S.M.A.R.T. Chase (2017) Movie Script

I used to think I
had all the time in the world.
And the time would always
be there for me.
But that's the thing about time.
You can't escape it.
It just keeps on ticking.
What's the ETA?
And we're not stopping
till London.
Got it.
Confirm all
of our transport.
Copy that.
Hey, babe. Everything okay?
Yeah, I just wanted
to hear your voice.
How do I sound?
You could sound like
you miss me more.
You know that's not possible.
- You're at the airport?
- Not yet.
I was actually going to call you when we get there.
- There's something I wanted to ask you.
- Yeah?
- Can I guess?
- Nah.
- Not this time.
- Please.
It's easy to take time for
granted when it's moving so fast
you don't have to
think about it
until it catches up with you
and leaves you standing still.
What can I get you,
Bottle of the usual, please.
Yo. Which of you bitches
are going to buy me a drink?
Who the hell is she?
Have you got these losers
to buy us a drink yet?
- No.
- Ha!
So we're going to
help ourselves.
- Bitch, you're going to be sorry.
- Hey!
- Yo, watch it, man!
- Hey!
- What are you doing?
- Shut your mouth or I'll kick your ass.
You need to leave here.
You need to leave now.
Or what?
You know we can beat you.
We just prefer
to pay someone for it.
- A foreign bodyguard.
- A bodyguard?
Yeah. Here he is.
So? What's he going to do?
Get us drunk?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Okay, okay. Stop!
Hell of a show.
For your trouble.
Talent, Daniel.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Looks painful.
Just so you know,
it wasn't on purpose.
- It's not what we've rehearsed.
- Hey.
- Hey, babe.
- Hey.
- What's up?
- What happened?
- Nothing.
- Nothing.
We got attacked.
Hey, Ling.
- Yeah? What are the chances of her turning up here?
- Pretty good.
But she's early.
I was only trying to help.
Great help.
Now you're dragging my
uncle into your business.
Hold on, babe. You know
things have been slow.
It's his choice.
Come on. Why'd you come
if you didn't want to talk?
It should stay
in your family.
Come on.
I'm just going through
a rough patch.
My dad wanted you
to have that.
I love you.
You missed the bed... again.
Nice cut.
The Bund's Museum
called us.
There's a job.
They want a $36 million vase
moved to London.
You got to persuade them that
we are the company to do this.
This could be
our chance, Danny.
You know how bad
I was before.
I don't want to go
back there again.
Danny? Danny.
If you can't do this
for yourself,
do it for me.
The vase has never been
out of China.
This is Shanghai's biggest code red
number since we lost the painting.
You need this, Danny. We all do.
I've spent all my life
making money with art.
Private collectors.
As I become older,
I want to share
with future generations
what drew me to art
in the first place.
It's important to protect our
international reputation for security,
- which I'm sure you know, as you have transported a lot of art.
- ''Top Art Security Courier Makes Mona Lisa Smile in Asia''
It's what we do.
Some excellent security work.
- Yeah.
- ''Gauguin Masterpiece Unveils In Shanghai For the First Time''
- Impressive rsum.
- Thank you.
Until about a year ago.
When this happened.
Your company, correct?
''Shanghai Stunned By
Theft of Priceless Art''
Do you care
to discuss what happened?
''Police Starts lnvestigation''
Mr. Stratton.
Mr. Stratton.
Mr. Stratton.
I asked if you care
to discuss what happened.
Not particularly.
You lost a Van Gogh.
We need some assurance against
this sort of failure.
And the company
we're replacing,
they gave you the same
assurances, did they,
before one of their vehicles
got blown up outside?
Look, my experience of losing
a valuable piece of art,
my failure,
as you call it,
makes failure something I
could never live with again.
How's that
for assurances?
I'm assured.
Clear him to the borrowers
for international transport.
What would you say about
going to London, Mr. Stratton?
Dream job.
What the hell are you doing?
Leave her alone
It will distract her training!
All l did was ask her out to a movie.
I think there's a cinema just over there.
Watch it.
- Hey, Mach.
- Hi.
J.Jae, that boy Mzee's
going to steal the love of my life.
Have you even spoken to her yet?
No. First impressions are really important.
Any advice?
Okay, but listen carefully.
I'm only going to say this once.
First, act like you're
not interested in the girl.
By the way, her name's Nana
But you've never talked to her, right?
You shouldn't know her name.
Don't use her name,
give her a nick name instead.
- A nickname?
- Baby...
What are
we talking about?
Girl advice.
You know what?
Poochie works.
- What?
- Might work in London as well.
- Good job.
- Yes!
We're going to London. Danny,
I knew you could do it.
Yeah. We have
to attend this gala.
Keep up appearances.
Looking smart.
Even you, J.Jae.
Maybe we'll talk about
getting into a dress.
It wouldn't suit you.
I've seen your legs.
How the hell
do you do that?
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen,
and welcome to our celebration.
Thirty-five hundred years ago,
it was us, the Chinese,
- ''Zodiac Vase Embarks On Worldwide Tour''
- who introduced fire to earth
to create porcelain.
It is the perfect palette
for these blue strokes,
which signify
man's timeless search
for not only his origin
but also his future.
Tomorrow this
magnificent artifact
commences its global tour
to London.
But tonight,
ladies and gentlemen...
I give you China's
best testament
to the human spirit.
The Zodiac Vase.
London all good?
London's good.
- Told you I'd come through for you.
- Yep.
It's beautiful,
isn't it?
Yeah, it is.
My father was an archaeologist.
He taught me to admire
and appreciate rare things.
Found that, did he?
I wish he had.
It's the last of its kind
and very valuable.
Tara Yen.
Danny Stratton.
- Excuse me.
- Of course.
You look beautiful.
You know we're
transporting the vase.
That's great.
I'm happy for you.
I thought
when I get back from London,
maybe... maybe I could
take you to dinner.
Sorry I'm late.
Sterling's been playing
absolute havoc with the dollar.
You must be Manny.
this is Ciem.
Would you guys
like a drink?
- Champagne?
- Yes, please.
I'm all right.
He seems nice.
He's not our problem.
Our problem started
when I lost the painting.
Can we just stay focused
on the good news?
This could actually get me
out of the hole.
Danny, you have to accept that
things don't always go your way.
- Luck.
- Luck?
I trust you are both
enjoying the evening.
Great presentation,
Mr. Song.
- Can I introduce you to Miss...
- Ling Mo.
Good to see you again.
You too, Mr. Song.
I'm sorry, but you'll have to excuse me...
You know Ling?
Quite well.
Actually, she recommended
you for the job.
So during our first meeting,
I was looking at her,
and initially, I didn't hear a
word she said, to be honest.
But when I saw
the money she was making,
then I started
paying attention.
You again.
So fleeting, isn't it?
What's that?
Always so futile.
But people still
keep falling for it.
Life has taught me
to spend my energy...
Where would that be?
You are an intelligent man,
Mr. Stratton.
I'm sure you can work it out.
You might wanna
be careful.
You can take somebody's
eye out with them.
Good night.
Mr. Stratton.
I hear you're going
to London tomorrow.
Detective Dai.
Didn't know you
were an art lover.
I'm not.
Unless someone's
been killed for it.
I know you stole
that Van Gogh.
And now you've killed
your biggest rival.
Which means you're
back in business... Right?
Good evening, Detective.
With the Van Gogh,
we were too visible.
This time lower profile.
- Mach, just three SUVs.
- Agreed.
J.Jae, no backstreets.
- Fastest freeway route to the airport.
- Got it.
Ding Dong, we need your eyes
in the sky at all times.
On it.
Daniel Stratton, you're
entrusted with protecting,
in my humble opinion,
the soul of China.
After you.
Thank you.
- Ding Dong, you with us?
- I'm here, Danny.
Comm check.
Mach, 1.
- Danny in 2.
- Check.
J.Jae in 3.
We are good to go.
- Confirm cargo clearance.
- Check.
This is easier than sitting
through that boring museum party.
You gotta tell me, who's that
guy with Ling last night?
He's hot, but then again,
he might be broke.
Actually, he showed up
in a brand-new Maserati.
Hey, my niece
is not impressed by that.
And clearly, not by looks.
Thanks a lot, Mach.
I'm just saying.
Let's just focus, shall we?
Hey, guys, you have three
bikes coming up on you fast.
Let's see
what these boys are up to.
Red truck. Copy.
You need to take a left.
- Ding Dong, alternative route, fast.
- I'm on it. I'm on it.
Fifty meters to left.
We're still being pursued.
Where are we going?
Go straight. Go straight.
- They just stopped.
- Right. Now let's get some distance on them.
Fifty meters to right.
Good stuff, Ding Dong. Now swing back
and see what the bikes are up to.
J.Jae, follow me!
Mach, are you all right?
I'm okay. I'm okay.
Good. Good.
Mach's out of the car.
Heading back
to you now.
- Roadblock ahead. Which way?
- Fifty meters to left.
Next junction, street over.
J.Jae, motorbike.
Danny, can you hear me?
Ding Dong.
J.Jae, do you copy?
Danny, motorbike coming.
- Mach.
- Copy.
Mach, Danny's down. J.Jae under
attack, two streets over.
Danny, be ready.
Bikes are right on top of you.
Danny, get out! Get out!
Please get out!
J.Jae, you gotta get there.
Get there! Get there!
J.Jae, more coming.
You are clear.
You should leave, now.
Copy that.
Look for the drone.
They are right under it.
They got the vase.
I'm in pursuit.
Change to channel 2.
- Got it. Can you hear me?
- Yeah, I can hear you, Danny.
- Get a fix on Mach fast.
- Copy.
Hey, Mach, it's Ding Dong.
Go to channel 2.
Going south
on Tra Fun Lu.
There he is.
Glad you could make it. I'm
heading west on Kangding Road.
They got the vase.
- Shit.
- We need to cut 'em off.
Both of you need to be up
on this road. A good junction.
Mach, you're close.
Fifty meters to left.
Then take your next right.
Where's Danny? Where's Danny?
He's on the next street, heading
in the opposite direction.
Danny, you're on target
at the junction.
Mach, go straight.
Go straight.
- He's right ahead of you.
- Cut them off.
Ding Dong, one down, one to go.
- Stay on it.
- I'm on it. I'm on it.
Ding Dong, he's outrunning me.
Do something.
I'm on it. I'm on it.
So you think you are fast?
Outrun this!
It's me. Get on.
- Ding Dong, are you still hearing me?
- Yep.
Ask him where's Mach.
- And Mach?
- Comm's down, but he's on his way.
He's en route.
Let's get inside.
We're not getting
on the plane.
- What are you talking about?
- I'll explain later.
We should split up. You know
where to meet. One hour.
It's Mr. Song. Have you found it yet?
We're working on it.
Let me remind you
The Zodiac Vase is one of
China's most valuable antiques.
Don't worry, when we find it
you'll be the first to know.
We have put a trace on his phone.
I'll wait to hear from you.
Don't let me down.
- What?
- Ding Dong, we're on the move.
- Get out of there. Police will be
there any minute. - They are downstairs.
- Go get yourself a new drone and stand by.
- Gotcha.
Good lad.
Mach, my man, you okay?
Been better.
I'm near the airport.
Change of plans.
We're headed back to the city.
What are you talking about?
Are we not going to London?
- What about the vase?
- It's safe. I have it.
But those guys back there, it's the same
gang who robbed the painting from us.
- What?
- Yeah. It's the same gang.
We're gonna go after them and we're
gonna get our Van Gogh back.
- But we got the vase.
- Exactly.
We've got what they want.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.
Can we talk about this?
Yeah. Usual place.
See you in 20.
Wait. Danny. Danny!
Come on.
- I picked up your cops.
- Nice one.
You okay, J.Jae?
- Ding Dong? Are you with us?
- Yes, Danny.
I can hear you.
- How you getting on?
- I've got my new drone.
Are you sure
it's the same gang?
A hundred percent.
Then why don't we
just go to the police?
This is a chance
to restore our reputation.
You wanna just ignore
that and move on?
- I'm fine moving on.
- I feel good moving on too.
I'm okay moving on too,
and I wasn't even with you
guys when you got robbed.
Yes, but we
not robbed this time.
So, Danny,
where is the vase?
I've hidden it.
Look, we're still delivering the vase.
This is just a detour.
We should have taken it
to London without you.
Hey, hey, hey.
Let him explain.
- First we need to contact them.
- That sounds easy. How?
I'm thinking, J.Jae.
I'm thinking.
I took this
from one of them.
Ding Dong, we got a phone.
Can you unlock it?
Yes, I can,
but that will take time.
- How long?
- A few hours.
Will it help?
You couldn't just ask
for a password?
- He faint.
- He's still alive then.
I'm gonna change
the password.
So we call them.
Then what?
We get the painting back.
- You in?
- Always.
I'm in.
Where you going?
To call 'em and arrange a meet.
See you back here in an hour.
- Ding Dong, have you got eyes on me?
- Yeah. Right above you.
Cool. Find me a place
with some privacy.
Okay. Go through
the building at the end.
It's nice
and the crowd's out back.
What is it now?
Tell me you've found them.
I have a proposition for you.
Mr. Stratton.
Well, this is
a pleasant surprise.
The lady in red.
Makes sense.
You really do appreciate
rare things, Miss Yen.
I do.
I want six million for it.
That's six million more
than I wanted to pay.
And 30 million
less than it's worth.
And why would you
do that, Daniel?
Well, your men did a find job of
making it look like a robbery.
How clever.
So the vase looks like
it was stolen by someone else,
and you're up six million.
But I was asking,
why someone as upstanding as
yourself has suddenly turned thief?
Reputation's overrated.
Cash is king. That's me.
I'll text you an address.
Whoa. Police on the right
and more coming.
Stop! Police!
Keep straight.
Keep straight.
Then go left.
Next alley, go right.
Ding Dong, where am I going?
They're everywhere.
Go straight. Go straight.
Then go left next alley.
Check the outside.
Meet you around the back.
- Ding Dong.
- Yep?
- You still with me?
- Yep.
The police must
be tracking me.
- Then ditch your phone.
- There's too many of them to ditch here.
I need you to land the drone.
We need a safe place.
No prying eyes.
Okay. You're going to go
into that door to your left.
There's a back entrance
with no police.
Got it.
Calling all units. 22 Kangding road
Surround the area immediately.
Take it away.
Hold on! Looks like he's stopped.
Tracker says he's right here.
He should be here.
He should be here.
This way.
Okay. To your left.
Come on.
That's it. Through there.
Clear to travel, boss.
Can you see me?
I'm right above you...
Game over.
Well played. Station
yourself near to the gym.
I'll be in touch.
And don't mess with my phone.
Danny, you scared me.
You're not supposed
to be home.
You should be in London.
I'm on my way.
I just forgot something.
I've been thinking a lot
about what you said.
accepting things.
Danny, where's the vase?
Don't worry. I'm not gonna
cost you your biggest client.
The way I see it,
I just got to get
that painting back.
Okay, that's not
accepting things.
It's fixing things.
And that'll take me back
to who I was.
And who was that, Danny?
Someone who was
good enough for you.
Hi, it's me.
Remember we're going out
to celebrate after your meeting.
Are you still up for it?
Yes. l've just had to pop home
to pick up some documents.
Perfect. l could come and pick you up.
Thanks, but by the time you get here
I'll be back at work.
OK. See you tonight then.
You left a $36 million
vase in a locker?
Okay, okay. So we're
switching it for a fake?
No. They'll test it
unless they're stupid.
So what's the plan?
We track it.
But hopefully,
it never comes to that.
It's simple.
We deliver the vase.
We get the police there.
They arrest the gang,
and it leads us
to the painting.
Happy ever after.
How do we get
the police there?
Ding Dong.
Are you there yet?
Not yet.
All you have to do is let the
police see you, follow you,
then lead them to us.
- Are they still there?
- Yep, but they are leaving.
Don't be afraid.
Just get on the scooter.
Come on, Danny.
I'm not afraid of the police.
- Then what is it?
- The scooter is broken.
But I have an idea.
Guys, this is gonna be the
first time to speak to Nana.
Please give me some advice.
My advice is not
to put her in danger.
Do not involve Nana.
That's an order.
Aren't you Danny's friend?
I've seen your drone. lt's cool.
Yeah. l've got a better one now.
She's got 3-axle stabilization gimbal
and a high def maps database.
Transmits via Lightbridge
direct to my PC and mobile devices.
- You don't get out much do you?
- Hold on...
Danny's in trouble.
I need your help.
I'll go cuff him.
Wait a minute.
I'll help.
Great. Can l borrow your scooter?
No. lt's only me that drives that.
That works.
That cop car is still following us.
Good. Let him follow.
Watch out!
Satnav says seven minutes.
And the police are following us.
Us? What did I tell you
about Nana?
I had no choice.
Fine. Just get the police here
so they could arrest this lot.
And get yourselves
out the way.
But keep your ears open.
We're about to do this.
Back to old times.
Mach, nobody dies and you
don't cut any limbs off.
We got
seven minutes.
Give him the vase, Mach.
You wanna see
the money first?
I wanna see the money first.
He wants to see the money.
How did I know
he was gonna say that?
Let's just give him
the vase?
- It was this one?
- Yep.
Here you go.
Your vase.
Is he crazy?
Yeah. I'm crazy.
I'm a crazy expat.
Where's the money?
Thank you.
lt's right behind you,
first shelf, the first one.
Take the next right.
Right turn, right! Right!
I think you need to apologize.
He's right, Mach.
He started it.
The vase, it's real.
Let's go.
My friend says
Your scar looks really cool.
Who gave it to him?
Who gave it to you?
'Cause it does
make you look really cool.
My thumb...
I'm sorry. l'm sorry.
I'm sorry about my friend.
He's so disrespectful.
Hurry up. We're nearly there.
Ding Dong, you're late.
Go faster. Go faster.
Ding Dong, do something now.
- Damn!
- Calling all units!
We can't lose him.
That's them!
J.Jae! Run!
Ding Dong, they've got the vase.
We're nearing the car.
Speak to me.
So that went well.
It would've
if you turned up on time.
I need to know
where they're headed. Now.
- I'm working on it, Danny.
- We haven't got all day.
You need to get a
track on that device.
I'm going
as fast as I can.
Ding Dong, please tell me
you have a lock on it.
I... got it.
Locked on.
- Yes.
- Yes!
Where is it?
They're going to east.
Hankou Road. Moving fast.
Get out.
J.Jae, get out the car!
Leave it.
Get out the car now.
Are they really gonna let us
walk off with $6 million?
I don't think so.
Why not?
The vase is worth 36.
He's right.
J.Jae! Come back here!
J.Jae. J.Jae.
- J.Jae?
- J.Jae. J.Jae.
I'm gonna kill that bitch.
No, unless I kill her first.
- Let's get her up.
- What? I can't hear you.
Can this get any worse?
Yep, it can. I'm losing signal.
I hope you are close.
Ding Dong,
do not lose that vase.
Stay close enough
to keep a track on it.
Are we talking about the big
guy with the big knife?
- No. You gotta be kidding me.
- Ding Dong.
- Listen, Danny.
- Ding Dong.
I'm out.
I'm out. I'm out.
Ding Dong.
Get on
that scooter now.
Okay, okay, I will.
I will. I will.
You just need to stay in range.
We'll find you.
Danny says l have to follow the vase.
He always saves
the most dangerous stuff for me.
So would you mind driving, Bunny?
But call me Bunny again and
you can go there on foot.
How did you know
about the car bomb?
It was a car blown out
at the museum.
- It's their calling card. It's what they do.
- Clever.
- Danny, you hear me?
- Ding Dong.
Yeah, it-it's me.
I'm really sorry.
I've lost the signal.
- Well, where was the last place you had it?
- ...
It's Fuzhou Road.
At Fuzhou Road.
Fuzhou Road.
Fuzhou Road.
Ding Dong, where you at?
I'm checking out this house.
It's big. Lots of security.
Where is it?
Halfway down Fuzhou Road
on the east side of the street.
- Cool. We're pulling up.
- Okay. Standing by.
Where are we?
And what are we looking at?
A house, near where
the transmitter went dead.
The transmitter wouldn't die.
Their security system
scrambled the signal.
It's worth a shot.
What did he say?
He said the transmitter
wouldn't die!
So we must
have found it.
Great. How do we
get past the guards?
Ding Dong.
Hey, Danny, what's up?
Put Nana on.
No. No way. No way.
- It's too dangerous.
- Ding Dong.
Put her on.
What are you doing?
What are you doing here?
Pay the man, Mach.
- Ding Dong, we're ready to move.
- Gotcha.
Let's do it.
- We're in.
- Good.
Go in for a closer look.
Keep scanning the place.
On it.
- Ding Dong, you with us?
- Yeah, here with you.
What do we got
going on?
Seven guards on your side
and those two guards out front.
Anything else?
See those two guards
at the water?
Every three minutes
they circle the house.
Ding Dong, you're a genius.
- Can we approach?
- Yep. There's nobody else inside.
Hide. He's coming back.
Danny, go.
- Ding Dong, are we clear?
- On the roof, right above you.
One more.
Mach. J.Jae.
You know what to do.
Clear to go.
Okay, go.
- This is the house.
- Cool.
The vase is here.
So is the lady in red.
- Let's get in position.
- J.Jae, go.
Good to move now.
J.Jae in position.
Bomb ready to go
whenever you say.
Where is my tea?
In your study.
Miss Yen, phone call.
Tea. I'd love some.
Bring the car around l have a meeting.
It seems like she's leaving. How
we looking out front, Ding Dong?
Coast is clear. Good to go.
Mach. J.Jae.
Smoke it up.
Mach. You have one
coming from the side.
Hurry. Hurry.
Go, go, go, go, go.
We are smoking team,
wouldn't you say?
We certainly are.
Well done, guys. I'm going in.
The gallery is full of smoke.
My God.
You should see this.
I reckon half the world's
stolen art's in here.
You need to be fast.
Guards heading to the house.
You can't love me until
you learn to love yourself.
Danny, you need to go now.
I found the Van Gogh.
For real?
For real.
Danny, you need to get out now.
Got everything.
On the move.
Some flowers for you.
- Where's J.Jae?
- J.Jae on her way.
Guard's at the bridge.
More coming. Now go.
Go to the front gate.
I have a transport.
Hurry. Hurry.
Guard's coming back.
That's MZee with your transport.
Take it.
Nice one, MZee.
Open the trunk. Open the trunk.
Open the trunk.
- No. Leave him.
- But we might need him later.
For what?
Mach, put him down.
You are mental.
- Ding Dong.
- Hey, Danny.
We got it.
We're on the move.
- We got it?
- Yeah, man. And the Van Gogh.
- Nice job, Danny.
- Good work.
- Thank Nana, yeah?
- I will.
Stop. You're those kids
from the pottery factory.
Let's go!
Ding Dong really
came through for us.
- Yeah.
- He did.
I can't believe
that Tara Yen.
She fancies herself
as a Wu Zetian.
You know what we need to do?
Get Song on the phone.
It's Song.
Mr. Song.
Daniel Stratton.
- Stratton. Please tell me you still have my vase.
- Don't worry.
It's safe.
We also happened to stumble
across a houseful of stolen art.
Where are you?
I'm on my way to you,
with the vase.
But I need you to do me a favor.
Call Detective Dai.
He'll never listen to me.
Mr. Stratton?
- Mr. Song, can I call you back?
- I insist you do.
Much appreciated.
- Miss Yen.
- Hi, Danny.
Quite a collection of art
you had at your house.
- Yes. I'm so sorry about your friend's car.
- Don't worry about that.
What do they say? "No smoke without fire."
You'll have to excuse me. I've got
the police on the other line,
- and I'm about to give them your address.
- I wouldn't advise that.
Really? Why is that?
Like I said,
love is so fleeting.
Good night.
Give me your phone.
Mach, give me the phone.
This artist is renowned for
his subtlety and minimalism...
...perfectly complementing
Ji hotel's stylish interiors.
If only your hotel...
If only your hotel...
Come on.
It's a great opportunity...
Please excuse me.
Ling, pick up the phone.
Ling, pick up
the phone!
It's Danny. You need to
get out of there now.
No. No.
I'm in a meeting.
- There's no time to explain. Just
trust me, all right? - Danny.
- Get downstairs.
- No.
- What do you mean, no?
- I'm in a meeting.
Let me talk.
It's me. Get downstairs now!
We're on our way to pick you up.
Get down there now!
What's up?
I have to wait for my uncle...
...something might have happened to him.
Lets wait in the car.
Just do what we say,
and you won't be hurt.
Give him your phone.
Chuck it.
If we just delivered the vase,
this would never had happened.
- We'll get her back.
- Yeah, right.
You really think we can save
her and just walk away?
We have no choice.
There's no point in handing over
the art and getting killed for it.
- I'm out.
- J.Jae.
Have some water.
Do you know why I brought you here?
Clever girl.
He's very persistent.
I don't understand you people
and your pursuit of love.
Do you even know what love is?
It's eternal and impossible to achieve.
I think l can but you can't.
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
What a pity.
Let me explain.
When l want something...
...l will always get it.
You're better than that.
You feel for her.
Why do men like you
always go for these useless women?
You're all crazy.
Aqua in an hour.
Bring both pieces
and come alone.
Or consider yourselves
permanently broken up.
I wanna speak to her.
What did they say?
- I have to go alone.
- No. No way.
They'll kill her. They'll kill
her if you're with me, Mach.
She's the only family
I've got.
I know that, Mach.
Enough said.
Not enough, Danny.
If anything happens to her,
I'm gonna kill you.
Good evening,
Mr. Stratton.
How nice
to see you again.
Please. Sit.
Where is she?
Bring her.
Welcome back. My precious.
Are you okay?
It's okay.
It's okay.
I see you
brought me flowers.
Miss Mo...
Thank you for your help.
You are free to go.
It's been a pleasure.
We leave now.
Not you.
You said we could go.
Did l?
No. l said you could go.
But he did what you asked.
You have the art.
But he will never be able
to live with that.
Tell her.
That's not true.
Yes, please,
convince me, Daniel,
that your failed romance
means more to you
than losing two pieces
of priceless art.
I don't think I can.
I can't explain something
you know nothing about.
Meaning the fact that
you put a price on love
tells me
you've never felt it.
And you, you think
your love can compare
to 3,500 years of history?
So pitiful.
Miss Mo, I suggest you leave now!
I got you. Please go.
It's okay.
Just go.
Ding Dong, you're up.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Powering down.
Hey. Do something else.
Danny, get her out.
Come on. Let's go.
You good?
You have to get the art.
Ling, come on.
Go, go, go!
Mr. Stratton.
Perfect timing.
So this is how you share art
with future generations, is it?
the insurance payouts
keep museums open
for decades.
You proved to be more
effective than we thought.
Give him the art now.
You want it?
Come and take it.
Leave him. Come and get the art.
Yo. What did I miss?
Get the art now!
Move it! Now!
- J.Jae!
- No!
Mr. Song.
Hey. Stratton.
It's not how it looks.
I'm happy you came back...
You remembered what I told you?
Loyalty is everything
whether you're right...
or in this case... wrong.
Good girl.
I hope you know
what you've done.
My job.
Good night.
Keep practicing.
I'm still watching you.
Good to know.
I love this city.
What a day.
I didn't think you'd
want me to go after him.
You had me scared I was
gonna lose you back there.
If you'll have me.
Thank you.
- Mach, 1.
- Check.
- Danny in 2.
- Check.
J.Jae in 3.
Copy that. You are good to go.
Let's do this.
And after
all that, I finally realized
what actually makes me tick.
Time's not about chasing art
or making money.
It's about how you spend it
and who you spend it with.
Time is all we have, people.
So enjoy it.
Spend it wisely.
Because it never stops ticking.
Hey, Ding Dong.
I saw a jump-rope girl
training with a guy yesterday.
He's hot.
He's sexy.
I don't find him sexy.
Come on. Relax, Ding Dong.
Jump-rope girl.
She's not that shallow.
Yeah. A jump-rope girl
isn't blind either.
Come on, J.Jae.
Her name is Nana.
Or... you could call me Baby.
Ding Dong,
how we looking?
Ding Dong.
Ding Dong.
Last day on location.
Thank you. Sorry.
No. I'm in a meeting.
What the...
I'm on it.