Runner (2018) Movie Script

Oh you better run
Oh you better run
You better run to the
city of the righteous
You better run
Don't need no people
paying dollar bills
The first thing they do
they will surely steal
The next thing they do
they will tell a lie
You better let the
liar daggone by
You got to run
Said you got to run
Oh you got to run to the
city of the righteous
You got to run
Oh I got to run
from the past
I'll never say goodbye
till they take me at last
Don't move.
Don't fucking move!
Go on the ground.
Get on the fucking ground!
I got it.
Give me your hands.
You better just
fucking shoot me.
Shut the fuck up.
Get his legs.
Good? Let's go!
You better run
Oh you better run
You better run to the
city of the righteous
You better run
Don't need no people
paying dollar bills
The first thing they do
they will surely steal
The next thing they do
they will tell a lie
You better let the
liar daggone by
You've got to run
Said you've got to run
Oh you've got to run to
the city of the righteous
You've got to run
Oh I got to run
from the past
You've got to run
LA's for adolescents.
And adults still
think they're adolescents.
And I know the city
isn't just Hollywood but
isn't that the first
thing you think of when
you hear those two
little letters?
Aren't we all on some level
sold on the notion that
Los Angeles place to go
to chase dreams.
I think that LA is the
place where people come to
do something better with
their lives, to fill a void.
Turn the world on its
side and everything
loose will land in Los Angeles.
Who said that?
Frank Lloyd Wright,
the architect.
But then I guess the question is
what made those people so loose?
Did they let go of the
place they came from or
did the place they came
from just shake them off?
So you're gonna just
keep moving forward then?
Sure, forward.
But isn't my forward just the
same as someone else's backwards?
Or sideways?
Or stagnation?
Only if you think it is.
I'm too tired to fucking think.
Thank you, we'll be in touch.
Slides or off book?
Do you need slides?
You can take your lunch now.
Are you sure?
LA's for adolescents.
You cast this shit?
Fuck you Sal.
You gonna turn off
your friend over here?
Oh, shit.
Come on.
Well, thank you, thank you.
You're welcome, welcome.
Sorry, um...
Take your time.
Thank you.
Hope you like it.
Anything would help
at this point.
Alright, well, pleasure
doing business with you.
Hey, wait.
Um, what are you doing
tomorrow night?
Uh, no plans.
Well, you should come over.
I'm having a poker night and
we're short a couple players.
You're having a poker night?
Isn't that your hubby's thing?
It can't be my thing?
It's my place, too.
Whatever you say, Molly Bloom.
I'll think about it,
what's the buy in?
I'll see what I can do.
Come on, I know you're
making good money now.
It'll be fun.
I need a full house
and some people
that are new to
shake things up a bit.
Plus it could be a good
business opportunity for you.
Sorry, I mean,
you could just come.
I'll think about it.
And um, not my hubby by the
way. We just live together.
If you say so.
I'll text you later.
Come on, Francisco.
You gonna tell me in this
whole fucking warehouse
you have nothing extra for me.
I bet one of your
warehouse workers does.
I could offer you
something else.
If you're willing to go
out of your comfort zone.
You know what I use this for?
Saving lives.
You know, I remember the first
time I ever made a deal.
I bought this kilo of the
shittiest coke you can find.
And then I batched it together.
Sold it to this stupid ass
for $10,000
and I told him that he
could make 20 out of it.
The very next day at 10:19, I was
looking at houses in the hills.
Well, I changed the
company name,
got the ambulances fixed,
redone, re-registered.
And all you have to do is drive
down to the desert and wait.
And you gonna tell me who
backed out before you asked me?
Does it matter?
I need more details, Francisco.
I know how much you bring in.
And I also know that
Francisco would not do
this type of job for anything
less than a million dollars.
Well, I ain't telling
you any more
not until I make sure
that you're in.
And when I say in I mean
fucking in all the way.
I'm not gonna say yes or no
until you tell me more details.
Good luck finding
somebody by tomorrow.
Twenty kilos of H,
twenty kilos of Becky.
I want half.
What's up dude?
Is there anyone else here?
I don't think so.
Long day?
Yeah, that's one way to put it.
I hear you.
Why don't you come
talk to me for a bit?
I'm gonna be here all night and
I cannot watch one more
fucking audition.
Good luck with your
phone interview and, uh,
yeah, text me or call me
and, um,
yeah, I'm really
excited for you.
It's gonna be great.
It's a step in the
right direction.
- Okay? Okay.
- Okay.
Might as well tell
somebody I guess.
I got a DUI.
Are you serious?
Oh, yeah.
Couple months ago.
You're so stupid.
How you gonna pay for it?
I sold some stuff.
I know what you make.
It's not even gonna
cover your credit cards.
Thank you for the reality check.
What if I offered an idea?
- That's so disrespectful.
- If you're looking forward to lunch...
You said you were
- That was so disrespectful.
- looking forward to lunch.
- Fuck you.
- Go make yourself some lunch.
- No, seriously, fuck you.
- Wow.
No, yeah, really we didn't...
this did not have to go there.
But you chose... wow.
I chose for it to go there?
Make yourself a
fucking sandwich?
What is your problem?
Eric has these poker parties
that he throws sometimes so...
Can we just not talk about him?
He is the reason we both
have jobs, so.
He got you a job,
you got me a job.
Doesn't mean I
owe him by association.
You don't?
That was my offer so.
I'm not gonna go over
to Eric's house to get
humiliated by him and
all his rich friends.
And then again,
I don't have any money.
You could just
play for the house.
I'd loan you the money and
we just split it 50/50.
So there's that.
And Eric's not gonna be there.
So you don't have to
worry about him
or what anybody else thinks.
Just come over and be whoever
the fuck you want to be.
What's the buy in?
For real?
It's good money.
Well, hello there, handsome.
My concept... it's like,
have you been to Disneyland?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
So it's like when
you go to Disneyland
and you go into like, it's
like the Haunted House
or into Tune Town and
everything's just sort of big
and colorful and graphic
and really kind of amazing.
I've got all that stuff done.
I've sold all the tickets
like the tickets are sold.
And I got some names on the guest
list, too, you gotta see it.
I need some money,
just a little scratch
- to get the rest of the props done.
- Sure.
Set piece is done,
I don't know what Eric's doing.
You know, I always feel
weird about asking.
But anyway whatever if
he's got, if he's got...
Do you pay the bills here
when he's gone?
Like you've got to be able
to pay the bills right?
That's a very personal question.
How's your night going?
I think I saw you at a
party once over in the valley.
Wow, that was along time ago.
You brought the yay.
Yeah that was definitely
a long time ago.
Dude, I recognized you.
I'm great with faces.
That's cool.
Do me a favor, forget mine.
Lady's fella doesn't exactly
know who I am.
I don't want any of the
friends finding out.
Old flame?
Well, I don't know
why the fuck you'd
want to come here but
consider yourself forgotten.
You bring any more
of that though?
No worries. I'm sure
somebody will have something.
Do you know a lot of these people?
Do you know your neighbors?
Um, some of them.
Who lives over here?
'Cause this is a nice place.
Just a family.
What is that? A thousand?
See you and raise you.
Jesus, Jesus.
Raise two thousand.
What'd I have again?
Oh, yeah.
Everyone, this is Sal.
This is our last player.
I'm sorry I'm late.
It's okay.
Ten thousand, right?
Did you just fold?
Okay, that's fine, that's cool.
What do you do?
Sal, right, is it Sal?
Oh, of course.
Alright who had the money
on drug dealer? (LAUGHING)
Come on, I'm just kidding.
And what if I was?
I said what if I was?
Would you feel inclined
to apologize to me
I don't know, because I'm in
such a dangerous line of work?
Would you feel scared, you know?
I know I would.
What's your name?
Come on, guys, I'm just
kidding. (LAUGHING)
Just kidding, okay?
I'll bet I'm the only one
who's actually from the city.
Raise your hands.
Who here is actually from
Los Angeles?
Come on, raise your hands.
You fucking transplants.
Where you from?
I bet you're from Kansas.
Or Missouri or some
shit like that.
Like your friend
Richard over here.
I'm here now and
that's all that matters.
I'm out.
How much?
It's ready.
If he isn't there by
two he's not coming.
If you feel someone's
following you
or if there's something wrong,
use this phone and call me.
Number's already saved on there.
There's a kill switch
but it's on top...
Who's this?
Where'd you cross from?
You're not scared of
getting caught?
Francisco said it's
worth getting caught.
Do you know what
you're doing today?
I think so.
How much you getting paid?
You know, I know that sounds
like a lot of money to you
but you don't have to do this.
I'd actually prefer
if you didn't.
I need money.
We can turn this around
right now
and I can tell him
you're scared.
But you need money.
What is he paying you?
Part of what we're getting.
How much?
Not enough.
What is enough?
You hungry?
Let's get some food.
Finish, it's time.
How much longer?
Hey, come up here.
Hurry up.
Please, it's not working,
the car's not working.
Okay, okay.
Come on.
Come on.
Mother fucker, goddammit.
How you doing?
Doing alright, partner
just taking a piss you know.
I know that.
When you gotta piss,
you gotta piss, right?
Yeah I'm next. Shit.
- Aw, man.
- Yeah.
What got you guys
all the way out here?
I guess they want you to
know the lay of the land.
Just in case we get
called out here.
Like that's really gonna
happen, you know what I mean?
Yeah, no kidding, that's
pretty thorough, I gotta say.
But hey, I guess you
guys know, right?
So border patrol, huh?
Yeah, between 6:00 a.m.
and 2:00 p.m., it's my gig.
Just heading home now though,
long day.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Yeah, I'm sure you know.
Damn right I do.
Premiere, huh?
Where you guys out of?
We're out of
Los Angeles actually.
And you came all the way
down here for training?
I know right, shit.
I guess they want us
really prepared.
You know what I'll stick around.
I'll keep you company
until she gets back.
Yeah, man, thanks a lot.
I'm just gonna pull it up.
Partner's kind of taking
a long time.
Well, she's calling the boss,
the rig's actually broken down.
Embarrassing, I know.
The rig's broke down?
You check the engine?
There may be some
cables back here.
Got some on patrol truck
but it's back at HQ.
Wife's got the spare set.
Of course.
You know something?
I don't know if I've ever
heard of Premiere before.
What part of LA you in?
It's been a long
fucking day, man.
Mind's going blank and shit,
you know?
You okay, pal?
You spoke to the boss?
Yes, kill switch.
Kill switch, of course,
the kill switch.
What was the problem?
- The lights.
- Lights!
Scoot over.
You don't know you got
a kill switch on this rig?
That's why I got my partner.
One sec.
Remember how to get out of here?
Sure do.
We shouldn't waste any more
of your time.
Thank you very much.
Be safe.
You too.
How you getting home?
I'll take the bus.
No, you're not.
Take my car.
No, I can't do that, no.
Yes, you can.
You know how to drive right?
- Yes.
- Right?
Hey, I'm not giving it to you.
Remember that.
I'm not giving it to you.
I'll come by and pick
it up next weekend.
Nah, but seriously though.
I call and raise 4000.
I fold.
Lucky mother fucker.
Nice hand.
- Sal why don't you...
- Why don't I just what?
Why don't you take a walk?
Go get yourself another sniff.
Are you guys done?
Not that I'm aware of.
Well, maybe you should be.
I bet you do.
I bet you do, it's a smart move.
You're smarter than I thought.
Let's take five.
I can't, that's the
whole problem... (INDISTINCT)
Who's this?
Who is he?
Okay, stop.
She's freaking out.
What did she take?
Oh my God,
does everyone else know?
What did you take?
I don't know.
I can't breathe,
I just can't breathe.
And I don't know who he is.
Hang on, I'll be right back.
You got any coke?
Dude, I was asking you before.
No, soda.
You're okay.
Here, look at me,
want you to drink this.
What did you take?
Who the hell is that?
Eric's daughter.
Oh, fuck.
How'd you know that would work?
Sugar, works for
the sticky icky.
Yeah, but how did you
know what was happening?
Happened to me one time.
But that could have been
How'd you know it was a
pot brownie?
I'm just lucky I guess.
That didn't happen.
Raise to 1000... 2000.
Sorry, raise to 2000.
All in.
Thank you, brother.
Come on.
How do you say on
tilt in the black?
Ever seen a guy so humble as me?
Amazing, I haven't.
I'd like to buy back in.
Charlotte, is this good
enough for a rebuy?
Sal, calm down.
I don't give a fuck
what Eric thinks.
Whoa, why don't you get
the fuck out of here?
This isn't good enough
for a rebuy?
Can we just all relax?
No, it's okay,
the circus is leaving.
No, you little bitch.
Do something about it right now!
Be a man, step up!
Do what you really feel.
You don't feel anything do you?
You know what, you don't
even have a fucking choice.
You little fucking bitch.
Sit the fuck down
like I know you will.
Sit down!
Hyde, Hyde.
New Entry
The goddamn game is over.
Shut up, Richard.
Hey, hey, hey,
wait a second, wait.
What the fuck?
You fucking following me?
No, where'd you get that?
That, where'd you get it?
- I should fucking cut you open.
- Woah, woah.
Whoa, yeah!
What the fuck?
This mother fucker, this
mother fucker right here.
Eight years ago, UC Irvine...
Shut the fuck up!
You sold me a bad of dog
shit, you piece of shit.
Shut up, shut up.
Shut up.
I never forget a face.
Shut up, help me get him
up, help me get him up.
No, I'm sorry man, fuck
this mother fucker.
You're leaving?
You know how much this
shit is worth?
He doesn't know it was me,
last person he saw was...
Oh, fuck.
You seem like a good dude.
I'd get out of here
while I could.
Oh, God, I'm a mother fucker.
Oh, fuck.
What the fuck, what the fuck?
Oh, shit.
Holy shit.
Holy shit, shit.
Jesus Christ, fuck me.
Come on, Charlie.
What the fuck,
did you come here in this?
No, it's not me.
- Oh, my God.
- Shh!
Hyde, is he dead?
No, it's your fucking bartender.
What the fuck?
I don't know.
You didn't notice this was
parked in the drive way?
I haven't been outside today.
That's not my problem.
Look, I followed Sal around
to the back of the ambulance.
Pulled a fucking knife on me.
Then your bartender hit him over
the head with a whiskey bottle.
I don't know,
he said he ripped him off
on some shitty coke deal.
Well, yeah, that makes
a lot of sense, huh?
Why are we in an
ambulance right now?
I don't know, Charlotte,
he's you're friend.
He's not my friend, Hyde,
he's just a drug dealer.
Invited him to the poker party.
I thought he would be fun, okay?
Eric likes him.
Of course
Erick likes him. (LAUGHING)
Look at this.
You remember that right?
Charlie, there's more
of this in the back.
It's all got this anchor on it.
I don't want to
look at it anymore.
There's a lot of money
back there, Charlie.
We could just take this,
and we could just...
And what?
We could start...
Do whatever we want.
I'm doing what I want, here.
I have a life here,
I have a job.
I know money's a problem
but we have this, Charlie.
I don't need this shit, I
don't need this shit in my life.
You need to go.
No, don't fucking do that,
you cannot cut me out.
If you want this shit, then go.
I don't want
anything to do with it.
You used me.
You used me just
like you used HR
and just like you're
probably using Eric.
You were done with me
the minute we got to LA.
Charlie, I love you.
You don't get to guilt
me into loving you.
It's not how this works.
Charlie, we could just...
Hyde, there is no we.
I'm sorry about tonight.
I'm sorry about Colorado.
I'm sorry about everything.
That's a sign, I'm done.
Why can't this just be a sign
that we should start over again?
Did you fucking forget?
This shit almost killed me.
It killed my mom.
I had to change everything
about who I was
just to get away from
my fucking father
because we robbed him,
Hyde, we left him.
You want me to start over
with that shit?
With you?
Of all people.
He's gonna wake up soon.
You need to figure out
what you're gonna do.
I won't judge you.
I'll even help you if I can.
But after tonight, I don't
want to see you ever again.
I'll play dumb if
anybody asks any questions.
He left, you left,
that's all I know.
She was my runaway
My little runaway
You were dancing when
you found my heart
You said to me that we
Had to part my
darling runaway
And you know
Don't ever feel like
you can't come on home
My little runaway
She was my runaway
Darling can't you stay
You ran away
Come on.
Come on man we gotta look scary.
We gotta look intimidating.
You wear that.
No, you wear that.
I'll find my own.
You know I really appreciate
you cutting me in on this.
Could have asked
a lot of people.
Yeah, well.
I can trust you, so.
'Cause you're a pussy.
You know you fuck this
up I'll shoot you myself.
You seen him recently?
No, not since the funeral.
He don't like me.
Fucker was in Vietnam,
he don't like anybody.
Hey, we good on
how we gonna split it?
You know people say it's
a bad thing but it's not.
I know it's bad for me but
hell it's a lot of things
bad for me
that don't make me
feel this damn good.
You know?
So I say fuck it.
Why not feel this...
Why not feel this way?
Why fucking not?
I'm gonna quit soon though.
Really this time.
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
'Cause I'm not that love
He just put it out there.
And then what?
Use your hand bro.
Oh fuck you.
Haydn didn't stop them
from chasing her.
Stay with me
and you'll see
Stay with me
and you'll see
Stay with me
and you'll see
Stay with me
and you will see
Stay with me
and you'll see
Stay with me
and you'll see
Stay with me
and you'll see
Stay with me...
Are we really gonna do this?
Yeah we're gonna get a
fresh start, all of us.
Are you nervous?
I feel guilty.
What do you feel guilty about?
You haven't even
done anything yet.
I don't know.
Look at me, hey look at me.
He doesn't feel guilty
for what he did.
Hey, he doesn't feel anything,
trust me.
There's a lot of people
using right now Charlie.
It might not be all his
fault, that's all I'm saying.
Are you really gonna
say that to me, right now?
I'm not a criminal, Charlie.
Once we cross that bridge
that's it.
Everyone we know is...
You want to get out
of here too, don't you?
Okay, the guns,
they won't even be loaded.
You just go in there and get
what we want and get out.
But, why do we have to
do it like this
with the theatrics and
the guns and the masks?
You know where
the stuff's hidden.
Why don't you just go
grab it and get out?
- It's easy.
- 'Cause I want him to be scared.
Okay, I want him to be sorry.
Doing that isn't gonna
make it right, Charlie.
Then don't do it.
He can handle it by himself.
Stay with me
and you'll see
Stay with me
and you'll see
Come here.
Stay with me
and you'll see
Stay with me
and you will see
Stay with me
and you'll see
Stay with me
and you'll see
You good?
We got this.
Me and you.
We got this.
I need you to be okay with this.
I am.
After Colorado,
it'll just be you and I.
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
I'm going to bed.
Okay baby.
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
Better run away from me
Randalls, give me a beer.
'Cause I'm not that
love that you...
You made it.
I made it.
I can't believe
you still live here.
I liked it when I first
got here and I like it now.
You weren't lying.
That's a fucking ambulance.
Well, at least you
didn't hit any traffic.
The sirens.
Oh, yeah.
Let's take a look.
That's it isn't it?
Hard to believe.
I know right.
Come on, let's get
inside, put that shit up.
Come on, let's go. It's
cold out here, come on.
I know you gotta be cold, you
ain't used to this no more.
Look at you.
Where you come from a funeral?
I'm always tougher than
you, come on, man.
Nah. What is this,
what's this new get up?
What'd they do to you?
Brainwashed... you probably
joined that science group.
Shouldn't we bring the rest in?
Were you followed?
You lock the door?
Then we're good.
We're a mile away
from the nearest house.
We good.
How you do it, you good?
Barely getting by anymore
to be honest with you.
Weed's legal though, right?
You think that helps me?
Once it got legalized
everything changed.
It's big business.
I'm just small time.
Gotta love the free market.
You gotta help me with this.
What help?
You already know
what you're doing.
Man I need to get rid
of that ambulance.
You damn right about that.
I got no license, I got no car.
I know you told me.
I needed a place to stop
and I wanted to talk
to you about this.
What's there to talk about?
You told me everything
on the phone.
Yeah, I just wanted to
make sure the mark is right.
That it's his.
Does that really matter?
Yeah, I mean,
I can't sell that in LA.
That don't mean you got
to take it to Louisville.
There are a ton of places
you could sell this shit.
I'm gonna go see him.
You got anything else to drink?
Help yourself.
When did you get that truck?
Not long after
you all left me here
sleeping in the
middle of the night.
H, I'm sorry about that.
- I didn't...
- Sh.
I just want to go to bed.
You can help yourself though.
Pillow's right there,
blankets right there.
Even a bed if you feel
like pulling it out.
We can talk more about
this in the morning.
Good night.
It went perfect.
The shit went perfect
I said get down.
I said get on the ground, he
wouldn't get on the ground.
And I said
get on the fucking ground.
He got on the ground and
the shit was on, perfect.
It's okay, Charlie, it's okay.
You're just scared,
aren't you, HR?
High rollers, you two
scared about your share?
Whatever just play your
fucking game.
Go ahead ask me the question.
Ask me the fucking question.
Ask me a question.
What are the four largest
states in the U.S. in order?
HR here you go.
For $6000 I mean
two of them are...
Fuck you, pass,
give me the next question.
Give the next question,
you can pass.
- You don't have to
play the game.
- This is one,
you'll know this one.
What three days of the year
are no professional sports...
I know the answer
to that question.
Fuck you, that's what the
answer to that question is.
- Oh boy, here we go. Yeah, there he is.
- Uh-huh.
Well, that took long
enough, there he is yeah.
It's all coming
to the surface now.
The old "fuck you."
We didn't come here for this.
What are you doing,
what are you doing?
Who are you, who are you?
Just sit down.
Sit down, relax, go to bed.
Who are you?
He wake up?
Poor fucking guy.
Don't do that.
Don't talk about him
like he's less then you.
Charlie, we talked about this.
We have been here for weeks.
We cannot keep wasting away getting
high in Bumfuck, Colorado.
I know.
How long till we get to LA?
It's about a day.
I just want to see the sun.
Why did you come here?
What's going on buddy?
She left me.
You did this.
She said
we gonna die together.
You're okay.
Hey, you're okay.
Come here.
Here, hey hey.
Oh, man.
No, no, no.
Pick it up, pick it up,
pick it up, pick it up.
Pick up the phone, come on.
Fuck man.
Hey, you ain't tell me about
that switch.
Relax, I bought donuts.
We need to get you a
cleaning lady or something.
Why don't you be
my cleaning lady?
I get you a little apron.
I got a apron round
here somewhere.
You need a cleaning
lady looks better than me.
Maybe you can
clean my coffee pot.
Maybe I'll get some
cleaner coffee.
That'd be a start.
You know, you stirred up a
lot of shit coming back here.
I made some calls.
I been working at a
body shop part time.
I'm gonna keep that ambulance
out there I can use it.
I'm gonna
break it down for parts.
You gonna take the truck.
I'm also gonna take some
of what you brought.
Consider that payment for
for being a piece of shit.
You know he'll,
he'll kill you if he
finds out who you are.
I'm sorry.
No you're not.
You only say sorry when
you know it's expected.
That's okay.
You are who you are.
And so is she.
Hi I'm sorry to bother you.
My name is Juliana Gutierrez.
How can I help you?
I was wondering if
you've seen this person.
Are you sure?
Please take another look.
He went missing yesterday and
I'm leading a search party.
Have you called the police?
Yes, of course, they're
looking for him as well.
No, I haven't seen him.
Please just think.
How'd you get up here?
Excuse me?
The code on the gate, how'd
you get up the driveway?
Look, I don't mean any harm.
I was just looking for
my friend Sal.
Well, I don't know him,
and I don't know you.
So you should probably leave
before I call the police.
May I help you?
Yeah, I'm looking for Hank.
Hank Shelly?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, he doesn't live here.
I'm sorry, I haven't been
here in awhile.
I'm sick and tired of you
fucking people coming over here.
Alright, man,
I've got kids okay?
I apologize.
You know where he lives?
I don't know.
All I know is every week one of
you people come
knocking on my door.
I'm really sorry but if you just
give me a forwarding
address or something.
Likes to drink over
at Hilltop in Clifton.
Don't come back here.
I won't.
What'll you have?
Falls City Pale.
I'm looking for a guy
named Hank Shelly.
Just tell me where he
is, I'll get out of here.
I know who you are.
You're HR's boy.
I'm telling you right now
you do not want to go
looking for him.
Maybe I can set something up.
Does Hank know who I am?
I find the less I say
the better off I am.
What's it gonna take for
you to tell me where he is?
You gonna need a boat.
I got your shit.
Excuse me?
This is yours.
I don't know what that is.
Dan at Hilltop told
me I'd find you here.
Well, here I am.
Now who in the fuck are you?
I was lost
and I was looking for a
fresh start
and you were it.
I tried to push the memory
of that morning
to the back of my brain.
I tried to outrun it.
I've tried to out think it.
I've tried to out drink it,
I ain't been the same since.
Since what?
I left you duct taped
on the kitchen floor.
Hank, I ain't trying to
fight you.
I ain't gonna steal from you.
And I'm not even gonna
sell this to you.
I want to give it to you,
clean slate.
Charlotte, she still with you?
Clean slate.
Let me ask you something
what's that mean to you?
It means I'm gonna
wash my hands of this
and I'm gonna go someplace new.
And I'm gonna start
all over again.
Seems to be your thing don't it?
Running off to someplace new.
Well, let me tell you
something, clean slate.
There ain't a city, a town,
an unincorporated area
anywhere in this world
that's gonna get rid of that
unfinished feeling
you got rolling around.
And you know it.
Don't you?
Oh you better run
Oh you better run
You better run to the
city of the righteous
You better run
Don't need no people
paying dollar bills
The first thing they do
they will surely steal
The next thing they do
they will tell you a lie
You better let the
liar daggone by
You got to run
Said you got to run
Oh you got to run to the
city of the righteous
You got to run
Oh I got to run
from the past
I'll never say goodbye
till they take me at last
I ain't so affected
by shaking hands
I just want to meet him
in the Promised Land
Oh you better run
And you better run
You better run to the
city of the righteous
You better run