Rushlights (2013) Movie Script

What can I get you?
Well, um, I was thinking about...
Turkey sandwich?
Just guessing.
Iced tea?
That's right.
Can I get you something else?
No. No, I'm good.
You know, I--I was wondering...
It's been weeks now, me coming here, and--
and, um...
I was thinking, what if I come here tomorrow
and you're no longer here?
Well, I mean, I wasn't planning
on spending the rest of my life here,
- right? I mean...
- You see? That's my point.
You know?
What if you leave
and I never find out your--
your favorite ice cream
or your favorite movie,
stuff like that?
My favorite movie's "Fight Club".
My favorite ice cream is chocolate.
Do you want to go out with me sometime?
Yeah, hello.
What happened?
Who are you looking for?
Number 12.
It's right next door.
My God.
I thought that was you.
What's going on here?
Are you all right?
Ellen. She's dead.
We gotta get out of here. Now!
Look, we gotta get your stuff!
Let's go.
I should go to the police.
They're probably already there.
Maybe we should split town for a while.
Have a coffee, a muffin.
It'll help you feel better.
The girl is Ellen,
my roommate.
She was on her own.
She'd lost her parents a couple years ago
in some accident, fell into drugs.
We got into a fight...
Because I asked her not to get loaded around me.
A couple hours later,
I heard her fighting with the guy next door, Eddie,
her dealer.
And then it stopped.
And I saw her...
On the couch sleeping.
Only, she wasn't breathing.
I don't do that anymore.
Thank you for last night.
It really meant a lot to me.
You don't...
Think I'm trash?
Everybody's got a story.
Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.
This is not my stuff.
Crowd really getting into it now.
And foul ball.
"Law offices of Cameron Brogden."
"State of Texas."
"Dear Ellen,
"as your late Uncle's friend and attorney,
"your Uncle has bequeathed his entire estate to you,
his favorite niece
and the only living relative."
Do you--do you know
what this is?
"If you have any questions,
please contact me
at your convenience."
"Cameron Brogden, attorney at law."
What is it?
...The last five consecutive bats,
so we have quite the battle on our hands.
Ellen's wallet.
Let me see.
I don't know about this.
It ju--
it feels like...
I just want to see something.
I mean, you guys could be twins.
We are one strike away.
I, --
I got an idea.
It's--it's a bit crazy,
but it could work.
Nobody on.
A perfect game.
I think we should contact that lawyer.
Hi. You've reached the law offices
of Cameron Brogden.
Leave me a message.
Hi. This is Ellen Niles.
I received your letter and wanted to let you know
that I'm on my way down to Texas.
I'll be in touch when I get there.
Thank you.
I think we're close.
Tremo radio, west Texas.
It's 85 degrees now
with a song right on the guitar for playing the blues.
Well, I'm moving in the morning...
You know what?
This is nuts.
Don't worry.
We're gonna be fine.
My name is Ellen Niles.
I'm 21 years old,
visited my late Uncle Zachary once, almost 15 years ago.
I was real young, so I don't really remember much.
Why did Niles leave all his cash to Ellen,
to you?
He didn't have any kids of his own.
Besides my parents, who passed away,
I'm his only living relative.
How did Niles get so rich?
My grandfather was a lawyer and developer in Pasadena.
Very good.
And I like that.
How do you do?
You must be...
Billy. Ellen's friend.
Cameron Brogden.
Good to meet you.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Okay, you just need to sign right there.
First I'm gonna need to see...
- ...some picture I.D.
- Sure.
You know, a driver's license, birth cert,
passport, something like that.
It's just a formality.
If you could sign right there.
Well, should I show you around the property?
Sure. All right.
I have a question.
What kind of money are we talking about?
Well, let's just say
your Uncle was a prominent man.
We're talking in the seven-figure range.
We just walk over to that hill...
You can get a view of the whole place.
Right over there, that's God's country.
See that second Ridge, right there?
Right along there, that's the border,
the second Ridge, and it goes all the way around.
What's that turned-over tractor doing there?
that's where your Uncle met his demise.
What happened?
Nobody knows for sure, you know,
but maybe the heat was a factor.
It was over 100 degrees that day.
He flipped the tractor.
He must have hit his head.
Thanks for your time, folks.
I'm real sorry about your loss.
I'll try and do my best to make things
as easy as possible for you.
You two have a good evening.
That guy makes me nervous.
You did great,
except you shouldn't have pushed
so hard about the old man's money.
Everything all right with you boys?
Well, everything's fine now that you're here.
Call me if you need anything.
All right. We will.
That cookie pusher's got the hots for you, little brother.
Please. Heh heh.
Foreigners mention what they were
gonna do with the inheritance?
Didn't say.
Don't it strike you the least bit strange
that he leaves all that scratch
to some girl he barely knew?
It's called inheritance, Bob.
She's entitled to it, by birth.
I know what the word "inheritance" means.
Anyway, I gotta finish up another report.
Burglary yesterday over at the lazy inn.
Sounds like you got a crime wave on your hands.
Yeah. All started up
since Niles kicked.
Hey, how about leaving me some scratch for this?
That's on you, bro.
It was on me yesterday!
Sweet smell of perfume
fading fast
Say you love me, too...
- I'm in here.
- I feel like a fool
for thinking about
having you...
What is it?
They're letters,
love letters from--
from some woman.
How romantic.
I found a fancy painting.
Listen to this.
"I know in my heart this child is ours,
"no matter what you say.
"I beg you to acknowledge your son,
who, in your heart,
you must know is yours."
The last thing we need is someone else
thinking they can get in on the money.
Hurry up, fat man.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Come back here! Hey!
Look at this thing.
It's a hunting rifle.
Be careful.
Put it away.
It's okay.
Did we shoot somebody?
My God.
Hem hey. Hey, hombre!
Had a small accident.
Need a lift into town.
Thank God you're back.
I was so worried.
I looked everywhere.
Whoever it was...
You didn't,
tell anybody about us coming here, did you?
I can't believe you would even ask me that.
Okay. Okay. Sorry.
But what about the car?
I mean, somebody is gonna be looking for that.
What do you want me to do?
Call the cops?
I wouldn't worry about it.
I'll make sure nobody'll find it.
Anyway, I pushed the El Camino to the old barn
next to Niles' caddy.
We haven't had nothin' like this for a while, sal.
- Where'd it happen?
- I know.
Right out front, sheriff.
Right here.
You got that report I asked for?
Yes, sir.
I saw him, Bob.
Must've been a city hoodlum,
'cause he got in there
and hot-wired that sum-bitch
in less than two seconds.
'67 blue El Camino, right, sal?
License plate (274436?
That is correct, sir.
And you could identify him if you saw him again?
Sure as the sun beatin' down on this place tomorrow
will heat it to 110.
Ain't no doubt about it...
I'm gonna call in a sketch artist.
I know every badge for five counties.
We'll get your truck back.
Don't you worry, sal.
Um, my name is belle.
I used to be Mr. Niles' housekeeper.
I'm Billy,
Ellen's boyfriend.
Hi, Billy.
You have a seat.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
What can I do for you?
I--I baby-sat for Mr. Niles, years ago,
when Ellen was visiting.
I bet she'll remember me.
Heh heh.
Ellen's asleep.
The heat, you know.
I've been coming here for more than 40 years,
keeping this place tidy.
I, wouldn't mind
keeping the place clean for you, too.
That's very kind.
We're not gonna be here for that much longer.
Sheriff Robert Brogden.
Nice to make your acquaintance.
What can I do for you?
Well, me and deputy Fenway here
are looking for a stolen car,
an old El Camino,
blue, metallic.
Don't suppose y'all know something about it?
Sorry. We, --
we just arrived from out of town.
Excuse me.
Of course.
Yeah, sometimes kids'll take a car out for a joy ride
and then dump it in the fields.
I wish I could help, but I haven't seen it.
You don't mind if we look around the property, do you?
No, not at all.
You get them pictures?
What exactly are you up to, boss?
Just keep your eyes and ears open, Earl.
My daddy always taught me to check
where you least expect to find anything.
What about that barn?
What are you doing?
We cannot afford to let that hillbilly arrest us.
You're crazy.
Bob? What are you doing
bothering these nice young people?
Not bothering a soul.
Ha ha. You need a search warrant
to search people's property.
What would I do without you, little bro?
I've enjoyed about as much of this as I can stand.
I'm so sorry about my overzealous brother.
He's, been like that since we were kids.
- Yeah.
- I had no idea.
Robert Brogden, sr.,
our daddy,
was sheriff for two decades
before him. Heh heh heh.
Is that right?
He's just a little bit unsettled
because there's been a rash of crime lately.
And, Tremo's a small town.
Drunk teenagers 'bout the worst thing we get.
there's been a little hiccup in your case.
A hiccup?
Somebody has filed an injunction.
An--an injunction?
I don't know.
Some guy's claiming he's Niles' son.
I don't get it.
Doesn't the will leave everything to me?
Yes, it does.
However, if Niles didn't know he had a son
and then suddenly he found out about this son
and if this son could somehow prove
that Niles was in the middle of...
Changing his will to include his son,
well, that wouldn't be good.
However, if we could prove that
while Niles knew he had this son,
he still wasn't gonna leave him nothin'...
That would be better.
Would you excuse me for a second?
What's this?
I found this a few days ago.
This is very telling.
I'm glad you showed this to me.
This will definitely help your case.
But you still gonna need something more.
This isn't his letter.
What you need is something written by him,
that says all of his estate goes to Ellen,
despite any other claims.
What are the odds of finding that?
You know what?
There's no reason to get...
Too concerned.
When I think about it, the burden of proof
is gonna be on this rival party.
It's just...
It's just gonna take a little more time,
and round here, we ain't got nothin' but time.
I think we should get out of here.
Ellen's dead.
We're stealing her money.
Billy, nothing is right about any of this.
Hey, let's just stick with this a little longer,
and if it gets too dicey, we leave.
What do you think?
I think you're nuts.
Did you hear that?
Hey! Hey!
Stay inside. Lock the door.
Ha ha ha.
Your daddy?
Yeah, that-a-boy, Jamie.
Who's your master?
Go on.
Go on now.
You heard me.
Are we having fun now, Zachary?
Start the car, or I'll break your neck.
It's your old pal, Eddie.
You little bitch.
That was me on the porch.
That was me who took a fucking bullet in the gut.
I followed your ass 1,700 fucking miles.
Your dead cunt friend Ellen,
the one with the rich Uncle,
owes me a lot of cash.
And guess what?
You, little twit, will pay up.
Do you understand?
What's the boyfriend's name?
He's just a guy.
He's nobody.
What's the boyfriend's name?
Now, you keep it nice and quiet
about me bumping into you.
Billy's the first one to go.
I'm here to collect on Ellen's behalf.
Soto speak.
The lawyer said it'll be a few more days
before he's gonna transfer the assets.
And by the way, I want my piece back.
You could come by tomorrow, room 212.
Here's a little treat, for old time's sake.
You got a good scam going, Sarah.
I'll see you tomorrow.
A burglary? Jesus Christ.
The guy broke
into the house last night.
On his way out, he dropped something,
a DVD.
I've seen--I've seen about--
just about enough of that.
If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lie down.
I'm not feeling too well.
Well, I'm sorry to put you
through that, Ms. Niles.
Not to worry.
I'll talk to you later.
I'm gonna get rid of this filth.
I mean, Zachary Niles has a respectable reputation.
Its getting tainted now is not gonna help our cause.
You know what I'm saying?
Would Niles being gay
weaken the claims of an illegitimate son?
Not really.
Men with homosexual tastes fathering children...
Happens every day.
In your professional opinion...
How much longer is this whole ordeal gonna last?
Once foul play is suspected,
Texas probate courts will put
an immediate hold on this case.
A month.
Well, you know what?
Probably closer to two.
A month or two?
I don't think we could stay that long.
Are you folks strapped for cash?
'Cause you know I have power of attorney.
It wouldn't be improper for me
to forward Ellen some money.
How much you have in mind?
How 'bout $5,000?
We'll wait.
We'll wait for the settlement.
Okay. Suit yourself.
I gotta get going-
well, Billy,
you know anything about art?
Niles' taste in art was pretty eclectic.
See this painting here?
I believe he paid 135,000 for that one.
You'd probably fetch twice that at any art auction today.
For this?
Ha ha ha!
Yep. Well...
I hope, --
I hope Ellen's feeling better.
And, trust me.
It'll all work itself out.
Have a good day.
Anybody you recognizing?
No, I ain't seen the mean-looking one.
But I've seen them around.
The lottery winners.
Heh heh.
What's on that pretty little mind of yours?
Is your brother seeing anyone?
He's still Tremo's most eligible bachelor.
I'll mention you asked, though.
I wish you would.
I ain't seeing no one, Alice.
I ain't teaching preschool.
You don't know what you're missing.
I gotta go.
I got something important to relay to you, boss.
What is it?
They faxed over the coroner's report.
Rules out heat stroke as the cause of death,
said Niles died of suffocation.
Now ain't that a pisser?
Where have you been?
You okay?
You, --you seem...
I hate this place.
This time, we got a warrant.
You got that right, Earl.
What's he doing here?
Sorry to bother you at this hour.
What, um--
what can we do for you, sheriff?
I had a look at the coroner's report
concerning your Uncle,
and it appears he did not die of natural causes.
Suffocation seems to be the cause of death.
As of today, this plot of land's
a crime scene, a homicide investigation.
Now, I'll notify Cameron.
Meanwhile, we're gonna do some dusting for fingerprints
on your Uncle's tractor.
Mind if I come along?
Be my guest.
How we doing, boys?
Any prints?
Looks like we got a whole bunch of clean ones.
Good job.
Son, you don't mind if we take your fingerprints, do you?
I'm talking you and Ms. Niles.
You two could fall by the station
first thing in the morning, it'd be appreciated.
Yeah. It's a tradition
here in Tremo,
kind of a keepsake to remember you by.
You got a lot of fucking nerve
to show up here
in the middle of the night--
hey, don't get your panties in an uproar, son.
I'm just doing my job.
You be there at 10 A.M. sharp.
Have a good evening.
Good work, boys!
This is easy listening,
3 A.M. on the dot.
In case you're hitting the road early today, be careful.
It's mighty breezy out there.
Meanwhile, here's some musical caffeine
that'll get you going.
They pulled up all their ties
and they were riding like a log
got pennies in my pocket
when I thought I had some dimes
I guess everything happens
for a reason sometimes
been on 61 all day
Trust in--
Where were you two June 2?
You are crossing the line.
You don't have to answer that.
Was that the day he was killed?
Ellen and I were in L.A.
we can prove it, too.
How much you think old man Niles was worth, Billy?
Okay, Robert, that's enough.
We're all done here.
People do some real crazy shit
to get their hands on a winning lottery ticket.
Even a hick-town sheriff knows that.
You know, right from the jump,
I could tell that you, son,
are nothin' but a bad piece of news.
You could tell?
Listen, I know my rights.
Can I go now?
I bet you do know your rights.
I bet you've had a lot of scrapes with the law.
Ellen, Billy, you can go.
It's my office, cam, my investigation!
In case I haven't been clear,
sooner or later,
I'm gonna nail your maggot ass to the wall.
Enjoy your day.
How to win friends.
Heh heh heh.
This whole thing
could take a while.
No, you just have to tell that lawyer
of yours you need the money now.
You're Ellen Niles.
It's your money, darling, right?
What if I can't?
You can.
You do as I say, and all will be good.
I better leave.
Let's play a little, hey?
Don't fuck with me...
You good-for-nothing crack bitch.
Concentrate on transferring some of them assets
into my fucking wallet!
Or I swear...
I'll kill the both of you.
You look pale.
You think I don't know what's going on with you?
What are you talking about?
You're sleeping 14 hours a day.
That's what I'm talking about.
Listen to me. You need help.
Hey, go back to L.A.
Go to rehab if that's what it takes.
I'll stay here, and I'll get the money.
Okay, then we can meet up when I get back.
And I can count on that?
I take one look in your eyes,
and I know exactly what you've been doing.
You think about what I'm saying,
unless you want to wind up like Ellen.
You're wrong.
"Sly Wheaton."
Hi. William, I take it?
That's me.
You can call me Billy, if you want.
Must be a lot of people
trying to horn in on the inheritance.
What you drinking?
I'm fine. Thanks.
Suit yourself.
You don't mind if I do?
See, I actually need some advice.
I can pay you as soon as I can--
I bet you can.
Let's say--
suppose the old man has an illegitimate child
who was trying to get some of his money.
What would be
the quickest way to find a--
some kind of solution?
You need a document stating that Niles
wanted his money going to his niece
and his niece only.
I don't have that document.
Well, you got a problem then, don't you?
Yeah, I'll bet Niles knew all about this,
'cause he came to me two days before he passed away.
He was gonna have me change his will
to explicitly exclude anyone but Ellen.
Kind of a coincidence, don't you think?
Niles ends up dead right before
he intends to change his will.
You want that drink now?
I guess I wasn't so wrong after all.
Yeah, I found the pipe...
In Ellen's s-stuff.
You know, with...
All this shit that we're dealing with,
I just feel like it would be okay...
To have a little bit of fun.
I do believe...
I'm sorry.
- I'll stop. I promise.
- I do believe
yeah, but your people down here
did raise a fear
right through the year
Pick up the phone.
I gotta show you something.
I'll be over in a few.
No match.
But do you remember that fella
who used to work for Niles, Jamie Albright?
Turns out he had some priors,
and his prints are as clear as day.
Check this out.
This rascal Billy switched the DVD on me.
Goddamn tractor infomercial.
...put the dumpster on.
Are you sore at me?
Don't talk!
If you'd not lost the video...
...In Niles' driveway,
it all would have been just fine.
We need to put this guy on the payroll.
I'm gonna comb through
every inch of Tremo if I have to.
I will find this killer.
I'm coming. I'm coming.
Hello. Ellen?
I don't mean to be any trouble.
I just wondered about the housekeeping.
I left my number with your boyfriend Billy.
You folks have a good day.
My name is belle.
I knew it.
I think we got what we needed.
I'll be back soon.
Be careful.
Just hoping all night--
You know where I can find...
This address?
Excuse me for a minute.
All my life, I...
What's going on here?
I swear.
I was gonna pay you back.
You stealing from your own father?
You piece of shit.
Just a couple beers.
It's Friday night and all!
Son of a bitch!
Come on, sissy!
Why don't you start weeping while you're at it?
Hey! Take it easy.
Why don't you go wait at the counter
and mind your own goddamn business?
You want to try me?
You're with that Niles girl, ain't ya?
I recognize you.
- I'm gonna fix my supper...
- Fucker.
Hey, it's me, Sarah.
What do you want?
Thought you might be hungry.
I really need to use the bathroom.
You're a strange girl.
Be a man for once.
Take care of that sum-bitch.
What are you waiting for, you sissy?
You and I need to talk.
Time to wrap things up.
Know what I mean?
What's on your mind, angel?
You want some dope?
That would be nice.
Is this what you're looking for?
Yeah. It fucking is!
You get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck off me.
Fuck you!
You worthless piece of fucking shit!
My angel.
32 Leo street.
Where is that old woman's house?
Remember me?
This is for fucking with my dad!
My goodness.
Good thing I found him.
Have another little nip.
All right.
Poor boy, he's been beaten.
He'll live.
And call me if there's any more trouble, mama.
Bob, leave it be.
You know, I was looking for you today.
For me?
Well, if it was about the housekeeping,
that could've waited till tomorrow.
No, it wasn't about the housekeeping.
You and your late husband,
you, --
you raised two sons,
sheriff Bob and Cameron.
Yes, that's right.
Two big, beautiful boys.
Your family didn't mind all those long hours
with you keeping house for Zachary Niles?
Well, they--
it was a privilege to work for someone
as accomplished and--
and prosperous as Mr. Niles.
And we needed the extra money. Heh.
You, the late sheriff, Bob...
You're like three peas in a pod.
Not Cameron, though.
Well, I don't know what you mean.
You truly admired and respected Niles, right?
Yes, of course.
I told you. That--
you had a son with him, didn't you?
How dare you?
I read the letters you wrote him,
the ones asking him to acknowledge your son.
How could you stand for it?
After the way you took care of him?
After the way you felt about him?
It wasn't that simple.
What would people think if they knew what we were up to?
How would they treat my family,
my husband,
my two little boys?
Cameron is Niles' son.
And when Niles handed the inheritance to Ellen,
Cameron realized that he was gonna be cut out
of everything that was rightfully his,
out out...
Just like his mother had been.
You have no right--
deep down, you have to know...
That it was Cameron that killed Niles.
That is not possible.
Mr. Niles' death
was an accident.
No, no. No, you're not up
on current affairs, ma'am.
The coroner's office ruled Niles' death a homicide.
Your son killed his own father.
You get out of here.
You get out!
I said leave!
What happened to you?
There. Just like new.
I forgot the salad.
You know what I was thinking about this morning?
The day you asked me out.
I thought I would never see you again.
I hope I never have to work in a place like that again.
Why should you?
You're about to be rich very soon.
What's with the drinking?
What exactly did you have in mind for after dinner?
You gonna stuff me in the trunk
like, what's his name?
Edward carney. That's it.
You didn't think I knew who you scored your dope from?
I saw you at the motel tonight.
Tell me something, Sarah.
Did you fuck him first
and then kill him?
How exactly did that go down?
That guy is Ellen's dealer.
She owed him a ton of money,
and for some reason,
he thinks I'm the one who has to pay him back.
Well, he's dead now.
Might as well get rid of me next, right?
I assume that is the plan, after all.
Why share the money
with Edward or me? Right?
I didn't even know about Ellen's money
until I found that letter!
So you--
besides, this is your fucking scheme!
Do you remember that?
You're telling me that Edward carney
didn't have the exact same plan a whole lot earlier?
You're drunk.
That's why you're talking so crazy.
"With respect to your pending investigation...
Please be informed that
the two suspects..."
"...are both wanted for questioning
"in a local homicide investigation...
"...death of Ellen Niles--
heroin-related overdose."
How you doing?
I've been better.
I know the feeling.
Is it possible, Billy,
that, you gave me the wrong DVD?
You know, I wonder what brother Bob would do
if he got ahold of that video?
Now, you listen to me, you two-time loser.
Are you trying to blackmail me?
'Cause I'll wipe the fucking floor with you.
You think besmirching the late
Zachary Niles' spotless reputation
is gonna put you in good with the sheriff, my brother?
You want me to call the sheriff right fucking now?
All right.
How much money do you want?
I got $5,000.
Make it 10,
cash, tonight.
Then we'll leave.
Okay. 10, it is.
And you bring that fucking DVD.
What's up?
Get in.
I just got back from mama's.
Guess who was there?
The boyfriend, Billy.
What the hell was he doing there?
Mama found him in the street.
He got a little roughed up.
Serves him right, the smartass.
Anyway, I got a piece of news for you
that's gonna knock your socks off.
Ellen Niles is dead.
Is dead?
Well, then, wh-who--
Sarah Johnson, Ellen's roommate,
and Billy Brody.
Sarah Johnson's boyfriend.
Where'd you get this?
L.A. police department.
Says Ellen overdosed on heroin weeks ago,
and this Brody guy, he did time in jail
for forgery, illegal gambling.
It's all there.
Man! Ha ha ha.
I don't believe this.
I knew something was up with them two.
We got another problem.
I can barely talk about this.
Ellen or Sarah...
Whatever the hell her name is gave me this.
They said they--
they found it at the house.
No, this...
What the hell is this?
I mean...
Niles never had no son.
it's a forgery.
Take a look at the writing.
You know whose writing that is.
No, I don't know nothin'.
Mama used to spend a lot of time over there.
Don't say it.
I'm that son.
You better shut up.
You don't believe me?
Go ask mama.
My God.
You know...
That man in a black hood in the video,
he looked to be about your size and weight.
You know what? I hope you can spend
that 10,000 before they arrest you.
It was you that killed Niles.
This world is a better place
with Niles absent from it.
Trust me on that one.
And I bet you knew about us all along, didn't you?
Well--heh heh.
I figured it out pretty quickly.
You see, it came over the wire that Ellen had died.
Then you two dumb-asses
show up here with your hands out,
had the whole town in an uproar,
took all the attention away from me.
Perfect timing.
I lived in this shithole my whole life.
This estate is my ticket out.
It's in my blood,
and I will have it.
I tried to be fair to you
and that chippy of yours.
I gave you every chance to run.
Barn door's open.
Did you know that Mr. sly Wheaton
has a legal document
proving that every cent of that estate
was intended for Ellen and nobody else, period?
Did you know
that Mr. sly Wheaton
had an unfortunate setback tonight?
He's not gonna be processing any more documents,
legal or otherwise.
My goodness.
Did you really think that I'm gonna sit here
and let you walk away with $10,000 of my money?
I forgot all about you.
I will pull the trigger.
And so will I.
I do believe that's called...
Shit out of luck.
Goddamn fucking whore!
Which one of you wants to go first?
That's an interesting question.
What the hell are you doing here, Bob?!
You tell me.
Put the gun down, Cameron.
Robert, turn around, drive away,
and pretend like you never came in here.
I am taking care of things.
Like you always have.
Now you're taking over my job, too.
What's left for me, then, little bro?
What's left for--
you were given everything you ever wanted!
Now, Bob, go home!
I'm dug in here!
Put the gun down, Cameron.
Lord almighty.
Well, I'm leaving in the morning
it just ain't the same
yes, I'm leaving in the morning
it just ain't the same
Got you some ice cream.
It's chocolate, your favorite.
Cash, Billy.
Where's my cash?
10 grand,
that's all I got from that lawyer.
You lying motherfucker.
Just take the fucking money, and let us go!
A thief like you...
Spends weeks on end
baby-sitting little missy here...
And 10 measly grand's all you got to show for?
How's our little bird doing, Billy?
I gotta call you back.
That's less than 20 cents on every dollar you owe me.
What's he talking about, Billy?
Your boyfriend here...
Stole half a kilo of my dope
to pay his gambling debts.
So Billy and I had a serious conversation
after I gave him a little whipping,
a reminder, so he wouldn't forget.
Now you know what to do, you fuck.
The nice guy that I am,
I let him have a chance to redeem himself.
What am I gonna do?
Billy just needed to give you a helping hand...
Do you know what this is?
And collect your look-alike's...
Ellen's fortune.
I mean, you guys could be twins.
You were set up, Sarah.
You look confused!
You thought I'd bought the farm that first night
when the bitch here let that gun go off!
Didn't you?
God damn it!
My fucking heart!
God damn, Billy.
Rot in hell.
Was it true, what he said?
It was my only chance to get out.
Do you know...
How sad it feels...
When somebody you really care for...
Says just what you want to hear...
And none of it's true?
Every kiss...
Every look...
Nothing but a fairy tale.
But it was true.
I loved you from the moment I walked into Stanley's.
That was always true.
It still is.
What's this?
Remember the painting?
The one above the fireplace.
Take it.
Apparently it's worth a few dollars.
You get a fresh start.
Forget about me.
Like Eddie said...
I'm good for nothin'.
You know what?
Screw Eddie.
I was walking
late one night
I was walking
late one night
and I saw her standing there
in the light