Run, Truck Rascal, Run! (1979) Movie Script

Run Truck Rascal, Run!
Momojiro, First Star
Jonathan the Widower
Watch it.
You're too close.
Momojiro, be careful.
He's a reckless trucker.
So this is the bastard.
Hey, what the hell is this?
So tasteless.
Dog paintings.
- Tosa Dog?
- Why not Prince Shotoku?
"Ashizuri Love"?
What an uncool light.
"A cool highway guy"?
Is that all you have to say?
So you're the guy
who challenged me.
Wanna fight?
Hey, what're you doing?
You don't have to
go that far, fool!
You said I was tasteless.
I know that.
Damn you!
You dog.
Nice doggie.
Hey, Jonathan.
Help me.
I hate dogs.
Ryoma, that's enough.
Damn that dog, that shithead.
Hey, hurry up with it!
We just got a job cal1'ying feed
for fanned yellowtail to Kochi.
I know you'll be lonely,
but I have to go.
That means you'll take
the ferry from Harumi.
Then why can't you
come home for a night?
Even just for an hour.
Hey, be quiet!
Darling. You know what will
happen if you leave me all alone?
I'm going to work
in the sex industry.
Not that!
I'll make it up to you
when I return.
I'm still virile.
I don't have any more coins.
Damn it.
"Ev, kids!
Why can't you keep quiet
when I'm on the phone?
Ma. Are you really going
to be a sex worker?
Do that and build our
own roon1 for us.
- Please!
- Please.
Shut up!
You exercise, too.
Are you ill?
You look down.
Since I'm away so often,
my wife's threatening to
work at a sex shop.
Don't worry.
I'll go often and ask for her.
Yes, thanks.
Are you kidding?
Oh, a lone seagull.
No, a pair.
Idiot, just one.
0h yeah?
Are you dreaming?
Get a grip.
That was great.
You sing like a real pro.
I am.
What? A pro singer?
Then you're on
a concert tour of Kochi?
Nothing that fancy.
May I ask your name?
Yuka Onogawa.
Yuka Onogawa...
What songs have you recorded?
No records.
I'm touring remote areas.
I sing in cabarets to
drunk customers.
So it's no wonder
you don't know my name.
But you have a great voice.
I was mesmerized.
I can't believe the Japanese
record industry isn't all over you.
I'm happy you say that.
I'm in transportation,
but I once went to
Musashino Music School.
I'm really particular
when it comes to music.
So you studied classical music?
No, I was in the Japanese
enka song division.
Enka song division at Musashino?
It must have been lovely.
Saburo Kitajima was at the
bottom of our class.
Then maybe you can teach me.
I'm pretty rusty.
Here, when there's a
change in keys...
the transition to G minor
is so hard.
Minus G huh?
You, get up.
Excuse me.
And these high notes?
I want to sing them legato.
Dessert, huh?
And here in, the refrain?
I'd like a prettier harmony.
Wait a second.
Oh, 250 dollars.
It's blowing away.
Oh, no.
- 250 dollars.
- Oh, no.
Leave it to me.
I'll retrieve it.
Thank you.
What's wrong?
What's the matter?
Are you all right?
My eyes are all funny.
Oh, Kimie. You came.
I delivered Jonathan's
freight, so don't worry.
What? He's gone?
He's gone, Momo.
I looked all over the hospital
but he's not here.
Oh no, you don't think...
- Momo!
- Momojiro!
We found Jonathan.
Oh, it's Momo.
Fellow truckers.
Thanks for your friendship.
- Don't jump ' Stop!
- Jonathan!
- Don't.
Not doing it.
- Jonathan!
- We're coming.
Don't stop me.
I understand how you feel,
but think of your wife
and nine children.
I'm not cut out for
this dirty world.
Momo, forgive me for
going ahead of you.
Remarry Kimie.
Take care of my nine children.
MY dying poem:
"At Ashizuri, the beach
on a remote Tokai island.
"I play with the crabs
walking sideways."
Don't, Jonathan.
Ignore him.
Take no notice.
If we make a scene,
he'll try even harder.
Oh, I see.
Hey, what a great view.
There was a jumper
yesterday, too.
I heard his head was
smashed to bits.
Smashed to bits...
Are you kidding?
Don't stop me.
Mister, don't do it.
Please don't.
Mister, don't.
- Jonathan!
- Are you all right?
You're all right now.
You're his friends.
Why didn't you stop him?
You're heartless.
Be kind to him.
I do.
Coffee and cake.
We don't have any cake.
- That's all right.
- Here's your coffee.
What's her name?
Yes, that girl...
That's Fumiko.
I'm Tamiko.
Who asked you?
- Oh, your change.
- Fumiko.
It's me.
Thank you so much.
You saved my friend.
God knows what would have
happened without you.
Not at all.
Your lecture hit home.
I was very kind and took
him to Suzaki Hospital.
Has he regained his
will to live?
Yes, he's fine now.
He asked me to come thank you.
This is er... only from me.
A bouquet for me?
You don't want it?
I'll take it.
Give it to me.
No, I'll take it.
I do want it.
- Here's your change.
- Keep it.
I forgot to mention...
I'm Momojiro Hoshi.
Let me take you home.
Stay where you are.
Fumiko, please.
This is my house.
Is that so?
Thank you.
Isn't it pretty, Ma?
A very kind trucker
gave it to me.
You must be hungry.
I'll go do some shopping.
I'll be right back.
Nice to meet you.
You must be her mother.
I'm the kind trucker.
I gave her the roses.
She really is a great girl.
She's kind and cheerful
and full of life.
You'd never find anyone
like her in a big city.
She smells of the ocean.
A really wonderful girl.
Are you ill?
I'm an authority in
female ailments.
I'll examine you.
What's wrong?
Your upper body?
Please tell me
what's ailing you.
I'm asking you.
Please answer me.
Say something.
Get out!
You old geezer.
Coming into
a stranger's house...
You, too.
Get out!
I see. She has palsy
and can't speak?
Poor Fumi.
I warn you. Keep you
hands off her.
She's my daughter-in-law.
Your daughter-in-law?
She's married?
She's my son's wife.
She's not for you outsiders.
Don't hang around here.
Leave at once.
Is that so?
I misjudged her.
She acts so virginal.
The flowers cost 30 dollars.
This was 20.
This purple slipper was
special order for 50 dollars.
That's why girls nowadays
can't be trusted.
A hussy with a face like that?
Fumi's not married.
She's a virgin.
It's that man's
wishful thinking.
When his missing son comes back,
he wants her to be his bride.
Missing son?
That's right.
Fumi's originally from Kyushu.
She's never even set eyes
on Ryuji.
So why would she marry him?
That old geezer!
Hey, you.
You liar.
She's no married woman.
What are you talking about?
I hear your son was in
prison for a year.
Who told you?
Fumi who's pure and innocent
can't many
your yakuza son who's been
missing for six years.
He's not missing.
He has a proper job.
Someone told me.
You can't trust rumors.
Someone said he was in Miyazaki,
someone saw him in Okinoerabu...
I hear you went to
Hokkaido last year
hearing he was a sailor
on the Shakotan Peninsula.
All rumors.
They're not rumors.
The next news...
You selfish bastard.
Wanting Fumi for his bride.
Give up.
No, there's no one else
for my son.
This comb...
has memories for you and Pa.
What are they?
Uncle next door said
this time it's real.
He's in Hanno in Saitama,
so this time he's going
to find Ryuji.
He's very hopeful.
I've talked to Fumiko.
About my son when he was little,
and when he was older,
so she knows everything.
But it's just talk...
Girls these days
don't wait for guys.
He'll be back.
I know he'll be found.
Even if he is...
you don't know if Fumiko
will fell in love with him.
Of course she will.
My son will fall in love
with Fumiko, too.
They'll make a good couple.
What's Ryuji like?
According to Uncle,
he's manly, cheerful,
audacious but sensitive.
Uncle's a doting parent.
But... I wonder what Ryuji's
really like.
I only have photos of him
when he was little.
Whoa, he's a misbegotten
Doesn't he have any
distinctive characteristics?
He has a dog bite
on his shoulder.
A dog bite?
All right, leave it to me.
I'll find him.
But it's a guess whether
Fumiko will like him...
The way he looks.
He's better than you.
This is First Star.
Jonathan, come in.
This is Jonathan Lady, over.
Do you have enough gas?
Yes, full tank, over.
How far do you want to go?
Namu Daishi, henjo ko go.
Toilet go go?
That's right.
So, toilet. You want to go?
There's no toilet
in these woods.
Which is it?
Dai (two) or sho (one)?
- Dai?
- Dai...
Dainichiji (Dainichi temple).
That's it. Dainichiji.
Dai, huh?
Shit. Dai...
Dainichiji Temple.
Oh, the temple.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Hey, there's no paper
in the temple's toilet.
No paper.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hello, Auntie.
Can't be helped.
Maybe they don't
understand English.
Hey, there.
Enough already.
I'm going to leave you here.
Let's go together.
I'll be back.
Hey. I brought you
some paper.
Henjo ko go.
Namu Daishi, henjo ko go...
- Hey...
- May I have some paper?
It's Kleenex.
Yuka. The singer
Yuka Onogawa.
I'm Hoshi, Musashino
Music school graduate.
You remembered my name.
May I?
How many do you usually use?
- One.
- One?
Hold this.
Thank you.
Every time I come to
Shikoku to work,
since I have free time
during the day,
I do a pilgrimage
of the shrines.
I see. I promised to go
hear you sing
and I've felt bad
I haven't been able to.
I only have three more
shrines to go.
When I finish, I know
my wish will come true.
What is your wish?
Oh, let's ask her.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Can you sing Goeika song?
Goeika song.
Goeika, song.
Oh, I know.
for international
goodwill sing a song.
Get up, get up.
Get up.
Hurry up and get up.
You'll be late for school.
Pa, don't worry about us.
While Ma works, we're
all pulling together.
We each have our chores.
So, Pa, just think about
getting better.
Michiko, Saiko.
I can't stay in bed.
I'm the breadwinner
of the family.
I have to go.
Damn these eyes!
Got it.
Damn it!
Give me some water.
Oh, Tosa Dog.
Hey, you.
How dare you sic your dog on me!
Wait a second.
Are you Ryuji Kakiuchi?
How do you know my name?
I see. You undutiful son.
Your pa in Kochi
is worried about you.
Go home.
None of your business.
I was born in Usuki Kyushu.
But my pa was from these parts.
Maybe he was homesick.
He always sang
the Nangoku Tosa song.
How nostalgic.
Pa was a pole fisherman.
He met Ma at Usuki Harbor.
That's when the song
was popular.
So it's their song.
Pa died in a storm at sea,
so we came here to
to be near his relatives.
Ryuji was gone by then.
I warn you.
Don't listen to that
stubborn old geezer.
Don't throw your life away.
There are many men in
this world including me.
Even if there were,
I can't marry.
Why not?
I can't marry with a sick mother.
There's always a way.
Men don't understand.
She's bedridden
and can't even talk.
Sometimes I think
we should just die.
I would do anything.
I mean, for example...
I can't many.
But if Ryuji comes back?
- He won't.
- You never know.
He hasn't made contact
in six years.
Why would he now?
If he wanted to return,
he would have already.
He won't. Ryuji won't.
But his Pa next door
and I keep waiting.
Whv Wait?
We keep waiting.
We'll wait forever.
And eventually
I'll be an old spinster
and no one would
give me a second glance.
Fumiko, don't say that.
I can't marry.
Not with anyone.
Fumiko, come quick.
I stopped by your house
and your mother...
- Auntie?
- Ma? Are you all right?
Are you all right?
I'll call a doctor.
What's the matter?
What is it?
What do you want me to do?
That record?
You want to hear it?
Just a minute.
I'll play the Nangoku
Tosa song now.
It's broken.
It's smashed.
Ma... The record
is broken.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to bring
the best singer in Japan.
Yuka someone wants
to hear your song.
Leave these drunks
behind and come with me.
Hey, she still has a show to do.
Yuka has a date with our boss.
She's here.
The best singer in Japan.
Mother. She'll sing
your favorite song.
Now sing.
I... I never sang in a place
like this before.
You call yourself a pro?
You won't sing unless
there's a band and lights?
Is that the kind of singer
you want to be?
A true singer is one
who can sing from her heart
at a time like this.
All right, Momojiro.
I'll sing.
If my song will do,
please listen.
"Leaving Tosa behind...
"I've lived in the city
for a long time.
"I remember that the
friends at home
"sang the Yosakoi Song
when I left.
"At Tosa's Kochi's
Harimaya Bridge
"I saw a priest buy
a hair ornament.
"Yosakoi, Yosakoi...
"On a moonlit beach
sitting around a campfire,
"we relaxed and had
some time to enjoy.
"I too, sang out loud
"the Yosakoi Song of Tosa."
- Ma.
- Sing.
Finish the song.
"I'll show you,
the best place in Urato
"for moon watching
is Katsura hama.
"Yosakoi, Yosakoi.
"My father back home
caught a whale
"off shore of Muroto
he said in a letter.
"After I do my best all clay
"I'll sing Tosa's Yosakoi song.
"Don't tell anyone in our pond
"swims a fish
spouting sea water.
"Yosakoi, Yosakoi."
I'm sorry.
I bet you can't go back
to that cabaret.
It's all right, Momojiro.
I found out how wonderful
it is to sing to a single
A single audience?
That it's more important
and wonderful
than singing to a roomful
of people.
That's the real
spirit of singing.
But they're cheap to put
you in a place.
This is better than nothing.
Sometimes they make me
sleep in the dressing roon1.
I see. Being on the road
isn't easy.
In addition, you have to
fight off those lechers.
But if I make them angry,
I won't be able to sing here.
For them, a singer on the
road is nothing.
That's awful. They're
taking advantage.
I'll beat them up.
I'm okay, Momojiro.
I've been on the road long time.
I see. But you want to
Yes, because this is
what I aspired to.
But I find I'm drinking
more and more.
The rain won't let up.
Yuka. Where are you from?
Even in my profession,
money s everrything.
You're so drunk.
They made a fool of me.
I went to the store they
told me to, and it was closed.
Oh, no!
I complained to the agency
and he said he'll do better
next time
and made me go to
a hotel with him.
No! Who was it?
Iwase. You're working
at a cabaret he controls.
Be careful.
I hate this.
It's so lonely.
I'm mortified and so alone...
Can I sleep here tonight?
Sure, Shinobu.
Am I going to end up like her?
I'm so tired.
I'm really tired.
It's a difficult life.
To tell you the truth,
sometime I think about quitting.
And give up your dream?
And just become
a regular housewife.
I think a lot about that
A regular housewife?
Yuka. Thank you.
I didn't know.
You're leaving early
tomorrow morning?
I'll come pick you up
first thing.
That means I'll have to hustle.
Go be with Pa.
I broke the light.
I'm sorry.
Kimie. It's because you're
such a good wife.
Don't say that.
It's only natural that
a trucker's wife
drives his rig when he's sick.
Kimie. I'm so thankful.
It's all right.
You're making me cry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Are you well now?
Test results today show
it wasn't a stroke,
it was brain spasm.
Brain spasm?
It was transitory
so the double vision
was temporary.
Then you can see
my beautiful face again?
Kimie. You're beautiful.
You're a beautiful woman.
Here's to Jonathan's full recovery
from brain spasm. Cheers!
Glad you can see again.
Thank you for everything.
We're so appreciative.
Momo, are you really
going to stay in Tosa?
Yeah. I can't leave.
Two women are counting on me.
Momo, I won't steer you wrong.
Come home and go to your favorite
soapland and think this over.
She's right.
You're obsessed.
It's the women who want me.
Two women are
hopelessly in love with me.
You won't understand how hard
it is to be in a love triangle.
This is serious.
Oh, the travails of
a popular man.
Be good to one,
disappoint the other.
Be good to the other
and the other will cry.
Either way someone's
going to get hurt.
But I have to decide.
I'm coming, too.
What do you want?
Do you live in that house?
Is the man next door well?
Yes, he goes fishing every day.
So he's out fishing now?
You're Ryuji, aren't you?
Yes, it must be you.
How do you know my name?
What's the matter?
Why didn't you
come back earlier?
Why didn't you write?
Six years ago, I had a dog,
a Tosa breed.
It was full of fight
and I adored that dog.
He was scheduled to fight
for the grand championship
of the Kochi Dog Sumo
The opponent dog was
owned by Iwase,
who owned Kochi's
bars and cabarets.
Long story short, my dog lost.
He was mauled to death.
They found poison in his system.
A guard saw one of Iwase's men
enter the dog house the night before.
But there was no proof.
I totally lost it.
I'm glad you told me about it.
You show up with that
disgraceful rig
and a dog. You're still
dog fighting?
I'll never forget.
I didn't come to Kochi
to see you.
I came to settle the score
for the dog fight six years ago.
Forget it.
You've already had
a bad experience with dogs.
I told you not to get
involved with dogs anymore.
I can't.
Until I square that match,
I can't move on.
I want a rematch.
You undutiful son.
Get out.
Unless you stop with
the dog fighting,
I won't let you enter my house.
Leave, you stupid son.
Uncle, stop.
Get out.
- Go!
- Uncle, stop.
I'll never come here again.
Now that he's finally back...
How could you!
How could you!
I have no use for that
Go wherever you want.
He's not my son anymore.
Oh, Yuka.
I'm happy you came.
Thank you.
I have a present for you.
"Fourth Graduating Class
Musashino Music School
"Momojiro Hoshi"
Please sit down.
I want you to sing my song.
I wrote the song and lyrics
and I did the arrangement.
"A ballad for Yuka."
The motif of this musical
piece came to me last night.
The note may be hard to read
but please sing it for me.
"When I saw you
my heart skipped a beat.
"My smiling darling Yuka."
"A first star rises over
the road in the evening.
"This world is full of
momo (peach) and roses."
That's a nice song.
It's the influence of my mentor
Master Furuga.
Masao Koga 101 Songs
Merry Christmas
Golden Show.
Tonight we have the
new star of the song world.
Let me introduce you
to Mieko Hanawa.
I thought I was to sing.
Oh did you?
You're not on the roster.
Hey, you.
Wasn't this Yuka's show?
How long have you been
on the road?
You know you have no
right to complain.
Think about it.
I'm sorry.
There are plenty of
itinerant singers.
If one or two of them
It's no big deal.
Yuka, leave them.
What? It's no big deal
if one or two disappear?
Us truckers are also
on the road.
We won't disappear so easily.
I got this.
Something smells.
You're rotten to the core.
Hey, how dare you.
Don't touch me.
Where's Iwase?
Have you forgotten me?
Hey, Tosa Dog.
When did you come to Kochi?
Oh, what are you doing here?
What brings you here?
I'm here to settle the
score for six years ago.
At tomorrow's dog fight,
I want your dog to fight mine.
My dog will tear that
runt into pieces.
Hey, leave.
Damn you.
Hold on.
Hey. I was in this fight first.
Don't interfere.
Stay out of this.
What was that for?
How dare you?
Hey, that man is my sworn enemy.
Don't you interfere.
All right. Interesting.
I'll settle with you first.
Now, round two.
Please stop.
Please stop.
Momojiro, please stop.
I won't be able to
sing any more.
I've stopped.
I'm sorry.
Hey, Tosa Dog.
How many time did I say
let's stop?
You caused trouble for Yuka.
Damn you.
That's not how it was.
Tosa Dog!
You win the dog fight tomol1'ow.
I've been waiting six years
for this day.
I'll be cheering for you.
Dog Fighting Championship
The Grand Champion Tosazukasa Go
will enter the ring.
Today's final match.
The association's Japan champion
Grand Champion Iwafuji Go
will accept the challenge of
Champion Ryoma Go.
If Ryoma Go wins,
it will become the association's
Grand Champion.
Rvoma, go get him.
Use your teeth.
Go, go.
Get up, Ryoma.
Go, Ryoma.
Good, good.
I'll cool you down.
Are you cooled down now?
That's the way.
Get up.
Watch your leg.
Good. Good.
Go for it.
Bring him down.
Iwafuji loses.
Let go.
Let go.
- We did it.
- Good for you.
Good job.
We did it!
Grand Champion License Ryoma Go
That dog's got guts.
Uncle Suisha,
it was worth coming.
Wouldn't miss it.
Ryuji and I trained that dog
since it was a pup.
Those wimpy dogs
are no match for him.
Pops, this must be a huge
load off Ryuji's mind.
I'm sure.
So where's Ryuji?
And where's Fumiko?
They both went toward
the Ryugu shrine.
So now, you have no regrets?
I can finally go back
to my old self.
Please don't leave anymore.
Are you sure?
You'll take a man like me?
No, don't.
Not again?
I told you.
You can't even
make one woman happy,
this was bound to happen.
Listen, half the country's
population is women.
You go for it.
Half are women?
I see.
There's Yuka.
Yuka was my real love.
I'm going to marry Yuka.
I've made up my mind.
What? Perform in Osaka?
I'm going to appear
at Umeda Theater?
That's right.
Mr. Bernard wants to build
a show around you.
What Bernard Show?
A fairy tale... A poem...
No, but it's true.
Mr. Bernard of Empire Records
from America
wants you for the show.
Your manager is here, too.
He smells money.
This may well lead to
a record deal.
Trust me, I'm the smartest
director in the business.
Then your record under
the Empire label
will be sold throughout America.
It'll even be in supermarkets
next to cup noodles.
I'll put Mr. Bernard on.
Hello, Miss Yuka.
Your enka song was so wonderful.
Don't waste this opportunity.
Mr. Bernard, it's you
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yes, you want me there
by 6 p.m. tomorrow.
All right. I'll sing with
all my heart.
I'm so happy for you.
You're going to sing
at Umeda Theater.
You finally got your chance.
Do you best.
I'll do it.
I'm going to do it.
It's Hoshi.
Momojiro Hoshi.
Yuka's not here.
She went to Chikurin temple
early this morning.
That's the last temple
on her pilgrimage.
Last temple?
Because of the pilgrimage,
luck has come her way.
She met someone here in Kochi.
I see. Yuka said that.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Momojiro, please be
happy for me.
- I... I...
- I know.
You don't have to tell me.
Your wish has come true.
That's right.
I'm so happy.
Lady Luck is finally smiling
down on me.
She's smiling down
on me, too. Here.
Oh, thank you.
Our future is bright.
A life of wine and roses.
A life of wine and roses.
I won't let you have
a hard life anymore.
I'll make you happy!
I intended to all along.
I should have told you earlier,
but now I won't have to
propose to you.
Isn't it the tradition to
celebrate with sweet sake
when your wish comes true?
Let's go.
So well have three kids?
One girl, two boys...
Oh, maybe two girls are better.
In any case, we don't have
to have nine, like Jonathan.
Momojiro, I...
Honeymoon in Hawaii?
No, let's splurge
and go to Vegas.
Yes, Las Vegas.
You're going to retire
from a long life on the road.
To commemorate, I want
you to see a real show.
Maybe we should get
married over there.
You in a white dress
at a church...
I know you'll look splendid.
I... I always wanted to wear
Japanese kimono at my wedding.
I see. If you say so,
we'll do it Japanese style.
That's right.
I should be satisfied.
To have someone love me so much.
That's the best thing
for a woman.
I'll be a good wife.
I'm not a good cook
but I'll learn.
I have a cast-iron stomach,
so I'll eat anything you make
with relish.
I'm glad I came to Tosa.
Me, too.
What are you doing?
You have no time for this.
What about Osaka?
Never mind.
It's fine, Shinobu.
It's your big chance.
You insensitive lout.
Didn't I tell you?
A big chance has come her way.
She's going to sing on
the stage at Umeda Theater.
I made up my mind.
I'm going to be
an ordinary housewife.
Are you serious?
Yes. I'm going to cook
for him every day
and live an uneventful life.
Are you out of your mind?
What do you think all
this hardship was for?
You endured
because there was hope.
And you're throwing it away
for a trucker?
It's fine.
Leave me alone.
I'm saying it because I can't.
It's not just about you.
The dreams of all the
itinerant singers
are riding with you.
If you quit, all our dreams
will vanish.
But it's too late.
Even if I take the limited
it's three and a half hours
to Takamatsu.
Leave me alone.
I'm going to be his wife.
You said your wish
had been granted.
What was your wish?
Don't lie to me.
Tell me the truth.
My dream...
was to be a recording artist
and sing in the spotlight.
All right. Then go.
Go to Osaka.
Or you'll regret it
the rest of your life.
But it's too late now.
If I don't get on the
noon ferry from Takamatsu,
I won't get there in time.
There's still
two and a half hours.
- I won't make it.
- Come.
But, I'm going to be your wife.
Shut up.
If you want to be my wife,
listen to your husband.
Stop the truck, Momojiro.
I don't care about
being a singer.
I want to be your wife.
Just think about singing.
That's an order.
Tosa Dog.
I owe you one.
Momo. There's a speed trap
at the next junction.
Roger that.
I can't do it alone.
Let me.
You can't handle it.
I want to try.
All right. Try.
Okay, give it some gas.
Just a bit more.
Try harder.
If we can't get free,
you won't be able to sing.
Takamatsu Station
We made it.
Go. Get on the boat.
When your record comes out,
I'll buy thousands of them.
So become a great singer.
Thank you.
I'll never forget you.
Hurry and go-
Momojiro, I can't.
I can't go.
Momojiro. Open up.
I don't want to go.
I want to be your wife.
It's true.
Open up.
Stop bothering me.
You're not the only one
who's in love with me.
There are lots of others.
Like the stars in the sky.
Miss. Are you coming?
Or not?
The boat is sailing.
Even on city streets
where colorful
neon flowers bloom,
there are small flowers that
bloom quietly without
being noticed.
A single flower of the
song world
we are about to introduce
did not succumb to the
summer sun
nor the cold winter wind
and is about to bloom
large on this stage.
Her name is Yuka Onagawa.
She's finally saying goodbye
to her long itinerant life
to sing on this stage.
Let me introduce
Miss Yuka Onogawa.
Congratulations, Yuka.
Thank you.
Please say hello
to the audience.
I am so happy to be
given an opportunity
to sing on this stage.
I am full of gratitude
for all of you.
I've worked hard to become
a first-class singer.
But until I met
a certain person.
I didn't know anything
about singing.
At this, my new beginning,
there is a song I must sing.
I will sing for the person.
Who taught me the real
meaning of singing
and the song that taught me
the real meaning of singing.
Could I please sing the
Nangoku Tosa song for you?
"Leaving Tosa behind...
"I've lived in the city
for a long time now.
"I remember that the
friends at home
"sang the Yosakoi Song
when I left.
"At Tosa's Kochi's
Harimaya Bridge
"I saw a priest buy
a hair ornament.
"On a moonlit beach
sitting around a campfire.
"We relax and have
some time to enjoy.
"I, too, sing out loud
"the Yosakoi Song of Tosa.
"I'll show you,
the best place in Urato
"for moon watching
is Katsura hama.
"My father back home
caught a whale
"off shore of Muroto
he said in a letter.
"After I do my best all clay,
"I'll sing Tosa's Yosakoi song.
"Don't tell anyone in our pond
"swims a fish
spouting sea water.
"Yosakoi, Yosakoi."
"A man always
travels alone..."
"A woman's path
always heads home..."
"Although the roads
are never the same..."
"Love brings them together
at the crossroad."
"The first star in the sky
"knows how I really feel."