Russell Madness (2015) Movie Script

They say courage is found
in unlikely places.
This is the story of
how I conquered my fears
to become part of the greatest
tag team wrestling duo
of all time.
And finally got
what I always wanted...
a family.
Oh, no, that's not me.
That's me, Russell.
The Jack Russell Terrier.
Every story begins somewhere.
And every dog has his day.
Some would say I come
from humble beginnings.
We'd spend our days vying
for the attention of kids
to take us home and make us
part of their families.
There was me. I used
to be a real scaredy-dog.
This is Russell.
Aw, he's so cute.
- Oh, pee pee.
- Oh, sorry.
Russell doesn't usually do this.
He's normally a very
sweet puppy if you just...
Just give him a chance.
I always did this.
Oh... Russell, you have to stop
peeing on all the customers.
Or you'll never find a family.
What are you scared of, anyway?
It was a good question.
That was just the way I was.
And the way I figured it,
I was going to stay
that way forever.
But little did I know,
my luck was about to change,
when the Ferraro family
moved back to Portland.
- Here we are.
- Great!
Well, this is it.
That's Nate, Colleen,
their son, Max
and daughter, Lena.
And that's the legendary,
totally awesome,
Ferraro Wrestling arena.
- Oh!
- Whoa!
Here we go.
Max, wait for us
before you go inside.
"The strongest tag team
is family."
' - Ooh!
This place rocks.
If you like the Stone Age.
And the greatest
wrestler of all time.
The great Maximiliano
Ferraro II enters...
Okay, I know this
sounds crazy, but
I can feel your Papa
Maximiliano's presence here.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Maximiliano bounces
off the ropes
and takes the evil Crusher
down with a clothes line.
I wish we could just
give the building a face lift
- and flip it, you know?
- Oh, no, no. It's so nostalgic.
What's "stolgic"?
Yeah. See.
He pits the Crusher and...
Come on, Nate.
We're finally going to get some
quality family time, remember?
No more 12-hour-days
at the office.
He wins the belt!
He did it!
Max, honey.
Looks exactly how
I remember it as a kid.
Well, your papa definitely
had a particular taste.
Yeah, it's called
"mid-century Guido".
all Papa said
in his will was... yes...
"Return our profit
within one year
and the building is
ours to sell."
Then we can all go
back to San Diego,
and forget that this
ever happened.
"Ferraro Wrestling."
You dropped your dolly.
Where did you get that?
I think it's the monkey's.
Lena, when are
you going to grow up?
I'm only six and a half, Max.
I see you found
the costume room.
I knew it wouldn't take you
too long.
My grandma taught me to sew
on a machine just like this.
I never thought I'd get
to use them again.
They don't make them anymore.
These old costumes
are pretty great.
Now that was a tiny wrestler.
I'm going to check on the kids.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
No, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You don't want him unless
you get covered in...
Come on, honey, let's go.
- Derek take him.
- Sure, boss.
Come here, little guy.
It is okay. You're okay.
Guess what?
It's Russell's anniversary.
He's no longer a puppy,
which means
he's pound bound.
Oh, boy, you're in trouble.
What's the pound?
It's a place where rejects go,
because no family wants them.
No family wants me?
But that's all I want,
is a family.
Russell, if I were you,
I'd get out of here
as fast as I could.
You got to give him
another chance.
Let's face it.
Russell's the runt and he's had
way too many chances already.
Then I will take him.
I can't let him
end up at the pound.
- Hey, buddy. You all settled in?
- Yeah.
- Where did you get that?
- Lena found it.
Okay. Can I see?
You know, I haven't seen
this since I was your age.
The original ll Maniac
gave this to me.
I used to play with him
all the time.
Yeah, front flips, back flips,
body slams, right?
I had so many cool moves.
Here you go.
- You keep him safe, he's yours now.
- Really?
Of course.
- What's this?
- It says "Ferraro Wrestling".
No way.
You know, Papa Maximiliano
started this whole place with
nothing more than
passion and a dream.
Who's the monkey?
Old Maximiliano was
an interesting character
and that was his monkey, Hunk.
He referred to him
as his partner.
Like a mascot?
Yeah. Kind of.
What was it like back then?
Back in its heyday,
in a time called the '80s,
the Ferraro Wrestling
Arena was the place to be...
Welcome fans, to Thursday Night
Mayhem at Ferraro Wrestling.
I'm so excited,
I'm like a kernel
Popcorn, 'H'? - about to...
Don't mind if I do, Mike.
We had the best talent in town.
But none were better
than ll Maniac.
Il Maniac!
Whoa! Ooh!
ll Maniac is still
the heavy weight champ.
He really did have it all.
The talent, fans...
- What happened?
- Mick Vaughn came to town.
Mick wanted to buy us,
along with all the other
wrestling businesses
on the West Coast.
He called it "WUF".
The Wrestlers United Federation.
And Papa Maximiliano,
he wanted to preserve Ferraro
Wrestling as a family business
for generations to come.
But, pretty soon Papa couldn't
afford to pay the wrestlers.
It was like the mat was
pulled out from underneath us.
My dad knew it was a sinking
ship and he moved us away.
Losing the business Papa could
handle, but losing his family...
it broke his heart.
Dad, we can bring
Ferraro Wrestling
back to its glory days.
No, buddy, it's...
a different era now.
That bell has rung.
But you always told me,
just because you lost the round,
does not mean
you lost the match.
Okay, that's...
That's true, but...
Yeah, let's just put this away.
All right, my boys.
It's lights out.
Good night.
- Dad?
- Mm-hmm?
Why did you name me
after Papa Maximiliano?
Because guys named Max
are always the best
guys to have in your corner.
All right.
Some new pugs are moving in.
So, it's time to go
to your new home.
Oh, no,
he's taking me to the pound.
I have to get out of here.
What the heck?
What are you doing
with that dog?
Hey, boss, what happened?
Where's Russell?
I don't know why,
but that dog just bolted.
What? But I just adopted him.
I was going to take him home.
I had a lead on
some local wrestlers
that know how to draw a crowd.
- Ooh!
- MmHmm.
Hello, Dieter Das Mountain.
Nein, Dieter Das Mountain.
- Oh, Dieter Das...
- Mountain.
Oh, sorry about that.
- Hi, I'm Nate Ferraro.
- Oh, hi.
My name is Nate Ferraro
- from the Ferraro Wrestling.
- What do you want?
Yeah, how would you like
to wrestle
- in a match...
- The classic arena.
- our classic arena?
- Nein, I work for Mick Vaughn.
- Mick Vaughn?
- You know him?
- I know of him. Right.
- I will be blacklisted.
I totally understand. I wouldn't
want to be blacklisted either.
- Blacklisted?
- Yodel-ay-hee-hoo.
And a yodel-ay-hee-hoo,
to you too.
So much for that.
Wait, I have an idea.
Scooch, scooch.
Craigslist, Portland.
Yeah, I know, right?
That is, like, so cool.
Wait, you're Ferraro Wrestling?
You guys just re-opened, right?
You guys should come Thursday.
I'm kind of busy.
I can get you
guys free hot dogs.
- Sure.
- Okay. I'll see you there.
- See you there.
- Yeah, that sounds great.
- Hot dogs!
- Yeah, hot dogs!
Star light, star bright,
first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
have the wish, I wish tonight.
Please help me find a family.
I'll never leave you again,
ll Maniac.
- Ah-hah!
- Ooh!
It's you.
I knew you were real.
So, you got me, kid.
Now, what?
You can talk!
Wait till Max finds out.
Whoa. Whoa.
Wait a second. Slow down.
I'm just here to pick up
a friend.
You never saw me.
Not a chance.
No one ever believes the kid.
Everything's a negotiation.
Everyone wants something.
Name your price.
Why do I get the feeling
I'm going to regret this?
Would you like some
sugar with your tea, Mr. Hunk?
How about two lumps
to the head, please?
Hello there. Who are you?
- Uh, Russell.
- Hey, Russ, I'm Dozzo.
What is that? A T-bone steak?
Would you...
Would you like to share it?
You see, Russ, this is my turf.
Any food left out here
is rightfully yours truly.
- Got it, mate?
- I guess so.
I have a condition
called low blood sugar.
I have to eat every few seconds,
or else I'll get "hangry".
You know,
when you get so hungry
it makes you angry.
Why don't you pick
on someone your own size?
- Blimey!
- Step away from that steak!
Or I'll take you to
school like a bus driver.
I don't want any trouble, mate.
Now scram! Beat it!
Vamoose! Cheerio!
You got to learn to
stick up for yourself, kid.
You can't let a bully dog
intimidate you like that.
- Who are you?
- The name's Hunk.
- What's yours, kid?
- I'm Russ. Russell.
How did a nice kid like you end up
in the mean alleys of Portland?
No one wanted me.
I was pound bound, so I escaped.
A spunky runaway like me.
Now eat up, kid.
Speaking of food, it's banana time.
I got to split.
Uh, thanks, Mr. Hunk!
We are back today!
Twenty-five years later,
and nothing has changed.
In our first match we have
seasoned veteran, Vick Vice.
You know, Vick Vice is returning
from a sabbatical at Penn State.
At Penn State.
Mike, I think that's state pen.
How about you, ref?
I'm gonna throw you out.
- No, that's not right.
- Vick Vice in the house.
And it looks like Vick
has been rehabilitated.
Facing Vick Vice is newcomer
Brady Malibu!
I wonder why they call him
Vick Vice?
Well, now, I think that
answers that question.
Dude! That's gnarly.
No, no... What are you doing?
Get in the ring.
I'm not fighting that dude.
Did you see what he did
to that cinder block?
- I thought you were a wrestler.
- Ah, swimsuit model,
surfer, wrestler,
what's the diff?
What's the diff?
It's actually a big difference.
Fine, fine.
I will double your fee to 200.
Three Bennies and I'll drop in
on the dude, Malibu style.
- Sure, sure.
- Okay.
One Benny, two Benny,
three Benny. Here you go.
All right. Yeah.
Go for it.
Not the board.
That was another
in the Vick Vice.
Boo to you!
- Nice move!
- All right!
All right, huh?
Surfs up!
- He's surfing.
- Hang loose, man. Yeah.
Brady Malibu
is hanging ten on Vick Vice.
- That's two!
- All right.
Here is Vick Vice with
- a massive spinning head slam!
- Okay.
Yeah, that's going
to leave a mark.
- Vice grip!
- Oh, here's the Vice grip.
He's in trouble now.
Oh, no.
- Stop the fight!
- No, keep the match going.
No, no. Stay in the ring.
Catch you on the flipside, bro.
It looks like Brady Malibu
- is headed for the beach.
- Dad, are you all right?
Come here, referee,
where's my belt?
- You! Come here.
- Oh, come on.
Looks like we have
some time to catch up.
So, what have you been up to
for the last quarter century, Mike?
well I became a chimney sweep.
That actually exists
outside of Mary Poppins?
- Okay. I'm all right.
- You okay?
Yeah, I think so.
Honey, what happened?
A lot! Give me the costume.
I am going to be your superhero.
Okay, as much as I would
love to see you in spandex,
are you sure you should get
into the ring with Vick Vice?
I don't have a choice.
Max, you go tell Mike and TJ, no matter
what happens, just to play along.
Okay, got it.
Tell us, Mike,
what is the key
to sweeping a good chimney?
The key is having
the right tools. Yeah.
The modern chimney sweeps
use more than just a brush.
Yes. You have your
your double worm screw,
your hinged drop scraper,
and the always, always helpful
boring tool. Whoops!
- You're a boring tool.
- Hey!
- We have one other question...
- Oh...
My dad said to play along
- no matter what, okay?
- All right.
Tell him to make it quick.
We're running short of material
and this audience is receding
quicker than Mike's hairline.
- Yeah. Hey! Wait a minute.
- Okay.
Who will face me?
Who is man enough?
Will somebody fight the pansy?
Don't make me come down there.
I know, I know, I'll calm down.
You're right.
I need some potassium.
I will!
I've got nothing to lose!
Hello there, Russ.
Is that a juicy,
possibly turkey sausage?
Nope, it is a worm.
A disgusting,
not at all Bavarian worm.
A worm? 'Cause it smells
like a turkey sausage
with a little bit of
Bavarian mustard on it.
Who's gonna save you
this time, matey?
Come back here,
you little ratter.
Mama, look! A doggy!
Okay, I can do this.
Just stay calm.
Okay, what the...
Hey, go get the dog.
Dude, what do I look like,
a dog walker?
You're not much of a wrestler.
It's Brady Malibu and... a dog?
- A dog!
- Come on, Malibu!
What's the kid doing?
Hey, wait. Max said to
go with it no matter what.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Well it appears that the only man
man enough is not a man at all,
but a dog.
- Call the dog catcher.
- Come on!
Oh, this is not going
to be good.
All right, doggy!
I'm going to teach you
a new trick!
The kid doesn't stand a chance.
I can't watch.
What is going on?
What is this?
He's got him in a chokehold.
- He's done.
- Don't film it.
He's got him!
And down goes Vick Vice.
Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle.
The kid has moves!
' Yes!
- Three! He is out!
- Yes!
- This is incredible!
- The winner!
- Yes, he won!
- The dog has beaten Vick Vice!
Why is everything spinning?
You think he's going to be okay?
Well, he is a little
malnourished, dehydrated and
in desperate need of a bath,
but other than that,
I think he's fine.
- Can we keep him?
- Yeah, can we keep him?
He can be friends
with the monkey.
Lena, your monkey's only a toy.
He probably has
a family somewhere.
We don't know who
he belongs to.
Hi, little guy. I'm Max.
And this is my sister, Lena.
Don't be afraid, little puppy.
We won't hurt you.
He doesn't have a collar.
He could be homeless.
Just perfect.
Now we truly are
the laughing stock
of the wrestling world.
Can he please stay?
All right.
He can stay for the night.
' Yes!
' Yes!
Last night
was so embarrassing...
There he is.
The newest YouTube sensation.
Uh, what do you mean,
YouTube sensation?
Are you not aware that
a video of last night's match
had over a million views
on YouTube?
The dog's trending on Twitter.
He's all over instagram.
- Your wrestling dog is a star.
- Any comments?
- Wow!
- And when is his next match?
- His next match...
- Next Thursday.
Next Thursday.
But you said
we were going to give
the dog back to the pound.
- Oh, no. Not the pound.
- She's a little confused.
You heard the boy.
Next Thursday!
Ferraro Wrestling, and we hope
to see everyone down here
for the wrestling event
of the millennium.
Will Russell get star billing?
How did you teach
your dog to wrestle?
See what I mean?
The little guy can't wait
to get back to training.
That's the gym.
And so we meet again.
- Hunk?
- Yup!
Russell, allow me to
introduce you to ll Maniac.
Or as I call him,
the Italian Stallion.
I like your style, kid.
You had some great
moves last night.
- Uh, great moves?
- Yeah, in the wrestling match.
When you chocked out Vick Vice.
Oh, I have a question, Mr. Hunk.
What's wrestling?
Wrestling is when two large men
battle their hearts out
in the ring.
In front of their fans.
Asking for nothing
more than pride, glory,
and of course,
a large sum of money.
- You know, wrestling.
- Oh?
Follow me, kid.
All this could be yours.
How would you like
to be a wrestler?
But I'm not a large man.
I'm a small dog.
Russell, my boy, the sooner
you learn this the better.
It's not the size of the dog
in the fight,
it's the size of the fight
in the dog.
You're saying I can wrestle?
You've got the gift, Russ.
And with the right trainer,
namely me,
I think you could be one of the
greatest wrestlers of all time.
Doesn't that sound amazing,
being one of the greats?
That sounds like
a lot of pressure.
Yeah, well, do you want to live
your life under the ring?
Hiding, always wondering,
but never actually experiencing
what the world has to offer?
- Well...
- No.
The answer is no!
You want to be king of the ring.
Master of the mat.
Pharaoh of the...
Let me get back to you on that.
Look, kid, I know we just met,
but I've got a nose for talent.
It's just what I really want
is a family.
I think I can arrange that.
How about the Ferraros?
You think those people...
they would be my family?
Sure, kid. They're counting
on you to wrestle.
I have a family?
I have a family!
In that case, I'll wrestle!
Hot diggity dog!
All right, Russ. Let's not get
ahead of ourselves.
I still have to
negotiate the deal.
You have to negotiate
to get a family?
Technically, no.
But in reality,
everything's a negotiation.
Now, let's go speak
to the people.
You speak People?
But you're a...
A monkey, yes.
A monkey who can
speak People, Zebra, Feline,
Canine obviously,
Pachyderm and little bit of
Squirrel like "Pass the nuts."
I speak like six
different species.
It's a talent. I'm gifted.
- Enough said.
- But how?
Animals can't speak to humans.
Inquisitive fellow, aren't you?
Well, it goes like this:
I was imprisoned,
part of this experiment
to see if humans could
teach monkeys to talk.
You know, monkey see, monkey do,
yada, yada, yada.
Then I made a big mistake.
What can I say?
I lost it.
I'm only a monkey.
The jig was up.
I knew I had to escape.
Then I walked in the ring.
Met Maximiliano.
He introduced me to the
greatest sport of all time.
And the rest is
wrestling history.
Two million one hundred
and sixty-two views!
It's just as amazing on video.
Look at his leap.
We can't find him anywhere.
Yo! Attention, Ferraros!
Family meeting, ring side!
- Who said that?
- Pronto!
Okay, I know that voice.
Look, he's not scared anymore,
are you, boy?
The kid's got a name.
It's Russell.
Okay, seriously, who said that?
- Over here, Nathaniel.
- Monkey!
Hey, now, you don't see me
jumping around
and shouting "Ah, human!"
- It's you?
- In the flesh... and fur.
Wait, Nate,
you know this monkey?
Of course he knows me.
We were once pals.
Amigos, inseparable.
I told you he was real, Max.
No one ever believes
the little sister.
But... But you can talk like...
You're using words and things.
And I thought
I just made that part up.
You know,
like an imaginary friend.
Well, I'm not imaginary.
I'm a real monkey
with real emotions, Nate.
And all this time,
not a phone call, a Tweet,
an email, Instagram, nothing?
- You... have email?
- No.
Nor do I have an iPhone,
Facebook, or Twitter.
But that's not the point.
The point is...
ll Maniac and I,
we thought you forgot about us.
And then when you got here,
to make matters worse,
you acted like
you didn't even care.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm sorry, Hunk.
You need to apologize
to both of us.
You want me to
apologize to a toy figurine?
ll Maniac, Hunk, I am so sorry.
Really, please forgive me.
Let's hug it out. Come on.
No, no. It's too soon
for the mushy stuff.
Unless we're talking
mushy bananas, but I digress.
I think introductions
are in order.
Oh, of course. Of course.
This is my wife Colleen.
- Hello.
- Ciao bella!
- I'm Max.
- Good to meet you, kid.
And this is
my beautiful daughter Lena.
Yes, we've met.
She is quite the negotiator.
We had a tea party.
Enough of the pleasantries.
Let's get down to brass tacks.
as your new star wrestler,
Russell will have
some strict conditions.
Number one:
Russell is officially part
of the Ferraro family.
He will get no less than
two ripe banana bunches.
Yellow, no spots.
Seven blended banana smoothies,
and 12 banana popsicles weekly.
What can I say, the kid's
wild about bananas.
- Right.
- And of course,
if Russell decides to wrestle,
I'll be his trainer.
Did you say you're the trainer?
Mamma mia!
Do you think ll Maniac
became a legend on his own?
- Uh...
- Huh?
- Well, do you?
- No.
- You trained the ll Maniac?
- Yup!
Yes, the Sefiora Karen
has a question.
It's Colleen.
What about his family?
He doesn't have one.
But how do you know?
I speak Canine as well,
- Obviously.
- Of course.
Do we have a deal, Nate?
Sure, why not?
We're back in business, baby.
Mr. Hunk,
do you think, maybe,
you could train me too?
Sure, kid. Russell's going
to need a training partner.
Got you! You got banana bombed.
All right, intimidate me.
Watch and learn, kids.
Hey, where did everybody go?
Hold it steady, Russ.
Channeling your inner chi
will give you the strength
to defeat men
ten times your size.
The Stinging Dog.
Floats like a butterfly,
stings like a bee.
Dogosaurus Rex.
Okay, come on, Russ.
All right.
What you lack in size,
you make up for with
quickness and agility.
Watch and learn.
Boom, baby!
Come on, Russell.
Go on. I'll watch
your form from the back.
I'm going backwards. Help!
Help! Where are the
breaks on this thing?
Oh, no! Oh, come on!
Yeah, that's gonna
leave a mark.
You okay?
I got it.
- Team Russell Mania!
- Team Russell Mania!
This is an enthusiastic
crowd here tonight, Mike,
thanks to the mania created by
YouTube sensation
Russell Maniac.
Oh, that's right, TJ.
Who will win the battle royale?
The last man, or mummy standing,
will face the incredible
Russell Maniac!
And Neanderthal
has gone extinct.
That's check
and it's over, matey!
The winner!
I know you're nervous, kid.
Heck, I'm petrified for you.
On the plus side,
if you do get hurt,
the bandages
are really close by.
What happened to "it's not
the size of the dog in the fight
it is the size of the
fight in the dog", stuff?
You're right, Russy baby.
I lost it there.
You're going to do great, kid.
Believe in yourself, Russell.
You can do it.
Are we ready for the main event?
It's time to Russell!
- Russell!
- Russell!
I say this mummy is wound tight
and ready to go.
Go, Russell!
I want a clean fight.
Protect yourself at all times.
Bad breath!
All right, shake hands or paws.
- What?
- Come on, Russell!
I want to wish you luck
in our upcoming battle.
May the best wrestler win.
Russell, no!
Don't shake paws with him!
Don't, Russell! Russell!
Oh, no! The mummy
has Russell in the spin cycle!
- Uh oh.
- Oh no!
What are you doing?
Your chi, Russell!
Channel your chi!
Wait a minute.
The Russell Maniac
is getting up.
The Russell Maniac is unleashed.
Oh, yeah! - good, Russell!
Things are starting
to unravel for the mummy.
The mummy goes down
for the count.
- One!
- Yeah!
Three! He's out!
Looks like this match is a wrap!
- The winner!
- This is madness.
This is Russell madness.
Good job, Russell!
Russell! Russell! Russell!
This is amazing.
Everyone loves me.
You're the king of the ring,
Russy baby.
Yeah. What a match.
You showed that mummy
who's daddy.
You got it.
Russell's got the moves.
Oh, that was genius, Nate.
That was just genius.
Mick Vaughn.
- Wrestlers United Federation.
- Oh, yeah.
Yeah, Mr. Vaughn, I know who...
I've heard of you.
I just didn't expect
to see you here, that's all.
Or the dead skunk that's
on your head.
Guy with a sense of humor, huh?
That's your grandfather's
monkey, isn't it?
That's... That's right.
I came here to talk to the
organ grinder, not the monkey.
And I'll grind you
into the ground.
Place still looks the same
and frankly smells the same
as when your grandfather
Maximiliano ran it.
We think of it as nostalgic.
Oh, yeah, that's
a good word for it, nostalgic.
That's cute.
So, uh, what brings you by,
Mr. Vaughn?
Oh, I'm just a paying customer
just like the rest of them.
Right there. I heard what
was happening,
thought I'd come down
and have a look-see and...
that's brilliant.
Where did you ever come up with
the idea for a wrestling dog?
He's a slimeball, Nate.
Look at that orange spray tan.
Listen to his jokes.
Just stop monkeying around.
No, I'm not monkeying around.
I'm serious.
Well, you see, back in the day
when your grandfather
was around,
it was all about wrestling,
but today,
no, frankly it's
about entertainment.
Now, I happen to run
the largest live event outfit
on the entire of West Coast.
We've got pay-per-view,
we've got merchandising,
we've got the YouTube
on the Interweb.
You and I could work
well together, son.
We could make Russell
the biggest show on Earth.
Take the Ferraro family name
right back to the top
of the wrestling world.
That's a fantastic opportunity,
but we're on fire, right now.
So, I think we'll have to
respectfully pass.
But thank you, Mr. Vaughn.
Yeah, well, you know,
don't burn the place down.
No. I won't.
I'm sure, you won't.
You're a smart kid.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, a real smart kid.
Good work tonight, Russell.
I'm proud of you.
What am I?
Chopped bananas?
Which, by the way, with a little
warm milk are very tasty.
You too, Hunk.
We wouldn't be here without you.
- All right, night night, buddy.
- Night, Dad.
Sweet dreams.
Thank you for making
my wish come true.
Who're you talking to, kiddo?
- My wishing star.
- Wishing star?
I don't believe in all that
mumbo-jumbo make believe stuff.
It's all about hard
work and perseverance, kid.
And I might add
a supremely talented coach.
I guess, but everything
I wished for came true.
I have friends, family,
and someone that
believes in me.
Thank you for training me, Hunk!
Hey, let's not dwell
on one match, kid.
- It's too soon to celebrate.
- You're right.
Well, good night, Hunk.
You too, ll Maniac.
Don't let the bedbugs bite.
Bugs? Where? I hate bugs!
Well, it looks like
we finally broke even.
One more match and
we are into the money!
I knew you had it in you,
I guess wrestling is
in the Ferraro blood.
You know, now that you've had
a taste of sweet, sweet success,
it seems like you might
not be in such a hurry to
sell the building and move
back to San Diego.
- Am I right?
- Maybe.
Is anybody here?
- Who's that?
- I'm not sure.
Oh, I'm sorry. We're closed.
Tickets will be on sale
in few days.
- I'm Bernadette Olsen.
- Oh, nice to meet you.
You can call me Bernie.
The building inspector.
Hi, Bernie.
Ms. Bernie, I didn't
order an inspection so...
Yes, and I think
that may be the problem.
I'm sorry to say
that in addition to
structural maintenance required,
the electrical system is...
- ...shocking!
- Oh, Bernie!
- Bernie! Bernie!
- Bernie!
You okay?
Let's have a look
at your sprinkler system.
This sprinkler system's
on the fritz.
Can you hand me a
monkey wrench, please?
This thing expired in 1986.
- See, it doesn't even work.
- I wouldn't monkey with that.
Is that really necessary?
Please, Mr. Ferraro,
I'm a professional.
Oh, boy.
Basically the building
isn't up to fire code.
I estimate, and this is
ballpark, of course,
$64,894 and ten cents.
I don't have that kind of money.
I'd have to put on two, three,
four, 50 matches to raise that.
I can't allow any matches
in this building
until it's brought up to code.
It's out of my hands.
Surely there's something
you could do.
What did the ratted,
twisty piece
of string say, Mr. Ferraro?
- I'm not sure.
- I'm a frayed knot.
Good day, Mr. Ferraro.
What are we going to do?
If I had dollar for every time I
heard that, I'd be even richer.
Nate, tell me we're not making
a deal with this cheese ball.
We don't have a choice, Hunk.
We have no more money.
And we can't hold any events
at our arena
until we pass the inspection.
But he's like a banana
with too many brown spots.
Not to be trusted.
Don't worry about it, okay?
I got this.
It takes two to tango.
I've seen you dance
and that tango comment
is not instilling confidence.
You just zip it.
Nate, what are you
doing sitting there?
Come on, join the fun.
You know my attorney, Milo.
Nice to meet you.
Charmed, I'm sure.
Listen, Nate, we love Russell
around here at the WUF.
We think he's going to be big.
I mean, bigger than big.
I want him to have his own line
of action toys, lunch boxes.
You name it, you're going to see
his face right on it.
Let the WUF take
the monkey off your back!
Yoo-hoo, I heard that.
I'm right here.
Easy, cowboy.
So, what's your offer,
Mr. Vaughn?
Well, in exchange for
the use of our WUF brand and
to have access
to all of our talent...
51 percent.
Fifty-one percent?
Yeah, that's what I said.
It's... It's my final offer.
Come on, Nate, use your head.
Don't be such a cheeky monkey.
Hey, cheeky?
What? Do you want a
small piece of a big pie,
or would you rather
have no pie at all?
Oh, no. Oh, no, no.
I like pie.
On two conditions:
All the home events take
place at the Ferraro arena.
Which means that you supply
the money to bring the
building back up to code.
We wouldn't want to burn
down the house now, would we?
Hey, you're telling me.
That nostalgic arena
is priceless, isn't it?
All right, fine.
You got yourself a deal.
- Thank you.
- Don't do it, Nate.
Welcome to the big show!
Don't worry.
It's just temporary.
As soon as we pay him back,
this building is ours.
Free and clear.
Well, Mr. Ferraro.
I'm happy to report your
arena meets the inspection.
Thank you so much, Mrs... Olsen.
And it's Thursday night
and Ferraro Wrestling
has never looked better.
Russell Maniac's opponent,
the Mongol,
looks intimidating, Mike.
- You can do it!
- Come on, Russ!
That's my golden boy
right there.
He rocks the Mongol
in the middle of the ring.
Two, three!
He is out!
The Mongol has been knocked back
into the 14th century.
- This dog is unstoppable.
- Yeah!
I feel bad for Russell's
next opponent.
He must be terrier-fied.
That was great. That was
poetry in motion. Even better.
I mean you ever tried reading
poetry in motion,
it gets all jumbled.
Either way, you've just turned
wrestling into an art form.
We've got to name
your signature move, kid.
We'll call it
the "Russell Tussle".
Sounds good, Hunk.
All right, listen up, Russy,
and listen good.
Because I'm only
going to say this once.
I'm proud of you, kiddo.
There, I said it, now let's
not get all sentimental here.
Thanks, Hunk.
How about a hug?
No can do.
This is business, kid.
How about a banana Popsicle?
Don't worry, guys.
You can follow the whole tour
on WU F's YouTube channel,
and we'll be back
before you know it.
In time for my birthday?
Are you kidding me? We wouldn't
miss that for the world.
And what about Easter?
Hunk had promised me
he'd help me find Easter eggs.
You betcha, kid.
I'm pretty sure there's
an anniversary in there as well.
I know. Bring it in.
Come here, Russell.
Okay, come on, Russell!
Let's get this
show on the road!
Fame and fortune
waits for no one.
From the ground to profound
Like a phoenix...
I have to see
the Russell Tussle.
Can you please do it?
Come on,
you've got to do it once for us.
I need Russell Tussle
in my life, baby. Come on!
Give me the tussle, baby.
Such heroics,
such heroics, heroics
The tickets sold,
opponents roll'
Max, over here.
Lena, over here!
Hi, Lena. Hi, Max.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi, Russell.
- Hi, Hunk.
Hey, don't eat too many eggs.
They'll make you very gassy.
Trust me.
Russell tussle,
chic and muscle
Maniac, maniac... '
Okay, let me see it.
Yes, it's fantastic!
Okay, in you go-
All right, here I come.
Rising like a phoenix
Skip the epitaph,
have the last laugh
Swaying up with the bound,
fought through to be crown
Such heroics
Yes! Woo! I did it.
Opponents roll,
the truth be told... '
Look, there they are.
- Hey!
- Russell.
- Sweetie.
- Come here.
Man, it is good to be back.
What happens on the road,
stays on the road.
I missed you guys.
Looks like Mick
has the car ready.
You're going with him?
- Yeah.
- But Dad, you just got back.
You missed my birthday.
And the Easter bunny.
Honey, this has gotten
out of hand.
All we ever wanted was to spend
more time together as a family,
and now,
we barely see you or Russell.
I... I know, but I'm doing
this for you guys. For us.
Okay, I promise,
just one more match,
and we'll retire after
Russell wins the title.
It's always best to go
out on top, right?
Come on, hang in there.
- We've got to go.
- Mm-hmm.
Come on, Russell.
Let's go, buddy.
Hey, you can leave the monkey.
It's just a meet and greet.
I'll see you at home soon,
okay, Hunk?
I had plans anyway.
Got to alphabetize
my banana collection.
Love you guys!
Oh, yeah, Nate, I made
a little change of plan here.
I'm going to hold the title
match at the WUF arena.
Yeah, yours is too small
for an event this size.
Our Russell is way too big now.
Hey, Nate.
Hey, you listening?
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
Makes sense, Mick.
We made it...
It was so many...
There were so...
I am so sorry. That took
a lot longer than I thought.
Everyone wanted a
picture with Russell.
That's okay.
Hunk's been keeping me company.
Phew, tag! You're in!
Talk about TMI.
I am just saying you better
have a blue box in your pocket.
Thanks, Hunk.
And I see you've
made my favorite meal.
Your grandmother's lasagna.
It might be
a little cold now, though.
Oh. Russell.
I missed you too.
They wanted to be the
waiter and the hostess tonight,
but they couldn't stay awake.
You're right.
Something needs to change.
Come with me.
- What is this?
- And voila!
You had it restored? When?
I have my ways,
but let me tell you,
that is a lot heavier
than it looks.
Happy anniversary!
Welcome to the weigh-in for
tonight's championship fight.
That's 25 and a half
pounds of muscle...
- Yeah!
- ...for the tenacious terrier.
Next up, we are joined
by the current champion
Helix "The Hammer" Munroe
who will be fighting
Russell Maniac later tonight.
- Oh, wow.
- Wow, got a shot.
Hammer time.
Wow, The Hammer is exactly
ten times larger
than Russell Maniac!
A classic David
and Goliath story.
Yeah, if David was a dog
and Goliath was an ape.
How do
you see tonight going down?
First of all,
I'd just like to say
you're welcome.
To everyone.
You're all now better people
for having been
graced with my gravitas.
Well, it's good
to have confidence!
That I do.
And as for how tonight
is going to go down?
I am going to crush
that little flea bag
as if he's a bag
of fleas that I crush.
And how do you respond
to that, Russell?
This has turned
into a staring contest.
Neither wrestler will back down.
- He blinked!
- That's not fair. He cheated.
This will be an historic evening
for the WUF wrestling.
How are you feeling?
Good. You got this.
You're gonna do great out there.
Bad news,
you can't be in the ring.
Sponsors feel that a monkey
and the kid kind of detracts
from Russell's tough guy image.
So... yeah.
- Wait. He's the trainer.
- He is the trainer.
That's a good one, Nate.
Listen, seriously.
We're all done with
the monkey gimmick.
What do you want to do?
Turn the WUF into a...
banana republic?
That place exists?
- Sounds like Nirvana.
- It's not what you think.
Listen, Russell's a super star,
and that's the way
it's going to be.
Wait, Nate.
Is he trying to push me out?
That stupid dog!
I will hammer you to the
ground with my bare hands.
I will hammer...
Mr. Vaughn. Mr. Vaughn.
Did you see that dog
make me look like a monkey
in front of all my fans?
There's no easy way to say this.
Russell's going to take the belt
tonight. No questions asked.
- What?
- That's a question.
There's no way
I'm giving my belt to Russell.
You think I'm the type of guy
that's going to take bribe?
Nah, maybe not, but...
I wrote a number down
here for you.
Oh, boy.
What round do you want me
to go down in?
Uh, 20 minutes in.
No! I knew that dirty rat
was up to something.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and
girls welcome to the WU F.
My name is Bad Chad
coming at you live
from the WUF arena!
It's time for the
main event of the evening.
Making his way to the ring,
it's the challenger.
Nate, I gotta talk to you.
Look after the match, okay,
- But... But Nate...
- No, look...
Okay, I know you're upset,
but it's just one match.
We have to focus right now.
He's hairier,
he's scarier, he's a Terrier!
Ladies and gentlemen,
I give you Russell Maniac!
Russell! Russell!
Just listen to that crowd.
Go Russell!! Wool!
- Come on, Russell!
- Yeah, come on!
And now, the two-time
intercontinental champion
and reigning heavy weight
champion of the WUF,
it's Helix "The Hammer" Munroe!
You're welcome,
you're welcome.
Eye on the prize, Russell!
Eye on the prize.
You're going to lose, Hammer.
Okay, that's weird.
I'm going to send you
to the pound, Russell.
You're out of your league, dog.
You're barking up
the wrong tree.
This is my yard, pooch!
And here we go!
This is a title match.
Keep it clean.
No low blows and protect
yourself at all times.
Shake hands or paws.
Come on!
Get it off the ring.
You got this, Russell.
Russell Maniac might
be feeling a little nervous.
Are you ready for some pain,
Russell, get him!
Okay, yeah!
- Russell!
- Great job, Russell!
This gives new meaning
to the phrase:
"Hair of the dog that bit me."
Hey, Russ, way to go, pal.
Who has the gravitas now, baby?
- Russell, he's coming! Russell!
- Now you see me.
Now you don't!
The Hammer hits the
turnbuckle hard.
That's my dog!
Oh, yeah! Who's the champ?
Who's the champ now?
Good job, Russell.
And The Hammer is doing
the shaky chicken dance.
Did you bring a pillow, because
you're about to go nighty night.
And there it is, folks!
The Russell Tussle!
- Yeah, Russell!
- And The Hammer gets nailed.
That's it.
- We got him now, buddy!
- You're going down!
Hit him, Russ. Hit him.
Don't mess around.
What is
Russell doing?
That's right,
who is the top dog now?
He's giving the Hammer
valuable time to recover.
Come on, Russell!
Quit showboating!
Finish the jump off!
My ears!
- Oh, what's that?
- What's that noise?
Hey, cheater!
Wait! What's wrong with Russell?
The Russell Maniac
is down and he is not moving.
- No!
- What a turn of events!
- One!
- Russell, kick out! Kick out!
Come on, Russell, get up.
" TWO!
" No!
- Three!
- Russell!
It's all over!
Russell Maniac
has been defeated!
What? No.
The Hammer has struck!
- Is he hurt?
- What happened?
Are you okay, Russell?
That's messed up. No!
- Let's go check on him.
- Okay.
What a stunning main event
here at the WUF arena tonight.
The WUF Heavy Weight Champion.
It's okay, Russ.
It is not your fault.
He cheated.
What do you mean, Hunk?
The Hammer used a high-pitched
dog whistle to confuse Russell.
Hammer time!
All right Hammer head,
what's going on?
You were supposed to throw
the fight and let Russell win.
Couldn't do it.
Couldn't let that dog win.
What do you mean you couldn't let the
dog win? What about the pay-off?
I don't want to be like the rest
of the guys that lost to Russell.
I mean, sure,
they got paid too, but...
How's their pride? Not good.
Now, everyone's going to
want to see the re-match.
- Re-match?
- It's just good business.
Wait a second.
He's right.
We could charge the sponsors
double what they paid tonight.
- Double.
- Hey!
You got something going
on in between those ears.
- Way to go Hammer.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Hammer time!
All right, Milo,
start working on
the papers for that rematch.
You mean, it was fake?
All of this was fake?
You pay them?
How could you do this, Dad?
No, no, Max. It's not what
you think. I had no idea.
I tried to warn you.
No more.
We're done.
- Excuse me?
- You heard me.
Where I come from wrestlers
win on their own merit.
For the love of the sport,
not by faking it.
And since we've been
in business together,
I've done nothing but compromise
my time with my family.
Well, not anymore.
I'm not going to have
my dog wrestle a cheater.
Oh, I get what's going on here.
You actually think
this dog belongs to you.
Oh, naive, Nate.
- This dog is mine.
- What do you mean?
Oh, we got a contract.
Yeah, yeah, Russell Maniac and
the Ferraro Wrestling Arena
are the sole property of
Mick Vaughn and the WUF.
You sold me?
Right there, buddy.
Section seven, paragraph six.
Section seven?
I... I can't...
- I can't see a section seven.
- Right there.
Why you little
- sneaky, conniving...
- All right!
I was sneaky, conniving.
It's not my fault that you
need glasses. Come on.
Wait, no. Russell's a part
of our family.
Look, kid, Russell is exactly
where he belongs right now,
with the WU F.
Welcome to the big show.
- Let's go, gentlemen.
- Mick, you can't do this.
- Wait, Russell!
- Max!
Yeah, he's a tough guy.
Yeah, you're not part of
anybody's family.
You belong to me now.
Hey, you're a superstar
for the WU F,
so just get used to it.
It's going to be okay, sweetie.
It's not going to be okay.
Russell's gone.
Max, wait!
Hold up there, Nate.
I'll go talk to Max.
I didn't mean for it
to turn out like this.
I know, but Max is right.
Russell is a part
of this family.
I miss him too, but we've gotta
keep it together.
Oh, who am I kidding?
I miss that little guy so much.
- We can't let this happen.
- I know.
It's not pretty seeing
a grown monkey cry.
No. We've got to do
something about Russell.
This just in,
Russell Maniac fans:
Mick Vaughn has just announced
that Russell is now the
sole property of the WUF.
Max? Hunk?
Max and Hunk are gone.
I... I'm Derek from Pet Utopia.
Well, guess this is it for me.
No friends, no family.
Can't even wrestle. I'm a fake.
A lonely fraud.
Just a crazy dog in a cage
talking to himself.
- Russell.
- Russell.
- Come here, boy. Russell
- Russell.
Yep, I'm already hearing things.
Russell, where are you?
For the love of bananas,
it's me.
Keep it down. I'm busting
you out of this joint.
we're here to take you home.
But I let you all down.
I'm a phony.
Are you kidding me?
You didn't let anyone down.
You lost one match.
And it was rigged.
Well, maybe
they were all rigged.
With Mick, we can't be too sure.
But my point is,
every great champ
loses at least one match.
And you know what
made them great champs?
What they did after they lost.
They picked up their pride,
dusted it off,
ate a bunch of bananas
and got back in the ring.
But everyone was
really disappointed in me.
I saw it in their faces.
Everyone loves you, Russ.
Even me. There, I said it.
I love you, kiddo.
Keep it together, Hunk.
Keep it together.
We're on your team, you know?
Always. We're family.
We all miss you, Russy baby.
Come here, Russell.
Come here.
You know, I just read you need
four hugs a day to survive.
Eight to really thrive.
So what do you say, big guy?
Let's hug it out.
My stress is melting away.
What the...
What are we still
standing here for?
Let's blow this banana stand.
- Hey, who's there?
- Uh-oh! It's the fuzz!
- What are you doing in here?
- Do you feel lucky, punk?
Drop that stick
and reach for the sky, now.
Don't hurt me.
Max, get his handcuffs
and cuff him to that pipe.
I can put that one
in my new book.
- 101 Uses For a Banana.
- You're a monkey!
Oh, boy, another genius.
Let's make like
a banana and split.
Come on, let's go.
Come on, Russell, let's go.
Come on.
We're almost there.
What? You think
you can run from me?
That mutt belongs to the WUF.
Hey, Nate, yeah, see now
I can press charges here.
Your son's taking my property.
Actually, sir,
Russell is not your property.
Who's this chump?
His name is Derek
and he is from Pet Utopia.
When I found out Russell
was going to be given away
to the pound, I adopted him.
So as you can see, Mr. Vaughn,
Russell is not your property.
He's mine.
But, Russell needs a family.
And he found one
in the Ferraros.
I've never seen him happier,
or braver.
I'm handing over custody of
Russell to the Ferraro family.
You can't do that.
He can't do that, can he, Milo?
Actually, they can do that.
This contract makes ours
null and void.
Mick, you have zero ownership
of the dog.
There's something wrong here.
Well, I guess that settles that.
Well, you walk away now,
you still don't own
the Ferraro arena.
I will evict your family.
But I'll make you a deal.
I'll give you the arena,
if you sign Russell over to me.
How's that?
A dog for a building.
- Forget it.
- What?
You heard me.
Russell is a member
of this family.
And we are the Ferraros,
and family always comes first,
not greed.
So you can take the building.
You're making
a big mistake there, Ferraro.
You're trying to succeed
where your grandfather failed.
That's your family legacy.
I've had enough of
this cheeseball
in a cheap monkey suit.
It's all right, Hunk. It's okay.
It's not okay.
He insulted you.
Let me at him.
I'll tear him limb from limb.
- Your monkey talks!
- I know. I know.
Apparently, humans are
dumbfounded by a talking monkey.
Tell you what, Mr. Vaughn,
we'll vacate the building
by the end of day tomorrow.
Have a nice night.
But that means no more
Ferraro Wrestling.
That's our family legacy.
We can't lose that.
He's right though.
We are all family, Russ.
Yes, we are a family.
And family is a verb.
When I met you, Hunk,
I was a scared, lonely pup.
Afraid of my own shadow.
You taught me about courage,
hard work,
and that everything
is a negotiation.
I can't just give up now
and never know
if I was actually a champion.
I will do anything
for this family.
My family.
We need a re-match, Hunk.
Russell will do battle
with The Hammer in a re-match.
And this time...
it'll be for real.
And his coach will be Hunk,
the monkey.
And if he wins...
we get the building
and we keep Russell.
All right.
But if you lose...
I get everything.
But the match has to take
place in the Ferraro arena.
Well, we've got
one more provision.
It's going to be
a tag team match. Yes.
So Russell's gotta
find himself a partner.
This is going to be
the biggest match
in the history of the WUF.
- What do you say?
- We got a deal.
Hey. Yeah.
Way to go, kid.
He's a smart one.
It's wrestling night here
at Ferraro arena
and I'll tell you, TJ,
I... I'm a bit nervous.
Yes, and in this next match,
our jobs are literally
on the line.
Are you sure you
want to do this, Daddy?
I have to show Max. Yeah!
That I believe in something
more than just money.
Yes, you do.
Papa Maximiliano, he was right.
Fame and fortune comes and goes.
But family, family is forever.
The very large and
incredibly intimidating
Dieter Das Mountain.
My schnitzel!
You go get 'em.
- We'll crush them!
- You think you're strong enough?
- And here comes The Hammer.
- It is Hammer time!
Hammer time!
You're welcome.
You're all welcome.
The man who once said,
and I quote,
"String cheese
really isn't string.
It is just cheese."
It's an honor for you to be
my presence.
It's Hammer time!
Now, ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome the one,
the only...
Russell Maniac!
Russell, you're my hero!
Russell! Russell! Russell!
Russell! Russell! Russell!
Yeah, I like him.
In his first match ever,
it's Maximiliano Ferraro Junior!
He's just a kid!
Okay, kids, you got this.
Make Maximiliano proud.
Let's do this.
All right, remember,
we can't lose.
We're Ferraros.
The strongest
tag team is family.
Okay, we got this.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this will be a tag team match.
I want to see
a good clean fight.
Both teams ready?
We're ready.
It's Hammer time.
It's time to wrestle!
It sounds like they're ready.
Oh, boy, Max, I mean, II Maniac,
is going to be in the ring first
versus Dieter Das Mountain.
Now, that is a big decision
for team Russell Maniac.
Are you ready?
I'm going to crush you.
Focus, Max.
- What?
- Come on!
Now, you see me, now you don't.
- Come on, ref
- No. Oh, please.
- This is not happening today!
- My beautiful eyes.
- Not my son. I'll kill you.
- Mom, stop.
- Hey!
- That's Max's mom.
- Colleen, get out of the ring!
- Mom, I got this!
Thought this was
a wrestling match.
Get out of here.
Nate, listen to me.
Max has been training for this.
He can do it.
Mountain, behind you.
What? ' Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!
- Oh, yeah.
- Perfect, Max.
- Nice drop, kid! Nice!
- Come on!
That's it!
That is not nice.
it could all be over
right here, Mike.
Max, reverse it. Reverse it!
" TWO!
" No!
My nose hair!
Max got out of that one
by a hair.
Oh, that was close.
" Oh!
" Oh!
- Attaboy, Max.
- Way to go, buddy!
He's giving him
an atomic wedgie.
- Oh, that's his underwear!
- Yes.
I hope he wore a big pair
of underwear to work today, TJ.
Who turned out the lights?
Now I get you back, kid.
Wait. It's me, the ref!
No, no, no!
That's got to hurt.
Oh, no!
- Please, help me.
- Over here, buddy.
Max, tag Russell in.
- Tag!
- Hammer, I can hear you,
but I cannot see you.
- Please.
- What is this? Get out of here.
Rock it, buddy.
I got a bone to
pick with you, Hammer.
Come on, Russell!
Russell and the Hammer
meet once again.
What a psych-out
by the Russell Maniac.
' Ooh!
' Oh!
That was two strikes
on The Hammer, Mike.
Russell Tussle!
Russell treats the Hammer
like his dirty laundry.
That dirty rat has
something up his sleeve.
Oh, no.
What's he doing?
Wait a minute.
He's got that thing.
It looks like a dog whistle.
You thought you could defeat me?
Ref, open your eyes.
Yeah, smart!
Smart thinking.
Look what he's doing.
This might be all over now.
He missed it!
Oh, yeah!
' Get up!
' He's okay!
Get up!
And the Hammer is out cold.
Yes, Russell!
One! Two! Three!
He's out!
It's all over!
They are the new
tag team champions!
The winner!
- Good job, Russell.
- Way to go, Russ!
Great job, Russell.
You idiot.
You let a tiny dog beat you.
What's the matter with you?
Nobody makes me
look like a monkey.
You're not the boss of me.
- You're out!
- You're out!
I'm so proud of all of my boys.
Wait. Russell can't hear you.
That's how you
defeated the Hammer?
You tricked him?
We knew that Hammer
would cheat again
by using the dog whistle.
So, we had a plan.
Like I said, guys named Max
are always the best guys
to have it in your corner.
Come here.
- I love you, buddy.
- Love you, Dad.
And you, Hunk... thanks, buddy.
That was just like old times.
That was more fun
than a barrel of monkeys.
You get it, Nate?
Because I'm a monkey.
That's good.
- Are you crying, Mike?
- Yes.
- I am too. It's wonderful.
- Oh, yes.
Congratulations, guys!
After our big win,
I got to stay
with my family forever.
And the Ferraros
got back their building.
The Ferraro wrestling business
was back to its former glory.
And Max and I, well,
Russell Maniac and ll Maniac
became the most famous tag team
duo in wrestling history.
Proving that the strongest
tag team really is family.
Gonna be the champion'
Internet sensation
Russell maniac
Russell maniac
Gonna be the champion'
Internet sensation
Russell maniac
Work it out '
To the bone
Work it, now feel it,
and work it to the bone
Russell's got muscles,
they're hard as stone
Gonna be the dog on top,
training hard and he won't stop
Tell everyone now
write that blog
He won't be beat
He's one hard dog
You can make it,
just don't fake it
Show your true grits
Gotta put it all on the line'
Let nothing stop you,
think about what you do
He'll be the greatest
you will see
Of all time,
he's sure to be
You can make it,
just don't fake it
Show your grit
Put it all on the line
Let nothing stop you,
think about what you do
Chance of a lifetime,
let nothing stop you
Think about what you do
Chance of a lifetime
He's one hard dog
Russell maniac
Gonna be the champion'
Internet sensation
Russell maniac
Russell maniac
Gonna be the champion'
Internet sensation
Russell maniac
Gonna be the champion'
Internet sensation
Russell maniac
Work it out
To the bone
"Keep The Dream Alive" ')
Run away,
far away together
Leave it all behind
We don't need their kind
We're the last of the dreamers,
sinking with doubters
Forgive them
for living blind
We don't need their mind
To keep our dream alive
Oh Oh '
Keep your dream alive
Oh Oh '
Keep it strong for now
Oh Oh '
True love's found inside
We don't need their mind
To keep our dream alive