Rupan sansei (2014) Movie Script

Lupin III Production Committee
Hougang Museum of Arts.
Singapore's renowned private museum
that's been around for over 1 00 years.
Recent renovations have raised
the security level to a class 6.
But that shouldn't be a problem for all of you.
The real issue is time.
As I'll ever be.
I'm here.
Michael? Are you there?
He'll show.
Curtains rise with or without them.
Are you guys ready?
15 minutes from now, the museum will receive
an anonymous tip alerting them
of your presence.
Show the world what you are made of.
It's a weight detection system.
Floor's off limits.
See ya, boys.
Out of my way!
You're joking.
That way!
I think I'll take this.
Hey, Jiro! C'mon man!
We gotta get out of here! Now!
Go go go.
One kiss.
Just one little kiss and it's yours.
I'll make you mine one of these days.
I knew you would get the medal.
So you waited here just to s
natch it away from me?
you're just going to hand it over.
The medal.
Time's running out.
See you at the party.
We've been waiting for an hour.
Give me a break.
Why does Interpol need Hong Kong police
for a Singapore robbery?
Who is this guy?
An ass.
Shut up and pass them down.
I'm Inspector Koichi Zenigata of Interpol.
Let's not waste time.
Shut the curtains.
Last night, four thieves
broke into a private art gallery in Singapore.
And ransacked it for a medal.
They're part of a Hong Kong organization
we're investigating.
Each of them with superstar
criminal track records.
Especially him.
Lupin the Third.
His methods are flashy
but his skills are peerless.
For some reason,
he's been quiet this past year.
In fact, all of them have been missing
from action recently.
The question is "why?"
I believe the answer lies with this man.
Thomas Dawson.
A respected British tycoon.
But that's not all he is.
He secretly runs a professional thieving
ring called "The Works."
We've been after him for 1 7 years
with nothing to show for it.
Those four are members of The Works.
A confab of young
and old thieves takes place tonight.
At last, they're on the move.
You look bored.
Ask your boyfriend.
I came alone...haven't decided
who I'll leave with.
Waiting for them to announce a winner?
Women always like winners.
Hey Lupin!
Who detonates a bomb in an art gallery?
You nearly killed us.
It'd take a lot more than that
to kill you guys.
I used a new explosive called Malibu.
Fingertip accuracy.
I guess we were stupid to be tiptoeing around.
Speak for yourself.
Results are all that count.
Right, Lupin?
To games well played.
Shall we?
Threatening to blow her head off one second,
charming her the next.
One thing everybody knows about you.
When it comes to her,
you're hopeless.
Master Dawson? All present and accounted for.
Stand by.
Nothing happenin'.
Welcome, thank you for being here, everyone.
It is so good to see you all.
Sykes, how long has it been?
Too long!
Yes, indeed.
And I also see Chien Wu-lin,
Queen Bee of Shanghai.
And, Lupin the Third,
grandson of Arsene Lupin,
a legend whom every con artist, schemer...
and safecracker in this room owes a great debt.
In his final years,
I was fortunate to call him "Mon Prof."
Now I'm equally humbled
to watch his legacy live on.
Why do we "steal"? What is stealing about?
Beautiful treasures
should not be controlled merely by the wealthy.
So I say to you...You should take them...
Don't take from those less fortunate...
go out and steal aggressively
from those who have too much.
We are thieves.
Ours is a cutthroat world by definition.
But the world of The Works is different.
Here we are brothers and sisters,
friends, and family.
And yet,
the future belongs to the young.
And so, it's time for us to pass the torch.
That is why, tonight,
I am stepping down as chairman of The Works.
Oh no.
Last night our brightest...
fought for honor. Now...
the winner will lead us into the future.
The medal please.
Results are all that count.
Right, Michael?
To games well played.
Fujiko Mine.
Ms. Mine...
the vault if you please.
It is a tradition.
We only open this door for very special items.
Don't tell me you let her win again.
Not this time Uncle.
I'm glad that you're here Lupin.
Much as I longed to see that
medal in your hand,
in my heart I've always known that...
The Works
isn't a place for a thoroughbred
like Lupin the Third.
Your talent is inherited.
It's not learned.
Yet last night it was Michael...
who taught me a lesson.
Well, because your weaknesses
are his strengths,
but his weaknesses are your strengths.
Together, you would be unstoppable.
Hell will sooner freeze than
those two teaming up.
Is that what I think it is?
The Crimson Heart of Cleopatra.
That's only half of it...
Marc Anthony of Rome
commissioned that magnificent necklace...
to signify his love of Cleopatra,
the Queen of the Nile.
But after Anthony was defeated by Octavian,
he committed ritual suicide.
Cleopatra was devastated.
She gave her most valuable possession,
a priceless crimson ruby, to be cut...
into the centerpiece of this necklace.
It is said that once they are united,
the "Crimson Heart of Cleopatra"...
is meant to symbolize their
reunion in the afterlife.
But, it was never finished,
Cleopatra gave up her life...
in a fit of despair...
and the ruby and the necklace
were never united.
And the ruby?
Where is it now?
Patience Michael. The story is not yet over.
There is one more score I have yet to settle,
and that is the reason why you are all here.
Hey! Wait!
What's this?
Who is it?
Roll out!
Come on!
My crew has arrived.
Jigen, no one needs to die here.
Okay, go!
Go, go!
Michael, why are you doing this?
Edward Lam.
He was a good man.
He believed in you.
And he paid with his life.
Don't move!
Why Michael? Why?
Stop this!
call off your men!
Talk to me! Let me explain.
Royal! Why did you shoot him?
Come on!
What the hell?
Son-of-a-bitch! Wait!
Cops all around! Come on!
Master Dawson...
Not like this.
Michael took that medal off of me.
Why'd you have it?
I wonder.
But I didn't follow him.
What'll you do now?
Say Jigen?
Care to join forces? I think we'd get along.
Going after him?
And the necklace.
Find one, and you find the other.
Could be fun. I'm in.
Let's get Pierre back, too.
There can't be many brokers
willing to touch Cleopatra's necklace.
Comb through them
and you'll likely find a clue to Michael.
I'll poke around.
Listen Lupin.
Leave her out. She can't be trusted.
We're thieves.
We steal back what Michael stole from us.
With interest.
"Lupin was here"
Go find him!
Lupin the Third!
No sign of Michael Lee whatsoever.
What did I tell you?
Leave "her" out. She can't be trusted.
The info she brings us is nothing but danger.
She's sent us all the way to Thailand
on another wild goose chase.
Stop your complaining.
At least we've scored a lot of
loot along the way.
Drink up.
Wow, Fujiko wants to meet me.
I'll be right back.
Listen to me.
In our line of work, women...
are an encumbrance.
You're wrong. Fujiko is not
your run-of-the-mill woman.
She can't be trusted.
Sooner or later, she'll betray you.
That's okay. It's one of her most
endearing qualities.
Can't you ever use the front door?
Surprise is important in a relationship.
Ow, ow, ow...
Ow, ow, ow.
Hands up!
Oh me, oh my.
Surprise is important in a relationship.
Who are you?
Koichi Zenigata, Interpol.
I'm so sorry, Lupin.
This scary inspector...
threatened to arrest me
if I didn't bring you here.
Given your chivalrous nature,
I knew you'd happily take my place.
See ya.
He's yours.
That's foul play, Fujiko.
I brought that wine hoping
to share it with Fujiko.
I don't taste any difference.
You wouldn't. You drink cheap liquor.
I'm sorry about Dawson.
I'd hoped to take him alive.
I found this in his mansion.
The Ark is the world's most secure vault.
For politicians, celebrities and you know...
the one percent.
Why show it to me then?
Do you know its owner?
Pramuk, right?
Chairman of Navarone Security.
Dubbed the "Security King."
And by night, an underworld kingpin.
Smuggler of arms, drugs and people.
His diverse portfolio
forms the backbone of his wealth.
Why don't you arrest him, then?
Pramuk has very powerful friends
who keep him at arm's length from us.
He's untouchable.
You're after this guy.
After the Dawson incident,
he managed to disappear.
Then 3 weeks ago,
he resurfaced as Georgio Zhang.
A well-heeled investor with a fortune.
This Georgio Zhang...
a.k.a Michael Lee
contacted Pramuk through
a financial fixer named Ajit.
To arrange a Buy/Sell transaction.
Know what that is?
I'm a thief.
Not a businessman.
Pramuk has what Michael wants. And vice versa.
He's looking to buy or sell
a treasure at a posted price.
Why tell me all this?
So you'll steal it
when the transaction happens.
Nick the treasure from these guys
and let it fall into my hands.
It'll give me the proof to nail them.
You're nuts.
Are you arresting me or scouting me?
I'll make it worthwhile.
Do this and I'll wipe your record clean.
Could be a lot worse, you know.
I'll think it over.
Cut that
Hold it!
Ow, ow, ow!
You little...!
Lupin the Third, you will do my bidding.
Fujiko, you've got some nerve!
Hey, who gave you permission?
Mm, fabulous.
The stuffy guy can cook.
Say what?
Well? What're we here for?
Michael has surfaced.
Momrachiao Pramuk.
Not just Michael but Pramuk, too?
Suddenly, we're outmatched.
That's what makes it fun.
I've no interest in jewels
or women that are easily won.
Something bothering you?
Now that Michael's back?
I'd be lying if I said there wasn't.
Lupin may cut you some slack,
but I don't trust you.
I wouldn't be surprised
if this were all a trap set by the two of you.
A little heavy on the nutmeg.
Thanks to Michael, Jiro and Dawson are dead.
I want him to pay.
Sooner or later...
I'll be settling a score or two with him.
I was fond of Dawson.
And I've never been comfortable
with loose ends.
But the world's most
valuable necklace is out there.
For us thieves, it's the ultimate prize.
Give me a break.
We know what you want.
Is it that obvious?
Wouldn't Fujiko, the ultimate woman,
look stunning wearing
Cleopatra's legendary necklace?
If that were to happen,
I'd be utterly and completely yours, Lupin.
You are blind, Lupin.
This is difficult and dangerous.
No, what's difficult is solving
this puzzle, Pierre.
In here is all the data that Dawson ever
collected on Pramuk.
We'll need a detailed analysis.
Pramuk and The Ark.
And everything about his dealings with Michael.
Leave it to me.
And Inspector Zenigata?
You're not letting him call the shots.
Who, Gramps? No way.
He'd never overlook my sins, anyway.
He's the type that's a pain
in the ass if you cross him.
My ass will be in pain either way.
I'll deal with it later.
And me?
What should I do?
Does it matter? You'll do as
you please as always, Fujiko.
Go wild.
Let's go, Jigen.
If we're fighting tough guys...
I'll need powerful weapons.
How offensive he is.
See that attitude?
Well whatever.
Later junior.
No way!
Hello, Azid.
Mr. Zhang,
this is Ms. Vee,
Mr. Pramuk's Executive Assistant.
We only have five minutes.
We mediate the trade, nothing more.
The choices the customers make...
are theirs and theirs alone.
We hope that both parties
appreciate the risks involved.
Very well then.
The 31 st it is.
Wait, too much.
I meant this.
Still remember how to move?
what brings you to Thailand?
Are you crazy? Pramuk is dangerous.
You don't say his name,
you don't even think about him.
It's as dangerous as the truth behind Area 51
or JFK's assassination.
Hey and what happened to you?
I have an overweight wife and two daughters,
that's what happened.
The list of cops that have tried
and failed to bust him...
is long but distinguished.
I hope you've got more on him than they had.
I will soon.
Soon is not good enough.
When you nail something solid,
you know I'll always be there to back you up.
But I ain't sticking my head out otherwise.
You talk too much.
How far are we going?
Yoo hoo.
Is this some old school ascetic training?
What good would swinging a sword do?
Gun beats sword!
Say that again?
See that? This is why we need him.
Long time, Goemon.
I asked you to say that again.
I said the sword's no match for a gun.
Try me.
Shoot me.
With pleasure.
Come on, boys. Let's play nice.
Don't worry. I won't kill him.
You're quick.
But your right shoulder drops before firing.
1 0 centimeters to the right,
and you would've been hit.
Why'd you come?
For work. I need your help.
No thanks.
Don't be that way. Let's eat.
Your favorite dumplings.
I'm expensive.
How much?
$50,000 a month.
I see.
That kind of enemy.
Your life is your own to protect.
Aren't you hot, officer?
I understand Navarone Security has reserved
the union trade theater
for the 31 st of this month?
I am not at liberty to discuss
impending transactions.
We've been over this too many times.
Pramuk's been targeted by a thief.
I believe he'll strike on the 31 st.
Then I hope you will catch him.
Seems he's after a ruby
that used to belong to Cleopatra?
Guess you wouldn't know
anything about that, would you?
I'm afraid not.
Will there be anything else?
Thieves openly trading stolen goods huh?
Not scared of the law,
are you?
Goodbye, Inspector.
You need to see this Michael.
Your drinks.
Enjoy your flight.
Pramuk's clients will all gather
to witness the century's biggest deal.
Time, place, guest list?
I've got it.
And security?
X-rays, metal detectors
and voice recognition just to enter.
Plus a pat down.
Is that all?
Getting in is not the problem, then.
We've got company.
This should be interesting.
That bastard.
Stop that.
Pain in the ass.
Pierre, take over!
Where you going?
What do I do?
Damn this!
What do I do?
What's up with this?
Hit the gas?
-More? Serious?
Gas! Gas!
How's this?
I'm totally confused!
Lupin! Get in!
Whoa! That was close.
Once again, I cut something worthless.
I love that guy!
Michael wants to see you.
After all this time?
Let him come himself.
I'll take you in...
no matter what.
Oh really?
Okay, show me what you got.
That's enough for now,
I wanted to see him anyway.
Let me get dressed.
You deceived me.
You said "none of our own."
I didn't want it to end this way.
You said you'd tell me everything.
So, tell me.
Starting with Edward Lam. Who is he?
A good man.
Just like Dawson said.
Our father.
As well as a member...
of The Works.
He joined forces with Dawson to steal
"The Crimson Heart"...
from a government dig site in Egypt.
And then, Dawson shot him,
left him to die.
He kept the necklace and ruby for himself.
But he didn't have the ruby.
I had Royal look into it.
Pramuk stole it from Dawson
before he could secure it.
Poetic justice l suppose.
Our father's passion was ancient Egypt.
He used to put you to sleep
with tales of "The Crimson Heart."
He'd say...
one day...
I'll put it around...
your neck.
All that I've done,
I've done for him,
and you.
I will acquire Pramuk's ruby at the Buy/Sell.
To complete "The Crimson Heart".
Pramuk is practically a billionaire.
He will never sell the ruby.
You must know that.
I'm not going to give him a choice.
It'll be an offer he won't be able to refuse.
Brother, huh?
This I gotta hear!
So that's what you saw in him.
How long have you been there?
Somewhere around.
"You deceived me."
Now you know what kind of man Dawson was.
If you think...
he was capable of double-crossing a friend,
you didn't know him at all.
You win, I steal from you.
He wins, I steal from him.
I'm counting on you.
They're all here.
It is going down right now.
What'd I tell you? Evidence first.
Lupin will make his move.
We nail Lupin we got the evidence!
Get your ass over here...
I'm sticking my neck out for you.
Don't make me regret it.
Bring your unit and
I'll have the evidence ready.
Today's final bidding is about to begin.
Please go back to your seats.
The final bidding will be a Buy/Sell.
There will be no audience participation.
This seat taken?
What's with that getup?
I wanted to watch the show next to you, Fujiko.
You look foolish.
It's not easy playing a role that isn't you.
I had no idea you were half Chinese.
Show's starting.
Jigen, Goemon?
My dear honored guests,
thank you for your patience, and welcome...
to the trade of the century!
Please give a warm welcome to...
Mr. Zhang.
Mr. Pramuk!
Mr. Pramuk,
Mr. Zhang.
Inside these booths you have complete privacy.
So please speak freely.
I've waited a long time for this.
Impressive, huh?
When you are ready,
you may exchange your items for appraisal.
Georgio Zhang?
Or is it Michael Lee?
He knows.
The pieces are indeed authentic.
Ladies and gentlemen,
you are looking at the genuine...
Crimson Heart of Cleopatra.
Mr. Zhang, please place your bid.
I'm Georgio Zhang.
At a value of 200 million dollars!
Mr. Zhang is offering
200 million dollars for the ruby.
If Mr. Pramuk does not sell,
he must then pay the same amount
to buy the necklace.
Will he sell the ruby...
or buy the necklace for that exact price.
I was in The Works.
I was there that night in Egypt.
The night I shot your father.
I was aiming for Dawson,
but Edward took the bullet.
Very kind of him, don't you think?
Dawson escaped with the necklace...
before I could shoot him too.
I set him up to take the scent off me.
I always assumed...
it would be ICPO that would take him down.
I never could have imagined...
that it would be you.
And now,
you deliver the necklace right to me.
Mr. Pramuk?
No! Don't write that check.
All four corners are filled with...
a highly concentrated...
explosive gel.
Lead-lined, undetectable by x-ray.
If you start writing,
I'm going to click this...
We all go up, correct?
I'm waiting.
Royal was kind enough to disarm...
your little trump card for me.
They work for me.
They always have.
Sold, to Mr. Pramuk...
for 200 million dollars!
And the 200 million now
in the hands of Mr. Zhang!
Congratulations, gentlemen!
I'll explain later.
Meet at the hideout.
Now's not the moment to steal it from him.
Too soon for that scum.
What's your plan?
We take him...
for everything.
What the hell is Lupin doing?
The guy's getting away.
Zenigata don't! We're coming right now!
Can't wait! I'm taking him down!
Inspector. I might have known.
Put it down!
Zenigata, put your gun down.
I said put your gun down!
Commander Narong...
what's the meaning of this?
Open that briefcase.
Where's your warrant?
We'll open it when you have one.
Out of respect to Commander Narong...
we won't press charges.
If there's nothing else?
Why didn't you move?
Sorry Gramps. I didn't feel up to it today.
You dirty rat. Are you mocking me?
I never said I'd help.
Sure is hot here.
What gives?
I tried to warn you.
I guess it's just my luck.
He always slips away at the last second.
Don't you think if we could've
busted Pramuk so easily...
we would've done it a long time ago?
It's all that bumbling idiot Lupin's fault.
You bet big and you lost,
learn a lesson and move on.
I'll move on alright...
when Lupin the Third is behind bars!
You got some nerve showin' up here.
If you're crawling back in to beg
for forgiveness,
you can forget it.
I'm not asking for forgiveness.
I know I have to pay. I will.
After I help you take down Pramuk.
You need me.
Dawson thought so too.
That's why he brought us together
to begin with.
You gonna trust this guy?
Dawson's not here to stop me this time.
Ow, ow, ow, okay, okay!
The world's fastest computer system.
It's what you would need to hack The Ark.
Okay, I understand that but...
how'd you get one?
I bought it online. It wasn't cheap.
How much?
170 million.
It's okay. I paid.
I found 400 million lying around the other day.
You didn't!
Who's this?
Everyone, this is Joseph.
Nice to meet you!
A genius programmer.
Welcome to The Ark.
It's located on a private island.
Surrounded by mountains, a minefield,
watchtowers, armed mercenaries
and an electric fence.
They publicized that they stored the necklace
inside The Ark.
It's obvious they have
a great deal of confidence in it.
The vault is on a higher level.
At a thousand watts,
it's hot enough to cut through steel.
I ran an analysis for 24 hours straight
and never picked up
the same configuration twice.
It's completely random.
The vault door is a double jeopardy class 6,
analog and digital safeguards.
Takes two keys. Gotta turn 'em
both at the same time.
The combination and time lock are digital.
Any discrepancy between the two,
vaults locks itself down.
We have to hack it.
I see it.
He's right! Amazing!
Every 72 hours...
there is a glitch, a "pocket"...
that travels from one
end of the web to the other.
It'll take perfect timing, but it's possible.
When can we expect the next one?
70 hours, 46 minutes and...
30 seconds from now...
Then that's when we'll attack.
We'll send Pramuk a message.
It'll be the perfect revenge.
rock, paper, scissors, go!
How is it?
Try the oden.
I'll get another bottle.
Hell has officially frozen.
Together you'll be unstoppable.
Hey guys,
I found a priceless secret buried
in Dawson's data.
Lupin's real name.
Tell me!
What a pity.
Let me see.
Come on.
Forget it.
I've known it for a long time.
What? You're kidding!
Goemon. Tell me later.
Past is past.
To the start of a new journey.
To Jiro and Uncle Dawson.
To The Works.
"Minefield GPS"
It's Inspector Zenigata and Commander Narong...
Let them through.
Thought surely we'd seen the last of you.
I wouldn't be here with him
if this weren't legitimate.
Commander, you're the only reason
we didn't turn him away.
I'm not here for you, I'm here for Lupin.
I wasn't lying when I said
he was targeting you.
So, everybody is here because of Lupin.
He could already be here.
You need to see this.
Hello guys, I am Lupin the Third...
and this is a declaration of war.
Guess what? We will steal back the necklace.
And take you down Pramuk.
Be ready.
What's happening?
Some kind of virus!
Step 1 : Compromise the network.
Sorry for the short notice.
What's happening?
Look at this!
Better report it!
What the hell...
Zenigata, wake up!
What is it?
It's him. Lupin!
We gotta go!
No! This information cannot be released!
It's everything, isn't it?
Our entire database.
Everybody ready?
Fujiko, Go!
I want to see them mummified
and put on display at a museum.
What is taking so long?
They're flooding the network.
This is going to take some time.
Go go go go!
Leave them to me.
I'm going in.
We're in!
You've got less than 1 5 minutes
to make the light web,
or you'll miss the chance. Guys.
How is coming, Fujiko?
Almost there.
We need to establish a connection
before they scrub the virus.
Working on it.
You're up guys.
We're live!
Step 2: Secure a connection,
re-set time lock, hack combination.
Damn it.
Out of bullets?
I'll give you mine.
Pick it up!
I'll give you five seconds.
I won't shoot you.
I promise.
Keep it, twerp.
Did you just shoot me?
Don't be dramatic. That's not going to kill ya.
Watch your backs people.
These guys are no joke.
No! You're late. Go, go, go!!!
They're not gonna make it.
five, four...
two, one...
How, I don't understand...
They're going to make them on the spot.
But it's impossible,
the vault door is locked digitally as well.
Even if they were able to make copies,
they cannot hack the vault.
What about the combination?
everything okay?
We're good to go.
we only get one shot at this.
A manganese vault?
An old friend.
We're not talking about hacking here.
So, the rumors were true.
Grandson of the legendary Arsene Lupin.
Okay then.
What did grandfather used to say?
Women and safes are much alike.
Both of them...
are just waiting for someone to open the door.
Are you sensitive to that?
Or are you not?
Know what my grandfather also said?
When it comes to women and safes...
what you ultimately luck.
They're sucking the air out.
It's a vacuum chamber.
...Figure we got two minutes
before we pass out.
Three before we suffocate...
Remember this?
I only used a pinkie's worth at the museum...
...not quite sure
what'll happen if I use it all...
...I say let's find out...
Less air in here,
faster the explosion turns to gas...
so, right when we're on the edge
of passing out...
The shockwave will kill us anyway.
You got a...
better idea...?
I do.
Put it around...
her neck.
Not, yet!
Vee, bring him to me.
I'd like to meet him in person.
You've done a commendable job, Lupin the Third.
Now give back the necklace.
My my my.
Great victories always come at a great price.
Was it worth it?
Where's Michael?
He saved my life.
Save your tears, my dear.
He died with more honor than he lived.
I was once like you.
I understand the mindset.
It's what makes me so good at what I do.
Better than Dawson,
better than Michael, or...
Lupin the Third.
I thought he'd get here sooner.
Par for the course, I guess.
This is Inspector Zenigata of the ICPO!
Lay down your guns and surrender.
You said to come back when I had one.
Yes, yes! Arrest him!
Pramuk, you are under arrest...
for suspicion of fraud,
extortion, blackmail,
Bribery...looting, grand larceny,
and smuggling.
You can't lawyer your way out of this one.
Not this time.
You earned it.
You're a hard man to figure.
I never said I wouldn't help.
Nevertheless, after all this...
I can't exactly wipe your slate clean.
Wipe away my stellar resume?
That would be a pity.
Lupin the Third.
I'm sure we'll be meeting soon.
I can't wait...Gramps.
Stop calling me that.
Come on, you like it.
All right.
Looks a little big.
That bastard.
"Nice work"
So how are we getting home?
Pierre, how do we get back?
Michael, Jiro...
we recovered the necklace.
Say Fujiko.
You weren't Michael's sister, were you.
I know everything there is to know about you.
I just used him.
To get this necklace.
I don't think so.
Michael was searching for his lost sister.
You gave him a reason to live.
By pretending to be
his only family in the world.
Damn, it hurts.
That you'd go to such lengths for him.
I get depressed just thinking about it.
Tell me the truth.
You were in love with...
Don't try to beautify it.
I serve myself...Fujiko Mine.
Nothing more.
I'll accept that.
After all, I scored...
the world's best jewel and woman.
What do you mean...
you "scored"?
Don't play dumb.
You promised.
If I put this necklace on you, you're all mine.
Listen Lupin.
Hear that?
Hold it, Lupin!
I told you we'd meet again soon, Lupin!
I thought you might wanna see a friend.
Thanks, Lupin.
What did I tell you?
Forget that girl.
That's foul play.
Well then, I take my leave.
Hurry, they're coming!