Runaway (2005) Movie Script

What is it?
What happened?
Come on.
I loved him.
I loved him.
I did everything
he ever told me to do.
No, no, no. No, no, no.
Shh, shh. Calm down.
Come on, calm down.
It's okay.
I did everything!
Dear Dr. Maxim,
don't try to track me down.
You won't find me.
I saw your ad in the paper.
I'm not sure if it's
the best idea to write back,
but I figure you went through a lot
of trouble for me, so I owe you.
First, I wanted to say that I
appreciate all you've done for me.
You opened my eyes
and helped me realize
that I was the only one
who could change my life.
And that's what I'm doing --
I'm taking control of my life.
I guess you've already spoken
to my parents.
Please don't tell them
that you've heard from me.
They've done
enough damage already.
Second, in case
you didn't already know...
Dylan... Dylan!
...Dylan is with me.
I'm taking good care of him.
And I would rather kill myself
than see anything bad happen to him,
so you don't have to worry
about that.
He's too young
to understand everything right now,
but someday he will.
The first few weeks
were pretty tough on us.
There were a few times I wasn't sure
if we'd get through it, but we did.
I can't give you any details,
but I'm doing okay.
I've even started
saving some money.
I know we can't
live like this forever,
and I've got plans for the future.
I'm pretty sure
you know what they are,
but best not to say in this letter.
Anyway, thank you
for everything you did for me.
It's more than anyone else ever has.
Take care.
-You're late, Sparky.
-I know, sorry.
You're lucky I decided
to get in early today.
Old Burt frigging went off on me
for five minutes in Polish,
and I own the damn place.
I don't know what I'm going to do.
What do you think?
I don't know.
So, I don't suppose
you're going to tell me
why you were
30 minutes late this morning.
Seriously, I'm, I'm really sorry.
Okay, I know
what's going on here.
-I am onto you, Slick.
What are you talking about?
You got laid, didn't ya?
-Yeah, who is she?
-I didn't get laid.
-Yes, you did.
No, now, look at this, look at this.
Now, you tell me that's a coinkydink.
I, l, I hardly know her.
Oh, shit.
I married women I didn't know.
Hey, Miss Muffett.
What the hell are you doing here?
Good fucking morning
to you, too, Sunshine.
Well, old timer,
if you have to know,
today is the day I was finally
going to let you fuck me.
Unfortunately for you,
I'm on the rag,
and I know how you
can't stand the mess.
Oh, you
know Michael here, right?
-Oh, yeah.
I'd love to stand here
and shoot the shit with you, studs,
but I've got some business
I need to attend to.
-Well, get the hell out of here.
-I'll see you.
Mikey, you want
to say good-bye to Carly?
-Yeah, see you later, Carly.
-Bye, Mikey.
You tell me you're
not getting a piece of that?
I'm going
to go refill the drink machines.
Well, if you're not,
you should be, knucklehead.
What are you looking at?
-You left the TV on again.
Next time you're done with it,
turn it off.
You're ten steps away from it.
Are we going to play outside now?
I want you to listen to me
when I tell you something, all right?
I don't want
to have to keep repeating myself.
Do you hate me?
Why would you say that?
Of course I don't hate you.
-Are you mad at me?
-No, I'm not mad at you.
It's just the TV left on.
It's no big deal.
Listen, later on after it gets dark,
we'll go out and find
someplace to play, okay?
Right now, we need to eat.
You're wasting away to nothing!
So, what's up?
Why are you here?
I don't know.
Okay. You don't have to talk
until you're ready.
I'm here to listen.
You can say whatever you want
whenever you want,
but you don't have to talk at all.
I don't really have anything
to talk about.
That's my plane.
No, it's okay.
I mean, I have one like it.
A real one.
-You fly?
-Yeah. For years.
Michael, sweetheart.
What about that hand?
What about that speed?
Every week something else missing,
even on the register.
I don't care about you.
I'm so sick of your happy horseshit.
-How you doin'?
-Uh, did you get any gas?
-No, just the paper.
-What's going on with Burt?
-I fired him.
-He was pinching.
You've got
to give me a number, man.
I needed to reach you this morning.
I wanted to call you in early.
-I need a number, my friend.
I don't have one yet.
No phone?
It's been over a month.
I'm going to get one.
You still in that shit-ass motel?
It's all I can afford right now, Mo.
So, um... this raise
is really going to help, huh?
-Yeah, third-shift incentive.
-I'm afraid so.
You're my new night man, chief.
I, I can't. I can't work
graveyard shift. I told you that.
Why the hell not?
Because l, l, I have stuff
to take care of.
Stuff. Come on.
You're young. You're single.
We're already established
you've got no sex life,
and you're going
to be working with Carly.
What's the problem?
-Are you going to do it for me?
There you go!
Is there a college around here?
It's high school.
-You, you didn't finish?
What are you looking at?
You think I'm stupid?
No. Why, why would I think that?
Because I am stupid.
I, I don't think,
I don't think you're stupid.
How would you know?
You don't, you don't seem
like you're stupid.
I'm, l, I'm taking this class
so I can get my GED.
The teacher -- he, he, he,
he talks really fast,
and if, if, if you ask a question,
he just looks at you
like you're stupid,
and so I read the book,
and I read, like, five pages,
and I can't remember a, a thing.
It just -- it, it's like,
it's not even English.
And it, it, it's supposed
to be easy stuff, you know, um.
-What's the book?
-Sociology For Dummies.
Mm, do you want any,
any help with that?
-What are you going to do?
-I don't know.
It's just sometimes
it's better with a partner.
It's easier, you know.
You can study together. It's fun.
Who the fuck are you?
Doogie Howser?
When are you
going to be done with that?
Uh, couple minutes.
Okay, in a couple of minutes
you can come and you can help me.
Dear Dr. Maxim,
glad you got my letter.
Thanks for your concern
and your offer of help.
As much as I'd like to take it,
I think I should pass.
I will admit that I really
thought about it, though,
and I do appreciate it,
so please don't feel bad,
but I've come to realize that
relying on other people is a trap.
I've had to start working
graveyard shifts,
which means I have
to leave Dylan alone at night.
I don't like it much,
and Dylan likes it even less,
but like I said before,
this won't last forever.
And it won't be long until we
have the money to get someplace
where we can stop hiding and Dylan
can start living like a normal kid.
That's what I keep telling him.
Look. Just look.
One second --
I want to show you something.
Check it out.
Right there. That's it.
That's Alaska.
I got my, uh, pilot's license there,
and I would fly and air taxi
in and out of a national park.
That's what I did.
How'd you pick Alaska?
Well, um, I was young,
and it was cheap.
The cost of living was less, so...
How much?
Uh, to get set up and such?
it was a chunk of change,
but it was not undoable.
That, that's Mt. Denali.
That is the most beautiful sight
I've ever seen.
I would fly past it twice a day.
You'd have to see it to believe it.
It's so beautiful.
You know, stuff like this,
that's what makes life
worth living, Michael.
You know why I say that, don't you?
Because I don't want you
to hurt yourself again.
Can you promise me
you won't hurt yourself?
Why did you try
to hurt yourself, Michael?
Because I'm not a good person.
You're not a good person?
Why do you say
you're not a good person?
Because l, I'm not normal.
You're not normal?
What did you do... make you think that you're not
a nice person, you're not normal?
Because I'm sitting here with you --
I'm sitting right here with you,
and you know what I see?
Nice person, normal person.
Well, you're wrong.
Oh, Michael,
um, I'm leaving work today,
and Rosy drops it on me.
On Saturday I have got
a closing at 1 1:00 o'clock.
I've got that function
I've got to go to Saturday night,
and Sunday
I have the open house,
so can you, uh, help me
with Dylan this weekend?
Yeah, sure. No problem.
Oh, hey, that's not necessary
'cause Dylan and l
are going camping this weekend.
So you're off the hook, little action.
Okay. Fine.
Well, I told you.
I mean, I did, l, no,
that's why we went.
That's why we went shopping.
I got a sleeping bag for me,
a little one for the little guy,
a whole bunch of stuff,
because, well,
this one is for you and me, right?
This one is for us.
Yeah, it's for us.
Yeah, there you go.
-Where are you guys going?
-Just up the lake.
We've got to figure out
what we're going to eat, right?
A lot of people eat this
freeze-dried stuff, which is nasty.
What do you mean?
That's a ridiculous question.
We're just going for fun.
That's why we're going.
So, we've got to figure out
what we're going to have food-wise.
Can I come, too?
No. You know what, Michael?
I think, I mean,
I think you're old enough
not to go camping with Daddy,
don't you think?
What are you doing?
Why are you jumping on the bed?
-I want to go outside.
-Well, we can't go outside.
-We're going to sleep in a minute.
-I'm not tired.
-Well, I am.
-You're always tired.
All right, stop.
Stop it. Stop it.
Can we play Scooby Doo?
Like, we pretend
to be real Scooby Doo guys?
Maybe if you calm down we can.
But we need to do it outside.
Then it won't be any fun.
We need to have it scary.
That's when you solve the mystery.
Well, you know what? You're going
to have to solve the mystery
right here in this hotel room.
I can tell when a Scooby Doo episode
is an old one or a new one.
You know how?
Because in the old ones,
the ghosts are fake...
People in the
other rooms are going to hear you.
...and in the new ones,
the guys are faking at first,
but then the ghosts are real ghosts.
-I said, they're going to hear you.
-Yes, they are.
Knock it off!
I said knock it off if you
want to play the monster game.
I've got you.
Now I eat the brain out of your head.
-Hey, Mikey.
What brings you here
in the daytime?
-I came to get my paycheck.
Didn't I already
pay you once this month?
That's funny.
Couldn't wait for your shift?
What's the hurry?
-You need some extra cash?
-I just want my check.
-Find an apartment yet?
How about a phone?
You having problems?
Because if you got a problem,
I gotta know.
No. I'm fine.
I -- look. I can't help, you know,
unless I know. That's all I'm saying.
I'm okay.
Yeah, oh, come on.
If you're working for me,
you're not okay.
How's the night shift going?
-Oh, it's going all right.
Things, uh, progressing
with you and Carly?
What do you mean?
Well, I hear the two of you
have gotten kind of cozy, huh?
-No. I'm just helping her out.
-You're helping her?
Yeah. She's, you know,
she's getting her GED.
-She's going to get her degree.
-Hey, Carly.
Give me my money, you old fart.
Come on.
-What are you doing here?
-Same as you.
Mo, people
who don't have green cards
make more money than we do.
I know the pay is low, but I hear
the fringe benefits are outstanding.
Who told you that?
-I got my sources.
Tell him.
Fuck, you're shy.
When we work together, we play
this game where we invent a porno.
Last night we played
Convenience Cock.
We did it from one end
of this store to the other
every way you can imagine.
As a matter of fact, we did it
right here on this counter.
Ooh, it's still a little sticky.
That's sounds like a good game.
-You want to play?
-Why, that would be terrific.
Shit, I forgot.
There's an age regulation.
You have to be under 30 to play.
You're filthy.
You have a filthy, filthy mind.
See you later, lover.
I gotta get these
security cameras fixed.
You promised that when
you started to work nights
that we could go outside
in the daytime.
No, no, I didn't. I told you I'd look
for safe places for us to go.
I haven't found any,
and, anyway, I just got home.
So, I'm tired.
I want to get some sleep.
But you promised.
I didn't mean the minute
I walked back in the door.
You lied to me.
Dylan, I didn't lie to you.
You just got to listen to me
when I talk to you.
I heard you. You lied.
-Come on, Dylan.
-I want to go outside!
I'm never going
to get to go outside.
I'm just going to be stuck here
in this dumb old room!
I'm never going to get out!
I never get anything!
-I hate it! I hate it!
-Okay! All right! Quiet!
I'm sorry.
Let me get some shut-eye,
and then I promise I'll go out and
find us a safe place to play, okay?
Just wake me up in an hour.
Okay, uh, what is language?
Language? Language is
the arbitrary system of symbols
that take on a common meaning
between people?
-Excellent. Do me again.
All right, uh,
what is a proposition?
You don't know
what a proposition is?
A proposition is a statement
that affirms or denies something
or a subject
for discussion or analysis.
-I'm good.
Nice job.
So, what do you think about Mo?
Oh, I like him.
I think he's a nice guy.
-Yeah? He likes you, too.
A lot.
He's sweet.
He's like an old lady.
He's all worried about you.
He thinks you're a runaway
and your parents are looking for you.
-Are you?
-A runaway?
-Are you sure?
How old are you?
Really, tell me the truth.
I'm 21.
Are you sure?
Show me your driver's license, then.
-I don't have one.
Because I never took the test.
Why not?
Because I never had
any money for a car,
so I never needed one.
Are you from the city
where you don't need to drive?
Are you from Manhattan?
Why are you asking me
all these questions?
I don't know. I'm curious.
Why don't you ask me something?
Girls like that, you know.
I don't know what to ask you.
Anything you want.
Where are you from?
Oh, I can't answer that.
Lighten up, okay?
Lighten up.
I want another question,
and I want it to be good,
and I want to get it right.
There's this one girl.
She works at the grocery store,
and I see her there pretty much
once a week when I go shopping,
and, uh, you know,
she's really, she's really pretty.
And this,
this last time I was there,
I got all my stuff,
and I went to the checkout aisle,
and I started
checking out my groceries,
and she came up
and she, she switched places
with the guy
who was working at my register,
and she started
checking out my groceries.
So she, she finishes.
And she's smiling at me,
then she leans over and, uh,
and she writes,
she writes her number
on the receipt,
and then she handed it to me.
-And then what?
-That's it.
I, you know, I just left.
So, do you like the girl?
Oh, yeah.
She's, you know, really pretty.
-She seems nice.
-Aren't you going to give her a call?
-You want a written invitation?
I mean, she's giving you
her phone number, man.
I mean, ask her
to dinner or something.
You know, it could be good.
Yeah... I don't...
I don't, I don't really have time
for that stuff, anyway.
I got a lot of stuff to do at home.
And, uh, you know, a lot of,
a lot of chores and stuff
and, uh, whatever
they ask me to do, you know.
I do a lot of cleaning.
I do the dishes, I do the laundry,
I mow the lawn, you know.
Whatever they want me to do, I do it.
And I watch out for Dylan a lot, too.
You know that?
How old is he?
-He's 8.
-ls he a nice kid?
Yeah, he's a great kid.
He's the best.
But he's, he's really young, you know,
so he's really, he's really little
so he's a very fragile kid,
and, uh, you know,
kids at that age, they don't,
they don't really understand
the way that the world works
at that point, you know,
so you've got to...
you have to watch out for them
to make sure things
don't happen to them.
Did you gain weight?
Of course!
You've been working out, huh?
Toss it back to me.
All right, long one. A long one.
I've got you, fellow.
I've got you.
You are mine!
-Hey, stranger!
Me and you are going to have
some fun today. Get in the car.
-I can't. I gotta go home.
-No. Don't be such a pussy.
You can sleep
when you're done. Get in.
The door is busted.
You've got to hop. Hop in.
Climb, climb over?
The guy who teaches class,
his name is Earl.
He's, like, 50.
He's got terrible skin. His face looks
like a fucking pizza, and he's fat.
He wants everybody to kiss his ass
just because
he's the teacher, you know.
He thinks he deserves respect,
and, um, the other day we had
this test, and I bombed it, you know,
so I walked up to him afterwards,
and, um, I took him
to the bathroom, and I blew him.
So we don't have to study anymore.
It's pretty much sewn up.
I'm going to get an A.
Oh, wow.
I'm totally fucking with you.
You think I'd blow some guy for an A?
What the fuck?
-I don't know.
-You believed me.
Jesus, I'm not that bad.
I'm all talk.
-So, class is going better?
It better be getting better.
I've got to pass.
-I've got plans.
-Yeah? Like what?
I don't know. A house, yard.
I, um...
I'm kind of thinking
about becoming a legal secretary.
-And you got to go to college for it.
-You make, like, 50 grand a year.
I don't know.
I want kids... someday.
What about you?
What do you want to do?
-I don't know.
-Come on.
It's not a right or wrong answer,
you know. You've got to dream.
You want to pump gas
the rest of you life at Mo's?
I, um...
I always kind of, kind of had
this dream of, um, being a pilot.
-You think that's stupid?
No, that's cool.
You could do that.
What, do you have
to go to pilot college, or...?
Yeah, you go to flight school,
and there's a, there's a place
I know about up in Alaska.
It's supposed to be great,
and it's not that expensive.
It's, it's Mt. Denali.
Apparently, it's just,
it's just breathtaking beautiful.
You're going to go all alone?
No. I've...
Hello? What?
I've got to, I've got to,
I've got to go back to my apartment.
I have forgot something.
Well, I thought you were
going to come see my place.
I, uh, yeah, l, I can't.
Sorry, um, I've got to do this.
-Okay. I'll give you a ride.
-No, I'll walk.
That's fine.
I'll give you a ride.
-lt'll take me, like, five minutes.
-I'd really rather walk.
-Look, I had a really good time.
-Yeah, I can tell.
I'll see you at work.
Uh, let me ask you a question.
What about your parents?
Do they watch after Dylan, too?
No, they,
you know, they don't really,
they don't really
watch out for him, no.
Hmm, 'cause, you know,
that's kind of
a parent's responsibility.
It's kind of their job
to look after a kid,
especially when he's little.
That's not my experience.
So, how does that make you feel
about your mom?
Like I don't think she gives a shit.
What about your dad?
Are there clean sheets?
Why didn't you strip the bed yet?
Don't forget to put
the dirty bed clothes down the chute
when you're finished.
I'm Scooby Doo and you're a monster!
Big, fat monster,
and you can't catch me!
-Na, na, na-na, nah.
-Big monster! Big, big, big, big...
-Big monster!
Dear Dr. Maxim,
a lot has happened
since my last letter,
and I don't really know
where to start.
Maybe I should just tell you what it
is that's been on my mind the most.
I know this is going to sound stupid,
but I met a girl.
She's not like anyone else
I have ever known in my life.
We work together at night,
and when she's with me
I forget about everything else.
I forget about where I am, where
I came from, and where I'm going.
Hurts me to say this,
but sometimes I even forget
about Dylan, and that's the problem.
I can't do this right now.
It's not fair to him.
He depends on me,
and I can't turn my back on him.
The other night I went out with Carly
and came home five hours late.
I won't do that to him again.
I called in sick three days in a row
just to make it up to him.
That led to more problems.
I don't know how much longer
I can keep this up for.
How's it going, buddy?
What are you building?
It's Dracula's castle.
I don't think
he's going to fit in there.
It's not ready yet.
So, you excited about
this camping trip you're going on?
Yeah. It's going to be fun.
Everything all right with you, Dylan?
There's nothing going on right now
that's bothering you or anything?
'Cause, you know...
if there's anything
that you wanted to tell somebody,
you know I'm the one to tell, right?
Because I'm your big brother.
And that's what I'm supposed to do.
I'm supposed to take care of you.
Because you and me, we don't have
any secrets between each other.
You know what I mean, Dylan?
Dad said I shouldn't listen
to everything you say.
Dad said that to you?
What else did he say?
He says that you said lies about him
'cause you're jealous of us.
Are you staring at me again?
-No. Sorry.
-That's okay.
I'll let you, but only 'cause
you helped me on this test.
You have no idea
how frustrating this is.
What, the book?
Being 27 years old and still trying
to get out of high school.
I don't past this test, I'm going
to be working here when I'm 50.
-Can I ask you something?
If it's personal, and you
don't want to tell me, that's okay.
I can't wait to hear this.
Why didn't you finish high school
when you're really smart?
I don't know.
A lot of things.
Like what?
Well, I was 15,
met a guy,
fell in love.
Come on.
Where are we going?
You're not allowed
to ask any more questions.
What are we doing?
He did that to you?
It's okay.
I left, you know.
Nobody's ever going to do it
to me again.
It's pretty fucking ugly, huh?
No, l...
I think you're beautiful.
So, did you get that shit done
for your mother?
I want to talk.
I want to talk to you.
I know what you're trying to do.
Do you hear me?
What do you mean?
Remember when you and me
used to go camping?
Because I do.
I remember everything.
I'm not going to
let that happen again.
I'm not just going to sit back and
watch it happen, 'cause I'm not Mom.
You're not Mom.
You're not Mom.
No, I'm not.
Well, what the fuck are you?
I mean, I mean, real--
Really, Michael,
who the fuck are you?
I mean, have you looked
in the mirror lately?
I know what you are.
Come on.
You're 21 years old. You're still
living with your Mommy and Daddy.
The only time you pick your
skinny little ass up out of the chair
is to fold laundry
or maybe look after your brother.
So, what, sweetheart?
I'm supposed to treat you like a man?
Is this a man-to-man conversation
that we're having here?
'Cause I mean, my God.
Let's break that down, shall we?
You live off of me.
You have never in your life
held a job.
You don't own
a fucking alarm clock.
Do me a favor --
get yourself an alarm clock,
drag your fucking
skinny little ass out of bed,
and go to work every day.
Just see what it's like.
Who the fuck are you?
Behave like a man.
Who knows?
Until then, honestly,
to me, you make me sick.
Get the fuck out of my house.
No, I mean, really.
Go away from me.
I need to see,
need to see how close we are.
Are we close?
Yeah, I think, so.
I hope so.
-Can I watch TV now?
-Look, buddy, I'll tell you what.
When we get to where we're going,
you can watch TV.
You can do whatever you want to do,
all day, every day. Okay?
-Play outside?
You can play outside
all day long, all right?
-Oh, fuck!
-You said a bad word.
Shit, hide in the closet!
-Come on, come on.
Get in, get down. Get down.
Get down. Stay there.
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
Going to come watch TV?
Did you mow the lawn, Michael?
Mm, and the back yard, too?
Michael, did you mow the back yard?
No, I didn't get around to it.
You got too much else to do?
The ol' model airplane
you need to work on?
You need to do
a little more moping?
Why do you spend
so much time sulking, hmm?
You act as if, like...
Like what?
Michael, I can't take
any more of the attitude, okay?
Got a family to take care of.
Can you take care of Dylan
the way you took care of me?
What did you just say?
Excuse me,
I don't think I heard you!
Did you just say
that I don't take care of you?
What the hell
did you just say to me?
You think I don't take care of you?
You got shoes on your feet!
You had breakfast this morning!
What the hell
do you know about taking care of?
Hey, I'm not kidding around.
-God damn it!
-You said a really bad word!
I don't care.
You need to stop doing that shit.
-You keep saying bad words.
-You know what time it is?
-It's 11:50.
What did I tell you?
I told you two hours.
-Can we still play?
-No, we can't play.
I'll be late for work now.
But you said that we'd play
after you got up.
You know what?
That was before you let me
fall asleep for the whole day!
-Why are you yelling at me?!
-I'm not yelling at you.
You are, too.
You keep getting mad at me.
Dylan, I'm not getting mad at you.
I'm trying to get ready for work.
I want to go outside!
I'm just going to be stuck here, and
I'll never be able to play outside!
-I want to play!
-All right, shut up! Get out of here!
You hate me.
You hate me!
Yeah, uh, I want to
make a collect call, please.
Your name?
Are you there?
What are you doing?
-Where are you?
-You called the cops on me.
-Why did you do that?
-Michael, I didn't.
-I didn't call for them.
-You called the fucking cops on me.
Listen to me.
You know what's going to happen
if the police find me?
You know what they're going to do?
Michael, you have to listen to me.
What did you think was going to
happen when you called the police?
-I didn't call the cops!
-No, shut up! I trusted you!
Mike, Michael!
I'm making a life for myself!
I'm trying to make a life
for my brother!
I want, I want to help.
Just calm down.
No, I'm not going to calm down!
What the hell
did you think you were doing?
Please, you have to tell me
where you are.
I have to run away from here!
I have to leave here!
-No, no! Don't go anywhere!
-I don't want to leave. I love Carly.
-Michael, who's Carly?
-Stay out of my life!
Michael, listen to me.
I want to help you.
But I can't do that
if you don't tell me where you are.
You go to hell.
You go to fucking hell.
You go to hell.
You tell my parents, if you see them,
I fucking hate them.
Don't, no, Michael! Michael!
I fucking hate them!
Jesus Christ, what's going on?
The police came by the store.
They're looking for you.
Don't worry about it.
We didn't tell them anything.
What did you do?
-What did they say to you?
-Nothing. What did you do?
What the fuck is going on?
Michael, come on.
-Just talk to me, all right?
-I can't. I gotta go.
Come here. Stop it.
Michael, come on. It's all right.
Just get in the car, all right?
I'll take you wherever you want to go.
It's going to be fine.
You can trust me.
I don't care what you did.
Just get in the car.
There's someone
I need you to meet.
-Who are you looking for?
Michael... What's wrong?
What are you doing?
-I can't find him.
Oh, boy, he's gone.
All right, Michael.
Just slow down.
-Who are you looking for?
-He's gone! Oh!
-Michael, who are you looking for?
-He's gone.
Just stop it for a second
and tell me who...
Fuck! I got into a fight with him
a little bit earlier tonight.
-I lost my temper a little bit.
-All right, calm down for a second.
Take a breath, okay?
Michael, look at me.
-I gotta find him.
-Who the fuck are you...?
My, my brother!
My brother, my --
I have an 8-year-old brother.
I live with him. He stays with me.
-I've got to get him.
-No, I'm coming with you.
No, no, no, no. No, don't.
I need. I want someone
to stay here in case he...
I don't want
to be left all alone--
I need someone to stay
here in case he comes back!
You're starting
to fucking freak me out here!
I need someone to stay here.
I'm going to go look for him.
Please, I'll explain
everything to you later.
Please wait here.
Okay. All right.
What's going on, Michael?
Where are you now?
The son of a bitch!
-Get your fucking hands off me!
-Okay, okay, okay, come on!
Carly, Carly,
can I talk to you for a minute?
I really need to talk to you
for a minute.
I don't think so, Mikey.
I know you talked to Dr. Maxim.
I don't know what he told you.
I want to explain everything to you.
I needed to protect my brother.
-Hold on.
No, no, no! No, no!
You hold on!
No, you don't understand
the situation here, all right?
Mikey, come on back in the office.
Hey, my brother is out there
somewhere, and I have to find him!
Do you understand that?
No, he's not.
He's not.
Where is he?
Did you find him?
No. Nobody found him.
What's going on?
What did Dr. Maxim say to you?
He's not supposed
to tell you anything.
What did he tell you?
That's a lie.
That's a fucking lie.
Why are you lying to me?
You gotta calm down.
-No, get off!
-Oh, shit!
Carly, please,
come with me please.
-Please help me find my brother!
-Please let go of me!
-Please, come on!
-Please let go!
Mikey, let go!
Mikey, back off!
Stop it!
Michael, stop it!
...20-year-old Michael Adler.
Adler, who had been
working and living in the area,
was using a false identity.
He is also the prime suspect
in the grisly murders
of three family members
in Wooster, Massachusetts.
Michael, an employee at the...
Dear Dr. Maxim,
what were you doing?
If you thought you were helping,
I'm sorry, but you weren't.
You only made things worse.
Just so you know,
I don't hate you,
but I'm not going
to write to you anymore.
So before I end this,
do one more thing for me,
would you?
Please, can you
get back in touch with Carly?
Tell her she's a beautiful
and wonderful person.
Tell her I wish -- really, really wish
that things could have
turned out differently for us.
And Mo, too.
Tell him I'm sorry,
and I hope
he's not too disappointed.
I didn't mean
to leave them in a bind.
And one more favor, please.
Please tell them,
tell Mom, tell Dad,
tell everyone the truth this time.
Dylan is fine.
Please don't bother to look for us.
Just leave us alone.
I'm taking care of him, and I'm going
to continue to take care of him,
and we're both going to be fine,
totally and completely fine,
all on our own.
Sincerely, Michael.