Rupkatha Noy (2013) Movie Script

Prasanta, get more baskets
Thank God
you are still in saree
I'm always scared to find you in jeans
Don't change
'Stop' aunty will be here any moment
I've put all your hubby's stuff here
Oh my god! Look !
Isn't she the new bride?
'The old and ragged clothes hang on the railing'
'The bench is littered with leftover victuals'
'In the barren field from one feet to another'
'Tattered lives take their course to destiny'
'Dreams no longer lure the shattered'
'The wanton only longs for shelter'
'The loser puts up stake on his own life'
'The abandoned is lost in endless pursuit'
'The doomed waits with great expectation'
'Counting through days of darkness'
'In the barren field from one feet to another'
'Tattered lives take their course to destiny'
'In the hearts of so many distressed souls'
'Hope springs eternal in the patch of green'
'Where someday, at some point of time'
'Rains would wash away the grime of life'
Am feeling uneasy
or scared, may be
You told me they have given away the important portfolios
Law with your mother-in-law
Sister-in-law has Home
Brother-in-law handles Finance
And no use bothering about your father-in-law
He only has External Affairs
So all you can hold for life is...
Now you decide
I hate defence
I'll be in the opposition...
Then what are you waiting for?
Oh ! the Maths class is almost over...
Remember the condition?
I don't need your reference
Got another clue
Great. Go
What is a...
You have a visitor in the reception
I'm Ahana Maitra
Sangat Mukherjee was your student
Passed Higher Secondary in 2006
Oh yes, he's now in Arizona State University
Please sit down. - Thank you.
He's my cousin
I see
I'm in trouble
Desperately need your help
What happened?
I don't know how to tell you
Anyway, let me try
I got married two days back
I mean I was forced to marry
In the last few years I had five or six boyfriends
No, not at a time
One after another...
And for such a silly reason...
my parents got panicky and married me off
I'm in a real mess
Sir, tea or coffee?
A glass of water...
I know what's going on in your mind
You don't know me
We haven't met before
No, this is a personal matter
Sir, my people would not help me
They want to be clean to my parents
Right now, I don't want to disclose the link that brought me here
But there is a very strong link
Will tell you later
And of course, you know my cousin
Yeah, but...
Listen, you need not take the entire responsibility
We will plan jointly
Suppose, tomorrow morning you go to my in law's place
posing as one of my ex-boyfriend
Around 9 or 9.30am?
No, it can't happen like that
keep my contact number
If you want to help me, just give me a ring
But please intimate your decision quickly
Ok, I'll let you know within an hour, what is number...
It can be a conspiracy
Light is faster than sound, No doubt about that
A man looks so bright till he speaks out
You are teaching Calculus in high school for eleven years
Life is stale, listless, you've no thrill
And you told me that's the greatest crisis in your life
Now an opportunity comes knocking...
and you're afraid of the risk?
Ever heard of any thrill without risk?
No, it's not like that..
Take your time to think and decide
I must leave now
So late?
If I boil the milk now, I'll miss Ramdev Baba's tv show
Where have you been?
Why? I'm wearing a saree!
Will not change before 10pm. Isn't that enough?
If you told you were going out, there wouldn't have been any problem
Got all your stuff here?
Hope so
Heard what she did today?
Just unbelievable !
Got in her pants and went down the spiral staircase !
Never repeat such acts again
What will the neighbours think if they see you?
Tea's ready. Come over
Did they leave all these behind?
You know, how callous they are !
Just cleared a single wardrobe
The rest was left there
Thank you sis-in-law
Oh ! You're back in saree !
Do you know what she did?
Came back in jeans and top in front of 'Stop aunty' !
Do you know why she's called 'Stop aunty'?
Your family calls relatives by nonsense names !
So a cousin becomes BMW !
She used to stop family quarrels
So she is 'Stop aunty'
Then what would you call your wife?
A maid saw her today...
when she was going down the spirals !
How about 'spiral bride'?
If you do it again, you will be called that !
Come. Tea's ready
Didn't you realise the fish was rotten?
Of course, it smells like dried fish
But you love that !
What a waste of oil and spices !
May I know who bought it?
Don't talk nonsense. It was fresh
You left it to rot
I didn't keep it intentionally
You dont go to the market daily
I can't.I'm busy
How dare you serve me rotten fish !
To hell with your food
Nasty woman, you ruined my life
Why dont you leave me?
I ruined your life !
What did I get from you?
What's your problem?
I didn't serve you fish
I'll buy the fish
He's busy
If your son agrees, you may buy it from tomorrow
Who am I to intervene?
But if you go out at 7am and return at 12 noon...
I can't cook.Remember that...
Read this?
Can I sleep somewhere else?
That's what I asked
Why? What's the problem here?
If I sleep here, it may lead to things I can't do with you
It never happens without mutual participation
No point saying that
My married friends have warned me
What did they say?
If it rains, it may just happen
I can't take that risk
There is little chance of rain in this season
I'm not convinced. I'll sleep somewhere else
That's impossible
But I can assure you it wouldn't rain tonight
When you are done, put off the light
I don't go to bed so early
Take your time. All office cars are out
I don't feel like staying anymore
Got it. But how will you go?
It's just eleven. Will get a cab
Tell the Conveyance Section. I'll need a car later
Ten litres
Do you stay back every night?
Hey, come on
Then why are you here tonight?
The regulars didn't turn up
Don't stay at night. It's a bad area
How much?
Ohh ! You're there
You? - Yes.
I was worried about the girl staying alone
Can't you resist yourself seeing a young girl alone at night?
You're restless till you sleep with her. Isn't it?
Don't talk nonsense
If you ogled at me like that, I would have gouged your eyes out
Shut up, or you'll not reach home !
Why? What'll you do?
Hey, who's it !
What's going on here?
What's that sound?
Which sound?
What I heard just now
I didn't hear. Tell me if it happens again
Oh god ! What's this?
It's a dog
Don't be stupid. Dogs never bark like that
This one has a cracked voice...
since birth
It's congenital
Disgusting !
May be that taxi driver has come back
Give him whatever he wants
Is anybody there?
'The bright sparkling rays of the sun'
'Usher in yet another day for the world'
'The intricate pattern of shade and light'
'Create magic images all around'
'The bright sparkling rays of the sun'
'Usher in yet another day for the world'
'The intricate pattern of shade and light'
'Create magic images all around'
'A fresh new day starts its voyage'
'Through mystical roads and alleys'
'Sailing its way to another sunset'
'Goes the minstrel of wandering hearts'
'Same day it is, but curiously enough'
'It appears different to one and all'
'Same day it is, but curiously enough'
'It appears different to one and all'
'It halts and peeps down below And ponders into desolate minds'
'Where dark and dreary clouds loom Waiting eagerly for a brighter fare'
'Never turning back in its voyage'
'It wades through far and deep'
'Till it meanders in the lonely night'
'The minstrel of temporal lives'
Read this?
Five hundred years before birth of Jesus
a Chinese sage wrote 81 poems
The topic - How should we go through life?
Just think, 2500 years back from now
Recently a westerner translated them
Change your thoughts, change your life
If your mindset changes
If your perception changes
your life would change too
Read it. It's interesting
Was chatting with your wife yesterday
Nice girl
Told her - if you feel lonely, come to me
Is you bride still in bed?
No, in bath. Will be here soon
When will you pay off your car loan?
Next year, July
The home loan for our new flat is bothering us
Its worth, for such a lovely flat
Thank me. I persuaded him to buy it
No, the loan is manageable if...
we can cut down our family expense
Pictures taken by your cousin BMW
Let me see
Oh ! He's at par with Raghu Rai !
Ask her to tell us if she goes out
I have already told her
Oh, she's just a young girl !
Must have done it on a whim yesterday
Doesn't mean she'll do it daily
You shouldn't be so fussy
Oh, you're ready to go out !
Going with me
She has some work at home. I will drop her
When is she coming back?
I'll pick her up returning from office
Stop. I'll get down here
Here? -Yeah
You told me you'll go to your home?
Thank you
Where will you be in the afternoon?
I'll let you know
Let me tell you right away
Otherwise you'll lose time
I have decided
I cannot do this
Cannot do what?
Going to your in-law's place as your ex-boyfriend
I need to get out of this marriage
My parents forced me...
and it's my life
You refused straightaway. I like that
What's that?
Put it aside. It's a bench for sitting
What's this machine?
I have my typing shop outside the park
But the police didn't allow me to open it today
A taxi driver has been murdered
His taxi was parked nearby
They towed the taxi to the police station
Oh. Then they might allow me now
Now computer prints are more common
Do you get any work?
My father was a roadside typist for thirty years
The machine is still working
I didn't get any worthy job
There's a Rent Control office
Some people do come for manual type
I don't have money to buy a computer
Wonder who killed the taxi driver
The police have found a ladies shoe
Yeah. A high heel shoe
Ok sir, goodbye
You don't have money to buy a computer
But if you get one, can you use it?
A blockhead will not be able to run it
If so many people can run it, why can't I?
Meet me here soon
But please don't lie on this bench waiting for me
When did you come to know?
Heard it just now
If you flirt with a girl now, you're in for trouble
She may even kill you
What a dangerous girl ! The taxi-driver's skull is brutally smashed
Nonsense. The ladies shoe doesn't prove the murderer is a girl
At night, couples sit huddled in the park
After police raids, shoes are left littered
Wow! Picking them up in early morning can lead to bloody good business
Ya, it'll be a throbbing business with single pair of shoes !
Didn't you tell me you're here from 10am?
The police didn't allow me today
Uncle, please get the box for me
Spoke to the police? They will force you to shut down
Didn't find them around
If they forbid, I'll go away
Ok , take it then
This guy sits in the opposite footpath?
Yeah, he didn't get a job
I've already completed your work
I was supposed to submit at 10.30
You turned up so late
Since when your landlord is refusing rent?
Four months
Its not mentioned in your application
Should I add?
No use wasting more time
Just give it to me
You are getting angry
Last night a guy was murdered here
The police didn't allow me to sit
I'm helpless
Yes, Rabinda
Where are you now?
In the Rent Control office. I told you
Come to the petrol pump
Now? Why?
Last night , you filled up a taxi with ten litres?
So what?
You told me the driver was making advances at you
It happens regularly. I don't bother
That driver has been murdered
The police got our bill in the car
They want to talk to you. Come immediately
Your letter is ready
I've added - "Rent for 4 months"
Five pages in total
Keep them with you
I'll be right back
Strange !
Just now you were cursing me for getting late
I work in a petrol pump. Last night a taxi filled up
Later, the driver was murdered
Keep the money
The police want to speak to me. I'll be back soon
Can you tell me how many taxi drivers were killed last night?
I'll be right back
Sorry, I'm late, hope you didn't face any problem?
No, it's ok
The room is so messed up
Your mobile is switched off
My parents would have called if they knew I've gone out
I understand
The food is still hot. I'll just freshen up
Ratul, my friend
Nice meeting you sir
Fabulous collection
Where did you get these?
How did you get hold of him?
What a crap, really !
Just keep shut. I don't feel like talking
What did you think?
An 18th century hag would bail you out?
'Oh light ! Grant me freedom from my own existence'
What's the matter !
Hey, listen
Don't overreact
That man went crazy and drove us out of his house
What did I do? Hey...wait
Leave me alone or I'll shout
Crazy bitch
Need to talk
I left that damn job
Had a huge blow with that stupid boss
How he dare shouts at me !
He didn't know when I shout, everyone keeps mum
Knew nothing about film distribution. Bloody fool !
I taught everything
What'll you do?
I'll leave this place
Would do business with a friend in Meerut
Meerut in Uttar Pradesh?
He doesn't have a helping hand. Requested me to join him
What kind of business?
Order supply - various type of things
You may stay here for this month
We have already paid rent
But I can't maintain two families
I know you want to get rid of me
But don't even try that
Stop this nonsense
I showed your train ticket
You always try to put me off
Can't you keep mum? let me talk
Wonder how you'll live with your small pension
You never saved
So you've a small bank balance
I'll take a portion of that for running the family there
You will live on your father there too !
I salute you boss
I've a lot to do. Don't irritate me now
Such a worthless man !
And he would do business?
I'll push you off the train, scoundrel
Hey ! No point discussing what you will do in the train !
That bloody woman ruined my life
Stay here for this month
The rent is already paid
What you do later is your decision
When are you leaving?
Tomorrow night
Will start packing now
I'll get the cheque from you tomorrow
How old was the girl in the taxi?
Around thirty
or maybe older
Women always add on to the age of other women !
Very right sir
Female psychology
When do you start boozing at night?
I didn't drink last night
Yet you can't say how old that woman was?
What's your take on the woman?
Good, naughty or rich?
Very intelligent question sir
Men get naughty when they are rich
Women get rich when they are naughty
What a philosophy sir !
I can't make out much in such short span
But from her appearance and dress
she looked well-off
Will you take the office car today?
Yeah. Will leave early
Around 7pm
I'll be late today
Please arrange a car at 7pm for me
Hold on
You were supposed to come here today. Did you forget?
No, I'm stuck up in office
How are you?
I'm fine
Do you have a spare computer?
May be. Why?
I need it for someone. If you give it
Did you meet him in the park like me?
When he earns, he'll pay you back
Otherwise, I'll pay you
Where should I send it?
Oh ! I'm so glad you agreed
Someone will call and pick it up
Good bye
How much did you waste on food?
It's alright
I told you to help the girl
So I'm responsible for your loss
How much?
Never mind
Why do you force me to repeat?
Ok. Rs.260
And a call for two minutes
But I'll make another call of a bit longer duration
In life, the balance sheet should be perfect
Did you roam around throughout the day?
Your mom called at our place
Everyone knows you didn't go home
Your mom then called me
Your mobile was switched off
The issue was taking a dangerous turn
I said that you were with me
But you can't speak
You lost your voice after gulping down a frozen gelato
You just cant open your mouth !
You get the best gelato from this shop
You don't know me, but I know your wife
Met her in a park few days before her marriage
Quite tactfully, I got your number from her
She is too restless
May put herself in trouble anytime
In lieu of that
I sent her to a calm and quiet person
But he drove her out
after getting utterly disgusted
Hope you understand
Are you there?
Actually, you see
tolerance is a great quality
But if you dont use it wisely, you'll be taken for granted
You held me up throughout the day
But you earned a day's wage
Am worried about leaving Rent Control papers with the typist
You can collect them tomorrow
What are you doing here? Please go away
Call me on this number
What happened?
She's showing a discount coupon from Delhi !
What nonsense !
Those who make passes, usually come back
And everyone knows Rabinda is out after two bottles
Did you know the killed driver?
Please sit down
Don't even know his name?
Biru Das
Do you know his address?
I didn't know him
Heard his name from the police
Do you like this job?
It's ok
I get my wages by 3rd of every month
What about staying at night?
Normally I don't need to
Yesterday, two men didn't turn up without notice
Generally it doesn't happen
Can I ask you something?
Did I kill the taxi driver?
Do you need to wear this locket?
Please take it off then
You'll be easily recognised
I also spotted you from this
How is she?
Not well
She has acute inflammation and infection in gum and teeth
How did it happen?
She gulped down the gelato at one go
Didn't you have ice cream before?
Don't make her talk. It'll increase her pain
Never heard of such peculiar things !
Can you have some 'prasad'?
Why didn't you tell us she'll be with you?
We were so tensed
Her mom called us. And you told us she's going home
Am really tired of this
She would have gone to her house
But on the way, she gulped the gelato and created this fuss
God knows what's happening !
What would she take for dinner?
Nothing. Just soft rice
I'll get it prepared
How long I've to pose like this?
At least till tomorrow
I won't take soft rice
Where did you do today?
Just roamed around
Who else would be with me !
As we have cooked up a reason
you cannot go out tomorrow
I won't stay here
Ofcourse you may go
But coming back is difficult
Is Sananda home?
Your name sir?
Saswata Mukherjee. I'm here to take the computer. - Sister...
Come in. I've already packed it
Please sit down
Let me bring the keyboard and mouse
Do you have a car to take this?
Is she home?
Call her
Pramila, come here
She'll be here soon
You come inside
She is calling you
Please come in
Close the door
I don't know you
But I desperately need your help
You've to take my son to my mother
in Durgapur
I don't have anyone who can take care of my son
I know I'm sounding crazy
We never met before
But somehow I feel you're dependable
Say something please
Where in Durgapur?
Here it is
I killed someone
The police is here to arrest me
They're calling you
Sorry to bother you
Your mobile is switched off since last night
So we had to come without prior appointment
We are from Cyber Crime Cell of Kolkata Police
We need your help for a case
Your office has recommended you
Just go through this...
and let us know your convenient time
Someone is sending indecent mails...
to a lady officer from various IP addresses
It's going on for two months...
We need your help to nab the culprit
Take your seat please
I'm leaving for office
I would also go with you
Told you, if you go out, it'll be difficult to return
I don't care about that
Then you are free to go out anytime
Why are you bothered about me?
Can you spare 2 mins?
There is a shop nearby
Will buy a mouse and keyboard
Sorry, I forgot - It's ok
Listen !
I shared a dark secret with you...
if you inform the police, I'll be in trouble
If I don't inform the police can't get you?
Yes, they can...
and you already know my weakest point
I assure you I'll take your son to your mother
Thank you
I'm relieved
But I've another pending job
If I'm arrested, I can't do that
What's that?
Another murder?
Please get the keyboard and mouse
It's getting late
What happened?
You didn't come back yesterday
I was stuck
Give me the papers
Please check. I have already done so
Got any clue who killed the taxi driver in your area?
Here too, they couldn't arrest anyone
The driver doesn't have any relative
No one lodged a complaint
The shoe was a clue...but
Are you Biswanath?
Can I hand these over to you?
'Through the endless days and nights'
'My search is on with bated breath'
'Blindfolded with black bandanna'
'I play hide-and-seek with you'
'Through the endless days and nights'
'My search is on with bated breath'
'Blindfolded with black bandanna'
'I play hide-and-seek with you'
'If ever I find you, I will drown in joy'
'For my muse, the fairy tale of my soul'
'Through the endless days and nights'
'My search is on with bated breath'
'Blindfolded with black bandanna'
'I play hide-and-seek with you'
'When I lie caged gasping for life'
'Waiting for you to give me freedom'
'In the turbulent voyage of existence'
'You are always the beacon light'
'When I lie caged gasping for life'
'Waiting for you to give me freedom'
'In the turbulent voyage of existence'
'You are always the beacon light'
'The solace for my bleeding heart'
'Oh my muse, the fairy tale of my soul'
'Through the endless days and nights'
'My search is on with bated breath'
'Blindfolded with black bandanna'
'I play hide-and-seek with you'
Don't keep uncooked fish for long. Meerut is a hot place
Pray you live in peace
That's all
What a pointless waste of time !
Come in or we'll miss the train
An eventful day in my life...
How're you connected to Prasanta?
He is my son
How come you're here?
Should have gone somewhere?
Just a bluff !
Told you. My source is never wrong
Give me your son's address
He'll send it after reaching there
Last month your son took Rs.25000 from me
He promised to return it soon
You should be familiar with his handwriting
He said you were seriously ill and hospitalised
Prasanta always falters with Bengali spelling
We'll force him to pay
If necessary, we may go to Meerut
You are the father of a big fraud
Please come tomorrow
I'll get the money from bank
around 10am
Should we come here?
Nothing is going to happen
No use fixing marriage through newspaper matrimonials
This family clings on to outdated customs
I think we should do something
Neighbours would know if we inform the police
You cannot hide the secret
The maids will tell everyone
We should inform her parents
Or we would be held responsible
No use putting her parents in tension
Disgusting !
Hope our new flat gets ready soon
Please come madam. Room 207.
Don't worry
I think this phase will soon be over
It's me
You told me not to return if I went out. So I didn't
I'm listening
I watched three films, roamed in South City Mall
Now I've checked in a hotel for the night
Hotel Hindusthan International
It's very insecure if I don't put up in a good hotel
Mom was calling up repeatedly
So I had to switch off the mobile
Thanks for informing
Don't think I'm so vulnerable...
that I'll return even if you forbid
Need to talk
I know you've killed someone
Then why shouldn't I inform the police?
Not for money, I suppose
What do you want?
I want to know the truth
Then I'll decide what to do
The spot is on that side
Night before last, I left office rather late
I don't take office car till 11pm
I saw a taxi...
parked there
Tarashankar Sarani
Tala Park
You have to pay Rs.100 extra
Ok, I will
Saw the man after two years
But I recognised him instantly
What harm did he do to you?
If I tell you all at one go...
and then you inform the police...
I won't get any time
Didn't I tell you I still have a pending job?
Why didn't you go to the police when the incident happened?
If they are more resourceful than me...
then what's the use of going to the police?
What do you do?
I teach maths in a boys' school
Are you married?
No, it just never happened
What are your other interests?
Oh! Only Calculus?
Rina - the girl from the petrol pump
Yes, tell me
You asked for the address of the taxi driver
Can you note it down?
Just a minute
57 Gopi Mohan Dutta Lane, Kolkata - 3
How did you get it?
The inspector blurts his heart out to girls
That's good ! Thank you
The police are persuing the case seriously
Today they spoke to office women around our pump who take cabs at night
Please be careful
You too. Bye
Your pen
Let's go. Can I drop you?
Your moustache
What about that?
Can you prove that you are not a police informer?
And what if I do?
I'll ask you about details of a road in North Kolkata
I'm scared
What for?
I never stayed alone at night
What can I do?
Sorry. I woke you up
What happened?
Please don't disconnect
Go to sleep but don't hang up
What are you doing here?
Got some vital clues about that man
He was not only a taxi driver
He also worked in a photographer's studio
I need to click some photos
As he clicked my photo, I clicked him too
Here. Take a look
Ok. See you
Salt lake, Sector 5
You only have Rs.537 in your account...
What !
A big sum was withdrawn yesterday
Yes, Rs.30,000
No. It's Rs.2,30,000
It was a self-cheque
His son withdrew it
And you knew he was withdrawing Rs.30,000 !
You came with your son
Didn't you check the amount before signing it?
It was written in figures
Have a look at this cheque
Oh ! the son is a big fraud
First he wrote Rs. 30,000, got his sign...
then added a 2 to make it Rs.2,30,000...
and withdrew the money
He has nicely matched my handwriting
Very unfortunate
Where is your son?
He is out of reach now
Sorry to disturb you
I beg to be excused
That scoundrel has swindled me of Rs.25,000
People have such faith in blood relations !
See you
Nothing can be done now. I ended up a loser
Give me some time
I'll pay you back
Please turn around
Would go back where I boarded
You're still fiddling with the old machine !
I expected to see you with the computer
Got your work done?
Atlast it is through
That's good
You didn't answer my question
How can I use a computer on the road?
I need electricity
But there must be a way out
Meantime you should learn to operate it
Yes. I'm learning
I want to tell you something. Please don't get anxious
I would like to meet the man who gave you the computer
You need not introduce me. I'll only see him from a distance
Actually I never heard anything like this before called me from this number day before last
I'm Prasit
Yes, tell me
Yesterday night she checked into a hotel
And she had chocolates, coke, juice etc from the mini bar
She thought they were complimentary
Now the bill has gone up to Rs.3600...
but she has Rs.3200 with her
So she called me up
Don't you have Rs.400?
I may sound silly...
but I've never handled such a difficult person before
You asked me to deal with her strongly
Now what is your advice? Should I pay the bill?
If you pay tomorrow
you've to shell out Rs.4000
That is Rs.400 plus Rs.3600
Now it's up to you
How well do you know Sananda Roy Chowdhury?
Why? Did you get to know more about her?
She killed someone
Will commit another murder shortly
I got her vital clues for the second murder
But suddenly she is ignoring me
Her mobile is switched off
Really strange !
If I get dumped after being used
why shouldn't I inform the police?
Oh! Here you are !
Came to see you many times after getting the computer
She wanted to meet you too
I want the computer back
As soon as possible
Give it back
Did you leave your job to assist in the murder?
No, I have taken leave for today
Ever wondered how many ways two people can sit on a bench?
Can you move to the center?
If we sit at the middle, no one else can sit in the bench
I was watching you
And I felt like sitting beside you
I want to say something. But...
no use sharing it with someone I know
Do you come here regularly?
To while away time?
You wanted to say something
Before marriage, we used to come here quite often
This was our dating spot
Last two years, I come only on this date...
13th September
For God's sake don't wake him up
My lucky darling gave me the biggest scoop
You woke him up at midnight
Now you'll put him to sleep
I'm no longer lucky. The son has taken my place
Oh! Your mom is so jealous. She is a selfish giantess
You just said you owe the scoop to your son's luck
It's not a regular scoop
Do you know who is the kingpin of the land deal scam?
Hold on darling
My photographer is coming with the prints
We photographed the entire deal
Even recorded their conversation
It'll be the most sensational investigative report ever published
And all this happened due to your son's luck?
If I anticipated this transformation...
you could never get me pregnant in 14 years !
Ok, let's strike a deal
How many times will you let me try daily?
Shut up
Beware, my darling !
Your mom is quite dangerous...
Hey, where are you taking him?
My photographer is here to hand over the photos
I'll be back soon
Are you crazy?
He'll cry and neighbours will beat you up
Please get something for the photographer
And he has a helper too
It's already midnight
How can I arrange dinner for two people now?
Just get something to munch
Boss, no one is going to beat us
Just wait for tomorrow's paper
Come on, let's go. Dinner is ready
Yes sir
You must have noticed...
some people talk to themselves
They may be walking or travelling in a vehicle...
and all along they keep muttering
What a strange act !
But they are not mad
May be, they are in trouble...
and they don't have anyone to share
So they talk to themselves
Some of them have so much of anger, pain and hatred in their eyes
I feel their rage can easily be utilised to kill someone
But I'm bothered on one count
You want to kill so many people but...
there are few who talk to themselves
Just think of the people who killed your husband
They were hiding safely for so long
If you meet any of them by chance
you will surely want to kill him
But they are just pawns
Lurking behind is a big and powerful gang
You have to kill all of them
But before you finish them off...
they will kill your son
and you
and your near and dear ones
And for this reason I can't take this computer from you
I believe in a give-and-take policy
Whatever I take from anyone, I pay back
But you want revenge
human life and blood
And I can't give you that
Please don't mind, goodbye
I didn't want to meet your son
No use meeting someone who is not destined to live long !
Take care
Come in
The kind of thing you were looking for !
A tough and sharp rope
Try this one
Don't take it
Give it to me
Give it back !
This is the right thing to have happened
The girl who came with you this morning...
hoped to meet an extraordinary man
But he is just noone
A man too ordinary !
He used to do your job
He was only a typist
That was a tumultuous phase
It was a mighty revoluton
He only observed
in silence
and never complained
But his wife had a lot to complain
She longed for worldly things...
but her husband had no money or inclination
He was only interested in the human face
Gold was quite cheap then
But the necklace his wife wanted was a bit costly
And this time, she was adamant to get it
A neighbor got it for his wife
'I've already announced it to them'
'You must get it for me tomorrow'
It was not a difficult task
He knew where the cash box key is left during lunch
So you're not coming? - No
Never happened that I'm reciting and you're not there
I have a lot of pending work
Don't have time today
Sajalda, come quickly
Your name has been announced
'The world is plunged into an eerie darkness'
'The blind seem to see more than the sighted'
'The heartless, insensitive and unsympathetic'
'Have turned into the most trusted advisors'
'Those who have faith in mankind...'
' civilization, art and culture'
'Are victims of merciless violence and destruction'
Please open the door
Your husband is back
An eventful day in my life...
I didn't know that a necklace was more costly than life
Your leave for today just got wasted
Really unfortunate that you're not getting the thrill you want
I hear people go bankrupt in business
That must be quite thrilling !
Or is it not?
Sir, I've been looking for you since long !
Damn this bloody rain !
Here are 10 passport photos
the ones you clicked this morning
at Flashback Studio, 77/3 B.T Road
Here you are
Goodbye sir
What's the time?
Let me see. - What
After teaching philosophy for so long
I'm now in front of a truly philosophical personality
Someone who can say...
" Going bankrupt in business "
"must be quite thrilling !"
The police couldn't get me
Though I did it for the first time...
I think I did not leave behind any clue
My son's now in Class II
Saswata is thrilled !
He never found anyone so good in maths at such a young age !
Sananda madam gave the computer to me
I launched this shop with a friend
I wanted a better life
I've got that
She's yet to get her family nickname
If she came down the spiral one more time...
we would have named her - "Spiral-bride !"
My life has changed a bit
I still teach Calculus...
but I practice rifle shooting every evening
I don't miss target from 7/8 feet
The moustache is gone
She doesn't like it
He has left this place
No one has his new address
I often go to that park
I don't like doing this job
He could have guided me for a better life
But I was not destined to meet him
At least I have paid off the entire debt
Next time you lend money to someone...
enquire about his father !
Why don't you count the money?
No point doing that
If you plan to become a saint, please return the money
I need it for other things
My wife is having an affair with someone
Last night I saw a message in her phone
The man wrote to my wife - "I cannot live without you"
I won't go home sir
Just a moment
This man cannot live without your wife
And you cannot be at home without her
That's fine
Can you tell me how I may get in touch with this lady?
'I left my old glasses on purpose'
'To drive away the enveloping mist of my mind'
'The rays of the sun come scorching now'
'But I keep staring on'
'For the ultimate truth of life in the endless stream of faces '
'I left my old glasses on purpose'
'Behind the veil of clouds in the sky'
'The ever-eluding fairy tales reside'
'When I pull at their strings'
'I travel to the magical kingdom of peace and serenity'
'I don't want to return to the dark, dreary and mundane '
'I left my old glasses on purpose'