Rossini, 'cause
And the crew keep (indistinct)
And these hoes keep (indistinct)
Okay, speed it up
She said, heat it up
(indistinct) I'll speed it up
I'm on the gas, we're too fast
If you have it
(soft rapping)
- [Stripper] Let's go.
- Yeah, give me a second.
Let me see that gas now.
(indistinct whispering)
- Hey baby.
- Yo (indistinct), what's up man?
What's going on?
- We need two case of vodka,
we fucking got one case.
- What the fuck?
Get the fuck outta here.
(hip hop music)
(intense music)
(bags rustling)
(chair rattling)
(Slice laughing)
- Okay, Stacey.
(intense music)
- Hold on.
Okay baby.
Babe I'm busy, I'll be
right with you honey.
I'm just walking in.
I'll call you right back.
- Chip! These bitches is in here fighting.
- Man, what the fuck is going on now?
God damn.
(muffled upbeat music)
- Bitch, all the ballers out tonight!
- I can see with that bag.
- I don't know bitch,
you know the Slice coming in here?
Cause I seen him at the bar, bitch.
- Girl Slice, that's not, that's not,
he's not out.
He doing like 10 years.
- Shit, I don't know bitch.
But tonight, you better
mother fucking kill it.
Get that Slice money! Yeah!
- Fellas, this next lady to
the stage is a real work of art.
That's right, a real cherry you wanna pop.
- Let's welcome to the stage Cherry!
(soft music)
Let 'em around my bag
Killin' 'em with my bags
But everything bad ain't good for you
Got me in my bag
Said she got me in my bag
Your love, it takes a toll on me
Together we're so deadly
You're toxic and it's killing me
You're toxic and it's killing me
Trippin' for real
It's the liquor for real
Make me wanna pop my pills
- Fuck!
- You in the rush to get somewhere?
- Yeah, to my son.
- Get in, I'll take you.
- No, it's okay.
I'm waiting for my ride.
- It was a rhetorical question,
now get your ass into my fucking car.
- Surprised you even
know what rhetorical means.
(Slice laughing)
- You know, when I wasn't in solitary
I spent most of my
time in the prison library.
You learn stuff in the damnedest of ways.
(intense music)
- Thought you had like 10 years.
- Yeah.
Think I should get back there, huh?
(Slice laughing)
(soft music)
What's up with you though?
You know, you wouldn't have had a reason
to have left anything in
Frost's office, now would you?
- No.
- Huh?
- No.
- Stacey, you think I'm
stupid for real, don't you?
- Slice, what happened?
- The fuck you mean, what happened?
- The fuck, Slice?
- If you don't wanna end up like Frost
you gonna tell me where
the fuck my money is?
(Stacy breathing heavily)
Where the fuck my money, Stacey?
- Nixon needed a new heart, Slice.
- You used my money to pay for that shit?
- No, no.
- Oh, yes the fuck you did, Stacey.
Yes the fuck you did.
I know you heard me and
Frost talking about money,
I saw you looking all nervous
when I walked outta his office.
- I was listening but I had
to get Frost his fucking keys.
- He got fucking shot, (indistinct)
what the fuck you talking about?
Stop playing with me, Stacey.
Wouldn't no other girl in that club
even think about fucking with me.
- Slice, I didn't take it!
I didn't take it! I didn't take it!
- So where the fuck my
money go then, Stacey?
Where the fuck-
(tires squealing)
The fuck my money go then, Stacey?
- Fucking insurance paid for it.
- Insurance.
Your insurance covered the surgery.
Oh, Okay.
You sure about that?
(Slice laughing)
- [Commentator] It's some pressure here.
- [Commentator 2] Yeah,
and now the big thing is
make sure you do not foul
anybody here on the dribble.
It's gonna be Jay Heart.
Here it is,
the three second free throw.
- [Commentator] Throws
up the floater, time.
- Come on!
- Let's go!
- Whose the King?
- Lebron!
- Who the King? Let's go!
- No one can stop Lebron,
he's like the best at it!
All he does, under the
legs, turn around, and bam!
- Yeah, he's unstoppable, man.
That was crazy.
- Crazy!
- That was a close call.
Time for bed, kid.
Got that doctor's
appointment in the morning.
- [Nixon] Yep.
- Let me grab it.
- Hey Dad, when you think
I'll be able to play basketball again?
- Soon, man.
First, we gotta get you healthy again.
(Nixon making a disgusted sound)
You know you can't taste anything, right?
- I can and it's disgusting.
- Get some rest.
The hell?
- [Nixon] Who is it Dad?
- Who the hell is in front of my house?
- Tell Mooky I said a good night.
- [Nixon] That's Mom getting out,
but who's driving that sick car?
- I don't know but I'm about to find out.
Get in the bed.
(car beeping)
- Hey Stacey, you forgot something.
- How'd you find this?
(Stacey whimpering)
(Slice laughing)
(Car turning on)
- Hey Stacey, who the hell was that?
- Yeah Mom, who the hell was that?
- Ain't nobody tell you
to get your ass outside,
get back in the house.
- [Stacy] Both y'all get
your asses in the house, shit.
- Man, go to bed.
Ain't nobody tell you to come outside.
- [Nixon] I'm not even tired.
I have to go to bed early.
- So who the hell just dropped you off?
- Not tonight Dre.
I'm too tired, not tonight.
- Nah, ain't none of that.
I told you I'm not with this, man.
You got tricks pulling
up to the house and shit,
what type of time you on?
That's why I told your ass to quit.
- How the fuck am I gonna quit?
We barely making it now,
who gonna pay for the bills?
- I don't know man.
We'll figure it out.
- Oh, we'll figure it out.
That's what you always say.
We'll figure it out.
Magic ass Dre will
always figure some shit out
but never fucking does.
- Man, where you going?
Get your ass back here.
(bed squeaking)
- What is that noise?
(upbeat music)
- The good old smell of bacon.
Yeah, I really gotta clean my room.
(upbeat music)
- Nixon, come eat.
(soft music)
(upbeat music)
- Oh hold on, boy.
We gotta fix that two step.
We gotta fix that two.
(upbeat music)
Man, go sit down.
- So Dad, what's for breakfast?
- Oh we got eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes.
You know how I do it.
- Yeah boy.
- Hey, grab that rope outta my bag.
- Okay.
What's this for?
- I want you to try to break the knot.
- Dad, where's my bacon?
- You want your heart
to get stronger right?
Eat your vegetables.
Can't forget your vitamins.
So look, lemme see this.
They call this deuce tie
down knot 'cause it's tied twice.
Most people call it a overhand knot,
but we use this technique at work to tow.
I want you to try to figure
out how to unravel it.
(Nixon laughing)
- That's an easy one.
- We'll see.
Be right back.
(soft music)
Still struggling, huh?
And I can
see it on your face
No I just can't fake it
No I just can't take it
'Cause I gave my time to you
I gave my love to you
I gave it up for you
I tried for you
I didn't have to do it
What am I gonna do?
Why don't you understand
Oh, that I want it back
- None of that.
I told you I'm not with this, man.
- Magic ass Dre, will
always figure some shit out
but never fucking does.
You can
keep your heart tonight
No, you don't need to give it up
- You ready?
- Hey Dad, why isn't Mom coming with us?
- Come on.
You can keep your heart
(upbeat music)
- All right, y'all gonna be straight?
- Yeah man, we riding the bus back.
- Bus?
All right, just make sure you
ain't late to go to work man.
Leo is going fire your ass.
- [Dre] Ain't no nobody worried about me.
I see you there though.
- All right.
- Thanks Uncle Mike!
- Hey, don't worry about it little man,
just take care of that heart.
Let's take you
wiggity wiggity way back
To when the (indistinct) ones
Was rapping by the train tracks
Shout out all the hood superheroes
Bring your capes out
When (indistinct) Man
was rapping about Creed
But cash never ruled everything
- So Dad, who's that guy who
dropped to Mom off last night?
- I don't know, some
ghetto ass Uber driver.
- He had a cool car, huh Dad?
- It was all right.
- You used to have a cool
car, what happened to it?
- Boy, you ask too many damn questions.
(door knocking)
- [Doctor Hope] Dre, Nixon.
- What's up, doc?
- How's it going?
- Alright, good to see you.
- So Nixon, how's your
heart been treating you?
- It's been better.
Can I play basketball now?
- Well, we have your latest results in
and it looks like you'll be back
to playing basketball in no time.
Your echo shows excellent heart function.
- Seriously?
I can play ball again!
Did you hear that, Dad? I can play again!
- Doc, you sure it's okay
for him to start playing again?
- Yes, but take it slow.
We need to watch how your heart reacts
to rigorous activities.
- I eat all my veggies, doc, all.
- We've been making sure this goofball's
been eating his vegetables
and taking all his meds as well.
So, what else is there doc?
- From now on, he'll need annual echoes
just to ensure normal
functioning going forward.
However, we do want to
keep him out of any trouble
that might strain the heart.
I'll see you both next month.
- All right.
Appreciate it, Doc.
And Dre, try and take him out
to the park and shoot a round.
It'll encourage him to get back out there.
- Yes sir, thank you.
Are you really from the hood
If you don't know no junkies
My outside is different
Oh, my outside is different
Hey, my outside is different
Yeah, my outside is different
You hear them pop, pop, pops
- Why so late?
- Hey Dad, there's a park.
Can we play?
- Just for a little bit, man.
I gotta get to work, all right?
- Come on Dad, it'll be quick.
Come on!
(intense music)
- Let's see what you got.
Let's see what you got.
- Hey Dad, watch this move.
(people talking faintly)
- Mu!
What's up?
- Big Bird, what's up my G?
Keep working on that spin
move, I'll be right over here.
- Sure Dad!
- Sup boy?
- What's up my nigga, man?
- What's up my man? How you doing?
- Man, same old.
Man, I ain't seen you since
they got you for that shit.
- Hey don't even trip
bro, I ain't no snitch.
- Man, come on man.
You know real shit don't go unnoticed.
- I got part.
- Who's little man?
- That's my son Nixon.
- What?
- Getting big.
- Still fucking with crazy ass Stacey?
- Yeah man, we still together.
- Man, that's what's up.
That's what's up.
What you doing now?
- Man, working at this
bullshit tow yard repoing cars.
- Nigga, you better
not repo my shit, nigga.
You run around here tripping.
- You better hide your shit.
- That part, okay, okay.
- Hey let me ask you something.
You know this dude drive
a black Impala on Foes?
- Talking about the Slice, nigga.
Yeah, cuz just touched
down in penitentiary.
- [Dre] Word?
- Yeah man, word is in the hood,
the nigga owe the homie Too Tall
a little bit of bread and he high.
- Is that right?
- Yeah, why? You seen him?
- No I ain't seen him.
- Hey man, you know if you
ever got any problems, man
we got problems, you know?
- It's nothing, I appreciate it.
- I'm just letting you know
man, we got this like that.
- What the hell we
doing at the park, Slice?
- Watching my money, nigga.
- That fool Big Bird took your money?
- Nah, Dre's son got my money.
- You let a little ass kid
take your money, bro?
- Get your ass out of my fucking car.
- Damn.
(car beeping)
- Yo.
- Wait, hold on, hold on,
hold on, hold on, hold on.
Come on, come on.
Let's go back, let's go back, let's go.
Come on Slice.
Man, you tweaking bro.
We at a park in broad daylight.
It ain't like they got the
money on the right now anyway.
You gonna get your money
dog, just not like this, dog.
Plus you just got the feds anyway.
- Yeah, I guess you're right, huh?
We'll see you around Mooky.
(indistinct) your boy,
whichever come first.
It don't really make me no difference.
- How your ass thinking, dog?
- Thanks.
- Man, little man gonna be all right?
- He just gotta slow down,
he just got a new heart.
- [Big Bird] I know that can't be cheap.
Let's go to the house and get some water.
- [Dre] Alright, appreciate that.
- [Big Bird] Alright, let's ride.
- Hey Cuz, y'all niggas close the park in.
(people yelling)
- Hey, somebody get that (indistinct).
(upbeat music)
- This granny's spot.
Granny died, left it
with the Moms and shit.
I moved in.
Piece of shit.
I renovated it, fixed the roof
and some other shit, man.
- Hey, yo! Is that your car?
- [Big Bird] Yeah little
homie, Cadillac right there.
What's up Cuz?
What's up baby?
Y'all come on in, man.
Ladies say hello to our guests.
- Hi.
- Hey girls.
What's good?
What's good with a nigga?
- Hey, man.
- I'm finna get y'all some waters man.
Sit your little ass down.
- Man, he really did fix the ceiling.
- Watch your mouth.
- Here you go little man.
- Appreciate you.
- You good.
- Excuse me, Mr. Big Bird.
- [Big Bird] What's happening little homie?
- Can I please use the restroom?
- Yeah, it's down the hallway to the left.
- All right hurry up
man, we taking too long.
- Look man, when are you
gonna get back in this game?
You know I got you.
- I'm out the game bro.
I gotta be here to raise little man.
- Man, I hear all that shit,
but little man can't eat them repos, nigga.
I know they ain't paying you like that
down at that tow yard.
What's happening?
- Just trying to make
ends meet, you feel me?
- Yeah, I got you.
But look, when you trying to
really make some ends meet,
nigga holler at me
- All right.
Hey Nixon come on, you ready?
- Hey Mooky! Mooky!
You know if you need
something, I got you Cuz.
- Alright.
- Holler at me.
- Dad, why'd that dude call you Mooky?
- Mooky.
Man, let's just say,
I was a little bit older than you,
I had to do some things I'm not proud of.
- Hey Dad, what's it take to be President?
- President, really?
- Yeah, you know president.
(Nixon singing)
Hail to the chief
- Well look, the main thing is,
you wanna maintain good
grades and a good behavior
throughout your entire school year, okay?
It's gonna follow you the whole way.
Come on, let's get in the house.
- [Nixon] Dad.
- Yeah?
- [Nixon] I don't think I wanna
play basketball anymore.
- [Dre] Why would you say
that? You love basketball.
- Doctor Hope says I'm getting better
but every time I play, it happens again.
And if I'm gonna run for president
then I'm gonna need a strong heart.
- Look son, you are strong.
Just gotta take it a
little bit slower, okay?
But don't ever give up on your dreams
because you're being challenged.
You become stronger when you fight.
Promise me you're always gonna fight.
- Okay Dad, I'll keep fighting, promise.
- I need you to get some rest.
Make a sandwich and take your medicine.
Wake your mama up.
- Okay, bye Mooky.
- Hey don't get beat up,
and work on that deuce for now, okay?
- [Nixon] Okay Dad.
- See you later.
- Mom, wake up!
(cartoon music)
(Nixon laughing)
- Hey nigga, come out bro.
Hey nigga, come out.
Hey nigga, come out bro.
- What y'all want?
- Hey Nixon, let's go to skate line.
- Nah man, I can't.
I gotta get my rest.
- Man.
- Rest?
That's how you been doing
since you got your new heart.
- Wait, I heard Keisha and
the homegirls gonna be there.
- Hey Mom, I'll be back in a little bit.
Come on guys, let's go.
(Nixon hitting the kickstand)
Hey guys, wait up!
My kickstand!
It's not moving up.
- [Child] Man, hurry up!
- Wait! My kickstand!
It won't budge!
There we go.
(ominous music)
Yo! Wait up!
Yo! Wait up!
Wait up, guys!
Wait up, y'all!
- Hey little bro, you need a ride man?
- Nah, I'm good.
- Nah, you ain't good.
It looks like your ass
liable to pass out, man.
You Stacey's boy, right?
Shit, I got you little bro.
Shorty go on and put
this bike in the trunk man.
Come on little bro, I got you.
Over there doing that
huffing and puffing and shit,
that big ass bike man.
Come on.
What's up little homie?
You sure look like Stacey, huh Shorty?
That shit crazy.
Man, get in the back, little bro.
Hurry up Shorty, come on.
Put a seatbelt on.
This nigga looking like
Mooky's bitch ass too.
(car starting)
(ominous music)
It's just
some street shit, that's it
I'm a street nigga, that's it
I was born round Max
Pointy shoes with them slacks
Introduce me to crack
And say this is how you make stacks
Take that blade out that
cabinet along with that plastic
Then go get the scale
- Hey where we taking you to anyway?
- To Skate Land to meet some friends.
- Ah shit, he going to Skate Land, Shorty.
That's our old stomping ground, man.
Matter of fact,
that's where I first
banged Stacey's fine ass.
(indistinct) that juicy booty, huh?
- [Shorty] Yeah, you sure
that's what happened, nigga?
Thug life will do that
Being broke as fuck will do that
When they say they soldiers
but they never been to war
I been hung, I've been crucified
But I'm back for more
Even when I'm 44 I'll still be on tour
Grounding in my blood
I still get love from the horse
My pain so deep it's just
seeping through my pores
I done walked a million blocks
Till my feet got raw
Can't nobody tell me shit
I've been rich, I've been poor
My floors slip bricks
A little less, a little more
Jail time will do that
- Sure.
Alright little bro, here you go.
Got a little 20 piece for you,
now go have some fun with that little bro.
You're welcome little nigga.
- Yeah, thanks.
- What's up Tall?
- [Too Tall] You been ignoring me.
- Man, I just got out.
- [Too Tall] You got my money?
- Yeah, yeah. No I'm
working on that right now.
I just have to...
- [Too Tall] I ain't playin'
all that shit.
Better have it by tonight.
- Tall?
- What'd he say?
- He said he want his money
by tonight.
- The hell we gonna do that, Slice?
My fault, my fault.
I'm driving now, I get it.
(car starting)
The sky look
closer with you on my shoulder
What was life before
they clipped your wings?
Can't hardly feel my (indistinct)
When I fell for you
But it's not like there
ain't no in between
Fly down to me, fly down to me
Fly down to me, fly down to me
Fly down to me, fly down to me
Fly down to me
(soft music)
Fly down to me, fly down to me
(Stacy peeing)
Fly down to me, fly down to me
Fly down to me, fly down to me
Fly down to me
- Nixon!
(door sliding)
- Aunt Maddy, you seen Nixon?
- Huh baby?
- Have you seen Nixon?
I can't find him anywhere.
- I saw him and those boys rolled off
down that damn street about an hour ago.
I know they better stay off my damn lawn.
- Shit.
- [Arcade Machine] Face your doom!
- What up? What up?
- How the hell you get all them coins?
- Oh, my Mom's friend
Slice gave me some money.
- Slice? I heard that fool was crazy.
- I wouldn't take no money from Slice.
- No, he's like family.
- Family?
I heard he killed his own
brother for a hundred dollars.
- Hey man, we gotta go. The
street lights finna come on.
You coming?
- Nah man, I'm gonna stand and play.
- I wanna play too.
- Nah, we gotta go.
You know Mom gonna
kill us if we not in the house
by the time the street lights come on.
- All right Nixon, we'll catch you later.
- Let's go.
(game character grunting)
(ominous music)
(heart beating)
- Small bag extra
butter, just like I like it.
So, what we gonna do man?
(Slice laughing)
- Come on, come on, come on!
Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!
Come on. Yes!
We're so close.
Turtle Power.
- Hey Nixon.
- Oh hey, Slice.
- Hey what's up man, I
just spoke with your mama.
Said she wanted me to bring you home.
- [Nixon] But I'm just gonna
ride my bike home, I'm good.
- Yeah, she said you might
say something like that.
I got your bike in the trunk already.
- But I gotta finish my game.
- Hey man, you don't want
keep your mama worrying do you?
Let's go.
- Shit, man.
- Oh my Gosh, Moms are so annoying.
- Boys, boys, boys!
Where's Nixon?
- He still at Skate Land playing.
- We told him to come.
- I seen him with Slice.
- [Stacy] Slice? What you mean with Slice?
- Well he said Slice gave
him some money to play
and I told him to come.
- Shit!
Shit, shit, shit!
. [Child] He about to
get that butt whooping.
- [Child 2] Yeah, Nixon in trouble.
- [Radio Announcer] ESPN Radio, ESPN App-
(phone ringing)
- Hello?
- [Stacy] Listen, Nixon's
old friend told me that,
that Nixon's at the Skate
Land with with Slice.
I need you to go up there.
- Slice?
- [Stacy] I don't know.
I need you to go up
there and find him, okay?
- Man, come on Stacey.
Tell me you joking right now.
- [Stacy] I'm not kidding Dre.
I'll meet you up there.
- What the fuck?
What the fuck, man?
(Stacy sighing)
(knocking on door)
- Oh hold on a minute.
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
Shut up Bandit.
- [Stacy] Aunt Maddy.
- Hey baby, who this you about to be?
- I need you to take
him to the skating rink.
- Hold on a moment.
Lord, I got to get in
here and get my stuff.
I gotta get ready.
Drive me crazy, gonna
put me in an early grave
dammit, I know it.
About to go to war, let me get my shit.
(taser buzzing)
Let's go.
(truck rumbling)
(truck door closing)
- Hey yo, you seen a
little light-skinned boy
with braids, about yay tall?
- Nah.
Wait yeah, actually I just
saw him leave with his Dad-
- His Dad?
Man Stacy, what the hell is going on?
Why is Nixon with Slice?
- [Stacy] I don't know.
- What you mean?
Don't lie to me.
Yo, first this nigga's
dropping you off at home,
now he's taking my son to play video games.
- [Stacy] I fucked up Dre.
- What you mean?
- I took it all, I took all of it.
- Took what, yo?
- When Nixon had a surgery
and I told you the
insurance would pay for it,
that was a lie.
I knew our insurance wouldn't pay for it
so while you was asleep I went to the,
I went to the club and I took,
I took the money from Frost's office.
- Man, come on Stacey.
Are you kidding me?
Didn't I tell you don't do that shit?
- Dre, the problem is the
money was Slice's money.
He's out and he knows I took it.
- Man, why you didn't tell me this shit?
Didn't I tell you not to do that?
I told you don't take Frost's money, man.
Now look what your dumb ass did.
Ain't no telling what
Slice is doing to Nixon.
- We didn't have time to talk about it.
Shit, I knew you couldn't pay for it.
One of us had to pay for it
unless Nixon was gonna die.
You should be thanking me right now.
It's your dumb ass fault you fell asleep
instead of trying to figure
out how to pay for the surgery.
- Man fuck you.
All you did was put our
son back in danger, Stacey.
- Really?
- [Dre] Yeah.
- You know what? Fuck you Dre.
Don't worry, I'll go figure
out how to get my son back.
You just go home and go to sleep.
- Fuck, man!
Get your ass back over here,
we gotta figure this shit out.
(ominous music)
(car rumbling)
(car door opening)
(car door closing)
(phone ringing)
- Who is it? Pick it up.
Pick it up.
- Hello?
- Acting all scared.
You got us into this shit.
- Stacey.
So, you really thought you
was gonna just steal my money
and get away with it?
- Hey nigga, you lay a
hand on my son, on God.
- On what?
Nigga, you ain't gonna
do a mother fucking thing.
Hey Shorty,
this nigga pretty boy Mooky
got on the phone trying to be all tough.
(Slice laughing)
Listen nigga, you got four
hours to find my money
or I'm gonna kill this
little mother fucker.
- Shit, man!
- [Stacy] What'd he say?
- Man, we got to the night
to come up with that money.
(Slice laughing)
(car starting)
- Dre, I got something else to tell you.
- What? What else could you possibly say?
- I'm pregnant, Dre.
- You serious?
That's why your ass been acting all crazy.
Look, now I know that you're pregnant,
you need to go back home Stacey.
- Hell no Dre, I'm coming with you.
I ain't about to let
this nigga kill our son.
Come on, let's go get this nigga.
- Man, relax.
I got this, all right?
Slice ain't gonna do nothing,
he just want that money back.
You already got one kid in
harms way, just go back home.
- Hell no Dre, I'm coming with you.
- Relax.
Go home, just wait on my call.
- [Stacy] I don't want
this nigga to kill our son.
- Didn't you just say you pregnant?
Go home, I got this.
Hey, I promise we gonna
get our son back, all right?
- [Aunt Maddy] You okay, baby?
- It's not looking good, Aunt Maddy.
(somber music)
Not lost, not found
Just want you proud of me
Too proud to be what you need
Cold feet, loose hands
(Dre yelling)
Big dreams, no plans
When all my friends are losing sleep
- Fuck!
They don't
know they're in too deep
We're just chasing after broken dreams
For me, yeah
My friends, there
will be far better days
In the afterlife
And what weighs us down sets us free
If you will it to be
My friends, there
will be far better days
In the afterlife
And what weighs us down sets us free
If you will it to be
- You no look for my Layla!
You need put her picture back!
I had a picture up there, you took it down.
- We're doing everything we can.
- You not (speaking foreign language)
Layla missing and you don't look for her!
- We follow everything-
- You don't look for her!
(speaking foreign language )
You don't know what I'm going through.
You don't know, you too busy.
You too busy looking for
the white kids, the blanco.
Blanco kids from Beverly Hills.
- [Officer] We look for everybody, ma'am.
- You don't look for her!
I pay my taxes, I pay your salary.
I pay your salary!
(speaking foreign language)
Did you see my baby?
- [Officer] Mrs. Gonzalez,
you have to keep going please.
- Her name is Layla,
she's only nine years old.
She been missing for three months.
- [Officer] Mrs. Gonzalez.
My friends
There will be far better days
In the afterlife
And what weighs us down sets us free
If you will it to be
(soft music)
All my friends are losing sleep
They don't know they're in too deep
Sick of chasing after broken dreams
(Ominous music)
(thunder rumbling)
- [Nixon] Dad?
- [Slice] Nah little
nigga, I ain't your Daddy.
- [Nixon] Where am I?
- [Slice] Home, get out.
- [Nixon] This ain't home.
- [Slice] It is now.
Let's go.
Let's go.
(door closing)
- Hey, can I use your restroom?
- Yeah, it's down the hall on the right.
It don't be too long in there.
- Man, what the hell we
going to do with the boy, man?
- Listen, all I need you
to do is be his friend.
No you know what?
Matter of fact, listen,
be Uncle Shorty until I figure out a plan.
- Do I look like a fucking babysitter, huh?
- Yeah, yeah, the same
way you be babysitting
when I was at the Frost's club.
- [Shorty] Fuck, man.
I gotta play Daddy, man.
You know how to play Madden?
- [Nixon] Yeah.
- Hey y'all, keep it down out there.
- [Nixon] Yes I do, gimme that controller,
- All right, we finna see.
Let's play.
- [Nixon] Nah man, gimme this one.
- What you mean? What,
what makes the difference?
- That one controls it, duh.
- Man, take this damn controller.
I'ma still kick your ass.
Let's go, let's play
- Resume.
(soft talking)
- I don't even gotta look at it.
I don't even gotta look at it to play.
- Let's go!
Retirement! Out!
(phone ringing)
- [Candy] Hello?
- Hey, what's up with you, Candy?
What you getting into tonight?
- [Candy] What you say? I can't hear you.
- Shit, that mother fucker.
I said, what you doing?
- [Candy] Shit, nothing.
Chilling with my girls.
What you up to?
(phone ringing)
- Second down!
- Yeah, but you trying to make some money?
- [Candy] Shit.
Of course, you already know
(Slice laughing)
- For sure, say less.
(Slice laughing)
- It's not that damn serious.
(phone ringing)
- Game!
I just got you good, man!
Yes, let's go!
- [Slice] Who was that?
- [Shorty] Huh?
- Who was that?
- [Shorty] Oh, on the phone?
Wasn't nobody, got the wrong number.
- Nobody.
- [Shorty] Get your ass kicked now.
- [Slice] All right, well let's roll.
- [Shorty] I gotta get my
rematch before we leave.
- [Slice] I said, let's roll.
- [Shorty] Damn, bro.
You got lucky man.
Damn controller (indistinct).
Next time I'll whoop your ass.
- Man, I sent you niggas over there
with a hundred round drum
and you nigga's miss, nigga?
Now I gotta go over there
and do that shit myself, nigga?
What the fuck is wrong
with you niggas, man?
- [Speaker] Man we going get, we going get-
- What you mean, we going
to get? Nigga, speak up.
You stuttering and shit, nigga.
Fuck you mean, "We gonna get"?
What if them nigga's get you first, nigga?
Hello? What's up baby?
- [Candy] Daddy come get us, we bored.
- Man, where y'all at?
- [Candy] I'm at Tisha's house.
- Okay, say less.
Y'all better be ready
when I get there though.
- [Candy] Alright.
- Hey y'all, let's roll man.
(ominous music)
(car starting)
- Nixon, you know your mama
owes me a lot of money right?
And it doesn't look like she
can pay me my money back.
- [Nixon] Okay.
- [Slice] So, you are going
to go get me my money back.
- How am I gonna do that?
I don't have a job.
- [Slice] You know whose house that is?
- Yeah, I was here.
That's Big Bird's crib.
- Exactly, that's Big Bird's crib.
So you going to go on Big
Bird's crib and get my money.
- So I'm just supposed to ring the doorbell
and say hey Mr. Big Bird, I'm
coming to take Slice's money.
- Nah little nigga, you gonna
jump through the back window.
And if you don't,
I'm gonna break your
scrawny ass little neck.
- But what if he catches me?
- He keeps the money in his room
in the safe in the closet.
Take your little ass in
there, go get the money,
and come back to the car.
- But seriously, what if he does catch me?
- Nixon, I'm not gonna tell you again.
Now get the fuck out my
car and go get my money.
Hey Nixon, don't take too long.
(ominous music)
See this is why I don't
trust a fucking body.
Trusting people has you
sitting in the feds for two years
and running little kids
up inside dope houses
to hit licks for you.
I know the game better than I know myself.
Shit, I was running up in nigga's houses
when I was younger than him,
and it wasn't 'cause the big bad wolf
was making me do it either.
From a foot soldier to the tree top,
I done seen any and everything
what a nigga would do for a dollar.
I seen killers fold up,
I done seen nigga's that fold up
turn into killers.
10 times outta 10, show
a nigga enough money,
he gonna show you exactly
who he is every single time.
(Slice laughing)
I guess I'm lying there, huh?
I guess I trust everybody.
Yeah, you know I trust everybody.
I trust every nigga or bitch
to show you exactly who they are
when you put a dollar in front
of they mother fucking face.
That's just how the game go.
(indistinct rapping)
- Damn.
(door slamming)
(ominous music)
- What the fuck taking this
little nigga so long, man?
God damn.
- There he is right there.
- Ah shit.
Where the fuck he going?
- Must have forgot something.
Big Bird.
Big Bird, Big Bird.
(hip hop music)
(tense music)
- [Big Bird] You ready for Big Bird?
Yeah, what I'm talking about.
What I'm talking about,
gonna fuck with Big Bird.
(Big Bird screeching)
- You got a rubber?
- You already know
it, it's right over here.
Fuck, I'll be right back.
Hold on one second.
- [Lover] Don't take too long, Daddy.
- You ready for Big Bird?
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
- Man, you almost got me killed.
- [Slice] Did you get the money?
- [Nixon] Yeah I got the money.
- My boy, I knew you
weren't like your Daddy.
I knew you had a little gangster in you.
Look shorty, we good, huh?
- Can we go home now?
I need to take my medicine.
- What's the rush?
The party's just getting started.
Let's go get you something to eat.
- I think we should take
the little man home, Slice.
- Man, shut the fuck up.
He'll be fine, just excited that's all.
Ain't that right little bro?
- Can we at least go to the eighties diner?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you put that work in.
Let's go get some pizza, huh Shorty?
- Fuck!
- Fuck!
(party music)
- I really gotta use to bathroom.
- Take him.
And Shorty, stay close to him.
I feel like
somebody is watching me
Is watching me
I feel like somebody is watching me
Is watching me
I feel like somebody is watching me
I feel like somebody is watching me
Is watching me
I feel like somebody is watching me
Is watching me
- Don't take too long in
the bathroom, all right?
I feel like
somebody is watching
- Hey, what's up with you, Tall?
Yeah, I got it.
Listen, I'm on my way to
the warehouse right now
and after this I'm through with this shit.
Yeah, whatever, mother fucker.
(fire alarm blaring)
(children screaming)
- I know you didn't.
I know you ain't lose that little ass kid.
- I couldn't, I couldn't see him, bro.
(Slice growling)
- You out your fucking mind.
Let's go!
- [Stacy] Dre, what's going on?
Why haven't you called me?
- Man listen, I'm still
trying to figure this shit out.
I'm pulling up to Bird's house
now, I'm gonna call you back.
(knocking on door)
- Hey it's Mooky
- Man, let that nigga in, man.
- Hey Bird, I need your help bro.
This fool Slice done took Nixon, man.
He trying to hold him for some
ransom money or something.
- You know what's funny?
Somebody already came
up here and took my money.
- Man, that ain't got
nothing to do with me bro,
I'm just trying to get my son.
- Man, you know it's crazy.
I brought y'all two over here earlier
and it's like it was like one whole ploy
to get your little nigga
to check out my spot.
Like that fake ass
mother fucking heart attack
he pulled up at the park.
What that shit was about?
- Man this ain't got
nothing to do with Nixon bro.
This is Slice doing it man.
- Check this out man.
You see this rope right here?
This the same rope little
man had in his back pocket.
So what you just saying, my
money just magically disappeared
and this rope just magically
appeared in it's place?
Man, nobody want to hear that shit.
- You think I'm gonna actually have my son
try to pull some off like this bro?
- This nigga crazy, man.
This actually used his
mother fucking son to rob me.
Man, get this nigga.
Bitch ass nigga.
Used his mother fucking kid to rob me.
I told you I had your back, nigga.
I told you I had your
back, bitch ass nigga.
Hey Pat, take the ladies to the house.
- [Pat] Hey come on y'all.
- [Speaker] Yeah, fuck this nigga.
- Help me get this bitch
ass nigga to the core, Cuz.
- Bitch ass nigga.
- Come on, man.
Fuck that nigga.
Hurry up, nigga.
Get to the mother fucking core.
- What's up, Cuz.
- Walk straight, nigga.
The fuck wrong with you, cuz?
- All you had to do was stay loyal.
Now look at your mother fucking ass, nigga.
Get this nigga.
Matter of fact, I'm gonna take his truck.
Get your ass in the passenger seat.
Fuck (indistinct).
(truck engine revving)
- Drive through the mother
fucking stoplights, nigga.
(tense music)
Slow this motherfucker all the way down.
On the left! There he goes.
Right there, right there, right there.
(tires squealing)
Drive, nigga.
Hurry up, hurry up.
Speed up!
(intense music)
(heart beating)
(quiet music)
- [Shorty] He dead, man?
- Nah, he ain't dead.
(Slice punching Shorty)
You lucky I don't kill your
mother fucking ass right now!
Now pick him up and put him in the trunk.
- [Shorty] Fuck, man.
The fuck is wrong with you, Slice?
- Get my mother fucking hat.
- Mother fucking lunatic, man.
What the fuck?
What the fuck?
The fuck, man?
Shit, you're a heavy, nigga.
Open the fucking door.
(somber music)
Oh shit.
Your fucking hat, man.
(somber music)
So what the hell we gonna do with him now?
- You know what we gotta do.
We gonna kill him.
After we drop this bag
off at Tall warehouse,
we gonna take care of it.
- I'm gonna get a towel from
the trunk to wipe my face, man.
(car starting)
(soft rock music)
(rock music)
(rock music)
- What, you nervous nigga?
- I'm straight, man.
- Listen, its either him or us.
If they find out we took
that money from Bird
then both our asses are dead.
Now get your shit and
get the fuck up out of here.
Let's go.
Wakey, wakey, little mother fucker.
Let's go.
Give me them keys, nigga.
- Shorty, please!
Please shorty!
Just put at the playground, Shorty!
Please, I won't tell anyone!
Shorty, just take me to the playground!
Just take me to the playground!
- Pick him up and bring him to the trunk.
(Nixon screaming)
What the fuck is you doing?
I said pick this little mother fucker up
and put him in the trunk.
- [Nixon] Help me! Help me!
- Now tie him up and put some tape
on his mother fucking mouth.
- [Nixon] Help me! Help me!
- Calm down!
- Help, they're trying
to kill me!
Help! Somebody help!
You shut up! Help!
(muffled yelling)
- Shorty, you know we
can't have (indistinct).
- I get it.
- All right.
Light this mother fucker up and let's go.
- Fuck!
Fuck, fuck!
(intense music)
- Man, get this nigga out the car.
Wake your ass up.
Get up!
Let's go!
Get this nigga out the car.
- Walk straight.
Get your bitch ass up, nigga.
You can't walk, nigga?
Walk straight, nigga.
- Yeah, you gonna die today, nigga.
All that bullshit, nigga.
(intense music)
- Mooky?
Hey, what the fuck y'all doing with him?
- This mother fucker
stole money outta my spot,
then he used his son to rob me.
- Mooky, what up? This true?
- Hell no, it ain't true, man.
I don't know who robbed y'all
but it wasn't me or my son.
- Man, don't believe this mother fucker.
He dropped a rope in my room.
- Nigga, you found a rope?
- Yeah, same rope I
seen him and his son with
up at the park.
Explain that shit, mother fucker.
- Yo Bird, why you come in my warehouse
with this silly shit for, nigga?
- What?
Man I just told you he robbed us.
He robbed us.
- Us? Nigga, ain't no us.
Your money ain't my money.
Don't ever get that shit
fucked up again, dog.
- What?
- Nigga, if you gonna cut
your body off this mother fucker
then you go ahead, that's on you.
I ain't got time for you making my spot
with this silly shit.
- Oh alright.
I got you Tall, my bad.
It ain't gonna happen again.
But you nigga, it's
time for you to die nigga.
Come on.
- Hell no man, listen man.
It's Slice that's robbing y'all man.
I'm telling you, it's Slice.
- [Too Tall] Say what?
- It's Slice man.
Slice kidnapped my son,
he took my son to rob Bird,
and he's coming to do a drop right now.
He's coming (indistinct) with Bird's money.
I'm telling you, bro.
I'm not lying man.
I've been trying to tell
this stupid mother fucker
but he not listening.
- Who the fuck you
calling stupid, repo man?
- So you expect me to believe
that Slice kidnapped your son
is now on his way to bring some money
that your son helped him steal from Bird.
- I'm telling you the truth, Tall.
I promise man.
- Man, let kill this mother fucker, Tall.
Knock the meat out
this nigga taco right now.
- Hey nigga, straighten up.
- Yo Bird, that's my fault.
You was right.
Take this mother fucker around back
and put one of this his head.
Keep that shit quiet.
- No, I swear, man.
Just wait for him to get here man, I swear.
I swear bro.
Oh man come on, I'm telling you.
(Slice laughing)
Nigga, where's my son at?
- Looking like y'all
finally caught your rat.
Yeah, I like that.
- Mooky said you kidnapped
his son, is that true?
- Lies. The fuck I'ma
do with a little ass kid?
But since we all in here
storytelling on this mother fucker,
I guess it's my turn.
This weak ass nigga had his bitch
hit a lick on me at Frost club,
and I just spent two years in the Feds
because of that shit, nigga.
So even if I did kidnap your bitch ass son,
I guess we even now.
Now Bird, it looks like you was about
to take care of this nigga.
Don't let me stop the party.
Hey I got your money right here Tall.
Finish that weak ass nigga off.
- [Dre] Fuck all that, where my son at?
(Nixon yelling)
- You see, Tall?
I found out Mooky's girl
Stacey stole my money,
which means I couldn't give you your money.
And I'm assuming Bird holding
a gun to this nigga's head
because he stole Bird's money.
I told y'all this weak
ass nigga wasn't shit.
(Slice laughing)
Yeah, always been the same
old punk ass Mooky, huh?
Shit ain't changed, huh Mooky?
The fuck you mugging for, nigga?
- I should blow your fucking head off.
- What, you gonna kill me?
Nah, you ain't gonna kill me.
You ain't got that in you.
But if you was going to do it,
this is how it should go.
First, you should be trying to figure out
where your son is, shouldn't you?
And then maybe once you figure that out
you can pull the trigger on me,
how that sound, Mooky?
But you better pull that trigger nigga,
because any mother fucker bold enough
to put a gun to my head
gots to be crazy enough
to pull the trigger.
(Slice laughing)
Oh man, ain't this a bitch?
Oh pretty boy Mooky in here
trying to catch his first body on Slice.
That's funny. That's funny.
But you know what's crazy though?
'Cause you really could be
saving your boy right now,
but instead, you're here playing gangster.
Which yeah, fuck it, Dre.
Let's go pull that trigger, nigga.
I'm ready to go to hell.
I got nigga's down there
that owe me money anyway.
Come on, let's go.
Pull it, pull it.
Dre, pull the trigger.
(Slice laughing)
God damn.
Can't believe Stacey
fucking with a weak ass-
(gun firing)
(guns firing)
(gun firing)
(intense music)
- Nigga, you ain't worth shit.
- Yo, what the you fuck?
You a cop?
- Hold on Dre, hold on.
The cops are on the way, man.
- I don't give a fuck about
no cops, where my son at?
- He in the trunk, Dre.
Just, I'm gonna reach you the keys.
Just don't fucking shoot.
I can get you out this situation Dre.
Just think about your kid.
Think about your fucking kid.
- You let this nigga kidnap my son,
you ain't do shit about it?
- [Shorty] It ain't like that.
- Man, you just a dirty ass cop.
(gin firing)
- Ain't no dirty cop,
just waiting on the
perfect time (indistinct).
Hurry up and go get your son.
(car exploding)
- No!
- Dad?
- Nixon!
- Dad! Dad! Dad!
- Oh my god.
Are you okay?
- They tied my hands
together in a deuce knot,
but I got out of it just in time.
- I know you did.
(uplifting music)
(sirens blaring)
(soft hip hop music)
- [Slice] But you better
pull that trigger, nigger.
I could be a movie star
- [Slice] Crazy enough to pull the trigger.
(Slice laughing)
- [Slice] Oh, man.
Check me out
Fly as shit
Dumping ashes outta (indistinct)
Hard to see these haters
through these Gucci glasses
Rose gold tinted, all white linen, yeah
See I been here since the beginning
Keep the world spinning
Now I'm out to check
the bag so I can clown
Stick my finger in the ground
Turn the whole world round
Make an ounce look like a pound
I'm sideways through your town
V12 supercharged with
plenty hoes to go around
It's the nature of the business
Pimping, stay down at all costs
I just beat a life sentence
So I'm assuming what my time costs
Retractable roofing
Oh, so exclusive, got these
doors bulletproofed and shit
This game gets ruthless
And it's fragile like a toothpick
Y'all nigga's out here smoking
And my young nigga's (indistinct) shit
True shit, (indistinct) be the code
I swear to Dio a
million years (indistinct)
That's why
I'd rather be a movie star
Yeah, I'd rather be a movie star
Drive a big, long, expensive car
I wanna be in fashion shows
Lord knows, Lord knows, I
wanna rock the finest clothes
I wanna rock the finest clothes
Like I can fly away
One thing I know
One thing I know
One thing for sure
It's like it's hard, though
You know it's hard, though
That's why
I'd rather be a movie star
I think I wanna be a movie star
That's why I'd rather be a movie star
(Slice laughing)
- [Speaker] Shout out to my nigga SkyDirect
and the whole Run Nixon cast.
Run Nixon, Run Nixon
- [Speaker] Vanessa, I see you baby.
Killing them with that finesse and shit.
This here's for the love of the cast
I keep a goon or two around
Outta revoke your pass
Is it really real, or propaganda
(music fades)