Run the Race (2018) Movie Script

[crowd cheering]
[cheering continues]
[coughing, grunts]
Hey, I've been
looking for you.
Yeah. Uh...
Been trying to steer
clear of Coach.
Are you sick?
Are you nervous?
You think he's here?
Dad doesn't...
I don't care about Dad.
I'm talking about
the Florida scout.
Why would there be
a Florida scout here?
'Cause that Jenkins kid from the
other team, his dad's a Gator scout.
If he's here, this could be
my only chance to be seen.
Dave, this is...
this is it.
You're going to be the best
player out there and you know it.
It doesn't matter if there's
no one there to watch it.
[man] Yeah!
[shouting, clamoring]
All right, boys.
Keep that front line, baby.
Come on, now,
is this a team or what?
Come on. You ready
to break this thing down?
We got the beat!
[boys] Yeah!
It's in our feet!
It's in our hair!
It's everywhere!
They want it!
But we got it!
They couldn't beat it!
Unless they treat it!
I must confess!
That we're the best!
The mighty Rebels!
The mighty Rebels!
The mighty Rebels!
Come on, Truett, break this thing
down for me! Yes, sir, Coach!
Come on. It's on!
It's on! [shouting]
Come on, now! Come on, now!
Come on, now! Come on, now!
Come on, now! Come on, now!
Let's go.
Hey, hey, hey.
Truett. I know you didn't forget
how to break this team down.
Goose call on three!
One, two, three! Hoo!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
[man] You can't stop me!
Can't stop, won't stop
Where the brakes at?
I give 'em that diddy pop Like take
that, take that Take that, take that
Get used to it!
That's right.
I'm-a do that ASAP
Throw my faith in rap
All break.
[all] Break!
He's right there!
Everything you put in my ear I'll be
living like woulda Shoulda, coulda
I'll be paralyzed by fear
Huh, ain't that the truth
I quit the only way I lose I
got two choices When I do this
Make moves or make excuses
Huh, if you know Who I'm
talkin' 'bout Then you got me
My biggest enemy is me
Shake it! Come on, baby!
[crowd cheering]
We did it!
How many touchdowns you gonna
give me tonight, Truett?
As many as they let me.
[crowd cheering]
Come on, Truett!
Yeah, man!
Go, go, go, go!
I said if I cannot stop me
Then you'll never stop me
He's going home!
You can't stop me
[cheering continues]
Good game,
good game, good game.
Hey, Coach. Coach!
Did you see that
Florida coach out there?
No, I didn't see one.
Really? I mean,
he was wearing a Gators hat.
You sure
you didn't see him?
Look, you want to get noticed,
you take this team to State.
All right. Every D1 scout
will be at the playoffs.
That's how you get seen.
Yes, sir.
Great game tonight,
You're the first person I've
seen to score four touchdowns...
Five touchdowns, man.
Five touchdowns, and still look
like someone ran over your dog.
Dave, that scout was here,
and he left without saying a word.
It was probably
'cause of that fumble.
We still won, right?
[vehicle approaching]
[vehicle door closes]
Hey, hey, hey. Go home.
Zach, Zach. Hey.
I wanna talk to you and your brother
about something. Will you let me in?
You don't live here anymore.
You need to go.
You let me in.
Get off my porch.
Let me in.
Zach, you know
that it's my porch.
It's not your porch.
You don't live here anymore, you drunk!
Let me in.
I'm gonna give you three seconds
to open up this door.
You don't think I will?
Get off my porch.
It's good seeing you, son.
[engine starts]
[man on TV] Where are all these
folks going in such a hurry?
[man 2] Well, the ones using this
road are going to Los Angeles.
That is more automobiles than I've
ever seen in all my born days.
Going so fast.
Sure is good they's
going the same way.
[laugh track]
[man] Yes, ma'am.
'Cause if one of them rascals
decides to turn around and head back,
there's gonna be an awful mess.
[laugh track]
[train horn blowing]
What are you doing out here?
- Couldn't sleep.
- The bat?
You never know when a scout
for the Yankees might pop by.
What? There are coyotes, man. I was
trying to save you from getting eaten.
- Shouldn't you be going?
- Why? You want to come with me?
I want to sleep, which'll be a lot easier
when you're not here trying to talk to me.
All right,
I'll see you later.
Good-bye, good-bye
[engine starts]
All right, muscles. Look at him.
Hit that bench. You've been benching.
Wonderful seeing you.
Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
Listen, I want you to tell
your brother that I said hey.
I'm trying to get him back down
here so you can tell him yourself.
We're all works in progress.
Zach's a work in progress.
He sure is. Thank you, Pastor.
Have a nice day.
Yes, sir.
You're doing good work with those boys.
Thank you.
Yeah. Two steps forward,
one step back.
As long as we keep moving.
Keep moving.
Spend your life trying
To make all your money
[no audible dialogue]
Your accounts are full
But all you've found
Is that you're empty
Ain't it funny how
The simple things in life
Are the only things
That really matter
Your life is complicated Found
your dreams Are overrated
Now you're old And wanna
go back But you can't
We're rich
But we don't got money
- With a running form like you have...
- Yeah. Perfect.
...I was trying to figure out, like,
what sport suits you the best, you know?
[Dave] And, uh,
what conclusion did you come to?
Did you find anything you thought
would work particularly well?
Yeah, like,
women's cricket.
Let it go!
[whistle blows]
All right, fellas.
Good game. See you.
Truett. Truett!
Yes, Coach?
I need to talk to you.
Yes, sir.
Now look.
I know you said how important it
is for you to get a scholarship,
and you have absolutely
worked your tail off this year.
I'm proud of you.
All right, Simms.
Mr. Polack.
Thank you. I appreciate
you saying that.
But what did I tell you is the best way
to get seen by these coaches and scouts?
Um, take the team
to State?
Don't you forget it.
Yes, sir.
This came for you
in the mail today.
Congrats. You're
on somebody's radar, son.
Bring any marshmallows?
[Dave] We're out.
[Dave] We gonna talk about
this, or what?
Your letter.
What about it?
I'm just
really proud of you.
Thanks, man.
I mean,
it's not a big deal.
It's just a letter saying
that there's interest...
- Shut up. It's happening.
- You're right. It's a big deal, dude.
It's the Florida Gators.
The Florida Gators.
It's cool, man.
I mean, it just shows that it's not some fantasy
that I've built up in my head, you know?
It's real.
It's happening.
We'll see.
Yeah, I'm gonna get
that scholarship.
I'm gonna get us out of here.
You have my word.
And we'll get better cereal
once we're out.
Excuse me. Is there, like,
a Coke machine around here or something?
Yeah. Follow this main hall back around
to the cafeteria. There's one there.
Aren't you a little young
to be a nurse?
Not to be a nurse intern
though, which is what I am.
Okay, that makes sense.
I'm Zach.
Zach Truett,
the running back at Bessemer.
That's great.
Yeah. We are undefeated,
you know?
All right.
Zach, it's been really nice
to meet you.
Best part of my day,
but I don't date football players.
I was thinking about getting two
Cokes from that Coke machine.
Now I'm not so sure.
I might just have to get one.
I'm a Dr. Pepper girl, so...
See, that's a shame.
Ginger, can I get an IV in five?
Yep. On it.
I'm gonna convert you.
Take care.
- I think she digs me. What do you think?
- [Dave] Yo.
Hey. What's up, man?
How did it go?
Went for an annual checkup.
I'm 45 days without any problems, so...
That's good. Did they give you
a lollipop and a sticker too?
Not this time.
You didn't by chance have a
really hot nurse, did you?
Like, 75 years old,
smoker's cough, gray hair.
Martha's all yours, bud.
[man announcing]
Hey, Bessemer fans.
You're witnessing something special
here tonight with Zach Truett.
203 yards, two more touchdowns
in the fourth quarter,
and the boy is putting together a
season like, well, I've never seen.
I'm hungry.
I was kinda feeling like salmon.
You want some salmon?
I like salmon.
That's a high-class meal, dude.
I know. I can't really cook salmon.
Good luck with that.
I want some noodles.
What kind of noodles?
Like, some ramen noodles, dude.
Hey, Truett!
We got room for one more.
What are you guys
doing here?
Could you cover for me?
It's getting old.
No, I know, but...
The train is leaving.
All right.
One sec, one sec.
Come on, it will be just one hour.
If Nanny asks, I'm icing my... you know?
All right.
Thank you, man. Love ya.
What's up, fellas?
Get in there.
[man] Don't ever
say That you won't
Be what you want
When you want, you will
And I will love you still
I brought you guys
some soup.
Hey, Nanny.
Did you say something?
I brought you some soup.
Chicken and dumplings,
just like you like.
You're awesome.
Where's Zach?
He's icing his leg.
He should be back by 10:30 though.
I heard he scored
five times.
Yeah, it was almost six.
You should have been there.
Well, I've seen enough football
to last me a lifetime.
After watching you
take that hit last year?
Them carting you
off the field.
Your body all locked up the way it was.
No, thank you. No, sir.
And then,
like a crazy woman,
you jumped out of the stands and
ran out onto the field to help me.
I wasn't coming
to tend to you.
I was looking for that middle linebacker
who put you in the dirt with a cheap shot.
I'm not afraid to give somebody
the business on a Friday,
ask for forgiveness
on a Sunday.
Good night, Nanny.
Five, four, three,
two, one. Baby!
Right on the dot.
It was a buzzer beater, but it's 10:27.
How 'bout that?
- Smells like you had a good time.
- It was one beer, Dad. Come on.
Let's stack
some bathroom tissue.
Dude, those guys are the worst.
You're the worst.
When you lie down with dogs...
You wake up with fleas, Shakespeare.
I get it. You can read.
You know what I mean.
Did Nanny ask about me?
Yeah, yeah. She actually
made chicken and dumplings.
Oh! So good.
I'm never gonna find a lady that can make
chicken and dumplings the way Nanny can.
It's a shame.
She's ruined me for all womankind.
It's a tragedy, really. It was good.
I killed the whole thing.
- You what?
- You were at your other thing.
Are you kidding me?
I just figured you wouldn't mind.
What are you thinking,
Come on! All right, put me down!
I'm mad at you, man.
Stack your dog food, apron boy.
Get some work done.
Here you go.
And it's on the house.
You make sure you get us
a win this week, okay, Zach?
You got it. And how about I dedicate
my first touchdown to you, my lady?
You're so cheesy.
She smiled.
Yeah. She also graduated high
school the year you were born.
Oh, Davey. Age is no factor when
you have the gift of charm, brother.
Let's eat
this free food.
How you doin', buddy?
Good to see you. Hey.
- You guys mind if I join you?
- Yeah.
- Long time no see, Pop.
- I lost my appetite.
You know, I come by.
Now that you're not there,
this one won't let me in.
Yeah, I figured.
Why didn't you
say anything?
Don't see why I'd waste
my breath on this guy.
I heard you're doing real well on the
football field this season, Zachary.
Did you?
In fact, rumor has it that you're
gonna shatter all my district records.
Yeah. No, I'm gonna wipe your
name off the record books.
You can count on that.
We're family.
You think that's supposed
to mean something?
It does. It means everything.
It means nothing.
We're family. You're some dude
that left us after our mom died.
Dave, let's go.
All right.
Forget you both.
[man] Living too fast
Moments don't last
What are we doing here?
Too distracted to react
Busy lives guided by fear
I think it's time
That we all slow down
I got a question.
More like a favor to ask of you.
I'm hoping...
that maybe you could ask Nanny to
borrow a couple hundred dollars.
You don't tell her it's for me.
I'll get it paid back as soon as I can.
- I thought you just wanted to talk to us.
- Dude, that's what we're doing.
You and I,
we're talking right now.
Look, I got into it a little bit
with the manager at the site,
so I'm temporarily
I'm a few weeks behind
on my rent,
and I just need a couple hundred
dollars to carry me through.
And I'm just behind,
So, it would be helpful.
It would be helpful.
There's so much pride
And so much fighting
Why we always
Gotta be right?
So much emotion
In a passing feeling
Get out of the road,
you loser!
Touchdown Truett!
What you doing, bud?
- I'm walking.
- I can see that. You need a ride?
Where you headed?
Get in. I think it's time
That we all slow down
Take a long look around
Get ready to live.
You're like your mama.
You got a good heart.
Zachary, he's got that streak in him
he got from me, and so, just, you know?
We'll just keep it
between you and me.
Dad, I don't think I can
ask Nanny for any money.
You don't think you can?
No, I can't ask Nanny for any money.
So you won't ask Nanny
for money?
[clears throat]
You gonna make this difficult on me too?
That's awesome. That's great.
What's it gonna take?
Who you gonna blame
When no one comes
To save you?
[laughing] What's it gonna take?
What's it gonna take?
What's it gonna take?
What's it gonna take?
What's it gonna take?
What's it gonna take?
What's it gonna take?
What's it gonna take? Yeah!
What's it gonna take to
Here we go.
Special delivery. Cans full of courage.
Who wants some?
I got one.
Hit me up right here.
In that corner.
Zach, you want one, bud?
No, I'm good, man.
What? All right, man.
More for us, man.
More for us.
Why you always wear that
jersey when we come out here?
Bro, I'm the Joe Montana
of cornholing. I told you.
We all need to take a minute
To stop and listen
To the words
Slipping out of our mouths
Should never be A limit to
love Whether you give it
Here we go, baby.
Get a little of that,
a little of this. Yeah!
Come on, baby. Good one!
Are you kidding me?
Who's next?
Are you next?
Line 'em up!
If only you were as good at
football as you are at beer pong.
What did you say?
Truett think
he a five-star out here.
Put up some hot numbers
against them little schools.
That's right, I'll put 'em up against you
too next week at Edgewood if you like.
What position you play?
Do you even play football?
Yeah, strong safety, actually.
Not weak safety?
Nah, you're gonna
remember that. Trust me.
Will I? Maybe when I'm running you
over for one of my, what, two, three...
Four, easy.
Four touchdowns.
You can count them from
the sidelines if you like.
I'm-a go get another beer.
You want one? No, you're not.
Hey, easy there.
Don't let him disrespect you like that.
Hit this fool, Truett.
You don't want me to hit you.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah. You got
that soft jaw.
Runs in the family,
Yeah. This the dude
whose brother got knocked out.
[crowd] Oh!
Who's got
that soft jaw now?
All right.
Say something.
It looks like a torn ACL.
I won't know for sure
without an MRI,
but either way, you're going
to need reconstructive surgery.
I'll pay for it.
Whatever your insurance doesn't pay
for, I'll cover the rest.
Nanny, you... If your mama was here,
she'd see to it that you had it.
As your godmother, you two are the
closest things I'll ever have to sons.
So let me bless you
with this.
Make up your own mind.
I'm not telling you what to do.
[Zach] Yes, ma'am.
What is this?
You wanna tell me what this is?
Move! Get out the way!
What is this?
Somebody showed me this trash
about a half hour ago.
Don't even try to explain it,
because you know what?
This is on Facebook.
It's posted on Facebook.
- So you know the UIL's gonna see it.
- Coach. It wasn't even my...
What am I supposed to say?
'Cause you know what they gonna do.
They can suspend you. Anything can...
What's going on
with your knee?
I don't know.
I don't know.
It looks like
a torn ACL, Coach.
So this the end of our football season?
A chance for a scholarship for this boy.
What were you thinking?
What was on your mind?
Nothing. Unbelievable.
[clearing throat loudly]
[coughing, gags]
[coughs, hawks]
Okay, mister.
Put this on.
Okay. Are you my nurse? Nope.
Your nurse will be in shortly.
Well, I hope she's
as friendly as you.
Are you my nurse intern?
I am your nurse intern.
My name is...
Ginger. Yeah.
You don't date
football players.
[clears throat]
I'm sorry to hear about your
knee, Mr. Truett.
I remember you telling me
how good you are.
Hey, so how do you put this on?
Do you put it so that the butt is exposed?
Or flip it around like... Other way.
We need your butt exposed.
Wow. Quite forward.
Let me specify.
The doctors need your back exposed.
Oh, okay.
You're feisty.
Very highbrow humor, Zach.
You smiled. I saw it.
Are you sure about that?
Yeah. I have a streak.
Tomorrow's five months, no smiles.
Okay, well...
Absolutely not.
I just broke your streak,
I think.
If I were...
Look. There it is again.
He's gonna be fine, honey.
Sorry. Nervous habit.
Your daddy know
about Zach?
We haven't really
talked that much.
Your father's a mess,
but he still is your father.
He's never really
even tried to apologize.
Well, maybe he doesn't know how.
Maybe he's too proud, too broken.
Losing your mama
hurt him too.
I'm not saying his behavior is
excusable, but it is forgivable.
You'd be surprised how things can start
to change when you forgive someone.
All right, so the anesthesiologist
will be in in a few minutes. Okay?
Listen, do you think, before you
leave, I could get your phone number?
What? I'm not
a football player anymore.
Well, I also
don't date patients.
So there's that.
Now you're just
making stuff up.
What is that on your bracelet there?
Galatians 20:20.
Like your eyesight.
What is it?
Galatians 2:20.
Oh. Uh... Um...
"I'm crucified with Christ."
Yeah. That's one of my favorites.
Yeah. It's a great verse.
All right.
You take care.
So, Miss Ginger, are you sure
about that phone number thing?
Because I sure
would like it.
You are relentless.
Listen, I'm sure our paths will
cross again if it's meant to be.
It was nice seeing you, Zach.
You too.
Hey, I'm sorry
about your knee.
[woman on PA] Dr. Randall,
please call the operator.
[man] Ladies and gentlemen!
[rapper] One thousand.
Motion, motion.
Biz busy on the boards
Came from nothin' I remember
spendin' summers On the corner
That's right
on the line of scrimmage.
Me and BJ in that Cutlass
CD playin', missin' buttons
Up at Lincoln High in Dallas With that
Jesus music pumpin' [whistle blowing]
- What the heck?
- Somebody's got to follow up. Okay?
Truett. We're getting killed
out there because of you!
He ain't never Dropped the ball
I don't never plan to fumble
Catch me runnin' With them lions
Reggie Bushin' in the jungle
Let me pick up Back when
promoters Wouldn't let me back in
What up, Truett?
I was hoping to see you tonight.
Right on the bench
where you belong.
[whistle blowing]
Let's break this up!
- Watch out, Truett.
- Blow it, blow it!
Come on, what are you thinkin'?
You're not even in the game,
and you're causing problems!
Get off my bench, son.
[train horn blows]
I realize you've been doing the job
of two people, and I appreciate that.
I wanted you to know that.
Thank you, Nanny.
I love you.
Good night.
You lock up.
I will.
I love you too.
Thank you.
Good night, Zachary.
Night, Nanny.
[singing faintly]
Hey, it's midnight!
Davey, let's go, man.
Where are you, bud?
Hey, hey.
Hey, look at me.
You all right? Hey.
You see me? You good?
Here, let me help you up.
Here. Come on.
Let me help you.
That was a rough one.
I'm sorry, man.
I wish I could have been here.
I was in the other aisle.
There's nothing you can do.
Look at me.
Let me see your eyes.
You good?
I'm good. I'm good.
[man] Oh, my brother
Your wisdom
Is older than me
And, oh, my brother
Don't you worry 'bout me
Don't you worry
Don't you worry
Don't worry about me
[singer vocalizing]
How's that
Bricklayin' coming?
How's your engine running?
Is that bridge
Getting built?
Are your hands
Getting filled?
Won't you tell me
My brother
'Cause there are stars
Up above
We can start
Moving forward
Good morning.
Morning, Coach.
What are you
doing here?
Rough night last night for
the both of us, I suppose.
Brought doughnuts. Can you make a
decent pot of coffee, Mr. Truett?
Yes, sir. Uh...
Actually, our coffee pot's
broken, I think.
You boys doing okay?
You all right?
I've been better.
I personally know a handful
of amazing athletes
who have come back strong
from ACL surgery, son.
How many of them lost scholarships?
There's more to life...
It's not just about football,
with all due respect, sir.
It's about a ticket
out of here.
And that ticket's
gone now...
because of me.
You know, son,
I'm really, terribly sorry.
But these things that life
has landed on you boys
the way that it has...
I guess what I'm
trying to say is...
Track season's right around the corner.
Track season.
You know, they give
scholarships for track.
I guess your knee won't
be ready for that either.
Wouldn't matter if it was. What?
Said it wouldn't matter if it was.
Because I don't run track.
I play football.
That's right.
You're a football player, son.
One of the finest football
players I've ever seen in my life
and don't you
ever forget it.
Oh, God, man.
I'm ashamed.
I really wish I could
do something for you, son.
I really do.
[engine revving]
This one seems so cool.
Hey, hey. You guys go ahead.
Meet you in a sec.
All right, weirdo.
Well, now, I'd say this baby right here
goes from zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds.
- Did you guys know that?
- See you later.
Did they not know that?
Oh, they knew it.
'70 Mustang?
Has a V8, 350 horses
under the hood.
Not a chance.
Uh-oh. You actually know a thing
or two about cars, don't you?
Uh-oh. You don't, do you?
No, not even a little bit.
Not one bit. Yikes.
You caught me. You caught me.
How's your knee feeling, sir?
Well, ma'am, my knee is feeling fantastic.
It's getting there, thanks to you.
Speaking of which,
I distinctly remember a
conversation with my nurse intern
regarding paths crossing again
or fate or something like that.
I don't think I used
the word "fate." Hmm.
Well... I remember a
similar conversation.
I did not use the word fate.
Well, we can agree to disagree.
Regardless, is this the part
where I get your number or...
Subtle. Nice.
Well, I do what I can.
Why beat around the bush? You know?
I was thinking Friday
at 8:00 p.m., of course.
I could pick you up.
How about if I meet you somewhere
for coffee tomorrow afternoon?
How's that sound?
If you're into coffee, I got a great place,
but they're only open Friday at 8:00.
I can't wait anymore
All right.
For some feeling of yours
Yeah? Wow.
Don't be weird about it.
Okay, sorry.
Are you gonna wear those
pigtails to dinner? [giggling]
How's the rehab going?
Are you doing your exercises?
Using the bands?
Yes, I am.
Dave, come on, man, seriously.
She's asking me these questions.
Zach. Look, you need
to be keeping up with this.
That scar tissue is going to
build up and be very problematic.
You need to do the routine
every day to get this right.
Okay, I get it.
No, I don't think you do.
I actually forgot my phone
inside, so just go to the car.
All right. Here, give me the keys.
Dude, really?
You played quarterback?
Excuse me.
What if I wanted to try
to play some sports?
You know football is out
of the question. Right.
But what if I wanted to run track...
Like you have always said,
it's about not taking a hit,
and that my brain abnormalities
are reduced with exercise.
We're not talking about just jogging
around the park, Dave, and you know that.
But technically,
you could clear me?
I mean, taking your medication
every time before you run
is an absolute must.
So, I got cleared
to run track.
Yeah. I ran back in and asked the doctor.
She says I'm all good.
She says
it's safe for you?
Yeah. She cleared me,
didn't she?
Yeah. I guess. That's awesome, man.
That's gonna be cool.
I was thinking I could get
one of those scholarships
like Coach
was talking about.
Dave, you've never ran track in your
life, and you want to get a scholarship?
You really think
you could do that?
Who's the fastest guy
at Bessemer?
I'm the fastest guy
at Bessemer.
Okay, look,
I run with you step for step.
I even beat you
half the time, maybe more.
No, definitely less.
Dude, I'm fast.
[laughs] Yeah, you are.
You're fast, man.
Look, I can do this.
I've got nothing to lose
and a scholarship to gain.
It's not gonna be easy. You're
gonna really have to bust your butt.
Just one thing.
I'm going to need a training partner.
That's not a problem.
We can find you a training partner.
What are you smiling
like that for?
Okay, I see where you're
going with this.
We've trained together for every sport,
from peewee baseball to varsity football.
I get it, I get it,
I get it.
I don't know, man.
I'm not a trainer.
Come on. You got nothing to lose.
You in?
Winding down the valley
Towards the shore
- This is actually really good coffee.
- Is it?
Let me taste it.
I've never actually had it. You mind?
All right.
Okay. It's so sweet.
You told me it was really good.
I know.
That's what I heard
through the grapevine.
That's good.
That's pretty terrible.
So, what do you do all day now
that you don't play football?
What do I do all day?
Mainly bird watching. I've gotten
into bird watching pretty heavily.
I also enjoy coloring.
I am... I'm about 72 pages into
my most recent coloring book.
I got it three days ago so I've really
been, you know, pounding that out.
I obsess over this really pretty
nurse that I met recently, you know?
She's got something
I can't quite put my finger on.
I mean, Martha's everything
I've always wanted.
I don't know why you're laughing.
It's not funny. It's why I'm here.
Martha. To get closer to
you, to get closer to her.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Well, she's a lucky lady.
No, I'm the lucky lady
to be here sitting with you.
I think I like you
or something.
I'm pretty excited to be here.
Yeah. I'm glad I said yes.
Me too.
I'm starving though.
Yeah, me too. I haven't eaten all day.
You ready to do this?
I'm so ready,
it's not even funny.
Sorry. I didn't mean
to interrupt.
No, I thought
we could pray first.
- You want to do it, like, together?
- Yeah.
Okay, cool.
Finish, like, chewing stuff.
All right.
You wanna take it away?
No. You really... I'm good.
You don't have to walk me to my car.
If it's what I gotta do to spend a few
extra minutes with you, I'm all for it.
You're very chivalrous.
Yeah, well...
Good. I'm just trying to score
some points here, you know?
You got one point with that.
You're on the board.
All right. Good, good. Besides, what
if there was someone who came up and...
Like that guy who came and like tried
to mug you, or these people right here?
I don't know what I would do.
I know what I would do.
What would you do?
I'd protect you with ancient kung fu.
Ancient kung fu. Whoa!
That was my impressed face.
Was it? Were you impressed?
Let me see it?
You're impressed with that.
Check this out.
Come at me.
That's what I thought.
[man] Home
I'll run home
I've been looking round
For my reflection
I've been looking round
But I can't see
I've been living round
My rejection
I've been wondering how
Can I be me
I've been wondering how
Can I be me
Beer and roses.
That's a nice touch.
I had 20 Christmases
with her.
Two without her is...
Two Christmases
without her.
It's always hardest in the
holidays, and I know that I...
I know that I just make everything
worse, and, um...
It's okay, Dad.
I forgive you.
Two Christmases
without her?
How 'bout two Christmases
without us? Your sons.
- We still could have been a family!
- We are a family...
We're not a family.
Come on, Zach.
Why you always sticking up for him?
Because he's our dad!
No, he is not our dad! He's a drunk
and a coward. And he is not my father!
Why don't you have a minute
with your mother?
You don't have to go, Dad.
You're a good boy, Dave.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
What kind of man walks out on his two
boys after their mom dies of cancer?
A broken one.
And that's a good enough
answer for you?
[Zach] Man, that thing's
been here since we were kids.
Did they ever figure out
who broke off baby Jesus' leg?
Wasn't that you?
Yeah, I know, but I'm just wondering
if they ever figured that out.
[Dave] You all right?
Yeah. It's just bringing back
old memories or whatever.
We all could use a moment.
I'm not just talking about
being in the moment,
but one of life's
beautiful moments.
I'm talking about a
game-changing, seismic shift,
capital-"M" moment.
You know what I mean?
Where after that,
everything in your life seems different.
We're here to celebrate
a moment like that this evening.
- I know you know what I'm talking about.
- Amen.
Yeah, I'm talking about
the birth of Jesus.
A moment with a capital "M."
After that moment,
history would change.
That's right.
Praise the Lord.
But most of us, we don't
get to have our moment.
Because we suffer from an
affliction called "The Somedays."
And it goes something like this
Someday, I'm really gonna
listen more and not just talk.
I'm gonna pour into my kids.
Someday, I'm gonna get right
with all that God stuff.
I'm gonna get
spiritually aligned.
God's gift to us...
was Jesus.
[man] Thank you, Lord.
So that one day, our someday
could become our moment.
Davey, we've gotta
get out of here, man.
I am so sick of Bessemer.
[sighs] I don't want to get stuck
here, you know? End up like Dad.
I'd rather us be running to
something instead of from something.
It doesn't matter.
It's just time to run.
Ramblers in the wilderness
We can't find what we need
We get a little restless
From the searching
Get a little worn down
In between
Like a bull Chasing the
matador [no audible dialogue]
Is the man left
To his own schemes
Everybody needs someone
Beside 'em
Shining like a lighthouse
From the sea
Brother, let me be
Your shelter
Never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you're low
Brother, let me be
Your fortress
When the night winds
Are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home
Face down in the desert now
There's a cage locked
Around my heart
I found a way To drop the
keys Where my failures were
Now my hands
Can't reach that far
I ain't made for a rivalry
I could never
Take the world alone
I know that in my weakness
I am strong
But it's your love
That brings me home
Brother, let me be
Your shelter
Never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you're low
Brother, let me be
Your fortress
When the night winds
Are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home
And when you call
And need me near
Say it when you go
Brother, I'm right here
And on those days
When the sky begins to fall
You're the blood of my blood
We can get through it all
Brother, let me be
Your shelter
Never leave you all alone
I could be the one you call
When you're feelin' low
So can I leave my car
parked here,
or do I need to wait for
the valet to come through?
Shut up.
Yeah, you're right.
I should probably keep the keys on me.
Looks like a rough neighborhood.
Hi. So glad
you could make it.
Yeah, I'm glad I got the invite
to finally meet the fam.
Sorry. My breath
smells like coffee.
So, when you meet my dad...
...don't worry.
He can come off a little intimidating,
but he's really a total softy.
- He'll just hit you with some small talk.
- I can do small talk.
Tell me what you like
about my daughter, Zach.
Just getting right to it.
No, I love it.
That's cool. That's a good question.
It's an easy one to answer.
I think she's pretty great
to be around.
You know, I like
spending time with her.
She's obviously
very beautiful.
I see the apple doesn't fall
far from the tree, ma'am.
Well... thank you, Zach.
You're very welcome.
Don't make eyes
at my wife, son.
I was just making a joke.
- So was I.
- Okay.
And what do you think
about Jesus?
Um, this small talk...
It's important to us to know
who's dating our daughter.
Yeah. Of course.
No, I get that. Um...
I'm just...
I'm just a little afraid, I guess,
that if I tell you guys how I feel,
you might not let me
see Ginger again.
Well, at least you're honest,
so we're off to a good start.
Okay. Well...
I don't know where to begin.
I guess I know a lot about Jesus.
But I'm not sure I really know him the
way my mother did and my brother does
and maybe the way
you guys do.
I grew up in church
and everything...
but as I got older, I started asking
all these, you know, questions,
and now there's just a lot
of things I'm unsure about.
Like what?
if you really want to know,
I don't understand why Jesus would
leave towns before everybody was healed.
I don't understand why all of Jesus'
disciples died these terrible deaths.
I mean, Peter was crucified upside down,
and he was one of Jesus' best friends.
So that doesn't
really add up for me.
I guess I just...
I don't understand why terrible
people get to live to be a hundred
and amazing people like my
mother were taken away too early.
By the way,
I get that I'm totally blowing this
whole meet-the-parents-for-dinner thing.
Not at all.
I'm sorry.
You're not the first person sitting at
this table to wrestle with his faith.
Trust me.
Yes, sir.
- Can we eat?
- Yes, please.
Let's eat.
[Zach] Hey. What's wrong?
Zach, I really like you.
I guess I didn't realize
how you felt.
What, about God?
I thought that was between me and him.
Yeah, but it's important to
me, and you know that.
I get it, all right? I do.
I get the whole Jesus thing.
And I did it for a long time.
But things happen,
and people change.
God doesn't change.
Zach, he loves you,
whether you want him to or not.
I can't just snap my fingers
and make everything okay.
But then again, I don't have a huge house
and nice things and perfect parents.
You just trust him.
He's gonna meet you
wherever you're at.
It's that simple?
Man, I've just had the switch
turned to off the whole time.
The one that says, "trust God." I'm
an idiot. I should just turn it on.
Then I can be good enough
for your little club.
You know that that's not
what I'm saying, Zach.
It sure sounds like it.
You look cold.
You should probably go inside.
Thanks for coming
tonight, Zach.
[engine starts]
[angry grunt]
[woman singing country
on speakers]
Mike, is this your boy?
- What are you talking about?
- Right here.
Yeah. Yeah, that's my boy.
Looks like he's running track now.
It's a football town, man.
He'll be running around like Ms. Pacman.
[imitating electronic chirping]
He mentioned thanking
some people in here too.
But not you.
Well, you know what?
Donald, maybe he forgot.
He's a teenager,
and kids forget.
They ain't got no respect these days.
That's what I think.
Your boy, he's running his butt off, man.
He's good.
You know, he takes first place
tomorrow, he's going to State?
I guess he figures he's gotta
make up for his brother,
who ruined
your football season.
You know, it's the least he can
do, right, Coach?
[Donald] Ruined it
for the whole town.
These boys, they've been
dealt a tough hand, D.
They been through a lot. Hey.
We've all been through a lot, Bill.
Yeah, but your boys
are different.
They're amazing. They're resilient.
They're special.
I don't need your help
with my kids, Bill.
Yeah, you do.
Your boys don't need a coach.
They need a dad, Mike.
The whole world's going crazy,
spinning out of control,
and somehow your boys have
managed so far to make it.
You're gonna look up one day,
and they will have moved on.
To Gainesville,
Jacksonville, maybe.
Somewhere, but not here.
Not Bessemer.
And you're gonna miss 'em, Mike.
And that game will be over, Dad.
[balls clacking]
I'm always gonna go back
Go back, go back
Want another one, Mike?
I'm good. Good.
See you tomorrow, Mike.
[Dave] God, just asking you,
watch over me and keep me safe out there,
and help me perform to the best of my
abilities in a way that honors you.
Whatever is part of your plan,
I trust that you've got my back.
Amen. Dave.
What are you doing, man?
Everyone's out there warming up.
Just a pregame routine.
Is he gonna stretch for you too?
Let's get out there, man.
- All right.
- Let's go!
I'll be out there in a minute.
All right.
[announcer] Welcome back, Rebel fans, to
the 3A Area track and field championships.
Getting ready to start
is the Boys' 400 Meter
where former Bessemer
quarterback David Truett
has fought his way back
from a career-ending head injur
to challenge as the dark horse
in this new arena.
Hey, good to see you, Coach.
Good to see you.
Good to see you, Coach.
Good to see you, now.
All right. Good luck to you.
[man] Thank you.
Hey, Truett. What size is that shirt, man?
Extra small?
You got this, all right?
You got this.
[announcer] Truett will
be running in lane five,
and right next to last year's area
champ, Justin Nole, in lane four.
Runners, on your mark.
- [starter pistol fires]
- [crowd cheering]
Come on, Dave!
There you go, bud.
Keep it up! Keep it up!
[announcer] Don't blink. Just one lap,
folks. Nole is out to a quick lead.
Oh, my Lord.
My heart can't take this.
There's not much separation as they come
out of turn two down the backstretch.
They're neck and neck.
It's Nole in the lead.
Come on, man. You got this.
- Truett pulls into third as we round out of the last turn.
- Yes!
- Come on, Truett!
- Dave, move!
- Here they come down the front stretch.
- Come on, boy.
Come on! Come on!
- Go, go, go!
- Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!
Kick that into gear, Dave!
And it's too close to call!
What a finish!
We're gonna have to wait from
confirmation from the judges.
And Truett wins it with a 49!
He's your new 3A area...
...track and field champion.
[crowd cheering]
Thank you, Coach.
Congratulations, son.
Are you kidding me?
- Faith is a beautiful thing, isn't it?
- Amen.
Isn't it a beautiful thing?
It is.
If you don't believe and have
faith in your football coach,
you're not gonna listen
to him, are you?
You don't have faith in him.
But if he tells you to get out and
put in the work, and do the exercises,
and you don't
put in that work,
you're not gonna win
a lot of games, are you?
Faith is beautiful.
Yes, it is.
Faith with action. That's our homework.
That's all of our homework, isn't it?
Take that faith in your heart.
Put it into action.
- Can I get an amen?
- [congregation] Amen!
Thank you, sir.
Great sermon.
Thank you.
See you later.
It's good
to see you here, Pop.
I'm thinking about
making some changes.
Plus, I don't have anything
better to do on Sunday, so...
You never told me
how things went with Ginger.
Well, that's because I haven't
quite figured it out yet.
You want
to talk about it?
What'd you do?
What'd I do?
You sabotage your own relationships.
You know that.
Oh, no, I don't.
you just don't want to wait
too long and lose her, man.
Maybe I do. I'll admit, man, I guess I
have some things I can work on, but...
we all do.
Well, you have
a little more than others.
If I let her go,
I'm an idiot, aren't I?
I'm gonna assume that's
a rhetorical question?
Shut up. Come on, let's go.
One last race before State this weekend.
Loser does the dishes.
All right.
And for clarification,
yes, you are an idiot.
[man] I see a world
A world turning in
On itself
Are we just like
Hungry wolves howling
In the night?
I don't want
No music tonight
Can we go on
Like it once was?
Every time
I hear another story
Of the poor boy
Lost his head
Everybody feels
A little crazy
But we go on living with it
Yeah, they go on
Living with it
Can we go on
Like it once was?
Come on!
All you, baby.
You're still doing
the dishes.
Yeah, and I will let him know to
bring it to Room 143 tomorrow.
Um, you got it.
Most guys would say sorry
with flowers.
Yeah, well, I know you're
not superficial like that.
Well, you got lucky.
I did get lucky.
And I blew it.
Look, Ginger.
I'm sorry. All right?
I was such a jerk to you.
And I know that, and...
I think I just got defensive
because I was scared.
I'm just struggling with a lot
of different things right now.
And it's confusing,
and that's no excuse.
But I know that I don't want
those things to keep me from you.
Because you're the best thing
that's happened to me
in a really,
really long time.
I don't know.
We have a lot that we need to talk about.
You really hurt me.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I just don't want
to lose you.
So I thought I'd bring you
a peace offering, you know.
Nice touch.
Apology accepted.
Come here.
Thank you.
When the storm comes
Will you reject the rain?
A childlike faith, huh?
You stacked the cards
against me,
and then you expect me...
to just believe in you.
Well, I'm not a kid anymore.
It's not that easy.
You talking to somebody?
Uh... No.
I'm just thinking.
Just thinking.
Where's the chocolate?
We don't have any.
How are we gonna have s'mores if
we don't have chocolate, dude?
I guess we're just gonna
have marshmallows and Dew.
All right, I can dig it.
You were moving today.
How's the knee feeling?
- Good enough to smoke you.
- Yeah.
No, it's feeling good,
I mean, it's 100%.
- Then I guess it worked.
- What worked?
I've been training you
this whole time.
You said your knee was back to 100%.
You're ready to get back on the field.
Back on the field?
Dave, the season's over.
How am I gonna do that?
It doesn't matter.
I'm gonna go to State, and I'm gonna win.
Who's not gonna give a
scholarship to the State champ?
You're gonna come with me
wherever I go.
You're gonna walk
onto the team next year.
And then, after that,
you can get a scholarship for football.
But we're gonna
get out of here.
That's the plan.
[laughing] You make
it sound pretty easy.
Yeah, well...
I believe in the plan.
And I believe in you.
[water dripping]
Hey. Hey.
You're good, bud. Easy.
[groans] Easy. Easy. Come on.
Come on. You're good. You're good.
All right.
I'm gonna call 911, all right, man?
I'm gonna be right back.
[monitor beeping]
What'd the doctor say?
He said I had a series
of four grand mal seizures.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So, what does that mean then?
Are you okay? Is that normal?
'Cause what I saw
wasn't normal, man.
Your eyes were different than I'd ever
seen 'em before. That was not you.
I'm in good hands now.
Thank you
for being there for me.
Yeah. Of course, man.
How long are you
gonna be here?
I don't know yet.
Okay. Well, I'm gonna be here
as long as you're here.
So I'm gonna run home,
I'm gonna grab some clothes and stuff.
I'll be back in about an hour.
Is there anything I can get you?
There's really only one
thing you can do for me.
What's that?
Could you dump
my bedpan?
It's really full.
Uh... yeah.
Yeah, that's...
Where is it? Is it over there?
Are you joking?
That's not very funny.
I'm sorry.
just pray for me.
That's all
I need you to do.
Yeah, I'll do that.
It's all a part of his plan, right?
That's what you'd say?
I can't tell you that I know
what his plan is,
but I do know that all
things work for good.
Of course.
All things work for good 'cause so many
good things have happened in my life.
Come here. Come.
Sit down here.
When I was 21, doctors found
tumors on both of my ovaries.
When I found out
I couldn't have kids,
I cried for a year
straight, every day.
Now, your grandmother...
her and I...
I never had a sister, but if I did,
it would have been that fine lady.
I never knew her.
Oh, I wish you had.
She was good and kind.
She could admit when she was wrong,
and she stood up for what was right.
She had a heart for God and she
passed all that down to your mama.
And your mama
passed it down to you boys.
Now, I was there when you
and Dave were born.
And every birthday since,
I didn't miss a one, you know that.
I've watched you boys
grow up to be men.
Seen more of your life than your
grandma and your mama ever could.
And I don't know why
that is...
but I'm eternally grateful.
You see...
I was that girl, at 21,
who thought that God
had forgotten about her.
But now, the woman at 65...
sees what God's plan was
all along.
And I was supposed to be
y'all's Nanny.
And I wouldn't trade that for
anything in the whole wide world.
Now, I know life
can be confusing.
It's full of ups
and downs.
It doesn't mean God
isn't real
or that he doesn't love you.
Because God does love you.
He loves you like crazy.
I couldn't have asked
for a better Nanny.
Come here. I love you boys
like you were my own.
I love you too.
[man] I was calling
For the last time
We've been here before
They found the pictures
In the snow
I can tell your eyes
Looked beneath the blue
I walk underneath the trees
For the first time
I was calling
For the last time
We've been here before
They found the pictures
In the snow
I can tell your eyes
Looked beneath the blue
I walk underneath the trees
For the first time
[exhales deeply]
Why is this so hard?
Every time I come and pray to
you, it's so hard.
I did it for my mama.
You didn't help me then.
And I don't understand that.
I never will.
I'm begging
that you'll hear me now.
'Cause I'm done running.
I'm done running.
If you want me,
I'm right here.
I need you.
Just help me.
Just help me.
I'm right here.
what are you doing here?
Your Nanny...
Who called you?
Nanny called me.
All right. I've got this under
control, so can you please leave?
Hey, Zachary.
Can you just leave, Dad?
Just listen to me
for a second.
I've made a lot of mistakes
in my life.
A lot of mistakes.
But the biggest mistake that I ever made
was walking out on you and your brother.
And I'd like to make that up
to you if you'll let me try.
I love you so much.
And I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to forgive me, Zachary.
You don't have to forgive me.
[TV announcer] Hoping to have a better
spring game performanc than a season ago.
We are gonna have a kickoff.
Even though all special teams
tonight will be no contact,
the pure simulation...
Hey, bud.
Is Dad still here?
No, he's not.
He'll be back though. Oh.
Here, check this out.
Look what I got for you, man.
I thought you might want it.
Hey, listen, man.
You know how you asked me to pray for you?
I did it.
That's awesome, Zach.
I did it. Yeah.
And as I was praying for you,
I started praying for me.
You know?
I walked into that house not
believing, and I walked out...
Come here.
I love you.
- [Zach] One more lap?
- Yeah.
Is that cool?
Look, I just want to say
that I'm really sorry.
For what?
I really thought it was part of
the plan for me to run tomorrow
and get us out of here.
Hey, you don't need
to be sorry for that.
So it wasn't part of the plan.
You know what?
Maybe there's something
better waiting for us.
It was just
so clear to me.
And I'm... just really
sorry that I let you down.
You didn't let me down, bud.
You couldn't let me down.
All right?
Why don't you run
in my place?
Look, if...
if you stay here,
nothing changes, we're stuck.
But if you run tomorrow,
you never know what can happen.
That could be our last chance
at getting out of here.
Don't you want
to take it?
- Your knee's good to run?
- Yeah, my knee's great, Coach.
I've been training with Dave
the whole track season.
Sticking with him,
step for step.
Coach. I mean, this is
really important for me.
It's important for Dave.
I can see that.
I'll probably have to
sign you in as your brother.
That doesn't sound
very official though.
You know, we'll cross that
bridge when we come to it, but...
I'll take the heat.
Truth is, may not be the worst thing for
me to get fired from this track coach job.
Guys running around in a circle,
it never really interested me.
You hand a young man a ball and
have folks try to tackle him?
That is a sport.
Yeah, Coach. That's football.
Yeah, well, you see my point.
You boys
are due some breaks.
I'll do anything I can
to help you, son.
Thank you, Coach.
[Coach] Let me make a couple calls.
I'll get you cleared to run.
What are you doing
in here, son?
Coach, you really think
I can win this?
Well... [sighs]
these boys out there...
they're all real
track athletes.
They been training all year,
maybe their whole lives, for this moment.
Coach, if this is a pep talk,
it really needs some work.
But... I know,
without a shadow of a doubt
that they don't have the heart
or the drive that you have.
I've never seen someone sprint down
a sideline the way that you do, son.
You think any of these fellas out there
could catch you on a football field?
No, sir.
So you're really just running four
football fields then, aren't you?
A turn here, turn there.
Just remember, you're only
running against yourself.
You got about 45 seconds
to give it all that you got.
It's you against the clock.
So, come on.
There's someone I want you to meet.
Hey, Zach.
Coach tells me your knee's
back in playing shape.
Yes, sir. Yeah.
It's better than ever. Well, good.
Good. I'm looking forward to
seeing what you got out there.
Man, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize you scouted track too.
I don't.
Good luck.
Runners, take your mark.
[starting pistol fires]
[no audible dialogue]
[man rapping on radio]
Nanny. Guess what. The Florida
scout was at the track meet, okay?
I talked to him.
I got second place. [laughing]
I got second place!
Nanny, what's wrong?
It's your brother.
I've been running
But I don't know why
I fool myself
But I can't hide, no
Hey, Zach, I don't...
I, um...
Your brother.
I remember when he was a boy, he used
to sleep with this under his pillow.
And, um, I got it
from his hospital.
[boys shouting]
[whistle blowing]
[shouting continues]
[whistle blowing]
All right, let's go, boys.
Hey there, pretty lady.
[whistle blowing]
[Zach] Davey is my hero.
That may sound like a funny thing
to say about your little brother.
You see, he taught me, in life there
are only two ways you can be running:
to God or from God.
And I spent so much time running from God.
And I'm pretty fast.
And looking back, it wasn't his death,
but the way Dave lived his life.
How he never gave up on me, and not
only showed me love, but the truth.
That's what turned me around.
And the moment I did,
Jesus was there with his arms wide open.
I just want to encourage anyone who
feels like they're running in life...
to stop,
turn around and embrace
who's chasing them.
'Cause I'll tell you what.
He loves you.
He loves you like crazy.
Hey, Truett. Welcome
to Gator nation, man.
Thanks, brother. Congratulations, man.
I love your story.
Keep it up, all right?
Yes, sir.
Just stay strong.
Brother, let me...