Running Out of Time (2018) Movie Script

A beautiful soul
was laid to rest today
as family, friends
and government officials,
all gathered to pay
their final respects
to California senator's
Chief of Staff, Clarence Harper.
Many spoke in high
regards of Harper,
with sentiments such as
God-fearing, humanitarian,
and an adamant fighter
for equal rights.
But more personally than that,
he was a man of faith and honor,
and deeply devoted
to his family.
Before being
appointed to office,
Harper was a long-time associate
of California senator
and presidential candidate,
Conrad Toms.
Toms suspended his campaign
today to speak with us briefly
on the loss of someone so vital
to his administrative staff.
Clarence was more
than my chief of staff
for the last 11 years,
he was my close friend.
He meant so much
to so many people.
My prayers and condolences go
out to his wife and his daughter.
I can't imagine what
they're going through.
Thank you.
Shock and awe is the
common state of mind
for all the attendees
here today.
Clarence Harper
suffered a heart attack
just nine days ago,
at a young age of 48.
Words cannot
express the honor
it was to know a man
like Clarence.
I could not have asked for a
better friend and confidant.
you will deeply be missed.
For KILT News, Washington DC,
this is Pamela O'Dell.
Back to you, Steve.
Are you okay, Gammy?
Oh, baby...
I grew up a poor black
girl in the Deep South
in the '50s and '60s.
I've survived a lot
more than this.
It's gonna take more
than a little cough to take me out.
Just give your feet
some rest, Momma, come on.
- I'll take her to the car.
- Okay, honey.
I am so sorry.
Thanks for coming, Conrad.
Wouldn't have missed it
for the world.
Suzy would have been here,
but she's in Texas
campaigning for the
upcoming election and--
It's okay. I understand,
just please give her my love, all right?
Will do.
- Anything you need.
- I know.
Thank you.
- Oh, honey. Pam. Baby, please.
- I'm so sorry.
Hold it together, baby.
I'm hanging on by a thread here.
I'm so sorry,
I just can't believe my program
director made me cover that.
Honey, Clarence would
have had it no other way.
You know that, right?
- Hi, Cain. Thank you for coming.
- I know.
Mister O'Dell!
- Sir.
- Hey.
Look, I know how close
you and Clarence were.
Let's meet next week to discuss
the duties you'll be inheriting
as my new chief of staff.
- Mighty big shoes to fill.
- I won't let you down, sir.
I don't suppose you will.
Hey, are you making
it to the burial?
No, I have thing to attend to,
but you take care.
Watch your head, sir.
Thanks, son. I don't know
what I'd do without you.
Yes, sir.
Couldn't wait to turn the moment into a
self-absorbed business as usual, right?
I'm surprised he waited
as long as he did.
When he got up to speak,
I thought he was gonna start
spouting his campaign slogan.
"Let's reset America."
Brenda, how are you doing?
I am doing okay.
You know, this whole thing...
It's just really
hard to take in, you know.
- Clarence was like a brother.
- Yes.
I know. I know.
What about Kristen?
She's still not talking to you?
She lets me get a
word in every once in a while.
She still refuses to cry
in front of me though, you know.
- Yeah.
- I wonder where she gets that stubbornness from.
- Exactly.
- Me. Guilty as charged.
I am taking her to the
summer home for the week,
so hopefully, that'll be
good for her, you know.
Well, hopefully it'd be
good for both of you, guys.
You know, we here
if you need us.
I know, baby. Give me a kiss.
All right.
Can I have a kiss? Kiss.
Kris Kross.
Hey, honey, you good?
Why do we have to be here?
I thought it would be good
for us to get out of the city.
You know, away from
all the cameras.
Plus, the fresh air
is good for Mom.
So, I didn't get a vote?
Please don't make this
harder than it already is.
We really need each
other right now.
No, baby, let her go.
You know, she going to have to
work all this out on her own way
and in her own time.
Not unlike some other
teenager I used to know.
Could nobody tell you nothin'.
It's so
beautiful out here.
I love it out here.
So peaceful.
Let me get you
in the house, Mom.
I'll come back out and
get the luggage, okay?
All right, baby.
Oh, baby.
It's all right. Momma's here.
You can do this.
I got you.
Come on.
Deep breath.
Come on.
Kris Kross.
Can we talk?
I don't really
want to right now.
Oh, well...
You don't have a choice.
Look at this.
I haven't seen you in this room
since you were a little girl.
You and Daddy would always play
hide-and-seek, remember that?
You would always hide
under the bed,
he'd pretend like he didn't know
where you were, but he always knew.
It looks like hide-and-go-seek is
officially done being played in this house.
Oh, honey, baby...
I wish I could tell you it's all
gonna get better soon, but I can't.
I was 28 when my daddy died...
and I still miss him.
You know, you're gonna
have some good days,
you're gonna have
some bad days,
but after a while,
your memories of him
will go from giving you pain
to making you smile for every
time he made you happy.
I yelled at him.
It's okay. But guess what?
I would have yelled at
my daddy too
if he would have been
reading my diary.
I just...
It just made me mad how
he found out about Justin.
Honey, he was just
an overprotective dad.
You were Daddy's
little girl, that's all.
I know.
But it wasn't even that serious.
We just went on a few dates.
- Are you sure that was it?
- Yes, Mom.
God, you know, we
didn't have sex.
Well then what did he read?
It doesn't even matter.
I still did too much when
he dropped me off at school.
I told him to get
out of my life.
And then I...
I got out of the car and
I slammed the door and--
That was it.
I didn't even say I love you.
Mom, I always say I love you.
But not that day.
My last words to my dad
were, "Get out of my life",
and I can't take it back.
Come here. Come here.
It's okay, honey.
Look at me. Look at me.
Kris Kross.
Daddy knew exactly
how much you loved him. I mean--
I don't know that, Mom,
'cause he's not here.
All I know is that
I can't say I'm sorry.
I should have just said,
"I love you", Mom.
I should have just
said, "I love you."
Hmm, baby.
I'm gonna go make
Gammy some soup.
I love you, Kris Kross.
I love my Kris Kross.
Here you go, Gammy.
What you say, baby?
I said, "Here you go."
I brought you some soup
and your pain meds.
I know you didn't bring me any
whisky with this soup, did you?
Well, Gammy came prepared.
Look in my bag right
there, the top zipper.
Hand me that bottle
and my shot glass too.
Ah, Gammy.
You can't be getting
turnt up, you're too old.
Plus, you know Mom always says
you can't mix whisky
with your pain meds.
What is this "turnt up"?
It's what we say.
It's like high energy
or feeling good.
You know, like when
you turn up music,
it's like turning up your body.
You know I aint into that lingo
talk y'all kids into these days.
You just give me some
Smokey and some whisky,
I'm gonna turn up
all night long.
What's "Smokey"?
The reason you're alive.
Oh, Gammy.
That's disgusting.
Oh, baby, it's so good
to see you laugh,
even if it's only for a second.
- Gammy loves you.
- I love you too.
- Good night, Gammy.
- Good night, baby.
I love you.
- Sleep well.
- You too.
Hey, Momma.
Do you need anything?
No, baby, I'm fine.
Mom, how many
times have I told you
not to mix your whisky
with your pills?
Last time you did that,
you slept for days!
Hush up, Brenda.
I'm turnt up.
You must have been
talking to Kristen.
Uhm. Speaking of which,
did you talk to her?
I talked to her a little bit.
She's really sad.
You know that the last words
to her dad were in anger.
Oh, that poor baby.
Well, you know, in time
she'll come to realize
that it was nothing
but puberty talking.
Shoot, my last word to your
daddy was about his gas.
I swear that man could clear
out Madison Square Garden.
Momma, stop talking
about Daddy like that.
Child, you know your daddy
was a walking propane tank.
That's why we never kept
matches in the house.
You are too much, Mom.
- I miss him.
- Me too.
You are good? You don't
need anything else?
No, I was going to have you
put my phone on the charger,
but I think I--
No, I don't know what
I'm talking about, honey.
These pills and that whisky
are about to put me
down for the count.
- Okay.
- Can you take this with you, baby?
- I got you, Momma.
- Wait, I'll keep that.
- Just in case.
- Of course, you will.
- All right, baby.
- Ah.
- I love you.
- I love you.
I love you more.
Make sure you get
some rest, okay?
Rough day.
Cain. Hi, honey,
what are you doing here?
- It's past midnight.
- I know.
- I know. I just--
- Are you okay?
I just need to talk to you.
Okay, baby. Come on,
come have a seat.
You look like you need a drink.
All right, just come in.
- Sit down, honey.
- Okay.
- What is going on?
- It's just...
I can't believe
this is happening.
I can't believe
this is happening.
I know that yesterday was
hard on all of us, okay, baby.
But you just calm down.
Okay, honey?
I know how you feel, babe.
Okay, honey, just tell me,
what's wrong? What's going on?
We got to do what they say.
What are you talking about?
Whose "they"?
Where's Pam?
Where's Pam?
Okay, okay.
- Okay, okay.
- What's going on?
- Cain?
- Okay.
- Cain, what's going on?
- Shh.
Brenda, they made me do it.
- On your knees!
- No!
- Okay.
- Kristen!
- No. Oh!
- Down!
- Where's the girl?
- Upstairs, to the left.
- Go.
- I'm sorry.
- Up!
- Okay, okay.
- Okay, okay.
- Move!
Okay, okay.
Everything okay?
You, there.
- Mom! Mom!
- Baby!
No! Let go!
- No!
- Baby!
- Mom!
- No! Don't touch her!
Are you okay, baby?
- What's happening, Mom?
- I don't know, baby.
Okay. I did everything
that you asked me to do,
so could you please just
let me and my family--?
Let's not get excited.
I'm a real trigger-happy
and you're testing me now.
Whatever it is you want,
just please take it and go.
We'll get to all
that in a second.
First things first.
Is there anyone else
in the house?
Is that true, Mr. O'Dell?
Her mother is upstairs.
What are you doing?
- I'm sorry.
- Tsk, tsk.
The question is, Mrs. Harper,
what are you doing?
Because you don't know
who we are or why we're here,
yet you look to escalate
the situation by lying to us.
Not very smart.
And I was led to believe
by your little friend here
that you were very intelligent.
She's just an old lady
with lung cancer
and bad hearing.
And she had taken a sleeping pill so
she can sleep through a hurricane.
She's no threat
to you, I promise.
Go check it out.
If she's asleep, leave her.
We don't need another
variable in this situation.
It's not necessary.
Copy that.
You see how that works,
Mrs. Harper?
I give the orders. You shut
your mouth and listen.
I have money or
whatever it is you want,
just, please, leave me
and my family alone.
Sorry, ma'am,
I'm giving the orders,
but not calling the shots.
She was right,
the old lady is out.
I found these in the
upstairs bedrooms.
Are there any other phones in
this house besides the landline?
No. What do you want?
Really, Mrs. Harper?
You know why we're here, you
should have been expecting us.
So, get up,
come with me. You too.
Watch the girl.
I'm not leaving without
my daughter, please.
You just buried your husband,
it'd be a damn shame
to bury your daughter too.
Don't worry...
- Mom!
- I'll take real good care of her.
Don't you dare!
Leave my daughter alone!
Leave her alone!
Control yourself.
We promise we're not gonna
hurt you or your daughter
as long as you comply.
It's okay, it's okay, baby.
It's okay, Kris.
You know, I feel sorry
for you, Mrs. Harper.
The loving doting
wife turned widow
who left her job as an elite
chef to be a stay-at-home mother
and support her
husband's career.
You know, I can't imagine
all the questions
that must be going through
your head right now.
But the short answer is,
Clarence is the one that put you
and your daughter
in this situation.
So I need everything
he left you right now.
I've checked your house
in DC and Atlanta,
and this is the last
stone unturned.
Everything is in the safe.
And where's
the safe exactly.
It's in the study.
- Then, let's go.
- Okay.
- You too! Let's go.
- Okay.
Okay, okay.
- Mom!
- Okay, baby.
Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Both of you on the floor
on your knees, now.
Where's the safe?
It's right there in the cabinet.
The, uh, combination is still
your daughter's birthday?
I'll take that as a yes.
Oh, please.
Now we're getting somewhere.
The deed to your house?
What is this, Mrs. Harper?
There's money right
there in the safe.
Please, if you want more,
I can get you more.
Money? Do you think
we want your money?
Where is the file?
I don't know what file
you're talking about.
The one that Mr. O'Dell here
says you have in your possession.
No, no, no.
I told you...
I told you that I wasn't sure.
Are you calling me
a liar, Mr. O'Dell?
Listen, there's at least
$50,000 in the safe.
If you got what was in the
safe at my other homes,
you should have
clearly over $150,000
for you and your friend.
I beg you to please
just take it and go.
And just please, let us go
because there is no file here.
The boss isn't interested
in your little money.
What he is interested
in is the file!
So either you give
me the file we want,
or I make everybody that
knows about the file disappear.
- Oh. God.
- Copy that?
I know you.
- What was that?
- I said I...
- I said I know you.
- Are you sure about that, Chief?
Yeah, you're in
the Senator's security.
Detail agent.
Ah... Spears? Agent Spears.
Well, I guess this changes
things a bit now, doesn't it?
We don't know who you are.
My daughter still
hasn't seen your face.
Whatever it is that
you are looking for,
I promise you, I will get it.
I'm just begging you to please
let my daughter go, please.
Let her go.
Well, looks like we've graduated
from plan A to plan B.
- Up.
- No, please.
- Now!
- Okay, okay.
- Okay, okay.
- Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
Kristen, close your eyes,
baby, close your eyes!
Don't look at that man!
Please, baby!
Keep your head down,
don't look at that man!
Don't look
at his face, Kristen.
Mr. O'Dell's a very smart man,
but he did something
pretty stupid, he made me.
Well, I guess plan B's a go.
What is plan B?
Well, I guarantee you
won't like plan B.
But we'll cross that bridge
when we get there.
Get it.
Stay back!
Put him down!
I swear I will put a bullet
right between your eyes!
Heard you were a tough one,
Mrs. Harper.
But right now, you have
a couple choices to make.
Option one,
you shoot me, he's gonna
gut you like a fish.
Option two, you shoot
him, I kill you.
No, better yet, I kill her.
You give us the gun,
we walk away and act like nothing happened
and we continue on with
our business here.
So what's it gonna be?
Option one, option two
or option three?
Stay back.
Mom, do it!
Do it, Mom!
Ballsy move,
Mrs. Harper.
But you know something?
We never use live rounds unless
it's absolutely necessary.
Just so you can
see for yourself.
How about I try
my trigger on her?
No, no, please,
don't touch my baby.
Please, I'll give you
whatever you want.
I promise, I'll give you
whatever you want.
To the basement.
- Okay.
- No, no.
Okay, okay.
- Mom.
- In the back.
Hands on the rail.
On your knees.
I'm so sorry, Brenda.
I'm so sorry. I never wanted
to bring this to your doorstep.
What is going on, Cain?
They got Pam.
Pam was waiting for us
when we got home from the funeral.
I didn't see it coming.
When they knocked me out, the next thing
you know I woke up in the back of a van.
Congratulations on your
appointment, Mr. O'Dell.
We just have a few
more questions for you.
And you better have
more than a few answers.
They tore apart our home,
and then when they was done,
they made us bring them here and
they ransack your place too.
Where's Pam now?
She's out there, still tied up
in the back of the van.
No, no.
No! Let go of me.
There's one more of 'em
out there too. I don't know.
But I think he's the one
calling the shots.
Whoever he is,
he's out there with her.
Son of the bitch threatened
to kill her and my boys
if I didn't bring them to you.
You got to know I would've never brought
'em to your house otherwise, Brenda.
What do they want?
They want the evidence.
What evidence?
Clarence never told you what he
found out about Senator Toms?
No, no.
I should have known.
I should have known
protecting you guys
was always gonna
be his first priority.
He never wanted you in
harm's way, you or Kristen.
Even if that meant keeping
everything a secret.
Three years ago,
Clarence, he stumbled on a
few dummy offshore accounts.
Apparently, Toms and a few others had
been siphoning money from the state budget
to fund
extracurricular activities
and then disguising it
as State development projects.
What is going on?
Just tell me what the--
This is what I told you.
You got to go to
the police with this.
- Are you serious?
- You have to.
I told him to
go to the police,
but what do you do when you find out
that the police Commissioner's name
was on the top of the list too?
The more he dug,
the more he found out.
He has deals with private
prisons all around the state.
He gets kickbacks for every
prison that he keeps full.
They decide to funnel guns and
drugs into minority communities
through backdoor channels.
And they turn around, they arrest the same
people that they sell the contraband to,
and then they confiscate the drugs
and they confiscate the narcotics,
they confiscate the money
and they do it all over again.
Sons of bitches are making millions
of dollars on both ends of the deal.
And then to top it all
off, Clarence discovered
that Toms wasn't just making
money to take a few lavish trips.
Mm-mm. He was funding
his campaign.
He paid to rig the election
and secure a victory.
Did-- What did--
what did Clarence do?
The last time we talked about
it was three or four months ago,
he said he didn't want
to put you guys at risk.
So he told me that
he got rid of the file,
and we both said that that was
going to be for the best.
- Did you tell them that?
- Yeah, I told them that.
- Oh.
- I told them--
I told them that repeatedly.
But they said that they had
intel that proved otherwise.
These people know things
about us that they shouldn't.
They knew that my kids were gonna be
at my parent's house for the weekend.
They knew alarm codes,
they knew e-mail passwords.
Hell, they had our daily
schedule for the last month.
They are efficient, they are
focused, they are unrelenting.
And they won't stop.
We either give them the file,
or we are all dead.
- I don't know what file.
- You've got to think, Brenda.
- I don't know, Cain.
- Is there any place else that he would've kept it?
A desk drawer?
A top of a closet?
A filing cabinet
somewhere. Anywhere?
- Somewhere that you didn't know about?
- No.
Brenda, think, please, think.
- Anywhere--
- No, no!
So what are we gonna do?
We survive.
Mr. O'Dell...
Mrs. Harper...
there's someone here to see you.
Let's go.
- Mom...
- I'll be back.
You be a good girl
now, you hear?
Okay, okay.
Okay... Pam! Pam!
Okay, okay.
Shh, it's okay.
See, I'm
a very patient man.
For some reason,
I get the feeling
that one of you is still
hiding something from me.
- No, please.
- See...
my associate here, he thinks I'm
taking it way too easy on you guys.
Just way too easy.
He's a little twisted
in the head, I get that.
But maybe he's got a point.
So I've decided to
reconsider my stance.
- No! No!
- No!
- Pam!
- No! No!
- I'll kill you, son of a bitch!
- Pam...
Okay, that's enough!
You've made your point.
Did I? No, I don't think I have.
You see, you really should have been
grateful that we took care of them for you
because looked like to me they
were gonna run away on you.
What is this?
What is this?
No, this is a lie.
This is a lie. Clarence
would never do this.
Are your eyes lying
to me, Mrs. Harper?
Because it feels like
I knew your husband
better than you did.
But you knew.
Didn't you, Mr. O'Dell?
She was my wife!
What-- What did you say?
About what?
You said you took care of them?
Ah... Yes.
In the early '70s,
the CIA developed a weapon
that would fire a tiny frozen
dart into the human body,
leaving only a speck
of blood at the entry point.
Once inside the body,
the dart would melt,
releasing a neurotoxic chemical
derived from the liver
of a Japanese blowfish,
causing the subject to fall into
an immediate
myocardial infarction.
A heart attack.
Once inside the blood stream,
the poison would evaporate,
leaving absolutely no evidence
it was ever even there.
Now, methods have certainly
improved since the '70s,
and you no longer need a
weapon to insert the toxin.
You just need to
get close enough...
to make one tiny little prick.
I'll kill you...
I'll kill you.
Let go! I'll kill you.
- I'll kill you. I'll kill you.
- Cain, no, leave it.
All right!
Enough with the theatrics.
We're gonna talk
about plan B.
You see this drive?
It's loaded with information
on you, Mrs. Harper.
More or less from you actually.
You see, it's filled to the brim
with a digital fabricated
footprint of yours
from the past year that you've
taken the courtesy to create.
See, everything
from e-mails, blogs,
Google searches,
books purchased,
all talking about your history
of anxiety...
and suicidal thoughts.
I don't have suicidal thoughts.
Oh, I know, I know.
But, when the police investigators
show up to the crime scene
and see your dead family
all over the ground,
next to your body with a single
bullet wound to the temple,
and your fingerprints
all over the murder weapon,
they'll easily conclude that
poor little Brenda Harper,
already losing her battle
with depression
and the sudden death
of her husband,
just snapped.
Decided to take her
whole family down with her
in a tragic case of...
murder suicide.
No one will ever believe that.
Don't you watch the news,
Mrs. Harper?
I mean, this sort of thing
happens every day.
People love this stuff.
They love a good horror story.
Here's what's gonna
happen next.
You're either gonna
give me the file,
or I'm gonna
upload this drive,
kill everyone...
and make you look like a monster
to the rest of the world.
Mister O'Dell,
just in case you were
thinking of uh, giving up...
just remember you still
have a lot to lose.
What's going on?
Is Gammy okay?
Yes, baby, she's okay, baby.
Well, what's happening?
Are we gonna die?
We're not gonna die.
- Are we gonna die?
- No, no, no. We're not dying.
Cain, can you get out of here?
I can't get it.
They tied army knots.
We need to find something sharp
like scissors or-- I don't know.
Kristen, you've got
a nail right there, baby.
Use the nail to cut the rope.
Come on, baby, can you do it?
Ah? You think you got it?
- Shh.
- Okay.
Come on,
baby, go, go, you got it.
You got it, keep going.
Keep going, you got it, baby.
- Yes! Got it!
- Shh.
Oh, baby. Hurry up, come on.
Okay, baby,
take my rope off now.
I got it.
Yes. All right.
- Okay, you got it?
- Yeah.
Okay, hurry up.
Ah! Okay.
I got to get Cain's.
I need you
to go upstairs,
get Grammy's phone and
call the police, okay?
No, Mom, you're coming with me--
Shh. No, no.
Cain and I, we need
to distract them.
Mom, I can't do
this without you.
Yes, you can! Please, honey.
This is bullshit!
What is?
I'm gonna go kill
the little girl.
The mother will talk.
Trent, not a part of the plan.
I don't care about
your boss' agenda,
I'm here for the paycheck.
- You got it, baby.
- Okay.
- Can I use the front door?
- You can't use the front door.
Because there are people out there. I don't
want to chance you getting caught, baby.
- Just follow my plan, okay?
- Okay.
- All right.
- Okay.
All right. Are you okay, baby?
- Come here, come here.
- They just shot her.
We know
where the file is.
Go, go.
Hey! We're ready to talk.
Come on down, man!
We know where the file is!
What the hell?
Where are they?
- Hey!
- Run!
- Hey! Hey!
- Run! Run!
Open the door,
Mrs. Harper!
Open the door
or Mr. O'Dell dies!
All right.
Get the girl!
What's your emergency?
Please, help us.
We're at 7437 Park Road,
we're being held.
Damn it! The battery!
You found her yet?
Negative! Maybe she didn't
make it up this far.
Check the first floor!
Let go of me! Let go of me!
No! No!
- I got her.
- Let go of me!
You two have become
too much of a liability.
- Do it, man! Waste her!
- No, no.
I know where the file is,
I know where the file is.
- I know where the file is.
- What?
I know where the file is.
I know where it's at.
- I'm listening.
- I know where it's at.
You make another sound,
I will slit your throat.
Get up.
Get up.
It's the police.
Get rid of them.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Hi.
Ah... Yes, it is morning,
but if you were in my shoes,
I don't think you'd
find it too good,
when you're woken up at 4 a.m.
Ma'am, we were
in the neighborhood,
and we received
a suspicious call
from someone in the
residence, asking for help.
Oh, yeah, that must
have been my daughter.
She called, but everything
is fine now, thank you.
May we speak to her?
- Who?
- Your daughter.
Uhm, she... she already left.
She left with some friends
just before you guys got here.
Ma'am, can we step in
for a moment?
I'm sorry, I'd rather not.
I plan on going back to bed
as soon as we are done here.
If you don't mind.
What happened to your hand?
- What?
- Your hand.
It's wrapped.
What happened to it?
No, no, no.
This ain't good. No.
This ain't good.
No, no, no. I'm not
going back to jail.
Never again. Not going back.
No, not for you, not for
them, not for anyone.
This must have been
why my daughter called.
I slipped and fell with
a glass in my hand
and she thought I needed
stiches, but I wrapped it. So...
- everything is fine--
- Why were you drinking?
- Excuse me?
- Why were you dinking?
What was the occasion?
Were you celebrating something?
- I'll kill them all.
- No, no.
No, no. Sir, you don't
have to kill anybody.
You don't have to kill her.
We'll give you whatever you want. Just
tie her up. Tie her back up like she was.
Shut up or I'll kill her.
Well, if you must know, my...
I buried my husband yesterday.
We bought this summer home
about ten years ago,
and today was
the first day that I...
I spent without him, so...
A couple of bottes of Merlot
kept me company, you know.
Sorry to hear that, ma'am.
Baby, I thought I heard a noise.
Mom, everything is fine, okay?
I'll be up in a second.
- What's going on?
- Everything is fine.
I need you to go
back to bed, please.
All right, listen,
I'm sorry but I've got to get
back to my mom, she's sick.
Are we done here?
We can see you have
your hands full, ma'am.
You have yourself a good night
or try to have a better morning.
Sorry to disturb you.
And get that hand
checked when you can.
Thank you.
- Bre?
- Mom, listen.
- The police?
- I need you to get back to bed.
- Everything is fine.
- Why? What is going on?
Mom! I need you to
go back to bed, please.
- Gammy! Gammy!
- My baby!
No, no.
You, go sit down over there.
- No.
- Come on.
Sit down.
Jesus Christ.
What's going on up there?
Ah, nothin', was just
a couple of cops.
They're gone,
don't worry about it.
Are you sure?
You guys, you
don't have to do this.
I thought you said you didn't
want to involve anyone else.
This is not good, man.
No, no. I want to get out
of here. This is not good.
Trent, relax,
they're gone.
Please, don't do this.
Just let my mother
and my daughter go,
I will get you the file.
How are you gonna
get me the file?
My husband's attorney,
he called and said that...
I have a package here for you.
From Clarence.
Was it in his will?
I guess he forgot to
add it in there.
It has to be it.
It has to be it.
We can go to his lawyer's office
and get it in a couple
of hours once they open up.
She's making this up.
Look, I say we waste
them both right now,
get the hell out of here.
Who's to say those cops
aren't out there right now
running the plates on that van,
they're coming back here with
about a hundred of their friends.
Now, are you ready for
that? 'Cause I'm not.
What if she's telling the truth?
No, no, no, no.
She's not right.
Oh, some sort of mysterious
package just shows up?
She's stalling.
No! It's not. I just--
With everything that's been going
on, it just slipped my mind.
Please. Tell me you
don't believe in this.
Maybe I am.
See, look. Let me break
it down for you.
If we kill them right now,
we lose everything.
But, if that is the file,
we win.
We get everything we were
promised. Mission accomplished.
But see,
my friend here,
he's got a very valid point.
You're running out of time.
Mrs. Shaw, correct?
25257 South Bonita Street?
What do you think I should do?
I have known demons and serpents
like you my whole life,
you're nothing but
bullies and trash
that use their position
or their social status
to intimidate and harm people
that you just have decided
are beneath you.
Well, I got news for you.
As for me and mine,
you are nothing to us but
a bruise on our heels.
So you want to
know what I think,
I'll tell you.
I think you...
should go to hell!
- Gammy!
- Mom!
That's for my family!
Now, would you rather see
your whole family dead?
Good answer.
See, as long
as I have your family,
I call the shots.
You said this
was an in and out.
We come in, grab the files,
erase all traces and go.
Worst case, we kill them
and leave no witnesses.
You said nothing about cops!
Now, you need to
finish them all.
Or I will.
- No!
- Trent, no.
- Put the gun down.
- What is he doing?
- Holster that gun, Marine.
- No, no, no.
I'm not going to jail.
Not for you, not for
her, not for anyone.
Never again.
This mission is over.
If you kill her, you lose.
No, no, no. See, I don't lose.
I still have my freedom,
so I don't lose.
No. I'm ending
this mission now.
Holster that weapon. Now!
You're threatening me over this?
Over them?
You're leaving me
no choice here.
You blue falcon, son of a bitch.
Stand down, Marine.
That's an order.
We can still walk away and win.
I'm not going back to jail.
Not for you.
Screw it. You do
what you have to do.
- No, wait, wait!
- No!
Yes, really.
Do you remember when you told me
that you can
control this lunatic?
- I had him.
- You didn't have anything.
That was not control.
You think I want
to be doing this?
You didn't have to kill the guy.
Yes, I did.
And now you got to clean this up
because he is not
supposed to be here.
No. No, Cain.
Hey, shut up. Shut up. Shut up.
All right.
I've got the chemicals
in the van,
there's a cast
iron tub upstairs.
That's good. Good.
So, uh, what about this one?
You want me to kill her now?
As my new chief of staff.
- Mighty big shoes to fill.
- Oh, I won't let you down, sir.
There's one more of them
out there too. I don't know.
Hey, listen up.
If I feel like things
are moving too slow,
I'm gonna look at you
and I'm gonna say,
"Hey, I think recognize you."
That is your cue to kill her.
- You understand?
- I do.
- You got it?
- Copy that.
Let's go.
No, because her and I have
a little field trip to take.
Don't we, Bre?
So get up.
Got to get you cleaned up.
Can't have you going to see
Jerry looking the mess.
Let's go.
Come on. Don't be scared.
You want me
to start on this one, sir?
No. I don't want you
to get started on him.
Listen, you know
what I want you do to?
I want you to tie her--
Actually I want you to
zip tie her ass, all right?
And we can't have her getting
loose once she wakes up
and then you dispose of him.
How long will it take
for his body to dissolve?
- About four hours, sir.
- Okay.
That's good. That gives us enough
time to get in to town and get back.
Yo, time to go. We got
to move. We got to move.
- Get up. Get--
- Ah! Stop.
Brenda, I said get your ass up.
- Oh! Fine.
- Get your ass up. And move!
Hey, hey.
Sir, what about granny here?
Ah... Just take her
back up to her room.
She won't remember anything.
We'll be gone by the time
she wakes up. Let's go.
Brenda, Brenda, I will
blow your brains out.
Do you understand me?
Now let's go.
Brenda, you got one more
time to jerk away from me.
Pam loved you.
Pam only loved herself
and her career.
You know, she was
screwing her boss.
And anybody else she needed
to get what Pam wanted.
You destroyed all of our lives
just to be Toms' little toy?
I hope the money he's
paying you is worth it.
How could you do that?
Toms is a greedy,
oblivious, idiot,
that doesn't know his ass
from a hole in the wall.
I'm not doing this for him.
Get some clothes. And could you grab me one
of Clarence's shirts, please? Thank you. Go.
- Who are you doing this for?
- Who am I doing it for?
I am doing it for me.
Brenda, Toms rigged
the election, Bre.
He's about to be
elected to President.
With all the information
in that file,
he will have to make
me his VP candidate.
He wins, he serves two terms,
and in eight years,
just eight years,
I will have the Oval.
That's worth more than
any amount of money.
That's real power.
Sometimes you got
to see the bigger picture.
What is going on?
Just tell me what the--
This is what I told you.
Okay. You know,
sit down, please.
No, we need to take
this to the authorities.
Just have a seat.
Come on, please.
Clarence, let's not
be stupid here, okay?
Do you know what
this could do for us?
- Are you serious?
- Oh, I'm very serious.
I mean, you got-- you got bank
statement, documentation.
Look at this. I can't
believe-- Clarence.
- I'm going to the authorities.
- Clarence.
See, before that point,
I thought Clarence and I,
we had the same aspirations.
But I realized at that very
moment that we did not.
See, Clarence was okay with
mediocrity. But me, I wasn't.
I wanted more, and that file
was gonna be how I get it.
You killed him?
good meeting today.
That was great
meeting today, man.
Good points got
brought up, you know.
- Yeah, yeah, I do want that.
- Yeah.
So tonight, I was thinking--
Ah, ah, ah.
Hey, hey, no, no.
No, don't fight it.
Don't fight. Don't fight it.
Don't fight it.
Don't fight it. Shh.
All you had to so was
listen. That was it.
All you had to so was listen.
But you couldn't
do it, Clarence.
So now this is it.
Just let it go.
Please! Somebody!
I did what I had to do.
now you know why
I need the file.
I hope you burn in hell.
Maybe I will,
but until then, let's get
some makeup on those scars.
Pam and Clarence never
had an affair, did they?
But worse, they
confided in one other.
See, once Clarence discovered that
most of the state's top brass,
they was involved in the
schemes, he panicked.
Didn't know who he could trust.
He didn't know who was in Toms' pocket.
So, he decides to do
the next best thing,
and leak the info to the press.
Pam agreed to help him.
She also agreed
to keep it from me.
And that was the mistake
on both their parts.
She was gonna
turn us both in.
And once I realized I couldn't trust
her, she had to go.
She was a unfortunate, but very
necessary casualty in all of this.
See, Clarence was smart
enough not to involve you.
And that's what we
are too, aren't we?
Unfortunate but necessary casualties
in your little grab for power.
Brenda, Brenda, Brenda.
Clarence, he had to
complicate things.
He didn't leave the file in his office.
He didn't leave it at his house.
This was the last place
I could think to look.
So, here we are.
You two done yet?
I got to get started on Trent.
And what are you
getting out of this?
You see, when, uh, Cain here
becomes President,
I'll become the chief of staff.
It's a cheap price to pay
for true political power.
Why should I trust that
if I give you the file,
you won't just kill us anyway?
I guess you're just
gonna have to see.
But I tell you what,
you give me what I need, and I promise that you,
your mother, and your daughter, you'll live.
Hell, I will even drive you
to the nearest police station
because you're gonna
walk in there--
and this is the best part,
you're gonna confess
to killing my wife
in a momentary fit of insanity.
- What?
- Yeah.
See, after you give me the file,
I'm gonna call Agent Spears
here, and I'm gonna tell him
to let your mother
and your daughter go
and he'll gladly do so,
after which he will upload
to the USB disk
all of your crazy history
and then you're gonna
confess to the killings
and happily go to
jail for the crimes.
And after you do that,
I promise you that your
mother and your daughter,
they'll be fine.
I won't harm one hair on their head, nor
will I send anybody in my place to do so.
That's crazy.
See, Brenda,
it's just your life for theirs.
This way everybody
gets what they want.
You get to ensure
your family's safety,
and we get that file.
It's not gonna work.
- No?
- It's not gonna work.
- You don't think that's gonna work?
- No, it's not.
Because Kristen's
already seen his face.
It's true.
But see, I believe that you can convince
your impressionably young daughter
to keep her mouth shut.
And if she's as smart as I
know she is, she'll get in line,
learn to enjoy her new
life with her grandma.
So, what's it gonna be?
Do we all win...
or do we all lose?
Get dressed.
I can't believe you.
Oh, you can't believe?
Why can't you believe it?
Brenda, again, sometimes you
have to see the bigger picture.
I saw this documentary
on women in prison,
and the one thing
that you got to do is,
as soon as you go in there,
get you a girlfriend.
One of the key
things you can do.
You understand?
And get your-- like get your--
find you a big burly bitch.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Make a turn up here.
Yeah. This is
gonna be quick.
And just keep going.
We're almost there.
I don't want to go. Okay.
You say what now?
What you say?
I can't stress this enough.
I don't care what
you want to do.
We're dealing with
what I want to do.
Hi, Jerry.
- Bre, welcome.
- Hi.
I was surprised when
I received your call.
I thought you weren't
coming until next week.
It's so good to see you.
I had to come back to the city,
so I just thought I might as well stop by.
- Remember Cain?
- Cain. It's always a pleasure.
It's good to see
you again, Jerry.
Yeah. You helping keep
this one out of trouble?
- Oh, yeah, you know, I'm just showing my support.
- Yeah.
- It's a blessing to have a close friend at a time like this.
- You know what, I agree. Yeah.
Have a seat.
Thank you, Jerry.
Bre, what happened to your hand?
See, did you say you cut
yourself shaving, right?
Yeah, I was shaving.
Okay. Well, I guess I will get
that package for you then.
Thank you.
- Thank you, Jerry.
- Not a problem.
Listen, I want this--
Hey, hey, hey, look,
play nice. You hear me?
We are halfway home.
Or you want me to
call Agent Spears?
'Cause I'll do it.
What if the file
isn't in the package?
I won't do anything.
I'm not going
to do a damn thing.
And, hey, don't get
the bright idea to like
alert security and
have me arrested.
Or you, your mother, and your daughter
will spend the rest of your lives
looking over your shoulders.
Do you understand me?
Mm-Mm. Let's get this done.
Yeah. You see,
that's the spirit.
Here's that package for you.
Thanks, Jerry.
It's good seeing you.
- Really appreciate you.
- Let's go.
- Take care, okay.
- Thank you.
All right.
- Cain.
- Yep.
- You good?
- Oh, I'm great, Jerry.
Here we go. Let's go.
I'm gonna get us
out of here, Gammy.
Yes, yes, yes, yes!
It's all here.
It's all here.
You got it?
- You got what you want?
- I got what I want.
- Okay. Good. Let's go.
- Yeah.
- All right. Make the call.
- I will.
No, I need you to
make the call now.
- I'll make the call in the car.
- No, I need to make sure my daughter is safe.
- I need you to make the call! -Brenda!
I'll make the call in the car.
- Come on. Make the call!
- All right. All right.
- I'm making the call.
- Thank you.
- Why isn't he answering the phone?
- I don't know. I don't know.
- Why isn't he answering the phone?
- I don't know.
What did he do to my
daughter, you motherfucker?
Brenda! Brenda! God!
Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
Momma? Kristen? Momma?
Momma, Momma.
I got to get you out. You okay?
- Ah!
- Can you get up? Wait, wait.
It's okay. It's okay.
Can you get up? Come on.
- What happened?
- I got to get you out of here.
I'm gonna put you in here. Just
try to be as quiet as possible.
- Okay?
- Okay.
- You go find the baby.
- Yeah, I'm gonna find her.
Okay, Mom.
I'll be back. Okay, Mom.
I love you so much.
I'm going to make
sure we're okay. Okay?
I got to find Kris.
Just stay right there.
Where the fuck--?
Come on, where is it?
Damn it!
Come on, Bre. Let's talk.
I know you're in here.
Come on, we can negotiate.
I'm willing to give you some
wiggle room here, Brenda.
Because every President
needs his First Lady. Come on.
Let's just calmly and rationally
talk about this thing.
Brenda. Ah!
Put your hands up!
Put 'em up!
Brenda, Brenda, we got
options here, okay?
Now, A, I could kill you,
but I don't think that's
gonna be in my best interest.
And then there's B, I say we
go back to the house
and you tell the cops
the truth, I get arrested,
and at my earliest convenience,
I will send killers
to track you down.
And then there's option C.
Brenda, now this is the
one that I like the most.
Okay, option C, you
give me that file,
I will throw away this gun,
we go back up to that house
and we tell the cops that
this all on Agent Spears.
Okay? Nobody goes to
jail. We walk away.
I get the file
and then you get to not live your
life looking over your shoulder.
How do we know that Agent Spears
is gonna take the fall for you?
Agent Spears is dead.
I saw his body next to Trent.
Okay. You hear that?
Listen, do you hear that? That
means that Kristen got away.
Brenda, this can work.
You just-- look at me.
You just got to be smarter
than Clarence was.
See Dolly and Kristen, they
don't know that I'm involved.
All you got to do, Brenda,
is just give me that file.
That's all you got to do and then we get to
spend the rest of our lives in peace. Okay?
Listen. Listen to me.
Show you how serious I am.
I want you to watch this, okay?
Watch this.
You watching?
That's how serious I am.
I want a copy.
If you want me to go along
with your little plan,
I want a copy of everything
that's in this file.
So if you even think
about coming after me,
I will expose you to the police
for everything you did
to me and my family.
I want a copy.
Okay. Okay.
I'll give you-- I'll give
you whatever you want.
That's a deal.
You want security.
I'll get you a copy.
We got an agreement?
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's give a warm welcome
to Washington DC's favorite
son, Vice President Cain O'Dell.
Cain O'Dell. Cain O'Dell.
Cain O'Dell. Cain O'Dell.
Cain O'Dell. Cain O'Dell
Thank you. Congratulation.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. No,
keep going. Keep going.
I'm just playing.
I'm just playing.
'Cause I'm gonna take
your money.
I didn't-- didn't
know you were in town.
Only for the night.
When I heard about your
winning the election,
I thought, "Wow!
He got what he wanted."
So I had to be there for this.
Thank you for coming.
I'm really shocked
to see all these people
so eager to support you.
But I guess
Agent Spears is right.
"All it takes is
a little prick."
No, I'm good.
I'm good. I'm good. I'm good.
Are you okay?