S.A. Mann Brand (1933) Movie Script

SA Man Brand.
One example of our evolution.
Re iss r Franz Seitz.
You read Joseph Dalman
and Joe St ckel.
Photography by Franz Roch.
Sculls by Max Seefelder.
Sound: T.W. Duftmann
L: Gottlieb Madl.
They are:
When I'm finished, I'm back in control.
Do not just go anywhere.
Then I hear the steps at
once at the same time.
I'm going to the dark.
I'm having a terrible
feeling of masturbation.
The shapes appear on the
floor, men are brown.
They march with big cursed
eyes in my direction.
Then I stopped at the front of my head.
Then one of them steps in front.
That pale man is familiar to me,
but I still do not know him.
This is one unknown SA man.
Then k lab from his mouth:
"We have fallen in the brown army."
We killed the new German fatherland.
Germany is somewhere in the future.
"You must, you find him."
He thanks for the greetings, and
everyone else does the same.
And they disappear again
from where they came from.
That was my unen go.
We dead bodies make us loyal
and caution.
They're everywhere
they're there.
V ike surprise them!
What's up?!
Caution! They shoot the window!
Keep up!
Come back!
Come back!
I want to get it here!
It's time to get your ride shut.
That would be the biggest injustice!
We are being attacked!
It's clear that we will be back.
The whole pig hero
pushed me over.
My windows are locked in and the
police are still locking me up.
And I'm wasting just like that.
Here is Mr. Foam Master, one pattern
from the Moscow collection.
Back now!
So how was that?
It was so... i and m ned mu s brad we
were going to do this unbelievably m da.
I'll let you k to put it up.
Come on!
At one point, it's time
to shoot our shotgun.
If you do not have your mouth loose then
I'll tell you the police in the presence of
so that you will not dance
in front of your eyes!
Stay calm!
Protect the wound against
me from those tricks!
Let's do it to the theater! You yourself do not know: Here it
is lying that stone with which they are my window crack down.
And there are hearings in the
cupboard, which we have shot down!
In addition, there is a
wound on our wounds.
These failures are your own fault.
Killud do not hide the foam master.
All the circumstances will change!
I warn you the last time,
it can pay you a license,
if there is no peace here.
That's it!
Come on, mars!
That's ridiculous, Nen
rne, I'm not innocent.
Command, machines!
Do not worry about what happened.
At first, there were four or
five of them who beat me.
Then I realized that
they were a whole herd.
And from all angles
they came to them
and then I ran.
Please note that I do
not have enough r:
Look ahead and do not go alone!
At the moment, I am very
active in red ants.
Come here.
Heil Hitler!
What's up?
It's Brandis.
Oh, this is Brand.
You need to make a lpp this type.
It's time too.
This is a dangerous agitator.
What are you going to do?
These few steps can
be taken alone.
Hint, Heil Hitler!
H rra Brand!
What's up with Miss Baumann?
I'm waiting for you
here for over an hour.
What, yours?
We are drinking with one
more cup of coffee in Diane.
I could not understand the second guy?
Do you want to attract
me to this communist?!
You should think me crazy.
No no. I...
Okay, that did not happen to you.
From there he comes!
Who then Me!
H rra Brand!
Do not miss this incorrectly.
Ah, nothing.
I can not tell you why.
Do not worry yourself.
He betrays us.
So, dear Miss Baumann.
What are we doing?
It's not!
That guy!
Always only ambush.
And they are brave only to attack one.
Do not dare anyone straight.
Yes, there are times,
terrible times.
No longer homeowner.
Settlement arrives!
Hopefully, hopefully!
Believe it, Mr. Huber, Hitler will.
Do you think it's Brand? My wife namely, not wanting
to hear Hitler he must be against the church.
Ah, act to your wife for him do not
let yourself go so stupid false.
I can not afford to do anything for myself!
Anton, you're coming to the room right now!
Jajah baby.
Good d hr Brand!
Good d host!
P htust!
Did they shoot at you?
Did you happen to have something?
No, okay.
I heard the shoot, I thought
right away that they were mine.
I wanted to come down right now.
But mom...
Yeah Erich you're a keen boy!
You can be a good SA man!
Her mother must then feel
the same fear as me!
I believe in Mrs Brand's opinion.
One German boy belongs to the movement.
These should be German mothers!
That would be right.
Do you want to know that
I'm not the real mother?!
You're right, mother.
You're doing exactly what your dad wants.
If and...
I think she's offended.
My father, our Fritz was shot dead.
Well and.
The Lord is done,
nothing happened.
Yeah, you had to go!
Now he's on the bol evike list.
Oh my God, I have no
more peaceful hours.
He is guilty of guilty reasons why
he has to do this with the Nazis.
There are 100000 others, so there
is nothing to hide behind it.
Aa, the wind blowing from this August.
Are you already lightly brown hairy?
Politics is not my point.
But I, I'm 30 years old in
the Social Democratic Party.
And I find that where the father
belongs, there must be a son there too.
It was like that in my case.
P htust isa!
P htust.
Read this kvass, wherever
you want, but not here!
I do not pass your page too!
The thing is changing the boys!
And at all if you come to me You will
not come to your desk then costume off!
Fritz, Fritz Please.
Every one is the same.
You do not let him even eat in peace.
Of course, I'm guilty again when he told
me about my "SA man" nose under h rub!
This is a deliberate
provocation, I can not stand it.
I can not stand it, they understood!
Such a humbly boy, his father...
This cheese sheet...
under the nose is brown.
Erich go to bed you must tomorrow tomorrow
if you want to take part in the hike.
Oh god...
It was still a threat.
Do not you want to go?
Still, I would be better off if
I had a form like other boys.
Oh baby, I would have liked to buy you this, but
you know that income barely enough to live.
I know my mother, it's nothing. Our youth leader always
says: Brown does not make a man but a man's spirit!
Good mother!
Good boy, my boyfriend!
Do not you swear soon?
No baby, I have to
send me the first time.
Oh so. Good mother!
Good boy boy!
I'm trying to get the
mother, I j nn n sa man.
Fritz is not sure if this association
is so vnan rt that you risk your life?
It's not a company, mother. It is movement, freedom movement, we
are going to have a lot of things in the name of Salsa Freedom!
There is not one person's life especially important
when it comes to things the whole nation.
Can not you do that.
You may have a right to be. But m tle what if you got something
should happen. You are the only one Families with income.
He does not even get paid for
help, so long as he's already.
Just mother, you are. That is precisely how
the situation in Germany is to improve.
Everyone needs to have bread and bread
again, and we need to change it.
Allow me then to be careful.
That's all right.
I trust the god who gives
everyone the protection.
You have a mother's right.
I defended this one.
You are now a whore.
What do you have with this nacic cat?
And I have nothing, why did
you ride him and take us?!
I did not betray you. I wanted but keep that my
father and my brothers innocent human beings.
I'm just sorry that the ball did not hit.
I would have done better.
He's a crazy trailer!
You're on the line, you're
the dangers of the rebel.
Do you want to be communists?!
You are cowards instead!
Who will lie in the dark in
order to be shot like a dog!
You! You will...
You need to do this!
That's right!
There, it's the bare one
who we tapped the action.
Is that there? It's interesting.
A cup of coffee please.
Who is he then?
Comrade Baumann's daughter.
Baumanns are perfect.
I'm not going to do this.
Is not he a communist?
Women, he's not in love with Brandy.
In love A love relationship can
turn out to be a party for a party.
Why? I'm not here.
It's not necessary, it's a driver thing.
My name is Turow. Should
I sit a little for you?
Police, I'm.
Yeah, hrra foam master!
Ah police watch, that's the matter.
Why do not you want to
oppose my proposal?
Are you a communist or not?
You believe that my name is Brand so big that
I'm going to have to do it communist spit?
Yes, I'm convinced.
What would a woman do if she wants to?
And if the man is still in love with him...
P htut vennas!
Moreover, it has its own advantage.
Because he'll be
doing this tomorrow.
I'm trying to do this.
I'm waiting for that. Here is my address. You
can get any help. Do you need some money?
Heil Moskva!
Check, please!
Mother, what time is it?
Then I have to do it soon.
Mom, you have not slept well.
Magazin though Erich.
Not mother I do not
think so, you're okay.
My God, if I was so old, that I
could make a lot of money already.
What would it be?
Then you would be good, then you
do not have to do any more.
But Erich I'm happy to do t.
I could not imagine my life.
But not the kind that your
eyes break and pay poorly.
You do not have to
worry about that.
Here is your hiking bag.
Yeah Erich money, I can
not give you anything.
This is nothing mother. Take it!
Take my son off!
Heil Comrades!
Mars Mars!
Seventh Schar for Column.
Step march!
Hrr Huber, I have not got a rent yet.
Not yet together?
That's crazy yes.
What are we doing?
You surely could see
this month, what?
No, I'm the same, I'm tan p e eval and
I Companies just pay more and more.
Yaah They do not pay
anything, I know it.
I would never mind when you pay
my wife so that you know him...
Ah, Mrs Lohner.
You want to pay a rent, what?
We, we just have to wait a bit longer.
It can not be. You must be on time pay
Ms Lohner, Tax Office do not expect too!
Anton is going to church!
I do not know what I'm doing.
One moment for Mrs
Lohner, one moment.
This is my detention center, Mrs Lohner.
My wife will certainly
not look at this book.
You will get this money and come
back and pay my wife a rental.
But Mr Huber!
Come now please, I
have to go to church.
Yeah baby, I'm coming!
Do not worry, do as I said.
Everything can be done.
Birds sang in the woods.
They sang miraculously, wonderfully.
Home country home.
We will not be here again!
Home country home.
We will not be here again!
Ferries in mines and trenches.
Brothers behind the trap.
The factories and t rooms,
Follow our stomach road.
Three bruises fall on my
chestnut tree on a castle.
A gorgeous rat man swallows
them from there so alive.
Valler-Waller-Waller-aa-ya A gorgeous horse
breaks them from there so live in e.
Mrs Lohner, I used to pay rent.
Oh so.
If it was your wish to be a
kid, she would not have paid.
Although he had money.
I do not think so, that's it.
He is very hypocritical!
And anyway, if he has it for his boyfriend Hitler
will be letting go... that's what everyone says.
Yes, let's be...
How are you
I wanted to elda...
You have nothing to do!
If that would be for you, then we would
instead sleep instead of the springs.
I have to go to a women's union.
You do not have to wash yourself yourself.
Go to school!
Welcome to the gourmet!
I'm glad if you do not have to.
Well where are you going.
I wanted to congratulate Mrs Lohner
to go and I got t randomly split,
do it by chance.
Hrr Huber, you are
a good person!
It just feels like that.
Hello Mr. Huber!
Mrs Lohner, we have a little
over the past few years...
We had no appetite at all, and before
it was bad, my wife thought...
Your wife...
No me then.
It's just whoever thought it.
Do not you want to do
this with Mrs Lohner?
Please, please.
T Nan, hr Huber!
Wait a minute,
I'll give it back.
Yeah, I need a dill.
Guys! Are you okay at
all how nice it is?
Do not we have a beautiful fatherland?
Are you now wondering why you were two
million German men sacrifice your lives?
They fell and fell, in the name
of their fatherland - Germany.
Take care of this and carry
your homeland in your heart.
The future for you young people and
your best virtue be native love.
Anton, be careful.
But baby, this may be the
best part of my life.
Where did this meat disappear?
What kind of meat... that's
meat, Cat, I'm not kidding.
We do not have a cat.
Oh, unfortunately... yeah
one, one, this one, cat.
I was washing n wares and cat...
and there was no more meat.
Then I closed the window,
yes, that was a sweetheart.
Such neglect!
You can not be alone in the house.
You can not eat it!
That's a pretty sweetheart. I do not
have to collect so many calories.
But what about you?
I'm invited to visit you.
Then I want to go to my place.
However, in my opinion,
I am at home at 22:00.
Yes, I do. Oh, at 22 o'clock... long ago.
Lord forgive him, because he
does not know what he is doing.
Mom, this honey breed is good.
That's a piece.
I do not know, I'm already in.
One Piece.
Mom, we did our best to eat.
What did you do then?
Pea soup with beans, I'll say so great.
It's not expensive at all.
Mom, tell me, is the goosehead good?
Yeah, good, but pretty expensive.
Mom, I'll get a hay fever
tomorrow, one candy kennel.
He is rich and now he is a
member of Hitler's family.
I just think, because
most of us are not rich.
Yes, everyone should be
members, whether rich or poor.
The whole nation should be with you.
Mrs, our housewife, however,
has a different opinion.
Well, he does not
tolerate us, Fritz says.
But, mother, you still have a hawk.
No, you do not care.
I have that, you have
something to do with me.
I'll go to Fritz, I'll
have him go hiking.
Hence, mine.
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
Well how was it.
We even had a chance to do this.
I was discovering how our driver and
at the time. It's not that simple.
Yeah, but no grenade
blasts, what?
You, if you make me joking, then I
will not give you anything more.
No, I do not cry over you joking.
Do not go further.
And then...
In your youth group, there is a
nation of people, comrade Spitzer.
You have to keep the boys closer.
More exercises are needed.
Do exercises?!
So these boys have something
else in their heads.
This is a hog! I look at myself.
Please see this article. By the way, what is Brand?
He is coming to Nen sta told me about the old bar.
Yes, initially. He might
be good for our party.
This is what I would like to
know about how you rate it.
It's not that hard,
how much to help.
First of all, we will do it...
Oh, yes, I'm sure he needs to be
able to get the most out of it.
Here is the town of Rolat.
Please, Mr. Neuberg.
How was this man's name?
Fritz Brand.
Neuberg listens. Oh, good morning, Mr.
Linnan unik!
What can I help with?
My dear Neuberg, how long do you
tolerate anything in your company?
Why? Already in the morning this
morning you make a bad joke.
How to Brand?
I'll let you know right away.
I know it from a definite source.
You are in Neuberg, we must have a
clean background for subcontractors.
So go with that christian!
This man flies instantly. I do not
want your good I'm going to lose it.
So, I think the same.
For the sake of Mr. Neuberg.
I'll give you!
You do not need to hurt Turow.
Someone kisses you.
By the way, would you give
me the honor to be my guest?
One of the most important
things in the world.
Take it!
This Brand must be triggered immediately!
This man is very good and trustworthy.
What does trust is Nen rne, this
man is a National Socialist.
Oh so.
You'll find out if you can get rid of it.
As you want!
Immediately at the Personnel Office!
Welcome to the evast!
I had to come here.
Brand, I have a board
that can dismiss you.
To unlock?
If you ask me... Here are the papers you
can get You're all in the box for nothing.
What's wrong?
Please let me know!
I can not speak to you.
What would you like?
Why am I fired?
I want to know about p!
I have my own pics.
I'm not aware of any fault.
I'm not letting that happen!
Anecdotal what the Nazis took...
Oh so!
You do not like my video.
Now, I'm dead! You also have to get used
to it again You and you are non-believers!
Please clarify, my
time is too expensive!
We still do not do it once,
maybe you will have more time!
Hn bematu...
Now I know the cause.
Brand do not lose hope.
Heil Hitler!
Heil Hitler!
That's it...
If that's what the punter is In the letter box, you should be fine
the proletarian wants them to The lumpens call themselves the tits.
It's a shame that one German
t line kills the other.
There was no such thing before.
Our Fritz says that there is only one thing delivered
by their managers, who want bolism in Germany.
Why the government can withstand such a
harbor?! These brothers must go to the beat!
Please! This is what
Hitler always says!
Will you come home at this time?
I was fired.
You gotta do something?
Yeah, I'm nats.
So, these are the fruits of your policy.
Now you can not go to
your hobby, idiot!
Your child is mine!
How did you go with me?
Because you belong to these Germans too Some who believe
in what theirs The newspapers are lying around to them.
Are you blind, and you do not know
what's going on in Germany?!
Your party bats will
give you your money!
And you're getting more and more
into it and getting it over.
Where are these promises
of November 1918?
Where is freedom and religion,
where is brotherhood?
Is this freedom when you
beat the ghostly tits?!
It's like being your party troops At the expense of the people,
they enrich themselves are you going to build a new home?!
And this is a brotherhood when we are
attacked and thrown down by us?!
Because we are taking action
on new and free Germany!
You have the right to Fritz!
Nobody has been kidnapped!
You're still dead to
die, but I'm opposed!
And with me with thousands of comrades!
Where does it come from?
Not everything from you.
I do not, I can not
talk to you in silence.
That's not what he did.
But it was clear enough.
It's like that.
It's about you.
Yeah, of course.
Hello hello annie!
I wanted to give you a great deal of money.
You will not lose my life.
Of course!
Do not misunderstand me if I now
have something for you r nn gin.
I have the task of luring
you to the Communist Party.
Yes, it is believed that
we have a relationship.
And I have a bigger
reason for you.
Ah yes... and you
tell me that because?
Because you'll be let down!
The community thinks that SA will become
a Reetur to make her own life a reality.
They have only a mind!
You just have to pretend so much.
Just pretend?
Here is the address you are looking for.
Alexandr Turow?
Please do Miss Anne, which interest
you in that I am pretending.
I do not know...
I believe you can deceive Turow.
And then?
And then you should not
be afraid of your life.
Would you like this
to all my comrades?
I'm not at all, why do you
need to get rid of each other?
We will not kill anyone unless we are
satisfied. Your people are like that!
But Miss Anne, I think that it will not
last long and then we have v im k n es.
My people find the opposite.
If we later, then you will
say that I had the right.
Take it!
Heil Hitler!
Hello Fritz!
What's new?
Hans, I'm sorry to say:
I'm in the pocket of a nouveau agent.
What This is not.
Alexandr Turow, what's up with him?
She wants me to smite the community.
What a joke!
What does bande SA think?!
Listen to Hans, I turn around:
I'm going to be a traitor.
Do not be afraid First of all, I want it Turowi
to meet and squeeze from him, what you give.
Of course for us.
This is dangerous.
If you skip j nn d...
But if it's not for me.
I risk it.
Can I call in v.
Of course.
Do you want to go to Diana Cafe?
Yeah, I'm already on the way there.
I'll come along.
Definitely not. That would not be the
case, you should not ruin anything.
But be careful that you
will not be charged.
Ah I ksu...
I'm afraid.
Fear? My p?
You do not need to be afraid,
I keep your eyes open.
Who comes from here?!
Are you owner?
Do you know this man?
No why.
I had to meet him here.
Get it! Punarinne!
Take it down!
This guy is under my protection!
Come on, hr rar Barand.
I'm sitting here right here.
T Nan!
Here we can chat with you
without interruption.
What do you drink, please?
Do not miss anything.
Bartender, vodka!
Prooz hr Brand!
Well you wanted to tell me why?
He's there, what?
Would you rather live in a
communist than a dead SA man?
S ige.
I think so too.
Do not worry, you know.
Someone is dishonest about us and...
I know.
How much can I earn for this thing?
It depends on what
you are offering us.
You must first become involved.
Comrade Bartender!
For every vodka!
Comrade Turow: Punarinne!
Punarinne! Punarinne!
Are not they all
lovely and decent men?
Like children.
We need guns. Would you
like to worry about us?
Are you going to have a big action?
I do not know, maybe.
How much do you pay for 25
rifles and 2,000 cartridges?
Where are they?
How much do you pay,
I want to know?
300 mark.
Hence, to do this in the future.
I need one car tomorrow and
three trusted Nen rset men.
Bravo! I appreciate people who
is he or she and more do things.
We will take another one.
Yeah, your 17th birthday.
Oh my God...
How nice! You would not have been
able to make a bigger r for me.
I don t know you.
Erich, now listen. Your dad fell for their homeland.
You were only then vne iike barely six months old.
I thought at that time that I was all over.
But his last letter changed k ik.
It led me on the path that one
German mother and woman had to go.
He gave me a fog to keep up with
life and grow up in his spirit.
Here is the letter, now you are
aged to content this content.
Ah, h rr Brand!
Hello, Mrs. Lohner.
Is there a birthday at home?
Yes, come on.
T Nan!
Heil Hitler!
SA-man Brand wants hitlerinore Erich
Lohner In the case of the 17th birthday.
Sie heil!
Oh! Mom, this is
our Hitler, look!
Do not you want to sit down, Mr. Brand?
Mom, I'd like to read
Fritz's father's letter.
Do it.
Cute Margaret! We are holidays
on hard and losing battles.
Again, my dear god defended me.
But when a person has p eve and I but death before
the eyes, then they are He comes crazy t tted.
I'm writing the feeling of this letter
as I should send to you your will.
I know you're a mature woman
and you're gonna be me.
If this is necessary, then I will be
happy to die in my father's country.
But I ask every Lord God God
let me see you come back.
You and your son, whom
I still do not know.
However, unless otherwise specified, You need to be your German
as a woman committing and raising our son honest German man.
Who would love his fatherland and homeland like his
father who was each one The man is ready to fall.
Dear Margaret, I once needed that r nn kida, I am now lighter and
as god I want to do it differently and I can you will soon hug you.
I kiss me and you and your son.
Mrs Lohner, I ask my son.
The criminal police are in place.
Fritz fire, the police.
What do you want from here?
They carry out a biocum...
SA and SS are now banned
and should be sent.
Send out?
Weapons and other material must be seized.
My son does not have such things.
Do you have weapons?
T Nan!
It was biochemical, we needed it...
So, great.
Imagine Mrs Lohner SA being
expelled and the form is forbidden.
Is this viable?
Yes with us.
Can I give it to Erich?
Of course, poor boy.
Well mother, how can I do it?
Good what?
Erich, you can not be
the same man for that.
The government gave a prohibition.
Oh, and I was so glad...
"The order is every NSDAP semi-military
connections banned and they must be sent out."
"It is prohibited to wear
htc forms and attributes."
I'm the only one who's doing something moves Current
Chancellor of State catches horns from the hernia.
My opinion is that we are only 50
meters away from this ban on this ban.
This is an incomparable short line.
This prohibition is a crying dumb tongue!
But Mr Huber, I am referring
to your position.
I do not have a black eye for you like you.
Huber you r nen gid like anarchy.
It's not stupid, it's okay the only
movement that is Germany P nan sta v inuks.
Huber has the right but
this can not be said.
To me, each government has an idea of
what the house and land tax will lower.
I have three houses and that's
why things have to change.
Huber, what does your wife say
about your political views?
Please Karl, do not remind
me of my dear husband.
Yeah, that was supposed to go.
What are we doing now?
Yeah, let it go.
This is incredible. Initially,
nothing can be done.
What's up now is the question.
Is there any doubt about it?
We must accept and let it go!
Wake up and go crazy again!
But there is nothing to us against.
They'll be sitting there, what this crisis is about, when
they got out of their way, they'll have to hang out!
Do not worry They forbade us to form,
but our spirit does not get us out!
We can not take a shot now.
We have to trust our Leader.
We must stand firm together! Who is now
Fyrir, you will see would be a cranky one.
Just for the sake of you!
We are born!
Let it go, again,
For the sake of the Fatherland.
Adolf Hitler we have sworn to it,
Adolf Hitler j nn me I will be faithful.
To our Leader Adolf Hitler:
Sie heil!
Yeah, shout now, and I'll
throw in windows again.
Oh, the glass manufacturer
must do something.
The killings bring them nne!
Live internationally!
This ban came to us like an order.
Now m is like a m nig nats around.
This was a great way
for Brand to love us.
Where are they going?
The main potion.
We can not let Brand go.
Why not?
Then he can throw us.
This is a sample of
his, he is also loyal.
And if not...
It's located on the skyline.
Well, you did not think so.
Take the custody long, get down!
Lord God, this is not the 10th!
Explain the meaning!
I do not want to look at
you, you just like this...
Heil Hitler!
What's up?
I made a good discovery!
What's the discovery.
I just came from a community gun battle.
You do not imagine what
they've put together.
Where is this repository?
We have to make it empty.
It's made empty, definitely!
But not immediately, you might think
that the comrades are now watchful.
I am in favor of
acting immediately.
We have made a fool.
This is not just a companion.
At first, do not worry.
Underneath Brand.
The mice are caught in the witch.
The depot will be a good mouse.
Hopefully you have the right to Turow.
Brandies must come and go.
He's definitely doing something.
But then you have to be ready and do not
do anything for you, smile baumann.
What is?
She's still inside.
Take it!
Can you lend me 50 pence?
Nice to you.
If you get something wrong with
one of the National Socialists.
Hence, I do not
need it, I give up.
Ah his father.
I did just a joke.
T Nan!
Take it!
Good morning, Miss Annie!
Welcome to the evast!
Please pack "Trommlers".
T Nan!
It's yours!
What do you do
with the Russians?
I am quite pleased with the achievements.
Do not let me go home at home,
so do not worry about anything.
They do not suspect me then?
Then it is good, I
have plans for you.
So let's go!
Keep it there!
Here r nen gib turow.
Who is there?
Ah, Mr. Brand.
Good good.
Mr. Turow, when and where
can I chat with you.
Come on tomorrow at the cafe.
Yes please.
I'll come.
Tomorrow in Diana cafe.
So be it.
I will give our Standartenfhrer know and then
I will inform you too Call me in htul instead.
Yes Go to school!
Heil Hitler!
It's too late for him to go b.
From there he comes!
Everything is cool, they're
all in Diana's cafe.
Same name!
Be careful, there's definitely no one here.
Please, my friend, please!
Here is the correct way.
Then clear the topic d.
Stay two men on the stairs
and we will give you things.
First and foremost, you
will have a machine gun.
Scroll left and right.
So these are the last ones.
These dogs! Damned pigs!
Let's do it!
The main thing is that we made it empty.
That I had to happen.
Russia would send it to Siberia!
Stupid! There are worst mistakes.
Hope this dog is coming soon.
I did not trust this type from the beginning.
But that Turow knows everything better.
But you got him yesterday.
Sure it.
Who are you talking about?
Brandist, from this nacicle carcass.
Who are you talking about?
Your dearest.
Fine dad your daughter.
She's in love.
What the hell.
Here is the experience. Fuck honest
mother several times were you in love?
This is not your thing!
Can I?
Yes, the patient should not get sick.
Health Fritz!
This is great Hans.
How are you, is it crazy?
No no. Umbrochi is not a vine.
Ah, you think so.
Hey, I'm glad it's a joke.
I would have liked
to have them yet.
I am glad that I'm still at the same time.
I've already complained about it.
Ah stupidity, complaints...
We had a great deal.
Yeah, that was us from the outside.
Father, he's already laughing.
Hello mother!
P e evast Fritz!
P ev evas father!
How is it?
It's okay.
If you happened to have something!
I would have lost that type.
That father, I can not laugh at you.
If I had something to happen.
Help me...
You can not be so much r Nen kida.
S. De keelas this.
I'll bring you something.
Eat! S mine is the main thing.
I got it, my lips, I hit it.
Were you also that?
They did not want to eat as
much food as I did in La Paz.
Do I have an entitlement?
Of course.
S is the best medicine.
Did you just say that?
No, I'm not a part of the zin.
Then you're a decent man. We should stop talking about it.
That's what my husband really is have already heard everything.
Fritz, look, you can get health again.
Yeah, that's what we do!
Brandy is not at home.
That's right. I just wanted
to know how Mr. Brand is.
Mr Brand is in the hospital, he was
severely wounded. Are you dear baumann.
Do you want me, perhaps wait a bit.
Mrs Brand maybe back in the long run.
T Nan!
P ev evident!
Mother, this is one of
Baumann, a communist.
See you get to school!
Do not you want a seat?
Hrray Brand has sent me another rnn.
You will not lose his life.
And now he must be...
My brother shot him,
he told me myself.
But I could not help
but I did everything.
Excuse me for a moment.
Hi Mrs Lohner! I'm just coming the hospital, Fritzu.
God has come, his life is no longer in danger.
God be it!
I wanted to speak to you. I have to go to eat
right away, my husband should arrive soon too.
Go to school!
Mrs. Baumann, Mrs Brand Right here, he came from
the hospital. His life is no longer in danger.
Oh, I'm gonna give you! Which rm.
But now I do not want
to mix you anymore.
You are welcome.
How long did it last for a doctor?
You are also...
Ask me a few more questions.
What, a couple of n?
But I do not have time
for Doctor, I'm SA-man.
That does not make things even faster.
Gold boy, so.
Is life no longer at risk?
No Surgery for the first time.
You can visit the patient.
No, no, no. Please give him Sprinkle flowers
and behave like they are Annie Baumann.
T Nan!
"400,000 SA-man marching
on behalf of Germany."
In the coming sun, the eval is our
first propaganda theme in our quarter.
I have to part!
You need to bring me
my form immediately.
Hence And if they do not let
you shit you just like that.
Then it's okay.
We want to pay our SA insurance.
Tomorrow is propaganda,
never known.
Wise man will secure the future.
So. Is it okay?
Yeah, okay, okay, my boy.
Then it's up.
I'm going to be fast.
Going on, n Go!
They should come in every moment.
Heil Hitler!
That's Erich. You are the right!
Is Fritz still here?
No, he's not a long time ago.
That's right.
They are coming!
Hitler hit.
Heil Moskva!
SA dogs!
M rtsukad, m rtsukad!
The standard is 1677 mehga.
T Nan!
The previous propaganda was carried out in the first half of the
year disciplined. We did not let it Provide yourself with something.
We launched the action in
peace and at the same time.
For our holy movement, our German
country for our Leader Adolf Hitler:
Triple Sieg Heil!
Come on!
Right from the bottom of our quarter,
these dogs will climb their trousers.
But we still do not care about them!
Heil Moskva!
Here! Here!
He shot from the basement!
Here! Here!
Welcome to the evast!
Welcome to the evast!
Mrs Lohner, something
happened to your son.
Brand took him to the clinic.
What God's name, what
happened to him?
The reds shot him.
Have you shot.
Mrs Lohner.
One moment, I'll be right now.
SA de, who is this one?
Your son was not operating.
God is done!
Can I v to him j nn da?
I'm asking for relays.
The boy's mother asks if
she can go to him or her?
Yes, let her mother be with her.
You can visit her.
Me too?
Yes Come with me.
Hello Erich!
Erich, are you hurt?
Mom, I think I must die.
But Erich, why do you think so?
You get cured.
Of course, why do you think so?!
No, no mom. I heard, as the
doctor said, hopeless.
Implanted, mother.
You yourself have said that in the name
of the Father, you must be able to die...
Like dad.
But Erich, you're still a kid.
Mom, I'm going to
father to heaven now.
What's up with you
Why so wicked?
Here at Turow.
Who is there?
Come on here!
Hallo, Turow hears.
What is?
Is this message official?
So. T Nan!
Do you know what?
So what?
Hitler is the Chancellor of Justice.
Take it easy! Program Announcement!
Hr r Country President Generalfeldmarschall
Hindenburg named Adolf Hitler State Chancellor.
Is that right?
Heil Hitler! Germany!
This will be for me!
Gold husband, in the Third Reich,
we can not dance your mood.
Anton is back!
Well, now it's done!
Hitler builds!
Morning Mr and Mrs. Huber.
That you are in the list of 6!
Of course, you're a sweetheart.
We will not do it right away.
Please here.
Hello dad Well, did you throw
your own Social Democrats?
I did your mind List No. 1.
Good, Dad!
Hey, hey! We bring together:
Dusseldorf's constituency:
National Socialists 505737 h.
Social Democratic Party:
142345 hrn.
Communists: 303941 hrn.
Center Party: 265674 hrn.
V-tha "Black-White-Red": 91556 h.
Take it easy! We are collecting an
initial summary of 39 million pages:
The National Socialists
received 17 million of these.
Our Chancellor Adolf Hitler: Sieg-Heil!
Sieg-Heil! Sieg-Heil!
17 million hr Nen! 17 million!
So we do not mind it!
US? Why us.
Since you have everything you need
to know then: I belong now to ours!
Bravo Gold Brand!
You must come to this!
Dear Genoveva, you bring a bottle
of wine right out of the basement!
What In the middle of the day.
But Anton, we have only two bottles.
Yes, I said wrongly.
Bring two bottles up!
Genoveva no dispute, mars!
I do not know you!
You know me now, on the other hand!
My Genoveva, my Genoveva...
Come on!
I protest!
Appropriate attitude
towards or against?
Against my arrest!
Hence, let's bring
you protest rtsi...
You fired the SA-man
Brandi without any reason.
I just sent her a vacation, Mr.
Will you return to
him if he wants to?
Of course, happy!
We have not forgotten Mr. Neuberg!
See when it's
coming back to you!
Shake the flag!
The readings are closely
aligned with the original.
SA marches on a solid
and peaceful pace!
Ships that were shot down red
and reactive nen ride by
marching in the
spirit of our ride!
Ships that were shot down red
and reactive nen ride by
marching in the
spirit of our ride!
I pp.