RX 100 (2018) Movie Script

[Bus whirring]
Get down, this is the last stop.
Hey, would you drop me at the center?
- Yeah, get inside.
[Door creaking]
[Door Knocking]
I've been waiting since three years.
I got you now.
Hey, someone is fighting here. Come on
Greetings Sir
-Hello Sir.
Greetings Sir..
Greetings Sir.. [Baby crying]
Greetings Sir.. [Siren]
This is the room Sir
-Okay, Don't get up.
He hit hard.
looks like you are badly wounded.
When did you come to the vilage?
I came yesterday night sir.
-Yesterday night?
-Yes Sir.
How did he get to know by the
daybreak that you came in the night?
So, he's waiting eagerly for my men.
Ok, you don't worry. I'll send you money.
Take some rest and come
home once you are healed.
Ok sir.
Another thing.
You don't file any case on him.
I know what to do about him.
I'll talk to the Inspector and
he'll take care of everything.
Take rest
Move guys.
Hand cuff the guy in the prison,
we got to take him to court
Ok sir.
Hey Siva, why do you fight with everyone?
Inspector sir is coming, sit properly.
Come on, sit properly
Don't you know how to
sit in a police station?
Whom are you staring at?
Lower it.
Looks to the ground.
Why did you beat him up?
To cure my itch.
What did you say you rascal?
Do you think we would sit idle when you
go on bashing everyone you come across?
You'll get to know the cop power
once we lock you up and bash you.
Hey inspector. Stop there.
Let go.
Let go of him.
Why did you bring this guy here?
If not, do you think I would pamper him
when he beats up everyone in the village?
Have you seen him beating up?
Do you have any witness?
Come on show me the FIR.
We'll not keep quiet if you bash up people
in the station just on someone's word.
Hey Siva, come on.
Hey Daddy.
You might slip away now.
I'll teach a lesson when
you're caught someday.
Bugger off man.
[Vehice purring]
Why don't you listen to me ever?
Why did you have to hit Nalli?
Do you understand what you are upto?
Why do you make everyone hate you?
I'm scared seeing your deeds.
Just listen to me once.
-Tell me Daddy.
-Please leave the village Siva.
I'll not ask for anything else in life.
Please go Siva.
Ask me anything apart from this Daddy.
I'll do anything for you.
But I will not leave this village till
I get what I like and what I need.
You know well what it is.
The heart is burning like fire
and blood is boiling with ego
The past is poking like
poison in the throat.
The heart is burning like fire
and blood is boiling with ego
The past is poking like
poison in the throat.
The heat in my heart is spreading like cells
and is chasing me to achieve
the race before my death.
Come on guys.
Dare touch me now.
Inexpressible anger has become the pace
as I speed up roaring
It has become a fear for anyone who opposes.
I'll write a heart wrenching
bitter story ferociously with blood
before I hit the death blood,
I will present a new history.
[Fire crackling]
[Footsteps approaching]
What is it?
That Siva is crossing his limits day by day.
What has he done again?
He broke the glasses of our lorries
at the quarry and hit our men bro
He is picking up fights at our quarries.
and Daddy is complaining to the MRO
and Collector about our sand quarries
Let him do it. The MRO is our man.
Siva lay his hands on the MRO too.
We have to take a step against him Kasi.
If you mess with a cat when it is angry,
it revolts like a tiger
If we manhandle anyone of them in a hurry,
the other will not leave us alive
Whatever we plan,
it should be for both of them.
Let's wait till our time arrives.
Not just us,
he's not letting that Viswanatham alone.
He burnt the entire grain in
Viswanatham's farm to ashes in the night.
[Fire doused]
How did all of this happen Viswanatham?
Hey Daddy, stop it.
I know that you're pushing your
guy to do all these activities.
Why would I do it?
Don't be crazy Viswantham.
Would you blame us for everything
happening in the village?
You can mess with me.
But don't drag Siva into this without reason.
You're backing him up well.
Don't think we'd keep dousing
the fire everytime you light it.
I'll burn you down in
that same fire someday.
Oh yeah!
We'll keep watching it when you try to.
-Hey Laxman.
Let's go.
I doubt about the sacks but Viswanatham
seems burnt out completely Daddy.
-Do you think our boy is behind all of this?
-There isn't any doubt in it.
Like the courage to burn down
Lanka is possessed only by Hanuman
who else than our man has the guts to burn
down the property of Viswanatham, Daddy?
Ok, don't blabber this way at places.
Moreover you always stick to him.
-Move now.
-Excuse me.
-How many of them?
Give me one ticket
-They never give proper change.
- Give me a ticket.
[Bell ringing]
[Phone ringing]
Ok. When was that?
[Movie sound]
What is it?
She was a very good lady, god's taken her.
she was always ready to help anyone in need.
God always takes the good first
[Car approaching]
[People crying]
[Heart pounding]
[Instrumental music]
"Like the rainbow in clouds
and the rain drop in the mud"
"You hid like a thorn of love in my heart"
"My naughty wish is burning as
my beautiful hope is unfulfilled"
"Is it to raise the madness
of love in me or to kill me?"
"You're the girlfriend I wished for,
the damsel that left me."
"You're a merciless demon
and the craze in my heart"
"You're a fish-eyed beauty
and a surprising sage"
"You're my moonlight in the dark,
come to me beloved girl"
"How do I live without you?
Come to me girl."
"Can't you be seen to my eyes?"
"I'm living in your thoughts this way"
"I considered you my heart beat"
"How do I live without you?
Come to me girl."
"Can't you be seen to my eyes?"
"I'm living in your thoughts this way"
"You're my heart beat"
"Like the rainbow in clouds
and the rain drop in the mud"
"You hid like a thorn of love in my heart"
"My naughty wish is burning as
my beautiful hope is unfulfilled"
"Is it to raise the madness
of love in me or to kill me?"
[Instrumental music]
"My dear girl, oh beautiful bird"
"My heart slipped down magically"
"and started roaming around you
chanting your name in your quest"
"dancing just like you to reach you"
"How many days or years it might be"
"I would be waiting to see you
even if it takes a hundred years"
"Let there be any dangers
or whirlpools ahead"
"Oh my love,
I will be beside you in everything"
"Shall we exist as one together,
this is a never ending celebration"
"How do I live without you?
Come to me girl."
"Can't you be seen to my eyes?"
[Instrumental music]
"Oh my gosh, my gorgeous babe"
"You are a sweet unforgettable thought"
"Glimpses of your twittering
laugh and the gleam of your eyes"
"Can be seen tempting deep in my heart"
"Wherever I am and whatever I do"
"I keep seeing the love
of billions of my dreams"
"Shall I place you deep
inside my carved heart"
"and worship you with
the flowers of my blood"
"Shall we pull the time backwards?"
"and write our story again?"
"How do I live without you?
Come to me girl."
"Can't you be seen to my eyes?"
[Song Humming]
-Did you bring everything boy?
-I did.
-Come on, serve it fast.
-Do it fast.
So youre finally giving
the wedding party Kannayya.
-Hey Laxman
Look, even hes getting married now.
he is jealous that Im getting married.
-Hey, why would I be jealous?
-What then?
I want you to marry dude.
You think you would be happy after marriage?
Youll be ruined. Understand that.
Why do you say so dude?
You dont know about him daddy
I will tell you now.
"Dont be in the race to wed,
you crazy idiot"
"Dont screw yourself in a hurry for company,
you mad rascal"
"Though the comfort is short, the impact
will ruin your life you waste fellow."
Is it so?
"Hair falls and face swells due
to responsibility and burden"
"You would roam around
the streets like a dog"
"Listening to people call
you a puppet of your wife"
"When youre escaping like a fox covering
yourself like a thief on the streets."
-We will then say.
-What would you say?
"Kannaiah is about to marry.
Hes inviting his death with his marriage"
Daddy, I wont stay here.
"Both of them would change my intention
to get married if I stay here anymore."
Ill leave.
-Hey, stop.
-Ill go
-Sit down
-Ill not stay Daddy, Ill leave.
Ill not remain lifelong bachelor like you.
Hey, stop dude.
My boy, my dearest.
Its been long seeing you happy.
Its completely my mistake in your case.
I couldnt bring you up like I should have.
I need to apologize to
your mom and dad for that.
Hey Siva, do you remember your mom and dad?
They are like Sita and Rama.
You know how good they were?
They used to give even their food
away when someone was hungry.
Your mom and dad are the reason
that I'm in this position today.
They took care of me like their own.
Such great people died in my hands after
meeting with an accident in front of my eyes
The entire village cried except you.
You were so small back then.
Instead of crying seeing them,
you came smiling and hugged me
Ive decided rihat day that youre my world.
I don't need anything but you.
but seeing you like this today
I dont even remember my mom and dad.
I dont even know how they look.
Youre everything for me daddy.
Youre everything for me.
I just need you.
I love you daddy, I love you.
Son, will you do a favor to me?
Tell me daddy, Ill do anything for you.
Listen to me son, leave this village.
I won't daddy.
I can give you my life
for you at your command.
-But dont ask me to go away from here.
-Why won't you go?
Will you stay the same always?
Wont you listen to me at all?
Do whatever you want to.
Hey Laxman, come Okay Daddy.
Hey. Do you need a spacial invite? Come now.
[Water burbling]
Come dear, come on
How was the journey dear?
Stop those outdated dialogues.
Has she come on a bullock cart to be tired?
You get in dear.
-Come in dear.
Greetings sir.
- Greetings.
We came to talk about the land that
we discussed about in our last meet.
You go and freshen up.
Ill arrange for breakfast
Hi granny!
Stop your greetings.
What is with that dress?
However you behave outside this village
don't you know to follow the
customs when you are back?
Youre about to die any day from now,
why do you bother about my dress?
Why do you care about my life?
Would you even come to see me when im dying?
You would give me poison instead.
Whatre you blabbering, you old lady?
Ill give you poison right away, die.
I brought this for you.
Spray at nights and sleep.
You would get awesome dreams.
I don't liking her words and deeds at all.
It's my wish. Ill behave as I like.
Ill open up and walk around if required.
Shut up and keep watching.
-Get my kerchief
-Okay. I will.
Viswanatham, you made her study staying
at a hostel even when I objected.
Forget the education but your
daughter is gone out of control.
Mom, let her be at peace till shes here.
She almost stopped coming
home because of your mess.
-Sir, everyone is ready. Shall we start?
-Here is the kerchief.
Leave her alone mom.
Its time for the counting.
I will leave now.
We shall win this time too sir.
What Daddy, do you have the fear to losing?
Your leader is checking
the counting himself.
Winner always stays a step ahead Kasi,
Hey Laxman, whatever they blabber,
the victory is ours.
Go and turn Gandhi towards us
[Statue rumbling]
Hey you rascal!
[Statue rumbling]
Itll be a fight if your
turn the Gandhi idol.
[Statue rumbling]
Hey. Dont you care for my word boy?
Lets stop it at words
and not get into a fight.
Why would I even talk to you rascal?
Hey, we won!
We won again Daddy!
Mr. Viswanatham won over his opponent
Vempa Kasi with a majority of 3500 votes.
These are hitting us badly
at the last minute everytime.
Ill not leave anybody.
[Engine whirring]
We have no opposition now in the village.
-Hey Nalli.
- Sir.
Is it him or me that won?
Is it me or him who spent money?
[Drums playing] Is it me or
him to get the band played for?
When Im to dance,
why is he celebrating unnecessarily?
Lets talk.
Lets sit and talk openly one day.
Hey, Mr. Viswanatham is coming.
Bring Daddy down carefully
-We won Viswanatham
Wait please.
Victory may be new for all of you.
But I'm used to it.
Ok, come home all of you,
we shall talk there.
Ok. Move.
Hey, arrange for crackers,
we have to rock the party in the evening.
[People celebrating]
[Crackers bursting]
Viswanatham, there is no opposition now.
Now, now we shall do everything
we promised to the public.
Ill see if that Vempa Kasi or anyone
else would come in our way now.
Ok, we shall do it.
What Siva, hows your theatre running?
Its running fine sir.
You are lucky boy. Daddy supports you.
All your endeavours would be great.
Daddy is not an ordinary person.
We could face the tricks played by
Vempa Kasi as we had Daddy with us.
I think your daughter looks just like you.
Don't be sarcastic.
Would she be so beautiful if shes like me?
Shes just like her mom.
Come on have it, have it
What did she study?
Shes done Engineering in Bangalore
Great, then you can get her married now.
Were are already on the same task.
But we should get a good match?
That is right.
-Yes Daddy.
You go and take care of the food
arrangements, its late already.
As you say.
-Excuse me.
-Yes Shiva.
I was asked to check if the food is ready.
Ive made them keep all the food out.
Oh no, I'm unable to know whats
happening out when I'm in the kitchen.
Siva, snacks are hot. Have them first.
I'm sorry.
Why did you touch like that? Cant you see?
Sorry, I didnt notice.
I too am asking you to mind yourself.
Do you even know where you touched me?
-It is here.
Hey, no need to say that.
Didn't you do that on purpose?
I didn't notice you really. I am sorry.
You touched me with a plan for sure.
I will teach you a lesson.
[Motorcycle approaching]
Come on, dont push.
Tickets are available. Why hurry?
-Go slowly.
-Seshu, hows the collection?
Super bro, its rockingl.
If it remains the same for another month
We could build another
theater in our village.
Ok, account all the collection
and give it to daddy.
Ok bro.
-Oh no. Nalli.
-You go and bring coconuts.
-Ok madam.
-Go and catch them.
Come on drive. Fast.
Come fast.
Climb up.
May they be damned. May god curse them.
Hey, shut up.
I might die of your screams.
He sent goons to attack as
he couldnt bear losing.
It's Vempa Kasi that has done all of this.
His anger is not about losing but
about the a share in sand quarry
What's about the share in sand quarry?
-Hey Shiva, are they caught?
-No daddy, I missed them.
But theyre Vempa Kasis men for sure
Come on, lets see their end.
Hey Daddy,
you dont get emotional for nothing.
I know how to deal with them well.
We get many chances if we
wish to win over the enemy.
But we get very less chances to finish them.
Why did you just threaten
them and come back?
I didnt expect Daddy
and Siva to be there bro.
We should finish them first.
They think several times
before even hitting someone.
But we never even think
even once to kill someone.
I dont need them to die,
but a share in the sand ramp.
I contested the election just for that.
In a way its for our
good that he missed it.
Already Viswanatham wouldve
been shivering with fear.
Keep watching,
he will come for a compromise with me soon.
Did you called for me Grandma?
Have you come Siva?
Im just an elder at home but no one cares.
No one accompanies even to the temple
Thats why I have to
call you for everything.
That's okay grandma, come on. Ill take you.
Ill come in two minutes.
[Phone ringing] Have you made
the material for prayers ready?
Yes mother in law
Yes brother, tell me.
Weve taken up distribution
of Mahesh Babus next film.
That's great bro.
-Ive called to book your theater too.
-You need not sll that brother.
It would run for 100 days
in our theater for sure.
Get the repairs done if any,
as it is the film casting a big star.
I will take care everything brother.
Will do that for sure.
Maintenance expenses have gone up.
arrange for some funds brother
Shall we start Siva?
Please come.
Thank God.
-Is the theater running good, Siva?
-Its running fine
Please be seated
Ok son.
Pains are a part of life as I grow older
Where are you coming?
To the temple.
-Didn't you deny coming earlier?
-I said I'm coming now.
Go sit in the back.
Huh, ok.
Do you know how to drive?
Other than being a girl, she has got every
other qualities right from childhood.
You sit down Siva
[Vehicle purring]
Oh no. Oh God. Drive carefully girl.
You idiot, I need to visit the
god at the temple, not in heaven.
We are at the Temple, please stop now.
-Thank god, I was about to die.
- Me too grandma
-Siva, bring me down please.
-Please come.
Slowly grandma. Careful.
Thank God
Get down now.
Ill not come to this temple, you can go.
-Ive an offering at another temple.
-You bluff taking the name of offerings.
This is just a reason for you to go around.
Ive got some other works.
Ill drop you wherever you want to.
Hey, be seated.
Hey you, sit down.
Hey, why are you so serious?
Should I too take it
seriously that you touched me?
Tell me?
Do you think Im your driver?
Why are you looking elsewhere carefully?
What else should I do?
Oh! Will you do whatever I say?
Hello, who would change the gear?
Engage the third gear
Dont touch.
Enough now.
-Hi Siva!
-Hey Swapna, hi
Is she your girlfriend?
No, a known girl.
A known girl?
-Dont you know?
It's better you dont know.
[Bell ringing]
[Devotional song playing]
Looks like you had a strong wish.
What did you wish for?
Hello, it's you that Im asking.
We shouldnt let out what we wish god for.
Oh! So you have some unfulfilled wishes too.
This week's collection should
top that of the last week Daddy.
We shall release a good movie Daddy.
What is this?
-Why are all the tractors halted there?
-No idea Daddy.
Why did you stop here guys?
We came to take the sand Daddy.
They are asking money from us too.
WHo is asking you for money?
The Godavari here belongs to our village.
Everyone born here have
a right on this sand.
Whos that fellow asking money?
Come with me.
Why are you collecting money from our
people in our village quarries, idiot?
Aren't you a henchman of Vempa Kasi?
What business do you have here?
Don't ask me. Viswanatham asked me
to collect it. You better ask him.
Is it Viswanatham?
Whatre you saying?
Yes, he said not to give sand without
paying challan even to the villagers.
Is the sand his property
or yours not to give?
Come on guys, we shall talk to Viswanatham.
-Hey, you come along.
-Ravi, bring him.
Come on move.
Ok, we shall support him as you all said.
ZP chairman should be in our hands finally,
isnt it?
That's It.
-That's right!
Viswanatham, did you ask him to
collect money at the sand quarry?
We shall talk about that later.
As we thought.
- Its not right.
Its wrong to collect money from villagers.
Everyone has a right on that sand.
Ask your people to stop it.
Who are you to ask me to stop?
You think Ill stop it if you come
with a few guys and ask me to stop?
Do you know what was my
expense during the election?
Do you know how much did I
pay to the guys behind you?
-Did I ask you to distribute money?
-We should do it.
I won becauseI did. Do you think
I won as you got the votes for me?
I would end up on the roads
if I do whatever you say.
Are you doing this for money or have you
joined hands with Vempa Kasi in fear?
-Youre crossing your limits.
-Huh, Id have given you money if needed
I didnt make you win to do these
things by joining hands with idiots
What are you saying?
What did you think about me?
-Be careful Viswanatham, dont mess with me.
-Push him out.
What crap are you talking?
How dare you lay your hand on Daddy,
you rascal.
-How dare you lay hands on us?
-Hey, whats all this?
Hey, stop.
Do you have even this shade?
Ive never noticed it.
-Listen to me.
I wanted to tell you something since long.
I like you.
Im crazy about you.
I dont know how else to tell you.
You say yes and we will love here,
get married here,
lets have our first night here, have kids
here and we shall die together right here.
Is it ok for you?
[Instrumental music]
"Shower of moonlight has unexpectedly
filled the eyes without dreaming."
"Shower of words filled the lips,
like the tides have raised"
"Roses blossomed in this mud,
the bamboos are playing tunes"
"These spells were never in
me since all these days."
"Beautiful flowers fill the sickle,
the pots are filled with hibiscus."
"The ships are filled with silk curtains.
The skies are spread under the steps."
"Like the beautiful butterfly
leaving the silk cocoon."
"Like the beautiful truth
coming out of a barren land."
"The silky beauty has pulled me towards
her and I don't know what happened."
"Whats wrong with me?"
"Your kiss is calling me
even though I'm denying it"
"Its killed me"
"The beautiful colors never seen before"
"Have blossomed as a painting in the heart"
"Beautiful flowers fill the sickle,
the pots are filled with hibiscus."
"The ships are filled with silk curtains.
The skies are spread under the steps."
[Instrumental music]
"Im jumping in joy like an infant. I'm
turning into a naughty fellow from a loner."
"Im shining like the moonlight even
in the sun, Whats wrong with me?"
"Even my routes I take daily
have forgotten who I am"
"All these strange things in
me have never been dreamt of."
"Beautiful flowers fill the sickle,
the pots are filled with hibiscus."
"The ships are filled with silk curtains.
The skies are spread under the steps."
Hey lift that.
Come on Laxman, hit it.
Come on.
That's it.
Raju hit it.
Hey, why dont you go and play?
I can't Daddy.
What can you do then?
-Come on hit it.
-Yes, hit it.
Hey, stop for a while.
Hey. Come on get the ball.
Get up dear.
Hey, play carefully boys.
Ok Daddy.
Whose daughter are you?
Ive never seen you here.
Im the daughter of Saroja.
Which Saroja?
They call her Vasanthawada Saroja.
Im her daughter.
"Sindhura Puvva song from
Sindhura Puvvu movie"
Are you Sarojas daughter?
You have grown up dear,
whatre you studying?
2nd year of intermediate.
Ok, study well
Go carefully
Go dear..
Your eyes shine just by
listening to the name of Saroja,
Hey, go man.
"There are similarities between
you and the long haired beauty"
"Why does she too have the
same walking style as yours?"
Ill hit you rascal.
"Those large eyes and this sharp
nose are similar and great."
"In Vasanthawada, in that Vasanthawada"
I don't know when you planted a
seed but its now become a tree."
I have a doubt on this bachelor daddy."
-Youre dead idiot.
-Oh no.
-Stop rascal
-Oh no, my God
Careful rascal, youre dead if I catch you.
Youre blabbering as you like.
I will kill you.
Is it!
Hes dead today if I catch him.
[Motorcycle sound]
-Hey Siva, catch him.
-You go man.
Whats the matter dude?
I got to talk about
something with you Daddy.
I never expected you to give such a shock.
It would have been better
if you told this 4 days ago.
I would have spoken to that Viswanatham.
But we both have been
into tiffs since 4 days.
If at all we go and ask him now,
hell think we have trapped her willingly.
I need Indu whatever anyone thinks Daddy.
She too likes me more than her life.
You and your words sound new.
Ok, be patient for a few days.
Ill go and talk to Viswanantham
after these fights settle down
Is it okay?
Thank you Daddy.
Thank you.
That's enough.
My friend is leaving for UK.
So Im going to Rajahmundry to send her off.
All her friends are happily
married and settled down in life,
But this girl is happily
moving around like an oxen.
Dad, will you mute her or shall
I press her neck and finish her?
Mom, why do you care about her? I told
you a lot of times not to mess with her.
-Do you need the car?
-No need daddy, Ill go by bus
Hello where are you going?
Give me two tickets to the locks.
Here, dont you have change?
Stop for a while.
Start off.
What did you say at home?
I lied that that I'm going to
meet a friend in Rajahmundry.
-Why are you laughing?
[Instrumental music]
"Who has caught the heart and flew
it like a kite tying a thread to it?"
"Who has held the legs, tied wheels to them
and led them like a chariot of flowers?"
"Its none other than the
naughty me hiding within you"
"Where are you looking? Im just beside you"
"Say this word again like elexir,
Ill listen to this song hundreds of times."
"Ill come with you even for lakhs of miles"
-Hey Siva, do you have a habit of smoking?
- No.
Girls like the guys who smoke.
And you?
I too like it, so I brought it just
if you have a habit of smoking.
[Instrumental music]
"Have you heard of the tunes
hidden in the heart of a Mynah?"
"There are a lot of gleaming
flashes in the flying Tuna fishes"
"The pace in you and the
music from the piercing air"
"I forgot the fight in between the
doves with this sweet disturbance"
"Did you see so many starry soaps
washing the backs of the clouds?"
"Did you see the eye of the
evening making the sun go red"
"Whatever it is,
will you tell me who sculpted such a beauty?"
"Its none other than the flowing
happiness within you that acts as a chisel"
"Im here as your love to
sculpt you beautifully"
"Say this word again like elexir,
Ill listen to this song hundreds of times."
"Ill come with you even for lakhs of miles"
[Instrumental music]
"Who named this love and gave an age to it?"
"Who opened the doors for love
and who gave the first kiss?"
"Whatever it is,
who would bring down this tension in me?"
"Its none other than the
overflowing naughtiness in you."
"Im here with you to keep you on track"
"Say this word again like elexir,
Ill listen to this song hundreds of times."
"Ill come with you even for lakhs of miles"
[Birds chirping]
[Vehicle engine]
-Didn't you start to the theater yet?
-Leaving now daddy.
Leave soon.
What is this?
When all the friends were having it,
I too tried to have a taste.
When life brings a need to you,
you got to experience that for sure.
But if anything crosses the limits,
the need will turn into addiction.
Dont let that happen.
You know,
I was caught smoking at home by Daddy.
Is it? What did you tell him?
I lied to Daddy for the first time for you.
-Oh! Really?
You got to say many more of such things.
Come here
Hey, what are you doing?
Don't talk.
You know what romance is? Shall I teach you?
Siva, romance should have pain in it.
Place your hand on my waist. Come on.
Pull me closer to you.
Not so hard.
Kiss me
I dont know.
Its very simple. Ill teach you.
Place your upper lip on my upper lip.
I dont know what you would do
but we are meeting tonight again.
Thats all.
This night? Okay.
[Motorcycle rumbling]
Careful Indu.
"Hey man who put the tattoo,
Ill share my beauty with you"
Did you tell anyone about us?
- No, I didnt tell anyone
Hey, tell me the truth.
Actually, I told daddy.
Haven't I told you not to tell anyone Siva?
Why did you tell him?
If it opens up to all,
it would reach my dad.
Let him know, he should get to know someday.
Not some Tom, Dick and Harry saying it Siva,
If I tell him, the fights can be avoided.
Daddy will not tell anyone,
he likes me a lot.
I too love him like my life
Youre lying.
Whats there to lie?
Any person will like and
love just one person.
You recently said that Im your life and
now you are saying your daddy is your life.
Tell me the truth,
whom do you like the most among us?
Dont keep thinking, say it fast.
Its you.
I love you.
You dont be tensed, Ill convince my dad.
-Open your shirt buttons dumbo.
Why do you ask?
Hey, whats this Siva?
Why do you need the phone at odd times?
It's not like that Indu, Im unable
to live without you even for a moment.
These photos are everything
for me when youre not with me.
Ok, its very late. Lets leave now.
So fast?
We shall meet tomorrow again.
It's enough for now.
Come on.
Daddy, when did you come?
What man, you got very busy these days?
You don't even care this Daddy too!
Nothing of that sort Daddy.
everyone gets a chance to love in life.
But only a few people get the stage to
forget the world and be happy in love
You are in that stage now.
Enjoy it.
Ill talk to Viswanatham
myself on a fine day.
-Ok, Im going out.
-Ok daddy.
[Phone ringing]
Tell me Indu.
Hey Siva, everyone at home have
gone out and would be back late.
You come fast.
At this time?
Hey fool, right now. Come fast.
Ok, Im coming.
[Instrumental music]
"The trembling heart, the shivering lip"
"Your company is so sweet"
"Growing love is like a spreading calamity"
"Im melting down in your hug"
"Like a whirlpool of
thoughts in your warm lap"
"Shall I end my life, my dear?"
"Is it a boon in which I do not
know the truth and imagination."
"Hey time,
freeze down as a dream like a statue"
[Instrumental music]
"Hey beautiful lady lion,
a sandalwood sculpture"
"Do you have the pace of a young cobra?
You came to me as yourself."
"The games played with you
are like hunting in kisses"
"Shall I cross the heavens
leaving the restrictions?"
"Oh deep valley,
it is not possible to guess you"
"Hey time,
freeze down as a dream like a statue"
[Instrumental music]
"Hey lust, dont get cooled down,
burst out like a raging fire"
"Let the heat from nerves
melt down as tears"
"Without you in me, without uniting with me"
"This whole world isan
empty space for my eyes"
"This is the pleasure,
the holy heavens are ours now"
"Hey time,
freeze down as a dream like a statue"
"The trembling heart, the shivering lip."
"Your company is so sweet."
"Like a whirlpool of
thoughts in your warm lap"
"Shall I end my life, my dear?"
"Is it a boon in which I do not
know the truth and imagination."
"Hey time,
freeze down as a dream like a statue"
Im afraid at the thought of going home.
My dad is pressurising me to get married.
He is behind me to get married
to some guy from the US.
A guy from the US?
Ill kill him.
I will kill him whoever he is.
Not just your dad but will
oppose even that god for you.
Hey, cool.
I told you what they said. Thats all.
Why are you getting worked up?
Still, if they get me married
to someone I dont like
You come to the place wherever I am.
He would run away seeing both of us.
I wont let it go so far Indu.
Oh! What would you do?
Ok, lets do something.
We shall marry right here and right now.
Are you okay with it?
Hey, whats wrong?
Siva, whats wrong?
Siva, where are you going?
Ive been waiting for you to say this.
Come on.
Have you gone mad?
Is this how we get married?
It should happen before
everyone in a grand manner.
How many more days do we wait Indu?
My breath is about to stop even at
the thought of being away from you.
I cant bear this anymore.
Siva, Ill go and discuss
about us to dad right away.
Ive delayed it already.
My dad wont agree to it easily.
Ill convince him somehow.
You dont be tensed at all. Is that okay?
Come, lets go
[Birds chirping]
Do you remember everything I told you Siva?
Let any number of fights happen,
Dont come anywhere near my house till
I set everything right and call you.
Dont even call me too. Is that okay?
Today, it's between me and my dad.
I dont feel like leaving you.
Go now.
"Darling! Oh my darling!"
Come on drink Laxman.
Come on guys, should I tell you again?
Go on.
-Hey Laxman
Get married man.
Don't I not have wishes daddy?
Who would give me a girl?
Shall I look for a girl?
Do that favor on me Daddy.
I will worship you
I will get you married.
[Motorcycle purring]
[Dialing phone]
[Phone ringing]
Where are you Daddy?
Ive out boy.
I got to talk to you urgently Daddy.
Tell me.
Indu went home saying she would
discuss about us with her dad.
Im tensed thinking how he would react.
What would he react my foot!
Go get her and Ill get
you married at the temple.
Not like that Daddy, listen to me.
You go there once.
I felt its better if you are
present when Indu tells her dad.
Not like that boy.
Ok, Ill go for you.
What would he say?
At the most, hell insult me
and later he will agree himself.
If not Viswanathams house,
Ill go anywhere for you. Okay?
Hey Viswanatham, youre finished today.
[Rooster call]
The number you have called is not available.
Sorry, the number you are calling
is currently switched off.
[Phone ringing]
-Hey Laxman.
-Tell me Siva.
Wheres Daddy?
Daddy? He left after talking to youon call.
Has he not come home? Whats wrong dude?
The customer you dialed is out of reach
[Phone ringing]
-Daddy, where are you?
Hey, you dont you be any tensed.
I met with an accident in the night.
An accident?
Where has that happened?
[Motorcycle purring]
Not that tablet Daddy, this one.
Why didnt you inform me idiot?
I asked him not to.
What is this Daddy?
I started to Viswanathams house
in the night to talk about you.
A small accident took place on the way.
So, didnt you go?
What could have happened there and
what would be Indu's situation.
Shes not answering the phone too daddy.
Nothing wouldve happened,
you dont get tensed.
Will Viswanatham celebrate and welcome
you listening to your name or what?
It would take some time dear,
you got to be patient.
Ok, you go to Krishnaraos farm
and bring the money he gives.
Hey It's you that i'm talking to.
Go and get the money.
[People chattering]
-Hey, is it done there?
-Yes sir.
Come on make it fast.
-Come on tie them all fast.
-Krishnarao sir.
Daddy sent me to get money.
Yes, he told me. Its late already.
[Phone ringing]
Hey Siva.
[Instrumenatal music]
Even after your heart has
warned you and thrown you out
Even after you are surrounded by agony,
why does this happen?
Have the eyes melted?
Has the time chased you?
Did the feet run? Why is that so?
The blood has boiled and
raised like a tide this way
My heart is broken and shattered.
Heart is shattered and dreams are faded,
my heart has left me.
Has the world stood still?
Has sorrow called you?
Is just empty space that's left?
Why is it so?
Did feet forget the way even after searching
in the race of journey? Why is it so?
Time is moving when the steps are
falling heavy, whats this disturbance?
Air has stood still making breathe stop
and every moment is filled with agony.
Siva, please go away.
Whats happening here?
I told my father about us last night.
There's been a fight at home since then.
My dad is threatening to kill me.
It is fine if he kills me too,
but I can't live without you Siva.
Come with me, we'll leave from here.
How dare you and Daddy play games with
me taking advantage of my lenience?
You! Push him out.
-Push him out
Hey. Come.
Come on. Move.
Hey, get out you!
Come on get down.
Come with us.
Come guys
-He shouldnt escape. Got it?
-Ok brother
[Machine whirring]
[Shutter creaking]
Pull him in.
[Machine whirring]
[Machine whirring]
[Groaning] [Shutter creaking]
Why did you come back again man?
The house is locked, where are all of them?
What is happning?
Why do you hit me brother?
Indu madam got married.
Everyone went to Hyderabad to see
her off as she was flying to the US.
I think, she wouldve left to the
US yesterday night itself brother.
[Auto-rickshaw rumbling]
Hey stop. Right here.
Nothing has changed.
It's the same houses
and the same dirty faces
Faces without a charm, bloody villagers.
Okay. How much do I pay?
Give me whatever you wish to.
Why? Cant you say it?
Tell me how much do I pay?
You cant pay what I ask for.
You mean I cant pay you what you ask for?
Ask me to give my house, lands and my
bank balance man! Tell me how much is it?
Give me 50 bucks.
Will anyone charge 50 bucks
for such a short distance?
Take this 10.
-Damn! A bad way to start a morning with this pig.
-Get lost.
What would I do staying here?
Hey bro, have you come for the festival?
No dear,
I came to see you as I was missing you.
-You havent changed dude!
-Wont you offer me a tea if I didnt?
There he starts it.
Get him a tea.
Its manners to offer
water before giving tea.
To hell with his lavishness.
Man! Is it tap water? Do you know I can't
drink anything other than mineral water?
Krishnam Raju sir fired his servant recently
as he didn't give me mineral water to drink.
Krishnam Raju Sir?
-Why did you visit his house bro?
You ask me why? He has been forcing
me to look for a bride for his son.
His son doesn't like anyone so easily.
So, he placed that responsibility on me.
It's a great responsibility bro!
Hey Katari.
My daughter is into her
second year of graduation.
We too are looking for a groom for her.
Why not you have a word with Raju Sir?
Is it?
In that case visit my house
in the evening with her pic.
Theyre desperate. Ill connect you to them.
Oh no, hes blabbering a lot.
I shoot to stop him somehow.
Bro, I got to share a news with you.
Tell me dude.
Ambanis PA is bothering me
with his calls every day.
What for?
As they laid all the gas pipes from here
They are leaking somewhere
So hes pushing me to figure it out somehow.
Is it?
Let me see what you say now.
That's it. Ive been getting calls from
him continuously for the last three days.
From whom?
Who else, Mukki Ambani.
Oh no.
As Im not answering his calls
looks like Ambanis PA found put that
you and I live in the same village.
And hes on to you.
Promise me something.
If he calls you again, you should
never say that Im back in the village
and that we both hail from the same village.
Oh no.
-How many thinks can I handle?
Should I not have some
energy left in me too?
Order two Samosas.
-Give him two Samosas.
-I asked for tea.
has he gone to fetch milk now?
Youre low on patience bro. He will get it.
When would he serve the tea?
-Hell give you after you eat, go on.
-That sounds good.
You are very hungry.
-Catch this.
-Hello Daddy.
-Hey Katari!
-You seem to have just arrived!
-Yes daddy.
Hows your job now?
What do I say Daddy.
I just came on a day's leave to the festival
and they have already called me a 100 times.
Theyd shut down the company
if Im not there daddy
Did you think anything about our Siva?
Hes doesn't listen to me at all.
A person needs to be instructed in the right
manner. It's only then he would get it.
Youre soft and hence he
doesn't get what you say.
Ill take him with me before
I leave after the festival.
Do something and take him wth you.
Sure daddy.
-Hey, why are you here?
-This fellow.
Come with me. I have some work with you.
Thank god, Im saved.
-See you.
-Ok daddy.
He is scewed now.
-See you bro.
[Crowd cheering] [Instrumental music]
"My name is beautiful jasmine.
I hail from the charming village"
"My age is sixteen, try me"
"If you disagree, Ill show what Im today"
"We shall dance and see whos the best."
"Music should rock,
come to show you talent and enjoy"
"Come again and again to enjoy."
"Come if you dare to.
Come if you seek romance."
[Instrumental music]
"My beauty is a hot pan,
it would give you a high if you touch it."
"Seeing the dashing youth, it swings with."
"Come into the lap and forget the world"
"If you wish to see the heavens,
come to us."
"Come on to start the music and enjoy"
"Come close. Come if you dare to.
Come if you seek romance."
"Hey beautiful girl. Were all ready
for romance, get ready and come"
"Only the man who throws the jiggling
note will have my sweet treasures."
"Well get you the money by the morning,
trust us, were good at heart."
"Dont dupe me with fake words cheap fellow,
get aside if youve no money"
What did you tell daddy you idiot? Huh?
[Birds chirping]
Indu, come.
Come out
Im here Indu.
Your Shiva is here, come on lets go
Today let's put and end for
three years of our separation.
Why are you screaming at my house man? Huh?
Dont you know the reason?
Your daughter loved me.
What are you blabbering idiot?
What are you talking ?
Hey! Dont shout.
You got her married and sent her away
when you came to know about our love.
Why do you talk like you know nothing now?
Shes my Indu, shes mine forever.
Shes come for just me
Indu, come out.
Little do your dad and these
villagers know about your love for me.
Come out and tell these people so
that they can understand. Come out.
Why do you keep watching the show?
Drag this fellow out.
Hey, we've got no personal tiffs.
-Just keep watching whatever happens here.
-Hey you creep.
Are you threatening us?
I'm not threatening you.
I can even kill anyone if required.
Hey, youre making a mess about a married
girl at her home. Do you have any sense?
-Indu, Im waiting for you since three years.
Your love gave me the strength to wait.
No one can separate us both.
Ill not leave from here till you come out.
[Phone ringing]
Hello Mahesh.
Ive been sharing my pain
with this bike since you left.
This is the only thing that's left
as a proof of our love in this world.
Hey get up you.
It's you I'm talking to, get up!
You bloody.
Hey, catch him.
-Inspector, drag him out.
Dont leave him.
He shouldnt dare to come
near this house again.
Indu, you dont fear anyone.
Ill come and get you.
Ill show you what I am
at the police station.
Hey. Come on get in.
-Leave me
-Hold him.
-Come on hold him.
[Siren] Don't talk.
Hey, he was talking about some proof.
Burn that vehicle down.
As you say sir.
[Doors creaking]
[Vehicle approaching]
-Bring me a tea
-Okay Sir.
Where is Siva?
Hey daddy, why are you so late?
Werent you in the village?
I waited for you to come for so long
and just finished treating
your boy in my style.
My dear.
No one filed a case.
I havent written the FIR too.
Ive already warned you that Ill show
you what I am if he is caught this time.
You can't even imagine what would I do if
he dares go to that house one more time.
Come boy.
[Doors creaking]
[Rooster crowing]
Hey Siva.
Where did he go now?
Its been three years since you left me.
The pain I went through for
these three years without you
I couldnt express that to anyone
and waited crazily for you.
But I know that youll
come for me some day Indu.
Youre going through the same
pain there as me here, Indu.
Every time I cry thinking of you
its not tears but blood
rolling out from my eyes Indu.
Anyway, whom can I share my
pain with other than you Indu?
Why are you silent even when
I've been talking so much?
Say something.
You came back after so many years.
When Ive been roaming around
your house like a mad dog
You don't even like to meet me atleast.
You are now the wife of another man ain't it?
My love doesn't end when the girl I
loved gets married to some other guy.
Why are you scared Indu?
Its me, your Siva.
The same Siva whom you
loved more than your life.
Ok, come on.
Ill take you away.
Ill not keep quiet if anyone
comes in between us now.
It should be decided today.
Careful Indu, come.
Come with me Indu.
Siva. Siva let go. Siva leave me.
Siva leave me.
Have you gone you mad?
Do you understand what you are doing?
Yes, we did love each other.
We had so many dreams.
But none of those dreams came true Siva.
If you had really loved me
you would wish that I be
happy with whoever I am.
But you would not behave
in such sadistic manner.
It was the same back then.
You let out our matter to the whole village.
You are ruining my life
now doing the same again.
Damn. Your love is so fake.
What the hell did you just say?
You call my love fake?
You are lying to me fearing your dad.
-Come let's go.
We have no relation with your
dad and the people here, come on.
Siva let go.
-Come Indu.
-Siva, let go of my hand.
-Listen to me, come with me.
-Siva, leave
- Come with me.
-Siva, leave me.
- I'm there with you from now on.
-We need not fear anyone from today.
-Leave me Siva.
Hey, leave her alone.
-Leave her.
Let go of her hand.
How many times do I tell you not to come
back? Didn't I tell you not to come back?
Come on, lets go.
- Leave my hand Siva.
Siva. Whatre you doing? Leave her.
I'm telling you to leave her.
Let go of her boy.
-Take him.
Come Siva.
What tricks do the both of you play!
You show your anger on me.
Why do you show it on the females at home?
Do you intend to ruin my daughter's life?
Forgive me Viswanatham.
Ill not let the mistakes
committed till now repeat again.
How can you claim that when you
couldn't stop them all this time.
I know how to deal with him,
you leave right now. Go!
What happened?
Get into the vehicle.
Get into the vehicle right now.
Get in, get into the vehicle.
Why's he getting worse day by day?
[Vehicle purring]
Whats your problem? Huh?
Tell me what do you intend to do.
Get down
Get down first.
Why dont you talk?
I cant live without Indu, daddy
I couldnt take it when she
was away from me for so long.
Then, how can I be at peace if they say
she doesn't belong to me ever daddy?
Hey, she is married now and
is a wife to someone now.
That was a forced marriage.
A wedlock is a wedlock whether
it's by force or by responsibility.
You have to forget her once
she is married to someone else.
My love isn't a one time event in life
like a birth or death to forget about it.
Its like a tide in the sea,
which never stops.
Have you lost your mind?
In the days people change a girl every week
why are you torturing a married
girl on the name of love?
She is not even willing to see you.
But you are still behind her.
Damn! What kind of a man are you? Don't
you understand how much ever I tell you?
It's you who doesn't understand.
Ive been waiting for her since 3 years
without forgetting her for a while.
-She came back for me as my love is true.
-Shut up rascal.
Youre going on and on with the same thing.
You will end up losing me too if you
even if you go anywhere near that house.
What daddy? Are you trying to threaten me?
You think whatever you want to.
But you cannot go to that house.
I will.
She is scared to come with me.
Ill drive that fear away. Ill prove it
to all of you that she has come for me.
You won't get it this way.
Youve turned sadistic.
I committed a big mistake
supporting you all these days.
I will have to share the
punishment along with you.
We both are leaving this village tomorrow.
I'm not coming.
If at all I come, that would be with Indu.
Who is giving you a choice?
I know how to take you.
[Doors creaking]
You always think about that girl
but why not about him daddy?
Whats there to think boy?
If she has so scared, why did she love him?
Why marry someone else on her dad's force?
-Doesn't she care about him daddy?
-Who said she loved him boy?
Who do you think is scared?
Do you think she loved
him or she fears her dad?
She has never loved him all throughout.
She is a devil that uses men for her lust.
What are you talking about daddy?
It is true.
Siva called me that day
and asked me to go to Viswanatham's house as
Indu was going to talk to her dad about them
I met with an accident on that day.
I lied to Siva that I met with the
accident on the way to Viswanathams house.
But I didn't meet with the accident
while going there, but on my way back.
I don't feel like leaving you.
Dad, I got to talk something with you.
I got to talk something important with you.
Tell me whats it?
I like a guy.
What are you talking dear?
Go inside.
Daddy, why are you so serious?
Why do you show your anger on me over mom?
Say it.
I love a guy.
and he loves me a lot
Ive come here to talk about that matter.
But, I couldnt tell you all these days.
His name is Mahesh.
He is my classmate in Bangalore.
His entire family is settled in the US.
He want to marry me and take
me to the US along with him.
All of them are in Vijayawada at
present and thus Im saying this now
I think you cant get me
a better match than this.
What are you talking about?
I know that you understood it.
Either with or without your consent,
Ill marry Mahesh for sure.
Why are you silent? Say something.
Call him.
Call him right away.
I will get you both engaged tomorrow.
Ill get you married within
10 days and send you.
Is it true dad?
Love you dad.
I was so tensed about how to convince you.
Ill call Mahesh right
away and ask them to come.
Why do you need the phone at odd times?
Siva, what are you doing?
Why did you come here?
-Push him out.
I want Indu daddy, she too loves me a lot.
I love a guy. His name is Mahesh.
[Tyres screeching]
Her look is a lie, every word is a lie,
her love is a lie.
The person herself is a lie.
I was scared about what would happen to Siva
and what he would do to her
if he came to know about this.
I thought he would forget her in
two or three months or an year max.
He didnt forget her.
He has finally come to this.
Why did you leave it when you knew it daddy?
You shouldve asked Indu seriously.
You fool.
Any lady erring knowingly would
convert every moment in her favor.
By the time I was out of the hospital,
I came to know that she was already engaged.
Siva was nowhere to be found.
I searched a lot and finally
went to her house to ask her.
You are committing a mistake dear.
He is very innocent. He loves you so dearly.
I tried a lot to tell my dad,
but he is not convinced.
Enough of your acting. I know everything.
I overheard your discussion last night.
Oh! So you've heard it?
You made him fall madly in love with
you and are now marrying someone else.
You aren't just cheating Siva,
but your parents too.
And are cheating your own self.
Hello, what is this? As I keep hearing,
you are trying to say I've cheated.
We did go around and it's done.
He took it a bit seriously, but not me.
Just for that reason,
how can he think that is life?
He is living in the imaginary
world of love believing your words.
But hes not aware that all of
it is a trap of lies by you.
I dont care whether you
think it's love or treachery.
Hes ok to have fun with,
but not for marriage
Thus Ive taken an option.
An option? Is it?
So you need a tough guy to have
fun with and a soft guy to marry.
That's right. So what is it now?
You are talking as if it's a
girl's life that is ruined?
How simply are you concluding it?
When he said he loves Indu, I thought you
have ethics as you are an educated girl.
But I never expected you are characterless.
So have you came to know now?
Go and tell him.
You've just seen his love girl.
Not his anger.
Hell not leave you alive for a
second once he knows the truth.
He already made a mistake loving you.
I can't ruin his life by letting
him make the mistake of killing you.
Don't waste my time by
blackmailing me emotionally.
I dont care.
Why do I need to blackmail you?
Just keep watching.
Ill make him forget you and get him married
to a better and beautiful girl than you.
Do whatever you wish to.
Viswanatham locked up Siva in the rice
mill till his daughters wedding was done.
and got him beaten up badly.
When I came to know about it, I thought
of hacking everyone of them to death.
But as his life will be ruined by whatever
I do, I let them go to stop these fights.
When you were asking him to leave the
village, I thought that was your anger.
but I didn't know you had so
much agony in your heart daddy.
It's okay. Let's go.
Why are you gloomy?
Are you tensed?
Why would I be tensed?
Anyways, why would u be tensed about
his torture for these few days?
But Im very tensed.
Because he has been
torturing me since 3 years.
He is beating my men up,
burning my properties down.
Finally he has come to a stage where he came
home, pulled you by hand and made a mess.
Everyone is saying why am I being
silent and why am I not doing anything?
But they dont know that my daughter is
the reason behind him turning that way.
And it's all my daughter's fault.
Whats my fault?
What did I do?
Damn, dont fake it. I know everything.
No father in the world would say his
daughter is an idiot. I am doing the same.
To take any action, I fear about what proofs
he has and what he would do with them.
Your husband would arrive in two days.
I'm scared what happens if
he gets to know all of this.
You worry about Mahesh.
Ill manage him.
Shut up.
Shameless girl.
You say you would manage? What will you do?
Will you say that you had fun with
that Siva but married this guy
and ask him not to feel bad?
A girl like you has a guy at every place and
finally a different one to get married to.
But there would at least be one person among
all of them who would lvoe you sincerely.
Our bad luck is that we
are dealing with that fellow now.
If I ask you why you did that,
you would say just for fun.
Is it for fun?
What a mistake it is
to cheat a guy for fun!
Such mistakes you commit
taking them easy will grow big
and would haunt you and your
parents for a lifetime.
Stop it now.
Knowing everything, why did you
agree when I said I would marry Mahesh?
By thinking.
By thinking as a father about who is better
amongst them, I got you married to Mahesh.
Selfishness that my
daughter should live well.
Its my fate as a father.
I should do something right?
Ill take care of him.
You have to do me a favor Kasi.
I took it easy as it was a small problem.
But that fellow has become
so stubborn to handle.
My son in law is coming in a couple of days.
If he behaves similarly when he arrives, I'm
scared about my daughters life.
Im unable to stop that Siva.
What do I do Kasi?
I called you for the same reason.
What will I get doing this favor for you?
For you
Ill make you win unanimously
in the coming election.
Ill give away the entire sand ramp to you.
Theres just one way to avoid
all of this happening repeatedly.
Lets kill him.
Killing him?
I told you long back. But
you didn't pay heed.
You brought him to your house.
Listen to us at least now.
Don't go for a kill.
He was a member of my team.
I dont care what you do Kasi
but he shouldnt be in this village till my
daughter and son in law leave from here
Ok, Ill do as you say.
You both go and search for him,
tie him up and lock him up in our godown.
As you say brother.
[Vehicle rumbling]
-Has Siva gone this way?
- I didnt see
-Has Siva gone this way?
-I didnt see.
Bro, lets see if hes here.
-Did you find him?
Come soon guys.
How can you claim that when you
couldn't stop them all this time.
I know how to deal with him,
you leave right now.
[Vehicle purring]
Ask that old man.
Hey old man, did you see Siva?
Hes in that hut.
Surround him.
Come now!
[Fighting sound]
[Fighting sound]
Come here you!
Hey, stop there.
Where are you rascal?
Come out
Come out now.
Where are you?
Come out
Hey, come out.
I will kill you. Come out.
Who sent you guys?
Is it Viswanatham or Vempa Kasi?
Tell me. Come on tell me!
Tell me who sent you?
It's not anyof them.
It is Viswanthams daughter Indu.
Hey. I need to talk with you
I got it.
She is the one who asked me to kill you.
Hey, what are you talking about?
Why will Indu order to kill me?
Im telling the truth.
[Phone ringing]
She is the one who asked to kill you.
[Phone ringing]
Hey Nalli
He shouldnt escape at any cost.
Kill him. Understood?
Come on, kill me.
When Indu, who loved me more than
my life has sent you herself to kill me
How much would I have tortured her!
Theres no mistake intending to kill me.
My intestines should fall
out with your stab. Come.
Kill me.
Go and tell her.
That I happily died for her.
What a great lover you are!
How will my anger cool
down if you die happily?
You shouldnt die so easily.
You should die suffering and weeping.
I should reveal a truth
to you for that to happen.
She has never loved you.
She just used you for her lust.
Her dad didnt get her
married to another guy.
She herself married the guy she chose.
You waited for her like a dog
thinking she really loved you.
Are you feeling sad?
Then die now.
[Doors creaking]
[Phone ringing]
[Doors shut]
Did I ask you to love me or marry me?
Is it me?
Did I say I cant think of
anyone else in my life than you?
You said it all and everything is a lie.
What is all of this for?
If you revealed what you needed first,
all of this wouldn't have happened.
Why did you cheat me decorating
the mask of love on it?
You always told me that you would die a
minute before me if death comes to me.
I like you a lot Indu.
Thats why I came to fulfill your wish.
Were you scared?
Were you scared that I would kill you?
You sent men to kill me as there
was no sincerity in your love.
But I loved you more than
anyone else in this world can.
In that case, how I kill you Indu?
you shouldnt die. You should be alive.
As long as youre alive,
every second you breathe
You should live weeping remembering
that your life is on my mercy.
Thats the punishment Im giving you.
All these days, I thought god
doesnt exist as he took you away from me.
But, he exists.
He made me realize the truth
about you at least before I die.
Did I love a girl like you?
I should get this punishment
to have loved a girl like you
Daddy please forgive me.
[Coughing] [Groaning]
Im sorry Daddy.
Indu, open the door.
Open the door Indu.
Get up my boy.
My dearest.