Running on Empty Dreams (2009) Movie Script

Soon as we get settled
in, we'll get you to a doctor.
Hopefully, it won't
cost too much
So, this is it.
Starting over?
Are you scared?
No, just day dreaming.
Matt, be careful!
Well, this is it.
It's something.
It's ours.
Rent's cheap.
Yeah, I guess it
beats an apartment, right?
Gotta get going. I'm late.
For what?
Gotta meet my new boss.
I know, no business trips.
I promise.
Hey, a man's supposed to take
care of his wife and kid.
What's he worth if he can't do that, right?
You're lucky to be alive
after taking a fall like that.
Mommy, can we go now?
Yeah, in a minute, sweetie.
Let me talk to him.
Go sit over there.
So, your husband doesn't have
insurance with his job, what-
No, well, he does.
It's just it's $500 a
month for a family plan.
Can't really afford that.
Right, yeah. Insurance, ouch.
Well, based on the reports that came back,
it looks like you have thyroid cancer.
It's a medullary thyroid cancer.
It's genetic.
It's really not that big a deal.
From a financial standpoint,
after the initial treatment,
which is only $1,500,
you're looking at maybe $200 a month
for the first six months
for your office visits
and your medication.
That's with my discount.
Am I gonna...
Is this life threatening?
Yes and no.
Yes, if it goes untreated,
but no if we take care of it right now.
I don't have this kind of money.
Well, this cancer could
spread to your lymph nodes
or other parts of your body.
We're not going to know
until we do more tests.
It's not a death sentence,
but it does need to be taken care of,
and the fact that you've had hand tremors,
you're tired, and you're
dealing with weight loss
leads me to believe that
you're also dealing with
some hyperthyroidism.
So, what we need to do is
to destroy the thyroid,
and take care of both problems, no chemo.
You're kid is playing with my globe.
Matt, grab your stuff, babe.
Let's go.
One more thing.
You're a runner, right?
Uh-uh, no more.
You're putting way too
much stress on your body.
I don't have the money to save you.
Yeah, I know.
I was going to get a job,
but I don't want somebody else
watching Matt after school.
When I was in the
Marines, I solved problems,
just like that.
You see a problem, you fix it.
In war, I was a hero.
I bet you didn't know
that about your dad, huh?
You know what?
I have heard all of this before, Corey.
This is real life. I don't need a hero!
Why'd you marry me?
Are you serious?
Why? Huh?
Because you and
I make sense, Corey.
Okay? That's why.
Daddy, what's the matter with Mommy?
Just will have to see what he says.
Daddy, you're home!
Oh, hey, Corey's home.
Okay. Let me call you back.
All right, bye.
Sydney, Hey Corey, I finished my script.
This is the one that could make it.
I feel it. I want you to read it.
I've got news.
I'm in a line for a promotion.
A promotion, that's great.
Hey bud. Whatcha doin'?
Can I help you?
All right. Scootch over.
You wanna go play?
Mommy, Mommy! He squirt me in the face!
You okay?
Did you get water in your eyes, babe?
Tony, what are you doing?
Mom, I'm just playing.
It's okay. I think
he actually liked it.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
So why'd you guys move in here?
A new job, or...?
Actually, it was my husband's job.
He's a private investigator.
Oh, really? That
must be really exciting.
Okay, well, this is me.
This is it?
Yeah, it's simple, but that's me.
You wanna come in?
Come on in.
Music time.
You have a beautiful home.
Thank you.
So, what do you and
your husband do for fun?
We visit him in prison once a month.
I'm sorry, Jane. I didn't know.
No, it's okay. I'm a big girl.
Are you a writer?
Are you a writer?
Oh, yeah, but screenwriter.
Get out! Oh, my God.
Sit, I have to show you something.
This is so amazing because
I'm a writer too.
Well, actually, you know, poems and stuff.
But, actually, let me show you.
This one, read this one.
Oh, this one. Yeah.
It's from a long time ago, don't worry.
It's just scars. I was a kid.
Yeah, this one.
Oh. I'll take him.
Come here, Mr.
Mr. Crabby Pants.
Oh, we've got a huge new pool,
and a great new golf course.
You're absolutely gonna love it.
Oh, absolutely.
It'll be the time of your life.
I swear, the best time you'll
ever have will be here.
Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me a second.
I think I have a fire to put out.
I'll call you back shortly.
I need a raise
without the promotion.
Everybody needs more money, Corey,
and you know the only way to
get the smallest increase
is to take on more work
and travel all the time
and take a promotion.
How long have you been with the company?
A year, year and a half?
Eight years?
You do good work, but you
need to be a man about this.
If you want more money,
you need to do more work.
Case closed.
Let me ask you something, Bill.
You ever been a hero?
Excuse me? You mean like Superman?
I served in the
United States Marine Corps.
Desert Storm, and I was a leader.
I never let my unit down.
I need you to let me be a hero again.
Not going to happen.
Oh, I got a whole new
list of literary agents today,
and Jane may even have
some new contacts for me.
It's like six degrees of
separation, you know?
Me and Mommy met new friends today.
I see. That's nice.
You know, I can just see myself
getting a contract, an agent, everything.
Sydney, you're dying.
You're thinking about
being a star, Hollywood.
Listen, I gotta go up to
Utah for a week, tomorrow.
You know, you promised
that we would go hiking tomorrow.
I'm doing the best I can.
Feels like, like we're running out of time.
I don't know if I can make an extra $1,500
in the next couple of months.
I think there's $500 credit left on here.
Maybe that can be a down
payment or something.
I don't know.
Why can't we just have fun?
You know, maybe just one day a week.
I am not gonna die for nothing!
Don't talk like that.
I'm gonna get you outta here.
I don't think I'm gonna make it.
I can't feel anything below my waist.
Come on. Now, let's go.
Let's go!
I can't. I gotta stop the bleeding.
Get your goddamn
shit together, jarhead!
Fucking move!
Come on, man. Come on.
Come on!
You have to be the
healthiest person I know.
I'd kill for a body like yours.
Well, what?
Come on.
Okay, it was really good.
I was in fucking tears.
You're not just
saying that, are you?
Oh, my God. I almost peed myself
when they finally slept together.
Oh, it was so good.
Well, maybe this
time I can get an agent.
You know, I don't get it.
I don't know that they want.
Well, I think they're
looking for that thing,
that thing that everybody's looking for.
Aww, baby.
Do you like donuts?
I love donuts!
I guess, not exactly
the healthiest thing,
but I guess if there's nothing else to eat.
Do you always do what
you're supposed to do?
I try to.
You're special.
I mean you're young and ambitious,
and you know what you want,
and you have a purpose,
and, I don't know.
I'm just trying to figure out mine.
You know? Still asking God.
Since when did
start talking to people?
Yes, baby.
Romey and Jules forever.
That was a poorly-written script.
Mm-hmm, and they
made it into a movie.
I know. It stunk.
And that guy made it.
I can write better than that.
Yeah, you're right.
You can, and you have.
Okay, so what are
your all-time favorites?
'American Beauty'.
'Boys Don't Cry'.
'Girl, Interrupted'.
Oh, all time favorite,
'Shawshank Redemption'.
Yeah, it's this guy who gets framed
for the double murder of
his wife and her lover.
He's in prison by society,
but not in his mind.
His mind, he's free.
Otherwise, what would keep him, you know,
moving forward 'cause he's
physically in bondage, so...
You know, I've never
met anybody like you.
Well, we're even.
'cause I've never met
anyone that God talks to.
Daddy, what'd you bring me?
Hey, Buddy. Guess.
What'd you bring me?
You know I wouldn't
forget about you, Buddy.
What's it been, two weeks?
I'm gonna burn the sauce.
Come on.
Turn on some cartoons for Matt,
take you in the bedroom and turn you on.
Stop, please.
Was there something
you wanted to talk about?
Did I interrupt something?
And you are?
And my sons. This is Tony and John.
Right. She's out jogging.
Well, she is a runner.
Yeah, she goes out running
when she wants to avoid confrontation.
Did you do something?
You shouldn't give her
anything to confront.
Happy wife, happy life, right?
Well, just tell her I said hi,
and I'll see her tomorrow,
if you could.
Come on, baby.
Sorry about earlier.
Is that so bad I
just want to make love
to my wife sometimes?
Come here.
If anybody bothers you,
you let me know, okay?
If you have a question,
just ask the teacher
or raise your hand.
Mrs. Harris, it's
okay to feel nervous.
It's the first day of kindergarten.
Matthew's going to be just fine.
Have fun, okay?
That's one weird-ass chick, Syd.
Can we talk?
No, I don't have much time.
Come here.
Are you okay?
Matt's across the street sleeping,
and Corey's out of town.
Come here.
My God, you're worrying me.
You're going to
think I'm completely crazy.
Yeah, maybe.
Just, I don't know, say
what you want to say.
I don't think I can.
Try me.
Sorry, I've wanted to...
Fuck, Jane, I've wanted to kiss you
since the first day that I met you.
Come on.
What? Why haven't you said anything yet?
Well, what was I supposed to say?
It's not like I can tell you
what you want or decide for you.
I can't do this.
I could lose everything.
I think the universe has a way
of balancing everything out,
and if you want something,
you should go for it.
You know, I tried to
stop this from happening.
I did. I prayed, and nothing.
I just don't, I don't get it.
You know, God shows us all these things
that we can't have and we can't touch,
and then He wants us to pray to Him
for strength not to want those things?
I think maybe some things
aren't meant to be stopped.
Man, as long as I can
still have sex with my wife,
then I'm good to go.
Man, I could be deaf and blind,
have both my arms and legs blown off,
and I'd still be happy with just my dick.
Man, you saved my life.
I didn't do shit, man.
You only got one leg.
But I gotta chance to be happy.
I was an ungrateful piece of shit before.
Life's too short to spend it being unhappy.
You're a fuckin' hero, dude, I'm free!
You know what your problem is?
You had this picture in your
head of what it'd be like
to save somebody, how they could walk,
or they could run,
but you can't write the ending
to somebody else's life, man.
It ain't up to you.
You lying son-of-a-bitch.
Looks like your back doesn't
hurt you after all.
Workman's comp, my ass.
You're the woman from over there.
You always make it a habit to
water your plants at night?
Shit has to grow.
You're obviously not from around here.
People do all kinds of
shit at night in Arizona.
Geri Woods.
Short for Geraldine, but
your ass can call me Geri.
Sydney, and your
ass can call me Sydney.
Yeah, see you around.
You sure you really want to do that?
And what is it that I'm doing?
Settin' yourself
up to fail, big time.
I'm sorry. Do you know me?
No, I don't, which
is pretty fuckin' weird
becuase I still know you're
settin' yourself up to fail.
You know what?
I'm just bringing donuts to my friend.
And I'm fuckin' Miss America.
You know, who do you think you are?
Whoa, look.
Don't get your panties all in a bunch.
I'm just tryin' to help you out.
You'll figure it out.
Hey, I...
I was just coming to get Matt.
Yeah, the boys are playing.
Here, I brought you these.
You okay? You wanna come in?
No I'm just...
I'll come get him later.
Hey, what if this was your one moment
to actually be happy?
Wouldn't you want to see
what it looks like?
Hey, Tony.
Come here, hon.
Can you get your brother's stuff together?
Your mom's going to be here soon.
Thanks, hon.
This friend of yours, Jane,
seems interesting.
So, she had an interview this morning?
Then what's she been doing for money
this whole time?
I think she's been working
as a spiritual healer,
but that was a long time ago.
Really? Equipped
with a crystal ball?
No, Corey.
She's been on disability.
You know, she's had a rough childhood.
Maybe you should give her a break.
A burn victim on disability?
Sounds like a claimant to me.
You know, not everybody's cheating.
Thanks for watchin' the babes.
That's awesome of you.
My wife's the one
with the big heart.
We met overseas.
High school sweethearts.
Daddy's little girl never saw me coming.
Yeah, Corey was in
the Marines at the time,
and I was a military brat.
He proposed to me three days after
my high school graduation.
Yeah. God, my parents flipped.
Well, that's really young.
I mean, you shouldn't stop
fishing on your first bite,
and, Corey, I mean, robbin'
the cradle just a little bit,
don't you think?
Just a little bit?
I'm just kidding.
I'm a little nervous.
Ehh, it's only 'cause
it's your first time.
Want a bite?
No, I'm good.
Are you sure?
Okay, one little one.
So do you believe in this whole
forbidden fruit thing?
Oh, no. I don't think about that.
What do you think about?
I don't know.
I think people should do
what they want to do,
be who they want to be,
as long as they follow Karma, you know?
Hi. We want a new look.
Yeah, something
really small and tasteful,
Hmm. Awesome.
We'll get you back here in 8 weeks,
at which point we'll start you on
the Synthroid medication, which
is just a tiny little pill
you'll take once a day for
the rest of your life.
Wait, I'm sorry.
Did you just say the rest of my life?
Mrs. Harris, after
the radioiodine treatment
runs its course, you'll
no longer have a thyroid,
but you still need the TSH to-
But wait, the cancer's gone, right?
The cancer is in your thyroid.
We need to destroy the thyroid
in order to destroy the cancer.
You'll be fine.
That tiny little pill is what's
going to keep you alive.
All right.
I'll pay you the remaining
200 in a couple weeks, okay?
Great. Thanks.
See ya.
Hey, babe.
Hey, guys. You ready?
Let's grab your stuff. Let's go.
Your hands don't tremble anymore.
Not as long as I
stay on my medication.
It was all worth the money then.
I'm going to work.
Jane has a friend who
needs help babysitting,
so I figured the extra cash would be good.
What, you miss Matt
being at home or something?
Maybe a little.
All right, you're too heavy. Go!
I got a week coming up in Colorado.
Why can't you just be still?
Because we need the money.
I got the promotion, you know,
and it requires more travel.
I need you here.
You think I like this?
Yeah, actually, I do.
You know, Corey, all you
need is an S on your chest
and a fucking red cape, you know?
I'd like you to come to
church with me on Saturday,
if you want.
You're kidding, right?
No, no, no, no.
I don't do the whole
organized religion thing.
I thought you were really into God.
Yeah, I'm spiritual, not religious.
How's that whole babysitting thing coming?
Oh, it's coming.
It's just extra cash right now,
but I think the baby's starting to like me.
Aww, what's not to like?
I like that shirt too.
Oh, this?
I wear it every day. It's
just my writing shirt.
I know.
What is it, like some mojo for you?
Good luck?
No, I don't believe in good luck.
It just gets me in my zone, you know?
I know.
I fucked a writer in college.
He was always in his head.
I don't know.
Maybe you were just his muse.
Just needed somebody
special for inspiration.
I don't think he felt that way.
Well, his loss.
It was pretty much only about sex.
Well, with all the fucking bastards,
it's all about sex.
I mean, I actually don't think I've ever
made love to anyone in my entire life.
What about your husband?
Mm. Calls every morning.
He writes letters,
but the one thing that I
really needed from him,
he just couldn't get it.
Boys, lunch is almost ready.
I mean, we just...
The only reason we got married
is 'cause I got pregnant.
Do you miss him?
I don't want to
talk about him anymore.
Mom, what's wrong with Jane?
Mommy, what's wrong?
Don't worry about it guys, okay?
Go on back. Give her a minute.
I didn't sign up for this.
I did not sign up for this,
and it's always me picking up the slack!
It's always me, just me!
Come on!
See if you can beat your mom.
Whatcha got?
Come on!
Come on, little man. Whatcha got?
Oh, what's that? Traveling!
Come on!
Look, Mommy!
There's Jane and Tony!
Hi, Matt!
Hey, Bud.
Hey, you!
Hey, buddy!
I didn't know you played ball.
Oh, it's not a big deal.
I just used to play back in high school.
You know what?
Tony just tried out for his team at school.
Could use some help.
I don't know if you're up for it.
Sydney, can you help me dribble
under my legs, please?
Sure, come on.
What's the matter? You can't do it, huh?
No, show me how you do it first.
Then I'll show you want to do.
So did all three
fall asleep in your room?
Yep, out like lights.
That move was actually pretty good.
Was the script well-written?
Yeah, it was okay.
It's really late.
Yeah, I'm gonna get going.
Are you okay with Matt staying here?
But you don't look
like you want to go.
No, I have to go.
I'm going.
Okay, fine. Leave.
You don't have to leave.
You don't have to go if you don't want to.
Why? You want me to stay?
I'm sorry.
Oh, my God.
Hey, sweetheart.
What's wrong?
Can I go back to sleep on you, Mommy?
Yeah, come here, babe.
I think we're going to get going.
You don't have to.
You can stay.
I mean, he's comfortable.
He might be up all night if you leave.
He didn't see a thing.
Whether he saw something or not
doesn't change the fact that it happened.
Hey, things happen.
Okay, well, you guys can sleep out here.
Feel free.
Good night.
Bless me, Father,
for I have sinned.
How long as it been
since your last confession?
Couple years, maybe.
Go on.
It's funny 'cause I
used to come once a month
when I was a little girl,
but that's when my mother made me.
Let's see.
I got angry with my son a few
times for not listening,
and I'm angry with my husband a lot,
and I'm just, I'm pissed.
Is that all, or is there much more?
I may have committed adultery,
and I don't know.
Maybe it was adultery.
I just, for one split second,
it just felt so right.
These are not
the types of situations
that the church handles.
I can give you the name and number
of a good marriage counselor.
But Father, I came to you for help!
I'm sorry.
That's the best that I can do for you.
Yes. Yeah, the bubble.
It isn't?
It is a bubble?
So, are you going to tell
me what this sad little act
is all about?
Are you sure?
Come on, baby. Just
tell me what's wrong.
Why can't Sydney play basketball
with me today?
She knows some cool moves,
just like Dad used to.
Yeah, she does.
You're right.
You know, Sydney's really busy.
She's got lots of stuff to do.
Like what?
Well, she's got a family.
Hi, baby.
Aren't we her family?
Yeah, sweet, but it's different.
Mommy, sometimes I don't miss Daddy.
I know. I know.
You know what?
I know how to play basketball too.
No, you don't.
Okay, Sydney is
much better than I am.
You're right.
Mommy, do you love Daddy?
Of course, sweetheart, why?
Well, you and Daddy don't kiss
like the men and women on TV.
You don't even hug each other.
Yeah, I guess we don't, huh?
Well, listen.
This has nothing to do with you, okay?
Hey, guess what.
I got you something!
Cool. I know you always wanted
to go to the moon, so I
just wanted you to know
that you can, and it's possible.
So, you never really told me
why do you want to go to the moon?
Because you can see
everything from there,
the whole world!
Everything, huh?
The whole world?
You can? How do you know?
You've never been, huh?
Matt, be careful!
What's going with you?
I'm gone a few days, and-
I'd hardly call
weeks at a time a few days.
Daddy, watch me go down the slide!
Let's get you to a doctor, Syd.
See if the cancer's spread.
For what? I'm fine.
I feel good.
Tell me what you
want for your birthday.
I hadn't even
really thought about it.
All right.
Why don't we go out to a nice restaurant?
We can have a nice dinner.
Maybe catch a movie afterwards.
Maybe Jane can watch Matt.
It's Corey.
Yeah. Hey, Bill.
Yup, I was actually hoping that could
wait a couple of weeks.
it's my wife's birthday.
Of course. I understand.
Corey out of town again?
No, he's here.
He's just over there hanging with Matt.
You know, Tony's
been asking about you.
Yeah. He's really
starting to like you.
I like you-
him, all of you.
I like all of you too.
Yeah, well.
You should go be with your family then.
Be with your husband.
You've, you've got a family.
Does that make me a bad person
that I want to be with you right now?
So, where are the boys?
Taking a nap.
I was at the store,
and all I could do was smell your perfume.
I was hoping you'd be
around the next aisle.
Sydney, don't. Just-
I was disappointed, so I'm here.
I want you to go.
Go before I get used to this.
I mean it.
Hey, bud. You
wanna do some homework?
Come on.
Put this one away.
Let's go.
First one.
Oh, smartie pants, are we?
How about a little harder one?
Can you let me
get it out of the box?
All right, you ready?
Aww, I gotcha on that one.
Excuse me.
Our home doesn't have to be perfect.
Yeah, well maybe it does to me.
You hear back from any
of the, you're agent people?
Five rejections.
I said five rejections, okay?
I'm no farther along now
than when I started 5 years ago.
Are you happy?
There's just one problem,
I don't know how to be anybody else.
Oh? Oh?
Gee, thanks for the words of encouragement.
What do you want me to do?
I can't make 'em want your scripts.
I'm not happy with you.
Shit, I didn't mean that.
Sure, you did.
No, Corey, wait.
Corey does know he's missing out
on your birthday, right?
Volunteering to work on a Saturday?
That's ridiculous.
He got called
out of town, you know?
They can call him any day of the week.
I got you something.
You didn't have to do that.
Shut up, just open it.
I love it.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now, pull it back,
pull it back.
Don't do that.
They're not home yet.
Hey there, friend of mine.
I hope you don't mind
if I, get a little closer to you
move up a little closer to you.
Hey there, friend of mine.
I used to live
up the street from you.
Can I move a little closer,
be a little closer to you.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's easier to
spell it out like this.
You better believe me,
and it's easier to put it like that.
It's easier to
throw out it like this.
Yeah, you better believe me, dear.
You better believe me, dear.
You better believe me.
Hey there, friend of mine.
I hope you don't mind
if I get up on the counter,
get a little louder.
Hey there, friend of mine,
you just take your good sweet time,
'cause if we go any faster,
this could end
up a disaster in time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It's easier to
spell it out like this.
You better believe me,
and it's easier to put it like that.
It's easier to
throw it out like this.
Yeah, you better believe me dear.
You better believe me dear.
Yeah, you better believe me.
Don't you stay with
me because you feel safe.
And don't you stay
with me because you're bored.
Don't you stay with
me because your heart aches,
and you don't want to be alone.
No, you don't wanna be alone.
I'll stay if I feel like home.
It feels like home.
It's easier to
spell it out like this.
Hey, you better believe me,
and it's easier to put it like that.
It's easier to
throw it out like this.
Yeah, you better believe me, dear.
You better believe me, dear.
You better believe me.
What are you doing?
Hey, nothing.
How'd you sleep?
Like I had five orgasms.
No wonder Corey wants to
fuck you all the time.
Why does it
always have to be 'fuck'?
Why can't it be...
What? Like making love?
I mean, I don't know, because fuck is fuck.
I mean it's just feelingless.
It's meaningless.
No, that's not what I meant.
I would never say that about you.
Yeah, but.
I love you.
What are you writing?
Wouldn't you like to know?
Yes, I would.
Is this about me? A poem?
Do you wanna know how I got burnt?
If you want to tell me.
Well, I never knew my dad,
and my mom left me at a
church when I was almost 4.
She left me with Ned.
Ned was my teddy bear.
She said if I took really good care of Ned,
that she'd come back for me.
She never came back,
but, yeah, I made sure to take care of Ned,
and my foster parents
who lived in New Mexico
and had like 10 children including me
were crazy,
and the summer before my kindergarten year,
yeah, I think that's when it was,
their house caught on fire,
and everyone was rushing out,
and I remember all I could think about
was saving my teddy bear
because I wanted to see my mom again.
So, I ran back to my room,
and I knew just where he was at,
and I opened the door,
and the room was on fire,
and all I could do was
hold on to the door sill
with my right hand,
and I reached in and
grabbed Ned with my left,
and he should have been right there,
but he wasn't, and I didn't save the bear.
And I never saw my mom again.
Then, in 6th grade, I got into writing.
That's really when I started writing
all my poetry and stuff,
all the pent-up feelings
and issues that I had
with my mom being gone,
and this stupid little teddy bear.
I just wrote about, and
wrote, and wrote, and wrote.
And it was during a time when I was
getting made fun of so much,
and I was so self-conscious about it all.
Just, yeah.
I think you're beautiful.
What'll you have?
Just a juice please.
Is this your
first time in a club?
Am I that transparent?
So, which one
of these guys is you
and your friend fighting over?
Is she dancing with him right now?
No, I'm not here for a guy.
I need a cold one!
You got it.
Come out here!
Come on.
Come on, we're in public.
Oh, what?
You can fuck me in my house,
but you can't hold my hand?
No, I just...
Am I hurting you?
That's the first time a
girl's asked me that.
Oh, my God, Jane.
This is our first date.
Oh, my God. It is.
This is our first date.
Happy anniversary.
Happy anniversa-
don't you have to be together like a year
before you can say that?
I don't care. Happy
fucking anniversary anyway.
Give me a kiss!
There's nobody here anymore.
Looks like you
ladies need a ride home.
You know what that is?
What are you trying to get me to do
or say, Corey?
To, to remember.
I want you to remember.
A friend of mine once told me
to keep pictures of things
you want out of life,
and focus on it until it becomes real.
What do you want?
For you to believe in me again.
I never stopped
believing in you, Corey.
You're the hardest working
person that I know.
You don't dream anymore.
You don't believe in the
impossible like you used to.
I never stopped dreaming.
I just stopped telling you
'cause you don't listen.
I deserve that.
You know, this wasn't supposed to
play out like this.
Then you change the ending.
I need you to remember.
You see that?
That's the only family
vacation we ever had.
I can't work for someone
else the rest of my life,
and I understand that now.
I'm going to own my own business.
I'm the one you have to believe in.
Dream with me again.
She what?
I woke up this
morning, she was gone.
I don't find anything
funny about this, Jane.
You sure you haven't seen her?
No, I haven't.
Um, excuse me.
She having an affair, huh?
Some fuckin' rich bastard?
Some pipe dreamin' artist?
Some shit like that?
Is that what you're worried about?
An artist?
God, you're...
No, no. She's not with an arist,
and even if she was with an artist,
he's probably gay and can't fuck her
because he's gay and he
wouldn't want to fuck her.
No, she's not here.
Is there anything else you need?
Shit. Fuck.
Oh, my God.
Hey, buddy.
Oh, my God, where were you?
I was so worried.
Come with me.
We can start our whole life over.
Listen, I got a little place.
It's not much, but I've been waiting tables
at this restaurant,
and it's just going to have to do
until I can sell my scripts.
Wait a second.
What are you talking about?
Are you hearing yourself?
I love you.
Whoa, you're saying
you want to be with me?
I mean, just me?
What do you say?
Come with me.
Sydney, are you okay?
It's okay.
I just haven't been taking my meds,
so don't worry.
I feel alive again, babe.
I feel like a little girl
who still believes in
Santa Claus and miracles.
Fucking ho, ho, ho.
Where the fuck do
you keep coming from, huh?
I'm just trying to stop your ass
from going down the same path that I did.
Are you kidding me?
Have you looked in the mirror?
You're the fucking poster child
for the lesbian coalition.
I admit.
I've probably fucked enough
beautiful ladies in my life,
but that's not the point.
Oh yeah? What is your point?
I don't do that shit anymore.
Oh, come on.
Yeah, I was married to a woman before.
I did the whole falling in love thing.
I really loved her though.
We lived up in Colorado
and, oh man, it was cold.
I'm sorry, did I ask
you for your life story?
Every morning, she'd
go out to get the paper.
She'd put my coat on.
I could smell her perfume all day long.
Oh, and what happened?
She set me free.
You mean she left your ass.
That's irrelevant.
She left her ass.
I left her, okay?
Something was missing from my life.
Couldn't put my finger on it.
Even though I loved Carla,
something was just fucking missing.
I came to know Jesus.
He kinda makes you wanna
be a better person.
Great. Fucking Christian
coalition in my backyard.
I wasn't livin' right.
Taking a married woman from her husband.
Oh, so what?
This is your redemption, Geri?
You save me and you get even with God?
I'm not here for me.
There's a fuckin' price
you pay for your lives.
You guys realize that?
You can't serve God
and do whatever the fuck you want.
Oh, so I'm not good enough now?
I'm not saying that.
I'm saying stop fuckin' up!
Shit, you're married, Sydney.
As much as I hate to admit it,
God actually thinks it makes sense
for a man and woman to be together.
I don't know why, but he does.
You've gotta be kidding me.
So, you're saying you
fuckin' some Joe Blow now?
Hell, no!
I'm not into men.
I'm just by myself.
Oh, so you choose to be lonely.
I'm not lonely!
Me and Jesus are like this.
He's all I ever need.
I'm outta here.
The only thing either of you wanted
in the first place was love,
and you don't think God is big enough
to provide that for you,
the way He wants to?
You know, I don't understand
why do you care so much about me, huh?
Just come to one
church service with me.
If God isn't as good as I say He is,
you can call me a fuckin' liar,
and I'll never come around you guys again.
Fine. One.
Got it? Just one.
Feel like I just got out of jail.
Feel like I've
been let out of a cage.
Feel like I just have arrived.
Breathe, now is the time.
Wow, you came back.
Of course I did.
I never left.
If this was your one chance to be happy,
wouldn't you want to see
what it looks like?
Just let me breathe.
I feel liberated, I feel strong.
Breathe. God, it's
been so fucking long.
Breathe. Feel like
I just have come home.
Breathe, just let me breathe.
It's been too long,
I had to leave, that's why I'm here.
Let me breathe. Let me breathe.
Hey, baby.
What's up?
Whatcha doin'?
Wanna do one?
Yeah, I'd love to.
These are great.
Thank you.
Aww, Basketball babe.
This one needs something, texture.
Do you wanna do it?
Okay, great.
So you got her shirt back.
What else do you want from us?
Corey, I don't know what to...
Jesus Christ, you're
wearing her sports bra.
Look, she's going
to be home any minute.
Just please, please.
Is your dick bigger than mine, huh?
Is that why, why you're the winner?
Apparently, you
don't need one to win.
Oh, fuck you!
FUCK you!
My wife was naive. You preyed on that shit.
You're an arrogant bastard!
You just don't get it, do you?
You don't see it.
See what?
SEE WHAT? What is it that I don't see!?
That she's in love!
No, no. She's not in love.
You hear me?
You're a goddam liar!
No, fuck you, Corey.
I'm the one who saved your
wife that night in the street.
We were strangers before that,
and I know now, and I knew right then
that there are no coincidences in life,
just fate, as it happens,
and I had to see if she
was gonna come back to me
on her own, and she did,
and she saw me for, for me.
Oh, my God.
Sydney, wait.
Sydney, I was gonna tell you.
What are you doing?
I want my son.
Jane, this is between Corey and I.
Get inside.
That is OUR son!
And is what, is the same
son that you never see
because you're always working.
That's not fair.
I put a roof over his head,
put food in his mouth.
Matt, let's go!
Stop it!
Do you really want him to see
us doing this right here?
No, I don't want him to see this.
Just like I don't want
him to see his mother
with some welfare bitch from next door.
You think for a second I'm
not fightin' you for Matt,
you have another thing
coming, you got that?
What are you trying to prove?
Nothing, Corey!
Okay, nothing!
Are you moving towards something
or running away from something?
You know what, Corey?
If you would've asked me that months ago,
I wouldn't have known the answer.
But I think you know the
answer and it scares you.
Well, you know what? It scared me too.
Good morning.
Today, I want to talk to you about
wanting something from God.
I said, wanting something from God.
You see, you can pray
and ask for anything you want and get it,
as long as it lines up
with the word of God.
You want joy, peace, a great marriage?
Ask God and allow Him to order your steps
and watch what happens.
Ha-ha. Oh, come on, now.
You see, the effectual fervent prayer
of a righteous man availeth much.
Oh, ya'll don't know what
I'm talkin' about today.
I want you to open with me in your Bibles
to James 5 and 16.
That's James, chapter 5, verse 16.
It says, "Therefore, confess your sins
"to one another, and pray for one another,
"that you may be healed."
Aw, come on. Can I get an Amen?
Aw, yes.
You see, the prayer of the
righteous is powerful
and effective.
Aw, ya'll don't know what
I'm talkin' about today.
You see, we all want things from God.
Oh, we do, but are we
prepared to receive them?
Stay with me now.
You see, God's not trying to condemn you.
God wants to heal you, heal your wounds.
Be they emotional or physical,
but you see, God looks at the heart.
Do you have a heart to do right?
Hey, thanks for the ride.
Sure, no problem.
It's easy to get caught up, huh?
Soon as you had that thought in your head
and you weren't willing to let it go,
it was only a matter of time.
A matter of time before what?
Oh, I don't know.
Fucking your little girlfriend, maybe.
You know, it's not even like that.
Oh, come on.
Who do you think you're talkin' to?
It's exactly like that.
Hey, I know you love her.
Fuck, Jane is pretty.
I see what you see in her.
No you don't.
How do you think I felt about Carla?
I don't know. How did you feel?
We built this tree
house without a roof.
Man, in the summertimes,
we'd go down there,
and we would stare at the stars all night.
Sounds nice.
Yeah. Sometimes,
sometimes I can still feel
her lying next to me.
Wait, okay, you're
totally confusing me.
So you're telling me you
love somebody that much,
but you're willing to walk away.
You don't even give it a second thought?
You think it was easy
for me to just walk away?
I fuckin' loved that girl!
But I loved God too.
I had to make a choice.
You see, Syd, something is
always gotta be given up.
When you think about the
incredible sacrifices
that Jesus Christ made
for humanity, for us,
the sacrifices that we have to make for Him
are like nothing.
I gotta save as many people as I can.
Save them from what?
You know what?
I've played by every
fucking rule in that book,
and you're telling me that God
is a god that wants us to be miserable
so that we can show Him our love?
I'm saying you have a choice to make.
What the fuck are you gonna do?
I made my choice!
Yeah, the wrong one.
You know what?
That's the shit I don't like.
Yeah, oh, free will, no condemnation.
Free will?
There's only one will in the church,
and that's God's or you go to hell.
I didn't say it was gonna be easy.
You think I like men?
You think I wanna fuckin' be with a man?
Hell, no!
I made the choice to be by myself
for the rest of my life.
That's the kind of shit
I'm talking about giving up, Sydney.
Well, that sucks.
Well, fuckin' grow up.
Why didn't you tell me it was you?
Because I,
I wanted you to fall in
love with me on your own.
You know? With just plain Jane.
With all my ugly sides, you know?
Not some girl that you're indebted to,
or you think you owe.
It's the same way I wanted
to fall for you, if I did.
I just, without force,
so I had to wait for us to meet naturally,
so I knew for sure.
I write in this shirt.
This is my favorite shirt.
Yeah, that?
You're going to have to
ask your husband about
because he had this really crazy
Edward Scissorhand thing
going on the other day.
I'm sorry. I should've told you.
It's okay.
Oh, don't let him take it!
Come here.
Gimme the ball!
Can you help Tony with his lay-ups?
He just takes jump shots in games.
Yeah, sure.
Hey, can you go sit over there
and play with John for a minute?
Mom, I wanna play with you and Tony.
Just for a minute,
sweetheart, okay?
Then you can come back and play, I promise.
I don't wanna play with John.
He just sits there.
I wanna play basketball.
Come here.
Hey, what is this attitude about?
I don't have time for this.
You're my mom, not his.
Oh, I can't help anyone else?
You know what? I think
you need to go sit down
next to Jane and John,
and think about thow to be a nicer person.
But, Mom.
Don't 'But, Mom.' Go!
I mean it!
Hey, when you become
a big famous astronaut,
I want you to come back and
tell me what it's like
to float through the air.
Why would I be floating?
You'll see.
Mommy, are you gonna marry Jane?
I don't know.
Do you want me to marry Jane?
No. I want you to be with Daddy.
He's a good daddy.
Can I join my family?
Hey, buddy.
Corey, what are you doing here?
I thought I'd find you here.
I brought some sandwiches
and some water in there.
I'm not leaving here without Matt.
My son needs his father.
Oh, really?
And what are you gonna do with him
when you're gone every single week, huh?
Sydney, I quit.
And now, and now we can do this.
You and me and Matt, you said so yourself.
We make sense.
Do you really
wanna be with somebody
who's not in love with you?
Is that fair to you or to me, huh?
I remember our dreams, Corey, I do.
But that's all they were.
They were just dreams.
They were illusions that couldn't have been
further from the truth, and you know it.
What would make you
want to be with another woman?
Where did I fail you as a man?
You didn't fail me, Corey.
You didn't do anything.
God, you're handsome,
you're smart, you're loyal.
You are every woman's fantasy.
You're just not-
Don't, don't, don't, don't.
This is not how this was supposed to end.
Oh, yeah?
Then how's it supposed to end, Corey, huh?
How about you tell me?
You wanna know?
I'll fucking show you.
Matt, let's go! We're going home!
Stop it!
I am not going to play
tug of war with our son!
You think you're just going to get
everything you want?
You think I'm just going to sit back while,
while you're with her in front of my son?
Right next door to me?
Are you done?
I'm done when I say I'm done.
I can't make myself
be in love with you, okay?
I tried for five years, but
I can't do it anymore.
I don't want this plastic life, okay?
I want the real thing,
why can't you get that?
Stop! Corey, don't do this, please.
Corey, stop!
Please, stop. Don't do this.
Oh, God!
What are you doing?
How did you know this is so what I needed?
Mmm, 'cause I just know.
Oh, you just know?
What do you know?
Remember when you told me
there was one thing that
Jimmy couldn't give you?
I know what that one thing is now.
So, I got a new idea for a screenplay.
You do?
What is it?
I mean this whole situation.
It's like a movie, you know?
Really? This?
Hmm. Who do you think would play me?
Somebody beautiful.
I'm really excited about it.
Yeah. Is that what
tonight was all about?
No. Tonight was about you.
The screenplay thing was
just icing on the cake.
You haven't written
anything in a while.
I know.
That's one of the things I
wanted to talk to you about.
I want to go up to Sedona in the
mountains, just for a week.
I have to go alone.
I need to get started on my script.
Listen, I didn't tell you before,
but I have an agent who
wants to represent me.
Yeah, and a Hollywood producer
made me an offer on my script.
Oh, my God! Sydney, this is huge!
I know.
Well, even though they took the first one,
they want me to write
another one, and babe,
I gotta knock their fuckin'
socks off on this one,
or I'm totally screwed.
Oh, why wouldn't they like it?
Oh, come on.
Hollywood's not exactly female friendly.
They don't really take women seriously.
Oh, bullshit.
They don't know you.
Oh, my God!
Oh, babe, you feel so good.
I'm in love with you.
Are you serious?
A dog.
Is it a dog or a monkey?
A monkey.
It says to go down.
Hit pause, Matt.
What's going on here?
This woman...
Corey, man.
It's not your story.
You gotta let it go.
You have to forgive 'em.
She was your wife, man.
She wrote her ending.
You gotta stand up like
a man and write yours.
What are you looking at?
A frightened child.
Oh, you don't know me.
Oh, come on, come.
None of you know me.
You look at me and you just see one thing.
She looked at me and saw everything!
Everything I could be, and all that I am,
and everything I could be.
None of you idiots could see
what people could be...
I can't do this.
Oh, baby. We didn't have enough time.
I needed you to stay
because we didn't have enough time.
There must be some kind of mistake.
My wife and I never had life insurance.
We couldn't even afford health insurance.
Well, Mr. Harris.
It says here that she's had it since 1977,
a year after she was born.
She requested you and your
son be the beneficiaries
just a few months ago.
But her, her thyroid cancer.
The policy
covers all causes of death,
Mr. Harris, with the exception of suicide.
We apologize for the delay
in getting your check.
There was actually a matter with
the Sedona police department
that needed to be squared away first.
The police?
Hey, babe.
It feels so good to be up here.
I mean, I really feel at home.
Like I'm at your home.
It was amazing.
I was down by the creek
writing the other day,
and, God, it felt so good.
I mean, it was really, really good,
and I just want you to know,
I really appreciate you understanding
why I had to come up here.
You'd be so proud of me, babe.
I finished the screenplay.
What if on my laptop, right now,
is the next Academy
Award-winning screenplay?
Can you imagine?
Hm. I know it
seems silly, but it's me.
I mean, I wanna believe in
what seems like the impossible
or what Corey likes to call pipe dreams.
All I ever wanted
was for you to believe in my career, Corey.
You know, for you to believe in me.
I don't know if would
have changed anything,
but it would have been nice.
I love her.
I'm in love with her, and I know it hurts,
but I can't lie to you and to Matt,
and I cannot lie to myself.
I don't want to say goodbye like this.
Before she left,
did you think she was
going to kill herself?
What are you talking about?
Sydney, her character
in her script kills herself,
and the movie, the screenplay
just fuckin' ends.
I, my character goes his way,
your character goes hers.
No, she wouldn't kill herself.
Samantha cuts her apple
Samantha is Sydney.
Samantha cuts her apple into fours,
eating each piece slowly
like it's her last.
Finishing her last bite,
Samantha lays in the middle of her bed
with the knife, holding
it up to her wrists,
and slits herself.
Blood squirts everywhere, she dies.
Sydney's a brilliant screenwriter.
She made up all that bullshit
to impress producers.
She died because the cancer
spread, and you know that.
You wouldn't have gotten
any insurance money
off a suicide anyway.
How did you know I...
No, no, no.
They claimed they traced the cause of death
back to the cancer.
Her body was found in her cabin,
in the middle of the bed.
I don't believe you.
She wouldn't have killed herself.
She was happy.
She loves me, and I love her.
Why don't you spare me
the Hallmark greeting card, okay?
Oh, fuck you, Corey.
I mean, it's not like she
can be with me anymore.
What do you want from this?
What the fuck do you want?
Because if she killed herself,
it's because she was hurting.
She was miserable, and she was lonely,
even with you.
Death, or death was her only way out.
She was none of those things.
Rest in my love.
Oh, rest in my love.
Jane Smith?
There a Jane Smith here?
Is this your first interview
with Trendy Cards?
Rest in my love.
Rest in my peace.
Oh, rest in my peace.
While the world goes spinnin' round.
Rest in my peace.
The world keeps
changin', and life rearrangin'
Are you scared?
No, just daydreaming.
So rest in my love.
Oh, rest in my love.
While the world goes spinnin' round,
rest in my love.
Rest in my love.
Wanna be alive, wanna be alive.
Yo, yo, I wanna
live my life another day.
I wanna live my life without pain.
I wanna live my life without shame.
Just wanna stop
runnin' and runnin' away.
Just a fan, that's a hearthrob.
Promiscuous female seed,
which is why I'm a lonely man
waiting for life
to tire of her affair.
I wanna chance to
hold her, to kiss her,
to smell her hair.
Corey is a disciplined guy.
Has a lot of pride.
He's a Marine.
He's moving his wife and son to Arizona
for a fresh start from the East Coast.
Once his wife gets sick,
and she has this medical illness,
he has to deal with that
on top of everything else,
which is already a strained relationship,
and then on top of that,
with Corey being gone a lot,
his wife happens to meet a neighbor,
and they fall in love.
My role is, name's Tony,
and he is one of the sons of Jane.
Playing Jane has been very fun
because she's a lot like me.
I had a rough childhood in some aspects,
and so I've drawn on a lot of those things
that have happened to me,
that are very similar
to Jane's experiences.
So I have put a lot of me into the role,
a lot more me than I normally get to do.
Jane Smith's character,
played by Rachel Owens,
she's more Bohemian, free-spirited girl.
She's also into, like, Tarot cards
and Buddha, and all that,
so I used real warm, earthy colors,
a lot more textures, softer textures,
more round edges.
Ask God, and allow
him to order your steps,
and watch what happens! Ha ha!
Well, Pastor Rita, she actually came from
the rough side of town.
She had quite a problem with drugs,
and she really pulled herself up
through going to church and
changing her life around,
and she's tough.
She's straightforward, no nonsense.
She tells it like it is.
My character is
Staff Sergeant Maverick,
and he is the soldier in
lead of our lead actor,
another supporting actor.
Stop the bleeding!
Get your goddamn
shit together, jarhead!
Fuckin' move!
And I am just really a little jerk.
I play the role of John Duncan,
which is Corey's best
friend in the Gulf War.
He's just a good ol' boy.
Back home, everyone loves him.
Speaks the truth.
He doesn't really sugar coat anything.
But you can't write the ending
to somebody else's life, man.
It ain't up to you.
I first started when I was 4,
and now I'm 7, so that's 3 years.
He's a 5-year-old kid who
goes to kindergarten,
and he has a mom and a dad,
and their names are Corey and Sydney.
I had an opportunity to be
the location scout, which was really fun,
very rewarding.
People tell you, "Yes, absolutely.
"You can use our place,"
and then when you go back to
sign the property release
form, they come back and say,
"Sorry, we changed our mind."
Here's the story:
Now, we're shootin' at this park.
We found this park and we kept it
because originally, our houses locations
was this one over here was
supposed to be Jane's house,
and that one over there, 519,
that was supposed to be Sydney's house,
and, like, last minute,
we had them locked down,
whatever happened, they fell through,
and so that was part of
our saga and challenge
of getting the houses down on 4th Avenue.
It's just learning
to be very flexible
and just never giving up,
and just fighting to the last minute,
'til you finally secure the location.
But then we ended up
diagonal from each other,
which is truly how it's
written in the script,
so everything always works out, you know?
We're using a special type of makeup.
We could have gone out
and got actual rub-off tatoos made
to make this process easier
for the limited number of
days that she's on it,
we'll just hand paint them like this.
As you know, the
process of being a producer
and putting a film together,
finding the right crew with the right vibe,
and everyone gets along as such,
so my overall with, who we have
on this project right now,
has been totally awesome.
Everyone's cooperative,
everyone works well,
communication is there,
and the project's moving
along at a great pace,
and I can appreciate that.
It is 6:44, running behind,
but we're going to make it up.
We're gonna get ready to be done
with 8 and 4/8th pages in about nine hours.
This company called MACV,
he provided a lot of their gear,
uniforms, the tents, stuff like that.
I was more about connecting with people
and doing my research
and making sure everything
was period-appropriate,
because I don't want any
Marines seeing this movie
and picking anything out,
and being like, "Hey, that's
not how it happened,"
or "We didn't have that there."
I was also in desert storm,
so I was able to draw upon my experience
of being in the desert,
being over there when missiles
were flying overhead.
Things like that to things you
don't really wanna recall,
but in this case, it served a purpose.
The biggest challenge
for me was the arm.
Jane Smith is a burn victim,
and originally in the script,
she wasn't a burn victim.
She had CP, and we decided to change it
to a burn victim for the story,
the director decided to change it,
so I've had collodion on my arm
to produce the scar
damage and tissue damage.
That's been really hard because the removal
and application of the actual collodion
is very rough on my skin,
and surprisingly, that
has affected all aspects
of performance because
it hinders my movement,
and it's on my mind,
but at the same time, it helps me because
that's something that a burn
victim would deal with.
Films are normally done with
a lot of emotion from the
director and the writer anyway,
but in this case, I just
felt something different
in Nitara and Maury,
I mean they're just good people,
and it's something I knew
I wanted to be a part of.
She had us go out and
have, like, family days,
where it's just us hangin' out at the park,
playin' ball, just 'til
all of us are, you know,
familiar and comfortable with each other,
so once we get on set,
it's not just, you know,
strangers, you know, acting.
This past year, it was really
great to see how excited
she was, and how much this
project meant to her,
because it makes you wanna
work that much harder,
and just do everything you
can, you know what I mean?
Because that's what she's doing.
He needs some love.
Nitara's directing
is actually much different
than in rehearsals.
On set, this is what she tells me.
"Just look good on film!"
So, I know what she means by that, though,
because we did so much rehearsal.
I see great
things for this film,
I really do.
I think it's a fantastic project,
a great subject matter,
and I think it's well
done with great actors,
great direction, great everybody.