Sa Muli (2023) Movie Script

1900, First Incarnation
I'm on my way to Manila.
It won't be long until
we are together again.
I will wait for you, Victor.
On our next meeting,
I will ask for your
mother's blessing, Aurora.
Let us get married.
Viva Films presents
a film by Fifth Solomon
Starring Xian Lim
and Ryza Cenon
Till We Meet Again
Till We Meet Again
I will come back for you.
Till We Meet Again I will wait.
2020, Third Incarnation
I was Victor in my first life,
in the year 1900.
I was Nicolas in my second life,
in the year 1950.
And Pep in the current year of 2020.
This is now my third life.
I have a special power,
this is the ability to remember
every detail from my past lives.
I just woke up one day,
and remembered everything.
I've spent centuries falling
in love with the same girl.
I look for her every day,
waiting for her to come back.
They thought I was crazy,
so I kept it all to myself.
Even though I had no idea where
or how to start,
I tried to look for her again.
Can I come in?
I'm just the caretaker here,
the owners are not here.
This won't take long.
It doesn't matter. I'm just the caretaker,
the owners are not here.
I just need to see something,
I'm going to leave immediately...
How many times do I have to repeat myself?
Sorry. Thanks anyway.
There were so many
questions in my head then.
Where was she?
What does she look like now?
Does she remember anything, too?
I didn't want to give up.
I tried to find her,
even though I know only fate
could bring us together.
I still remember her.
My first love in all of my past lives...
Aurora, in my first life in the 1900s.
A little soft,
a bit of Maria Clara,
and a little shy.
And Belen in my second
life, during the 1950s.
Talkative, affectionate, and energetic.
Until now,
she is the only one my heart beats for.
Something always brought us together
in every period, in every life,
our souls
and our love were always the same
but fate always had other plans.
It always hurts to look back
because I know it's already done.
And it will always end.
Over and over again.
Should I be happy
because I always remember our love story?
Or sad of the many times
you have been taken from me?
You're having nightmares again.
I'll get you some water.
It's both a blessing and a curse.
I just want to be able to love her.
Is that so hard?
I decided to write everything down.
Our first and second love.
Thank you!
Both of your books are so good, Pep!
My favorite is your first one, 1900.
Victor and Aurora's story is incredible!
This second book, 1950s?
The love story between
Nicolas and Belen is so romantic.
Nicolas is such a babe!
Reading your books is
like going back in time!
It actually feels like...
I'm the girl,
you're the guy.
Just kidding!
Wait until you see my next book.
I just have one comment.
Why does it seem like the same?
Book one and book two
have the same pattern...
The girl always dies.
I feel bad for the guy,
he always ends up growing old alone.
It's because that's
their fate.
Oh come on, try a happy ending next time.
We... I mean, they finally end up together,
and the girl doesn't die!
There's no escaping fate.
If Aurora was the one fated
for me in my first life,
she will be the one fated
for me in this life, too.
If she was taken from me in my old lives,
she would be taken away from me again.
It repeats.
It cycles.
It happens again and again.
Oftentimes, when a person's soul
feels old connections,
remembers the things that could
and should have been.
Even the discontinued ones.
It will try to change its fate.
Now, on this third life,
we haven't crossed paths yet.
I could feel that I was
close to meeting her again.
I will not let fate rule this time.
I'm the best!
I'm so good at this!
Double kill! Take that!
Sorry, sir.
Excuse me, could we get your autograph?
Yeah, I'm on my way.
Thank you!
Excuse me!
Hey, wait! Wait!
Wait! Wait!
Hold on! Wait!
Excuse me, excuse me!
Hey, Hold on, Miss!
Wait, Miss!
Stare at a stranger! Come on and join us!
Ma'am! Perfect timing!
Come on, come and sit down!
Ma'am, this is just for a minute!
You're all glammed up, too! Come on!
It's just for a little while, please!
I said no!
Your partner is going to be gorgeous!
I'll look one for you!
Stop bugging me!
It won't take long.
It's just for a minute.
Are you blind?
Next time, look at where you're going!
Hi, Ma'am!
Come on, join us!
Ah, no thanks...
Come on, you just need to stare at someone.
You know how us artists are,
we want to get inspired from other people!
This won't take long,
we just need to find a partner, okay?
There! I'll be right back, ma'am.
Perfect timing, sir!
Hurry, come here.
Stare at a stranger for
inspiration in one minute!
Come on, sir, hurry!
You just need to look at ma'am.
Sit over there.
Sit here, sir.
And then when I finish counting,
you'll open your eyes, okay?
Ma'am, if you could close your eyes...
I got it, I got it.
There you go.
Alright, three
Oh, shit!
At long last!
We've found each other again!
You bitch!
What are you doing?
How desperate are you?!
Does it need to be like this?
You witch!
Take it for all I care!
I'll just book a ride.
Sorry, sorry!
I won't let them take you from me.
You won't die this time!
Goddamn it!
Um, excuse me.
Do you want to buy some?
Have you seen a woman?
A woman?
A woman!
Someone with a kind face!
A kind face...
No, she had blue strands in her hair.
Blue in her hair?
Dark blue!
Super dark blue!
Blackish Blue!
I don't think so.
Let's go!
You... all of you!
Fuck you all!
You know,
my mother...
Hey listen up! My mom
I love her so much.
I really love her so much.
Who are you?
Come out of there!
Come out!
You want a piece of this?
You want a piece of this?
You're a fucking coward!
You've got no balls!
I won't ever let you go, Aurora...
Ah, I mean Belen...
I wonder what your name is this time?
Cheers! Woo!
You're still so beautiful.
You haven't aged a day.
Where am I?
Who the heck are you?!
Wait, wait a second, miss!
You were drunk last night and I saved you!
You copped a feel on my boobs, didn't you!
Miss, no, miss!
You were so drunk
and you were going to cross the street
but you almost got run over
so I pulled you to safety!
You pervert!
I'm going to report you, you asshole!
You're the one who was being weird!
Is it big?
Is it?
Stop it.
He's big!
If you're big, you're gonna drop dead!
Shit! You're gonna die.
- You're big!
- Hey, shut up!
You're embarrassing yourself!
Tell me when I should stop!
Wait, really? Really?
You were so drunk that you passed out.
So I brought you here.
Something could have happened to you.
That's all that happened last night!
Say something!
Pep, say something!
Hi, I'm Pep, 28 years old!
How are you?
No, no
Hi, I'm Pep. What's up?
What's up?
Nah, too obnoxious.
Um, well...
That's all you know how to say.
Say something!
Say something! Something interesting.
What's your favorite
number on the electric fan?
Why the fuck did I say that? Shit, shit!
I'm Pep by the way. Novelist.
Pep? What's your full name?
Come on, tell me your whole name!
If you do, I'll tell you mine.
Pepe Delos Santos.
It's really 'Pepe'? Seriously?
You're a guy and you're named Pepe?
Is your sister named Tete?
It's Pepe, like Jose Rizal's nickname.
Don't go dragging Jose Rizal into this!
What about you, miss?
What's your name?
Am I going to tell her the truth?
Alright, I will.
I'm going to do it! I'm going to say it!
Here I go!
Believe it or not,
but this is our third life together.
In our first life,
you were Aurora,
and I was Victor.
In our second,
you were Belen,
and I was Nicolas.
We're lovers.
But you keep dying!
Fate keeps taking you away from me!
You always leave me behind!
Fate keeps bringing us together!
But fate also tears us apart,
because that is our destiny!
But no more!
I won't stand by and watch as fate
takes you away from me!
Maybe... maybe I shouldn't tell her yet.
She'll think I'm a weirdo.
You're weird.
Uh, miss?
Miss you should put that out.
That's bad for your lungs!
We're all going to die anyway.
Don't say that.
Weren't you the one at the art fair?
What about it?
Wait a minute!
You were that...
That guy who was tearing up
over that dumb staring activity!
What a sap!
You're such a fucking sap.
I teared up when I felt our connection,
and when I looked into our past.
Your eyes really are
the window to your soul!
Why did you take that book anyway?
Aren't you scared of getting caught?
You know what, I'm at that point in my life
where I give zero fucks.
If I die, I die! Don't care.
Miss, this is a non-smoking area,
they might arrest you.
Have we seen each other before?
At the art fair?
No, it just feels like
I've seen your face before.
The soul does not forget
and neither does the heart.
Alright, I'm outta here!
Wait, miss, where are you going?
Somewhere far.
To find a reason to live.
Is something troubling you?
What do you care?
How about this... you should come with me!
I'm on a trip, too!
What are you even saying?
I barely know you!
I saved your life and
we're still not close?
Miss, commuting is hard!
There's a lot of assholes around!
Watch out, there's a white van! Watch out!
Miss! It's on me!
I'll pay for everything!
It's my treat!
Where to?
So what's the plan?
Where are we going anyway?
To Taal.
I'm going to check out an old house.
That was your house during
our first life together,
where I'd always try to
get a glimpse of you.
Maybe if you saw it
you'll remember everything this time.
You need to remember!
Maybe this way, we'll
get to change our fate.
What about you,
where were you supposed to go?
Didn't I say that's none of your business?
So nosy!
Miss, you should wear your seatbelt.
No way.
Make me!
We're going to crash!
Fate is trying to take you
away from me again!
Miss, are you alright?
Stop! Stop!
Did you get a bump? Break a bone?
What happened?
I said don't fucking touch me!
Are you trying to kill me?
Give me that!
You perv.
Miss uhm...
Miss, do you want to go to a doctor?
What if that's a hemorrhage?
Stop being dramatic.
What happened to you?
In our first life, you were so delicate.
A well-respected woman
and a lover of music.
Practically Maria Clara incarnate!
So cheerful!
But now
Is it your first time seeing
someone pick their nose?
- Here, you can have some!
- Hey! What the hell?!
Should I tell her now?
Do you believe in
rebirth or reincarnation?
I watched a documentary on it once.
Seems possible, huh?
Where are you pulling
all of this stuff out?
Maybe you're the one
who needs a damn doctor!
You're fuckin' crazy!
I'm not the one wiping
snot on other people.
Wait, just hold on a second!
What now?
Hey, stop! That's bad for your health!
The smell will stink up my car!
Can't we just go to Baguio?
Miss, we really need to
visit the old house in Taal.
It's so hot there!
Baguio! Baguio!
- Baguio! Baguio!
- Stop!
Wait, waiit!
Let's just go to Baguio!
Miss, we're here.
For Pete's sake.
We agreed on Baguio, didn't we?
You're unbelievable!
I'll just hail a taxi instead.
You're taking too long.
Where are we?
This was where we first met,
first fell in love,
and first fell apart.
We're in...
in Batangas.
Why, do you remember anything?
But we're already here, so whatever.
Check in!
Come on, let's check in!
- Good morning!
- I'll help you.
Rotten freaking luck.
Why did they only have one room left?
"It's our peak season, sir! It's summer!"
Hey, Pepe!
You're sleeping on the floor, got it?
And, uh
Can I borrow some pajamas?
Look what we've got here...
Wow, someone's so busy.
What are you doing there?
Just writing something
for someone special.
You're so corny.
But you know what,
I have a weird feeling about this place.
It kind of feels like...
deja vu.
What do you want to do?
Go around, try the local cuisine
Are we still going to go to that old house?
Forget it!
No, we need to.
We can go later, though.
What's your name again?
Secret! No clues!
Why do you want to visit
this ratty old house anyway?
I told you, it was the
inspiration for my first book!
It has a sentimental value for me.
But I don't want to go there.
Don't drag me into your
sappy little field trip.
Please, miss, just come with me.
It won't take long.
You really need to see the place.
No thanks,
I'll just stay behind.
How 'bout this...
Let's play a game.
A staring contest!
The first to blink loses!
If I win, you'll come
with me to the old house.
And if I win,
you're going to bring me to Baguio,
and let me smoke in your car!
We'll start, alright?
I'm not going to lose!
I don't want to blink,
I don't want to close my eyes!
I'm scared that if I do,
I'll lose you again!
I saw that!
You blinked!
Did not!
Then what do you call that!
No I didn't!
You cheater!
What do you mean cheater?
You blinked!
Ah, whatever!
Let's just visit it tomorrow.
I'm not in the mood.
Wait, wait!
Miss... keep the change!
Thank you!
Let's take a break.
A writer!
Freaking nerd.
Do you want to read it?
I don't read pretentious artsy stuff.
I'll just go to the bathroom.
The hell do you want me to do?
Hold your hand while you pee?
Then go to the bathroom!
I'll be back soon!
Hello, Benj!
Jeez, you won't stop calling!
You're worse than the
disaster phone alerts.
I'm on my way to Baguio.
Are you there yet?
I'm not in freaking Baguio!
What? I thought you were in Baguio!
Isn't that why I'm going there?
It's dangerous for you to be alone!
Something might happen to you!
Benj, thank you, but I
can take care of myself.
How are you feeling anyway?
First Love: Victor and Aurora
Let us relive our firsts,
because they're the hardest to forget.
First glance,
first grasp
With every first comes the hope
that this would also be the last.
He's my childhood friend, Aurora.
He's a good man,
and he wishes to make your acquaintance.
Come here!
Come here!
Yes, you! Come here!
Well, I guess it's best
if you got to know each other better!
I'll take my leave for now.
May I sit beside you?
Good day to you, my lady.
My name is Victor.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Victor.
My name is Aurora.
The first of what seemed to be eternity.
Boundless, everlasting love.
A love so pure
it would be felt across all our lifetimes.
I got you something, Aurora.
That's why you never forget your first.
- The first and the only.
- Thank you very much.
- The first and the only.
- Where did you get this?
My friends have informed me
that they saw you in town recently,
with a man.
He's a childhood friend of Lukresiya.
She introduced us.
His name is Victor.
He's a good man...
Didn't I tell you
that I never want to see you with a man?
Any man.
But Mother, he...
Do not argue with me!
You will obey me, Aurora!
This world is filled with charlatans!
Like your father.
Just think of what
everyone in town will say!
Didn't I promise you, forevermore,
that my heart is meant
for you, whom I adore.
With only true love to guide my way
towards your heart,
frow now till forever.
Good day, madam,
I wanted to ask for your permission
to court your daughter, Aurora.
I see nothing good about this day.
I hope your mother liked it, Aurora!
Get off my property!
This instant!
Back to the dining table!
Now, Aurora!
These are for you!
Victor! What are you doing here?
Mother might see you.
She's on her way back!
I just wanted to gaze
upon your beautiful eyes, Aurora!
You must take your leave.
Mother will be home any minute.
I want to stay a bit longer.
Nonsense. You must go on your way.
Aurora! Come and help me here.
Mother's here!
It is so unbearably warm today!
Come and join me for our afternoon
tea, my child! - You must hide!
Where? Can I go in here?
You can't.
Open this door!
Why did it take you so
long to open this door?
I fell asleep, Mother.
You fell asleep?
Where is he?
Mother, I am the only one here.
Where is he?
Do not mistake me for a fool, child!
Where is he?
You shameless scoundrel!
Who gave you permission
to enter our home?
Please forgive me, madam,
I just wanted to visit your only daughter!
Just you wait!
Just you wait!
- I will kill you for this disrespect!
- Mother!
- Aurora!
- Take your leave!
- Mother!
- Do not call me Mother!
You will kill me with worry, Aurora!
I will end up killing someone
because of your foolishness!
Stop it, Mother!
Mother, please!
You scoundrel, where are you?
- Mother!
- You scoundrel!
- When I find you, I will kill you!
- Aaaah!
- Stop, stop!
- Don't, please!
Please put away your blade, madam!
- We're not... we're not doing anything wrong!
- I will kill you!
- Mother, please, enough!
- Don't you ever come back here again!
- You shall get no mercy from me!
- Aurora, why does she have a knife?
- Mother! Mother!
- Let go of me!
Please forgive me, madam!
Put away your blade!
- Stop it, Mother!
- Aurora, I am in love with you!
- I am in love with you, Aurora!
- Get out of here!
I am in love with you!
Back inside the house with you!
If you come back here I will kill you!
As painful as it is to remember the end,
it is so much worse to
recall the beginnings.
Beginnings that seemed to have no end.
You traitorous child!
How many times must I tell you this!
You shall not meet with that man again!
But Mother, Victor is a good man!
He loves me!
What is that penniless
writer going to feed you?
Love letters and poems?
Do you think that's what love is?
Everything that I do
is for your own good, Aurora!
Here's what we'll do.
A week from now,
I will bring you to Manila with me.
Thats where you'll continue
your studies in Medicine.
Am I making myself clear?
But Mother...
None of your reasons or arguments!
You will do as I say, Aurora,
because I am your mother!
My mother just wants to take care of me,
which is why she's bringing me to Manila.
But when will you return, Aurora?
What about us?
I don't know, Victor.
What if
What if you find someone else,
and we are separated forever?
I will follow you, Aurora.
The next time we meet,
I shall ask for your hand in marriage.
I will prove to your mother
that I am here to take care of you.
Aurora let us get married!
We will build a family
and grow old together!
True love
will never be hindered by distance,
time, or even fate.
Thank you, sir.
Good day, my lady!
- Let me help you!
- No thank you, sir, I can take care of it.
I don't think I've seen
you here before, my lady.
Yes, my mother and I arrived
but recently, from Taal.
You will find life here quite enjoyable.
By the way, I am Emilio.
My name is Aurora.
Come here and help me.
Yes, mother.
I hope to see you again.
I could show you around the town.
Very well.
It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
Aurora, my love,
I am on my way to Manila.
It won't be long until
we are together again.
I am ready to take your hand.
Let us get married!
How was it?
I didn't read it,
I just took a peek.
So, where are we going?
Let's go to the old house!
- Let's go?
- Yeah.
Sir, maybe we could get in this time?
Weren't you that annoying guy
from last time?
Didn't I tell you that
I'm just a caretaker?
Besides, this is private property,
not some themed motel.
Boss, could you just let
him look in for one minute?
So we can move on from all this.
I already told you.
I know who lived there before!
It was Aurora!
Just a quick glance, please...
I know them too, and my answer is still no.
- Come on, let's go...
- Aurora?
Yes, she lived here before.
How do you know that?
My name is Auntie Susan,
the great, great, great, great,
great, great, great, great granddaughter
of the old Spanish civil guard
that looked after this house.
But I was directly related to Aurora!
Here, over here!
This is the master's bedroom.
This was actually Aurora's bedroom!
In the 1900s,
this was a thing of beauty!
But a lot of the memorabilia
in here got lost,
because this guy's
grandfather sold them all!
Yeah, we didn't have any money then.
Also why I'm working here.
Ill-mannered, too!
But this place was gorgeous!
And over here, if you can see it,
this chandelier wasn't
the only one here then!
And then there used to be a garden here,
and the bathroom was over here,
and there was a connecting room here.
Oh, and over here was another dresser!
I also remember, this
rocking chair over here,
if I'm not mistaken...
Wait, where did our guests go?
Are you alright?
Excuse me?
We actually own this house.
Did you still want us to tell you about it?
I told you, you looked like Aurora.
We're not just related.
It's just too bad I wasn't able
to keep any pictures of Victor.
You still wear that same look on your face.
Ah, I was just...
It's justyour eyes,
they look the same.
I'm definitely prettier.
But, you know,
when Aurora passed away,
Victor was inconsolable.
He channeled all his grief into his poems.
He blamed himself.
But he never stopped loving her;
even until he was old and gray.
Aurora's death had been very tragic.
Such a pity.
But I heard Victor
never stopped visiting the house
every day, even after her passing.
It was like she never died.
Shing! You're dead.
Good evening, Miss Aurora.
How are you?
I am good, sir.
May I come in?
I just wanted to ask for a glass of water.
Walking around town has tired me greatly.
Are you alone here?
I apologize,
but you must take your leave.
Hold on there...
Are you trying to get away from me?
- Unhand me!
- I'm not going to hurt you!
Quiet down!
Please, have mercy!
Please stop here.
Give me that!
Let go of that!
- Are you okay?
- Sorry about that.
- Tisoy!
- Yes?
- Yeah?
- Here, take this!
Put it back on the display.
Moy, - Alright, let's put
you back on the display.
Not Moymoy, you idiot!
The sword!
Right, the sword. Let's go, Moy.
Just come back later, alright, Moy?
Here, you can hold the sword
and stab me instead.
That's Moymoy, our neighbor.
He likes playing in here.
Besides, that was just a sword for display.
It wasn't a real sword.
Where are you going now?
We're going to visit an old
church in Tayabas, Quezon.
A church?
Well, have you gone
to the biggest church in all of Asia?
It's nearby. You should go and take a look!
Your friend sure knows
not to touch other people's property.
But she's good at playing.
Excuse me for a second.
It's right there, just straight ahead.
Right from the first,
all throughout the second,
and even until now in my third life,
you are still the one, Aurora!
I will never tire of loving you
over and over again.
That's pretty cool.
I'm good, aren't I?
Miss Susan's a nice lady, huh?
She even prepared snacks for us.
She said there was a lot of stuff
we could do around here.
Hey! Are you alright?
Yeah, my head just hurts a little bit.
That thing with the sword
kind of stressed me out.
Do you want me to pull over?
Maybe we should go to the hospital
for a check-up?
Nah, I probably just need to sleep it off.
I'll drive straight to Tayabas, Quezon.
There's a really old church there.
That was my inspiration for my second book.
Can't we just go to Baguio?
Where are we?
We're in Tayabas.
Fucking hell!
I just fell asleep!
I swear to God.
You're getting on my nerves.
This better still be your treat.
This will be quick.
But we'll drop by the old
church tomorrow, okay?
Could we please just check
in somewhere already?
I need to take a shit!
Okay, okay. We're almost there.
Watch what you're doing!
Someone will drop dead if
that thing hits their head.
I can't see how that can happen when
I'm drop dead in love with you.
So you based it on the old house?
Even the story's the same as
what Auntie Susan told us!
You read my book?
Well, thanks.
That's actually a true story.
That was about the life
of Aurora and Victor.
So what is book two about?
The Second Love: The Story
of Nicolas and Belen.
What do you mean 'The Second'?
Well, this is the continuation
of Victor and Aurora's life.
Did Aurora come back from the dead?
When Victor died of old age,
he got reincarnated as
Nicolas for his second life
in the year of 1950.
One day, Nicolas woke up
remembering all the details
about his past life.
Just like what he promised
in their first life,
Nicolas came back for the
woman he loved the most.
Fate brought them together yet again,
but it was only Nicolas
who remembered everything.
Good day, sir.
Have we met?
You just reminded me of someone.
I am Nicolas, by the way.
After my shift at the hospital
and I don't have anything else to do,
I pay a visit to the church.
It looks like I'll be
praying here often, then.
Where do you live?
Oh, it's near the town.
I will walk you home, then.
In this moment,
let us count back
to the first, second.
Second life.
It's like we are the only
two people in the world.
No one else.
Just you and me.
And no one else.
Twice, we were brought together,
and I am not letting go this time.
Fate is such a cruel thing.
Belen, don't ever leave me again, alright?
What are you talking about?
Would you believe if I told you
that I loved you in our past life?
Nicolas, the things you say are so bizarre!
You don't believe me?
Let's go!
My dearest Belen,
we were brought together
to continue our past.
I am ready.
I will not let you go this time.
Let us get married.
All my love,
Belen, let us meet at the
church at six o'clock.
Let us elope.
I will wait for you, Nicolas.
Wait a damn minute!
The woman died, again!
Isn't that what happened
in your first book?
There is no escaping fate.
So, in their next life,
when they get reincarnated
the girl is just going to die again?
It's the same damn thing,
over and over again!
We're back to your
reincarnation shit again!
You know what,
your story would actually be pretty good,
but it's not realistic.
It's so weird!
Ah, whatever. Take your stupid book.
- Miss, sorry!
- Are you alright?
I told you so!
We're very sorry, miss!
I told you to be careful!
Good lord!
Very sorry, miss!
Apologies, miss!
They said the things you're scared of now
were what killed you in your past life.
Just like birthmarks.
Apparently those are
wounds from our past life.
You know I wish you
didn't save me back there.
I wish you just left me alone.
I want to leave Earth.
Miss, don't say that!
Don't be like that!
Just don't say things like that!
This woman
You know what, miss,
they say everyone we meet in this life
is somehow connected to our past life.
I have read somewhere
only the human body dies.
But their spirit lives
entirely on a different body,
in a different time,
in a different life.
How do you know?
Have you ever died?
Yes, and was reborn!
Well, according to a book that I read,
your brain shuts down
then your heart,
then all your organs.
Then you'll be dead.
That's it! Next, you'll be rotting.
Gone! Kaput! Your life is over.
24 to 72 hours after death
the internal organs decompose.
Three to five days after death.
The body starts to bloat,
and the body containing foam leaks
from the mouth and nose.
Eight to 10 days after death,
the body turns from green to red,
as the blood decomposes and
the organs in the abdomen
accumulate gas.
And then after several weeks,
nails and teeth fall out.
And then after a month,
the body starts to liquefy, okay?
That's the end of it.
So enough with your ridiculous daydreams.
There is no "next life".
I don't believe in anything without proof.
If you're dead, you're dead.
Besides, if you really knew me from before,
why don't you know my name?
Mary Ann?
What kind of name is that?
Mary Jane?
Bea Rose!
Joyce Ann?
Christina Marie!
Wow, those names suck.
My name is Elly.
Just Elly. No "Ann".
No "Mae", no "Marie", no "Rose".
Elly Raymundo.
Med student.
I dreamed of one day saving peoples' lives,
of becoming a doctor.
But I quit.
I'm tired.
I've accepted the fact
that everyone will die eventually.
This is going to sound so
stupid, but when I was a kid,
I told myself that I
would be the first doctor
to not only heal people,
but prevent them from dying, too.
See, I told you it sounds so stupid.
That's impossible!
Well, I was a kid then, so
I was just full of shit.
But my mother, bless her,
gave me her full support.
You, on the other hand,
are a full-grown man.
So you better wake up to reality!
Where is your family now?
I don't have a family anymore.
My father left us a long time ago.
And my mother was taken
from me a while back.
Don't tell me my mother is
going to be reincarnated.
Are you alright?
Your head hurts again?
Do you want to go see a doctor now?
There you go again!
You're overreacting.
After all the places we've gone to,
anyone would have a headache.
Do you want a massage?
I always used to give my mother a massage.
Do I look like your mother?
Hello, mom.
It's your birthday soon!
Advanced happy birthday!
I miss you.
I'm feeling a little lost in life.
But don't you worry.
I can take care of myself.
Even if it feels like
the world has left me behind,
or that I'm...
I'm unlucky because...
I'm all alone.
I'm trying my best though.
I'm still looking for a...
I'm still looking for a reason to live.
That's why...
I've just been traveling around.
Oh, mom, let me tell you
about this person I met!
He's been helping me.
He's a bit of a weirdo,
but he's nice.
He's kind of cute.
Just a little bit, alright?
Also, I could be wrong, but I think
I really think he's into me.
He better not be full of himself though!
You know, mom,
when I first saw him,
I immediately felt at ease with him.
I don't really know why.
He just seemed like a really nice person.
I feel safe around him.
I really want to see you again,
but I know...
I know I can't.
You're gone.
Mom, I'm so tired.
I'm so tired.
I don't want this anymore, mom.
I feel like I should just
accept it.
I really don't have the
will to live on anymore.
I can feel it, you know?
That we're about to meet soon.
I feel like an idiot talking to myself.
Okay mom, I gotta go
My head is starting to hurt again.
I'm going to sleep it off for now.
I miss you so much, mom.
I love you.
Hey, Pepe,
Let's go to a party!
Well, I...
What is it this time?
No, I'm just not that kind of person.
Come on, let's dance!
Like this!
No, I don't dance.
you're a lousy partner.
After going with you to that old house
till here in Tayabas.
You could at least give me this!
Let's just dance a little!
Come on!
There is no way you can make me dance.
Let's go to the dance floor! Let's go!
You're a freaking mess!
You know what, follow my lead.
Elly, that's enough!
That's enough, you're going to get
so wasted if you keep this up!
Me? Wasted? Speak for yourself!
Because you're weak!
Hey, I'm not weak!
I don't get drunk!
I don't get drunk!
She's so beautiful!
Her eyes were so beautiful!
I gazed into her beautiful eyes
and I promised her
I promised that I would come back to her,
that I would fulfill our promise...
To get married
and one day have a family
and grow old together!
It's my fault!
It's my fault for not coming back for her!
I couldn't protect her!
I couldn't save her!
Who the hell hurt you?
You know what, you should
just drink some more.
Drink some more and then...
Sir, hand me that bag.
The women that I loved in my old lives
they were all you.
In our first life,
you were Aurora and I was Victor.
In our second life,
you were Belen and I was Nicolas,
your lover.
Elly, this is our third life.
And fate keeps bringing us together.
But fate also keeps tearing us apart!
Always the same thing: we find each other
and then we lose each other in the end!
Nicolas, is that you?
Do you remember now?
It's me!
It's me!
You couldn't wait to get
your hands on me, could you?
Gimme a break, Pepe!
Hey, I'm on to you!
You're being so
Aren't you being too touchy?
Please, as if!
If you dont stop, I might just
Might just...
Might just what?
Put me down!
Alright, like this?
Alright wait!
Alright wait, wait, be careful.
I want to walk.
But you know, Pepe, it's pretty fun here.
Good thing I came with you.
I dunno, you're cool. You're okay.
Am I?
Stop pushing!
So what was up with that?
Come on.
Alright, here's what we'll do.
The first one who blinks,
will say what's up.
- Good.
- Game!
All I know is,
I loved you even before I met you.
Hold it... you blinked!
No, I didn't!
Time to confess!
That wasn't a blink!
It's nothing!
Go on, say it!
Go on, say it!
Alright, I'll say it.
I love
I love...
Come on!
Let's catch the sunrise!
Wait for me!
There's no miracles!
Forever exists!
You're so lame.
Hey, watch out!
That was so corny!
What! I said what I said!
Forever exists! Miracles happen!
But you know what,
I didn't think we'd grow to be this close.
Yeah, I mean you're the type to believe
in all that fate bullshit,
and I believe in facts and science.
I guess that's just how things are.
Anyone should believe in something.
Should we go?
Come on!
Sorry, sir! You're not allowed beyond here.
How can I help?
Right now,
it's best for her to get
brain surgery immediately.
She's having loss of consciousness,
and loss of sight intermittently.
So I highly recommend that
she undergo brain surgery.
But right now,
I want to give her some
time to think it over, okay?
I hope you can help convince
her to take the operation.
Thank you.
I'll go ahead.
Thank you.
Oh, you blinked!
You lose.
It's because you keep smiling at me!
You don't play fair.
Since I won, may I hold you?
What if...
one day,
I vanished?
What if we get separated?
If I get a terrible disease...
and pass away?
Would you find another love?
If you passed away, Aurora,
I would love you again
in our next lives.
I will always find you,
I will always come back to you.
I will never be discouraged.
Day by day,
life after life.
Are you going to take her from me again?
Are you going to separate us again?
When will it stop?
In each lifetime that she dies,
you kill me alongside her!
You motherfucker!
Whoever you are, fuck you!
Take me!
Take me, instead!
Take me, instead!
Whoever you are, fuck you, you monster!
You knew you were sick, didn't you?
Why didn't you tell me?
Pep, I'm done.
Elly, wait a minute...
That's where I'll end up anyway.
So let's not waste any more time.
We should end this.
Elly! No!
What are you saying?
this is over.
It's done.
I'm done.
If I die, I die.
I have a brain tumor, Pep.
I'm going to die.
When my mother died,
I lost all hope.
I lost all reason for living.
I'm all alone.
Pretty fucking nuts, if you ask me.
I was a student of medicine.
I couldn't even save my own mother!
How could I hope to save myself?
So let it go.
If I'm going to die now, it's fine.
Elly, I'm here!
I'm here for you. I'll protect you!
This is just fate messing with us...
For fuck's sake, Pep!
Will you stop?
Stop yapping about all
this rebirth bullshit!
Don't drag me into your crap.
And for the love of God,
stop telling me
that dead people can live again!
Jesus Christ, Pep!
Help me!
You have to help me!
Help me accept the fact
that my mother is gone,
because she's gone, Pep!
She's gone!
My mother is gone!
Don't add to my suffering!
Give me a chance to
accept my mother's death,
and to accept the fact that I'm dying, too!
Elly, no.
Shut the hell up.
Elly, your life is important to me!
There's still so much that you can do!
There's so much that we can do together!
Good morning, Miss Raymundo.
I'm Dr. Angeles,
the one who's going to
give you anaesthesia.
But before that,
I'm going to explain to you
about general anaesthesia,
which is what we're going to use.
So the anaesthesia will
pass down your throat,
towards your lungs.
But before we do that,
we're going to put you to sleep first.
Don't be too nervous, ma'am,
and just relax.
How are you?
I got it for you.
Easy does it.
Hindi ba pangako sa'yo kailanman
ang puso ko'y lagi sa'yo nakalaan
wagas na pagibig ang tangi kong gabay
patungo sa piling mo panghabangbuhay
Let's go!
We'll get caught in traffic, hurry up!
At bago pa magkatagpo ang ating landas
alam ko na ikaw na
nga hanggang sa wakas
Sometimes, love can conquer death
and persist through different lifetimes.
No matter what time,
or which world I may be
I will always find you.
I will always choose you.
So you're finally back
to school, Miss Raymundo?
Yes, ma'am. I'm actually really excited!
Thank you, ma'am!
Ugh, back to classes and studying for me!
Oh come on, it's going to be fine!
It will be for future Elly Raymundo, M.D.
Wow! That sounds pretty good, actually...
- How are you?
- Hey, how are you?
I'm good, what about you?
Your hair's so long!
Yeah, I know!
Wow, we haven't seen
each other for so long!
Well, I just finished enrolling.
Are you going to enroll?
I was just on my way!
Hey! I'm cured!
Yeah, I heard!
It's too bad, we're not
in the same class anymore.
Eh, that's fine, we're in
the same school anyway!
Oh, Benj, this is Pep, by the way.
My boyfriend!
Ah, Pepe.
Alright, we're going to go ahead.
You should go enroll.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Text you later!
You guys close?
Stop that, he's my friend!
Oh? It seemed like...
- Are you jealous?
- You look so happy!
Jeez! I stopped for two years.
Now all those classes and
subjects I took before-
Fuck, I have to take them again!
What a hassle!
I wonder where a nice place to read is?
Somewhere quiet.
What do you think?
Was Benj an old suitor of yours?
We're just close because
he was my classmate before.
He's such a nice guy.
He let me copy his answers!
Wait a minute.
- I know that look.
- What?
You're jealous, aren't you?
Are you jealous?
Aww, he's jealous!
He's getting jealous!
I hope...
when I grow old,
you'll take care of me.
You'll count all my white hairs,
and you'll help me walk,
and we'll do Zumba
even when our joints are all creaky!
I hope, those eyes of yours
will stay on me
even when I'm old.
And I hope, when we grow old,
we'll still be together.
And I hope,
even in our next lives
we'll still be together.
Happy anniversary!
What anniversary?
You forgot?
- Oh my god, you're right!
- Hey!
We've been together a year?
Oh, you!
But, I'm a scientist!
Huh? Why?
Because you're my "lab"
Well, what about you?
Are you a table?
I want to be on top of you!
Elly, get dressed.
There's a carriage waiting for you outside.
I have a surprise for you.
You know, Elly,
I want to write our story.
What's the title?
Pepe and Elly!
"Our next life:
Pep and Elly"
Why don't you want to use 'Pepe'?
Hang on.
Is that going to be a happy ending?
What if that's like your old stories,
where the girl dies?
If that happens, I'm really
going to beat you up!
Of course.
It's a happy ending.
They will be together until they grow old,
and have a family.
But of course
We'd have to get married first.
Come on, dont be shy!
It's embarrassing!
Come on!
You're such a moron!
Will you marry me?
- Yes, duh!
- Yes?
Of course!
- Congrats!
- Congratulations!
My fate
Will be in loving you,
It's pretty good.
Oh, it's pretty good?
Like how you look tonight.
But this is the prettiest of all.
- But this is the prettiest of all.
- What?
This one, of course!
Don't take it off, come on.
How much did you buy this for?
Don't ask!
Ah, you made me drop it...
Hey, be careful.
I'll get it. Just stay there.
Your news came as a shock to me, dear.
It feels just like yesterday
when you visited us.
But I guess that's just how life is.
At the very least, he is with our Maker.
Elly, I think your friend is here.
We'll just get some drinks.
Come on, Tisoy.
if what I fear ever comes to pass,
and fate decides to break us apart again,
I hope you can read this.
We met three times.
Twice, we were separated.
But coming back to you
is a neverending journey.
It has always been you.
You are the only one.
Though we have been separated,
I know we will find each other again.
I believe that time is an illusion,
and that true love
will remain until our next lives.
That true love
lasts years,
sometimes, even lifetimes.
There are only two people.
You and me.
No giving up,
no matter how long it takes,
no matter how many lifetimes.
I will love you for each
and every one of them.
You will always be the one I choose...
Every minute,
every day,
every lifetime.
I will find you,
and come back for you.
It won't end with three lives.
It doesn't matter how many it will take.
I will never stop coming back to you.
Our love will remain.
I will see you again, my love.
Alright, sir,
you should take this three times a day.
Preferably after breakfast,
lunch, and dinner.
Ma'am, you should look after sir, okay?
Make sure he takes his medicine.
Oh, I'll take care of it, Doc Elly.
I'm too young to be a widow!
Apologies for the trouble, my friend.
Thanks so much, Doc!
We'll be on our way.
No problem.
We should go and buy these now.
Look at this
Yes, sure, sure.
I thought my sweetheart
was a retired doctor already?
Those are our friends.
You seem a little down.
Do you want me to give you a massage later?
Oh, Benj. Let me be.
Aw, come on.
I'm just trying to be sweet.
Thirdy and the others are
downstairs, we should eat.
Let's go.
Ma, what kind of gift do you want
for your wedding anniversary?
Come on, sis!
Dont ask them!
It's supposed to be a surprise.
It doesn't matter, just attend the party.
That will be more than enough for us.
What if we make a picture collage
and have it framed?
That sounds great and all
but I'll end up having to
look for all the old photos
Please? I'll fix up the program anyway.
We can show all the photos at your party.
Diane's looking for the...
I guess you still think about him.
It was a long time ago.
I thought you'd forgotten him.
I just saw it while I was
looking for the photos.
Do you still love him, Elly?
You know, Benj,
the night that we last saw each other,
I told myself,
that I would start a new life
with him.
He gave me a reason
to live again.
Everything just happened so fast.
I didn't even get to say goodbye.
Those novels are wonderful, my dear.
It seems so, ma'am!
I'm Gina, by the way.
What are these books about?
About a love that is neverending,
I guess it's true.
There really are some types of love
that cannot be erased.
A kind of love that remains.
Until now, you are still the one.
That was the kind of love
you had for me, Pepe.
You always told me
that we had loved each other
long ago during our past lives.
The truth is,
I never believed you, you dummy.
I thought you were just being
a sappy romantic, Pepe.
You were very good at
tugging the heartstrings,
even if you were a bit of a weirdo.
I wish it were true,
so we could meet again.
But it's not.
It's impossible.
You're gone.
But you're still here in my heart.
This was how my old lover Pepe and I met.
He even teared up then!
Maybe you should try it again, Miss Elly!
Alright, just a minute, ma'am.
Time's up, everyone. Thanks so much!
Miss Elly!
Come over here.
To get inspiration, Miss Elly!
Just close your eyes for now,
and we'll wait for your partner.
Any volunteers?
What about you?
Please take a seat!
Close your eyes for now.
Till We Meet Again
Written and directed by Fifth Solomon
With Candy Pangilinan, Josef Elizalde
Aurora Sevilla, Marissa Sanchez
Andrew Muhlach, Ali Khatibi
Bob Jbeili, Carlyn Ocampo
Andrea Babierra, Jiad Arroyo
Via Aurique, Pepita Curtis, Francis Mata
Sound: Andrea Teresa Idioma
and Jannina Mikaela Minglanilla
Musical Director: Len Calvo
Editor: Chrisel Desuasido
Director of Photography:
Marc Dominic "Dom" Dycaico
Production Designer: Ericson Navarro
Associate Producer: Ann Lim Co
Creative Consultant: Valerie S. Del Rosario
Supervising Producer: June Torrejon-Rufino
Producers: Vincent Del Rosario III
Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus
Executive Producer: Vic Del Rosario Jr.