Rupture (2016) Movie Script

Goodmorning everybody. Here is the morning news in Kansas City
-here at 94.2 KTCV ...
- Frankly! - Do not kill it!
They frighten the life out of me, but I can not kill them.
- Pardon. - Alright, Mama.
- It's out. - Thank you my darling.
Do you remember what we talked about yesterday? About to be ready at a certain time?
- I do not want trouble with your father. - You woke me with your cries.
- I asked you to go to bed yesterday. - I did the homework.
- And and. - Hold op.
Homework? You were on Facebook for three hours. Come on, we gotta go.
- Are you ready? - Of course. But are you ready?
I was born ready. Nothing scares me.
When we've done it, it feels great.
It will redefine us. Every time we doubt whether there is anything we can
- We reply: "Of course. I've jumped parachute."
- "I can handle anything." - I can feel you need it.
Environmental degradation, the damage to water supply and food ...
- I would have made eggs for you. - I do not like eggs.
You can not eat the same thing every morning.
I make eggs, and you eat them. It is healthy.
- You should call your father about it. - I can fix a lamp.
- What are you looking for? - My knife.
I removes the insulation, so that there is contact.
Problem solved. I do not need your father.
- He had called an electrician. - He must not think about money.
I need your help for an additional task in mathematics.
What for?
- The genealogy tree. - Have not we make it?
- We took your side. - So talk to your father.
Would you call him for me?
- What is the point of the exercise? - Everyone should know where they come from.
- I hate to do your homework. - Dad do not want to help me.
I make three calculations, if you call him for me.
- Four. - Three.
Damn it! Fucking homework.
I hate that shit.
Forget the math. We have to go. I wait in the car.
- Text messages you have for me up there? - I am coming! A moment!
Renee, I have the tickets. Do not be afraid. See you.
- Who was it? - Margaret from work.
- Afraid of what? What are you about to do? - I have to jump parachute today.
It did not you tell me. What if something happens?
It is insanely fun. I'm doing it.
Hi, Renee. Ringer not you go back? I thought we had it nice.
- Var det Adam?
- Alan, ja.
- Did not you like him? - It does not concern you.
You drive him to school on Friday. We do not need your fucking bullshit.
- Was that Dad? - He is not always so nice to me.
It does not matter.
Get him at 17, because I have a date on Tuesday night.
Cliff, you should know that he heard you swear at me.
- In the mobile machine. - That's because you let him hear.
To play them in the car for the nose at him.
- He does it with their homework again. - He must focus, as the teacher said.
- Maybe he needs a better teacher. - Do you spend more money?
It is his reaction when he can not solve the crunch.
He manages the fine in school.
- If you could help him a little more ... - I'll try.
It is good that we only have one child.
He knows we're talking about him. Just say goodbye.
- Have fun, honey. - Do you really jump parachute?
- I can handle it. I'll send you pictures. - Do not die, do you?
- I swear. I love you. - Love you too.
Do it.
What the hell?
Oh no.
What the hell is that?
Do you need help? It sucks when it happens.
I do not know what it is. There is something that stuck.
I do not know.
- Drove you about it? - I did not notice anything.
Do not pull it out. A workshop is doing it without slashing the tire.
- Do you have roadside assistance? They change it for free. - Why should I be so practical?
It is fine. I changed tires before.
Are you sure? I can help you. Why would you do it yourself?
- If you insist. It is nice of you. - No problem.
I have punctured many times. I can probably do it blindly.
- Tommy, wait in the car .. - If you talk, I'll smoke.
- You are well on your way to something. - We're just at the flea market.
Everybody talks about the stew. My sister has a cookbook to it.
She says they are everywhere now. I said, "Do not you think droppings?"
OK. Shall we?
You get the spare wheel. Then Vrkstedet fix it here.
There ought to be a little farther on. At the junction of road 42 and I-70th
There is an ice cream parlor.
- Everything is alright? - No problems.
The electric shock wears off about a quarter. Well.
It's all right.
Do not move.
We must run for a long time.
Nik, if I have to pull your panties so you can urinate.
Well then. I lock your leg up.
You can drag the briefs aside.
Clever girl.
Fill it up. I need the toilet.
You're doing fine display.
Gab. I will not smite thee.
There are sleeping pills in. You need rest before it happens.
Slug. Slug. Slug.
Well done.
What do you want with me?
- Where we put her? - We must ask Terrence.
You need us.
To what? Who's the fucking people?
- Remember it. - What is it?
Where are we?
G10-12X, G10-12X ...
Remove the tape.
You take care of the panties.
I'll be right back.
Stop trying to twist you around. This loosens the tape.
We have food for you as long as you do not scream.
I will not eat your damn food.
You can easily scream. The system is safe, but the screams ...
They make the other troubled.
Lie still.
Interestingly skin.
It will happen. Believe me. It will happen soon.
You come to believe that you can not survive, and so ...
You will be amazed. Unless it does not, so ...
... We deal with you in a completely different way.
Where are you taking me? I am not going back there!
I'm in the next room.
My name is Blake!
I can hear you fight. I promise that I am not one of them.
What's your name?
Renee. My name is Renee.
- How long have you been here? - I do not know.
I have one last chance to deliver.
Perform? What do you mean?
They come in with something to you. Something you do not want that.
Whatever they have found out by observing you.
- What is G10-12X? - What?
I saw someone in the hallway. He said that they need us to G10-12X.
That I have no idea.
It's not about ransom.
Are you rich? Do you know someone who is rich?
Not really.
Me neither. Where are you from?
- Kansas City, Missouri. - Maybe that's where we are.
No, I was in the van for an eternity. The anesthetized me.
- Me too. - Where are you from?
Delgo i Nevada.
Are you sure get away?
It is not.
- How many are held captive here? - 20th
The day I came, I heard that someone in your space was released.
Why he did not tell people what was going on here?
He knew that you were here.
Maybe he did not know where we were.
Maybe he's dead.
- Blake, we asked you to be quiet. - I just wanted to talk to someone.
No, not my eyes! Not the eyes!
- How are you, Renee? - Blake said that you let people free.
Who is Blake?
Blake next door.
Is Blake name of a voice you heard? And you believed what it said?
Perhaps it comforted you. Or maybe it is to mislead you.
Or maybe you believe in Blake, maybe I just take the piss out of you.
We often find afterwards that we should keep a record of what happened.
The video can show what went wrong.
I ask you ...
If I did not have to say anything, I will not do it.
But you have to let me go free. I have a son.
Evan. Yes, we know about your son.
Is it about him?
Is he here somewhere? Took him? I took him, do you?
- I have to see my son! - We have not taken your son.
He is with his father on weekends. Where you left him.
- What do you want me? - Try to breathe normally.
Let go of me! So I'll breathe normally.
Your blood pressure should be measured.
Say your name.
Renee Morgan.
Renee Marie Morgan.
- Place of birth? - Montreal in Canada.
- And date of birth? - 25th AUGUST 1980.
- Is the government? - Height?
Is the government?
- Height, thank you. - 165 cm.
- Are you an authority? - Weight?
52 kg. Am in...?
Are you from the Public Health Institute?
Have I been exposed to a disease or virus?
I would say if I was sick or there was something wrong with me?
Your questions are not relevant.
Shut up! Shut up, you freak and let me go!
What do you want me to do? I help.
I cooperate.
You must let me go.
It goes better if I work, right?
Just tell me what I should do.
Read the bottom line.
I do not know.
Try again.
I can not see them.
Food allergies? Not sunflower oil or sunflower seed?
I have never eaten seeds. Why do you ask?
Were there changes in allergies after birth?
I beg you. Do not let my son be without me.
42, 67, 44...
- What? - What do you think I said?
Four something.
Say yes if you have or have had any of the following:
Angina, asthma, bronkitis-
- Scarlet fever, rheumatic fever, kidney stones.
- Sinusitis, emphysema, anemia. - Sometimes.
Problems with fertility?
- Number of children? - One.
Desired number of children?
- It does not concern you. - The report suggests, you wanted more.
The report should loose, I'm divorced.
Compulsions as nail biting, restless time drumming with fingrene-
- No. - Drums do not you and with your fingers?
How long have you seen me?
Fear of the dark? Fear of sex? Fear of snakes?
Fear of drowning? Fear of spiders?
Fear of spiders?
Right now I'm afraid of everything.
It's just so we must stick with you time after time.
You may soon feel it.
I'm sure.
Come on!
Good color.
- Are you hungry? - No.
Interestingly skin.
- And her dossier is impressive? - Yes, Dr. Raxlen.
- Well, I have made myself noticed. - I would go directly to the test.
But I agreed to follow the book.
Is it G10-12X?
What do you know about G10-12X?
- I dont do that. - If she knows about it, it's good.
- I heard about it on time. - It is not here G10-12X.
If you find out what it is, you have made great progress.
This is the solution which can help speed up the process.
Think of it as a chemical encouragement to a different lifestyle.
- 40 ml given time? - 11.39.
You are very brave, Renee.
It is not necessary, Diane. If she must help us, she understands it.
If she does not need ...
What do you want with me?
What do you want with me?
Let me see my son again.
Min Evan.
Put her there. I put her feet up in stirrups.
You have something very special in you, Renee.
- Evan ... - Of course you must see him again.
But we need you first.
I am very happy with your nap. Not all absorbing solution such.
A brilliant characters.
- I will not last long. - You do not know.
I was getting married next month. Tell my fianc, I love her.
She can not help you now, Seth.
- Renee, we try to help you. - What?
No! I beg you, no!
Oh no!
- Please stop! - It is not us who can stop it!
Oh God!
I ask you!
- What do you want me? - It's up to you.
This species venom is extremely powerful.
The human spinal fluid boils literally in the meeting with the poison.
Renee, do not resist. Let it happen.
- Nothing yet. - Be as sweet to stop!
- I thought it would happen immediately. - Maybe in the next test.
Did you understand?
Did you learn what I told you?
I do not understand any of this.
Every time I touch her, it feels right. I know she will burst.
I trust her.
If he is right, it will soon be over.
Then you know who you should be, the rest of your life.
This will of course include the pain.
Let her rest now.
What the hell you want with me?
The time we spend together is something special for me. Only two of us.
A special bond. You know how much I adore you.
You are safe, my boy. Right here.
With father.
Do not believe otherwise. It is entirely up to you, Charlie.
Breathe normally. I check out just about shooting catalyst.
- Dr. Raxlen. - Let me see.
Seth, do you remember that you went down to the lab?
No. I do not know...
Perhaps his DNA for weakened.
Try to drown him again. Maybe he reacts.
Yes, but it's six weeks.
- The unit flashes igen. - Yeah, I'll probably arrange it.
Did you hear about Budapest? There is one that is broken. She is genuine.
The guy in Boston, a total of 47 flaws.
- And fertility test at Budapest-girl? - She is sterile.
24 women, and none of them are fertile.
- Who is it? - Blake?
- Er du Renee?
- Ja.
How did you get up there?
If we find out where they have armbndene
-so we can open the doors and get out.
They let me go. I will survive.
I do not believe that freedom is the plan for us. You sound different.
- I'm in the middle of the last test. - What is it?
- I can not say it. - Said the G10-12X?
They said I have it. They think that is in me.
- What is it? - It's something with my skin.
They rubbed my face.
You came close, Blake. Your fear started almost the DNA transformation.
- What happens to me now? - You'll be home soon.
I just stun you for the journey.
- I would so like home. - It may feel a little cold.
Blake, you will wake in Nevada. Close to your home.
And you will remember an experience that will change your view of the world.
- I do not remember anything. - You will feel great.
You have answers to questions that people have asked for a long time.
- Does not that sound exciting? - Yes, it does.
Blake, we will teach you how to think about what happened here.
- Do you understand? - Yes.
Do not sleep yet.
I'm Collette and is responsible for reintegration.
Are you ready for it? Are you ready to come back to life?
I would like to.
- See. We were so close. - Do not talk about being close.
We still Renee Morgan.
- You have to help her on her way, Diane. - Good idea, we get ready for her.
Do you have hallucinations?
No. I do not know...
- What's the orange stuff? - Do not know about you hallucinating?
I've seen some strange things. If it is not real, I feel better.
The confusion is part of the process.
Pulse is good. She is ready.
I give them message.
Good luck, Renee. We all have high hopes for you.
It is easier if you can not resist.
If you try to scare people to death, they fight.
- We are trying to scare you over death. - What does that mean?
Your son will do fine.
His problems with math, to rein in his emotions and anger ...
We can solve the problems.
- How do you know? - You told me it through the skin.
How we learn things.
G10-12X is a genetic code.
All have in the genetic code.
We try to make it part of your genes to burst.
- What happens next? - I think you know what to do.
When recording the fear in your bones, it changes the shape of you.
Accept it and be yourself.
I will show you what we really are. Maybe it will help you.
I'll show you what I mean. The egg, which we took from Renee Morgan.
It does not behave like the others have done.
- Is it good? - I hope so.
- What's so unusual? -
The egg does not prevent further menneskesd from penetrating the membrane.
I think Renee is close. Her eggs may only take against our DNA now.
I must take a try ... What is that?
You've pulled your drop out again. Want something to eat?
- What was in? - Just sugar water.
We had to keep you going. It's been a half days.
- It does not feel so long. - Time passes differently for us.
We degenerate not in human pace.
Punish me for breaking in to your laboratory?
Why do you think that?
We like them with a strong survival instinct, with zest.
- A little food? - I do not want anything from you.
42, 67, 44.
- Tell me what I said. - No.
You heard her.
42, 67, 44.
Can you read this?
- It's my journal. - Previously, it was too small to read.
Are your eyes were sensitive to white light, like ours?
We prefer the weaker parts of the spectrum, such as violet or yellow.
- Are you trying to make me to you? - It must you do, Renee.
From the inside.
- I would not change me. - Why fight the transformation?
Bristen will save you so much fear.
It is the next step in the evolution stairs.
All the silly human emotions can be wiped out forever.
I have to let me go. My son needs me.
You have to eat, Renee.
Dr. Raxlen told that you have been very inventive here.
Did you think you were running around without us knowing it?
Maybe you'll even see.
When bursts, you will no longer feel human love.
The records are online, so we find more clues.
There are markers in your profile. Blood pressure and certain allergies.
All the details shown us-
- G10-12X sequence that could be available.
I've seen you .. You are not human. It is none of you.
We began as people just like you.
But so...
If you pass the test, Renee -
- To your horror transform you into a completely new.
Man destroys everything. Earth, oceans, even the sky.
People have the virus, and we are the cure.
Order must be restored. Do you understand?
Only we can do that.
It will be evident, as it was for us when we shattered.
And you will join our work.
- Which is? - First, we must increase our number.
If you bursts, we become one stronger.
- And if I do not? - We'll see error of the candidates.
When they survive, can Collette send them back to life.
When they do not ...
- Then corrode their skin. - Because their DNA is weakened.
I think we are doing the gene pool a favor by weeding them out.
We trimmer flock, so to say.
- A bite to? - No.
Then we go on.
Oh no.
Get it away!
- It's all up to you, Renee. - Go to hell!
Tell everyone that it goes well with Evan and me. I've got an incredible job.
I can not say anything about it yet.
Well, it's Renee. But you cheat people by sounding enthusiastic.
Try again.
- I've got an incredible job. - What?
- I can not say anything about it yet. - Why not?
But if I'm lucky, you may soon hear about it.
Friends and colleagues will notice you are forandret-
- But give them never any explanation, however much they prying.
Fem tornadoer i Oklahoma,
tre i Nebraska og to i Kansas.
I never expected to be one of the abductees.
I was home in Nevada. Not in the desert, but in the suburbs.
I had just eaten at Red Lobster as a white form descended.
It pulled me up, and I melted through the walls.
They wanted to know everything about the people on this planet. They took liquid samples.
It was not painful, but I had no choice.
- Hi Mom. - Do not we have some milk?
Bought you are not in when I was with Dad?
- I can toast bread for you. - Do you go with colored contact lenses?
- Why? - I wanted to try something new.
While you were with your father, I met some people-
-which is very good at math.
They have some working groups, which I think will help you.
- I do not think. - It's only a few days.
- No. Who are the people? - They are very clever.
Forget it, I do not. You act weird.
What the hell is wrong with you, mom?
Where is Evan, Renee?
Is it where necessary?
- Do not Do not use it on him. - Oh no. Only if it becomes necessary.
Do you recognize the great potential of your genes.
We have good news, Renee. We got answers to the tests.
You are fertile, even after you shattered. It also augurs well for Evan.
Where is he?
He comes down a little bit. He is packing some things.
Try his room.
- Evan?
- Mor! Mor!
- The door is locked. - Spark it up.
He got out.
We are not looking for him. Do you know why?
Because you and I will find him.
I know how painful it can be.
The remains of our old flelser
- Disappear not always as fast as we could wish.
But soon they will.
And what you really want to think about is the many children you give us.
We believe that you are the mother of a brand new generation.
The world as people have known it will change forever.
We've been waiting for you for a very long time.
and omsider-
-have we you.