Runaway Romance (2018) Movie Script

Who are you?
Are you my daddy?
Yuck, you can't use this.
But I'm hungry.
Chill, I'll make you some toast.
Aren't you late for school?
It's Saturday.
You kidding me?
Looks like Fat Jack didn't
make it home, again.
It's just what we need.
One of your customers crashing on my sofa.
Say Gabe,
you still keep those three
things on your coffee table?
Only two now.
Bible's back on the bookshelf
with all the other fiction.
I stopped reading it.
Do you know why?
Yeah doc, I do.
Do you?
How 'bout you tell me instead?
I guess I just don't see the point.
It helps you move on with your life.
How have I not moved on?
I moved out when my wife asked me to,
now she's marrying another man.
I mean darn hell, I've been moved on.
And how do you feel about that?
How would you feel in my shoes?
How I would feel doesn't matter.
How would the good doctor feel if he was
one of the unlucky ones who couldn't
say no to another drink?
And because of that you lost everything.
Your wife, your job,
you put people in the hospital.
People whose injuries have healed.
People who wouldn't have been injured
in the first place if
it weren't for you doc.
If you were me.
About those people who were
injured in the accident...
People I hurt.
You can say it.
Do you believe they've forgiven you?
Who cares?
Clearly Gabe, you do.
Have you forgiven yourself?
When are you gonna stop asking me that?
How many times have
you answered yourself?
Yeah let's see.
90 days in a jail cell, 24 hours in a day,
that's 2,026 hours times 60 minutes,
that's 126,000 minutes.
Ah yes, the architect with
the computer for a brain.
Anyway the answer is zero.
Why ask a question when
you know the answer?
And it's former architect.
Oh, since when?
Since I got fired.
That's when I decided to come back home.
A little town near here.
Well, I'm glad you decided
to continue your counseling.
You know it was court ordered doc.
By the way, you definitely
have a lot of work to do.
I hope when you came here Gabe
you weren't running away.
Maybe I was going back to something.
I'm so sorry.
Maggie's daddy came home.
Yeah, so?
So is our daddy gonna come home?
I've told you this a million times,
your daddy and my daddy don't live here.
And they're not the same daddy.
I know that, but they're
supposed to be, right?
Says who?
Says the lady at Sunday school.
You don't go to Sunday school.
Maggie goes, she told me.
Well whoop Dee freaking doo.
But you met my daddy right?
Yeah, probably.
I just didn't know which one he was.
Why do you wanna know about daddy so much?
'Cause mama don't care.
About what?
About nothing.
I'll take it from here.
Anywhere you like.
I wasn't sure if I
should wait and be seated.
We're not that fancy here.
I'll just give you a few minutes.
Emma darling.
Yes Tate.
That pie being shipped
in from out of state?
Chief, I think that
shipments just pulling in.
Thank you.
I heard this was your place now.
I remember when it was our place.
It's been a long time, how've you been?
It's probably not the time.
Are there any specials?
Everything on the menu is special.
Pecan pie sure is.
Thanks for the review Tate.
How's the chicken fried steak?
Hey Tate, how's that
chicken fried steak?
Fourth time I've had it this week.
I'm not dead yet.
There ya have it.
Chicken fried steak it is.
Pecan pie for dessert.
Good call.
T, T, wake up.
Will you make me some pancakes?
Can't mama make 'em?
She's asleep in the bathroom.
The bathroom?
Yeah, she didn't wanna wake up.
Get dressed, put your shoes on.
How come?
Just do it now.
I'll check on mama.
Maze you up?
You awake?
Dill, get in here!
The old lady's fading on us.
Yo Mazey, damn it Mazey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
We gotta go now.
What about mama and I want pancakes?
We'll worry about that later.
Hey kid, come here!
Was that mama in the ambulance?
Let's go now.
Pack up.
For what?
Pretend we're going camping.
We ain't never been camping.
Just get some stuff.
No cone animals.
The pillows too big.
I can't sleep without my pillow.
Fine, just use mine.
Remember, we ain't got no
bicycle now, we walking.
Where are we going?
Don't know yet.
Police department!
Police department, anybody home!
How come we didn't answer the door?
Shh, I'm thinking.
Hey Hilly.
You said we were gonna go camping.
I told you, I forgot something.
You should've thought of that
before we walked a thousand miles.
Give me a break, we barely
got past the Johnson's place.
Wait here.
Hey T, Angel.
Anybody home?
Hey kid that you?
Geeze kid, you scared the crap out of me!
I ought to kick your butt for
sneaking around like that!
Where's your sister?
We need to talk.
Hey Angel!
Yeah you better run you little freak!
Hey you're dead kid!
Like your mom!
You're not your father Gabe.
How so?
'Cause the people I ran into didn't die?
Well they didn't.
Doesn't that count for something?
Blind luck.
So you consider yourself a lucky man.
Why can't we go home?
Dill wants to kill me, remember?
Yeah, so, are we camping out again?
Afraid so squirt.
But I have to go to the bathroom.
Why didn't you go when
we were at the store?
I asked you if you had to.
I didn't have to go then.
Dang it squirt.
Here's your toilet paper.
It is not.
Well it'll work until we get some.
Will not.
Do you have to go or not?
You're a meanie head!
Remind me, what's the story
with Mr. Hyperventilation?
Come on.
You yesterday when he come in.
Come on now, what's the story again?
He used to live around here.
Well seems to live here now.
Seeing as how he's always
riding by on his bike peeking.
He's been back a while.
So how come he ain't been in
here to eat until yesterday?
Maybe he eats somewhere else.
Like where?
Come on you can catch something
sitting on a bar stool.
His name name is Gabe Dunham.
He was a couple years
ahead of me in school.
Mmm, did you guys uh?
I was 14.
I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding.
But this was first love huh?
So what happened?
He moved away
when his parents died.
You think he moved back because of you?
I think Willard and
Carlene need their check.
Must be almost time for Judge Judy huh?
What do you think?
About what?
Is it ready or not?
I figured you were checking my work.
Looks ready.
Yeah, glad to hear it.
They feeling alright, they got enough air?
They're good.
You wanna take it for a spin?
Just to be sure and all.
I don't know, think it needs it?
I could use another opinion.
So I just ride it around to...
Test it, check my work.
Okay, I guess I could.
If you want.
Okay then.
Angel, come on, we gotta go now.
Whose bike is that?
It's our bike.
Is not.
A guy gave it to us.
What guy?
Where's your stuff, we need to go now.
Are we taking the bicycle back?
No, we need it.
That's stealing.
It's not stealing if you need something
more than somebody else does.
That's the golden rule.
Is not.
Is too.
Is not.
You know, you're a pain
in the ass sometimes.
You're not supposed
to say that word.
Fine, I'll take the bike back.
I'll go to.
Hey, you're back already.
How'd it ride?
Rode good.
Need any others checked?
I was just wondering if maybe
you could use some help
with stuff like that?
Checking bikes.
Sure, I got a big need for that.
Well, I could do other things too.
Fix stuff.
Oh you mean like be my assistant?
Yeah, like that.
Do I have to pay you?
Nah, I got lots of money.
You could maybe give me food.
What kind of food?
Good food, like not stuff
from the gas station store.
Not stuff from the gas station store.
Got it.
I mean what would you
do for this good food?
I could help you check stuff, fix bikes.
You know how to fix bikes?
I used to have one.
Did you fix it?
Yeah all the time.
Sounds like you'd be
a big help to me then.
What's your name?
You got a last name?
As your employer I have
to know these things.
Day, Tevin Day.
Well Tevin Day, Gabriel Dunham.
Call me Gabe, all my friends do.
Well you being a working man and all,
I'm sure you have a
social security number.
Yeah of course.
What is it?
Why you wanna know?
I have to have it for my records.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna tell anybody.
Okay, well,
it's 12.
Ah, that's a low one.
One of the good ones.
You must be a pretty important person.
Is your dad famous or something?
Yeah kind of.
He was
a general in the FBI.
Ah, well,
that explains it.
Those guys get all the good numbers.
So when do you wanna start working for me?
How 'bout tomorrow morning?
Don't you have school?
Oh yeah.
Tomorrow after school.
So you live around here then?
Not too far.
I'm surprised I've
never seen you before.
We just moved here.
My family.
yeah I just moved back here myself.
I used to live here when I was a kid.
My father,
he used to fix my bike right here.
When I wasn't riding my
bike or shooting hoops
I was just hanging around
the tree outside back.
Me and my brother practically
lived in that thing.
It just sits there now, nobody uses it.
Not your brother either?
Not my brother either.
Okay well, see ya tomorrow then.
Hey, you want some
of that good food now?
Yeah, sure.
I guess that'll be okay.
Well if you're gonna be going to school
and working for me, you're probably
gonna need some energy.
That's good thinking.
Alright then.
Come to the house.
Where's your car?
It's in a junkyard in New York.
So you just ride bikes?
Yeah I get better mileage that way.
You shoot hoops?
Not in a long long time.
You strike me as a guy
with a big appetite.
Think you can handle two sandwiches?
Yeah, I'm a big eater.
Practically always eat two of everything.
Is that right?
Maybe only put tomatoes on one.
I don't wanna overeat
on a tomato you know?
That's good thinking.
Are you sure your parents
won't mind you working for me?
Maybe I should give them a call.
What's their number?
They're never home.
They're at their job a lot.
They work really hard.
I hope that runs in the family.
I guess I found myself a
good assistant bicycle fixer.
You got any toilet paper?
Yes, I'd like the number for anyone
with the last name of Day in Ponchatoula.
What about any towns close by?
This got mixed in with
some of my CMH paperwork.
One of yours.
Oh yeah, Mazey Day.
Wait a second.
Wait, this was two days ago.
Where are her kids?
Can't help you there honey.
Okay well give Beth a hug for me.
I'll be with you in
a minute, take a seat.
Young Mr. Dunham.
I'm not so young anymore.
I knew you were in town.
I saw you on your bicycle.
And at the diner.
Give sage advice on pie.
I understand you're staying
out at your parents house.
You know a lot of things.
Well it is my town.
That house sitting empty, it was sad.
So what brings you back?
Just seeing if I left
anything behind, maybe.
Or anyone.
Good call, it's awful.
So listen Chief Tate...
Oh, just plain old Tate is fine.
It's what everybody else calls me.
Except my ex-wife.
What does she call you?
Long-distance, preferably.
I'm sorry, what were you gonna say?
I have kind of a funny question.
Funny ha ha?
Well that's too bad.
Go ahead, shoot.
I'm just curious if anybody's called
on any missing kids.
Missing kids, what,
what missing kids?
I don't know that there are any,
I'm just asking.
Well you're right about one thing,
that is a funny question.
I saw a couple of kids
walking outside of town.
Past them on my bike.
Just curious if they were
missing from somewhere
or run away from home,
something like that.
And why would you think that?
I didn't recognize them.
Well why don't you describe them for me.
What did they look like?
I only saw them for a couple seconds,
didn't really get a good look.
So how is it that you know
you don't recognize them?
I don't know.
I don't even know what I'm doing here.
Maybe you just stopped by to say hello.
I guess that's it.
Well hello.
And goodbye.
You don't mind if I call you Gabe do you?
Well that's what
everybody else calls me.
Except your ex-wife.
You know that was
very nearly funny ha ha.
I wonder if you'd do me a favor.
Next time you see those
kids, ask them for me
if they happen to be missing.
Or you can just get a better look at them.
You see that would help
somebody around here
do their job a whole lot easier.
Be careful out there on that bicycle.
Hello, what you want?
I'm looking for Mazey Day's children.
And who are you?
Glynnis Harmon, County Social Services.
And who might you be?
What's it to you?
Well, the rental agency has Mazey's name
on record at this address.
Yeah, well I'm the one paying the rent
for the last couple of months,
and Mazey, well, she ain't coming back.
I'm sorry for your loss.
And I need to see Tevin and Angel Day.
Well they ain't here.
Where are they?
How should I know?
Do you think we can go inside?
I simply need to
verify that the children
are not on the premises.
I told you, they ain't here.
Shall I call the police?
They run away a couple
days ago, alright?
Same day as when Mazey died.
And you didn't notify anyone
of the children's disappearance?
I didn't say they disappeared lady,
I said they run off.
Okay, so you're telling me that an
11-year-old boy and a five-year-old girl
have been missing for two nights
and you didn't even call the police?
Hey lady, they ain't my kids.
Do you have any photographs of them?
What for?
Because that might help us find them.
You know, you never can tell,
there may be a reward in it for you.
Yeah right.
Wait here.
When you find 'em, I wanna see that boy.
Kid stole money from me.
It's afternoon.
Who's tending to the customers?
Lunch crowd's gone.
I think my minions can manage for a while.
Wow, you got minions?
Oh yeah, minions, onions,
I've got lots of stuff.
It's good to see you.
Is it?
It is.
I just realized something.
I've always known where this place was
but I've never actually been here.
So no one's been living here the entire
time you were gone?
It's hard to believe.
It looks really good fixed up.
Lived in.
Yeah I've had a lot of time on my hands.
Is this finished?
It's a work in progress.
I am getting tired of having to
lock the bikes in the cellar every night.
How long you been back?
Four months maybe.
I didn't know what to say.
It's been a long time.
So why'd you come back?
You just disappeared.
It wasn't my idea.
I never got a chance to
tell you how sorry I was.
About your parents.
I heard you got married.
You heard huh?
It's in the street.
Well that didn't take.
Looks like you've got a customer.
Ah it's just a friend.
Maybe I should go.
You just got here.
Well that makes one of us.
Who was that?
That was an old friend.
Tevin right?
Wasn't sure you were
serious about working.
What is this, like a
thousand dollar bill?
It's a million.
You should keep this thing in a safe.
I would if it were real.
You can have it if you want.
What's it say?
"Here's the million dollar question.
"What is the worth of your soul
"if you haven't...
"Accepted, if you haven't accepted Jesus
"Christ as your savior."
So what's soul exactly?
It's some really good
music from a long time ago.
Well in this case it's...
Well let me see that.
Read it out loud.
"And again I say to you,
"It is easier for a camel to go through
"the eye of a needle than it is for a
"rich man to enter the kingdom of God."
Oh ha ha, that's crazy.
A camel?
I've seen pictures of those things.
It's like bigger than a horse.
Something that big is supposed to
fit through someones eye?
Is that what it says?
So you don't get it either.
It basically means that
if all you wanna do is make money
you aren't gonna get into heaven.
Oh, right.
They talk about that at Sunday School.
You go to Sunday School?
Nah, it's for like little kids.
My sister has a friend who goes.
She believes in all that stuff.
But you don't?
Of course not, do you?
I don't know.
I don't know, I used to.
When you were a little kid?
And when I was growing
up for a little while too.
Isn't that like
believing in Santa Claus?
What, you don't believe
in Santa Claus either?
Give me a break.
So what's this word again?
That's like a hero right?
Someone who saves you from drowning.
Yeah, sort of.
Jesus Christ, he's supposed
to be God's kid right?
Supposed to be.
And he died a long time ago.
That's what they say.
So how is he supposed to save you?
I don't know.
Hey, I think that bike's
ready to be tested.
Only it doesn't have a basket.
You know, if you have a lot of stuff.
Oh yeah.
Well, did a little
more work this morning.
On the one you rode yesterday
with the basket.
I can ride that one.
Go ahead.
Glynnis, Glynnis.
What fair wind of fortune blows you
into my office today?
Oh Tate, if it were only
for the food and the poetic license.
If only you hadn't
revoked that poetic license.
Once upon a time.
Once upon a time.
So I've got a situation.
Of course you do.
I'm all ears.
Thank you.
So one of my cases OD'd
a couple of days ago
and her kids are missing.
Now the guy who lives in her place
said that they ran off.
How old are the kids?
11 and five.
And no one from your department called
my office when Medic one got her in.
Who responded the call?
No, Nugent.
Yeah, sorry about that.
Is this that woman out in Roscoe,
what was it, last week, Tuesday?
And no one in county has any idea
where these kids are.
So I talked to Trailways,
I checked with Truck Ranch
to see if maybe they hitched a ride
and no one has seen any loose kids.
Somebody came into my office today and
was asking me questions
about missing children.
Said he'd seen a couple of
kids, he didn't recognize 'em.
And that's it?
And he came to see you?
Don't sound so shocked.
You know, some people actually
like to see me Glynnis.
Okay, well I need to find out what
this guy knows about these kids.
So do you have a name and address?
Yes I do.
He lives on the east side off of Rimrod.
Can't miss his house.
Turned the whole front
yard into a bike shop.
Gabriel Dunham.
Parents died in a car accident
when he was in high school.
And he wasn't in the car with them.
But his younger brother was.
You know the case.
I do.
I had to place the boys
and it didn't turn out well.
They got split up.
So I guess I will be heading
out to see Mr. Dunham.
If you shall happen to find yourself
in need of a police escort, I'm your man.
He got it.
Dale, you still looking for that boy?
I think I just seen him.
Alright, where's he at?
Don't know, bike's gone.
You ran over his bike dummy.
Do you remember?
Oh yeah, that's right.
He scratched my truck.
How 'bout you just
don't be wasting my time
seeing things.
Yeah, then who's the
little turd I see over there?
Well well, will you look and see
what just crawled out
from underneath a rock.
Why don't you do me a favor Dilbert,
go play in the streets
of somebody elses town.
Nobody calls me Dilbert
Oh, that's right 'cause
that's the comic strip right?
Then how come it is that
you're not making me laugh?
I see your customer
base is getting younger
and younger every day.
Ah, you got a little
something there on your neck.
That's funny.
You're a funny man.
Yeah I am aren't I?
I'm a funny man, I'll be here all week.
Why don't you see to it that you're not.
Well well.
Been a long time Gabriel.
Yeah, not long enough.
How are you?
Look, there was a lot of things
that happened a long time ago.
I did not come here to start...
To what?
Open old wounds?
I'm here about something else.
What could we possibly
have to talk about?
I'm looking for two missing kids.
Well I don't have them.
And if I did I certainly
wouldn't give them to you.
I did everything I could Gabriel.
Look, I was so young.
I was basically an intern.
It was my first case.
We tried to keep you guys together
it just, it just didn't work out.
Not for Jerry they didn't.
No, not for Jerry.
May I ask how he's doing.
You can ask all you want.
Listen, Tate said that you saw some
kids that you thought might be runaways.
I didn't say that.
Do they look like these?
I couldn't tell ya.
Well you know, I really
would like to find them.
They're mother died.
Is that why they ran away?
You know, I don't even think they know.
How'd she die?
It was drug related.
It was a really bad home situation.
I think they left because of that
the day before yesterday.
No, there's no one.
They have nowhere to go.
And you're gonna come to their rescue?
No, I'm gonna try to help them.
Like you helped me and my brother?
I only wanna help Gabriel.
That is the truth.
Whether you believe it or not.
Look, if you see them, please call me.
Thank you.
There you are.
I thought you left town or something.
Who was that lady?
Just a customer.
Yeah, so we have a bike to fix?
No, she didn't.
She'll be back.
Does it matter?
She was here about a bike?
I quit.
Is that right?
Any particular reason?
I ain't working for no liar.
What are you talking about?
I've seen that lady before.
She ain't got no bike.
No she doesn't.
It's just somebody I used to know.
Sure got a lot of old friends.
She isn't my friend.
And it was from a long time ago,
back from when I was maybe,
a few years older than you.
After my parents died.
So you consider yourself a lucky man?
Luckier than my brother.
That's the first time you've mentioned
Jerry in a while.
Have you heard from him?
Where is he living now?
It doesn't matter.
It's a bad place wherever he is.
My father saw to that.
And then the foster parents
were worse than he was.
Don't stop there.
And what?
You were saying.
Foster parents as bad as your father was?
Worse, way worse.
And I wasn't there to help him.
That wasn't your fault.
You were placed in different homes.
This shouldn't of happened.
You can't change what was Gabe.
You can only change what will be.
Parents died when you were a kid?
That sucks.
It surely does.
Got any brothers or sisters?
What about you?
Listen, you mind if I come back
and help you with the
bikes a little bit later?
I got some stuff I gotta get home.
Oh sure, no problem.
Well hey, you want some of that food now?
I guess.
Will it fit?
It's not a four course meal.
Just some sandwiches I made earlier,
some mac and cheese.
It's really good cold.
Okay sure, thanks.
Hey, you think maybe your family
would like to come over
for dinner sometime?
I don't know.
Well maybe just you and your sister
could come over to dinner.
When your parents are working late.
Like when?
How 'bout tonight?
Okay I guess.
Come on.
Here ya go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Somebody's becoming a regular.
I hear the pecan pie's really good here.
So they tell me.
I'd like one.
You want a piece of pie?
No, the pie.
You want a whole pie?
Was that weird?
You can get it cheaper at the bakery.
We sell it by the slice here,
it's more expensive that way.
Not so.
It's homemade right?
Made it myself.
Well there ya go.
I'm having company for dinner.
There's a piece missing, is that okay?
No problem.
It don't look good, a
host pulling out a pie
with a piece missing.
Trust me, these guys won't mind.
Hey, would you like to,
forget it, you're working.
Just a crazy idea.
Wondering maybe you might wanna join us.
But of course you're working.
Nah, she's off tonight.
Come on, you never take a night off.
Get out of here.
Peg and I got it handled.
Right Peg?
Alright then.
See ya tonight?
See ya tonight.
So much for being fashionably late.
Never wanted to be the
first at a dinner party.
I don't think this is the type
of dinner party you're used to.
Can I offer you something to drink?
What are my choices?
Sparkling cider.
Something smells delicious.
I didn't see 'em on your menu, so.
On my menu?
I don't wanna make you something
that you make every day.
Better then I do.
Thank you.
So what kind of dinner party is this?
I think you're about to find out.
Who's car is that?
It's hers.
She's a friend of mine.
You saw her this afternoon, remember?
Em, Emma this is Tevin.
She's just a friend, that's it?
Ain't nothing else?
Nothing else I can think of.
Your parents aren't coming after all?
Emma made pie.
And I brought ice cream.
Well I guess it's okay then.
Wait just a second.
Apparently, it's okay though.
Well hi, I'm Emma.
And who might you be?
This is my sister Angel.
Hi Angel.
What a perfect name for you.
I hope you'll sit next to me.
So, you know Gabriel?
Not until now.
Hey there Angel.
Gabriel's the same name as the angel.
That's right.
But there's only room for one angel here
and that's you.
You can call me Gabe.
This is the guy I told you about.
He's my boss.
Oh your boss.
Yeah, I'm his, like his...
Apprentice, bicycle tester.
Wow, that sounds like a pretty big job.
So your parents aren't coming?
No, why?
They work late a lot.
So you live close to here?
Why are you asking so many questions?
They just moved near here.
Right buddy?
We didn't just move here.
Yes we did remember?
Who wants to eat?
Can we say grace?
Maggie's mom always
says it at their house.
Thank you lord for these blessings
we're about to receive.
Thank you for the food on our plates.
So who wants some pecan pie?
With ice cream
that you know who brought.
I got it.
Why aren't your kids here?
Angel honey, I don't
have any children.
How come?
You don't like kids?
I love kids.
Then how come you don't have any?
Well, sometimes things don't
happen the way you want them to.
How come?
Angel, shut up.
Hey, don't talk to your
sister that way, she's family.
They're not married.
You guys want hot
pie with cold ice cream
or cold pie with hot ice cream?
There's no such
thing as hot ice cream.
I really wanted some.
We gotta go.
Well it's after dark
so I'll just drop you.
No we can walk.
That's okay, they don't go far.
Hey Tevin I got something for you.
I really did enjoy
getting to know you Angel.
I wish I had a mommy like you.
Here ya go Tev.
You bring it back when
you come back to work.
Bring Angel if you want.
We have coloring books.
Okay, bye.
We used to dance to this song.
I know.
We only danced that one time.
The water is wide
I wish we danced a longer song.
I cannot get o'er
And neither have
I wings to fly
What was that?
Give me a boat
That can carry two
That's my old tree house.
And both shall cross
They ran away from home.
Well, where are their parents?
Their mom died.
I don't think their
father's in the picture.
How long ago did this happen?
A couple days ago I think.
They don't act like kids whose
mother just died.
I'm not sure they know.
And how do you know?
Kinda a long story.
Why are they here?
I mean, they can't just
live in a tree house.
I'm sure people are looking for them.
They can't just be outside.
Yes they can.
Until I figure out what to do.
Come on Gabe, you know what to do.
What happens after that?
They won't be sleeping in a tree house.
And probably not together anyway.
What does that mean?
What makes you think that they'll
be placed together in a home?
Of course they will,
they're brother and sister.
So they'll keep them together.
Or will try to.
They don't just tear families
apart if they can help it.
And you know this how?
They're five years apart.
One boy, one girl, different fathers,
dysfunctional upbringing.
No other relatives.
Are you kidding me?
The chances of them staying together,
even money at best.
You don't have much faith in the system.
Do you know what happened
after I left Ponchatoula?
After your parents died?
The night of the
district tournament finals,
my father was getting primed for the game.
Something happened, he hit my mother.
For what?
He never needed a reason.
But I decided right then,
that was never gonna happen again
and I told him so.
He knew I meant it too.
So what happened?
I went to the game.
What I remember is my dad in the stands,
my poor mom and brother with him.
Was he still drunk?
Ah, the tournament was much worse.
Cheering for the other team,
shouting awful things.
He was such a jerk, security
tossed him at half-time.
I don't remember that.
Why would you?
You never even met him.
I really didn't think
you had the time to...
I never would of brought you around there.
Not with him around.
My mom and brother, of
course they left with him.
They never made it home.
Old man ran a red light.
Mom and dad were killed just like that.
And Jerry, my brother,
his left side was pretty much crushed.
He was in hospitals and
rehab for over a year.
I was in foster care, moving around.
Ended up in a place with
a bunch of teenagers.
But Jerry,
he's eight years younger than me.
It just wasn't good.
Do you realize what these
kids have to look forward to?
What happened to you and your brother,
it doesn't mean it's gonna
happen to these kids.
Of course it does.
Well one way or another,
they have to be inside.
Have a home.
I'll figure something out.
We'll figure something out.
Two heads are better than one right?
Listen, my father wasn't the only
alcoholic in the family.
I kinda figured that was the case.
I've seen a lot of hurt Emma.
'Caused some of it too.
Where's your brother now?
Is he alright?
Last I heard.
Til one day I get a call and he won't be.
He tried to kill himself twice.
If you don't mind me asking.
I told him he
how to use a gun.
Well if you're that sad,
hey, finish it right.
Do you ever get that sad Gabe?
I have my moments.
You have a gun?
Behind that coffee table.
We gotta go.
Are we going home?
Then I wanna stay.
Those people know we ran away.
Good morning Tate.
Good morning.
Yeah but you better make it to go,
I'm in kind of a hurry.
Alright, you want a fritter with that?
No I better not.
Dispatchers could not wait until tonight.
It is a mystery to us all.
Who was that women that you
were in here with yesterday?
The hot one.
Oh, Glynnis Harmon, social services.
No reason really, just curious.
I thought I heard her mention Gabe Dunham.
Well since when have you been listening
in on official police business young lady.
Since it had anything
to do with any Dunham.
Oh, now I'm starting to get the picture.
Kinda hard not to listen in Tate
seeing as how much official
business you do in my diner.
Well I'm just a man of the people.
Uh huh.
That you are.
Yeah, there's a fritter in there.
Nothing gets by you.
That's why I'm the Chief.
I cannot waste food.
Put it on my tab.
Are you still going to meetings?
Yeah, I've been coming to see you doc.
I don't think I can stomach
anymore of the psycho babble.
Is that what you consider this?
Psycho babble?
Nothing personal.
It's personal for you.
It's boring for me.
It's not boring for me.
Yeah, that's 'cause you're getting paid.
Do you resent that?
My being paid?
That's clever.
The way you phrased that.
How so?
Being paid, like the money
just appears in your mailbox.
Ah, so I am to presume
that you resent paying me?
I resent having to pay for this bull
to speed along the probation process.
So you don't see any
merit in these sessions?
I think it's a waste of my time.
Then don't make it a waste of mine!
You want me to leave?
No, I want you to stop being gutless.
Watch yourself doc.
No, I'm watching you.
I'm watching you avoid every question.
You know, run away from all of your issues
because you're too
gutless to deal with it.
What happened, happened.
Talking about it won't make it better.
No, but until you talk about it,
until you deal with it,
you don't need a gun.
You're already dead.
Now it takes courage to live.
Anybody can just go through the motions,
anybody can breathe,
anybody can just eat a gun.
But it takes courage to live.
So what about it Gabe?
You have what it takes?
Last End Diner.
No she's out, who's this?
No I don't, you wanna leave a number?
I'm sorry, you're breaking up.
Tell Emma the tree house is empty.
No, the tree house!
Forget it.
Look man, I'm not here to
negotiate with you alright.
You knew the price coming in.
Don't mess with me.
Hey Dill.
Awe son of a bitch.
I can't help these kids
if you won't tell me where they are.
Not before I get some answers.
Okay, you're not exactly in a position
to be making demands.
Neither are you.
You're not a family member.
And as I understand it,
neither is anybody else.
Oh Roman, you got a second?
Emma, this is Roman Sewell.
Roman you remember Mazey Day?
We spoke about her.
Did you find the kids?
Emma here knows where they are.
Oh that's good news.
But she's not telling.
And why not?
That's a really good question.
What's up JD?
The tree house?
It's empty?
Hi, this is Gabe Dunham.
I'm on Mapes Road
just south of 22.
I've just been shot.
Too late, cops are coming,
they'll be here in a hurry.
Who are you, the lone ranger?
Why don't you have a seat?
I know him.
That's that bicycle geek.
Hey bicycle geek this ain't
none of your business.
I know those kids.
Yeah you think so, well so do I.
I got business with this one.
Come on!
Where is it!
Leave him alone!
Ain't this cute?
Leave him alone.
You open your mouth one more time
and I kick your teeth down your throat
one at a time.
Where is it?
Where is it!
Where is it!
Give it me!
Where's my money, huh?
Where is it?
I have it!
I hid it.
You believe this?
I know I believe that.
We'll be seeing you soon.
Visit that secret hiding place of yours.
Let's roll.
We're out of here.
Nice gun shot wound.
Thanks Vinny.
I owe you one.
You got that right.
Hey kid, I'm not gonna tell you again,
don't move.
Stay right there.
Alright look, you don't wanna
press charges that's fine.
Just means less paperwork for me.
And what about these kids?
They obviously can't go home.
County's got people taking care of
situations like this all the time.
Been there.
Look, these kids have
been staying with me,
why not...
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
They've been staying with you.
Well yeah, sort of.
They needed a place to stay.
You can't just keep run away kids.
What, I should of sent them home?
What's left for them there?
Hey kid.
Were you home when the ambulance
came to get your mother?
She was real sick and she,
she was just too sick.
Mama died squirt.
So now we need to find some other family
members that can help
take care of you until...
I'm her family.
Man I can take care of them.
Until you figure things out.
I don't know.
Look, I got a three bedroom house.
Most of it's not even being used.
And you can call Glynnis Harmon
and make sure everything's okay.
She's already on her way.
Yeah, hey do me a favor will you?
What's going on?
Are you alright?
Why wouldn't I be?
Somebody said you got shot.
No, no shot, no shot.
Just knocked around a little bit.
I'm fine.
Mama died.
I know honey,
and I am so sorry.
Phil, why didn't you
bring the kids downtown?
Sounds like you want them arrested.
You wanted them, you got 'em.
Why did you bring her here?
Hey, I brought her
because she wanted to come.
And you lied to me.
Me, lie?
Now there's the switch.
No, no, no, you don't turn this around.
Those kids were staying here.
Not here.
On your property.
And you said you didn't see 'em.
Sue me.
You guys coming in,
or do you wanna stay with Cruella de Vil?
Gabriel they aren't your children.
Well they're not yours either.
Oh, that's right, you're the only one
that knows what's best for kids.
Tevin, wait.
Hey, look I'm Glynnis.
Do you remember me?
I was friends with your mom.
My mom's dead.
No I know, and that's why I'm here.
To make sure that there are
people that you can stay with.
I can take care of us just fine.
And Gabe can help.
I know sweetie, but Gabe lives alone
and he has a job and it
might be hard for him.
She can help.
Yes I can Angel, but Glynnis is right.
And she knows a lot of things.
Come on Angel, let's go inside.
Where's your coloring books?
Oh, yeah Angel, I'm sorry,
I didn't make it to the store today.
Angel, I keep that drawer closed.
And not locked I see.
I live alone.
Yeah, my point exactly.
You know what kids, it's time to go now.
Let's go.
We're not
going anywhere with you.
Tevin, I am responsible for you.
Do you know what that means?
It means that it's my job
to see that you're safe.
And that is a very important job.
Yeah well I've got a job to do too.
What's that job Tevin?
I work for him.
Okay, will you kids just wait
here for one minute?
Okay, I need to speak to Gabriel, please.
They can't stay here Gabriel.
That's a crock.
No, you're putting them
with a bunch of strangers
who don't even know them?
That's a crock.
Okay, how do you expect this to work?
I mean you barely even know these kids.
I know them enough.
How do you propose to take care of them?
I mean you don't have a car.
Oh, or a job.
I'm self-employed.
Right, right, you're
a self-employed loner
with a DUI on his background check.
I mean what, you don't
think I've done my homework?
Oh and you have a bottle of whiskey
in the coffee table next to a pistol.
Which has never been opened.
Yeah, right, that makes all
the difference in the world.
It does to me.
What happens to them?
It's an unusual situation.
What happens to them today, right now,
if they go with you?
They're gonna be with somebody.
Somebody they don't know.
So how about they stay here,
just for this afternoon,
until you figure it out?
Okay, you don't have to go back to work?
I'm the boss.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I mean, I,
I don't know if I trust Gabriel.
I do.
Angel you wanna try one?
Here ya go.
I wonder what's taking Tevin so long?
I'm sure it's been while since he's
got to use a real toilet.
That's our bathroom over there.
Not anymore it's not.
Good, it's gross.
Angel, you don't wanna live in this
thing anymore do you?
I want my bed and I wanna go home.
I don't think you can go home honey.
How come?
With your mommy gone, it's not a good
place for you right now.
Can we stay here?
You got lots of doors, I saw them on the
way when I used his potty.
I wish it was that simple kiddo.
Why ain't it?
I can pay you, I got money.
How is it that you have money?
Well you know, traveling money.
Where'd you get money Tevin?
Was it from that guy?
What'd you call him, Dill?
What guy?
Tevin does the money belong to him?
How much?
I don't know.
A lot I guess, I never counted it.
Where is it?
Well that's a lot Tevin.
How much of this is Dill's?
All of it?
I can see why he wants it back.
Y'all stay put.
Ain't y'all sweet.
Where is it?
Where's your buddy?
Getting his nails
done, what's it to you?
Or maybe he just ain't got the taste
for what needs doing.
I have what you came for.
It's a joke?
You a comedian?
This was about 3,000 short.
Pretty much makes you a dead man.
Hey let's get y'all out here okay.
There's no need for that.
Come on.
Let's go inside shall we?
Alright, what's it gonna be Mr. Comedian?
You gonna give me my money
or you gonna tell me another joke?
That's all I have.
That's too bad.
You know, my patience is
really wearing thin with you.
Leave him alone, please.
Feisty huh?
You wanna save her huh?
I have it.
Funny guy.
Disappointed in you.
Look at this.
Well that's seen better days.
You know, I'm actually more
of a revolver guy myself.
Taught the kid how to load and unload one.
Didn't I kid?
Where's my money funny man?
Or you die right now.
I know where it is.
Move funny man.
This kid might just save your life.
Come here kid.
No, Tevin stay there!
Oh, is that right?
How about his little sister here huh?
Hey Angel come here.
Oh she yours now?
That's right.
So is Tevin.
Sure you can afford 'em?
It's about to get real costly.
Last chance funny man.
I'm not letting you hurt these kids!
Just for you then.
When he was herding us into the house,
I prayed
that he wouldn't hurt you.
I can't remember the last time I prayed.
When he pulled that trigger,
thank God that gun wasn't loaded.
But it was loaded.
What do you mean?
I keep it loaded.
Maybe miracles do happen.
I seen the Bible.
Figured you'd get around
to opening it one day
and you'd find it.
To pay for the bike we took.
I didn't know how much it cost
so, I just left you half of what we had.
Snuck in this morning before you got up.
I didn't want you to be sad.
Thank you Tevin.
But I don't know how sad I would
of been about the bike.
I didn't want you to be sad.
So, you kids like it here huh?
We wanna stay with Gabe.
It's not that simple sweetie.
Why not?
Yeah, Gabe's our friend.
The kids don't need a friend Gabriel,
they need parents.
So what do you think?
Hard to say.
Courts aren't big on
unmarried adoptive parents.
Well, what if?
Yeah, what if?
Like they'd ever let that happen.
Even if they could get it approved.
Look, all I want is
what's best for the kids.
And did I mention I have
a lawyer in the family?
I don't understand.
Well I would like for you
all to meet Beth Sewell.
I bet you didn't know I was a godmother.
What's a godmother?
A godmother is somebody
who loves you very much.
That's right Angel.
And Beth is going to be an attorney.
And she's a court
appointed special advocate.
Oh yeah, I've read about this program.
They help keep kids from
getting lost in the system.
Where were they 20 years ago?
We didn't have then
what we have now Gabriel.
And I'm very sorry for that.
What if?
What if?
You still have a lot of
hoops to jump through Gabriel.
Well call me Gabe.
All my friends do.
Everything gonna be alright here?
Yeah, it's gonna be fine here Tate.
It's gonna be just fine.
Let's go.
See ya.