Run Phee (2015) Movie Script

Bhannawadee Palace was originally
the residence of
Princess Bhannawadee Rasmee.
She was murdered by
her gardener 53 years ago.
The building was passed on
to her descendants
and later sold to a series of owners.
Finally, it became St. Maria Convent,
the setting of our story.
No! I didn't do it!... No!!!
Help me!... Help me!...
Stop screaming!
You'll get us into trouble!
I won't tell you another story again!
Damn it. Ma Soeufis coming.
Who was that?
Oh, the new girl, Ma Soeur.
Her name's Mon.
Mademoiselle Adhiti! Anything to say?
It wasn't me.
It's you.
The whole room heard it was you, right?
Yes, it's her! Mon was screaming.
I didn't do it...
I didn't do it...
Hey Mon, why are you mopping the floor?
Come in.
She doesn't get better?
Meningitis? That's too bad.
I pray every day for a miracle,
but there's no miracle.
You have to understand.
I wouldn't have been so strict
in trivial matters,
if your aunt hadn't left you in my care
when she got sick.
So don't disappoint her.
You can go now.
It wasn't me.
I said no!
Why keep bothering me?
Damn it. I said no!
I don't want fish.
Piangfah, here she comes.
You're such a pest! Beat it!
Watch the crazy bitch catching a frog.
A frog indeed, big and green!
Can I sit with you?
Yuck! What are you eating?
Mashed potatoes? So gross!
Shit, I have mashed potatoes too.
When I was a child, my mother made this
for me every morning.
I think my head has more mashed potatoes
than brains.
She thinks she's so pretty.
What a dick-chaser.
I heard gossips from her old schoolmates.
They confirmed she's a real slut.
Her dad's super-rich, the bitch's spoiled.
She slept around with a lot of boys.
When school's out, I went to Disneyland.
Have you been?
Hollywood too.
No wonder she has no friends
and has to hang out with that freak.
The old guy with long white hair...
The one in Harry Potter.
What's his name?
Yes, Gandalf!
Gandalf your ass!
That's Lord of the Rings!
Is it that good? You eat like a starving pig!
Shut up and get lost!
Come with me?
My name's Adhiti,
but everyone calls me Mon.
From the day my parents died
12 years ago,
I began to feel that
death always hovered around me.
Silence has been my best friend since.
I knew it better than anyone else.
Silence has many levels.
The silence that lets you hear leaves ruffle,
or insects flutter their wings...
The ticking of the clock,
the beating of your heart.
the silence of your own thought.
Hi Mon, you're here.
No I'm not.
I've got this for you, almond cookies.
I saw it freshly-baked this morning
after I finished my shift.
I remember you like almonds.
Excuse me, Dr. No.
I gotta pee.
But the deepest silence...
is the silence so complete
that you can hear the spirit talking to you.
You're here?
Still following me around?
I've come for your answer.
What answer?
I already said no.
I already said no.
Please. Only you can help me.
You're such a pest!
If you don't help me, I'll keep following you.
Beat it!
Watch the crazy bitch catching a frog.
Watch out! Step over! Back-heel!
Is it that good?
You eat like a starving pig!
Please, only you can help me.
Shut up and get lost!
The night before
Who are you? How did you get in here?
I was a student here, a long time ago.
No way, this is a convent school.
Thirty years ago,
it was a male-only business college.
I see.
What's your name?
Just call me Senior.
What do you want, Senior?
I need your help.
That was the first time
I met the mysterious Senior.
I didn't know why he told me about
the murder in Bhannawadee Building
50 years ago.
The gardener was sentenced to death
for the crime he didn't commit.
His ghost keeps coming back
to demand justice.
If the real murderer is still out there,
he will keep haunting the place forever.
Even the dead want justice.
Why are the dead asking the living to help?
I think ghosts know everything.
No, only what's left of their memories
when they're alive.
Some of the memories are lost,
and sometimes we don't even remember
how we died.
Grade Whore!
Leave me alone, Mon.
I'm a slut.
I'm a bitch, a spoiled child.
I'd sleep with any men!
I'm a whore, a skank, a shameless hooker.
When you finish punishing yourself, tell me.
I've just finished.
Take this back.
Keep it. I don't need it.
They call me a slut
because I get close to Master Rati,
the new chemistry teacher. You know him?
When I got good marks,
they spread a rumor
that I slept with the teacher.
What should I do?I'm going crazy!
Ant, your mom's dead, right?
How do you know?
Five years ago she hanged herself to
get back at my father for having a mistress.
Then my dad married his lover
and they moved to the US.
Hey, can I ask you something?
Why's your nickname Mon?
When you were a baby you were chubby
like Doraemon?
I don't know.
My guess is Mon is from Dream.
You like sleeping?
No, I don't like.
What about your Ant? A short for Giant?
Yes, when I was a kid I was so big,
my mom called me Giant.
Growing up I was so embarrassed.
So I shortened it to Ant. Cute?
As hell.
When no one cared about me
You walked in
when I felt the world was exhausting
You walked in when I wanted nothin'
Except someone to comfort me
Honestly, I have a huge crush
on Master Rati.
I think he likes me too.
Let me show you something.
He gave me this on Valentine's Day!
Lovely, isn't it?
To be frank, I have a bad feeling about him.
How can you say that about my boyfriend!
You're jealous, aren't you?
Damn it!
Why the hell are they making that noise?
They say that dogs howl
when they see ghosts, is it true?
Ant, do you know
dogs have such shitty eyesight?
But they have a very, very good nose.
So dogs can't see ghosts.
They smell them.
How come you know so much about dogs?
Were you one in your past life?
No. But I can smell ghosts too.
Don't kid me, I'm scared!
I don't. It's a secret
I've never told anyone before.
When I was four, I survived the car crash
that killed my parents.
Since then, I can smell dead people.
Just by sniffing at the things they touched.
Right now,
I can smell your mother.
You're bullshitting me.
Lavender... cool but sad.
That's my mom's favorite perfume.
How do you know?
Don't fool around with that man.
Your mom asked me to tell you.
Dans une ancienne maison de Paris...
qui a ete couverte de vignes...
Princess Murdered In Pool
So you agree to help?
You just played hard to get.
No! No! No!
Who was that?
You've always wanted to help me, admit it.
You know it so why did you ask?
Adhiti, you want to test me?
So hot-headed!
If you were my sister, I'd smack your head.
Go on! I dare you!
Mademoiselle Adhiti!!!
I'm a nutcase.
Don't come within 100 meters.
So we're partners now, right?
Partners in what?
Detective partners.
To investigate the case, I need an assistant.
So I'm your hands and feet?
Come on, I've come from a different period.
I don't know what's going on in this world.
Like that flip-flop TV you have,
I never saw it before.
Flip-flop TV? Duh!
It's a notebook computer.
Anyway, aren't you afraid someone will
see you walking round like this?
You're talking to me now
and you can't see me.
Don't be paranoid.
Why are you so sure?
The people who can see me
are only those who're about to die.
Once I'd decided to help Senior,
I started digging for information.
The murder took place at night.
Princess Bhannawadee was struck by
a hard object at the back of her head.
The impact broke the back part of her skull.
Her body fell into the pool.
The police found a blood-stained shovel,
which led to the arrest of the suspect,
Jit, the long-serving gardener.
They searched his house
and found a stash of jewelry,
which belonged to the princess.
The court ruled that
the defendants argument didn't add up.
Jit was sentenced to death by firing squad.
I found that there were three people
involved with the case.
First is the princess's doctor, Dr. Saner.
He was the one who found her body
in the pool.
He's still alive today.
The second is Mr. Praphan,
the lawyer who was in charge of her will.
He died five years ago.
The third one is Miss Woranart,
the princess's former secretary.
She was fired for embezzlement
and disappeared shortly before the murder.
Anyway, how did you get in here?
You just walked through walls,
like in ghost movies?
When I was a student,
there was no washroom here.
Just a balcony.
I don't get it.
People believe spirits can
walk through walls, but that's not true.
We can touch only the things or places
that existed when we were still alive.
When you see a spirit walk through a wall,
that's because in the past,
there was no wall there.
So the spirit can walk through it.
But if there was a wall there
and now it becomes a door,
the spirit can't go through it.
This is why I need your help,
get it now?
Now you're right here, aren't you?
You can smell me?
Don't you want to know how I look?
I do. I have a mental image of you.
What's it like?
Well... you're good-looking, tall,
and slightly pretentious.
You can tell that much from the smell?
Senior, do you think we can touch?
In theory, no.
Because when I was alive, you didn't exist.
Is that so?
Follow me.
Where are we going?
The crime scene.
Thirty years ago when I was a student,
the pool was still here.
But it was a forbidden area.
When the place was turned into
a convent school,
they filled up the pool
and turned it into a cemetery.
Where you're standing was once
the edge of the pool.
It's about 10-meter wide.
Where? Left or right?
Now walk straight ahead.
Stop right there!
That's where the body was found.
Can you sense anything?
I smell blood.
Mixed with the smell of hatred.
Wait... there's something else.
The smell of gunpowder,
swirling in the air from the past.
In the case file,
there's no mention of any gun.
The murder weapon was a shovel,
hidden near the pool.
There was blood on it.
Proved to match
the blood type of the victim.
There was no DNA test back then.
Hi Mon!
Here, what you wanted me to find.
I had to dig into old hospital registrations.
My eyes almost popped out of my sockets.
The filing was a mess,
everything was done manually back then.
Thank you, Dr. No.
Instead of a thank-you,
let me take you to dinner.
Do you believe in ghosts?
Baloney! There's no such thing!
What was that? Why did you push me?
You have to go in by yourself.
In my time, this place was a swamp.
Excuse me, are you Dr. Saner?
I'd like to ask you about
the murder of Princess Bhannawadee.
How did you get in here?
What do you want?!
I want to ask you about Baby Daeng.
Baby Daeng was an orphan whose mother
died in the hospital where I used to work.
The princess took pity on her
and adopted her as a niece.
When she was 12,
Daeng ran away and disappeared.
You know Mr. Praphan, right?
That back-stabbing lawyer?
Of course I knew him!
I knew him more than anyone else,
and I'll never forget him
until I breathe my last.
I heard that alcoholic died of liver disease.
Serves him right!
Karma caught up with him!
Where did you learn about Baby Daeng?
In the case file.
At the time of the murder, she was just 6.
Eyewitnesses testified
that she was sleeping in her room.
The name sounds familiar.
I must've heard it before.
Anyway, how did you get into his house?
Just walked right through walls,
like in ghost movies?
He left the back door open like an invitation.
A buffalo could've waltzed in.
She's sniffing the wall. Frigging nuts!
So your mother is really a bitch!
A sniffing bitch!
I smelled rage and vengeance.
I could tell it was a female spirit
that's related to someone in the building.
A lot has changed, nothing is the same as
I once remembered it.
See that abandoned room?
It used to be a delivery room.
You've been here a long time.
Ever seen something unusual?
So often that it stopped being unusual.
See that room?
I used to see the ghost of a pregnant nurse
walking in there every night.
Dr. Saner used to work as
an obstetrician here.
The ghost of a pregnant nurse
could be another piece in the puzzle.
Or maybe she's the mysterious spirit
in the school wail.
But no one in Bhannawadee Palace
fits the description.
The only possibility is Miss Woranart.
I also found out
that Mr. Praphan had a wife, Wipa.
She's still alive.
We should go talk to her.
Why is a born-yesterday asking about
something that happened ages ago?
What for? Go away!
Not working.
A born-yesterday, so what?
See me after school. Same place.
Are you certain?
Does he know?
I showed him the test result.
He said I was lying.
Can we talk?
HCG is a hormone found in
some types of drugs.
Mix it with urine and put a drop
in the pregnancy test,
and you get the positive result.
Cheap trick.
She can't fool a chemistry teacher.
Will you take her to a hospital
for another test?
Why would I do that?
I have nothing to do with this.
It's public knowledge that your friend is...
Is what?
Well, she sleeps around with lots of men.
Including you.
What can I do? She came onto me.
You're a jerk!
I'll go to the police. She's a minor!
Well, that's not very smart...
What if these photos get into
the social media?
Master, delete these pictures. Please!
But it depends on what I'll get in return.
Do we have a deal?
Where're you taking me?
The hospital. You must have another test.
No, I'm embarrassed!
Ant, did you lie to me?
No! I didn't!
That's it... Don't talk to me ever again.
You're no longer my friend.
Come back! Mon! Don't leave me!
You walked in on the day I felt I had nothin'
You walked in smiling
on the day I was crying
I need to talk to you. Please talk to me.
It's me again. May I ask you...
I want to...
Dr. Saner already told me everything.
He said he'd tell the truth
and expose what you did.
That son of a bitch is still alive?
What has he told you?
You want me to say it right here?
Come in.
My husband had nothing to do
with the princess's death.
Even though he was named
the executor of the will
that asshole died penniless.
He left me nothing.
I actually had to pay off the mortgage
for this house.
I'll go upstairs, you keep talking to her.
It all happened a long time ago.
I don't want to dig it up.
Now tell me,
what fiction did that quack tell you?
Wipa already told me everything.
Don't listen to that drunken bitch.
She's no different
from her deceitful husband.
Dumb woman, she didn't know that
Praphan had been cheating on her.
Cheating on her?
Yes, with that secretary.
Actually I suspected that
Praphan killed his lover, Woranart.
On the day Woranart disappeared,
I found her bracelet on the floor
in the library.
Praphan looked so nervous that day.
I also noticed cement powder
on his elbows and shirt sleeves.
Back then, everyone knew that
the princess took fancy of her doctor.
But there was an issue of age and status,
so they couldn't get married.
She was a princess,
and that quack was a lowborn commoner.
The royals would never allow that.
So they secretly had an affair.
They were lovers?
Whatever you call it,
but it was adultery in my time.
One day, Dr.Saner took a baby girl
from the hospital.
Told the princess she was an orphan
whose mother died during childbirth.
Who are you? What are you doing here?
Let her go!
Stop m
Enough! I can't stand this anymore!
Get out of here!
Get out!
Both of you!
Get out!
I found another will. It names
Dr. Saner the executor of the estate.
But it doesn't have the princess's signature.
In the real will, Praphan was the executor.
Now Praphan has become
my prime suspect.
If Dr. Saner has told us the truth,
then Praphan must have been such
an evil man.
He killed his own lover.
What would stop him from killing his boss
to steal her wealth?
Well, I have to go now.
Where're you going?
I have a date.
So you're gonna stare at me
until we get the check?
What about that thing I asked you?
That thing?
Oh right! I did some research.
Sodium Thiopental is a type of barbiturate
that can cause
sudden loss of consciousness.
If used in modest amount,
it will make you feel confused
and do whatever you're told.
Like being hypnotized.
Thank you so much
for having dinner with me.
Come to think of it,
we have a lot in common.
Your nickname, Mon, must've come
from the cartoon Doraemon.
My name's Mano.
I used to wear thick glasses
so my friends called me Nobita.
Doraemon and Nobita are
from the same cartoon!
It's fate! Don't you think?
Thanks for your help, Doc. I have to go.
my nickname is a short for Demon.
You're following me again.
You want to know whom I just met?
No.I'm just wandering the streets
I used to walk.
This photo studio has been here
since my time.
You like old photographs?
Yes, I always stop here to take a look.
Me too.
I've always thought that a photo studio...
is where the good memories
of the past generations remain alive.
Some in these pictures no longer
have the smile they once had.
Some became nothing but ashes.
But here,
they're preserved in time, in eternity.
That's my parents' wedding picture.
What a coincidence!
how did you do that? It was cool.
Did what?
Making the light go on
and off at the restaurant.
I don't know. it's energy, sort of.
Wow, you are the real X-men.
You walked in on the day I felt I had nothin'
You walked in smiling
on the day I was crying
When no one cared about me
You walked in
when I felt the world was exhausting
You walked in when I wanted nothin'
Except someone to comfort me
I knew you were somewhere far away
I knew it was better we couldn't be together
I knew you were somewhere far away
it was better that we couldn't be together
But our hearts belonged to each other
Thanks for walking me back.
You came back by yourself.
I just followed you.
We had a pleasant evening.
It'd be even better if I could see you.
Let's take a selfie.
Your face is a complete mess
and you want a selfie?
Why do you always make the dead face?
You didn't take a shit?
Better die than do your stupid girlie pose.
I'm sorry.
We're still friends, right?
You're a real piece of work.
I really love him.
True love, you can call it.
Don't throw up yet.
I dream of spending my life with him,
like husband and wife.
Stay away from him.
That man is very dangerous.
How do you know?
I smell something fishy.
You really hate him, don't you?
What about your guy?
What guy? I don't have any.
Don't play dumb!
That day when Ma Soeur Audrey
punished you,
I saw a guy sitting next to you.
Real cute.
Who's he?
What did you just say?
You saw him?
Boyfriend you never told me about.
When you were alive,
you treated me like dirt.
You lie to me!
But when you were sick and dying,
you came crawling back.
What a prick of a husband!
Wake up! Doctor! Don't die!
Damn it!
Wake up! Don't die!
Heart disease.
I could drop dead any day.
Thank you for visiting me.
Actually I have a question.
But let's wait until you get better.
Just ask. I'll tell you what you want to know.
The princess originally
named you the executor of her will.
But after she died,
Mr. Praphan's name was in the will instead.
Yes, Praphan switched the wills.
He wanted to have everything for himself.
I never believe
Baby Daeng just disappeared.
I'm sure Praphan got rid of her.
Baby Daeng was murdered!
It's getting more complicated.
Let's deduce the situation here.
The will specifies clearly that
Bhannawadee Palace was not to be sold.
So Praphan leased it
to a private business college
for many years.
That means he wouldn't get anything
from Baby Daeng's death, would he?
Correct. Had Baby Daeng been alive,
Praphan would've benefited more.
Happy Birthday, Mon!
Have a good one!
You like it?
I spent hours looking for it!
It's Dora - Demon!
You're such a nerd.
thanks anyway.
Again, instead of a thank-you,
have dinner with me!
I won't hear a No.
I've already booked a table.
I bet you'll like it.
The mashed potatoes there are damn good!
And it won the Iron Chef Award
three years in a row.
Must be the wind...
But how come there's wind in this room?
How did you find me?
I followed your smell.
Not going to your birthday dinner?
I wouldn't have been here then.
You always have the last word.
Can I ask you something?
When you were alive,
did you have a girlfriend?
I don't remember, it was a long time ago.
Let me guess,
you were good-looking
and tons of girls queued up for you.
But you're so sensitive.
No girls would be able to stand you, right?
Cheeky girl! A smack on the head
would do you good!
How did you hit on a girl in those days?
No cell phones, no Internet.
You called her house number
or wrote her letters.
Sometimes it took months to get a reply.
She could've married someone else already.
It was exciting.
You wrote a letter and wait in anticipation
whether she'd write back.
Some women sprinkled her favorite perfume
or powder into the letter.
When the guy opened it, he would smell her.
It was romantic.
Did you do it?
Do what?
Wrote letters to your girlfriend.
I told you I don't remember,
it was such a long time ago.
After that,
the spirit of the mysterious woman
made spooky noise from behind the wall,
as if she was trying to tell us something.
We're trying to find the real killer.
Please help us.
This used to be
the library of Bhannawadee Palace.
When I was a student, it was still in use.
But it was closed along with the college.
In my time there was a wall
separating the two sides of the room.
Now it's become one big hall.
At the far end was the librarian's office,
and over there was a shelf
full of antique books.
Let's split up.
I'll cover the present-day library.
You do the old one.
Call me if you find anything.
Hansel and Gretel
History of Bhannawadee Palace
Partner! I've found something.
What is it?
I'm coming!
Damn it!
Mademoiselle Adhiti!
What are you doing in here?
You've broken the rules so many times.
But this is the most serious.
If your parents were still around,
I would have to call them here.
I'm sorry,
but I have to punish you by grounding you
in the Room of Repentance for one day
and one night.
Are you in there?
Come up here. I want to talk to you.
I can't. There used to be a wall here.
I found something in this book.
You should take a look.
I'll toss it over the wall,
make sure you catch it.
My name is Woranart Petai.
I'm writing this diary to serve as evidence...
The diary recorded the affair
between Miss Woranart and Mr. Praphan.
My name is Woranart Petai.
I'm writing this diary to serve as evidence...
to pay off his gambling debts.
I will talk it over with him tonight.
If he still refuses to own up,
I will hand this diary to the princess.
And the whole truth will come out.
I get it now.
Ma Soeur!
Ma Soeur, open the door. Let me out!
Sorry, I forgot all about you.
Something terrible has happened.
That trash just wanted attention!
Whore-fest is so fun!
Grade Whore!
Mon, where are you?
I called you a dozen times.
I'm depressed. No one loves me.
I want to talk to you.
I'll wait at the same place.
Why did you do it?!
Why did you do it?!
Stop! It's your fault!
Don't you run away! it's your fault!
Senior! Where are you?
I've helped you, now it's your turn.
What do you want me to do?
Pass the ball.
Why don't you just pass the ball.
It's hot!
It's hot!
It's hot!
What've you done to me?
It's hot!
It's hot!
What's wrong?
You screamed like
someone's squeezing your balls.
I just saw...
I saw...
Ghost? Are you high or what?
This ashen face in the microwave oven!
The boils were oozing,
and suddenly they burst like popcorn!
Like this?
Baby, where're you going!
Come back! I love you!
Love you!!! Love you!!!
Love you!!! Love you!!! Love you!!!
Where're you going?
You said you loved me!
Love youuuuu!!! Love youuuuu!!!
Love youuuuu!!! Love youuuuu!!!
This night
Master Rati, half-crazed,
confessed everything to the police.
He said he preferred prison
to the most horrifying thing
that he saw the previous night.
Are you happy now? Witch hunter!
Mon, I'm sorry!
About what?
I know I did something terrible to Ant.
I never thought it would blow up into this.
After she died,
I began to hallucinate.
I kept seeing Ant hang herself over and over
Day and night...
I'm losing my mind!
Mon, you don't have to forgive me.
But I should say sorry to you.
Ant would want me to do that.
She loved you so much.
Ant wasn't born to know happiness.
But for a brief period in her life,
she believed she'd found true love
before it turned into a nightmare.
During that period,Ant found real happiness
in her own private world,
the world that everyone condemned as silly,
naive and promiscuous.
But she didn't care.
Thank you, Mon.
You were the only friend
I ever had in my life.
At that moment
I smelled Ant's favorite perfume.
The smell of clear-eyed despair.
I felt her presence, coming to say goodbye...
for the last time.
Where do we go after death?
The spirits remain where they're familiar with
until the time comes.
All the same?
Never change.
Let's see what we have at this point.
First, the demon that tried to stop us
was Mr. Praphan.
He didn't want us to find out
about something.
The night Woranart confronted Praphan
in the library
and threatened to tell the princess
about the embezzlement,
she was strangled to death.
Praphan covered up his crime
by hiding her body in the wall
and putting bricks over it.
The building was being renovated,
so no one took notice.
That's how Miss Woranart disappeared
without a trace.
Somethings not right.
You mean,
maybe she wasn't strangled to death?
Of course she was strangled...
but Praphan didn't do it.
Wipa! What have you done?
The slut! She deserved this!
Praphan's ghost tried to stop us,
because he didn't want us to expose
the murder committed by his wife.
In this regards,
he wasn't such an asshole of a husband.
Now let's deduce the next point.
Dr. Saner and Praphan
conspired to steal the princess's wealth.
Dr. Saner gave her Sodium Thiopental.
Then they tricked her to sign a will
that gave everything to Baby Daeng,
with Dr. Saner being named the caretaker.
After the princess's death,
the will was opened.
And Dr. Saner knew he was double-crossed.
Praphan had given the princess another
will to sign.
That will named Praphan
as the executor of the estate.
We agreed to split it up! You thief!
Back off, Doc.
I have evidence that can ruin you.
If the police sees these prescriptions,
you're finished.
Get the hell out of this place
and don't ever come back!
I think I know who the real murderer was.
Do you?
Who is it?
I need to ask you some questions first.
I told you once that
I smelled gunpowder at the pool.
I thought it had something to do
with the princess's murder.
But it was another murder
that happened 20 years later.
Student Murdered
His Body Found in the Pool.
The murder victim was...
Spirits lost parts of their memories...
they can't remember how they died.
Now I...
I remember...
I was a distant relative to Jit,
the accused gardener.
This case always troubled me.
I sneaked in here one night to
look at the crime scene.
I died not knowing who killed me,
so my spirit has wandered the building
for 30 years trying to find the killer.
So that's what happened!
Ma Mere Hannah.
Ma Mere Hannah.
My time has come.
Where did you find it?
This book was my birthday present
when I turned six.
It was the only happiness
in my forgettable childhood.
Princess Bhannawadee was a cruel person.
In public, she treated me with mercy.
In private, she beat me and tortured me.
She locked me up in a closet.
I only had this book to keep me company.
I read it over and over.
The more I read it, the more I saw
the princess as the witch in the book.
My hatred for her grew,
fueled by my childish imagination.
One night, the princess was about
to lock me up again.
I ran away to the pool.
You brat! You can't hide from me!
I'll beat you up when I find you!
Baby Daeng!
Gretel pushed the witch into the oven
and shut the door.
Baby Daeng! Help me!
Baby Daeng! Help me!
I remained in shock for years.
When I turned 12, I decided to run away.
I wandered about, until I found a new life
through the mercy of God.
I took my vows and changed my name
to Sister Hannah.
I became the owner of
Bhannawadee Palace
as stated in the will.
I donated the building to the Church
to redeem my sins.
Twenty years later, I was chosen as
Mother Superior of this convent.
Here at my old home.
Thank be to God.
I don't have to run away anymore.
Ma Mere!
Don't be frightened.
It's just a tranquilizer.
Dr. Saner!
I just don't want her to hear
what we're going to discuss.
You don't have heart disease?
My heart's fine.
I like you a lot,
you remind me of my daughter.
Is Baby Daeng your daughter?
but I don't want her to know
that I'm her real father.
She's the last beautiful thing in my ugly life.
Damn it!
The princess was
a very possessive woman.
When she found out
that I already had a wife,
a nurse who was pregnant,
the princess gave me an ultimatum.
Choose one, either your wife or your child.
Or I'll destroy your career and your family.
I was so scared,
she was powerful and
could do what she threatened to.
I chose my daughter.
I injected a drug
that made my wife's heart stop
after she gave birth to the baby.
That night when I arrived,
I saw Daeng with a bloody shovel
in her hand,
frozen in a state of shock.
Stay here and don't go anywhere.
If they ask, say you were sleeping.
Tell them you don't know anything.
After Daeng disappear,
I tried to find out what happened to her.
When I learned that
she became a nun in a convent,
I was relieved.
I thought the secret of the case
would remain hidden forever.
But one day,
a college student came to see me
and asked about the case.
He was getting close to know
the existence of Baby Daeng.
I decided to protect my daughter
by following him back to the pool.
I thought it was all over.
I never thought that 3O years later,
I'd have to come out to save my girl again
from a born-yesterday like you!
Come here!
Let me go!
Come here!
What are you doing?
An accident, of course.
A curious girl sneaks up to the bell tower
and falls to her death.
Let me go!
No! Let me go!
Help me!
Let me go!
No! f Jump!
Help me!
Will you jump, or should I pull the trigger?
Born-yesterday bitch!
Back-heel him, quick!
I hate it
when people call me a born-yesterday!
Son of a bitch!
We can touch each other.
Every rule has an exception.
You brat! Won't you just die?
I smelled the spirit of the nurse,
the doctor's wife.
She'd been waiting patiently for 50 years.
Now the wait was over.
Why is your scent getting weaker?
Everybody has a limited time. Spirits too...
When I know the truth about myself,
it's time I'll be gone forever.
Don't go!
We belong in different worlds.
Sooner or later I'll have to go.
All I want you to know is...
you're the best memory
in my life after death.
Don't cry.
Take good care of yourself after I'm gone.
Senior, don't leave me now.
Goodbye, partner.
Don't go, Senior!
Please don't go.
Come back!
After 53 years,
the murder file of
Princess Bhannawadee Rasmee
was reopened
based on the confession of
Mother Superior Hannah.
Jit was declared innocent.
All the blames unjustly put on him
were cleared.
From then on,
his spirit never came back again.
As for Hannah, her crime was ruled
as unintentional wrongdoing.
And the case's statute of limitations
had expired.
Still, she vowed to devote herself to
the service of God in the Carmelite convent,
turning her back to the world
for the rest of her life.
The skeleton inside the wall
matched the DNA of Miss Woranart.
After that, no one heard any sound
coming out of the wall again.
Mademoiselle Adhiti.
Good luck. May God bless you.
Goodbye, Ma Soeur Audrey.
Senior never returned since.
He disappeared just as mysteriously as
when he came.
As if...
He never existed.
Where are you?
Dear Senior, you told me that writing letters
was very romantic.
I've never written one before,
I don't know what to write.
I miss you.
When will you come back
to hang out with me again?
I'll let you smack my head, all right?
Faithfully, your partner.
The building is about to be demolished
for the construction of a condominium,
prompting conservationists to
stage a protest...
The old photo studio...
Bottom row, the far right picture.
For all the time we'd been partners,
that was the first time I saw Senior.
The photo seemed to be smiling at me
from the distant past.
A photo studio is where the good memories
of the past generations remain alive.
Some in these pictures no longer
have the smile they once had.
Some became nothing but ashes.
But here...
they're preserved in time, in eternity.
See you around.