Rurouni Kenshin The Legend Ends (2014) Movie Script

Why are you still here?
Go to the village and ask for help.
Don't tell me, all these graves...
Those bandits I killed...
Where did you take their bodies?
Why did you even bother to bury them?
Everyone here is the same
as the other. Dead.
Kid, what is your name?
Too soft for a Swordsman.
From now on, your name would be Kenshin.
And I will teach you my sword style.
This place...
Don't tell me, that this all what
the legendary Battousai can do?
So you've finally woken up.
Long time no see, My stupid apprentice.
Why am I here?
After the storm,
I went out to find some driftwood.
I didn't think I would find you.
Was there someone with me?
Only you and that weird sword.
What's wrong? Are you
expecting someone else?
Where did you find me?
I have to go back there!
Don't even bother.
You were out cold for three days.
Floating on sea for three days,
Nobody could have survived that.
Three days...
What's with that expression? You haven't
changed since the last time we met.
You and your habit of bearing
all the burdens of this country.
I had a dream.
I saw you in my dream.
I kept on digging graves.
Burying the dead.
Kept on digging...
Master... I have request.
Please teach me the final
techniques of Hiten Mitsurugi.
What did you say?
There is someone I have to stop.
Shishio Makoto followed my trail as an
assassin and planned to rule this country.
If he succeeds, people will suffer.
I am the only one who could stop Shishio!
And there is little time left.
I beg of you!
Let me hear your story then.
My stupid apprentice. What have you
been doing these past fifteen years?
Using that weird sword...
Show me what you can do with it.
Today was not bad.
What's wrong?
You guys don't hear that?
What is it?
That sound, don't you hear it?
What is that?
- We've got trouble!
- What's wrong?
There is a black ship!
What are you talking about?
What black ship?
Are you day-dreaming?
Check it for yourself!
The ship is like a monster!
What is that ship targetting?
Is there further movement?
- Hurry up and send soldiers and watch the surroundings.
- Yes sir!
So Shishio has arrived.
Finally, after twenty-five years,
fear is back to this country.
Ruling by fear,
is more effective than ruling by truth.
Start the preparations.
We will be attacking soon!
We will be attacking!
Stop it!
Now is not the time to drink.
Kenshin, Kaoru, Aren't
you worried for them?
- You think they're they gone?
- That can't be.
This is unforgivable!
Shinomori Aoshi.
That man.
Has become an enemy we have to kill!
What's wrong, Is that all you've got?
Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu
is an independent style.
Used to protect weak people.
And not for any other reasons.
But you forgot and instead,
used it for the Shogunate.
Was it your ego?
Or ambition?
None of those!
I have to learn it to wipe out
the sorrow in this country!
Who is he?
He said, few days ago he saw man with
scar on his cheek, lying on the beach.
Is that true?
How stubborn he is.
Where is that man?
Tell me!
Enough, Hoji.
That is a good thing.
It is even more interesting
than ruling this country.
, what is? What is it?
Do not show weakness!
- Lets go!
- Yes sir!
We have been waiting for you!
Home Affairs Minister "Ito Hirobumi",
It is an honor.
It tastes good.
Have you tried this English food?
Don't worry. It's not poisoned.
You also "served" during the Bakumatsu era,
How many you have killed?
For you to have the position like now,
How many you have murdered?
How dare you!
What are you doing?
It seems there had been
a misunderstanding here.
Sit down!
I said, take your seat!
Abe! Please report that he died
because of disease on the way here!
You act fast.
A cruel crime like that,
surely will be punished by the government.
That is called justice!
Was there justice for me at that time?
This conversation is senseless.
So thats it?
Thanks to that "justice",
I am not able to sweat anymore.
My body feels so hot,
I almost feel like dying.
It feels like being in hell.
Living like this...
Is hell itself.
You understand this, don't you?
It was you who created us.
- "Us"?
- Me and Battousai the Slasher.
If you still value your life,
then go find him.
Then, sentence him to death.
What did you say?
This government has lied to people by
covering all the murders he did back then!
Is that forgivable?
Otherwise, I will destroy your government.
Citizens! Battousai the assassin has become
the police fugitive, his name is Himura Kenshin!
If you see him,
please contact nearest police!
He is often seen wearing red cloth
and there is cross scar in the cheek.
He will be punished because
has killed so many people!
If you see him,
please contact nearest police!
- You have returned.
- What is this?
That is Shishio's order.
We cant do anything.
Shishio's order?
He too was an assassin right?
Shishio also killed so many in Meiji era,
he should have been the one persecuted.
But Shishio threatens to
destroy this government!
We can not just refuse it.
About Himura...
the police will not find him easily.
Meanwhile, we collect information about
the ship and prepare weapons for defense.
I will not bring in Battousai!
What do you mean?
It seems this government
has forgotten the real hero.
What the fuck?
Hey, if he is a fugitive,
it means he is not dead yet.
Himura... is still alive?
They are still alive.
He must went to Kaoru's place.
But why he is charged with
murders in the Bakumatsu era?
- No time to waste, Yahiko lets go!
- Where?
To Kamiya Dojo of course!
Besides, he's got nowhere to go but there.
Lets go!
- Execuse me!
- Yes!
What is it?
This belongs to this inn right?
Dont move.
Don't make noise in the hospital.
- Kaoru.
- Are you her relatives?
Yes, kinda.
Someone found her, and took her in.
Kaoru, how are you doing?
Things have gotten worse!
We have promised to protect
each other right?
I told you so many times.
The sword is just a tool.
Sword styles are used for the killing part.
No matter how beautiful the blade is...
That remains the fact.
Stop with your nonsense...
And face the truth.
You said you want to protect people,
but instead you could do nothing.
You are still the same like the
kid who can only dig graves.
With your current ability...
how could you manage to finish the style?
Prove it to me with your stupid sword!
Be like then when you were a boy.
Even if you were beaten to a pulp,
you kept rising up.
Thank god!
Aoshi... where is he?
Is Kyoto alright?
Yes. But, Himura...
Is that so.
If Himura is still alive...
There's only one place he would come to!
Why don't you take a sip?
I made the sake myself.
Thank you.
Why do pottery?
I don't know...
Speaking of which...
I made it just for myself.
To me drinking sake, is really a fun thing.
That's it.
Is that so.
It reminds me to a saying...
In spring, Sakura flowers blossom.
In Summer, the stars appear.
In Fall, the full moon shows and in Winter,
the snow falls.
Just by seeing it,
the sake tastes really good.
If it doesn't taste good, then...
There must be something wrong in you.
I want to ask you...
About scar on your face.
During the Bakumatsu, there was
somebody called Battousai the Slasher.
The scar shows his cruelty.
It didn't sound like "You" how I once knew.
When I was on carrying out an order...
I got this scar.
In my mind, there was only killing.
I will not kill again, ever.
So thats why...
You have that weird sword.
Is your opponent right now
really that formidable?
Right now I can't even
beat Shishio's underling.
The strong lives, the weak dies.
Reality, plain and simple.
I will beat him,
even if I have to sacrifice my life.
Then you are prepared to die here?
I will give you time.
You have to find out what's wrong with you.
Figure it out with that stupid
head of yours.
If you still don't know...
You'll die here.
What is wrong with me...
You didn't sleep last night?
Have you figured
out what is wrong with you?
Not yet.
Now that is your problem.
Figure out what is wrong with you,
by fighting me as your enemy.
If you can beat me with that blade...
But if you can't, It means that you are still
afraid of that slasher instinct in your heart.
You are afraid that you will live in
suffering, sadness, and loneliness...
If you kill again.
Well then...
Will I be able to help the
monster Battousai the Slasher...
To put and end to
Shishio once and for all?
I am trembling.
Am I afraid of my master, Hiko Seijuro?
No. Am I afraid of death itself?
No, that's not it.
During the Bakumatsu war,
I was always prepared to die.
Even if it costs my life...
I will finish the technique!
Not yet!
I can't die yet!
Finally, you've come to realize it.
You took so many lives during
the battle as a slasher...
And because of that regret, you think
to yourself that your life is worthless.
And to overcome that,
you must learn to control your feelings.
You need the willingness to live on.
Willingness to live...
You've become weaker because you've spent
most of your life protecting helpless people.
To the point where you
don't understand your own.
Your life is as worth
as other people's lives.
When you realize that...
You will be able to finish the technique.
My life...
Your life doesn't belong to your own.
You understand?
C'mon. Let's continue.
What's for lunch today?
- What's wrong with you? Here, drink.
- Shut up! Drink it yourself.
What's wrong?
Piss off!
- You need to stay alive!
- Kaoru-dono!
Hey, found you!
- Kaoru!
- Hey.
- You made us worried.
- You fool!
I am so worried about you. Are you okay?
I'm waiting for Kenshin.
Is that so?
Kenshin? Where is he?
Thats not what she meant.
She is hoping for Kenshin's return.
Lets go!
- Where are we going?
- It's obvious, isn't it?
To Tokyo.
Leaving already?
There is no time.
I have to stop Shishio as soon as possible.
Don't just rely on that technique.
You alone, bearing all the burden.
Just be careful in this Meiji era.
- I was worried about you.
- Why are you here?
Nevermind that. Kaoru is alive!
A lot of things had happened.
Shishio is controlling the government...
They will arrest you.
Grandpa instructed me to go look for you.
Hurry up and leave.
Your willingness to live...
Is the most important of all.
Promise me, Kenshin.
You won't waste your life.
Thank you for looking after me.
Don't die.
The government had made you a fugitive.
If you get caught, you will be executed.
Himura-dono, I have a map to a secret
path which we used during the Edo era.
Please make use of it.
Thank you.
I would like to say goodbye to Okina-dono.
I understand.
Grandpa, Himura is back.
But he was just awake...
Is there something you're not telling me?
A secret path to the north used by Ninjas.
I myself would take this route.
Himura will pass this route...
You have thought about that, haven't you?
But Himura-kun has very important task,
that is to beat Shishio.
I will not let you stand in his way.
What can you do with that body?
You are trapped in the past.
I will free you from that!
That cross-shaped scar...
You are indeed Battousai the Slasher.
I have been waiting for ten
long years for this moment.
Leader of Oniwabanshu Watchers in Edo,
Shinomori Aoshi.
I will take the "Strongest" title from you!
C'mon, Battousai!
Right, this will become a fierce battle.
Kill Aoshi...
for Misao.
And for Aoshi himself.
- Grandpa!
- Right, kill me.
I'd like to see you try to kill me!
Make sure you kill him!
Shinomori Aoshi, have you realized
that you've hurt Misao-dono?
Why you are so cruel to her?
For the strongest title...
I can be even crueler than anybody!
I don't know you anymore!
- Don't interfere!
- Misao-dono!
Stand up, Battousai the Slasher.
You were the strongest
during the Bakumatsu era.
I have sacrificed
everything just to beat you.
that deep hatred you got from the past...
I may not be able to understand it.
But not realizing what is
already in front of you,
Betraying people and even
raising your sword against them.
That is the reason why
you'll never beat me.
This isn't over yet!
I can still fight!
When you have realized what
is really precious to you...
And if you want the
"Strongest" title from me...
I will fight you anytime.
The Elder...
You must go now.
Now isn't the time to worry about us!
Don't forget the elder's request!
The future of Japan rests in your sword!
Himura, leave us...
If you want to take revenge, do it quickly.
I don't need your pity.
Your life...
Belongs to me now...
Belongs to grandpa...
And also to the others...
- Megumi-dono.
- Kenshin-San.
I was worried about you.
Did you meet Kaoru and Sanosuke?
Thank goodness.
Stay and hide here first,
I will make you tea.
I am in a hurry.
I have to stop Shishio now.
I understand.
But, listen.
Even if you are badly hurt,
please return alive.
I am doctor.
If you're dead,
I wont be able to do anything.
But if you alive, I will surely treat you.
Before thinking of other people,
please think yourself first.
Just like what my master said.
Please wait a moment.
Wear this.
The sword is just a tool for killing.
To help the helpless people,
is the motto of Kamiya Kashin-ryu.
It is not to kill.
But to help people.
I knew it, It fits you well.
Please take care Kaoru.
Arrest him!
Himura Battousai, Surrender now!
This place has been surrounded,
you cant go anywhere again!
You guys... Don't you have any shame?
You were attacking Shishio,
now you become his dogs?
If you want to get Kenshin,
step over my dead body first!
- Arrest him!
- Megumi-dono.
Thank you.
Get him!
Please stay there.
I don't want violence anymore.
Tie him up!
Battousai the Slasher has been arrested!
Battousai the Slasher has
finally been arrested!
Your body has become hotter than the usual.
Can I wish you for something?
What is it?
If you keep on fighting,
your body temperature will be so hot.
Shishio-sama, thats because of your burns.
How long?
How much time do I have?
Your fighting limit is fifteen minutes.
You better avoid blade fight.
Fifteen minutes huh?
That's so short.
On your knees!
Follow me.
Come in.
I am thinking of giving you more time.
I am sorry, Himura...
But I have to sacrifice you.
If you want it this way,
why did you arrest me?
Shishio doesn't want to negotiate.
He intends to rule this country.
If the murders you've done before
on the Meiji era is counted,
Obviously, you will be punished
severly by the government.
That is his plan.
He has a giant ship near Tokyo coast,
he can attack anytime.
We have no other choice.
But, if we fight him now...
There would be great damage.
Will you let me be killed like this?
If I can get near Shishio, I can beat him.
Is that so?
Then do it.
I will hold the legendary
Battousai's execution.
You have got to be kidding me!
They will execute him like in Edo era?
What are they doing?
We have to go, hurry!
Make way!
You monster!
Die, you!
Where is Shishio?
Shishio told me to watch
you being executed.
You fool.
You are so stupid upon
helping the government.
Yet there was no reward for you.
Tell Shishio, I will be
waiting him in hell.
You think you can fight him?
- Hey!
- Kenshin!
Step away!
Hey! Kenshin!
Kenshin! Wait!
Hereby is sentenced to death...
With accusations of killing so
many people in the Bakumatsu era.
With that vicious past, is unforgivable...
What is wrong?
- Hurry up!
- Continue!
Give it to me!
Himura Battousai!
That vicious past...
is unforgivable in this new era!
Listen, Battousai...
I will read some names he
killed before the Meiji era!
The following are the names;
A young Kujo samurai, Hitsui Naoie.
First son of Madero Koji family,
Oguri Atsumori.
Kujo samurai, Shimamura Tatsumasa.
Matsumura Korosuke.
Also, Kazuno Katsumasa, Nagano Kusisuke.
Two brothers from Hikone...
Akizuki Tokuba, Kanbei Taro.
A samurai, Toda Goemon.
A doctor, Makino Hitoshi.
Takigawa Masahiko, and Inoue Kagehiro.
And the young samurai leader from Kyoto
who was about to Mary, Kiyosata Akira!
At the time like this,
you are going to marry?
Yes. I'm sorry, I can't help it.
The victims were supposed
to be hopes of this country.
That was cruel!
As per your sins,
you deserved to be executed!
I cannot die now!
I have someone precious to me.
I can not die yet!
I don't want to die... don't want to die...
The reason you can't win, is because you heart
became cold after killing so many people.
In that way, you can't win.
You will live in suffering, sadness,
and loneliness if you go back to murder.
I will not go back to being a murderer!
Then the legend, ends!
I will not...
Your life is as worth
as other people's lives.
Before thinking of somebody else,
think about yourself first.
- Wait!
- No!
The show is over!
Tell me you got rid of that useless
blade of yours and have a new one.
This blade is new but not useless.
A blade that doesn't kill.
The reverse-edged sword.
Here we go!
Get back to ship!
Damn you!
- Sano.
- Don't fight alone!
- Where is Kaoru?
- She's over there, don't worry about her.
Prepare the boat!
- That's where were headed right?
- Yes!
Why are you wasting your life?
I am doing this...
For the sake...
Of the new era!
New era my ass!
You've done a great job.
- Kenshin!
- Kenshin...
Who are you?
Man with bandages, come out!
Hey, you okay?
Hang on!
What the hell are you chanting about?
I fought with a Christian, but...
I never had a fight with a monk before.
I better get serious.
- This Shishio's crew is not bad.
- Crew?
Fool! We just don't like the Meiji
government has done in this "new era".
A man who was desperate and
couldnt do anything, Sadojima Hoji.
Because the Meiji
government took Yoshiwara...
This poor lady was banished, Komagata Yumi.
Because of the restoration, he lost his feelings
and is always laughing while killing, Seta Sojiro.
Thats why we gather around Shishio-sama.
I don't like new government either, but...
It seems that peace has
finally shown in this country...
And I won't let you destroy it!
Long time no see, Himura-sama. How are you?
I have no time to play with you.
How stubborn!
Where is Shishio?
You can't beat him...
Because he is a monster.
It seems that you are faster than before.
But back then, you lost to me.
You will lose too, this time.
You cant kill me, damn monk!
This is weird.
Life is not just about power.
This really sucks!
In the end, in this world,
the strong live, the weak die!
The strong will live!
The weak will die!
The strong live, the weak die!
Just like that!
The fight is over.
I... did I make a mistake?
No, the deciding factor of this fight...
Is the one who has a stronger will,
just like Shishio said.
If you fight to find the answer from
the truth, it wouldn't be wrong.
The answer from the truth...
You will find it,
by looking in your own life.
Take this!
See you later!
That was fun.
Next time watch your ball...
- What the hell?
- Keep firing!
Wait a minute! This is too early!
Who told you to fire?
Himura and others are still there.
Keep firing!
Was it an order from Ito-sama?
- Don't bother anymore.
- Understood.
Finally we meet again, Senior.
Pardon me for making you wait.
How arrogant you are.
Can you even fight with those wounds?
See for yourself before saying that.
I wonder when this fight
will come to an end.
In the eyes of this government,
you and I are both the same.
Hence, they intend to drown
us together to the sea.
Let's finish this.
You are strong! Very strong!
Is that all you've got, Senior?
Hey, hey!
This is not over yet, is it?
Saito-San, long time no see!
You came here to be
beaten up to a pulp huh?
I've come to avenge my men.
Show me what you can do then.
That can not kill Shishio sama!
I will finish you!
Is that so?
Too bad, Saito-San!
So you're Shishio?!
Hey, Hoji, do something!
- Your enemy would be me!
- Fuck off!
You are bothering me!
Who are you?
That doesn't hurt at all!
What are you?
C'mon stand up!
You're no match for me.
So boring.
Is that all you've got?
What are you doing, Senior?
I will end this now.
Who are you?
Another man to beat?
I am the one who will beat Battousai.
I will not let anybody else do that.
Don't die, Kenshin!
Who are you?
You are blocking! Get lost!
You are all bothering!
I said, you are really bothering!
Get lost!
Do they want to drown us all?
Kenshin, move away!
If that's the case!
It feels like I'm like burning in hell!
Getting hotter...
Getting fun!
This is bad!
If this continues...
Stop this!
He can't fight anymore!
Don't torment Shishio-sama.
Don't be too careless.
The fight has not yet ended.
Damn you!
How could you do that?
How could you betray someone who loves you.
You bastard...
Someone like you wouldn't understand!
I am happy.
For the first time...
I can be useful to you... in a fight.
Please wait for me in hell.
Enough of this!
This time I will finish you!
Come here then!
Stand up!
C'mon stand up!
The likes of us are not needed anymore.
The era of killing is over.
Not yet.
Not until I rule this country.
It is over.
I will beat you with this sword!
Go ahead!
This is the end!
"Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu ougi,
Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki."
Heaven's Sword style ultimate technique:
Heavenly Flash of the Flying Dragon.
Don't forget, Himura!
The era that made you!
I am not done yet!
It's been a while. I don't get to
enjoy fighting like this lately.
Pleasure like in the Bakumatsu era.
I have to rule this country!
I have no time to play!
I will see you in hell...
Shishio Makoto...
It's over.
Let me go!
Stop it!
Let go!
I will help.
You are still alive.
Thank goodness you are alive.
Good work!
You all managed to survived.
- What the hell was that! We fought for you all!
- Sano!
Shishio is dead. Are you satisfied now?
I see.
So Shishio is dead?
Now we don't have to worry, Kawaji.
Battousai is dead!
Dead along with the Bakumatsu era!
Am I right?
Give salute to the Samurais!
Seasons have changed.
The era where Kenshin was murderer...
Has ended.
It is a very beautiful leaf.
I will keep living like this.
Keep living...
In the new era.
Kaoru-dono, would you like to
live in this new era with me?