Saakini Daakini (2022) Movie Script

Sister! I need your help, sister! Please!
- Shalini!
- Damini!
But for the first time,
there's some noise because of you.
Please don't hurt me!
Kill them before they get out of here!
Nothing has changed, right?
- Dad, can you open up the boot?
- Just a minute.
- Yeah, Ravi.
- Sir, about the Nampally case...
Hey, don't we have anything
better to do other than that case?
Ask them to wait or you just leave.
- Okay, sir.
- Idiots!
As if we don't have a personal
life out of crime cases!
Open the boot, Dad.
I have to go.
We're coming along too.
You already did, right?
Don't worry, I'm not gonna run away.
Bye, Mom.
I'll see you soon, okay?
If you come along,
someone will recognize you.
And I don't want that.
They're already
complaining about nepotism.
So, just let it be.
It's okay. All the best.
you can come back home
if you don't feel comfortable here.
I'm not that brave.
It will be better here.
- Ma'am, we've arrived at the academy.
- Shalu...
- Let's go!
- Hold on!
Oh, we are here!
If not for your mom, we would
have moved past this place.
What the hell!
I'm still asking you the same.
We were good until now, right?
Didn't you enjoy eating our favorite food
and binge-watching our
favorite shows together?
Do you really need
to join this police job?
Of course. I have to save you
from those perverts, right?
You always have an answer for everything.
Come here.
They gave me a seat here based
on my kabaddi performance.
But they have to deal with me, right?
Do you understand?
- That's it!
- You know...
I'll find you a guy who agrees
to stay with us after marriage.
Yeah, okay. Do that.
Shalini, you wanted to be
a scientist back in school,
wanted to play kabaddi
in college and now this?
I bet even you don't know
what you want to do in life.
You can fail for once but don't
bring shame onto our home.
Okay. I'll make sure I won't.
Bye, Grandma. Bye, Mom.
- Shalini...
- Yeah.
Okay, bye. See you soon.
No, bro. I need to submit the papers.
Did you have to bring these?
Are those certificates?
I don't think this is required.
What's your dream, bro?
- A society without thieves is my dream.
- Oh, great!
Form a line!
Sir will be here now.
Get in a line.
- Govindham...
- Yes, sir?
- What do the kids think about me?
- You haven't even met them yet.
How can we assume it so soon?
I hope she didn't see me do it!
- Hey, you, step forward.
- Sir.
Harshvardhan, sir.
I need the candidate here, not the parent.
Sir, that's me in the picture.
I'm the candidate.
- Is that you?
- Yes, sir.
That's an old picture. I'm getting
selected now after many failed attempts.
You're good at rhyming
but really bad at timing.
I bet you'll retire before
you complete your training.
That's fine.
At least I'll get a pension.
You seem to be well updated
with the welfare programs!
- Sir!
- No, that's okay.
I've been sitting here
for the past 25 years.
And I'll be here all day.
You shouldn't miss any messages.
Go ahead.
Sorry, sir.
- Give me your application!
- Sir.
- Sir...
- Yes?
the mobile signals are weak around here.
I need to make a video call.
Do you have Wi-Fi here?
You need to call your girlfriend, right?
You are behaving like the police.
If you could tell me
the username and password...
I guess he's a little too used
to being in the boys' hostel.
- Get him to hit the ground ten times.
- Okay, sir.
- Sir! Ten rounds?
- Make it 15.
- Sir!
- Next.
Excuse me.
Hi, bro.
I'm Shalini.
I'm Hari.
- Is it a hobby or a habit?
- What do you mean?
I saw you see me see you steal a purse.
- Next...
- So get to the point.
One can change a habit,
one can give up a hobby.
But this is a weakness, bro.
I can't help it.
A pickpocket inside a police academy!
- Keep it low!
- You are the perfect example
of what our country is all about.
Please keep this to yourself, bro.
I'll owe you one.
And where should I use it?
You can use it anytime for anything.
We'll see that when the time comes.
- Until then...
- I get it.
I should do as you say.
Tell me what I need to do now.
- Next.
- Return the purse to him.
All right! The first day was a flop!
Keep moving. Next.
Hi, I'm Shalini.
Step forward.
What are you doing?
It's easy to pull than to carry, right?
It's easy to push than to pull, right?
Get one thing straight.
Friendship with me
is always better than enmity.
I'm telling you this for your own good.
To be your friend or your enemy,
I need to invest my time in you first.
A total waste!
- You look like a grain of grass to me.
- Hey!
I'm a kabaddi player.
Imagine me handling you the hard way.
I keep pepper spray too
- along with my sanitizer.
- Next.
I've tried using it a couple of times.
It's very effective.
You want to have a taste of it?
- Move forward!
- Next!
You're a part
of the recommendation quota. Okay.
- Hello, sir.
- So, were you guys talking about me there?
Absolutely not!
On second thought,
I was saying that you look like
the most powerful police officer ever.
She said you look even better.
That's what we were arguing over.
Did you hear that?
I'm okay with whatever you guys decide.
Where's your joining letter?
Just a minute, sir.
- Where did I keep it?
- Are you planning on selling these?
- No, sir. That's for me.
- Is it for the entire batch?
No, sir. I've brought all of this for me.
All of that just for you?!
- Got it!
- Okay.
Sorry, sir.
Wow. This smells of a freshly made pickle.
- Yes, sir.
- Where is it?
Keep it there.
- There?
- Yes.
- You may go now.
- I'll just take all of my stuff.
Let that be there.
You can go now.
Okay, sir.
Don't act smart!
Listen to me carefully.
Once you're in the academy,
outside food, liquor,
and smoking are not allowed.
If you have any of these,
leave them on my desk right now.
If we find you guys with any
of these items later,
the punishment will be very severe.
- Listen, Govindham.
- Sir?
- All these...
- Shall I pack them and send them home?
Of course!
- Hey!
- Yes?
- I hope it's clear to you.
- Yes.
Half to this will be sent to his house
and a half to yours.
You're going places!
What's with you, bro?
You've brought an entire
supermarket along!
Just like stealing is your weakness,
eating is mine.
She's always ending up there!
Why did you keep your
purse in the locker?
You're scared even in the academy!
Silence, all of you!
Good morning, everyone!
- Good morning, sir!
- Good morning, sir!
Telangana State Police Academy
welcomes you.
My name is Prathap, Joint Director.
Training in the academy
is strict and tough.
And I'm sure you're aware of it.
Which is 100% true.
In the next 14 months,
you will have 12 months
of academic training
and two months of fieldwork training.
For the coming 14 months,
every day is a test for you.
Along with your performance,
your personality will also be assessed.
Remember the old jungle saying,
"Survival of the fittest."
There is no space for weak ones here.
The weak will be mercilessly thrown out.
- Am I loud and clear?
- Yes, sir.
- Do you understand me?
- Yes, sir.
- Do you understand me?
- Yes, sir!
Tomorrow, training
starts at 6:00 a.m sharp.
- Am I clear?
- Yes, sir!
Hey, look what the cat dragged in!
So, you are my roommate!
Should I sing you a welcome song?
I can't live like this.
And definitely not with people like you!
Madam, allot me another room, please.
All the rooms are full.
There are only two vacant rooms.
There's a bathroom on the left side
and a dogs' room on the right.
Tell me which one you want to stay in.
Never mind. I'll deal with it.
Thank you!
You planned something
But something else happened
The grass grain just took a fall
That's all the food we have right now.
Did you need to come all
the way here to eat?
I wonder how I will survive with her.
Hey. Your bag.
Go ahead.
Hey, keep it moving.
You look far better compared
to the other girls here.
There's no nonvegetarian food here?
Nonvegetarian food isn't
allowed in the academy.
You can have this egg, and in exchange,
give me your number.
Silly girl. There is an egg here.
They've declared eggs
as vegetarian, right?
How can they do that?
- Won't you use gloves?
- Nope!
Why? Will it taste different?
What's in that cup?
God, let it be chicken. Please.
I hope there's chicken in there.
- Brother, can I have one more cup?
- No.
Do you serve nonvegetarian food daily?
Only on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Brother, this chicken is
not enough for the rice.
Then give back some rice.
Will you die if you don't
eat chicken for one day?
I thought it was sambar, bro.
What's with her!
The one who cooked this chicken
might have spilled his sweat into it.
You know? Secret ingredient!
I wonder when was
the last time he washed his hands!
God! How can anyone eat this?
- Brother...
- What?
I don't want the chicken anymore.
Please take it away.
Where is it?
The only thing that matters to me is food.
- Bro, can I get a piece?
- Get lost!
Hey, put some nice movie on.
Let's have a show.
Go to bed!
Switch off the lights everyone.
It's bedtime.
Forget about the show.
Switch it off and go to bed.
Ms. Sandya!
Why did the alarm ring so soon?
Can't I sleep a bit more?
I switched it off. Go back to sleep.
COMMEN- What's your name?
- Jennifer, sir.
- From?
- Hyderabad.
- And your phone number?
- It's 9-8-4-8...
Why did your voice change?
- The person itself has changed.
- Sir!
You have a girlfriend, right?
- She's not in the academy, sir.
- Oh!
- Do one thing.
- Sir...
After the roll call,
run ten laps around the ground.
Another ten?!
- Make it 15.
- Sir!
Even a fool like him has a girlfriend!
- Govindham, are you ready?
- Sir.
- Kiran.
- Yes, sir.
- Pradeep.
- Yes, sir.
- Damini.
- Yes, sir.
- Simran.
- Yes, sir.
- Virajitha.
- Yes, sir.
- Sir.
- You please continue.
- Sai Priya.
- Yes, sir.
- Spandana.
- Yes, sir.
What time are you supposed
to be on the ground?
- At six, sir.
- What's the time now?
Sir, I'm late by just one minute.
- She's not going to be spared!
- Definitely not.
Take off your shoes
and go stand there for a minute.
Okay, sir.
- Sir, there are ants here.
- So what?
It's just one minute, right?
Just stand.
You know something?
An AK-47 fires 600 bullets in one minute.
An average common man runs
500 meters in one minute.
If you relax,
they'll beat you in the race.
If your heart stops for one minute,
you'll be counting stars
in the seventh heaven.
Do you understand
the value of one minute now?
Yes, sir.
Go, join them!
All of you, listen to me carefully.
This is my first and last warning.
All the rules must be followed to the T.
- Yes, sir.
- I can't hear you.
- Is it a secret? Louder.
- Yes, sir!
I'm sorry!
I know you did it on purpose.
Good move.
But the next raid will be mine.
Keep your defense strong.
God, I'm too tired.
Or else, I would've come up
with a punch line.
- I need two volunteers.
- Sir.
- You...
- Sir?
Come on.
Okay, come on! Fight!
- Sir, what's this?
- Fight.
Here's she comin'
Darin' deadly Daakini Demon
- How?
- I play kabaddi, sir.
Did you come running for this?
Ms. Grass Grain,
you need to try a little harder.
This is not enough.
Super sexy
Saakini Shotgun, Daakini Demon
Okay, psycho lady
A catfight with you is...
- I'm done!
- Shalini!
Fifteen rounds!
You take a chill pill, shawty
What's with your mess?
Why are you so silly?
Mess with me
I'll take you down, sweety
I'll scheme a plan that will close
Your path and end your story
You silly snack, slip away when...
You guys have no sense of time at all.
- Hey, what?
- Let me take a look.
- Just let me...
- No!
- Damn!
- That's not mine.
Damini, do you smoke? Damn!
If Prathap sir gets to know about this...
Give it to me!
Hey, what's happening?
Sir, Damini's bag fell,
so I'm just helping her out.
This is not over.
I'm waiting.
Poor girl.
She's trying to mess with you.
Do you know Daakini? The ghost?
This is how she looks.
She waits for the right
time and drinks your blood.
Then who are you? Saakini?
A nice weapon is in charge
of the weapons. Sir!
Try to mess with it,
and it will take the right shot.
- Sorry, sir.
- Come on!
- Pick your weapons and take positions.
- Yes, sir.
Make the way
For slaying queen and super sexy
Saakini Shotgun
Hold your breath 'cause here's she comin'...
Wow, you didn't even hit a single one.
Just took a blind shot, sir.
Stop concentrating on food,
and it will show results here.
Let's face the facts, sir.
- That's not happening!
- What?
Saakini Shotgun, Daakini Demon
by the time you get ready,
the thief will reach Assam.
Move it!
Why are you walking on the ground?
Catching the thief is important,
not the route we take.
What if the thief climbs up?
He will come down at some point, right?
I never thought of that.
Can you say the same
thing to your superiors?
I don't need a horror twist
in a comedy tale, sir.
Please go.
- You might spoil the others as well.
- Okay, sir.
- Girl!
- Sir?
It doesn't seem like you are climbing.
Looks like you're pulling the rope down.
- Do I need to climb, sir?
- Yeah!
Oh, God!
These people are running
with such low energy.
- Not everyone is as energetic as you are!
- Is it a necessity
- to be a police officer?
- Of course!
- How did you do it, sir?
- Back in the day...
There were no challenges, right?
What does she think about me?
How is it that I never had
the same question as her?
That is why you are with me.
- Go, mind your work.
- Sir!
- Come on, faster.
- Run!
Sir is here.
- Sir!
- Raghu...
- Sir.
- Everything good?
Yes, sir. As usual.
- So, shall we order the uniforms?
- I doubt it, sir.
I don't know how many will survive.
Especially, those two girls.
I see.
You both should concentrate more.
Or else, you won't make it.
Are you talking about me?
Do you think there's
anyone worse than you?
- You are always right, sir.
- Thank you!
What is this, Shalini?
You know outside food
isn't allowed here, right?
Answer me.
I kept telling her,
but she never listened to me, ma'am.
Do this again,
and I will report you to Mr. Prathap.
Really, madam?
- The sweets...
- I don't throw punch lines like you.
I act accordingly.
I've seen a lot in life
I have a PhD in torture
I'm not that easy
-If you are baddie, I am your daddy
I'm a rowdy by birth
So, go play somewhere else
I'm telling you for your own good
Don't mess with me nobody
How dare you!
- Shalini!
- Damini!
- Shalini!
- Damini!
- Shalini!
- Damini!
Come on!
- Shalini!
- Damini!
Come on!
- Shalini!
- Damini!
Come on! You can do it!
- Shalini!
- Damini!
Hey! Stop it!
What's happening here?
Both of you, in my office!
Right now!
Have you no shame in
fighting like street goons!
Do you think this is a fish market?
Sir, I asked her to stop
messing with me, but she...
- she...
- Shut up!
Your parents are police officers.
Where is your discipline?
Is this what you've learned from them?
You are totally useless.
Did you ever think of how this would
affect their reputation even once?
What if they got to know about this?
Please don't tell my parents, sir.
This is your last chance.
Next time, I'll directly call your father.
I won't repeat it, sir.
And you?
What are you even here for?
- Sir, that's...
- Answer me!
I don't have any particular goal, sir.
- I mean...
- What! What did you say?
This is a police academy.
People come here with ambition
and determination.
You lack both of those qualities.
You have no goal.
You can't even complete a simple task.
You live your life just like that!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Everything in this world will
have its own purpose, Shalini.
Do you know what they call
someone without any purpose?
A good-for-nothing!
What? What's with that look?
Is madam angry with me?
What will you do?
Nothing, right?
Because you can't do anything.
Always remember this.
If you leave something you are good at,
it means there's a lack of interest.
But if you leave before proving
your worth, they'll call you worthless.
For the next one month,
you both will be cleaning the dining room.
That's your punishment. Out.
I never thought I would
behave like this in my life.
My parents have never
blamed me for anything!
But because of you...
What the hell!
Do you think I grew up with people
blaming me all the time?!
Look, I'm done with this.
I don't need this!
I have different goals.
It wasn't even my fault!
from now on,
I have nothing to do with you.
Please stop all of this.
How could I be so stupid?
What was she saying, bro?
I don't care about her.
He said I'm good-for-nothing, right?
I'll make him throw a party for me.
Let's go have some snacks.
She's always on time for food.
- Damini!
- Damini!
- Damini!
- Damini!
- Shalini!
- Shalini!
Today's topic, "Missing cases."
And in that, kidnapping and abduction.
In 70% of the cases,
if we don't find the victim
in the first five hours,
consider him dead.
So, the first five hours are very crucial.
- And you know what they are called?
- Sir, "Happy hours."
- Critical hours.
- Critical hours, sir.
Yeah, good.
This task is to test how much you've
learned in five months of training.
Only the ones who clear
this task will proceed further.
The others will keep
their training going on.
This is your last physical assignment.
You have to reach the end of the forest
and get back to the starting
point within one hour.
Your time starts...
Oh, shit!
- Pradeep, can you help me?
- Sorry, I need to rush.
- Jennifer, I need your help.
- Sorry!
- Vicky...
- Sorry!
Oh, God!
What happened?
Can't you see?
I twisted my leg.
You see that?
This is what you get
for hurting the innocent.
In that case, all your bones must
have been broken by now, right?
You are on the ground
but still want the upper hand.
- Okay, bye.
- Shalini...
- What?
- Help me. Please.
You know me, right?
I won't help you.
Shalini, wait!
I need your help.
If I fail to pass this task,
my life will be trapped here.
Is everyone here?
Two more candidates are yet to come, sir.
Who? It must be the two of them.
Yes, sir.
- Ask them to report to my office.
- Okay, sir.
You are late by ten minutes.
I got my leg twisted, sir.
I was unable to walk.
Shalini helped me.
She's not at fault, sir.
If you want, you can fail me.
How many of you passed by her?
Don't you have any shame?
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
When our fellow being is in trouble,
don't you have the minimum
courtesy to help?
The techniques you learn
and the training you take
might get you ready
for real-world situations.
But only intent will make
you a winner out there.
You can learn about
the sections from books.
But helping others...
is something you need to learn
from people like them.
Except for the two of them,
all of you have failed this task.
As a punishment, you will
run to the end of the forest
and get back here again within an hour.
Take her to the doctor.
Yes, sir.
We have such a great
shooter in our academy.
- That's me.
- Really?
I didn't expect this from you.
I didn't expect that as well. Bye, sir.
If she passes all the tasks, then we
won't get homemade pickles anymore.
- Shall I fail her?
- That's not right.
But let's do it.
this is not our academy.
It's the CCTV control room.
You both, be in control of yourselves.
What a rhyming, sir!
"Control in the control room."
This is what I'm talking about.
This is crazier than IMAX.
Welcome to my world!
This is Brahma Rao.
Lord Brahma looks at us from the sky.
But this Brahma...
keeps a watch everywhere.
Everything else is the same.
So, you both just keep
looking, right, sir?
Are you kidding me?
Do you know how many CCTV cameras
are there in this city?
Three lakhs.
This means every camera is meant
to keep a watch on 25 people.
World's second largest
surveillance system.
Forget about that, sir.
Split the screen,
and play Pushpa on it, sir.
It will be great!
Hey, this isn't a cinema theater.
This is a CCTV control room.
Enough of all the fun, sir.
Let's get the class started.
Sure, I will.
All comed. All of you, come.
Come, take a look.
This is the CCTV footage
of the entire city.
Sir, this seems like the Bigg Boss show.
You are the real boss, sir!
If we press this button, we can
magnify the camera that we want to see.
Sir, look at camera number 21.
Seems like a thief.
Yeah, right. He's a thief.
Stop praising me, sir.
Do something.
First, let's see what he does.
Sir, he's running away!
Where will he run to?
Just one press of this button, and...
we can follow him through cameras.
- Sir.
- Yeah!
So, you are really just looking, sir!
Waste of such a huge setup!
- I'll leave.
- Sir!
If we react to every little crime, we'll
have to build a jail for every street.
Without knowing all of that,
you both insulted me and my cameras!
I'll see how you pass this class.
- Sir!
- Damini and Shalini.
- Sir.
- Damini and Shalini.
I've got your names in here.
Now, just wait and watch.
- Sorry, sir.
- Let's see.
Hey, Grandma.
I don't get to watch
TV serials without you.
Look at you feeling bad about
not getting to watch TV serials.
A teacher here is planning to fail me.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Hey, get me some mango pickle, okay?
- Okay.
I'll get going. Bye.
Are you close to your family?
Do I have a choice?
Okay, listen.
You need to defend yourself
if someone tries to stab you.
I'll teach you how to defend yourself.
Come on.
- You...
- Stop!
- God!
- Did I overdo it, sir?
If I hadn't stopped you,
you would have killed me today.
- Sorry, sir.
- Come in slow motion.
- Okay, sir.
- Idiot!
Everyone, watch this carefully.
You have to put your
hands in a position like this
and hit him on his hand.
First, hit, and then twist.
This will make the knife
fall to the ground.
After that,
use this hand to hit him on his neck.
This will make him fall to the ground.
- Fall to the ground!
- Sorry, sir.
No one will be able to get up
after you do that.
This fool has no timing at all!
- Get lost!
- You are superb, sir!
- Let's plan an outing.
- Okay.
To the same place Pradeep's group went to.
Hey, what's happening?
Last weekend,
Pradeep's group went to a pub.
They saw Varun Tej at a pub.
- Which Varun Tej are you talking about?
- The lead actor from Fida movie.
They saw him! My Varun!
- Spit it out first, and then talk.
- Okay.
They saw my Varun at a pub.
And we missed it.
Don't get disappointed.
These people often come to pubs here.
I only saw pubs and actors in movies.
Let's go to a pub for the next outing.
- Us?
- Yes.
Aren't you bored of looking
at the same faces every day?
Let's get out of here...
and watch the real men.
Have some shots and dance a bit.
It will be refreshing.
- Give me your hand.
- Yes.
- Bro, is Varun Tej here?
- He's on the way. Get in.
How is it?
It's still dark with all these lights.
Let's go.
- Hey, girl!
- Yes, ma'am.
What is that?
It's ladies' night today.
Drinks are free.
I want all of it then.
That's alcohol!
I know.
There's no need to feel shy about it.
We need to say "Cheers."
Cheers! Sorry, Grandma!
Hey, let's go dance.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Let's go rock it!
Hey, it's time to go.
They won't allow us in if we get late.
- Let's go.
- Already? We didn't even eat yet.
- Let's wait for Varun.
- Our outing time is over.
If we are late, then we'll have to meet
Mr. Prathap instead of Varun.
- What?
- Let's go.
Hey, keep the vehicle ready.
This is my world
This is my home and my life
- Can you speak Hindi?
- No!
I only know Hindi songs
from Pawan Kalyan movies.
You know...
this is the most fun I've had, ever!
That's what you'll get for being with me.
I hope I can stay here for a long time.
I'm planning to go study in America.
Three more weeks, and...
Oh, I see!
Is that what you do every night?
I used to do a job so that
I could pay my university fees
and also the ticket fare.
Are your parents poor?
They are police officers.
Not just at the police station
but at home as well.
They never understand what I want.
I don't even remember if they've
ever asked me what I want to do.
And honestly, I'm not
brave enough to tell them.
That's crazy!
Are you planning to leave
without telling them?
I'm planning to call them from America.
I will be able to talk to them
when they're not in front of me.
You are safe.
You at least know what you want.
I lost my father when I was a kid.
So, to keep me from feeling less loved,
my mom gave me everything I asked for.
Maybe that's why I have
no idea what I really want.
Tell me the truth.
You're scared of Mr. Prathap, right?
Don't worry. I'll take all the blame.
- I love you.
- Such words don't suit you at all.
You fool!
Are you blind?
- Are you drunk?
- Are you okay? Oh, shit!
You are bleeding.
Let's get some first aid.
No, it's okay.
What okay? You are bleeding.
- Come with us.
- It's just a small cut. It's okay.
My people must be waiting for me.
I have to go.
Just a minute.
Wait here.
- Brother.
- Yes?
Two plain dosas
and two plates of idli parcel.
Okay, madam.
Go home and clean it well.
I don't know where you came from,
but thanks for saving us.
That's okay.
- Thanks.
- Thanks?
We would have been dead
if it wasn't for you.
We should thank you.
Thanks a lot.
And be careful, okay?
If she hadn't saved us,
this would have been our last pub visit.
Thank God.
Bloody drunkards!
They just get high and wander
on the streets all night.
I wonder why!
Are you hurt?
No. You?
- Where?
- It's nothing. It's okay.
We should have caught them!
Hey, what's with these keys?
Maybe they belong to her.
Come on, fast!
- Hey!
- Hey!
Doctor, we've got the girl.
Get the medicines that will
make her produce some eggs, okay?
Hey, drive faster.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello. Police control room.
Someone just kidnapped
a girl and took off in a car.
Kidnap? Which area?
Road number 45, Jubilee Hills.
Did you see the car number?
TS 13 ER 9090.
- There's no vehicle with this number.
- What!
Okay, then.
Try 9009.
- No vehicle on this number either.
- What?
Okay, you stay there. I'll send
the nearest Rakshak vehicle there.
- Okay.
- What did he say?
- He said he'll send a Rakshak vehicle.
- How long will it take?
He didn't say that.
Is there a police station nearby?
It's ten minutes away.
We saw someone kidnap a girl.
We want to register a complaint.
Okay, sit. The Consult Officer
will be here soon.
- Sir, it's urgent.
- I just told you, right?
Sir will be here soon. Go, have a seat.
- It's getting late.
- Too late.
When will he be here?
Will you go ask him?
Ask him.
Sir, how much longer should we wait?
It's urgent, sir.
At least, register our complaint.
- Sir will be here. Go, sit.
- Sir, it's urgent.
I'm on the way, sir.
- Sir...
- Tell me.
A girl was kidnapped on
Jubilee Hills road number 45.
Do you know that girl?
No, sir. We just saw her there.
Who are you?
We are trainees in a police academy, sir.
Police academy? Which batch?
- The present 21 batch, sir.
- I don't even remember mine.
Sir, it's been 20 minutes since they
kidnapped her. Let's talk about that.
The IG just called me.
I have to attend a high-profile case.
I need to go right away.
- Rao.
- Sir?
Register their complaint.
I'll look into it later.
Okay, sir.
- Come on, let's file a complaint.
- What?!
- Sir!
- Sir!
- Stop!
- Sir, we don't have time, sir.
They teach us about critical
hours in the academy, right?
We were told that you can't find
a kidnapped person after five hours.
Didn't they teach you anything
about protocol in the academy?
You'll get to know soon. Let's go.
- Sir!
- Sir, they kidnapped...
Do you think he'll come back?
If he does,
do you think he'll look into it?
If he wanted to,
he wouldn't have left in the first place.
Shall we call Prathap sir?
Yeah, do it.
Hello sir, Damini here.
Jubilee Hills...
It's one hour past your outing time.
Where are you?
Sir, Shalini and I are at
the Banjara Hills police station.
- What!
- Yes, sir.
We saw a girl getting kidnapped.
No one in the station is responding.
Please help us out, sir.
Damini, listen to me carefully.
Getting you back to the academy safely
is my first priority. Understand?
Sir, but it's a kidnap case,
and we are running out of time.
What should we do, sir?
Damini, I'm sending
Raghu to pick you guys up.
You both get back
to the academy immediately.
That's an order.
What did he say?
What about your parents?
They too won't care.
Because for them,
we and our safety will be the priority.
No one except us knows
about this incident, Damini.
It's not just our priority now
but our duty as well!
What do you suggest we should do, Shalini?
Traffic CCTV footage or weapons?
We don't have access to anything, right?
You're always paying
attention in class, right?
Just think!
You'll find a way.
Three sources of investigation.
We have three ways in which
a crime can be investigated.
Investigate the victim,
investigate the evidence found,
- and investigate the crime scene.
- Right.
We don't know the victim.
We don't have any evidence.
So, what we're left
with is the crime scene.
- Damini, let's go.
- Shalini, no. Listen.
I can't do this.
My parents, the academy...
They are always there, right?
That's not a new thing.
But how do you guarantee
that we can do this?
Life comes without guarantees.
Only TVs and fridges have guarantees.
I feel that it's the right
thing to do, Damini.
What if that girl had thought
the same way and hadn't saved us?
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Is this Banjara Hills police station?
- Yes, sir.
- Are the girls still there?
- Yes, sir.
Damini, decide fast.
Look, Prathap sir has called him for us.
- Okay, sir.
- We have just ten steps ahead of us.
Alright, sir.
- Damini...
- Keep an eye on them.
- I'll be right there.
- Okay, sir.
Girls, come here.
- Damini.
- Come on.
Hey! Why did you close the door?
Prathap sir asked me to keep an eye
on you. He's coming. Open the door.
- Let's go.
- I was waiting for you.
Stop! Open the door!
Don't run away!
Someone, help me! Please!
Brother, turn right from here.
- Stop here.
- Brother, right here. Stop.
I don't think any vehicle drove past us.
That means they parked
the car somewhere here.
And waited for her.
There are no CCTV cameras around here.
That means this kidnap
was properly planned.
- Food?
- Now? Really?
Not for me.
That girl had food in her hand.
Her food parcel fell when she saved us.
We'll be able to track her if we
find out where she got this from.
There's no shop name on it.
How would we know where she got it from?
Let's find out who is selling
food in parcels like these.
She was walking with packed food.
- Maybe the shop is somewhere nearby.
- Correct.
Let's go and take a look.
where did you get this parcel?
- Thanks, brother.
- Thanks!
Come on, Damini.
- There.
- There.
All the food trucks here
are using the same bag.
Shit. What should we do now?
Darn it!
There's no time. Only three more hours
are left for the "Critical hours" phase.
We have to do something, Shalini.
Are you seriously interested
in eating right now?
We don't have the time for this.
We need to think of something.
The chutney tastes great.
Let's go get some.
Tell me, ma'am,
what do you want to eat?
- Here.
- Thanks.
Two dosas.
It's not this one.
They didn't fry the groundnut.
Thanks, brother.
Give me some chutney.
It's just water.
Where is the chutney?
- I'll give you some.
- Keep it.
Come on.
- What happened?
- It's gone bad.
It's good, brother.
Don't listen to them. Eat it.
Hey, do you really think tasting
different chutneys is going to work?
This might not work.
We need to think of something else.
Hey, don't doubt me
in the matters of food!
Let's try there.
This is the one. Yes.
Brother, did you make this chutney?
No doubt. It's mine.
How can you be so sure
without even tasting it?
I can recognize it from its looks.
I am Chutney Chandu.
Super, brother!
Do you remember any girl
taking a parcel from you some time back?
A lot of people buy my food.
She wore a pink jacket and torn jeans.
We don't notice all of that.
Madam, your parcel is ready.
What should we do now?
Brother, she got a masala dosa,
but she got the curry separately.
- Oh, that girl?
- Yeah!
She's my daily customer.
She stays with some kids.
Do you know her name,
where she lives, or any other details?
There's a parlor at the third left
from there. She works there.
That's all I know.
- Thanks, brother!
- Thanks, brother!
- Thanks.
- I'm Chutney Chandu, after all.
Damini, I guess that's the one.
Do you think he told us the truth?
Maybe she does work here.
Then let's go and investigate.
Actually, this is not
exactly a massage parlor.
What happens inside
is entirely different.
- Different!
- What do you mean?
Oh, God!
- What should we do now?
- One of us has to go inside.
No, I hate such things.
As if I would have worked here
if I hadn't joined the academy.
I have an idea.
Let's play a game.
Is the stone inside or outside?
If you guess it right, you win.
I win. You go in.
Thank God!
We need to get new girls by the weekend.
My wife is better than the one inside.
Do you know that?
How would you know!
- How much?
- Two thousand rupees.
I left my purse with her.
Only the name says "Happy Ending."
There is neither happiness nor an ending.
- Is there a discount at least?
- No.
I would have got her
if I had come a little early.
- Nice footwear.
- Room no. 303.
- She's...
- Dude...
Even girls are coming in for girls!
Two plates of noodles.
Brother, what do you want?
- Two plates of noodles.
- I want that.
But she's already eating that.
Maybe he didn't get what I said.
Do you want exactly that
or something like that?
Why would I want something
like that if I could get that?
And why work so hard
if I can get that so easily?
- What?
- You'll never understand.
I'm still hungry after
the last thing I ate.
Get me something hot to eat.
I'll be there watching her.
Onto the bed.
I'm not here for that.
Then what are you here for?
I'm here to inquire about a girl.
What girl?
My friend and I saw a girl get kidnapped.
Someone told us that she works here.
What does she look like?
She is fair.
Must be about 5'6 or 5'7.
She has short hair.
Everyone fits that description here.
They only hire such girls.
She was wearing a pink jacket.
Something like this?
This is the one.
We all own one of these.
It's for marketing purposes.
I would have been on TV
if I hadn't left in time.
Anyway, let's see how many
people they arrest tonight.
Can you share your fork with me?
Of course.
I thought you stabbed me.
I guess you also like me, then.
Of course!
- Why are you hitting me?
- As if I need a reason for that.
Do you know who I am and who my dad is?
Why, don't you?
- Why are you hitting him?
- Ask her, sir.
I'm not only going to hit him, I'm also
going to kill him. What will you do?
- How dare you say that to a cop!
- Sir, just a minute. What did you say?
You want to kill me just because
I asked you to share a fork with me?!
Of course. Any doubt?
I'm going to kill him.
Are you guys coming?
Hey, get a hold of her.
Maybe you could tell me
anything else that you remember.
- Stop!
- Run!
Forget a happy ending,
my life seems to be ending right now!
Help me!
Please let go of me, madam!
Stop! Stop it, girl!
Will you kill me in front
of the policemen?
Are they still after me?
Yes, they are.
Enough, sir!
Let's go and raid the parlor first.
Forget her.
Sir, are you tired already?
Can't you run anymore?
- Can't you catch me?
- Hey!
We'll go back only after we catch her!
Come on!
- Please, leave me.
- I'll kill you today.
She's going to kill him.
If the police find out about this...
I'm going to arrest you
before you kill him!
Do whatever you want.
I'll just concentrate on drinking.
I can't run anymore.
Kill me if you want.
Thanks, bro.
But how can she call me "bro"?
It's so sad.
Done already?
But you won't get a discount.
It'll be 2000 rupees.
Cash or card?
I'm talking to you.
Cash or card?
Hello! Another round?
I remember something.
She has a tattoo on her hand.
A cat tattoo.
On this hand.
A tattoo?
Did they kidnap Priya?
Do you know her address
or her family details?
She ran away from home.
- She stays with two girls.
- Where exactly?
What's with the police van?
- Shalini!
- Come on, run!
- What for?
- Just start running.
- Why are we running?
- We are not running. We are escaping.
The girl from the parlor
gave me this address.
Let's take a look.
Is this where Priya stays?
Who are you?
We are police trainees.
Someone has kidnapped Priya.
Who else stays here?
I'm talking to you. Does Priya stay here?
One second, let me open the door.
- What's wrong?
- Move!
- Hey, open the door!
- Open the door!
- Where is he?
- He ran that way.
Go there.
- Did you find him?
- No. Keep looking.
How did you do that?
They taught us in the academy, right?
It felt funny then,
but it eventually worked out.
You bloody...
You were running away which
means that you know something.
Speak up! Where's Priya?
Answer me!
I'm asking you! Speak up!
Tell me the password.
What's with the politeness?
Will you let him go if he doesn't?
- Give me the damn password!
- Password!
Hey, how do you know Priya?
What the...
Did you sell her off?
Speak up!
I said speak up!
Had we not come there on time, you would
have sold the other two girls too, right?
- Speak up.
- Okay, I will.
They pay me when I give them the details
of such girls who have no one.
Who do you mean by "they"?
- Where does he live?
- Barkas.
Stop giving us half information!
- Give me his complete address.
- Go on.
All right.
How's Priya related to you?
Last year, a fire accident took
place in Kukatpally, remember?
We lost our parents in it.
Since then,
Priya has been taking care of us.
And what about...
Priya's family?
She has no one.
Sister, please save Priya.
We have no one except her.
Don't worry.
Priya will be back soon.
We'll bring her back.
Please don't hurt me!
- It's medicine time!
- Please...
Brother, please let me go.
You should take your medicines on time.
This seems like a huge racket.
They are only targeting girls
who have no family or protection.
No one will come looking for them.
That means no complaints, no case.
- What will they do to her now?
- Anything they want to.
Human trafficking, organ trading.
The list goes on.
Brother, drive a bit faster.
Madam, this is Barkas.
Why are all the restaurants
still open at this hour?
A lot happens here at night.
It's not that safe for ladies, madam.
No place is safe for girls.
But we can't just sit at home, right?
As you wish, madam.
This is the location you asked for.
- Sir, here's your bill.
- Keep the change.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Bro, two mutton paya.
- Just one. I don't want to eat.
- I didn't ask you. Get two.
- Okay, madam.
Give me the phone.
- I meant his phone, not yours.
- Oh!
- Did you pay Nandu?
- Yeah, brother.
Disconnect it! Do it!
You could have kept it on silent, right?
I thought you did.
Hey, come with me.
They are coming here.
How did you get Nandu's phone?
Speak up!
You tell me.
Keep your hands off!
- Really?
- Speak up.
- Hey!
- Go on!
See, I touched you again.
What are you going to do?
Tell me! How did you get Nandu's phone?
Hey, who the hell are you guys?
Where's Nandu?
Speak up, or I'll kill her.
There has been no case
or complaint until now.
There has been no news about us.
And that's our strength.
But for the first time,
there's some noise because of you.
I have nothing to do with it, Raka.
Then why were you brought
here in the first place?
If you don't speak up now,
you know where I'm going
to hit you next, right?
No! I'm not telling you guys anything!
If I let you go after all this,
the others will stop fearing me.
I did nothing wrong, Raka!
That doesn't matter.
I have to do this.
Brother, those two girls came
to our restaurant and took Rafiq away.
Where is she?
Hold on, let me take a look.
What are you guys doing here?
What are you doing to her?
- Priya?
- Sister! Sister, please help me! Please!
- Sister! Please help us!
- Please get us out!
- Sister, please help us!
- Please, sister!
- Sister, please help us!
- Please get us out!
Come here quickly, sister!
- There are a lot of girls here.
- Sister, please!
Please get us out, sister!
Hurry up, sister!
- Sister, help us!
- Sister, please!
She's just a kid, Damini!
Sister, please hurry up!
She's burning up.
Shalini, there are a lot of girls here.
Let's get this one out and come
back with the police force.
- Take her away.
- What?
Take her away.
I'll stop them.
Just take her and go!
Stay here. I'll just be back, okay?
Call the doctor and ask him
to take their organs too.
Burn their bodies after that.
Where are we?
Why do you ask?
You plan to book us an Ola out of here?
Something is dripping off my face.
He hit you, right?
That's blood. Just blood.
We have to escape from here somehow.
Or else, they'll kill us.
The knot seems easy to untie.
Lift your legs like Spider-Man.
Take the support of the ceiling...
and untie the knot.
- Is it that easy?
- Yes.
Why don't you try it then?
I came up with the idea, right?
You do it.
Don't scream!
Oh, God!
Come on, help me out.
Just a minute. I broke my back.
Get it together!
All right.
Let's go this way.
They're drunk.
They're sleeping like pigs.
- Run!
- Hey, how dare you sleep on duty!
Get them!
Shalini, let's head to the main road.
Don't go straight.
Take turns and confuse them.
Hello. Brother, those girls escaped.
What? I had asked you to kill them, right?
Why didn't you kill them?
Brother, the doctor said
he would be here in the morning, so...
Find them and kill them before
they get out of our area!
Brother has ordered us to kill them before
they get out of our area. Get them.
They are here.
Let's split up.
No matter what happens,
don't stop running.
You guys follow her.
Don't let her escape.
- Did you get them?
- Not yet, brother.
We are trying.
Come on, start the car.
Brother, we'll deal with them later.
Let's go.
- We are working night shifts every day.
- Sir...
Why did you handcuff them?
- What happened?
- Sir...
while we were patrolling
at the massage parlor last night,
we saw this girl thrashing someone, sir.
When we questioned her,
she fought with us and ran away, sir.
They came back to the station last night.
And now, they've come up
with some kidnapping story, sir.
Sir, it's not a story.
It seems like they have a huge gang.
They've already kidnapped a lot of girls.
Look at this, sir. I found this there.
Sir, come with us.
We'll show you. Please.
- Did you file the FIR?
- No, sir.
They said they were academy students,
so we called you right away.
Thank you!
I apologize on their behalf.
- Please let them go.
- Okay, sir.
Sir, please let's go there.
We saw kids there, sir.
There are a lot of girls there, sir.
Sir, please, sir.
Come on, sir.
It's right here.
- Where did they go?
- There's nothing here. Nothing.
- What!
- Sir, maybe they're in the other room.
- Where did they go?
- There's nothing here, Shalini.
Sir, let's check this room.
Sir, look at this.
We saw a lot of girls in here, sir.
They must've moved
everyone overnight, sir.
I guess you're right.
Do something, sir. Please.
Do you remember their vehicle number?
We tried, sir.
The control room said that
it was an unregistered number.
We have to check the CCTV footage
manually to trace unregistered vehicles.
- And it's not that easy.
- Consult someone you know, sir.
Look, this is an organized crime.
The Crime Branch should be involved.
Then call them here, sir.
Don't be foolish, Damini.
Don't you know the procedure?
You said time is really critical
in cases like these, right, sir?
Yeah. It's me who teaches you, right?
Move now.
We'll do this. You just need to help us.
You'll do nothing of that sort.
Keep talking,
and I'll expel you from the academy.
Get into the car.
Get into the car!
I thought you were
different from others.
But you are just the same.
You just talk.
You only teach values
but don't follow them.
Did you get angry, sir?
What will you do?
You can do nothing, right?
You'll do nothing.
What happened?
They are just kids, Shalini.
Just kids!
The way they breed animals for eggs...
they are injecting them with chemicals.
And once they are done,
they are killing them, Shalini.
Who's killing whom?
We found this injection there, right?
I've googled about it.
Look at this.
We produce eggs every month
to have a baby, right?
We produce very few of them. One or two.
But with this injection...
a lot of eggs can be produced. Almost 20.
What? Twenty?!
What will they do with them?
Just like people sell kidneys and livers,
they are selling these
eggs in black, Shalini.
- Sell them to whom?
- To those...
fertility clinics that
promise biological children.
They are selling these eggs to them.
Those poor girls, Shalini!
Don't cry.
This is not good!
IVF is a safe and highly
successful procedure.
In this procedure,
none of us are at risk, right?
No, not at all.
You are in very safe hands.
Don't worry about that.
We have people who can handle such things.
Heavy infection, brother.
She's of no use to us now.
- No, sir...
- Forget about the eggs.
- Collect the organs.
- Please let me go.
And dispose of the body
without a trace, okay?
- Okay.
- Please, brother!
- Sir...
- Sir, please!
Please don't kill her.
- What?
- Please don't hurt her, sir. Please.
My grandma always told me this.
The power to give birth is an asset
that nature blessed us with.
These people are looting that asset.
We shouldn't let them slide.
We have to rat them out, right?
The police academy is of no help.
No help at all!
Do you remember that vehicle number?
But it's an unregistered vehicle, right?
But Prathap sir said that
we can track it manually, right?
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
Hi, sir.
This is Shalini from the academy.
The one who asked you
to play movies, sir.
How can I forget you?
You made fun of me
and my cameras, right?
Sir, you are Lord Brahma
of the Earth, sir.
We've realized it too late.
Don't waste your time trying
to impress me. Come to the point.
Nothing, sir. Some idiot hit my
friend with his car and ran away.
- What do you want me to do?
- We have the vehicle number, sir.
I checked it online.
It's an unregistered vehicle.
- If you could help us track it...
- So sad!
My cameras and I
are good-for-nothings, right?
Sir. Please, sir.
God should never say no to his disciple.
Nice one.
You hit it right on my weakness.
Okay. Send me the number.
You said it's unregistered, right?
It'll take time.
Let's see how long it will take.
Sir, please make some time for it, sir.
I can do it only after you
disconnect the call, right?
- Okay sir.
- Disconnect the call.
Do you think he'll help us?
He has to.
Let's see.
Let him do it.
Let us do what we have to.
Come on.
Can you tell me who bought
IVF drugs in wholesale?
Sorry, madam. No idea.
Hello, Diwakar Medicals?
Manikanta Medical Agency?
Cadets, investigation for the police
is like first aid for doctors.
You have to act quick.
Balaji, three doses.
Sunshine, three doses. Rajaji, two doses.
There are 30 girls there,
but he's talking about two to three doses.
Madam, I doubt their over-dedication.
Keep an eye on them.
Hello, Vasanth Medicals?
Clomiphene citrate drug.
Can you tell me who
bought it in wholesale?
No one took it in wholesale, but I only
got one order for that drug, madam.
- Rajaji Hospital, right?
- Yes, madam.
she's not well.
I need to take her to the hospital.
Please give us an out-pass.
Come on, sir. It's a matter of my health.
What if I die?
Really? If it's such an emergency,
go to the medical room.
Prathap sir has ordered us
to not give you an out-pass.
Not even on weekends.
Where is Prathap sir?
He is in his usual place.
Want to go see him?
- Hello, sir.
- Why didn't you answer quickly?
I ran like hell to answer your call, sir.
I got the information you asked for.
- It was really tough.
- Put it on speakerphone.
Sir, you are superb!
Tell me what you've got, sir.
That vehicle is mostly moving between
Barkas and Financial District.
He seems to have a lot of
free time to roam around.
Sir, how can we catch him
if he's roaming around?
Tell me if he's taking
long halts somewhere, sir.
This vehicle...
is going to Bachupally
every second and fourth Sunday.
It comes back to Barkas
the very next day.
I have no clue why.
- Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.
- Okay.
Thanks for your help, sir.
Okay, take care!
The hospital that bought
the injection more than anyone else
and the one in Bachupally is the same.
- Which one?
- Rajaji Hospital.
Tomorrow is the second Sunday.
No matter where they hide the girls,
they'll get them to the hospital
on the second Sunday for sure.
That means we have
to get out of here tonight.
Are we ready?
What's there to say?
Either we should go save those 30 girls
32 girls will die including us.
One or the other should happen.
They think that these girls are orphans
and no one will save them, right?
Let's go get them.
When they look at a girl next time...
they should only remember Goddess Kali!
Shalini, not from the mess.
There might be people there.
Let's go to the main
gate through the ground.
Remember the guards at the gate, right?
Yeah, we need to divert them.
Shalini, light!
Hey, who's that? Stop!
Sir, please...
- Throw them into the vehicles.
- Keep quiet!
Answer the phone, Damini!
- Did you see anyone?
- No. You?
Maybe this isn't the one.
Look for any other hospital named Rajaji.
It's three kilometers away.
It's a small hospital.
Of course,
it will be easier for them there.
Let's go and check.
Let's go, we don't have much time.
Drive faster!
- Is the hospital under our control?
- I'm here, boss. Don't worry.
How could anything possibly go wrong?
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
That's their car! Damini!
Sir, turn the car around! Come on!
When one drop of rain meets another
Ending up to be a flow
Jumping off a cliff in a waterfall
To flood like a river
Being able to end anything in an instance
Anything that will come its way
Look at these girls who will end
Anything that comes in their way
Get them!
Like the tongue of Mother Goddess
Who drinks the blood of her enemies
This is the duo that will end
All the bad and evil
Listen to their footsteps
They will stop at nothing
They will never take a step back
And destroy all evil
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
To stop the demons
The lions of Mother Durga
Are here, roaring
They are here to build a world
Where only good prevail
These girls walked like fire
That touched oil
Their anger had been waiting
For the evil to poke it
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
- Who are you? How did you get inside?
- Hey!
Where are the girls?
Where is the operation taking place?
Where are the girls?
Where is the operation taking place?
On the seventh floor.
In the operation theater.
Who all are there?
A doctor and two nurses.
The operation is about to begin.
Relax. We are not going
to do anything to you.
No. Nothing is going to happen to you.
This is the story where
A tsunami met a cyclone
And it added up to a force
Of a thousand earthquakes
Those fists are so cold
That they burn like fire
They will rain onto the evil
But with droplets of fire and anger
They are here to end
Every last bad man and thought
This is the war
The silence of women waged
Their hits will slice the heads
Of bad guys in a whip
None can live past their will to kill
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
Look... they made a move
Those two girls!
Who are you? How did you get in?
What happened to her?
Is the surgery done?
- No, don't do that.
- No. We just gave her anesthesia.
Keep that away.
Where are the others?
The others are in the hall.
So many casualties.
Serious property damage.
And the violence...
Sir, they blew up a transformer.
What if someone had gotten hurt?
Before I joined the academy,
I had no goals.
I've just started
to learn what they are...
and you want to expel me now?
What has changed now?
Back then, we only
knew what the cops did.
But now, we understand
the value of their work, sir.
We did what we felt was right, sir.
We still feel the same.
The academy has some
rules and regulations.
One should get a severe punishment
if one breaks those rules.
Sir, we should expel them.
Prathap, do you have anything to say?
Sir, frankly speaking,
I don't understand what they did wrong.
I didn't think they had what it takes
to survive in this academy.
But now, let me say it, sir.
They should stay.
They saved more people in one night...
than an ordinary police officer
does in his life.
And they did it during their training
at the academy.
Imagine them being on duty.
What are you saying?
Do you want us to let them go?
Do you want us to felicitate them?
No. We shouldn't let this slide.
We must definitely punish them.
Study well.
If I were the committee head,
I would have expelled you right away.
But the committee pitied you.
And they've ordered you
to start your training afresh.
- Is it okay?
- You call that pity?!
What if they had expelled you?
That'd be injustice, sir.
The choice is yours. Take it or leave it.
Hi, sister.
Sister, biryani!
- You are no. 1919, right?
- Sir!
I've always wanted to tell you something.
Today, I will.
Don't be offended, alright?
I will, sir.
I'll definitely be offended.
So, don't say it.
Where has she come from?
Let me check, sir.
Where have you come from?!
Let's go! Useless man!
Will we ever use these guns
outside the academy?
We might need to use these
when people like Prathap sir die.