Runway 34 (2022) Movie Script

[airline announcement]
"Sit down. Take notes."
"Everybody looking
at the way he talks."
"Come here, find out."
"How does he manage to shock?"
"Hard rock, diamond."
"His touch the horizon."
"Aims right even
with his eyes closed."
"When he flies better leave his way."
"Alpha man."
"He's the one, he's the alpha man."
-Reached yet?
I hope you remember,
three days from now...
It's Shaina's birthday.
Third Tuesday of the month,
India Vs Pakistan match.
I remember everything.
Hi, my little princess.
Mama was saying you won't
be here for my birthday.
When have I ever not
turned up for your birthday?
And my gift?
I'll be there and with your gift.
And what if you forget?
That's the problem with your father.
I never forget anything.
Do you know what they
called me in school?
Mr. Photographic Memory.
At least stop showing
off to your daughter.
Be a little grounded,
Mr. Vikrant Khanna.
Learn to keep your
feet on the ground.
If pilots stay grounded,
how will he fly?
You've an answer for everything,
don't you?
You never forget anything,
except for telling
"I love you" to your wife.
I love you.
Are you smoking again, Vicky?
My hotel's arrived.
I'll call you back.
What a shot by Rahane
on the cover drive?
Cover drive is one
of his favourite shots.
And Rahane seems
to be in a good form.
Yes... come to think of it
Rahane has taken on Rohit's style.
Rohit, who scored quickly...
Is this Vikrant Khanna from India?
I've a very important
message for you.
What is the message?
Mr. Vikrant Khanna, there
is a bomb on your flight tomorrow.
I'm busy watching the
India-Sri Lanka match.
Sandy, stop bothering me.
Rascal, you always
recognise my voice.
Where are you?
I'm partying.
You're gonna party with me tonight.
Leave now,
I'm sending you the location pin.
I can't.
Vik. You always
give the same excuse.
Won't you meet your friend?
I've a flight tomorrow.
Flights will come and go.
That's a very nice
shot in the gulley.
And this partnership has put
India in a very good position...
Sir, no smoking.
I didn't light it yet.
You've lost your charm, son.
My man!
And you haven't?
I do.
How about a bet?
If you win, my car is yours.
Just get her number,
and I'll be convinced.
Why just her number,
I'll get her instead.
Even better.
Good luck.
Excuse me.
Do you see that man at that table?
That idiot staring at me?
-He's my friend.
Let me come to the point.
We made a bet.
-Will you party with us?
If I say yes, you'll win the bet.
What do I get?
My company.
I like your confidence.
What's your name?
Captain Vikrant Khanna.
Captain! My name is Anjali Mathur.
So Anjali, let's go.
-Hi, Anjali.
-Hi, how are you?
What will you have?
My car?
What will you have, Anjali?
Drinks for all of us.
Sure, sir.
Here we go.
Shots! Shots! Shots!
Let's go. Shots on the house
with Captain Vikrant Khanna!
What are you doing?
You won't understand, baby.
How many times have
I called you, Vicky?
Where are you?
Leaving for the airport.
On the way.
Vicky, hi.
How are you?
Hi, Mansi.
Where are you these days?
European sector. What about you?
I've joined Queens.
Are you okay?
No, judging by your eyes, seems
like you didn't sleep all night.
Who were you with?
I am absolutely fine.
Okay, see you.
Hi, Captain.
It's an honour to fly with you today.
Oh hi, Captain.
Hello, sir.
Sit. Sit.
First officer Tanya Albuquerque.
And he's Captain Vikrant Khanna.
He's widely popular.
He's an ace pilot.
In fact, the video of
your landing in Hong Kong,
among strong crosswinds
became pretty viral.
And I've seen it many times myself.
Thank you.
Here are your flight plans.
Weather details.
Any problem, captain?
No, sir.
Then why did you keep
the documents down so soon?
I am done.
Captain, why don't you read it again?
Destination, Cochin.
Visibility 4000 meters.
Wind 300 at 5 knots.
Alternate is Bengaluru,
visibility is 8000 meters.
Wind is 290 at 10 knots.
Clouds scattered at 012 and 080.
That was page no. 1.
If you want we can come to page. 2.
Have a safe flight, captain.
Thank you.
System okay.
Has Boeing 737 been loaded?
Yes, it has.
Confirm the quantity.
Sir, 16,100 pounds.
-Yes, sir.
Did you say pound again?
Yes, sir.
I've told you a dozen times...
Don't you understand the
difference between kilo and pound?
Yes, sir. It's Kg.
Sorry, sir.
Excuse me,
can you just move a little bit?
-It's okay, I'll do it.
-Thank you.
Yes, please just move your luggage.
Can you move?
Please send a car.
Yes, yes.
Good evening, sir.
-May I help you with your seat number?
I think it's eight.
Sir, please sit here.
Sir, please move.
Thank you.
Oh no... what just happened?
Come on.
Turn it off.
I am very scared.
You know I've never
travelled alone in my life.
Sorry, but you're aware
of the situation back here.
And you're not alone.
Young Prince is accompanying you.
Come over,
I'll receive you at the airport.
Request for clearance.
Dubai delivery, this is Skyline
777 requesting clearance for Cochin.
Flight level 350.
Skyline 777... clear to
Cochin flight level 350.
Thank you.
Initial altitude 4000.
SQUAWK 0550.
Doors closed.
All passengers on board.
All doors armed and cross-checked.
And fasten the belt
around your waist.
Inflate the safety
jacket near the exit.
Blow in the pipe
to inflate the jacket.
Please don't inflate
the jacket before exit,
or it can create
problems in your exit.
One loses freshness with
age but not perverseness.
Learn to control your actions
before controlling your cholesterol.
Bloody late boomer,
still wants to go boom-boom himself.
Myself Tittoo Kanjnani.
Which city are you from?
I mean the perfume you're wearing,
has made the entire
surrounded fragrance.
Which one is it?
Do you want one for my aunt?
Good joke. You're very funny.
What the...
Excuse me, sir. Could you
please switch your phone off?
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir. Could you
please switch your phone off?
The flight is taking off.
Has it taken off yet?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
this is your captain Vikrant Khanna.
First officer is Tanya Albuquerque.
Her company is not doing very well.
So thank you for
choosing to fly with us.
The distance from Dubai
to Cochin is 2790 kilometres,
and we'll cover this distance
in 3 hours 50 minutes.
Cochin's temperature
is 29 degrees Celsius,
and chances of rain.
What is it, mom?
Just one more day, mom.
Your treatment will
start from tomorrow.
You'll be absolutely fine.
I know. I know.
Skyline 777, this is Dubai Tower.
Clear for take off.
Runway 1 to right.
Engines are stabilised for take off.
Queens 103 line up behind
departing aircraft and wait.
Global Airlines 563,
this is Dubai Tower.
Hold short to runway 1 to right.
Hold short to runway 1
to right Global Airlines 563.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
you can now unfasten your seatbelt.
But please keep them
fastened for safety reasons.
Sit back, relax and enjoy
the rest of your flight.
You pronounced my name wrong.
It's Albuquerque.
Named after the American city.
How many hours have you flown?
Slightly more than 450 hours.
16270 hours.
Ms. Albuquerque.
Captain, are you alright?
I've been flying
continuously for six days.
I just want to go home.
What about your family?
My wife, my daughter.
Tomorrow is her 6th birthday.
Please give her my regards.
I will.
-Your drink's here.
-Your drink, ma'am.
Excuse me, ma'am.
I never drink nor does your aunt.
Excuse me. Refill.
I am really sorry, sir.
What sorry?
I want a drink.
Sir, we've been told
not to serve any more liquor.
Why can't you?
-I've only had 3 pegs.
I run the entire share
market singlehandedly.
You guys have no
clue about my capacity.
It's okay.
Do you know...
Hello, I'm talking to you...
Sir, we'll be right back.
One second.
Excuse me.
Are you out of your
mind to scream so loudly?
Mind your own business.
Yes. Even I've a business.
Tittoo Kanjnani.
Section 12 page 12.12...
Know Your Machines.
Often small mistakes
lead to serious disasters.
Here at 35000 feet,
there's no room for mistakes.
Yes, sir.
Mihika. A black coffee
and a black cookie.
Regular, sir?
Of course, regular.
And ma'am, for you?
-No, I'm good. Thanks.
Thank you.
Stay here, please.
-Thank you, Mihika.
-Any changes?
-No, captain.
How's the coffee, Captain?
Lovely. Try some?
No, thanks.
You know,
there are days when I love my job,
and on some days I hate it.
So what day is it today?
I'm still trying to figure that out.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I do.
Do you love him?
There are days when I love him,
and on some days I don't.
Samaira, you're still awake.
So are you.
What happened?
I don't know, mom.
Somedays I want to
quit everything and run.
So run. Who's stopping you?
You're a weird mom.
Which mom advises
her daughter to run away.
Listen. Vikrant is stubborn, relentless.
But let me tell you.
This guy will never turn his
back on you in a tough situation.
You anyway favor
your son-in-law more.
Yes, I do.
Why? Don't you?
Oh shit, mom I'll call you back.
Tanya, details.
Captain, fuel is about 4800 kgs,
and we're at a distance
of 45 minutes from Cochin.
I wanted to slap him.
What a guy.
Relax, babe. In our profession,
we got to deal with patience.
You'll learn soon.
Yeah, that's true.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
this is your captain.
Fasten your seatbelt.
You may experience some
jerks due to bad weather.
Soon we'll land in Cochin.
Thank you.
Please try again.
Thank you.
Mr. Tripathi.
I heard about your daughter.
It wasn't her time to go.
I'd approved your leave
for a month, but...
What's the point
of sitting at home, sir?
Work will keep me occupied.
Thank you, sir.
Cochin, Skyline 777. Good morning.
Skyline 777, Cochin Tower.
Good morning.
Cochin, Skyline 777
requesting descent.
Skyline 777 descent
flight level 180.
180 set.
What happened? What happened?
-Look... Look...
Stop crying.
Are we cleared for the approach?
Cochin, Skyline 777 requesting
for further descent.
Are we clear for the approach?
Mr. Tripathi, relay this.
Skyline 777, warning.
Repeat, warning.
Visibility low. Only 1500 meters.
Heavy rains.
The Gulf Pacific flight
747 has been diverted as well.
Please note.
Captain, warning from ATC.
Visibility is low,
1500 with heavy rains.
Shall we wait?
We're within minima.
Continue the approach.
Cochin, Skyline 777.
We are within minima.
Would like to continue the approach.
Skyline 777,
descent as per procedure.
Cleared for ILS runway 27.
Gear down.
Flap 15.
Flap 30.
Approaching minima.
Minima no contact.
Initiating turn around.
Cochin, Skyline 777 going around.
Mr. Tripathi.
Mr. Tripathi.
Relay this.
Sure, sir.
Skyline 777,
we just received information,
that Gulf Pacific 747
which couldn't land in Cochin,
has safely landed
in Trivandrum airport.
Visibility is 3000 meters,
weather is clear.
Sir, Bengaluru is
our planned alternative.
And we need approximately
3300 kgs fuel to reach Bengaluru.
And currently, we have 3900 kgs fuel.
I think we should immediately
divert to Bengaluru.
It's just safer.
Why Bengaluru and not Trivandrum?
Because the distance
between Trivandrum and Cochin
is only 127 nautical miles.
If Cochin has bad weather,
chances are the Trivandrum's
weather could be equally bad.
Never go to a place where your
thought doesn't reach before you.
Get Trivandrum's
weather report again.
Cochin, Skyline 777 requesting
Trivandrum weather details.
Skyline 777, visibility
in Trivandrum is 3000 meters...
Clouds at 1500 feet.
I repeat, clouds at 1500 feet.
Redesignate alternate to Trivandrum.
But, sir...
If we fly to Trivandrum
instead of Bengaluru,
then we'll save fuel.
With the extra fuel,
we can attempt another landing here.
I don't have a good
feeling about this, sir.
At 35000 feet above the ground,
calculations count not feelings.
If we land in Cochin
then problem solved.
I don't know, sir.
I find it all very risky.
It's math, not risk.
Cochin, Skyline 777.
We would like to
attempt another landing.
In case of a missed approach,
redesignate to Trivandrum.
Skyline 777, we're changing
your alternate to Trivandrum.
-Excuse me, sir.
The Skyline 777 flight from Dubai?
Sir, I'll check the
status and update you.
Due to bad weather, the flight's
been delayed behind schedule.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
Madam, what inconvenience?
What's going on?
It's been a circus
out here for so long.
Up-down, up-down.
Will someone tell
me what's happening?
Sir, calm down.
Please sit down.
-What calm down?
-Please sit down.
Fasten your seatbelt, please.
I don't know...
Sir, seatbelt.
Sir... we've been hovering
for the last 33 minutes,
and the weather hasn't changed.
How much fuel do we have?
Its neck to neck.
We need 2600 kgs fuel
to reach Trivandrum,
And currently, we have 3200 kgs fuel.
We cannot wait any longer.
You're right.
Inform Cochin we're
going to attempt a landing.
Cochin, Skyline 777
requesting one more approach.
Skyline 777, you're cleared
for ILS approach runway 27.
Does this pilot want to
attempt a landing here again?
He's out of his mind.
Sir, still can't see anything.
Divert to Trivandrum.
Skyline 777,
would like to proceed to Trivandrum.
I just received information,
that the cyclone's
direction has changed.
Visibility has decreased.
Send a message to
Cochin ATC and others,
to stop all flights
coming from there.
We just received information,
visibility has decreased.
Yes, please cease
all flights immediately.
-Mr. Tripathi.
-Relay this.
Mr. Tripathi.
What's wrong?
Get a hold of yourself.
Mr. Tripathi.
-Ruchika, take over!
-Yes, sir.
The Dubai flight's been diverted
to Trivandrum due to bad weather.
We will update you all shortly.
What happened?
I think we're being diverted.
Due to bad weather,
we couldn't land in Cochin.
But the good news is we'll
soon be landing in Trivandrum.
We'll cover this
distance in 35 minutes.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
Tanya, how much fuel do we have left?
Approximately 2400 kgs.
Hardly one hour of flying time.
Oh no, no,
why aren't we going to Bengaluru?
Uncle, are you a pilot?
Take a nap.
Why are you stressed?
We'll wake you up when we land.
I am not a pilot,
I'm an aviation journalist.
This flight's alternate
shouldn't be Trivandrum.
Something is not right.
If Cochin has bad weather,
the weather at Trivandrum
can be equally bad.
When the weather and
humans together make an error,
then that's a sure
shot recipe for disaster.
Brother, what is he saying?
How to make two-minute noodles?
Hold on just a second.
Look here uncle,
please be more specific.
I'm already at the edge of my seat,
don't scare me anymore.
Sir is right.
Why aren't we going to Bengaluru?
Sir, please sit down.
-The seatbelt sign is still on...
-Be quiet. What do you know?
What is going on here?
We want to see him.
Please call somebody sensible.
-What's the point of talking to you?
-Please sit down, sir.
No one has any idea what's happening?
-What's going on?
-Please sit down, sir.
What's going on?
Please sit down, sir.
Please we'll be arriving soon...
Tell us what is happening?
We don't want trouble.
How is this possible?
Don't you guys have any sense?
- Sir, please try to understand.
- Sir, please open the door.
Please calm down.
Sir, there's a big problem here.
We don't want to talk to you.
Call somebody out.
Is he scared or what?
This is not done.
What is happening?
What is the solution?
What are you doing, sir?
Sit down.
- Please sit down.
- My driver is in Cochin.
How can he get to Trivandrum?
Sit down.
Please sit down.
Those of you who are
pilots keep standing,
the rest can sit down.
Sit. Please sit down.
Are you a pilot? Come with me.
Come on.
Look... we know you're all worried,
and just want to go home.
Even she wants to go home,
she wants to go home too.
Her 2-year-old is
waiting for her at home.
Even I want to go home,
to my wife and child.
I request you to let us do our job,
and cooperate with the cabin crew.
Thank you.
Just a little longer, ma'am.
Every passenger on this flight,
will reach home safe and sound.
I promise.
I know, son.
1... 2... 3... 4... 5...
Ninety kilometres.
Speed of light Vs speed of sound.
Playing the same game again, sir.
Look, 1... 2... 3... 4...
Eighty-nine kilometres.
-Right? Right?
You're too much.
Meaning the cyclone's drawing closer.
We've nothing else to do but sip
coffee for four hours to kill time.
Hopefully, after that the
cyclone warning will be over,
then the morning shift guys...
What have you done?
Trivandrum, Skyline 777.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Skyline 777 requesting descent.
Trivandrum, do you read?
Skyline 777 requesting descent.
What do you mean negative?
Skyline 777,
did you not receive the information?
The cyclone's just
80 kilometres away.
We've sent information
to Cochin and other ATCs,
to stop all the flights to
Trivandrum with immediate effect.
We're expecting heavy rainfall.
Visibility is zero.
It's impossible to land here.
We received no such information.
Sir, we request you to
head to Bengaluru immediately.
We're on minimum fuel.
Share the weather stats, please.
Weather stats.
Visibility is 1300 meters.
Winds 20025.
Gusting 35 knots.
Clouds scatter at 800 feet.
Sir, it was 1500 back there,
and only 1300 here.
Now what?
-How much fuel do you have?
How much fuel do you have, sir
Only about 920 kgs.
We can fly this flight
at the most 28 minutes.
That means hardly
one or two attempts.
Yes, sir.
Get everyone.
I want everyone on this right now.
Look at me.
Look at me!
It's okay. It's okay.
I need you right now, Tanya.
Tanya, I need you.
Breathe in. Breathe out.
Breathe in.
Are you with me?
Are you with me, Tanya?
No fuel, no visibility, or time.
It's over.
There's nothing we can do.
Hi, has the 777 flight
from Dubai landed yet?
My husband is the
captain of that flight.
His phone's switched off.
Any information?
Ma'am, Skyline 777 has been diverted
to Trivandrum due to bad weather.
We'll update you as soon
as we receive any information.
Alright, thanks.
Sir, sir,
the cyclone's advancing very fast.
It's just 80 kilometres away.
Clear runway 16.
Don't worry, child.
Didn't you hear?
The pilot said he'll
get us home safe and sound.
He seems to be a gentleman.
I trust him.
Autopilot disengaged.
Going manual.
Wind check.
Strong crosswinds from the right.
Gusting 35 knots.
Wind shear ahead. Wind shear ahead.
Wind shear ahead. Wind shear ahead.
Visual landing.
[indistinct voice]
[indistinct voice]
Skyline 777, Trivandrum.
We're landing. Are we ready?
Skyline 777, clear to land.
Runway 16.
[indistinct voice]
[indistinct voice]
[indistinct voice]
[indistinct voice]
[indistinct voice]
[indistinct voice]
[indistinct voice]
Crosswinds are too strong.
The plane won't be able
to align itself on the runway.
[indistinct voice]
[indistinct voice]
[indistinct voice]
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Shaina.
Happy birthday to you.
Vikrant sir!
Vikrant sir!
Skyline 777 do you
have the airfield in sight.
Visibility is zero.
Attempting to land.
Going blindly.
Clear for landing runway 16.
Clear runway 34.
Did he choose runway 34?
He this guy crazy?
He's going to die and
kill everyone with him.
Lunatic. He will die.
The wind pressure on
runway 16 will be from behind.
34 is the opposite wind pressure.
Headwind will become tailwind.
That will be the end of it.
Anything can happen
in this situation.
The plane's tail can get ripped.
The plane can topple from the runway.
The plane will guaranteed overshoot.
This pilot is not thinking straight.
One thing is confirmed.
It's a crash.
It's a mayday, mayday,
Fuel, goodbye.
Brace for impact.
Everyone sit down, bow down.
Everyone take positions
and get back to their seats.
Please take positions
and fasten your seatbelt.
Annapoorna Hospital.
We need beds readied.
150 people.
It's a bloody emergency!
Aircraft approaching runway 34.
Be prepared,
crash landing is expected.
"Life's like a whirlwind."
"Even the destination's betraying me."
"Erase this distance..."
"Is my only wish."
"This is not the final goodbye."
"Life's like a whirlwind."
"Even the destination's betraying me."
Fuel brakes up!
Reversals normal.
Auto brakes disarmed.
Yes, captain.
He did it.
Parking brakes set.
Thank you.
Mama, you okay?
Here. Here.
Get the wheelchair quickly.
This way, sir. This way.
Carefully. Please alight slowly.
Ma'am, this way. Sir, help her.
This way, please.
Every incident has two aspects.
What and how it all happened?
The thin line that exists
between the what and how,
is where the truth lies.
Yusuf, what's happening?
Is he okay?
Don't worry, sister-in-law.
He's absolutely fine.
The flight has taken
off from Trivandrum,
and will soon land in Cochin.
I'm heading there right now.
I'll keep you posted.
-Don't worry.
Excuse me. Captain Vikrant Khanna.
First officer Tanya Albuquerque.
Please surrender your cell phones,
and come with us.
Relax, I'm not from DGCA.
We've roughly a couple of minutes.
Radhika Roy.
I'm an advocate and
a trouble fixer for Skyline.
Whether you did right or wrong,
I don't give a damn.
The company only
cares about two things.
Are you safe?
Are you legal?
Stress, tension, fatigue,
don't bring any of these
expressions on your face.
Or the DGCA guys will think
you've definitely done something.
Vikrant, not only did
you save passengers' lives,
but also Skyline's reputation.
Think twice before
you speak in front of them.
And don't forget...
You're still an employee of Skyline.
They are here.
We good?
Kartik, remember one thing.
Make no mistakes.
Investigate everything properly.
-Narayan sir is very particular.
-Yes, I know.
Ms. Albuquerque.
This is my colleague.
We're from the DGCA.
We're from the DGCA.
Captain, you look tired.
Can I get you some tea,
coffee, or something else?
May I?
Well... let's get
straight to the point.
17th August 2015.
Ms. Albuquerque,
there's been a mayday call.
We want you to give us exact
details of the entire incident.
You've been flying since last night.
It must be pretty tiring.
And now straightaway here.
You may not remember every detail.
I never forget anything.
What would you like to know?
And that's all that happened.
One more thing.
Did you have alcohol while flying?
Of course not.
Of course not!
Thank you.
By the way,
for someone who saved 150 lives,
I expected to be treated better.
Captain, not 150.
It's 149.
We just received news that the
old lady Alma Asthana on your flight,
died of a heart attack
on the way to the hospital.
So, Captain, it's not 150.
It's 149.
And yes, please don't go anywhere.
You still have to give your medical.
Excuse me. Yusuf Rangoonwala.
Head of Pilot Association.
May I?
Share this recording with headquarters.
I'll call Narayan Sir.
We've taken their statements, sir.
Finished inspecting the flight, sir.
I'm forwarding you the details, sir.
And the breath analyser
test is being done as we speak.
Captain Vikrant?
Well, sir,
Captain Vikrant didn't say much,
but Tanya seemed slightly nervous.
Mr. Chaubey.
Yes, sir.
Did you complete the report?
Yes, sir.
Did you check all the documents?
Yes, sir.
Check again.
What date did you put in here?
16th August.
What date is it today?
Sorry, sir.
Come to the next page.
Did you calculate the total?
Yes, sir.
Calculate it again.
Sir, can I...
How many times have I said, Chawla,
to always double-check.
Turn the page.
You didn't sign on the report either.
Sorry, sir. I'll do it right now.
There's another page.
Sir, job termination letter?
You'll sign here.
It's a small mistake, sir.
Let it be.
AAIB's job is to find mistakes,
not to make them.
Sir, I won't repeat
this mistake again.
One can only do three
things after making a mistake.
Admitting your mistake.
Learning from your mistake,
and never repeat it again.
All the best for your future.
You may leave.
Thank you, sir.
What happened?
Your case is absolutely clear.
Nothing to worry about.
That's not the case.
That lady...
I can't get her out of my mind.
Did she die on your flight?
Did you kill her?
Then why are you letting
this guilt eat you?
The delivery boy's job
is to deliver the goods.
And once the goods are delivered,
then he's not responsible.
And my friend, you're a superhero.
For all of them.
All those lives that you saved.
You did.
First the Hong Kong case.
And now this.
So just cheer up.
Smile, come on.
Captain Vikrant Khanna.
Dr. Mahadevan.
We're here for your vitals
and breathe analyser test.
Captain Vikrant Khanna.
My mom was the only
person on the entire flight,
who trusted you.
She really trusted you, Captain Khanna.
The world might hail you as a hero,
but in my view,
you're just a murderer.
"I know the night is long,"
"but soon it'll be dawn."
"I know you gasp for air,"
"but your heart hasn't given up yet."
"Good or bad, it shall pass."
"All hurdles will be overcome."
"Why do you feel lonesome, O friend?"
"God's with you too, O friend."
This video, uploaded by Carryminati,
on his YouTube channel
first has become viral.
The credit for saving
passenger's life on the
flight is being given
to Captain Vikrant Khanna.
You know,
there are days when I love my job,
and on some days I hate it.
So what day is it today?
I'm still trying to figure that out.
I think we should immediately
divert to Bengaluru.
It's just safer.
Why Bengaluru and not Trivandrum?
Look at me.
It's okay. It's okay.
No fuel, no visibility, or time.
It's over.
There's nothing we can do.
What happened?
You've been sitting here all night.
what if I am wrong?
You know what ma said
about you the other day?
Vikrant isn't someone who
will turn his back on you in danger.
And what do you think?
I think my husband's always busy.
Doesn't spare time for his wife.
Doesn't take her out on dates,
nor for a vacation for while.
What else?
And I feel...
if some other pilot
was on the flight,
then maybe everyone would be dead.
Vicky, if you don't
believe in yourself,
then no one else will.
I love you.
I love you too.
[rap song continue]
Thank you.
Good morning, captain.
It's your daughter's birthday,
but I'm sending a gift for you.
You've been summoned for an inquiry,
by the Aircraft Accident
Investigation Bureau.
You have seven days.
So you can't complain that
you didn't have time to prepare.
Those with secrets need to prepare.
I've nothing to hide.
By the way,
you must be watching the news.
These news people
take less than a second,
to take you off the
pedestal they put you on.
The Law of Gravity.
Remember Captain, seven days.
Skyline's pilot...
Our pilot is all over the news.
If you want I can stop it.
-No...-'And saved lives. This pilot...
That would be a bad idea.
Since he's been on the news,
our company's share
prices are skyrocketing.
And until Skyline doesn't merge
with Ishita Bajaj's Queens Airways.
Just keep it hot.
Make it a hot topic.
Anything else that
I've to worry about?
Well, nothing serious.
Who is handling this investigation?
Narayan Vedant.
Narayan Vedant!
You're telling me
that the Narayan Vedant,
is personally investigating this case.
And you think that
there's nothing serious.
Don't make the mistake of
underestimating Narayan Vedant.
When he's investigating,
any detail,
big or small, isn't irrelevant.
I know that man's track record.
He analyses every little
detail so minutely,
that the accused has
no chance of escaping.
Our pilots are going to need
the best defence that money can buy.
You'll be definitely asked
why you chose runway 34 over runway 16.
Hello, Mr. Iyer,
Mr. Tripathi, sit down.
Thank you, sir.
-Would you like some tea?
-No, sir. Thank you.
Mr. Tripathi,
do you like watching feature films.
Fea... Feature...
Feature films. Movies.
Do you watch movies?
Well... sometimes.
Humour oriented films.
Humour oriented... Comedy.
Comedy films.
No, sir.
I've no interest in comedy films.
So, no interest in comedy.
If you've no interest in comedy,
then why did you turn this
entire incident into a joke?
For the last four days,
my team members
have been asking for
the tapes of the conversation,
between Skyline 777 and Cochin ATC.
And you haven't replied yet.
Actually, sir, our tapes get
automatically rewritten every 12 hours.
So on that day
when we received the
message from your office,
the tapes were already rewritten.
You received a Mayday call,
the flight to Cochin gets
diverted to Trivandrum, and...
your reply to the entire situationis,
that the tapes got rewritten.
That's all.
They got rewritten.
Sir, we're trying
to retrieve those tapes.
Incompetence breeds incompetence.
Mr. Iyer, breeds incompetence!
It's better if you don't involve
yourself in this investigation.
You must be glad.
Skyline's stock prices
are going up again.
If it still keeps
going up post the merger,
then Queens Airlines
will profit too.
I agree.
But the merger hasn't happened yet,
so what's the dinner for?
Straight to the point, are we?
Narayan Vedant.
He's handling the
investigation, right?
your uncle's the aviation minister.
I want this Vedant out.
I get it.
You want me to get him off this case.
But everything comes at a price.
Our merger is still happening, right?
But now you'll give 65%
to Queens Airlines instead of 50%
for the same price.
Don't take undue advantage
of the situation, Ishita.
You would've done
the same thing, Suri.
It's business.
We'll get Skyline back up again.
Otherwise, if this case goes south,
then your 3.5 billion dollar
company won't be worth a dime, Suri.
Maybe you don't know this.
But even Global Airlines
is interested in this merger.
Go ahead then.
Skyline is too big to fail, Ishita.
At one time, Suri,
even the American
economy felt that way.
And by the way
I love how the media
is treating your pilot.
This is a serious matter.
A lady died.
And you think it's the pilot's fault.
Hundred per cent.
During 40 years of my career,
I've seen several incidents.
Sorry, I'm late.
Hurry up or else
we'll miss the flight.
Total negligence.
Well I'm sorry I don't agree with you.
Captain Vikrant is a senior pilot.
I've flown a lot with him.
There's no question of negligence.
This is not the way to talk.
What is your experience?
This very same pilot is the reason
you are sitting here and talking.
What do you expect from a
professional pilot?
The hearing will
begin tomorrow in Delhi.
Damn it.
Ma'am, Ma'am, please...
Ma'am, please tell us something.
Sir wait. Please sir.
Mr. Suri, the word is that your
company's on the verge of being sold.
-Is there any truth in it?
Rumours. All rumours.
Sir, one comment.
You should know better than that.
As you can see Virat Kohli is
playing quite aggressively.
His natural game is pretty aggressive
None of England's
game plans are working.
Tim Bresnan bowling over the wicket.
Lets watch what happenes.
-That's high up in the air.
But there's a fielder at the back,
at deep mid-wicket.
Will he take the catch?
Oh no he dropped the catch.
With this England's dropped the match.
We're careless only
when we feel we're safe.
One you're calling careless,
will make India win.
Against the rules.
And you follow the rules.
All right, Captain.
I'll pray that you survive this.
All the best, sir.
17th August 2015.
5:55 AM Skyline 777
sent a mayday call.
This proceeding will be carried out,
according to annexe 13 of
the International Civil Aviation.
Captain Vikrant Khanna.
Tell us about your family.
My wife, and my daughter.
When is your daughter's birthday?
18th August.
18th August.
Exactly a day after
the mayday call was made.
Captain, are you alright?
I've been flying
continuously for six days.
I just want to go home.
You flew for nearly
a week... continuously.
You must have missed
your family a lot.
In such state of mind,
one seems disinterested in work.
And there's a restlessness,
an excitement to return home.
People often make
errors in excitement.
For example...
that evening before the flight
took off, in your excitement,
you read the flight plans
and weather details in one minute.
What do you want to suggest, sir?
2010, Mangalore.
A flight overshoots the
runway and falls into the canyon.
158 passengers on the flight died.
[indistinct wireless voice]
[Indistinct chatter]
I went there personally.
That image wouldn't let me sleep,
The committee deemed it an accident.
But the question that kept
coming up in my mind was 'why'?
The pilot was in a hurry.
But why?
And after days of research,
I found my answer in one word.
The reason for most air crashes,
The Homesickness Syndrome.
A strange hurriedness to reach home.
The same state of mind you
were experiencing that day, Captain.
Destination, Cochin.
Visibility 4000 meters.
Wind speed 300 at 05 knots.
The alternate
destination is Bengaluru.
Visibility 8000 meters.
Wind speed 290 at 10 knots.
Clouds scattered at 12 and 80.
That was page 1.
If you call this impatient reading,
then every pilot in the country
should read stats like this.
What else did you say?
Every soldier posted at
the border misses his family.
But he does his duty with honesty.
So with due respect, sir.
Your questions are baseless.
Everyone in this country,
wants to cover up their mistakes
using the army as an excuse.
Why don't you try it too, Captain?
If you're going to decide
that questions are baseless,
then please take a seat here,
and show us how an
inquiry is conducted.
Why don't you sit on this chair,
and teach all of us,
how to conduct an inquiry!
Stir the water to catch the fish.
Stir the water to catch the fish.
Stir the water to...
catch the fish.
Stir the water so hard,
that you scare the fishes.
Then you can catch it easily.
Narayan Vedant
will do the same with you.
Don't take the bait.
I'm sorry if I've
offended the counsel.
That was not my intention.
I understand your intention
quite well, Captain.
Quite well, I do understand.
Can you tell us what this is,
A miniature bottle of Gin.
We found this bottle
in the aircraft's trash bin,
which is exactly behind your cockpit.
The bar cart trolley
where this bottle is kept,
is only accessible to the cabin crew
-or the pilot himself.
-It's a valid point.
-Note it down.
-He's absolutely right.
I insist that you drank
this Gin, Captain.
The result is positive.
Show me.
It's showing that I'm drunk too.
You try it.
Is he drunk too?
It's what the device says.
You try it.
Answer me, Captain.
What is your answer?
What does your medical
report say about it?
Ohh, alright.
Can you blow in this, please?
Why not?
the device shows
that you're drunk too.
There have been some very astounding
coincidences in this investigation.
The transcript disappears overnight.
The device fails at the exact moment.
Our system is filled
with honest people.
due to the failure of the device,
doesn't prove that
you didn't drink alcohol.
Doesn't prove that I did.
Well, let's prove it then.
I would request the committee to perform
a polygraphy on Captain Vikrant Khanna.
What the hell is polygraphy?
What's it called?
Oh yes... Polygraph.
Lie detector test.
-He can't do a polygraph.
-Sir, Radhika Roy.
-With your permission can I speak
to my client? -Yeah, yeah...
Yeah, sure.
Vikrant, it's not mandatory.
It's a trap. Refuse it.
Are you done, Ms. Roy?
-Yes, sir.
-Thank you.
What are you thinking, Captain?
And what did you say that other day?
Those with secrets need to remember.
I have nothing to hide.
Isn't that what you said?
I have nothing to hide.
Oh my, God.
Vikrant you took the bait.
What is your name?
Vikrant Khanna.
Were you the pilot on Skyline's
777 flight from Dubai to Cochin?
Did you drink that
night on the flight?
I did.
I drank water.
I drank coffee.
Did you drink alcohol that day?
I didn't drink alcohol that day.
But how?
He didn't drink alcohol that 'day'.
-That's it.
-Just a moment...
Before you leave today, Captain,
I want the answer to a question.
Is there anything about this bottle,
which you're intentionally
hiding from us?
I would like to pass this question.
This ends today's proceedings.
We will commence with the investigation
tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock.
I told you don't take the bait.
I can explain.
Can you?
Explain to our board of directors,
how dumb one of their
pilots turned out to be.
We have 16,500 employees.
Explain to them how their jobs are at
stake because of one arrogant pilot.
Yeah, try explaining that.
What did you expect me to do?
Stay quiet?
Yes! Yes!
You should have kept
your bloody mouth shut.
Goddammit, Vikrant.
We poured our hearts into
cleaning your medical reports.
And what did you do?
Ruined all our efforts.
You've no reason to panic.
Everything is under control.
Ohh, okay.
You think everything
is under control.
From where I see it,
Narayan Vedant is
already in his mind,
and he's playing
tricks with his mind.
And he has no clue.
Keep your cool tomorrow,
come what may.
Company policies...
I've understood your
company policies pretty well.
If the pilot survives,
then blame the pilot.
And if he's dead,
you're going to blame
the pilot anyway.
Who the bloody hell
do you think you are?
I've had enough of
your stinking attitude.
If tomorrow this inquiry
harms my company,
don't think you're safe.
I'll ruin you.
I won't hire you or let
any other airline hire you.
You heard me, mister.
I will finish you.
I will finish you.
I promise you I will finish you.
Now get out.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Ms. Katrina Kaif, please.
If Narayan Vedant didn't
ask you any questions today,
doesn't mean you're safe, understand.
It's part of his plan.
Now listen to me very carefully.
Him. He's gone.
He's over... finished.
But if you want to be safe,
then keep your ears
peeled and your mouth shut.
We'll take care of you, okay.
Ms. Albuquerq.
It's Albuquerque.
Ms. Albuquerque.
What is your opinion
about Captain Vikrant Khanna?
Actually Captain...
Don't be afraid.
Tell us your opinion about him.
I found Captain Vikrant
Khanna to be a very skilled pilot.
What else?
Excuse me.
So dedicated that he
was sleeping on the flight.
Your 'dedicated pilot'
was sleeping on-duty 20
minutes after the flight took off.
Listen to this.
Ms. Albuquerque, how was
the communication between you two?
Our communication was normal, sir.
Communication was normal.
The definition of 'normal' is different
for different people, Ms. Albuquerque.
Sleeping on the flight for
you is normal, for us it's abnormal.
Ohh... on record.
You two didn't have
any disagreements.
Meaning you completely
agreed with him,
on the wrong decisions
taken on the flight.
I'd like to pass this question.
Pass the question.
You may...
You may, Ms. Albuquerque.
But you do realise how
this will make you look.
Ms. Albuquerque,
use your words and
your time carefully.
They won't come back again.
Sir, copilots often
have a couple of arguments...
Couple of?
Did you have arguments with
pilots on other flights as well?
That means the argumentative
behaviour was his.
We don't have all day,
Ms. Albuquerque,
answer with a yes or no.
That day you froze on the flight,
now you've frozen here.
What pressure are you under?
Were you trained to hide something?
Was it your decision to
land the flight in Trivandrum?
Were your eyes red
while flying the flight?
Then whose eyes were red?
Then whose eyes were red?
The Captain.
Very good.
red eyes, argumentative behaviour,
seems like you didn't sleep properly.
Did you rest properly
before the flight?
What's the matter, Captain?
Your face looks a little pale.
Do you know this Anjali?
Then do you know this Anjali?
Ms. Anjali Mathur.
How do you know
Captain Vikrant Khanna?
Although I don't know him too well.
We met only once in the Dubai Club.
He approached me.
I liked his company,
so we partied together
that night in Dubai.
And we were just enjoying ourselves.
Do you remember the date and time?
Yes... it was August 16th,
sometime around 2 in the morning.
You were partying.
How long did the party last?
Till 6 in the morning.
Was there alcohol?
Of course. We were drinking together.
Thank you, Ms. Mathur.
Everyone makes mistakes, Captain.
I do.
But failing to admit your mistake,
reflects your character.
Were you going to claim
that the woman was lying?
We've CCTV footage
from the Dubai club.
No. It's true.
you lied that you took a rest.
I said I took a rest.
I never said whether it
was during the day or night.
From morning 6 o'clock till evening,
I was resting.
And before that,
you were drinking all night.
I'm sure you know about DGCA's
policies regarding alcohol, Captain.
If the pilot's caught
for the first time,
he's suspended for three months.
If he's caught for the second time,
he's suspended for three years.
And the third time... his
licence is cancelled.
Bottle to throttle 12 hours.
Rule no. 24 of Aircraft
rules 1937 clearly states,
no pilot can drink alcohol
12 hours before the flight.
From 6 am till the flight took off,
there was a gap of 15 hours.
I didn't break any rule, sir.
So let's talk about the
last two hours of the flight.
I think we should divert
immediately to Bengaluru.
It's just safer.
I think it's all riskier.
It's not risk, it's math.
You must have heard that old saying.
Things didn't go as planned.
You chose Trivandrum
instead of Bengaluru,
without caring for the fact that,
the weather at Trivandrum
was getting worse.
Without caring for the fact that,
visibility could have dropped.
Knowing that there's a cyclone head
for Travancore... meaning Trivandrum.
A pilot makes his decisions,
based on the information
given by ATC.
Cochin ATC gave us
no such information.
We're still investigating Cochin ATC.
We'll come back to that later.
But counting others' mistakes,
doesn't lessen your mistakes.
If we land in Cochin,
then problem solved.
If, but, maybe, what if...
You let these four words
decide the fate of 150 passengers.
This was your first mistake.
For 33 minutes you
kept hovering over Cochin.
You wasted fuel,
that was your second mistake.
You filled 4346 kgs of less fuel
compared to a flight's
total capacity.
This was your third mistake.
Captain, does Skyline tell their pilots
to fill less fuel for cost control?
Pilots don't make rules,
he just follows them.
Whatever we did,
it was within the limits of SOP.
No pilot would put his licence,
his passenger's safety
and his life at risk.
actions speak louder than words.
Your words don't match your actions.
And your actions
don't match your words.
You're contradicting yourself.
You're being self-contradictory.
Ms. Albuquerq.
Do you drink alcohol?
Was that occasion on the
night of 17th August on the flight?
There's a mystery, Ms. Albuquerque.
Will you help me solve it?
I'll try my best, sir.
Once a lawyer got a murder case.
The accused said I was drunk,
I made a mistake.
Please help me.
The lawyer gave her
best and saved the accused,
and he was released.
Do you know what happened?
After being released the
guy murdered an entire family.
Who was the murderer this time?
The guy or the lawyer who even though
knew the facts still saved him.
Who, Ms. Albuquerque?
Ms. Albuquerque,
this entire investigation
has only one motive.
This incident is never repeated.
Your responsibility should
be in the passenger's interest.
And not some institution...
Or person.
help us to help you.
Did you drink this Gin?
Did you take this Disprin?
Did you drink this coffee?
-Then who did?
Vikrant sir did.
Did you see anything while landing?
We couldn't see anything...
Maybe your eyesight was weak.
I can see fine, sir.
Maybe the captain saw
something that you couldn't.
Because your eyesight was weak.
That's not true, sir.
The weather was bad...
But how can one land without seeing?
He did land without seeing.
He couldn't see anything either.
But how can this be possible?
Because even his eyes were closed!
What did you just say?
I didn't mean...
I mean...
I would like to pass this question.
I would like to pass
this question, please.
I would like to pass...
Ms. Albuquerque,
thank you for helping
the jury and yourself.
Have a drink.
It's only water.
Captain, you made
a ton of serious mistakes.
An entire mountain of dangerous
life-threatening errors.
Ms. Albuquerque's statement
clearly proves that you were drunk.
I only spoke about
the coffee and Disprin...
Do not disturb me when I'm talking!
I'm sorry. Please do not interrupt
me when I'm talking, Ms. Albuquerque.
Thank you so much.
Sir, actually...
You're pretty thick-skinned, Captain.
That aged woman lost her life
due to the pilot's wrong decision,
and I don't see a single
regret on your face.
That's just...
For a brief time, the pilot is like
a God to the passengers,
on whom they blindly trust.
And when that God closes his eyes?
You shattered that trust.
Can I have the slide, please? Thank you.
This is runway 16.
Wind pressure from this side,
which is the headwind.
Headwinds that assist
in stopping the airplane.
You chose runway 34,
meaning tailwind.
Due to the tailwind
the aircraft experience a heavy push,
and you had only a
3400-meter standard landing distance.
But you got 1600 meters.
Meaning half the runway,
and a flight coming at double the speed.
You had around 350 kg
of fuel in your aircraft.
You turned the entire
aircraft into a time bomb.
One small spark could've
blown up the entire aircraft.
And what did you say that day?
Just going blindly. Goodbye.
According to the state of your mind,
you were ready to die.
On one side of the
runway was the Arabian Sea,
and the entire city on the other side.
One small mistake
and you cannot imagine
the disaster it would've caused.
But you don't care.
You were landing with your eyes closed.
Flying with your bloody eyes shut.
have you ever seen an ostrich.
He hides his face in
the sand seeing danger,
imaging that the danger's been avoided.
There's no difference
between you and the ostrich.
No difference at all.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you.
Captain, would you like
to say something in your defence?
Very well then.
The counsel will announce
their verdict tomorrow.
That night in Dubai...
I hope you understand.
Did I ask you anything?
I've complete faith in my husband.
It's time that you start
trusting yourself again,
Captain Vikrant Khanna.
It's all over.
Do you know what's worse
than losing everything?
Losing hope with which
you can gain everything back.
Like you say,
until the last ball isn't bowled,
the match isn't over.
I know what's bothering you.
Get up. Come with me.
Hold on a minute, ma'am.
When my mother died,
I was furious for a couple of days.
First I blamed my doctor,
then my dad,
and then myself.
One day I called the
doctor and cursed him.
If only you had done your job properly,
my mother would still be alive.
Do you know what the doctor said, ma'am?
I am sorry, son,
but I really did try my best.
Years later I understood what he said.
I really did try my best.
And I am sorry for your loss.
This judgement has been prepared
based upon the evidence collected
during the investigation,
and from the opinion
obtained by the experts.
Before announcing
the counsel's judgement,
does anyone have anything to say?
Ms. Albuquerque?
Are you sure, Captain?
Mr. Vedant.
Skyline 777...
Do you know what the
ostrich sees in the sand?
Only an ostrich knows what he sees.
You write with your right
hand but drink with your left.
The IST watch on your
hand has an I missing.
In the last two days,
you addressed me as Captain 25 times.
One more thing.
That morning when the aircraft stopped,
it had 349 kgs of fuel and not 350 kgs.
And the time was 5:59.
I never forget things.
I've a photographic memory.
Choosing runway 34 wasn't
random or coincidence.
It was by choice.
Because I still remember
every inch of runway 34.
The runway wasn't visible that day,
but I could see it.
Not from here,
but from here.
Before working for Skyline,
I used to fly
Tarachand Ahluwalia's private plane.
And their frequent station was...
runway 34
After hearing this I'm convinced
that you're a very talented writer.
You're good at making up stories.
But right now no one's interested
in hearing your stories,
nor do you want to admit your mistake.
-So if you...
-Often when I'm watching cricket I feel,
that the players should
play some shots differently.
Giving advice in an air-conditioned
room is very easy, sir.
Even if your calculations are wrong,
no one's going to die.
Whether it's the ATC's mistake,
bad weather, or anything else.
It's always the pilot's fault.
We made 314 decisions that day.
If we had made even
a single wrong decision,
then we wouldn't be here.
But still...
it's always the pilot's fault.
By the way, I am really sorry.
I forgot to wish you
a good morning the other day.
I made a mayday call
when the only thing important for me,
was my passenger's safety.
And a promise.
Her name was Alma Asthana.
Narayan sir
I'm really sorry about her.
But you know something,
I really did try my best.
But you're right, sir.
It's always the pilot's fault.
I can't believe you even if I want to.
Can anyone here prove it?
I can prove it.
I need a flight simulator.
Wind speed 225.
Gusting 35.
Visibility 1300 meters.
Clouds at 800 feet.
Landing gear down.
Flap 15.
Landing flap's 30.
Clear for descent.
Visual approach.
I've set the FMC.
Fuel brakes up!
Reversals normal.
Auto brakes disarmed.
Yes, captain.
For not doing his duty properly,
we're suspending the gentleman
with immediate effect.
Mr. Santosh Lal Tripathi.
You're being terminated from the job.
The jury instructs DGCA
to check every employee's
mental status on regular basis.
First office Tanya Albuquerque
and Captain Vikrant Khanna,
several of your decisions
were disputable.
But there's one thing that hasn't
been described in this case yet.
The human factor.
The human factor and the
weather which was an act of God.
On record, the aircraft had
all valid airworthiness certificates,
and concerned directives
were followed.
The jury suspends the pilot's
licence for three months.
The jury instructs DGCA
to conduct a strict inquiry
into Skyline Airways.
That will be all.
Thank you.
I had a question.
Why did you only suspend
me for three months?
It will be a stain on my career.
Captain, always remember this stain.
It will keep reminding you for
the rest of your life what not to do.
You're special, Captain.
I didn't want to deprive
this country of a gifted pilot.
This entire industry
thrives on faith, Captain.
The day this faith shatters,
so will the industry.
Watching you fly the aircraft
in the simulator fortified my faith.
In my 40-years of career,
I've never seen any pilot do this.
And maybe never will.
Never break this faith.
Keep the faith alive.
And yes, one more thing.
You can do only three
things after making a mistake.
Admitting your mistake.
Learning from the mistake,
and never repeating it again.
All the best for your
second inning, Captain.
Thank you, sir.
[airline announcement]
Hello, sir. Dubai?
Big fan, sir.
I joined last week.
You're my idol.
Thank you.
Sir, any guru mantra for me?
Never break their trust.
Keep the faith alive.
Yes, sir.
All the best, Captain.
Thank you, sir.
Every incident has two aspects.
What and how it all happened?
The thin line between how and what,
is where the truth lies.
Sir, I had something to say.
Sir, that bottle of gin...
I drank it.
I was very scared.
I thought it was all over.
Sir, I'm a single mother.
If I lose my job...
Excuse me.
No smoking here.
I didn't light it yet.
"Sit down. Take notes."
"Everybody looking
at the way he talks."
"Come here, find out."
"How does he manage to shock?"
"Hard rock, diamond."
"His touch the horizon."
"Aims right even
with his eyes closed."
"When he flies better leave his way."
"Alpha man."
"He's the one, he's the alpha man."