Saaho (2019) Movie Script

Waaji city is called as
the capital of dark empire
and it is situated far away from
India and very closer to the crime world.
That city is now being reigned
by Roy, the chief of the Roy Group.
20 years ago, Roy lost his
entire family in a gang war.
He left Bombay, the former name of
Mumbai and arrived at Waaji city.
Roy joined the gang of yesteryear's
Godfather Prithviraj in that city.
After Prithviraj's reign,
his throne and his authority were passed
to Roy by bypassing his son Devaraj.
Roy group was immensely thriving with
imports, exports, gold and oil mafia...
...but there was fallout from within
and the reason was Karana village.
Though Franco Maslin,
the close associate of Prithviraj,
tried to control the
issue into getting bigger,
Roy had come up with a
proposal to his board members
to ensure that this
doesn't repeat in the future.
And that proposal is to
legitimize their business
The place they have
chosen to do that was India.
When they thought they
had found the solution,
the problem arrived in the
form if Indian Central Minister,
Mr Ramaswamy Aallagadda.
There is neither any place for such
criminals in my government's reign,
nor would let them be.
-[pierces] Ouch!-We function according to...
...rules and regulations,
not according to the organisations.
Sorry gangsters,
hope I made my point clear.
Devaraj, it's very difficult
to impede Ramaswamy.
The Roy Group of Industries has been given
the opportunity by the Indian Government
to start its work on the renewable
energy and hydroelectrical power project
that they had pitched for in 2016.
Moreover, the Indian government
will extend complete support
and I assure the same in a written
statement as the Central Power Minister.
-Ramaswamy Aallagadda.
Actually, we have kidnapped
your signature, but not you.
You can leave it on
that document and leave.
[door opens]
This hand has stopped
several corrupted people.
But they is one more
The repercussions of
kidnapping a Central Minister...
Do you have any idea about it?
When men from my department shoot
gangsters like you like rabid dogs,
and drag your corpses...
[door creaks opens]
Come in.
[running footsteps]
Hmm... Thank you.
This is for you. Take it.
Bye, Grandpa.
They might think this to be a
kidnap if you are the only person missing.
So, I brought your entire family here.
They will consider it as a vacation.
Roy is not a cheap person.
The entire world knows that
he wouldn't touch families.
And what do I have to threaten me with?
[glass shatters]
[groaning in pain]
If I had to threaten you,
I would have done that in India
and made you sign on the document.
But I wanted to get this
work done by instigating fear.
And from now on,
everything would be dealt in the same way.
Sign the document.
Sanskrit verse: Sthitaprajnasya
ka bhasa samadhisthasya keshava
Sthitadhih kim
prabhaseta kimasita vrajeta kim.
The system which has declined us
will now, have to bow
its head and work for us.
Do you think they can stop us?
Everyone: No!
Roy is going to India
after a very long time.
Even our ship that contains money,
will touch Indian waters in a few hours.
[ship honks]
[airplane whirring]
Tell me.
I am not sure.
I would have told you if it was Bombay.
But now, this is Mumbai.
Driver, what's this route?
Ballard Pier route, sir.
We're at Ballard Pier route and
we'll reach within 5 minutes.
We need not specially tell you about the
robber, who we are going to discuss about.
[siren wails] He robbed two thousand
crore rupees in just two robberies.
Who is the robber?
Why are they robbing?
What's their next target? We don't even
have a single clue for these questions.
We should be ashamed of ourselves.
Three teams from the special
task are working on this case, sir.
We have beefed up the CCTV surveillance
and tracking all the unusual activities.
We'll nab that robber
within next 24 hours, sir.
-[everyone tapping]
A third robbery took place, sir.
Shouts: A third robbery took place, sir.
What's this? Heard that we
didn't find a single clue?
Not just clue,
but also all the robbers who were
involved in this heist were caught.
But...[indistinct siren wails]
Those people who were caught claim
they weren't aware that they
were involved in this heist, sir.
He seems like some higher official.
I want to talk to you, sir.
Private talk.
Allow him, Ajay.
Thank you.
Tell me.
Whatever I've told these policemen,
I will tell the same to you, sir.
Explain me how am I involved in a robbery.
Generally, people would wake up in
the morning with the crow of the rooster.
But I wake up to the
sounds of the TV serials.
When I was already frustrated with the
high electricity bill, [door bell dings]
some guy outside was
annoyingly ringing my doorbell.
Hey! Who the hell are you?
An arrow whooshed and stuck onto my door.
Did 'Naazuku Naagini' TV
serial start at your house?
TV: Shoot Naagini... Shoot me.
Well... There is a gun in the
basket in front of you. Have a look.
If you immediately
fire the gun into the air,
I will pay your
electricity bill for this month.
As he was right about everything
including the name of the serial,
I believed that he would
pay my electricity bill.
Sir, I'll continue the
narration from that part.
I boarded my van at the time
which I do it every morning,
and was offering prayer to Lord Ganesh,
I saw a letter.
Upon hearing a gunshot,
if you drive your van to Turner
Road in Bandra West and park it,
I'll pay you 20,000 rupees.
Huh! Some stupid guy!
Huh! Money!
[gunshot] [birds flap]
Who... are you?
John Snow.
I know nothing.
Wait here.
I opened the invitation card out of
excitement to see who was getting married,
but to my surprise, it was an
intimidation invitation for me.
Hey, keep calm, pack every item in
the locker room and keep it ready.
If you don't obey,
just have a look to your right.
If this goes haywire,
the bomb in the suitcase would explode
and we'll ensure that the woman of your
family place bouquets on your corpses.
Your time starts now.
[balloon bursts]
[door opens]
[balloon bursts]
[balloon bursts]
If you give an angry stare
at the manager of the shop,
you'll get Rayban sunglasses along
with the suit and the suitcase for free.
Oh no!
Fast and ferocious delivery service.
Give us the bags.
Come on, quick.
[balloon bursts]
Last balloon.
Go to the place where you came from.
Hey... Hey... Didn't you tell us
that you weren't aware of the van?
But why did you fire the gun exactly
at the time when the van arrived?
I fired the gun not
because the van arrived, sir.
I've fired the gun because of what was
written on the rear side of that note.
If you fire the gun one more
time when the end credits...
...of 'Naazuku Naagini' TV serial begin,
I will permanently block the channel
that telecasts that serial. [gunshot]
You're the last guy remaining.
-Tell me properly.
-Sir... Sir...
Hmm... Swami...
Did you see the car driver?
No, sir.
Did you see the registration
number of the car, at least?
No, sir.
What about the colour of the car?
No, sir.
Why do you say you saw nothing?
Are you blind?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir. He is blind.
He is a blind guy.
Are you blind?
[car revvs]
He was told that he would get him
eyesight if he does the given task, sir.
I've checked and there's an eye-surgery
scheduled at Apollo hospital at 4 pm.
[phone rings]
Mr Shinde...
We've just started
investigation of this case, sir.
All the 30 members are here.
Just give me a week's time.
I didn't call you to know that, Shinde.
It is to inform you
that this case will now... taken over by an
undercover police officer.
Who is he, sir?
He is Ashok Chakravarthy.
These are his details.
Even if we guys create
fake documents of ours,
I don't think we'll have
these many records and medals.
But, will he able to nab the robber?
Let me tell you about him as I've
got experience working with him.
His entire life is off the record.
What do you mean?
Sir, here is the photo of
Alex, which you've asked for.
He got trapped at the gangster
Mani while dealing illegal guns.
He's like a smoking advertisement
that comes before a feel good-movie.
Though the content is correct,
the visual would be very disturbing, sir.
[car engine revving]
[tyres screech]
We used to do business individually
and had incurred a huge loss.
But now, all the thugs in the
entire state got united because of you.
Hail Lord Ganesh!
Hail Lord Ganesh!
Father-in-law, shall I start?
Bro, Alex is leaving us
with money even while dying!
He'll certainly be alive.
I place my jeep as my bet.
What man?
Which state did you come from?
A dry state.
Hey, how dare you place
a bet against Mani?
Kichidi will be ready after 5 whistles.
Superb, sister-in-law.
It takes just 5 whistles, for Kichidi to
get cooked and for him to get knocked out.
Come on, try. Come on...
Let's see.
[pressure cooker whistles]
[bottle shatters]
[cleaver swishes]
He'll be finished today!
I don't think so.
[earthen pots shatter]
Hey, get him.
Go and close the gate.
Bro... Please rescue me.
These guys will kill
me, bro. Please, bro...
[pressure cooker whistles]
Hey... Let him go...
Hey, careful...
[pressure cooker whistles]
What are you doing here like a
scent amongst these pigs, dear?
What are you doing?
I'm drying clothes.
Are you drying clothes when it is raining?
What's with your romance
in this extreme violence?
Hey... Hey... Someone, go and disturb him.
Oh man!
That rascal fell down!
He just fell, but didn't lose.
[snake hisses]
Py... Python!
[snake hisses]
Why is a python here?
[knocking on the door]
Bro, we don't need mutton today.
He entered room number: 9211.
[pressure cooker whistles]
Alex... Winner winner, chicken dinner.
[chain clinks]
[indistinct animal grunts]
[panther growls]
Why the hell do you have
panther over here, douchebags!
[metal door creaks]
Bro, that scoundrel escaped to upstais.
I'm done with cardio.
Let me try lifting weights.
The 5 fives whistles are over.
That's it!
Hey, finish him off.
Bro... Please save me...
They are dropping me.
[lever unlocks]
This ain't the game of snakes
and ladders, to climb up easily.
Now that, you have come up...
I'm giving you two options.
Either you cut him loose
or jump down from here.
[pulley creaking]
Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Hey, Samba... Samba...
Let him come down...
I'll handle him.
Hey, move aside guys!
Hey... Come... Come...
-Your death is my hands!-Mani
You've lost.
No, father-in-law. I didn't lose.
-I will certainly kill him today.-Mani...
He has hit you with
his strength until now.
But now, he's hitting you with your fear.
Everyone over here
knows about this, except you.
I'm telling you from my
experience... Don't meddle with him.
Let go.
[sickle clangs]
Who the hell is he?
You've risked your life and saved mine.
What do you want from me, bro?
Roy group dreams of
establishing a power base in India.
It has fallen back because of Roy's death.
What will be the fate of Roy Group now?
The world still believes that
the entire family of Roy was killed
in an attack that took 25 years ago.
But by hiding from the same world,
Roy had brought up his
son somewhere far away.
Everything alright?
[foreign language]
[speaks in foreign language]
His name is Vishwak.
Where is he now?
[alarm wails]
[helicopter thumping]
He's our security head.
We have to suspect
everyone after Roy's death.
Then, what's he still doing here.
I want to meet all the board members.
Arrange for the meeting.
[door creaks]
Tea, sir.
[clears throat]
Tea, sir.
Go... Hurry up.
I don't understand why this
meeting is arranged in a public place.
Sir, I'm new. But both of you had
the history of working together.
Start the discussion.
Actually, you are right.
-Ashok, the robbery...
-Franky speaking, I was called...
...because you're idiots.
Why do you again include me with you?
I am solo type.
Amritha Nair.
Did you see the
glittering eyes of this girl?
Her neck... Her haircut.
Out of all, I can see her
perseverance to nab the robber.
How can you see all those
qualities in such a small photo?
This girl is okay for me.
I meant I'm ready to work with her team.
Where is she?
She's handling Lal Bungalow's case.
[camera clicks]
I've filed the case as
gang war as you said.
Sign here and I'll send
the corpses to the autopsy, sir.
It is not a gang war.
They're shot by just one guy.
Look the fallen position of
the corpses and bullet spots.
Everyone got shot at the same
place. Exactly in their hearts.
Yeah. There seems to be a pattern.
The pattern is fine but we need
proof that there was a fourth guy.
Solid copper bullets.
The gun he used was a Glock 25.
We can nab the 4th guy if
we trace the missing gun.
Give us more information, madam.
If you observe the shooting range,
it infers that the killer is a short guy.
And moreover he should be...
-...a professional because...
-And moreover...
he entered from that door, shot them
and escaped from that window.
It's wrong!
He didn't come to deliver a courier so
that he could ring the doorbell and enter.
He's here to commit murder.
He's right.
He sure must be a higher official.
Sir, please come in.
Sir, please...
They say 'ladies first',
but don't give a damn to it!
Madam, please...[footsteps running]
[makes whooshing sound]
[train honks]
What's this effect, sir?
It is the background
score for this mood.
The train left, and
we're left with the case.
-Look Goswami
In a way there is a
reason behind every crime,
there is a story
behind every criminal.
The story behind this case here is
It was just one guy who fired
but it's not as simple as you think.
[gun cocks]
[train running]
He pulled out his gun and posed
a question at the same time.
One of those guys got
alerted upon seeing that
and the other guy felt tensed.
After that,
he asked him about the third guy.
He will come in sometime.
The third guy arrived
an hour after his death.
[indistinct train moving]
That guy has finished off everyone!
Removed In Piece.
Where is the appreciation guys?
You are superb, guys!
Oh, sir!
Sir. Everything is under
control, sir. It will be solved.
-I wanted to talk to you about this case
-Ajay will handle this case from now.
-Thank you, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
You shift me to another case
every time, at the last minute.
Won't you let me solve the
case completely, at least once?
All the best for the next one.
Now, I want you to crack
this one very quickly.
Sure, sir.
Get your old brains and
come to my new office
at 10 am sharp...
It doesn't matter if you're a bit late.
[market sound]
Did it come?
No, sir.
What about now?
No, sir.
Ha ha... It has come.
Welcome, Amritha.
What is this, Goswami?
This is the newly designed
office for our special mission.
That's our discussion area.
That's sit-out area.
-That's our night out area and that's...
-Stop it.
-I understood.
-What did you understand?
There is more of useless work
rather than actual work, in here.
[gun shots] How can you forget
the shooting area, Goswami?
How could you forget that, Goswami?
Everything that you see here isn't true.
If at all if there are any genuine
things, you can't see them, Amritha Ji
[clock chimes]
Goswami, get me a beer.
Sir, how can you think of
having beer in the morning?
Why are you stretching your
mouth wide open for that?
Can't we have beers during off duty?
-Moreover, I hail from...
-Dry state, isn't it?
You might be parched.
Give me two minutes.
We got all the CCTV footage related
to the TRP Jewellery robbery.
Which camera do you want me to play?
Play all the cameras.
Check all footage please.
Need to find the robber.
Ive got my eyes on camera 1, 2 and 6.
Preethi, check the rest.
Got it.
Whoa! There are no
games for girls in here. Go.
[machine blips]
That's the footage which
we've already checked.
We've identified every face that we saw
on CCTV footage and interrogated them.
No use.
So, you are looking for a face
that wasn't found in the footage.
The robber might have covered her face.
I mean... covered his face.
Would someone who stole crores of rupees,
sport a cap or a burka or a sweater?
-That's a goal.
But still, it is a cheap logic.
[ball knocked and rolls]
Yeah, he might be sporting them.
He might be having a budget issue.
[machine blips]
Hey, search all men wearing burkas
and women carrying handkerchiefs.
Okay, sir?
There are several guys sporting
caps and handkerchiefs.
There are several people
with their faces covered.
What do you want us to do?
Why would his dressing style be ordinary
when his robbery style was extraordinary?
There might be a design or a pattern...
or a watch might match a
shoe... Something like that.
You'll slap me when I question but...
Try matching something.
Match shoes and cap
colours in all cameras.
Look at camera number 5.
There's a match!
There is a guy whose cap colour
matches his shoe colour.
Finish the game.
Ah... there. Hold it.
-Preeti, zoom in.
-Zooming, sir.
Pause it... Pause it.
We've got him.
We've got him!
[phone ringing continously]
I have seen what you sent the details.
They are very impressive...
And also, I've sent you our next plan
details too. Let me know about it.
[air whizzing]
[speaking in foreign language]
-Jaja, listen to...-No, Ibrahim Ji.
Is our money safe or not?
I understand all your fears.
Roy's son will come and transfer
all the money within three weeks.
What does he know about this organisation?
Devaraj, son of Prithviraj, is the
only rightful heir of that chair.
That's not just a chair for someone
to ascend on it! It's an authority!
And Roy's son is the only
person who has that authority.
We don't even know if he was
really born to Roy or someone else.
How can such authority be given to him?
What do you mean?
I mean,
do you know whether he is
legitimate or a... [voice muted]
[electricity buzzes]
[door opens]
You have unnecessarily opened your mouth.
Now, I will open up your
body in such a way that
even if all the cobblers
in the city come together
they wouldn't be able to stitch it back.
Is your tailor still stitching your
sleeves half and inch longer?
Either you change your tailor
Karim or stop sporting a suit.
It doesn't suit you well
You don't know about me
but I know about
each one of you very well.
In fact, I'm the only person who
knows where the two trillion is.
I think this is enough for
me to ascend that chair.
I've got two tasks left
before I ascend this.
To start Roy's vision,
in the way he wanted to
and to bring out those who are
responsible for Roy's death and kill them.
What happened in the meeting?
Huh... We shall talk about it later.
There is nothing left
to talk about it later, Mr. Devaraj.
It's impossible for you to ascend
that chair when Roy's son is alive.
He seems to be tougher than Roy.
He made everyone shut their
mouth upon his arrival.
And Prince stood like a
statue watching him talk! [laughs]
And we've almost died laughing.
What do you say, Mr Prithviraj?
When Roy was alive,
everyone was hailing him.
And after his death,
it's his son who everyone is hailing.
Are you laughing about it, father?
[spoon clinks]
They don't know, father...
...that I could kill and bury
them here for laughing like that.
But you know about me, don't you?
You shouldn't laugh.
They don't know, father...
...that it was me who made you confined to
a wheelchair for denying me that chair.
But you know about me, don't you?
You shouldn't laugh.
They don't know, father...
...that it was me who even killed
Roy like a dog to seize that chair.
[gun shot]
Roy's two trillion are lying
in the lockers of mine and Prince
you know about it, don't you?
You shouldn't laugh.
Don't worry, father.
I won't kill you until you
see me ascend that chair.
Prince, greet Roy's son on my behalf.
All clear. We are moving out.
John, stop!
[gun fire]
[gun fire]
Die, you bloody!
[gun fire]
[gun fire]
[gun cocks]
Hey! I'll kill you!
-I'll kill you!
Hey, let me go... I'll kill him...
I'll kill him...
-Listen to me. Have you gone mad?
-Look, listen to me...
First... First... First,
cool down! Cool down!
Look, think like Roy.
Look, think like Roy's son.
Well done, Ashok!
I didn't expect
you to track in a very short time.
At least, we
got to know how the robber looks like.
So, what's your next move?
-Sir, we are planning...
You have to look at this.
Play this one.
Preethi, just open that one, please.
Why is he always holding a
Viktor coffee cup in his hand?
You are exactly right, sir.
So, if we immediately log into the
servers of all the Viktor coffee shops,
we may find him.
It's a waste of time.
There's no guarantee
that he would come there.
But there's no guarantee
that he wouldn't come either.
[phone rings]
Hmm... Hmm...
We've got a lot of artists in our office.
Don't touch my belongings.
[bottle tumbles]
[things clutter]
Ma'am, do you want any help?
No need. I can take care of it.
Ammu... How come you ended up in the
police department despite being beautiful?
What's your story?
He asked her the very
question that irritates her.
I have no such stories.
There has to be.
Look at his face.
His parents were scared
of his robber-like looks.
So, they got him a police uniform
and pushed him into the department.
And the other guy likes a crook.
I don't have such stories.
Let me know if you know
anything. I'll listen.
Your attire from top to bottom are
of light colours and less jewellery.
Your shoes have more
polish than your fingernails do.
Receiving no phone calls or
messages since morning infer that... talk to few people.
And you trust fewer.
So, why did you choose this department?
As you are afraid to
face society on your own,
you are hiding behind
the mask of the police.
Instead of coming out of your emotional
weakness, you've built a wall around you.
It is like...
the way you stop your tears
despite you feel like crying.
you have to be very careful with him.
Preethi, zoom camera 2.
Zoom in... Zoom in...
Go back.
Back... Back... Back... Back. Stop!
This coffee shop is right next to us, sir.
Lets get him.
Get the tracker.
Gate B, 3rd floor, guys!
David, stay here.
[tyres screech]
Stop the car.
I think they got some lead, sir.
[phone rings]
I know that place.
It's an event called ARMANI.
Hello? Who are you?
Excuse me. We are from
Mumbai Crime Branch.
-Tell me, sir.
-Where is the 2nd floor CCTV footage?
-Show it.
-Sure, sir.
A... R... M... A...
[indistinct people chatter]
Preethi, check the CCTV.
Yes, ma'am.
Let the game begin.
Entrance camera...
He must have left.
Ma'am, the server over here is down.
Not just here, sir. All the CCTV
servers in the mall are down.
As far as I know, he didn't come here.
Cappuccino for Ashok.
Table number 3, right?
Someone has ordered coffee for you.
What could his next plan be?
Are you thinking how would we
get the money when the ship was sunk?
Take right.
Only Ibrahim and I know
about this building.
It is the most secured
building in Waaji.
[screen blips]
There is more money in
here, than what we lost.
[screen blips]
Please insert the Black Box.
There is only one key that can
open this... that is Black Box.
But that's not here.
Then, where is it?
After Roy died, we had to hide the
Black Box in a safe place in Mumbai.
So, I will go and get it.
If you were with Roy on that day,
Roy would have been with Viswak today.
You should stay with Vishwak.
I'll go.
This is the event which is happening
after a long time in the city.
That is why we have to
talk to the organisers and
get the complete
surveillance under our control.
Once we spot him, we
shouldn't let him loose.
-Sure, ma'am.
I think we are very close to solving it.
The boy kissed the girl.
And they lived happily together
ever after.
Do you find my words funny?
What would your reaction
be if he is in front of you?
I will put him behind bars.
We know he did all those robberies.
But do we at least a
single evidence to prove that?
Tsk... Tsk... Tsk...
We don't sir.
Then, what do we do?
Sometimes, we nab a criminal
before he commits a crime
and sometimes, after he does.
But in our case,
we have to catch him in the act.
So, we have to follow the robber
like a robber and know his plan.
We have to follow that plan and nab him.
Are you tempting?
[clock chimes]
But I'm feeling it.
We're going to a pub tomorrow.
-Tell her not to wear a wedding dress.
-You told her, sir.
[club music]
Just keep a check on all the CCTV cameras.
Okay, sir. I will take care of it.
Something is missing in my life, Goswami.
What do you lack?
You've got robbers to catch
and people like us to play with.
-What else do you want?
That is what. Violence...
There is too much violence.
-You know something...
Yeah. I want romance.
[door opens]
Please come in, ma'am.
Oh man! The wedding dress
would have been better.
Don't you think the dress is quite a bit?
It has to be this way. Otherwise,
they'll know that we're police.
[machine beeps]
[clears throat]
[machine blips]
Sir, we need to check.
[machine blips]
Wait... [machine beeps]
Not only just dress, but you should also
be wary about the placement of badge.
When did you take it?
Sir, something important
I need to talk to you...
[crowd cheering]
"I'm yours... I'm yours... I'm yours...
I'm totally yours"
"I'm yours... I'm yours... I'm yours...
I'm totally yours"
"See the stars in the morning, in the sky"
"My eyes are sleepless seeing your beauty"
"Drown me in your
intoxication. Don't be shy"
"This is how our hearts
will wake up... Wake up"
"You mesmerize me with
your eyes when you face me"
"You take me with
you and make me high"
"How did you steal my heart
with your touch, oh firefly?"
"Come, let's go out for a tea"
"Oh, my lover..."
"You are my romantic lover"
"My heart melts when you look at
me... Beware of it, my heart! Beware..."
"My lover won't wait
anymore. He's a cracko..."
"My lover won't wait
anymore. He's a cracko..."
"I'm yours... I'm yours... I'm yours...
I'm totally yours"
"I'm yours... I'm yours... I'm yours...
I'm totally yours"
"You've shown an enchantment with your
words that spins my head upside down"
"You've shown an intoxication with your
words that spins my head upside down"
"What's the hurry?
Lets take it slow"
"in this real dream"
"Oh, my lover...
I'm ready for you..."
"I have set bait for you long
ago and I won't leave you"
"Write down our story..."
"My lover won't wait
anymore. He's a cracko..."
"My lover won't wait
anymore. He's a cracko..."
"My lover won't wait
anymore. He's a cracko..."
[people cheering]
Despite knowing how
important this mission is...
How could you behave
so carelessly Amritha?
You have brought
this mission back to zero.
We lost him again!
Who said we lost him?
I met him after that.
one whisky on the rocks,
with a slice of lime.
-Stir it up and make it fast.
-Sure, sir.
I want the same.
Shouldn't I booze?
Hmm... Booze as much as you can!
It's a free country, brother!
What say!
-Thank you, Steve
-Enjoy, sir
What do you do?
It's a secret. What about you?
It is a top-secret.
But never mind. I will tell you.
I am a thief.
You made a mistake.
You've confessed to a police.
He is interesting.
After that? What happened after that?
After that, he boozed a
lot and talked about many things.
You must have heard of the Waaji city.
There is an important locker there.
The device that can open
that locker... the Black Box...
is here in Mumbai.
I am planning to steal it.
Once I get the Black Box,
I will be a freaking billionaire!
I will be a freaking billionaire, man!
Black Box?
[lighter clicks]
-Did he say Black box?
-Yes, sir.
[lighter clicks]
This is my favourite lighter.
It's an antique.
Can I see it?
It would only have looked more
beautiful if I had its missing part.
There is a reason for
talking to you privately.
Roy Group... It is the worlds
most powerful crime syndicate.
These are not their criminal records.
These are details of the people
who wanted to stop their crimes.
[scoffs] There
wasn't any use.
But... the Black Box that
you are talking about...
if we could get hold of it...
then, we can stop the Roy
Group from coming to India.
He gave us a bigtime
information in inebriation.
No. He knows about me very well.
That is why he told me.
He threw a challenge to catch him.
But what he doesn't know
is that I will spare no one.
No one!
Do you genuinely have any
use of me, in this case?
Because you've already have
answers to all the questions.
But this time, it is just
the answers that I have.
You have to find out what the question is.
You are in my team, Amritha.
If anyone has to yell at you,
it should be me. Not someone else.
He should take his words back.
These are the flights coming from Waaji.
Passengers list?
There you go.
Shortlist the business class.
Total 20 passengers.
If we remove 5 female passengers
from the list, then we are left with 15.
I just need the list of the five
female passengers. That's it.
[airplane whizzing]
[tyres screeching]
Her name is Kalki. She has a law degree
from Stanford and a Doctorate from Oxford.
She is currently the Chief Economic
Advisor for the Waaji government.
After her father, Gopala Chary's death,
she became the legal
advisor for the Roy Group.
Praise the Lord!
Amritha... update me everything.
Guys, solid jam.
[honking in the traffic]
[bike engine revving]
[tyres screeching]
[bike engine revving]
[gun fire]
Madam, are you okay?
Don't worry, madam.
It's a bulletproof car.
[gun fire]
[gun fire]
Ashok, there is an attack happening here.
Amritha, just stay in the car.
[gun fire]
Ashok, I think they've come for
the black box. I have to go.
Amritha, no!
[gun fire]
[phone ringing]
Hello... Hello...
I've been... I've been attacked.
I know.
They can't harm you as long as I am there.
[gun fire]
[gun fire]
[indistinct voices]
[bike engines revving]
Something big is happening.
[shot fired]
[machine gun fire]
Amritha, it's very dangerous.
Don't go.
-Please, don't go...
[gun fire]
[gun fire]
[gun fire]
[bike engine revving]
[gun fire]
[gun fire]
[gun fire]
[glass shattering]
[glass shattering]
[bike engine revving]
[gun fire]
[vehicle arriving]
[glass shatters]
Traffic is getting cleared.
Shall I go to the airport?
Now, the entire world knows the
information which was known only to us.
[fighting sound]
[glass shatters]
We should put that Black
Box in a safe place.
[glass shatters]
[gun fire]
Driver, move...
-Madam, get in...
-Come on.
-Come on.
-Make it fast.
[car honks]
What do you mean you've missed?
seems like they've missed it again.
-What else can we expect from Amritha?
-Mr. Ajay.
[metal door creaks]
Who said we missed her?
I've attached a tracker
while the car was leaving.
Move... Move...
[tracker beeping]
Later, the car didn't stop anywhere and
passed through Haji Ali, Grand Road,
Cotton Exchange and it finally
stopped in Ballard Pier.
In front of the Capital bank.
[camera captures]
So, it's in Capital bank.
No, sir.
[camera captures] Alright,
back to the office.
I think we should follow Kalki.
-How can I help you, madam?
-No, thank you.
What is she doing at the pharmacy?
From there we've followed her again.
The Black Box is not
in the Capital bank,
but its in the Royal bank,
behind that medical shop.
[vault creaks]
How will the thief come to the bank
if he doesnt know about this?
How will we catch him?
He is a thief,
but not a cop to know it late.
He will always be ahead of us.
Well done, Amritha.
Sorry, I take back my words.
Are you going to make
me walk till the office?
Where is the car?
You've been going good till now.
Why are you so upset suddenly?
When I was young, one day,
my mother was learning to drive
and drove the car quite fast.
Even though my father,
who was sitting next to her was tensed,
I was screaming for her to go faster
from the back seat.
Suddenly the car hit the divider
and rolled over.
It was a complete blackout.
When I opened my eyes,
I saw blood everywhere.
My parents were staring at
me without saying a word.
My life which was passing
happily till then, turned upside down.
I'm happy after several days.
I am scared that I might
lose this happiness too.
You were right about me, Ashok.
I don't have anyone with me to
share my happiness or sadness,
except my shadow.
Now you dont even have your shadow.
But I'm there with you.
[cicadas critter]
Even I don't have anyone...
...just like you.
"I'll be with you like your
breath, no matter where you are"
"Loneliness will not haunt you anymore"
"I'll be fine in any danger,
if you are with me"
"I'll accompany you in long journeys"
"I hid myself in you"
"I'll love you in a way that
you'd forget the past"
"I'll be before you till
your eyes get tired"
"Let my silence of all these
years disappear for you"
"I'm lucky that I'm with you"
"I dedicate everything that's mine to you"
"We will never be far apart
if I have your help"
"I hid myself in you"
"I'll love you in a way that
you'd forget the past"
"I'll be before you till
your eyes get tired"
"I'll be watching you
even if my eyes closed"
"I'll hide you in my heart always"
"I'll love you in a way that
you'd forget the past"
"I'll be before you till
your eyes get tired"
[cicadas critter]
Show me your hand.
Will you tell me my future?
It's not yours but ours.
I think its costly.
I sold such a big car and it
fetched me this small ring. [scoffs]
This small ring is
equivalent to so much love.
[clock chimes]
What happened?
You are asking me to lead the entire team.
Won't I be tensed?
Everything will be okay, Ammu.
[thunders rumbling]
[screen blipping]
[screen blipping]
I brought everything you asked
me including bank blueprints,
security system details and the
police control data of that area.
That's where the main entrance is.
It is not as easy as they
think to enter this bank.
That area control rooms will be alerted,
if they try to open the main door.
After you cross that, you'd find a
CCTV camera at every foot of that place.
And then the high voltage
electricity laser tags.
And finally the locker.
The vault.
It's impossible to open this vault.
That is why,
we will make it possible for him.
What do you mean?
Here, we need the thief and also the
Black Box which he wants to steal.
So we have to think oppositely.
Whatever he expected should
never happen, no matter what.
So, we will provide him
entry to the locker room.
Upon realising there's nothing
inside, he'll understand that
we have already acquired the Black Box.
Am I right, sir?
Off the record, the case will be closed.
That Black box is very important to us.
Take this
[thunders rumbling]
These watches are for the emergency.
Just press this button,
if there is any problem.
[thunders rumbling]
Shinde, what happened in the
market shouldnt repeat again.
I haven't seen such a sharp
police officer in my career.
There is no chance of missing it.
If he misses, my next warning will
be at gunpoint, but not on the phone.
-What's his name?
-He is Ashok Chakravarty.
Ashok Chakravarty.
[cicadas critter]
Guys, look.
Stay alert.
Something is surely on.
Wait for my command.
[door creaks open]
[watch blipping]
Amritha, look.
[police siren]
Guys, you can't escape.
You've got no option.
Don't do anything stupid.
Ashok, two down.
But neither of them is a robber.
I'll handle it.
Everything is gone.
[guns cocking]
[gun fire]
[bullet clacking]
Hey David!
You got that damn money!
Stop, stop.
[tyres screeching]
[tyres screeching]
-Hey... Hey...
Get down!
[gun fire]
[gun fire]
Ashok, he has escaped.
-He is heading towards Silicon.
-Go for plan B.
[police siren]
[glass shatters]
[phone ringing]
-Sir, there is no Black Box here.
How come it is not there?
Sir, not just the Black Box
but the entire bank is empty.
-The bank is empty?-Yes, sir.
I'm coming there.
[tyres screeching]
[tyres screeching]
[glass shatters]
Happy birthday to you...
[phone ringing]
-Stop... Stop...
Hello, sir.
Sir, there is a problem.
Tell me.
[dialer tone ringing]
Ashok, its time
to end the game which you've started.
[shutter rolled up]
[phone ringing]
-Hello, sir.
-Send a backup team immediately.
Your guys are about to catch
an undercover police officer.
Under cover officer?
Who is he?
What do you mean? He is
undercover officer Ashok Chakravarthy.
But sir, Ashok has been working with us,
right from the very beginning.
If he is Ashok Chakravarthy
then who is the thief?
[car engine revving]
It's show time.
[tyres screech]
[tyres screeching]
[car engine revving]
[rim screeching]
[tyres screeching]
[transformer explodes]
Goswami, let's go from the other side.
We should catch him by all means
this time. Block the bridge.
[tyres screeching]
[rim screeching]
[tyres screeching]
[tyres screeching]
[tyres screeching]
[car engine revving]
[tyres screeching]
[tyres screeching]
[car engine revving]
[gun shots]
Amritha, stop.
[gun shot]
You are shooting the wrong guy.
This is the real Ashok Chakravarty
The undercover officer
'Whatever you see here aren't true'
And even if they are,
you can't see them, Amritha Ji.
'How can we nab him?'
He is a robber, but not a
police like us to realise it lately.
Thanks, Ashok.
My name is Saaho.
[thunders rumbling]
Do you know how you came into this world?
You came out lacerating
your mother's womb,
with the umbilical cord around
your neck and blood on you.
I am asking you to move
forward just like that.
Hit them and get in the car,
or else die fighting.
Do you want more?
What happened?
Someone stole the Black Box from the bank.
So, a thief came into
the police department,
made you believe he was a
policeman and made the police steal.
When someone could easily hack
the police department database,
what were our police hackers doing?
He was our hacker but
he was working for him.
He gave you the video from the jewellery
shop CCTV I was investigating and...
We got him.
...made everyone believe I was the thief.
[gun shots]
He gave me the original
footage of him going there...
You know that place.
It's an event called Armani.
And made me come to Armani.
He was the one who told
me about the Black Box.
-I will be a...
Whatever he wanted,
he made it seem like I wanted it
and whatever he wanted to do,
he made it seem like I was going to do it.
He made me come to the
bank along with David.
[police siren]
Later, he designed the whole
game plan of where I will go missing
and where I will be found.
To put in simple words,
he used your name 'Ashok Chakravarthy',
more than you could ever use.
Get some rest.
You need it.
[machine blipping]
[footsteps leaving]
Do you know how costly is your mistake?
Sir, I couldn't anticipate him.
Look around once.
You wouldn't have anticipated it as well.
Sir, give me 48 hours.
I'll find him.
[clock ticking]
I heard that you were close
to him than others.
Is there anything you would like
to tell me about your hero?
He is not a hero.
But a villain.
"Baby hold your breath"
"Every move I make,
they make your eyes go star-struck"
"Baby, wait a sec..."
"your beauty has beseeched me into
a trance. Baby, I'm a love drug..."
"Let me tease you, girl and chase
your heart... Just feel it."
"I can steal the dreams that
you haven't dreamt of, baby"
"Half of me is crazy and
the other half is bad, girl"
"Baby, I'm a bad boy.
Can you be my bad girl?"
[machine gun fire]
[helicopter thumping]
"High, baby, so high.
I... S-T-A-Y F-L-Y"
"Fly, like a helicopter, yo. I will
make you spin with my X-factor, yo"
"Just cash. No cheques... My game
is on and my sway is intense."
"Baby, I'm in the mood and I'll turn
your boyfriend into your ex"
"Boy, I'mma roll with you... roll
with you... I came under your spell"
"I got caught in the invasion of your
shooting glances and fell for you, boy"
"Boy, I'mma roll with you... roll
with you... I came under your spell"
"I got caught in the invasion of your
shooting glances and fell for you, boy"
"You are fire and I'm gasoline, boy. Take
me higher. You know what I mean, boy."
"Kiss me, baby"
"I'm a mad girl like you. I know,
you're a bad boy. I can be your bad girl"
"Baby, I'm a bad boy.
Can you be my bad girl?"
"I know, you're a bad
boy. I can be your bad girl"
If the celebration is of this scale...
I wonder what might be the
extent of the next mission!
"I know, you're a bad
boy. I can be your bad girl"
[shatters] "I know, you're a bad boy.
I can be your bad girl"
"Baby, I'm a bad boy.
Can you be my bad girl?"
[wind whooshing]
[chandelier clinks]
I heard that the Franco
brothers fear nothing.
With these guys around them,
they will never know what fear really is.
If you guys are on our side,
the board members too will
come to our side out of fear.
After that, Devaraj will
eventually take over the chair.
Roys son is back.
Why do we need Devaraj now?
First, make arrangements to get
all the money out of his lockers.
After that,
you can go and sit on his chair.
[speaks foreign language]
[gun cocks]
Have you heard about Karana village?
[people screaming]
They were burnt to
ashes right under your feet.
This might be a desert for you.
But for me, its my foundation.
[gun cocks]
Forgive me.
Vishwak, we lost the Black box
We have only two weeks left.
The lost device has a tracking system.
For the next 48 hours...
wherever it is in the world,
it can be seen on this screen.
If you miss it this time,
I will kill you for sure.
One two three four....
[club music]
Thank you.
Wow! What a place this is, brother!
Surrounded by girls and
beer in our hands. Wow!
It would be nice if we
settle down in this place.
Well, bro...
Why are you so fond of me?
[phone rings]
Stay here. I will come back and tell you.
Take your time, brother. No problem.
Hey girl...
Get me a Biryani.
-What was that?
[lock blips]
[shots fired]
Who is it, darling?
Why are you so frustrated?
Whatever it is, let's talk over.
[gun shot]
Who the hell are you?
Who are you, man?
[ring clinks]
At least, give an answer and fire.
[ring clinks]
It took me two days to find this place.
[bottle tumbles]
[glass shatters]
Hey, girl. Where is my biryani?
[crowd cheering]
[gun cocks]
The magazine is empty dear.
[gun cocks]
Do you think I will come with just
one magazine even after knowing you?
The police brain too has become
sharp after staying with a thief.
It of no use shooting you here.
Because there is nothing in there.
Everything is in here.
This is the room 106.
If this gun was in your hand and
you were in a similar situation...
What would you do?
I wouldn't have had such a discussion.
Why did you fire like that?
A small confusion.
I'm sure it is 105. I swear.
Its a waste to discuss with you.
[slams door]
[machine gun fire]
[jazz music]
Go... Go... Go...
[gun cocks]
[glass shatters]
[jazz music]
[gas hisses]
[water splashes]
[gun shots]
[bullet whizzing past]
[gun empty]
[fire crackles]
[door opens]
[gun cocks]
Who are these people?
They seem more frustrated than me.
[gun fire]
Why are they extremely violent?
They are die-hard fans!
They won't leave until they kill.
[machine gun fire]
Oh no!
[jazz music]
If I ever die, it would be in your hands.
Go now.
[electricity buzzes]
I will come to the point.
Heard that you have stolen
the Black Box unwittingly.
Return it. If you want,
I will join you in this gang as a bonus.
[clears throat]
Hey, stop!
Get back!
Cool, bro.
I will give you five lakhs. Stop it.
Ten lakhs.
One crore.
There is a price for everything.
His price is one crore.
Then, how much price should
be the price of the Black Box?
And how much more should be my
price, the guy who stole it?
A tiger and a deer exist in the same
forest, but not in the same room.
If that's the situation, imagine how
brutally the tiger would kill the deer.
Then, tell that deer not
to come into my room.
Devaraj, let's kill him.
Leave him.
[birds chirping]
17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22...
I should immediately inform Saaho.
Bro... Bro...
There are police everywhere.
Let vacate this place immediately.
Where is the socket? I can't find it.
Check at the corner on your right.
Oh! Hi, David.
What's she doing here, bro?
I am asking you, your highness.
As if we're having a dearth
of existent Tsunamis,
should we have this hurricane Hud-hud too?
[hair dryer whirring]
Well... What do you want?
Don't you know?
I've involved you in the
robbery without your knowledge.
So, you were suspended from
the police department.
Hello. What's the matter now?
Do you need a share in the robbery?
Are you tempting?
But I'm feeling it.
Don't get tempted at all, bro.
A police should never be trusted.
You don't say that.
It's very disgusting to hear.
I believe you are a good police officer.
our department thinks
otherwise, about you.
Tsk... I mean... Let's prove them wrong.
"Being together with you this way"
"Is like a dream to me"
"Is the sky with it's
head bent in respect..."
"...waiting just for me?"
"Has the distance faded away?"
"It was my mistake to leave you"
"Trust me now..."
"I'll make every dream of yours come true"
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"I thought I wouldn't suit you..."
"and not to come to you"
"Only then I came to know..."
"that I'm in your heart"
"The doubt that breaks us apart"
"I'm happy if you let go of it"
"The time has united us"
"All the anger has vanished"
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Travelling distances,
heart should leave it's stubbornness"
"We'd realise the truth that moment"
"In a way that the dream you've never
seen in your sleep is before you"
"I'll show you the past moments, dear"
"I'm present inside you
even if not by your side"
"I've witnessed all the
dreams you've dreamt"
"What you've painted has taken life form"
"and is present before your eyes today"
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
"Baby won't you tell me,
oh tell me, oh tell me"
"Baby won't you tell me so..."
We just have a week of time... save Roy group.
I came to know that you
came down after Roy's death
But I couldn't meet you
I've seen Roy talking right
here for his last time
I never imagined that the
mishap would take place later
Anything needed...
[fire crackling]
Now it's perfect
Do you think I'll be
impressed with such things?
Whatever you do, this is a half burnt book
Certain things can never be perfect
Just like us...
Are you mad?
We are just like the day and night
When one comes, the other needs to leave
Both can never co-exist
Day and night co-exist too Amritha
They call it the Twilight
Just like us...
There's trust, and there's fear
Every night has it's day
[gun fired]
[Amritha groans]
[stranger groans]
[gun fired]
[tranquiliser fired]
[plays piano]
I was very naughty in my childhood
I've never used to sleep at a place
My uncle threatened me that the ghost
under bed would eat me if I didn't sleep
I've never got down the bed
since that day out of fear
I used to be on the bed quietly
One day, I wanted to take a look
at the ghost that I was so scared of
and took a peek under the bed bravely.
There was no ghost there
First, my fear came down
Aftet that, being very angry on
my uncle, I stabbed him to death
Then I was scared again!
Then I went to hide under the same bed
It was then that I understood...
The ghost wasn't under my bed...
but was inside me
When someone does things I don't like...
The ghost inside me comes out in this way
Now you won't just give me that Black Box
but will also do another work for me
[electronic beep]
[printer buzzes]
I've got all the permissions you
asked from Waaji city police
Journey is on Ashok. All the best!
I'm coming to you
What's the plan?
[drones buzzing]
This is the building that contains money,
and this is where the locker location is
It's a highly secured place
and that is why this plan
We'll fix bombs in the ceilings of
the 28 floors under the locker's floor
Once we press this trigger...
[tiny blast]
Go ahead
You want to see Roy's son be
ruined instead of killing him?
Saaho will do that for you
Welcome to Waaji, Ashok
We have the best police
control system in the world
[indistinctive conversation]
This is our main command center
We monitor and control
every inch of Waaji from here
Jet Man, a state-of-art flying machine
We only use it in Code Red emergencies
Don't worry Saaho
Amritha would be safe
What do we do with this girl Devaraj?
We've got to keep her
with us to control Saaho
[chain clinks]
Fish is the queen of water
Water is its life, no matter
Touch it and it would feel dread
Take it out...
...and it's so dead!
[shutter clicks]
Hey David!
What did you do to my daughter?
Don't worry
She's safe with your wife
But your wife?
She's safe with us, don't worry
But if she is missing from us...
[glass breaks]
Now you need to worry
All the people out have started sir
Such great work of Saaho
deserves a good gift
Give him that girl back...
After you kill her
[car engine revving]
[indistinctive screams on TV]
We're about to reach in five minutes
We're also reaching in five minutes
I met Ashok last night
He blackmailed me using
my family as leverage...
I've revealed our entire plan
[device beeps]
Even now,
he is able to listen to our conversation
What to do now?
We'll catch him if he returns
else he would end up losing
Whatever it is, it's me who wins finally
Come on!
[Amritha groans]
[man laughs]
That day, you whispered to me in
a way that only I could understand
Today, I'll make everyone understand
and announce it so loud
that your ear drums would blast
Ashok Chakravarty
I thought you know me
better than anyone does
How could you miss it?
I've created so many things in the plan,
can't I create a fake family for him?
You gave Saaho an offer
But Saaho gave me a bigger offer than that
He gave me back my Black Box
I'm giving him back what he wants
[shot fired]
[indistinctive screams]
[shots fired]
[shots fired]
[shots fired]
[cop sirens wailing]
Zoom in there
Ashok, they've reached!
[cop sirens wailing]
[indistinctive shouts]
[indistinctive chatter]
[cop sirens wailing]
[cop sirens wailing]
Earphone: Call incoming
Anyone can hit a sixer in a street
But the one who hits it in a
stadium has sheer awesomeness
Earphone: Call disconnected
[indistinctive chatter]
-Where's he?
-That way... let's go!
[indistinctive chatter]
What's going on?
The match isn't in the stadium
-It's at Devaraj's staium
[car engine revving]
[sirens wailing]
"The hunt is on, my aim is clear"
"My prey you're becoming..."
"Bang! Bang! I'm in motion"
"Bang! Bang! I'm in motion"
Now the dragon is about to prey on you
Are you ready?
Get ready!
[device blips]
[sirens wail]
[water burbling]
[glass breaks]
[metal clunks]
[Prince screams]
[metal thud]
Yes! Ooh!
[cop sirens wailing]
Alert all patrol units
There is a security breach.
Devaraj and Prince towers
Radio the command center
for the coordinates. Hurry up!
Get me the location details right now!
Saaho... Saaho!
Ashok is on the move. He's onto you
You've got to divert him quickly
Force him to the road block ahead. Quick!
[sirens wailing]
[tyres screech]
[guns unlocked]
[unclear commands on police radio ]
Center... this is Captain James
Not to open fire
[sirens wailing]
I'm ordering you to step out
of your vehicles right now!
Do you not hear me?
Get out of your vehicles!
Wireless: Demolition underway.
I repeat, demolition underway!
Take me to Waaji Command Center now
Wireless: Demolition confirmed
Captain! It's a demolition!
[indistinctive conversations]
[indistinctive conversations]
You are no ordinary man Saaho
You are a freakin' genius man!
It's showtime
[engines revving]
Move! Guys abort!
[shots fired]
Get the hell out! Move... move!
[sirens wailing]
[tyres screech]
[bike revving]
Can't lose them now!
Unit 551, send all forces to the highway.
[bike engine revving]
[sirens wailing]
Wireless: Saaho is on the move!
Pull up the GPS, get me the positions
We need to stop him.
We bloody need...
[indistinctive screams]
Aisha, I need the roadblock right now!
Saaho, there's a roadblock ahead.
Got to be careful.
Megaphone: Team Charlie...
Get your position...
Spikes are up
Get ready to fire.
It's time...
[metal screeching]
Fall back!
Move, move,
theyre going to crash into us.
Fall back!
-Allan how that happened?
-Oh god!
Let's get the Jetmen
[bike engine revving]
Saaho? Saaho!
Listen to me carefully.
Jetmen are behind you
[device blips]
[device blips]
[metal screeches]
[group cheering]
[group cheering]
we shouldn't let him get into the tunnel
[sirens wailing]
[tyres screech]
[tyres screech]
No... careful... careful.
Oh man!
Saaho, Eagle down, Ashok down
[sighs and pants]
Take that right. Take that right!
Get the chopper
We have to stop him right now at any cost
[mobile beeps]
We've caught those two trucks sir
The trucks aren't important
His death is more important to me
Can I go with the snipers?
Thank you sir
[bike engine revving]
-They're very near to you. Saaho?
[machine gun fire]
[shots fired]
[machine gun fire]
[machine gun fire]
[machine gun fire]
Guys don't let him cros the bridge!
Or else we can never catch him!
This is Unit Two.
Saaho is already on the bridge
[chopper blades whirring]
"I'm in motion"
Turn it around!
[chopper blades whirring]
[heavy machine gun fire]
[shots fired]
[groans in pain]
Get the hell out!
[Amritha screams]
[bullets hit metal]
[groans in anger]
I'll kill you!
[glass crackles]
[chopper blades whirring]
[glass shatters]
[glass shatters]
[bullets hit metal]
[screw vibrates]
[screw vibrates]
"Hit you like a force,
when you join me"
"You won't see it coming"
[boat engine revving]
[sirens wailing]
[indistinctive chatters]
[sirens wailing]
[indistinctive chatters]
Ma'am... it's okay. Have some water
[device blips]
[device blips]
[footsteps running]
Center. Center do you copy?
There seems to be a problem
There seems to be a problem
We got both of them
The containers in both
locations are empty.
The containers are empty.
We have lost the original trucks.
What happened Ashok?
He got the entire police
force on his trail...
and diverted the money loaded
trucks out of the city.
[tyres screech]
I will take care of Saaho
Don't worry
I foudn this with him
Cop: Well... we will trace him
Keep the Black box safe
until the board meeting ends.
Okay sir
How do you know about this place?
After Saaho was caught,
everyones attention was on him.
But my attention went to
the last call on his phone.
Why do you doubt Shinde all of a sudden?
The doubt has been there since long
I am just confirming it now.
Wait.. wait...
Alex Fernandes...
How is he connected to Shinde?
Where is he right now?
Take right to Karana village.
[tyres screech]
Damn! Not again!
We've got the best force.
How did he get away?
They will not come.
Because that's the kind
of story that village has.
Just as they tell a story to
make small children eat...
I am going to tell you a
story to get you ready.
No one knows that story till now.
A story that you and Roy
wanted to know since a long time.
The storys name is Karana.
A village full of people.
Under that village,
lay an unimaginable ocean of oil
We threatened the people
to leave the city.
But because of Roys support,
no one listened to us.
Would I keep quiet then?
[machine guns fired]
[people screaming]
[people screaming]
A person has inflicted me with the pain
that I saw in all their faces back then
Now I will get him to the same village
and give him all the fear that
I gave those people to him alone
[chains clink]
Saaho... you've meddled a lot with Devaraj
Now I fear what all he'd do to you
Best of luck!
[air whooshing]
[Saaho groans]
[indistinctive chatter]
Do you know Alex Fernandes?
[men laugh]
[Saaho groans]
[chains clink]
[man roars]
[chains clink]
[metal clanks]
[man screams]
Aren't you the one who ran
away in Mumbai when you saw me?
By the time they come, you will die.
Tell me. Why did you run away?
[fire crackles]
[water burbling]
[glass shatters]
[Amritha groans]
[chains clink]
[chain clinks]
[guns cocked]
Let him in
[cocks gun]
Did you get any information?
Basha, as you said, we checked everyones
call records from the Roy Group.
The person who leaked all the information
from us was none other than...
[gun cocked]
Is it you who did all of this?
How can you be so selfish?
When men like you can be so selfish...
we are the women who
gave birth to you...
How selfish should we be?
[gun shot]
[weapon swishes]
I'm thinking about where
to begin such a huge story.
[coin clinks]
It's gone...
Then it's correct to
start it from the thief.
[truck clunks]
[truck clunks]
[glass shuttering]
[slits flesh]
[weapon clunks]
Devaraj, now the Black Box is with us.
-We are going to win.
I can understand by looking at his face,
that he was beaten up pretty badly.
It's not his blood.
It's our blood, sir.
No one has given me so much
trouble in my life until now.
I want to see your brain that gave
me sleepless nights by removing it out.
Get ready for the battle.
[light machine gun fire]
[electronic blipping]
[door mechanism buzzes]
In the process of identifying who is
behind the three Mumbai robberies
I've identified whom the money belongs to
It's the Roy group
I thought why you were silent
even after losing so much money
Then I understood...
It was to create a thief
[chain clinks]
Saaho used the cops and stole
the Black Box from the bank
And using the same Black Box...
he stole the money by crashing
the buildings of Devaraj and Prince
Altogether it is...
Two trillions...
I could even ask you a
lakh of times for that
But I don't have that time
There's a chair and an
empire waiting for me
[electronic buzz]
[electronic buzz]
You've invented the black box to
steal the money from Devaraj and Prince
But what did you put in the locker
that could be opened by the black box?
[electronic beeps]
There's no money in there...
This question gave me
another mind blowing answer
The money in Devaraj's locker...
and the money that was considered
to be lost in Roy's ship
Both are the same
That's not in the trucks
Where's it then?
[music starts]
[music continues playing]
Even after I found answers
to all the questions
There is one more question
left that's not yet understood
What's your connection with Saaho?
[toy creaks]
[inhaler hisses]
What's the link between
Saaho and this instrument?
Does this instrument contain
the answer to all questions?
[indistinctive shouts]
[plate breaks]
Tell me... who were you running away from?
Tell me!
You've sold guns to three men
Where are they?
I've saved your life.
It doesn't take time to take it
La... Lal Bungalow!
[shot fired]
What's this?
Sth... Sthitha...
[Sanskrit Verses]
[Sanskrit Verses]
[Sanskrit Verses]
[Sanskrit Verses]
It means, at certain times...
To save kingdoms
The king himself comes down like a General
'Hiding from the same world...'
'Roy had brought up his
son somewhere far away'
After fighting the war...
and after securing his kingdom
he'd sit on the throne like a king again!
Roy protected Karana for 15 years
But Devaraj ended it all in one night
Have you understood who's the king?
[chain clinks]
It took me 20 years...
to live with my father
[mobile vibrates]
Tell me
Where are you dad?
Ballard-Pier route
I've been away from my
dad since my childhood
You always say you have
to tell me something
What's it son?
It's nothing dad
I wanted to return home
everytime he met me
We needn't stay apart anymore
I'll introduce you to the world tomorrow
What happened?
Anything you want to say?
We'll meet tomorrow anyhow
I'll tell you directly
Did you ever imagine...
that you'd die miserably on the road?
I did!
[bullet fired]
[thunders rumbling]
'You always say you have
to tell me something'
'What's it son?'
I love you dad
We shall leave no one!
We'll kill everyone
Not just killing...
we should complete what Roy wanted to do
Don't forget that
So does that mean we leave them, dad?
They've shot 36 bullets into you dad
I'll make them pay for every single bullet
I could have killed you the same day
But before that,
I should show you your doom
[chains clink]
[music mutes voice]
[music mutes voice]
I have to tell an
important thing to all of you
Roy's heir that he hid from us all these
days has put an end to the blood shed
and is about to show himself to all of us
The one whom you've thought
was Roy's son all these days
isn't Roy's son actually.
But he's my son Iqbal
Have you lost it? How can Devaraj die?
What are you talking?
[chopper blades whirring]
[chopper blades whirring]
'This is my favourite lighter'
'It's an antique!'
'It would only have looked more
beautiful if I had it's missing part'
[chopper blades whirring]
Siddhanth Nandan Saaho
Hello and welcome to the
morning show on 'News at 9'!
Right now the time is 9 am and the
local temperature is 95 degrees fahrenheit
Today's headlines...
Roy group of industries has started a
village development project in India
Because of that, even India's backward
vilages are shining with electricity now
Now, India is shining in all
it's glory on the World Map
Are you following me?
I've told you...
I'll be there with you till the
end even if your shadow doesn't
Don't shoot me here this
time if you don't like it
Shoot me here
This is where I have you
We got him