S.w.a.t: Firefight (2011) Movie Script

Grab those bathing suits and beach chairs
and get outside if you can,
because it's going to be
another beautiful day here in Los Angeles.
Clear and sunny skies
with a high of 86 degrees.
Current temperature is a perfect 82 degrees.
The five-day forecast
calls for more ofthe same.
Highs in the mid-to-upper 80s,
lows in the high 60s to low 70s
for the rest of the week.
A few clouds to speak of here and there.
Other than that,
a beautiful, typical Los Angeles-type week.
-What's up?
-Hey, man.
Hey, Slater.
What are you doing here, man?
What am I doing?
You know what I'm doing here.
-Dude, I don't have the money.
-Come on. You don't have my money?
I have people over.
You come to my house uninvited.
Give me my money, Slater,
or I kill everybody!
Dave, we in?
Yeah, we just deactivated
all the alarms in the house.
Eagle has eyes.
We've got a lot of kids in here.
-Let's use the disruptor shells.
-Got it.
-Hey, Slater?
This is Sergeant Cutler with LAPD.
What's going on in there?
Dude, these two uninvited A-holes
crashed my party.
My parents are going to kill me.
They've got my friends in the den.
Get in here and shoot them.
You have any weapons in there, Slater?
No, man. Just get your asses in here
and shoot these dicks.
Shut the hell up!
All right, this is a drug deal gone bad.
We're going in.
Full breach and blow. On my "Go."
Bravo team, what's your status?
Nearing back entrance. Ten meters out.
Bravo team, secure perimeter in the back.
-Back entrance is secure.
-Go on my command.
Go, go.
-Bravo team, go!
Put the gun down, Slater.
They crashed my party.
They drank all my beer, man.
Get down! Now!
Get down!
Get down on the floor.
I will be going now.
-You got it?
-Got it.
Close your eyes, sweetheart.
Oh, my God!
Suspects in custody.
Those water shell things...
Disruptor shells. Bomb squad uses them.
Thought I'd give them a try.
Nice work. Quantico?
Yeah, picked it up
with a faw other nifty tricks.
-Way to think outside the box.
-Captain Simon,
why are you kissing my ass?
Feds and Homeland Security
need another hostage-rescue training
specialist loaned out.
A SWAT team needs a tune-up.
Brought up to modern methods code.
That's all.
Get in.
Bailey got to train Honolulu PD.
And Carson wentto Miami for three weeks.
I get Detroit?
It's a nice place. My wife is from Detroit.
-Send her.
-Look, you went to lraq for your country.
You won't go to Detroit for your city?
I believe department regulations
called it an "honor request."
And I am politely turning down the offer.
The negotiations start.
How much do you want?
How bad does the mayor want me?
Pretty badly.
You are such a bad negotiator.
Detroit requested the best.
Our mayor is buddies with their mayor.
Besides, who's going to miss you here,
except for me?
So, how much?
Promotion. Lieutenant would be nice.
Bump in pay, too.
I'll see what I can do.
-Harrison got San Francisco.
Hey, Trish.
Gonna let me in, stranger?
You need a date? I brought us dinner.
You dumped me, remember?
I work too much.
-Yeah. Right.
-Sorry, school night.
Got a lot of homework to do.
And I don't want you hating me
in the morning.
Someday you're going to meet somebody
that you care about more than work.
And when you do, embrace her,
or else she's going to figure out
that you are emotionally unavailable.
Good night.
Detroit ain't so bad. Looks kind of charming.
-Detroit SWAT?
-You found it.
-You on the SWAT team?
-Four years.
So, can I help you?
Paul Cutler, LAPD SWAT.
Yeah, yeah. We got the memo.
Terrorist preparedness
and hostage-rescue specialist, yeah?
That's me.
Wayne Wolport. Nice to meet you.
So where's the rest of you guys?
Weight shed. Weapons cleaning.
What's your average response time?
We're locked and loaded
within a 10-to-15, usually.
9-1-1. What is your emergency?
I'm atthe Rosa Parks Bus Station.
I think I just spotted a guy
with a bomb in his backpack.
Can you still see him?
Yeah, he's sitting on a park bench
across from the main entrance.
Black boots, black hat and hoodie.
Go, go, go!
Hands up! Hands up!
Put your hands up!
Hands up! Hands up!
Move away from the bench!
Walk toward us slowly.
Drop the bag on the ground!
Drop the bag on the ground slow.
Step away from the bag.
Hey, Wolport.
Where's your waffle?
I was hoping you'd bring it with you.
Stand down, guys! One of us!
Hold your fire. Hold your fire.
I reach for my creds,
they're not going to shoot me, are they?
How do you know
I didn't buy this badge over the Internet?
Come down to the station and chat you up,
so that when you showed up here,
I could blow all of us up
with the Semtex high explosives
I have in this backpack?
Because Mr. Mundy has been monitoring you
with a bomb sniffer.
Welcome to Detroit.
That's very good.
Mr. Cutler is here to teach and preach
the ways of Quantico,
the FBl's hostage-rescue tactics.
This little stunt was sanctioned by the feds
in cooperation with the mayor's office
and our lovely chief of police.
A provocative action
to test your response time.
Mr. Cutler?
Nice start, boys. Outstanding.
Well, I think you got their attention.
That's what I'm here for.
Homeland thinks
you have some high-value targets.
Who doesn't?
This is our playbook.
Maps, details of major venues,
airport information.
I'll evaluate the team,
get them to full mission readiness.
lf they pass,
they'll get full FBl HRT certification.
And what if they don't?
My recommendation will be
you replace them.
Homeland's setting the bar
pretfy high these days.
Let's just get a few things straight.
-Ground rules.
You are not part of this department,
so you'll have no actual authority.
The SWAT team is mine, not yours.
You are a guest.
The mayor's guest. Not mine.
I think there's been some miscommunication.
I'll need full command of your team
while I'm here.
That was nevera ariculated to me.
Then we have a problem.
If I'm going to train your men,
I have to be able to do it in the field,
not on a shooting range.
I am not giving you command
ofthe SWAT team. Sorry.
Thank you for a very lovely,
very short visit to your beautiful city.
-Where're you going?
Unless I'm in charge of your men,
-I can't certify them.
-Why not?
HRT and terror preparedness training
isn't a quick-study course.
They need to do what I tell them,
the way I tell them to do it, in the field.
It's federal regulations.
I will issue a provisional command.
-He in there?
-Hollander? He in his office?
-LAPD. I got a sister there.
-She a cop?
No, no. Graphic designer. Long Beach.
You got a minute, Inspector?
Hi, I'm Kim. Department shrink.
Paul. Visitor.
Hi, Paul Visitor. I'll see you around.
Well, it is a little bit.
What are you going to do tonight?
Are you coming or not?
Hey, guys.
-Where'd you get that?
-Across the street.
Homemade butterscotch sauce.
Enjoy it. It's your last one.
But why? I passed my physicals.
-I can do 200 sit-ups.
-You can?
Yeah. Want to see me?
I believe you.
You have to quit smoking.
How long you here for, sir?
Two weeks. Less if you pick it up quickly.
You want me to quit smoking for two weeks?
Sir, I've been smoking for 14 years.
What good's that going to do me?
You? Nothing.
But I can't stand the smell of smoke.
Well, that sucks for you.
It sucks for you. I'm the new team leader.
Training for your certification
starts tomorrow morning at 0500.
We got a bachelor party tonight
in Ann Arbor.
One of the guys from Metro's getting hitched.
Okay. Make it 0700.
-Have a beer for me.
-All right, what do you drink?
I hate smoke, too.
He doesn't look so special to me.
That's 'cause you ain't looking in the mirror.
-I kind of like him.
-He's a clown.
Nobody gives a shit what you think.
-My God.
-Man, you were a dancing machine last night.
He was, too.
So, how were the strippers?
Pretty good. Thanks for asking.
You won the SWAT shoot-off last year,
is that right?
And the year before.
The year before was a tie.
Yeah, I tied for first.
-You never lost a hostage.
-Not yet.
So, while I'm here,
I'm going to be your training liaison
and your officer
in charge of SWAT operations.
We'll go out on regular calls
and respond as a unit.
The only difference will be this.
I will be instructing you as you go.
Today we're going to do a three-mile run,
Hey, that's usually our quarterly fitness test.
I'm going to be throwing
a lot of curve balls at you guys,
so don't be afraid to swing.
Wake me up when you're done.
This will help you get through the day,
and I'll take these.
You're just going to take them from me?
Conditioning is important in police work.
In SWAT, it's 10times more important.
It's critical.
So push yourself to the limits here
and get used to it.
Come on, baby! Get up!
Bring it in!
Go! Go! Come on!
Not bad, gentlemen.
Now we get to the fun stuff.
-Welcome to the Brewster Projects.
-We know where it is.
Cutler, what are we doing here?
This place's been abandoned
for, like, three years.
-Diana Ross lived here.
-Yeah, and the Motown Sound.
-Anyway, Diana moved back to LA.
-We know the history.
This is a... What?
A fed training site, l guess. Right?
That tower is where your
final FBl HRT certification will take place.
-Never been in any of those.
-Yeah, that's why I picked it.
I'm going to make it
very challenging for you guys.
Next two weeks, you're going to be
spending a lot oftime in these projects.
So learn to love it.
Damn. I dated a girl that lived here once.
Yeah! I remember that, actually.
What was his name?
Screw you, Stockton.
You were probably too worried about
catching an STD to even have sex.
All right, playtime's over, guys. Let's go.
Let's work.
Old-school, "Precision is everything."
"Take it slow and get it right?"
Well, Mumbai and Virginia Tech
and Columbine changed all that.
Speed and accuracy are now
equally important. Rapid response.
Tactical and precision are now generally
the same thing.
So unlearn whatever they taught you
at SWAT school
because shit happens fast today.
Everything I teach you will be on the move.
Nothing static. Target on the move.
Shoot on the move. Rescue on the move.
And do it fast.
Magazines should be emptied in 15 seconds.
Accuracy and time counts.
All right, let's suit up and go.
Kellogg, go!
Kneeling barricade position.
Moving, moving!
Change barricade.
Hold, hold, hold.
Behind you.
-High-low firing position.
-Right behind you.
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Forward firing position!
Move it. Move it.
Looking good, boys. Looking good.
Now let's do it the hard way.
Watters, give him your MP3 player.
Turn it up. Full blast.
You've just been shot in your good arm.
You have four mags, 30 seconds.
Hit the target.
Taking too long,
and you're missing everything.
Other than that, you're perfect.
This is why we practice.
Requesting SWAT backup
at 1949 Barton Street.
PR reports possible hostage with
barricaded suspect. Unknown assailants.
You guys ready,
or should I call in another unit?
No, we're the A-team. We'll do it.
-We're good.
-We got it.
We're good. We'll be there in 15.
You got a key for this thing?
Got it, thank you. Thank you.
Building security's sending through
floor plans and surveillance footage.
-Mundy, on the laptop.
-All right.
Got the video feed right here.
All right. That's our suspect.
He entered the north entrance
Name on the office door?
-Command, Control, "M".
-I know. I got it.
Here it is.
Rose Walker is our potential hostage.
-Punch her up.
-She's a systems analyst for the firm.
Recently moved from D.C.
Any red flags?
What else? What else? What else?
What else? Here we go.
Filed a restraining order two weeks ago.
And it is the same guy.
-Suspect's name is Walter Hatch.
Tap into the building's phone router
and ring her office.
Already did.
-Ms. Walker?
-Leave. Right now.
Hey, Walter. This is Sergeant Cutler.
Can I speak to Rose, please?
What the hell does that mean?
Hell if I know. Cover me.
Got you.
Hey, why are we talking on this phone?
Because you were taping the other phone.
You okay? You need anything?
Leave immediately. Otherwise,
this is going to get very ugly very quickly.
We clear, asshole?
All right. We're going up.
Full package. Gas, flash, dynamic entry.
Watters, sniper into that building.
-You know what a click command is?
-Yes, sir.
I'm the best marksman. I'll take the roof.
Watters, sniper into that building.
-Hey, I'm a better shot. I'll take it.
-Hey, hey, hey!
I just deployed an asset, Officer Kellogg.
You do not countermand me. Are we clear?
Wolport, you man communications.
Everybody else with me.
Move. Faster! Faster, guys.
Let's go! Let's go! We got a job to do.
Bench press 350 pounds to communicate.
-Let's go. Showtime, man.
-Bring us home, man.
I got up here.
-Guys, guys! Stockton, Mundy,
up to the roof.
Prepared to repel and flash bang
on my command.
-Got it?
-All right. Let's go.
This way.
Watters, what's your status?
I'm on the eighth floor about to take position.
-Hey, where's the roof access?
-Yeah, through there. Bythe stairwell.
We got a hostage situation.
This is for your protection.
Blow the glass.
Drop the guns.
Drop the guns.
Hey, Walter. I'm the guy on the phone.
This is a personal matter.
You need to leave now.
I'm not going to say it again!
Shoot him. Please, shoot him.
It's okay. Stay calm. You scared her.
Everything's under control.
Now get out of here before this gets worse.
It's already worse.
Walter, you seem like a reasonable person.
I am reasonable. She's safe now. Leave.
Go, orwe're going to have bigger problems.
Do you understand me?
Hey, man,
I know chicks can drive you a little crazy...
Call an EMT unit.
Walter, you know we can't leave.
So let's talk about what we can do.
I'm going to count to three.
Rose, stop moving.
We're code four up here.
Little to the right next time!
Should've let me take the shot.
-Secure the hostage.
-Don't you touch her!
Rose, it's okay.
It's over. We're taking him away.
Get out of the way.
-Rose, listen to me.
-You can't let him live.
You don't know what he is.
What do you mean, Rose?
He has to die. Please, get out ofthe way.
Rose, it's okay now. Just breathe.
It's just adrenaline.
You don't understand. You can't stop him!
I do understand. I do understand.
No, Rose! No!
Son ofa bitch!
-Hostage down. Hostage down.
-Do not let her die!
-Shut up, asshole. Shut up!
-Don't let her die! Don't let her die!
-Secure the prisoner, God damn it.
-lf she dies,
you're all going to die!
Every goddamn one of you!
We have a civilian wounded.
You have one new message.
Hey, Paul. It's Captain Simon.
Heard what happened with the hostage.
Listen, if you wantto
come back, decompress,
we can push this certification thing
a few weeks.
Call me if you want to talk.
You're about as subtle as a train wreck.
I'll tell you something right now, though.
Today was some intense shit, yeah?
We gotto talk to Hollander about that guy.
This is our team. Our town.
What'd Cutler say to you?
Didn't say anything.
I didn't do anything wrong.
All I'm saying is, if I was on that roof,
I would have calculated
for the angle of the glass.
Hatch would be dead,
and that woman would still be alive.
Dude, she'd be alive if you hadn't...
You know what? You know what?
You know what?
ltwas a tough shot, man.
Which I would have made.
Tell you one thing, though. lf that guy Cutler,
doesn't ease back a little bit,
he might find himself caught in the crossfire,
you know what I'm saying?
Here we go.
What do they call that in the Army?
-"Fragging an officer?"
-"Fragging an officer."
-I think you've had a little too much to drink.
-Somebody's drunk.
Paul actually served in the Army. lraq.
Two tours.
I mean, Reserves, but then went active duty.
Worked intel and recon.
-He's also vegan.
Hell of a day.
Everyone did all right, considering.
We did all right. You hear that, boys?
But Paul lost his first hostage.
Want a drink?
No, and neither do you. You've had enough.
It's off-hours, sir.
I think I can decide when I've had enough.
You don't seem very happy that I'm here,
Officer Kellogg.
What, in Detroit or in this bar?
You box?
You challenging me to a fight?
Just challenging you to a little game.
Little contest. You beat me,
I'm on the first plane tomorrow morning.
-You serious?
-Dead serious.
But if I win, you're off the team.
-We got a match.
-It's on.
You can take that one.
-Don't let him beat you.
Power or speed?
Take your best shot.
Get some.
That's it, man. Nice hit. That's my man.
First principle of crisis negotiation.
lf you're not smarter
than the guy you're dealing with, you lose.
You think I lost?
Yeah, I do.
You failed to utilize
the most effective strategy
by not using the most available resources
to affect your outcome.
Just take your swing.
Yeah, well, you cheated.
No, I didn't. I played to win.
You played to prove how tough you are.
Rules of engagement in SWAT are simple.
Defeat the enemy any way you can.
You could have done the same thing I did.
You should have.
But you didn't think about it.
Clear out your locker tomorrow.
-Cutler, come on, man.
Call him a cab or drive him home. Got it?
All right. All right. We got him.
See you gentlemen in the morning.
-Hey, hey, hey!
Come on, man. Relax.
I had enough of this day. I'm out of here.
Kellogg was the best man on the team.
Best shooter, best leader.
He disobeys orders.
He's arrogant, compulsive.
-He intimidates team members.
-This is Detroit!
You can't fire somebody off my team.
-I'm not certifying him!
-Then don't.
He's working on Charlie Company
till you're gone.
In the meantime, you're one man sho?.
Pre-screened candidates. Pick one.
I'd rather bring someone else in.
For less than two weeks?
You'll want to keep him after I'm gone.
They're that good.
Who is this guy?
Hope your little girl feels better.
I was hoping you'd be ugly by now.
And I was hoping you'd be cute.
-How you doing, Lori?
-What up, P?
Thanks for coming here.
Easy. Didn't leave much behind.
Do you know,
I was number four on Dallas SWAT?
Then I move to Seattle for that jackass.
Never date a cop.
They'll break your heart, man.
-Every time.
-You want me to shoot him? Take him out?
Already did. He lived.
Let's do it like Baghdad, baby.
Day four, gentlemen. Sniper school.
I don't remember people looking like that
when I was in the Army.
Shit. This is going to be hell.
Or heaven.
Call it.
All right, guys.
We're going to retrain youreye and hands
to move in one single motion.
Now, you may lose a little accuracy,
but you'll gain a lot of speed.
What's the advantage of that?
Speed kills.
Tactical sniping changed a bit in lraq.
We found you could shoot a bit faster
than the old school thought or taught
and still meet a high standard of accuracy.
I really like the way you say that.
Get your boy, P.
What's the matter with you?
Watters, right?
Right eye.
Very nice.
-Officer Mundy.
Left ear.
Upside down.
Upside down. Now.
-Are you kidding me?
Ridiculous. Grab me some of these bags.
-Hold my feet, will you?
-I got it.
Hey, Watters,
that a hit or miss?
I'd give itto him.
That would be incorrect, Watters.
So you want me to stay after class, now?
Easy does it.
-Officer Mundy.
You accounted for wind, humidity and heat,
just not drop ratio.
That round is heavier than
a normal full jacket.
Starts falling like a dead pigeon at 400 feet.
-Same target.
-Remember what I told you?
-Who is this?
-It's Walter.
Remember what I told you would happen
if she died?
This is your fault. It's your fault she's dead.
You should have used your one phone call
to get a lawyer, asshole.
Worst name for a baseball player ever.
Melky Cabrera.
Melky. Sounds like discharge.
Do that again.
Did you hit something
or did something hit you?
My wife, brother.
The main objective of SWA in a barricaded suspect situation is what?
-To save lives.
And what's the main objective of a terrorist
in a suspect situation? Stockton?
To die and to take everybody with him.
Correct. From the beginning,
hostage rescue has always been about
saving lives, but the mission's changing.
Your department's record on talking down
hostage takers, it's excellent.
But I just want to make sure
that you're tuned up
for the ones who can't be talked down.
Thirty minutes for lunch. Cool?
-Is that good?
-Cool with me.
Dude, watch it.
-Watch what?
-The chair.
You watch yourself.
-Hey, there. How's it going?
You were the arresting officer
on that suicide three nights ago?
Brought you your incident report.
Doesn't the watch commander
usually bring the arrest reports?
Yeah, I just...
I wanted to make sure you're adjusting okay.
And you might not be smiling
after you read that.
-He in there?
-Excuse me.
Why was this lunatic allowed bail?
He was deemed not to be a flight risk
and paid the cou?.
Somebody died.
She killed herself.
His bail was set at a million.
He paid it!
Why are we even talking about this?
He was waving a gun at police officers.
They should revoke his bail.
We got killers, we got drug dealers
overwhelming our system.
This is one step removed
from a domestic dispute.
He had a gun in her office.
lt was her gun registered to her.
He claims he took it away from her
to protect her and himself.
We played the 9-1-1 tape. He's not lying.
Co-worker called it in.
Said she was brandishing the gun
and he was the hostage.
-You did the evaluation on Hatch?
I requested a 72-hour mandatory hold.
He was a stalker with a restraining order,
and the woman died.
I agree. I requested a 5150 on Hatch.
Court didn't agree with me.
See this?
This is the pile of
-Welcome to Detroit, Paul Visitor.
-I think he's mentally unstable.
So was she.
Rose Walker was under
comprehensive psychiatric care.
She's suicidal.
Yeah, it's probably related to him.
Hatch has no record at all. He's clean.
It's unbelievable.
Someone else is going to get hurt.
Let me know
if there's anything else I can do for you.
You can let me...
You can let me buy you dinner.
I've got... I've got way too much work to do.
Sounds familiar.
But you do have to eat, though, don't you?
A lot of the times I don't.
How about tonight
you make an exception for the new guy?
If I say yes, would you please shut up?
-Okay. Yes.
So why Detroit?
lt was the best offer at the time
for a rookie police psychologist.
-Why LA?
-Born there.
Why a cop?
Action, adventure, romance.
You know, people who feel
the need to rescue other people
are often running away
from their own problems.
You help people.
What are you running away from?
A relationship.
Excuse me. May l?
-Thank you.
-With who?
Well, right now, with you.
Who's looking for a relationship?
Is this how you normally
talk your barricaded suspects out?
You just wear them down?
I'm not looking to win any negotiations here.
Because if you are looking
to get any action tonight,
it's not going to happen.
-This is insane. I never do things like this.
-Yeah, me neither.
I mean, I've only known you, like, four hours.
Tomorrow. 1200. Grand Circus Park.
You are gonna make somebody a great wife.
Okay, I think my manhood's
just been questioned.
Nobody is questioning that. Trust me.
You see that?
You're famous.
You want to talk about it?
You busy tonight?
Yeah, I've gotta work tonight.
What about tomorrow night?
You work too much. You know that?
I know.
Sir, do you know how hard it is to catch
a direct flight from Rio to Detroit?
No, and I really don't care. Let's take a walk.
I don't like rush jobs, Hatch.
-Haven't told you what the job is yet.
-So tell me.
-Remember Belgrade?
It's like that. Only bigger.
So, this is approved?
Was Belgrade approved?
Who's the target?
It's a need-to-know basis.
Pay is the same as usual.
Need you to get me everything on this list.
Roger that.
You guys have any idea
how much lead, asbestos, carcinogens
and toxic mold is in this tower?
-You're like a broken record, bro.
-Whatever, man.
No, seriously, you can catch cancer
hanging around here.
Yes, you can.
Wear your gas mask. You'll be fine.
That's why I have it.
All right, time for our first walkthrough.
I want you guys to memorize
every inch of this tower.
Burn it into your brain.
I want you all to pass this certification.
We got six days to go.
Hey, is this gonna be a problem, sir?
-No. No problem at all.
How's that patch coming?
It ain't coming at all.
-Look alive. Man-down drill.
-Slow and steady.
-Keep your eyes open, guys.
-Look alive. Look alive.
Speed it up just a tad, guys.
Contact door.
Contact window. Left. Quick.
Contact door. Left.
Contact door.
Contact left window.
-Contact left door.
-Contact window.
-Left window.
-Contact window.
Move, move.
Contact left window.
Day eight. Here's the scenario.
Barricaded suspects in the car,
possible hostages.
We split.
Get on the ground.
Hands up! Get out ofthe car.
-Hands up.
-Secure him.
Move it around. Move it around.
Secure him.
Welcome to day nine.
Structured clearance
and close quarter combat.
Everything counts double here.
-Contact door.
-Contact window.
Down, down, down, down.
Time. And by "time", I mean you guys
took too much of it. Drill complete.
What are you talking about?
Listen, when you're clearing a structure,
it's like a dance.
You need to be in sync, okay?
Thinking and moving as one.
-Man, I got shot, like, 50 times.
Yeah, well, you need to learn to shoot
straighter or duck faster.
Did any of you guys get a little tingle
in your throat? Don't laugh at me.
You're not dying, Stockton. You're not dying.
You don't think?
-No, relax.
You would be dying from that girl
I saw the other night, if anything.
-Your mom.
Got your message, asshole.
The wallet on the table.
You can have the jewelry.
Sorry. Mistake. l...
-It's okay.
First you lose a hostage.
Now you break into the wrong house.
I don't know if your reputation
is gonna survive.
-Yeah, well, I'm a survivor.
-So am l.
And I'll be going to your funeral.
We triangulated the call to a cell phone tower
about a block away. He was close.
You get a number?
Pre-paid cell phone.
Could have bought it anywhere. Untraceable.
Google Earth?
The last satellite image taken of this area
was 10 hours ago.
C-4 and Semtex.
This is military grade.
This bomb would've taken out half the block.
Thank you.
-What's this?
-Plane ticket.
I want you out of Detroit. Tonight.
You're a target.
Leaving won't stop him,
and I have a team to certify.
I'm not going anywhere.
Yeah, we're good. We're good.
-Hey. What's up?
-We need to talk.
-About what?
-Walter Hatch.
Wait, he planted a bomb?
Yeah, but he called me first. Warning me.
I don't know if he's homicidal. l...
Okay, the fact that he called you first,
put you on guard,
it's almost like he wanted you
to look for the bomb.
What am I dealing with here?
Well, he's a high-functioning bipolar
borderline personalify.
You know, I think that you have
become the object of his fixation.
He was obsessed with Rose Walker.
And now that she's gone,
he's transferred that obsession to you.
You okay?
I've never lost a hostage.
Ten years on SWAT. Never once.
I like your shirt.
I like your pants.
So, how hard is this certification thing?
It's no joke.
-Any pointers?
Don't mess it up.
So, when you and Cutler
were in lraq together,
how was that, exactly?
You mean, did he and I ever hook up?
Not in so many words, but...
Well, here's one for you.
No, for real.
I mean, when you're
constantly getting shot at,
the last thing you're thinking about is sex.
Not us.
Hey, you guys ready to get certified?
Nice threads, Cutler.
-You like that, huh?
-It's about time.
-Looking good.
Now, I hope you guys all pass. Today.
Let's go.
Today's exercise is based
on Quantico's FBl HRT criteria.
lt will determine
your mission readiness as individuals,
which will determine your readiness
for this team.
Today's scenario. Unknown numberof
terrorists have taken over tower number one,
and they're threatening to kill hostages.
The top foor apartment on the west wall
has been outfitted with mannequins,
some with guns.
Some are hostages, and some are bogeys.
I'll be splitting you up into two groups.
Good guys and bad guys.
Central requesting SWA at 33490 Grand River.
Multiple barricaded suspects,
automatic weapons.
Confirmed, dispatch. We're on ourway.
It's all his fucking fault.
lfthis clerk would've just
remembered the combination,
we'd have been out of here by now
and nobody would have got hurt.
Yes, and I totally understand.
You're absolutely right, Carlos.
So let's not make this any worse.
You release the hostages and walk on out,
we'll straighten this out.
Yo, check this out. I want a car.
I want a safe passageway,
and I want 50K in unmarked bills,
or I blow these bitches' brains out.
-You got it?
-I got it.
The car's gonna take a while,
so why don't you relax
and have yourself a beer?
Are you making fun of me, asshole?
No, I am telling you,
if you want to walk out of there,
I can make it happen.
But you're gonna have to trust me.
Do you trust me?
Why should I trust you?
Because I'm gonna save your life.
Give me the clerk, Carlos.
I'll give you the clerk
when you give me my car.
Okay, but if he dies,
it's gonna be a lot harder to get your car.
You wantto make sure you get the car,
you give me the clerk.
Yo, if you try anything, I'll kill him,
and still got more hostages.
You're in charge, Carlos.
Yo, go get that old man, man.
Yo, let's go.
-Help him up.
-Help him up.
Here comes Charlie Team.
You're gonna catch.
Yes, sir.
Let's go. Let's go.
Get the fuck out there, old man.
I got you.
He's good.
Fuck. Get that bitch.
Shit. A hostage just lost a fuse in there.
-We got coverage?
-Line of sight to two of them.
Blind on Carlos. Behind an aisle.
He's falling apart. We're going in.
Full breach and blast.
Rear assault on my cue.
Roger that.
Where's my car?
It's on the way, Carlos.
We got five minutes. Just sit tight in there.
Hostages are located four yards to the left
of the front door on the number three wall.
We're gonna have
a three-second window there.
So let's make it count, all right?
We got people coming out!
People coming out. Go see those officers.
What the fuck is that?
Cutler, we got another phone
ringing in there.
Car... I just lost audio. Carlos?
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo?
Your car's coming 'round the back.
Somebody cut that line!
Somebody cut that damn line!
Go out the back. Right now.
No, I want my car in the front,
where I can see you.
-Then blowthe bitch's brains out!
No, please.
No, no, not me. No.
Where's my car? Where's my car?
-No, please.
-Where's my car?
I got the D.
Take it.
Come on!
Drop your weapons!
Guns down! Guns down!
-Move now!
-Get down! Get down!
All clear.
So, I picked this up
through the open tactical mics.
I amplified it
and minimized background noise for you.
Then blow the bitch's brains out!
-How'd he do that?
-He blocked us.
Got our cell frequency.
Then overrode the kill switch order
we put on the land line inside.
I mean, he could have done it remotely
from almost anywhere.
You think you can trace it?
According to all phone company records,
no call was ever even made.
I mean, he just erased it.
I mean, first he plants a bomb, and nowthis.
-Who is this guy?
-I don't know.
Tap every traffic, ATM,
and retail surveillance camera
in a 10-block radius.
I already did that, sir.
And nothing showed up. The guy's a ghost.
First, you lose a hostage.
Then you break into the wrong house.
Now you kill a guy who's trying to give up.
You're having a rough week, Cutler.
How's the certification coming?
I'm gonna find you, Walter.
And then what?
I haven't done anything.
Not that you can prove.
How do you know we didn't trace
the explosives to where you got them?
Because that's impossible.
Which means you're bullshitting me.
Now you've lost my trust, Cutler.
That's a bad position
for a hostage negotiator to be in.
I'm going to put a bullet in you, Walter.
Now, now, don't lose your cool.
First rule of SWAT. "Never let your emotions
control your judgment."
Bet you haven't heard the sound
of a .50 cal since you left lraq.
It can kill a man through a wall
from a mile away.
You never see it coming.
You never hear it.
It just gets you.
Rose died for your sins.
Now you're going to die for yours.
Come and get me, Walter.
We'll see who walks away.
Don't move! Do not move!
Just reaching for creds, Mr. Cutler.
Do it slow.
We need to talk.
Let me see that thing.
State Department? Was he not FBl?
No, but we're the federal government.
Let's cut the cloak-and-daggershit,
shall we?
Okay, we've been in Detroit
for the last week looking for this man.
Walter Hatch.
Or whatever his real name is, right?
What exactly does Hatch do for you?
Assignments of a sensitive nature.
So he's a spy?
CIA operative? NSA? Black Ops? What?
He's an asset. A very important one.
One we can't afford to lose.
Yeah, I think this guy's gone off the
reservation and doesn't wanna be found.
Rose Walker. Was she a target of his?
No. Just a citizen.
She and Hatch had a relationship.
He was obsessed with her, romantically.
He stalked her.
It's the first time I've ever seen him show
any type of emotion at all.
It didn't go well.
Rose was originally from Detroit.
She came back here to get away from him.
Yeah, that didn't go well either.
Sergeant Cutler,
there's someone here to see you.
Hello, boys. How's the Beltway?
What are you doing here, Walter?
These are for Kim.
-Hey, hey, hey! Back off! Back off! Back off!
-Back off! Back off!
Keep him off! Keep him off!
Put that hand down!
Inspector, I'd like to press assault charges
against this maniac.
He's been following you.
That's why you couldn't find him.
-He knew you were here.
-Okay, we'll take it from here.
No. He's under arrest.
Now, you let it go, Cutler.
-You're just gonna let him walk out?
-It's the federal government's problem.
-No, he's my problem!
-It's their call.
Feds trump State. You know the rules.
He doesn't know the rules!
We'll be going. Come on. Let's go.
Couldn't keep him away from Rose.
You think you're gonna keep him
away from me?
Have a nice day, gentlemen.
Would you step back?
You get this team certified,
and you get out of my city tomorrow.
Come on. I got this.
It's over. Let it go.
No, it's not over.
You don't understand guys like this.
I don't? I shrink heads for a living.
He's gonna come after you.
he's focused on you, okay? Not me.
-That type of transference, it's not typical...
-He knows that
I care about you.
You care about me? You just met me.
-Don't do this.
-Do what?
Not hungry.
So what's the job?
There is no job.
But they want you back in Washington
in case there is.
You know you need to get over her, right?
She's gone.
And you work for the govemment.
Suck it up and move on.
lt was none of your business.
You scared her.
Hey, we were trying to help you.
You're very important to your country.
She was very important
to me.
Her name was Rose.
Hey, Paul.
-Who's tailing her?
-I got Mani and Rattan on that.
-Who's watching her at work?
-Bayless and Thayer.
She never leaves your sight, understand?
He shows up, shoot him. Ask questions later.
Cutler, you better get over here
to Beaubien and Monroe.
Hold on a sec.
He took them both out.
Cutler, who the hell is this guy?
So, Mundy, go inside right now
and don't let herout of your sight.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, Mundy.
Hi, this is Kim. Leave a message.
Mundy? Hey.
Yeah, officer down.
Kentolin and Elm. 1035 Elm.
Government recon satellite access.
We got real-time NSA shots
over the feds' car and Kim's house.
-He disappeared underground.
-How's Mundy?
OR. Don't know.
Doesn't look good.
You let Hatch walk out of here.
-You know, you let him go.
-I told you to go home.
This would have never have happened.
I am revoking your deputization.
You no longer have any authorify
in this department. Go home.
What are you doing to find her?
Why isn't the FBl here?
I am waiting for Washington
to advise me on the situation.
-He's gone, I'm gone.
Then you're both gone.
You're next in seniority.
You're team leader now.
You stupid son of a bitch.
We're a team, sir.
This is nobody's fight but mine.
You sure about this, P?
Make me proud.
Requesting SWAT back-up.
Jumper at Seventh and Woodward.
The construction site.
Come on, come on. Let's go. Let's go.
All right, fellows. Let's go. Let's gear up.
Come on.
-Where are the first responders?
-Don't know.
Supposed to be here
to lock down the perimeter.
Well, we'll spank them later.
Let's get this guy down.
All right, y'all. We got a white male, 30s,
threatening suicide on the fourth floor.
-Is he armed?
-Could be, so look alive.
Look, if he's a local, I might be able
to connect with him better.
Good. You take him.
Stockton, cover the floor above him.
-I got the one below him.
-Got it.
-Man the van? I know.
I'm the van man.
Hey, let's do this for Mundy.
Let's do it.
Stockton, what you got down there?
Downstairs clear.
Moving toward the forewall.
Watters, check in.
Hold on. I got movement up here.
-Wolport, what's our back-up status?
-Working on it.
Found our jumper.
We're here by ourselves.
Are you sending back-up?
Negative. No jumper call
came through our switchboard.
Sir, show me your hands, sir.
Listen, sir. I'm here to help you.
Who called this in?
Not us. No call came through here.
You wouldn't happen to have a smoke,
would you?
Yeah, I got one.
Son ofa bitch. Watters!
Hey! Don't move! Don't move!
Wolport. They got Lori.
Stockton, you there? Watters?
Send back-up now!
I can see why you like her so much.
-Walter, if you touch her...
-Threats won't save her.
Or your team.
I have them all now.
Look, whatever you want, you got it.
You want me? You got it.
That's not much of a negotiation.
Here's what I want, Paul.
Absolutely nothing.
But I'm gonna give you the chance
you never gave me.
To save your girlfriend's life.
I kill the first of your team in 30 minutes.
Training site.
Come alone or I kill them all.
I heard what happened tonight.
You don't have to steal anything.
Take whatever you need.
I'm going with you.
I can't. Hatch will know.
Lights and siren. You're gonna need it.
Kill that son of a bitch!
Call the other units.
You all right?
You broke your leg. You're staying here.
No way.
You can't walk.
You see anything. You shoot it.
You're bait, you understand?
Don't kill Cutler. He's mine.
Watters, get back. Get back!
Nice shooting, ace.
You might wanna save some ammo.
I'm pretty sure the first one got him.
Walter, talk to me, God damn it.
ls that emotion I hear, Paul?
First rule of SWAT HRT,
"Don't get emotionally involved."
lf you care too much,
it impairs your judgment.
Starting to feel for these people, Paul?
Not good.
Now your certification just got harder.
Welcome to the endgame.
Two lives. You have five minutes
before they're both dead.
So much to do.
So little time.
Speed and accuracy count.
Third floor utility room.
IED, Cutler. Like old times. Radio and phone!
It's got a back-up remote detonator
in a collapsing circuit.
Check the point of ignition from the primer.
It's Semtex. I can smell it.
There's not enough time to defuse it.
-Move me.
-CO2. I'll freeze it up.
We'll load it on the timer.
Don't breathe.
-Damn, we'll have to cut one.
-Okay. Wait, wait, wait.
Wait. Not that one.
No, no, no, no.
Hey, look in my eyes.
There we go!
If I were a girl, I'd kiss you.
Get this. Give me a gun.
We lost Watters. He's dead.
-He's going to kill Kim.
That's his endgame.
He's going to make me watch her die.
-Where is she?
-Eighth floor.
Where I set up the certification test.
You remember that ceramic factory
outside of Ramadi?
I got you. Give me 80.
You got 60.
But I expected you to pass that, Sergeant.
Don't forget your girlfriend.
You have one minute
before I put a bullet in her head.
Hurry, Paul!
Precision and speed!
Ten seconds, Paul!
Nine seconds!
Welcome to your final test!
Shoot me, Paul.
If I die, I let go.
If I let go, Kim's vest blows.
Not so easy this time, is it?
Not as easy as when you killed Rose, is it?
Is it?
Answer me, God damn it!
What do you want, Walter?
I want you to stop me from killing myself.
Talk me out of it.
It's not often you get to relive history, is it?
Talk me out of killing myself.
Mundy's gonna make it,
but he's not coming back to SWAT.
You should bring Kellogg back.
What about you?
I don't work here, remember?
Well, maybe you should consider it.
I'm going home. But thanks anyway.
And what about their certification?
Consider them certified.
Thank you.
I guess you're gonna be
off SWAT duty a while?
You have any interest
in seeing your sister in Long Beach?