Rustom (2016) Movie Script

Three shots that shocked the nation.
It's a story in 1959.
When the name of "Mumbai " was Bombay
"The Gujarat " and Maharashtra
were part of Mumbai.
It has been 12 years since the British
left at that time.
However their impact is still exists strongly.
Drinking alcohol is just an utterance.
Because the barmen and the wine drinkers were in large numbers.
The "Gori" Society modulate between the cases because of the ruling.
And Raj Kapoor's film named" Anari
spark a fire in the cinema.
The strength of the Navy increase quickly
in the areas of the Indian sea.
We have found the signal.
Give it to the captain.
We have found the signal
(Jeff Sar)
An extra bridge.
Yes, sir.
An extra bridge required captain.
Come, Rustom.
Take charge.
Organize this way to Bombay.
Jeff Sar.
Get the sprinkles ready.
I've done it, Siir.
Do you hear that?
Do you hear that?
I'm the responsible officer.
Everything has been canceled.
And now we are going to Bombay.
We will reach Bombay on April 26 after 16 hours.
Prepare yourselves.
Vikram's car has been arrived
This God 's grace
Because God has blessed me with you
I have learned to live because i left to you my soul
Season is happy because of you, my love
Night has become crazy, I do not see anything in it
Season is happy because of you, my love
I will become Yours with one gesturer
I smell your odour whenever i passed any street
I dream of you every night
Our meeting is our love's constitution
Light inside me because of you
I'm pretty sky and you it's moon
This God 's grace
Because God has blessed me with you
I have learned to live because i left to you my soul
Season is happy because of you, my love
Night has become crazy, I do not see anything in it
I left everything
And I came for you
Write your name in my eyes
Nothing for me after you
Your word corresponds to one hundred words
Know that I will never leave you
The God's grace
Because God has blessed me with you
I have learned to live because i left to you my soul
Season is happy because of you, my love
Night has become crazy, I do not see anything in it
Indian navy ship, Mysore.
How are you?
Do not say anything.
Where are you?
Madam has gone out.
Yesterday afternoon.
Thank you.
I'm Rustom.
Hello " Rosi".
When you arrived?
Just now.
Please hand over the phone to" Cynthia".
She does not exist here.
In fact she did not meet me since some days.
... but.
Waiting for you.
My dear," Cynthia".
You are an unique person in millions.
I respect so much your beauty.
The memories of that night which we had together didn't let me sleep.
Yours, only for you.
Bahanah Bay.
The commander" Rustom Pavri" talking...
Hand over the phone to "Vikram".
But... commander sir.
Sir not at home.
I will miss you.
Leave it "Jamna Bai "
il hope that your hand is in my hand.
And it's hard on you to let me travel.
And we will talk about everything when our eyes meet together.
Your hair's odour still in my breath.
My spirit stopped when you came to my arm.
How could I forget this word that you said by your eyes?
How could I forget that night I spent with you?
Yours, only for you.
Please, listen to me.
I can explain.
Trust me, darling.
You can not.
Go to the office.
And brought the record.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, Rosie.
Is Vikram here?
Sir, "Vikram" did not attend yet.
Have a seat.
I'll get you tea or coffee.
No, thank you.
You look very pretty today.
Thank you.
How are you, "Bahanha Bay"?
Did he tell you anything?
No, sir
hello, sir.
Where were you during working time yesterday?
I swear.
When we came out yesterday by car
the gasoline pump disrupted car.
And we found a shop after the passage of so much time.
Then we repaired the car there.
I do not think that what happened.
You went out with that car which it's wireless is disabled.
And then one of the wheels get disrupted.
Now you return after work.
How do we lie to you, sir?
I'll accept your words.
Just do something.
Write a report about that accident.
I do not want a long report.
Only Just write which wheel disrupted?
Without consulting each other.
Forgive us sir.
The work wasn't too much tomorrow.
So we went out for a walk.
Subtract 7 days salary for those four.
A try to give a bribe to a
criminal investigations officer in "Bombay".
This is my the last signatures.
I am on vacation since tomorrow.
I'll take some rest for 15 days.
I'm the commander" Rustom Pavri" Indian Navy forces
"Vikram Mekheja" have been killed on my hands.
And I want to turn myself in to you.
Is it possible that you bring me some water?
Come in.
Stop madam.
Get lost.
Who is in charge here?
Vincend Lobo.
Investigations officer
" Rustom Pavri " killed my brother.
Arrest him now.
Leader "Pavri" has turned himself in to the police
half an hour ago.
So what are you doing here?
Go there and interrogate him.
Do not tell me what I should do.
Do you know who you're talking with?
And who is murdered?
My authority is very stong.
It is better to do what I tell you.
No, madam.
You will do as i tell you.
This a crime scene.
And We are collecting evidences.
So please get out right now
come on Madam.
This phone is bothering me so much.
Yes, speak.
I'm "Tuka Ram.
Yes, speak.
How are you?
" Vikram Mekheja" has been killed.
What do you say?
Who killed him?
this new it's price is 50 rupee.
A senior navy officer killed him.
What is his name?
Commander" Rustom Pavri".
I'll give you a hundred not fifty.
But do not tell this news to any newspaper.
Do not worry sir.
My Lord please.
My time will return.
The killing of 300 people in the fire in" Goudy".
And 12 thousand copies was sold.
When gold came down from sky
17 thousand copies was sold.
Train collision.
And four hundred people killed
13,5 thousand copies was sold.
Where are the workers?
Stop printing "Hemenaj".
But the ongoing printing.
We will lose.
Leave this all.
I found the news that it will pay your salaries for the last three months.
Come on, stop the printing quickly.
sir commander.
Your wife still awaits you abroad.
Please, meet her.
Please ask her to leave.
I will not meet anyone.
I'm sorry, madam.
This incident should have happened in someday.
What do you mean?
Sir, you know " Vikram Mekheja 's personality.
He thought that he is an invincible
but I did not understand this.
How commander's wife concerned with that person?
four "I"... four "I.
Commander outside his home.
And Lover inside his home.
Read, who is the person that killed by the commander?
Go ahead, madam.
Take your newspaper.
Here it is, Sir.
Go to your House Quickly
your wife is alone there.
Go quickly.
I want him hanged.
Do not worry.
Vikram was an important member of our committee.
I guarantee to you that I'll hang him.
And what shall we do with this?
I understood.
Seriously, No one respects the head of this newspaper.
He is nobody.
Thank you sir.
Go ahead.
My appointment with my lord JJ.
Of course, sir.
Good morning, sir.
What service should i provide to you?
Perhaps you have heard about " Rustom Pavri".
I did not grieve because of the deaths of" Vikram Mekheja.
I just feel sad because of Rustom's news
"I've met him once or twice," Nice.
Sir " JJ".
Why is this case has been transferred to
"Lakshman Khngana"?
"Mekheja and Janda are not of the tribe," Cindy
and "Pretty Mekheja" is doing something.
Come to the point.
We must help " Parsi".
Do not talk anything about "Parsi".
You did not leave anything even your religion too.
In order to sell copies of your newspaper
speak directly.
What do you want?
I want to find.
I mean, I want you to find for
" Rustam" a strong lawyer.
Sir " JJ ".
She's very smart.
And we must give "Rustom" an opportunity to save himself.
Do not get angry, Sir.
You Know that "Rustom" has done the right thing.
And they are wrong.
Now, He is alone.
The whole society will be against him.
How did you come here?
By Taxi.
Did you pay the fare?
Let's start.
Thank you very much sir
Read all the newspapers after waking up every day.
People should continue sympathize with " Rustom "
"Giora" Society decides at the end.
People decide first.
Well, sir
"Vikram Mekheja" was fond of women.
He attracted girls by his magic.
Commander " Rustom " will be delivered to court today.
We have received an request from the Indian Navy.
Talk about yourself, applicant.
My lord.
I'm commander" Pujar".
From the legal Committee of Navy.
We ask the court to put
Commander "Rustom Pavri" under navy forces protection not the police.
My lord.
Commanderr "Pavri" is a decorated officer in the Navy.
So it's better not to put him with the other criminals.
He is a criminal.
He killed my brother.
He Should be placed under police protection.
Who are you?
I am the sister of" Vikram Mekheja "Pretty Mekheja".
I'm sad for the death of your brother, Miss" Mekheja ".
But I'll put you in prison if you intervene in the affairs of the court again.
When the court need his presence
we will bring him.
The marine forces will take this responsibility.
Any objection from the
Investigations officer?
No, My lord.
Excuse me, my lord.
I want to be under police protection.
I do not want any special treatment
because of my position.
Excuse me, my lord.
I'mr commander" CB Sharyn".
Is it possible to talk with the commander "Pavri"?
Navy supports you.
You will be treated as an officer.
And there you will have all the facilities.
I want to I stay under police guard.
This is a direct order.
I refuse.
Do you know the punishment of this act?
My lord.
I ask the court to put me under police guard
Thank you, your honor.
What about the case of the charge officer?
Investigations still going.
Brought the charge sheet as soon as.
Yes, sir.
The Court will put commander "Pavri"
under police escort for 7 days.
What is the relationship between the commander and "Vikram"?
They were friends.
In fact, "Rustom" and "Vikram" and "Cynthia" and me were friends.
They were friends.
When Madam "Pavri" and "Vikram Mekheja" were close to each other?
They all meet each other together
"Sir, Madam," Vikram "and" Pretty.
When commander went to London
these three meet each other together.
So I thought that there was a problem.
Then both start to meet each other.
Where they met each other?
Where they met each other?
In the public and private place.
The lady was coming to the house too.
Did not seem to you that her arrival is a mistake?
What's wrong with this?
Cynthia " is not a child
she loved my brother.
And became addicted to their meeting
then what?
then what happened?
Then what sir?
He read the messages.
And broke part of his image in a tantrum.
When did this happen?
At about nine in the morning.
Then what?
What happened after that?
Commander said "quite a bit" then went out.
Miss." Pavri".
Why commander "Pavri" went to London?
He has been sent for an official work.
Miss "Pavri ".
How much do you love "Vikram Mekheja"?
Could i leave, please?
I am very tired.
Why we arrest the commander?
We should set him free after giving him a medal.
Is everything fine?
Is there any problem?
Thank you for all this.
I want to ask you some questions about your character
if there is no objection.
It's okay if you did not answer.
Go ahead.
When you met "Vikram Mekheja" for the first time?
Before one and half year approximately.
The birthday party of " Brachant Kamd "
I saw you thousands of times
So why this disorder?
Not able to care of this heart
Because there is something special inside you
My breath come and go with your permission
I do not find myself when I was looking for it
Only you are enough for me
You enjoy with your beautiful wife a lot.
I also want to share.
With pleasure
I can't be away from you even for a moment
Because of these other disorders
However we away from each other, we close to each other
This is another disorder
I saw you thousands of times
So why this disorder?
Not able to care of this heart
Because there is something special in our love
Two cups, please.
Is every officer of the Navy is flirting like that?
Some of us are respectable.
Commander " Rustom Pavri ".
Vikram Mekheja.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
What about if the annual Navy program?
Excuse me.
Navy buy ships.
This is not a secret.
Everything is fine.
We will enjoy so much if we had bottles of wine.
I see you already met " Rustom".
Just now.
This is Miss "Cynthia Pavri".
Cynthia, this Vikram Mekheja.
Host of the evening party
He is the owner of all this house.
Pleasure to meet you.
Not only he is the owner.
I also I own it.
Here she is My beautiful sister
Pretty Mekheja.
My wife " Cynthia"
I am the person who ignites with his arrival the lamp.
Look at the moon which may bow in front of me right now.
His mood is flirting with beautiful ladies.
Mr.Lesson is waiting us at home.
Excuse us.
Who is?
Just a client for Businessmen.
Canadian friend.
The representation of many Indian companies.
Lesen Jans.
Thank you.
I've met him in many concerts like that.
And we became very good friends
Deputy Police Commissioner is on the phone.
Commander, Why you went to london?
official work.
I can not share those details with anyone
according to the official covert action.
I'm sorry.
It's okey.
Are we have any legal records?
Not advisable, sir.
What is the difference in sojourn commander "Pavri"
here or there?
I need those documents for any price.
If those papers reach to anyone
we will be in deep trouble.
Send someone to his home.
Go ahead.
Senior lawyer "Saurabh Khan Falla ".
I have come to help you, my son,
I've decided I to struggle for you.
How come to your mind to do such a big mistake?
it is an open case
"Vikram" have been killed on my hands.
And i admit it.
Do not say this to anyone unless no one will help you even your god.
My sources have informed me that "Cynthia" was
with "Vikram" before the accident.
And I will tell everything to the people through my newspaper.
Do not worry
signed here on this sheet.
You want to abuse the reputation of my wife in order to save myself?
Thank you
but no thanks
" Rustom "has refused to hire a lawyer to save him
because he does not want to abuse your reputation among the people.
Do you want to see "Rustom" free?
I do not care what people think of me
but I'm ready to do anything to see him free.
You will not need to do anything.
We just want to do something.
Who are you?
Have you found it?
I'm sorry madam.
He did not want to meet you today too.
I must meet him.
This is very important.
There are laws here.
If he did not want to meet you
slow down.
Can you send my message to him?
sir commander.
Your wife sent this.
I am so sorry darling.
I want to tell you everything.
I have harmed you, and I'm regret about that.
I am so sorry.
I am tired of all this
forgive me.
Please talk to me darling.
You can not forgive me.
I have sinned.
So sorry.
I am so sorry darling.
After returning from England.
When you decided to go to "London" again.
I did not want you to go.
But you left.
Then the whole thing started.
I spend most of my time with" Pretty"
Nice to meet you.
I forget how i was alone when i
spend some time with her.
Sometimes "Vikram" also comes out with us
"Pretty" organized a party for my birthday even after my objection
at her palace.
When I go there
"I am so sorry," Cynthia.
I've to go to "Puna" immediatley.
Actually, An accident happened for my girlfriend
but "Vikram" will take care of your.
I'll see you after my return.
Take care of yourself.
I am so sorry, " Vikram".
I want to leave.
I do not know anyone here.
Do not be silly
it is your party
but I do not know anyone.
The most beautiful women on the planet does not need to car about it, right?
Just give me 10 minutes.
If you still uncomfortable, you can leave.
May I?
Ladies and gentlemen,
Here she is the party girl " Cynthia
let's congratulate for her.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear" Cynthia"
" Vikram " did not want to miss any chance.
To praise me and to be closer to me
Can you close your eyes for a moment, please?
Trust me.
Happy new year.
Vikram, I can not accept this.
Did not you like it?
because it is very precious
because it expensive?
Why did you do that?
Where ..?
It's hard on you to accept.
Because it's hard on you, you make it hard on me.
Why waste our time in something trivial?
You are completely crazy.
It isn't something trivial.
Come on, Look for it.
Will you wear it if i look for it?
Yes, I'll
"Vikram" was coming out with me for food
and parties in the absence of" Pretty".
Here you go
and One day when me and "Vikram" were alone in his palace.
It seems that the sky will rain.
For you
Slow down!
Are you okay?
What happened to you?
It seems that I'm injured a little.
Come inside.
I'll call the doctor.
It's okey.
Go ahead
We did not do anything wrong.
Do you know darling?
When you leave, I grieved so much
because you did not accept my words.
Maybe I hurt you.
All this really hurts me.
Then what happened?
Commander did not want to meet his wife until yesterday.
And now, he met her since one hour ago.
I do not know what they are doing.
What is written in the letter?
It's written that two men has broken his home and
They searched the whole house.
How do you know this?
So why did not you tell me?
I do not know what's matter?
Did they took anything?
They were looking for something, and perhaps did not find him.
Do not worry.
Listen to me very carefully.
Damn it.
Where he hide the documents?
Commander's wife "Cynthia Pavra" said that
her husband shouldn't be punished because of her fault.
Read this news only for one rupee.
Know the Story of "Cynthia Pavra" only for one rupee.
You said to me he is nobody
but he has bothered me.
His newspaper is sold so much.
And hard to get his newspaper.
Did you read "Cynthia's statement"?
That woman
The attention of people focused on " Rustom's honesty"
because of this newspaper.
Go ahead
His honesty will also facilitate our issues " Pretty"
"Rustom" will admit in front of the court that he killed your brother.
And it will end up.
Oh relax," Peretti".
What did he say?
Commander" Pavri ".
Did not you want a lawyer?
Yes, your honor.
You are accused of killing, "Vikram Mekheja" in accordance with Article 302.
Did you admit it?
No, my lord.
I plead.
Not guilty.
Order... Order.
The case will start on May 25.
Will you defend your case on your own?
Yes, my lord.
Remember this comandante" Pavri".
You can not petition if you found guilty in this
court due to lack of lawyers with you.
My lord.
I say to the court that I will not ask the Supreme Court if
i found guilty.
Intermission (break)
I say to the court that I will not ask the Supreme Court if
i found guilty
sir commander.
Play alone?
Then you will always win.
Let's start the game.
You already start the game.
It's okey.
Was there any working relationship between you
and "Vikram"?
I am a soldier.
Not a businessman.
Why did not you say anything when
" Vikram " gave Lady" Pavri " a precious car?
I want to, but I thought it's not a good thing to do.
On the other hand, the friendship did not let me doubt it.
Trust can be a very funny thing.
Maybe "Vikram" has dared so much because
you did not say anything to him.
Of course it is possible
sir commander.
Are you in a relationship with any women
after your marriage?
sir commander.
Is your body parts intact?
You can not doubt that man who does not enjoy with
another women except his wife.
I recongized your strength, Commander.
When you sacrificed your queen, I thought you made a mistake.
But now, I understand.
It was a premeditated move.
It's about winning the game.
Whatever it takes the queen or the pawn
Everyone is stranger
Even friends and enemies too
We got them after leave ourselives for them
love love
I do not care how it comes from
I do not care what's wrong and what is right
You have won" Rustom "
Lover is love
Yes love is a weapon
I am very worried about your future," Cynthia".
The decision of stopping "Rustom's work" in
Navy has been released.
Maybe he will divorce you.
And "Vikram" also is not alive.
You know?
It's very difficult for a single women to survive without any support.
I've an idea.
With it you will not need money for your entire life.
Do you want to know?
Of course.
We need some important secret documents that exist with" Rustom"
we And we need it as soon as possible.
Look," Cynthia".
We'll give you a million rupees for this
million rupees?
million rupees
"Ed Merle Kamed"
forgive me.
I am very worried about your future
"Rustom "has told me all of this before.
Listen to me carefully
"Ed Merle Kamed" will meet you very soon.
And he will tell you that there are important documents with me.
And he will offer you a large sum of money.
When he tell you that, give him this envelope.
Is he mad?
Where we will have 50 million?
Vikram Mekheja's share was 50 million.
This money must be transfered to this account.
And what if i didn't?
"Rossi" asked me to tell you that you know
the result of not transferring this money.
He is a blackmiling and opportunist hiding behind
the face of patriotism.
But what will he do with this money?
because I know he will not survive after 14 years.
So you tell me.
You do not have to think about it.
You just have to transfer the money.
" Rossi "is not stupid to hide these important documents
at home under the pillow or inside the couch.
And asked me to tell you this too.
If you sent your men to our house again
the amount of money will increase.
Thank you very much for all this.
There is something we do not know.
What's in this portfolio?
You did not write anything about it.
We have found it with the commander.
Look at the data files and told me
Where was the commander on the 27th of April.
Commander has left from his home at 08:15 am.
Was in the ship at 08:45.
And was in "Aimbral Mouters" at 10:00.
And in Vikram's house at 10:20 am.
How long does it take to go to
"Aimbral Mouters "from the ship?
very close.
Ten-minute by car.
Where was the commander between 9:45 and 10:00?
I want some information
I knew him when I saw the picture in the newspaper.
This navy officer called" Delhi".
Excuse me.
Please go to the phone booth No. 7.
Thank you.
Sometimes when we cannot pay the small change
we give stamps insted of money.
This stamp was released last week.
So I remember everything well.
Madam, Tell me "Delhi's number".
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
Well sir.
Yes, speak.
What's up?
We have a problem
" Rustom " want 50 million.
Rustom, Rustom, Rustom.
Will "Rustom" get justice?
Read this only for two rupees.
Vikram's towel by 5 rupees.
You wont find it afteryour death.
First, I want to welcome members
of " Giori" committee.
You have a great responsibility.
You have to endured it with honesty and sincerity.
Commander" Pavri "accused of killing" Vikram Mekheja ".
The both sides will provide
witnesses and evidence.
And you have to take the decision after listening and understanding
Is "Kilraj Bellew Moriah" in court?
Yes, your honor.
You have written in your newspaper
Will commander get justice?
Do you deny the existence of justice?
No, sir.
Do you know that you insulted the court by asking
the people that question?
No, i just ask a question, your owner.
Ignorant about Writing.
It becomes a statement when you put a question mark at the end
of a question.
Your question doubts in the ability of the court.
And so you will be placed in jail
until the end of court proceedings.
Take him.
Do i come with you, sir?
The prosecutor submit his opening statement.
Law is one for all.
Whatever was the son of a rich or an ordinary person or a soldier.
Commander "Rustom Pavri" is sitting in front of us in his uniform.
He was also in uniform when
he handed himself in to the police after the murder.
He exploits his uniform in a perfect way.
And you have to take the decision after seeing the human beign
behind his uniform
"Rustom Pavri" on the 27th of April in the morning
fired 3 shots at "Vikram Mekheja" and kill him.
Prosecutor will prove this without any doubt.
Thank you.
That's all, your honor
Your opening.
Dear committee" Giori ".
My uniform is my habit.
My habit the bad and good part of it.
As breathing and protect my country.
And it's help me to do my job without any fear.
That is right.
I did not kill anyone.
Prosecutor himself will prove this.
Thank you.
Thank you, my lord.
The first witness is doctor," Asher".
Which is the responsible of autopsy at state hospital.
I swear that I will speak the truth and no thing else except it.
Doctor" Asher".
Can you tell the members of the" Giori"
for any reason "Vikram Mekheja" has been killed?
Because of three bullets.
Thank you doctor" Asher".
The members of the "Giori" note that "Vikram Mekheja"
have died due three bullets in the heart.
No more questions, your honor.
The court requests from the prosecutor not to repeat all the words.
Court listeng at the second time as
It's also listening at the first time.
Sorry, your honor
Your witness please.
No cross examination, your honor.
Do you know commander "Pavri"?
He is a friend of my boss.
He came to our office many times.
I see.
Is he came to "Aimbral Mouters" on the 27th of April?
He came almost at 09:45.
Do you remember how it was his face expressions
when he came to the office?
I remember it well.
He was very angry.
His blood became a lighted fire.
Then what he did?
He asked me if Mr ."Vikram" is in the office?
Then what you answered him.?
I answered him that he did not attend yet.
And I asked him, Do you want him in urgent work?
What was his response?
He responded, saying there is no urgent work.
I just want to kill him.
Then what he did?
And then he went out from there.
Thank you.
Your witness, Please.
Miss" Rosie".
I want to tell you that everything
you have said so far is a lie.
And I hope you tell that to "Giori" and the judge.
Objection, my lord.
This is misleading and puzzling.
This is not understandable.
Commander" Pavri".
You can not ask the witness like that.
You have to prove that she is wrong.
My lord.
I do not want to offend to the lady in front of
people in court by proving she is wrong.
Commander" Pavri".
Forget Navy's protocol and it's culture for a few.
Consider yourself as a notorious lawyer
can ask the witness anything.
Miss" Rosie".
Is it true that you ask me to sit and offered me
tea and coffee when I came to the office?
Yes, it's true.
So, shall i understand that you offering
tea and coffee to every angry person?
But when you told me that you will kill my boss "Vikram" So
I wanted to offer you tea and coffee to calm your anger.
Miss" Rosie".
You were wearing a green shirt that day.
And you really look very bad.
You said to me that I look so beautiful.
I was angry.
And wanted to kill "Vikram" too.
And praised your beauty too.
Is this not strange, Miss "Rosie"?
Objection, My lord.
What for?
Leading question, Your honor.
Then what you did when I came out of there angry?
I was busy in my work.
Did it not come to your mind to call the police?
Objection, my lord.
Trying baffling.
Thank you, your honor.
Well, leave the police matter.
Did it not come to your mind to call your boss and
told him that i'm angry and i want to kill him?
I ..
I was very scared.
But you told me that you was busy.
I am very sorry, Miss" Rosie".
I was forced to prove in court that you lied.
Objection, my lord.
Commander tries to missleading "Giora" by saying that the miss has lied to us.
But it's words prove that she is a lier.
And for that I apologized to her.
Your honor, Please.
The commander should....
"Mr. Khngana".
I think I know what i should do.
I'm sorry, your honor.
Commander" Pavri".
Your are not a professional lawyer.
And therefore i'll overlook some of your mistakes
but I warn you.
Please do not take me or this court for granted.
If you do something wrong, I'm going to take action
next time.
I'm sorry, your honor
"Giori" have to disregard the last words of the commander.
Next witness is Deputy Inspector" Patil".
Who is the investigating officer in this case.
But it is written in the record that the officer of this case
is the senior Inspector" Vensend Lobo".
Where is he?
He went to "Delhi" for an urgent work.
Did you get the appointment?
Tomorrow afternoon.
I did not understand your plan.
Did you know how powerful he is and his
connections with the Influential people?
We will be transfered to "Ondoman Nicobar" if any problem occurred.
Nothing will happened.
Shut up your mouth.
I'll afford everything.
Now I want to bring the witness" Bahanah Bai"
who saw this crime with his own eyes.
Bahanah Bai.
What happened on the 27th of April in the morning?
The house's bell rang
almost 10:00 am.
Is "Vikram" here?
Then what happened?
When I entered my boss's room
I saw the gun in the hands of the commander.
Then he fired three bullets in front of me.
In front of you?
Yes, sir.
He has fired three bullets in front of me.
What did you do then?
I asked him why did you do that?
And what was his response?
He responded, saying that he has a fleeting relationship with my wife.
So I killed him.
I did not listen to you well.
Is it possible to repeat again?
What was his response?
He responded, saying that he has
a fleeting relationship with my wife.
So i killed him.
He killed him.
I do not have another question, your honor.
Rustom Pavri.
Your witness.
Are you sure that you saw me firing the bullets?
Don't you remember?
You have fired three bullets in front of me.
I'll repeat my question," Bahanah Bai".
Did you see me shot bullets to Vikram's chest?
Objection, my lord.
Commander is trying to scare the witness.
Commander " Pavri".
I know that the witness knows well
What is the punishment of lying in the court.
I'm sorry, your honor.
How was the state of Vikram's room When you
entered it?
The room was very scattered.
Have you eaten breakfast?
Irrelevant question, your honor.
It's relveant, your honor.
Just give me a minute I will prove to you
Thank you, your honor.
Have you eaten breakfast?
Yes, I ate.
What did you eat on breakfast every day?
Bhaka "or" vedra Bhai "or" Bohai.
Are you a vegetarian?
What did you eat at breakfast that day?
I do not remember but....
Perhaps, I ate vegetables.
Why did you come to that room?
I have come to ask my boss, what he will eat for breakfast?
Your honor.
These images indicate that the meat was ready in the kitchen.
Which was Vikram Mekheja's breakfast.
And his testimony, stating that no one in the house except them.
Bhanah Bai.
Now, Don't tell that you have started eating meat since that day.
Bhanah Bai.
Forgive me, sir
forgive me.
Khngana, asked me to lie.
I was in the kitchen when I heard the sound of gunfire.
When I came into the room I saw my boss lapsed.
And the gun was in the hands of the commander.
Forgive me, sir
forgive me forgive me...
No another question, your honor.
Forgive me.
The court's proceedings for today will end on that
"Mr. Khngana".
Will you come to my office?
Do something.
How many mosquitoes here!
Come on, Man.
This is a prison and not a hotel
shut up.
How was the case today?
very beautiful.
Commander became stronger than" Khngana".
Someone give me this.
He expect a calling from you quickly.
He has private information.
It seems to me that we printed copies in large quantities.
We will see tomorrow
... five rupees five rupees
"Rosie" had been raped by "Vikram Mekheja.
And the abortion of the child was in the past year.
They said that he was Vikram Mekheja's child.
Read it in the Special Edition.
Urgent subject.
I want the newspaper.
Arrest, "Peretti".
Distribute newspapers between them.
Come on.
It is written that he was Vikram Mekheja's child
"Rosie" had to abort Vikram Mekheja's child.
Is "Billy Kibrigg Moriah" in court?
Yes, your honor.
I've warned you, Yesterday.
However you wrote about the abortion of the witness of this case" Miss Rosie".
And you also print a medical report.
My duty is to bring the truth to the people.
Your duty?
I see.
And you have been distributed your newspaper to the members of the "Giori" for free.
I thought they will get bored
in court, so i distributed it.
Order... Order
" Mr.Billy Moriah".
Yes, sir.
The court decides that you will be fined up to one hundred rupees and
one day in prison.
I'll go.
" Giori's members ".
You shouldn't put this newspaper's articles
in consideration.
Your honor.
The next witness is " Jamna Bai".
I know.
Jamna Bai.
Is this true that you work in
commander Pavri's house since three years ago?
And live there too?
Can you tell what happened
on the 27th of April at house?
I do not know what happened in my house.
I'm here in Bombay.
I mean the commander Pavri's house.
Yes, at his house.
You sould ask me like that.
Madam has come in the morning.
And talked with commander.
Then commander left.
Did your madam came in the morning?
Yes, She came.
What do you mean?
She wasn't at home for two days.
Was your master commander in the house?
He came in the next day from the sea.
Did he ask you with who your madam gone out?
He don't ask such a question.
Then what did he do?
Then entered into the house.
And open the cupboard.
And get out the messages.
And read some of them.
Then drink "Vska" abroad.
How did you know that he was drinking "Vska"?
Sometimes I also drink it.
Then what did he do?
Then he broke a picture frame of Madam because of his anger.
Your honor.
You note that the photo frame was broken.
Sorry, your honor.
Jamna Bai.
Why does it seem to you?.... Why did he do so?
So what will you do?
What will you do when you know that your wife was with another man
two nights ago?
Order... Order.
Jamna Bai.
This case is not against me.
It's against your master.
Do you know who was that man?
Vikram Mekheja.
Why you ask me complicated questions?
You should ask me directly.
Look, sir.
I'm not an intellectual like you.
I am ignorant and illiterate.
But know this.
When the time come for any soldier to left his house in order to protect his homeland.
And someone came and take the wife of this solider to his home
Then this man does not deserve to live.
And if sir "Rustom"
shoot him then he certainly has done the right thing.
Well done.
She is right.
Jamna Bai.
Yes, sir.
Court does not want to know your opinion.
You only have to reply to the question.
Well, sir.
But you told me.
What will you do if you know that your wife
slept with this lawyer?
Damn you.
Jamna Bai.
You too?
How are you?
Use this.
Mosquitoes will not bite you.
What is this?
Use it.
Do you know about the relationship between
"Vikram" and "Cynthia"?
She was very impressed by "Vikram" and his lifestyle.
What was Vikram's response?
"Vikram" was a man.
And if a woman indicated to a man repeatedly.
You mean that, "Cynthia"
is the one who tried to make the relationship first?
Of course.
I have no further questions, your honor.
Commander" Pavri".
Your witness, please.
My lord.
I will interrogate miss "Pretty" later.
Thank you.
Your honor.
The next witness is" Mrs. Cynthia Pavrai"
"Ms. Pavri".
Were you in a fleeting relationship with "Vikram Mekheja" or not?
Commander" Pavri".
Your witness, please
"Pretty" has said shortly before that you tried
to make the relationship with "Vikram" first.
Is this true?
"Vikram" tried first.
And, unfortunately, I associated with the relationship.
What are the reasons that have been associated
your relationship with "Vikram"?
And then i moved away from " Vikram ".
And "Vikram" wrote to me several letters.
And sent gifts.
I decided to end my relationship with "Vikram.
Is it because I nearly go back?
I did not want to hide this from you.
I was sure that I did something wrong.
Objection, my lord.
I was thinking about you, Are you okay or not?
There was an injury to your head when
I returned to the house on the 27th of April.
Can you tell the court what happened with you?
I will not meet you nevermore" Vikram ".
It's good not to call me after today.
So you will tell "Rustom" about our relationship or should i?
This is not a joke, my darling.
What did you think?
Did i become crazy of you?
So I made a relationship with you?
This is wrong.
I want to revenge from your husband.
He has showed me the power of his uniform.
And now I show him the power of my money.
And brought you here.
This is the real power.
Do not missunderstanding.
Whatever you did an effort and earned money.
A silly man like you will never become a man like" Rustom".
You are a depraved and silly man.
Is this all happened because of "Vikram"?
I am the only one who is guilty.
I should not destroy your trust.
Do you feel regret for what happened?
Objection, my lord.
This is irrelevent to the case.
My lord.
I want Ms." Pretty Mekheja" for cross examination.
Ms" Pretty".
Was Vikram's pistol always with him?
He had a licensed pistol.
I do not know where he took it.
You know that he was irritable.
And he was out his pistol on the easiest things.
Am I right?
Not true at all.
Tell me this.
Is your brother was interested in poetry?
Yes, he was interested in it
Your honor.
This note has been found from his room.
Can you tell me Is this the handwriting of your brother or not?
Can you read this letter
in a bass voive, Miss "Pretty"?
My dear," Cynthia"
"Miss" Pretty
So everyone could hear you.
I used to think that you grew up in "London" and you have modern ideas.
I do not think that you have to regret about yourself
"Rustom "spend months at sea.
And go to foreign countries
and enjoy there.
And I know all this
Now read this message.
Read from here.
You scared for free.
A woman can also made
relationship with more than one man without feeling of guilt.
Thank you.
Think again.
Please, Come in
"Amish Shirky" from "OST Home Department "
How can i help you?
Sir" Bakhchi".
He is senior inspector" Vincend Lobo".
Bombay Police.
He is the investigation officer into the murder of" Vikram Mekheja" case.
And he wants to talk to you about this issue.
I see.
Actually, you won't not believe this.
But i have expected you.
And I'm glad you here.
For the first time I hear of a person he is happy with the arrival of the police.
Why did you drink?
Tea or Coffee?
Tea is very good.
Bring tea.
Well, sir.
Come Mr.Lobo.
Come, please.
Yes, sir.
He called me on the day that he killed" Vikram Mekheja".
And told me all this.
But he missed.
Because he did not know that all communications
to the Ministry of Defense are recorded.
This evidence proves that "Rustam" is guilty without any doubt.
Can you give me a copy of this record?
Of course, this is for you.
Thank you, sir.
But why did not you provide this evidence by yourself?
" Rustom" is a decorated officer.
And there are certin things that you earn Mr.Lobo.
And now you have something that
your earned.
Thank you, sir
50 million has been transferedl to the mentioned account.
Madam, Give me a ticket to "Bombay" for 10:00 am flight.
Sorry, sir
10:00 am flight is full.
I can give you a ticket for 02:00 pm flight.
Stay here.
Get lost.
I'm tired of you.
Prosecution wants to ask some questions to
commanderr "Rustom Pavri", My lord.
Commander tell me.
What is the first thing come to your mind
when you knew about your wife's fleeting relationship?
I wanted to kill" Vikram".
Is not this a wrong idea?
It is not wrong for me.
Is your outlook and others look different?
I am an officer in the indian navy.
Delay is still considered as a serious crime untill today.
And so having a relationship with friend's wife is
a serious crime.
And the greatest crime is to raise your hand on any woman.
And " Vikram" did the both crimes.
And therefore a man like "Vikram" does not deserve to live.
Silence... Silence.
And for this you killed "Vikram Mekheja"?
I just answered your question.
A man like him does not deserve to live.
But it wasn't my desire to kill him.
So What was your desire?
I just wanted to know why he did this to me.
And you has taken the gun from the ship to know that?
Your honor.
I want to call the officer "Aimbist" to prove this.
You were the indian navy ship
"Mysore " officer on the 27th of April.
And i took a pistol from the ship in your attendance.
Am I right?
Yes, sir.
Officer" Aimbist".
Did you aske me to sign in the record when i
took out the gun that day?
No sir.
You have signed in the record on your own.
Is it possible for me to get out this gun from the ship
without telling anyone?
Of course, you can.
In fact there are keys in your room.
And you can get out the pistol and use it
then put it back in it's place.
And no one will know any thing about that.
Silence... Silence.
I have taken the pistol
only for self defense.
Because "Vikram" was losing his consciousness quickly.
And his gun was out because of the easiest things.
This is a new thing.
Do you have any evidence for your words?
Now I will call Mr. "Ranjit Das" to prove this.
What are you doing Mr. "Das"?
Currently I am chief of bartender in the club" Vlendn".
Before this I was a waiter in the" CC Club".
Do you know, "Vikram Mekheja"?
Yes, I know him well.
He was a regular member of the club.
An accident has happened to you in
January last year.
Can you tell me what happened?
"Vikram Mekheja" and you and your wife and Mrs.
"Pretty" were on that day.
They were playing in "Card" room.
Is everything equipped?
I'll also travel there next month.
Are you going to stay in the "Vex" hotel?
How do you know?
Sorry, sir.
Sorry, sir.
I have sinned.
Don't insult me.
Wait... Wait.
Control yourself.
No, stop
let me.
You mean that the juice has fallen out of your hand
on Vikram Mekheja's shoes unintentionally.
And therefore he wanted to shoot you?
That's all, your honor.
Your honor.
I just want to ask a question to Mr." Das".
Are there any other witness saw everything that you said a little while ago
except commander and his wife?
Who agrees on your words and telling us that you are honest.
I do not want to ask more questions, Your honor.
You can go.
Just a minute Mr." Das".
One minute.
Mr." Das".
Can you tell us what the club mangers do when
such an accident happen?
They start to investigate about the accident.
And the club committee should investigateon on this issue well.
My lord.
There has been an organizied meeting after that accident.
And this club is very old since 50 years ago.
And they deal with these problem very serious.
They canceled Vikram Mekheja's membership until the end of the investigation.
And the club return his membership after receiving an apology letter.
It's the meeting files of the Club.
And here is a copy of the apology letter.
And it's written in it clearly that "Vikram Mekheja"
became angry and got out his pistol.
And he apologizes to the heads of the club, saying he would never repeat such an act.
I have proved with this apology letter and Das's words that Vikram
was lose his temper because of the easiest things.
And out his gun quickly.
I have seen his behavoir before.
So I took the gun with me.
And when I went in that day
to "Vikram" to talk to him.
What's up Commander?
You came early.
Are you....?
Are you going to marry "Cynthia"?
Shall I marry every woman I sleep with?
Behave well " Vikram".
Do not forget that you are in my house " Rustom".
If i want...?
So what will you do?
A moment and I'll show you.
I've fired the bullets.
But only for self defense, my lord
sir commander.
Is firing three shots necessary for self-defense?
I must show you something to make
you understand that.
May I, my lord?
Thank you.
This is an essential guide for the training of Indian troops
Can you open page number 24?
Close combat situations.
Now, if you could read the way?
Navy says: Hit first, Hit hard
and Keep on hitting.
You can fire bullets if someone
want to shoot you.
And you have to fire three bullets
at once.
Thank you very much Madam.
My lord.
All of what happened is a reflex action.
Give me the paper
sir commander.
There has been a conflict between you and "Vikram Mekheja"
according to your words?
So why did not Vikram Mekheja's towwl fall from his body
because of the intense conflict?
And there was no pollution on your
whiteuniform according to the police reports?
Sir" Khngana".
Do you want to say that I went to
Vikram's room and spoiled his room with my hands.
And got out the pistol and shot him.
Then took Vikram's pistol and put it in his hand.
And you say all this because there was no
pollution on my uniform?
And because Vikram's towel didn't fall
"Come on Sir" Khngana".
We were not struggling in the mud.
Order... Order.
No other witness for me, your honor.
I now rest my case.
Thank you
" Giori" members.
You 've heard the evidence of both sides.
Excuse me, my lord.
I senior inspector "Vincend Lobo", sir.
I have an important information for this case.
And i want to share it with the prosecution after your permission, sir.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Your honor.
Inspector "Lobo" have done a
very smart investigation and got this evidence.
I ask the court to add this to the case.
What is the evidence?
Commander "Rustom" contact a number in"Delhi"
on the day when" Vikram Mekheja" was killed.
And he did not mention that call.
And he did not tell anyone.
He has been contacted with the Minister of Defense.
And the call has been recorded.
And I want to submit that record to the court.
Commander" Pavri".
Yes, your honor.
Any objection?
Not at all, your honor.
Go ahead.
Are you Mr. "Bakhchi"?
You have a call from" Bombay".
Here you are, Caller.
Good morning, sir.
Who is this?
Commander" Rustom Pavri".
Oh," Rustom".
How are you?
When you have returned?
I want to talk.
Listen to me," Rustom".
I know why you called me.
I will ask "Vikram" to meet you and resolve this matter.
I'm going to a meet him.
But I will not leave him.
Silence... Silence.
Commander" Pavri".
Did you admit that this is your voice?
Now, There is nothing left to prove, your honor.
Commander "Pavri" went to his house.
Then he knew about the love story between
his wife and" Vikram Mekheja".
Then he went to the ship.
And took the pistol from there.
And call the defense minister and told him, "I will not leave him.
Then he went to Vikram Mekheja's house after his call.
And shoot him with three bullets without mercy.
This did not happen unintentionally.
It is a clear case, a murder of the first class.
Commander" Pavri".
Do you want to comment on that evidence?
My lord.
I want to ask Mr. "Khngana" in what dictionary
the meaning of the word "I will not leave him" is i will kill him?
Commander" Pavri".
Do not play the word game, and do not try baffling.
Your call before the crime proves that
What does the word" I will not leave him" means.
Come on, Commander" Pavri".
You've planted to kill" Vikram Mekheja.
Admit it!
I finally rest my case, your honor.
Commander" Pavri".
Do you want to say a closing statement?
No, Your honor.
I've said everything I had to say to prove.
I'm right.
Rest my case.
Thank you.
Silence, please
"Giori" members.
You've heard the evidence of both sides.
And you have seen all witnesses.
And now, you have to take a decision.
Your decision must be
a majority decision.
And there is no specific time for you to make the decision.
Giori's decision will be heard, Tomorrow.
Shut up.
The case have been transferred to" Giori".
Thank you for choosing me as a member of " Giori".
Let's take a vote before the evidence.
Let's start with you.
Of course not guilty.
Where is the doubt?
Of course guilty.
Certainly not guilty.
Not Guilty.
I do not know.
Not Guilty.
And I'm not even sure.
Three members said that commander "Pavri" is guilty.
And four members said he is not guilty.
And Two do not know yet.
Let's start the discussion.
We will win the case.
The death penalty or life imprisonment.
He should receive the death penalty.
He is a killer.
I've decided my vote.
What is your evidence?
That it was self-defense.
He is not a murderer.
Don't fight.
Mr. "Khanna" is right.
I changed my vote.
Not guilty.
What's up Commander?
Sleeping is not coming to you.
It is not coming to you too.
Let's play.
No, commander.
Maybe you understand that I'm not interested in defeat.
You've defeat me in the chess game that day.
And so i defeat you in the court today.
You've lost this game.
Just i will be said because
I did not listen to the truth from you.
Sadness because of me is not something good.
You did not seem happy to me because of your victory?
And sleeping did not take you because you know that there is something wrong.
Let me help you.
Mr." Lobo".
This story started since a year ago
"Vikram" was having many ties with the Navy.
When he know that there is
an old empty aircraft carrier for 15 years in "London".
He start planning with my chief "Rare Aedmarl kamd".
Then he transfeed me to" London ".
When I examined the aircraft carrier
it was completely rotten.
So i refused it.
Do not worry," Rusom".
We get it with half price.
We'll change everything you want
When we take it to India.
What do you think?
Here is the" Vikram".
He will tell you everything.
One scotch, please.
Make a good report.
And I'll give you a million rupees.
And how much you will get?
Why should i hide?
fifty million.
Think about it a little.
You are very normal.
And I have other ways too.
What happened?
And decided to deliver this matter to my superiors.
Because my chief "Rierl Aedmarl"
was involved.
And so i went directly to the Minister of defense" Bakhchi ".
Who was in London in those days.
Yes," Rustom".
Tell me what is the important thing?
Sir, I'm sorry to inform you that there is
a problem with the aircraft carrier.
It's completely rotten.
Did you tell your boss?
Yes, Sir.
I told the officer,"edmarl Kamd" this matter.
And I'm sure he is also involved with "Vikram"
in this contract.
In fact, he offered me a million rupees too.
Just to think about their offer
So I wanted to tell you this directly.
Vikram also a completely stupid.
This is a game of millions.
He should offer you two million.
But do not worry.
I will talk with him.
I will ask him to give you two million.
Do not worry.
And when i did not accept this offer
They transported me in the same night.
And they transfered me to the Indian Navy ship "Mysore"
before filing a complaint against them,
Which was heading abroad for 6 months.
Vikram had used my wife to revenge from me.
And here I'm, sir" Lobo".
The person who talks about protecting his homeland
was not able to protect his house.
It was not Cynthia's fault.
My personal life was on one side
and in the other hand, the aircraft carrier.
This is the reason for which I plan
I want to talk...
Listen to me.
I know why you called me.
I will ask "Vikram" to meet with you and resolve this matter.
I'm going to meet him.
But I will not leave him.
And anotherthing.
I have a copy of the london aircraft carrier
Which proves that theaircraft carrier was moldy.
How much our country lost because of it.
I'll see how you are going to save yourselves
" Rustom", Do not be foolish.
I'll disclose you all.
I have told you before...
I just did not know that my call will be recorded.
And "Bakhchi" will provide half of that
call to the court and revenge from me
"When I got to the house," Vikram.
What's up Commander?
You have come early.
It seems that your wife...
So why you did not disclose
"Bakhchi "and" Kamd "in front of the court?
Civilians must not lose their faith in
Marine, sir "Lobo".
I did not want to abuse the reputation of the Navy
because of some corrupt officers.
And a problem with the protection of our homeland will happened.
I did not want all this.
What about the copy of the aircraft carrier's report?
I do not have any copy of the report.
It was just a bluff.
My only goal was not letting
those rotting ship come to the states.
Aircraft carrier will come to the Navy.
But after change all i want.
Sir commander, What if "Giori" decided that you are guilty tomorrow?
No, sir" Lobo".
I'll come out tomorrow
" Giori "will help me tomorrow.
How could you so sure thus?
You are sitting here.
And " Giori".
And People.
Everyone knows I'm guilty.
But they admit that I should not be punished.
And "Vikram" deserved to die.
And I do not deserve punishment.
Of course he is guilty.
Is this a final decision?
Let's inform the court.
Is the decision of "Giori" a majority decision?
"Giori" have found commander "Rustom Pavri" who accused
of the murder of" Vikram Mekheja"....
With eight members voted.
Not Guilty.
Not Guilty.
Thank you.
Stay away.
Thank you.
Congratulations Commander.
Thank you.
You have succeeded because of my newspaper.
We will criticize the case in the Supreme Court.
But I do not need you.
Let's go to your homes.
Thank you.
Can you ever forgive me?
I can not live without you
Really going to die without you
That's sure
That's sure
Smile and Cry only come from you
You also my life
That's sure
That's sure
I see you in every breath
My death is certain without you
I see you in every breath
My death is certain without you
I can not live without you
Really going to die without you, that's sure
That's sure