Saajan (1991) Movie Script

Man has to face many storms in life.
But this orphan has
to face another storm.
And that is his
helplessness, his weakness.
And sense of loneliness.
What are you doing here by yourself?
Somebody definitely comes
to meet or take home all the kids.
But nobody comes to meet me
or to take me home.
Don't l have anyone in this world?
Yes, my son. Those who have nobody...
He belongs to them.
- Pass the ball.
- He's lame. He can't.
You cripple! Can't you hear?
Pass the ball!
Not only deaf is he lame,
he's also deaf!
- He won't understand like this.
- Then how will he?
Now let us see you walk.
l'll show you! Calling him lame?
Thank you pal. You helped me
a lot. What's your name?
Akash Verma. And yours?
From today Akash and
Aman are friends.
See what l have for you.
This looks imported.
Must be expensive.
That's not your concern. You eat it.
- What's in your hand?
- A 10 paise sweet.
- Give it to me. l like it.
- What are you doing?
That was for me, l ate it.
This is for you so you eat it.
Let go! What are you doing?
You're always up to something!
What if somebody sees you?
So what? l'll ask them for permission
Mister Viewer, can l romance my wife?
l've got used to asking for permission
First ask you if l could romance
you then your parents to marry you.
Then the priest to get us married.
A year later take permission from
our son, put him in the cradle...
And ask can l go to her?
When we first met, it felt
as if you didn't have a tongue!
l still don't.
- Now it's 100 parrots on one side
and you on the other! - Parrots?
Who will believe that you are Rajiv
Verma, the owner of Verma Estates?
The father of a 12 year old boy.
That reminds me where is our son?
Gone to meet his friend.
Since he found this new friend
he has forgotten his old pal.
Dad this is my best friend Aman.
Where do you live son?
What do your parents do?
l have nobody.
l live with Father D'mello.
No Dad, he's lying!
In this world l am his!
lf you love him so do we!
Never say that you have nobody.
Didn't you bring Aman?
- He refused to come.
- Refused?
Where are you going?
Let him go.
What we adults couldn't do,
Akash's love will do.
- Will you come or not?
- l will.
- What's going on?
- l'm looking for a coin l lost.
- Acting smart with me?
- Honest. But what are you doing?
He's asking me! l'm looking
for a 50 paise coin l dropped.
What is going on?
He lost 25 paise and l lost 50.
We were looking for them.
Come out. l'll find the coins.
- Let go my ear.
- First get up.
Someday he'll get me thrashed!
The kid is bad enough but
the Dad takes the cake!
By god! l'm terrible.
l'm getting fired thanks to you!
No, l got fired because of you!
Did you alone win all
these cups and shields?
What's terrific about it?
It's thanks to your blessings.
He is always terrific but ask
your useless son what he has brought.
What did l say? l knew
Mummy would ask this question.
But l haven't come empty-handed.
lf Aman has brought a cup,
l have brought a plate.
- Now answer me!
- See how cheeky you son is!
Aman has brought a cup and he a plate!
Tell her l'm 24 years old!
Forgive him this time. Next time
he does something, beat him not me.
Here's the plate.
Please get some tea.
- You'll never change.
- You'll get me thrashed!
- You've spoilt him thoroughly!
- Daddy, your dialogue.
Does love spoil anyone?
l love you too. Are you spoilt?
The kids are watching. Have shame!
The loyal and eflicient workers
of Verma Constructions.
Today l introduce you to my sons.
This is Aman.
- And this is...
- l am Akash,
- Okay carry on.
- What's left to say?
l forgot what l had to say.
You have encourage me so far.
To strengthen our foundation.
After today...
Help these boys in the same manner.
This is the oflice of
Varma Constructions.
- How is it?
- Very nice but what will l do here?
Here's a telephone.
You have fingers.
There are girls in town.
Call them up and have fun.
Can l really?
What are you doing?
l had heard about angels.
Never seen them but today l can say
confidently they're just like you.
What have we done?
The honor you've given me
by giving me your name...
That's a debt that l can never repay.
You call our love a debt?
Why do you talk of debt,
Ioan, obligations?
l've never considered you
any different from Akash.
Of course. You think he's
intelligent while l'm a fool!
And that's right. No.
We have to attend a party.
But you won't go anywhere.
- Where are you going?
- To meet these.
- What's this?
- List of girls.
Rita at 12, Sita at 2.
Meeta at 4, and somebody at 6.
And when l return home at 8,
my Dad gives me a spanking!
Your list is driving me mad.
Okay, should l move?
- Today is the first day of oflice.
- That is true.
- Okay, should l move?
- If Dad calls?
Then l'll be in trouble.
Okay, should l move?
What if you're needed in the oflice?
Okay, should l move?
- Please go ahead.
- Okay, l'm off.
The heart is at peace
by a glimpse of you.
The enemy of my peace is back!
What is it?
Come on.
Finally found time?
l had so many business appointments
since morning that l'm tired.
Only now l've found time
for Menaka darling.
Let's go out. We'll freak out.
No, l'm exhausted.
l'm feeling sleepy.
Go to bed. This isn't your cup of tea!
That's a funny friend you have.
Why didn't he come with us?
Said he's tired and sleepy.
- Neither is he tired nor sleepy.
- Meaning?
l know him very well.
He must be reading something.
- You mean it was an excuse.
- To get rid of us.
Because he's not
interested in anything.
Not even in pretty girls?
Girls? He runs miles away from them.
He's a modern Viswamitra.
lf l disturb his penance...?
l'll throw a grand party
for you and your friends!
- What's this?
- A picture and this for real.
- l'm busy and Akash isn't here.
- l know that.
But what do l do? Since l set
eyes on you, l see only you!
You misunderstand me.
l'm not interested in these things.
l know that you're the
modern Viswamitra.
But my name is Menaka.
And l've come to
disrupt your penance.
Considering that you're Akash's
friend, l'm asking you to leave.
And if l don't go?
l'll have you thrown out of here.
You can't do that.
What do you think of me?
There's no place in my heart
for society girls like you!
Don't ever try to come here again!
Even my foot won't come to you!
Have you ever seen your face?
l got talked into a bet.
Otherwise a man like you
only deserves pity not love!
You snubbed a pretty girl like me!
That is why God has rendered
one of your legs useless!
lf l had my way,
l'd break the other leg too!
You're a beggar living off others
in addition to being a cripple!
I've bet you to win his heart,
not to break it!
You've insulted my friend! l'll...
What are you doing? Are you mad?
- Take her out of my sight!
- Let's go before something happens.
Forgive me. Menaka has
been punished for her deeds.
lt's not your fault.
lt's that bitter truth of my life...
...that l'm used to living with.
Time will tell whether
l'm an ember or a dew drop.
At the moment l'm a tear
glistening on the lashes of time.
Exquisite, l swear by poetry.
At this tender age,
such thoughts, such depths.
This upliftment. l swear...
Every word of your poems...
... stings the heart like a dagger.
But l don't understand in spite of
being the loved poet of thousands..
Why are you a stranger to them?
Why don't you let people know that...
The one rising like the tide in
their hearts is none other than you!
No, l can't do this.
Let it remain a secret.
- But why? - l'd like my feelings
to reach every corner of the world.
But l'm scared to
come before the world.
lf mother, Dad or Akash
feel my pain in my songs...
They will be very hurt.
They might feel there was
something lacking in my upbringing.
l can give up my life for them.
But l can't hurt them.
l live for them not myself.
Great! Not only are you a good
poet but also a good human being.
You embarrass me.
Let's get down to business.
According to your instructions...
l send all the royalty
earned by your books to...
Father D'mello's orphanage.
These are some letters and fan mail.
The rest is ordinary but...
This is very special.
She seems a devoted fan.
She is always requesting me
for your songs, your poems.
And her name is Miss Pooja.
l will fulfill her request.
l swear by poetry.
The name that l have earned
by singing your songs... truly yours because the
words were from your treasury.
l'm sending you a cutting of the
picture of me receiving the prize.
And a gift for you.
Received your letter.
Was happy to read its contents.
l've kept my word and
sent you my new poem.
Hope you like it.
If you don't, don't hesitate.
Let me know so l can write even better
The blank frame hanging in my house
and l await for your photograph.
You snubbed a pretty girl like me!
That is why God has rendered
one of your legs useless.
lf l could, l'd break your other leg!
Not only are you a cripple,
you're a beggar who lives off others!
The Sagar (ocean) of my joy.
The Sagar of my imagination.
Every word written by you
sends my heart racing.
Your words woven with
pearls are my very life
l pray to God that you keep writing.
Today your face is extra bright.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Looks like you're a victim of love.
With you around
anything can happen to me.
- Why? - Because you have
the world rights for love.
You're talking to me but
your eyes are on that girl.
She looks as smooth as a duck!
l'll enjoy it when the mountain
sitting next to her falls on you.
You're talking of the mountain?
l'm thinking of cuddling up!
That mountain?
No, the girl. The little hillock.
Son then you're in for a lashing.
And if l hug her, you'll pay the bill.
Or l'll pay. Fine?
What are you doing?
- l'm blind.
- Take him to the toilet.
Poor boy. He's blind.
He's had it.
Get dinner fast.
Or l'll have to eat a punch.
What a lively boy.
Seeing them together l'm
reminded of the film, -Dosti'
One chap is lame and the other blind.
- Who is blind?
- That boy on that table.
He's Akash Verma. He'll become
anything to flirt with girls.
He fooled me!
See how l'll teach him a lesson.
Forget business. Talk about home.
- About children.
- My children are great.
lf one of my sons is a diamond,
the other is the Kohinoor diamond!
How do you differentiate between them?
How do l tell them apart?
Hear and decide for yourself.
Take Aman for example.
A turbulent mind
becomes calm at seeing him.
When he speaks it feels as if
rose petals fall from his lips.
Great! Then why don't
you open a flower shop?
l also want to start a shoe shop.
No place. Shall l use your head?
Don't be angry. The other son?
Akash will write the name
of Varmas in the sky with light.
He will add light to our family name.
He's a dark horse.
l mean he'll run ahead of everybody.
He'll keep running with
the world behind him.
He'll keep running so will people.
Stop the car.
He's really running
like a horse in a race.
He's ahead with people behind him!
Tomatoes instead of flowers.
Stones instead of love!
Sticks instead of reward!
What about our family name?
- What happened to your family name?
- Nothing. Get off the car.
- He's getting a beating and l have
to alight? - Get off quickly!
How will l go home?
- Take a cab.
- Cabs don't go there.
- Then take a rickshaw.
- How will that go if cabs don't?
Take your legs and go!
- l hold your legs.
- Not on hire, out!
What's wrong with him? He's getting
beaten and l have to get off!
Use your legs!
l'm ashamed of your condition.
Feel like drowning myself!
Why are you sounding link a man?
- What is it? - You're on the
phone when l'm scolding you!
There's no respect!
How did this tear?
Why did you get beaten up?
You won't understand.
l'd gone for a fancy dress party.
And those fools
thought l was a beggar!
Do l really look that foolish?
- Not that much.
- What? - Why?
Beggars are given charity, not
beaten by tomatoes, eggs, stones!
- How do you know?
- l was passing by. l saw you chased.
Long live fathers of today!
- Didn't try to rescue me!
- Me rescue you?
So that people leave you
and beat me up instead?
- Should have iced him there!
- l'm not ice cream to be frozen!
- l'll give you one!
- The father within awakens!
The one outside not within!
Forgive him now. l promise you
he'll never repeat it again.
l swear by my Dad l won't do it.
- Sure?
- Sure.
Must be Julie.
This telephone is the reason
he's getting spoilt!
You're right. If l get this
line cut, all his lines will be cut!
Ass! Donkey!
Whatever l am, however l am,
l am only your son.
My business partner.
My son Aman. We're building
a big hotel in Ooty with him.
The entire construction
responsibility is yours.
- Me? - The cold climate
of Ooty has affected him.
lt's not that.
l'm not sure whether
l can handle it well...
l am confident you will.
- When do l have to leave?
- When does the flight leave?
- Tomorrow.
- Is it your Pop's flight?
lt leaves on Monday.
When will you reach?
ln 4 days.
My other son. Listen to me..
- Why are you looking there?
- l've seen him somewhere.
ln some party or restaurant.
l'm the life of every party.
l'm always followed by thousands.
One in front followed by thousands!
A dark...
- Let me say horse.
- Doesn't sound nice from an ass.
- Go home! - First you say come
to office, then you say go home!
Are you making fun of my son?
Let your son do anything,
l'll have it printed in the papers!
- l don't have a son.
- Then who was in your house?
- The neighbor's son.
- And that woman in your house?
She is my wife.
Any problems? Go do your work.
Laxmi will come to pick
you up from the airport.
He'll tell you the rest.
Since when are you here?
- And before this?
- l was in Vellore.
- How did you come here?
- What happened...
l once had a picture taken.
The positive appeared negative.
The photographer told me...
You'll become an ape in Vellore.
- Can you cook well?
- Yes sir.
My parents were good cooks.
Once you eat food cooked by me
you'll lick your fingers.
You cook very well.
You should join a 5 star hotel.
You're pulling my leg.
Here, wash your hands.
- Is there any good market nearby?
- Sure.
Just 5 minutes away.
- What do you get there?
- Shoes.
- What nonsense!
- Listen to the rest.
Shoes, clothes, fruits, everything.
What do you want?
l want some books.
- Is there any book stall?
- Book and stall too.
- The owner is incomparable.
- What do you mean?
Her name is Pooja, but deeds othewise.
Are you responsible for everybody?
Then why did you pay the rent
for Asha's shop?
That gangster was troubling her.
l thought you'd be happy
we could help somebody.
But l get scared when you
start preaching to a hoodlum.
You make a mountain out of a molehill.
Pass me the books. l'll put them away
Do you have the latest Newsweek?
Sure. Come in.
Mother! Pass the books.
A little more space.
She's much more
beautiful than l imagined!
- Did you say something?
- No.
l want some editions of poets.
lf you won't feel hurt may l say
something? Everyone has his choice.
But have you ever read Sagar's work?
Who the hell is he?
Haven't you heard of him?
He's a famous poet of these times.
l'm sure you'll like his work.
What can these poets of today write!
They steal drops from the works of
famous poets and become oceans!
No knowledge of the sound of
anklets yet write about it!
l won't take it lightly if
you speak one word against Sagar!
- What will you do?
- l won't give these books.
Looks like you...
What's the poet's name?
Looks like you like him too much.
Yes l do! None of your business!
l mean you are flying off
the handle for no reason.
l take back my words.
Now give me the books.
lf Sagar's new edition
is included in this...?
Then you'll even get a discount!
How much is the bill
after deducting the discount?
Rupees 40 for the books,
10 as discount. That's 30.
Seems new to our city.
- Looks like a stranger.
- An interesting stranger.
You don't know Sagar?
He's a famous poet of these times.
l'm sure you will like his work.
But why are you laughing?
l'm laughing because you're laughing.
lt's great fun!
The phone is ringing.
lt's the door.
- Who is it?
- Somebody from Bombay for you.
- When did you come?
- This morning.
- How are mother, Dad, Akash?
- Fine. They miss you.
- l too miss them.
- Hope you have no problems here.
lf he has any problems,
l'll sort it out.
l have a very long name.
- Get some tea for him.
- In a minute.
Now who has come!
There are some maps and papers in this
See them and try to understand.
Good day sir. Come in and sit.
How can l serve you?
- Get me first class tea.
- We don't serve it.
Then do you serve third class tea?
We serve no class of tea.
We only have...
Does every tea here carry Ram's name?
Yes. What is that sir?
l'm Bajrangbali's devotee.
You tell me whose devotee he was.
- Ram's. - Yes.
That's why tea carries his name!
So get me one Rampyari.
Get one Rampyari for sir.
Can l get a paper and pen?
Here you are.
- One tea.
- Get a tea for sir.
So back on the same path?
To the same destination?
Who are you?
l'm your reflection, your conscience.
l want to bring what's in
your heart to your tongue.
That you love Pooja intensely.
And that love for her has
created a storm in your heart.
And your heart has accepted her.
You worshipped her and now
she's the purpose of your life.
You are right.
l love her too much.
Then why don't you tell her?
Some day l will.
l'll tell her l'm her Sagar!
Have some sweets dear.
- What for?
- Because my shop is doing very well.
Really? How come?
- Thanks to you.
- Thanks to me?
A stranger comes to my shop everyday.
And drinks 30-40 cups
of tea by evening.
How am l involved?
Actually his eyes are on your shop.
Eyes here, tea there.
And the total rupees 30.25
So this is the matter!
Let that 30.25 come.
l'll teach him such a lesson
that he'll forget to drink tea!
Then what about my business?
Don't worry. Call me when he comes.
That l'll do but keep
the honor of these sweets.
Lord! What difficulty
have you gotten me into!
What have l done!
Ruined my own business!
Lord! Save this foolish man!
- How are you?
- The Lord is kind.
The stranger has come!
So what's the latest news?
l've heard the weather
outside is terrible!
Dark clouds are gathering.
Clouds are going to burst.
Lightning is going to strike.
There are chances of terrible rain!
Great! Exceptional!
Listen to what Sagar says.
A picture is painted
in my heart since ages.
My destiny sits in
the shade of your tresses.
That book stall girl was right.
Listen to what else he has written.
As far as my vision..
l see only you, just you.
l see you every moment.
lt's only the jeweller who
knows the value of the diamond.
l'm reciting Sagar's poems to you
and you're not concentrating.
l meant to ask which
era did he write in?
- And where does he live?
- in my own city.
And because of that l do meet him.
lt's after coming here
that l learnt he writes well.
Didn't you know before that?
That's a sign of greatness.
They never proclaim their greatness.
Sagar, you turned out to
be deeper than the ocean!
Now when l meet you,
l'll kiss your hand and say..
What will you say?
You are great!
One fantastic Rampyari for him from me
- Why the formality?
- Because you know Sagar.
You belong to the same city,
you move in the same circles.
And l'm his fan.
lf you know Sagar, why did you
abuse him in my shop?
l wanted to test the
limits of your love.
By the way how do you know him?
Through letters and his poems.
Tell me something else about him.
Ask me something else about him.
- How does he look?
- He's smart and young.
Really? Can't you
introduce me to him?
Definitely but on one condition.
That you'll show me
this beautiful place.
Because l'm new to this area.
ls that all?
So it's a promise?
Mother, this is Aman.
Have you come here for sight seeing?
My Dad is constructing a hotel
here. l'm here in that regard.
What a fool l am! l forgot to
tell you he knows Sagar very well.
Now you're in deep trouble!
- l don't understand.
- Neither do l.
God knows why she is crazy for him!
Now she'll drive you mad
talking about Sagar all the time!
You've started off again!
l'll show you our house.
This is Billu's room.
That's mother's room.
And there's our prayer room.
And that's the guest room.
And this is my room.
See the view from here.
Everything looks so beautiful.
Yes, it's truly beautiful.
lf Kashmir is heaven on earth,
this place is our heaven!
This place has made me
forget heaven on earth!
You're wondering why
the frame is blank.
This frame is waiting
for Sagar's photograph.
Your wait is over.
Sagar has come in person.
Pooja here.
How did you think of me
so early in the morning?
- To remind you of this evening.
- Anything special?
That's why l called. There's a grand
show at Nehru Stadium this evening.
l'm also taking part in it.
- Then l will definitely come.
- Don't be late. l'll be waiting.
l didn't know you dance so well.
Forget it. l'm very happy today.
The show went off better than...
l'm a poet and you're my poetry.
That day you escaped my clutches.
But who will rescue you today?
- Come on. - Let go!
- Get lost!
Don't beat him!
Police! Run!
Catch them all!
Don't let anyone escape!
What were you doing here?
You know how helpless you are.
Man protects woman. You can't
Iook after yourself, forget any girl!
Had anything untoward happened,
you wouldn't ever forgive yourself!
Excellent God!
What justice you mete out!
You snatched my parents
as soon as l took birth.
l said nothing.
When l was able to walk,
you gave me these crutches.
l kept mum.
From childhood to youth
l had to cross many dark alleys.
l had to bear loneliness.
l bore everything. Do you know why?
Because l'm accustomed to
drinking this bitter truth!
But when you made me realize this
bitter truth in front of Pooja...
l couldn't tolerate it.
Today l realize it, dear God...
l am truly an incomplete man!
A cripple! Is this my fault?
ls this my crime?
Who made this incomplete man?
Who has made me a joke
in the eyes of the world?
Answer me! Who brought me
to this juncture of life?
You! You are the culprit not me!
You are at fault, not me!
For what crime are you punishing me?
Answer me!
Let's go.
l've found the answer
to every question, my Lord.
Forgive me.
Good your plane didn't get derailed.
Once l was going to America, the
plane was delayed. Both stayed here.
Quiet. Hope you didn't
tell Aman l'm coming.
How could l say when
you told me not to tell him?
You said, so l didn't tell him.
But why the suspense?
Anything that occurs suddenly
has its own pleasure.
Aman and l will meet
each other suddenly.
What happened suddenly, mamma mia!
l think the tire is punctured.
How did this happen suddenly?
Did you call me beautiful?
You look after the tire.
l'll look after them.
What is it?
Do you mind getting up?
Walking like a blind bat!
Tire ready sir.
He's got a flat!
What a girl she was!
You're in love again!
She was terrific from head to toe!
She wounded this friend
of yours with one look!
You! Hardly saw the girl
and already wounded?
ln my shoes you too would be wounded!
How do l describe her?
She's the first ray of the sun!
What happens to the second,
third and fourth rays?
Them? They'll get a complex on
seeing her and hide behind clouds.
- And this?
- Don't ask pal!
She entered my heart through
the windows of the eyes.
ls that a heart or a traflic light?
The eye blinks later but
the signal comes first.
Careful. There might be an accident.
lt had to take place and it has!
Now l wait for the day..
When l will see her.
Later. First let's eat dinner.
You're not interested
in my love story!
- Where is Akash?
- He himself doesn't know that.
l mean he doesn't eat or drink.
No manners to sleep either!
Honestly his condition
is very dangerous.
You're standing here.
And l've searched the whole house!
Why are you looking like a Romeo?
You neither eat nor drink on time
nor do you come to the site.
l don't know what's wrong with me.
l don't like anything.
Only one thing bothers me.
Where do l find her?
Don't you feel sorry for me?
- A little.
- Help me find her.
Help you find her? Are you nuts?
All right. Be ready in the morning.
Get up!
- Have you found her?
- Do you see her night and day?
Harvest your beard and get dressed.
Lalchand was asking about you.
Even Dad called up.
Get on line before a warrant
is issued in your name.
- Do l have to come?
- Yes, you have to!
Pooja is here to meet you.
She's waiting in the hall.
Come down quickly. l'll be downstairs.
- Who is Pooja?
- The owner of Popular Book Store.
Aman sir buys books from her.
A girl?
Aman with a girl? Can't get it.
Aman buying books. Get it?
What you talking? l can't understand
Go to the kitchen and
make me breakfast.
Get it or do l have to explain?
- How did you come by?
- Nothing special.
You didn't turn up after the show.
Mother too was upset.
Even l wondered what the matter was.
l couldn't come as l was busy.
Tell her soon l'll come to see her.
She has sent carrot pudding for you.
Thank her on my behalf.
See you. It's time to open the shop.
l forgot to tell you one thing.
Sagar's new book has arrived.
You'll get it at a discount.
What happened to him?
Get some water!
What happened to him?
Here's some water.
- Found her!
- Found whom?
The one who stole my sleep, my peace!
But where did you see her here?
Don't ask the story of my love!
The one l searched all over town,
was found in my own backyard!
- What's wrong with him?
- But who is she?
The one who's just come home.
She's the girl l was searching for!
The queen of my dreams.
My heart throb!
lf l get her, my life will change.
ls she the same girl?
Did you recognize her?
My eyes don't deceive me.
How can l forget the face
that made me forget myself?
l swear by you l can never forget her!
Perceive the target of the arrow.
Lightning struck there
but my nest was destroyed!
The ship of hope was almost ashore.
Time! Did the storm have to hit now?
You gave new life to my words.
She's the first ray of sunlight.
l can't live without her!
Only you can diminish the distance
between us. l need your help.
There was only one ray
of light in my dark life.
l love her very much.
My foot wouldn't come near you!
Have you ever seen your face?
l became victim to a bet.
Somebody can give you pity
but not love! Cripple!
For the sake of friendship
l will sacrifice my love.
Pooja will only belong to Akash!
You're standing here.
l looked for you all over.
l've made one decision.
To attain Pooja, l'm willing
to do anything, scale any heights.
She is not that type of girl.
l know her quite well.
She loves a poet whom
she has never seen.
Who is that fortunate man?
His name is Sagar.
And he lives in Bombay.
Through letters,
she gave him her heart.
Then what do l do?
What happens to me?
There is one way.
To win her love, you must
pretend to be him.
- What do you mean?
- l mean you must become Sagar.
No, l can't do this!
You just said, you'd do anything.
That doesn't mean l'll become Sagar!
Would it be right to reach the
peak of love through fraudulent means?
Maybe you've forgotten that
Lord Krishna said in the Geeta...
lf a lie helps somebody,
it's better than a 1000 truths.
And then you are smart, handsome,
and belong to a rich family.
lf you come into her life,
her life will change.
God knows what kind of a man Sagar is.
What if he is lame or cripple like me?
l don't like this kind of joke!
We'll talk about it later.
But do you agree with my decision?
- What do you say?
- Yes.
Today l'm going to give you the
gift you've been wanting for years.
Do you recall l once
made you a promise?
That l'd introduce you
to Sagar someday?
Friends today l wish to present
my friend, a famous poet to you.
He will sing his own
composition before you.
- You?
- Yes the same blind bat.
Why didn't you tell me then
that you were Sagar?
lf you had time to get up,
then l'd tell you.
Shall we go home?
Meet him. He's Sagar.
She's my friend Renu.
Sagar is the name l write poems
with. My name is Akash Verma.
Pleased to meet you.
So am l but very little.
Because she's the most happy.
She'd talk of you night and day.
You have to be naughty!
l'll wait for you in Garden
Court tomorrow evening at 6.
Excuse me. Water.
Excuse me.
What's the time?
The best time to romance.
Don't disturb me.
Not your fault. In your shoes
l probably would do the same.
Keep a jug here.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Either that man is born thirsty
or he comes from a desert!
When will she come?
She will come. Positively.
She won't go anywhere
without coming here.
What's his problem?
About 4 years ago his beloved
promised to meet him here.
But she never turned up
Initially he's drink water like you.
Now he drinks liquor.
l hope l don't turn to be like him!
- Go.
- l'm nervous!
Your aim is there. Now l'm ofl!
- Come with me.
- Why?
l'm scared. My heart is beating.
lt's running faster than the Rajdhani
- Where are you going?
- You're very cruel!
l'm dying of fright and
you're cracking jokes!
ln the field of love, beauty and
Iove have to confront each other alone
- Just jump in!
- No!
Come in and sit.
- Get 3 coflees quick.
- In a minute.
Are you so busy these days
that you have no time for friends?
That's not true. Actually the
hotel work has increased so much..
There's no time.
He's learnt only 2 things
from Dad. To work real hard.
And earn lots of money!
lt's each one's destiny.
Somebody is destined to work.
And somebody is destined to relax.
- Destiny reminds me...
- Of what?
On page 26 of Diwane-Sagar,
you've written a couplet on fate.
- On fate?
- Yes. Recite it.
- Page 26?
- Yes.
Yes it is on page 26!
You are mistaken.
It is impossible!
Mistaken? l?
l remember every word that
you've ever written!
Why argue on the page?
Just recite the couplet.
- Remember?
- Yes.
Hot coflee.
- Sir coflee for you.
- Destiny!
Yes, Amitabh Bachhan's film!
l'm going in. Have coflee.
What's wrong? Why is the needle
of your voice stuck at this poem?
Actually... it's my voice...
Stupid you recited those lines to
me this morning. Have you forgotten?
My Maker, you left no stone unturned.
Ultimately each man
gets what's in his fate.
How surprising! You wrote
these lines but he remembers it.
l can't help it. Since l saw you
l've forgotten myself not just poems.
lt's very late. l must leave.
l'll drop her home.
Do come home soon as you have time.
Today l was saved by
the skin of my teeth!
lf you hadn't recited the poem,
my cover would have been blown!
This Sagar has made my life hell!
We'll have to do something about him.
Let's ask some gangster
to knock him off!
Why get involved?
As it is he's a heart patient.
You mean one leg in the grave
and one on the banana peel?
l'm off to Bombay.
To push the other foot in the grave.
You've got Pooja's love due to him.
Then what do we do about this rascal?
You'll have to memorize all his poems.
l'll give you the books.
- Will l have to do this too?
- People gave their lives for love.
You can't learn some poems?
When the breeze lilts,
l feel it is you.
When some bough shyly bends low...
l feel it is you.
lt's a question of love.
Good grief! He's coming!
Listen if l've learnt it well.
Get up! Listen!
Let me sleep. l'm very sleepy.
You learn poems all night,
l'll hear them in the morning.
You make me a poet,
keep me awake at nights.
You sleep making excuses!
- Isn't this a poem?
- Let me sleep.
l don't understand where
to draw the line.
- What a shade of love!
- What do you mean?
Her love has made you
quite responsible.
Trunk call from Bombay.
- How are you?
- Fine and you and mom?
Very well. How's the work progressing?
- going on.
- How is Akash the trouble maker?
Helping with the work.
Here, talk to him.
- Forget about me. What about you?
- Don't worry about me.
My work is my worship (Pooja)
and worship is my work!
Good! That's what l expect from you
Let me know if there's any problem.
The one you thought was useless is
working hard. Work is worship he says
- After all he's my son!
- That's the sad part.
- Sad part?
- Feel proud of him!
l know him well! He must have
found a girl to go around with!
- That must be his work!
- Why do you scare me?
Akash won't go wrong
when he's with Aman.
Staying with him someday
he'll learn his responsibility.
l pray to God that they
remain bound in friendship forever.
Nothing should ever separate them.
- Pray from my side too.
- Why can't you do that?
- He won't listen to me.
- Because you're Akash' Dad?
No because l'm his mom's husband.
What was so urgent that
you couldn't tell me over the phone?
And called me here?
l need your help to solve a problem.
How do l tell you?
One coflee. What will you have?
How did you come here?
l'm staying in Hotel Skyrow with
friends. You left without telling me
l have so many fans. Can't tell
everyone where l'm going!
Lovely toy to while time.
- Go ahead...
- Come on.
- Listen to me.
- l don't want to!
Don't you dare touch me!
Who was that girl?
Whether Menaka or Suparnakha,
who was she to you?
- Your niece, aunt?
- She was my fan.
lf she's a fan she should hang
from the ceiling not your neck!
- How do l explain to you?
- There's no need!
All men are alike!
See a girl and there they go!
Really! There's a limit to suspicion!
l wanted you to solve my problem.
Instead you've created a problem!
- What could be your problem?
- l'll tell you if you sit in peace.
- Yes?
- l have a good friend.
He loves a girl so much that he
used another name to attain her.
Another man's name?
- Why? - Because that was
the only way he could get her.
- So what's the problem?
- Now he is scared.
lf she finds out the truth,
she'll neither love nor respect him.
Tell me what should he do?
l think your friend should
tell the girl the truth.
Does your friend really love her?
- Yes.
- So does the girl?
- She does.
- Then she will be his!
Then l'll write to him today itself.
You might not forgive me
after reading this letter.
l have deceived you.
l set out to build a castle of sand
but l forgot the waves would erase it.
l'm that unfortunate man who
in spite of having his own identity..
To make place in his beloved's heart..
He took the support of another name.
l'm Akash, not Sagar.
- Where are you going?
- To give Akash's letter to Pooja.
Give it to me. l'll give it.
l'm off to meet my beloved.
After much deliberation,
l've reached a decision.
After marriage a wife has
to perlorm many duties.
For example, looking after the
house, scrubbing the dishes...
lf you're willing to do all this,
l'm willing to marry you!
Ouickly answer me if
these conditions are acceptable.
l accept.
lt is accepted!
- It is accepted!
- Mom Dad...
- Young man...
- You're talking in Dad's voice!
- What is accepted?
- You didn't tell me...
Has he caught my childhood
habit of stammering?
- It got passed.
- Who?
You didn't tell them.
You sent the tender this morning.
Very good! A friend
should be like you!
You hid your friend's fault so well.
There is no limit to
this rascal's mistakes!
- How long will you cover up? He...
- Enough.
She chewed my brains at home
My eyes are pining to see the boys.
God knows what they eat!
Each day is like a decade!
My darlings! My precious!
Why are you laughing?
Am l holding your face?
- No, l'm enjoying it.
- Shut up.
Honestly the house seems
so lonely without both of you.
- The house is so quiet.
- House? The city is quiet!
There's a wanted poster for you.
Demanded reward for finder.
What have l done that people
are searching for me? Who's looking?
l'd tell you if it was one.
Every tall, short, fat, thin,...
Coming, going, every girl is looking
through binoculars for you!
l've given that up.
But why is he laughing?
Feed him and shut him up!
Don't you remember something seeing
these hills, this cool breeze?
When we came here for our honeymoon
after we got married....
We'd lie under the blanket
and talk sweet little nothings.
- Can't they be repeated?
- No!
- Why not?
- Have shame for this grey hair!
When l had no shame for black,
why should l feel shy from grey hair?
Because these are not our times.
Time belongs to our kids.
Do they take birth in planes?
How did their time come so fast?
Do you see what l see?
- Yes.
- They're not here!
- Come with me.
- l don't understand...
- There's something fishy.
- Where's the fish?
This fish is going to be
fried in our kitchen!
Where is everybody?
Who are you?
- We... are...
- Thieves?
Aren't you ashamed to be
stealing at this age?
- Do we look like thieves?
- They wear good clothes these days!
- Who can trust them?
- But child...
Where are you looking? You..
- No shame to call me child?
- Since when do you know Akash?
What's your concern?
Who are you to ask me?
- What?
- My parents.
What are you staring at?
Why don't you say something?
Had l not caught them,
they'd have wiped the house clean!
- They are my parents.
- They maybe your par...
What did you say?
So we look like thieves
in these clothes?
No. Please forgive me.
Everybody can make mistakes.
The young, old, she, you..
You ask the next question.
- Since when do you know him?
- Since l came here...
Ouiet. What's your name?
You look this way.
- What do you do?
- l run a book stall.
- Who lives with you.
- My mother, little brother.
- And?
- l'm a graduate.
When did you come?
Is everything all right?
Oh! So you are part
of this conspiracy?
- Mother..
- Come here.
After listening to all the witnesses..
This court has reached this decision..
The accused has committed the grave
sin of falling in love with Akash.
Hence this court
sentences the accused... be tied together in the
bond of marriage for life!
The court's feet maybe touched.
- Where are you going?
- To get married. - Slap you?
- What are you looking at?
- When will she come home?
You are responsible for the
completion of this noble deed.
You know how much Akash
and Pooja love each other.
l know. But l also know
Akash is a millionaire's son.
l fear that this wall of
poverty and riches...
The ones who gave an orphan place
in their hearts, brought me here...
Wealth, richness, poverty
has no meaning for them.
Pooja will reign like a queen.
Dad will pamper her to the hilt.
Mother will protect her
with her maternal love.
And Akash will keep her in the sky!
Anybody who has a son like you as
their identity needs no other proof.
l accept this proposal.
By accepting you've kept my word.
- l'll take leave.
- Have a sweet.
No, l'll have it with Dad and Mom.
They must be anxious
to hear the good news.
l'd forgotten the key.
l came for it.
l don't know how we are related.
l don't know what
to call this relation.
Some relations are
better off with no name.
Wear these dear. They are a
sign of our family tradition.
They are given to the bride of
the house. They are yours now.
- First l'll go look for that
priest. - Which one?
The one who finishes the wedding
rites soon after taking a bribe.
You bribed him?
Could we ever have got married
if l hadn't done that?
- Come home early today.
- Why?
Always questions me! l've booked
3 tickets for this evening...
- You, me and Pooja.
- No. You go.
The architect is coming home
this evening. We have a meeting.
l can't come.
- Why are you working so hard?
- l'll see you in the evening.
Okay, l'm going. Work hard.
Friends, l'm grateful to you
that you called me once again.
Tonight l'm singing for you a song
composed by a young upcoming poet.
l'm confident that you will
like Sagar's new composition.
He'd come with me if he wanted.
- l just saw him there.
- You imagined it.
The Goddess of wealth comes to Laxmi
Nobody is watching. Put it in.
25 paise! Even a beggar
doesn't accept it these days.
But l do. l don't refuse wealth.
The greatest thing is cash!
Too much greed is bad.
l found a 50 rupee note in your pant.
- Keep it.
- Better to ask and keep.
Aman got dressed and
Ieft early morning.
5 paise? Money grows in this
trouser and reduces in this one!
This seems to have a lot of cash!
This looks like the ticket to a show.
That too used! l don't want it.
- Where did you find it?
- In Aman's trousers.
Wouldn't he come with me
if he wanted to?
- l just saw him there.
- You imagined it.
The architect is coming home
tonight. We have a meeting.
You go ahead. l can't come.
Why did he lie to me?
What's the reason?
Why does he stay away from me?
Can't understand it.
Can't understand it
The weather is pretty bad today.
Close the shop and go home early.
What are both of you doing there?
You'll get wet. Come in here.
Tea tastes terrific in rains.
Sit my dear. Sir you too.
Get 2 teas. Quick.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Are you feeling all right?
The stranger is not seen these days.
- Has he gone back?
- No.
- Whom is he talking about?
- Aman.
- Does he know him?
- l can forget the whole world.
But not him. He'd often
come here and kill time.
And add on to my business!
- How is that?
- Tea here, eyes there.
And the bill would be 30.25.
Isn't that right dear?
Why are you laughing?
When l heard about this...
l came here to pull his ears.
Then he spoke about you.
That you belong to his town.
He meets you daily.
And my anger dissipated.
And he talked about you right here.
And promised to introduce you to me.
Why would Aman sit here
and watch Pooja's shop?
As far as l know, Aman does
not know any poet named Sagar.
And if he did, he'd never hide
this fact from his best friend!
- What happened?
- l have to go.
- Let the rain stop.
- It's already very late.
lf it gets any later,
it will be terrible!
Dear Sagar Sir, Hello.
Let me introduce myself.
l am Pooja. l study in
Wilson College in Ooty.
And l'm a fan of your poetry
which l often read to my friends.
When they appreciate it,
my heart dances with joy.
You are the true recipient of the
fame l earn by singing your songs.
Because the poem was one of yours.
Sending a cutting of the picture of
me with the prize and a gift for you.
Aman Sir alias Sagar,
greetings from Anees.
Congratulations on your success.
Your new novel Toofane-Sagar
is a resounding success.
l send its royalty to Father
D'Mello's school on time.
Your partner in secret.
Maybe you'll never forgive me
after knowing the truth.
Then forget me as a dream.
And if you forgive me,
l'll assume you accept my love.
Now l understand why
Pooja kept thinking l'm Sagar.
You murdered your friend's love!
You poisoned your friend's life!
You are a blur in
the name of friendship
That blur can't be erased by God! No!
- Keep the bottle here.
- No, you've had enough.
Do as l say.
Keep the bottle here.
Tell me one thing.
Does this bottle contain the
same liquor that the label shows?
But if the label was different
from the liquor inside it...?
How can that be possible?
- It is not but if it is?
- It would be cheating.
How wonderful!
This is cheating friend.
The label is different.
The wine in it is different.
The one drinking is in the dark.
The one giving it is in the dark.
The maker is a cheat.
Why did you do this?
What's wrong with him?
- What a state you're in!
- You?
What's wrong with me?
Just a mix-up of labels.
Look at this, l came for its' support
- But it let me down.
- Let's go.
- Who is it?
- It's me.
l thought it was Akash.
He's a colorlul man.
He must be enjoying somewhere.
Why are you ruining you sleep?
Eat dinner and go to bed.
l'll wait for Akash.
l said l'd wait. l'm used to it.
What happened?
Where were you? Are you all right?
Now l'm fine.
- But what's wrong?
- Cheating.
Who knows for the love of what
he kept serving me unlabeled wine.
l got intoxicated. In my shoes,
anybody would be in this state.
Wrong label, cheating...
What is all this?
The answer to that is in my eyes.
When you read my eyes,
you'll find the answer yourself.
What do you want me
to read in your eyes?
You are still intoxicated.
Look at your clothes?
Why do you do all this?
Do you know l haven't slept
all night worrying about you?
l called up everywhere. Pooja
too didn't know where you were.
Just tell me where you were stuck.
The place where l should
probably remain stuck forever!
Are you the same Akash?
No, l am not him.
Because the clouds over
the sky have dispersed.
And l can see everything clearly
in the streaming sun light.
l don't believe my own eyes
but l did see it.
- Who is it? Chameli?
- Pooja here.
- Can l speak to Akash?
- He isn't home.
- Where has he gone?
- Don't know. Didn't tell me.
- And Aman?
- He's gone to the site.
l always swam but it's
great fun swimming with you.
Your talks are more
intoxicating than you!
Talking to you gives me a high.
What's wrong?
You change colors like a chameleon.
You were so romantic now and
the mood has gone? What's wrong?
Go to the room. l'll join you.
Forgive me Pooja.
l'll never forgive you!
Did you have to play with my life?
You were right but
l still can't believe it!
Sagar can't be like this!
Be brave.
l am shattered!
Aman here. May l talk to Pooja?
lt's Aman on the line.
Aman here. Did you meet Akash?
- No.
- Why didn't you?
There's no need now.
lt's more diflicult to pretend
to love than to hate somebody.
Not only are you deceiving me
but also Pooja and yourself.
Deception! Can you tell me
my importance in your life?
What do you think of me?
A mere pawn in your game of love?
Whom you can use as
and when you please!
The one who is a
pawn in life's hands...
...can't treat any one as a pawn!
By your behavior you are shaming
yourself in Pooja's and my eyes.
Why do you want to use
one woman against another?
Are you so depraved that you
are not worthy of anyone's love?
Yes, l've fallen in my own eyes!
l'm that con man who borrows
some one's name and attacks him!
My life is in such a mess that
anybody trying to untangle it...
... will get knotted up like you.
Leave me alone.
You may never have
considered me your friend.
But l always treated you so.
When the ache in the heart
increases man drowns in it and dies.
lf not love, we can share pain.
l wish you could understand.
Wear these. They belong to our family
They are given to the bride
who comes to our house.
Now on they are yours.
l've noticed for some days
you are always lost.
What is the matter?
Nothing at all. Everything is fine.
lt isn't. You may hide
your pain from the world.
But not from your mother.
Because this relation of
pain began at that point...
...when l gave birth to you.
Who can understand your
pain better than me?
Take a hold on yourself.
Everything will be all right.
We were having such fun inside.
Why did you come out here?
l don't enjoy anything these days.
Excellent. What a
wonderlul way to romance.
The same old trick. Neither have
you changed nor has your love.
Only the faces changed.
But you stayed in your place.
One should learn romance from you.
lsn't she your fan from Bombay?
- What is she saying?
- Her only fault is ...
She is too innocent.
l told her a small lie.
That l'm her Sagar.
And she believed it.
- l hate you!
- If you don't believe me...
Go and ask Aman Verma.
No, he can't do this!
lf he won't can l do it?
Go and ask him. He's done it.
l'm not your Sagar.
Keep this. May come handy.
No, don't stop her.
She's going to meet her Sagar.
Even nature is with you today.
At least you can hide
your face in the dark!
Maybe you wouldn't be able
to meet my eyes in the light.
- But...
- l revealed my heart to you.
l thought you were a
good friend, my confidante.
l admired you and your friendship.
But you let down my trust!
What a response you gave
to my friendship!
l kept getting cheated
and you quietly watched the show!
Not only watched, you auctioned
my love in the market place!
What gave you the right to bring
your loafer friend in to my life?
Treated me like a toy, played when
you felt like it and then discarded!
Why did you do this?
What did you get by lying?
Your rich friend's applause?
To whom you are obligated for life!
Or an interesting story
to spice up you're lonely life?
Tell me why did you do this?
Aman is my Sagar!
Wait. You all go out.
l'll check this out.
You too.
You are pretending to be innocent
despite knowing everything.
Aren't you ashamed to
play with Pooja's life?
Had she ever harmed you?
l thought a storm had approached!
Had it been a storm,
it would have abated.
But you have wrought havoc.
You know very well how many Pooja's
entered and exited from my life.
ln any case when love becomes
binding, l break it ofl!
ls that why whatever you did
so far was a lie, a deception?
Was the claim to love Pooja a drama?
Convincing me that you loved her..
Was that too a pretense?
Fulfilling Dad and Mom's dream
was that too a pretense?
Sending a proposal to her mother
was that too a pretense?
Yes, it was all a pretense!
Very good! Today your hand
caught your friend's collar!
For one Pooja?
What is special about her that
caused a crack in our friendship?
What is special in her that
a wall came up between us?
What's special about her that made
you forget our childhood friendship?
Friendship! Friendship!
l accept that because of your..
... friendship, l achieved
name, fame, love and respect!
But l too possess something.
My conscience, my self respect.
This vile act of yours has
shamed me in her eyes...
l hate myself because of it!
My conscience reproaches me!
l've been made to stand in the
bar of suspicion and disgrace!
lf l knew l would have to
face this day for your friendship...
l would never have made any
move to make you my friend!
Which friendship
are you talking about?
There were no secrets between us.
We were such good friends
who would even die for each other!
Then why did you keep
this secret from me?
Answer me!
Didn't you trust me?
Or did you think l'd break down
or be destroyed if l find out?
No, Akash Verma is not so weak!
What secret?
The secret that wrought
a storm in our lives!
Why don't you say you love Pooja?
Do you have any answer to this?
Why didn't you let me
reveal the truth to her?
...That l'm not her Sagar?
Do you have any answer to this?
Why didn't you tell her you're
Sagar? Have any answer to this?
l have the answer!
You always wanted to see me happy.
You wanted to fulfil Mom and Dad's
dreams so you sacrificed your love!
But you never thought the strategy
you implemented would trap 3 lives!
Mine, Pooja's and yours!
Abhimanyu couldn't come out
of that impregnable battle array.
But l had to break Pooja's heart
to get out of your strategy.
Do you still deny this truth?
Why don't you own up
that you are Sagar?
Yes l am Sagar!
l'm the unlucky Sagar who despite
Ioving Pooja couldn't tell it to her!
But when l discovered that
you too love Pooja..
l cremated my desires,
my dreams in my heart!
Right from childhood, joys and
sorrows played hide and seek with me.
But sorrows were miles away from you.
lf you hadn't got Pooja's love,
you wouldn't have got over it.
That is why l decided to sacrifice
my love at the altar of friendship.
My happiness lies in yours.
l am dependant on these crutches
for every step l take in life.
How could l support anybody?
l am indebted to you for life.
Do me one last favor.
For the sake of my friendship.
Accept Pooja.
Beautiful! Hats off
to your friendship!
One should learn about
friendship from both of you!
Aman, you wanted to turn great in
your pal's eyes. So you did.
By sacrificing your love.
And you're the limit of sacrifice!
By returning Aman's love to him.
But both of you forgot to
think of what would happen to me!
Crushed between the sacrifices
of both you great friends!
My love is not a toy that you can
gift anybody when you feel like it!
l have my wishes, my loves.
How easily you gave your decision.
You never thought what l would
go through when l found the truth.
She'll fall in her own eyes!
She won't do justice
to herself or Akash!
Just once you should have
said, you were my Sagar!
l'd give up everything for you.
For men love is similar to
turning the page of emotions.
But it means her entire
history for a woman!
And l did not give anyone
the right to rewrite my history!
You don't know how much Aman loves me
He has shared every happiness
with me from childhood to date.
He forgot that one thing in this
world can't be shared, your love.
The love of your beloved.
lf you reject his love today,
you'll regret it all your life!
And you'll be able to do
nothing when it's too late!
You won't be able to mend matters!
You wouldn't ever get over it,
if you hadn't got Pooja's love.
And so l decided to sacrifice my
Iove at the altar of friendship!
- See how pretty this is.
- No, not that one.
See how is this?
Very pretty, beautiful. You'll
Iook gorgeous when you wear it.
When will you learn something?
- When you do.
- What?
- Your taste is excellent.
- l've always had good taste.
- You realized it very late.
- l don't mean you.
Did l say you're referring me?
- When did you arrive?
- Just now.
- No intimation...
- Missed you so l just came.
Thank God he thought of us!
Here, look after this.
Pass me those saris. See these.
They are for Pooja.
Won't she look pretty in these?
She'll look like a fairy in these.
A woman knows a woman's choice better.
l'm exhausted mother.
l'll sleep for awhile.
You can fool your mother not me.
Shall l say something? If something
is weighing down the heart, say it.
The weight turns to words and
evaporates from the tongue.
l have always given in to you.
l have done whatever you wanted.
Not as a father but as a friend.
Because l always want
to see this face smiling.
Then why the tears in these eyes?
At times one is so happy that joy
turns to tears
And overllows from the eyes.
- You are lying!
- No Daddy.
You once said life is a gamble.
Sometimes you win,
sometimes you lose.
But in this game
l have won and l have lost!
This house will be
decorated like a bride.
Wedding bands will play.
When the procession leaves..
People will say Rajiv Verma's son
wedding procession is really grand!
Aman's wedding procession.
- Aman's?
- Yes mother.
He wanted to repay our obligations.
Pooja loves Sagar and Aman is Sagar.
And l am just...
You...proved to be very courageous!
l am proud of you son!
How did you come here?
l've brought Pooja.
To unite her with her beloved.