S. Darko (2009) Movie Script

No way of knowing
if she's ever coming back
No way of knowing
if I care or not
- Only two more good mornings.
- Only one more day.
- We're so perfect.
- Immaculate.
And I'm alive
And I'm alone
And I've never wanted
to be either of those
And she shines
And she shines for me
She shines for me
No way of knowing
if she's ever coming back
No way of knowing
if I care or not
No way of knowing if she's right
or if she's wrong
No way of knowing
if I'll carry on
And she shines
And she shines for me
- Kill it!
- What?
Turn it off!
Doesn't look too good.
Okay. Well, now what?
We wait?
That's your plan.
You got a better one?
Sam, wake up.
Someone's coming.
- What's goin' on?
- Our car broke down.
Your friend okay?
She's dead.
Froze to death.
Yeah, that happens.
You all right?
See, she's an ice queen.
You need a flamethrower to get inside that.
- So, you want me to take a look?
- Where?
- Under the hood.
- Sure.
Well, you can't drive it.
Look, Conejo Springs is just up the road.
I can give you a ride.
Water pump's gone. I can order you a new one.
Might take a day or two.
- How much?
- Oh, couple of hundred. Maybe more.
Is this the only show
in town, or-
You want me to charge you
for that tow, no problem.
That's a hundred bucks right there.
But it's free for customers.
- Oh, so that's how you do it.
- I could fix it.
Is it all right if I look around
in your junkyard, Mr. Pickford?
Parts is parts.
You never know.
You just might get lucky.
- Mmm.
- What?
- Might get lucky.
- He didn't mean it like that.
- Mm-hmm. Parts is parts.
- Leave me alone.
- You guys need a ride to the motel?
- Hell, yeah.
- How far is it?
- Just around the corner- like everything.
- Well, we could walk.
- What about your stuff?
- Empty bags of chips are yours.
- And the hula hoop?
So, can we, like, get a bottle
on the way, or something?
It's a free country.
Oh, well, I guess
you got yourself a job, mister.
So you guys want me to wait?
Oh, we can handle it ourselves.
Well, you got my number.
What is wrong with you?
Can't you even pretend to be happy?
However, Marcia Clark
may have to reschedule-
Judge Ito will determine
later today-
Space shuttle ain't blastin' off
till next month.
- Is that a fact?
- Oh.
You gals not with
the Star Trek club, are you?
- Got wait-listed.
- It's a pretty picky bunch. What can I do you for?
We need a room.
Oh. Only got one that's finished.
In the process of beautifyin'.
- How much is it?
- How many you stayin'?
- Forever, we hope.
- Just a couple.
I'll give you the daily rate.
Honeymoon suite.
What happened to that little boy?
He went missin'.
Not the first around here neither.
Kids, they do the darndest things.
Well, don't worry about us.
We're little angels.
A little ketchup up at the top.
There we go.
All right, you ready?
It's this simple.
How long is this gonna take, champ?
Well, less than two minutes.
- Say that again.
- Less than two minutes.
Two minutes?
Everything will be cold and dark.
Are you ready to die?
Are you afraid?
I'm a good soldier.
Everything dies.
She told me you would come.
Save yourself.
Four days, 17 hours...
That is when the world will end.
Follow me.
I'm afraid I can't
let you sleep here.
Must've been quite a night.
You got anyplace to be?
Oh, I'm sure somebody's
waitin' for you somewhere.
My friend Corey- at the motel.
Come on. Up you go.
You know, there's a pervert
loose in town.
Goes by Iraq Jack,
but that ain't his real name.
Can't be, uh, dressin' like-
like that.
The one who took, uh,
the little boy?
It ain't a proven fact,
but I'd bet the farm on it.
I - I support Desert Storm
and everything...
but when the boys come home
with voices in their head...
- then it becomes my problem.
O'Dell, respond to
a 211 at Frank Pickford's place.
Copy. 10- 17.
Tell you what. Hop in.
I'll give you a ride.
It's right by the motel.
Unbelievable. Do you know how much
that old windmill was worth?
Sell this thing off to some
meteorological nerd club, you might just do okay.
- Really? You think?
- I'd sure like to borrow it.
It's a message in a bottle
from aliens, right?
That was almost funny, Pete,
you meathead.
- What is all this stuff?
- Oh, it's that nut job, Iraq Jack.
He's been squattin' up there
for a couple of months now...
yellin' crap about the Acropolis
and universe justice or somethin'.
If there was any real justice left in this country,
he'd be hangin' by a noose right now.
Big oi' horseshit
from the sky if you ask me.
That is some crazy shit.
This town's got way beyond
its quota of crazy shit.
- So where'd you sleepwalk to last night?
- Bus stop.
Do you remember anything this time?
Nothing. Just blackness.
So I'm havin' a Fourth of July party later on.
You guys should come.
Fourth of July
is still four days away.
If you're stuck here, you might as well
have some fun. Right?
- What about that water pump?
- I'll look for it later.
- After you're done getting wasted?
- Oh, chill out.
- That really sucks.
- Being lost?
- If I go missing, will you make
sure I look hot on my poster?
- Deal.
Take it easy, Trudy.
Jesus loves you, Agatha.
Have a good one.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
- So, where you girls from?
- Uh, Virginia.
I'm from Boise. Idaho.
Watermelon Queen
for two years runnin'.
- But I don't like to brag.
- Oh, you still got it.
Oh, will you look at that
piece of filth out there?
- He's probably just hungry.
- Oh, no. That one don't deserve your pity.
Trust me.
He should've died
up on that windmill.
I was thinking
we chop off his balls and stone him.
Light him on fire
if gas wasn't so expensive.
You girls stay away from him, okay?
And let me know if you need anything-
anything at all.
- Orange soda, please.
- Surely.
Can we help you?
I'm sorry. I-I just recognized you.
I saw you by the motel.
Pretty amazing stuff, huh?
I- I just made a deal
to buy it for $600.
- What's "it"?
- The meteorite.
What the hell are you gonna do
with a friggin' meteor?
A meteorite, actually.
Uh, well, I gotta run some tests,
but, if I had to guess, I'd say it's a siderite.
They're mostly composed
of iron and nickel.
I'm Jeremy.
- Are you a gay?
- What?
Isnt Jeremy a gay name?
- Enjoy your soda, sweetheart.
- Thank you.
Okay, as soon as she walks
to the kitchen, run for it.
I don't think you're a gay.
Don't you think we should,
like, call your dad...
and tell him that we're coming?
Nah. I don't want him
to get worried.
You don't want him to say no.
Look, I just don't want
to be a burden, okay?
Relax. He still owns
the club, all right?
He's gonna get us both jobs.
I'm his daughter, for Chris sake.
- Yeah, but he's still a guy.
- Yeah.
And he knows this is pissing my mom off
to no end, which is totally in our favor.
Your mom was really cool to me.
Doesn't mean anything.
She just used you to get younger guys.
At least I'm good for something.
Ever tag-team a 40-year-old?
- Don't.
- Hey.
- You girls new in town?
- Just passing through.
Well, if you're gonna be around
a little while...
you might as well stop
and get some pizza at my Bible study.
- It's a lot of fun.
- Oh, I'm satanic.
She's half Jehovah, quarter Jew,
tiny bit retarded.
Mmm. Well, we're nondenominational.
We accept all types,
even those with horns.
- What's it like to never be able to have sex?
- Excuse me?
Do you just have
blue balls all the time...
or you just have to spank it
Well, I haven't always had
a personal relationship with the Lord.
But I'm not missing anything.
I used to be just like you.
- What, you had a training bra?
- Not exactly.
But when I was your age,
I experienced things...
that made me feel
like God didn't exist.
Maybe you've experienced
something like that too.
- You don't know anything about me.
- I can see that you're in pain.
- I'm alive.
- Is that how you see life?
Till farts taste
like cherries, yeah.
What do you think
God's farts taste like?
Marshmallow Peeps.
Well, you can make fun all you want.
But that's just denial.
Blow me.
You make up your own mind.
Read these words.
God has all the time
in the world for you.
Four days, nine hours...
five minutes...
Frank know you're in here?
Does he?
I killed babies-
brains spilling out of their heads
like macaroni.
Tiny feet with little baby toes
blown off just-
just lying in the road.
You know, if you didn't dress and talk like that,
man, people wouldn't be so freaked out.
At least, lose the slingshot.
No. How would I fight back?
All right. Keep the slingshot.
Lose the "camo. "
No. I- No.
Then they could see me.
Look, you'd better get outta here
before Frank comes back.
- They made me do it.
- Who?
- The leaders.
- Okay.
She needs me.
- The princess.
- Right.
Look, she saved me.
She can- She can do anything.
- She can even save Billy.
- What you know about Billy?
Don't believe the milk carton.
Get down!
- Hey! Hey, can you hear me?
- You don't have to scream.
You need to tell them, okay?
You tell everyone!
- Tell 'em what?
- The world is going to end!
You hobo humpin', slobo babe
A-get it off, get off
get off of me
You hobo humpin', slobo babe
A-get it off, get off
get off of me
Baby, we don't love ya
Baby, we don't love ya, baby, yeah
Seeking candy
On the shore
Lost her eyesight
Teeth are poor
Left for dead
Back for more
Left for dead
Seeking candy
Who sleeps around
Afraid of tellin'
Tiny sounds
Left for dead
Left for good
Left for dead
Not understood
- Sorry.
Sorry, man.
Right under my nose.
I wanted to buy your lunch.
That's sweet.
I don't usually come
to these kind of things.
So, uh...
why'd you come to this one?
Well, I guess I thought,
you know, maybe if-
Hey. You might wanna
check on your friend.
Broken kneecap
Velvet spine
Left for dead
Left for good
- Well, hello.
- Are you okay?
- Don't be so annoying.
So, um, you should come and check out
the club when it's all set up.
You get V.I.P. treatment.
You know, I can't say
I haven't thought about it.
I got her! Yea!
This your brother?
Where is he?
He's, uh- He's dead, probably.
He just disappeared.
Like Billy Moorcroft?
The police think
it could be the same guy.
You wanna see his room?
Uh, hey, don't...
touch anything.
My dad'll freak.
- What about your mom?
- She bailed.
She was kind of a bitch anyway.
If you want to
sit on the bed, you can.
That's what the plastic's for.
So what's it like in-
- Virginia.
- Virginia.
It sucks.
It's like everybody knows
everything about me...
but I'm invisible at the same time.
So it's like
the worst of both worlds.
Well, in high school...
if you're not invisible,
you're an asshole.
- Or a teacher.
- Or both.
So you got brothers and sisters?
A sister.
Got married.
Made tons of money,
made a new family.
Never see her anymore.
Sometimes it just feels like...
- I could-
- Like what?
I don't know.
Sometimes I just wish I could...
switch places
with someone, you know?
That why you're goin'
to California-
try and be somebody else?
I always wanted to be a dancer...
like in a troupe or something.
You know, it probably
sounds kind of cheesy.
No. No.
So what about this club?
Corey thinks we can work there.
- Dancing?
- I guess.
She givin' out a few freebies along the way?
What, is that supposed to be, like, some kind
of a judgment or something?
- Wait. No, no. I just-
- Where's the bathroom?
- I-I didn't-
- This place is giving me the creeps.
I didn't mean it like that.
What are you waiting for?
Why me?
I've done a lot of bad things.
Do you want to do something else?
I like it here, with you.
Turn around.
The beginning of the end
starts here.
I don't wanna hurt anyone.
But they want to hurt you.
What's happening?
Burn it to the ground.
Hi. Are you planning
on checking out today?
Well, you're already
two days behind, so-
I gotta find my friend,
check on the car.
Maybe you should go for the weekly rate,
save yourself some money.
Thanks. Yeah.
I'm very jealous, you know.
Road-trippin' cross-country.
Seein' America like Sal and Dean,
Thelma and Louise-
Easy Rider style.
- You know, bandits on the run. Yeah.
- Okay. Well, I-I gotta go.
Okey dokey.
Oh, that's good though.
Hey, did you ever hear about that island
where Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix...
and, you know, uh,
Janis Joplin, they're all-
They're not dead, you know?
Jim Morrison.
They're all just there playin' music.
Have you heard of that?
Must have melted from the heat.
This church was made of brick...
these crosses made of iron.
You think a simple fire did this?
What are you saying then, John?
I'm saying there are forces
at work here.
I feel it in my soul- something evil.
Here we go.
Son of a bitch.
This town will crucify him.
I just can't believe it. I just-
I can't believe it's real.
It's gonna be all right, Trudy.
You're gonna get through this.
- Um, excuse me.
- Yes?
Is everything okay?
No. No, actually, it's not.
Mount Calvary burned
to the ground last night.
The police are investigating, but-
I already know it's arson.
- How do you know?
- Call it a feeling.
- I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
- Amen.
Mmm, what's he like?
He's, um-
He's big and strong.
Tan, lots of muscles.
And he's got lightning bolts
shooting out of his eyes.
- No, really.
- It's true. He's awesome.
He chose me.
Conejo Springs
used to be a decent place.
Then came the drugs and... anus sex.
But each of us is responsible...
to make a little change,
however we can.
We need to get to the children
before they spoil.
Oh. My bracelet.
It's from John.
He knows I love Jesus the most.
Oh, hey.
Somebody burned down the-
Somebody burned down the church.
- I know.
- Yeah, it's pretty uncool, you know.
Uh, Pastor Johns a great guy.
- Why?
- He went to prison.
You know, he reinvented himself,
uh, started a new life.
Helps kids with problems.
I still- I still
never got your name.
It's Sam.
Jeremy. Jeremy Frame.
Got it.
- So, what are you up to?
- Um, trying to get money out.
Kind of unsuccessfully.
Oh, uh, still got that 20?
I gave it to the motel.
Well, you know, if you, um,
talk to Phil long enough...
about U.F.O.'s,
he won't even charge you.
Just don't say anything
about my meteorite.
He's still pretty pissed
I got my hands on it first.
Mmm. I- I think I'd rather pay.
Are you leaving?
- Thanks anyways.
- Oh. Yeah.
- Hey. What happened to you last night?
- What happened to you?
Passed out at Randy's.
You should've stayed longer.
Want a beer?
No. I want to get out of this place.
Did you find that water pump?
Think so.
I haven't put it in yet.
- Why not?
- Because we're having fun.
Drinking warm beer
and dry-humping to Journey?
- Do you have something better to do?
- I thought we both did.
Well, it really doesn't matter
what you think.
You know, maybe I do have
better things to do.
What, like try to
off yourself again?
You can sleepwalk back to Virginia
for all I care.
- You going after her?
- What?
- Pretty harsh words.
- Says the small-town drunk.
- Get out.
- Get the fuck out!
Well, you're a lucky girl-
got out of that car when you did.
Could've been two dead today
instead of just one.
you and I both know
that Randy had been drinkin'.
But we also know
that he's not at fault here.
How do you explain the car
that came out of nowhere?
How do you explain midgets or sock monkeys?
I don't know.
Shit happens.
Been running through
a battleground
My head was low
and my eyes stayed down
My pace was slow
Any chances it drowned
They were slim
Been sinking slowly
into the mire
Found myself lost
in enemy fire
I'm too young to be trapped
by the wire
That's within
I can't afford to dream
on the battleground
Nothing's left unseen
on the battleground
There once was a unicorn named Ariel.
Ariel was the most beautiful
unicorn in the world.
Ariel was discovered
by a prince named Justin...
and the prince was led into a world
of strange and beautiful magic.
Nobody could see
how beautiful she was...
because she was invisible-
invisible to everyone except Justin.
Wake up.
Come closer.
- Why can't I touch you?
- 'Cause we'll explode.
You shouldn't be here.
Nobody should.
I just want Sam back.
Sam is dead.
But you can find her.
It's already begun.
You don't have much time.
I thought you'd be gone.
You, uh-You want a smoke?
I am so fuckin' sorry.
I know.
I heard you signed the police report.
Said I wasn't drinking. Why?
Ruining your life won't bring Sam back,
would it?
Make things right.
You believe in spooky shit?
- What, like Satan?
- Like ghosts.
I don't not believe in them,
but I've never seen one.
I said some pretty mean things
to Sam before she died.
Think we're bad people?
Not bad.
I'd say medium.
I'm sorry.
I think I'm supposed
to find Billy Moorcroft.
Find him where?
I don't know, but I saw him.
At the car accident.
At the motel.
And it's like-
All I can think is it's just guilt.
What did he say?
I don't remember.
It's like I was trippin' or something.
I got this acid one time-
this Flying Eagle Pyramid shit.
I took two hits, and-
There was this glowing grid
cutting through my brain, and-
You know, I knew when it
got all the way through...
that I'd just be, like,
this sketched-out vegetable.
The whole time, my esophagus was
twisting and turning in my throat.
I can slip back into it
now and again.
But that's, like, a gift
and a curse.
'Cause that means you gotta
figure out what's real and what's not.
It's, like, you have to decide.
Maybe this is all a nightmare
and we'll just wake up.
I'd do anything
to take it all back...
just start over.
That's about as real as it gets.
There's gotta be some connection...
between what happened
to Sam and Donnie.
That was Sam's brother?
She didn't mention him to me.
Why would she?
I told her about me, about my brother.
I thought that she-
She never talked
to anybody about it.
What about her parents?
They treated her like she wasn't enough
for them to love.
She told me she thought
her brother was the lucky one.
Everyone would remember him
and love him forever.
Like he had the easy way out.
You believe in second chances?
I believe in "life sucks
and then you die."
It's time.
Bring your water.
Do you miss Sam?
Where is she?
Do you miss her?
Here it comes.
What would you do to get her back?
You're almost there.
You have to go.
They won't let you do
whatever you want.
This is your last chance.
Are you coming with me?
That's impossible.
I'd do anything to take it all back.
Just start over.
Hey. What happened to you?
You should've stayed longer.
Want a beer?
No. I want to get out of this place.
Did you find that water pump?
Think so.
I haven't put it in yet.
The motel guy came to the room
this morning.
- I don't give a damn.
- Dude, we can't afford another day.
I can't do this.
What's wrong?
I lied to you.
My dad doesn't...
know we're here.
He doesn't- He doesn't even
really know that I exist.
So, what-what now?
I don't know.
Maybe we get matching mullets...
couple of tramp stamps.
Put Randy in stud.
Park here for a lifetime or so.
you can go and do something
totally fucking amazing.
What about you?
I got my own plans.
We're so perfect.
I've never seen you
when you're smiling
It really gets
under my skin
You say it's easy
when it's faster
I still can't guess
what you're after
It's the color of your skin
Your skin is black metallic
It's the color of your skin
Your skin is black metallic
Your skin is black metallic
Your skin is black metallic
Why did you show me this?
Do you want to know
what happens when you die?
You will. I died for you.
Will you do the same?
Donnie liked to draw.
It hurts.
Remember the future.
You need to get to higher ground.
- You like it? We just got that in.
- You work here?
My parents' store.
Hey. I-I'm really sorry about Corey.
I understand that you don't want
to talk about it, but I believe...
that everything happens
for a reason...
and-and I know
that for every action...
- there is an equal and opposite reaction.
- I went to high school.
Then you know that everything
is in constant motion.
Like, right now,
the universe is expanding.
And we're flying through space...
at millions of miles per hour,
like a spaceship.
And eventually it's just gonna grow so big
that it'll freeze and die...
and then nothing we do
will matter at all.
So Corey doesn't matter?
No. She matters.
It's just-
I believe everyone has something
that they're meant to do.
Potential, or-or-or destiny.
Like, I was destined to get my hands
on that meteorite.
And it turns out that-that it's not even
a meteorite at all.
It has this-this metal in it that doesn't
even exist on the periodic table.
I think- I think
I'm gonna call it Framium.
Like your last name?
Everything's changing for me.
I can see things that I only
used to dream about.
What happened to your arm?
It's, uh- It's just a rash.
Is there anything I can do?
Bring back my friend.
Buy me that dress.
I can't afford that.
You can't bring back
my friend either, can you?
Well, then what good are you?
Sam, please.
Hey. Get lost.
You fucking kiddin' me?
Surprised to see you here.
I was just, um, returning your book.
Oh. Do you wanna talk?
How if I told you that God
could show you the way...
- make sense of things?
- I don't think so.
You know, he can find you too-
help jump-start your future.
I'd like to show you something.
What do you say?
Come on.
Sometimes I like to just
come in here and sit...
and just stare up at that screen...
and wait for God to show me
his plan for my life.
So, uh, you do a lot of drugs
when you were younger?
Go ahead.
You try it.
Look up there on that screen
and try to visualize...
what you think God's plan
for your life is.
- You go first.
- Okay.
What do you see?
I see a light.
A divine, guiding light.
So, what do you see for me?
Well, you have to look for yourself.
Go ahead. Picture-
Picture what you think
God wants your life to be like.
So, what did you see?
My childhood.
- Oh, you can't go back.
- I thought it was my turn.
Well, if you want to be born again,
you have to forget the past.
Jeremy told me you were in prison.
What did you do?
That's not very...
Is that why you found God?
To save yourself?
He found me.
Do you know that...
everything in the universe-
everything- is God's will?
- What about black holes?
- Everything.
- Everything.
- Herpes?
You know, it's no coincidence that
you're here with me. You know that?
I have something for you.
A little bracelet.
"What would Jesus do?"
Here. Let me put it on your wrist.
It's okay.
Just a friendly little reminder.
You don't know how special
you are, do you?
See, I thought
you were gonna trust me.
No. I changed my mind.
Do you know that God
can change his mind too?
Sam- Sam, listen to me.
Where were you?
We were supposed to raise money
for the church today. That was our plan.
We-We were just talking.
- Right, Sam? We were just talking.
- Yeah. Just-Just talking. Here.
Good thing
sinners can repent, right?
Trudy, nothing happened.
I believe you.
She made you do it.
I didn't do anything.
John, my bracelet's missing.
Let's go.
"When the manipulated awaken...
"on their journey
to the tangent universe...
"they are often haunted
by the experience in their dreams.
Many of them will not remember."
Death comes to us all.
Here we come.
Time to die.
Give it back to me.
Why are you looking at me funny?
Why are you looking funny?
What happened to you?
Grandma told me you would come.
I don't know your grandma.
What's your name?
Justin Sparrow.
Roberta Sparrow?
Show me how to do it.
I understand now.
Sh-Show you what?
You know, they found
your dog tags in the church.
They said you burned it down.
We had to get to higher ground.
Look here.
Wh-What's that?
Your dream face.
Just like you showed me.
Donnie liked to draw.
- How'd you know his name?
- You told me.
When you were dead.
I remember the future.
Burger, fries, Pepsi-
no tomato on the burger.
- Please.
- Good goin', kiddo.
And don't you worry.
They'll find him. They always do.
- Who?
- Iraq Jack.
You still mad at me?
It wasn't my fault.
The car came out of nowhere.
I know.
You saw my brother's bones?
If you went up to that mine
a day earlier...
might have found
Billy Moorcroft still alive.
They say he probably suffered.
I'm sorry.
He just left him there...
to die.
Cold and alone.
They think Iraq Jack did it?
- Yes, he did.
- Why?
Found his stuff.
Right up above the mine.
He didn't do it.
Doesn't matter anymore.
My brother, Corey, Billy-
they're dead.
That's it.
I didn't tell you something before.
My brother died too.
I was 10.
Ever since that day,
nothing's ever been the same.
Never will be.
We can't change that.
Think it'll ever get easier?
Probably get worse.
- Maybe it's up to us.
- How?
Wake up, start over.
I wish I could believe that.
We have the same holes
in our hearts...
you and me.
Show me how.
Please show me how.
- I'll show you how.
- No!
Three hours, 41 minutes
and 35 seconds.
That's when the world will end.
I'm sorry. I failed.
But he didn't do it.
I told you everything.
I spoke with Trudy myself.
She's lying. It's hers.
How dare you accuse me!
This is my bracelet.
What do you think?
I think it's the nicest thing
anyone's ever done for me.
That can't be true.
It is.
Well, uh, that's just the beginning.
I want you to come watch
the fireworks with me tonight.
- I don't know.
- Oh, come on.
It's gonna be beautiful.
You don't want to miss it.
I- I really don't know
if I'm up for it.
You shouldn't be alone.
I mean, just-
Go ahead. Try it on.
Why are we up here?
This is the best spot.
I don't wanna be up here.
You look beautiful.
Come on.
This is right where
the fireworks will come up.
It'll be awesome.
You'll see.
Just forget about everything.
You know, for one second.
Clear your mind.
Fucking duds!
Did you see that?
- What?
- This-
This is- This is impossible!
- What? The fireworks?
- No.
- The tesseracts.
What happened to you?
That rash is gnarly.
Well- Is that all
you can think about?
Look at the sky.
They're coming.
And there's only one person in the world
I wanna watch this with.
Just one kiss. I really need this.
Are you really that superficial?
Or maybe-
Maybe you're just a cock tease and you've
been stringing me along this whole time.
Jeremy, you're creeping me out.
- Maybe you could just calm down and-
- Calm down?
Here's me being calm!
Holy shit.
If you could see...
what I see-
Only you can save the universe.
Wake up. Start over.
The storm clouds gathering
Move silently along
The dusty
Where flowers
turn and crane
Their fragile necks
So they can in turn
reach up
And kiss the sky
They're driven
by a strange desire
Unseen by the human eye
Someone's calling
I remember when you held
My hand
Over here
You all right, Frank?
I don't believe this.
Sell this thing off to some
meteorological nerd club...
you might just do okay.
What kind of a man
do you think I am...
to try to make a buck
off another man's death?
You oughta be ashamed of yourself...
for even suggesting such a thing.
Someone's calling
The carnival
Is over
So, how often does that bus come?
- I'm leaving.
- What?
We sat and watched...
as the moon rose.
We're still perfect.
You gonna be all right?
Get out of here.
Where you gonna go?
- Virginia.
- What's that like?
Who'll ever win
Gee, youre just
so ephemeral
Go back for new
For new in vain
It failed
Singing on the famous street
I want to love, to love
to love, love me
Am I just in heaven
or Las Vegas
It's so much more brighter
than the sun is to me
He's a hustler
It's a role
He'll never make a suit
Hang on to this
So stay and spin
and fail and fail
Who'll ever win
Gee, youre just
so ephemeral
Go back for new
For new in vain
It failed
Singing on the famous street
I want to love, to love
to love, love me
- Am I just in heaven or Las Vegas
- Heaven or Las Vegas
It's so much more brighter
than the sun is to me
The chill must itch
in my soul
Heaven or Las Vegas
That's like any old
playing card
It must be why I'm thinking
of Las Vegas
Heaven or Las Vegas
It's why it's more brighter
than the sun is to me
Let's blast it off
I'm dizzy so I go
Another bit it off
For a carnival
Confetti for
A wedding
Singing on the famous street
I want to love, to love
to love, love me
Am I just in heaven
or Las Vegas
Heaven or Las Vegas
It's so much more brighter
than the sun is to me
The chill must itch
in my soul
Heaven or Las Vegas
That's like any old
playing card
- It must be why I'm thinking of Las Vegas
- Heaven or Las Vegas
It's why it's more brighter
than the sun is to me
Maybe there
While you was rail
I'll go in and seize
your heart
And be personal
I suspect
I'm singing to you a tune
And still you find the beat
And sing it to you soon
Whatever I do
I'm speechless
at the sight of you
Whatever I feel
I lose it when I'm with you
I wait for you
Night and day
Baby, I don't even wanna
feel this way
Just me and you
Night and day
Tell me how did everything
end this way
I wait for you
Night and day
Baby, I don't even wanna
feel this way
Just me and you
Night and day
Tell me how did everything
end this way
I don't do it like this
I want to satisfy this urge
That keeps my heart beatin'
I wait for you
Night and day
Baby, I don't even wanna
feel this way
Just me and you
Night and day
Tell me how did everything
end this way