S.O.S Mamis 2: Mosquita Muerta (2023) Movie Script

Many people call us idols,
heroines, icons, stars, leaders,
and they are right.
But we do our work very humbly.
A poet said:
With great powers
come great responsibilities.
And yes, we have used
the power of the SOS MAMIS
for the good of the Saint
Michael School community,
each of us, however,
is very different,
but our strength
comes from our unity.
with her mountain-moving faith.
our Captain Planet,
who always brings us
- closer to Earth.
- Pacha Mama.
That too.
Julia, our CEO.
Who has taught each one of us
that we can be
the Big Boss of our lives.
And Clarita,
our Clarita, with her tools...
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
The screen, Clarita!
Just a second.
I was pretty sure,
that I had left it secured.
This happens every day.
I'll have to put a stone
with a wire to hold it
because the springs are bad.
- So...
- Hurry up.
I pull it down,
but the springs...
I think everyone
understood very clearly
the contribution you have made
to the school community.
Relax, Regina, I'm not done.
There are other more pressing matters.
You've been there for more
than 20 minutes, what is left to say?
- Trini, me!
- Sure, Luna!
Solve it fast.
Let's not waste any more time,
mine costs money, okay? Bye.
Please stop speaking
in that native language.
Ok? Please.
Father, Anthony, please come with me.
- As vice president...
- Treasurer.
- Is the same.
- Is not the same.
I am honored to introduce
the first family to benefit
from the Clarita
Arts and Sciences grant,
with a self-sacrificing mother
who has managed
to raise her son on her own.
With Father Anthony
we entrust ourselves to the Lord
to make the best decision.
And we did.
Yes, with Milagros
we are a very good couple.
Right, Milagros?
Team, Father. Team.
And we worked many nights.
So many.
In a spiritual retreat in Pomaire.
What happened in Pomaire,
stays in Pomaire.
Nights with a lot of passion.
Like the passion of Jesus,
with sacrifice, with pain.
And it is a process
that has brought me much pleasure.
With Milagros, of course.
Well done, Millie.
Well, I want to introduce you
to lex Quintanilla and his mother,
Daniela Muoz.
Bravo, our grant student.
Bravo, bravo!
Thank you very much to all.
I wanted to thank you for
welcoming us in this beautiful community,
with my Alex we have not had
a very good time
- due to the death of his father, but...
- Such a pity!
...we knew that we would find
kind hearts in this capital.
Well, Daniela comes from Mechuque,
a very colorful island in Chilo.
Thank you all very much...
To Milagros and Father Anthony.
I only have one doubt.
I was checking the grant,
what it includes, and I wanted to know
if it includes the school supplies,
because I sent several emails
and I have not heard back.
Thank you very much, Daniela, really.
I am sure that Alex will have
a nice time at our school.
Well, I guess you're not
the kind of people
who want everything for free,
are you?
- No? Ah, good.
- No...
All right, seat.
- Maria Grace, please.
- Did she hit you?
I would like to remind everyone
that this month we have
a mandatory charity event
to raise funds for the nursing home
"Grandpa, tell me"
one of the many humanitarian causes
that my foundation is in charge of.
So, the collaboration
of all parents is very important.
Each and all.
Each and all parents
without any exception.
Don't worry.
The supplies are not included
in the grant. Outrageous.
Neither are the school uniforms.
It's in the fine print of the grant
which is not so fine.
Well, we did everything
with the best of intentions.
This world is full
of good intentions.
That is corruption.
We all know that the principal
is in collusion with the guy
who sells the uniforms.
- They are lovers.
- No, it's a rumour.
Who has a tumor?
Our grant holder is very beautiful.
I find her quite normal.
I was going through the spreadsheet
and we have a little money.
We could give her
all the school supplies for the year.
Like a welcome gift.
No, the poor should not be given
fried fish on a platter.
You have to teach them to fish.
What if we invite her to our rehearsal
and give her the gift there?
Will it be fine?
We've been rehearsing for weeks,
mishap included.
Obviously she won't be able to.
It is for advanced.
Come on. I missed two weeks
due to my trip to France.
I closed three million-dollar contracts
and I know it by heart.
I haven't missed any rehearsal
and I still haven't learned it!
put the xylophone in the backpack!
Well, let it be clear
that I don't agree with the song.
No, I will not get tired of repeating it.
Does anyone have a spare flute
for Blanquita?
Juan de Dios,
don't forget the flute.
Shoulder, neck, shoulder.
For God's sake, my Pig.
He is so patient with boys.
-Oh, yeah. Children.
Hey, this little new child...
It is very late. Why don't we just
start the rehearsal without her?
Here comes, poor thing.
All humble, so she won't feel bad
for not being an expert dancer like me.
You are not an expert dancer.
That's the attitude!
- Hello!
- Hello, Piggy!
Welcome, welcome!
- Didn't you bring your sports outfit?
- No...
Honey, look, go play with
the other children, they are kind.
Pig! Love!
Pig! It's the grant boy.
Integrate him.
Make him play.
No, Pig, my love!
Welcome the new child!
It's okay.
My Pig.
Oh, how cute your ginger!
- Hello.
- Hi, sir.
Sofia, my love, come on.
They say they bring good luck too.
Make him play.
Don't worry, because while we rehearse
my Pig will take care of them.
He is the most feminist thing there is,
he always helps me with the puppies.
And by God,
what a handsome man too.
Okay. Come here
and see us rehearse, because
she didn't bring her sporting outfit.
- No, I did.
- But, you didn't tell me.
Because you didn't let me.
What happened is that I came by bus,
so I put my clothes under.
Do you mind
if I take off my clothes here?
- We are all free here.
- No! I do not!
- I do not care.
- Me too.
So I do not slow you down.
Okey, okey.
Well, don't worry about learning
all the choreography today,
because the presentation
is actually in another month.
How beautiful, the most folkloric there
is, I love it, it's very Chilean.
And come on Macarena and...
Shinning, and shinning and shinning.
Then swimming!
And swimming
and swimming.
Travolta... Stop, stop.
Trinity, Travolta is like groove,
Right? Travolta...
- Okay.
- Good. Ok, from Travolta, everybody.
All together.
Travolta, Travolta, Travolta.
Rib, rib, rib.
And now...
Sunrise, sunrise. Stop.
Trini. Sunrise!
- Okay.
- Five, six, seven, eight.
And one, two, three, four.
Kick and up!
- What now!
- Let's stop a little,
- I pulled a muscle.
- Everybody, take five.
- Material fatigue.
- Daniela, please come here.
- Go.
- Yeah, relax.
Daniela, I'm impressed!
- Thank you!
- I want everyone to follow Daniela.
Daniela has the groove
this dance needs
and we hadn't achieved in a month.
Daniela, please take Trini's position.
Trini go to the back.
Wait, sorry,
if we don't respect the formation
everyone else will get confused
without having me as a reference.
Girls, is anyone confused?
- No.
- No.
- Great!
- Daniela, please.
Excuse me, Trini.
Trinity, to the back.
- Let's go.
- From the beginning?
From the top.
Oops, we are together!
Five, six, seven, eight.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Chuchuka, chuchuka.
And Macarena to the side, yes!
Let's see...
Warm, warm, warm, warm.
How nice, Daniela.
Really integrated into the community,
a member of the group.
She even gets along with your husband.
I didn't know he was such
a great talker. Impressed.
Look at my Inti playing with Alex.
Good, even though my Dante
is very selective.
You can tell this poor kid
was raised with good soft skills.
Yes, my Sofi is also
the most soft skilled there is.
Hey, it's getting late. Where is Milagros?
We must hand over the box.
- Here I am, here I am.
- Finally, Millie!
Well, quick, it's too late now.
Very late.
I have many things to do.
- Daniela.
- Got to go.
Quick, pretty.
- Come, sweetie.
- Yes, yes!
Dear Daniela,
on behalf of all...
As president of the parents
of the 5th D,
representing the SOS MAMIS,
I would like to give you
this humble gift.
We would like.
Yes, we.
- Here.
- For me?
- What is this?
- The supplies for the whole year!
- Yay!
- Bravo Bravo!
Thank you very much, really,
I can't thank you enough...
Whatever, make this quick,
I have to work. I work.
Yes, actually,
I can't thank you enough...
Great, great. Better that way,
let's go. Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Very good, sweetie.
Honestly, I've never had this before.
- Supplies?
- No.
- Friends.
- Ugh, what a drag...
Poor dear.
So sweet.
Oh, may the Lord protect her.
We did it well.
Oh, my mom.
Say hello.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Puppy, where is Bubbles?
It's time to sleep.
Where is your snuggle pal?
I can not find it.
Where is Bubbles?
- What?
- Bubbles. Where is it?
I lost it in Alex's game.
- What?
- You couldn't play if you didn't bet.
He was very good
and he beat us all.
Bubbles is your snuggle pal.
That is relative. It was mine,
but only because you gave it to me.
Before it belonged to the company
that made it and now it belongs to Alex.
Attachment to things
only brings suffering, mom.
Where did you get that, my love?
From the podcast...
"The death of the soul".
By Pepe Mari Manzanares.
Why are you talking like that, Puppy?
Damn, mom.
Because the podcast is from Spain.
You don't understand anything, gosh.
He stole Bubbles
from our daughter.
Moms have to be careful.
Always attentive.
I'm not saying
Daniela is a bad mom.
On the contrary,
I think she is a good mom.
What do you think of her?
Did you happen to talk
to her today?
What did you talk about?
I asked her
about that bitcoin thing,
if now it was a good idea
to invest.
Pig, no.
That's Julia, the blonde.
I'm talking about the other one,
Daniela, very plain.
The mother of the grant ginger,
the average woman.
Did you talk to her then?
Luna and the others say that...
... that she is pretty.
Maybe. Maybe she is attractive.
What do you think?
Pig. What do you think?
Does she seem pretty, attractive to you?
Yes, she can be.
Can be what?
Pretty or attractive?
I do not know, my love.
She seems...
... nice.
Nice what?
Nice to look at or nice...
- ...psychologically speaking.
- Yes, that.
What then?
Pick one option.
Either one, my love.
I do not care.
Let me finish answering this email.
we have to address a high-impact topic.
I'm talking about Alex
and his illegal gambling business.
You know that yesterday
he took Bubbles from my poor Puppy.
Bubbles is snuggle pal
for sweet dreams. Poor thing.
He also kept a quartz from my Inti.
And Juan de Dios' rosary
blessed by the Pope.
He took $100 from James
and a GPS smartwatch from my son.
But he did me a great favor,
with my Dante we are with STRT.
- Oh, what a pity!
I hope you get better soon.
It's not a disease, STRT.
Kidney trauma?
Screen time reduction therapy.
What's that?
A therapy to control the minutes
we can spend on electronic devices.
In fact, I'm going to be
cut off at any moment.
Well, Julia, but not all of us
are millionaires like you.
- It hurts some of us to be robbed.
- That boy is not a thief.
He is an entrepreneur. He saw
the opportunity and closed the deal.
- We should congratulate him.
- We should report him.
You do it.
As part of the selection committee
for the Clarita Arts
and Sciences grant.
- What happened to me?
- Nothing, Clarita.
I assure you
that he has no history of misconduct.
But if the children didn't mind,
why are we going to get involved?
Those Adult centric ideas
are not good.
It is better that they solve
their conflicts alone.
If we let this go on like this,
what will we be robbed of tomorrow?
And what do you want to do?
A bingo?
A raffle?
A food and beverage party?
We have to talk to Daniela.
I understand.
Nobody has the guts.
Well, as usual, the President is going
to have to save the day. You are welcome.
Don't take your eyes off your backpack.
Okay? Here is an inventory
with all the things you carry
and you check it before leaving
and then we check it at home because
no one can be trusted anymore. Here.
If that gives you
a false sense of control
and helps you ease your anxiety over
the randomness of existence.
What are you talking about,
my love? Come on.
From the podcast "Cosmic Depression"
by Pepe Mari Manzanares.
Yeah, cheer up.
Have a wonderful day and please,
I beg you,
take off that horrible bangs,
you look like a memo girl.
- Emo.
- Oh, no! How awful!
if your child has long fingers,
- that hurts my daughter, because...
- Trini, did you talk to Daniela?
Do you have a speech
and are you rehearsing it?
You have a speech
and you are rehearsing it. What stress.
I'm not rehearsing.
It will be a totally
organic conversation, that's it.
If your son is a friend of the student,
then that will imply...
- What happens?
- ...that your son is going to be...
She is rehearsing her speech.
I'm not rehearsing anything.
Come on, Luna.
- Your son...
- Has she already given the speech?
- Not yet.
- But she has a speech?
Yes, and she is willing to use it.
Okay. I know this story,
I'm leaving, because I have
a very important meeting...
- Why do you use an organizer?
- Because we are with STRT.
Oh, don't be stupid.
I told you it's not a disease.
The organizer helps me
reduce screen time. That is all.
- Hello!
- Daniela.
- My dear, there are moments in life...
- It started.
- I have a yoga class. Namast.
- Okay, bye!
- One has to...
- No, no, please, don't go.
I want to apologize to you.
You have five minutes.
Last night, when we got home
with Alex, I saw that...
... he had brought some things
from his classmates and...
...well, we're so sorry.
It's not something I taught him.
Of course.
Yeah, well,
sometimes it happens. No?
If you're going
to blame someone, blame me.
Because he has had a very difficult
year with the death of his father,
moving to a new house, a new city.
I have never really been able
to buy a lot of things for him.
I haven't had the money,
but he's a cute boy.
Don't judge him
before you meet him, please.
Of course.
- Poor dear.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Oh, Bubbles!
That is...
No, no...
... this quartz has a very nice energy.
- It will do you and your son good.
- Really? Thanks.
I also found the rosary.
Oh, no! No!
Give it to Alex,
to pray every night
and meet our Lord Jesus Christ.
And your babysitter's money
and the watch.
No, keep everything.
James's money doesn't matter.
- I pay him quite well.
- Sure?
And that watch is better suited
for your son than mine.
Also, with my Dante
we are in STRT.
It is not a contagious disease.
Yeah, screen time reduction therapy.
Yes, yes, I've heard it.
- Thank you very much. Really.
- It has GPS.
You will always know
where your son is.
Aren't you going to say anything, Trini?
Uh? Nope.
Well, I wanted
to invite you to my house for dinner.
Would you like to?
I imagine you are super busy,
but I really want to thank you
for everything you've done
for me and my Alex.
Thank you very much.
But the truth is, I don't think we can.
-I can. Yes
-Yes? Oh, that's good!
Yes, but Clarita
isn't here to ask her.
I met her at the inspector' office
and she said yes, she can.
We will be there,
won't we, Trinidad?
Is this one, jump.
- Don't leave me without an umbrella.
- Jump!
Hey, you left me without an umbrella.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- I don't like getting my hair wet.
- Be careful with the cake.
- No, I bring it well covered.
- Here it is? Oh, yeah.
- Here, here.
Hello, hello!
Pig, put the cakes
in the lunch box
tomorrow they have
shared snack, please.
Hey, how cute is this house!
It is the most interesting thing
there is. It is like...
- Simple.
- It's like a granny's house.
I would throw it all away!
It is a possible good investment.
- Julia! Come on.
- It is true.
Please, I would like to ask you
to speak quietly,
my aunt Agustina is sleeping.
- Is she visiting?
- No, this is her house.
She has senile dementia.
And I am taking care of her
in her last days.
- And who inherits it? You?
- Huh?
The real estate market is very dynamic.
They tear all this down
and build a big strip center.
- Mall.
- Yes.
We can do business
when your aunt dies. Right?
The thing is, she's donating it
all to the church.
Because she is very religious.
- How nice!
- Another one.
Like my blessed mother,
may she rest in peace. She donated it all.
Sometimes it's really exhausting
to take care of her,
but I'm very grateful
since she gave me
a space in her house to live.
Well, chocolates to sweeten your life.
- A candle to light it up.
- Oh, how nice!
I made you a cake.
It didn't raise
- but the intention is what counts.
- Oh yeah. How nice!
I brought you an image
of the guardian angel.
- Do you know the pray?
- Of course, yes.
- Angel of God, my guardian dear.
- Angel of God, my guardian dear.
ever this day be at my side
to light and guard,
-to rule and guide
-With God I go to sleep,
with God I wake up,
and the grace of the Holy Spirit.
No, this whiskey is for me.
I assumed you hadn't.
No, I didn't.
- I knew it.
- Okay, let's go.
Over there.
Yes, to the dining room.
Piggy, what snack?
And we were so in love,
we couldn't stop looking at each other.
And two months after we got married,
Alex arrived.
Oh, such blessing.
It is a miracle that the Lord
has brought your paths together.
Where is the lunch box?
Pig, the lunch box has been on
the same shelf for five years, please.
Stop it, Trini.
Excuse me, is that him?
Yes, it's him.
Such tenderness
and what a great sorrow too.
- How long ago did he die?
- Trinidad!
It doesn't matter.
It's ok.
Two years ago already.
He was a fireman,
and one day there was
a giant fire in the village.
And he went in
to save a granny in a house.
And he burned to death
with the granny?
Oh, what a sordid question, please!
No, what happens
is that he inhaled toxic gases
and that caused him
a degenerative lung disease.
They gave him six months to live,
but he spent two years fighting.
And he died here, in my arms.
His last words were
"Life will always be too short
with you by my side."
Yeah, but how many meters
did you say the house was?
- Julia.
- No, no, it's just that I was thinking,
the other option
is to throw down the walls
- and we build a Co-work place.
- Joint work.
Ah, nothing can be said.
But why were there toxic gases
in the burning house?
No, it was a factory,
not a house.
But wasn't it a village?
Yes, a factory in a village.
Factories are the cancer
of the planet.
- And why was the granny in the factory?
- Trinidad.
I don't know. I have no idea,
but if I can tell you something
I miss him every day of my life.
Let's take a selfie?
To keep this moment.
With Julia's phone, is more modern.
No, no, my psychiatrist gave me
this old cell phone, is useless.
It does not even ring.
Here, I found it.
Ok, say "Mommies."
A spider!
Mom I have a spider!
Oh, Lord!
But what's wrong with you by god?
Calm down!
You are going to wake up my aunt.
Son, look, look.
It is just a fluff.
Look, did you see?
- Are you sure I don't have anything?
- Sure.
Excuse me. But he has
a phobia of spiders.
When he was two years old,
a giant spider went into his crib.
Oh, poor thing.
Calm down, my love.
Also, you know,
there is a very nice story
of a very famous superhero
who had such a thing happen to him.
Yes. Aquaman.
Clarita. Come on.
I think it's time to go.
- Ok.
- There is nothing. Look.
I even lost my munchies
with the scare.
Good thing,
because you've eaten like...
Hey, didn't you find the story
a little weird?
Yes. Aquaman
wasn't afraid of spiders.
No, the husband's.
Please have a little respect
for the dead.
The deceased
or people who transcend
to other dimensions.
It seemed weird to me too.
Have you seen the lunchtime soap opera?
The one with the doctors?
Look, the only weird thing here
is how this poor woman,
who has suffered so much, stands tall.
So, please,
let's stop this discussion here.
Cover me, please, my hair
gets frizzy in the rain. I hate it.
- I cover you.
- Cover me!
- I hate getting my hair wet.
- I already got wet.
- Be careful with the pools.
- Everything was nice! Right?
Why are you reading that book?
I have read this four times already.
You could have told me and I would
have sent you an autographed copy.
What? Is it you?
And they will know that I am the Lord
when I bring my vengeance upon them
- and I will execute against them...
- This is my favorite verse.
...great revenges...
I didn't know
you were so religious.
- Of course.
- May the body and blood of your son
I could not live my life without giving
myself into the hands of the Lord.
I have not practiced yoga
since my life partner left this plane.
Ah, it shows in your aura
that you have worked hard
to heal yourself.
And tantric sex has helped me
so much to energize myself.
Between us, I haven't been able
to think of any man
since I bid farewell
to the love of my life.
Oh, so cute.
To keep yourself in abstinence
to the memory of your husband.
- It's a great leap of faith.
- Of course.
As it should be.
Of course,
I have not dared to invest yet
because it scares me a little.
The best thing about cryptos
is they are totally outside the system.
- And they leave no trace.
- And they leave no trace.
Good, my love. You earned
five more minutes of screen time.
- Yes!
- Here it is.
I learned everything
from my teacher Amancay in Chilo.
Do you mean a woman?
There are not many men
who practice tantric sex in Mechuque.
But women, yes.
It is amazing how much you know.
It would be an honor for me
to have you as my teacher.
- I have no time.
- Oh, obviously.
Right. A business woman like you,
a good mother,
intelligent, stylish, gorgeous!
Yeah, well, yeah.
- You have to be open to everything. No?
- Yes, of course.
Are you open to everything?
Of course.
Good to know.
I wanted to ask you to please
not tell anyone,
because I would not like them to think
that I want to take advantage of you.
Don't worry. No one has ever
taken advantage of me.
- Never.
- Of course.
Of course,
I wanted to ask you for discretion,
around here
people are very conservative.
I wanted to ask you for discretion.
People judge a lot
when one is a believer.
You don't know
how much I understand you.
Don't worry.
This is God's Word.
Praise the Lord.
- What time do we meet today?
- At eight.
- Thank you.
- What meeting is at eight?
- I have no messages.
- Sorry, I was in the wrong chat.
This message was for another group.
What do you mean for another group?
Luna answered you.
- What chat is that?
- Another group.
The Single Mommies Party group.
Where is Luna, Julia and I.
Today we are going
to take Daniela to Julia's bar.
Oh, sounds great.
I'm going to tell Pig
to stay in charge of the ship.
Because today we have girls night.
I'm lovin 'it!
It's just for single mommies.
I don't think Daniela
goes to those things.
She is very devoted.
That's discrimination.
And we in this chat
do not accept discrimination.
Am I invited or not?
- Sorry, sorry. I got confused.
- Oh, Clarita.
- Now what do we tell her?
- Trinidad lowers our stocks.
I would leave her on view.
Do you think that Trinidad is going
to accept that we leave her in seen?
- Yes.
- How lovely. It is full of things.
It is ideal for doing yoga.
Did you see the dishes over there?
Ariela? Ariela!
- You're confusing me with someone else.
- What are you doing in the big city?
- I didn't know you had left Mechuque.
- Yes.
- Go away!
- And how is your husband?
Hey, I miss him so much.
Tell him to call me.
- Ok, thanks! There's the bathroom.
- Have him call me.
- I already went to the bathroom.
- There, look.
Don't push me.
How rude, bye!
- Did you meet a friend?
- Huh?
No, no, he was a drunk.
But didn't he mention
something about Mechuque?
No, no, he told me something like...
...you shook me
or something like that, drunk.
- Dani, here.
- Thanks, shall we go to the dance floor?
Yes, yes. My informant says
that the best prospect
is far away.
I feel so special.
I kind of walked in,
and the second I got dizzy.
Far away.
- Shall we?
- How nice!
Pig, my love, put the wooden spoon
and the sheet of cardboard
or lined cardboard, but the thin one,
in his backpack. Ok, bye.
- Hey, gorgeous, do you want to dance?
- No, no. I'm married.
Pig, my love, I forgot that Sofi
has a shared snack tomorrow.
Please put it in the front pocket
of her backpack. It's in
- the black cabinet in the kitchen.
- Hello.
- Do you want to dance with me?
- I'm married.
- Oh, okay.
- Yes, yes.
No! Without my cell phone,
I am not me.
In fact, I don't know if I'm alive
because there are no notifications.
I have no idea.
- Do you know what my heart rate is?
- No.
No. Do you know how much
oxygen I have in my blood now?
No. To be honest no.
Neither do I.
I have no idea. I don't even know
when my period comes.
Because this fucking
old cell phone,
from 1500 BC,
- does not send notifications.
- It doesn't!
Even the poor! The poor stop eating
to charge their fucking cell phone.
- Look!
- And I am a businesswoman...
And these drinks?
Wow, Trini,
they didn't send you.
What didn't they send me?
They told me for the four of us,
except for the lady.
- But you don't drink, right?
- Of course not!
Well, unless it's a toast.
That's different.
Oh, no! This song sets
all my chakras on fire. Let's Dance.
Let's go!
Hey, leave the bag,
don't be a peasant.
Leave it here. Trini can take care of it,
because no one ask her to dance.
Thank you!
- Ouch!
- You got nervous.
- Excuse me.
- How are you?
I am married.
I am very married.
And I'm also very injured.
So, I'm not good at dancing
- not at all. So, goodbye.
- Your lost.
Oh, what a pity.
What a shame to miss it.
- You dropped it.
- Oh, I dropped it! Yeah.
A very insistent guy came
and he wanted to dance with me.
- He said he knew me.
- Yes?
Curious, huh?
Seems like that happens a lot
around here.
Dude! Another one.
More ice water.
What happened now?
Moral hangover?
- What are we doing here?
- Where is Clarita?
- Hi, Mommies.
- Oh Clarita, you scared me!
Well, Clarita was kind enough
to lend us this room
so we could talk in peace.
I have to tune all the instruments
before the music class starts.
- Thank you very much.
- But what happened?
It's Daniela.
She hides something.
- Pretend I'm not here.
- It's what we always do.
Last night when we went dancing,
well, I didn't dance,
although I did get asked a lot.
I saw myself in the obligation
to look at Daniela's bag.
Daniela has...
...three identity cards.
All with different names
and with different photographs.
- Come on, Clarita, leave it!
- What happened?
- I just can't believe it.
- Wild, right? Neither do I.
Did you check Daniela's bag?
That's worse than stealing.
It is a deadly sin.
Thou shalt not steal.
- And you are sure of all this?
- I'm absolutely sure.
Look, one of them had the name Ariela
and the other one Maria,
- or something similar. Mariel...
- You don't even remember.
- Of course I remember.
- You had a lot to drinks last night.
And besides, it was all so dark
you can't see anything, Trini.
- Yes, that's right.
- First, I don't drink.
I drink alcohol only for toasts.
And I am totally sure of what I say.
Can we all have
the same conversation, please?
My head hurts.
She's talking about false identities.
- Serious, very serious.
- Look, Trinidad.
We know that you don't like Daniela.
But to invent such a thing, by God!
- I'm not making it up, Milagros.
- Do you have any evidence?
Oh, sorry, sorry, Clarita.
No, I do not have.
Well then, Namast.
- No, no namast. Luna. Luna!
- Get some,
- without evidence, there's no crime.
- Julia, this is serious.
- Wow. Very good, huh?
- Yes.
Very different!
- Very intense. Very intense.
- Yes.
Are you sure
you've never danced before?
- True. I swear.
- It's just you're so good.
- To dance, very good.
- Oooh!
No, no, no, Father.
You are very good at dancing.
- You are very good at dancing.
- Thank you.
Well, Father, as always,
we are very grateful for your time.
- It is only the will of the Lord.
- Let's go!
- Bye. No! We can't go.
- But Milagros offered me a ride.
- It is not possible now.
- Why not?
Because today we are going
to give Daniela a nice welcome.
Bravo! Clap, clap, clap, clap.
- Thanks for considering me.
- No, no, no, no, Father.
Girls only.
Girls just wanna have fun.
The conclave of virgins.
- Bye! See you tomorrow.
- Bye, Father!
I'm leaving.
I have to work. Bye, bye.
No, no, Julia.
It is the welcome rite.
Daniela, I imagine you have noticed
that we are a very united
- and unbreakable group.
- Yes, yes.
Do you know what the basis
of our strength is?
- What?
- Our exclusive WhatsApp group.
Right, Mommies?
And we have thought that, well,
you deserve to be part
of our sisterhood.
- Oh, thanks!
- Yes. The cutest thing there is.
So, in order for you to be a real
SOS MAMIS, we customarily
- do an initiation ritual.
- Yes?
Oh, I love rituals,
but what ritual?
The ritual.
Absolute trust.
In a woman's purse
is where all her secrets
are kept. Right?
And in this group,
- we have no secrets.
- No.
- Right, Julia?
- Right. The ritual.
Of course, Mommies, react!
We have all done it.
And what are these?
These are the pills
the doctor gave me.
I take this in the morning
when I can't get up.
And this when I feel a thing,
here, like this.
And these are my pills to be happy.
I take these when I can't eat.
And these, at night,
when I can't sleep.
Okay. Very healthy.
Come on, Julia, now you.
Wow, how beautiful is this color!
- It is moving.
- It's my Brad Pitt.
Don't play stupid.
Oh! Put that away please.
I don't want to go to jail again.
- No, it's mine.
- It's a ritual, you have to participate.
We have all participated.
The end.
Easy as that. Done.
- Be careful, you're going to burn.
- ...I swear they are ideal...
Give me that!
Hey, why do you have a photo
from the Ghost movie?
Starring Millie and Father Anthony.
No, no, it's a souvenir
from the Pomaire retreat.
You know what?
Give me that.
I don't have to explain myself to anyone.
This is a memory of a spiritual journey
where we meet the Lord.
What Lord?
Mystery of Pomaire solved.
- Okay. It's your turn, Daniela.
- Me?
Unless you have something to hide.
- Aha! What do we have here?
- My documents.
But where are the others?
- Others?
- Where are the others?
It is the same wallet,
but it is not the same content.
Where are the others,
where are you hiding them?
- What?
- What are you hiding? Where are they?
- In another bag?
- Yeah, yeah. Trinidad, enough.
- Thank you.
- We already did the ritual. Happy?
- My god, frankly.
- Thank you.
- Do I help you?
- Thank you.
- We better let's go.
- Let's go.
Now, Dani, nevermind.
It's just Trini.
She gets a little silly.
- I can't find the keys to my house.
- Oh, Clarita, please!
I lost them when I turned
my purse upside down.
I don't understand
why no one believes me.
Daniela is hiding something.
You know what I was thinking
the other day?
It is as if Daniela's life
had served as inspiration
- for the soap opera.
- What soap opera?
The one at lunchtime,
"Amor y dolor."
Oh, it keeps me company.
that firefighter husband story she told,
is the same, exactly the same
as the story of an episode.
My husband, may he rest in peace,
he inhaled toxic gases
in the smoke from the fire.
Which caused a strong
degenerative disease in his lungs.
They gave him six months to live.
Still, he fought for two years.
He died in my arms.
His last words were
"Life will always be too short
with you by my side."
I miss him.
I miss him so much!
- What's that?
- What are you watching?
I met my screen quota today.
You see? It's exactly
the same story
Daniela told us about her husband,
the firefighter, how he died.
- She copied it from here!
- Oh, that episode is so,
- so good.
- I was a little drunk that night.
- I do not remember anything.
- I was a little high too.
But the energies of the universe
can generate such coincidences
when the stars align.
It's nothing weird.
We call it...
... synchrony.
I agree with what Luna says.
You know? The same thing happened
to me once, in a episode of ALF.
But Clarita,
you said it was the same.
Yes, but on second thought,
the actress was dressed differently
and besides,
she was speaking Mexican.
- Done!
- Are we done yet?
I have to feed my blessings.
No, Puppy. The shower
is with hair wash too.
Wait, please wait.
- Take a good look at it.
- Look, Trinidad.
I think the best for everyone
is that we leave Daniela
alone with her pain.
But look at the amount of coincidences.
It's exactly the same sto...
- Bye!
- No!
- Your minutes are up for today.
- Oops.
This meeting has ended.
- I'll wash it tomorrow!
- Wash your hair, Sofia!
Wash it!
You see?
It is exactly the same.
Sometimes I feel
like I'm going crazy.
Did Sofi wash her hair?
I feel like I talk, talk, and talk,
and no one listens to me.
Sometimes I even have doubts
whether I saw the IDs correctly.
Or if this soap opera, maybe,
is what they call synchrony.
I sense it, really, I sense it.
I sense that this girl, Daniela,
is not who she says she is.
That's why I feel angry,
I know that you are a man,
men do not intuit anything, but...
...but Milagros, the others,
are women, they have intuition.
- How do they not realize? Don't you think?
- Something I do not understand...
Why, if he has amnesia,
he's still in love with her?
Pig, I am asking you for help, my love.
If I'm helping you, love.
You asked me to watch this carefully.
Of course, Pig, my love.
I have not seen things carefully.
I haven't looked closely.
I haven't paid attention to the details.
And in the details is where
the answer is always, my love.
- Let's see.
- ...with the man who ruined you.
- With who?
- With Felipe Carmona del Real.
San Felipe school?
- No, not with him.
- It's Felipe!
No! San Felipe, my love.
Pig, you are a guru,
A pope, a Zen master.
Love! Really, love.
San Felipe School.
Wow! Bingo!
Seven by nine?
- 57?
- No, my love. 63.
If not, you do the little trick
I taught you with the fingers.
San Felipe School, good morning.
- How I can help?
- Hello.
Am I communicating with
the San Felipe de Mechuque school?
- Yes, the same one.
- Oh, great.
Puppy, buckle up.
I am calling to find out
the issue of the enrollment.
Do you want to enroll
your child for next year?
- I mean, actually, my daughter.
- What!?
I have a very close friend
and she highly recommended
the school, because she was there.
I don't know if you remember her.
Her name is Ariela.
- I don't want to go to Machuque!
- Sofia, please.
Yes. Mom of...
... of a very nice ginger, Alex.
Ah, of course I remember them.
- Very loving the child, huh?
- I don't want to transfer to Machuque!
Yes, he is very loving.
Too bad what happened to his dad, right?
Too bad he's no longer with us.
- Right?
- Yes, it's true.
But hey,
he made the decision to leave.
- From this world?
- What?
- Alex's father passed away, right?
- No, of course not.
- He is in the hospital.
- In coma?
- No, he's alive.
- At the Mechuque hospital?
In Port-au-Prince hospital.
Wait, we're talking
about the same Alex's dad...
I'm not going to Mechuque!
Sorry, sorry,
I'm here with a tween.
She is furious, but calm,
everything is fine.
Are we talking
about Alex's dad, the firefighter?
Yes, I mean, he is a doctor.
- Daniela's husband is a doctor?
- Who is Daniela?
- Ariela, I'm sorry.
- Of course he is a doctor.
Hey, are you friends with Ariela or not?
Yes, yes,
we are friends, very close ones.
Do you happen to have
any information on...
or a contact, an email,
a phone number of Alex's dad
- to contact him?
- No, no, no, no, no.
I can't share information.
Not even for a generous...
...figure or a personal contribution of...
- Sorry, sorry.
- Ah, well, that's something else.
- Alberto!
- Hello.
Wonderful! Thanks with all my heart.
Thanks for answering my email.
- And thanks for...
- Is Alex okay?
- That's why I answered.
- Yes, he is very well. Calm down.
- Where is he?
- In Santiago. He is with his mother.
He is a classmate of my Puppy,
Sofia, at Saint Michael School.
- Doctor, doctor, [HAITIAN]
Where are you?
I am in Haiti.
Oh, sorry.
And I am eating. So sorry.
Sorry. We eat here too.
Less, but we eat.
Are you with Ariela?
Did she ask you to call me?
No, not at all. Alberto,
I am calling you because
she is scamming my friends
and I don't know what to do.
Do not believe her nothing,
Look, I have a theory
that her name isn't even Ariela.
See, after she did to me
what she did to me,
I had to start from scratch.
And here I have been warmly welcomed.
Here I discovered that
what had happened to me meant nothing.
Well, I don't know if nothing.
I wanted to die, really.
But here they know
what it is to suffer.
- It's been a good place to start.
- What are you talking about?
She took everything from me.
And then she kept taking from me.
I was surprised because I thought when
they took everything and ruined your life,
they couldn't take anything else from you.
So she probably has my soul,
my dignity and my will to live,
in a box, there, in Santiago.
She took my money, my family
and now Alex, he doesn't want to see me.
Well, don't worry, because together
we are going to unmask her, okay?
I want everyone to know what kind
of person she is. You know?
- When are you going back to Chile?
- No! I can't go back to Chile.
I can't face her.
No! I am not close to being ready.
You are the only person
who knows the truth about her.
Look, do you want some advice?
A piece of advice
that could save your life.
Get away from her!
- But, Alberto...
- Look.
If you let that... being into your life,
She's going to do like this, like this.
She's going to take everything!
Don't you want to see your son?
It's what I want most in the world.
But I can't get close to that woman.
- Doctor, [HAITIAN]
- No, please, don't...
Again, good luck.
But I can't help you.
And kick, and turn, and up.
- Yes! We have it.
- Okay.
That is our last move. Okay?
- Daniela, incredible, as always.
- Thanks, thanks.
- The rest, very well too.
- Thank you, Father.
Almost everyone.
What's happening?
A little lost? A little...?
No! No. It's all good.
Everything perfect.
Remember, dancing is love.
You need to have good elongation.
Girls, this is the essay we need.
- Great, Father.
- We are so close.
It turned out very well,
so thank you very much, Father. Bye.
- Okay, okay.
- Bye, Father.
- Bye bye!
- Hey! No pushing.
- Please stay.
- I am sorry. I have to use
- the screen minutes I have left.
- No screen minutes available.
Good, perfect.
Because Mommies,
a miracle has happened.
- What a thrill!
- Oh, no. What did she think of now?
Someone has risen from the dead.
- Daniela's husband.
- Ooh!
- What?
- No! No, no, no, no, no.
- Do not play with that.
- Exactly.
I'm not playing.
So, please tell the truth, Daniela.
- I don't know what you mean.
- Wait. No, don't say anything.
These are Trini's crazy things.
Shall we go?
Does it look familiar to you, Daniela?
Or should I call you Ariela.
That's him?
No, I can't look at the screen.
Who is he?
- It seems that it is... your husband?
- Exactly. He is Daniela's husband.
- But wasn't the man dead?
- No!
He is very much alive,
and in good health.
Is that the best you have?
- Ok, ok, Trinidad, enough.
- No, Milagros.
I owe you an explanation.
Trinidad is right.
Alberto is alive.
But he is a bad man.
That's why I got divorced.
But what a waste of time.
Because you didn't tell
the truth at first.
Because the grant requirements said
they didn't accept divorced mothers.
I lied, yes.
But I did it for my son.
God knows
I can't give him everything.
And we really need that grant.
I apologize for lying to you,
but I would do it a thousand times.
I would do anything for my son.
- Don't you?
- Yes, friend.
- Come on!
- I just wanted to start from scratch,
for Alex to had a normal childhood.
After all what he has suffered
with his father.
His father, the monster!
I talked to him
and he told me everything.
- You spoke with him?
- Of course, yes.
I was surprised because I thought
when they took everything
and ruined your life,
they couldn't take anything else from you.
- I have to go.
- Where are you going?
I have to go.
I have to runaway.
I can't stay in this country.
- But why?
- Because Alberto is very violent.
He was chasing me.
He never left me alone.
I'm scared to death
to think what he can do to Alex.
He is very kind.
Listen, he is a non-violent person.
I saw him.
He is in Haiti helping others
who are very grateful to him.
It's his front, Trinidad.
He always does that,
but I'm sure he's here in Chile.
Now, now, calm down, calm down.
- Luna, I know you are impressionable.
- I'm not impressionable.
Sure, the vaccines with 5G, the magnesium
chloride that cures, the earth is flat.
I am open-minded,
it is quite different.
But even to you it has to be obvious
that she is lying.
She is trying
to manipulate us once again.
Her name is not even Daniela,
her name is Ariela.
Yes, my name is Daniela.
My name is Ariela Daniela Mariela.
So original.
I had to use my middle name
so that Alberto couldn't find me.
You don't know how much
I've suffered, Trinidad.
And now, because of you,
he's going to find me again.
Calm down.
I understand your mistrust.
I would too.
Really, thank you for everything.
These were the best days of my life.
No, no, Danielle, no.
Do not go.
Of course we believe you.
Now, believe her,
there are violent men all over the world.
Are you serious?
This time you crossed the line, Trinidad.
You got into Daniela's private life.
- Ariela!
- Ariela Daniela Mariela!
Stop now.
Can't you see
you're exposing her and Alex?
Why so little sorority?
- She is lying!
- It's all my fault.
I should never have married
a man like him.
It's the patriarchy's fault.
It's not your fault.
Don't worry.
We are with you.
No means no.
To fight with everything.
Alert, alert, sexist alert!
Cut it down
with your revolutionary shouts.
Please, we have a problem.
- Thank you.
- I'm leaving.
- Hey! Julia!
- No, what a waste of time.
Frankly, I'm not
for these melodramas. It's over.
Was her husband dead or alive?
I missed it.
Come on, Puppy, out.
You are even
more peculiar than usual, Puppy.
Did something happen in catechesis?
Nothing escapes mom's eyes.
So, please tell me.
Alex microaggresses me
when Father Anthony isn't looking.
And when I tell him something,
he says that I'm the one bothering him
and no one believes me.
Alex does what to you?
It is the systematic
and repetitive practice
of small acts of psychological violence.
- That's from the...
- From the podcast
"Little Big Pains of Childhood"
by Pepe Mari Manzanares.
Are you telling me that this kid,
Alex, is bullying you?
Bullying is when there is physical
and psychological violence in a big way.
He microaggresses me.
Can I stop going to catechesis?
No, my love,
because we are going to solve this,
because that infernal ginger
is going to be micro attacked
as the guy on the podcast says.
Let's go.
Get down, Puppy.
Clarita, please,
can you frame it a little better?
No, there. We're going to start
with that, that's the first one.
Dads, moms,
moms, dads, please, attention.
Well, welcome.
As everyone knows,
the fire that suffered
the "Grandpa, tell me you" nursery home
left it in appalling conditions.
My heart breaks just seeing
these poor grandparents.
But with the donations
we're all going to make,
it could look like this.
The foundation suggested putting
a commemorative bronze plaque
in one of the halls and baptizing it
"Mara Gracia Vicua Montt Hall".
But I, of course, rejected that initiative
because I consider that
it should bear the name of all
the Saint Michael School parents.
Don't expect me to be on time
with this old cell phone.
No, calm down, Julia.
You arrived just in time.
Thank you, Maria Gracia. A big applause
for her, please. Clap, clap.
- What happened?
- Well, now let's go to the subject
that summons us.
A really important topic.
We have to decide what we are going
to do about microaggressions.
Good thing that you bring
that topic up, Trinidad,
because we have learned
that Sofa has done them
- these past few weeks.
- Suffered, you mean.
No, done them.
- Wait, my Puppy has been...
- The responsible for putting at risk
- my Alex's mental health. Poor thing.
- What?
- Nights without being able to sleep.
- Without sleeping.
- Concentration difficulty.
- Concentration.
Crying. I ask you to please
tell your daughter
to stop harassing my Alex, please,
because what your Pup is doing
is not microaggression,
- it is bully...
- Wait, don't go smearing
my Puppy with that word.
- Llying.
- Bullying, Trinidad.
Daniela told me that Sofia
draws him pictures of...
You say it.
- Female genitals!
- In her notebook.
That's preposterous.
It doesn't exist, it's not true.
Sofa told me lex microaggresses her
when no one sees him.
- What a coincidence, nobody sees him.
- Yeah, right.
- We have evidence, look.
- We have evidence.
- Look, everyone.
- It's a lie.
This is absolutely a lie.
My Puppy only draws pink unicorns...
Well, they're black now
because she's going through
a memo phase, a bit dark,
- but she would never do a thing like that.
- Well, I think
there is no need to go
on the matter any further.
We have to talk about
what is really important.
- The new committee.
- What new committee?
Well, there has to be
a shift in power.
It is dangerous
for a single person
to remain in the same position
for a long time.
That creates dictators.
I know I'm new to this school
and I still don't know how everything
works, but I think the person responsible
to improve the life of my son
must be the new president.
You, Milagros.
Sorry. This is a democratic process.
We have to vote.
Let's vote then.
Who votes for Trinidad?
- Why are we voting?
- 1, 2. Who votes for Milagros?
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 8, 9, 10, 11,
12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
I assume my defeat.
And I accept the position
of vice president.
- Treasurer.
- It's the same.
It's not the same.
In fact, I had thought
of someone else for that position.
- Me?
- Yes!
- No, I wouldn't be able to.
- You are able.
Does anyone object?
- This is a coup!
- No, Trinidad.
This is the result
of a democratic process.
How you wanted it.
Bravo for our new president!
- Clap your hands!
- To the treasurer!
Come on, my love, Mommy's puppy.
Look, don't worry,
because the truth always comes out.
We are going to prove
your innocence. Right, Pig?
Objective facts no longer matter
when post-truth sets in.
Is that from...?
From the "Facts, Not Feelings" podcast
by Pepe Mari Manzanares.
- Pig?
- Hmm?
Tell her something, Chancho. She listens
to some awful language podcasts.
- My love, calm down...
- Exactly.
Because we are going
to unmask that lying child.
We are going to unmask him.
And I'm going to call each mom
to tell them your side of the story.
- Very good, Pig.
- It is practically impossible
to change the narrative
after a public accusation.
At least I know I'm not a liar.
Pig, why don't they get my messages?
Clear your face, my love, please.
Because they blocked you.
Julia, do you know what's up
with the SOS MAMIS chat?
I write but no one answers me.
Maybe someone hacked us?
Puppy, my love, please,
don't push the carrot apart. Eat it.
Julia! Can you look at the screen
for a minute please, to answer me?
We had to take you out
of the chat room.
But why?
A chat with you and Dani,
is not possible.
Imagine the energy tension.
Better for some time to pass,
and the air is renewed.
Buddha, my love,
come down from the tree.
Or are you sleeping up there?
It was three votes to two.
We thought you were
going vote to stay.
So, it was your vote plus my vote,
against the other three.
Daniela did not want to vote, she said
she did not want to make such a decision.
But don't worry,
because I can tell you
everything they talk about.
Did you kick me out of a WhatsApp group
that I created myself?
How can that be?
Please explain it to me.
Don't pretend to be disconnected,
I know you're there.
You're online, Milagros.
I see you.
You blocked me!
Trinidad blocked
I'll kill her.
Angelita, did you see
that your puppy's sweater
is in the lost and found
in the closet?
- Hello, Mia.
- Hello, Rosita.
Mommy's puppy,
it's at times like these
where the little girls distinguish
themselves from the warriors.
- And what are we?
- Two people doomed to ostracism?
Is that from Pepe,
the man of the apples?
Pepe Mari Manzanares.
"Great Greek Punishments
of the 21st Century".
Well, my love, you keep calm.
Because your mom is a warrior.
And a Greek one.
And your warrior mom
is going to make us take revenge
on all those who have hurt us.
The need for revenge
can only be had with kindness.
Otherwise, hatred grows.
But kindness does not exist
when people act as a mass
and just want to vent their anger.
And thus begins a cycle of hate
that is impossible to break.
We are facing a paradox.
Sure. Yes.
Maybe, too.
Anyway, I think it's more like...
Honey, you are forbidden to listen
to those podcasts, did you hear me?
And clear your face,
I can't see your eyes.
Daniela! Daniela!
I need to talk with you.
- Trinidad, how are you?
- Outraged, yes.
But you know that I am a warrior.
- And you know what happens...
- Are you threatening me?
- What?
- I feel like you're threatening me
in front of my son.
Right, Alex?
Yes, mom. I feel threatened
by an older woman.
- And Sofia is also threatening us.
- What? I have not done anything!
Do you feel threatened by Sofia?
Yes, mom always teases me at school.
I want her to leave me alone.
You are completely crazy!
Didn't you learn anything?
Besides your friends,
what else do you want to lose?
What are you talking about?
By God, he's a handsome man!
Oh no.
That's too much!
The Pig is mine!
It's my Pig!
Nobody touches my Pig!
- Let go!
- Please, someone do something!
Let me get this straight.
All this is because you were taken out
of a WhatsApp group, Trinidad?
It is far more complex.
Trinidad, you hit Daniela,
- there are multiple witnesses.
- She provoked me.
In addition,
I learned that your daughter
was drawing pictures
in Alex's notebook.
My daughter would be
absolutely incapable
of doing a disgusting thing like that.
She is innocent!
Trinidad, here is the evidence.
So, I think the only way
to solve all this
is a public apology.
You and your daughter.
It's ok, it's ok. The truth is
I do not want problems with anyone.
Wait, wait.
Well, this is what we are going to do.
You're going to stay away
from Daniela,
at least ten meters.
We don't want any more problems.
- It is in everyone's best interest.
- Ten meters.
Ha! Then tell me,
how am I going to do the dance
for the grandparents?
- Wait, that's the final amount?
- Yes.
- That has been raised?
- Yes.
Oh no, I just can't believe it.
Let's see, wait, calm down.
Hello everyone,
I want to tell you as Chair
of the Vicua Montt Foundation,
I am deeply disappointed
all of you because we have not been
able to reach the necessary amount.
the Saint Michael School community
it is not as committed
to the elderly as it seems.
For this reason, I had to make
the decision to make a personal donation,
let's see if we can meet the goal.
The idea is that we can reach the goal.
So I'm doing this not for me,
but it for all the grandparents
in the nursery home
"Grandfather tell me"
We have a new collection count.
Vice President, please.
- Treasurer.
- Is the same.
- Is not the same.
- Go ahead.
I am pleased to announce
the new amount.
I would like to tell you
that it is the largest amount
at a Saint Michael School
charity event.
I want to thank all of you
and especially Daniela.
- I'm dying of boredom.
- Thanks to her,
I am president.
Thank you very much, Milagros.
it is with the grace of the Lord
that we want to celebrate all grandparents
who made a tremendous effort to be here.
Ugh. Okay.
Without further ado,
let's now dance with your favorites.
new formation.
A bigger round of applause!
My love, shouldn't you be there?
- Let's go.
- Positions.
- Please, let's go.
- Music, please.
Let's go.
- Come on, let's go, Puppy.
- My love, but...
Mom, what if we apologize?
Did you make those gross drawings?
Mom, if you mean the vulvas,
they're not gross. And it wasn't me.
But you did hit Daniela.
- Oh, look, there's Sofi.
- OK, right.
- Hello.
- Don't look at her, don't look at her.
Now, she is no longer
with us, she left.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
Blanqui, how is your candy?
Let's apologize.
When people don't want to listen,
however false, works.
Look, Puppy, as much as
Pepe Manzana's podcast says so,
we are not going to lie.
That's my Pig! Aha!
Beautiful, my love.
Again a video call.
I told you, how stubborn.
I can only receive phone calls,
faxes and letters.
- Has anyone talked to Daniela?
- Me!
- When?
- Oh, you mean today?
No, I thought in life.
No, today.
Last night she agreed to go to the bar
but never showed up, so I drinked hers.
I wanted to call her,
but I didn't have screen minutes.
She also did not come
to the sun salutation.
Ouch! OMG!
What if because of Trinidad
her ex-husband found her
- and did something to her?
- Don't be paranoid, please.
- Especially before my first drink.
- In fact, today,
we need to deposit
the money to the foundation.
- What do we do?
- I don't know.
- Oh, oh.
- Don't be evil-minded.
We have to go find her
before her ex-husband does.
We have?
It is a lot of people.
- Calm down!
- I do not have patience.
Is Ariela here?
- There's no Ariela here.
- Well, Ariela, Mariela, Daniela,
But, aren't you her aunt?
- No.
- What aunt?
- The senile dementia aunt.
- Oh.
We are friends
with your niece, Ariela!
- Yes, yes.
- I'm not deaf!
She clearly has dementia.
Why don't we go in
once and for all?
Besides, this old lady won't remember.
Look, here lives a young woman,
with a little buddha
with red hair.
Oh! Look.
Wait. Wait.
Are you blind too?
Don't you recognize her, your niece?
- Julia!
- Teresa.
That's the motherfucker
who signed the lease
and left without paying the rent.
She left two days ago.
Now, open the bank account
and share the screen. Now.
Where are you?
I don't want my Dante
to see me using a screen.
Can you imagine the example I would set?
Someone's withdrawal syndrome?
- It can't be.
- What?
- It can't be.
- Huh?
It can't be!
- Oh?
- Yes, it can be.
The money for the nursery home
is no longer in the account.
- Oh!
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Maybe we got hacked.
- I have the same account, the same,
and no one has hacked me.
Here are several transfers
to Teresa, Vanesa, Tomasa.
- Who are they?
- They must all be her.
Check this out.
Page not available.
Link is broken or deleted.
- Her profile no longer exists.
- She erased all traces. I mean...
She is a ghost?
No, no, no!
- Yes, yes, yes.
- We have been scammed.
But where is the money?
Sorry, Mommies, but I taught her
all about cryptocurrency.
If we don't find it soon,
that money is going to be
lost in the metaverse.
- Meta what?
- Verse!
And you?
Are you here to humiliate me?
- Uh, Daniela...
- Please, I beg you,
don't mention her to me.
You were right.
Daniela ripped us off.
Daniela ripped us off.
No, the first thing.
- Ehh, you were right?
- Yes.
Can you repeat it?
You were right.
Can you repeat it now,
a little louder?
Oh, Trinidad.
For you never to doubt
your former president again.
I make my position available.
- What are we going to do?
- Let's get to work, then.
First we have to go
to the place that never fails: Justice.
Come with me to tidy up
and change my clothes, let's go.
And she had three identity cards.
And she gave me holy water
blessed by the Pope.
And she said she didn't know how
to dance, but she did.
- I made her treasurer.
- All the money was stolen.
And she also stole my dignity
and my Puppy's.
And mine?
- She also scammed me.
- Your dignity?
All this was because
you didn't listen to me.
Also, how can you give her the grant?
There are so many needy, honest,
wonderful people in this country.
And you gave it to her.
I did all the background checks,
with Father Anthony.
Oh, I can't believe it. First problem,
and you throw the priest to the lions.
This reminds me of a character
in the Bible who starts with J.
- I'm not Judas!
- Can you stop a little bit, please?
Ho, ho, hol...
It's with an Y, not that one.
Look, I'll summarize it.
We are facing a case
- of identity theft.
- And scam.
- That's right.
- Wait, ladies,
I am not understanding you at all.
What do you really need?
- To find her.
- And put her in jail.
- And to return the money.
- And do it now!
Ahh, ok.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
He's not going to do anything.
Golden rose, heal my body!
It's from school.
It turns out that
the nursery home
has not received a single peso
of the proceeds,
not even my generous
and selfless donation.
And the treasurer
does not answer my emails,
does not answer the phone,
she is nowhere to be found.
What happened to the treasurer?
She is inexperienced...
... and she got confused
and put the wrong password.
So they blocked the pin pass,
and she was very embarrassed to call...
She is from Mechuque,
what else can we ask of her?
But there's no problem. The bank
is already creating a new password.
What happens is that they changed
the interface and the metadata. Whatever.
The thing is, the key is going
to be ready in a few hours.
- One day, two days, Ok, three.
- To give them a little more time.
My IT team is in full contact with the
so that password will appear
as soon as possible.
Problem solved.
That's great!
What did the police station say?
What police station?
The police station
where the theft report was made.
What theft report?
Clarita, Clarita, Clarita.
Always so messed up in her head.
Nothing, calm down.
This will be solved in three days.
Exactly, in five days,
everything will be Ok.
Five days!
Five days.
We don't have five days.
You have 24 hours
to solve this problem.
Starting... Now!
And say what, Milagros?
The Treasurer scammed us,
and look like incompetent people?
No, over my dead body.
Julia, there has to be
some way to find the money.
a cryptocurrency account is impossible.
And I gave her the rosary
of my Juan de Dios,
that was blessed by the Pope
to that little boy Alex.
It's just that Daniela was...
...so devoted.
I gave her the quartz of my Inti.
Well, and I also gave her my...
- She was like a sister to me.
- Also for me.
That little boy Alex
is a little con man.
- Didn't you say he was an entrepreneur?
- It's the same.
That's it!
Of course!
Alex has Dante's watch.
- Julia!
- What?
Dante's watch, Alex has it.
It has GPS!
- Let's track down that bitch.
- Let's go.
- No, Julia, no!
- You are sick, please, I'll do it!
- You do it.
- What I do?
- Open the "Search my watch" app.
- There.
Search my watch Plus?
Or Search my personal watch?
- No, the other one.
- The pink one?
- No, it's one with...
- The light blue one?
A light blue, square,
with a circle in the middle.
- But where is it, Julia?
- It says Search...
- Hey, Zara!
- Hello, Julia.
I missed your voice.
Me too.
Find Dante's watch.
- Find Dante's watch.
- Locating Dante's watch.
It is 90 kilometers from your position,
- at the Rancagua Catholic School.
- Rancagua...
Oh, I love Rancagua!
She's going to scam other mommies!
Let's go.
Go, go, go, team.
- You can see exactly...
- We can't have it!
- Look, it looks perfect.
- Caravan, team, go!
She fooled us all.
She told me that she did not have...
... since her husband died.
And she taught me
everything about trantric sex...
She stole my autograph.
She deceived everybody
saying that my Puppy
had made those gross drawings.
She didn't fool me about anything.
- Did she?
- What's to fool you with, Clarita?
...would not be a good Christian...
...if I didn't tell you, Trinidad...
...that I am very sorry
I didn't believe you.
...I apologize.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry, friend.
- I am sorry.
- Here?
- Yes, the exit.
I accept your apologies.
But you know what hurts me the most?
All that your Blessing suffered.
No. Well, that too.
A little, obviously.
But what hurts me the most is
you took me out of the choreography.
Oh, come on.
- Is that what hurts the most?
- Of course.
I risked my life for that dance.
Also, you did a lousy job,
- very uncoordinated.
- It's not true!
Yes, very uncoordinated.
In the bounce, the sticky leg,
the chuchuka, the shinning, the rib.
Well, it doesn't matter.
Nevermind. It was bad.
- You did it badly, lousy.
- Liar, you didn't even see us.
You left before we start.
No. I stayed looking at you
from a corner.
Does anyone know what
we are going to do when we get there?
Well, talk to her and,
make her see her mistake.
Make her see her mistake?
Let's hit her together.
Oh, how do you think?
Let's take away all the cryptocurrency
passwords. All of them.
- How?
- Hitting her, obviously.
- No, no, without violence.
- Oh, she just takes all the zen out of me.
Now, we officially welcome Alex,
and his mother, Mariela,
to Rancagua Catholic School.
And the grant takes care
of everything.
So, you young man,
the only thing you have to worry about
- is to study a lot.
- Yes.
And most importantly,
to pray and thank
Almighty God...
for the generosity
He has shown to you,
- the poor.
- Amen.
- How incompetent you are.
- Hurry up!
You handle it! Right now
I'm in an important meeting.
I can't be on top of this.
- No. I don't have...
- Thank you very much, really.
My son and I have had
a very difficult time since he got sick.
I wanted to ask you,
- are the supplies included?
- Everything. Everything is included.
I'm sure it's here.
- Hey, but what's going on?
- ... never wrong.
Well, it is not very usual for us
to receive a student
at this time of the year.
- Indeed.
- We could do no less,
knowing your story, Alex.
The strength that you have experienced,
is unprecedented.
- Hallelujah!
- Also,
- all this touching story.
- Oh! Stop everything!
- Who are you?
- We are the SOS MAMIS.
They are! They are the parents
I told you were making fun of my boy.
That's why
we had to move from Santiago.
- Stop the show, you crazy bitch.
- Hey!
- This woman is not who she claims to be.
- No.
Surely she told you the story
of the dead husband
and his illness.
But none of that is true.
Not even her hair is real.
Holy Virgin.
You peeled like Sinad O'connor.
- How beautiful!
- Give me that.
Do you remember
what I had told you about...
my illness, my treatment?
That's why I'm like this.
But with the donations
I was able to buy this wig.
But how far do your lies go?
- Bald, you're a scammer.
- And a bad friend.
- Worse, a hypocrite.
- Wait, I don't know who you are,
but leave immediately.
And you. Go find someone, man,
don't just stand there!
That child walks, runs, plays tag.
It's not true, I can't.
Ignore her.
- Hello.
- Bye.
Are you getting down
or am I getting you down, precious
- No, better not...
- Yes, come with your aunt.
- Let me go!
- Yes, let him go!
Leave him, don't touch him.
Help me, mom!
The yellow cot.
These women are totally crazy.
Go find the police, now!
He is faking it!
- He's putting on a show.
- Yes.
You are wrong.
- She's scamming you.
- Help me!
Alex, watch out.
You have a spider!
A giant spider!
It's poisonous
See? I told you.
But what is this?
Holy Virgin!
It's a miracle!
Call the Vatican!
Oh, thanks!
Thank my Lord!
Now son, stand up.
Come on, my love, come on.
They don't believe in miracles
and they pretend to be Catholics.
- Hey! What did you say?
- Calm down, Milagros, please!
- Is not the proper way. Easy.
- No, not easy.
This woman committed
the crime of identity theft and fraud.
She played with our feelings.
With my feelings!
I thought we were a coup... sisters.
We were friends.
Do you know
what happens to someone
- who does what your mother did?
- What?
The moms go to jail
and the kids go to an orphanage.
- What?
- No, leave him alone.
Shut up. Be thankful we won't
take the child away from you now.
And you, little devil,
are going to hell for being a liar.
- Lie!
- Don't talk to him like that.
I don't believe in hell,
but I do believe in karma.
This will come back to you.
- Everything you did.
- Sinner, sinner!
Everything comes back.
Everything comes back in life.
The need for revenge
can only be had with kindness.
Otherwise, hatred grows.
But kindness does not exist
when people act as a mass
and just want to vent their anger.
And thus begins a cycle of hate
that is impossible to break.
... Grandparents, in court...
The artichoke is eaten by the leaf!
- What?
- Huh?
Step by step, I say.
Here, let me explain.
We filed a police report
against this woman.
And we ourselves are going
to take her now to the police
to put an end
to this whole situation.
Come, Daniela. Ariela, Mariela,
whatever your name is.
- Yeah, come on.
- Don't touch me. Do not touch me.
- Now, out, out!
- Calm down, calm down!
Everyone in calm,
in peace and harmony.
Thank you very much. Sorry.
Sorry, really, sorry.
- May God catch us confessed.
- So be it.
What a day!
- Where is the money, Manuela?
- Daniela.
- Gabriela.
- Mariela!
- Yanela?
- Whatever. Where is it?
It's all in cryptocurrency,
as you taught me.
- I knew it. Give me the phone.
- Now.
- Give me.
- Oh, I'm so hot.
- Me too.
- Yeah, me too.
- Face ID.
- Ok.
It doesn't recognize you
with that awful wig.
- Password.
- 8, 8, 8, 8, 8, 8.
Wow, they rented 45%.
- Thank you.
- I'm proud of you, marvelous.
- Make the transfer, please.
- Oh, ok.
I have the money.
Oh, finally!
Now can you let us go?
We won't bother you anymore...
Do you think we are stupid?
We'll let you free for what?
To fool other fools?
I mean, naive women.
- What happened?
- Trini!
We need to talk.
We're not taking her
to the police station.
- Oh, no? Are we going to do what I said?
- No! No.
Have you heard
of the circle of hate?
We are in a circle,
in a circle of revenge,
violence, lack of control, right?
If we punish her,
she'll return to the world
with more rage, angrier.
So, this circle is not broken.
You need to listen
to Pepe Manzana's podcast, it's great.
He is Sofi's guru.
She explains it amazingly,
even in tongues, but let's see...
I want you to understand
that depends on each one of us
to end this madness.
- Mom, I'm scared.
- Now, calm down.
I bet people can change.
And you girls?
Well and... so,
what are we going to do?
This is the moment
when you have to make a decision.
You can continue
with this life of lies
or take a path to change your life.
Your life and your Puppy's life.
One that allows Alex to choose
who he wants to be,
where he can express himself.
And give him the opportunity
to be part of our community,
where he can love, and be loved.
Having a circle of love,
that finally...
...is what gives
meaning to life, isn't it?
How nice!
Is that also from
the man of the apples?
My guru.
What do you say?
Thank you very much.
Well, and with this ribbon cutting,
we inaugurate the renew
nursery home "Grandpa, tell me you",
reconstructed by
the Vicua Montt Foundation,
- which I have the honor of chairing.
- Bravo!
And well, of course,
with the collaboration
of the Saint Michael School.
And some private ones.
Private like me.
Do not waste more time.
Get him off the team now.
Of course, none of this
would have been possible
without the help of...
Without the collaboration...
- Without the enthusiasm?
- Planning.
And governance.
- Implementation.
- All that from Trini,
- Milagros...
We also thank Daniela and Clarita...
Very good!
they built, side by side,
this reconstruction.
It was four months of hard work.
We didn't even rest on weekends.
But after all that,
now we are BFF,
Best Friends Forever.
The best friends forever.
Ok, grandpa, where's the candy?
And also Daniela,
she is a volunteer here
at the nursery home
and she supports the grandparents
who need her so much.
An applause.
Paid volunteer
at the expense of my foundation.
We did it well.
Let's get together now
in a prayer to bless
this remarkable piece of work.
Oh, God...
I warn you, Luna, sit down.
- Puppy.
- Where is it, where is it?
I love that Alex and you
are now friends.
Since he told everyone that it was
a lie about the drawings,
the circle of hate was broken.
How wonderful, Mommy's puppy.
The future belongs to children.
- Hey, but you guys are...
- Mom?
- Now we're in collusion.
- Colluded?
That's illegal, my love.
No, mom.
We are letting them win.
All the glasses
have a candy underneath.
Puppy, you know it's wrong
to deceive people. Right?
Yes, mom. But in this case,
we are not fooling them.
We are giving them happiness.
Very good, my love, ok.
Love you.
And now, the icing on the cake.
Trini, Trini, come, come!
- Now what?
- I'm coming, I'm coming.
Now, we are going to amend
the last dance performance
which was full of errors.
Very amateurish.
So the message could not be
faithfully conveyed in full.
You can't be serious.
I'm dead serious.
I'll let you know.
Tell me now, you need to rest,
Tell me now, waiting is too long
Because it's going to happen,
the summer of love,
I know it's gonna happen,
the sexual revolution.
And you've known for days,
Sometimes you don't have to be right.
Are you ready to go?
You who decided
that your life was not worth it,
Who inclined to feel bad all the time,
Who anticipated a catastrophic future,
Today you predict the sexual revolution.
You who decided
that your love was no longer useful,
Who preferred to make up your identity,
Today you prepare
for the most fantastic blow
- Hey!
- Hey!
Let it go now, don't try to mislead,
Let it go, who do you want to fool,
Because it's going to happen...
- I love this song.
- Me too.
Today we will talk about
friendship and forgiveness.
In apologizing and forgiving,
the friendship becomes stronger.
The people get most real
and the soul lightest,
like light music.
As our colleague Marian Rojas says:
is like traveling to past
and return safe and sound.
And up to here,
my light moment of reflection...
My God, what a wise man.
And now, the main event,
which is the one who has won
the snack with Pepe Mari Manzanares.
And the winner
Sofi Emo 21.
You are the winner of the snack
with Pepe Mari Manzanares.
Principality of Asturias Spain
We are not in red.
We are not in red.
We are not in red.
- Hello?
- Hello?
Anyone home?
What a rustic house, isn't it?
- Hi.
- Hello.
We are looking for
Don Pepe Mari Manzanares.
Will this be his abode?
Dad! Here is the annoying one
for the snack.
It is the daughter!
The heiress of Manzanares!
Excuse me!
Sofi Emo 21.
Oh, it's you.
Sit to the right
of Pepe Mari Manzanares.
And you here, whoever you are.
You who decided
that your life was not worth it,
Who inclined to feel bad all the time,
Who anticipated a catastrophic future,
Today you predict the sexual revolution.
You who decided that your love
was no longer useful,
Who preferred to make up your identity,
Today you prepare
for the most fantastic blow
Because today
the sexual revolution begins.
And you are?
I am Trinidad Necochea.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Sofi Emo 21's mom.
We come from Chile.
Welcome to Pepe Mari Manzanares' snack.
Churros, maraueles
and casadielles.
How delicious!
We also brought a gift.
A typical small detail,
we bought it at Duty Free.
Everything was so fast, a surprise,
but it's a local craft.
What's this?
I swear I was completely unaware
of that detail.
Sofia, please take it out.
Did you know?
Oops, what a bad time.
This is for Sofi Emo 21,
the winner.
But how can you bring him that gift!
The Pig told me to bring him
a Chilean handicraft!
Your subconscious played
a trick on you with your "guru"...
How inappropriate, Luna!
I only have eyes for my Pig.
Oh, Trini! More than
1,000 kilometers does not count.
What's bill? I'm up to date. Or am I?
Sorry, I'm at the cinema.
With the phone on?
How disrespectful.
Cause of people like you,
I only watch streaming.
The movie is over. I'm watching
the end credits...
Do you stay to watch the end credits?
Yes, I feel guilty leaving early,
poor people.
So much work
and nobody reads their names.
Well, that depends on the movie...
This one was very nice.
It's about some women
who had to face...