Runoff (2014) Movie Script

[music playing]
[birds chirping]
[engine roaring]
CHILD: Get down.
[child shouting]
[man's voice in background]
SAM: Aye-aye, Captain.
Oy, matey.
Hey, Mom, I'm a pirate today.
Well, honey, you could be.
Should I have an eye patch,
or a parrot, or a hook, or--
Get your plate, you're
going to eat something.
Get in there.
Whoa, do it.
Go on.
Be still.
Go on, get in there.
Your silage holding up OK?
through it too fast.
How's that new growth enhancer?
Packed on more than 15
pounds this last week.
Yeah, they lick that stuff up.
I could cut you a better
price with the enhancer
if you want to do six
months of antibiotic system.
The system includes injectables
and antibiotics for your feed.
You mix it in with
your feed, you
don't have to treat
just one hog at a time.
MR. MCKIBBEN: Good stuff.
My pleasure, Mr. McKibbin.
I'm going to have to check
with my rep on the pricing.
I can come in lower.
I appreciate you coming out.
All right, I'll follow
up with you next week.
Can't make you any promises.
Sure, I understand.
[car approaching]
[man's voice on radio]
Bye, Stephen.
Real kind of you to keep
an eye on him, Stephen.
No, nothing, ma'am.
Sam is my friend.
Halloween carnival is coming--
You gonna be keeping
the peace, Sheriff?
With my star and my hat.
Well, we're counting on
you to maintain order.
Flawless out there.
All right, well,
thank you, sweetheart.
Bye, Stephen.
Sam, sit down.
Bye-- bye, Sam.
SAM: If a word starts
with R or N or D,
you say like
iratepas for pirate.
You get it?
Esoys airboys.
That's good, Mom.
So bullfighter or pirate?
Better decide, it's going
to take time to make it.
[music playing]
Dicofol, terbacil, topramezone,
glyphosate 2, 4-D, dicamba--
Glyphosate, topramezone.
Air, what 'chu got on there?
My Allzack pack balls.
What about this one?
It's not easy
making your own way.
You finish that application?
Come on, we made a plan.
Kid that gave you that shiner,
be working for you someday.
SAM: Permission to board.
We're talking, Sam.
SAM: Permission granted.
Your dad and I never had a
chance to go to college, Finn.
SAM: Jackson, falling to kill.
You know, what you're
saying right now--
...doesn't make any sense.
So shutas itas.
You gonna draw
bees for a living?
You think some BS
degree in ag science
is gonna make a difference?
[bees buzzing]
My granddad used to keep bees.
I'd run around the clover
patch while he worked.
That smell, I never forget.
Honey is what you're here for?
Pardon me, Betty,
I-- I feel I know you.
You're with Gigas?
Huh, yeah.
That's a great set
up you got here.
We like it.
Come by to see Frank.
He's on a run.
Oh, that's good.
Any run's a good one.
Look, I know you all
been having some trouble
with your accounts.
Keep our overhead
low, we'll ride it out.
Keep your inventory
in the barn?
Well, like I told
Frank, this would
make a perfect place for Gigas
to set up another warehouse.
Well, I'm sure
you'll find something.
You got other work you need to
get on to, I don't want to keep
you from--
Well, you have
Frank give me a call.
Best of luck with everything.
I don't have any homework.
Swear it.
Not a minute after 5 o'clock.
Keep this side of the river,
and stay out of the water.
SAM: I heard you.
Haven't seen Elena at school.
We go home after the harvest
and so she start again there.
Good for her, a little
extra vacation time.
[man's voice on police radio]
Afternoon, Silas.
SILAS: Hey, Betty,
how are you and Frank?
We're perfect, thanks.
Tomatoes are ripe, just
out of the field.
Time for canning.
Just yesterday it was spring.
Special bargain today.
For you?
Follow me.
So far it is for me.
Look at that.
Now I got to get a rock.
[speaking spanish]
Hands up, sissy.
Looks like you don't
have any hands, huh?
Come on, put your hands up.
Ha, put your hands up.
Bang, bang, bang, bang.
Oh, you're hungry?
Oh, I'm starving.
No, no.
Get off.
Get off of me.
We haven't done anything
like this since--
Since we used to tear
through McKibbin's cornfields
with a six pack and a hard-on.
And you're just the same.
Same old you.
You look just the same.
Someone from Gigas
came out to the
to house today looking for you.
He knew my name. an animal marking territory.
[music playing]
[music playing on radio]
[dog barking]
Thought you were on a run?
Just took Sam to school.
He sees things the way he
wants, not how they are.
Like you.
Give me those papers.
You're sweating
through your shirt.
Seems like you've been home
more than you've been out.
I'll go up to the
house and change.
No deliveries?
I could go through those,
you know, I could--
No, no, I got it.
Follow 'em.
I said no.
All right.
You want some coffee?
Push me, Mom.
I'm going to see if
Fin's done with his shift.
You should go on in
over to the fabric
and pick out something
for your costume.
Something red and black.
Red and black, right?
What about the eye patch?
Make that at home.
I think sword's the best part.
We'll do it together.
Oh, hey, I'm Finley.
I'm in ladies underwear.
Can I help you?
My, how you've grown.
Get that thing off
before someone sees you.
What do you think about me
going as like a transgender
vampire for Halloween?
Think your father's right.
If you spend as
much energy trying
to fit in as you do
trying to stick out,
you'd be a lot happier.
Everyone's the
same around here.
Fin, that's not fair.
You're right.
There are guys who wear
Carhartts, drive trucks,
and smoke cigarettes
and then there
are guys who wear Carhartts,
drive trucks, and shoot
a bad cow.
Very clever.
Hello, Mrs. Freeman, hello.
Hi, Stephen.
Where's Sam?
Where's Sam?
Oh, he's, ah, he's somewhere.
I'll go find Sam.
That boy is everywhere.
OK, open your fist.
Why don't you just
go as yourself?
Or you could go as
a mean older brother.
Then we won't need any costumes.
Or I could go as a bullfighter.
Well, you have to
make up your own mind.
Come on, boys.
Let's clear up the table.
For Paula, for
pretty Paula, for P--
Shut it.
You keep him and
hawing, there's
not got going to be time to
make anything for Halloween.
SAM: You could go as Paula.
Your girlfriend Paula.
Shut it.
There's my boy.
Hi, Finley.
Fin, would you go
check your brother,
make sure he's
getting ready for bed?
Can't he do
anything by himself?
BETTY: Finley, get.
K. Well, uh, I'll-
I'll see you at work.
You will catch me at work.
BETTY: Paula.
He makes me feel better.
MAN (ON RADIO): Did it grow?
Last summer's drought was a
killer for retail food prices.
We talk a lot of about
consumers, but the farmer--
[dog barking]
SAM: Off with your head.
Can't believe you were
sleeping with all that light
in your eyes.
Made up my mind.
Of course you have.
I'm going to
Scratch's with you.
Don't you want to be
home with the boys?
Oh, they're fine.
They're sick of me.
I want to start working again.
I don't want you around it.
I've seen the papers.
Papers, barn.
We have time.
[music playing on radio]
Hey, Fin.
Hey, Paula.
Here, give that to me.
Thanks for the car.
Good luck.
All right.
It's nice to meet you.
Morning, guys.
Hey, Jimmy.
Got the atrazine
to the crop duster.
Uh, where's Scratch at?
Out with the birds.
Oh, you go see Scratch
and I'm going to unload.
Been a few years since
you've been out here.
You're getting a little
bony for my taste.
Well, I ain't one of
your sows, Scratch.
Well, it's not
daddy's farm anymore.
We're doing too
much, to be honest.
I can hardly keep
things straight.
We should, uh, we should
set up a regular shipment.
Frank and I have
things worked out.
Well, that way you don't
even have to think about it.
We moved on from on
just feeding seed.
We stock or can stock almost
every medication, antibiotics,
hormone, herbicide, you
name it that you've used.
She's excited.
Hadn't been out in a while.
Well, we should be supplying
you with most of your stuff
like we used to.
Gigas sells me my
feed same as you did
and they unload my products.
I get what I need,
doesn't get easier.
They're squeezing you.
They're squeezing you too.
You might as well
be a tenant farmer.
At least I'm
still in the black.
Scratch, we need the work.
Like I told Frank, I got a
little job you could do for me.
I've been using every bit of
persuasion and charm I have--
You think we're just going
to wish our problems away? keep Scratch and every
other client we still got.
[bell ringing]
BETTY: What was that job
Scratch was talking about?
FRANK: It's not
on the up and up.
BETTY: Why would he come to
us with something illegal?
And then think that we would
do something like that?
Margins are tight, some
people are willing to bend.
[children yelling]
I'm close with McKibbin.
How much is the system worth?
Phew, more than
10 house payments.
He was impressed, he
was real impressed
when I talked him through it.
He said he just had
to run the numbers.
There he is.
ELENA: 'Course I'll do it.
I'm not a chicken.
[speaking spanish]
No, you get in.
You don't know how to swim?
'Course I do.
Eat it.
Put it in your mouth.
ELENA: Chicken.
Thought you might have some
questions about the system.
Oh, your demo
was very thorough.
Well, I'd love to go over it
again with you, Mr. McKibbin.
Oh, that's all right.
All right, you ready to
write that check then?
Come on, Frank.
You know the deal.
Oh, I'm giving it to
you at nearly cost.
I can't do any better.
I buy the system from
Gigas, they buy my home.
I need this one.
It's just the way it is.
[child shouting]
Indian summer.
Close your eyes.
Come on.
Close 'em.
Let's see now.
Does-- does it go in here?
OK, maybe it goes in here.
Does it go here?
Down payment on the
system from McKibbin.
It's a done deal.
You gonna finish that in time?
That don't look
like a pirate vest.
Looks more frontier boy.
I'm gonna whip you,
you keep that up.
Looks like it's
moving or something.
It's good.
FRANK: But it's not real.
I ought to make you come
out with me some time.
You need to see what it's
like to get your hands dirty.
You're right.
There's a real future for
me in the family business.
I want that tech school
application in my hands
You got me?
Boy thinks he's too
good for the real world.
Finley, open up.
He-- we were raised
thinking that--
You don't have to
excuses for him.
You both worried
about a lot of things.
I'm not stupid.
Why don't you teach me
how to use your pipe?
I just thought that
we stop pretending.
I won't tell your dad.
It's a bong, not a pipe.
And it's some
pretty strong stuff.
Well, let's fire it up.
OK, don't be a dork, Mom.
Here, hold this.
We should probably go out here.
Out there?
Yeah, out here.
[dog barking]
BETTY: Did you see that?
That bright-- it's
a purple streak.
I applied.
You were just
yanking his chain?
FINLEY: Few months ago.
I applied to the Art
Institute in New York.
New York?
Like not the AG science?
I showed one of the
professors my portfolio.
BETTY: How-- your portfolio?
My drawings.
You want to go?
If they want me.
You only have to do one thing.
Make yourself happy.
[music playing]
[men's voices in background]
FRANK: If you could tell
me who it is that sells,
so I can-- come on, Ed.
Who is it?
ED: I can't.
You know that, Frank.
I know, but--
FRANK: You told us
that you could help--
An offer's been
made on the place.
Well, we just made a payment.
The bank has tried to
work with you on this,
but we have an offer on
the property outright.
We need the back
payments on the house.
Morning, Finley.
Mr. Kroger.
Go on.
Fin, get Sam in the truck.
Go on.
I'm sorry to catch
you with the boys.
Oh, no.
No-- no trouble at all, Ed.
Well, we have a big
sale coming in, Ed.
Right, Frank?
That's right.
In order to retain ownership
of the property, we need it.
I can give you till
the end of the week.
It's Gigas, isn't it?
That man from Gigas?
I wish it were in my hands.
Forgive me.
Halloween's end of the week.
How am I going to
finish the costume?
Yeah, no, no, I'm all right.
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
What happened?
No, no, I just-- I
need to, uh-- I just
need to close my
eyes for a moment.
How you feeling?
Ah, I can't get comfortable.
Need anything?
Come to bed.
I'm freezing.
Sale to McKibbin
gonna be enough?
I need to give him
a little more time.
Uh-- Scratch has some
kind of problems with one
of his dairy cows.
I'll go see if I can wrangle
something over there tomorrow.
I want you to get some rest.
[cows mooing]
BETTY: You've got to leave
them on increase, a hormone.
SCRATCH: All of 'em?
More productive but hell
of a lot less durable.
BETTY: Fecal worm on this one.
I've got an antibiotic that'll
get rid of this infection
before you can say Jesus.
My Gigas rep said I'd
send him to slaughter.
Well, it hasn't gone systemic.
He would only know
that by looking at her.
You don't feel right,
but she'll be fine.
Just make sure to keep
them separated, OK?
The healthy from the sick.
Everything they got goes
into making that milk.
Well, Frank and I have a good
supply of that antibiotic.
My rep will have
it out by Mon--
I can have it to
you within the hour,
not even charging you
to bring a vet out here.
I can't afford to
lose any of my stock,
but I can't lose my
contract with Gigas neither.
BETTY: If you're
worried about money
then you should stop your
increase injections for a time.
It'll be a waste
because you're gonna
have to throw this milk out.
SCRATCH: No, my rep
didn't say anything--
Well, they don't want you
throwing out your milk,
even if it is tainted.
Each day their treated
with an antibiotic,
you need to discard your
milk for 36 hours.
That's roughly 10
days worth of milk
that you're going to
have to throw out.
Probably some sort of
contamination in your lines,
you're gonna have to clean
out all this equipment.
But your supplier
can tell you that.
I'll have some trucks out later
today to pick up your milk,
shouldn't affect your output.
BETTY: No one will
know, so why worry?
We all have to be a little
bit flexible to keep working.
Course, you wouldn't think
twice about taking that milk
to market.
walk the lady out.
Give me the sale, Scratch.
I was here first and I
can get you that drug now.
You know I can't do that.
You're gonna unload
all this milk,
I get 20 more loads like
this one going out today.
He's not going to rest until my
boys are begging in the street.
I got inspectors coming out.
I came across some old
stuff in one of the barns.
I need someone to dispose of it.
I can't do it officially.
You know how much it'd
put me in the hole.
I need someone I
trust, someone I know.
I can't have it
coming back on me.
What is it?
More than likely something you
and Frank sold me a while back.
Same damn stuff we're
using right now,
but an hour past
it's expiration.
I can't afford any fines,
getting shut down even
for a day.
You got some kind of a problem?
You sell this stuff, Betty.
This is what you do.
I mean, don't go getting
all knotted up about it.
It all ends up in the
water table anyhow.
Not by my hands.
That's right.
It was legal when
you sold it to me.
I trust you, girl.
The money is good.
It's real good.
Do me a favor and I can find
you some work, real work.
Maybe we'll talk about
setting up regular shipments
for the crop duster.
Think about that.
[phone ringing]
[music playing]
[car honking]
[man's voice in background]
SAM: Mom.
BETTY: Paco?
[speaking spanish]
What happened?
I don't know.
Come on, come on.
Sometimes, when she's playing,
she has trouble breathing.
Can I help?
OK, Elena.
Get in the truck.
Ow, Mom.
What were you doing?
You think that you can just take
off, go wherever you please?
DOCTOR: I've looked
over the results.
We have run all the tests.
I know this is tough.
There are standard
courses of treatment
and there are newer
experimental ones
that are primarily
hormone therapies
that we can try on you.
They tend to be well
tolerated, although there
are side effects with either
type of treatment course
you decide on.
And there are other
medications I can put you
on if the side
effects get to a point
where they're causing
you too much discomfort.
'Course, with either
treatment, there
will be out of pocket
cost that you will--
Why aren't you saying anything?
Yeah, they took some blood.
It's fine.
And-- and the boys, we'll
just-- we'll just-- we'll
have to be there for them.
We will.
We will.
All right?
Get someone, Frank.
I can't do this alone.
Doctor wants a few more tests.
They'll come back clear anyway.
It's a waste of money.
Right, honey?
We'll get those tests.
We'll pay for 'em.
Money comes in from
McKibbin, I'll do it then.
I'll go see him tomorrow.
Heh, no.
I need to deal with him.
Just give me a few days.
What happened?
Is it bleeding bad?
Got in.
Got in?
Don't tell Dad, please.
I'm in awe of you, Fin.
Even if I got a
scholarship, we'd still
have to pay for something.
We could never really afford it.
I want this.
I want this for you.
I'll wait a year, see
if things get better.
Another year's not going
to make a difference.
BETTY: You can't stay here, Fin.
I'll be OK.
Hey, Betty.
Hey, I see you're all
set for Halloween.
You know, you kind of caught
me in the middle of supper.
I'm sorry about that.
It's just, ah-- you
paid the deposit
and I don't mean
to pressure you,
but we need the
rest of the money.
The balance on the
delivery system?
That was a loan.
You wrote Frank a
check, a deposit.
I think you should talk
to your husband about this.
I need the rest of the
money and then I can go.
I don't expect Frank's
ever going to pay me back,
but I just can't
give you anymore.
I'm not running a charity.
Go home, Betty.
[door closing]
[music playing]
OK, put that in.
Where's Frank?
On a run.
How are you gonna
manage on your own?
He'll give me a hand later.
Sure wish I had a black
briefcase to put that in.
This band's just the same.
You should wear
gloves, maybe a mask.
Couldn't be that bad.
Like you said,
it's probably stuff
that you bought from us anyhow.
It'll be fine, long
as it's diluted.
'Course it will.
Make sure you bring
those jugs back.
That didn't come out right.
This is half.
The other half when you
bring the empties back.
I got to make sure this comes
out right, you understand.
No, you never said anything--
I need the money now, Scratch.
All of it.
You'll get your money.
What about the
regular shipments?
You do this job,
you do it right,
and there's more
where that came from.
Good girl.
[music playing]
WOMAN: Betty?
Where you been?
Are you scared?
Still fits.
I'm not going as the same thing.
Well, you don't have to.
Show it me, I want to see it.
FRANK: Sam, cut it out.
BETTY: You'll have
your costume, babe.
Fin, I want to talk to your dad.
Let's do this
thing for Scratch.
out of your mind, Betty.
It's probably something
that we sold him.
I be your friend.
You be my bride.
You be my bride.
Oh, remember these?
Come on, you always get
wild when you wear these.
Put 'em on.
Come on, just for a minute.
FRANK: Just-- oh, come
on, pussy, pussy, pussy.
BETTY: Frank.
FRANK: Come on.
Oh, come on.
What about the tests?
We do this thing
right for Scratch,
he's got more work for us.
This isn't what we do.
How're you gonna pay the bank?
We'll find another way.
I need you to open
your eyes, baby.
We've got everything we need.
People lose their homes, their
kids don't go to college,
they survive it.
They survive it.
I don't want anything to do
with this thing from Scratch.
Whatever he's got, we're
not going to be a part--
We're already in it, Frank.
This is what we do.
Why do I feel so bad?
Because you're just better
than the rest of us, Frank.
Everything you do is
like planting a seed.
Seed's gonna grow, gonna become
something else in your life.
Come in.
It's nice.
Field hands used to
have-- well, it's
lovely how you've done it up.
Excuse me.
[voices on tv]
ELENA: [speaking spanish]
PACO: [speaking spanish]
ELENA: [speaking spanish]
PACO: [speaking spanish]
How's she feeling?
Better, I think.
It's difficult
raising her here alone.
Must be.
Elena's sick.
You can talk to me.
She has asthma, allergies.
But why now?
I need help too.
I can pay you.
Take her to a good doctor,
get her the medications
that she needs.
Can I have a drink of water?
No one will know.
I wanna know what it is.
Some sort of
herbicide or pesticide.
I mean, it's expired.
That's all.
You work with the
stuff in the fields.
We have certain
standards, regulations.
It just cost too much
to do it officially.
This is not for me.
Keep it.
Did I miss a day?
Is it Halloween yet?
What do you wanna do now?
Fin, I need your help.
Put some leaves over the top.
Why don't you put
'em in the barn?
Uh, your father.
It's high, moving
at a good lick,
let the current take it away.
It's the middle
of the night, Fin.
There's no one here.
Is this about me?
It'll stay hidden here.
All right?
What's in these, Mom?
I know you're scared.
BETTY: Carnival's tonight.
You should get more rest.
I'm scared too.
I'm going to go see Ed Kroger.
I'm going to tell him that
I need to go to the doctor.
He has to give us more time.
The bank has to
give us more time.
may walk, skeletons talk.
Halloween, strange things seem--
We need to get
rid of those drums.
I don't want you getting--
I took care of it.
I asked him to get rid of 'em.
He did it?
He's taking care of it.
[engine roaring]
Hey, you taking Elena to
the Halloween carnival?
I don't think so, no.
Is she feeling all right?
It's a gift.
Sam, come on.
I don't want you to be late
for your Halloween party.
Fin, put that out.
What is with you?
SAM: Wait.
Sam, right this minute.
What are you doing, Bear?
I'm not going as a robot.
OK, come here.
You'll be a pirate, OK?
Where's your costume?
Don't have one.
Hey, I've been going as
Frankenstein for as long
as-- yeah, I don't even know how
long and that's-- a long time
and everybody always loves it.
I'm sure your mother would
let you borrow her cat suit.
I'm a kid, you're a dad.
Nobody cares what
you're dressed up as.
Get some food in your belly.
Don't worry, Sam.
There be smooth
waters ahead, matey.
I didn't forget you, Bear.
FRANK: You thank your mother.
It's OK.
You thank your mother.
Put that thing on right now.
Leave him be.
FRANK: Put that
thing on right now.
Wanted to make
it with you, Mom.
You know the whole
town's going to be there
and you're going to
be stuck in your room.
[door slamming]
You should go on
ahead without us.
Carnival's already started.
It's already started.
The whole town's already there.
[music playing]
[crowd chatter]
[voices on tv in background]
FRANK: Don't even think about
coming out of your room, Sam.
[music playing]
Hey, Finley,
where's-- where's Sam?
Hey, stick 'em up, partner.
PACO: Elena?
You're big enough
to leave home.
You must be brave enough
to swim in the water.
That has nothing
to do with anything.
Wah-wah, I want my mommy.
I'm a scared little chicken.
At least I have a mom.
Don't leave.
Come on.
I'm getting in.
This is the sheriff speaking.
You are under arrest.
You-- you are breaking the law.
This is the sheriff speaking.
You are under arrest.
You are under arrest.
Run, they're on to us.
STEPHEN: You are under arrest.
Sam-- Sam, it's--
Wait, it's Stephen.
Sam, it's me.
It's Stephen.
SAM: Dad, I'm sorry.
It's not their fault.
He was in his room.
What'd you do to him?
I found him in the woods.
He was in the river.
No, no, no, no.
Get him a blanket.
Are you all right?
Did you swallow any water?
Did you swallow any water?
No, I don't think so.
We should take him
to the hospital.
FRANK: Jesus, Betty, let's
just get him upstairs.
Get into some warm
clothes, all right? -It's fine.
That could've been
Elena in the water.
I just thank god it wasn't.
FRANK: Your daughter's
outside waiting.
[door closing]
What are you doing?
Talk to me.
Wait, put that down.
It's Betty Freeman.
Tell Sheriff Silas
something's happened,
something's in the creek about
a quarter mile downstream of us.
You need to send someone now.
Where's Finley?
He's at the carnival.
Stephen, it's Stephen.
Tell me you don't have
anything to do with this.
Thank god you called, Betty.
He's got burns
all over his body.
Probably some of the kids.
There's always
something on Halloween.
[music playing]