Runway Cop (2012) Movie Script

Hurry, get ready!
The fashion show will start in a little while,
Please get ready.
Next model!
Where are the dresses?
This is really hard.
What is it?
Ah! This smell!
What is that smell?
I'm going to faint.
Damn, must we wear this?
Do you all want to be seen as tramps?
But where did you get these
clothes with such smell?
Let's just wear it.
This is too much.
Where's mine?
Why didn't you call me?
All the clothes there belongs to you.
- Ah!
- Damn! This is filthy!
Where are you all going?
Why did you rummage through my closet?
Then why is your closet in the police station?
I'm working the night shifts every night,
how am I supposed to go home?
Then why didn't you get your own place?
Because my dream from young
is to live in Gangnam.
Please wash up.
Oh, that smell!
Are you going to compete?
Only then I can run fast.
Why don't you just go on a diet?
I've prepared something good!
When I was watching CSI yesterday...
Stop it.
We're doomed!
- What's that sound?
- Quick, hide!
Is there something?
Ajussi! Give me my things!
Don't run! Rascal!
Damn it!
I'm the police and I'm on duty.
Excuse me please.
Ajussi, please move the car away.
I was here first!
Damn! That bastard can really run!
(Seonbae - Senior, mentor)
I'm here.
I'm here!
You're here?
I'm the police!
You, you, you! What are you doing?
(Seonbae - Senior, mentor)
(Seonbae - Senior, mentor)
(Seonbae - Senior, mentor)
Ah... this fat ass!
Hey, Cha Cheol Su!
Haven't I warned you before
that you're not allowed to hit the suspect?
Are you a gangster?
I'll just make him speak the truth.
That's all.
I swear!
Cuff the hands that this rascal
swore with before you let him in.
- Okay, noted.
- Huh?
Hey, Suspect.
Let's just end this quickly
and you can leave.
You know Gim Seo Nam, don't you?
A threat call was received from the phone you sold.
I really feel like killing you!
Ah, damn!
Do you really not know?
I can tell only if I know.
I really don't know!
Stop it, rascal.
I don't wish to know either.
Fine then.
Aigoo, aigoo.
All thanks to you,
I can also rest for a bit.
Just to catch you,
I was living in the car for
the entire week.
That was really unbearable.
I ought to go home quickly
and have a good wash.
And enjoy the kind of life
we always see in the movies.
Why is my socks still standing up?
Damn! It's really standing up!
Damn! This is awesome!
I'll tell! I'll tell you everything!
You don't have to!
It's in his mouth.
Did you see that?
The socks stood up!
Everyone saw that right?
Gyeong Seok, come over for a moment.
That's totally infringing on human rights.
Damn. It's all saliva.
Everyone should be aware of the recent phone
threat incident involving
supermodel Gim Seon Ho.
A month from now, Gim Seon Ho
will be walking down the stage of show F...
FW2011 as a model.
I think he needs bodyguards
so we're going to set up a special op team.
Also known as,
Project Runway Team.
Wow! Fantastic!
This is so cool!
This, this...
Did you do it yourself?
Why is the crime unit's captain
doing up the powerpoint?
The team leader would be
Officer Cha Cheol Su.
And someone would be picked
to be trained as a model.
It's impossible to get the tiger's cub
if you don't enter its den.
Then who's going to be the model?
When I was little...
Hey, hey, hey!
- In our team, who else can do it other than Gyeong Seok?
- Huh?
Gyeong Seok will be the model.
That's all.
I should be the model.
My face is also big.
Captain. Have some tea.
For what reason
over a threatening phone call,
do we have to work undercover
and protect him 24/7?
Gim Seon Ho.
The threatening phone call is a decoy.
Since last year there's information about
this guy trafficking large amount of drugs.
Then just let the anti-narcotics
team arrest him, why need us?
This is an anti-narcotics officer
who disguised himself as a crew.
He was murdered during the fashion show.
Intelligence said there would a
transaction during the fashion.
So we'd need to work undercover.
This is too difficult for
Gyeong Seok to handle.
Let me do it instead.
Undercover kind of job.
That's not something anyone can do.
You working as an undercover?
You'll stick out.
To allow Gyeong Seok to be on the runway
You will need a designer's permission.
So go and meet a designer first.
No matter how, we are going to see
a designer. Look at you.
An officer should look like an officer.
Could you please dress decently?
Just look at your beastly self.
- Did you bring everything?
- Yes, I got everything.
What's this?
You think it's fun?
Oh, well...
It's not that...
I can't believe I'd still be mistaken
at my age.
Go and ask around if I'm a pervert
or a bitch that wears only underpants
is a pervert!
Are you a stalker?
Why do you keep following me?
This woman is really!
I'm here to see the famous fashion designer.
What is it called again?
Seorap (Drawer)? Seorap...
Or is it shut up?
Is it asking me to shut up?
It's 'Seraph', okay?
Don't tell me you're...
Organizing a fashion show
requires a lot of money right?
Because you're not wearing pants.
Hey, hey. Is your family
very poor?
Then why are you wearing such a small uniform?
Ask your mom to buy you a new one.
Can you move your arms?
Does the blood flows?
None of your business!
I can move my arms, okay?
Who is it!
You're here.
- Hello.
- How's today's schedule?
I don't know. Can't stand with this wig.
But I am still the most beautiful.
Of course.
Yeong Jae?
Yeong Jae!
- You can't simply come in here.
- No, no.
I'm Yeong Jae's high school classmate.
- High school classmate.
- What?
Wow, Yeong Jae! Heard that you are the
new fashion designer. That's great!
It's my first time coming
to a place like this.
What do you think you are doing right now?
You think modelling is child's play?
Might as well don't need Gim Seon Ho.
Don't simply touch anything!
You definitely can't!
Heard that if you don't pick him,
the sponsor will just pull out.
- Aren't you using that money for the fashion show?
- Don't touch it.
By any chance, is it you?
That's what I'm planning to do.
That's all.
A little bit of polishing will do.
Thank you very much. Thank you very much.
I'm extremely grateful that you
can make such difficult decision.
One more thing,
about having an undercover
police in the fashion show...
You must never let anyone else
know about it.
It's the same from me as well.
Let's go take a look at the venue.
Where did Cha Cheol Su go?
I think he has gone to the identity parade.
Found it.
Number 7.
It's definitely number 7.
Who put Cha Cheol Su in there again?
He'll definitely be selected
whenever he's in there!
Stop it.
Stop fooling around!
Did you catch a cold?
Why do you have your winter clothes on?
Don't you care? This is my style.
You thought I wanted to come?
I like you!
Is there no other police officer
other than you?
Do you think the crime unit is like a bar
that you can change whenever you want?
- Look at the camera.
- I like you!
I like you.
You are really pretty.
What a spoilsport.
Thank you!
Gim Seon Ho?
Aren't you going to say hello to me?
Miss Go Yeong Jae.
I heard that you have become a designer.
You've become very bold.
You will get better, Miss Go.
All thanks to you, I'll become famous too.
For being able to come to my show.
Thank you!
You don't have to thank me.
This is the last stage locally.
Since it's been set,
I wish to do it without any burden.
Oh! What a rude fellow!
There's a smell.
It's okay.
I've already gotten used to your smell.
I have to investigate that fellow.
Who is it?
Gim Seon Ho's manager.
He obviously has a smell similar to mine.
Not everyone can has that kind of smell.
Gyeong Seok, how high can you pee?
(Seonbae - Senior, mentor)
(Seonbae - Senior, mentor)
Gyeong Seok!
Gyeong Seok!
I'm the police.
I'm the police.
Gyeong Seok!
We received news that Gyeong Seok
has been hospitalized.
It seems like he can't move his legs.
While he was rollerblading.
I'll go to the scene.
What happened?
I heard that a new kind of pervert who
I heard that a new kind
of pervert who pees and
rollerblades at the same time has appeared.
Captain! I didn't injure Gyeong Seok!
He fell by himself!
Since I open this, I shall finish it myself!
Detective Pak. Don't touch that.
Don't touch!
No! Not the ginseng!
You can't take medicine together anyhow!
U Guk Dang, U Guk Dang!
I'll going to kill you!
- Thank you for this.
- Stop eating! Stop eating!
We'll choose another model.
What is this?
The model is injured?
Ah, Miss Go.
Please dress more decently when
you come to the police station.
You're breaking the law with
what you're wearing.
Here, we don't have much time.
We need to find a substitute quickly.
This way please.
Miss Go. This way please.
Have a look at this.
We have gathered every police
officers in the station.
Please have a look and pick as you please.
- Let group 1 in.
- Okay.
Group 1! Group 1 come in please!
Group 1!
It seems like recently, all police
officers are chosen by height.
Are there preferential treatment
for those below 170cm?
Don't tell me there really
is such a condition...
Let's skip group 2 and group 3.
Get group 4 to come in straight.
Yes, I got it.
Let group 4 in.
What are you doing?
Get in there as well.
Ah, we are saved!
Just pick him.
Luckily we still have Officer Choe.
You deserve to be Officer Choe.
Officer Choe it is then.
Captain, it seems like Officer Choe
can't do it.
There is no choice.
He shall do when asked.
It's not that.
I just had haemorrhoids surgery.
So whenever I walk, I feel like my anus
is going to split up again.
That's all.
Get out!
Hey, Cha Cheol Su!
Stand up straight!
How did you do it?
You got chosen whenever you get in here.
Anyhow, you are selected.
I'm going crazy.
How can I be a model?
This is my first show, my dut stage!
Why don't just let me catch a hundred...
no, a thousand criminals?
At the end of this show,
it might be my last and final show.
Captain Yu, you can't do this to me!
If you continue to be like this,
I will just resign! Resign!
And this person here, can't even wear
my clothes, because...
Is this even a body?
It's just a lump of fat!
Did I say anything wrong?
If you have confidence, just pull up
your shirt and let us have a look.
Don't you feel ashamed?
If you're afraid of this,
there's no way you can be a model.
Do you think anyone can
just become a model?
Omo! Omo!
I have become a model!
Captain. Let me be the model!
Let me be!
She said you can be a model too!
Ah, even I can be a model!
Come, let's eat something!
Ah, it's disgusting!
So let's do it this way.
The fashion show is just a month away.
In the coming 2 weeks,
if he can lose 20kg in two weeks,
just use him as the model.
Losing weight doesn't mean that
he'll have the qualities of a model.
How can anyone lose 20kg in two weeks?
How about it?
Why am I always be handcuffed?
Cheol Su, let's lose some weight.
How can anyone lose 20kg in two weeks?
Just lose it, I don't care if it's
liposuction or what, just lose it.
Ah, seriously!
Look down at a model
Look down at a police
You're so dead.
Cheol Su is so cool!
You jerk.
Cheol Su is so handsome!
Right, Yeong Jae?
I think it's not too bad actually.
We have arrived at the destination.
End of navigation.
What's this?
What are you doing here?
I'm here to monitor your weight loss.
No way!
I'll be stressed if you are here.
You need to work it out if
you want to be a model.
I don't give a damn about it.
How come there's Cheonggukjang
smell in this house?
You call this place a living quarter?
Something like this.
Anyhow, where's the closet?
Let start by throwing this away.
Seriously now...
Did you take this from the junk?
- Just throw them all away.
- Hey hey hey.
Why do you throw this away?
Didn't you say you want to be a model?
Even as a model, you can't be
wearing fancy clothes everyday.
Throw away all the beggar's clothing!
Look, these trash like clothing
is actually my fashion all the while.
Did you hear me?
Let's say there is a girl
putting her stockings
inside her skirt
How would you think about that girl?
Crazy bitch.
Isn't that Gim Seon Ho?
Leave him alone.
We meet again.
Miss Go.
And who's this?
I'm a model.
Looks like now even a dog or a cow
thinking just with height
can be a successful model.
This small brat has no manners at all.
That small brat!
Are models born rude?
- Argh, today's really...
- When standing in front of people and didn't say a word
Why not just say it louder?
It has been a while.
How come Detective Cha is here?
- I can't come this place?
- No, that not what I said.
I told you right? Never come to my district.
That's the guy who stole it.
What are you doing? What is this?
Stay still.
Yeong Jae!
You have captured the wrong guy!
Yeong Jae! Yeong Jae! Where are you going?
Yeong Jae
you are inviting death kid
What the hell are you saying?
I'm not blaming you.
I have investigated Gim Seon
Ho's manager as you said.
He has a criminal record in violence.
There's a strange man with Go Yeong Jae.
He's probably a police.
See, I told you.
I think I saw Gim Seon Ho's accomplice.
Where are you right now?
Hey! Where are you?
He's right in front of me, you old fellow!
This old fellow never listens.
What do you plan to do?
What else?
- I will follow him.
- I will follow him for the meantime.
Should be following right?
Damn. I'm busy.
Yes, Captain.
Have you been following him properly?
Yes, I..
I'm following him, but...
It's been a while since I followed somebody.
So, I'm in front of him now.
What the hell are you saying?
Don't worry, please.
I've been in a similar situation before.
But I made it!
I will call you later. Bye.
Hey! Hey!
That bastard.
Okay. I'll give way and let you overtake me.
Why is that guy following me?
Ah..., really...
Don't follow me, overtake me.
What the hell! This guy is
driving left and right!
Damn it.
That kid must be crazy.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Where are you going?
I've been tricked. Damn.
Where the hell did that guy go?
Why did he go over there?
Should I stop the car?
Ah, how do I report this?
I'm sorry.
Looks like he's not an ordinary guy.
No police in Korea
can go undercover as a model.
Not anyone can be a model.
Yes, I understand.
I heard you were looking for me.
Seung U
I have a request.
That asshole. I lost him.
What kind of bra is this?
Selling for 250,000 won.
Hey, just take it.
You bought this?
What can I do?
They said they can't sell that anymore.
That's a B cup. Go and
exchange it if it's too big.
It's not big at all, okay?
Are you sure?
You pervert!
You will start your strict training tomorrow.
Chew properly before swallowing.
Come and eat.
Just apply it in order.
Must I do this?
Don't talk while you're having a facial.
Don't laugh, you will get wrinkles.
Ah, the smell...
Ah, that's right.
Detective Cha will be coming in today.
Can he really lose 20kg?
Don't expect too much.
You think it's that easy to trim that tummy?
Stop kidding me.
What's going on?
Where's the wind coming from?
Handling this case...
What is it?
Oh my gosh!
Maxbong (A sausage like snack made by CJ)
Cha Cheol Su is back after the hardship!
Give me a hug.
Miss Go
You are really a genius.
You didn't forget our agreement, right?
A promise is a promise.
I will let him join my fashion show.
I'll just believe in you, Miss Go.
Will he start walking the runway now?
Not yet.
He has to get some experience first.
That's right.
Fortunately, my friend is a photographer.
He's looking for an ad model.
He will start today.
This kid, Cheol Su...
How is he going to do that?
Do not worry.
He's just the right person
for this ad.
Look at that waist.
Didn't expect that at all.
Look at that!
Young Jae.
Go shave it.
I just shaved this morning.
You are modelling for undergarments.
You want me to do that?
Shave it clean, OK?
What's taking you so long?
Don't you know how many
people are waiting for you?
Why didn't you knock?
Is this all right?
You're still not ready yet?
We need to shoot wedding photos after this.
Cover those that can be covered.
It must have hurt a lot.
It's so big.
When did you get injured?
Was it a knife cut?
You must have suffered a lot.
~ A quiet ~
~ night... ~
~ A pitch-black ~
~ As daybreak... ~
Stand still.
~ arrives. ~
Ah, this...
It's not like that at all.
This pervert.
And, you...
In the future, address me as Miss Go.
All models treat their designers with respect!
Do you understand?
You're just sewing 2 pieces of cloth together!
You and Gim Seon Ho are the same.
You think you're special just because
you're in the fashion business?
What about you?
If you are not carrying a gun
there's no way to tell whether
you are a police or a gangster.
-=Old Dad Calling=...
This is just a precaution.
It's not because I hate you.
Young people's bones really heal fast.
For all this time,
you've worked hard.
Are you playing tricks on me?
Thanks to me, you lost a lot of weight.
Isn't that great?
Do you know what I went through
to lose all this weight?
And also, the hair here.
I can't even go to the public baths now.
You were already unwelcomed there
because your were filthy.
Isn't it...
Where are you going?
From today, you assume your regular duties.
I'm going to hell.
I'll buy you some meat.
What kind of meat?
This is how you repay me for my hard work?
Only with pork belly?
I was taken for a ride again.
pork belly is good for you.
Eat more.
Gyeong Seok
is headed to the ski slope tomorrow.
does it mean I'll be going there as well?
I trust you just like before.
Eat more.
This is delicious.
I am sorry.
I'm on a diet.
You eat up, too.
Thank you!
I'll do it.
Do we have to move like this?
Brother, I've never done this before.
Does Gim Seon Ho have anything
to do with the drugs?
My intuition has never been wrong.
Today, those guys
will connect somehow.
Go somewhere nearer and confirm it.
Don't always look down,
what about up there?
Hey, hey. Those fellows...
I think they've discovered us.
At the to ski slope now.
But, should I first learn how
to walk up the ski slope?
Is he coming over?
Since we are here, I might as well master it.
Just like those models.
Go quickly!
It's too fast.
I don't know how to ski.
I'm a police.
Damn it.
Group 6, please come in.
Ah, seriously.
Ah, seriously.
Too old-fashioned, really boring.
It doesn't matter since our
show has a gangster theme.
Why is there no entertainment at all?
Group 7, you're next.
Oh my god. I am going crazy.
Look... look... at that guy strut.
Yeong Jae.
The captain asked me to come.
Yeong Jae?
What kind of relationship
is this again? Really.
Do you know that jerk?
Oh my god.
Is he out of his mind?
What the heck?
A back walk?
That son of a bitch.
I... like... it a lot.
Doesn't he walk with a lot of personality?
You like that kid?
It's entertaining.
I heard they've chosen a weird guy.
That's right.
What does he look like?
That jerk looks just like him.
Gim Heon Jun
Yeon Min Seung
Cha Cheol Su?
You don't seem to have much experience.
Have we met somewhere before?
Let's start with the walking.
Hey, Yeong Min.
I told you not to walk like a woman.
This shows personality.
This brat, you dare talk back at me.
Walk properly!
I'm walking properly, can't you see?
Cheol Su, are you an ape?
Are you a robot?
Bend your arms!
Waist. Eyes.
Shoulder. Chin.
Lower your shoulder.
Please walk like a human.
I'm hungry, you asshole.
Serves you right.
What's wrong with that kid?
Don't tell me he pees sitting down.
Whether I sit or stand,
a newbie has no right to comment on it.
I was born in the year of the monkey.
Really? I was also born in
the year of the monkey.
You really look old.
Get me some toilet paper.
I'm going to quit, sooner or later.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
What are you doing?
If your posture is wrong,
however you walk with that body is useless.
This is the fastest way for you
to change your posture.
Then how long do I need to be tied like this?
probably the earliest person
coming tomorrow will untie you.
What did you say, punk?
Hey, aren't you going to untie me?
Release me, asshole!
What if I need to pee?
I'll pee here.
I'll pee, I'll pee, I'll pee!
I'll really pee!
It's coming out now!
You, asshole!
Release me!
Pin please, Sin Yeong.
How is he?
Cha Cheol Su.
Although there's still a lot
to improve with his walk,
but his overall condition is pretty good.
That's good to hear.
Looks like you think highly of him.
Anyhow, you should do your best.
On paper, you are the best, aren't you?
For letting me join this show,
I'm really thankful!
What did you say?
Are you crazy?
What are you doing?
This kid tied me up for one night.
Models with bad posture are
occasionally trained like that.
Some were even tied for a few days.
Don't worry. I will just beat him to death.
Come with me!
Don't resist. Otherwise, it'll get worse.
Seung U is a Taekwando black belter.
You must be tired, Hyeong?
(Hyeong-big brother)
I'm sorry about yesterday.
To be honest,
I did that because you showed
no respect for modelling.
You've been working out?
Just speak to me casually.
But still...
Of course.
Please get some exercise.
How can a man be this weak?
Let's not even get into that!
If you only know what kind of person
I was before.
Forget it.
No use talking about that.
How do I improve my walk?
Why do you want to be a model?
Well, I...
What about you?
To me, a runway
is like drugs.
How should I put this...
When I was on the runway for the first time,
I felt scared and nervous.
I felt that the runway was very long,
but now, I think that it's too short.
I want to walk more.
If you like walking that much,
join the marines and you
can walk all you want.
You will also find out soon,
how it feels like to stand on the runway.
But among the models,
who is the best in the country?
Gim Seon Ho...
that guy right?
That's right.
He has what it takes to become a model.
Then, why is he getting all
kinds of negative publicity?
Like during his previous fashion show,
someone fell from the top.
And also, him being involved in drugs.
Isn't that strange?
I am leaving first.
I have to go to work.
Hang on
Are you close with Gim Seon Ho?
We used to be close.
We even lived together.
But now,
I have no interest in his matter.
What are you wearing?
Why are you screaming?
You are scaring people.
Don't come near me.
Die, pervert!
Why did you shave all that hair off?
What are you doing to do?
Are you sure you are a police?
Why are you always getting hit?
It's because of my extreme diet.
I have no strength left in my body.
I'm aware of that.
What did you say?
I said, I know.
Weren't you good at fighting in school?
The boys were afraid of
you, so they hated you.
The girls thought you were filthy,
so they hated you.
Back then, the girls even said,
"You might as well run naked".
You didn't know, right?
Was it because of my great body?
Ouch! How can a designer be so careless
and prick someone.
It's done. Take it off.
Gim Seon Ho and Seong U
used to be friends.
Looks like they had a fall out.
Seung U missed a show once.
Seon Ho stepped in for him.
After Seon Ho became famous,
the two drifted apart.
Maybe Gim Seon Ho did it deliberately?
Otherwise, there's no reason for
the fallout in their relationship.
Why do you care so much about Gim Seon Ho?
Drive for me.
Am I your driver?
What happened to this car?
What's wrong?
Are you worried about the fashion show?
There's only half a month
left before the show.
I think it's going out of balance.
Wasn't that originally the case?
Let's go to Dongdaemun.
What are you doing there?
Are you buying some clothes?
Well then. Just for today,
I'll be your handsome chauffeur for a day.
What are you doing?
What are we doing here?
This is where my dream of
becoming a designer started.
I come here whenever I feel stuck.
I want to re-live it.
My first dream.
Not too bad.
It looks like a testing area inside.
You really worked here before?
Wow. Yeong Jae!
Your name's here.
First of all, congratulation
on your first fashion show.
Who are you?
=I heard there's a police among the models.=
Do you know anything about this?
Who are you?
I'm going to hang up if you're not going
to tell me who you are.
=You don't seem surprised. Looks like
you've known about this all along.=
=But there's one thing you don't know.=
=The police are using your debut show
to investigate a drug case.=
=Look over here.=
Yeong Jae, is this your first
fashion show in 5 years?
Wow. You must be very nervous.
Right, Yeong Jae?
Yeong Jae.
Did you lie to me?
Are you using me?
What did I do?
Find your drugs elsewhere.
I won't let you use my show.
I suffered a lot losing all that weight.
I even begged you.
Lucky, I didn't die.
Do whatever you like.
It has nothing to do with me.
I'm not going to do that again.
Are you threatening me?
Mr. Tak,
your tricks won't work with me anymore.
Who is it?
~ Put your hands up. ~
~ Say ho, ho. ~
~ Say. Yayaya. Yayaya. Yeah. ~
Seonbaenim, when did you come?
My manager is not here today,
drive for me.
Miss Go,
aren't you coming to see the pattern sample?
This thing here...
This iron thing is very expensive, right?
I thought all male models are poor.
Looks like not everyone is like that.
It must be expensive for you, right?
Are you used to being a model now?
Ah, yes. That...
At first,
I felt afraid because the runway is very long.
Now, I feel that it's too short.
I want to walk more.
The merchandise that you have ordered.
Are you going to buy that?
How is Seung U doing?
He's a nice guy.
Don't touch him.
Let's have a drink.
How do you like it?
Ah, this...
It tastes a bit...
But I think policemen are
more used to drinking soju.
You think we didn't know?
Detective Cha Cheol Su.
Given the current situation,
I will drink this expensive
liquor before I leave.
Have you heard of 'plop'?
You have seen this trap from
the narcotics team, right?
Mixing water and liquor with drugs.
At the same time carry out an arrest right after it.
And that is called a plop.
Do you know what was added to
the liquor you drank just now?
Also known as liquid methamphetamine.
Our Mr. Gwon
what will you do if he pulls you into this?
You secretly put the drug in
and still talking rubbish.
The narcotics department
can't resist the temptation.
There are a lot who get
sucked into this business.
You are going to be one of them too.
Were you the one who called Yeong Jae?
You've got a lot of guts.
Don't wear sunglasses indoor, asshole.
It's rude.
I was about to let go of this case.
because you spoilt my mood,
I can't give it up now.
Not sure I have all these properly recorded.
Hey! Feeling the effect of the drug now?
Damn it.
Over there. Get him!
Captain. Come help me, quick!
What is he doing?
No! Not my car!
Hey hey, you son of a bitch!
Bring the car here.
Haha, am I laughing now?
Get out of the way!
Hold on tight.
Hey jerk, why did you hit my car?
Has this jerk gone crazy?
Pull yourself together, you piece of shit.
You should be the one pulling it! Haha!
Get a fire bomb from me!
Come and catch me.
One nice shooting! Nice shooting! Yeah baby!
- A bunch of lunatics!
- Go! Go!
Through the barricade!
Yeah. Hahaha.
- What is that son of a bitch holding?
- Wow, a gun!
Hey, wake up!
Damn it.
What is this all about? Is he all right?
He seems happy.
Is the recorder still working?
There's no battery.
But how did this kid get here?
Seems like he was sent here by a truck driver.
He pressed the quick dial button 1,
and it's Miss Go's number.
We are really sorry to
bother you all the time.
No, it's all right.
I have a meeting to attend so I'll go ahead.
Oh, are you awake?
There was no evidence?
Then you think what I drunk
was not drugs but cold meds?
To arrest a drug trafficker
like Gim Seon Ho,
you need to catch him red
handed with evidence.
Just arrest that Mr. Gwon or whoever he is.
Then what about you?
What if he goes after you?
Please hand in your gun and ID.
You think you can just
walk away free after the
rampant shooting in the middle of the city?
Rest at home for a few days.
What home do I have?
Then what about the case on Gim Seon Ho?
Can't you see what's happening?
You can be fired for this.
I'm asking you, what will happen
to Gim Seon Ho's case?
I must arrest him.
It will be with one of the models.
Just like how I was deceived by Mr Tak.
Sir, there was no voice recording
found in the police record.
Yes, I got it.
Let me know if you have anything.
I've thought about it.
I don't want to be on this show.
Cha Cheol Su is a police officer.
Think carefully, why you didn't make it
to the show 2 years ago.
How long do you think a model can last?
Probably 4 to 5 years.
After that?
You know exactly how it's like
to be an obscure model, don't you?
Can't you see how Seon Ho's life has changed?
You have to be like him, too.
Life is very long.
A tall model like you
should also have a vision.
How many times have I told you that
Miss Seong likes them mascular?
I'm sorry, Ma'am.
He said he's not participating.
Do not worry.
I've prepared more nice models for you.
Look at that muscle.
It's a muscular guy.
Start walking now.
Here he comes, Ma'am.
Do you like him?
=Are you feeling better now?=
What are you doing now
in front of Miss Seong?
What's with the sudden politeness. No manners.
Are you recording this down?
Not only is it not recorded,
I'm alone here. So talk freely.
- I owe you a big favour.
- Is that so?
I will return this favour for sure.
You must...
pay it back.
The phone call...
Well, this... He's still a muscular guy.
I can't believe it. Is that true?
Where's the thing?
Excuse us, please.
Are you crazy? Only Mr Tak knows about it.
I don't know.
How is it possible that you don't know?
You were always like this.
Whether it's now or before.
I do now know, too.
Why did you disappear before the show?
I just suddenly found myself
wearing the main clothes,
and became famous out of the blue.
Hand over the stuff you have to Cheol Su
that way you won't be implicated as much.
- We need to change the whole plan.
- What?
Cancel the show first,
sue her for violating the contract.
And then leave everything behind
in the clothing warehouse.
If it's the clothing warehouse,
then it's where our drugs are...
It is not easy to cancel the show.
Just get rid of Go Jae Yeong.
Hey, what are you doing?
Drinking beer.
Are you crazy?
How did you know I'm here?
Captain Yu told me. Why?
Why did you audition elsewhere?
Did you do it on purpose?
To be honest, I felt used by you.
It upsets me.
Why did my dut show become a crime scene?
You're not making clothes any more?
Of course, I still am.
Who said I'm stopping?
Of course, I have to but...
I'm working.
The first person to be measured by me,
that was you.
What are you saying?
Well, that's how it is.
How could you understand?
So nice.
Hey, you're not leaving?
I will go after I rest.
Quickly, help me open this.
Using someone's work place as a resting place.
No common sense at all.
Ah, I fell asleep.
You must be hungry.
Let's get something to eat.
No... you are not driving?
It ran out of petrol.
How exactly?
I don't know. I'm hungry.
Let's get out of here first.
- Hello?
- Go Yeong Jae is in danger.
Who is this?
She has been framed by Mr. Tak.
Hey, who are you?
The police will be there soon.
Say it clearly. Who the hell are you?
There's no time, just get
what is important first.
The sketches.
We have to go. Just take it.
Over here. Cover the whole place.
Hurry, hurry.
You, cover that place.
You, search the drawers.
Hurry, run!
Let's go!
Over there! Arrest them quickly.
Catch her! Quickly!
It's all right, Detective Cha.
Take me with you!
Follow them.
Detective Cha
Give it up.
If Miss Go runs away, you will be
implicated as well. Don't you know?
Are you stupid?
I've found it.
- Why did you attack the anti-narcotics team?
- They started it first.
She's been framed.
Don't you understand?
Miss Go is arrested because
of drug possession.
Please let her go.
During the investigation,
the show will be over.
There's only 3 days left before the show.
That's all we can do.
The fashion show is a matter of life to her!
It's not only that,
it might affect my life as well.
A no is a no.
If you can't release her,
then let me borrow the detention room.
What do you need to borrow?
Excuse me. Coming through.
Excuse me.
Agassi, what are you doing?
Are you moving in?
Hurry, set it up.
Why are you standing there foolishly?
If I get released,
I will grant your wish.
A kiss.
If you break your promise, I will
definitely arrest you again.
Hey you there!
Quickly get to work. Quickly.
Leave quickly!
It's chaotic inside.
What are you looking at? You
think this is your house?
Stop drinking, you asshole.
Should have say it first. We
don't even have time for it.
How to settle this?
Hey, you think this is a school?
Coming in and out as you please?
Ajeossi, why are you hitting me?
- Ouch!
- Please stop hitting me!
Just look over there.
What is happening?
Where have all the clothes here gone?
You do know something, don't you?
Just in case, let me tell you first
Miss Go Yeong Jae show will be cancelled.
So just prepare to go overseas.
Mr. Tak,
For my show
I will decide on my own whether to go or not.
Don't you know yet?
What did you say?
All the things here have been
moved to the police station.
The police station.
Everything to cut off.
Drawers foot that side.
It's a bit long.
- Trim 1cm off.
- OK.
Towards this side bit.
Hey, this is police station
or clothing department
Move Aside.
I rein in a to wipe.
The police department is suddenly a mess...
You're right... you're right.
I'll make sure it gets back to normal.
Do you know how much trouble
you have caused me?
I had enough helping you to keep them quiet.
- Please, just let her go.
- What?
It's only four hours left,
immediately release her
Didn't I say find evidence to release her?
Quickly go and find the evidence.
Have you heard of a runway
show without a designer?
Don't you know the show must go on?
So get me the evidence!
Damn you!
Done! Let's go! Thank you for the hard work!
This is the main clothing. Please be careful.
Let's go.
Why there's an exact same truck coming?
I am here for Miss Go Yeong Jae's clothes.
Then what about that truck just now?
Are you sure you have the
main clothes with you?
Yes, Representative.
Will be there in 10 minutes.
Yes, okay.
Hey, stop it right there!
Stop the car.
Ajussi! Ajussi!
That truck over there! Quickly!
Quickly to overtake.
Please pay the fare.
I am asking you to move quickly!
- Didn't I say you must pay the fare?
- Damn. I am going crazy!
What the hell!
=lnsufficient balance=
What are you doing?
Insufficient balance.
Why the bus is not moving?
Ajeossi, I'm a police.
If you are not going to chase that immediately
I will arrest you for obstruction of justice.
Drive now, quickly!
What did you say?
The police...
Ajeossi, please drive properly.
Sorry. I will ensure everyone's safety.
Well done, well done!
You're crazy!
I rein in a to wipe.
You're dead.
And go. And go.
Very good.
Closer please.
Come closer!
It's awesome, right?
Thank you!
- Ajeossi, I'm getting down now!
- OK.
Haha. He did not pay the fare! Haha.
Don't be too concealed.
There's no time. Hurry up!
The fashion show will start at 6.
No clothes. No designer.
The main organiser will be inform shortly
about the cancellation of this show.
I told you so. Cha Cheol Su.
This bastard is nothing more than this.
What's that?
That guy! Isn't that Cha... Cha...
Why the hell is that guy in that vehicle?
That bastard...
Gyeong Cheol, won't you get fired for this?
This is an urgent favour from Seonbae.
That I must bring you over there.
Where is Cheol Su?
Attention. I'm the police and I'm on duty.
Here's Miss Go Yeong Jae's clothes.
Be more careful.
Quickly search for the main clothes.
And take the main clothes away.
Main clothes.
Just a minute.
Where's the main clothes?
Quick! There's no time to explain.
Found it, it's here
It's that.
What are you doing?
Let's go together Miss Go.
Move aside. Move aside.
All of you step aside!
Miss Go.
(Seonbae - Senior, mentor)
Miss Go.
I really thought the show is going to
be cancelled, so what shall we do now?
Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!
Right now, in the car.
Police car.
The main clothes.
Got it and ran away.
He ran away.
Quickly grab hold of that guy!
You blind run for what?
I'm a little busy. Let's end this quickly.
It's OK. Let me do it.
Well, I shall warm up my body.
You're here?
Thank you everyone who come for
Go Yeong Jae Fashion Show
Thank you everyone for coming
Miss Go show will be starting soon.
All guests are invited to be seated.
Go to hell!
Once the show is over,
I will surrender myself in.
Mr. Tak
that son of a bitch
I will let him to taste his own medicine.
Put into rear.
These two here? OK.
=The number you dialed cannot
be reached at this moment...=
Where is Miss Go?
Miss Go
The main dress, where's the main dress?
It going to start in 10 minutes!
We have not found it yet.
Oh no! There's only 10 minutes left.
What's this? You can't be that weak.
Once again.
Get rid of him.
Stop it!
My old man is here.
Cha Cheol Su
Go on, your busy.
Thank you hyeong!
Just think of it that we
suffered because of you
The show must go on, right?
Quickly go and take a look.
Those jerks...
I'll be going now.
Let's get to work.
The show will start in 5 minutes.
Please get ready.
Yeong Jae
And this...
I will settle this with you later.
Your... vicious hypocrisy is appalling.
You're dead. We will talk about this later.
Damn it.
In a short while, the show will begin
What are you planning?
How to pull to fall he?
I have given him the drink.
The same drink that you
did not know last time.
Stop! Stop!
We're the police.
Sorry, I'm the police.
Here it comes. Gun.
You must catch...
Stop joking, you bastard.
Yeong Jae
Cheol Su
Your main clothing
Sorry there's a bit of
trouble protecting this.
Must finish the show.
It would be great if you could wear this.
Are you insane?
We're the police.
Not models.
Furthermore, this is an
important show for you.
Of course we must let Gim Seon Ho wear this.
This clothing?
It would be great if you wear it.
Alright. Brother.
You also worked hard on this.
Only 3 items left.
Please prepare to showcase the main clothing.
Wear it quickly. We don't have much time.
Good. Really great.
God horse.
The show is up to you now.
Oh my God!
Wow! He's so handsome!
The kid is not too bad.
What is that? A gun?
What the hell is that guy doing?
Cha Cheol Su
As I said before, I will repay you on this.
That's why know to escape?
You contrary to what one might expect run?
Run! You son of a bitch!
No, Cheol Su!
Don't come over. Run quickly!
- Is this real?
- Must be fake, right?
It's cool.
This. That.
Good to pull wind.
How creative!
Cheol Su
I won!
Hurry up, get out.
Really can handsome.
So brilliant.
Such a creative directing
It is my first time.
Your... vicious hypocrisy is appalling.
Is a genius.
how's my walking?
It's the best that I have seen so far.
I am sorry.
Why does it keep on bleeding...
Please fulfil my dream.
Didn't you promise me?
That if I let you out you
will fulfil my dream.
That bastard.
A man indeed!
Add it in.
Let's do it.
But thinking about it now,
Didn't you say there's drugs in this?
Where are the drugs actually?
Well that, Gim Seon Ho
Be to shift.
You knew there were no
drugs, but still took the
shot and stayed on until
the end of the show?
The main model must walk at the end.
Only that Yeong Jae's show can be finished.
Because of this you have
to get us all involved?
A model has born. A model indeed.
Excuse me.
I'm very busy, why do you keep calling me?
Even I have tried my best to hide this
but somehow they know
Not only fashion shows across the country
Even the embassy is requesting you
to support them to be an undercover
Let me see.
There's idol singer,
bar host,
yakuza, gay,
There's even Miss Korea as well
What do you want?
Please reject all of it!
Don't think of escaping.