Ryde or Die (2018) Movie Script

Hello, handsome,
you almost home?
Hey, baby, hey, it looks like
I'm gonna be working
a little late tonight.
Hmm, is everything okay.
Yeah, yeah, everything is cool,
I just got a extra
fare that I need to do.
Well, that's my
baby, always working.
You know, we have the place
all to ourselves tonight.
We do?
Where's Angelique at?
She's sleeping
over Tance's house.
Oh, that's right.
That's tonight.
Uh-huh, and now you're
gonna make me wait for you.
You know I hate it when
you tease me like that.
You know you like it.
I've been thinking
about you all day.
I might have to take
matters into my own hands.
Now who's teasing who?
Be safe, okay, baby?
I love you.
Alright, love you too, baby.
You must be my ride.
Are you Thomas?
Yes, sir.
Alright, hop in.
How you doing tonight?
I'm excellent,
how about yourself?
Not bad, about to get off.
Yeah, good for you.
My night's just getting started.
So where you headed?
Straight to Hell along
with everybody else.
I'm sorry?
But first, how about
235 Detroit Street?
Okay, alright.
It says you have a
five star Ryde rating.
Yeah, request the
best, that's what I say.
You been doing this awhile?
Yeah, a couple months.
Pretty good gig?
Ah, it's alright.
You're full time?
Nah, just after the day job.
Keeps me out of trouble.
You ever have a
really bad passenger?
Nah, most of 'em
are pretty chill.
Come on.
No, seriously.
That's cop-out, seriously,
your worse passenger?
Hmm, my worst passenger.
Absolute worst passenger ever?
My worst passenger.
Hmm, let me think.
Okay, alright, so,
a few weeks ago,
I'm driving this dude and
this girl to a concert,
and both of 'em is as drunk
as a skunk and high as a kite.
Halfway there, he realizes he
forgot his phone back at home,
and you know, his phone
had his tickets on it.
Anyway, this dude he's just
flipped out on this girl,
sayin' that she was
supposed to remind him
about the tickets
and everything,
and then he just
like raised his hand
like he was gonna hit her.
Did he?
No, he didn't hit her,
but you could tell that
he had done it before
by the way that she flinched,
and then I just told him
to calm the hell down,
and then he started
threatening me.
So what you do?
I told him that if
he didn't calm down
I was gonna call the cops.
So I turned around and
drove him back home.
He was pouting and
shit and complaining,
and then he got his and phone,
then I drove 'em
back to the concert.
I didn't even charge them
for the extra time
and the mileage,
and then had the nerve
to call corporate
and give me a zero rating.
Can you believe that?
You should have kicked his ass.
Yeah, you're right.
No, I'm serious.
Any man that lays his
hand on a woman like that
deserves to be punished.
But he didn't
actually touch her.
Yeah, but you
said you could tell
he'd done it before, right?
Well that was my
impression, yeah.
Do you trust your instincts?
And he threatened you?
You should have
broke his fucking nose.
I mean it, seriously.
If I was back here with a girl
that I was clearly abusing,
and you spoke up for her
and I threatened you,
what would you do?
Well with all due respect,
I would break your fucking nose.
Now that's what
I'm talking about.
Ah, fuck.
Is everything okay?
Ah, my phone.
Well, you wanna use mine?
Could I?
Yeah, sure.
Thanks, I appreciate it.
Yeah, don't mention it.
It's Thomas.
No, I have good news.
Mr. Richardson
agreed to your terms.
Yes, in fact, he already has.
I have it right with me.
You gonna be around for
awhile, I mean, I'm on my way.
You're welcome.
I really appreciate it.
Yeah, no problem, man.
By the way, your
numbers don't add up.
I'm sorry?
You said you'd been working
for two months, give or take?
Yeah, a couple
months, give or take.
Hell, let's call it 10 weeks
and two or three days a
week, let's say three.
What, 10 fares a night?
On average, yeah,
that's about right.
That's a total of 300
fares in 10 weeks, liberally?
Well, Ryde does its calculations
on tenths of percentages.
So even with one zero rating,
you would need no
less than 2,000 fares,
1,999 of them,
five star ratings,
just to average out
to a five star rating.
Yeah, so?
So that's
statistically impossible
unless you're
tweaking the numbers.
Hey, look, I just drive the car.
Are you?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Dude, it's okay.
It's none of my business.
If anything, I'm impressed.
I wouldn't have the first clue
how to mess with their system.
Look, man, I'm just
trying to make a living.
I'm serious, no worries.
It's not the worst thing
anyone's ever done, right?
I mean, you're
obviously a good driver.
So what's the worst
thing you've ever done?
We're here.
The gate code is 4247#.
And make a left here.
It's that one.
Straight up.
Well, Mr. Thomas, it's
been an interesting evening.
Well, I'm gonna
need a ride back.
I'm sorry, did you have
plans or something?
Ah, actually...
Shit, man, you
should have told me.
I thought I did.
Shit, man, now I feel terrible.
Look, it'll only
take a minute, okay?
I promise.
And then you can just drop
me off on the way back.
It's probably right
on your way anyway.
Yeah, no worries, man.
I'll even tip ya
extra, I promise.
Just give me a sec, I
gotta get organized here.
Can you hold this for a sec?
Nice pen.
You like it?
It's a retirement gift.
Alright, I'll be back
in two minutes, tops.
Alright, I'll be here.
Alright, I'll be right back.
Well, that was quick.
I was in the neighborhood.
Come on in.
So, old Richardson finally
came to his senses?
Mr. Richardson came
to the conclusion
that it was pointless to waste
anymore time and money
fighting you people,
when all you're gonna
do is outspend him
and drag this out in
court until he's dead.
Well, that's a morbid way
to put it, but.
Well, I guess that's that.
Yeah, it'll be nice to
put all this behind us.
Ooh, would you be willing
to sign as a witness?
Why not?
Ah, do you have a pen?
Oh, yeah.
See, what'd I tell ya?
That was quick.
23rd and Park?
Is that on your way?
Yeah, sure.
Let's get you home.
Who's that?
Text from my wife.
She's probably
wondering where I am.
I'm sorry, man.
It'll be over soon.
Biblical name.
Are you a religious
man, Zacharias?
I don't know about that.
Spiritual, maybe.
Do you believe in original sin?
You mean like, Adam and Eve?
The apple?
I don't know about all that,
but I believe in
The Golden Rule,
treat people the way
you wanna be treated.
Wouldn't that
be a world to live in?
Yeah, man, it sure would.
So what do you believe?
I believe there's an
unbroken chain of sin
that stretches back to
the dawn of civilization.
I believe it is
truly the only thing
that unites us as a species.
Okay, um, wow.
Think about it.
We live on a planet of
seven billion people.
There are eight people
who are as wealthy
as the poorest 3.5
billion combined.
We have enough resources
and food in this country
to feed, cloth, and
house every man,
woman, and child in America,
yet there are people
starving everyday.
We've created a
society where a man
could work 50 hours a week
for the same
company for decades,
give his entire life
to that company,
only for that company
to file chapter 11
and get rid of his
pension and his 401K.
And the icing on the cake,
it doesn't even matter
because the cancer that he got
from working at that company
is gonna kill him in less
than two years anyway.
That's the society we live in.
That's the way
humanity was designed.
We evolved to take
advantage of each other.
To screw each other over.
It's survival of the fittest.
We pretend like we care about
each other but deep down,
we're hardwired to
destroy one another.
You asked me where
I was heading,
do you remember what I said?
Do you believe in
Hell, Zacharias?
You should.
We created it.
How many
times am I going to warn you?
What are you doing here?
How many times am I gonna
tell you not to stay here?
Are you okay?
Hey, what
seems to be the problem?
There is no problem.
Then why are you
harassing this guy?
Sir, this is not your business.
It is my business.
Can I ask you a question?
He hangs out here all of the day
and scares away my customers.
It's a free country.
This is a private property,
and he is loitering.
Come on, gather your things.
Don't touch him again.
Sir, if you're going to buy
something, just go inside.
If not, then go
back to your car.
Come on.
I told you not to touch him.
I don't like guns in my car.
I don't want any trouble, okay?
Look, how about I
just drop you off?
We're almost there.
You don't even have
to pay for the ride.
Zacharias, just drive.
Are you okay?
Look man, I didn't
mean to make you upset.
I'm just trying
to figure you out.
You're some kind of
vigilante, right?
Fighting for the underdog?
Some kind of real
life superhero?
Not even close.
You see someone
being treated unfairly
and you go and help 'em out.
Like that homeless guy, right?
I couldn't care less
about that homeless guy.
I'm sure he has his
list of despicable shit
just like everybody else.
And it's not about fair,
it's about justice.
Aren't they the same thing?
Go back.
Stop the car.
Turn around.
And turn off your headlamps.
See that guy on
the bike up there?
I want you to sneak up on him.
What did he do?
Don't get smart.
Just do what I'm telling ya.
I want you to get right
behind him and when I say so,
turn on your lights
and hit the gas.
Oh, hell, no.
No way, man, fuck that shit.
Zacharias, you need
to choose, you or him?
I'm not going to
be a part of this.
Zacharias, I need you to focus.
You need to choose, him or you?
Either you take him out,
or I'm the one
texting your wife,
and telling her to look for
you on the 10 o'clock news.
You sick motherfucker.
What's it gonna be, brother?
I'm not gonna do this.
Your choice, one.
Damn it, Zacharias, now!
You sick, motherfucker.
You sick, sadistic motherfucker.
Oh, not bad.
I mean, what the fuck was that?
I needed to see if
I could trust you.
Oh, yeah, trust me to do what?
To do what I told you.
I should have let you shoot me.
I should have let
you fucking shoot me.
23rd and York.
You really want me out
of your car, don't you?
Yeah, I want you out of my car.
I want you out of
my goddamn life.
Well, thanks for the ride.
Ya see, the thing is,
how do I know you're
not gonna call the cops?
Oh, c'mon, man, I'm
not gonna call the cops.
I just wanna go home.
See, you say that now.
How could I call the cops
after the bicycle shit?
I'll be in just as much
trouble as you, man.
That's a good point
Still, though, I, I
gotta know for sure.
You're coming with me.
With you where?
To run an errand.
Look, I'm not okay
with your errands.
There's no other
way out of this.
don't think that just
because you can't see it,
my gun isn't pointed
right at your head.
That's more like it.
C'mon, this won't take long.
Fuck, shit.
Whoa, who the fuck are you guys?
Are you John?
You cops?
No, we're not fucking cops.
We're here to buy some shit.
Rick sent us.
Oh, you know Rick?
Ah, wouldn't be smart.
Who the fuck are you guys?
Do you sell drugs or not?
Fuck off.
That's not way to treat
a potential customer.
The drugs are over
there in the cabinet,
and the money's over there
in the drawer.
I'm not really
worried about the drugs.
Please don't hurt me.
John, what's the worst
thing you've ever done?
Fuck you.
Zacharias, John,
John, Zacharias.
John is a drug dealer
and a pedophile.
John hooked up with a 15
year old girl named Emily,
had sex with her, got her hooked
on meth among other things.
Dude, she said she was 16.
That still makes you
a pedophile, genius.
Emily overdosed on meth.
It's not my fault.
Do you know
what it feels like?
They say it burns.
They say it's
excruciatingly painful.
Almost as painful as having
your kneecaps broken.
Don't, man!
Thomas, Thomas,
Thomas, no, please, man.
Well, that all depends on
your new friend here, Zach.
Two words, Zach, shoot him,
you tell me, I do it.
In the meantime, batter up.
I'm sorry.
Thomas, don't.
Don't hurt me.
Oh, I'm not gonna
break your legs.
I have a better idea.
They say it starts
in your chest.
The burning sensation.
You have trouble breathing,
and then it moves to your
esophagus, to your throat.
Thomas, please, don't.
And it finally
spreads to your skin.
Thomas, please.
Two words, Zacharias.
Here we go.
Thomas, no!
I'm surprised
you didn't stop me.
Should we go again?
What's that?
Shoot him?
Two words, Zach.
Ya gotta say 'em.
Look it, that is crazy
how it leaves the exact
same shape of the iron.
You know, it's kind
of like those cartoons
when they smack 'em in the
face with that frying pan,
and the frying pan looks exactly
like the shape of the face.
This is the same
thing, isn't it?
Hmm, maybe not.
Should we do it again?
Say the words.
Come on, two words.
What was that? I can't hear you.
Two words, Zacharias.
Two words.
Come on, Zacharias.
Shoot him,
goddammit, just shoot
the motherfucker.
That's all you had to say.
Hey, hold on.
Don't wanna burn the place down.
I can't believe how
long you let that go.
I seriously thought you
were gonna stop me sooner.
I think you're the sadist.
Look, this has got to stop.
You'll get used to it, trust me.
It gets easy.
Who's that?
My wife, she's worried.
That wasn't her ringtone.
Who was that?
It's nothing.
Show me.
A ride request from Brad W.
Shared ride.
Well, let's go pick up Brad.
Thomas, look, we
need to be done.
We're done when
I say we're done.
Let's go pick up Brad.
If you're still thinking
about going to the cops,
you should know they're
probably already lookin' for ya
and if they're
not, they will be.
And why is that?
Ah, I kinda set you up.
Remember our first stop?
That big fancy house?
I ducked behind the seat,
so you were the only one
on the camera at the gate,
and after they examine
the murder weapon,
your prints will be on it.
The human eardrum is no match
for a man armed with determination
and a ballpoint pen.
Son of a bitch!
You evil son of a bitch.
So the man with cancer,
is that your dad?
Then who is he?
Some guy I used to work with.
Some guy, some guy
you used to work with?
You just took a man's life
for some guy you
used to work with?
I took his life in
the name of justice.
Yeah, right because
he was a sinner.
Now how would God
judge you, Thomas?
I don't believe in God.
So what about all this
big talk about original sin?
I said I believe in sin,
I never said I believe in God.
If there ever was a God.
I'm pretty sure
he turned his back
on this shit hole
a long time ago.
Game face, Zacharias.
This must be Brad.
Hey, how's it going? I'm Brad.
How's it going, Brad?
Thomas, that's Zacharias.
Working late?
Yeah, I usually am.
Where to Brad?
Ah, 17th and 34th.
Just to the west of City Park.
Got it.
Go ahead and hop in.
So what do you do that
keeps you out so late, Brad?
I'm a loan officer.
I sometimes have to meet
the people pretty late.
A loan officer.
Yeah, like home
loans, mortgages.
So, what, you stick
it to those people
with a 12% interest rate,
you make a million bucks?
Hmm, no, I was actually
able to help them out.
They, ah, I saved
them a lot of money.
Their last guy definitely
screwed 'em pretty good.
I thought that's how
you guys make your money?
High interest rates, subprime
loans, all that stuff.
No, thankfully it's
not like that anymore,
and even more it's
really hard for people
to even qualify for a loan.
What I like to do is find people
that are in bad situations
and get 'em out of those loans,
and get 'em into better loans
that are gonna help
'em in the long run.
So how's business?
Pretty good, unfortunately.
There's a lot of people
in bad situations.
Got a question for you, Brad.
What's the worst thing
you've ever done?
What's the worst
thing I've ever done?
What, what is this,
cab confessions?
Nah, man, just a question.
What's the worst
thing I've ever done?
Worst thing ever?
Well, when I was a kid
I really wanted a dog
but my dad didn't
let me have one,
so one day I'm walking
home from school,
and I see this stray puppy,
and so I take him home
and I put him in my room,
but a few days later
my dad found out
and he was pretty pissed.
What, what was yours?
Don't ask.
You know what?
Turn here.
It's a shortcut.
Is this your stop?
Thomas, you need
to let this one go.
I don't know if it
was your puppy dog story
or your boy scouty demeanor,
or maybe the tan line on
your left ring finger,
but something tells
me there's more to you
than meets the eye, Brad.
Fuck this.
Ah, ay, ay.
That wouldn't be a good idea.
Look, I don't know what kind
of fucked up shit this is,
but I don't want any part in it.
Just let me go
and we can pretend
this whole whole
thing never happened.
Yeah, I knew he was packing.
You can tell.
Oh, shit.
Well, come on.
You gotta help me move him.
Well are you gonna help
me move him or not?
Do I have to do everything?
When I get back,
you and I are gonna talk
about your attitude.
I'm gonna remember
this Zacharias.
That's far enough.
Now put your hands up.
Keep 'em where I can see 'em.
Now I want you to
slowly take out your gun
and toss it over.
No sudden movements
or I will shoot you.
You know, I had you all wrong.
I would have thought there
was a ruthless killer
inside there somewhere,
but you're just a
big, old softie.
Yeah, well good
'cause coming from you,
I'll take that as a compliment.
And you know what?
I changed my answer.
You are officially my
worst passenger ever.
You're not gonna
shoot me, are you?
I'm not going to but I should.
I'm calling the cops.
If I were in your shoes,
I would have shot
me 10 times by now.
Yeah, well that's the
difference between you and I,
I value human life.
Alright, alright, if
you wanna call a cop,
go ahead and call
the cops, okay?
Here, use my phone.
You might wanna look at
the photo gallery first.
Oh, God, no.
Did you really just think
you were some random driver
at the wrong place
at the wrong time?
Do you, do you remember
what you just said
to me a minute ago?
"I value human life."
I was actually gonna let you go.
My daughter is innocent.
So was my son.
Your son?
I don't even know who you are.
And yet I know
everything about you.
I know you've been married
to your wife Caroline
for 17 years.
I know Angelique
is your only child.
I know that when you're not
driving your car for money,
you work at Atlantic
Prudential Insurance,
and you decide who gets treated,
who suffers, and who dies.
What are you talking about?
Jacob had leukemia.
There was an
experimental treatment
that could have saved his life.
It was a combination of
two drugs already approved
to treat certain
conditions other than his.
Jacob had one treatment,
and he showed
remarkable improvement.
All he needed was just
11 more treatments,
but the drugs weren't
approved for his condition.
So you people
refused to cover it.
I watched him suffer
and suffer and suffer.
But you know what the kicker is?
The drugs were approved
for treating leukemia
less than six months
after my son died.
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about your son, man,
but I had not control over that.
I don't make those decisions.
I have no authority there.
There are tables and equations.
My son was not an equation!
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry about your boy,
but my daughter is innocent.
She had nothing to do with this.
The sins of the father
shall be visited
onto the children
of those who hate the Lord.
But you don't even
believe in the Lord.
I believe in sin.
Thomas, please,
tell me where she is?
Your daughter is in
a hole so deep and dark
that not even the
dogs will smell
her rotting corpse after
she starves to death.
But the good new is
you get to decide
whether she lives or dies.
You get to choose with that.
Shoot me, she stays in her hole.
Call the cops and turn me in,
she stays in her hole.
What if I shoot myself?
How do I know you'll let her go?
Zacharias, do you have
any doubt in your heart
or mind that I'm not
a man of my word?
I'll tell you what,
I'm gonna give you a little
time to think it over.
You got two minutes.
You must be my ride?
Hey, I'm Chris, nice to meet ya.
Thomas, nice to meet you, Chris.
So where are you headed?