Running Man (2013) Movie Script

I'll be there real soon, baby
I love you, too
Don't spit in the car, please
Can you drive any faster, dumb ass?
What if my baby goes
to another customer?
I said don't spit in the car
What are you gonna do
about it, dumb ass?
That's one foul mouth you got there
Why don't you just run to your 'baby'?
Dumb ass!
What the fuck?
I'm sorry,
I meant to say 'bald ass'
Damn, you look good
Wet or dry
You little shit!
What time is it?
Why didn't you wake me up?
Playing spy again?
Aren't you a little too old for that?
If you're ashamed of living here,
leave early
There are more kids out earlier
Buyout wouldn't know that
You never finished school
If you get kicked out,
we split living expenses 50/50
You and that attitude
Doesn't it ever tire you out?
If the milk has gone bad,
throw it away
Attack of Steel Erection!
What! What?
Perfectly normal for a healthy man
It gets the blood flowing
It's not like I watch it all the time
Why was this on anyway?
Next time I catch you,
I won't just delete the files
Damn you!
It was my finest collection
Totally lost your cool
That flying kick!
That's what I'm talking about
I mean... What's gotten into you?
You were top of the class until ninth grade
Smart enough to join Mensa
I was in the fight
but I didn't start it
It's wrong for a student
to be in a fight
And it's okay for a teacher
to spy on his students?
What... What do you mean?
My phone!
All done. Good to go
Oh no, I left the keys inside
One moment
Wow! Thank you
There is nothing he can't unlock
He can even unlock handcuffs
From burglary to car theft
You name it, he's done it
Thank you
Have a good day, ma'am
I appreciate your getting me this job and all
but I've been clean for years now
Transparent as glass
Glass is easy to break
Not if it's reinforced glass
I pray for you every day, you know
Even after you got
let go as a minister?
Let go? Me?
I've been in and out of jail
because God sent me there
Now He wants me to take a break
Why don't you take that break at home?
Put out the cigarette
Fire hazard!
For crying out loud!
Did you find a new place?
Not easy with
what I have in the bank
I'm only trying to get out of the basement
but the prices are going through the roof
How is your boy doing these days?
He doesn't visit me anymore
I have no idea
I'm breaking my back for him
I think I got shorter by almost an inch
Mr. Cha, you need to come in
It's about your son
I can't go
But this is a serious matter
Just follow the school policy
Pardon me?
It's his life, as far
as I'm concerned
But, Mr. Cha...
The boy is a blessing
He's a different breed from you
Blessing, my ass!
Yeah, right
He would never hurt
someone for no reason
Pastor, it's not the first
time this happened
Look at what he's done to my son
Last time, he smacked his right side
This time, his left
My boy is not a goddamn punching bag
He'll be a senior next year
His father ought to take more interest
Of course
You know
I don't blame the boy
It all comes down to
how he was raised
Look at all that hatred in his eyes
I'm outta here
Aren't you a tough guy?
Why did you provoke him?
His father is no show again?
He had this thing he couldn't get out of
So, I came in his place
I've got no business with you, Pastor
I'm gonna settle this once and for all
Where the hell are you?
Smart phones cost a fortune these days
Of course
Almost a grand a pop
I'm telling you as a fellow parent
As a father to a father
That's no way to raise a kid
He's got so much hatred is in his eyes
The key is constant communication
You're right
Communication is important
Just that I can't get through to him
All the more reason to make effort
Take my boy for instance
A heart of gold!
It all comes from constant conversation
and sound upbringing
Car wash coupon
I'll throw in a free wax job
Have a sizzling night
Excuse me
Did you call for a cab?
Let's go
This is a reservation-only car service
Ten bucks to anywhere in Gangnam
I'll give you a hundred
Let's go
Take a left at the next light
then stop
Where are you going?
With your briefcase and all?
Wait here. I'll be right back
Come on
You know better than that
Where is the other half?
All done
Where is the restroom?
One floor up
Take me to my condo, then to the airport
I'll pay 500
Airport is quite far
and I've got tons of calls waiting
But I could think about it
Upon arrival
Hey! What the hell?
Call me and I'll be there
even in the middle of desert
I left the car unlocked
Take all the time you need
Big shot customer
I'm much too busy for
1 0 dollar pick-ups
Service coffee, milk!
Is that okay?
You must be really tired
Take a power nap
We'll be there in no time
Here we are, sir
You're passed out
Sir, we're here
Come on
Excuse me
What are you doing there?
Why is he hiding?
What are you doing?
Is that a person?
Hey, you!
This way, Lieutenant
We got a novice here
What makes you say that?
My gut tells me so
It's a professional job
The victim sustained
a single fatal stab wound
It's got professional written all over
- Did you get the prints?
- Sent for processing
Surveillance footage?
We got it
Well taught
You do me proud
The victim is a US citizen
That makes it complicated
Lieutenant, we have another dead body
In a car outside Hangang Park
Possibly heart attack
What's with the parking lots today?
What the hell do you want?
What do you think? Get out
Do you have anything to tell me?
What... Go to bed
I'm telling you
if you end up in jail again,
you'll never see my face again
Shut up and go to bed
I didn't do nothing
All I did was run
Sir, you've got nothing to worry about
Consider it taken care of
Enjoy your game, sir
Hello, Lieutenant Ahn
About yesterday...
It's not a good time
to talk about the kids
Do we have the results back?
You can't just show up
at my work place
We have the CCTV footage
We'll talk about it later, okay?
Let's have a look
It's consistent with the
eyewitness account
How is that a professional job?
I told you it was a first timer
We have the fingerprint analysis
That's not what it looks like
Why are you still here?
I feel bad about what
happened, too
I knew that you gave me too much
But you're the one
who put it in the envelope
- You don't understand
- Alright, alright
Come on now
I hear ya
Cha Jong-woo?
I can explain
You've got it all wrong
You see, I was driving last night...
Get him!
Walking in here voluntarily?
Hand me the cuffs
- Yes, sir!
- I didn't do it
Back off!.
Don't come any closer
I'm telling you it wasn't me
I'm not going. I get rashes just by
looking at wedding dresses
Hello? I'm losing you
Why would I turn myself in?
I didn't do it
- Stand back
- I didn't do it
Where's your car?
Calm down
Take it easy
Tell me! Your car!
Outside on the left, 4631
I said back off
Seon-yeong? Stop filming
Stop or I'll shoot
Don't shoot!
No, don't shoot!
Turn off the camera
Don't shoot! Turn that off!.
Get off
That's Lieutenant's car
Step on it!
Stop the car
Don't make a sound
The cellphone
Give me your phone
I don't have it
It's at home
The next station is Sangdo
Why did you touch me?
What the heck?
What the hell?
What's the deal with the cellphone?
9 o'clock?
Don't shoot! Turn that off!
Our station is the no.1 video online
Don't shoot! Turn that off
What are you, a goddamn rapper?
It just came to me
Who the hell is this guy?
His name is Cha Jong-woo
His records show that
he served time for assault,
car theft and burglary
You were taken hostage by a petty criminal?
Man, I can't even look at you
According to his file,
Cha evaded arrest attempts
on a dozen occasions
The man's nicknamed 'the Big Slip'
I told you he was a pro
We have a warrant
Bring in the bastard
or I'll kill you with my own hands
Get moving!
Did you see my video on the net?
I beat the major dailies to it
This is my scoop
If you want a full coverage,
better call off my reassignment
Damn you!
Did you bring it?
Listen to me carefully
If cops come looking for me,
you know nothing
Anyone suspicious lurks around...
You know what?
Just go stay with the pastor
Don't believe anything
that anyone tells you
You sound the most suspicious to me
Can't you listen to me for once?
Big shot customer?
What is this?
If you want to clear your name,
I suggest you listen to me
Who is this?
Someone that can help you
Bring me the cellphone
That's your only chance
You sure?
I can get out of this mess?
Meet me at...
I'll decide when and where
Gwanggyo Intersection
In exactly an hour
Wear white headphones
around your neck
Turn off the cellphone,
if you don't want to be traced
Just do as I said
What a place to raise a kid!
You can't go in there
Park, it's okay I know him
What do you think you're doing?
What does it look like?
We're looking for your father
Did he call?
We got it
- Good job
- Great
Send it over to the lab
Send it to the lab
That looks about it
Let's put surveillance on
and wrap up
Put surveillance on
Let's get outta here
Put it back before you go
Put everything back to their places
What the heck, you little punk?
Take it easy, man
Let's go
- He's glaring at me
- Alright, alright
Where is your mother?
Don't have one
Lieutenant Ahn
What are you doing here?
To help you clean up
What else?
I don't need your help
Go away
Aren't you a strong man?
Did he kill a man?
It looks that way for now
Hi, I'm Seon-yeong
from Weekend Gazette
What's your name?
Are you sure that it was him?
From what we know, yes
But we won't know for sure
until we talk to your father
Is there anything you can tell me?
Can I trust this guy?
What's the deal with the picture?
Go through every alley
with a fine-toothed comb
Yes, sir
Do you have some toilet paper in the car?
Excuse me?
Never mind
Keep an eye on the boys
Excuse me
Can I use your restroom?
It's on the third floor
Thank you
They have toilet paper in there?
- Sure
- Thanks
I'll have that 50 cent drink
I'm sorry but you can't order
an extra shot on its own
Extra what?
You can't just get an 'extra shot'
What the hell is he doing here?
Damn it!
Cha Jong-woo!
I'm sorry for everything
It's Cha
Suspect sighted at coffee shop
Up there
Hey! Cha!
Stop where you are
I said I didn't do it
Stop coming after me
Cha Jong-woo!
You'll get yourself killed
Cha Jong-woo!
Hang on tight
Son of a bitch!
Go after him
Move your car
What the...?
National Intelligence Service?
You're one hell of a getaway artist
Thanks, man
Target secured
Can we pull over?
My hand's hurting
The phone
Come on, man
You said you would help me
Your boss must be
a big fan of the Tower
Should've just told me
And that gun really isn't necessary
The picture is worth 6 billion dollars
Consider it your bad luck
It was sent to you by mistake
I see
Now that you got what you wanted,
you won't be needing me anymore
Shall I drop you here?
Take a right at the end of the bridge
The murder victim was a spy
who tried to leak information
concerning national security?
Due to the sensitive nature of the matter,
only my team is involved at present
We're taking over the operation
as of this moment
Are you going to hang me out to dry?
I have promotion coming up
Security, control...
I'll give you full support
Once we catch the bastard
He is all yours
If you'll only let us tag along
There you are
I've been looking all over for you
You've aged 1 0years overnight
Get out of my face
Off limits for reporters, starting today
How am I supposed to
give you information then?
I got Cha getting away on tape
Show me yours
and I'll show you mine
Reporters are here
Any leaks,
you can kiss your promotion goodbye
This kid's father killed the spy?
This is huge
- Now, give me that
- Anything else?
Don't push your luck
Come on, I know you've got more
Just one more
Talk to me
- What the hell?
- Alright, alright!
- Ahn Sang-gi!
- Yes, Captain
You've got time to fool around?
I was securing vital evidence
The kid is on your watch
Around the clock, starting now
But, I'm a lieutenant
in charge of...
As you command, sir
I should get going
There's nothing on it
You wanna jerk around with me?
Okay, bring it on
Disinfect the wound
and put on some bandage
I did. I washed my hands
You can't turn it on?
As soon as I do
these men spring up from nowhere
So, the Eiffel Tower is
worth 6 billion dollars?
Not the tower, the picture!
There is something in this picture
Do you know anyone
who might be able to crack it?
Maybe he can help
His name is Jang Do-sik
He used to hack into
the government system to steal money
Now he works in media
What? Jang who?
what brings you here at this hour?
He's here, isn't he?
Come out, Cha Jong-woo!
Calm down, son
Go home and wait
For who?
He'll give you all kinds of crap
Then try to hide behind you again
The man can't take
responsibility for his actions
Call the police or you'll
get in trouble, too
You ungrateful bastard!
You see the kind of crap
I have to put up with?
I wouldn't be living like this
if it wasn't for you
I wouldn't have been expelled
or ended up in jail
Most of all, I wouldn't be here
You should've never had me
- You little piece of...!
- Nobody wanted me
That's who I am
Mother had to go abroad
right after giving birth
Father got kicked out of school
and ended up in prison
And, grandmother who raised him
dies of cancer
Cut it out
I don't know what mess
you got yourself into
but you gotta talk things out
with your boy
sooner rather than late
Jang Do-sik 376-4848
Who's there?
Are you a cop?
I asked if you're a cop
Let me see your badge
What are you doing? Go!
Hang in there
I'm taking you to the hospital
Stay with me
It's all on you now
You gotta do right by him
Light me a cigarette
Oh my God!
Did I freak you out?
A pretty girl like me?
Did you have a scary dream?
Not the dream, it's you
What are you doing here?
I thought you might
get hungry sleeping
This won't half make up for
the monkey business you pulled on me
I know, I know
Let's leave NIS to handle Cha
We gotta go after the real thing
Talking out of your ass again?
Come on, hear me out
The dead guy was
a spy the NIS was after
A spy that stole government secret
was taken out by a petty thief?
You do the math
What are you trying to say?
There's something bigger behind this
And you know what that is?
I'm saying we gotta work it out,
you and I
What's there to think about?
You know that no-one in your team
has any respect for you
The pervert you caught
that got you promoted
You stumbled upon him by pure chance
What are you talking about?
I was waiting for him
when he came my way
Get your facts straight
Where are you going?
Gotta take a dump
I'll come with ya
When d'you sneak out?
Where have you been?
I went for some air
Come on
Let's get you plenty air
What is this place?
This is where your father
picked up the victim
Come on
- What?
- Leave it to me
You know what they call me
Good evening, gentlemen
Who's in charge here?
Excuse me but
this is a restricted area
My husband screwed
some whore at this hotel
He won't admit to it
So, I came for proof
I need to see your CCTV from last night
You can't be in here
Please step outside
Are you gonna pay my alimony, mister?
Please, let's take this outside
I'm from Jungbu Precinct...
Why is fate so cruel?
I run a Chinese restaurant
Still fooling around...
My poor boy
Oh daddy, how can I live now?
Please, ma'am
Don't touch me
How do I get to the roof?
I'm gonna jump
Tell the world
How do I get to the roof?
I'm gonna jump
Tell the world
that we jumped off the roof
because they won't let us see the CCTV
Come on, son
My poor baby!
Your old man broke mommy's heart
She just needs to see the CCTV
It was yesterday?
- That's Richard Ma
- Stop!
Bring it up on the big screen?
Come on, fast-forward it
- Okay
- What the...?
- What?
- Nothing
Jeez... Hit play
Sorry. Play the tape
Is it a man that your husband
is involved with?
What are you looking for?
Who are you people?
I think I got the wrong hotel
Let's go, son. Daddy?
Hey! What a crazy bitch...
Tell me what you know, Lieutenant
Come on
You've been a cop for 20years
I know that man
It's him, isn't it?
Is it?
It is him
- Is he dead, too?
- Last night
At the Hangang Park parking lot
It was heart attack
What are you looking at?
Wait a minute
Flying Dragon project?
It's the government project selecting
next-generation fighter jet
There are all kinds of rumors about it
Flying Dragon Finalists: France & USA
Dr. SH Hong to lead the project
...selecting the
next-generation firefighter
...worth 9 billion dollars
What the...?
I smell a scoop
Right, Lieutenant?
What's that?
Never mind
Remember how nervous
Hong looked before he went in?
You're right
He was looking over his shoulders
And, he rushed out in a haste
and disappeared
There is more
Hong had a small bag
when he went in
And later, it was in Ma's hands
How do these facts connect?
Is that a rhetorical question?
It was Hong that
stole the information
He was nervous because
he wasn't a professional
The deal took place in that suite
Everything we know leads back to
Flying Dragon project
Isn't he something?
I don't understand a thing
he is saying
Come on, I know where Jong-woo is
Bring it on, you bastards
Turn it off... Don't shoot...
Oh, mommy!
I'm going out
Look how vicious the attack was
The car is shaking
He should be sent
straight to death row
Do you believe he was killed
when the car shook?
Isn't that obvious?
But the victim sustained
a single stab wound
Besides, does it make sense
to pull up right under the CCTV
to ditch the body and run?
You're doing it again
Richard Ma wasn't killed here
He was already dead
you have reached Andre's Event World
I'm out of office until 6pm
Please leave a message
Condo - Hotel /police record 60min
Bridge - SOB / Pastor's killer - Bastard
Condo - Hotel / actual time taken 40 min
Missing 20 min?
I transferred your old number
to this phone
Murdered - Hong / Richard Ma
I sympathize with you
Your father is accused of murder
But you can't catch a killer like that
You need evidence
That's why the police exist
Leave this to me
Go back to school where you belong
Eat up
I'll drop you off
You got Cha's location?
Where is he?
His signal was last picked up
near the World Cup stadium
Step on it
We're here
Everyone get ready
You gotta back up
We're all stuck here unless you move
Back up and you,
turn the wheel all the way
He's close by
How do you like that,
sons of bitches?
Good to see you again, suits
I knew you'd show up
What's he doing here?
Hey! I'm up here
Over here
Come and get me
Come on
I'm at the east gate
Where are you?
Your boyfriend is at the east gate
What are you doing here?
You gotta get the hell outta here!
I have to ask you something
Will you just listen to me?
Where are you?
Just get out of here, okay?
God damn it
Get out of the way
I'm sorry
What did you do on the night
I caught you with the bloody shirt?
What do you want to know that for?
Because I'm gonna catch the killer
I should be going after Cha
instead of babysitting
Like father like son,
he's also a hell of a runner
God damn it
Turn off your phone
Wanna play this game?
That's the reason I'm being chased
These gentlemen were
at the stadium for the game
You have no grounds
for keeping them here
I'm not even gonna
get to unlawful arrest
This was the only place
you stopped the car?
For 20 minutes
Are you sure?
I drove the damn car
You stopped here for 20 minutes
That's when it happened
Richard Ma was gonna
hand over the intel to US
which means he was
chased by the French
So, you saw the 'Bastard' at Pastor's,
and at the coffee shop... The 'SOB'
- Classy
- So, the picture
Is it connected to
Flying Dragon business?
That's the stolen information
Probably disadvantageous
for France
Anything else?
What are you looking at?
It's a free country
Stop looking
Are you doing all this...
to help me?
- You wish
- Don't you try
Get me something to eat
I'm starved
I'm broke
I spent the last dime on coffee
Gosh I'm starving
I could kill for some pastry
Are you dying to
draw attention, fugitive?
Some fashion sense you've got
Look at the color
The fit's not bad though
A fugitive, eh?
Andre's Event World
Everything from event planning
to filming and editing...
What the heck?
Hanging up without a word?
All is well with Pastor Mun?
He has such a way of talking
Every word is a blessing
I used to cry rivers
listening to his sermon
Although I was never an emotional man
It shakes you right in the core
Jang Do-sik, right?
I have long abandoned
that sinful name
Please call me Andre
And, I've given up that life, too
In less than 24 hours after
escaping the police custody,
the double-murder
suspect killed another man
in an attempt to secure getaway money
He should be stoned to death
Wanted: Cha Jong-woo
The police secured the murder weapon
and is stepping up security checks
to stop the highly
dangerous murderer
Have you ever hit
a true dead-end in life?
No, sir
I'm a huge fan of your work
You've got some fresh angle
The actors aren't bad either
The "Attack of Steel Erection" series, right?
Take a seat, man
So, this is where you work
Is this the picture?
Seon-yeong, is Gi-hyeok with you?
Why are you asking me about him?
Aren't you supposed to be with him?
That's right. He's with me
So, he's not there?
Listen, Lieutenant
I put out some feelers
at Dr Hong's funeral
He started acting suspicious
after coming back from America
He would spend days
locked up in the lab
Do you smell it, too?
I got a call coming in
I bet she was born rude
The Captain will eat me alive
Where do I find him?
It's Gi-hyeok
This is what I'm talking about
I can easily write a book out of this
Richard Ma...?
Hello? Park from Weekend Gazette
It's Gi-hyeok
I'm with Cha Jong-woo right now
I think I figured it out
Meet me here
I'll text you the address
It's the 'Bastard'
Is there a secret exit?
If he catches us, he'll kill you, too
This way
Which one is the key?
Come on
This way
Shit, which one is it?
They always pick the
creepiest place to hide
Cha Jong-woo?
Man, I can't see a thing
Cha Jong-woo
What are you doing?
You're freaking me out
Can you turn the lights on?
How are we supposed
to talk in pitch black?
I came alone as promised
Father to a father, you know
Run, Lieutenant!
Get out of here
Choi, send back up!
Get down, Gi-hyeok!
Drop your weapon
You alright?
Cha Jong-woo!
Cha Jong-woo!
Who the hell are you?
What the hell?
Get out of the car
Murderer on board
- Drive properly
- Hey!
Don't you 'hey' me
Who are you people?
Who was that lunatic with the gun?
What gun?
He was shooting at everyone
Jong-woo got hit
Who is he talking about? Gi-hyeok?
Stop the car
My keys!
What are you doing?
Ask the Lieutenant for protection
I don't want to see you again
What's your problem?
This is it for you
I'll take it from here
Do you really
want to end it like this?
- Pastor Mun is killed
- What?
By that same bastard
We gotta crack the code to catch him
Help me
Wait a minute
What are you trying to do?
This isn't your house?
I swore I would never
do this again
What if someone sees us? Hey!
Wow, 2 seconds
Okay! Got it
What's that?
This is a program used
to decode steganography
What's steganography?
It's a way of concealing
compressed data within an image file
This should do the trick
This is going to take
some time to convert
Never mind
I think he's bipolar
Can you tell from a glance
if a house is vacant?
Is it like... a trade secret?
We were gonna move in here
It's gone to someone else now
I'm sure his mom prepared
a much better place for him
His mom?
Gi-hyeok told me he didn't have one
Because he doesn't know about her
I've always wanted to live with him
in a house with plenty of sun
Image analysis complete
2 doc, 1 video found
Yes! I cracked it
August 2, FT-18K
Secret test flying, Nevada Desert
FT-1 8K?.
It's an American fighter jet
What are you doing there, Dr. Hong?
We found some error during
analysis of the engine plan
Hang on
Is that Dr. Hong?
Who is Dr. Hong?
This is only a formality
We're going with the US
I think they're starting
Defect analysis report
What's going on?
Don't leave me hanging
Americans are screwed
Are you saying it wasn't America
that Richard Ma was selling to?
Richard Ma was representing France
You see? Ma was a lobbyist
hired by the French government
Your name is Gi-hyeok?
- Are you going to help us?
- Of course
This is a very important
piece of information
Is there anyway you
can contact your father?
This is more than enough to clear you
Hurry up and copy the file
Who's the bastard
that killed all these people
and is coming after me?
Neither US nor France
Someone that knows the secrets
and needs to get rid of this footage
National Intelligence Service?
Mr Cha?
This is Chief Kim from NIS
Your son came to me
with a vital lead that can clear you
It's a lie!
I tried to play nice
but it's not gonna
go down like that, is it?
Put him on the phone
Don't come
Shut up and do exactly
as they tell you
Don't come here!
Listen to me for once!
It looks like we have
a mutual understanding
I'll bring over what you want
Let the kid go
If you make a copy
the boy dies. Got that?
You're going to forget
everything you saw today
Find a safe place to hide for a while
No. I gotta inform the Lieutenant
You have 1 0 minutes
I'm on 301
the bus number is 8465
If the boy doesn't
get on at the Coex stop,
the file will automatically be
sent to the press and police
There is CCTV on this bus
and passengers, too
We'd better do this quietly
We want to make sure
everything is clear
What's he up to?
Next stop, Coex
Aren't you tired?
We had a long day, didn't we?
Strange enough,
I'm not tired at all
I've never had a better day
since we lived together
We rode bike together,
had coffee...
You gave me this hoody
Not a bad day at all
Do you know when
I started running away?
Since eleventh grade
To have you
It's Kim Ga-yeon
Your mother's name
We were both serious about having you
You were never an unwanted child
I really wanted to be your father
Just like I do today
It's encoded in steganography
It'll take some time to crack but
no record of copy
The cellphone is clean, too
Take care of them at the next stop
Yes, sir
Now listen carefully
When you get off the bus,
run as fast as you can to the right
All the way to the car with blinkers on
You know that getting away
is my specialty
Next stop, Sports Complex
The little rat got away
Gi-hyeok, run!
What are you doing?
Follow that bus
He gave up
everything to save you
If you go after him
his effort will be wasted
He asked me to give this to you
You took me for a fool
when you went after Cha by yourself
This video file was decoded
to create steganography
Where is the original?
Without the original, there is no deal
I'm holding the cards
I could go public with this
And blow your chance
at getting your money?
I'm gonna have to talk
about what you did
I'm sorry
I didn't take that into account
Made me a fool
Where is the original?
That's all I've got
I don't know anything
Go back to Richard Ma
Search everything
Thanks for the tip, asshole!
Turn off the light, mom
- Dong-il! Dong-il!
- What!
Your friend is here
What's he doing here?
Your father wants him to stay here
It's for you
How is he doing?
Is that you, Cha?
Are you alright?
He's fine
Don't worry about him
There is an original file
Richard Ma sent the original
via international courier
It's at the airport logistics center
I'll turn myself in once I retrieve it
There is one more thing
Is that you, Cha?
Everyone, get moving
Cha is turning himself in
Call the Captain
The package is at the logistics center
Send in a request for customs hold
This is Chief Kim
We have the goods
We'll make the deal at the airport
Cha is turning himself in
He's on his way to the logistics center
Hi, Gi-hyeok
I don't know where to start
I'm your mom
I'm so sorry for doing this on camera
your father's been sending me
your pictures and kept me posted
He was preparing to move
to a better house for you
He's a wonderful father
but I really miss you, too
your father agreed that
you can do with a better environment
Of course, it's entirely up to you
This is how I remember you
Alright, alright
Take the bed
I was gonna sleep on the floor
Your father's linked
up to GPS locator app?
I need to borrow your bike
Choi! It's Park from
Weekend Gazette
Can you get a broadcast van?
Right when I'm about to
get off the shift
What the...?
F-5. France. Germany
Hello? Do you work here?
Germany... Germany...
There is a man here who stole
national security information
Search the place
Richard Ma
Get your men out of here
if you want to keep your job
Get everyone out
Let's go
Warehouse 3
Aisle no. D22
This way, please
The package is gone
but Cha could still be here
Damn it
We have no sight of Cha
Think he may have sneaked out
What the heck?
Lieutenant Ahn!
How did you get in?
Cha is being hunted down
We gotta go back
Take the gun away from my face
Turn the car around
This is Lieutenant Ahn
I've kidnapped the Captain
Turn the car around immediately
Why don't you go back to sleep?
I'm hanging up
This is Lieutenant Ahn of Major Crimes
I'm controlling the situation from now
GPS Locator
Cha Jong-woo
Thanks for taking the trouble
to come here
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!
I'll give you the original
Let's end it here
What you want is
money, isn't it?
Leave me and my son alone
There is no reason for me
to keep you alive
You shouldn't have played
games with me
We're raising the stake
20 million dollars
That's not what we agreed
After this deal, we have to
leave this country forever
20 million for a project worth 9 billion dollars
Not a bad business at all
It'll take time for us to
make the transfer
I'll give you 5 minutes
Man, you bastards..
always talk to much
don't you?
People lose their mind
when they're about to die
You had more than
enough chances to run
It clouds your judgment
when your son is involved
I, Cha Gi-hyeok,
will not die a murderer for my son
You messed with
the wrong man
Okay... cut!
Get your ass over here now
Your back-up's not here yet?
Take this and get out of here
Ready for transmission
We're going on air
Okay, get ready
Transmission range
within these walls
- Find them
- Yes, sir
This is Lieutenant Ahn from
Jungbu police station
Drop your weapons
You alright, man?
Come here
I said drop them
Especially you in black jacket
Back off!.
Don't come closer
Did you just smirk?
Run, man!
Catch me if you can, suckers!
We're backing out
You can't back out now
We're on the same boat
You must know that
people like us cannot be traced
Get ready
We're going to the airport
What were you doing there?
I was getting my laptop
You sneaky rat!
Run him over
Oh my God!
Drop the gun
Choi, you're dead meat
I leave all in your hands, Lord
Please don't kill me
We give thanks to you
Wake up! Open your eyes
I saved your life
Yeah, right
I saved your ass, dad
I'm standing where a conspiracy
surrounding Flying Dragon project
ended in a brutal shootout
only minutes ago
A father's effort to save his son
turned an ordinary citizen into a hero
I'm Choi Sang-do reporting for KBC
- Cut!
- Why?
You were gonna give me the exclusive
Get away
Let's go again
I'm standing on the ground where
conspiracy surrounding
Flying Dragon project
ended in a brutal shootout... Hey!
Here they are
Excuse me! Wait
You, son of a bitch!
Mr Cha?
Cha Jong-woo!
- Captain
- Oh, okay
Get an ambulance
We're escorting them to the hospital
- Lieutenant Ahn
- Sir
Take care of yourself
I'll take it from here
Yes, sir
What are you doing? Make way
Are you alright, Jong-woo?
You okay, Gi-hyeok?
What about me?
I got shot, too
Right here
It barely grazed you
I'm hurt here
So what?
Oh, I'm sorry
It hurts! I said it hurts!
Over here, Mr. Cha
On three, everyone
This is nice!
Nice and cozy
Get off. It's my bed
Alright, son
Plenty of clean air
Isn't the bed too big for one person?
You've got four pillows
How do you like your room?
It's great
What's your name?
You gotta talk to her in English
Good! Thanks
Take good care of my son
over the summer
Of course